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Fireworks Erupt On Capitol Hill (Ep 1417)

2020-12-17 | 🔗

In this episode, I discuss the must-see video of the fireworks that erupted on Capitol Hill during the election interference hearing. I also discuss the troubling ways big tech interfered in the 2020 election. 

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Ready to hear the truth about America on a show that not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bongino did you did you catch the video senator RON Johnson Capital held yesterday on the election malfeasance hearing Toto? these mode, if there were more its non beast mode and beast mode setter, Johnson switched on beast modeling. Is there a beast mode? Switches era, gavel for basement going smote in three two one hears the chairman peace mode. I'm is, I feel, haven't it you probably seen it has been around a little bit. I'm gonna play that yeah, but I want to add to it with other piece on town hall by the great courage, Schlechter talking about basically the new rules. What are the new rules, if you're in all their less nor the show? Not older in chronological chronological age, but you been with us for a long time. You know exactly what I'm time. I forgive me for the depressed today,
Germany, very sorry, but the chemo hiccups we're back last night. I've got like loads of pharmaceuticals here to get me through it, so we may have to edit the Haiti's out of the show today again asserts the depressing please with me, I appreciate your patients. Logo nutritional bite by by Express VP, ladies and gentlemen, check, your online activity from prying eyeballs today get a vip and go to express vps dot com site. on GINO welcomed, thereby GINO show pretty said Joe? How are you today, fine, Sir Durban, GINO, I'm doing very well and ready to go, go go. How is that the joint declaration of do the bigger folks his eye, we say I feel good. So dont worry by appreciate all your emails, you all or us, but I feel good adjust their hiccup Obviously, when you're in a broadcasting business turn into a big deal, and if you think that chemo heck absurd, like some fairytale go, your search, and you put it there too. I had them yesterday when you think hours twelve. If I took it,
If I showed you how many pharmaceuticals, I can't say this enough, the way products from my body. If you could this, the pharmaceuticals they're. Probably what but a hundred grand and I do is a few days after the chemo, and we too, I swear it all out and you feel so one more cycle to go. I feel all right, but I gotta loaded show today, including some huge updates on this Hunter Biden case. other Angola, this story about a hundred Biden that people in the mainstream media have entirely missed, can, I want to miss at either. Ok today show biking reference Typically, businesses had to be flexible this year from working remotely to pivoting their business models for long term survival and growth. That's important folks at matters Restaurants are moving their dining outdoors netting, take out and catering some consumer package its companies have shifted to focus more on surface creators are personal hygiene price. We ve had a ship a lot of books. Instead, it book signings because of the book signings were shut down.
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smartest wait a higher thanks. Hypocrite awry producers, let's go Galileo. I do daddy on the end. To make sure we have to do the job, L, worried and after resorting to the candy velvet. Beware: many bail out a little bit can hear Kennedy, it is called ranch, they had the bad enough. You saw that strike. I began a switch back to me We say new technology, we're still work and on the whole remote. This is used to get up and bouts in or out of the note that I know I know can help me out last night. She had it cause. I couldn't stop her so when you get when you get these dreaded, he might come, she cared sleep. So you go like you by two hours and any roll over, and this massive hiccup wake you up so policy, slam me on the back. It's the only thing they work is the wish they Can I say one more thing. I mean not a bad listen. I want to tell whether it really is I'm fine. I feel good, don't you about me, but
for those who you out their God forbid, who have cancer one day. I hope it never happens you, but do you know everyone's experience? We with cancer is is Differin, but you learn little tricks. I was talking at my name dropping here, cuz, it's stupid, but I was talking to Hannity yesterday about something totally different on the phone and Sean's like Dan I've been in the broadcasting business. Most of my life. Hiccups are that's it you're, dont Rachel! You hang on a radio hiccup Jos, belated thirty. If you get the hang us, you can't talk, so he eagerly. They it's even worse, so he goes out. and giving everybody's given me like a thousand tipped some work, some those suck on eleven Wager Sean says. And bend over at the waist like you're, trying to touch her toes? Take a glass of water and drink the water bent over from the top of the class rather than a bottom. Ladies and gentlemen, I am I
I was going to say somebody canker. I hit you not, you can fill in, I'm not kidding at work, weirdest thing ever: try it bent over guide us and drink the water from the top. the work that I came back an hour later, but it gave me an hour of peace and that's all I needed to get some cease to go to Lily Whites party is my mom used to say I get it shows we get important stuff dick. I just feel like you, have lived this life with me and I enjoy the fact that you know as much about me. I run into a malls and people like hey. How are they came up? gaps- and I forget- sometimes I have to show my kids. You know that I feel it's a real honor to be in your home. Indeed, this you know you deserve to know what's going on. It means a lot to me if I'm a little lupi it just because I took a muscle, rely so, if I pass out on the air start talking funny, I literally just took the bottles right here and what is its away? Holbein has read this all that I'm here
here it is, may make you drowsy or dizzy check with doktor before it. Big alcohol use care when operating a vehicle vessel or other machines, and definitely don't do a podcast after two, I'm just getting that's not on what I added that at the end, so we'll see this caused the medication. This is the medicated shell with their budget support. To my I cared to dare to hiccups, we're done So this hunter abiden thing is really a very serious note is getting worse. An angle. A lot of folks in the mainstream media are missing because there, liberal their activists and they're not anyway eager to do actual journalism, if it hurts Democrats, that's all we already know that is a big secret. Their sunlight, Jos can have. A heart attack could be said that folks, we need us national council immediately. Donald Trump cannot leave office without appointing a special council to investigate Hunter by then the rules. Folks, that's what they said, Joe right when there's a conflict venturist like Jeff sessions, fake,
like the interest when he was the attorney general for president drop the rules where we need a special council. Ladies and gentlemen, I go into this next with the Rhine, Johnson segment. The new rules apply, I'm not Didn't you Roberts rules of order, because you Democrats stuck it to us and made up new rules so navigator. Take your new rules and shut down your gullet the new rules are special councils array? Ok up down with them, and you decide special council suck, will decide that too. How is that for the ok double barrel? Do you get it? Why do we need a special care? Well, I told you on what was it Monday show its? Was it they out on Monday and Tuesday that it's awfully here that Hunter Biden sent this email in September of twenty seventeen. That date is important
he sends an email to this office building where they're looking for an office for him. His dad and Jill Biden talked Churchill by anyone keys for this office and they're talking about who office who the office mates are gonna, be. Sorry, folks till they talk about who the office made you're gonna be in this office. It. and we clearly says Hunter binding in the September twenty seventeen email. He says that office mates are gonna, be Joe Biden and the chairman of this company called C e, F C, which is this chinese company connected to the Chinese Communist Party, now Ladies and gentlemen, that's bad about you but what is even worse- and I you know not to relegate Monday show, but this is important. What's even worse is now the potential.
We'll see what happens here? I'm thou once conceding anything that today not tomorrow and is always there next week, doesn't look at either look good for me either, but we'll see what happens here. Potential next present, the United States was going to be office mates in September twenty seventeen with a major figure from the Chinese Communist Party, who is the chairman of a company, called see FC kind of way No, maybe worth entertaining not just on this show, so What's even weirder, as I pointed out on Monday see. I see this company at the very same time. In September of twenty seventeen was working ideal to try to purchase shares in a company called rosneft rosneft. That sounds familiar. Wasn't that the cup Evolve Rosa time, which was the company involved, we're trying to buy our uranium. The russian company in the uranium one scandal exactly that was the same company- is not kind of strange again not redoing Monday show I don't want to be litigate anything I just that
It's very important. You understand the background here, because the story gets complicated. If you don't in September, twenty seventeen June oh Biden himself in Email was going to be office made with chinese communist who was running company trying to buy the russian company or getting a business with them. That was trying to buy our uranium in the uranium one scandal Joel. I need yours, you oughta in some Busby. Yet this is not me just unnecessarily reliant on you, for today is a very serious you get I and make sense. You don't get it. I went off yet we got it. We got. It were very crooked law, yes, but they can be text here and you can go back to monday- show where I buy produce all the references unique so that Russian company rosneft throws a time that had a deal there we're going to buy uranium one. I can a company that wanted access to our uranium in the United States and they we're gonna partner up with this, These company link the hunter by. Wouldn't it He really crazy,
the uranium one company and other cup, he's involved in this deal, Rosa Tom and others- were very interested in uranium, not just in the United States, but they were very you're still in very uranium. Voluminous uranium mines in cars extend that would be weird. I mean only a man unusual, but if Kazakhstan, supplies of uranium? Of course they want to buy that to look this New York Post article from a while ago, so again keeper mine, I'm sorry, I don't mean a pound, the Soviets, but if you don't get it, I will feel I've done you a disservice. Hunter Biden and his dad office mates chinese company chinese company trying to buy Russia Company russian Company China by our uranium, also interested minds in Kazakhstan. Everybody get it look who or by net is that this is one of those well looky here moments of he is all we gotta get through this
little background on this first New York Times the case you think we're making any use up. This is when the new I thank you, forgive me on track their cause. You know how I got flighty. Sometimes this is perfect. are the New York Times understood hundred Biden and his there dad was? run for president and they were trying to do She will journalism presented. They could be any penalty for the democratic party. You dig so to date. In this New York Times, peace, Joe Backer, MIKE Macintyre, twenty fifteen, they had no idea Joe Biden can run for present, similar guy? Who cares disguise painless. We can cover this guy do actual journalism for once New York Times cash. But the Clinton Foundation amid russian Uranium deal strange. from this peace again when they would do in real journalism in twenty fifteen before they realize there'd, be a penalty for real journalism? For the Democrats, which means fake journalism took over, the mines in cosmic stand that are among the most lucrative in the world. The sale gave the Russians contralto, but the uranium one view of one the volume rainy and production capacity in the United States
since uranium, is considered strategic asset with implications for national security, the deal how to be approved by a committee composed of representatives for a number of you s, government agencies? those agencies that eventually signed off as the State Department then headed by Mr Clinton's wife, Hilary Random Clinton. so again in case you think, because you're, a liberal watching my show Ithaca Para. Gentlemen, that's the New York Times own reporting there, your science, there you're gods there, your golden calf, you genuflect before them, the old gray, lady reporting and twenty fifteen before they realize Joe Biden was going to run for president. Nobody thought he would do it again. They thought he was too old. They were reporting Lastly, on the uranium one deal and they were saying why this is awfully weird, that the Russians want control of our european and there are also looking heavily into cars extend to by Iranian. There is well check out this new, our post peace, that luckily Palestine me because we had to do the New York Times. First ha, look at this Joe! Isn't this weird ebony bowed and New York posts back inactive
with twenty twenty photo emerges, showing Joe Biden meeting. Joe Biden meeting hunters alleged business partners from from from from cars extent. What so near the batteries of my systems are reviewing it s for next week, following the Helsinki goes very definitely next week, systems are definitely down for the they're down for library. For this were actually this. We know this is a it's the other way, not this But so I had forgive me if this is complicated, because our liberal, that's after you, conservatives your any getting it so now Hunter Biden who once these two an office, so his dad can be office may when the chinese company looking to do a deal with Russian company look! to buy our uranium and causing stand minds a photo. charges of Hunter.
by end is dad meeting with its officials, Cause extend to a new one. This hot, binding at its tentacles everywhere? Isn't it amazing, have these crazy interests, Joe and cause extend all of a sudden. You know that as the uranium. You know, you re like a nuclear fuel. You can use still. I kill us and stuff here. This sky could potentially be there. President knighted state and his son seemingly has its tentacles and everywhere weird that uranium one deal they wanted Indeed, cause extend, and now Joe Biden Hunter surface up in a picture. We cosmic officials is well really strange. Now we get Little gem a risky last night from Fox NEWS, which will be in the show notes by the way that this law- resurfaced Fox news that Joe Biden, Son Hunter, said: email, so we now have the email and we have the letter demanding
the ten million dollar payments from Sea FC, the chinese company, where they wanted the chairman to be office, mates with Joe Biden that was looking too by the russian company looking to buy our uranium. That Hunter by in twenty seven decent best wish from the entire by entire Biden family than we read that again, Hunter Biden and twenty seventeen as the chinese company is looking to by the russian company looking, thereby uranium or get a business deal with them? brightened sends best wishes to the company to that from the entire Biden. Family You do at the end, bear little things only request, as you requested ten million dollar. Why not one million dollar wire? That's a one and a zero one, zero one! Zero folks Tell me again: please explain to me in rational common sense, logical terms how they should not. A special council investigation right now. Do you understand I'm up one
this topical thanks a lot to get. You have got like six or seven stories and I'm getting bogged down with with a lot of stuff I have a lot to give you in an hour but I'm gonna sum this up here. We may have a present the United States, who is at this point almost unquestioned? An oblique compromise, communists in the chinese government who is in photos email chains and elsewhere with his son is well involved with other countries is well involved, the sale of our nuclear fuel to Russians. A chinese Communist Party officials took an interest in the deal tail if there were, if the last name behind these people were Trump rather than Biden, I'm you would, he calls for fairer for for public trials right now, but the media give him a pair the New York Times Gonna follow up in those causing minds the story about Health,
Clinton approving all that stuff and her state department. Why is Hunter Biden and Joe Biden Inefficient with in photos with these cosmic officials from causing stand? Why what was that about anybody s outside of the show of any questions at all. I was moved to be small time. We'll get that when we get to my second sponsor, I would appreciate your patients. Are sponsors love to be here to talk to you and it keeps the shell free. So we really appreciate ladys german policy, geniuses holiday season. We sure now. This already sees. You know satellite new, while every right will you, while I have the holiday season for many please December's one unless expensive months of the year, not to mention the busiest if you need life insurance, you know what to do what the Hassler expense try. Policy genius policy It combines a cutting edge insurance market place with help from licence experts to save time and money right now you could safely, percent of more by using policy genius to compare life insurance when you shopping for our policies
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it's nice to get it right. Thanks passages, I did you catch is very yesterday. Senator RON Johnson since gone absolute. smote on Hunter Biden, which he should because, as I just said to you Hunter by seemingly has its tentacles in every single country involved with buying nuclear fuel kind of a bad thing now really don't want to sell our nuclear fuel to enemies of the United States like Russia, especially when chinese communist or involved, who are office maids with Joe Biden, I'm just going to say that's probably not a good idea. I can almost guarantee of ethical pole. Of our studio audience of Joe and Paula. We get a three out of three me, Joe and Paul. I terrible idea. No good, no Buenos centres as has been all over this, therefore, the left hates so suggest more of this as we go forward, why we should be sitting back listening to hack Democrats in their media allies attack us we'd, be s talking points every time
This is the new bs talking point folks, the new bs talking point from the act: listen and liberal media and their democrats are every I'm? We bring up something, that's damning about the binds or the Democrats. What's the talking bird job? That's right, this information. Yet it's a conspiracy theory. They did at the whole time round. Johnson was ahead of this Hunter Biden story. I just laid out for you about his suspicious business deals with China months ago. and the media chimed in afresh at this affirmation. It's not russian disinformation. It was real Johnson's, tired of it, he's tired of it, as he should be quick video here. This is RON Johnson call it out. It starts with hack leftist, Senator Gary Peters. Gary Peters goes after Johnson.
And Johnson just goes flips? The gavel goes down the chairman gavel beast mode time. Ladies and gentlemen, we need more this summit, a thousand under article occurred, but by coach Lictor, which explains exactly what I mean by go and be mode new rules. Time check this out Mr chairman, I respond to that you're, saying I'm putting awry nation where one idea had nothing to do with this report. You you lied repeatedly and you lied repeatedly in the press and I was spreading rough disruption, just information enabling our right lie, and I told you to stop lying in. You continue to do it better, chairman. This is not about airing your grievances. I know what I don't know what rabbit holier running down. You talked about russian zone. Wrangles. Senator path is simply not what were the only one purpose to serve. You can't make obligations and a drop in there. Why, then, are easy to return batted? Who are artisan thinks this is this? Is this is terrible what you're doing to this committee and all
work that you talk. That is why you have done this committee is not actually using the chairmen of spreading disinformation. Nothing could be further from the truth in your spouting it again Why I had it at all risks charm outrageous judge Judge storm this guy's, a Frank, Gehry Peters he's always benefit He jumps on tv claims. Everything's. Russian disinformation is no evidence to back up that assertion. All attacks, the personal character, people like RON Johnson and then they want Roberts, rule of water, take Roberts, rules of water and jam up your caboose. I'm sorry! I don't know what battle you think, we're fighting and forgive me ok, I'm not like trying to attack any one in the audience here, but if you're wanted, this is beginning you one of those squishy Republicans who thinks if we're really nice to the Democrats. One day I see the light, think we're good people and vote for us and support us. I don't where you got that idea from those days Moreover, there not here anymore, they're gone social media, the twenty four hour verify blue checkmark attack machine on social media has never forget
those days are over those days, over there was limited space in the Cronkite brokered David Brinkley day to discuss on the evening news attacks on Republicans Alia: half an hour every night right did you times only had a limited front. Page twitter a twenty four hour attack machine. getting out here is we are never at listen to me. We are now Going back to the old rules again, it is not going to happen. It is not our fault. We are principle conservatives We believe everyone is big, our God given rights, but if you're fired According to the all rules, don't attack the press they buy by the barrel. Dont go after Democrat personally, even though they go after you personally, because one of these days, people belong stand that there, the bad guys, where the good guys you grossly misinterpreted this situation. Johnson did what he had to do. Ranch and has been accused relentlessly of promoting Russian. This information. That is an inn.
Accurate ridiculous. Absurd focus group tested talking point that dopey Democrats fed to the media and they scooped up, which allowed them to ignore the Hunter Biden story, and I ve got a whole block on that next to the media. Does it with big tex? Do not miss that one? The new rules are, in effect, for those you don't know, the new rules and miss that show is one of our most viral shows ever I'm sorry to keep bringing it up, but it's important new rules or this we in political trench warfare right now, and we you're in Trench warfare, where their existential threat to your freedoms to speak freely. I'm not kidding right now people are being banned from twitter. Facebook is falsely fact checking things too. depressed their dissemination happen to us again yesterday with face book. When you have, we're talking about taking away your gun, right, you're, firearm rights, you're right, practice: your religion in church. Folks. This is happening right now. It's not a joke, cancel culture, people fired from their jobs and bankrupted your life, and they can.
Out of your life with which which which make you happy put a smile on your face religion. Our ability to defend yourself to sit there and have job and work productively are literally at threat there under threat right now, the old rules or out the new rules are this: when you're in warfare, what your political opponents and its existential do you worry about what the guy? Next to you, you know a tweeted to a on four five years ago. Now you You know you worry about the guy next to you firing downrange when he enemies coming to you, you can hear Bobo formalities and the other stuff later, what I'm getting at is we're in political trench, warfare now and the moral and ethical totem Paul rules we had before half they get scrap, because there's no Can it be anything left the room Very sorry we're here. I don't want to be here as a bigger god, giving rights God given rights and a guy Fearing conservative I want to build,
that one day will get back to a constitutional republic, but sadly its evaporating before your eyes. Right now, like a broken ourselves, a cabin, a glass of water- and it brings to you to my tears to my eyes to think about there some people who understand this fight, and there is something but who don't they never Trump Republic, and the swish Republicans the Vichy Republicans who sell out there really believe, if you just nice to the other side that their somehow going smoke apiece pipe with you. They want I've seen very. People get it as much as Kurtz like there has its peace up a town hall. I'd really like you to read, and I agree with it headlines the entire premise, but I'll put up a pardon everyone, pardon everyone, everyone Gary Omega was that movie that professional I bring about them. I always get her. I say the specialists, but that's the semester. Stallone movie, the professional right.
But at least he's piyp. We got we listen. I know I don't know if we're allowed to use movies or not in the show. I don't know if the MCA stuff, but we've got to get that at least for a sound of the police. Canada. Look for these decide. These people are the assassin in a building. We go for everyone lieutenant, every you, pardon everyone, pardon everyone. Can we can't do that? Some of these people might be guilty of process crimes. Did you hear what I said you don't have to it's. What I said you have pig here's your, but did you we're in a trench right now, I'm not worried about a process crime anymore. I'm worried about the Democrats weapon eyes in the justice system to come after not just process crimes, people, but anybody associated with the tramping partner. Ripa Di gets a pardon everyone from Kurtz, later Red
peace in the shown us today, but you know that consolation user- I am I mean, you're back a little bit right by first, If we tackle a browser, worried frayed tobacco farmers, kick it in get them back here. Curtis album me from his peace town, all Kurtz Lecter. Talking about the pardons, it is just it is right and it's necessary to stymie the democratic establishments attempt to make examples of anyone opposing them amen. brother Kurd? It goes on. This yet another norm that mean old Trump is overturning, pardoning everyone, hardly instead. It is woke recognition of the new rules. Thank you Kurd heeded. Steal that, for me card nigh friends, the new rules, the Democrats imposed, which they should now experience,
The Democrats should experience the new rules. Suppositories, like pardon me, don't take this that I know Pollack! Actually, we want to see by expressions are rumble but its board, so carbines them, experience, the new rules- and I quote, depository like entity as good in hard over. Don't you She lives with how many innocent people went bankrupt after being caught up in a Russia House. Good question: did they care, though they didn't so Why should we worry about red, depriving them of their jollies? There? been a time we were all playing by the rules and said that the feds would only investigate bad people and bring them to justice where the illness
people were not pursued due process nor punish due process. Excuse me those where the good times, but they are not these times- amen. Brother, Kurt, Pardon, f, you like your new role. where you weapon eyes the Justice Department to suppositories. I give it to anyone who is associate with the trunk team Gooden hard, but we'll just pardon everyone see how that works out for you, I am one hundred percent in support of that and when The o J and the FBI and the Justice Department want to get back to investigating actual crimes and our political opponents. Then we can return to Robert rules water. Until then, the new rules will remain in effect, Please German, this block I have coming up next is very important. I register
The Wall Street Journal today are yesterday. Excuse me, I was gonna companies yesterday, but we gotta that George Soros Thorgest lit up the internet thanks for pick it up my book by the way follow the money we jump like two thousand spots in bookstore, Ray Yesterday, I there's a whole chapter on Soros in my lady spoke, follow the money and how really is involved, is very detailed and reference. Why they check it out. Follow the money pick it up thanks to everyone who pick it up. Yesterday, we were flying, We are the number one book yesterday and like three different categories on Amazon. So thank you. I really appreciate having said that, because of the length of the sorrow stories MRS Bloch, but this story was in the Wall Street Journal A gets weird. I want to point out first, using twin, have real election interfering? happened and how the so called smartest among us. You know Joe, the White paper crowd, and GEO crowd. The think tank crowd. The boot, though, you know the mandarins, the bureaucrats, the Euro, the higher up the Mount Olympus of the intellectual aptitude up in Washington D C.
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In our entire supposedly capitalistic free market business system is under attack by cancel culture. Where authors can't right, people can't go to work if they had a facebook post about Trump. It's an absurdity. Here's the real interference, big had Tipp Logan Hall. I put this out and is twitter account, which I retreated form he produced somehow lines, showing you just did that this headlights for themselves, I don't get, let's just go through them, one by one but started, and pr and you'll see where the real election interference was and Pierre headline October, fourteen twenty twenty hours before the Elections- Facebook, twitter, limit, sharing New York Post story about Joe Biden. We all know about that. The Hunter Biden Fiasco with suppressed by people like Facebook and Twitter, and PR was more than happy to cover that so then, when they deem the penalty for publishing the Hunter Biden story before the election, the penalty being one arm across that they may lose votes. If
abiding in the abiding crime family were exposed once they felt like that time line had passed and make it safely used. This is what happened. This go to wash your journal twitter unlocks. The New York Post account after two weeks stand up. Two weeks was enough time show for the story. They thought to die down. So then I said: ok, we'll just on Mark a major mainstream media news outlets like the New York part, so black obey Hunter Biden story, total election interference given two weeks did this animal unlock. You will return. We did we whether we should be Beata Fight in Saint it, because it was so nice that we did that. Here's a fact story about who it bitter twitter and Facebook that block two hundred binds during Fox NEWS published December fifteen. Twenty twenty top facebook, twitter Ex donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Trump camping. Just kidding, divide campaign. Of course, no facebook exact No, let me read the sub headline again: no Facebook or two
executives her found to have dominated the trumps, get to trumps campaign? Not for the liberals watching shower, listen, that's a zero! That means the absence of value. I think the Greeks, the Davis Brazil, the absence they were or were not, they couldn't find any. Got twitter, which is now decided that retreat now back. You can now retweet on Twitter Twitter, where switching back Ouch used to retreat are quoted the way you did before before what job here before the election, where you may save your you're watching my show and you're, not twitter, savvy, which you should be because twitter socks use parlor. Instead, I M an investor in because I hate twittering stand them and I use it to promote parlor. Why did twitter stop. allowing you to reach we or share stuff on their platform before the election, because they were afraid, Donald Trump, given his dominant,
on social media, twitter would actually retweet stuff. That would go viral and hurt the Democrats now that the elections over and they think they have won Joe, sudden, retreats or back about their back? It is their back. How bout that about that, but now my dear eighties, Chuck well earlier games evidently or wake my how about their bare Sarah had TAT girl do for the doktor filter. Hey when it up here's our body drill producer drew this is not a job drew our video produce, will be seeing a lot more time in the future. HU as a radio show up on the West Coast. The Florida he's a morning post in after morning show he does our show this video production. You guys through steel so drew, has a Youtube account where he re broadcast segments on Youtube of his radio. Show
drew got this little gem from Youtube dismisses an actual screenshot here they took down of his videos. think violates their spam or deceptive practices and scams policy, what was the video the Supreme Court, on the twenty twenty election plus vaccines Data breaches Ladys tall drew barrel middle finger were basically gonna. Pull your stuff that.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the real election interference. How does that move into this next segment? So now that we have established a baseline of how big tech interfered in this election is very important to discuss how the threat is in front of our faces and is being ignored by people who could stop it and when I say the threat, I want to be very clear about what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the threat to free speech, if you don't have free speech and the right to speak and professor beliefs openly. Ladies and gentlemen, you have a totalitarian society. Our worst fears would come. True. Big Tec is assisting.
the battle to shut you up at goes into my next article, though about your journal or, if I may talk about how the white paper crowd and the think tank crowd and the energy okra the non governmental organisation cards. You know Joe, the smart people how they manage to see threats everywhere all over the world, but they miss what's right in front of their face. This big threat that I just got this big threat from big tech that I just got on talking about here is a Wall Street peace by Anders Fog or Ass musin. That's a very impressive name. He was the NATO Secretary General, clearly an important human being here, Anders Fog Rasmussen, he says a new way to lead the free world and a Wall Street Journal opinion peace, the affair, the authoritarian, the authoritarian tied, has risen but a global alliance of democracies would help turn it back. So Anders far, Rasmussen is very concerned. Matthew, authoritarian street brewing overseas, but about the authoritarian streak here,
So what exactly is a use uses? A very interesting example from the peace he says is now we're talking about tech. This is fascinating this is Anders fog. Rasmussen was Roger. He started the threat from tech, how we can help, keep the suffering and how big tack and technology? can help authoritarian regime regimes like China, North Korea suppress their people and their ability to speak freely and take away their freedoms are called from. The pc says it's that last topic: TAT Their poses an existential challenge for democracies he's not wrong here. The world is in a figurative technological arms race whoever wins that race will lead and setting rules, standards and norms for emerging technological systems from facial recognition to weapons of war. If China wins the race, freedom will win these worried about. China me some that up for you basically using advances, facial recognition technology to with their church
is the largest surveillance state in the world. They have cameras everywhere to you, that technology to pinpoint eggs, actually, where you are in any given point to be able to track you to do what they are not looking too you, ladies and gentlemen, the chinese government to hand you some kind of a welfare stimulus check the China communist or looking to track you, because if you speak out against the chinese communist, they wanted and you too, the cool lock and wouldn't it be really. Easy Joe to send you to the gulag if they knew where you were at all times, because I can't send Yoda the gulags don't know, which always so what's really weird His Anders Fog Rasmussen, very impressive name, is very can about the abuse of big tack, intact technology and a high, and stop to suppress free speech to suppress dissidents in China. How China will use the technology to take people who speak freely against the chinese government and ship them to the goal?
But they don't seem to be at all concern about the abuse of big tack here tearing down videos blocking people from Facebook, censoring depressing I'd states, a speech. the exact same thing: MIDAS the Gulag- thankfully Joe up until this point Youtube, doesn't have a Youtube gulags who knows, I dont know anybody's big plans, but there's no gulag now, thankfully, but they are doing the same thing on the speech of suppression for there's, no doubt I just showed you drew stake. They literally deleted this video. It does exist now on a platform for people who want to see it. What's the difference minus the gulag. Please tell me what the difference between China abusing Tec to shut up people, from speaking out about the Communists in China, please I'm waiting we'll give it a second
can use the jeopardy sounded. But I'd love to do you think about it. What's the difference being tech here silencing people who say They don't like and big in China, using technology too sharply Up in China the only differences we don't have the gulags. Yet, why now? Why don't we have the good Why is the left silent here? Why are liberals on the left and big amid smart people, enjoy types, white paper types think we did you get us all who is the right of white papers so diverse as brilliant, why they think type thing hackers. Why are they so blind to this threat in front of their faces? That if this can ten use. Ladies and gentlemen, we are going down the China path. I wanna a it
with this important segment and are one of the very serious I now want to mess around. I hate teleprompter. Why is the left blind to this number? One. because folks I hate to tell you to my tongue about everyone on the left. I'm talking about the radicals who want you suppress and what you pulled off Youtube and white. You attacked and fired from your job to cancel closer people. Why do they enjoy that? because they do because their mercenary vengeful people don't ever ever Forget the damn bond GINO Golden Rule of politics. If you don't understand this rule, you listen to the wrong shop. Conservatives think liberals are people with bad ideas. Copy liberals and conservatives are bad people with ideas. That is an axiomatic Don't ever forget that the reason we go endless and we get personal sometime
two, but we don't disrespect their God. Given right, no credible serve it. If I know you can you should, if you are I'm sorry, but is suggesting that the press freedom put in jail for reporting, stupid things, I believe God given right to a free press that right includes Joe their ability to act like morons and they take up on the offer all the time, but you mobility is zero. I mean it's not like there. Winning that fight you just take Paul's nest with each other to trust the press. Ninety set of republics like now, we know they're, not winning, that fight. but they're free and they should remain free to be stupid. The Brill's don't feel that way about you. Why are they blind to the threat? to freedom, right here at home and so attentive to the threat, freedom in China, North Korea now elsewhere, because number one they enjoy it. they enjoy, they I'm not kidding, they think you are bad people. This is not a joke. Not talking about,
Democrats motto that everyone in the media, my stereotyping, every liberal, the radical portion of the left. I can unfortunately growing portion of the party, the eighty out- she'd be anti Bobby Elam Crowd and all the people who associate with them want to see you punished literally punish, not figuratively. your job? Your income humiliated on social media for being a conservative. now you see why slickers peace is the right one, pardon everyone. They will put all of you in jail tomorrow. They are blind to the threat overs here, while paying attention to the threat overseas. because number one? They can use big pack here to punish you and they think it's great. But the second part of this is more important. They don't think cancel culture is ever going to come for them.
So they don't see any penalty. China yeah. They do their thing of will never be like China. Member would just attacking conservatives and cancelling them now they are absolutely convinced this threat, one the wind up on their doormat at their front door. Folks, I'm telling you this is the history has borne this out and I'm begging. I'm I'm I'm too. The liberals who listen to my show, I'm not kidding sniper. I'm begging you please this. can see this continued insistence on the council culture, road of using big tat, the sight. Your conservative enemies cause you consider ass enemies will definitely come for. You. This is mandatory. Everybody keeps asked me put together a buck lest I'll, give you a few right now. Conflict divisions, Thomas saw vision of the anointed too greatly
Maybe we'll do that on the website. One day we have some real great tat come in for it, but I do I get that I address that, but it is another one, and this is about this specific topic. If you have any doubts that the left it listening to the college, kids were on the fence about being a conservative and liberal. You not really sure yet. You're independent read the book in the first circle by such needs, and I love such needs and I've talked about his books all the time. Salt needs and is one of the great thinkers of our time he exposed. Soviets like like no human being on the planet, timeless author there's a bookie as it's it's been around for a while that obviously new, but is called in the first circle Mandatory reading folks, especially if you're a lever, what's the book about now, go into the whole thing. I'm eggs give a brief summary
It's about how in the Soviet Union once they instilled this sense of totalitarianism, in fear how the people who thought or on the right side, like the liberals, think they're on the right side. Now they're like honour we're just gonna, cancel conservatives they'll never come for us where their friends. so did some of the academics in the Soviet Union. They thought there to a thorough, stolen, more come for us with the academics who believed in communism, we were the ones who told Population, communism's gray, great just like the papers, tell us now about socialism in the United States or what happened the thing about to Erin, as Lord ACT in said, another axiomatic truth is power, corrupts an absolute power, corrupts absolutely.
So what happened to the academics, who told the people in the Soviet Union how great communism was gonna, be they found themselves in jail to? They were the sacks z e K. ass and when they found themselves in the gulags with the soviet style and did to the academics, who had previously supported when they found themselves in the good what they did to this x. The Soviets was awful. They put them in gulags that were the candy. since follow me Joe does make sense of these stubby. They put them in July they were the conditions were better than the siberian gulags? If you know what I mean, they got three for solid meals. is what did Stalin need? They were the academics and smart people, so, even though they were imprisoned in gulags, he wanted to make sure he can get some work out of him. So he did I'm gonna be starving to death or beat this not out of him every day, so they were in little column
who would gulags if there are good gulags. Any told this act, I'm gonna use your academic skills to find these other traders out their academics so he made this x analyze. I expect a graphs and other things so when they got wiretaps of other academics, who we're talking about Stalin and didn't, say nice things, some of their friends would be who had expertise in this would have to identify by their friends, we talked enough over then later got locked up. Eventually, these academics said we're not going to do that anymore. We're not going to let you in prison are friends and use us to do it in the first circle. The reference to Dante. Remember that.
Eventually, they come for you and they force you to turn your friends over. Ladies and gentlemen, the answers are in the history books. You just gotta, read them it's a powerful, powerful, powerful book and affright New forever, and that's why emotional about the topic a bit? That's why? Even though I have a heavy financial interest in two companies were competitors to Youtube in parlour I mean on Youtube in Twitter. Shoes me with parlour and rumble. I am committed to even liberals. Listening. You are it's a free platform for you to act as it makes some people happy again, don't let those idiots on their now. Ladies german free speech matters even stupid, free speech we'll never go down that in the first circle round ever we're like well below me, suppress the people we don't like, because eventually the suppression and the gulags come for you two eyes
let me get to my last sponsor in and on the other side of this listen, I dont want of where you down with the Milton Friedman, videos, I'm sorry at the last one for the week. I promise they're, so good, and I the ECB stupidity in the media has been just endless No one says it better than Friedman, so I again another axiomatic truth is, and this is not my quote it's from out. I heard at the foundations and charitable work, therefore them doll Try to create mediocrity. Repellor hey genius, so we, Edmund says it best just play Friedman. It's the easiest way you there with the quicker risk either that we left the new technology. Folks, the quicker Ruth he's given problem, follow you come on repeat. I swear. I think people the Euro is that she got this new click here to get over there, you're, not gonna wanna. Mrs Friedman, video. Next
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how to put on the microphone at the top of the page and type in Dan at stamps, dot, com, click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and enter Dan Dan stamps dot com never go to the post office again, I came back to Fritz again, not Chinaware yeah it the Friedman videos, but I saw this article in the Wall Street Journal, which polish swore I would never get to mention it a bit yesterday again it's about this phantom multiplier. The left is obsessed with this John Maynard Keynes. Economic, theory, decades old, it's called keynesian economics. It's the one. YO see screwed up in the video begged. She couldn't figure it out you because each against Hey Yossi. Who actually has a college degree in economics has no idea. Keynes is by the way, John Maynard Keynes, his whole Keynes economic theories, a foundation of leftist economics. Awesome
Very simply- and this is extremely simply basically- government spending can fill a whole when the private economies in some kind of recession with depression. It's a lot more complicated than epithets the essence of its nonsense. It's never work, they won't ever work. But one of the theories embedded in keynesian Economics is this theory, the multiplier that the government can spend money in it multiplies throughout the economy which is reduced, this because the governments to take money from people to multiply it, which means its dividing money to multiply, would means which means, ordinarily, that would no out the zero right. Well, it's even worse, because the government as it does it, takes a cot for itself, which I showed that Friedman video. Yesterday. Here's the Wall Street Journal to talk to my card. You read it. I don't put in the show notes because, while she general subscription only but it Jews and you have a subscription. You can just put this in a search engine and check out the story. You so you think I'm going to get to it. Didn't she tolerate or you don't have a deal. You haven't. She loved this woman at that stimulus dollar is only a dollar by the great folks.
This guy's pieces in the Wall Street Journal or spectacular. I can't say enough about an anti Kessler. He so good, so readable till some people are thinkers and I can't write not him he's a thinker who can write. He talks about this dreaded multiplier, make it a comeback member the multiplier. Simply this. If the government takes your mom and it goes suspense and out of the people in dramatically, multiply it more money which is, if that sounds stupid to you. That's because it is from the peace he says. Labour suggests data shows that four may do July when unemployment benefits were high. Job opening surged as the general report employers complain who, having trouble rehiring workers once it benefits, expire, in August. Job opening spell for the first time since the start of the pandemic. They certainly because and because the economy is faltering, third, cartography mess
product surge of thirty three percent Anon rate rate, the warnings from the sea beyond Krugman we're all wrong, even as the bonus benefits were cut in half retail sales, retail sales increase three percent July to October. That's actually the wrong quote from the other article about the stimulus benefits totally busted on here, but it's ok we'll get to the multiple. stuff. Another time, because we can be sure I thought that's the raw water. She put her hand on ad motion writer. Still it doesnt matter, it's ok, in other words your journal targets at the Kessler Peace, but here's that they don't go anywhere with yellow because he says the same thing: that peace was about. The unemployment benefits that were above what people were making when they went back to work, in other words, the theory that the government can give you more money than you were gonna make in the private sector and somehow stimulate the economy. How are you stimulate the economy. If you are literally paying people not to work You know what I'm saying job
More is the government. Do not do stuff is not away to stimulate the economy. Now to the Friedman, video less one for the week, I can't make any promises. I see a good one. Please come back, but I'll. Try! Here's Milton Friedman again, where some kind of semi left this gets. Just more. Guy n asks Friedman. The most ridiculous question ever take a fifteen pard question, but the guy says to Milton Friedman: hey, listen the government spending money, which I just told you nonsense. We pay people not to work they'll. Do this crazy thing like not work and if they don't produce stuff you won't have stuff to use. Does that make sense if Pay people in the medicinal healthcare industry do not work and produce vaccines. You won't have vaccines because, ladies and gentlemen, goods and services, I would make us wealth.
You can't pay people not to build homes, and I wonder why everybody's homeless, so this guy S Friedman he was here. I got an idea because the government should take more people's money, because when the government confiscate forty percent of people's money, if you're laughing, when I say It was an actual question why treatments answer gel this in a logical, the gag, as if the government takes forty percent of people's money, then those people have to work harder to get that money back Who Friedman gotta be sit near like this? In his answer to that stupid question is discussed. The best love a case any better, take extreme gave that forty percent being used just to have people sit around the fact. They spend their money doesn't honour the situation, the only products This is what the sixty percent produce and that sixty that is divided among a percent. If, though,
forty percent of also producing goods and their more goods, go around among everybody, just involved in a fallacy of looking at dollars, which is important sometimes, instead of looking at Real product, the goods and services that people produce and people consume, spending, isn't good watch buddhist producing what we want to have a more goods and services. As I say the obvious indicates that is clear. Is that if your life, you right, it would apply for fifty percent, sixty send seventy ninety ninety eight hundred percent and obviously you would see that would be a bunch of nonsense at that stage It is desirable to have some money spent by government. For those thing, though, serves Is we believe we can get more usefully and more effectively through government people are getting their monies worth. Fine. That
Why is very desirable to have governmental expenditures take place at a local level as possible does as a citizen of a small community can judge whether you're getting your money worth. You can decide that you want to spend the when it comes to the federal government. You tend to think that yours somebody else's man, and you are in a way that he spending yours gentlemen. I again I've repeated that line by Friedman so many times you understand why this man, again, I can't say enough, changed my life. God rest his soul. You that light at the end Now? How many times we use the joke of government spending, as you think, you're spending your neighbors money? Yes, but he thinks. The second thing you here is point in the beginning: ladys German. This is critical. This is tautological when you think about it. The guy's point is if the government is forty percent of the economy, so
forty percent of people are employed by the government and they take away the money from the sixty percent and spend it on others that that's productive. This was the liberal guys point because, as we take the forty, sent away from the population they'll have to work harder to get their money back. So Friedman says to me two points. The first point is an obvious one. Well, if stealing people's money is a government more Carta, why not take it all right? So why take forty techniques yea prevail, worked really hard to get their money back and right that a meat is just right. If that point was rational, it's not. Then it makes even more sense to steal everybody's money all the time. Of course, that's ridiculous. When you take people's money, it does the opposite. It is then them to work why? Because there working to pay. Someone else not themselves did this. Did this liberal, I
play the video guide, the guy's question, but I wanted to clip manageable. It would have been like five minutes long, the guy I'm at the super long question, obviously makes no sense working for someone else does not incentivize. If Europe, getting paid you to work harder. It is devices you to work, less you're, not really Bulgaria, the benefits. But his second point is critical. Forty percent of the population is working in the on productive, productive sector, and I dont mean non valuable, but I mean non productive sector and the government. We have extremely valuable sectors like our military court system,. what I mean is non productive meeting there, not value added activities there, not creating businesses. The government doesn't do that. If forty percent of our society is too is in government and is taking and taking and take it.
Then, who is left to produce all the medicines, the homes, the cars, the computers? The phones depends the candy bells, the gavel whose producing all the stuff the need to make us wealth not a hundred percent of society, but you have sixty percent working to support every one because the other forty percent are out there workin for government and taken all the money out of the system. Did you catch? second point he made the take away is. Production matters not spending, don't get lost in government spending. spending is irrelevant, can print money. The facial value of money doesn't mean anything if there's no value behind it, Get what I'm saying it's? What is society produces, not what it spends. It makes it wealthy if you'd, have a society of people. Producing homes and medicines and food and microphone building it literally building it, and this
services that supporting the ip, the intellect property. They designed this sorry twenty microphone and this fancy Iphone. You don't have those productive people doing it and use I ve been a more to go and work for government in non value added activities you don't have. products, ladies and gentlemen, were back in the stone age. It's that spending that makes us wealthy. Stimulus from the government is not stimulus at all its production. That makes us wealthy I'm going back to that article, Paula Parliament, I've even I was mistaken peace. When you pay people more money than they make to work and produce stuff. Do not produce stuff you have a society that slowly bankrupting itself? No matter what you spent, because you're not producing anything Friedman was a genius, but I have some more stuff. I did and bright Barton something had the sand. This video- I don't play that tomorrow,
hey, just a quick uptake. So yesterday I mentioned the idea of doing a charity book signing for some restaurant friends of mine that are struggling. I think we have added a new location in Maryland. Tears. We're gonna do this. Now here's ass gonna go down because we got tremendous audience feedback. I need a favor from you, we get Oh many emails you like dad. I will totally be they're here. I want to work this. I got away for the restaurants and stuff to open up because I don't want Cuomo to target people may go up there and and find them at a business that doesn't do many get, but I have two friends it or their businesses or die in their very close friends. I spoke to them yesterday on the phone therein knew you As one location in queens location and Westbury long I'll, we're gonna, do it Probably gonna be around, maybe March or April, when the vaccine stuff in you know everybody can open up. We do a book sign
I'm gonna grossly overcharge you for the book by in a box. It's all charity ever all for all. Not all proceeds are going to go to the servers in the waiters in a restaurant. All you got to do is show up make the books like fifty bucks. If you're cool with it every dollar I'm going to buy the books, I still have to buy my own books, don't get for free. All proceeds are going to go to the waiters, the cooks, everything in these two place because they deserve it, and I'm do I folks again. I can't I wish I could help everyone, I'm limited. You know if we help Jackson North Carolina tattoo place no in up in the gym. I've wishing, but I I have another and two in Maryland, who has another? asked around. I dont know this restaurant, but their struggling to. So I get it that Maryland too, so we'll make a buck say. Fifty bucks, which granted is an expensive for a book, but all the proceeds will go, go in eat said out of them draw whenever they will give? You know boss, assignable chat, we'll take selfies, whatever you want to do, I will pay for everything
throwing a couple jeez myself for everybody and we're gonna make sure that the wager the waiters in the the the and the servers and the in the bar tenders are all taking care. all I ask. Is you show up let's pack, these places if we can get four five hundred People like we got at the book signing. I did a long island great river, since I made money off that when this was not about me. This is about them. We got to give back. I've had a great year, thanks to you and I I can't sit back and watch these folks struggle their friends. Why can't you got to do and talk. It's cheap reaction matters, headaches for and really appreciate a piece of to my show on rumble. It's all free. It's our video channel alternative to Youtube rumbled outcome slashed by Angela we're way past their youtube. Subscribers now closing in on a million an Bon GINO report that com for your morning, news dump tragedy dump that's a long time ago, traffic was crazy. Yesterday bungee reports of thanks a lot bungee report back I see I just heard it in Bonn. Gino.
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