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Explosive New Details Emerge About the Spying Operation on Trump (Ep 1147)

2019-12-31 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the disturbing story about to be revealed in the Spygate scandal, and it revolves around this key date. I also address the tremendous achievements of the Trump administration in 2019 and how they’ll influence the 2020 election. News Picks:President Trump says Iran will be held fully responsible for the US embassy attack. 


A solid list of President Trump’s top ten achievements in 2019.


The liberal media is still protecting the deep state bureaucrats involved in the hoax impeachment charges.


Ex-NYC prison inmates are using taxpayer-funded debit cards to purchase booze and vaping devices.  


A satirical article about the complete breakdown in order in San Francisco.


Here’s how the 2020 census is shifting the House of Representatives. 


Californian steps on an economic rake, again


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wasn't even last show of twenty nineteen you know all the corny goofy jokes your game next year we won't see you next year is simply a result recount there it's not the chronological next year so you will not be hearing that joke on this show even though you just heard it on this show in an effort to make fun of the joke sat on this shell out of a joke i heard yesterday that every so we see when the german works you know your wall it's the calendar days stop with the joke i welcome that but you know shepherdess joe our unity of awful josie you get about could be do a better do you wouldn't be it listen i got fine fine a thousand dollars by the talk radio commission for inflicting comedic pain i'm serious
that thing was what was really read and our covering that i'm sorry i don't worry contractor you gonna have to cover the friend of other than of nevada gaming committee call me at all bets are off as far as may be in a comedian and then let your azure austria while you are on a role which is the sad as part of a fellow i mean you are wrong about sixty ten sal nine out of ten jokes and yesterday you just blew it with your eel joke which took me all day to figure out even this morning we try to get a list of the age of thirty unleashing a separate adore narrowly we would cut that out but folks i was not given joe a pair of my was not giving that joke we stay in there to show you the job is not perfect is bad days to that wasn't even to add it was like the mega our sancho remember that movie mega forth the issuer of jokes because we re folks i apologize with hormones our i must see jones you he's any apologize sunlight politicians who have most to do it thank you
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i hold this show for thursday but i can't because it's a really important show had tipped my body to seven i about some explosive information about spiky think would come in now i don't want you to message we put this out today and i really encourage you to listen just before we get to that i'd be remiss i didn't know there is an ongoing demonstration there's been some violent outside and want to be hyperbolic about it by embassy interacts a serious situation wives some video the background here but use but there are some protests year folks listen i know the president is on top of this unlike what happened in our special mission complex in benghazi under the dreadful castration of barack obama where our people were left there to die that's a terror attack we should never forget about despite the obama administration trying to do ingenuously make it about a video and remember
having done this worked overseas often in my prior line of work don't forget there are contingency plans for this i know the trump administration on top of it i know again unlike the obama administration they are going to do everything they can god forbid the situation escalates no near not no need to panic right now but there is these abilities they could turn violent or or extremely violent at that the snap of a finger to stay out of it remember as i wrote my first book we have these teams far and emergency support teams these teams respond that are trained to handle these types of situations along with the military personnel on the ground that is going on right now will stay on top of it on the show of obviously will be reporting on it but i know that trumped theme is on top of that we have so then that was always my beef with the benghazi situation is having worked overseas i know there are contingency plans ladies and gentlemen if you think for a second u s military and security forces dip
security service and others overseas that the plan embassies attack this to do nothing like what happened in benghazi then i'm sorry but you're an idiot that is not the i am i know what the plans are there are contingency plans for this and i am sure that being implemented now ok moving on so i got some information this morning from our one of our better sources the two seven niner and i was going cover today given that it's the end twenty nineteen what may have in the coming year some predictions over what what happened what was about to cover so much president trumps achievements and twenty nineteen that parliament that twenty when the elections but i also want to cover what i think is going to becoming out in twenty twenty and why biggest stories about spy gate if we can just put the lee the story first is this folks this was an intentional ever to disrupt the trump campaign now you may say really like of course we listened to your show we already know that scares me folksteads
you're not the narrative that the media is willing to put out there the media folks natasha bird shrine devil and bear it and others the media folks tat were in on this spy gay thing working with the deep state in the least to coordinate the story are still insisting that was somehow we legitimate problem listen to me it was now this is important i know it seems that this is your big break no i have evidence to show you documents stuff that's gonna blow your mind but this is the story i can't tell you this enough and i don't want to lose the lead in context of what i am about to put out this was never a legitimate operation neither criminal our counter intelligence it was always in effort to stop present tromp from being elected and when he was elected to sabotage this presidency and lead to impeachment please tell me you understand that the effort said this is the case is now piling up dramatically let's get to it
folks there is a so remember the headline in your head this result legitimate it was always an effort to sabotage campaign and sabotage presence everybody got that let's start laying out the evidence here let's go back to this new york times article i wanna had tipp at thunder be on twitter always attribution is appropriate that's where i i i found some of these articles and that's where some of these highlights come from within the article so good job on that not enough people to properly attribute that in the server space in the contents base and i always hated that all us all the time but follow this article k this is two december twelve twenty sixteen article by matthew rosenberg at the new york times michael flynn is a hard judge of cia is wrong now keep in mind what we're talking about here
this was a deliberate effort to sabotage the trump campaign and the people involved in why well i you're probably think any answers obvious it just hated donald trump your folks they ate every republic in the media are liberal activists and i dont believe tromp was the only campaign they spied on again that's why call the scandal and many others refer to it aspire gate the of my first book and our trump card having said it was not that they hated trump that was the impetus for them despite folks this article we put up at the new york times member flynn might lieutenant general might flynn became open advocate for donald trump about here wade through his campaign and sir we by december of twenty sixteen it was well known that mike flynn was going to they roll in the trump administration he was talking about is a v people member that job for a long time so do the only thing i
stop that or put a halt to that this is position on abortion at the time which didn't comport with a lot of conservatives me specially and i think that's the only thing that put a stop to that but my point was being discussed as a potential vp so now we simply put it that have might again now we see this article comes out december twenty sixteen that michael flynn who is going to be i mean figure in this trump administration if it happens it has a prominent adviser to trump during the campaign is quoted a horse the cia is wrong now these their lives again rather than there be on twitter but this is from the article here devastating quotes about the motive as to why the iter budgets community in the law enforcement community notably the fbi intelligence branch why they had such a love jones let's call it for the annulled and why they were like we gotta get this guy and his team and we ve got to stop them now quote from the
about times article they ve lost being quoted talking about the cia they ve lost sight of who they actually work for mr flynn said in an interview with the new york times and i told her fifteenth that suspiciously hard define right now by the way they work for the american people the cia flynn said they dont work for the poor of the united states here speaking of the agency's leadership frankly has become a very political organization mr flimsy meant that the cia is a political arm of the obama administration listened to this let me read this again listen again we're getting to motive why why we know they hated trump why did they spy on him and his team in an unlawful investigation with no predicate despite what the idee report may have said
mr finds assessment that the c i a is a political arm of the obama administration is not widely shared by republicans are democrats and washed it the swamp enjoy dad marks but it appears we have been internalize by the one person who matters most right now mr donald trump all we got more you're not gonna wanna go anywhere for this show so again what's the lead this was always an effort to sabotage the trump campaign later the trump presidency always it was a reverse engineered cry by reverse engineer folks i mean they already established body
ombudsman just step up right many answers i need you now more than ever the people who wanted to take trump and flynn out because he was a unique danger to them their jobs their careers everything they had invested in the intelligence community that people want take him out we're going to take him out no matter what and they were gonna fabric the evidence later in other words they found a crime and manufactured evidence rather than the way it usually works which is someone brace evidence of a crime which leads to investigate here ok that's all in reverse order it was a cop exton effort to backdate fill in missing plot holes fabric information where they couldn't find evidence all because of what they were going to condemn did investigation into tromp to spy on aim and his team no matter what the evidence was engineered later i safer
earth engineered because that's not the way any of this works sorry the shrapnel but by china brazil and fostering i have no idea what she's doing scott like a tiger cop on the air it's very weird that's what i'm looking ahead viable they were always going to fill in missing pieces of evidence even if they had a fake it because my flynn and donald trump terrified them i've been saying this since episode six six twenty eight understand that this was never legitimate it was an effort to sabotage these people because they were highly suspect of what upper level peep at the sea i we're doing wins clean there day in that quote he suspects that the cia had become a de facto political organization and not an intelligence one working on behalf of the obama administration that must have terrified the obama administration costs flint
as the head of the d i and must have known all of this the defence intelligence administration agencies is might flynn wise in upper level intelligent sufficiently obama administration que imagine the damage he would do as vice president or some upper level individual in the trump administration exposing all of the spying and the malfeasance the obama team has been involved in four for poland a call purposes not intelligence it just once the quotas white right there might flynn to see become a political arm of the obama administration now showing you this was always an investigation in search of evidence never evident in search of a crime and at an investigation they kept your factoring this stuff as their motives and they evelyn
failed to produce anything on these people let me give you a quick example again had tipped my body to seven nine here the official story that we ve heard forgive me for repeating this but from the fbi over and over is the astrogation started into the trump administration because we received this tip from australia a friendly foreign government about this man eating one of their diplomats alex and down downer had with the trump campaign official papadopoulos we're papadopoulos allegedly told downer about russians wanting to help their campaign that's their official story the fbi that tipp allegedly then at the end of july the investigation that starts july thirty first why that's convenient show they got this tipp they open up the investigation next week what's not to love sound write to me right a nation
a double down just to show you we didn't start decent instigation because of this dossier from this guy christopher steel which was political just to show you we didn't even receive that stuff until september nineteen you got it they built in their alibi waited received the steel information joe to september nineteen and we hope the case on july thirty first so it's not when possible their political information from steel laundered by brennan see i had anything to do with this we didn't get it the fbi until september nineteen does that really true well again let me put out the lead for you first again proving this was a tall it'd operation is the trump team that had no basis in fact all there were sabotage the whole time
all of the stuff was built in and fill them later on should i show you this first turned the gotta do this explains the rhetoric is that i want to be convenient let me do this for whether ships policy you will show it away i put it in a computer she literally just said that shows you i work for this place companies carbine gino it should be called paula bungee no ok let's do it the wage let's show you this photo or the idea report first because i want to show you some interesting dates keeping in mind the whole time the official stories ate it receives the us information so september nineteen got it ok put up this from the edgy reposed fastening the f b i quote opened the crew fire hurricane as a counter intelligence investigation umbrella counter intelligence investigation that's important without identify
any specific subjects are targets wow that's kind of an open investigation car net special fbi greece has told us they did not immediately identify subjects are targets because unclear from the friendly foreign government information the australian tipp who within the eu campaign may have received the reported offer of assistance it might be coordinating with the russian government again it was only an excuse to spy on carter page folks its nonsense i covered that no prior shop by august ten twenty sixteen remember day my august ten twenty sixteen the fbi assemble than investigative team special agents analysts so and so thou crossfire african team after an initial analysis of links between the trump campaign members and russia based upon this analysis is on august ten twenty sixteen the fbi opened up cases on three u s persons but the police carter page and man afford all of whom
are affiliated with the trump campaign at the time the cases where open listen on august six six days later serving at the time as fourth individual case on michael flynn who is serving at the time as the trump camp and national security adviser so they waited six days to open up a case on might flint or was this about might flynn the entire time remember don't forget mike flynn is the one in that new york times piece and that two thousand and fifteen new york times interview cited by the new york times two thousand and sixteen peace i just put up there mike when is the one saying hey we got a real problem with the cia focus it's become a political
organization what do you mean like a political organisation that uses paid for political information from hilary in the form of the dossier to open up cases to investigate people and when was about to expose that yeah i guess that guy so they were it six days to open up on my weight are you sure that or maybe just maybe they opened investigations on those three knowing its bs papadopoulos carter page she's me but a postcard a page of metaphor member they ve already close the case on man afford the investigator them in the past the fbi who they closed the case due to lack of evidence carter page they soon know is working with the cia to nail russians them a wall he's out of since by george papadopoulos date only the interview
following near that's how on seriously they took this tip you're telling me they opened up on those three cases on those three despite knowing what i just told you that all three were not working with the russians they know that on august ten well i don't get it then if might flynn is the target well why open up three cases three incidental figures they know are working with the russians and it it six days to open up the guy they really want might flynn i just answered my question because that's the guy they really want look shiny red object squirrel let's open up on these we first that way when we open up on flynn later it won't look like this was about when the whole time now what evidence the you haven't come on well you know i never throw anything out of the show without evidence
what's more cooper the dossier the fbi tells you did get those september nineteen well really small handwriting here but i want to put our backing to read the whole thing but here the dossier and this but this is well what does this one or one this is member memo one or one member the dossiers a a sea he's a memo christopher steel wrote that the f b i swear they didn't get the september nineteen we now know most of that is untrue because as i discuss last week in the energy report the idea report actually sites them getting information as far back as the spring of twenty sixteen from a guy who closely remembers the closely resembles steel in his business so you can throw that's the window but this is fascinating in this number one or one look who's mentioned at the top better effect is only time he appears in the dossier who is it joe just like i don't know my eyes are that could i frankly either my but my
flynn very is your good our eu or good paula kremlin's engaging with several price for a price profile u s players including stein page and former dna director might flayed who makes us one and only appearance of that that's yea and funding their recent visits to moscow page and former die a director might flayed who makes us one and only appearance of the dossier and funding their recent visits to moscow why all of a sudden the sky workin for hilary and the democrats produces dossier that falsely cates mike flynn in a granddaughter collude with the russians all let's look at tat date on this baby from page two went could this have possibly come out this dossier put our page two of you augurs courage what are you sixty what are the chances john what are the chances are that
that's crazy ha crazy that's happening it's crazy is it knots jollier this memo randomly appears the f b i swear they didn't see any of this until september nineteen course september being after all as for the liberals are watching you have tough time of that kind of stuff calendars angle but an organ can't as the ideal report indicates they open up across by hurricane bookcase on joint refers log instead they open up cases on three people they know are related to the russians at all you know it's a fake collusion hoax presented artificial just working with us they know papa apples isn't even a serious target only been interviewed him until the next year and i ve already close the case a matter for the past but they open up those three cases in a where all moment because what
you really want to do is open up a case on might flynn but if they open up a case on mike flynn on the dossier information they got on august ten it'll look like they opened up their case on august tent because they got the dossier information or august tent yeah baby he sorry pal i think i just ruptured policy or we may just blow me of w addition file out of the water gave me some work you know what's good for you you may have the compressed that arrest your drugs a normal part there is still work you dig maybe you take it and why we are putting down this case why the august pad yea that they said they didn't get those have tempered idee payment evidence on mike flynn why because they wanted a target inspire i might point out because they thought he is working with the russians what's the problem they did
i've evidence on my way to you do anything wrong so oh if you all have evidence to open up a case and really want to take a guy what do you do if you're a corrupt crooked kind gonna makes us manufacture erika i ride there was a book away back let the precision is the work of the seven five tat he was called brooklyn bounce or something and abroad but bouts was back the day when there were some option and oppressing if they thought there a criminal and the climate drew away the gun a gun would magically appear at the scene about suggesting this is funny or get but everything they called it the brooklyn bounce like they knew a guy was engaged in a shooting in other words and say that guy towards the gun and runs and an arrest why we found a gun market i'd seriously corrupt but it would they called it the brooklyn bounce like the gun see how they got just bounced into the crimes it that's what you do with your corrupt you manufacture evidence
somebody probably want to steal joe and said what listen man we when that this case on july thirty first right again it's christmas a good case as the ideal reports as this umbrella crossfire hurricane case so now we can do whatever we want we did it if you steal cuz the information we got that far in friendly farms i'm going to show you at the pitch that stories crap just disregard that they got that back as i showed you unless reach peter stroking lisa these are clearly text thing about something to do with that tip in may its garbage they know it's worthless crap clearly spying on trumped because the political information due to steal ironically the various jumping flame in the new year times article is quoted as warning amerika about you see i began political heard of your public administration so what is the bureau do they take political what information for steel on august ten we can open up on this gun this case or august
don flynn joe it looks like we're targeting flynn whose targeting us so much put up a case on these three that these three low level guys first while metaphor is a campaign but we don't have information but let us open up on i'm anyway and it will open up six days later on mike with so what i look like we got information on those guys first and then flame not the actual dossier dated august ten similarly the good sources have come forward for us to expose this whole thing oh you know what is not be covering major but is not being covered the mainstream media which is again for the ten thousand time what is going to come out twenty sixteen is this i had a right this i want to say clearly this was a deliberate plot to sabotage the trump campaign to keep him from the white house when he won the election fair and square it was another deliberate prop plot to constantly
urgent spy on the team to fabricate new evidence to keep the president from succeeding and to impeach him as well this was never ever illegitimate from the australian embassy about it to the us china but i have no doubt the state department knew about that because may eleventh the next day a cable is sent the next day for me show embassy about it through the australian abuse i have no doubt the state department knew about that because may eleventh the next day there are suspicious text from the investigators involved in this case and it appears there too thing about some information are getting from the state department and worried about it late at night they get that information i'll bet aid the gay did they find out if nothing is papadopoulos down or meetings have been nothing burger they hold it there
keep looking into steals information there dealing with steel way earlier than they're telling you i would bet you there dealing with the early spring it twenty sixteen if not earlier optimists dealers in producing anything they can verify they get desperate around you i thirty first they decide to retroactively go back and act the insurance policy they say listen in that meeting with down or papadopoulos said allegedly down or that the russians want to help us well now no this corridor page as some dealings with the russians even was on behalf of the u s government let you is that as a reason to open up the case and wealth that's our reason even with the dossier the whole time they get this new oh august tent from from steel they open upon these three in an effort to conceal their efforts to spy on flynn which was there targeted go the whole time that make
then show me i mean to me everything is getting clearer and clearer and simpler simpler at this point it is its rights what are you right and i'm glad you said that because it's just a point to the cases of the audience he tells i understand can get a little murky stand near their downer meaning was i may tat the fbi's taxing each other on may eleven but they said they didn't get to down or tipp until july that's a lie folks it's all a lie that although the forget details from it just remember the lead this was an effort at all times to sabotage the trump campaign and constantly billion evidence holes they had which were everywhere because they had no evidence trumpet anything wrong so they need recitative when how do we feel that all we gotta get evidence on flint there is no evidence on flood go steel and have a bake it august ted
let's hope it six days later they pretend we didn't do it because the steel let's all but a i should like to refer to pretend we did it causes the australian government even though we ve been talking to steal all the that's all this is a reverse engineer crime that is what is going to come out in twenty twenty are let me move on to some other stuff is a lot of stuff to cover but please spread this show around because that is the most that august ten dossier memo is devastating you're tellin me they get that on august tent supposedly from the honest people i know they get it there lie they have it the idea report is good who said that their dealing with someone is early spring at twenty sixteen who closely resembles steel and his company unless the we i had another bogus source they got explaining to do it was always a fake reverse engineer crime always the whole time that's what's gonna come out that this was
deliberate this was never predicated this was always sabotage or some other nuisance yeah i don't like these year in review kind of shows we did our best of last week which some of the best of our saying this but somebody's like best achievements to twenty nine people sponge words is a good piece by steve cortez in real clear which talks about some stuff the trump accomplished in twenty nineteen report i'm not gonna go to every single one of them you can the show no today please humbly with the greatest of respect ask that you subscribe to our newsletter they show notes accompany company the news letter every day and we have a twitter feed you at db show notes i think that's if you want to follow i d be shone out you can you can follow the show these are really great articles workers called trumps top ten achievements for twenty nineteen by steve cortez real clear politics but you know that flash newsletter if you'd like to subscribe to our newsletter we really appreciate what any of these articles every day some
things he talks about there are important because we have a twenty twenty election coming up and you need the material to go out an advocate for our cause listen folks the do matters action they action managed talk is cheap ok you know glad knocking on doors and advocate be an activist into twenty twenty election you just want to be a bystander this i'm going are for people leave busy lives but i'm sorry they bore we're getting ready to lose our country here to these police state democrats it's time to do so even if you go knock in one day or sign waving or whatever it is or donate a few bucks it all matters and it all adds up you know go get involved in your local republican club you're conservative club local humanity party called whatever it is it's the format is but you gonna need the material to make a conclusive case in the twenty twenty election that the trump administrate this better go and forward than any of our democratic alternative so here's what did she obviously the matters this is no one the jobs this
absence area was never been better safeguard test as a great job here i'm just gonna point out a quick part of this the matters it's not just post at the jobs report revealed quote a plethora of records and extended the wage growth winning the wage growth winning streak sixteen trade months above three send pace a marked seen only three months during this law during three months during the sluggish obama use gosh i said that basically a trumpet ministry we can but our job for sixty three months this is the important part in addition the fastest wage gains now flow to those groups that formerly lagged back we in the slow growth obama years for example the law is ten percent of earners votes that load of that the poorest among us so income growth at an astounding seven percent rate over the last year
similarly those without a high school diploma welcome nine percent wage acceleration in twenty nineteen ladies and gentlemen this thorough completely eviscerate the stupid democrat talking point that income inequality is grown under trump it is shrunk other tropic grew under president obama the administration the largest wage gains again this is only if you believe in facts and data which many of you on the liberal side do not the law are just wage gains were amongst the poorest among us argius smallest in other words the soup advisory group of folks are a gaming as quickly as the people who are working on the front lines that didn't have did your balmy years that's an important point liberals keep making it up these happen
candidates keep lying buddha judges are feeling they are feeling it the people in the lowest income categories use incomes have grown the most what is this is this hard to figure out of course it is because liberals lovelady secondly minority support is grown dramatically ladies gentlemen present tromp is making dramatic gains in the minority community this is not to be sneered at we solve course president trump and one paul upwards of thirty percent of a black voters support which would be the record but according to the pc if for example a recent cnn paul in deep blue california reported thirty percent support for tromp versus current democratic front runner joel similarly recent posed by the hill and emerson showed latino approval for the president nearly forty percent voted stiff to overstate the importance of this kind of minority support both for politics and more importantly for the overall he should our society well said the quartet's ladys german donald trump gets forty percent latino support
everywhere even in the vicinity of twenty five thirty percent support i'm telling you right now this election is over there is simply no match for the democrats to win under any circumstances we'll see not in the predictions game i'm trying to get out of that but a tremendous achievement nonetheless we have u s embassy usmca of course an inquiry a trade deals another one from mr cortez judges did listen we ve spoken about this often on the show but it's been historic pace of judicial confirmations trumpet nineteen secured its fiftieth federal appeals court you are generally three year compared to five for president weber over eight years he is too we trump remade the federal judiciary into an original s constitutional branch of government which may accordingly even i agree create president trumps most enduring legacy phocis is real these are real tangible result jobs trade deal
minority support federal judges adhering to the constitution are one without did the remaining mexico policy was a big success president trumpets duties pass if you want if you want asylum we have to remain in mexico which is severely stem the tide of people coming into the country illegally and finally a big one that often i noticed ladies gentlemen the explosive growth of the petrochemical business in the united states we are now in supporter of natural gas quote early in the day presidency america became a net natural gas exporter for the first time since the eisenhower administration forced this is huge its produce five hundred thousand new factory jobs under president trump addition american energy dominance benefits the geo political security the entire globe why because we have to rely on the deaf to america crowd anymore were actually export of actual chemicals now that's how much you really this is big deal this is for you
which veal nice job these are real tangible put your hands on a material results that we should yeah but to use in twenty twenty to advance the case the president trumpeters administration are the better choice going forward its a great piece obviously we just covered you there are a few more and there in the interests of time waiting i covered the highlights but steve cortez is peace worth your time real politics be in the show notes again today a punch you know that com so we're highlighted at bonn gino report dot com which is a separate website it's your conservative alternative to the judge report we appreciate if you make it your homepage and check it out daily mats been doing a great job keep it up dated refresh content mancino report that come on juno report that com it is a real alternative for
servant of news at them ok moving on speaking of natural gas the energy industry how many jobs its created the wealth created for this country has the our reliance on the death to america crowd this has been a net net that positive everywhere happily joe biden you can't seem to get out of his own way here is a clip of joe joe biden again this guy just talk about it go step along steps on breaks everywhere egos talking about not only not keeping the energy when idjit winning shriek going in the usa show but actual it jailing i'm not kidding this is this himself zyobite jail energy executives in the united states for this sin i guess of producing affordable energy ninety the american people to build their economy chet yet check the stupidity of the dead guy between the years two thousand and twenty one and two thousand and thirty it's irreversible to pass through set herself up
one wishes to join aware of any substance are fossil fuels number one number two holding them a liable for what in those cases where your honor neighborhoods and you know the and by the way when they put them in jail what a notice joe he asked the highlight any of these not joking near these people are serious spouse so energy executives who again produce the energy used to put the show on used to feed your kids transport them the school light and heat put the air conditioning odd in their schools reverie you may live the heat used to do everything to develop the pharmaceuticals to save your life keep the hospitals humming
the energy you used to fuel your everyday life and the highest level of prosperity in human history joe biden wants to put those people and yet this is so i dont even if it's his words folks now my crime active tom area by the way is twitter feed so it's a good source of great video i dont know what to tell you that the job for cleaning up was the sound was off there that sounds you know i didn't it was a producer joe product like any other profound on this not so great so nice work this is serious stop again i'm just gonna let his word speak for himself that is joe biden leading candy for the democratic nomination not only suggesting that the term administration successes with energy production exports and manufacturing the energy space for a growing economy or a bad thing that we should potentially go full cuba police state start roma people in jail north korea stout and people clapped eclat
did they love a joint they ate it up and you probably think that's a good point i didn't even noticed that at the end of property rights yeah joe baby laughed about baby jail kim jong on studying go bigeye that they're probably sitting near to people with a part and kim jong aaron debate beforehand may celebrate their wits about with a suitable that that thank you where's that blocking with jimmy shone with a bible second then just shooter shop that you don't have to give us the buttons annabel therapy sit over there but i can't even invite much love ah i do ash clapping for this is it's just really disturbing where we're going as a country speaking of which california always an example of what not to do anywhere hears a story by the daily signal being the shown us the title of this story
california latest act of idiocy killing freely stem and i'm gonna change this guy to them lines you california screws its own citizens again at that she'll be there realtor so we ve been talking this story often it's a shame and because it just speaks to why you'd want to live in this dreadful awful horrible state bis beyond and the same thing as i love salvage beautiful and other people who always been i am weathers amazing the politician ruin that place so long and short of california in an effort to attack goober and left it's all this was about put put together a law that basically destroyed any kind of freelance work they wanted to reach categorize uber gradual brand live employees which they're not for oberon left there not employees i'm sorry a guy i am a woman who maybe i'm would be but most of these uber drivers it's it's the gig economy they drive on the weekend they drive at night for a few extra buck they're not employees of goober so in an effort to do that
california essentially put out of work writers freelancers and just about everyone out and because again liberal plan never really they can't plan because that's the whole essence of why socialism failed liberals couldn't plan the price of a baseball cards because human beings are unpredictable so the efforts of government planners have always felt so here's a from the peace that talks about how now they're not hiring writers at a california because these companies don't have the money to categorized freelance radishes employees because there are not so a guy says this david swans in san diego writer who was the president of the society of american travel writers he said hey a farmer closer from outside estate and i have a choice hiring a writer from california to do a job or someone from colorado texas or canada india and i have no choice but to be sued otherwise why do you think i'm gonna higher they don't get a higher eighty five i've that assembly billing california simply makes it
unattractive to hire writers from california again folks you just live with a bunch of morons i'm sorry torreon by the politicians there you know and i get a lot of emails to be candid he's up it's not necessary my having lived in two who states deep blue new york in maryland joe lives there now there are lots of good lot of good people that you're home marylin actually has a republican governor to terms now i lived in new york where there was a three term republican governor george pack it is people got tired of it but i get an email and it reads like this i get it problem we once or twice a day when i cover a california story may be more people say again is that my words is there the just three miles through the californians why do you care about them they voted for this crap they deserve it folks they didn't ok california is as population of of tens of millions of people there are mere literally millions of people there there are i would and she d say joe their arms
conservatives in california then exists in some small or conservative states in total i whiggery yet it up already the biggest difficult map because of the population sure here you have a population of what is it what's population california i don't even know could forty fifty million have no idea you gotta you're in california there's probably fifteen twenty million conservative tire popular florida twenty seven million is a forty million thanks here see that's good guess thank you policy she's not the researcher she's the video producer over their benches even doing research there they were many hats on the shelf i believe that your for another tat i didn't say forty million california so let us say let's low bala there are five very and say five million california conservative
these are our citizens do they believe in what we believe in right they don't deserve any of this area didn't ask for this they knew stop would be a disaster for job to fight for lived in maryland were joe is now the conservatives in maryland some of the best people i ever met we nearly wanna congressional seed marilyn we want the damn thing election they lost them to take out five days later it see we had no this way are winning river coming closer people do care they deserve our attention to i appreciate your emails and i understand your frustration but i if you can and then you have the ability to get out of there i can't tell you with a straight face not i can but some people can watch servitors that businesses there you know there be an attack ruthlessly they matter they matter to i don't want to leave you with the end of the year are less show of calendar year obvious
twenty nineteen there will be no show tomorrow by the way folks on new year's joe paula me we're gonna take the day off tomorrow our i'm in if i give you a little incite baseball it's only fair because the shoulder you know we did the audience is always down a little bit and i feel like i have good material i have no problem working everyday miyage voted no they offer for you i just feel like a lot of people miss it and i have to go back and double back on thursday and it's a lot of time so that's why we you that it's not like we're trying to avoid you to my sure we will be back on thursday and friday we see a friday we have that interview a big one with rudy giuliani air saturday morning saturday afternoon is yours i don't want to miss this one i promise i'm looking forward to it former mayor rudy giuliani i leave you what kind of a funny story at the end of the year joe you see this right as there is no video so you don't know what's going on i what you gonna do ok cool this is a good one so we're talkin
california look at this story sandford school dogs begin baggage people appallingly bad we have we have curb your people are now listen obviously still it's a joke at the babylon folks its hysterical i read this satellite i thought to myself how bad is it in california debt that story how first satirical and funny tat dogs are now curbing the people pooping in california its average disco how sad it is that your wise any joke ever funding because you don't want me to drive away the only reason that lies even forty is because people are taken you know what if dogs worse anthea beings that had i accuse you they would be carpet new human paupers taping walking moreover the newspaper bags of every nerve your dog would take up with the newspaper bags scooped out in a bag you know it they tie it up a dramatic art dogs will be walking
a bible would people what are the paupers scooper did have the people scooper very stupid behind humans they everything that's funny i never do these stories but this what i had a view is because it said i true if we have like a planet of the apes moment where someone jeanne got inserted into dogs doc walking around like us humans are disgusting their poop at all can somebody put they would be drafting they are a bee five the login stupor eighty six will be a curfew humans law be behind me i would like here body here in the bag in the bag so pathetic that's the only reason that iran is even mildly humorous is because it's true people pooping all over the street street prestigious ever which is grows oh my gosh liberal pay out you're goin to san francisco be sure to take some toilet paper there yeah we distribute
the streets of handy wives or something my guys it's gross they have map the san francisco navigate around human way disappeared rose o folks on a very serious thank you i know i speak for you all at everybody else for a really terrific twenty nineteen just to give you some perspective of what you did what we do now in a day down goods on a radio show viewers on our youtube video show what we now i do in a day it took us basically about four or five months just last year to accumulate in one day that's true that's how many that's how much the show is grown the listeners anew and viewers we did in a day i mean in months we now do overnight that's how much you spread the word in the show so thank you so much it means the world to us of twenty nine theme is great for you
we will see you want there is they preach java happy new year to you all out there very happy and healthy knew your thanks buddy we'll see on thursday you just heard tan bonn gino show you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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