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Ep.778 It's Getting Ugly Out There

2018-08-06 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the new rules for dealing with aggressive liberal violence. I also discuss the fascinating new details revealed in the Spygate probe.    News Picks: This Quin Hillyer piece takes issue with the new rules of political confrontation.    This Townhall piece covers the radical Left’s troubling double standards.    Twitter is talking cheap shots at conservatives, again! Look what they did to Candace Owens.    Trump is a class act. Watch what he did when he saw a group of local firefighters.   This piece covers a sophisticated assassination attempt in Venezuela.   Before an election is the best time for a budget fight.   The University of Virginia takes a stand against liberal bullies.    Here’s the video of Candace Owens being confronted.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a show? That's not immune to the banks with your host Dan bone Jean! I wasn't it thereby GINO show producer Joe. How are you today hang in there, Dana Reno, how you doing dude I was having a great morning until I follow on Twitter, can do so and who you? may be familiar with conservative commentator and can just right, as I had the whole show prepared. I see a tweet from her she's having this would surely Kirk from turning point USA. There's a video on Twitter this morning in Philadelphia and their lives We attacked by tee for slobs animals. Pigs, human fails in antibiotic bothers you, someone check texts who is calling on tv pigs out enough, that's the right approach, this
Joe may not be for you! Ok metric. There are worse than pigs because I dont know pigs that go when attack other pigs for no good reason. It's yours, you like for food or resources, or you messed with the these are just pigs. These are just the savages you gotta, see this. They walk up them. They pour water all over the guy. They start scream it in a megaphone area that, thank God, for the good cops of Philadelphia. Now Luckily I was going to talk about some of this today, so that this shows not entirely disconnected, but this is incredible. What's going on because the peace out and wash them examiner Joe, and I like a queen hillyer. I have no problem. you know what the writing there, but there's a piece my queen heal your way and it says: hey, listen! We ve gotta get back to some semblance of standards and we have to stop this. What about isn't like wait? What the whole
argument. We ve been making as conservatives against antiphon these radical violent left this in Maxine Waters call it for confrontation is to get back to standards. That's did you this that man, watch us. I was furious. This warning. also, I know I left us. Some of you confused on Friday show the emails were overwhelming. I am my apologies about. I got one of the young. The fight Do I ll explain that a second, rather than even confusing anymore, either be real. Simply you'll understand that a minute when I get on with it are idolatry show Aren't you by bodies at wax? Our actual know. How much I love my sponsors, like you, only work with companies. I believe in that have approved some service, that I can use and use that I think, is good using it's not enough. I love why our acts have had issues with this in the past that you ex build up in its tough cause. You know you're not supposed to stake. Those cotton swabs in your ear specifically says it on the back of these products. Do not use in the inner ear wax
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We continue to lie to people tell them where we know where the violent. Once we know we can derivatives bound by higher values, big our rights given by God, including pig, our rights, giving to people who are ideological opponents. I respect that It's a love of liberals who I've vehemently this agreement on their ideology and respecting those rights means showing its really unbelievable. We even have to say this, but some liberals are so dumb. They don't even understand this. Respecting your rights means we are now Interested in engaging in any kind of physicality with you and in any way shape or form we defend ourselves. If you attack us, but our mutations in our red line is our our faith. It when you agreed European, a spiritual got yourself. This is pre empt and violence. pre emptive violence is an absolute red line for us. It is a big fat. No de facto,
we have to say this is showed disturbing, but the liberal media and others who painters as these maniacs don't understand that what they really covering up as violence by the left, the radical, this Joe doesn't have these red lines these rebel, Just don't exist right. They are. They are God, hating and I'm not talking about Democrats. Will we be crystal clear I'm talking about this radical left that is now hijacking this party? They are art, secular God, hating people who I've, no red line on their behaviour at all. They will it iq. They will hurt you, they will spit on you. They will throw drinks on you, they will throw liquids on you, they will stay, will do anything they can do to me. physically heart and destroy you, your credibility in everything out there. These are violent. People, stop pretending. Otherwise, the evidence now is overwhelming well think, I'm, but this is an honest question. I'm not messing with you. Can you think of a circumstance where you would?
if we go tracked down like these anti for people did this morning with conservatives, cans zones and Charlie car from turning point USA, can you a scenario where you would go with a megaphone and if we tracked down a far left this, throw water on them too, verbally and physically assault them on your own time. Can you think of a scenario that would happen? I mean I'm asking you dumb question and you are looking at me perplexed because it's a dumb answer, because the answers automatically no and everybody knows it, but you want to for the left. The answers automatically. Yes, oh yes, we'll find them belly? It will throw stuff autumn, attack them and and Charlie Can this to their credit, if you watch, you know what I ll put a link to the tree Armenia link. I'm just taken a notebook, sorry to want to miss and put a link to the tweet in the show notes. I'll also put the queen Hillyer peace from the washed examined, which takes the alternate approach, a we have this
I call on them out and focus on our own principle focus on our own principles. What predict principles are gone. You understand we're boxing. A guy who's got no gloves on anywhere out by principles, principles. The principle principle Then he kicks you square in the up principle. This is cheating. The articles teaches shouted us listen now you know we have to get back. you know standard up. What do you think we're doing here? Let me swear way a couple things here: the new rules matter for those you heard my show. The other day we talk about the numerous you're, the new rules. Which a lot of these authors now in an anti truckers, are taken a shot at while you know, new rules should be, should go back to the old rules. The all rules for this conservatives libertarians principle people. Yet we still are we still our principal peoples and we should
to a bunch of standards, even if the left, those are standing at the window. I do you want this. What's going on here,. The new here are the new rules. All standards. You know we should all stick to standards. These standard, should matter. We should not call out Hilary and the Democrats for their mistakes. We should focus on cleaning up our own house and we should focus on trumps began we before he got an office and all that other stuff. Because embryo look like we took the high road later on. That's the old rules. You understand that show that the anti from a crowd of people who don't understand the fight we're in honour of they live in bubbles or what it is. They seem to think by conservative conservative commentators, libertarians Republicans by US calling out our own and calling out the Democrats for their hypocrisy and there lack of standards and their violence. Some Democrats, I focusing on our own that we will somehow look like the principled folks,
the liberals. The liberals will see these shining examples of ideological, unprincipled, armor and I'll be that we need to be more like them. No, that is not a fight we are in. Do you stand this you can't stand on the battlefield in Trench warfare get out of the treasure. Go, I think trade for four years say I think trench warfare socks, but he didn't get to that because he got shot and died. Trudged a fair does suck it is awful, but the way to stop It is not to get out of the trench and scream. We got principles and our principles dictate trench. Warfare is awful. These the liberals oh care. They, don't you Instead, they don't care they're, not looking Joe Looking for a behavioral example of how to behave because they don't have any redline there's no limits, they ve already decided had a baby to attack, attack attack harass, scream yelled the Mean Bankrupt, they ve all
We decided that there are no rules here. This is a war that this war? she attacks. We were taken this man a key in view, in other words, everything good versus evil fight, not everything is but with the radical left. It absolutely is. I am not suggesting we shouldn't, as conservatives try to convert Democrats and moderate Democrats to wait. more conservative line of thinking not suggesting that all not suggesting the radical left is already forfeited that away they of all. committed to attacking people too big statism to deadly Torture is socialism. They have already committed to a way of their, not interested negotiation. Why do you think they are? I don't understand what you're getting this from data? Not look four detente.
ah pretending the rule still matter in a boxing match with the liberals are fighting with no. Their fighting bear knuckle where fighting with twenty out clause and you keep scream at other of provisional principle. You no part of the problem is nobody can fathom that this whatever happened here, this brown shared action. Now everybody thought, and I you know I have a note on and I'm glad you brought it up it. The rules or that public spaces where people Congress were generally not places for political confrontation? old rules were. If you want you arrest around with your family or restaurant, with your friend like Charlie Kirk, and can do in Philadelphia and Europe, Where are you? Are you know patron at the business and spending money that you more generally assumed to be free from being attacked dose. Your gun, and you expect us do what to sit there, Take it now,
not suggesting it all that we reverse that behaviour and attacked not just said the opposite puts it. I think that we should somehow, for I just want to be clear on this. What I'm saying just think somehow through this wash them examiner peace that we should instead in our tree age of responsibilities, what's most important is that we should focus on trumped behaviour, pre presidency as an exam, the left about lock us conservatives, work cleaning up our own house as if trumps behaviour is in any way relevant to its conservative decision. Making. Now, while we are in a fight and being physically attacked by people, is insane. in my tree age of responsibilities to new rules matter and the new rules now are about winning winning on tax winning on education, winning on health care and winning on owning the lives at every opportunity, because if we don't own, the lips
get me. I know some people out there who I respect and republican circle. We should focus on owning lives, that's fine! I get it and I respect your opinion. telling you that, if we don't alma lives, they will literally own you literally literally the most over use where, in the english language they will own your money. They will own your health care, they will on the public spaces and you will be forbidden from going outside. it's almost erratic. Is it really is it? now up fine down here in Florida in Texas and other places, but are we Ok, anymore, is being if Europe, if you're any kind of a prominent conservative voice, are you ok to go outside, listen up call they folk so may be Crystal clear: I'm not a snowflake it all! I don't care, I am not afraid of these people, not one bit. Sadly, I've spent my entire life training for violence and about that's like able to. I don't forget that some, but I have kids
My daughter knows exactly what to do when this happens. Sadly, I've had it actually Coach, my daughter, I'm not telling anybody on the outward, because I know, but my daughter knows exactly what to do. My fourteen year old daughter, we ve had it Oh through this repeatedly, I just back from New York, where I got a couple- and I think maybe and do you know If you want, you want your dirty pounds mutes a lot of this, but we got my balls and so people who I knew wanted to say something about. My daughter knows exactly how to handle it, because we're ready you wanna play ball, we're ready to play ball. You got no idea. What's come on you're in you, how to be a social media star. You know where to find me: a dollar daddy, you'll be ok, I have to have this conversation with my daughter, so one thing Joseph Show brought up: when you are ready to go back to the old rules that point
expenses, r, r, r C, in places where conservatives, liberals, libertarians communist, whatever can eat, and peace we are all more than ready to take you up on that offer. Until then the new rules are in effect and right now it is about winning and crushing the lips at the pole or their ideology and at every single minute you cannot social media going on absent? we're going on the defensive and taking them on at every single stupid thing they tweet. Oh no every opportunity, when you want to go to the old rules were already to play. Ball number two model: indecency, will not work. I had it So I don't want to miss anything I don't think decency for them. Will I dare not looking for decency
oh your rights and a peace- and you know if we, if we just sit there, we focus on Trump and and and inhibit and his incivility, which I don't agree with it all by the lebanese incivility had dined. I told you the queen's guides, how we work, how we operate from queens to tat. We were all right, but even if you accept that premise, that this somehow model decency for the left him we'll go back to the old rules assumes they are looking for decency. There are not looking for model decency, they'll, looking for confrontation, violence and a question: what did you did you miss this? Are you know me Because you write further that listen, I love the washed and examined, but maybe because you you- I don't know, I'm not trying to be a jerk here and I was going to come out wrong and so just for advance, but don't, but nobody either way to say if I did I'd be more diplomatic maybe because Hillyer doesn't have that big of a profile the confrontation isn't there, but you growing prominence, Anima paint a jerk, I mean it put azure you get the facial idea in the name of the people start to recognize you you get,
fraud, it all the time J of Carrier Airport a it? Three months ago, guy on the line lines move back and forth, so you might have seen the same person over and over the assailant guy. Says to me at a higher. You know you damn budgeted for foxy added started out, nigh seated saving loop. I am again the guy start screaming I thought of preview lose. It is mine, better to say guy, how to ask about a beauty, the calm down. If you can't get rightly tat, he had time to think about how how enraged he was, and I I just kept saying which drove him. That's ethic. I talked about this. What had happened? It strove, I'm crazy. why are you so angry why are you so hateful guy, a strategic paper like people by the way, when a team, take. I approached everybody around of even a lip started clapping, because the guy was so annoying. This up, I get it
But why are you shall filled with hate liberals they're? Not the answer is because they have to turn up ok for some bottle of decency. We are in an actual fight here. Would people it is Joe. This is not complicated. to people like you and I who had lived through this? You know You read that organ figure see package show you she comes with me to see back. There was an article written by a liberal who want to see pack the conservative political action convert. Ninety I point: nine percent of the people outside of the media are die, hard, conservatism, libertarians. So this for or a bomb Obama Ababa support our former. She wasn't Obama, sport, bigtime Democrat goes there and rights is peace. Like mad, I was shocked. I was treated so civilly. People invited me out for drinks. People were inviting me to their conferences at Bay. Joe and I were written, is really
so the article wasn't, the liberals couldn't believe this. Oh my gosh! This is crazy. This is national news. Conservatives are civil, we don't wrap this up on this one on this, but on this point on this one, because I know you like this point- you we do model decency after faith based virtual vice we're all sinners. We are not claiming I'm now, listen, I'm nobody's role model, I'm claim do. I have an objective good. That objective good is what my case. Jesus Christ and others has set out as an example. For me, an example I fail at hourly, if not by the minute. I try, but I an example of what I want to model my behaviour of the left. Doesn't Of that of our children, Democrats are very spiritual them on top radical left. This is a secular golden. They have stayed operation at worships, the state power,
What's an aggression, they are not looking for a model for decency. Why are you confused about this? They are looking to attack you. U pretending! if we just focus on trumped, they'll go hey maybe I shouldn't kick Joe's part today, while these eating out a restaurant, because you know I heard show the other day call out Donald Trump because fifteen years ago, You know he was a playboy in New York. Are you crazy. seriously argue I get up on those marijuana states smoke into dupes. I mean what are you? Are you not? Did you drink heavily last night they're? Not looking for model decency, these people, are to be owned. W any day as like, I call you, Google, it get the joke. I now please Don't tell me I s, brother, just Google, it you'll get it. I got caught at eleven when that day me,
to be ideologically taken down at ever. the opportunity on Twitter on face. That's why I said I don't want to argue with my left, leaning, liberal friends. I don't want to lose you if you've already lost. What are you talkin me want to lose your country? No argue we opportunity our number one. The standards are, the fight pretending: we need to return to standards why they don't. That is that fight their knowledge. Instead in that, and it shows We understand the ramifications of their own decisions. This is I disagree with conservative commentators on that guy, that is what there was a dizzy director of guardians of the galaxy that Guy James got. There are concerned many commentators at it again. I respect him and I respect your opinion. Some personal This guy sent out the most disgusting tweets years ago about pedophilia Just grotesque disgusting tweet, he was fired
Disney he's again Is it the galaxy to redirect sort is going? Well, you know we gotta go. ACT, rules or people are allowed to make mistakes and press ok when that happens, good well all allow everyone to say sorry until that date, New rules are in effect the new rules for this with concern. treated fifty seven years ago. I get it's a joke. You know, hey, listen! You, whatever Uncle Bob mistakes and he's supposed to be fired for that? Then Same rules now apply to liberals when you want to return to the old rules over all allowed to say, stupid, stuff and apologize told the game. But if rosy, and still be fired for. What she acknowledges is honourable horrible than James got us to go to when liberals are ready to go back to the old rules, were all gay but We can agree on standards. These standards are the fight. Modeling decency won't work. Point number two point number free with the lips
winning isn't good enough for them. right winning is not good enough when they win on an issue. There are not looking for day. There are now looking Sit down at the table. Go ok, we want in the Supreme Court on an issue like gay marriage. How do we now sit down? We conservatives and accommodate sincere religious beliefs and their space and their freedom with our belief that men and women who are gay should be able to monitor. How do we do that? That's never got interested. Do wonders there. They are interested in crushing you, you got a baker who is in consequential to the national argument at all in cuts Potential in the grand scheme of things there are a the bakers who will bake a cake for a gay wedding. If you got a big horses, I'll bake you whatever you want, I just got it not going to do custom artwork via my cake. My cake is my heart for that wedding, because I, spiritual disagreement with that which should be respected, you oughta be bankrupt,
didn't put out of business. Winning, isn't good enough for the left. You are you're you're you're attend Didn't you agree on a sit down and standards of conduct for a sit down? This is what then, trappers why we should could. We should call our progress. Image of conduct considered to table towards they already interesting sitting at the table, they're interested in doing God Teresa guarantees from real housewives a New Jersey yard. She flips that table there are no care. Why do you take them sit down with you. Did they don't care that? Listen to me, they're, not interested winning is not good enough. You are be crushed cursed. Conservative business owners to be boycotted spiritual. People who do our work, whether its floral,
it's our pastries and cakes whatever it may be. You are, bankrupted your to be destroyed. Europe put in jail in the case of the Kentucky CORD clerk standards. what state their standards or violence aggression government for weaponry. Spied on the present you, what's that standards one final thing Geraghty set on this: they do have a lot to get to it to clear up some stuff on Friday to folks keep your head on a swivel around these people, have a red line. They do. This is not a joke, I'm not sure if it because I worked in the secret service and saw the left at work in the Bush administration and what they do. We have a red line.
I saw that you listen, you can liberals listening, you can throw this out and discounted all you want some conservative, that's fine! I honestly I don't care if they're gonna, reasonable people, which is not include you, when I worked for George Bush is a secret service agent. I saw these liberal rallies. Some of the signs were insane effigies they just Airbus disgusting. When this Everything happened with Brok, Obama Nights, the conservative rallies at these sites. They were far different there, control they were peaceful and I saw the conservatives police their own once, thereby if a guy show up with some stupid sign- and what did you should be thrown out? Usually the sometimes people slip into bad stuff happens, but I'm telling you, as a general rule, these liberal rallies were far more out of control and farm vitriolic We have a red line. Our red line is bedroom. in spiritual values, people who but
even faith and family and we're not saying where you know we're better than you were just saying: we have an objective truth: it's good! Your objective truth is power, and government in any active you need that ends will always be justified by the means you except to do it and the far left is clearly accepted confrontation, confrontation is, was disgusting this morning now, folks, I have a couple articles up in the show notes, one by Derek Conner, Who is a friend of mine, Derek has a piece up in town hall. Jonas Derek? Derek as a a piece about these we'll standards now how the law has only a standard for republican behavior, but knows entered whatsoever of people left, they talk about the New York Times reporter in case you missed it. New York Times. I shoot me. I got a tory list tired by the New York Times, who just that
disgusting, tweets about White P, about cops so Candy Owens from turning point of view, heard this change the tweets verbatim except for one word. new person. I e by the New York Times you tweet in horrible things about why people can decide what happens to be black herself by the way chain. The tweets to being about black and jewish people, otherwise verbatim she was banned, bite for twelve hours,. for treaty. The exact same thing that this, woman hired by the New York Times tweeted about white people, but was never ban disgusting Where you want to show you got that, can you queue up the crazy lady you wanna hear who the radical left as these are the people you want to have it. So let me get this straight again when they hear peace. We want, we should be debating right now. Trumps, peep three presidential behaviour right. Other than going full force,
The kind of re establish some sense of normalcy and owning these people at every single opportunity, ideologically speaking, this The kind of nonsense we are dealing with right now with the left. I made it. So it's a thing to be. If it does, then I'm gonna get you get gave you say: what can you do it? You can get your fancy. You say that was the lady who was caught protests thing on the statue of liberty. This is insanity you're dealing with with the radical left. So let me just restate this: move on with new rules are in effect, and the regional stallion effect and the new rules are this. We do
care one bit about trumps, pre presidential behaviour, and we don't we care even less about his tweets and I care even less about your disagreements with his personality and the fact that he takes it to you. We don't care new rules, hashtag, don't care. Thank you have a nice day. All we care about is winning and beating you when you want to get back to the old rules and conversations about civility and politics and what the rules should be for public spaces, and I we shouldn't violently attacked people. We will. combat conversation with open arms. Until then, the new rules are in effect. This rig Are these never trappers? And there are? We should focus on Trop and all is pre. I don't care. New rules are in effect, win win win win win congressional races, win Senate races went on Twitter went on Facebook when the mayor. Raised, when the city Council, waste race window the middle way, rallies when the people at show up at the Trump Rallies winner,
the media win win win. When you want to get back to a conversation about the old rules, we are more than willing, but Now, when you continue to attack us, the new rules are in effect. We win, you lose those are the new rules period, how bout dat damn right got mail Allen until we gotta, but we gotta give mellow MEL how about that I gotta, let the guy it's been a little longer than I intended on their potential. Also bought you by bodies that I target listen the eye target process them is the best system out there for improving improving your marksmanship with your fire. We have a responsibility for the fire motors to be safe and also to proficient with that weapon. These are serious weapons. They could do very serious damage. If you don't know what you're doing practice matters practice. Man, practice matters now, one of the best ways to practise marksmanship. That firearms is a technical dry firing drive,
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repetitive. Shooters people do this for a living. Try fire ten times more, they live fire at the rich practice, your grip practice, your site. Shoot your site alignment, your trigger, Paul, slow and steady mark when ships your responsibility go check it out. I target pro dotcom Promo code Dan for an astounding ten percent up, ok, speak at a box. I got an interesting facebook messages we can from the gentleman who posted on my way She said Joe. I waited Situated Dan, I'm Sandro, I just gotta The reading your second book, the fight which I really joint writing and the book was about security challenges in the coming year. Egos my gosh he's like a book. Is we prophetic he's like do things you spoke about five years ago. He's like you too about things that he's book there in a book. Tat are all happening right now. I go into drones and drone technology and how this could be a danger in the future and how
3d printers in the future, it's gonna be almost impossible once these programs get out there too to stop the thing of firearms. In many cases I think government wants to meet other It's always lucky to infringe. It may be well, Gunsmith he's been around forever, but the drone thing this quickly have an article in the shown. Did you see what happened with Maduro in Venezuela? They call me now listen, easy communist put them they just someone tried to assassinate em, so they did It redrawn and if you read that book arrive all chapter on this, how this going to be the challenge in the future for protection in the US, security for law enforcement and even for our military folks, drones are almost undetectable. They flew up. If you miss the story article has shown once again a punch. You know that com please subscribe to. My email is us on these all right to your over the hill. Your articles well, but please check it out.
You'll see what happens a fly, a drone with an explosive right overhead, and I think that needs now is security. Team gets around them and winds up shuffle on him out of there, but this is going to be a serious problem in the future and I go in all kinds of things are as far as contractility, how you know in the asked. The idea was ok, we'll just break the connection between the drone operator and the drone. It's usually an hour s signal and therefore the drone would fall. You know that no commands would fall to the ground or whatever or they can control. The problem is a lie: These now folks can be GEO targeted and they don't have to talk to wear an operator any more. In other words, you go here this week this launch. This latitude lodged do whatever may be, and you just do this and there's no Aref signal to deal with it all. So this gonna be a real problem, whether it's gonna be laser targeting, but I discuss a lot of that which can be nets.
Swarms of drones. As I as a yeah, I ate a counter to this worthy, the enemy swarm of Jones. These are real problems, and I remember when I wrote a book. A lot of people are: that's gonna, that'll, star, Trek III or something you get a little how to use up. Well now, I guess that I wrote the book five years ago and if you watch the video madeira you'll see, there's going to be a big problem in the future. Ok, because there were some more news. Friday, revenue, new nasty Republican from California, who has been all over all over the spy gate operation. Thank God for this guy. Please support this man. If of his congressional district, he has just been terrific. He gave in our view to the Sean Hannity radio Programme and the interview there a couple of, as always, whenever we usually get them from the Maria Barter Robo shows been doing great work and weakens, but this one was on Friday, there's a cop peace? Is a sound it along interviews, twenty minutes so Joe, and I had a kind of pick the two ringers in there, but there's too
webs from this. I want you to pay very close attention to that's gotta clip number one. First and Nunez brings up in fourteen point about just to give you back when I Jim only when he came out with his book, the former FBI director folks, his defence, You know we just didn't use the fake dossier to target tromp his defense was. There was a mosaic. Another was now. There was another information out there, Those are his words. She call me there was a mosaic of information. John branded called it. Corpus of intelligence, the hack that he is the Corpus now Devon. New ass, you get you see, we'll go is right, you it wasn't. The FBI under co me and Brandon sing then just the fake dossier we use, it was the mosaic. It was the corpus here's Devon Newness unhappy addressing that fish. What's left,
but still rejected, is what could called the Mosaic, and that's why this is so important because that the american public deserve to know what was the rest. The information that you could because the initiative people like John? Why right when when the Pfizer was released, there was the New York Times couple weeks ago, and what was it? What was the first message in my narrative, but they try to build right out about this problem. governor, Connally House, Republicans were liars well, that after the whole twelve hours, because I did actually Don t. I resumed after wrath yeah yeah, because it would become a true and you, also had them saying what really juicy starve Dolly was were notified. The republican Blind, the real juicy stuff is in the redirected part. Well, then, we it showed a letter will wait a second. We actually have President Trump Declassify. This couple months ago, and here the pages ever since that happened. You do
see anybody in the last I'm talking about that from the devil a party to the media, the hard media laugh mainstream media laughed, so the call me people they are dead silent they don't want those pages relieve their their hope, this issue goes away, which is why now so imperative that President Trump Declassify at least are quantity page, but I'm Opel, that he will and well I have that horse is your not one of them just to be very clear here, but I have sources that have been telling me now for some time that if the nineteen twenty pages are releases, corroborating emails with them that they will really will actually blow the entire russian narrative out of the water, and it will be done over and finished. Sorry,
but that echo at the end. But that was really do you know what I should it. I heard a little better than nothing, but you states are even in these countries. Is that the whole point of the thing is in it it sounds that sound clip right there? That's my fault. By the way not producer chose He always tells me prove these that I listened to what I will get back to a big time now, just to be clear? Then even matter is said at the end on that one the Mosaic, that's that you their stay the defence right. You have to take this out the thirty thousand feet to understand. What's going on, why this scandal so devastating, and why the Democrats, or in a corner desperately right now trying to box their way up the mosaic France, are we didn't just use a fake dossier to a spy on trumpet his team? We use the mosaic, the Corpus Nunez, who is the republic and who is seen this information. He understands the unread she's me the reductive portions he's seen it has act, we asked for this stuff to be unread acted now. The big huge
gold medal, winning question right now. If new Nessus asking the president for on do unredeemed act to take the blackout, and to let the american people see the mosaic and you ll see in a clip, do how there stating he thinks this stuff is what heck in there to play cut to Annette. I'm gonna give you my theory on. What's in there based on Good body homework on this and how devastating this that's gonna be Bruce Orbit effectively the number two or three under the deputy attorney General Valley, eight, an road rod, roses Dinas office was just a couple doors down his wife Nellie or was working for fusion GPS, which was digging up the dirt or basically everything they were, but I think they were digging anything. I think there are two main wasn't she part of a team that was putting together the dirty dossier and be ass a sheet she was the one working for fusion working with Christopher Steel. Piled is
the same time Bruce or one of the top people at the Justice Department was secretly meeting with whose Firstly, I feel now so shut gradually. His ass, a dozen of these three or tools which are at the number of an FBI report, he wants them declassified I'd seen, then we have the brutes bore. No I've been hearing rumours for I own time that these three O Toole were altered and and changed after the fact. Well, those I think that is referring to the general plan. Rio to. I dont think that the brutes, or through whose work were changed, but remember what we're saying here, one of the top guys in the Department of Justice, a guy who's supposed to be a management Christopher Steel gets fired. Gets terminated. The FBI says he's we're not gonna use him anymore, but actually they were there. She took one of the top dear J lawyers, and eventually he ran steel as a source of Bruce are just took them. It's a steel,
getting information for steel and still feeding into the FBI, and none of this none of this ever made it to the court. All how, bout bad word now the reason I play a lot of Devon Nunez Material on this show because that's my wife said she's the best last night in the house and she's. Listening to this interview, cuz, I have it playing on my Iphone at the table, because this is what I do. My entire life is content. Production she's like dad, did you notice how he let's little tidbits out in every judge, you notices newness little tidbits, but ever know, you never breaches that that this is clearance, Inter Alia, but there's always a little kid bit here. Fred you know what to listen for you, exactly what's goin out folks. the mosaic the most
they call me sites. It's not just the dossier. There were other sources. If you, back and listen to my early shows from episode number six. Twenty eight on What is one of the first things we highlighted? We ve we have always tried to bring this out umbrella. Why secure a bird s eye view of the big questions are one of the biggest questions left to be answered. Is If there was no official intelligence used to start this investigation, which we already know in other words, is no vetted through proper. Appropriate. I see intelligence, community channels, information start this. How did in intelligence investigation start without official intelligence? What was the question we asked? We said the formation superhighway and exposing it is going to be the key, the real. Spirits see here was a conspiracy to launder information on an information superhighway from Poland, co operatives into law
enforcement, but to launder it to make it seem that the information was in fact coming from legitimate vetted intelligence community channels. It was not. The question. We have asked all the way back to six. Twenty eight on was the information superhighway it. This is the political scandal. Do you understand with this vote because it was political information, you in a law enforcement intelligence matter was not intelligence. Law enforcement sourced information now the way they bury? This information seem more authentic was declared through multiple channels. What those channels. Firstly, steel himself working with the FBI, who paid steel steel, is a former UK intelligence officer a far and Intel officer who was working unquestionably pray unit paid by Hillary Clinton to join up information on Donald Trump, they are paid
foreign entail that none of that is in question. Steel already acknowledges that he did not go to Russia, but that is information. The information multiple people running out from Kremlin connected sources. So when steel This is what Nunez said their case. You missed. It went steel, working with the FBI being paid Whisper I want to be leaking information to the media in view a relation of his cooperation arrangement with the FBI, steel, fired because he was lying. Ladies and gentlemen, the bedrock but quality source in the court system. I swear, this information is the true to hold you'd, nothing but the truth. I gotta from steel. The bedrock of that is being able to FI steel as an honest source is telling you the truth, so always terminated by the FBI with this cooperation agreement because he was lying about what about me. King information, through the media, the F B. I do not lead to the media
I'm not leaking to the media, your league to them area they caught him. They caught him leaking through the media. Let him go so instead of going Back to the judge and saying hey: listen, we have a problem with our source, our sore, Just talking to the media and violation with our agreement, there's a story now here of dishonesty you're, not telling us the truth. His credibility is at stake. What did they do they pull down, they dump. Down, they said, I'll. Tell you what we can formerly used this guy anymore. you can't, formerly you steal, causes credibility now shot. So here's what we're gonna do. Let's informal we bring someone on fusion GPS who's got a connection to a high ranking person in the Justice Department, all Nellie or let's bring on the spouse of guy who is a upper level manager in the department of
this Bruce or has the wrecked access to rob roses themes signed off on the fourth Pfizer war right. This why everybody's focusing on that forty five of the last one, which is why the one I was addressing the Friday, shall get to that in the second round roses the insides, often that fourth warrant he's gotta. Office, right mere Bruce or brew. or in the OJ wife is working for the same company Hilary hired to join up give information on tromp there Source there in that company, steel is discredited because he's been lying about targeting the media, so, instead of letting him go and letting the case for what they do, they hide approves, George wife who just switch is the same steel if the same stuff right Two Bruce or who gives it to the FBI rather, like all good, we could use it again. Why? Why. do you understand that the pocket with due notice, we're done Nunez, said he said
information was not in the fire of what does he mean by that. He doesn't mean the Bruce or now or Christopher Steel information that should have been used could steal. It already been discredited, let me mad information. May I ask what then, how do you know this? I'm pretty? confident research. Here we have done in the book has been the book. a blow you away this chapter on a war. I believe what happened here is not These include that information they didn't include the specifics of where the information came from and the motivation of the person providing it. In other words, they did not include specific, that the information coming from or who is, running a source as a lawyer, which I have never heard in my life, the investing
yours do that conjunction with the oj didn't include the fact that, when or what interviewing we Christopher Steel. In some cases, after he'd, been let go by the FBI for dishonesty? That's that Theo had mentioned, or about this hate four Donald Trump and a passion to not get him elected, I can almost guarantee you, that's not in the FISA though, in the fire, a warrant is not based on the vizir that that or that's the I hated Donald Trump. It want him elected and that also, was, the information was coming from a source that had already been booted out of the FBI's cooperation agreement for lying. how do I know this, because If you look at what gradually and Nunez are asking for to be released. The picture, the real mosaic comes together. now want publicly released the
male exchanges between Bruce or Christopher Steel, and they want the f the three o the interview summaries released between the EP. Bruce or folks, I tell you it tells you you ve not been wasting your time here for the last year. Almost we, been telling you the whole time that the information superhighway how they took this information from Christopher Steel and laundered, it cleaned it too. Look like you was legitimate through me, people sources, that's the scandal. What do we know now? We know this that way to verify information to get a warrant to spy on someone in the federal government is to get it from a beautiful source, we know that didn't happen, the source was fired, we clear job, there's only two ways to do this This is the essence of the scandal. Please. This is really important. When you,
For a federal agent working source, you can go in out of a judge, and you can use basically to prongs to authentically The information given by the source, this, the source as personal knowledge of it. You ve used him before and that knowledge he has of these incidents is worked out in the past. He's told you about three prior bank robberies, because he knows that guy's Robin to banks, it tells you about a fourth, that's information you can like. We use in a warrant the second way, if you I haven't worked with a source in the past or you have and the formation suspect. You have independently verify that yourself. Now they have Work with steel in the past, but steel gap who did for lying to them, so Responsibility was to go out and verify the information independently and instead of doing it, what did they do? They took the eggs. Act same information from the exam same guy added so doing their homework. The Democrats
that's the lives and the swap rats headed shuttle through different channels to reach the same end point the FBI. They said well. If, get the steel information and now your wound up through Coty Sheer and sit Blumenthal political operatives, not working for the government See what these email exchange essays, it the same information being passed through a different show. What about the Jonathan Whiners State Department? Shell, then wider state department employ you already road and up and the Washington Post, saying house. But the same information, the memos we call the dossier from steel wound up through Coty Sheer and sit Blumenthal political operatives? Not working for the government wound up the state department, hands and wound up with the FBI to the state department. Ladies and gentlemen, all roads led back to steal. It's the same information from this credit, its source, information superhighway. Is this scandal
Let me just clear up some one Friday. I'm really sorry. I can feel a lot of you on the date second story I'll get through another time. I get that I get that part deliberately being a bit dumb Joe understands. Why? Because onawandah hurt knee buddies on my that I'm not gonna, do it Adam Shift and really really super for political reasons. It's not my job by Myths, Sid story, I've, Do you repeatedly that myths should the guy starts. This whole thing by telling Papadopoulos, allegedly back in April that day day, said dirt on Hilary. The whole nexus of the democratic narrative is his hat withstood how to be a russian asset who was trying to get to the Trump team the signal for the Russians that they had dirt on Hilary to use this candle, I believe the other big scandal outside of the information superhighway, is today rain, the Trump team, by pushing the information into the Trump orbit. We already Are they spied on a mat scandal? Number three scandal number one: the information superhighway scandal A scandal number three, despite
go to the trouble to pull the negative information out. I believe skin number two is that they pushed the information in that makes. connections are to western intelligence. It may push that in there and I Do you that other Margo Cleveland Peace, which is in the Friday, show notes which are really could show? Friday. Maybe you understand that now go back and listen again, I'll make sense that the food its Pfizer after are the February meeting with Miss said when the FBI interviews and has a footnote in there with the FBI looking to protect the source whose at source is source of it said I had said you was the January to March one I'm sorry. I met the fourth one after it was after not some of you said well. How can that be? They do a January to March footnote, for you now for a if the renewal was in January right for immediate and happen on February, it was the fourth one covering the January to March period. That makes sense folks, in other words, The FBI interviews mistook, who I highly suspect I behind.
We suspicious, I should say, to be precise, you're, always a western intelligent source who is alleged to have pushed the information about dirt on Hilary into the Trump team in the fire. he's a warrant re up. That appears after that beating there's a footnote about hey. We need to protect the source who's, the Sars, who's the source? Is it him? is it Miss said: is that the push our boy with that the above, be a monster, almost writing it, but Don T shorter working about, but he's a brick ass nutrition best poor nutrition products out there on a market. These guys are the best if a doctor and staff, put together, the finest situational supplements I've ever taken. One of them is found they should what is foundation, and why does it matter to you? Listen, we all want to look better. We all want to perform better. We one energy. We all want to look better. We all want to be able to get more physically active and we all want to be able to do more more volume. We want to be able to work without getting tired of the time this The answer. the answers Foundation, Savell Bob.
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week at this, the wrap up that other story. Let's hope we get those twenty paid this unread acted, I believe, what's gonna, be in those documents is going to be documentary. Evidence that the Bruce or information superhighway from fusion GPS to the FBI, was nothing more than an effort to circumvent the failures of Christopher Steel as a source and their failure to verify it, and it was nothing more than an information superhighway created two makes Christopher steals. Identical information look verified, even though it wasn't. I I believe that this message, connection is going to get uglier and uglier until the Democrats have finally admit that they, in fact Denmark where the source for this. one final stu I saw in the Wall Street Journal, which was interesting. Folks. If you live in a big government state the government spending and listens Some of them are not all our blue state. Some of my red states, which have engaged in profligate spending as well whether its
the lot of these states out there and it goes into a couple of modern, be in Alaska, but a lot of and be in liberal state State is loaded down with big mid pension obligations, which a lot of states are guy in the peace, makes a really really terrific point us in the Epp, Ed column in the on the Wall Street Journal today and talks about how come in pensions are creating a lean on your house. You like wait what a lean on my house, it's crazy folks Lot of these states out there and it goes into a couple of modern, be in Alaska and a lot of them being liberal states as well how it he's. Government pension obligations are legally in force, which they are in many states show their estate guidelines. It say government employees who have these pensions. These things have to be paid, no matter what no matter! What Guy, says: well, there's only really three ways to raise government income, a sales tax and income tax and a property tax. Now the problem, having now folks is what's happening and liberal stays people are leaving thereof.
A waiting in mass. So, avoiding what the sale tax and the income taxes are living somewhere else. There are paying sales tax in California because they're moving, you know whatever to Texas paying the sales tax in New York and moving to Florida. Then I pay me, Tax either, because your legal residence in a blue and a red state what's left behind YO the price but he doesn't move so the wait: did the peace is an excellent one that you better be prepared in the future, because these, obligations are not going away. This is real money. These pension obligations to making promises. The government cannot possibly pay in the future. I'm not knocking people. Work for love, don't take the store, I'm just telling you the pure mathematics of it. The money's got to come from somewhere you're saying show that you effectively have a lean on your home by the government if you are in a state that is
we're going under massive pension obligations that sooner or later, as these people escape more and more, the burden is going to fall on the property they can't escape and as the tax just go up and up and up and up and up the babies. What's going to happen to the value of your house, go down and down and down that. Why Joe, because when you walk in a car dealers, what is the first thing? He tells you on financing the the other says: hey: what might we payment? Can you afford people think about why they don't think about the price of a home in terms of the price overall me? So, of course you know they don T, really, they think about the monthly mortgage payment what they can afford if the monthly mortgage payment is fifty percent property taxes that list the value of the home ass, they come down chorus, I think we show that they can make the monthly payments to pay the property taxes, the value come down about an example of what happened in Detroit. Eventually, burden of government spending fell upon the property, the private now the property and in a lot of places, is worthless. Some that think about folks,
Remember what I told you all debts are paid, the debtor or by the creditor. That's a mill famous. don't freeman. Let off debts are paid these debts on governed funded pension obligations, they cater for they will be paid very deep. by the person who led the money. You got a border, you paid by the edge of the debtor or the creditor day, the guy the pay them back, then it paid by you or the purser does pay him back, which is you either way you're the debtor and the creditor when it comes to government? Keep that in mind why I left folks thanks again for tuna. Please go pick up my book. We were rocket and up the charts. We were fourteen on Amazon, my new book spy gate, the attempted sabotage of Donald Trump. Pritchett every everyone picking up the book. We are really sellen sound like hotcakes. It goes into all this stuff in detail. We did a tremendous meant, a researcher. I really appreciate ECHO: get up today, veto mice available on Amazon,
oh versions out there today too, for pre order, so spy gate. The attempted sabotage of Donald Trump GO pick it up thanks a lot of you just heard TAN Bonn GINO, she did more have been online in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.