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Fireworks Explode at the Hoax Impeachment Hearing (Ep 1113)

2019-11-18 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the catastrophic meltdown of the Democrats’ hoax impeachment hearings. I also address the stunning connections between the Democrats’ Spygate hoax and the impeachment hoax. Finally, I debunk an ideological position taken by these 2020 candidates. News Picks:Listen to my powerful interview with President Trump.


Obama fired the Bush-era ambassadors and the media didn’t mind.


GOP congressman says the Democrats are racing to beat the damaging IG report


Impeachment is failing. President Trump’s approval rating jumps to 50%.


President Trump said, in my interview with him, that everyone knows who the “whistleblower” is. 


15 essential questions for Marie Yovanovitch.


This older Epoch Times article sums up the troubling role of this Ukrainian in the Spygate scandal.


75% of the AOC “squad” has been investigated for campaign finance issues


The latest Secret Service study on school shootings is worth your time.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee no gentleman aid other stack news weak and i hope you heard my interview at president donald j tromp on friday interview one of our new interview series honoured to have the president on poured its honour youtube and our channel please this intuitive broke a lot of great news on their thanks for other support on that lot to talk about today including the camp the total uttered collapse of the impeachment farce another witness who totally blew up their spot of that you probably have a nerd about we will get there also the meltdown madame chef against police define the video audio it's just classical that speaking about welcome to that amboise gino show producer joe how are you today then i'll do it pretty good eye the gentlemen must suspend the gentlemen will suspend police interrupting ratio
stop laughing the gentleman was of caring for the sea look it up he's is aggravated as everyone else was if you if you saw you'll leave it joe did you see any woman you or what of course it is always prevail to see my clear hours giovanni wait till we get adam share later visited disgusting him try gavel out elise define a gay talent of wrong woman in congress from upstate knew you like that so we do you see that we gotta get themselves thank you please suggest for playing along with we coordinated messing when i was good yet the different said now let's get her to international bodies that u s our shields gonna u s law she'll dot com slash dang your five free defend the reports now what's u s lost you what does it matter ladies germ of you gonna carry a firearm for protection which you are
a safe within a with if we of course i strongly recommend you don't carry naked i naked without close i mean naked without the protection of u s lawsuits here's an update about a story i share with you a few months back true story it was about a sixty four year old do you statement of fatally shot a pair of prowlers rooting through his home after killing the suspects he was arrested because a firearm which saved his life originally belonged to his dead father and he failed to register it when he inherited it after four months the charges were finally dropped according to his lawyer that you defend yourself doing robbery and this was the second by the way and you're the one who gets arrested this is why oh carry naked carry with the protection of u s law she'll for less than one thousand month do not only have immediate twenty four seven three sixty five access to an attorney but you won't pay a penny an attorney fees god forbid this nightmare ever happens to you if you wanna go to u s
if you want to go to u s last year that complex deanna get their free defender reports do it today it'll be absolutely free these five free defend their approach please do it you'll be amazed how useful information insiders we're living in scary times in a good guy always get a fair shake don't go out alone get the protection of u s law shield com flash right now go to u law shield outcomes less then get the protection of u s law she'll today attorney twenty four seven three sixty five god forbid you need one check it out rightly so arrogant nice ladies and gentlemen so this just apocalyptic that's a body of look at a discreet oh my dhabi additional i said joe there's these two huge spikes unlike what the heck is that if we got it was my gown the drawer the producer big monsters by let's get to set europe your jos jos get have decent work and so the impeachment fiasco continues to
explode or implode in the case of the democrats because its collapsing on itself they keep bringing up democrats remember this is happening over the house right now the house of representatives of course is controlled by the democrats macy policy is the speaker in that committee running this the intelligent which is actually intelligent or doing any work on and tell it all is being run a clown adam shift your captain gavel man so ship keep calling witnesses member these are his witnesses the witness is he call the trance we have got out over the weekend its jim morrison who was on the national security council remember where the fake whistleblower complaint emanated from the whole complain tromp with the call ukraine where he allegedly made some quid pro quo deal that never happen so the original
it was a trump was holding up military aid and he demanded investigations from the ukrainian present on that call again we now know if you're a sane rational sentient beings that did not happen you have the transcript of the colonists not there but that didn't stop from shipment see and others from promoting the hoax the gas lighting hoax fake complain that the military aid was upheld because trump on investigations into the check is to out from tee morrison ass a security council these are the transport you heard about this have you here is released is it cynthia he's questioned about the holding up of this military aid joe clearly there trying to say hey wasn't this because donald trump wanted investigations into binding here's is answer morrison the president's general antipathy to foreign as well as this concerns at the ukrainians are not paying their fair share as well as concerns when our aid would be misuse because of the view
that ukraine has a significant corruption problem he's talking about the delay ladies and gentlemen totally completely obliterates to point you get what you say here they're asking him the delay due to some concern about investigations in a hundred biden and more listen completely dismantles they describe is on the national security council and he says no to present as a general antipathy to foreign aid he felt that the ukrainian may not be paying their fair share and he was genuinely concerned about corruption over there wouldn't folks you hear about that this weekend did you hear about any of that now is surely you didn't write up these issues which is this is it out with this this shifts witness schiff complete nice lady you're talking point why the wager that transcript i think that here and you're not gonna hear a peep about it in the media anywhere that transcript of anything reflects
positively on trump hoop think people elected obviously based on his antipathy towards endless flowing foreign aid we get nothing back foreign return to countries that have histories of corruption a great year now that no no no no no that was not it there's more there was another little doozy in this transcript in the morrison test when it came out over the weekend that again you'll hear nothing from in the mainstream media you're not this show or following conservative besides you're missing all of what is really going on in exchange for bs median airs here's another one we're morrison talking about women this is fascinating mr castro the lawyer says morrison firstly job i said i had some concerns about what kind of colonel women's judge remember women was one of these national security council members who again said he had some issues with the call ok then run for president become the present you not
and so he says i had concerns about lieutenant colonel the admins judgment the law a further publicans castors his judgment with respect to what here's morrison's answer again you won't hear this anyway a market questions i had with doktor fiona hill in the transition was our team mighty myths strengthened its weaknesses and fiona and others raise concerns about alex talking about means judgment ladies and gentlemen this is ship sky this is ships witness number one there was no quid pro quo military aid was being upheld because it concerns about corruption and misuse of foreign aid and the ukraine it's doing their fair share a brute and get rid of corruption in their country added secondly the way your blower military gentlemen colonel women who apparently it concerns with the call despite declaring in his testimony saw nothing illegal about it they had seen
its concerns about women's judgment his own colleagues again you're not gonna hear any of this anywhere now i gave a speech this weekend at an event it went over very well it's a long speech i'm not i may put it on youtube if we can get a hold of it or promote the youtube channel word is about twenty five minutes i'm not going you gotta get the whole thing is i've discuss some of it on my myself but it take away the lead on it was i connected spy gate to whistle blowing it now i visited some of this before how spy gate and whistleblower gate are the exact same scandal they're both hoaxes and they're both covering up democrat mouthpieces i quickly hit that again here but before i do that the democrats are free now right now because it's the same scandal is a piece in the washing his amateur by the way johnny radcliffe knows this as well really solid congressmen from taxes
video him later to ratcliff realised that the democrats are freaking out the democrats are worried about what they brought up this whole fake whistleblower hopes because their racing to beat the idea report which is supposed to come out shortly the inspector general on the whole spiky fiasco so they just made up another hopes but i'm here to tell you that these two scandals are the same thing you may say how is spy ukraine whistleblower gate the same scale well before i get to that one play quick video audio of devenant devon nunez fantastic congressmen from california has obviously been all over spy on the mark levine shall life liberty levant its new time eight p m eastern time on sunday the dawn of the best shows on tv long form interviews mark when asked nunez this exact question about ukraine spy gate how it's all interrelated listen to nunez answer i'm gonna make sense of this for you you're never gonna doubt me if this these are the same scandal check this out
had so many problems in ukraine so the democrats they hate to admit this but their sources for the fusion gps company that they pain to dig up the dirt on tromp that ultimately made its way to the fbi there ukrainian sources their cave so they were paying people to go in the ukraine and dig up dirt some of this stuff came from high ranking ukrainian officials allegedly about what we do know is there was another dnc operative there was war would ukrainians and the ukrainian ambassador in one and indeed publicly trashed the truck campaign which is almost on her for an ambassador sitting ambassador to side with party over another in washington dc now look
none of the ambassador core decide no one in the media thought that president trump was gonna win but i only know of one ambassador that actually publicly came out against the trump campaign in two thousand sixteen and that was the ukrainian ambassador who was working very closely with dnc officials nice we stated congressmen newness folks nunez s nose because nunez knows all that it's the same scandal these spying operation on donald trump to be crystal clear simple bullet points here spying scandal was enabled by a fake darcy hey or i should say a dossier composed of fake information ladies and gentlemen large swathes of information came ukraine hence the need to cover up the
by gate scanned the buzzing trump colluded with the russians and the new it to cover up the sequel to the spy gate scandal ukraine's role when it by saying colluding with ukraine and a quid pro it's no more common greater that laid out beautifully by by john solomon s latest piece which will be in the shone out by the way quick note gino report ramos there so shown what's it all the alternative to the left george report come it very soon as they do but this will be in our show notes today john solomon reports the fifteen essential questions marie ivanovitch america's former ambassador to ukraine who testified on friday we ve got some that's some audio that what you're not gonna wanna bess here question number three john solomon has four marie via which explains nicely what's really going on here he said i quote he uses proposed question for your colleagues and protect mister george can't have confirmed that the house until committee that the u s embassy in kiev didn't fact exist
pressure on the ukrainian prosecutor's office not to prosecute certain ukrainian activists inefficient keep that there for a minute solomons laying out what this questions about the infamous do not prosecute this that giovanni vision can't allegedly had this role in a list they gave ukrainian officials do not prosecute these people in fearing in their local law enforcement by the way he goes on solomon these efforts including the letter mr can't sign urged ukrainian prosecutors to back off an investigation of the aforementioned group antics that's that soros connected group as well engaged in conversations they did about certain ukrainians like parliament the remember sir hayleigh shank go boy isn't that cute so that do not prosecute list which is not a conspiracy theory is in fact reality is already been ignored
the media can call it a conspiracy theory only whether weather i mean it doesn't matter to me anymore their credibility garbage its crap it said the pilot horsemen and were means nothing may the mainstream media has missed every single big break in the last two years in aspire gate scandal and our whistleblower gate oaks so it's irrelevant i don't waste any time on what they call a conspiracy theory collusion with the russians by tromp was a conspiracy here so they do not prosecute list which we know is real now we know included conversations about not prosecuting a guy you're ukrainian a prominent ukrainian by the way former harlem carrying sir hey lukashenko copy now so ukraine gay why are they covering up there do not prosecute list in their efforts to interfere in ukrainian law enforcement to protect this pool of people including the shank up some of you have already heard less we shall but it's important
this again in light of what nunez said this weekend because it's the same scandal check out the speech by the epic times which is terrific you up second the show notes as well it's an older peace but it's worth your time because it will explain everything is from april twenty nineteen by jeff carson tie the ukrainian national a unifying theme and early attacks on shrub check out this portion of the peace which explains perfectly why they're dead put cover up ukraine's roland spiky by making ukraine a trump scandal name again sir the shared goal who can't and your vaudeville these witnesses against trump right there i reminded the ledger do not prosecute this you may go survey the shake or member the ukrainian parliament was a common thread involving democratic opposition research at the former campaign manager paul metaphor lukashenko along with artem signet the director of ukraine's nash corruption be responsible for publicly disclosing the contents of the ukraine
in black ledger that's the document that implicated afford to the media and started the investigation of the poor metaphor listen to this one lesson go also served as a source for various individuals journalists michael s cough all remember his work was in the dossier folks dnc sort of alexandria kaluza whose already acknowledged by the way the ukrainian embassies already acknowledged was seeking information on the trump theme in collusion effort in addition was shakos served as a direct source of information for four four who for whose of fusion ps and our hired researcher former cia contractor nellie or police myths new book is an excellent journalist the plot against trump has a chapter on the prodi dossiers which is fantastic what are the pro thus he is ladies and gentlemen there were dossiers written by fusion gps before steel on board member that steel wrote the dossier asked the old right that assay seals names
dossier may have had some role when it but those dossiers were being written by using gps fusion gps whose already acknowledged now your has stated under the shank denying this by the way to be fair the psycho saying i contact with fusion gps to give his side i'm telling you knowing your has stated under oath that lachey shake it was one of our contacts that is indisputable issue i i don't know shit go said she is i'm simply i could tell you something was going on with the shanco because nellie or is already on the road settlers genco from ukraine was one of our sources for the proto dossiers ladies and gentlemen you seeing how the snake weaves through everything the spy aid scandal was an effort to get fake information from overseas sources ukraine included allegedly by le from you creators feeding information according mattel yourself to nellie
as the writing these products years they then the alarm later on and they recycle some of the same information and puts deals name on it it's the same scandal it was a collusion scandal with the ukrainians to impact rob again what are the democrats do what they always do they simply take out democrat erase it put in trump colluded with the ukraine it is literally that dumb as you are in some that makes sense were good dear this pretty cleared in ok i mean due to understand this list shako is the key to the whole thing with its the reason the media is covering up the do not prosecute list because the shank goes on it yeah it's the reason believe what shared goals so furious his name is being brought up in this it's three now you're in them are so terrified about releasing fusion gps is bank records because they don't want to see payments do people in ukraine oolaloo lawyer and is also the reason they have to get trump out of office before this
however that all the fake information used to spy on from a lot of this significant portions of it we're coming from ukrainians colluding with democrats there it is in a nutshell is right i waited determined none of this is working i get a second sponsor many through say but none of this is working i got more on this it is backfiring inspect accurate fashion i so i want you to get smile a little but i know a lot of its bad news but this is blowing up in their faces we go back at one time interracial also brought you by our bodies that teeter you know folks some of the products response i use i use often this is a product i use actually twice a day teeter its tee yeah what is it air the leader in inversion tables ladies and gentlemen i have really severe arthritis it's really horrible i don't need to complain about a more shop you know get through it but one of the product's it's how may i help me what my shoulders my back and everything is the tea conversion table it uses
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showing you again how this is failed this impeachment hoax vs go in spectacular fashion which it has ladies and gentlemen look at this peace by paul but darted washington secrets about the polling on this i mean you want to talk about a complete political melt down on the left look at this they have proof alright trumps approval rating is now jumped up to fifty percent or impeachment paw jobs are proliferating back up the very nice job fellas democrats we really do a lot of damage eardrums keeper mine i just saw we're right is i got on the show they do in the sunday but right as i get on the show i did have time to send the box it was literally as i got on the show this came over rasmussen report coming this morning this is up the paul paul outfit respected parliament's resolution coming this morning job voters want to hear about ukraine from a hundred job i so not only member wishes
what was it suicides quite captain boomerang this is like don't make a boomerang captain boomerang from the suicides what's good with the boomerang this is preserving captain boomerang he so incompetent throws the boomerang pizarro cap the brake and it only hit him in the face every time folks this thing is blown up speck smile a little bit there witnesses are collapsing their stories networking hoaxes being exposed they have no bob i still haven't you been given you the ivanovitch audio video which was awful it totally blow up in their faces trumps approval is up and impeachment humans are spiking interested in trump no in a hunter binds corruption overseas and job items role it is nice job them really good bizarre captain boomerang effect very well done idiots idiots idiots i'm sorry folks adamant but really idiot you were born
not joe you weren't warned by moderates in your own your this is really stupid it not if you're more and that a moderate and your party i'm a conservative but model it's more telling you what we were telling you about but to give advice to the democrats but we warned you you do this and go down this path did we not joe there will be no turning back you have no ok sir if you the evidence of trumped committing a high crime i i believe most americans will be with you it's not appropriate get pensioner gave you had nothing you don't have it it's a very they forget about now they of a low crime or next oh cried there's no crime this they made up hawks and it's a cover up now they they paraded up marie ivanovitch up the capital hell on friday which i live here viewing tromp while they were honours looking out at my my left eye on the tv and he
my interview i strongly encourage you to listen to its it's really good fabric one thing sorry i'm enemy they get off track is greatly evaluation segment i got a lot of questions why did you s trop about the national debt folks you have my pollack vouch for me on this folks i swear it was my next question but out of respect for the present they gave us the minutes the interview went on for about twenty to twenty three i had a good i swear to you on my life if you ve ever trust that was my next question adam in order and they were perfectly fine with it you know i was ready to go with all this stuff they did not like screen any my questions at all i just didn't avatar i give you my word if we get it and if you that'll be question number one i was not docking it and neither were they or anyone like that so i just wanna because you're right it's a big problem no matter who's in the wine i totally get it who's in the white house and you're right but i where do you that was one of my questions just out of respect for the white house i couldn't keep mama so i just want to get another way sir forerunner of the shepherd so
part of it all ladies and gentlemen the the the head around this one up let's get the lead ever give out of its has said so evolving was our ambassador over to ukraine and yet she's got the sands joking fired by trial was caused all feel terrible trump tradespeople terry five people dude he literally at a show the apprentice where his task i was a fire like you did notice about a drop this whole thing was the swamp and hiring people and this is your best shot marie jovanovic i was fired by for doing a terrible job by a bit of others do not prosecute list at bed method drop overseas but he was really mean jesse waters had tipp the jesse on the five i they tell you and by they had their benny johnson from a turning point i got this from his twitter feed is a clip from the five of jesse waters in one of the best
minute long rance i'm not kidding i've seen on fox in years just if this juan williams one williams on this point about how you marie vitamins just your impeach into present because she has the sad she's upset she got fired listen to that he goes out of a couple board issued this is one of the best sixty seconds of odd video you ever going to see check this out so jesse she said though that when the president was the earlier transcript was real he's in the president was so i ve been talking to the present the ukraine about her and said in ocean a bad ambassador she's gonna go through some things she but she did feel in fact that she had been smeared poor baby when obama got into office he fired all the ambassadors and replace them it will he can do at every wants all presidents can under obama ambassadors we're coming back and body bags now everyone's upset because one got fired so what people get fired all the time it doesn't make a difference witnessed
and really shift you did with the whistle blower that's witness tampering bribing huh obama sends palliative care store ran bribed than this freezing aim for a blink of an eye that's a bribe too sitting is now unimpeachable offence that's witness tampering let me i'm sending you ever go to court money and then you wanna get em for obstruction of criminalizing everything he looked really are where to meet you look genuinely genuinely irked yeah lovett listening no jesse bisexual quite astute analysis folks i have to tell you jesse sharp guy but now it is pro we the best method of audio i'm not kidding i have seen on fox in years i mean there's gabriele europe including myself in that i mean what a total complete eviscerate of every stupid left talking quiver and joe i believe your analysis is correct you no jesse can be so
catholic unequally provide some comic relief on the five but jesse's smart guy does its homework and i agree with you i think he is reaching the point where the bs meter you he's done yet like he's done like you and i are done like paul is done and like the audience system done like we are really real retired this like we were tight two years ago now we're tired of being tired of it like you it's really need to get out of the way and let the country move on really because you back the liberals and their there oaks theories and their media allies and their spinsters and they're talking heads you really just need to pipe down and get out of the way i mean really a disgrace what's goin on its constitutional republic you are free our your grievances and air them but you are clearly at this point throw in a monkey ranch in the machinery of the country just because you all have the sad because you don't like the president and candidly it's really gross
but the main talking point there that one tried to put out there which is so i dont know how it's even talking we fired marie ivanovitch and she's upset look it is bright barbie again which will be in the shadows must read than charlie spirit flashback present obama fired all of george w bush is appointed ambassadors and twenty eighty i'm just curious just do it they have decided to where is the hearing about the is it's gotta be some sigmund freud psychoanalysts analysis support or we can have all of the obama you're ambassadors who were fired who were from trumped shoot me from president bush hold offers are we i have them come up and talk about their sense we have this sad tagline was you're fired he ran on outing the swamp it's not even a media double said they don't have standards there talking point are stupid presidents tagline was you're fired he ran on outing the swamp we have us apparatus ambassador at all
our in ukraine bad mouthing the president with serious allegations of being involved in a do not prosecute this interfering with foreign law enforcement to protect people credibly alleged to be involved in the spy gate information trafficking scandal and we're supposed to just let this go what do you think we're stupid thank you jesse really very well done now getting to the during because i need to get to the event of a church was again i dont care with the democrats are telling you with their boots licking media acolytes and sick offence i'm telling i'm getting it from friends of friends and friends of friends of friends kind of like the whistle blower who were hearing rumours that this thing is a catastrophe for the democrats you don't believe me this is it impeachment hearing about a legit
i crimes misdemeanours treason or bribery right that's what your body which was testifying euro as the audience on budget this is not a cattle auction and sought in a whore auction if it's not you know pre screening of a movie this isn't impeachment here incorrect yes it is yes it is dan yes thank you we're talk king about alleged high crimes misdemeanours treason of bribery here is chris stewart mute other public inside asking we have testifying at an impeachment hearing if she has any evidence of all at all about what you're testifying about actually happen and here the hapless marie evolving comes up at the again in addition to the other two witnesses who had nothing on eddie to check this out any information regarding president united states accepting any bribes now
you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the president of the united states has been involved with at all now thank you for answering that directly the american people no this is nonsense american people no this is unfair chris steward one of the unseen heroes of this by the way we give a lot of attention to mr radcliffe noon s joy at least fine but there were a lot of really good people up there did their jobs and i want you to listen i've as you know of your regular listen show there i give very upset at the report hence we now stand on principles me i've seen a lot of that sadly our national debt in other things exploding but they have really buckle down and fought back on this and you know who was proud on friday you did a good job and i mean that you know seizing a pile on all the time but once in a while you deserve a pattern finally standing up in bearing our fangs against these people who are involved in the spy gate scandal in this cover she has nothing folks nothing she's testifying impeachment here
it is said in your own words you just listen to and saw that she has no evidence of any crimes it why are you here newness esther i quote why are you here nunez maybe at age our hearing would be more appropriate because you have the sands about getting fired why are you here here's again excellent congressmen from texas john rackliff please inform united states journey so good lawyer memory part of its use up their testifying she's a democrat witness folks she's a democrat witness and a democrat as well she's up their testify that she's a big corruption fighter in ukraine and she has the sad because she was fired by trump although she was looking into corruption here's john rackliff saying hey listen you rusticated corruption uk your big corruption fighter allegedly then what thou parisian ah
or serious allegations is corrupt natural gas company higher joe biden kid to influence u s policy on you can what about that looking to check this out but you specifically recall borri small is out of thousands of companies in the ukraine the only one that you recall the obama biden state department prepared to answer questions about was the one where the vice president's son was on the borders that fair yes you understood from
deputy assistant secretary george kent's testimony as it's been related to you that he testified a few days ago do you understand that that arrangement hunter binds role on the bereavement board caused him enough concerned that as he testified in his statement that in february two thousand fifteen i raised my concern that hunter biden status as a board member could create the perception of a conflict of interests they went on to talk about the vice president's responsibilities over the ukraine and over ukraine ukrainian policy as one of those factors all that is did you ever do you agree with that there was a legitimate concern to raise and i think that it could raise the appearance of a conflict of interests oh you do that's funny because you seemed in your opening statement although
oh she's a big corruption following statements let's go understand what's going on in the shift has her up there as this white knight corruption fighter in ukraine who donald trump fired could she was exposing ukrainian corruption ladies and gentlemen the biggest corruption candle going on with the hiring of hunter biden influence u s policy by ukrainian natural gas company and she seems almost unconcern are you they could be the appearance of a couple do you think my god you think that's a that appear so if a conflict of interests you think so the vice president's kid on a company under investigation for corruption why go the corruption fighter oh it gets worse active trump work on this i got this from their twitter for you here video of har this is great but this is the judge
the position between our big corruption fighter boat affinities and her sudden amnesia about acacia case looks really bad about a hundred binds kid that could be corrupted check this out and although i have more for replaced peasant several times over the course of our many years in government service neither he nor the previous administration ever raised the issue of either barista or hunter biden with me first time you personally became aware of her is small was actually when you were being prepared by the obama state department for your senate confirmation hearings and this was in the form of practice questions and answers this was your deposition and you testify that in this particular practice q and a worthy of honest state department it wasn't just generally about bereavement and corruption it was specifically about hunter biden embarrassment that correct yes it is and the exact from your testimony ambassador is quote the way
question was phrased in this model q and a was work you tell us about hunter bided you know being named the border charisma so for the millions of americans watching president obama's own state department was so concerned about potential conflicts of interest from hunter violence roll up charisma that they raise it themselves while prepping this wonderful ambassador nominee before confirmation and yet our democratic colleagues and the chairman of this committee cry foul when we dare ask that same question that the obama stage apartment was so concerned about the self evident i wouldn't miss that with please bring in the meat lace you doing back there you doing over figures contrast hoping we be a part of its opening stepping show she says i was never contacted about a hundred abide by your lama origin abiden himself baby about this is the big
why should acknowledges later the video you just saw radcliffe that she was brought on the whole hunter biden such because they were worried a conflict of interest i thought you didn't hearing the ledge people spend spend the nonsense she's a big corruption fight who are opening statement is not telling the truth there are documents of the eu but by the administration briefing evolving on how to answer questions about the conflict potential corruption which binds kid being hired by ukrainian natural gas company yet she saying she never heard from them big corruption fighter there ok sure she's not telling the truth folk i want to get some more on least define a coup yeah that's gonna die our conservative do two years i just want to be clear and eggs i want to give you a broad spect but again
serve some serious plaudits for just excellent excellent work under as europe on there i mean just outstanding questioning so really go you get to that in a second final sponsor the day our bodies at helix love helix we'd be lost in this house for that appalling i had a long weekend we had a speech we had that interview president trump which thankfully went up and we that's really good sleep last night banks to helix in their mattresses these are the best mattresses out there the best matches for the price here's the catch with here i mean a catch in a good way like a catch of a bigger you know twenty one foot long salmon or something like that they have a two minute sleep quiz you can just have two minutes and it matches your body type in sleep you a the mattress for you no more actress for some like you know stick figure guy you ve never met or something like that this is a customize matters for you paul and i have cut down the middle we have different preferences i'm a sleeper she's back sleep
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sought their attacks on these you usually know their terrified at least a fanatic has them scared now adam a sleazy liar conspiracy interrupting collusion democrat or a hero is absolutely terrified by the funding i want to just a of him trying to silence the least the funding at the hearing and i want to show you a bit of a media contrast i want a similar thing happened to a democrat this rudely interrupting the democrat was a hero but not now i will leave funding is to be just orchard online they are ripping her to shreds democrats online check out shift this this coward chump for trying to silence decide republican congresswoman guilty must upon it thank you mr nunez ambassador jovanovic you from vienna one hears gentlewoman was suspend what does the interruption for this time
our time the gentleman who spend you're not recognized mr nunez you are many castle i just recognised under the house rose and six sixty you're not allowed to yield time except in the nordic ranking member at another time i'm not a member to congress is not accurate your gas that is accurately or a masterly ivanovitch i want to thank you we're not recognised this is the fifth time you interrupted members i want you to remember that soft ground woven will suspend mr chair we control the time span customary this committee that whoever controls i'm can yield to whoever they wish we have members of congress that have a few questions seems appropriate that big deal to let mr chronic ask your question so as you or the nordic council recognised cut their worried adam ship as the sad their little terrified ah he
is absolutely horrified that at least the funding has a wrecked his entire impeachment out with our questioning now this thing happened a common harris who was rudely interrupting a hearing before and i want to see some of the media coverage of this here's the media which a couple hours a prominent democrat by the way people keep the rub thing central cassandra kamel iris come alive again interrupted by male colleagues once again there cut off kamel hours she rails on once again come ours is interrupted edison hearing camelot silence then here you're gonna see none of that about a least afford it the insane massage monistic women hating liberals and i mean every word that believe me over the weak and got trending hashtag that is grotesque trashy stefanik about making it up led by a horrible human being who is a disgrace to holly
which is saying a lot hollywood's a disgrace in it of its up chrissy keegan who is an awful horrible human be treated out that yes the least i called you trash she's a liberal by my first love women adding nada only democratic republic in women are to be called trash disgrace chrissy take it you are you are an absolute disgrace you're an impact this meant to whatever feminist movement you think you're a part of its disgusting it's disgusting you know i got beat up on the show a little while ago in the beginning when i see one or seek congress for saying what shall i say listen congratulations winning you see congress is hard i know i ran i didn't make it it's tough to do i said can grow you're just wrong on everything and we're going to continue to attack you ridiculous ideology i got more a minute she's real not tat bright either but you have never ever heard he call a yo see rashid italy
the squad or any one else trash never know you never know scrotum not only out of it you wouldn't allow it might wouldn't allow it from joe and neither would paul wouldn't do discuss new filth that's filth call it a trash really gross you should really be ashamed of yourself i move out of control quickly i can tell him getting furious i don't like to do that distraction the show why folks movement on i've got a lot of stuff to get to it in the remaining portion of the show there's a really important study they came out this week i'm gonna dig too much into it but as a former where the secret service i'm gonna put the link to the pdf than the shown us they just put out their updated report on schools targeted school while i'll show you two ladys germans worth your time yeah jos always been interested in this there's the cover twenty nine teen version is the secrets this in conjunction with the national threat assessment centre folks it'll be up in the show note please
scribe do our newsletter bond gina dot com slash newsletter i email you this stuff every day if you dont want to describe that's fine just go to punch you know that com you can check it out at the shone out please read the pdf its very readable even if you just read the executive summary of you have a child in school work in a school you know someone with a child in school there some really really strong take away from their exhaustive study on what leads to this target at school i was just a couple of take always bullet points no there's not one motive alot of these these kids who do this and and engage in these tragic shootings these horrible crimes there's not one specific modem secondly important the overwhelming majority of incidents firearm use came from the house this and i am a strongest of advocates for the big our god given right the self protection but wait you know we have to secure our weapons i am
lecturing anybody will know that i know a lot of you and this is not me virtue signalling anyway i'm just telling you the data shows some one got access to a weapon they should have got their hands on the firearms came from the house sack in a third excuse me there were a lot of developmental sid symptoms a lot of them had some psychiatric psychological issue that they either seeing someone with our had some development delicious saying that you know everyone who's got some kind of a neuro psychiatric disorders gonna be violent they're not suggesting that they simply say use with the data show there were some developmental issues there here's another one they were peer or romantic issues with a lot of these school shooters that they were engaged in this target violence beforehand they have problems with their peers problems with a love interest that there's you know again as ever never know obviously not it's just a collection of data points that when viewed
the other may be a warning sign for someone people are suspicious maybe even a problem here's the most important takeaway thou would save down their last shooting report they are they discovered as well that there were signs smokes that there are people had serious concerns about nearly all of these people engaged in these in these school violence incidents and that somehow they fell through the cracks so the warning signs were there check it out i'm giving just that blind summary given the time constraints on the show ddf will be in the show notes today spreading around spread far and wide you know the secrets that's really good which is one of those uses of your taxpayer dollars that you like thankfully finally you know with taxes paid for southern actually worse it's a very very well done study and i strongly encourage you to check it out moving on i am speaking of eo see before who again as there are some of the worst most poorly thought out
ignorant ideas about economics and governance have ever seen in my life we're not going to college any these ridiculous names the left engages with when they critique women on the right but here's a fascinating story by a resident fact checker map colombo that'll be up in the show notes today he sent me this hour this idea for an article and sets are true is these are gas folks seventy percent of eo sees squad has been investigated for campaign finance obese remember a yo see and proceeded to leave ill hot or more and i add oppressing the squad these four members gentlemen these are supposed to be these these left this icons of change in your hope and change in the socialist regimes coming in to take over in the central planners in the bureaucrats are going to bring you a new tomorrow i'll prosperity world so smart you're also stupid in the market economy you're not smart enough to stay out of trouble you have cut us what yourself with the announcement this we cannot receive the leave is being investigated thoroughly
campaign fighters violations we now have her ill omar goose been investigated for those payments being made to a guy some allegations of some infidelity thing we have a seat was add some complaints about a forever you see a campaign violations as well remember thou joe the these are the the tipp of his spear of upper and morality the murders you signals to the rest of us these seventy five per squad is under a care paid via its violation investigational wise but at some point nice work very well done you really cleaning up the swamp sounds pretty operator me but they call us facts and data on my chrissy keegan who called least defining trash disgusting filthy now i see an ill on omar receded to leave and presley the members of the squad presley these
there's a congress also advocating for single payer government take over with bernie sanders elizabeth war and other prominent democrats advocating for it take over the health care system well let's see how well that's work inside the economic geniuses and i say that with the utmost level of sarcasm have told us show that this collapses due to the rising cost of universal health care way way and be back every the gentlemen will suspend the gentlemen bosses that can't be true birdie dad theirs of elizabeth worn air sea and her squad economic geniuses and i say that with the utmost level of sarcasm have told show that the scandinavian model denmark norway fill in all these countries the scandinavian model of government healthcare this is it show this is the exemplar we should all be using for the model in the united states well from the free beacon peace let's see how well it's workin out over there after finland's government collapsed over it
there are reports that soaring embroidered by the way that some right wing outlets reuters what's a soaring treatment costs and longer lifespans have particularly affected nordic countries nordic trees where comprehensive welfare is the cornerstone of the social model have been among the most acted according to road but reform is uncontroversial has been controversial and in finland plants to cut costs and boost deficiency of store for years here we got used to take away similar problems are be doubling sweden and denmark to other cut is frequently held up as models to follow on healthcare finland's crisis government collapse folks in particular comes as calls for you the vessel health of grown louder among democrats in the united states ladies and gentlemen how stupid do we have to be too far down this rabbit whole again we will watch
these nordic countries are citing as an example collapse under the oppressive way of an inefficient too expensive healthcare system and you imbecility i just made that up one a re create this model here in the united states holy moses how stupid or people by into this trap i can't believe we gonna get every this is not nice the first time a rapid my last story this one reported judges the new it guy further democratic party he's apparently running now i think eight to nine points ahead nigh were he is the failed mayors bending the anna fake moderate is really a radical leftist buddha judge and our buddha judge has a problem folks the judge is having a real issue with the black about biden is doing very well he's doing poorly why is that a problem well i'm
early states i when new hampshire the black boat is not as substantial does a demographic portion of the population as it is in other states like carolina which is rich with delegates buddha judge may come out you know hot out of well when i we may do well in new hampshire as well but once you get the south carolina black voters you're gonna have an increasingly larger percentage of the vote therefore more influence buddha judge ladies and gentlemen for a lot of reasons has had significant issues recruiting the blackboard so what is this horrendously run campaign do what a full power check out this tweet by robbie starbucks so buddha judges weekend folks ever gonna believe this i told my wife this is like no way i'm again as happened food hygiene this campaign put out a list of four hundred black south carolinians who endorse my great job while he's got a lot of support it you said then he was hurting with the black meeting
there is a slight problem joseph a bunch of these people actually did indoors boot agenda met effect forty two percent of the list is why how do you start photos of kenya how with demo that's the media reactive trumpet done this votes hey i'm hesitant to even talk about this because it so uncomfortable so let us on this point has issues with the blackboard puts out a list of war hundred south carolinians prominent black officials who endorsed him forty two percent the list is not black there why and he goes impulse stock photos of kenyans the put in their i'll tell you why i'm just gonna leave that one there because i have nothing to add to that story beckett possibly make it any worse than at all he sounds can you want back up the number i thought maybe that's because this is really this is one of those segments that even talking about it even though you table relentlessly we'll just
so bad and embarrassed well who never i fancy get until that is gonna let that when still baby what we address it again and another don't miss my trouble interview president trump i put the thai ought of course out of respect for the wider so my home you like it if we had a lot of points is worth you time we have spent with that oh yeah to motto me to thank you for the comments we do reach agreements they were very nice we it weeding get any negative phoebe except for the national debt question which i told you i promise you in the future bring get another interview i get again and we ve got a great line of coming the work in unlocking don junior for this friday in our view we are brian kill need we sent and this always confirm gregg jarrett we're gonna have great interviews more coming up so don't miss it please discards my youth channel as well youtube dot com bon gina we really appreciate thanks folks
you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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