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Even The NY Times Admits Spying Occurred # 972 (Ep 972)

2019-05-03 | 🔗

In this episode I address the latest story from The NY Times which blows the lid off of the Obama administration’s use of spies to target the Trump team. I interview George Papadopoulos to get answers about this scandal. I also address the booming economic numbers. News Picks:Our latest two-part piece destroys any arguments in favor of “Medicare for All.” 

Part 1

Part 2

The NY Times finally writes a story exposing the Obama administration’s spying scandal.

Chuck Ross’s latest piece digs deep into the explosive Spygate revelations.

The real collusion story is emerging, the one between the Democrats and Ukraine.

George Papadopoulos’ Book “Deep State Target: How I Got Caught in the Crosshairs of the Plot to Bring Down President Trump”available here.

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean thereby gino shall producer job how are you on vindication day number two are you ok you know it's friday we need the fact that in the new york times finally this guy's of open reminds me a ghost busters dogs and cats are finds every it's like that this happened plagues of the apocalypse like i don't know what he's at the end of the world to new york times finally comes out yesterday shockingly and rights a story about what we ve been talking about for ever better trump care bay was spied on this is like this is amazing that they take don't say like don't say on but this is a like i can't believe what's going on good i'm flabbergasted i will get
to this in detail today here it is short new york times yesterday understanding fully that bill bar the attorney general is about to blow the lid of the obama administration spying on the trumpeting there's your lead right there the new our times gets leaked story to get out ahead of it to try to frame the story is i discussed yesterday the art of framing a story to start afresh the story the fbi's way there now already now anymore is denying what i've been telling you for two years that the government you entrapped george papadopoulos who is a member the trump deep and spy on him going car her page and others no body the new york times it is now fully acknowledges and acknowledging their china ray magellan quote that only during a frantic period to determine the scope of russia's attempt to disrupt the twenty sixteen election yet be an eu with frantic anything get israel at every thing to do this written daddy right front me this was entrapment from the start what
i tell you i told you papa day papa diesel george was the key to this whole thing and i was right now admit papadopoulos was spied on and that in september he was lord overseas to london you know what your let's get the story from papadopoulos let's call pop anonymous right now let's see what he lets com i'm not a job hoax jerked george papadopoulos up with com george short body i know it's what six o clock your time in los angeles so arnie alive for my show and i figured out not making this up my audience i wanted to call and get the story from you direct now have had you are so before you might take it a second year i know it's a speaker phone and despite the negative sangree but i had a couple questions for you ok answered him georgia may also by i say folks georgia is the author of a if you haven't read his book deep state target
available on amazon i kid you're not you're there thank is throwing up on the screen youtube if you have already spoken they target you're missing the whole story so please picked it up put it this way say sir george we now know as you and i have said forever that you were so you were entrapped and you were spied on by the fbi now this times article yesterday you predicted and said in your book a long time ago that the people you showed up at this meeting in london in september as return how are we know how but wasn't intelligence ass it but as a turk the new york times now admits was working with our intelligence community now admits they tell just ass it why were you suspicious of accurate
when she showed up at that meeting that's a great question down so i guess a lot of that was just having a good six cents and i had a little bit about working in the middle east for a while when i used to work in the energy business over there and you just get to meet a lot of these type of characters they later find outward agents of some sort and oswald churches fit this profile completely on as the turkish agents so i don't think she was actually fbi like the new york times characterises whereas i think you have probably see aids and might have links to our turkish intelligence because she was a turkish national she didn't speak english properly her role was there to basically seduce me and to basically probe me about two things one my professional background in the energy business in the middle east which turkey was a competitor and in the project i was working in and the second thing to basically trying to
let me up that make me say something that of course i had no knowledge of and that was the russians and donald trump and you know she was using trade craft stand out you know basically trying to hold my hand tell me that you just tell me what i want to know you know we could do something else having already been created so you think this was a traditional like honey pot type trap that she was trying to use so just to be where you think she was doing two things to cultivate you but secondly debates you win on this russia question about what this this is question a couple maya listeners sent me on twitter and on email how quickly into this precision with azra you meet her i guess how per introduces are hey this is as azra whatever it may be how quickly before she she with the russian question ass stand you know it's something that shocked me because zambia which she's the one who invited me to the bar right when i get to london american what helper only on with her and you know she's just a guitar she just very are suggesting
and thirty which never make sense to me because you know i'm supposedly are you ok prefer cambridge university and that's a really serious university obviously so the last you're gonna have are these type of assistance flirting with you and not really understanding what the project you're working on as and she asked me within light twenty minutes about this russia stuff that of course is absurd and by that point obviously by september twenty sixteen considering i had been living london and for a long time in the british were obviously you know spying on the campaign as the president himself suggested they did they do my contacts were and they do i had nothing to do with russia by september twenty sixteen so whatever she was trying to extract from clearly in my opinion was i was having me slip up say something just how impressed her and then i heard the campaign but i don't think they had any
nay they had any reason to believe i was connected to the russians by september point sixteen i die of new down within oil rig because the audio it's gonna be a little weird i just said you might civil photo i want to get to the bottom of this could be the stranger state of you ever you are the only two time guest on my show you the only guest ever as america who does not thinking about well you know we chose laugh at about we always said poverty is the key one more quick voyage i i think you and i now this is just one piece you have you been set up you have been the key to this from the start i don't george as rhetoric is the biggest story here i think the biggest story coming the initial meeting with you and joseph myths said who the democrats in the liberal media acts have continued to insist working with russian intelligence to give you in nation on the hilary or whatever you and i from the start based on heavy research new having been there personally have been pretty insistent that
suits connections art of friendly's who were like we try to set you up do you but do you not think joseph miss it was a russian asset i think tat joseph myths that was clearly western intelligence and measuring and not probably he was working for directly and i'll give you some inside information that people here in amerika covered but in italy they are covering an ugly my wife's italian and she's our reading the newspapers over there but the new story about this does that when i met him at length us in rome when i was brought over telling camps this must be a school by the old company i used to work for who this i've behind for media risa just that i go to rome to meet was this guy even so scotty was the former italian foreign minister and he was also the directorate despite all live said the lawyer can an italian newspaper last week and stated that this guy was forcing member states to introduce me or to set me up with fake russians partook
some sort of desire conspiracy what trump in the russian so myths its lawyers going out no information about how people were prodding myths to set me up and this is a huge bombshell always it i didn't you just broke news body because this hasn't been covered andy word america that's why you a bomb show on monday you know now the only way i know about my wife's italian she owed and she's from their by what's happened is this a university link campos is now currently under investigation and i was born didn't from called the italian prime minister last week it wasn't a coincidence by the way because there are no investigations are being launched by the italian parliament in terms of food and entered the spice holding campus to see if the italian italians we'll just was coordinating with the without friendly's raven fbi itself when nixon was interacting with a lot of new only a lot
this is coming out of italy it was in this newspaper called il faut leo asked oh algae i oh if anybody has simply do will translate i'm sure you could see these articles have been coming up last week but it's a bomb show and i think there's a reason sobbing covered here in amerika sponges dropping you these have information while i this georgia's early out now lay so get some sleep thanks for answering the phone i appreciated make sure to plug your book and you're the man but it takes a lot you got clear i folks please pickup georgia's poor guy now you answer the phone at six o clock in the morning i later george pop up with what deep stay target please pick that book up hit is incredible to say the least so that's there we got folks we have been vindicated again i dont have this and this is not some celebratory pat on the back i really dont care i just love my country and the constitutional republic and i'd like to think we don't spy on american citizens like george pop adopt
whether you love em are hated i like georgia is a friend but whether you're a liberal media figure a media hack or someone who dislikes papadopoulos incredibly or is he not an american citizen entitled to freedom from being spied on by his government for doing absolutely nothing wrong there's the article in the new york times yesterday adam goldman michael schmidt and mark miss eddie fbi i don't i love this show investigator posing as assisted to meet with trump baden twenty sixty years the headlines should read the fbi despite its pods by george papadopoulos i'm gonna get two more this now in a minute i have some snippets from the new york times peace i wanna had tipp by sean davis and an all people by showing davis took these screenshots these are not mine i took office twitter account so i shall davis and federalist i also want to kim strasse who has an amazing piece in the wall street journal today what what people have to fear about the bill bar investigation but here are a couple of
take away from this new york times story so we now know conclusively leads papadopoulos trompe trump member with spied on period full stop all in caps ok a screenshot number one here from the peace is critical shows that the americans as the american governments affiliation with the woman talking about as return who said her name was ass rhetoric that's not a real name is one previously unreported details and operation has become a political flashpoint the face of accusations by president trump and his allies american law enforcement intelligence officials spied and is campaign to undermine its electoral chances last year recalled it spiky he's right by the way is a great time to have a book out calls i gazed typically seriously georgia's book that georgia is ddt put in a lot of work into the decision use as rhetoric in the operation aimed at a presidential campaign official show the level of alarm lesson in
sighed the fbi during a frantic period this is what they're doing folks now some of you may be wondering why i wish the new york times basically coconuts visitors in the narrative crime that's been committed on america using their crime does he see of course but they ve been gas lighting up forever the trumps maniac he's a lunatic all you people saying your spied on were crazy new york the new york times with with were big advocates of the collusion hopes why would the new our times come out now and say conclusively that papadopoulos and therefore the trunk team had been so ladies and gentlemen there doing this for one reason one reason only there's a new sheriff in town folks he came walk it in like like why herb came walking into tombstone now
that's your name is william bar and bill bar is now unlike air of some feckless prior department of justice officials who refused to do anything about it is now looking into this spying scandal and its came strasser says four pieces of austria germany there are a lot of people with a lot to lose from this scandal new york times is trying to get out in front of it by remember we talked about yesterday framing the married the now already going forward now remember the old hardness the old narrative there was no spying you're all nuts you're all conspiracy theory you had chris wallace personally attacked george papadopoulos were saying he was fine by the way chris wallace from msp nc will wait for your apology to george you knucklehead you embarrass hack you better knowledge eyes you guph personally attack
but apple is for tell him the truth about being spied on personally attacked them yap discharge papadopoulos out their spout not that in spite of you because he was actually spied on so the old this was on the liberal the media side was all you guys and ladys talk about spying you're all lunatics a conspiracy theories now that this is confirmed because i was gonna put it out anyway to new york times has to get in front of it and the new hot this is gonna be it only happen joe the spying so yes by happen because it was a quote frantic period to discourage determine the scope of russia's attempt this rub the twenty sixteen election no no no do not accept this not for a second not for a sec ladies and gentlemen frantic amiss
during an election is not an excuse to crap on the constitution and throw the rights of george papadopoulos and others out the window that is no excuse our suggesting to me the new york times with a straight face and the f the ideal j hacks at the top not the workers i'm talking about the acts of the type we did this who leak this story are you sick best thing to me that the constitution does it matter when things get frantic that's the only time suppose the matter where you been guard god given rights only matter when everything's peace and calm and tranquil are you do me cut myself off their catch are you kidding me constitutional rights to assemble to practice our religion to speak and to be free from illegal urgent seizure three spied on
our government to collect our thoughts are papers are documents that that only matters as long as things aren't where are you media people why didn't you challenges so we the russians were interfering in our election fine the extent of which is open for dispute no doubt the russians are full of ours and if they try to impact our election it cause chaos none i wrote a book about it we after about mutually assured intelligence destruction the russians want to gather intelligence all the time on us to do harm us for years just the russians ongoing attempts to harm us joe this is what they're saying that this goes on all the time but every election we should do what start spying on political people to determine the disruption attempts in the election are you kidding this is a disgrace to new york gets nothing for me they get no pat on the back they get nothing these are late
the party hacks who are only trying to get out in front of the story because they know the real stories coming out no matter what i don't care how you feel about george i made my feel is clear from the start that georgia's it recent guy who got caught up with the fully weapon i power the government trying to entrap him because he signed to a political campaign but even if you can't stand george papadopoulos are you telling me his rights doesn't matter these rights don't matter because things got frantic put your big boy pants on in the fbi and the deed oh j and figure out how to work around your friend thickness don't be too bed hit whereas we talked about the other day and put it s in front of it things got frantic what i wasn't secret service all the time we throw people civil liberties out the windows are crack and skulls like a bunch of jack booted thugs you have to gave them a law to the constitutional republic this is in venezuela
we're not the maduro regime put your bid my pants on peters oak jim call me and became what you guys couldn't keep your europe you call one contained because you were frantic about the russian interference and what thirty thousand dollars and facebook ads in a two billion dollar campaign that's what makes you frantic do me a favor earn your badge turn in commission book and please turn in your fire up because if that makes you frantic the people out there who work we're living and i have to get frantic every week will it care pay their damn bills or fixed their kids teeth or surgery they need or put food on the table there laughing at you idiots right now we were frantic you your chops cowards you're not worthy of a badge and you are a disgrace to every fantastic dedicated patria
intelligence official and law enforcement officials out there who goes in does their job the right way every day despite being frantic in their own house to feed their kids and keep their heads above water for crap salaries these copper missouri feels getting paid thirty two dollars a year to probably some of improper eligible for government benefits it get paid crap to go after every day of basically target on their chests to keep their communities and your crap in the bed because the russians are trying to interfere in our election which i ve been doing forever and the new york flames is sitting here for i think you're a frantic you i want to see this word so bad but i desperately want to keep to show family friendly
i think you know the word kittens yeah disgusting the constitutional republic only matters when things are frantic what you're right speak out only matters when speaking non controversial you're right tippit the government only matters when when the government agrees with you you're a writer practice religion what only matters when the left agrees with your religion but what's the point the point of any of this a guy in a cell phone at six o clock in the morning to get an answer as to why be spied on by our government because they were frantic what a bunch of shops cowardly chops and i know because i talk to fbi personnel and i've known i'm telling you that they are absolutely disgusted disgusted i've
i don't care many emails i get some people say stop defy but because i know these people and they are very good people some screwed up every agency has a few idiots but they are disgusted what happened in their name the total disgrace and tell me again how john bread and did know what's going on from the cia how did the upper echelons of the cia let this happen cohen brennan how did they let this happen ladies and gentlemen let me and let you in on a little secret here there is no way an overseas and i'll just operation we just spoke to papadopoulos we oh no according to the new york times the meeting was in london london folks there is simply no way the union
indeed kingdom was not involved in this intelligence operation there is a way it is time for m to come clean i have no beef with the british so wonderful country but it is time for them joe to come clean here there no way a united states intelligence operation directed at a u s citizen happened in one of your city london and you knew nothing about it there is no way friend of mine who texted me yesterday he knows what he is not going to give his store its historic runway but is india aid to me that our income in that the uk involvement in this was heavy is probably quote worse than we know oh yeah i got text yesterday i let him come i don't break other people's news and he's been very good on that he knows we as secondly joe
there is no way according to an fbi source of mine that a domestic u s citizen and a domestic law enforcement agency the fbi is running and intelligence are directed at papadopoulos overseas in london with the full knowledge of the central intelligence agency the cia john brennan no way ladies and gentlemen it is entirely implausible now get why came strasbourg piece in the wall street journal that are so important do you know many people are gonna go down with this one opens up the books no way there's no way they didn't know i got more this maybe you have to pay for the show so again
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the audios little oh that was a legit is not a gimmick okay that was legitimately my cell phone up to the mic it is not joe's fault if the audio is it sounds a little phone because it was a phone i don't mean forty beg me like forty like telephone so it was a legit and i tried to restate what he was saying understanding be a little low but i wanted to make sure i got it from the horses astro one final thought on this which georgian yeah what an exact you know joe believe me all the time jos gravity is great and i don't want him to email me complaints not his fault is mine for doing it that way i maybe what george on the next week a little more efficiently without receiving worked out he ended with one very important point ladies and gentlemen the next shoe to drop on this is gonna be critical we now know not just at the trump campaign was by manufacturers a guy i work where i can say where give up who it is needless to say this but i've texted me last night he said it was a joke he takes it we did the trunk temporary was supported by what i thought i live there but because this
breaking the idiots of course he was you know he was free and funny about it it's not just that the trouble famous spied on lady hegemony it's now that the trump campaign was spied on repeatedly they were using national security letters the obama administration to demand documents about the trump campaign they issued multiple pfizer warrant ion carter page trump campaign foreign policy adviser and unlikely use the to hop rule to jump from page to others to others to monitor their communications as well we a human intelligence asset otherwise known as us by names defined helper we deepen i will just connections in the united states issues we was working to recruit carter page interviewed rick i met with damn clovis a trump camp an official in iowa and also man which george papadopoulos as we now know where he brings azra turk who we now know is it
s intelligence asset but folks i just ended it is you for instances where the trump team was spider i'm telling you this is in even the big one the big dog which is gonna drop soon the real big dog that bites it's gonna be who the heck was joseph miss said this is how the whole thing starts when george papadopoulos in april twenty sixteen remember the meaning he's talking about the new york times without returning talents acid now confirm its in september april's before september for the liberals listen maybe should meets with papadopoulos in april the fbi the media and the democrats and the anti tromp republicans whole entire collusion story is that miss saunders russian trying to give papadopoulos information was work
with the russians to be precise ladies and gentlemen i cannot say to you enough you heard it here for a long time ago miss said was not working with the russians on this task myths should was western intelligence asset a friendly in other words papa apples was being set up again there's number five what's the next shoe to drop and watch how the new york times frames at one when it comes out wait till that doozy comes out all right i've got a couple more store do we have that abortion video i want to get to this before we might stop it yet we nepal or do we have that ok sorry folks the show what i don't mean to sound oh scatter shot today but the call in per capita lesser extent for hastily they're kind of i threw off the flow of the sheriffs cooler
yeah yeah well i'm glad you got a message from him moving although i wanted this yesterday ladies gentlemen the pro abortion movement is is just stop obstetric they ve got underway i shall video today on facebook of a plant supporters at a veto a yard derek life dedication to the two to getting rid of the abortion or whether they put headstones further the baby's whose lives were terminated in the womb and plant it's in there singing a pro abortion sign one woman asked if they can t on the on the on the head saw my mind on the problem or should movement is is a grotesque movement they ve gone from what the bill clinton here let's make up safe legal en route i don't agree with at all life begins it conception but they moved on out and like celebrating abortion like it's some kind of a sacrament for them i saw yesterday one of the most disturbing videos i've ever seen this is democrat legislator from alabama
john rogers listen to these salute we horrifying comments mr rogers has about abortion i'll almost choice of populism taylor wormwood eurobonds because it is the right way is it some kids and i want to kill him lady we want these images you two killer whales what about this is tat we we made a z i dont even so you may want to i look up at the debts with a minor is watcher i don't even know what to say to that either kill em now or
we kill em later but we're gonna kill em you son of the item i don't even know jack i don't even know how to i seriously and that is the second thing i have ever heard and i said a tweet by lyle rose whose a dedicated problem fact which has been for many years now morning and she really summed it up well so job rogers from alabama who says we're either going to kill him in the warm or we're gonna kill em later because their unwanted will lie ro sums it up and says in a society where adults don't worry children maybe it's a problem with the adults and not the children a a man we're gonna kill him now or we're gonna kill him later now there's follow up video where'd john rogers
amazingly doubles down on on on stupid on i thought he would stupid it's horrific ripple emmi stupid is an understatement there a lot of stupid things in politics this is utterly horrific there's a follow up video where rogers responding to thankfully god shrub junior using this platform to come out and attack this this disgraceful disgraceful episode rogers bonds the don europe trumped junior and amazingly says this europe this marks a dozen thank god right now i've ever known i downloaded it be right or does he believe my crew right a magazine about avoiding being probably right that's a very big could it be that i have already told you
or you can make us to be state we write those eyes and made him maybe i am so that prove a good mother why should i you mean they gonna worry when it may be the case retorted appraisal we all know is a high level of agreement is another possibility fifa i suppose you ready and agree what i mean this is again me beat us what he where even respond to the sky the democrats obama i'm sorry but it did this guy's a disgrace this guy this guy needs to be shown completely let's get autistic start to family friendly show in nam within rural marbles here yet
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a nation there it is comes in this black bottle loved this product can say enough about it they have been with me the beginning brick house and they run a really tight ship high quality products best nutrition supplements out there give it a shop recast nutrition dotcom slash them ok do you praying story around we ve been talking about has finally gone mainstream now this is this is just a sippel last night it's it's late paul and i have a really super busy weekend we really really busy day s report tired why so really hard work but i looked at it yesterday and usually sees a late night or she's like the vampire of us you know she doesn't like to go to sea before eleven thirty or midnight and it was about ten o clock watch lord ingram and i could see the eyes like the eye it's like their waits attachment she was tired had been a long day but i was sitting there and i'm reading some twitter stuff and i always go to select leftist accounts to see what you're thinking pfeiffers one of former obama administration official who
i ran at you and i remember in the white house and was never router these are personal they guys politics it just awful actually ran into an hotel once and gave i cannot but that's this year on the opposite side of this fight so i'm sorry but dan pfeiffer tweeted something out in the treaty ray unbelievable because eight it shows you how the left is frightened about this ukraine story and joe biden the binding story is this and this is from this how i could tell you this is gone mainstream here's a quote tweets you'd be from ken vogel at can vulgar this is the new york times got a blue checkmark new york times gets he tweets out yesterday and this is what fight for boys responding to pfeiffers an older i'm administration efficient sorry if i make that clear can vulgar new job items are entangled in a ukrainian corruption scare that what really oh my god you're we ve been talking about this for a year now joe biden pushed ukraine fire a prosecutor seed is corrupt but the prosecutor it opened it
to a company that was paying hunter biden the biden say they never discussed it now again story i'm not going to re this when we talked about it on the show endlessly it did he say but up rice nicely abiden kid hotter gets a job at charisma ukrainian natural gas company conveniently right after biden leaves ukraine joe biden while timing is amazing that the payments to that gas company are being investigated by ukrainians for potential corruption the prosecutor best negating them joe biden public speech admit he pushed to have fire south south to me john alleviating corruptions logic so we ve been covering the star reverend now it's gone mainstream and the new york times is picking it up but what's interesting is pfeiffers spots again and obama administration he was responding to that we fight first response is that all get this rudy giuliani is oh by the way it obviously
tromp supporter amount trumps personal authorities was looking into information on this ukraine they neither investigating so somewhat so supporter of donald trump rudy giuliani by way me too is looking to have investigated a potential case worth investigate what's the problem i dont get it for you where'd you get my plan five trying to make it out like this is some kind of a scandal daddy donald trump supporter and ate any eighty eight surrogate form in many respects we mean in one of his lawyers is working there investigated an instance of of potential corruption that involves job but would show buttons free from what joe biden shouldn't be companies a presidential campaign so let me get this straight and is why bring this up tying to back the populace
we should violate the civil liberties of trump campaign officials in crap all over them cause you think the russians are really bad spy on them send human spies get pfizer wars send national security let us try to have fbi intel assets seduce them overseas or cia assets were still not sure we should do that based on no evidence at all but papadopoulos did anything wrong he did nothing wrong he did not collude with the russians no one has ever charged with that at all but we should violating civil liberties but in a case where the ukrainians ukrainians sore i've already admitted to john solomon excellent report on the hill that they were pressure to drop a case against the former vice is it in current candidate for the present i did states joe biden they were pressure to drop a case against this kid for potentially significant
criminal activity will see where these allegations go everybody's entitled to the presumption of innocence unlike the left but we should let tat go because their fight for says so i dont get it you spy on the other guys who no evidence but others reams of evidence against your guy let's make their case go away because route giuliani thinks it's interesting seems we will you think it was interesting very weird but of course it did you think brutal juliet is a free citizen is a free man he's entitled to find whatever he wants interesting but the obama administration rudy giuliani isn't running foreign spies against you heathens overseas before honour by the irony here is so thick by the wayside john solomon and out in the hill we can now confirm this is this system as you know it
again the democrats and liberals always accuse you of what they are guilty of themselves free single tyre what did we tell you from the start the ring collusion scandal was between ukrainians and the democrats and russians and democrats our job solomon yesterday the hill the story and shone out please read it but you know that contract out these show notes are attached podcast by the way and the men you can seem right there ukrainian embassy confirms the antsy contractor solicited trump dirt and twenty sixteen folks i this is tip the dc matt from every jennifer put me out with the first books by gate we cover this at length solemn peace is damning there was a woman working with the dnc the democratic national committee by the name of alexander chill loop who now ukrainian officials are confirming was attempting to collude with ukrainian a fish and the ukrainian president and ukraine
in political representatives to get them to push out to the press worries about donald trump team members and there criminal activities basically paul metaphor follow what i'm telling you here i i've i've forgive me i know exists in my first book so i write about this at length but what shall i do according to heal the johnson mister hale was trying to do get she's acted yeah see she's working for the democrats nobody disputes that she then leave the dmz joe to work on a project you could officials are saying she was trying to get poorer schenk go the uk me political leader to take a question at a at a price sir on poor man afford because chill loop more dnc official wanted pushed into the american media environment the ally asian that man afford and bite
actually trump workable with the russians you get him they were pushed ukrainian officials to answer or take a question from a press person they were to ask this question maybe it and analyses are spent i wanna know accused your bank robbery to rob a bank and i go in bribes i want to ask the local police sheriff about you know hey ask media guy asked the police the local sheriff joe a few know about your mama cuz i'm going to back even though eating robin think what's going to happen the press is going to report on the story the local sheriff bring up this guy's name and written with with regards to rob a bank that's what they wanted to loop is working with the media to ask ukrainians a question about metaphor trump and run because they want the russian metaphor story out there in the media the ukrainians are now admitting they were being pressured to do this wait i thought far in collusion with a big deal apparently not
apparently foreign collusion is only a big deal what the egg is a big deal for exactly what what is only a big deal when its allegations against the trump campaign which have been refuted and widely disputed one quick note on this when you get there are less story and the economy and want to leave you with some good news for the weekend quick note on the mahler prob so we now know the mahler pub probus wrap it up is wrapped up excuse me goes this text from from george could be for cards that that's what's that thing wasn't it mahler probes wrapped up we see in the report i'm hearing also from from some people there i get at it reformation permission username user name so market brain up that mahler is upset right now
nancy policy i don't know about this i'm i'm a little bit skeptical this story but what i am hearing and you my audience and i love the pass you stuff and i'm bieber misguided passes on police b has now accused publicly bill bar of blind to congress she's accused him of a crime in eyeing to congress about is interactions with mahler just to give you a quick back ground on the right mahler it stay it previously to charlie christina congressional hearing on the road that whose unaware of any of mothers concerns about his summary of mothers report does not make sense to me our issues a summary of mothers or point charlie chris s what was mahler concerned that all about your summary bar said basically no he's not well a letter then comes out what you know about we addressed it from the mama where's team saying we have some concerns about the report so pelosi now
look barbers why bars point is i'm not lying to talk directly to smaller and smaller didn't say that i'm hearing now at mahler is now upset with policy for saying bar was lying now i again i'm skeptical because i don't believe mahler at this point i believe he's entirely completely neck deepen this thing and is totally committed to taking now tromp i'd be astonished at all he's not bring this up is because if the source i had on this is right they may be mahler should come out and make some kind of a pie statement right joke trying to clear the air police hey i am a bit i did not bill barden i lie this is what i told bill bar bill bar was honest in front of congress you get what i'm saying so we'll know in the future in the next few days if they ve that stories of factual i will be astonished i hope it happens believe me i would be like you if i were you i would be surprised and stun if mahler effect
without it makes any statement defending bill bar i be shocked because i just bully mothers to me deepen this trying to destroy donald trump but i want to make sure i got that after i thou lester the day so cnbc at a great article out yesterday about some just incredible economic numbers ladies gentlemen i give you the bidders inside first again their debt situations perilous we don't get ahold of our government spending we're gonna be bankrupt so these economic numbers are grey i love em but we're going to grow a whole lot faster to get out of this this wherein if we don't control spending but having said that as far as good news last how do right i was on fire i completely on fire cnbc and i are you see a b c for a reason not because there anyway unbiased but i love using left leaning sources because it just goes to show you how even the left right now cannot stop the economics a train coming down the path after the trump administration got an office u s first quarter
activity rises at the fastest patients twenty fourteen labour costs for i want explain you what's going on here productivity is through the roof right now we a productivity grow in the first quarter at three point six percent annual eyes right now numbers are great but their faceless right from the sea and bc peace we're departments that there's a non farm productivity with which measures hourly output per worker increase at the three points a six percent annual rate in the last quarter this was the strongest patients the third quarter of twenty fourteen what is productivity why is an enhancement three point six percent enhancement productivity matter productivity very simply this the ability in your factory or your service industry whenever moose factories because sometimes when you can visualize proper it's easier services are kind of tougher to visualize it's the ability in your factory to get more output
from the same or lesser inputs in other words prose poverty is the ability to joe produce more ok it's the ability to joe ghonim usability chauffeurs joseph josie the news listen josie the obviously the producer it's the thirty two in a factory what say you to use your product everybody understands cars if your fact your gm afford factory whenever it may be produces one hundred cars a day i don't know the number of a worked in a car factory sounds good but do to a new training program computer enhancement quick assembly nine per assembly procedure now your car your view factory produces one hundred and ten cars a day your factory is more productive that's what productivity is now why is this
important because ladies and gentlemen any societies wealth collective wealth is based on what they produce that hard to figure out heart for labour but for the same people listening to my show your wealth is based on what you own listen i'm asking you to think that the moral and deeply philosophical thy well it's also basin you're happy gray goose and lobby and happy and exchange more wealth for more happiness eddie i'm talking about economics here i'm not talking about metaphysical stuff ok you're wealth is based on what you own economic are you financially you own a home if it's a more expensive home more amenities you are generally wealthier you own a car seventy thousand dollars worth of work versus the cars twenty thousand dollars it generally has more things in it more amenities and therefore who are wealthier but an do all those items they have to be produced you know say
da production creates its own demands do you have to produce stuff so to produce stuff and more stuff every year for a growing society that requires more products and services you need productivity or production to grow productivity is the hallmark the heartbeat of any wealthy society there isn't a wealthy society out their joe that does it produced i'm sorry again liberals up i am sorry i think so but liberals some of my services have a really tough time with this stuff so the trap administration is now firing on all cylinders the opening ministration had sporadic bouts of productivity but we ve now seen non farm productivity there is not one october about the food industry here we're talking about tangible dorothy goods and services we have now seen a sustained bump
productivity in the truck administration meaning your more products at it now this is twofold and its benefits to society number one we produce more stuff more food in the arm case which has not met number but more services medicines more team in better cars so the first ones the benefits to society by this trap administration boom and productivity is we get more stuff it's better quality its higher quality but productivity has two positive benefits as a lot but the two big one are not only does it make us richer because we have better stuff joe but it makes us richer member states law production creates its own demand look up says law tune turned into the natural or you know or pause now and read it it's it's dictated bids explains everything my soul as a great dog college dissertation about it i rubbish is fantastic it
also makes the employees producing the stuff wealthier now if you can put up snippet from the peace again or just you know i'm sorry put up the headline of the peace you'll know at the end of the headline it said labour unit costs fell as well labour costs father right there will how's that and how does that relate why it makes you as an employee of accompany producing more stuff wealthier while gel i'll ask you assume question if you're on an assembly lion and you're one somebody line you're producing a hundred cars a day joe works on the assembly on and on second assembly line say you have to job you produce in ten cars are they all other factors being equal are you or valuable producing a hundred and ten cars a day or producing andrew dan i'll go with you
what is a hundred ten hundred for one of the more guy has a more material that dress shows more valuable to the company producing bore cause we take it sell which makes joe as an employee more valuable it makes his labour unit costs go down if you always being paid for three dollars an hour to use a hundred cars when you factor in his labour costs per car its aid sir labour costs when scattered over more cars is that artists here again liberals have a tough time of basic may have conservatives don't if jos getting paid fifty now producing more cars his labors worth more and the company is paying less per car ferries labour because these producing more cars joking but he's labour unit costs an air by producing twice as many cars makes him more valuable which makes him which
gives him to be more precise leverage in salary negotiations well you know what joe is worth this to us before and under ten dollars but he's worth a lot more now that he's producing two hundred and fifty cars and we're going to have to give him a raise that's why wages under the trump administration unlike the obama administration are going up so only now is there more stuff out there for you to buy and better quality stuff but you our more money because your labours more valuable and you're going to be paid more to buy and purchase said stuff robin banks the eu from like affinity bag store in the show my car's even at a guy someone when i both know either she called me they get a kick out how i always indigestion for all these kinds he's the only one to have their tsar folks joke and stop robbing bags he's making more money he's more valuable i may take about a rag joey
just in the case of of you and i or more valuable to me when you were we you now that we're doing this money since it downloads then you are a few years look i don't mean that our chose my friend it doesn't match of them would be forever i'm not talking about that i'm talking about pure numbers you write he becomes more valuable he can salaries this is joe elsewhere to people in your pocket well i work of the damned bungee no show that the matter five years ago we do and a hundred downloads shell right now we're doing a lot like tons more about georgia i presume that i know that one is more valuable to simple is that i thought i was i just want to leave in a good note the economy is booming thanks to donald trump keep and keep in a country that horse blinders on straight add when it comes to the ecb me straight i cut the red tape cut the tax is no more bs
headaches to get for tuna and this week again i really want to thank your papa apple is please pick up his book deeps they target we ll put the linking the shown us thanks again for answering the phone line through your text here in a minute although it was a phone interview and an impromptu i hope you ve got the got the gist of it please god you our youtube account youtube com i spend gino and to show an apple podcast google podcast wherever you listen subscriptions and drivers up the chart and it is absolutely free no cost you please subscribe thanks a lot i'll see you all on monday days just ten bonn jean osier you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and followed in on twitter twenty four seven at de bone gino
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