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Explosive New Details About The Deep State Coverup (Ep 1093)

2019-10-22 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the explosive new details emerging about the deep-state coverup of the Spygate scandal. John Brennan and these politicians are panicking. News Picks:President Trump says “you will see things that you don’t believe” in the FISA report.


John Brennan is getting nervous because he’s about to interviewed regarding the Spygate case. 


Joseph Mifsud is the key to the entire Spygate case.


This July article address the suspicious delay in the IG report after the Steele interview.


Crazed left-wing website calls donors to the Trump campaign “racist” and shows their addresses. 


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ready to hear the truth about america on a show that not immune to the facts with your host dan bongino both do not go anywhere i promise you today show is going to be a big i'm clockwork orange like i opener remember that movie yeah the one is going to be a duty what do i got view today where we going with this ladies and gentlemen panic has broken out amongst the deep stated i get it i dare we hear this all the time we have an hour this one now what are the consequences gonna be however i know i'm not sure what the consequences are going to be but i've are you right now people are panicking brennan and others are starting to realise that they need one thing if this week
i'm thing doesn't go their way they are in a world of trouble and ladies and gentlemen may need their body christopher steel testing strong pow stay strong who i will explain all of this today don't go anywhere by the way thank you i said i would show you this beautiful lang harry would box it gave me just a thank you to all my friends in maryland produce as absolutely gorgeous piecework make you very much all right produce your job how are you today welcome all to the damp gino show you included has everything gone buddy man everything is going well but i want all of this just just stay away the fan stay away from the fan you know why why yes let us having things will be hitting the fan awe of course
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when i tell you this is one of the more important shows we have done this show means a lot to me have had a lot of work and to open up all morning workin on it with paula in joe let's start here where are we going to go with this folks brow and others are starting a freak out their starting a panic again i'm not gonna get to what the consequences may be for them that that's a role at the story another day because that people get upset all my gosh nobody's going to jail on quite a while this isn't a quitter shelf so i'm sorry but that's not this show we're interested in getting the facts out there and let people make money people make their decision why are they panicking do the setup up or spokes as i told you my new book exonerated one of this then pivot points so the that allows it to take on this spy novel narrative and thank you for making it a repeated too weak best seller in the new york times list one of this actual portions of the book the matters the pivot point et ladies and gentlemen the
i see that they use to spy on trumped you know is the steel dossier because christopher steal a former british intelligence officer who had worked with on the russia desk put his name on it in the book explain to you that ladies and gentlemen it is not the steel dossier stay with me this is critical that it is these simpson steel i see our in other words the information in there is clearly from glenn simpson portions of it ass his wife quite simpsons wife it is married you called me stated on a per facebook post she d later where she had tribute take down a your husband not the christopher steel she's upset it's theo's getting credit for the dossier she didn't that job follow me with it would be a complicated about where this could be the best buy store you ever hope you folks they needed steals name on the dossier why because here
frequent in paid glenn simpson who was a rapporteur now working as an apple researcher they can't very well have the public believing hillary clinton paid for information to go to the pfizer court and hijacking the justice system so what did they do they went out found christopher steel a former british intel officer whitson bona fide he's in russia and slow his name ought to make it seem like a former intel officer had information about job who not rapporteur now a political opposition hack paid for by hillary clinton this that part makes yeah he's he's now apache more or less yeah yeah yeah yes armor the verdict is enormous cost is correct yes that is rife they needs everybody if you keep that one piece of information in my throughout this whole show this is gonna blow your mind because nothing will make sense view to understand it everybody
the involved in the framing in the set up of donald trump and his team everyone aids that dossier to be a work product of christopher steel not hillary clinton paid political had got it right down keep that in your head everyone brennan call me clapper stroke page baker everyone roses if it comes out there this was simpsons dossier that's all this falls apart big these hillary clinton bought the justice system and anybody could do the same thing got it got it giving you a little pause digest that lets some videos here's a little bit of the set up remember air ray body needs steel stay strong steel were to say come out joe and say hey you know some
it's really not mine oh that's really paid political reached ah ah oh that's going to create a problem everybody's afraid that christopher steals i can stay strong now this then sing from chris first the amount will we get to the set up from what they the big the coup de grace gonna be the distancing from steel started a long time ago why because people are afraid that of steel bells and says hey this my info they were just using me this was paid political research then that's gonna leave people like johnny brennan johnny bots in a real box this guy supposed to be a cia intelligence chief this super salute he from steel sought or let sat up with some video of johnny b
set up with some video of johnny b and first we're going play so a video tray gouty why is this important this is gouty unhappy a little while ago this was the first four months ago by this is trade gouty on the shore inanity show on fox eddies as listen i've seen some stuff here and there is a critical piece of information that when you see it is really gonna beg your bangles listen to this listen how it ends and we come back i ll explain to you why this is relevant again to why everybody its still to continued alive for them check this out i can tell you it is even worse than what you described it is but you described in addition to the withholding of scope a tory information which is what has gone rackliff so exercised and they made no effort to corroborate the dossier until after it had been used in the application and a renewal no effort is not
they fail they made no effort to last question so whoever is investigating this tell him to look for em emails between britain and call me in december twenty six tie you better call me reality each other parliament jumper i can give a daily collar peace for me sad and without order of order brennan call me your email is what would they be email at each other about remember conveniently around the time that the assessment ports from the intelligence community came out joe and says russia russia member that you russia try to interfere in the election fascinated printed call me would be emailing each other panicking i believe that why dowdy who's never lied to us i may not agree with everything gouty says but he's never spot our wheels gouty clearly seen something in those emails that indicates that there is a panic breaking out in these decisions her emails that we may soon see but
call me and brennan about there conclusions they drew and the intelligence greedy that russia russia did you think joe that may have had something to do with the dossier and by default steel in other words their conclusion that russia did it may have been met deep in steals information lama it bowers chuck ross points out an actual is the daily call or be available in the show notes today but you know that com but about a panic breaking out across daily call a report predator airports to be interviewed as part of an investigation into russia probes origins because nervous about that why because the chuck ross indicates in it the
currently the looking it in a viewing some analysing the cia is well quote durham is also expressed the desire to interview cia analyse who get intelligence about russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election according to nbc who gathered intelligence some see i employees have even hired attorneys in anticipation that they will be interview rem go back and start folks everybody needs christopher steel to say this was his work product folks everybody because if it comes out that its citizens and just political rights search that beats hillary clinton effectively bought a pfizer war now i'm telling you that the intelligence community assessment right around the time gouty says brennan and call me your email and each other that indicates russia blew up our election process
i'm telling you that intelligence community assessment probably relied on components of a dossier that people started to figure out was fake and call me he's probably at the fbi starting to figure out but the information he got from breton that he didn't believe was from steel was probably from steel and he's panicking oh yes sir ah put together for you don't you worry at all now remember from background before i get to this next cut you don't let me play the next cut it'll make more sense because i can send some of you may be confused why there's a rift in this amber in these emails between britain and call me remember show me thinks the cia is feeding him in information career operating with steel simpson dossier
call me doesn't realise that the information is getting branded from brennan is from steel and simpson it's the same info it's not corroborated it's the same damn thing now notice how bout in knowing he's caught watch this all of the other interview with jakarta meet the press you play this before but now what's happened oh shit a new light on everything that's gonna this is where brandon their specifically by chuck todd about the fbi's role in the dossier and watch brennan throw the fbi the snake sleaze ball under the boy knowing brennan started this whole thing check this out we the cia and it tells community had collected a fair amount of information in the summer of twenty sixteen about what the russians were doing a multiple fronts and we want to make sure that the fbi had full access the papadopoulos thing
for the cia be other than the five eyes thing that that would have been a decrease of it mission it gets the fbi how that we're not going to get into details about how was acquire but the fbi has very close relationship with it british counterparts and so the the fbi had visible into a number things that were going on involving some individuals who may have had some affiliation with the trunk campaign and so the intelligence we collected was passed against that and i thought it would would have been derelict if the f b i did not pull the threads investigative threads on american persons who might have been involved with russia and working on their behalf either wittingly or unwittingly what a piece of immensely the sky and remember what i'm telling you the de i is fed information this is all in light of what's new why we covering this today
because now bretons in a panic because the investigator door on looking into this the prosecutor under our justice now is gonna interview brennan been allowed to why in the media the entire time and not only is it going to interview brennan he's gonna interview cia analysed too and it's gonna come out that this whole thing was bedrock steals information the whole thing right thing entire hoax and steel is in a minute is talking in about it the elles get well jerry no of a problem need steel to stay strong what is bread and do their bread and as i show you in the next clip when he's asked about when he found out about the dossier conveniently leaves out the summer of twenty sixteen when this case started again why and joe somebody had on yet
brennan has insisted from day one that the intelligence he quote pulse against the fbi information was a different data set of intelligence then dossier why because he says he hasn't seen that the gay until december which will see in this cut when did you first of these so called steel dossier and what christopher steel was doing well it was a not oh very well kept secret among press circles for some months before it came out and it was in late summer of twenty sixteen when there were some individuals of from the various u s news outlets who me about my family already with it and i had heard just snippets about it i did no what was in there i do not see it until later in that year the close of december
i was unaware of the providence of it as well as what was in it and it did not play any role whatsoever in the end this committee assessments that was done that was presented to then present obama and then present electron really again just to be clear here sleaze john brennan he's after we have be i do the bus i didn't see that until december will folks it's not possible because in august as we stated before bread and butter it's the gang of aid upon capitol hill very briefly the gang of eighty includes information to harry read in others is only in the dossier so unless brand new some michael j
box marty make fly back to the future guy who can travel from december back to august had that information already from steel remember the parallel construction scheme who remember take away from this show that we're get it we're gonna get to steal and brennan are being interviewed now by law enforcement officials they why anymore without being charged because the precedent for lying to the fbi flynn and others use other cases they prosecuted they were possibly go to jail they its steel continue to insist this information came from him breton need steel to continue to insist that he didn't speak to him until december why just sat on the record he didn't have any the dossier formation dull december he said quote i heard snippets of it
he draws the media under the boss well the press add some of it he says we had some intel in the summer sixteen it's not steals info because we just studied and see it till december what we have saying he had nothing remember the parallel construction scheme on bread and only has the information he can tell call me that because they know it simpsons information he can they'll call me i want you to open investigation based on a four rapporteur now apple researchers paid by hilary right now it's gonna go on the record with that even these facts so here we need information stream to the fbi through the gang of eight in august and harry redo sends a letter that the fbi
and we call me then gets the steel dossier later he's a man i heard this from harry red and john bread and this must be true of this information about carter beige others it's the same info brennan has lied about this repeatedly and now he's being interviewed and get you in a second thing could break you i'm gonna get to it second don't go anywhere do these wash lilies amateur pieces why everything's changing now and panic is run amok i shall also brought you by bodies have brick ass nutrition yellow brick ass nutrition is my favorite nutrition company out their ladies and gentlemen i have been an avid vulcan supporter of what i consider me their best product foundation i love it they have filled the greens which is excellent i really really love foundation what is foundation it is a creatine eighty blinded is the single best nutrition supplement you will ever take hands down i love it
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this is likely a confrontation we are right as this can be intelligence community assessments coming out about the russians involvement in the election of my call me he's probably starting to question bread it and say hey this task i think this real did you guys have this before you said you had it you get it that's why i like you really need to see these emails there's probably a panic which in the fbi we thought we were getting corroborating information from the fbi when a reality which is the same information that's the set up this up to when i told you when we started the show everybody needs steel to stick to this script joe he was the guy you generated at yes yes everyone gotcha every but he also need steel to stick to this script that eating talk to the cia before december while wiser big his brennan's already on the record say it in
just showed you the clip steel that says i was talking to them more before that houston we got a problem that you now describe to you why this brennan being interviewed by durham before i get washed in his amateur pieces here bread being interviewed it's gonna be a big problem because i'm telling you durham bar and the dear investigators looking into this know what i know they know brennan's lie they know brennan and his team contact with steel or is information before december they know because information steel had appeared in august briefing bread and gave to the said it and not the hail the gang of aid it simple others there it's not cup read it really stupid this is not complicated they know that
so brennan has two choices now can plead the fifth which boys acting to look bad you don't have to talk the law enforcement we thank god we have did you hear republic you are under no obligation to do that but let me there's three predators repeatedly including the other day in a sound bite you gonna be say that he has nothing to hide need that everything by the books i'm sorry that conference nothing i plead the fifth but i got nothing to hide the fifth nothing but that doesn't really kind of like des rye doesn't like this like this but you you don't go together he can plead the fifth get his lawyer so i have down bread it breeds the fifth is banned then i have written answers obviously it's really bad because of you answers honestly he's going to have to tell them that he lied and that he
at this information from steel and was pretending it was from a different source in order to investigate a presidential candidate using the fbi now you see why he broke the fbi into the bus and that first clip woodchuck tat you can rely on the show that first we clearly says well listen the f b i would quote be derelict if they didn't investigated investigate the information you lied i'm about bad information the quote summer of sixteen snippets of things you heard but a yeah i didn't see that they'll december everybody needs steel to stick to the scrap folks everybody if state the doesn't stick to the script and said i talked to the cia way before december by the way the info in that does he wasn't really mine
now for the fisher now i got more spread this show everywhere in working on this for long time by the way this is laid out in my book i ate of eight think he promoted folks i worked hard on it though my book exonerated out now covers this in its debate detail let's go to this washed in examiner peace first just this headline this is from the unshaven this is from june fifth twenty nineteen it's an older peace jody out of it said they christopher steals gonna talk to john dorm improve the fbi lied to congress really joe greenhouse gas good sources about what
maybe the fbi insisting the entire time that it was steals information i think that might have something to do with it i get email sometimes we love your faces like another emails we hate your faces hate my face i cant do anyway sorry i like to get a little animated you wanna watch standard cable tv you're free to do it but this isn't the thereby no scripture now describe their budgetary how we do things never so steals gonna talk to the fbi and apparently had some information remember again deal needs to stick to the script i did not talk to the cia until december that's the script and my and follow that wasn't hillary clinton paid for info panic johnny be now it's gotta be interviewed according to chuck ross daily collar other analysts around johnny be who may know about steals interaction with johnny be therefore
why are cia analysed more your ring up joe according to chuck recipes why why is unhappy didn't do anything i i one nervous corpus court yeah i got that one one day just biogas somebody gets member breaded it's the corpus intelligence it was it was corpus you call the dossier the corpus now let's go to this second piece by the wash did examiner which is just peachy in it this is by dan shaven this good work over there timeline emerges radio j inspector general report on the face of the sis was from july twenty six to twenty nineteen ok oh maybe see what is happening so timeline emerges why would a new timeline emerged by the idea report member the inspector general was expecting way gentlemen follow me the inspector general
go here which is looking into this whole fiasco everything we're talking about steel spy gate the advisor beaches looking into all that these director general was expected to release releases report over the summer but show in the middle of the summer when nobody was paying attention writer on the time they said they were going to interview christopher steel all of a sudden the timeline got thrown all out the window everybody said wait t all time out on the field folks we need the latest report why would they do that wars go back to the worst anything repeat from shaped when i'm let's see what this may have been connected to how we leave this stuff together you're not gonna get us anywhere else quote the delay in horror which is worth the idee was report due to these teams to day mary would steal it wanted
during president shrubs visit to the united kingdom investigated both the of information credible enough to warrant extending their investigation that bad so they had everything tied up right around the summer twenty nineteen get ready to drop this i e g bomb and all of a sudden they talk to stay on early t on the twenty second either then be i we need a full time out we're here oh i'm care repeat this enough when i was in a structure in the secret service academy oaks everybody's worried about steel steel can't repeat this enough when i was in its structure and the secret service academy the used to tell us over it over with the new agents students tat
what you're gonna tell him tell him and tell him what you told them this whole case is centre on the fact that steel didn't talk to the cia cia had independent information joe they fed to the fbi they didn't start this on hilary i've been paid for fusion gps info they had separated five steel and even talk to the aid of december and another piece of information that steel was the originator of this now who would know about both of those things steel while the sudden talk and the investigating this case bar and horowitz and others the sun hold on we
at some splain and do now when i come back in other side quick break here and now the bretons being interviewed can't lie about it anymore either ass to plead the fifth or get charged with lying first steel and was nervous about steel because everybody needs steel to stick to the script and now the bretons being interviewed he can't lie about it anymore either ass to plead the fifth or get charged with lying to unpalatable options but they are not the only ones pataky i voted today show also brought you by one of our favorite new sponsors net sweet by oracle we would be lost without me punch you know my wife and i use nets what's the benefit for the sweet folks listen you have a lot of these business systems out there for accounting finance hr they don't talk to each other to big hodgepodge
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while false brennan wasn't the only one relying on information from christopher steel the fbi was also relying on information from christopher steel and so was the state department relying on information from christopher steel remember steel interviewed with state department member we have those notes here from the state carbon interview in october where steals there but it's the i'd communications with the state department agents in for improved information go into the oj what i called blood disown strategy like football game where you what the zone but receivers and hope one of catches the ball when you throw it down field steel who had it face on a dossier that was not his flooded information everywhere hoping it made its way back to the fbi and hope
not that information if it came from multiple places even was all for me i m would appear more credible than it was in the but there was some one else using steel i wanna had tipp the conservative tree house guys here who did an excellent piece on ass you can see the headline here it's worth your time they did some great work and we ve had some back in four i don't agree with everything they put up over there they don't aggrieved mine either but this is that's fine that stares at mach there's room for a lot of points of view here but the tree ass guys have him fascinating analysis here of what else you need christopher stealer stay strong you hang in there chris and continue to insist that your dossier body until you read my book by the way you will become too the firm conclusion red exonerated that this was not the us i see the evidence in there is damning here's
screen shot number one from their peace the conservatory has peace someone asked me to set this up with this jail committee you think they may have had something to do with steel you know the senate intel committee where all the leaks we're coming from let me set this up or use some screenshots from their peace they were kind enough to put together this is gets good chow on march seventeen twenty seventeen the senate intelligence committee we know can stand down a charm you know these the these losers over their mark watery richer baron these other ones have been after trump from the beginning of march g20 seventy in the senate tell us many took custody pfizer application use that carter page we know the physical delivered the region returned tat proceed topsecret classified application due to the clerk stamp of march seventeen twenty seventeen and you watch it on me huge challenges that come such punch you know you can see it right there why does this matter no the senate intel committee than hates trump fake report
the public and richard bare and legitimate democrat which means you know anti trump by nature because they all have tv away from the sea angle for a minute you now know why brennan pan so we now know the senate intel committee that haiti trump fake republican richard bird and shit i'm a democrat which means you know anti trump by nature because they all have tedious mark warner who was actually a democrat from democrat from virginia they ate trump they ve always hated and diana feinstein wet staffer named the jones i hated trump to the engines later want to work for fusion jp s out don't do nothing to see their folkestone were not work well in conjunction with fusion gps precision matters to advance the dossier after it had been the bomb nothing to see their either don't you work why does this march seventeen date matter so i'm march seventeen the pfizer application to spy on tromp first and the second one is
delivered to the senate intel committee its classify in that fight application joe what is it rely on almost exclusively as anti became former deputy director the fbi enacting director has already set on the record that the dossier the dossier as fake intellectual shock todd would call dope the five application aspire drop is based on steals information that the cia says it didn't see two december the claims is correct its hilary information for simpson now it's in paper form delivered to the senate intel committee on art seventy now to get a media our merit about their descendants alchemy
which is possibly operating on the up and up these are you're centres joseph thurston howl types there are more important than you and i are smart now that i'm going to the assent of course and on open your lover something else happens i'm more seventy remembers the first time they get the document that says steals information juice used trumpets in the five application to the warrant the spy interim eighty andy you told us they rely scott afforded to again concern conservative greenhouse gas had to him its inner peace well look at this text exchange between anti trump hack democrats senator from virginia on the sedative tell committee ma warner adam waldman who is a lawyer who was in cod awkward christopher still remain
everybody meets deal to stick to the script job look at this next exchange what is that day let me look at sea my eyes or go in battle really that data is march seventeen twenty seventh feed i want to call in five this is hack democrat eighty trapper me deep in this whole scandal launder steals fake information under the guy it is it's really simpsons this senator is texting a lawyer wrappers steel and others and russians i'm going to call you in five then he says warner just tried to call but now going into skiff what skiff sense i information facility what why would he be went down to a sensitive facility joe to do what
we read the five application that was literally just delivered let's talk whenever you're free just try again they're calling each other in a panic back and forth after warrant goes down into the skiff to redefine application which puts on paper for the first time the fact that the government used glenn simpsons political information paid for by hilary despite a presidential candidate and stay reaching out to a lawyer she's me warner democrat hack on this intel committee that's leaking like a sieve by the way we get to that the second what reaching out a panic to a lawyer whose got some contact with steel you're gonna stay strong right i've now read this the guy yea where need deepen this guy's steel stay strong right
it's not going to say this is in his info right foreigners in a panic said pataky melted bowed his freak out i first i'm gonna break up one more spasms i'm getting wrap this up he's gonna bet i want to run right through this because when i this is gonna get delicious at the end i promise you i haven't even got the good stuff oh just remember where we are warders panic he's it should out than a lawyer for steel they're gonna stay strongly but wise warner panic i mean the f b i did a right so why is set at warner and the senator me why are they freaked out finally today show brought you by bodies at candid com but he can there be love can't listen let's talk about the holidays ok they're coming up i
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and i mean if it's the fbi and cia is dealing with steel and may need to stay strong why would a politician democrats senator on the entire committee be so worried what what's what about white before yet this is again had to betray our skies from their peace when that pfizer application was delivered on march seventeen she wasn't delivered directly to more warner was delivered to a staff prefer they staff or on the senate intel committee who at some point got a hold of that thing let's look at this indictment of a staff were on the sensitive documents wow isn't it convenient in a around march twenty i think this is an indictment of james wolfe was a staff or on that committee march twenty seventeen a particular
the executive branch agency agreed to furnish the ssc i with specific classified documents its defies application for official purposes the class if i document contained both secret top secret information including secret level information regarding the identity the activities of the visual referred to in this as male one about mars seventy two hours in convening the same day the five applications delivered the classified die we were transported to the ssc i as director of security wolf received maintained and manage the quest by document on behalf of the ssc i honour about mars one thousand seven hundred and forty seven teen wolf exchange eighty two text messages with a reporter ali watkins that's who it is and that evening engaged in a twenty eight minute phone call with a report where he
revealed the identity of male one i e carter page in the fire up i don't get it you say so the guy wolf wolfish staffer who takes custody the pfizer application show conclusively that the fbi and the cia and intelligence infrastructures at birth apparatus in the united states relied on information from a fake hoax dossier that's in there he gives the information in their quotas
take me to a reporter now that's not the hook that's bad enough but we knew leave somebody leaked everybody knew they lee carter pages name is lee grant i don't know that's not the problem this is why mark warner is freaking out let's go to the last screenshot kind enough to put this together senator seek leniency performer aid james wool why would the senator see we need for their former aid knowing he lied to the fbi what he was charged with about his discussion with this report the conservative us guys well right if it wasn't transparently sketchy is hell and an active sarah a billion self preservation the accused security director james wool evidence the schemes when he threatened to supply
members of the ssc eyes part of his the fact the trumps man i wish i had a drunk in front of me i'll bring mine you track in this who he s role track and sas quartier so all of us mark water and then start to panic when they die the guy who leaks information to a reporter when the guy indicted the security director says hey listen if you're going to charge me with leaking they didn't they charge them lying
i'm gonna request that these senators be subpoena to why would he do that in his defence joe maybe because the senators warner and others on the ssc i may have been involved with the leaking of information themselves now you think maybe just maybe maybe old wolsey here is figured that out man he was told by some of these people possibly delete this stuff to new and old wolfish like hey daddy off you gotta charge me with leaking i'm bringing them into because they are going to go up on the stand and they're gonna say they told me to do it and conveniently department of justice doesn't charge him with leaking show they only charging with lying about its communications with the report is that special too because if they charge and what leaking joe
what are you gonna do he's put no senators on this that we can have that is cut loose centre warder did you tell em the week this information you're under oath sir you are under oath maybe someone had some texts or semi males or something maybe they came down just guess let's not charge let's give up don't you lie anymore you bad guy seeking catch waking he's gonna pull the centre of they're gonna now what do we do now what would come out let's see maybe that water and the ssc i the senate committee it entails posed to be involved and intelligence matters with speed
with a lawyer speaking steel and also leaking information from steel while pretending it wasn't from steel and knowing all the time it was from since in hilary maybe that would come out to yeah just maybe nano very on slavery nano very very not nice we do my mother mafia that's not nice that's mine eyes sunny day get miriam appears not nice circle around to the beginning every bodies in a panic because joram and bar the attorney general and the investigator involved in this case the united states attorney john durham are now
interviewing people who been able to lie endlessly in front of the media about their contacts with steel but their interviewing steel to everybody's going to be put on the road and everybody is going to have to come clean that this info asian from steel was available to the cia a lot earlier the neighbour attended and secondly that they were likely aware that the information was not from steel but it was from simpson and it was all bought and paid for by hilary as a way to purchase with their debt arrow a warrant to spy on their political upon devastating stuff absolutely devastate
joe is the audience ombudsman is all of this makes sense you actually did it wasn't is difficult is as youth new thought we'd be from a guy poor job for the sharks chose going to be a little complicate knows hollow where do you think good made says now folks on tomorrow show what i'd like to get you for you
if they had a backup point when i say they i mean call me clapper brennan all of the lunatics involved in this targeting of tromp using steel and through actually using simpson through steel as joseph patsy face for their documents make it seem legitimate they had a backup plan and their back up plan was set up by the trump team to entrap them in case this using steals information fell through track look all right they were always worried about steel they die clinton would be elected they wouldn't be discovered but they did at least try to fortify steals information with something else because they were afraid at some points the or may bell or someone may lead to the press and the press may get all the sun entrepreneurial and decide they want to do the work there back our plan was miss it
the joseph myths should set up a puppet apple oh now oh militarism off the record don't tell anyone i i've been getting a lot of cars for media people or was who are starting to figure out where we told you two years ago that moves so it is the key to this whole thing
i'm getting a lotta calls from a lot of people who are starting to grow really suspicious about joseph misheard allegedly being a russian age you tried to reach out to trump team through papadopoulos i'm gonna get to that tomorrow how the myths should angle was always the backup plan and now that angles collapsing too and there really freaking out but don't forget to take away from today show they are panicking their freaking out because steel was interviewed the idee report was delayed after that meaning they got something from steel that through everything in the meat cried everything brennan knows he now got the information earlier on tape line the f b i knows and maybe will throw that tomorrow that bet that on the record testimony from lisa page
the fbi knows that bread and set otherwise pages on the record say no no bread it didn't give us this ie eight and give us that information is our eyes the steel that's right have you remember that yeah yes i do we know that's not true because bred in brief the gang of eight on the dossier all of this is a lie and the whole house of cards is coming upon i folks thanks for tuna is one more important shows you ve done well do not mr marques and described to you how the backup plan such a rush in asia to try to reach out to trouble locks the always right how that is now entirely completely collapsing too and at a minimum the truth is finally started late return and increase its gradual youtube channel youtube com slashed by gino we're trying to get to that three hundred thousand subscribers and please for background pick up my second book on this topic exonerated available now came out a month ago it describes all of this in detail
bizarre barnes ennoble i promise you weren't you time at a quick reed it's written like a spy story but a lot of this stuff is in there give you the background you need all make sense a sea autumn our thanks to you just heard tailbone gino show you can also get dan's podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at du bon gino
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