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He Made The Worst Political Decision Possible (Ep 1320)

2020-08-12 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the troubling picture which surfaced in the Epstein case. I also discuss the real problem Joe Biden is going to have with his VP pick, Kamala Harris. Finally, I address the tech tyrants latest move to suppress free speech. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee, no really says something about your campaign when the candidate you select is your vice president running late some members mob memorable moment of heart campaign, when she was running for president, was when she said she believed your accusers, that you're all groping in everything and implied you are racist. That was, memorable moment of our campaign. I've got that cover but I've got a lot of other things. Do a lot of you probably worn out to be candid, almost twenty four hours now straight Cobble Harris cupboards. Got some seven, that I've got some fascinating stuff about fake book and die twitter and the text ready in this election and also have some updates honour, a picture that surfaced in the Ep case. Don't go anywhere. Rotation brought you by Express VP in Britain
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how many Joe Biden has paid. Yesterday I came Cobbler Harris. Yes, Kamel hours will be his choice. It is running, May Biden Harris spied Narras, twenty twenty President shrubs campaign promptly released its they said, and I want you to pay attention to the part where
What shows that smart? This is absolutely hilarious. Check this out, more commonly Harris ran for president, by rushing to the radical left embracing burnings plan for socialized medicine, calling for trillions of new taxes attacking Joe Biden for racist policies. Voters rejected Harrison. They smartly spotted of funny, but not Joe Biden, he's not that Smart Biden calls himself a transition candidate. He is handing over the reins to Camelot, while they jointly embrace, though radical, left, slow, Joe and phony com along with perfect together wrong for America. Like the other, the poet voters, smartly rejected Campbell out with Joseph that's right. It's the video hd video, they user, Joe he's a false hilarious. Whoever did that. Nice job well done baby. Very I've gotta get
or a couple hours examiner even bathed in it, but there's a lot of other stuff go and I got it will get that some interesting stuff going to see anywhere else the empty vessel problems going to come up again with your by wait for it by before we get to that so listen, fake brought. You know, Facebook, and twitter and Facebook is doubling down again on attacking, servant of pages. Now I get these stories about me, but it's happening conveniently again right before the election. What are they doing? Well? Think. Book is the leading certain accounts, but Facebook is also doing their fact, checking which is not fair checking at all. It's a backdoor way to suppress free speech and sensor you on their platform sonata. The crucial issue I get that fake boxer publicly healthcare but they are in the free market. They can do whatever they want with their business and I'm not suggesting anyone you know should do. Kind of a government action against them, on the basis of which is weird, because you would think fate Bob
would not want to alienate people on there platform will give them content for free like me that they make a lot of money. I'm just just fallen out there right here in this debate, because the worst business my lover, I by them free cod on their platform, which believe me they make a lot of money off trust me. I give it a free on their part. So I am not only a partner, but I am also a defender of free speech. I'm one of the few eyes. Even Falada conservatives think we should take. Government actually gets, but I dont you can disagree with me. No matter how many times vague pocket catch me. I am He's gonna use my platform to fight back against their platform, because it's a free market, I don't recommend any government action against them, but Facebook, chooses the arrogant ate their best partners in a best offenders and, ladies and gentlemen, conveniently right before an election are doubling what happened so
Last night, I'm just about to go on hand, and he didn't happen because Trump was on in the interview went through the end, but Inter when I get a notification from Facebook that one of our posts at sea pollution policy was fact check and to be false. I was like it. It was what it would imposed upon. You know that calm about policy. That was false. I don't understand So here's what I saw when I click on the link from fake, but it's false. Information found the damp on page. He share. Information has been reviewed by led stories and prevented a notice to the post that its false. While what was the point, Well, you can see it if you watch it on Youtube she says the quiet part out loud. China would prefer by that our article, the headline of our article. Policy says the quiet part out loud: China would prefer Joe Biden that's an exact cool,
Exact quote: you know Facebook quotation marks, that's what quotation marks mean you know the doubles and in the singles within the doubles. That's why quotation marks mean it's. It's a quote. How is that, however, set forth? Of course it wasn't false. Its fate book back check, which means is that a fact check at all so what really happened. I'm an issue that the background to the stories we wrote an article up on. You know that com, which will be in the shoulder things please stick to fake by now reading the article at my show, notes at punch. You know that count what about you know that consultation newsletter subscribed and the articles right up there. Please read it now to stick to Facebook in the Streisand effect I'll get to that. The second to their doing this just made a but a bunch of conservative pages. Why did they hit that particular article? What did I tell you months ago, Nancy Policy some connection with vague book whenever you
write something about policy? No matter how true, you quote her, which we literally did in the headline, quoted her or how legitimate it is fake, but we'll go after. This something go and arbitrary policy with fake booking policy that article I wrote about an intelligence community assessment that was released that Nancy Pelosi reciting in an interview the Intel. Just community assessment, which I don't agree with, it all said their base. Russia would prefer Trump, which is total nonsense and that China would for by they prefer Trump to lose, meaning by no win, that's the intelligence community assessment from the from the international law. It should be the national counterterrorism insecurity centre, CS you have to be precise, that's what they set polo He repeated ad on CNN, so we put the article quoting policy on vague on Facebook, look how many people sought. This is why they panic here's the
actual posts they put on Africa Policy, says why a porn out loud again, a direct quote, China would prefer. Joe Biden puts the article look at the bottom folks How many people saw that. One million forty three thousand three hundred and twenty eight people saw on Facebook. So what happened, of course, Facebook before and can have Nancy policy actually citing in intelligence community report say and that the Chinese govern the Chinese Communist Party prefers Biden, although it's the truth. We actually quoted policy and the that the agency s report quoted literally quoted up taking. I've got information out there, so faint put before an election has to find the way to stop it Joe, but they can't delete the post, so they say fact checkers get on that fact check it fights of the wrong with it. It's
a wrecked quote, so they just raided as false, very quote. Now. Why is my page become a permanent target of Facebook right before the election? Again, conveniently they ve done this before to our paid, especially about policy. Here's a tweet from an account called They spoke top ten. All this account on twitter does. Is they monitor every day the top performing facebook links in the United States Joe, whose number two in number seven I'll get budget or is there it is by the way the guy runs its pages, not a conservative. We, are consistently in the top ten performing for, book weights in the United States organically those people enjoy our content spreading around this an existential threat, that it's a great for fake books, business it's an existential threat to the liberal, lunatic hack jobs at Facebook who don't
care about their business. They only care about their left. Far. Bright idea far left ideology, that's all they care about and they go where the right leaning pages. Like me all the time, so you may be saying. Well, then they set its false. Let's hear the act. I will quote from policy, on CNN member. The Michael says, policies citing at an end and it s a national counterterrorism insecurity sent a report showing that the Chinese Communist Party prefers Biden. They want Trump Toulouse, that's an actor report, I'll show you how to Secretary here's Pelosi talk about hears us squatting, Pelosi, here's the actual quote that fake books- as is false check, but the chinese state like what they said is China would prefer Joe Biden, whether they do that's there collusion that they would prefer Japan drawn. How can we fight out again? Can you do that? Only did I miss something
policies citing Europe. What can it can you keep that up because, owing to shut down the whole system, I don't know my message iq to play that again, please just disappeared again, but the chinese state like what they said is true. Would prefer Joe Biden whether they do that's there. Conclusion that they would prefer Japan figure of that's exactly bear their conclusion, which we voted. A headline facebook that falls has verdict. Is it that's bottles, but why are you not fact checking policy Why are you check? Ladies and gentlemen? Facebook is a joke. It's a disgrace! the only reason I'm on there is because I like to put the true to correct their lives or by homeless parlor parlors. The above it. By the way we were back in the top five last night after my Facebook posts on Parlour B, r l e r, by the way, which I am obviously apart. Owner of I said a thousand times, but
That's why that's my social media. I only got a facebook to correct liberal misinformation, which Facebook fight back for the liberals. Now here's the actual article we wrote again, quoting you know Casey Martin, quoting then slow counterterrorism centre and security quoting there report saying that no what's tribe, Toulouse, they prefer by that point you just said here: it is in my power, Jeremy Franco's pre, somebody you that come according to the national pulse another hour. The answer yes Report says quote: we assess the China, prefer President Trump that China first that President Trump who Beijing sees as unpredictable, does not win reelection. These attacks, I will quote, come back, they didn't. Do I mean what else do we fact check for false information? Take it up with them National counter terrorism centre and they see policy who repeated dont fact check us we're just riding at all.
About literally not figurative. We what day said quote quotation marks my gosh fake book It gets worse. Folks just said the Tec, tyrannies efforts. Twitter will double down at stupid you? So now they commonly Harris is running on that she's a president waiting. You all understand that right. Nobody actually believes Joe Biden is going to be present. He has no cognitive Cape Will it is to understand these even running for President Joe Biden is already probably forgotten, always pick to run for vice president. Look at Who is now one of the executives in communications Department of Twitter, remember this guy, who put out this tweet boasts about a week or two weeks ago, member Nick Priscilla I'll admit Priscilla Twitter. The original tweet from team job is in violation of twitter rules and we require removal. Thank you. Nick Nick is a computer
Patients guy for Twitter there's a couple weeks ago when they removed one trumps, tweets Nick Priscilla, whose whose neck Priscilla a former communications press secretary for a common Harris president awaiting its, whose also communications that twitter, but that's dead. Then this is one of those when Rob Snyder, Dude Mombi Joseph sector due to meet its decision. Again. The irony of this whole thing being Facebook makes a fortune off my facebook page and I'm one of the few people out there who actually does not recommend Any government action- I know you disagree. I respect that. I value your opinion a lot. I chose a free market alternative. I
to put my own skin in the game and a free market alter that. I hope one day wins parlour. I hope we will take it, but the fake book, your you guys, are a disgrace. In the end, the women over there and the liberals run it you're a total disgrace and twitter, you even worse. A total embarrassment just come out. Be Just be honest with America say: you're, a bunch of liberal activists disguises the social media company just be honest, so people can make a legitimate free market choice and stop pretending, you're an open platform you're, not you're, a liberal publisher, that's exactly what you are moving. I want to get through the camel hair suffer. Let me get to my second sponsor today: Ashford University, Ladys, German, I always appreciate- are spent Susan? I appreciate you looking into them. They want to be here on the show and they want to talk to you hey when you think a future. You think a goal to where you want to be substitute dream goals and suddenly planning your future is bigger no one ever has small dreams.
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Thanks s word for being show. We appreciate our right, so some coverage yesterday, the selection of Kamel Harris. I personally, I think, a disastrous pick. Here's the problem, as I discussed yesterday with a friend of mine who is said not just leave out of two. She s cause. I don't want to get rid of trouble, but I discuss the pay and she asked me my opinion- and I say this election of common ours is Joe Biden. Vice presidential running made us a disaster for number reason: Spider Box himself in folks. He box himself in by telling everyone who is going to pay. Woman and an hinting later that it would be a woman who is when they said women of color. Now we only had a few choices. Their stacy We can pick a she's thinks he's the governor of Georgia still so she was out searches she's got she's tied up being the fake Governor Georgia, so she was out Then they had Karen Bass,
who is a a black woman who works is always a representative in Congress, but Bass at issues, because some comments came out of her supporting socialists, which would sink our chances in Florida. Are you know, Cubans Joe we nearly killed by socialists and southern. A kind of have a hard problem of a hard time voted for you kind of understandable Randy Susan Rice. Here he had a big issue with. Obviously, because you know she has more baggage than J F K carousel twenty two I mean there was no hope whether you could exclusive right. So by the process of elimination he had the dread. Full Comma Harris now, as I said, the beginning of the shop job the chaos candidate. He is the chaos Because he's an empty vessel, you may say: Joe, doesn't sound like the cascade. That's the point, Joe doesn't know, nobody sounds like a Joe doesn't even always running for president. He is an empty vessel. That liberal Democrats are filling
Caesar their filling the glass with Craig hey. Stop that's the problem with you, he's not there. So we, six cobble ours is a radical left. This and the worst part about this couple hours dropped Before the I will caucus. She had a dreadful press that's. Your campaign, dreadful, she no intention whatsoever. I think she was like fifth in our own home state of California. But you liked Kamel irises. The presidential candidate When she ran on a road. She was terrible. There were to peace, is of our campaign for president, however, that more memorable suck joke And they were out right this time, so I don't forget memorable what's wrong cobble areas. First, wasn't Joe Biden, racist. That was number one our place in video for you to say not only where she celebrated for implying Joe Biden erases the media rising star for stories. Boy
Tell me something it was like a movie. What's your name, lady Gaga and bread, whatever his face a bit their Kamel hours. She could have been onstage sing, a song, the shallows. Where she got up and up by rising STAR Star is born. They laughter for apply Biden is a racist loved, her second second most memorable part was right before job. Jump in Come Harris said, listen! Grow! We touchy fairly Joe Quota Hill. I Give us accusers some cobblers things: the groping guy propria touchy seven billion over sniffer Joe. This never sent bring everything why he's like a bomb dog or subsidy. Is he doing wiser. We sniffing people, it's weird and women
we, like you make me super uncomfortable, is weird guy, just a piece just keep your hands the yourself touching people just weird, but we giving me well unwanted massages, h, we're so they don't your massages, just don't massages Joe slap them aside it's weird, it's Super weird, so, just to be clear, ours. Harris is known for employing I raise this use, really super grubby and takes he's a massage therapists. This is weird ok at the great researchers at news busters at the media research centre. There, terrific. Here's a little more tat! I had to cut off about thirty seconds. This group has two minutes long in the interests of TAT. Here's about a million thirty of the media, the left wing media celebrating Kamel hours when she basically implied that job
Was a racist for opposing blessing member a star tell me something here: you right here check this out. Their performance last night is certainly what people about it this morning. I'm hearing words like a star is born and then big our centre. A couple had to break out moment that her campaigns been lookin or was borne. Her name is commonly Harris I mean a star was Lord George. Come on earth and campaign this morning is certainly riding hydrogen. Just have one great out moment: she had several. There were ten democratic candidates on the debates age last night, but it was so we're Cobbler Harris who stole the spotlight? It would show Crystal clear, common Harris, just complete Italy, commanded that's age I didn't come here is the night he lives in a star was born a night. Does a mass before our performance. This was Debating this was cobbled irises moment that swift,
Vice President Biden Head toward Kamel Harrison she's about girls me that him and everybody else in the room. Looking to see the new front runner in the dome. Attic presidential nomination raise biting was front and centre. So where his vulnerabilities as Senator camel hair, is made very clear and very personal, and what's arguably just the most dramatic moment of a debate, but the entire primary season so far this is it this is what she's remembered for the employees, Joe Biden, Racist STAR is born weighty God stage. They should just. This is where we need carpet doktor back on social media over on parlor by with us, but he's these me so Impose our face on Lady Gaga Single STAR is born as star is born called job. To apply these racist artists board, but if that helping enemy-
and I get just remember back so she's famous for two reasons, implying groping Joey, ropey and implying, in fact, through the media. There we go higher, as I believe, binds accusers and applying the job. And is a racist now, what's the Album, Comma Harris outside of the fact that she thinks Joe Biden is a groping potential racist. It's kind of a big problem. But what's the even bigger problem. Probably Biden's not not there, everybody knows that you get that right. Everybody understands that he's. Not there he's cognitively, not capable of being the President knighted states and my sources are telling me it's getting worse. As I've said to you repeatedly on the show by the bay and tat. There were afraid by the day he's not going to make it to the electronic. We make that he's going to die. I mean make it
The cognitive abilities are degenerating so quickly that they can hide him fast enough. Even before the election forget about him getting elected, I'm not kidding. Resources are very good. Even if that, so the problem is Joe Biden is not there to tell you who Joe Biden is because he's forgetting who Joe Biden is and far left liberal radicals, it's true GEO are taking advantage of the the vessel, Joe Biden, has sadly become. He is falling apart to poor things into the vessel and fill it with insane Ratan left the stuff. You don't believe me binds a total empty vessel, a tabula, Rasa decay, ass candidate decay, ass candidate and at his person, chaotic, he doesn't even know we is he is. He does- is being forced down his throat liberal shriek chaos. Policies like me distributing money away from cops and he's being forced, Dentistry, Bernie
Sanders tax sites which are going Bankrupt union business. This guy is the chaos candidate, but he cake, and The task. Is you take a job himself. You don't believe me look at this photo this screenshot taken off from social media yesterday, whose Does that it's not mine. This a screenshot taken from you Biden when he was telling Comma Harris via Zoom call She was his selection for vice president. What's wrong with, picture when they assumed in its widens hand holding an Iphone you'll know. Is that the Iphone is upside down. He apparently doesn't even know, had a whole than I thought. The wrong way set- Lee you'll notice that there is a note there, where we then and it is a note with a script, to read the common Harris and one of them, says called I'm calling you today you needed a no to tell her what
you're calling our you're taking her for vice president you're, not asking are, if you want to pick up some protons. The local supermarket dude you pay, you're asking her. If she wants to be the vice president, you need a note for that. I mean Really. I'm calling you today next sentence to notify you next sentence that you my pick provides spread all the crap. I forgot that do she's my pick. He doesn't even know she's the pig he ought to be I did about his OPEC folks, the guy needed a note of Kabul Harris why he was calling you know.
Sometimes, when I go on Fox, have a lot to say I'll. Take a few bullet points, so I remember a scratch your mind, a pan, but that's like one out Ray candidates- I just use it, keep it at my had generally be looking down at notes right. I promise you. I have never had to go on fox and friends. With a note Like introducing who I am Michael, O Brien and Steve uneasily, by GINO and I'm a foster families could contributor you don't know what you call it or are you here TAT one in the news. Are you- The guy needed a note his I thought you told these Iphone upside down here, the charging port. That's the downside hello, hello? dude the speakers, the bottom, my gosh. No, how you know it's upside down.
The numbers, Reed backwards right. Look when you tell him this time. The numbers are backwards. That's kind of ahead. You probably don't even know that it's ten fifty one he thought it was fifteen o one hears the military. It was three o what its vagina gosh somewhere is fifteen authority Clogs Warez BB. Now, showing you again how Joe Biden is dangerous because he is an empty vessel and liberals know it. They are piling stuff in the vessel because he doesn't have the cardinal capabilities to fight back or take a stand in Samara. Whatever I'm a moderate he's, not a minor, he isn't. East he's lost here is radical. Far left congresswoman giant congresswoman giant. Remember I'm losing
I tamper with bill by all my gosh you're, losing your temper. Also terrified, listen. If anyone knows about losing tempers. It's me. You frightened about Rep giant pipe, losing my camper member that one year the same one well here's her honour in an interview say out loud. What we all know that basically sheep, Joe Biden has left on a bunch of stuff because he's again not capable of understand What he believes, because he has even always running for president more check this out. I won't be pushing I will you know as soon as we get him in the White House and even before, with these tasks forces that we had. We were it's a significantly push Joe Biden to do things that he signed onto before, so he is moving He is listening, though, he's whatever say you didn't even know he was calling Comma Harris the teller she was vice president, not listening you there. Be all waves penetrating is your drum and register
signals, but those signals are not coming back out or being recorded, he's not listening an empty vessel and joy, Nepal knows it, we push them. Of course you pushed him. Now, who's gonna be the most influential person in his campaign. From this point, obviously Kamel Harris Right, dispute. That she's is running me she'll, be on you ve, Bide, mom now you may say: if he's an empty vessel, enjoy piles, pushing them. Congresswoman Jaipur and Paris is going to be the most influential person. Is she a well corner the New York Times, who tried to pay There is a moderate ladies gentlemen. She illiberal she the most liberal member of the United States Senate Kamala Harris Europe. Believe me, Newsweek Newsweek no bastion. Of far right conservatism. Here I mean he's
I do more fake news that anyone sometimes Newsweek Harris more liberal, that Bernie Sanders Senate record analysis shows a parties M parties, there's a communist still little short here. So just further is sometimes folks. You know liberals watching need visuals let's do a little visual for the lives here. Ok, here's a continuum of poles, a ideology right so here is put see for the right, be conservative, you will be sea for communist. Ok, so here here's the conservative see here's the communist seo. Ok, here's Kamel hours. We need another page you here. Let's do another painted it here and go on to the next page here here: here's comma, hair color onto the other,
she's tell the left, Bernie Sanders now MIKE without my mouth. There we go up there, you go. She's to the left of the communists, what a communist running for President Bernie Sanders. A communist What did I get buried in Moscow, the Soviet at the plate and backwards she's dead left of him. This is the empty vessel Joe Biden you want Kamel hours, imprinting her ideas on she's to the left of a communist, they say well can't get any worse with common areas are not always does. This was a tweet I Kamel hairs. Remo
when she wanted a bail out the rioters in Minnesota, who burn down the city and destroyed about this is an actual tweet a couple hours. If you're able to. And now to the Minnesota Freedom Fun tell post bail for those protests thing on the ground in Minnesota. Common and no one was arrested for protesting, so they didn't need the freedom thought they were arrested for Running down businesses, many of a black on was Comma Harris. She wanted a bail them all out there down your city again at our tweet folks, it's it's our tweet, you can, you can check it out and our account hasn't been deleted. Let me just say this segment of this, because I do have other stories to get you, including Bill Clinton thing with: how is this not a bigger story with Epstein? In the end, though, the yard, the jet? How is this not a bigger story? but I'm gonna leave this year that because this is an important point to take away, I want you. Could you be here about come allows for a week and we to get other stuff. I like to do the show little differently, Joe and a serious
didn't they grossly offensive demeaning? Doesn't it in fact the lies black voters by insisting somehow that now that you ve selected a black woman, who is the jamaican an indian dissent that, because of color of her skin, then all of a sudden black voters are gonna, be all right in line black voters like robots kind of offensive now kind a year. I'm just may add above an assembly, but I've about. Why would I mean as what you do you scottish and live Avenue whence enables Scott. I can assure you knowing Joe Joe, is never voted for a candidate ever it is life because the color of their skin or whether they came from certain portions of the United Kingdom, Europe, Scott northern Southern Scandinavia ready they go develop people, because you vote or people who believe you believe in principle idea. You share, but, of course the Democrats who you know practice the soft, sometimes hard
the tree of low expectations. They think. Sometimes I have the black boat locked and because we pick the women of color, while black voters don't think like that, black voters are individuals who Think, like individuals who have their own motivations, promoting their kids, their jobs. You know like people They are like they should be treated not like a bunch of robots. Showing you how much trouble they are in with the black community. Look at this, but by the way please save this one. DNS news, dot com, this the show notes again, because you know that Slash newsletter or email you, this stuff, save this one Rasmussen trouble approval rating. At thirty six percent amongst black of our voters, Andrew Davenport, DNS News, ladies and gentlemen, if President Trump is he gonna get thirty? Six percent of the black vote I would be stunned start, I mean seriously flawed, they would-
the political sea change, like you, ve, never seen in your life President Trump even doubles when he got last time. It gets between fifteen and twenty percent of the black vote, which would be historic. The Democrats will be and if they have no, you understand they have no chance of winning the selection. None the sea, the Sierra, as in the absence of value no chance at all. You get that right. There are large pockets of black voters in major metropolitan areas into at the country, if even fifteen to twenty percent, which would double the eight percent he got last time present trumpet twenty. Sixteen voted for president. That's, roughly half of what is approval rating. Is it's over that you Stan have no chance of winning this election, so apparently Let's see if that approval raining changes now what the vice presidential, selective Campbell hours Sincerely doubt it will, because, unlike Joe Biden Kamel hours, President Trump there's entreat black voters like robots,
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air force, one of them, but he's I cannot air force, one he's getting on Jeffrey Epstein, sorry, as a result waving their he's actually next to give aid Maxwell, who is Jeffrey absent? right hand: woman shall we say New York posts in photo right. There, Photoshop, bill. Clinton and delay. Maxwell on Epstein Lolita Express jet folks is deeply disturbing story. Where we're we're talking about kids, kids, young women, kids, who were abused by this guy cabs. I told you that I had a source when he wants to talk. He'll talk, Who is already told me that some suspicious things happened. He believes between Bill Clinton and some you,
girl people on that. Yet on a jet, and yet this or he seems to escape mainstream media scrutiny. How is that. How is it that, every time, a huge story that will decimate the credibility of someone who happens to be a Democrat services, it gets buried. We have Senator RON Johnson who's been exposing every day, the malfeasance, hundred Biden in Ukraine, Senator Johnson from Wisconsin he's a republican you're not going after have Centre Johnson. They have no interest whatsoever in actually discussing stuff he's, bring out the tapes of Joe Biden. Apes that happening. We played a member, the tapes, you paid job Oliver Joe Biden. He was vice president talking to the ukrainian President, poor Shako on tape engaged
at Madame Minimum, Miss visas or maximum severe malfeasance story goes away, No one wants to hear anything about it, Major League, a plus corruption? Now you have said Your bill Clinton on a jet where its suspected kids were abused, sitting merit the entrance with things right hand, woman, Gila, Maxwell in a photo. We can all see enough in silence. Mainstream media couldn't care any less, not interested one tiny bit in this story, I'm way from the source. Folks, when he's ready, he'll be ready, but I would love nothing more than to have him tell him I can
black em out changes, voice. Joking do whenever he joke Invoice Alfred. If we need to do when he tells the story, it's gonna really piss you off even more than you are now part. My language, I saw just the stars me, I mean he's your kids. Is your kids we're talking about the were abused and again because his bill Clinton These are like the Witness Protection Programme for the. Maybe I moved on tyranny watch tyranny watch, ladies and gentlemen, again the feedback. I've gotten from Melbourne keep your eye and what's happening in Melbourne, Australia, where there is a new police state and charge there are people being arrested for daring to walk outside their house without masks. There are photos of people bruised being roughed up by police, search for these sin. The sin dreaded Eric was about. Having a mask on an open air.
You're only allowed out of your house for an hour a day to exercise Melbourne. Australia keep your eyes on it, ladies and gentlemen, because if Australia wants to claim to be a democratic country, gonna lose their claim to that if they continue going down the Soviet Union path. Ironically, I said- must show the other day that Melbourne Australia, where forgive me I should have, but due to the other, the the excuse, the corona virus, not the excuse, the corona viruses fake, it's very real and very deadly for people that's not an excuse to throw people in jail and flush, their civil liberties, down a toilet ball. If Melbourne going to go down path of the Soviet Union and I'm gonna stay on top of it. The feedback is being incredible, because people remember I'll, give you the slightest patrolled me a long time. What we're all the leaders we ve been waiting for. Don't we for me or any one else. I'm glad I got a platform to highlighted, but Melbourne Australia, I'm with you and this Lorries catch fire, article the daily mail yesterday.
Madness. In Melbourne. Security without limits daily mail huge newspaper a merry In tv horseshoers that what is this, bathing attack on police state victorian claims. People in the Soviet Union had more freedom. All that was me factors the political complicated, thereby Judah, Yeahs Melbourne, organise today get people together, use any platform? You can't social media email list get people together to I don't know what you have to do to stay. I don't have an exact answer. If I did I'd give it to you, but I We have solutions, some form of safe civil disobedience, some form of Can I think, to get DNA Andrew another those people out and get him away from public office where they can hurt people letting people now to go, find me if they get arrested, that you will help them out with you? Having said that,
programming, no before my next story about the tyranny watch tyranny and Melbourne is, is an absolute disgrace. This will be playing the Soviet national anthem in the street. That don't worry, while I won't say she's Iders, I started even there that stars, gonna say boy promises AIDS. It. Did we play in the Soviet ate them in the streets, the raven, the hammer and sickle where with you, but when you get to my neck story on tyranny, because I've got my eyes on everything here. I'm trying to theres many peoples I can. We want very very special show knows politics. I care for for serious credit I'm not trying to tease it like the cinema I've I've for various reasons are not giving out too many details. Yet we have a show a special that'll, be pushing on Saturday taken effect, Programming during the weeks would be regular Monday to Friday show
We will have a special show launching on Saturday beyond this channel, like Apple Podcast, Youtube enough, do any different. Please watch it. I need you to watch because again talk is cheap on the doer, newer adieu, snuff. Do you like the people read for office? I ran myself. It like the drug bore start. The budget report didn't like Twitter got Babo parlor didn't like the conservative talk at their started. My own show I like to do stuff part you with a tyranny, alert you about the guy then tell us germ up Belmont New Jersey, Joe these guys dared to actually open their business and use save sanitation methods and amid A corrode of irish thing in New Jersey run by tyrant, tyrannical governor Murphy who again this problem, have. The soviet national anthem played every day on the streets of New Jersey, widely
but our film Army, one of the worst governors in the country member these guys. So these guys owner Jim, they only tell us Jim in Belgium are New Jersey. It's right near Philly, it's on the other side there pretty close to Philadelphia closer to Philly them, it's our far from Joe in Maryland. Ironically, guys in Belgium are instruments than Frank who owned the gym, dared to, when their Jim and say we will not be subjected to your tyranny. We are going to do safely what we know, how to do, which is operate, a business and a pandemic. Not going away any time soon, crazy idea? That is, I know they have. No. We have had no transmission of this virus in their Jim at they at all. But, of course, tyrannical growth. Ass, governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, the wanted Soviet, like Dan Andrew in Melbourne, they should get together. They should have, like a cop class they can have crumpets. Indeed, together, maybe they can strange old story,
Bernie Sanders about weddings and the Soviet Union and how that all, when you know all the Actually maybe they can talk about the Wada that Soviet Union car that when you John one of the park in line, usually one on fire member Jos, actually into Russia is, unlike most people like me, who have been there too and you'll be status even today how much poverty there is in Russia as a remnant of the soviet style, stop their data and drew in Melbourne and Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey want to bring here. So what happened. Now the Communists and Bell BAR on their council revoke the tellers business licence. This happened today because they dare You safely open up in the middle of the corona virus, which isn't going away time too soon. You know things like feeding your family and stuff. God forbid, you open up a busy now, if, if they tell us Jim, said we're putting this up the black lives matter to protest and facility, it would have been a ok what I had their business slices extended for free for seven thousand years until I can accept,
the two millennia folks, I'm asking you to do me a favor. Ask this, don't ask. Do I do I I don't write. I put up, I think, to go. Find me. Maybe three, the entire time I've been in business and the other two were for secret service agent, friends of mine, their family, who had died in the line line a duty or while they were porn forming I'm asking you to support it off on the it's legit. Its air go find me here. It is right here it's for the guys at a tell us if the tell Us Belmont Court relief, some to make sure you get to the right link it in my show notes the again by Jean that calm, slash newsletter or if you just got a bunch of and click on the pod cast, the link will be in there they go funding. And I'm adore. Pat myself back, you see my name on air. I gave him five on them that I am going to go
sign up for a membership to eventually make a membership? You haven't flight, so long commute, but I'll get the help him out. I'm asking you with humility and respect. They mean that if you can help him out what a few box, if you have it, I really appreciate folks: we can't lose this fight. We can't lose this fight for the peace Melbourne. We can't lose fight for the people, the United States. We can't lose. Despite for courageous business owners who we're not gonna be put out of business in the middle of tier of out of a tyrannical regime in New Jersey, despite the fact that they ve taken every precaution known to man in a pandemic, that's not going away anytime soon, it's not going to we disappear. We have to learn to feed our families in the midst of a undoubtedly deadly disease were so we have to learn to adjust. We will not be subjected to tyrants. These
have tremendous legal fees from the fighting they ve been arrested, they ve been thrown in jail. These guys have been summons, they ve been threatened. Phil Murphy is a tyrant, help em fight back against Belmont the citizens about our largely supported by the way, just the council members who were you know, soviets and stuff. I let me get to my last sponsor today. Please help I wouldn't go find me and I ve got a couple more choice where it's you, for as you now, including the promotion of misinformation. That's happening everywhere, member the hands up, don't shoot thing has up, don't shoot them on that. Member. That thing that ever happened that's again Joe hands up. Don't shoot is back again. Amazingly final sponsors stamps dot com, who as we saw we adjust to a new normal. We need be smart about how we do things now. Luckily, the stamps that come thousands of small businesses, including us we'd, be lost without stamps. That com have discovered the benefits of stamps. That common,
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What's your mail is ready, just leave it in your mail kept leave it for the male carrier schedule a pick up a drop in the mailbox. It's really that simple, like I said what stamps that coming great discounts to five cents off every stamp at the sixty two percent of Where are you postal service, a new PS shipping routes? He believe that as big money, this is a no brainer. Save time say: money, save headaches, save half right now, I'll, listen to get a special offer includes a four week trial, plus free postage and a digital scale. Without any long term, commitment just go to stamps dot com click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in Danby, a dot m that stamps dot com; click on that microphone at the top of the homepage and after Dan Dan Stamps, dot com. Invaluable on this time. Ok, all right! So you know it's amazing how one one of the reasons I do the show and I you're doing the show throughout the years it is. I wake up in the morning. A lot- and I looked through were stories and I look for,
things where liberals have managed to get people, liberals in the media and elsewhere and activists have managed to get people to believe things and are patently untrue and defy the evidence, and when I evidence I don't mean hard to find information I mean like if you did a simple Google search on what liberals were telling you'd find out that the opposite is in fact true. But showing you how powerful liberals are you afraid, Siegel talks about in his book revolt against the masses? How liberals use this triumvirate of Congress no committees, academia and the media- to get you to believe things that are factually incorrect and easily refuted you see them creeping up these fake narratives. All the time. You don't believe me look at its article two daily wire demon Michael Brown. The the shooting and made up Michael Brown, went officer down worse and where the allegation from the left was ever yet his hands up and said, don't shoot me arms or shadow? Many. We have that's that's false! That's for here we go again
The great Jason Whitlocke was over it out I'll kick, which is a pretty great sports site. Slams Greg. Of which the court are these. The Coachee NBA Coaches, San Antonio spurs for citing the hands up. Don't you narrative, Whitlocke, said he's actually promoting racial Adam is what it Papa would say. So great pot of issue- is either one of the dumbest human beings on the planet or incapable of reading is a for the San Antonio spurs, those are you're too I'm not kidding. Those are, you sure, he's either really stupid, hasn't done its homework or he's a manipulative liar so pop they said he was talking about Michael Brown. The issue Michael Brown and he said quote. You know a young man with his hands in the air running from the officer running away and received six shots in the back. They killed him What happened to Michael Brown, while, according to
this moron Gregg, Papa, which I mean a complete level, ten imbecile of yeah. That's what happened. Michael Brown was running away from the austrian shot six times in the back. This paper have an Iphone or an android. Does he have a computer? You ever functioning Brain or is he like Joe Biden with the empty vessel they just porn stuff it because I that's a false narrative. Michael Brown in fact attack the officer in his car, Tried to take his weapon, there was a use of force incident in the car with a firearm brown, then exit from the vehicle. Send the officer gets out of vehicle and Brown charged him again with out his hands and then was shot again after trying to take the guys. Are the officers, gun and kill him. A simple again internet search of
I call brown use of force incident. It was one of the first. Articles they up from it. Saint Louis radio website you're not hard to fine Saint Louis public radio, I'm sure not a bastion of concern values. Here. Why did the justice carbon member. This is the Obama Justice Department talking about important. Why did the justice we conclude that hands up don't shoot was a myth. The answer is because it was a myth now Gregg, Papa, she was really very dumb, so you should consider San Antonio, getting a new coach cause. This guys either brain dead or a liar. There is third option. Here you get that right, there's a or be there's no see from the Saint Louis Radio, peace, Many of the witnesses this denied incontrovertible evidence that Brown reached into the police car struck Wilson in the face. That's the police officer ones would
by a gunshot inside the car fled a hundred eighty feet. Offered no wounds in the back no wounds in the back and a move. Wilson, immediately before the fatal shots in many instances. The discounted witnesses repeated what they had heard from neighbours or on the news, so witnesses admitted they made up story, so they could be part of a big event in their community. Words. Michael Brown did not have his hands up and was not saying, don't shoot the witnesses who said that, where discredited by the actual evidence, that's not what happened. The Obama Justice Department was worse. Thickened that that it was a legitimate, albeit tragic, use of forces, and nobody wants anyone to die. But it was a legitimate use of force
officer wealth and how to save his life. His life I've seen this before. And when I say this- I'm talking about why all of these witnesses, in this case- and not all, A lot of them came out, show and said no doubt Michael Brown at his hands up and was running away, saying, don't shoot none of them. Actually happen. Folks know, there's no four. Zack evidence to indicate that happened at all. There are no shots and Michael Browns back what witnesses say that you're I spent a time do in law enforcement. You know that I've seen this before and I ll just give you a quick personal story to show you happens. People for some reason I don't know Fill a hole in their lives and or have a lot going on, they want to feel like their part of something they want and off. They saw it in a movie that they're supposed to light panic and they want to feel like their partisan,
then special. I'm not sure, but I saw a toy nine eleven. Where I was an agent at the time and I remember running down the hallway of our field office, trying to get some equipment out of a car quickly and people saying that, There's a bomb at the White House. Does a bomb at the cabinets, Obama disapproves of play fight and I had a light. Back in the office because it was it was I'm not kidding. People were like running around with their hair on fire and the store we're everywhere. Now the White House, others that I don't know where they were getting any of this from obviously happen was of a terrorist attack of apocalyptic proportions. But the stories they were telling that day were not in fact accurate. My father called me weeks later and I had an uncle God. Rest his soul in both in Alabama move there from a from Brooklyn he's gone, Brooklyn, Frank.
And he was in a SAM's, SAM's club. Or a Wall Bordeaux using a Walmart, walking down the aisle as nine eleven happening as the planes are crashing into the world trade. And someone came over the loudspeaker. I think it was a warm or maybe a sands, I'm not sure, should probably the name at about really really one. But someone came over. The last speaker said an attack going on a bomb SAM's. And everybody was running down the aisle in Walmart whenever it aid the store they SAM's or the beeches. Whenever it was enough, doth insight Palm SAM's in both in Alabama what the guy would said that over the loudspeaker heard was they bombed? Afghanistan, not SAM's,. This happens a lot with witnesses, the phone game, people think they hear things they didn't hear they pay.
Sit on and eventually you get a story like Michael Brown at his hands up and was gaming, don't shoot and a cop murdered him which led to riots that got people heart an entire places in Ferguson, Destroy, instead of just getting through the facts, they didn't bomb SAM's in both it and Michael Brown. Hands were not up, and he's back was not turn, but don't tell that to combat Harris more. There are now. I was tired area in right because cobble hours five, four years after we found out Michael Brown, hands were up and that he was not in fact third by being shot in the back, Belarus here she goes again combat This is twitter feed, Michael, murder, for Change Ferguson in America, his tragic that sparked a desk we need a conversation and a nation wide movement. We must fight for strong
accountability and racial equity and justice yeah, that's all fake! That's our fate. Tease me that up like a brown was up murdered a couple hours doesn't care Kamel. Ours is a rank opportunist of the highest order, Who knows she sat stupid, she's alive. She knows. Michael Brown was murdered. She knows Obama Justice Department themselves concluded Michael Brown was a murder. She knows. Those witness accounts are, in fact false, and she said it anyway, because that's what Kamel Harris does. She is a big capture, big government, healthcare, will cancel your health care plan. She gets her way. She sought out. Oh Marilla, you would over ten years. Ok here, thanks you, the left, Bernie Sanders and she promotes conspiracy theories that are proven false, like Michael Brown, was murdered, really terrible.
By the Trump add one less time for I wanted and I want to end the show to grow. You see, I don't do this, but I just want to play this one less time about Campbell higher said Joe, because this does this add, which is brilliant by the twenty we played at the beginning. We play it again. Move will lead the show this one. This is the Trump Administration right now. The term campaign misuse me perfectly framing this disastrous taken of empty vessel, Joe Biden and complete fraud
only fair, camel hair, remember pay attention the despair, but your wasn't that smart check this out more common than hers ran for president by rushing to the radical left embracing burnings plan for Socialized Madison, calling for trillions of new taxes attacking Joe Biden for racist policies. Voters rejected Harrison. They smartly spotted of funny, but not Joe Biden, he's not that Smart Biden calls himself a transition candidate. He is handing over the reins to Camelot while they jointly embraced a radical left slow, Joe and phony com along with perfect together wrong for America. This great that's great is there a number of really damning adds out there that they put together this text, its tickets gonna be a disaster. I think for them are really, I can't imagine a worse person depicting combo. Our total complete faith thanks again for tuna? Add a couple of things will get through tomorrow. Really appreciate your support of, shall we just have been doing bonkers numbers. Ladies, you all have been really terrific. Thank you so much
prescribed in the show Youtube com slashed by GINO, an apple podcast as well free. We need those subscribers really help us, especially when we transition at some point in the future to a more friendly platform. We're gonna need and again look out for that show on Saturday two important and please support the guy's. A better. Tell us thanks see ya. You just heard it in Bonn. Gino.
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