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Ep.811 The Real Reason FBI Officials Are Worried

2018-09-20 | 🔗

Summary:In this episode I address the real reason the FBI is panicking over the release of its agents' text messages. I also cover the stunning new undercover videos by Project Veritas, which expose the tactics of the Deep State. Finally, I address out-of-control government spending and the Republicans' failure to stop it.

News Picks:Debunking media claims about firearms and gun control.

Project Veritas has some astonishing new undercover videos exposing the tactics of the Deep State

When are conservatives going to fight back against out-of-control government spending? 

Is Comey dropping a hint about the Mueller probe?

Why is the accuser of Keith Ellison being treated differently?

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dan bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds i welcome to the dance bond gino shellfish joseph argued at our little time to spend the night battened down a hatchet so much pirate ship but to other than about this dude you cannot despite this guy with the kicker as he can i get this out of his ed tick yesterday international willa intergalactic planet they speak like apparently they talk like this is to raise two days this guy with the with the most girls would lead to higher it's like the lady the frozen so let it get going now take up its laws i gotta lotta news and also i want to update you a story that i told you a long time ago from some quality sourcing that
got lost in this but it speaks volumes as to why the fbi's panicking about that taxpayers jews fear a list of the show you're going to figure out right away what's going on you may actually remember when i discuss this but again i don't do this about myself on the back i do it to let you know you're not wasting your time here so others of course when we get there show brought you by our bodies at helix sleep i just got their matters it is incredible of you not going to find a better address with less hassle for the price anywhere it's incredible they said to me i have their pillow their mattress now i'm all set there's nobody on the planet like you so why would you buy a generic mattress built for everyone else makes no sense he'll exley built they sleep quit it takes two minutes to complete and they use the answers to match your body type and sleep references to the perfect matches why god he's match restore spend ten hours and take their two minutes they could get the best matches around whether you are i'd sleeper hot sleeper like me a plus your phone
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at the bottom of this were helping me out with regards to what was going the fbi both in the clinton case and the term right right now you know i like to focus heavy and spiky but this is more of a generic mismanagement story that a lot of you will remember from the past and the story was this jim call me was when he was at the fbi almost they defend though at times parttime director he we'd take off a lot member this story jonas that by the way focus is not me saying this this is the source i have who would you know let me run information i wish i could say who would be a source of not invest it is journalists but i am precedes facts they told me this i haven't heard this anywhere else you have if you listen again call me was kind of a part time directly you could take a lot of time off including a lot of monday's and fridays making him effectively here tuesday wednesday thursday fbi director you would think it a prominent position like that he was
what more often again i'm telling you it's been relayed to me from people who were in the no not every week and take off but there was a lot of time off during the ten year where andrew mackay the ten year where andrew mackay joe was the deputy director the number two he would the guy effectively in charge would call me wasn't around you tracking this is important now because an may caves wife was running as a democrat for virginia state senate see it obviously has ties in his family to the democratic party his if it also received money allies of hillary clinton in in the form of town terry mccall active terry the call the democratic governor virginia so end we to think about this the guy you fact running the fbi for signature get portions of time were commies not around his wife is a hard core my rat running with the support of democrat money from
allies of hillary clinton while the fbi's investigating hillary clinton folks i can help you if you don't see the conflict you now that's not news ok that is obviously an old story but and if you don't see the conflict of interests there and the fact that in the uk is a deputy director did not accuse himself to the case to help from the killer equant them case up to the end despite the fact that his what he was running as a democrat and receiving money to people tied to the quotas i can't help you use your brain is just not functioning right that's your problem not mine please worked out in your own time whereas is going so yesterday i'm watching fox catherine heritage comes out who is an excellent rapporteur and she says i'm just talk to i think was harris faulkner outnumbered overtime and said you know the fbi is fighting back joe hard
behind the scenes to not have the text messages of com they came and others exposed and there fighting back you know in their fighting back under these umbrella you know sources and methods in all this other stuff classified information stuff and ex messages fall under that umbrella another not specifically citing the text messages under that umbrella but the umbrella they ve been using for the other stop the fighting application and he fbi three or choose has been sources and methods national security other things like that their basically and we don't want to disclose this information but here it brings up a fascinating point as i sit here casually clipping a nail cause i'm so stoked about telling us it's gonna be kind of hard showed withheld those text messages isn't it under the classified information sources and methods banner joe why do you think that is let me let me tell you up your job
now you listen to the show we did about six months ago on this and i have told you that because jim call me is where it comes altogether here for you what kind of a de facto part time directorate times there were other people taking over duties including the deputy director a lot of those people left the office at five and six o clock and went home left in one home with fbi fuzz fbi phones not suitable for classified information but a lot of these people were briefcase the source told me briefer briefer as meaning that not the shoe leather detectives and the fbi these weren't the guy's shapes and bank robbers these guys were briefer their whole lives they gave good briefs they got promoted they kissed the right but they surgically ass their lips to management got promoted up the chain probably way very few federal arrests in their entire careers this is this guys take on this not mine so he said to me is a lot of these guys could they were briefer didn't wanna be beat the punch follow me
because this is gonna going to blow you and i can this anywhere on a lot of these guys didn't wanna be beat the punch when the director did come back around and get back to the office on information so if their home after hours show rather than go log into a computer and using all kind of credentials lot of would say you know what just send me the stuff on attacks do whatever it may be on the phone now you may say and that's hard to believe and i say to you in response it really are you sure we have a litany of text from peter she could kill isa page with some of the most teeth dark secrets of the trump including investigation sent over opener open source of suitably open lines on text message sober or you discover what about the tell you consider this is already half hour i object give you the psychology from an insiders perspective as to what happened this will make sense i promise you but i've got to set it up with a bullet points so after all they're getting these messages on on call
testified devices by classified information is likely being transmitted on these devices after hours because data gonna to be left out of the loop because if they are left out of the loop and it's their opportunity to go in and kissed the directors part and look informed on the case they gotta get the information home joe but there too lazy to do a proper login through an internet line and open up their computers so which one of those acheson my phone jody big tat creates a little bit of a conflict if you're in ass the regulated first said classified information offer an unclassified server while you're simultaneously receiving classified information over your front joe just some throw this out there for you i'm asking you to people who do you think this might create a problem well i know you think it you're thicket harm
did he ask somebody say yeah this this year i went out on a limb out on a limb and he's saying yes this could possibly be an issue maybe kind of sort of joy is correct this is a huge issue now joe we talked about this this story i may i keep saying this because this came out to me a long time ago and i make sure you understand now the problem there having an the box now donald trump has the mill the bureau guys don't want to release those text messages between call me cave and others because their devastating they are really really bad they are there problem is show they ve got nowhere to go the problem is show they ve got where to go trump completely outfox them orders specifically those that classification remember that wasn't in a lot of the media reports show initially
what tromp was gonna declassified declassify just to be clear was about the bruce or interview three o toole the summary and going to be about the fire application this this decline vocation of the text is relatively new but it is a beautiful elegant moved by the trump team because now the bureau guys can possibly claim hey closest classes sources are methods way way way way way it's clean to find information sources and methods guys you investigating hillary clinton first thinking exchange of classified information over and classified server while you were changing classified information over your faults showed you see the box therein they can't i simply this aware for them to go for sorry bout there's no way for them to take care
legitimately claim we can give the text because whose classified information or they'll be admitting to committing the exact same possible crimes that hillary clinton was being investigated before by them now does it make sense why jim call me may have been eager in that july fifth press conference you gave to say you know what we into this and no reasonable prosecutor move forward and by the way don't look at my stuff either folks i take quality i caught quality source let me in on this a long time ago that these guys were after hours bridge first that were obsessed with getting the latest and greatest details they were too damn lazy to log in on their own fbi computers in the proper way through the firewalls they got the information from their phones fbi by the way fbi phones these guys after they have nowhere to go on this nowhere it's an fbi
own you should not have been exchanging unclassified classified information it's only rated for unclassified step and you put it there's a good chance that this information was at a minimum for official use only in their changing it over class devices while investigating hillary clinton for the same this is a huge story it's a story because it provides followed follow me from yesterday's show yesterday show which did bonkers numbers thank you very much by the way yesterday show explained to you yesterday she sees me yesterday canada spit it out that yesterday gave you a motive a motive for what the explained away the heavy involvement of foreign intelligence entities in that election despite the downside of doing so
today i want to explain to you a motive that again is outside of the simple while the f b i just didn't like trump folks listen i know a lot of folks in the fbi and most of the ones i met a really really going to tell you my experience ok take it for what it's worth but even the one i didn't like we're not stupid ok there is no way call me my cave and all of them are dumb there was poor but please some kind of a motive there for them making this hillary clinton case go away although it was patently obvious to any sane person paying attention that hillary clinton broken the law was obvious emotive there there's something we're missing and we were missing the whole time is this piece of the puzzle that is now coming together and catherine our attitude on it now harris faulkner interview yesterday where cause cancer i'm sure she not like john solomon i think catherine average has a really good finger on the pulse of what's going on here faulkner
i'm not much summarizing it directly it i've tried forever to find that finally the at the sound bite of sorry i couldn't find it but basically faulkner says average says well you know they're they're fighting exposing the stuff there's been like an uproar within the d o j and all the staff they don't want their stuff out there and a one hiding and stalkers as well you know who the text message stuff its classified information sources and methods and harrods goes back as well those devices were arrayed for that so they really should have been classified right and factors like that's a good boy i could see it at our faces like big bang bang bang bang went away in particular that you get it young people know i take it twitter is the hashtag people know all that there's stuff out their people know these fbi guys burn so many bridges they burn so many people over the years there was no way they were going to be able to continue with this charade so just this this person the show up because it's important what we're getting out here yes
put together free you stuff in my in my book that describes a motive for this have heavy international involvement in the action in the set up of george papadopoulos a talk about the choice of the euro travel ban in hand interrogation and things that would have impact and our international relationship that providing tangible motive tangible touch feasible motive i'm not saying it's right obviously these foreign intelligence to get involved i'm telling you today that some of these bureau guys when they weren't so in this case probably have issues reclassified information being exchanged over on class devices themselves the pearl agrees and make this thing to ghosts this story goes did you go away now i feel that we have been vindicated member that part time director rector stuff marries matters too because who takes over the happy who was wildly conflicted mccabe
that's why his text are so critical piece deeply concerned didn't doesn't refuse himself from this investigation until weeks before the election time we completely inappropriate ready for me to stand like this one hour here cause i want this one i want to talk this is all the james keith have you heard about what's going on project vera us if you this is gonna but just blow your mind and it speaks back to the swamp connection with roads connections we can talk about the whole time she also brought you by your buddies at indo chino allison i wear suits all the time being on tv and i need made to fit stuff off the rack i through our written a garbage doesn't work never fits me ever we need aid to measure suits their the best they look better you know get the pirate look you don't get the but you know the spider man look you know spiderman as those little webs underneath his armpits you can fly with it that's the fabric in your jacket if its poorly you're sure looks tat right there are jerry site the pirate short that's what you look like now i get my
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project very tough strikes i risk my throat gets a little dry folk some has happened so much talking lately between the time like three jobs now doing amateur he have her head her he tv with fox and do what they say about it all day which is fine i love do it but so keep at it again and i would caution anyone involved in the deep state that i listened man new rules right jody we declare the new rules long ago the new rules are this now here because the pirate escape kick it enough for this think he's i can live with the new rules are in effect to new oh are you forget get us we're gonna play we're gonna play legally that's spring you want to get my mind you wanna get a fine we're game you on its stick brass knuckles underneath your box and gloves we can do that too it's not hard we're not appeal
owing to the rough anymore i'm sorry and if that bothers people absurd david you're taking the wrong way here these people are not playing by any rules any more their showing up people's homes they're they're sending that's the people the anti for people are actually physically attacking people it's time in the bounds of legality to fight back and again if that bothers you maybe that they not for you here but this is it's time to fight back so i a priest yet what o keefe south it's been doing now if you dont know james o keefe and project berytus what they do go out would under cover cameras and they get the corruption and things like that on tape and the corruption they got on tape recently is staggering now i have the link in the show notes please check it out it is a it's a good story that length lays out the sum of the transcripts of what you're about here here but here's the first car from an undercover video now this is important because i want to describe to you what this lays out we ve been
on you for a long time about the quagmire the swamp how the dc swamp it's not just capitol hill it's not just the staff on capital here what's not just bureaucrats it is a merry go round of individuals joe they go and take government jobs use those government jobs to embed themselves when they if those government jobs are asked to leave due to a change in administration they go to think tanks those think tanks may can't make attacking keep contact with their friends on the inside they then use that information on the inside to fight again to you and your vote your vote there people actively on the inside of the government feeding information on this is a woman by the name of jessica schubert who according to this tape here again she has not defend that herself it did no one's than i did this tape is genuine this is another our video of her now she works ass she used to work it h age ass and now she works at a think tank and list
her explanation of how she keeps contact with these people and she gets information in advance and how they tactically use it to undermine the administration rendered so through more lies your friend nail do the policy that is about to come into effect a policy for medical care and unless she mail the doom physical like snail mail shoppers and then you got here that's like ass is like a resistance is your friend resuming a bunch of people and are used they were giving you givin you like they were given yearly information tell the city were leaking information to you help on the outside is our bowed
bout thou wert so again the liberals will tell you the deep state as has happened but a conspiracy theory i don't care what you call it i say this set up the deep state the sloppy stay too stupid state the steady state is the new york times up ad writer who claim to be inside the trump administration resisting i don't care what you call it but denying that this is real after now joe twenty eighty a hundred examples of people on the inside of the government actively undermining not trump of course there the money from not all their undermining you then another trumps the procedure that is if you like them yeah probably heard shrubs feelings personally but you put europe in office you fair and square put him in office to win they very specific agenda you voted for their stopping you these i pick think about what i'm telling you hear your tax
dollars paid this woman she left the government went to a think tank she paints contact with people europe tax dollars are still paying at age s who a mailing her information about policies that have not become public yet if she's using fight those policies after you phone yes jos got his fingers on his head on his on the on the eyebrows you like is this happening yes it's happening folks here happens all the time i saw this over and over and over again in my time in the government this is to be clear this corruption par this is not unique to the trump administration the actively systems still want on a mass scale probably is i've never seen anything like this this is the merry go round that the swamp go to work for the government take up
little salary to work for the government use your connections that take a big salary later on in the private sector than cars finding we use those connections in the government too either help your private industry your taxpayers our pain lobbyists are working for a business there not working for you to help them negotiate gives you there's another angle of this too i don't want to i don't want to leave out i mean it's it's tangentially related but it's important nonetheless you ever heard of term regulatory capture regular very captures when you view the governments these regulatory agencies things about breaking the fcc if that you'd probably deal with it the radio joe federal communications commission the if ye see the federal elections commissioner at least three letter agencies are everywhere the abc alphabet soup you know what i'm talkin regulatory capture is when then ended
he's afterwards hire people who work for these regulatory agencies and use their connections in the government to tailor regulations to benefit them hurt them competitors folks dude not only do i gotta hoping to get off on attention on regulatory capture i only bring it up in conjunction with without was about which is actively resisting tromp for inside the government you're paying for right now because if this project loretta video and again it's up on the websites up and podgy know that common in the show no check it out yourself if this is in direct evidence of war governments should be limited and the individual should be unlimited from a higher philosophical says i dont know what is this is inherently corrupting to give people power in here we corrupting and when they take that path and they do the gipsy do flip through this is what you get you get people
who disagree politically we the administration they leave and then they turn around and sabotage the administration people voted for coming and now it doesn't generic gets better but what he saw overcast you cortez from the other day you tell me when you needed i'll give it up here ok i just want to be sure to give that is with this i we're all going to say favours alive ship this at this colombia to more disk it is from this while this is jessica i believe the second one is jessica to play the second cut out the scribe with this is that i want to get to this really really you're going member this third woman if you don't i'll explain who she is you're gonna be like no way
since a lot of your colleagues are not more left us knew anything of the sort of like bravely lawyers who doesn't want you radical what are they doing anything to fight against vaguely little green bosnia minus one razors here miss assuming analytical rebar confirms that her justice department coworkers resist from the inside then boasts about how difficult it is federal employees to be fired
de i say kali stuart carozza who works at the state department told us the same thing alison brags at one of her colleagues who works at the department of agriculture regime by directly slowing down food stamp reform the people to do what you say is always revised version what they're doing things aren't some of its a little hard the here but its whose doing the talking there that's gonna blow your mind that is jake virtues video of alison robber
alison raper some of you that name may sound familiar some of it may not i we save remember the names ripe i saw them and i can at least be king i instantaneously recognize it do you remember when the age s secretary curse the nielsen went out to eat washed in d c and activists showed up in the restaurant scream and whenever we while governor interrupting because god forbid we let a government official actually eat peacefully in a restaurant you know they had a terrorize or in the restaurant of yours now one of the people in there was a department of this employ wait wait what can i just say oh yeah yeah i just said that right the data secretary now not suggesting anybody by the ways first amendment right should be impacted by the simple let's be clear i'm a libertarian at heart i've just six thank you it may not be such a great idea if you are a
parliament is just a simple he does show up at the age of secretaries dinner was he's trying to e maybe there's a better way to protest like voting in organizing wept they showed up this lady such women who was at its the same woman in that project variant thus undercover video now you can rely on the party i got one more clipper by you providing was so they get if you like she talks the de essay what's the deal essay the demo craddock socialists of america she talks about how ds a democratic socialist which really means socialists are embedded throughout the government they even a video is other guy stuart carozza talking about doing what again caracas as we're here to f stuff up on the inside and man kramer ox about they select chagos they slew things down so they implemented a policy to move people off a food stamps and enter into an economic you can make independence and what happens
paper says in the employees their slow it down which keep people on foods they for a whole lot longer these are people inside the government your tax dollars are paying this is the actual woman in a video you know what you're put your name out there that goes both ways nobody else has a first amendment right to re it so o keefe steam invaded this democrat socialists of america thing and got this paper on tape talking about how dammit socialists are was when the government a police officer this was a huge huge deal this interesting and i have a personal relationship exists is up to this upset about this because it was when i was a police officer this was a huge huge deal this was a big problem in my opinion a day but robber alison rayburn this cut hence about doing something with information that really father this not automated should body too
the second area there really was a word with you we want what way why oh did you stay here now guy later on the same guy they're asking questions probes eight around it i had a kind of you no short for the sake of time here but he asks if how who rapers get innocent for so allison labour says there asking how they're getting these addresses to go and fight people at their houses to protest and resources well what we can do it efficiently
and then later on in the video which you can see the website what guys seems to indicate that she's using a government lexus nexus account to get those tom addresses to protest on these people think about this this is incredible this woman is being paid on taxpayers money using allegedly a taxpayer funded resources just to be clear to go in protest front a people's houses this is unreal this is unbelievable your money is paying for this now this is serious to supper made because when i was a police officer this was a major league no no and again being candid whether with this was a big problem with the am there the story when i was younger cop of these police officers and neighbour this amount make stop and remember the specifics if i did i wouldn't give america's this unnecessary the story but they pulled up next to this
good looking woman in a car and you know they ran the play they rely k whatever antoinette whenever your name is how'd you know my name on armoury ran from what remember that the woman's father or something was like a chief or a deputy inspector and the police department it was a big scandal they wound up do and queries and a lot of the licence play checks were being done not for these business pot for personal business obviously a violation of public trust that cleaned up the whole system after that they were very specific ec law again you have to make sure there was a reason given on i think that's there i mean i don't know the question of foxes happening now inside the government that this woman is using inside of resources is someone needs to get her an interview are immediately if this the case she needs to be fired terminated as soon as possible this is and on give up a violation of the hatch act to be using government resources to track people down to protest
for partisan purposes again let me be clear i am not talking about any violation of our first amendment rights at all job perfectly entitled to protest perfectly entitled to protest they throw perfectly entitled to be an activist that's the american way you are absolutely not entitled to use government resources to do that if that's happening and the allegations on this hidden video or correct she needs he fired immediately immediately but again new rules you wanna put yourself out there you're out their bib other but maybe look into then you don't like it you know what i may look like you want a protest almost security secretary where sheets dinner lotion breaking he wasn't a restaurant there's nobody problem with it i've got being legally to say about it i think it's a jerk move gets really stupid i think you're not accomplishing anything you're getting anything done i'll just tell him you we have rights do that and we have right
to follow the lies taxpayers and if you're using government resources see government resources see i wouldn't want to be your out but i see a later new rules we're not taken any more you're crap how do you like emeralds aright quick update on the cavenaugh case so the fbi in case you missed it yesterday is now saying with regards to break havin supreme court nomination any allegations against him that they are now going to conduct investigations please please if you miss yesterday show i'm strongly encouraging you not just me because it relates to current events by his joe call the businesses in evergreen topic although discussed how fbi background investigations estimations work because this gonna come up again i'm already seeing the weapon is of the fbi outside spiky for other things and this is happening with the damsel cavenaugh husband
used by this woman doktor ford of some sexual misconduct allegations when he was a teenager to be honest with you this story as two way too many holes in it at this point i have said to you over and over they gonna take the vote just take the vote take the vote she's apparently not willing to testify about it if she's not going to provide the details are testify it says to me she's not looking to advance this at all and this has been more of a partisan battle than anything the fbi saying there will be no investigation because there's no crime alleged which there isn't and if was a crime alleged a federal crime i want to be specific but if there was a state crime the statute of limitations is already gone she had to report it within a certain amount of time and she didn't the fbi saying don't do it we're not gonna do this investigation now i've i knew the democrats are preparing for a long term fight to discredit any future decisions made by this guy said it yes i say it again today they now
battles gonna be ok you know we're going to have acquiesce on this because we don't have the votes but all these decisions will be taken in the future this sick these people are wake up every day and thank the lord you are not a democrat that they are going to accuse the sky of being a sexual predator on the supreme court and every decision is tainted but the ep i now saying no so the republicans folks here you have to do this activist oriented show the do matter the talk is cheap you the call your centres office you have to do this please i'm begging you call email because about it you know what to do it's not a lecture show you all you know we're not liberals we don't you know we're not the violent once it's them we got to worry about i'm humbly requesting you call an email please i am seriously begging you call your centres demand the vote on cavenaugh demanded the republicans
bent over backwards shall gradually and his team to risk this woman story and haven't heard despite the fact it has massive holes in it who calls in this story there's a supposedly a woman who said she heard the story in high school she then deleted the post and doesn't want to do any interviews ladies and gentlemen there is something not right here call the vote call the vote but this is time for you to do the talk is cheap you have to do it you have to all an email your senator and demand this vote be taken in his weight has gone on wait too long to important please please please ok let's move onto alexandra cassio cortez who is the gift that keeps on now sent away here i have been achieved he kept this differ for a long time because it's just
prima facie evidence of the economic illiteracy left as i've said before i'm not trying to play both sides be tutsi about it listen winning elections is heart she won huge upset a primary new york fourteen socialist alexandria cortez against oh crowley good nice work now it's your job to know stuff clearly you don't she was on tapir who i've told you can tapir will give give a deal all sides are you know you know the blanket but i know i've been in the chair with a forgets around see at the weekend and start asking her about how she plans on paying for her pie in the sky proposal phrase that phrase really that's as food health care for death toll free cars or free college free health care free i exams free food is free waters free air is free web is free section eight is prey zig is free digg is free greet us
from you on that's a joe have figured it every this i hit the free song let's get like a thirty second jingle we can protect peace just got that all joe is an old rocker he does that shoulder dance the old rockers there does he's got the whole thing down folks she can figure out you know disregard rewind she can't figure out how to before she knows what did the answer is the answer is it would be confiscatory taxation at eighty ninety percent tax rates which were bankrupt the country and it will go on she understands you believe me this woman's not dumb but she will not tell you that's what bothers me what she will not tell you the truth play this interview a tapir and listen to the dead she does trying to avoid answering the question you're platform has for various new programmes including medicare for housing is a federal right a federal jobs guarantee tuition free public call
cancelling all student loans at accordingly on partisan and left leaning studies friendly to your cause including the centre on budget in policy priorities or the time policy centre the overall price tag is more than forty trillion dollars in the next decade you recently said in an interview that increasing taxes on the very wealthy plus an increased corporate tax rate would make two trillion dollars over the next ten years so whereas the other thirty eight trillion dollars going to come from one of the things that we need to realise when we look at something like medicare for medical care for all will save the american people a very large amount of my and what we see as well as that these systems are not just pie in the sky they are many of them are accomplished by every modern the lies democracy in the western world the united the united kingdom has a form of single pair health care canada and i'm talking about the overall package you see pie in the sky but forty trillion dollars is quite a bit of money and that
taxes that you talked about raising to pay for this to pay for your agenda only count for two we're going by left leaning analyse light will when you look again at again how our health care where ex currently we pay much of these costs go into the private sector so what we see is for example you know a year ago i was working downtown in a restaurant i buy we to participate in the economy and purchasing cars etc as fully as possible is a cost it is a an extra reality if you will of of on pressing it's an amount so a student loan dad i'm assuming i'm gonna get an answer for the other thirty two trillion dollars words it i've delity rid the tap go for i i don't know i
i have assuming up no you're not jake you're talking again has no idea shortly as an idea she's not going to say what we just a couple of low lives because they highlight urban low heights are the number one i'm not really sure under this is the sort of economics show only i love economics but she seems them out of their stand what an extra reality is externalities ape and you can have a positive or negative externalities generated from a direct interaction so if you have some kind of an idea about clean water that's generated and idea from that they clean water generation right the idea can be used over and over again you not the best way to say it is one of the reasons what are the reasons the socialists always i ain't get to like what keep it this is really an important point i brought up once on hannity and people seem to really take it wrong with it
what are the reason socialists are really not that bright and a specific the old school marxist and they ve chronically underestimated capitalist we're gonna run out a resources people are gonna be subjugated to a bourgeois class and one of the reasons they always screw this up is because ladies in jail but a resource can be used generally one time or a couple times whatever it may be right you have a hot dog to eat it that food resource itself an idea can be used over and over and over again and externalities get generated from that positive externalities external to the it shall transaction she doesnt seem understand when an extra is she seems we ignore positive like pollution could be a negative externalities so far engage with a transaction with coal company and i by power from them right i'm not buying for pollution about buying right i'm buying power the fact that air pollution is generated would be considered legitimately so economics and negative externalities i did not pay for the pollution
pollution is generated external to the deal and basically you know it's someone's gotta pay for it at some point that's a negative on their positive externalities too that's what i meant by the idea you have a new idea one a clean water not necessarily patentable light you figured out boiling waterworks let me think about it someone eventually figured out tat they were germs of what he had appointed the media at this and the positive externalities that were generated that through the delay the transmission of diseases in the future when people figure how you could boil water their path could have externalities that is one of the thing please tell me this makes sense because it really important the marxist never understood that they view the world as like food water pick axes resources and slave labour and that's it but they never understood is bill gates settlers garage developed an idea that was you over and over hey idea what about a copy that could do this and other companies came in another cannot we got computers do everything and i d
the power of ideas amazing it tat the idea doesn't run out the dearest loose theme has run out of gas it's used over and over and over again an idea and i think the that we can put a camera and email device into a phone that was an idea before i found which i remember in my lifetime not that long ago nobody thought about that river an apple came out the first iphone how you could put music on you for why that's now every kid takes it for granted if you're like sixteen continuous whom i shall love you too that thank you for being mean a lot to me but you we stand in my lifetime that was a revolutionary idea when i was in my twenties that wasn't it but he had ever heard of that they would like what do you mean an iphone you can listen to music on your phone now you can do it by much more powerful than my computer tat was an idea the socialists always downplayed i guess she doesn't even understand what an extra is and she got people not being able
by cars that's an extra an ex turn out what are you talking about do you even get it done starts talking about how government run healthcare is somehow going to save money she doesn't understand the numbers ladies and gentlemen she doesn't stay in the planned she's advocating for it is not going to save money one over yesterday the ending of the industry show there is a reason i brought that up article still in yesterday's shone out about the canadian healthcare system does spend less money on their citizens in the united states at a cost there's a spend less money because ration their product out using time the rationing happens on waiting lists bravery report yesterday that serves the surveys and the studies are cited in here you want an mri you're gonna have to wait in canada i do see a specialist you're gonna have to wait up to twenty plus weeks that how they save body just be honest were people why do i bring that up because two cortez doesn't even understand that
bernie sanders medicare for all planned she's recommending joe the plan would be implemented using what forty percent cut in payments made the doctors and aspects now you well that's great we would spend less money on healthcare folks at what cost listen to me i don't mean to insult you liberals but i have different don't be an idiot are you telling with a straight face that alexandria cassio cortez this plan is going to cut payments a forty percent to doctors and animals and they are all going to continue to work the same amount of time to stand any sense to you as it makes us she knows this does it make sense around she's really really unbelievably ignorant i told you to mar listen i love giotto there but if i the joe tomorrow jonas a fortune off the show everybody does ok but if i
jobs are i gonna cut your pay by forty percent are telling you right now if you like i will not do and affright issues i am receiving like dad majority like a problem report which always the lesser man he would say listen i'm sorry but i work really hard when she does the show requires due to my endless screw hubs that's why the live shown i dare to hope that yeah did show us lot about it ain't almost got away forty percent less he's gonna decreases work schedule so would you and by the way so wool hundreds of thousands of medical health professionals in the united states effectively doing what making their time scarce because they'll be less people making you wait on a waiting list just be honest cash miss cortez with all respect i mean it congratulations on your when you are
le to know stuff please just tell the truth and beyond for people yes we're going to cut costs and healthcare anybody can do that i can do that joe i can cut national spending on health care i could do it tomorrow the very joe requires no advance started off now if you are over sixty five years old no health care for you we say what it is you're telling me canada spends less and bernie sanders wants to emulate the programme says nothing says nothing what cost at what cost like stop cost did you think this through are you being a complete knucklehead tat it saves money gas by making people die on a waiting list nobody can say that requires fits thick hated analysis i say money oh my kids healthcare has i am wouldn't backyard
ripped all their teeth out so they don't need any death all bag job party could then have no teeth it's tough thing eureka carnation it's the breakfast all day but the job save money i didn't have to do we failings no doubt the workers come care period that'll care nothing jaw good fyodor greens ready to go miles hook us morphine we're going i been obviously would imply out my daughter's t you get the point about how stupid that our human is canada spends less on healthcare ok web what at what cost too you know what i'm going to talk about ok why not because that argument really isn't that appealing hawk dumb an orchestra this'll cassio cortez i take it over i can't help we're going to save money amiss how we're gonna cut doktor payers forty percent and of doctors are gonna work more for a growing poppies now their work less meaning what meaning probably have a hard time get an appointment maybe you won't see the doctor sheep
tell you any of that again wake up every day thanking the lord that you were not a liberal because we live in a real world where hard decisions hard man and hard women have to make require honesty and being a conservative means being honest but it standing in front of the almighty at the pearly gates no one you didn't die of fraud i have no problem telling people ma am sir you're so securities broke the gun install you might that's the truth that bothers you i understand you it promises your government scrooge you up now there are ways to make sure you're paid i think you should if you have planned your life around it but next generation of kids and people in their thirty four there's nobody it's gone i can lie to you would tell you there's money but it's a lie i can lie to you and tell you free
which is a great thing well who pays for well actually here's the truth is that really free i'll actually paying irrational gonna pay more because once we disconnected students from the institution is no cost control so education when she com i thought it was costs more i thought it was free now it's not free i'm just a liar i'm not gonna do that i'm ready do the hard news because the new rules matter through rules are called just expensive if you think it's worth it and pay for it yourself sorry i don't know any other way to save their loans there are a lot of scholarship programmes their pride entities that are willing to help out we don't have the money and there's no money medicare reform again you ve lived your life your life for plant life you're sixty five fifty five and younger of fifty five and although i get it government scrooge there too find their ways we can use our tax revenue make sure those people are taken care of i get it i don't have any issue with that there's those
will genuinely we're screwed over the government made promises they paid for they can keep fit five in younger it's over the government i have no role in medicine anymore outside it taken care people cannot take care of themselves at least some honest on one point finally croatia brought you but we got a new sponsor here and what about us i've topic but i was some i was happy take mine you know i have a i the psychology went to graduate school it afforded not that try to pressure but i i am when the right way psychology degree can really help people and a matter to me a lot is i've had some issues in my own family so rotation the sponsored by talks base its in our mind therapy company that lets you message a licence therapists from anywhere at any time or you need a computer with an internet connection or the talk space mobile app that means you can prove your mental health even if you had trouble making time for it in the past you can't imagine fitting
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slash bungee now in use the code bonci noting at forty five dollars off your first month and show your support for the show that's talk space tat calm slash bond gino promo code bond gina check him out of you need it folks i am topic very sensitive debate based on some family history is things we want do it might so ok and they want to be here and they want to talk to you then we always appreciate this answers and and their willingness to use a user shows a platform one more so folks we again in regards to ever though cassio cortez because it would be completely unfair and disingenuous for me to present to you the shower if it's a binary a binary question republicans go democrats bad wrong i enjoy thank you and i have done a good job of not selling out too that false forced marriages that's not we discuss it odin near their republicans are killing us there they are their killing us right now
i have a story in the hell be up at the show notes today they are trying to ram through before the election another out of control spending bill this is an is the scams or poland now don't miss this one that spending bill by republican still dominate the house they have a huge margin in the house and we still have a majority in the senate the spending bill is seven billion above the cap above so we're spending republican two thousand spending more money seventy seven billion more the agreed upon cast its like democrats so low let us be clear we're talking about the democrats as for the maximum amount of money up to the cap's dig deeper begins at the house voted for seven billion more than that selling we're going bankrupt or anything job here's the slick move republic and leadership whose this out again on the spell which is what they always do their driving us off a cliff into bankruptcy but again i'm going to lie to you i'm not going to defend these guys if they're not gonna defend their principles because i don't care about that
that's what i'm not about them they attach did joe the labour package the defense package plus a cr knowing what that reply looking will always vote generally for defence and military and national security spending figuring it would sail through edited it passed and send it ninety three to seven there were very few principle people who voted against it guys ladys again i'm asking you to get out if to call your senators email you centres email wrap in the house of representatives and say what the heck this you know how to handle it be cool again but what going on here guys listen to me it matters i'm telling you it matters if you were a constituent of theirs and voter i not telling you you're one emails going to change the course of history i don't let no man going be hyperbolic but as a guy who's run for office and have spoken to many politicians they take
stuff seriously if you dont email or you don't call me takes two seconds just call the office what are you doing with this cavanaugh thing and what the heck is going on with this spending bill if you call them these pizza like a lot of these guys live in a moral vacuum i'm sorry they do there's some good people up there but there are very few unfortunately if you don't call them a vote for this ridiculous portugal is package again and nobody calls him they assume you're all happy with it i got the best world joint i'm to take a tough hope the cut any spending and nobody cares folks please get active their email addresses get their office email addresses email them and call them and voice your opinion i'm telling you what matters especially if you're for by four voter they have ways look you up in the system and most of them will and they know if you're a voter if you are a four by voter meaning you voted in the last four primaries and the less
or general elections and your family's started to which might as you are goal to them cold your phone call means everything everything please although we are going bankrupt they spent seven billion more than the top level that was being asked for this is a scam scam aramco now right sorry about that what are the shell but i listen idea were fired up in the stuff to me hey well beyond the five today later so a check that out on fox and our subscribe to the show it helps us move up the charts on itunes radio sound clad in others it is free but the subscriptions our really move up the charts and that's how other people discover us share the show if you wouldn't mind too we really appreciated thanks a lot
i really appreciate your eye you time and attention i see watermark you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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