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Full Interview with President Trump (Ep 1350)

2020-09-20 | 🔗

In this episode, I welcome back President Donald J. Trump to the show. He answers questions about the troubling calls from leftists for a “street fight” after the election, social media censorship of his account, his election chances, and on Biden’s lies about tax hikes and defunding the police.

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks, with your host Dan Bungee now decided to welcome back to the show today, President Donald J Tromp, we have a bunch of questions for asking about you, or manipulation twitter going their his account by letting Joe Biden get away with everything What are you gonna do about it: but you're gonna love his answer. I also ask him about these increasingly concerning left. This calls, for quote street it's after the election? If Donald Trump wins like his answer on that their on top of it. Don't miss the interview before that. We're gonna go sponsors we're happy to welcome the show again helix sleep. They make personalized mattresses right here in Amerika, for you, ship straits, your door with free, no contact delivery for turns and a one hundred night sleep trial. To choose a mattress yields made a quiz it takes.
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Would you can do it secure your online activity by visiting express Vps, dotcom, Slash Mancino today, that's express v p and our complex bungee know today you can get an extra three months frame go today to express vps dotcom slashed by jail ladies and gentlemen, the interview been waiting for President Donald J Trump absolutely honour to welcome back to the shell for the third time president, o J Trot. Mr President, what an honor thank you for a return to the show. We deeply appreciate it. Well, Out of your show, you doing best one of the best one of the best day come a long way. You did a good job seekers come along with an eye to Syria is all you when you were kind enough to having the oval office ass. I told you, you know I used to sit outside the door, and the president's, and now I'm in here talking to use. It was a great honor. I appreciated. Mr President, we are going in the right direction,
I'm getting a little concerned. I have to be candid worthy I'm seeing all these reports from these left. This anti trump, never trump lunatic groups talking about things the post election chaos, one of on this transition integrity project, talking about a street not a legal one. By the way, that's a quote from them. After the election are concerned about this? I know a lot of my listeners. Aren't, I am I've been covered it for the last few days. The demo I will not accept the results of this election. If, if you happen to get real didn't pull this out. What ever accepted the results of the last election Dan and do you know if you remember that famous question where Hilary asked me Hillary Clinton, crooked area g is crooked. Where she asked me the question about. Would you accept the results, and I did I tell I didn't, give exactly appropriate answer. I stood here. I struggled I do what I was dealing with, but it ended up the cheated
the result and actually she did. She had beaten salary. You NOS three six tattoo, twenty, three, that's a lot. She lost a lot and she was states that, whatever Bobby that have been lost in decades, but frankly, such a different candidate from jail. You have a smart one and a dummy such a day candidate, but United I think, he's a little more popular. I don't know why I wouldn't I dont understand. Actually why, but I take it yeah they're gonna. Do something dared something's gonna happen, but you know what they're doing that tried to screw it up with a balance so that I guess I've heard numbers from fifty. To eighty million unsolicited balance at unsolicited people. And asked for me: they get a shot through the ballot, pursuing in a lot of courts in doing that badly you so we had a euro unrelated. We had some pretty good things happen yesterday and a couple of days ago we had, we had we had pencil any Philadelphia Pennsylvania unlocked,
because at a shut down the governors totally shut down near I merrily, so that we can look as bad as possible for the electorate, but the numbers of interesting. No, I see something then- and I haven't- I see it having to do with a balance These little elections or else could be look at Carolyn Maloney in New York, a small congressional vote, and a little way off way off that have no idea what they are doing. They should endeavour to letter winner was that the other guy could have one very easily. That's so many missing ballots in for Gillette balance. So I think that's the route that going to going to try and mess it up a way greater enthusiasm. We have a great ground game, you saw at last night. I mean you, the people that you'll Hackley went to Wisconsin and it was incredible tonight I'm going to minnesota- and I hear it's like people are already- days are already planted out with that tents and everything else. It's the enthusiasm level is even more than it was four years ago. Then you probably see that yeah. I always joke it. There are more people online for the bath
but your rallies than show abide rally. It's pretty said to watch, but you're just just have to I come to this question and Peggy Noon and whose you know can be a relatively sober analysed. I wouldn't collar exactly a big fan of their president I am obviously a supporter. I don't think I've. That's my colors around my sleeve right there but Peggy Noon, and even this morning in Europe in the Wall, street Journal is worried about the potential for violence by people not willing to accept the results of the selection. Afterwards, is your administration concerned about that We want to win, We will take care business. No, we'll take care of we are winning. Now we have, Poles are polls show that we're winning in Wisconsin winning where winning weird we were winning in Arizona, and yet the New York Times comes out with a folder with nine down. Okay, the way nine down these people- these are crooked Paul's, these poles, a cook at you, know their suppressions, really suppression balls meant to depress
meant to depress the voter, a team, the candidate and we didn't get you depressed last and last time it was worse. We would down and aid going in. Election day. We were down in eight or nine swing states right, we'll down in every area. You we want every one of them every single someone and then you know if you look at Washington Post Ball, which is always terrible. Except for the final day of election, but by that it didn't matter Lestat, but they put it down and well. Fourteen eighteen last time and there we won the election and they were very amber for a day and then they get back on. You know they get good for about a week. They apologized everybody for such bad service with such bad report at New York Times. Actually we apologise for such report. I guess it well, that's good! You know what that's good. Now we can have a nice normal good newspaper, and in doing so back to their own stuff. So now we're doing well, I think we're up in virtually every state.
Real numbers and we have real posters too, These are the real numbers. You know we gotta fifty two, fifty three today and rash reason, which was very accurately as we used to talk about rest reason that with reality falls last time in all three of them up and actual popular vote, which is, I don't even go forward. You got it, with what they have, and you know we killer the campaign all the time in California in places that shit been campaigning someday somebody else. Send a bill was right. You know exactly what is going to happen. He was doing that predicted. What was going to happen you're here I've or politically, then she is present on the social media, frighten disclosure. I have a relationship with a competitor, the social media platforms, but twitter and Facebook. Others I've seen of them up in the air the on what I perceived to be attacked, on conservatives on twitter space victory on your account. They seem to fact check in
put little disclaimers on your account be while Joe Biden continues to repeat false attacks endlessly on his twitter account I'm concerned that I think a lot of other people out. There was a question For my audience, what would it in this post election period, say it's close and a few days or maybe a week or so before. We know the results of the election, and yet your political people doing get around. You know regular analysis. I this and I think we want what would stop twitter from basically suspending your account, not letting you get information out there. What would you do if that was the case? I take it right to the Supreme Court there under the gun they are, for instance, they have a trending section right. Trending now the trend is agendas, something I know, but we better than anybody, including them there is putting me turned and I'm always like number one, two, three four and oftentimes and many of the trends, but it's only negative Ogden, very positive things like when I
get nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in a negative way, don't hordes? Why would they, dominate him, he only created peace in the Middle EAST and I'm in the process of doing. Why would he do a thing like that? the nominated did Obama, His nomination couple of weeks in like at the beginning, no idea why? Why did they do it? And you know now they ask the same question: why do they do it, but the trend twitter is just some guy I think I know who it is just picking whatever we can like. I do if you'd lorquas bad dreams. For weeks and weeks in ways that a trend that just try to make us look bad, even though it's gotten Brave reviews and doctors are loving it more than ever knew no doctors how to get more than ever. I took it for a while for two weeks. You know it's just in case we had a couple of breakouts in the White House that I said, get me something fast and I took it send it for two, absolutely no
the Good NEWS that in get it but no impact or anything it's a very safe, has been after fifty years, where different problem, Malaria, Lopez, yellow, etc. But you have doctors website, but they're the same trending in a very negative way. I don't even know why would they be so again? but there are trying a very, very negative way for many. X number one tread now you and I know it, I'll pop culture. I do Laura Gwen is not going to be a number one trend. Maybe pearl I got a half nighter an hour, but they added up there for ever. And it's just a phoney turned to look into phony deal? never did anything like tat. We would sue them under section two authority. We would sue them and do everything we can to get rid of section. Two. Thirty you're, not a funny thing is I protect him more than the Democrats. Democrats ate them. I actually protect him because I want to see great companies that want to have to China. Take over
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So we just found out that the corrupt mother team, when for the information on their phones. That day, why Therefore, we are not only not, Mr President, they put the phones an airplane mode first, so they could Remotely access just to be sure nobody, so what they were talking about over their phones. Now, when you combine that with the fact that we now know for a fact them our team. The minute they started, new collusion was a hoax cause. I interviewed steel sources are basically said it was out How does that make you feel that they put you to Helms? right right, you days and went on for two years. How does that make you feel, violence being wiped out. I think it Erika I think goods terrible. I think it's I don't think they ll reading is finished either by the way what he deleted. Thirty three thousand miles. Can you imagine what you said on those in male so that less about information and
I mean I just read an article. It looks like Bolton's got himself. Some big problems still goes out. He was a only want to do, is go to war with everybody, total alive Gand comes in, and I knew what I get down a maniac. Actually I used him any time. You brought him in to a negotiation with another country. They get scared because it might get a cause. He's crazy, then imagine to go to one that was ok, never said anything in Sydney corner. I hear he's: big trouble to classified information, and I just read the papers. You say it I like to refer to the papers goes outlet bill bar handle stuff. Then I don't get involved. Get involved. I could absolutely get involved and some day Might it will see how it all comes out someday? I might, but I don't get involved island, a barn and justice handle everything. What they're doing do General Flynn is a disgrace that mean what General Flynn did if you think about he didn't lie at all the F B. I live there They shut him up and that here
go through. This is incredible, but what really is bad. Is when you look at Weissmann and all these people and look at what we found already with the insurance policy was struck his lover LISA Page and that This policy was to so devastating that that's ok, she's going to win, but in case she doesn't. We have an insurance policy only means one thing: it music Actually what we went through before the election and after substantially before the election and after- and I would say after is even worse right because you know after I won the election and now they're still, they can't even talk about campaigning at this? Nothing to do with campaigning. These people are stone, cold, crooked. These were bad apples. These were sick degenerates and now done as they got caught with mixed up. Don't forget. They people in jail and they prosecuted people for telling ally and in many cases Just like something that took place a long time ago. I made good tell what
Do you remember what you said on your cell phone or between three years ago Daniel? I remember what I said last night, the Abbe like tomorrow, must each different. He shed different things. He said something different that he did on a tweet three five years ago. We should immediately prosecutor here people that took evidence tremendous the amounts. Can you imagine what they were saying? You know we have great tweets. What can you imagine the ones that were raised were even also. What they were saying is incredible, Now we don't know that wherever gotta get the tweets like an ill, in case she got a subpoena from me I did states Congress. You can do better than that right. She said screw. You would delete it. Would leading everything after she got the twin. Her lawyer did to her lawyers, you go to jail and she should go to jail now, let's see what happens, but I bring it up all the time
I say forget about the emails forget about that. Finding them, I think, you're in a safe deposit, am disappointed that the State Department has produced them. If you want to know the truth, but I think there and the state department- and I think Christopher right could produce. I am also very easily, but he's chose not to look too hard. I guess, but I beg you, Happy eyes, by the way we have somebody fantastic and John rattle he's doing a fantastic job. Ready, I always say superstar, raising two arable area Christopher raised in a huge disappointed. I am not a big fan of Christopher re at all opening a second present, you gotta debate coming up, I'm curious my personal favorite place. I am really tired, I'm in Florida and Biden is running an ad. That's a lie its easily. This Reuben? Why that he is how can a high taxes if you make less than four hundred thousand dollars a year? That's fine! tromp tadeusz kinds, your tax cuts cut.
Taxes for the middle class. Anyone can look it up online. It's not a mystery. Biden is tape repeatedly. Malta time. Saying he's gonna take away, those tax cuts for the middle class. He is lying. The air is false. In this debate. Can please put this guy I'll, get him on the carpet and get an answer before I know you lies ever ever. The worst fly was about the soldiers that I stood over. A grave and call them suck the losers in part of all tat was the worst thing I have never does call this information. You know that better than anybody they are running a total, this information they make it plain it's all made up, but they get that from gluttons friend right, get out from that stupid magazine, which is dying but take took this and they put ads, and I said because of that, the gloves come off. Joey's had Joey's was a dumb guy a long time ago. He was hale and hearty that's only had going. He was Helen hard. He was a touch here. He was a feeler.
Some time ago. You know he was a warm kind of a guy but dumb dumb as Iraq. I won just a certain shoulder that was on their side, believe it or not. I get along with both of em. You know how urgent private I get along with both equal opportunity. I said who's this modest guy undecided gave me a name. They said I said who promised he said Joe Ass Adele, who Joe Biden he's the dumbest guy in the Senate that this was in prime time. This is probably twenty five years ago. This is in primetime who's, the dumbest guy undecided, Joe Biden. That was prime time now is Probably thirty, four percent of what he was he's a disaster, and this guy can't be only with President Putin and Kim Jong on and we
we'll be a laughing stock throughout the world if you ever get in and the only reason I talk that way, I would never do that. Then, but when he put the ad in the so did so they know it was funny. You know we had twenty eight with this step. Would you say was a false statement was suddenly for the article they had a source, there was no source, but we twenty eight sources that bit there are out in the public saying it ok, including generals, so when he did that that's ok now I can say that the real truth. This is a dumb human bank, he always was but now is way off his game and you shouldn't allow did they shouldn't allowed. They, president destroy our country. He has no idea, he was her brackened last night, and yet, if you, debate user gets rid every time he indirectly, say I was against view- is strongly against rack and use it. Did you hear me I? I am against it. I'll get through these letters, like I'm a driver of racket now
took a middle ground because it gets so be heated for now, what's happening is what he does that the radical does get about vote for me because they like by he stands on trade. They don't like me and I don't like a lot of other things. I'm saying, but they do love me and dragged his I'm. The best ever last year, my country on trade, because I know that every foreign country, specially our allies, but every third country killed, Trade and I've stopped it I'd taken tens of billions from China and all of us. I gave it to the farmers. I gave it to the treasury, but what I'm doing with Tik Tok, and I mean nobody would have done it if it would take talking. You know we'll see how that all plays that we have some great companies wanted, but if it doesn't work out that gone so a lot of things are happening, but when he made that ad and put it in knowing it, holy deal. He did it and that's what they're doing there doing distant formation They make up a lie like about taxes they may
up a about social security. I'm the one protecting social security he's gonna, destroy it because of what he is doing. Because of what he is doing. If you look at what what they'll destroyed this country, this country begging to raise taxes massively portrayed, he admits to four trillion, when you admit to four trillion at major, going up more generally, not yet not admitting Eliza, so he admits the portfolio in this country. He's gotta have a great year next year, bomb elected stuff to go up the biggest headwind done. Such another stocks are just about Anna record. The biggest headwind disappear but he could get elected, you will have a crash. You will have a depression like you, ve, never seen before in this country that stuff they cover on my Friday show, Mr President, the numbers for your administration, the economic numbers before the plague hit that it me median income. Households well grew. Fifty percent
you before the plague. Under your administration, Britain s numbers, it is more than the entire eight years, the robot, so they can. What MRS Cresson, I know you ve gotta, run last question for you, president, former Vice President Biden son. We lied about middle class tax hikes and fracturing on the record. We can watch the videos ourselves, but he's also lying about his prior statements to redirect funding away from the police, where you responded absolutely if he would do that. Now we have there a common Harris poem. This Minnesota Freedom Fund, that bailed out, acts, a fellow who The young girl, yours lies on that, I talk about it. Last night we had a tremendous rally in Wisconsin last item, not diminish, stated that we have a chance to win Minnesota, not traditionally republican, but because of what I in Minneapolis. Should I just we said to the guard we stopped at. That was crazy. What we gotta get ripped that city was going to exist, then we said
Just before we get up it's all. Everyone, blue states, problems Tremendous crime, you take a look, it's not read stage will have read states dread Daysha doing great, meaning republicans are doing great. The democratic aloud go to New York. Look at New York, our beautiful New York, that you love, that I love crime up three hundred percent in some cases, a hundred and fifty eight percent Chicago. Fifty People shot last weekend with a dying now we're pulling out of Afghanistan where almost out we're up were just about out of everything in the media were getting very close to getting out totally should never been there by the way, but we're pulling out, but we, you don't have shootings, were eight people died and fifty people got shot. And you talking about you gotta, run by a Democrat mare, radical left- has no clue no clue whatsoever, and we could set up here, but they don't wanna, help
find me the greatest would be Portland that could stop that at half hour. That's easy: they're, anarchists, there, together they're spoiled kids for the most part they live in the basement of their mother's home and father. Some of them are rich, but there that you don't have a lot of padding cuz. I want to look like your muscles, but they don't have your muscles. You have to put padding in their slaves they coming with the black witch we right away, swinging sticks at people, bed secular, like a really bad sticks, but they said swinging bats and sticks and and then you have Christopher saying it's an ideology. I can't believe this is the FBI directive. I can't believe you said that a very bad thing to I said it sets an incorrect statements of dams after correct people, but it's an incorrect. I know these are sucks. Anarchists their agitators, their bad people I do see and overthrow it's better it s going to happen now with a country as great spirit, you know, is happening. It was coming together. We had the best numbers
history of our country and it was actually started. To unify ended. We got it with the China plague, but we we had the best numbers in the history of our country and it was coming together, peoples that one can ear but successful unit. Next year will have a better year that we had last year. You watch- and here you see it happening already. It's a supervisory and we But do you know the Democrats are in a way they have Pennsylvania's closed down North Carolina, this close down Michigan, slows down these data. Down a adorable thing. What they're doing they shouldn't be doing it, but that's the story, but you are I am so proud of you. I knew you when you were not quite as successful. I think we can answer. I gave back in the day and I appreciate proud of the job. As you ve been credible from day one you get it big. Things are happening on the front that your most interest- thank you. I hope so and, Mr President, one of the exit by thanking you all
after me and my audience for supporting alternative media. You one of the few presidents who seen outside of the box that about ABC Nbc Cbs all the time their digital shows in your use of social media. It's real appreciated that you recognise that and support the little guys out there the message- I maybe not so little anymore, but we weren't you first came on, so I really upset It's become powerful because the mainstream or or lame stream- I say I say, is one resent even more. Get than our latin its crooked. I mean you know it's just really terrible. It's like I watch the did Joe Biden thing and it was like softball been interviewed by Anderson Cooper. Many times, never easy. I never everything was just served up and then I did step Annapolis. And ass for any they d get alot of battle ass for anything I just go and do it. I think we did a good job cover a good reviews, but but you know, when you look at it the media's crooked, Andrew Presidential, This is the way we can get our voice. I have honey
the millions of followers, and you know it. More than they have a lot more than they have a new. Do you doing so great and you're very important source of information than shows a very important job, so I can grow. I thank you, sir. Spin and honour to have Eu President Donald J Trump. Thank you very much, sir appreciate your time. That is my friend decker yourself of choose her. Can I help you joy, that any of you, ladies and gentlemen, are the answers, put me- it s a little bit on this, but very concerned about what's going on, especially with the Mahler probe when present Trump. The Mueller probe and what happened with the mother probe on the fact that they get to delete their phones, away with me. My president Trump would be in handcuffs if they did that it's it's embarrassing also is sure about dumb social media. Listen, you have to fight back. These social media companies been taken advantage for a long time today show very generous, also sponsored by parlor. As you know, Part owner in parlor? Parlor is the?
a viable alternative to Twitter and Facebook out there, where the hottest social media property out the right. Now we have millions of users and we really appreciate the great feedback parlor. You can go to parlour comets, p, r, l e r, p, r, l e or go to the store download the parlor after they stop letting twitter and Facebook take advantage. Eu and sensor. You want social media parlour, only alternative that we have millions of users. Your feedback will be tremendous. Promise. Your social media free speech, experience on parlor, p, R Ellie are, will be enjoyable, we don't sensors, based on political ideology over their stop, give your information to twitter and Facebook go too far? r, P, r, l e r d com or download the parlor app store, I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy the interview, show Ladys German You can also. I subscribe to my account on rumbled dotcom slashed by GINO to see the video version the show we really appreciate it. I will see you all on Monday, you just heard it in Bonn. Gino.
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