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Follow the Money and You’ll Know the Truth (Ep 1172)

2020-02-03 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the troubling money trail which exposed the depths of the Democrats’ scandalous activities in Ukraine. I also discuss the lowa caucuses and the worst case scenario for the Democrats. Finally, I address the latest revelation about Hillary Clinton’s plans for 2020. News Picks:GOP Senator warns that, if Joe Biden wins the presidency, he could be immediately impeached


Is Hillary scheming to become the Vice President?


Does this Ukrainian have the goods on Joe Biden?


Why was this US Diplomat monitoring Trump allies?


An extremely suspicious car break in happened near the White House grounds. 


This new poll is a disaster for Joe Biden. 


President Trump calls out socialist Bernie Sanders ahead of the Iowa caucus.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee know ladies and gentlemen the joe biden campaign is breaking out when i'm gonna covered today is going to expose the various reasons why as always we're going to frame it in the form of i could almost like a jeopardy he think we're going to fragment in the form of let's call questions you get what i made some open quest right at the iowa carcass about what exactly the biden crew was up to over nuclear do not miss this but i got that couple comments yesterday superbowl sunday some details about here clinton which may surprise you what she may be up to loaded show as always on monday priests joe how are you today what is fine in a ready to go with another
scientifically have worse day taking me frame the form of the question i was at the superbowl area yesterday volcanoes at once to the to add a close maybe bad mile or to or sell away but we were our near south beach went down there met a lot of you thanks for coming down got to show off my decay crusty as you can see in the idea of you want on youtube accomplished by gino right arm i wasn't quarterback one time so i could still throw a little bit but i put it on instagram my twitter if you want to see the video of me throwing the football with a football team is down there on the fox headaches grab me dates for everyone said and you can see my right elbow does not bend no matter what i do so i got for last year that yes there especially on my instagram account at the budget what people say you're not kidding you're right a really doesn't bear it does it but i can still through our means spirea so there you are you're i do it today
you by bodies at parlor whose parlor so happy i remember well this is my actual volunteers my parlor a canopy a r l e r parlor listen ladies gentlemen server two voices are being silenced daily by left wing tech companies who profit of putting your privacy may silence your voice when you say something you don't agree what we ve seen it we see twitter go after these various tech companies i was banned from twitter for running adds no one and we owe me why enough for this enough we need alternative now we haven't parlor more and more of our sacred rights the right to speak freely are coming under assault places that were designed for us to share our opinions freely what's going on fight back today play by their rules parlour is the news and free speech app that won't silence your opinion or violence your privacy for financial gain simply down oh the app parlor parlor parlor do it now fight back create your account post share and speed really i'm on there i am at de bond gino on parlour
you'll see me on their tat godlike thirteen thousand followers thank you i really appreciate you could say can you say anything you want no you can't threatened violence obviously commit acts of katy can't defraud people harasser committed crimes that's not who parlor isn't it's not a why any of us are either want to get that off the platform obviously but they do respond free speech which has gone can i go to parlor dot com or visit the app store now to download parlor tonight i'm on parlour let me again at debunks you know that's p r l e r d com or find this in the abstract parlor get the news and speak freely today parliament com or downloading the astor go today are let's go and they're so the imo yesterday i mean i never thought we'd get here it seems like yesterday president trump defeated here collected in one of the biggest upsets in modern presidential elections history but we are here we are now
if we in the eu twenty twenty election cycle the i will caucasus gonna be they will have their results freedom are you not gonna want to miss the show and joe biden freaking out at votes it just before we get on the air so he's going to sum up we are making to play the video but joe biden freaked out on savannah got three from one of the mainstream media outlets when she he was asked about hunter bite what's going on there because now the story shockingly here's going on i'm gonna want a frame this in the form of questions that i'm not going to leave you i'm not going to be you guessing at the end i guess is the best way to save mainstream media outlets are starting to figure out that there is a major league scoop with this by new crane thing and the major league scoop is this you follow the money trail a mine oh me mad like some lucy goosey kind of shambolic way i mean it in a literal right follow deposits gotcha
follow the withdrawals follow the bag trail although the investigation into the bank trail which i'm gonna into during this show today you will find out that there is absolutely no way the by family and ukrainians did not engage in significant malfeasance in ukraine and the media is starting to realize they can only cover this up with route giuliani dan juno john solomon are crazy for so long because joe their records you actually records are people taken that arrow get money who no legal justifiably good match its illegal but no justifiable moral reason to have taken proof do they were selling be asked when somebody pay for now that's why they're getting worried to here's an hour
the worst thing examiner senator joanie ernst republican from iowa obviously significant today because the i will call case even know there's no legitimate republican primate primary care that major worth doing i'd still important they know the area johnny arts said this week at any it started a fire storm again republican senator joanie ernst warns the report could immediately pushed to impeach biden if he won the presidency and as i said this twitter right you're a big gaps as it it would be because if as the crazy lunatic adam shift a oh see carcass on the democrats i continue to so if the corrupt standard is the new standard to impede the president you can get in the president's head and term in that his act although legal holding up aid to ukraine but not pass the deadline because he was concerned about corruption in trouble and ass
for corruption investigations in ukraine a clear that up if you can get it president's head is the democrats are suggesting indeterminate which all corrupt joe he was only doing it for politics they have no idea that's true even open break it he was if that's the case that corrupt motives because we're all somehow psychic now are a standard impeachment then senator joanie urged is absolutely correct that if we can all this someone's motives and get into their heads they clearly by more be subject to impeachment because we regard as winning a pregnant and that is a mighty on a big time a diminutive gets it only because a daddy o new rules man yet as i said neurons and some of my friends on you know i work at fox as you heard friday night if somebody watch hannity i resign box for two more years so i am it was on canada so frightened
it's secret anymore we have we had discussed that but be there too where you'd happy to be their love the network of working there some i've gotta disagree with some of my fellow coworkers fox and some of more on this morning advice of roads and said well all this and i don't think we should pursue this impeachment route if biden god forbid is elected president because we'd be doubling down at a bad thing we're not double the democrats are saying it's a bad they enjoy the democrats for the sake of the country for the republic for the sake of the corrupt motive standard this is the new state we need get to the motives and if we think they were corrupt we shouldn't peace to president fine we think the viands work or up now in and should be a by the exact same the right job here the precedents but yeah the printed press it has been yes it has i told you months ago new rules we win you lose
when you all want to go back to the old rules of civility decorum tree parties like human beings not animals you don't stop calling people racist massages in you wanted debate actual ideas i'm game so as everybody else but until that point and it will you show some evidence you're willing to apply that same decorum and treatment the republic is i'm not interested if you're saying the rules are corrupt motives that you can discern corrupt motives then fine yes by will impeached immediately to now let's get to it it is a little bit on friday but this is orton ladies gentlemen a light of everything it's gonna write we have a huge news we please don't miss any shows us we coming to have some really good information we have the iowa carcass we the superbowl yesterday we ve the state of the union coming up we ve got the impeachment set a trial which is gonna go
out in flames all of this in one week now this story this story here relates to all of that he's running in the ilo caucus trumpets can turned about ukrainian corruption which led to the false impeachment charges of a fake quid pro quo i'm home bing he addresses some of this in the state of the union let's get this first ike this a bit on friday but i'm redressing it here because it's important is a forbes article which is in the show notes for friday show again if you want the deliver you the shone out to your email inbox every morning bonn gino dot com slash newsletter we will send you these articles every day there are important to read and we oh fine old stuff that matters again here's an older article that matters again today informs again a right leaning out with this from twenty nineteen by mick a light kundera forbes here's how
much twenty twenty presidential candidate joe biden is worth so the art goes about his net worth how much money made but there buried in there isn't it this thing little nugget that is applicable again today because it describes exactly why joe biden has panicking on the eye we'll talk is day as the impeachment trials coming about because ladies and gentlemen it is totally boomerang trump is going to be quitted and exonerated again and the focus on a biden in hundred biden i promise you is not going to go away because remember what i said when i opened the show there is a paper trail there's a money travel a hammer checks so mergers have been so far our governments have started investigations asking where this money went now buried in forbes pieces this little now get about joe biden how in twenty fourteen remember that date by was worried and said
listen i'm one of the poorest man in congress and he way where when he was wearing when you referred to as a mildly expensive sue whereby business biden and twenty fourteen where he plainly stated quote don't but against me that i don't want a single stock or bodies basically cry of poverty here i've no savings account but i got a great pension i got a good salary ladies gentlemen joe biden in not in normal people language you know because for us broke means broke you know of any money don't buy theses swap language or if you're not a billionaire you're broke the voters yemen further be a slight on by that not a slight on new people actually work for eleven i make this country run right right but in biden speaking was effectively broke views in the swamp dictionary not by our dictionary again the people that make the country actually work why broken because it wasn't a millionaire right so this kind of poverty twenty forty by satellite
it just sums have why you always do that the jolly given if i'm not tell a job that's got beat up get this i do a lot of money to tell you think i'm sorry huckleberry school s cry of paragraph forty four p m grades joe right around the time in twenty fourteen again ladies and gentlemen if your media person that is zero interest in fact you can ignore all this but if you're a sane person listen to my show thankfully in a spread the word you may find this quite out that two thousand and fourteen is the same time biden's crying poverty that his son hunter gets this lucrative eighty two thousand dollars job a month in ukraine biden has recently been appointed the point man you may say again covered this on the friday shall of course i did but got a set up where we are is again on the eve of the kok is this guy melted down right before we got the air this morning with savannah guthrie guthrie when asked this question because he's in a panic that one
i'm about to tell you is going to come out two thousand and fourteen fighting poverty all of a sudden hunter biden gets really unbelievably lucrative job right is biden's appointed appointment crazy now let's start with the questions here the guy who was running charisma in ukraine or just his last name the company boorish hires hunter by as is fine their joe biden is claiming era the ohio may we're running out of dough who for this lucrative gay what are they questions i've been getting for people who really know this case so let me give you we get an because resources here are pretty darn good policy can emulate she's interested one and the same one of the guys had been feed me information has been telling me that so chaskey in a lot of trouble so keep it i follow me here i want to make this real simple so chaskey
funds bereavement erasmus in ukraine and natural gas company they hire joe biden kid while binds say hey we're running out of money big problems cry of poverty right so much ski ladies and gentlemen with the ecology minister a government official there are a prior president in ukraine it is alleged alleged that while he was in that government position he was using that government position virgil to finish a money given ukraine two is company to leverage is come to it with and he was leveraging rights contracts to certain areas to make money first company very simple our using is governed swampy stop by the amounts are staggering that's wise cesky chaskey for those of you and then left wing media keep saying off wasn't under investigation when joe biden
kid got higher there that is categorically false so chaskey charisma were absolutely under investigation in ukraine for again allegedly making money disappear into hers roma and using government positions to leverage those transit gin so to say ok murdered what i'm getting from sources and happy getting by the way for gushed what joe a year and a half now where we this is not in my book by the way you raise which i wrote a year ago this is not what this is it's coming out now because as even the start to realize you're gonna be a big trouble and this is why there atta over joanie artists are joining forces comment that gosh biden could be peach do right away or your damn right the differences there's actual evidence against by what i'm getting is that the payments to
i didn't son may have been a protection racket too bright tat is chefs glue from losing the money tat he s a jubilee funnel into charisma and transactions he used to make bereavement and make himself very wealthy that he may have done our wednesday using his government contacts four chaskey needed that money when the loyalist in the ukrainian government the slow chaskey were loyal to were voted out of office sort ascii and others the question is what happened to that money now this gets better known this is that hard to figure out so far but you need to understand this because ladies gentlemen this paper trails not gonna go away smoking
as the money so chaskey allegedly got access let's say by ill got means as the money he received were portion that money or money in general beauregard my it then said the hunter bide but not so then a kind of traditional board member payment way in other words joseph i hire you for the border bonn gino ink yes i somehow have to pay you through bungee no eight that's correct how we do it up is pretty straightforward check is written nora de aba transaction or direct deposit is made to show our mercosur joe armored car company through bond genome ladys germans are complicated monsieur why you addressing it because ladies and gentlemen again its alleged that some of those payments the hunter biden were not made that way
with some of this money rowdy do foreign companies through other company should be to foreign countries into other companies while why woods one do that eight hundred bag man man get up maybe the high where that money from the arms it's gonna throw that out there again baby so question number one as i said before word these payments to hunter biden a protection racket men secular embarrassment clearings including ascii we're paying two info whence the vice president i waited states who was the point man for the obama administration on ukraine to say it basically with a man this money don't look into whether came from i want to keep my money what will hire your kid question number two how exactly where these payments round if they were
through foreign governments and foreign banks and they were made opaque not transport why why did you do that if this was all above board why were you tried to hide or it appear you were trying to hide where these pay it came from now this is where this gets really good buddy their pga media peter many of them a second but before i get there why is this is this is not the hell thing i was teasing at the beginning i got more on that later busy other hilary back i'm hearing rumours again from the rumour bell but every so often i be remiss now fighting put this out there from credible people that in the twenty sixteen election a veiled threat
from people associated with hillary clinton was made the job i what do you think that threat would be hey joe along the we we know we know something happened in ukraine where you kid you may want to sit this one out frail you may want to booty see you may want to keep it there which is saying joe god forbid it legal our debt your kid you crane money foreign government shady transactions lucrative contracts your kids got no experience you're the point man they pray you two shokhin looking into it gets forget that had the pj meteoric glancing prosecutor on tape saying you wanted and fired god forbid no that measure by wink at a nod yet banal backwards don't do that to each really listen ladies and gentlemen the clinton
campaign would kick a puppy out of the way in a minute to get here free then it the power they don't care of its democratic republic in poppy ok let's be crystal clear now does the reason no bob i never really spoke out for binding i want to sixteen apparently a tall biden and this has been reported widely in the media we age all this we may want to sit this one i was thinking that now does the twenty twenty adoration story where obama has not spoken out forbidden at all his own vice president now it makes sense it is gentlemen did hills did hitler he pushed by now this story makes all the sense in the world folks i've got more on this and get another angle and someone who get the pj media peace as well because this is worked out
remember my take away by panicking and there atta king because the media is going to have to accept relic every shortly that there is a paper trail you can't keep claiming tat the whole biden charisma ukraine scandal is a conspiracy theory when there were signs checks and a paper trail this is come out but there's a second take away and that the guys who was involved the prosecutor who binds on tape claiming he wants to be fired he wants to sky fire is speaking out and claims to have paper trail you about an investigation into this protection racket allegedly p divide and to keep the attention away from slot chaskey from charisma big trouble at ever get there in the second place also brought you buy by bodies at my patients supply ladies gentlemen preparedness matters order now at prepare within that com to get your a supply of listen you gotta have emergency food aid
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number three year did hillary clinton know this and it was she the one who pushed by now don't put it pastor and all folks this pga media pieces damning ok have it up in the show notes today but as we said before three questions did very smart was the money paid to hunter biden protection racket to keep his dad off the trail of where the money went was this money wondered was it hundred basically or effectively de facto laundered daughter biden hide it where did hilary now did she pushed by now but the two problems so those are the three questions the two problems problem number one they're gonna have is there is a money trail problem number two is the prosecutor who was looking into all of this in ukraine victor shokhin is talk folks said this is big trouble for the democrats pga media map margolis quote fired you cranium prosecutor files federal complaint against joe biden charge abuse this bower folks it's not
gonna go away victor shokhin is the prosecutor joe biden is on tape we play the cut numerous times you don't need to play again by ms on tape demanding that victor choking the prosecutor looking into all of this be fire can i just like a game a personal privilege for the show it's not a digression but it's important here folks i am china be delicate cause i don't want my rage what's going on to cloud the point let's use a nicer word how neuron is joe biden i'm not kiss out a joke and i was going to say something else but i don't want to steer our house do majority because it takes away from it i don't want to i taking a serious question even though the liberals and the airport moderate democratic support your by eta loved obama i'm not kidding how ignorant is this guy trap so we know your son got
it basically no show job a million dollars or more in a country you're the point man for the obama administration i with a company it's under investigation and your aunt what a council of foreign relations event literally not figuratively right how much i hate the over use of the word literally literally on tape commanding talking about his the man to live average u s aid a quid pro quo but first you have to fire the prosecutor my son's company my son of a that was brown guy you does it you want this has had on the tape joseph these problems is proud of himself here sir he loves you think he's like this flax
that was not my intention that accrue i give the floor approach you watch youtube you get the world he's already use will serve a b he caught his eye private how how is this guy you unaware that in the twitter youtube facebook social media email era you saw cameras did you not notice who's gonna come out later joe you they keep on tape you avoid question saying all this and i tried to pull myself out of that but you know a growing that's not what is proud of it son of a bitch we'd have rescued of i well prosecutors outbreak it out and so you re written there no evidence i was corrupt like i'd say metaphorically
evidence of this significant corruption i was looking into and binds the guy got be fired folksy stories that going to go away ok and has a paper trail the prosecutor who was fired by binds pressure has a paper trail of an active investigation into the company that higher binds kid this is not good go away if biden stays in the race it is we're gonna get worse one final point on this form of on cuz you gonna let you get to how much money so u s money clearly was sent over to ukraine we know it by everybody it no one hides i thank you money was sent over to ukraine you may say to yourself of u s money was sent over ukraine taxpayer out clearly went through the ukrainian government that's your where did their money go
ladies gentlemen did some of that money go to non governmental organisations non governmental meaning not government for liberals listening non governmental organisations otherwise known by the acronym ngos in you and who exactly where those ngos which some of them associated with mega left donor george soros open societies foundation was funding some of these ngos in an effort to target pull in one case who may have been george soros is business rivals in ukraine now i'm just asking ladies and gentlemen because we know that's where a lot of the money went to ngos and we know a lot of on went to ngos associated with groups that we're unquestionably aligned with the american left
the same money joe biden on tape by the way a lot of that same money where he talks on tape about leveraging to get the guy looking into his sons company fire i dont quid pro quo this is something for something we're bad now thoroughly bad weather made up in fabricated charges against donald trump now who's been over this from the start johnson john solomon has been crushing it from the start in this case solomon it was now has john solomon reports he has his own website coming out that's a kind of a news website reach doing actual news what don't solomon was our lord ingram show just last week any brought up an interesting fact that came up on my show i believe the morning before he went on the show you know that i'm taking credit i just tell you if you listen to my show you are ahead of the curve here so i tried to get the show out no later than
noon or so easter time at least on the audio aside we does this not so subtle point here solomons about to bring up these same some of these ukrainian donors here i'll get to this is into an ukrainians member ukraine scheme we're supposed to be about tromp right gioia pressure in ukraine is of course the democratic accuse you of what they're doing themselves crazier some of these ukrainian folks keep creeping up moneyed folks people with influence and what are the same guys follow the money because to be clear some of these same guys have been twisted men a generational decades long influence campaign to influence this people in there not just democrats here solomon on ingram laying out when i scots last week will talk about me come back check this out
a few months before he joined present in trump has announced a scary adviser he received a hundred fifteen thousand dollar payment for two speeches to victor checks organization victor pinching is a very powerful oligarchy in ukraine and the man who is the single largest donor to the couldn't foundation so he's one of the many people that had their finger in that little money jar that's called ukraine audible efficient to their fingers in their backyard whose you talking about johnny be johnny bag adona john baltic both in who has really submarine the president by claiming information about a quid pro quo with that quid pro which one what could what is this something for something which is something the money you got bolton from victor pincher many ukrainian donor we'll get you in a minute to function trying to tell you is as i opened up the show with when you follow the money you will find that swamp creatures of both parties
who seem to all conveniently now conveniently have it in full donald trump we're all making bag man making make going overseas acting as consultants in ukraine their political eyes in ukraine it wasn't tapping in ukraine shuffling all over the world now all of a sudden trump asks for on a call new ukrainian president to look into corruption that believe involve the violence and the left is freaking out and so is the banishment swamp and some people on the right to look into that they were all get rich folks where our suckers workin for gettin dirt your fingernails actually making their country run what do they do joe go over there you
they offer them political consulting services in their influence can pay thy all of a sudden there making millions of dollars crazy ass workin for eleven now why did i play that because it better so now we know another prominent ukrainian by the name of victor pinches but in a very lucrative speaking feeble now conveniently seems to be against president tromp coming out attack ragout information aid to talk to me nothing you have is going to change anything john whose pincher and how's he related possibly to biden and the democrats up i say possibly by bees definite ready the democrats how is he related democrats check this one this was sent three less we catch up to seven nine throw you great work on this one of my better sources because you just this
to us for the first time so ladies gentlemen this alliance of democracies website has this commission called the unintentional job folks the trans atlantic commission on electric election integrity again another non governmental organisation the alliance of democracies they have a commission on election integrity joe election democrats sit on this so let us now to be fair and republicans do too but this is a letter is idle please stop where they are admitted i know it's hard to but so the transatlantic commission on election integrity has these board members who is on the board there yet folks joe biden is on the board vice president united states and who is on a board if you look at the bottom of this photo victor pen shook yes the same guy john solomons referring given that video who paid a massive speaking be to john balthazar everybody seems to be getting rich off this victor pincher who job i'm sure it's just by chance is there
who created an oligarchy very please please please ukrainian business well sure it's just by chance of course guys bleed are involved in this election is all right integrity erica its election integrity and measure that is seriously hilarious going back to something you ve covered before he is a great article i can't refer who enough i tweeted this to susan rice this weekend discredited obama national security visor who said well victor pincher paid trump under fifty thousand dollars speaking v to the absent really influence downloader apparently pays a lot of people it's not inaccurate there was a speedy for a video but i find it cut other susan rice finds that hundred fifty thousand dollar payment to a billionaire who could care less by the way interesting but she's i do not have this stuff interesting in this washed in examiner peace we refer to often by sarah wes westward nice doesn't find this interesting at email show
can deny that met with the ukrainian donor who is that ukrainian daughter of victor picture the same guy by the way who pay john bolton who is not the billionaire donald trump was a very generous beekeeping they all seem to open check something here's the watch to examine a piece again where the hell are we this team was confronted about her relationship with pincers who by the way let me just quotas from the people who has given up to twenty five million dollars to the current foundation funny how susan rice left that out see how that happens again they do now no one there guy even know that have a showing that victor pinch shook invited personally to missis britain's house when she was secretary of state now this gets even crazy so what of the clinton foundations biggest
donors pincher also pays a massive speaking feed a john bolton pinch pincher is deeply connected in ukraine where binds the it man he gets his son a lucrative gig on a company boy that's under investigation more binding on tape demanding the ukrainian prosecutor looking into it gets fire shook sits on the board of this transatlantic commission on election integrity have but we know that this is conspiracy theories this fact you can look at yourself there ever i think this is their own website the alliance democracies pinchbeck sits on a board with joe biden and this is crazy had two seven nine and this this is what i was no way moments no way sarcastically of course put up the other screen shouted the transatlantic commission on election integrity where day how their conference joe give this is clear this is what
no way but with so aboard oh buying your page or major clinton foundation donor a john bolton payer of messrs speak massive speaking they hold their put that up it gets better they they hold their first covered in ukraine transatlantic board on election integrity and what are they doing keep this up as like this gets really good their engaging journalists ah you like the journalists who were involved is spreading this by gay conspiracy theory maybe i could list a cough and others who are deeply involved with alexander philippa from the democratic our committee who had left and spread a bunch of you conspiracy theories about poor metaphor and fed them the isaf is that the kind of journalist engage george orwell gets better well sure they engaging whether in ukraine is board victor pincher the donor and joe biden former vice president sit on there
again juno's non governmental organizations by gas no way dude maybe some of those ngos was one of those ngos associated with sorrows mega mega my daughter and because better it gets better what else are they doing so they are engaging ngos where there's an investigation currently going on in ukraine about our u s expire money may have disappeared there's some of these ngos and that government but it gets even the end there also involved in monitoring and in real time social media joe it says right data does they monitor social media to flag election you do we all know way trade
land commission on election integrity joe biden and major clinton donor sit on air also paid bolton some money there gauging ngos and the media we are also involved in monitoring social media and are in you do it the house was charged with monitoring social media it's gotta judicial watch tom fit and good friend duenna without my interview show our last interview show this can't possibly be related only a bizarre superman land could this be no is we gotta this judicial watch released judicial watch that org find out tat create the time they are for ambassador obama loyalist marie avant who was ambassador to ukraine you soros linked media tracking tools romania tracking tool
journalists and chop allies no what how do i know this because of course i got the heads up early because i was one of the people they were monitoring now to be clear cuz i'm like the left i don't do conspiracy theory monitoring my twitter posts which i put out into the social media ecosystem it's not illegal of course social media for recent sought a private email banning said that don't you fight and i want to be clear on this much shoeing marie ivanovitch your aim for listening in my social meet its social media put it out there so people can see it so i may say so then what's the problem folks find it a little odd media people better u s ambassador to ukraine
gauged a soros link social media tool called crowd tangle to monitor my tweets while left this lunatic all over the world continue to claim that we're doing here is promoting conspiracy theories why are you worry dead folks don't follow daily weekly ridden monthly what sort of bloom when i seek as people send it to me the and things of lunatics like malcolm manson seth avram centre as i see it only on social make us people send me go this is crazy actual video layers mater them and use crowd tat tools say let me see what christ malcolm answer i'm bc say if he could some of my time i'll use it for comic relief you see my point here you can't have it both ways left this album gino giuliani solomon sarah carter chuck
you're all crazy conspiracy you nothing happened in ukraine a monitor every single thing they're saying on their social media and get their crowd tangle due to do it you can't have it both ways and you don't find it odd that this train landed commission on election integrity that biden and a major clayton donor sits on were also involved in real time monitoring of social media who did how when monitoring i gotta so think it's illegal that the black kaliko because a committed some you minority report tom cruise guys gonna come bargaining office right now i'm simply see just think you if it's all a crazy conspiracy theory there are no facts to back it up and me and john solomon and we're all knots then why are you worried about it i'm sorry back the beginning and tell you why because again ladies in jail
there is a massive paper trail of money leading to the bindings non government don't organisations linked to george soros fact paper trail is shady the way the honey was shrouded in shady it was now ukrainian aid it was meant to be political aid for police go allies the obama administration and secondly the people who know about it the paper trail i reckon in point one shokhin the ukrainian fire prosecutor and others have paper trail themselves of the stagnation into this stuff that the demo that's an immediate allies will not be able to hide forever story is gonna only get better or its duration also brought you by bodies at nets we it is german by gino egg here would be lost without nets we need nets we because of
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any immediate review paul and i were about the british are no one does this better series i put a prison trot may be one of the most underrated politicians in the history of this guy i'm not kidding you know this here it is personal style rough edges by again i dont care mcqueen guy like he's doesn't bother me one bit the guy's knack for this stealing down to a simple talking point thing that will resonate with hot land working americans is unparalleled but he also has an effective way of doing this when it comes to describing as opponents he did it the republican primary twenty sixteen and he's doing it now with epidemic sean added he asked them about the i will caucus again today will have results be tomorrow don't mess that share will give you full analysis where this is gonna go but here is him he's asked about bernie president trump he's asked about elizabeth worn and about michael
bergen here is where i can only trumped can reject bernie sanders while he's a communist i mean you know look i think of communism one i think a burning you could say socialists but did they get married in moscow it's wonderful moscow's wonderland weather honey you don't think necessarily well whatever but necessarily think in terms of marriage moscow and it's wonderful napkin it but i think of burning short of as socialists but far beyond the social lisbon at least is true to what he believes that's what they call you mentioned now elizabeth weren't she's not to add to what i call a fairy tale because everything's a fairytale that's airport this got started things a fairytale this woman can't tell the truth like a warmer very little
i just think of little boy he just has this way of encompassing a key area for us we want the business that they keep referencing businesswomen with i actually learned a lot i did i'm so you know most of them do you go to college you learn not only learn how to be a social justice work one of the things we did which is really effective and are still use it to this day not necessarily druther grids really swat analysis is that's what like a you know a swat team swat legs strength weaknesses opportunities threats with no maybe it was eight that they put together these grids and they say well how do i you know leverage my strengths bye bye taking advantage of an opportunity had a way you to mitigate a weakness by mitigating a threat it's very helpful to finding opportunities in politics business anywhere trump does this by instant
these are actively doing a swat analysis in his head his political thing started instantly instantly the candidates weakness and to leverage opportunity right away and that is a knack in business and in politics that i gotta tell you not a lot of people have by pure chance they can be coach to do it cyprus is schools coach people swat analysis trump doesn't need that portuguese unnatural a natural at these a natural everything but he's a natural at that so on bernie he's owns right in what he thinks more decimate bernice campaign and he's right the guy's a socialist but notice what he does did you catch it this is where he smart and people are given credit and it's really irritate it's a good thing
you underestimate chronically no you noticed what he says about burning because put it at least these are authentic and it comes off like a cup which disarms people into believing that well these cop may him and what he said about em just now must be true i've please i hope that putting using too much neurons is heat it's brilliant in other words instead of piling on burn here which makes an insult by calling him a socialist look like petty and it's just trump being angry adam he follows it up put cop woman weeds the socialist or bernie sanders have which will decimating we're not a socialist country in the campaign which gives it some the ball to reuse alighted used earlier it's a brilliant i don't you sometimes you know that you just does it by instinct he
those bernie sanders socialist bone of our aid yeah stroke in a general election so does at the end that avail complement well at least these being think about it in other words he's not kidding he's really socialist the we cannot eyes closed what elizabeth war again he said this is the weakness right before the carcass any goes in for the kill what does he say the truth truth is reform of the truth we call her fairy collar fairytale that's happened right there but he understands this stuff will stick war in fairy tales problems with the truth now nobody likes inauthentic candidates nobody that's why trump residents you're not like him but he's off their debts trump is believe me that is actually you president drop is its now it
that is not a word you associate without a job he understands what about bernie though weaknesses the socialism thing and he puts it puts a gloss on it he could see me even more legit he understands with warren her in authenticity is a weak spot words automatically come the mine did it really political instinct fairy tale problems with the truth finally diploma because a little now this is a little get i'm sorry too or nuance upon new ones but things in a leader a leader whether italy coach were a football team used superbowl analogy or a president of the united states one of the things a general and our military people want to see is they want the perception of strength i see the perception of strategy because
everybody knows that everyone else is a human being obviously we know everybody has weaknesses we know you know behind closed doors you know they sometimes shed a terrible erin pain people have weak moment we know that but we want the perception of shrank we like our leaders to be bold the proud chest sand out until looked apart and active part trumpets use this dig repeatedly in the republican primary twenty six now this will i d de l a lil oil he's use this thing repeatedly because he knows it goes to the heart of the leadership strength debate peep having their own heads when picking a candidate any again instinct knows whether listen weather to knock on his stature bloomberg match i don't know
but he knows that's a devastating dig again by instinct i don't even think yes to think about it it comes right out folks i'm tellin you right now this guy is been underestimated president trump forever his political instincts are to go for the kill any does it better than anyone else and the democratic are severely again underestimate the skype i use my last deriving season this one for robert what is it larry clinton up to outside of the whole did she know about buying than the malfeasance in ukraine nonsense this is an interesting article up at the helm of the hamlet hillary clinton angling too come the vice president the article vi make it in an opinion contribute i'll put it up in the show notes that i began by gino that conflict newsletter i encourage you to check it out i think its fairly obvious at this point folks i means at i i think i would be stunned at this point if hillary clinton jumped in his rage one the filing
deadlines for lahti stage are gone it's just entirely impractical at this point you gotta maybe you'd have to hire salt in a lot of them are scooped up she's already eight it's just a mess for her right now to do i don't see any scenario where she enters the rate but a viable question is why does she out their attacking bernie sanders she's there again doing it all in a inner movie issued shifts movie coming i things on hulu whenever maybe so nobody like ernie everybody here why would you do that i'm here about right like michael dukakis george mcgovern walter mandate when they lost in in india crushed or that loss than upsets devotees are former macroeconomic aims for presents many of you know the usual slink away and leave it all right there you know what didn't work out by bad what's hills up to hills cannot get out of the sky
and there is a strong chance she may be angling if maybe warren or no spoon burke of that she may be angling for that vp spot can you imagine at having to deal with hillary clinton is vice president after all the nonsense she pulled the secretary state so good piece it's worth it but it explains a lot about why she's out there now again not just kind of doing the thing and leaving the scene exits a dry none of that why she's out their actively attacking bernie sanders let me just say what bernie says one letter ladies the bernie bros are not going to take it some of somebody's going to notice what i'm doing here some of you may not tell you make catches the bernie browser going to be very very upset if the establishment democrats keeper king bernie sanders
this thing about an eye or pause possibly released at the last minute the rumour was it in this with the mind register paul bernie sanders may have been in the lead nap all of a sudden the pole mysteriously get scrap there maybe some some changing the rules going on behind the scenes again to go after bernie bernie browser gonna be really upset if that happens it bernie this is the general you expect those bernie birth to show up some of you see what i just said but the union as some of you me don't matter liberals conservatives know exactly what the reason i say so i please please i humbly with the greatest of respect ask that you i'm afraid you ve decided for youtube jail youtube doc flesh punch you know if you have com gas for your cable service i gotta go to your remote hit that x if you bought and you'll see right about apt comes up go to apps you
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