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How Conspiracies Really Work # 935 (Ep 935)

2019-03-13 | 🔗
In this episode I address the stunning revelations in the recently revealed Lisa Page testimony. I also address the college fraud scandal and how the prosecution of it by the FBI differs from the abhorrent techniques they used on Trump. Finally, I address recent comments by AOC indicating her lack of knowledge about economics. News Picks:  Liberal New York is stalking former residents to collect taxes.   Rep. Rashida Tlaib disingenuously claims “Islamophobia” is to blame for criticism of anti-Semite Rep. Ilhan Omar.   Lisa Page’s testimony to Congress was leaked back in January.   Lisa Page confirms that the DOJ gave Hillary a pass.    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez humiliated herself again on Capitol Hill.   The college admissions scandal involved the photoshopping of faces onto athlete’s bodies.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i wasn't it thereby gino shepherdess ajar you today anodyne i'm do a pretty good babe george i have a good vied with the show go in and joe always knows went to talk and sometimes you that's me just rant than yesterday i was obviously fired up about my friend tucker karlsson on the relentless assault by the left not trying to an apology for work did said ten years ago but trying to get tucker turn off the i'm glad the lot of you listening yesterday show it did really incredible numbers but joe when do the shows his dad you know you missed an opportunity that as you should are we going to show you when you are making this analogy interests not to redo yesterday shall but just to be clear yesterday i would say in how they never trappers and the rhino republic who pilot on talk right now madam
standing the real fight here the real fight as absolutely nothing at all to do with tucker the fight as everything with silencing fox using any took a turn off the air they don't understand that so there because even saw one of the worst examples we need call our tucker yeah ok tucker call themselves out here obviously take those words back if he could but that's not this fight is about this it is a street why this is not a mixed martial arts fight where there's a referee and rules the left one not ass the left playing in this for blood they want tucker off the air says nothing with an apology then you should have told her story when you are a cop about the ironing born i dont know what it was a golden opportunity globally so quick amr young cop into seven five it's one of my first day a patrol car the rockies we're out on foot patrol and i get in with this guy might let's call it might p and we respond this call and the guy
inside is just lost his mind he's going crazy not that big of a guy either now i've been train and further while it boxing and stuff but in a trained environment you know i hear you trained with wrath in a boat punching bag and in the procedure jitsu school where they tap out everybody starts here used to a controlled environment so i respond in the house of this guy the guy said you're talking to us you know not com but not totally out of control and folks i don't know where he picks up in ironing what i kid you not it's it's the ironing borders is like its being used for iron and you know it out eddie swings it baffles buckles me and have i'm not ready for this at all my abhorrent contracted nothing and it knocks that way dad i'm you did irony boards out that heavy when you're swing it it especially this guy did and is quicker easy to pocket i fall back on the couch the guy jobs on top of me and like a mouth and i'm like taking myself with my head they do too
as this escape it breathe through school leaving the cow its mouth position in my head like no they hadn't at our bikes we crap like this guy no one's going to stop this guy i gotta tell you folks you know in a moment of cells deprecating honesty there was frightening because i thought to myself what if this guy get my gun like i'll be dead neighbourly my partner that the air michael was as you know been around the while one up get although the guy you gotta get an arrest it later on but whose great analogy i appreciate your brain because it shows you the difference i trained so much and so often under strict rules based conditions in other words the pie the text of the past the republicans are used to tip eel went over to the white house have a beer with reagan which was all nonsense s up but that's what they believe it we're all without browser come around if we just show where nice people they won't come around it's over their swinging the irony borne out your buckling you would have dared wake up
an article in the washing examined which i like when you know i don't mind people writing counter killing or opposing opinions but you know it takes a shot a talker and appear we gotta get our entire tucker all this time you understand a fiber in need seriously you that clueless gosh wake up i but thanks for neither do we have a great store in india that wealth i could ended a lot worse mozart my own thankfully it wasn't a patrol car and not a foot patrol we have by yourself i tradition aren't you by bodies of wax our actual marcela my speeches i use wax our exit just use it yesterday after i get a haircut cleans the ears inner ear you know you're not supposed to put those cotton swabs inside your ears it's very dangerous just read the back of the cotton swab was this idea clean your ears how do you get our near wax out well used facts are ex sought the sexiest brightened were but i wish i had it when i was back in the your peace day we're not the days and the secret service because we would get anywhere build up inside you couldn't yearning here's a cost review i saw him i wanted to share i used to go to the doktor twice
do you get rid my stubborn hard new acts with the rising cost of health care my double deductible pay sixty dollars a visit a hundred twenty dollars you to treat my ears now i can do it myself with what so our acts in a significant savings that also doesn't require me to miss a half a day work thank you wax erect right now you can try the wax our access than by typing in go wax are ex dot com that's go wax or x a commune africa data check out you'll get free shipping so nice offer don't wait you have no you might be missing because of inner you access stuff works by the way you be shot hookers yours who know major change alive go wax waxrx dot com is the website offer code dan for free shipping go check that out all right i've yesterday joe this story broke i was in the car and i want to talk to some of the other stuff going and that's a little more serious so the story broke yesterday about this college admission scandal i'm sure you saw it where a bunch of well connected
people including some hollywood actresses are alleged such be fair we're not liberals year by their you're innocent until proven guilty but are alleged to have me significant payments to basically great greece the skids they get their kids into elite schools the way these scam worked allegedly is this guy believes amos singer they pay this guy tens thousands of dollars in some cases more to do things i take it a paint play the test for their children s eighteen a cities whatever all oh geez one of the show this at a new post i can't believe this i cannot believe this story they were photo did i want to lay some funny it's a cry bits fraud but it's just so dick you as i had to go check it out to make sure it was like a scam story they paid this guy who should have their kids visas on to act its bodies to britain
they were athletes so one phone with his kid like a whole boldly and photos are like while those are pretty good idea was this for real so described the scam these hollywood actresses some other connected people at a lot of money pay this guy he take the task now what he did is you'd say well what was a guy but the guy apparently be super smart so up people ass well how did he know in other words if if your arm wouldn't do this by the way but for little gel paid a guy to get little show went to harvard you don't say little job scored maybe you twelve hundred he s eighty a really good score but that's probably they get you to harvard so job would say to him we're shoot for fourteen hundred now you may say jowell well why didn't they shoot first sixteen hundred b obviously the s eighty would catch that there was an anomaly there like you know one goes from a twelve hundred to a perfect score but the questions are kept get brought up again but this guy's alleged innocent until proven guilty here but its fascinated with how did you hit
target score all the time and apparently we so smart like you while we answers because you're so smart you can just get them were hung on purpose darn the guy that smart why do you have you know why busy alleged to be involved in this fraud ring why not just start a bright what if you start about re elegant legitimate business so i wanted to talk about this for a couple reasons it ties to the whole spy gate the uruguay how what that's crazy gone out like dad the plant them there's a a six year though and i want to get to that but before i get to that i want to talk few about why this matters and why this scandal is such a big deal given status of our higher education system in america of ottawa let's go join a few member the show i was i was listening to pod cares about higher education by arrest roberts econ talk very good show
one of the guys on about hop higher education remember the show job is making me argument that it signalling that a diploma from a college is signalling don't waste it sends a signal but it's not indicative of your actual skills that's a while back year member that you remember the show the right yeah yeah every listen everything works better do analogies this is his analogy not mine but it is brilliant and it shows why these people paid all this money to get their kids into these elite colleges even though they weren't academically prepared for them if they were joe they wouldn't the chief to get it right in return for two reasons first do you know everything's great inflated now nobody fails in college anymore everybody gets a gentleman see nobody no nobody out of college anymore nobody meanwhile i went to college in nepal one which is a vast
oh i'm not that although only forty four people fell down oh that because i know a guy failed out you can fail attica right now it's almost impossible to fill out of college with great inflation so what what i'm saying is what you get into yellow harvard joe you're gonna get out and you are i get a degree so tired the signals being in a second it reminds me the old adage about about medical school joel they call the guy who grab wade's last than its class in medical school they all got your brief because he's a doctor nobody vote seriously how did you ever asked your doctor we we as a harvard degree of harvard degree harvard medical you walk in your line now this guy's smart this guy could been out of four hundred medical doctors in his class right this guy could have been tsar edible my family
you're sure montevideo that's what my shirts movement all she's texted me during the show your search move at all of this guy but a bit out of four hundred graduates he could have been four hundred because you got up and one guy you slept you don't care you see degree on the warrior while he super smart support but one is these hollywood and famous people and rich people understood if they their kids in they were absolutely gonna get out number two the harvard diploma on the walls a signal folks i'm not going to say it doesn't mean anything but here's the analogy the guy in the podcast that gave and this should really hammer home for you would you rather in today's workforce a binary option which rather have a harvard degree on your resume in a job interview and no skills
why would you rather have the skills you need for the job your interviewing for and no degree at all you you you guard well though the ads or don't you you'd rather four degree well you'll get the job i'll teach you somethin later on but i thought for college was about i don't call we're supposed to teach us the speakers for the workforce folks tat analogy that did not an outdated that there does that choice that the guy laid out in their pockets was absolutely brilliant because it shows that a college degree is a signal its not a certification of anything it's just a signal that you did what joe what college bet you're i know jos the pretty two further shown and let's be i guess have some college people who could pay but we will try to do and probably couldn't do a job that they cannot say and i couldn't learn but don't you say like jos got actual workforce experiment third
years and radio in ireland five years work for the second his conservative pod guests in the country thanks to you days our skills they're not easy those audio grabs that's a joy to put together a be candid folks i don't care of joe is a cop but she could at all it doesn't matter to me all i care is a joke and produce the darned bud guess it's a signal explains largely what is behind this scandal signalling effect in great play she's all they needed to do was to get their kids in these schools to get the diploma they knew they would get out really dopey scandal i was listening to it on my gosh how stupid is it you may be saying how the heck are you going to tie this thing to the spygate they know it's not it i'm not like reaching i promise i'm not struggling for me area we have more than enough some have a bunch of video to get you today photos and stuff i promise you but in the car yesterday i thought about my
time is a federal agent and how why nancy see policies panicking right now now you're really confused don't worry jaw get there policy just came out recently declared she's not looking for impeachment that its quote not worth it right now you may asking yourself why why would they see policy a known tromp enemy she can't ladies and gentlemen she cannot stand trop why would lois come out as a leader of the democratic carcass in the house side the speaker of the house i come out now and say no impeachment detail because folks nancy policy was briefed back in august by john brennan about a big conspiracy involving donald trump and the russians a conspiracy that never happen how do we know that
because lady listen i'm gonna get into more detail be patient with me on this folks when i locked up will involve the three seventy one usc eighteen usc three seventy one conspiracy charges when i was a federal agent and eighty mccarthy has again peace and older peace on this at national review the first then you do joe when you have a conspiracy and network of people operating by fraudulent means joe maybe like the allegations in the college thing what is the first thing you do is an investigator prosecutor you now someone on what they conspiracy is why why would you do that because then all of the co conspirators no you have them dead to write show now joe let's put yourself back in the equation let's say john wants to get little joe and harvard he was part of this and gave the sky say fifty
thousand dollars to get a little joe in a harvard the investigator shows up the joe s house and lays out the players the scandal the bribes the test taking schemes they did the photos shopping and all the stuff in other words the backbone of the conspiracy joe knows he's dead rights and what is joseph all right what do i need to do to help what i need to do to get out of this right if they show up joe and say hey joe we thank you might have done something wrong with your kid college what is your this question through them joe it is rather a guy you're wrong why the audio words a version what we shall always what was i daddy you if the guy comes practices i don't know something it's no i dont know cover something i don't know what you did wrong i'm just getting here you're going to say thank you but hashtag sand in other words for
of all the folks like me pound memories call pound that they the aztecs said you have a nice day folks i have never investigated the conspiracy charge will you didn't discover what they can spear he said he was worth did you notice that's how this case one doubt and the fbi they charge them but the actual conspiracy first and laid out what happened this is not a stretch did you notice in the mahler case in the policy charges the brennan charges all the charges by the liberal media lunatics and everyone else about a trump conspiracy to collude the russians nobody has actually charged formerly end version of this conspiracy whatsoever to everyone involved in this case because there isn't one
there is no conspiracy there is nothing to charge what does this have to do with the no impeachment there they want to win peach rashid till we ve they are costly or court they all we got some deuces from her later itches keeps getting better maxine waters they want a peach trump for watching for the collusion conspiracy that polo knows didn't happen how does she know not only does she know this didn't happen she knows the conspiracy their alleging is a hoax do you understand now joe had this ties to this progress the fraud case are they got you lay out the conspiracy first and that's what you charge many people with you don't charge people with tax
cab medallion fraud like michael calling flipping like they ve charge my point with a puppet apulia you charge up with the conspiracy the action conspiracy your alleged nobody's done that because there is one and is freaking out because she was briefed in august of twenty sixteen by john brennan about this alleged conspiracy and this alleged conspiracy was laid out where in the dossier that is a big fake and what is new today and why are we bringing this up may you may you saying right now my regular then are right we know the dossiers are fake we know that spirits see that they allege was laid out in the fake dossier why we bring this up now because lisa pages testimony just like bruce ohr's has now been released by doug collins up at the house of representatives republican doug collins and we have some just beautiful information now i want
give a sincere heartfelt had tipp to jeff karlsson it yep at times you had this testimony a long time ago in january i will a courtesy to him include his older january article with the exact same testimony is laid out but now for some reason cause jeff did it maybe some people that modern you now to give him credit did want to publicize it now that it's gone mainstream other people are starting to cover the testimonies well and i guess now that it's a sanction released by the house joe some their people are starting to take it seriously and not knock in any one of just try to give you a reason why jeff's january article catch more fire when it should have given why we covered back in january to yes i do now it's getting serious because it page testimony that's been released the official testimony we now know that policy and the others new back in august of twenty sixteen new as per bread
and the fbi new as well that this conspiracy was a hoax how do we know that you know it get to the tree first and i'll get to that cuz it's going to take awhile and i don't want to i don't want to be interrupted most importantly sponsors care to be here for the for the show and i want to give them their their do jane you sell eighty wish that double jimmy just disappear are those bags and puffing is getting worse every day just listen i've been asked from lobbied texas i put the jaw cream of my neck like two or three days ago sebastian neck is looking over twenty years several people told me my face looks really young i'm blow when my wife and my mother in law love this product my wife looks young naturally she doesn't even need anything she still you my mother law loves it my mother in law adores this product it's really good which any cells natural active sent a pure any axes base with no parables no chemical sense and no pharmaceutical preservatives it's the clean luxury your skin deserves every day what a right now and
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but now she knows that it's out there that people know she was brief let's go to some testimony by lisa page this is what lisa page said and i'm gonna read through the summit explained to you how significant this is now that our testimonies out that this lead fbi lawyer that you were talking about member with the text broken step martini money is critical here we go it says it definitely does so upon opening of the crossfire hurricane investigation we had a number of discussions up and threw in including the directors talking about the fbi combing regularly we were trying to find an answer to the question right which is is there someone associated with the campaign who is working with the russians in order to obtain damaging information about hillary clinton and given that its
august we were very aware of the speed and sensitivity that we needed to operate under august wait multiple times it's been alleged by john brennan and others that data and find out about the dossier ladies and gentlemen what she saying about people working with the russians let me quote working with the russians order obtained damaging information about hillary clinton these people working with the russians this information was cool almost exclusively from dossier related sources and people working for fusion gps who were setting up these meetings with don junior this why the dossier company fusion gps now john breton briefs the gang of aid including who joe name the policy in august let me read pages quote again and given that its august we were very aware of
speed and sensitivity that we needed to operate under you're telling me with a straight face the john brennan wasn't briefing people in the fbi as well about information they had contained in the dossier and the meetings that were being set up meeting by the way set up by people connected diffusion gps who met before and after which with fusion gps the same company that produce the dossier that meeting with junior was set up was set there's no doubt my mind was set up by people connected to the clinton this happened in august what's the problem folks she's afraid now policy if an impeachment as scheme goes through that all of this will be exposed that they were
spying on the trump team back in august based on hoax information from a political campaign pelosi knew she was briefed in august and bread in lied about it brennan lied about it now more on we support this is from fox news dot com this is it go from yesterday i have in the show notes as well very very good page also spoke to how little information the bureau is starting with saying the fbi knew so little whether the allegations were true or not true and had a pause we have evidence because we are just starting down the path varying the allegations ladies and gentlemen they never varied the allegations then ever varied the allegations how do we know that because the dossiers all sits a fake how can you vat to pay
do we call seven this stuff in never happen carter page never met with these people in russia he was never promised shares and rosneft it's a hoax he never met paul man afford it's a fake it goes on the peace the fact there's been she later said that all they needed was an allegation inclined entirely comment particularly in a counter intelligence investigation that you would only have you would only have a small amount of evidence in launching a probe ok time out fair enough and allegations enough to launch a c i probably not a good idea awful police state the nice tactics it should be a serious credible allegation wishes wasn't but it goes on nobody's where she goes with this lisa page remember her testimony just came out yesterday the fox news peace goes on
the transcripts released a smaller continues this investigation which trumps a sales as a witch hunt on a regular basis but can have an impact on workers rational investigations are we democrats go with their investigations or whether it pursue impeachment something new see policy has come out against further time be why it that grey folks here's the problem here if you are a little confused i promise i will tie the supper you brennan is pie lining feeding this information to his men many people as possible up on capital hail and long for men connected people and someone's leaking it through the press about a document in august and a series of information is from fusion gps the quote machine mason i talked about last week the fbi the oj they need
information they go to fusion gps magically information appears to promise informations wrong this is breathed in august who breeze pelosi brennan but what it brennan say about the dossier let's play this first cut of john bread and meat the press with chuck todd and pay very particular attack to the dates we know now for a fact bred in brief the gang of eight some of this stuff you brief the gang of aid including energy policy harry red others on capital hale had being the dossier joe why because the fake formation of dossier appears these days later letter from harry read to the fbi demanding them to investigate now is lisa pages line make sense because it is august we
very aware of the speed and sensitivity that we needed to operate under he heard thus you when did you first learn of so called steel dossier and what christopher granted to the white ass play this cut of brandon lying through his teeth about when he heard about the dossier when did you first learn of the so called steel dossier and what christoffersen was doing well it was a lot of very well kept secret among press circles for some months before it came out and it was in late summer of twenty sixteen when there were some individuals from the various u s news outlets who asked me about life milieu ready with it and i had heard just snippets about it i did not know what was in there i do not see it until later in that year the goes in december but
unaware of the provenance of it as well as what was in it and it did not play any role whatsoever in the entails katy assessments that was done that was presented to then present obama and then present electron how was the steel dossier treated it how did you treat you said you looked at in december i assume it's been looked at by was obviously it looked at by the fbi we ve now learn they ve tried to confirm some of it and have had some success some not yet they don't say it's they don't they say it's unconfirmed but that's about it well the word things that dossier that made me wonder whether or not they would they were in fact accurate and true i do think it is up to the fbi to see whether or not they could verify any of it i think jim commie has said that it was button contain salacious and unverified information just because was under if i didn't mean it wasn't true and if the russians were involved in something like that directed against individuals who are aspiring to the highest office in this land there was an obligation upon the fbi
to seek out the truth i listen to this chump what a coward what is sniffling snake john brennan is now you will understand why brennan's going down in this whole thing he lied and noticed the date george you hear it i think i heard about the dossier somebody to know anything about it i laid eyes on it for the first time in december that's convenient you mean after the election of donald trump in other words distance yourself from the police spying you did using the cia before the election that's all we could isn't it and stu breton you snake you heard about it in december how is it that you brief harry read up on capitol hill in august about some sensitive information about trump and the information how we reach office puts out right after contains information about the dossier you said you didn't know about new august briefing by the way you get there
connection tab ants now may at sea and the impeachment they want to impeach armada conspiracy that didn't happen that policy new didn't happen and we breathed about an august while the cia director who breathed or is lying about the whole thing oh he goes on paper your attention the cairo it's tough to read this next cut because there's a transcription but pay particular tension that car iran in his brow then caught rachel mad cow where he lies again about the das cooper my folks he breathed from an august of twenty sixteen about information he says he has that harry red puts out it's only in the dossier he says he doesn't see two december org its december august some this guy is lying and you with a snake does boys fbi i
problems in this don't get me wrong and he blames the press room people in the press on the summer but i didn't see it pay it so the cairo in this matter out pieces equipment play that it became a hot topic debate within cia and say an fbi and deny that whether or not to take that dossier into account entails many assessment was was done we decided no because with there's no way we could step stand she hated it wasn't tells us document so it was appended to it but it was not taken into account at all as that entails many assessment was done and was completed he's it was not taken up by the way did she the cairo on europe's laid eyes on december of twenty is hard to see through the transcripts should know you did you're a liar we didn't take into account if it's not substantiate it was official intelligence zack me you
for the cia director you were using that same document to breathe members of congress and the united states senate in august twenty six team everybody knows it everybody knows you did that the way why is this all important now because again in the page testimony that sleek lately there are none it's in there that our absolutely priceless she it that ladys may have twenty seventeen seventy year after a little less than a year after brennan brief capital hale about the fake dossier policy included she does not want impeachment joe not on this because it is going to come out what policy where they screwed up it is the damage
to ask for an investigation of the hillary clinton females and that's how this whole case broke wide open that's how they got the page peter strokes tax because of the democrats request for an eye the investigation you'd think they want a peach when trot words gonna come out that need pelosi was briefed on the dossier by brennan in august of twenty sixteen which he has subsequently lied about and said he didn't see till december 20th two thousand and sixteen getting back to my point pages testimony a year after nearly a year after may have twenty seventeen still hide not verified any of it nothing it was a whole and she said and i quote the case at this point still could have been literally nothing these people are going down brennan his made public statements finally lying about when he knew about the dossier openly lie
she why the united kingdom is freaking out in others they probably pair this to him this company pass this jewab brennan this is from a he's lying about it why the fbi in trouble this is why continue to insist that the three letter agency people are going to go down on this because they had what's procedure they were supposed to vet this remembered i just read you to put the whole page we were just in the initial processes of any unit provided it do moreover it was never vetted you just said on the record that may have twenty seventeen the case could have been quote literally nothing doesn't sound like vetting to me either it came as already admitted the deputy direct the fbi has already they would not have had a case of pfizer case and a warrant despite trump without the dossier folks this is
huge scam this is so why adam shift sleaze ball adam shift lying about when bruce or increase diversity or made contact already contact will after the election because they you understand why folks why they keep lying about this august state and why it's the atom shift keep saying this because they d wants you to believe that a political candidate for the presidency was spied upon right they want you to believe this started after the election when all the suspicion arose about these russian contacts and trumps business deal that is now what happened is incense joe oh yeah yeah yeah yeah this is why shift keeps y all bruce or the just apartment only met christopher steals name is on the dossier after the election that is not true that is not always testified to the opposite they met in july before the election and i ve known each other since two thousand and seven it's a lie john brenner
not find out about the dossier after the election we read already digged already outer john brennan that information in the letter the fbi after being brief by brennan one more time this just to show you out scotty told i can't family friendly show this whole thing is keeper i may have twenty seventeen joe lisa page acknowledges that this case could still be literally nothing despite being and data by the woods procedure to verify the information a dossier before they got a warrant they didn't that they verified nothing and they sign their names to these people are going down the information is fake they don't read its literally nothing and donald trump feel being investigated but when it comes to hillary clinton page out a different story
support from the washington examiner page further testified that today j put a stop to that talk about the current investigation the justice farm assessment is that it was both constitutionally vague sitting in actually feel they could permissive we bring that charge the specific statue being reference in usa code seven only three deals in part with gross negligence in the handling of national defence information which clinton came under scrutiny for possible violated its jim call me whose initial versa this speech about missis did malfeasance on july fifth session is grossly negligent headed strikes it from the speech so let any other dossiers day testimony she indicates that they had a hard evidence of gross negligence they presented to the j to prosecute hilary she gets a complete pass by may have but he seventy may have quote literally nothing donald trump i've been literally nothing they still
i bet it any of the dossier to this day idea donald trump is still being investigated now you see why people appealed folks justice justice might you know what a scam why a scam now do you understand policy is avoiding impeachment they don't want to make the same mistake they made with the clinton thing you forget some of you may forgotten they were all mad jim call me for for investigating hilary clay demanded investigation to the fbi look what they found all of this spy gauge stuff came out you think poem do want to send a trial for impeachment trop miss remember you breathed about has it can you imagine have twenty sixteen by john breton really
dont brennan's on tv twice save heeded learnt about the value of the december one of use lion i get some damage andrea test i know i know it's important folks this is the intellectual pipe the left now cortez this is a pity that this third pillar you will tighten got destroyed yesterday again and it's important this credit or ideas because their dangerous not because it's fun right well it's funny sometimes because you set up that so ridiculous but this is serious what's happening in venezuela right now with a drinking sewage water someone discredited chavez and madeira where they had the shot i say that because unsuitable and more not a lot but i get emails are why you give her the pr wearing giving already think she's doing it for herself and she's getting traction today's
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otherwise the man's a sea of well spargo probably has some significant accomplishments is life to get there when you said you'd probably private an easy position again i mean you and i can agree regularly to be up rockets this or as a joke rocket surgeons human use as you have really what are you a brain surgery rocket scientist rocket insurgents there you don't have to be i could surgeon to figure out the panacea well spargo probably requires you to have some decent knowledge about spreadsheets net present value hurdle costs banking finance that kind of stuff i probably there it s so you know miss cortez you were always is yet i know she's even thirty yet who is not attained any kind of that the business success in her life of course felt necessary i felt it necessary to attack this guy up on capital who yesterday and utterly and completely destroyed because again miss cortez as a difficult time with things like the facts here's what happened when we set it up
the way this works up on capital hale some of you know the sewer insiders up there is these questions are typically fed to you by interest groups activists and things like that who humiliate and embarrass banks and do that because they couldn't earn money in the private sector themselves they on their back it would be broke and be the poverty bank stock so what they do is they want to humiliate these people the submission so they hand them these questions are so miss cortez probably got handed this question i doubt she thought of this herself but she wasn't it directing the answer she god because the question was based entirely bs premise play that cut this is pretty funny madame cheron
like to seek unanimous consent to submit three reports highlighting the bank's role in depth financing these groups before profit prison companies running ice detention facility that objection such as you mr sloan why was the bank involved in the caging of children and financing the catching of children to begin with i dont know how to answer that question because we work so in front of you you were financing involved in debt financing of course civic and geography correct for for a period of time we were involved and finance and one of the firms were not anymore and the other i am not familiar with the specific assertion that you're making me we weren't directly involved and i get you know my wife and who has produced a show we try to keep our costs down here keeps us competitive right
right paula before the show i said there she she loves stories eddie big eo sees you because you can't get past the ignorance this is phenomenal so did you understand what happened air wells farmers if job this is not at all ok that's idiom what do bags do what's their best well they lend money and they hold money and they invest money you like you are i'm not set about messing with that's where they they lend money a manage the companies they lend might let me make as you know i don't want to i know you know the but for the liberals that you have a tough time with this because they may joe and you're smarter than so many this question for you up even better if you weren't get alone and you were starting arma cost ain't right and i to production company replied kiss you in the back when you ten thousand dollars doesn't bank taken
active management role in your company does the guy who sent you to load sidney studio where you are now what the bookcase behind you and assist you in managing the daily activities of the park yes no no no no no no no no not a trick thank you again we had a baby import juggled so let's go to cave banjo because a judge are clearly too smart for this in the debate is not working because you're you're even you're like they do it i don't get this i guess it's just your stupid presty okay magic joe instantly drops at about navy iq points he's down to a twenty so came into view lovely people money as a bank does that i mean you then go and own and manage those companies after you learn the money came a geo yes or no no you gay men gave we haven't seen gave magic operator while these its web browser
we have to reintroduce cave mandate there's all joe because they are so stupid these arguments that they take a man understand now this bizarre later i'm not going to play the other cut because the stupid is so strong in it that i don't want a gun you down all of you right here it goes on later so clearly what happened is the bank lent one of these companies money and one of these but he's later on may have a contract with the government with ice the bank has not to do with that the bank lends money do you not know that you're an elected member of congress you you are unaware that she goes later to ask the same guy about this the code and natural gas pipeline joe apparently they were involved in lending money to a natural gas company to she asked him a one point well why isn't the bank responsible if there's a natural gas leak in the pipeline the guy looks
virgil just like he looks at our here goes i dont know about children occasions we have nothing to do with you as our ok let's move on because she doesn't have anything the guy looks about the south dakota pipeline leaks and he goes well why wouldn't we be responsible for leaks he goes we'd all manage the company we have nothing to do all we do is one money we don't ask what they do with it folks this is really stupid this is peak stupid i bring this because representative cortez is becoming the intellectual tipp the spear for this radical far left wing of the party that is descending into utter complete stupidity a vacuum of intellect for months it's like i haven't seen in my forty four years on this planet i have never seen anything like it you know i have significant disagreements because they're wrong with grace paul crewmen an
intellectuals on the left but listen these guys although there completely wrong and some stuff they says is absurd they say is absurd these guys of academic ordinary stay went to school and tried to figure something out i got a wrong i don't know cortex doesn't even know anything she's no serious like she doesn't even if this is just stupid come you are you're involve putting kids in cages the guy's gonna be looking at are like is serious what are you talking about now the what are you talking about gets worse here's alexandria case you cortez itself by south western austin texas
addressing what her problem with capitalism is half part about this about like is capitalism redeemable etc is that it's hard to have these conversations i think as a society because we all have different ideas of what does in the public imagination theirs and there are different ideas of what does capitalism mean what does socialism mean etc but for me when i think about what those definitions are capitalism isn't to me is it's an ideology of capital it puts capital the most important thing is the concentration of capital
and it means that we seek and prioritize profit and the accumulation of money above all else and we seek it at any human and environmental cost my gosh even shui get knowledge it over there i don't even know where to start show let let's start first with it that thirty five thousand foot view perspective here no there are definitions for these terms this cortez she says the problem the problem with the debate is your read it cause you don't know anything that's the problem with the debate about capital you don't know anything so when peter i don't know anything what they do job is they say here what it means to me now listen i think of it recently smart guy members stop i dont know i couldn't tell you much about the nfl because i don't watch it left last season you asked me about the raiders did i heard they did terribly aid should be arrangement but i don't know
i don't know anything about the raiders but joe this what liberals do because they never want to lose a debate nor bedrock an emotional reason is acknowledging she has no idea what capitalism is because our definition is entirely wrong she's us here what it means to me ok here but the raiders season met me last year they did joe i heard they made if as super bowl now that they did to me you might my definition of the super ball is the game i played on september sixteen dating play a game of succeed now they did because the calendar to me joe to me i run a different calendar no no the there's an actual calendar and actual superbowl at an actual nfl sees no no no joke to me tell me there's a different calendar a different season and a different superbowl to me here's where capitals mcdonald capitalism has a definition it is there
we supply rather than rationing to alex it scarce resources it is the ownership of private property and the protection said property in ownership rights it is they use wages in employment system it other joe it is the economic freedom to engage in transactions on property your labour and use prices to allocate those transactions and to allocate scarce resources they should say to moderate their transactions and allocate those resources these are actual definitions of what capitalism is you don't get too it got your own she says well the accumulation of capital at any cost did you just they ve got up stage because you don't know what capitalism is instead of just saying i don't really know what it is so i'm gonna leave of course because you're a liberal so you just make stuff up
at any cost so is he paused crews are really brilliant writer said our foxen frenzy other there was this segment it was terrific talking about cap and he wrote it up i do it he was splaining come about capital from cyprus into prager you video is very good but are still antipater he said robert about amazon you money huge fan of our use amazon but about a huge fair their business practices but so you can who thinks at any cost joe so what do we got so let me get this straight on amazon you accumulate capital so joe on amazon is selling is pod care services and he does it at any cost no he doesn't do it any cause he has to prove any product on amazon pod care services that are priced cheaply enough that people willing pay for them or committed by his product see a cuban its own show yourself me joe goes on amazon steel people's money accumulates capital produces no product and
because to everyone else and benefiting joe only do you want to sit out this is how soon purposes but she gets away with it all the time because she is a hero to the stupid on the left the don't watchful vacuum on the left she is filled with this otter garbage you can't go ebay without selling one bad product added cost air quotes and bring your bar your seller rating destroyed you so a bird corridor dealer now people go on yelp and complain about you i thought they were doing it at any cost accumulating capital your mind before their car you understand sooner stupid this is people believe this meanwhile she's all we ever definition for social democratic socialism or it's all done for the benefit of societies
you mean a hundred million dead you mean the gulags the torture camps mean a people drinking sewage water in venezuela that's for their benefit joe or minerals and sewage water we don't have you tried it nothing that we need dan mouth we just got one way to frame that i breeze we people drinking sewer water in socialist venezuela lacking economic freedom are not giving it's done for their benefit miss cortez lives intellectual vacuum and her act aids follow along blindly i don't usually do this stuff because i hate cuts like this bill had tipp tom elliot on twitter that's where i got it from this is a cut of hearts out by with again ladies gentlemen i want things like a lot of things i can't stand is is vapid intellectual garbage
if you don't know than just stop talking until you do know i pay due debt rynch do are getting elected fine whatever but this is sport has a big a mash up of her at the same thing they like you nose like you nose like you know similar like eliseo silverstone share from clueless play that got area while i think like you now or whatever light blue light like wherever you know fight now enough then lichens like like whatever you know unlike their whatever alike will just like a site like like this like plague blake
don't hold back to emulate about incrementally is like like for what you like you know like you know like any other things like that like like because we talk about racism so much we actually aren't talking about racist south it's just like like it's just i now do you have my we do you have we drop you bet i do daddy repair like putting their minded another body not we need proper paul outside for their regular listeners you been with us for a while you know paul aids but she's ice actually growing got her body folks i don't even know what to say i really don't i have said many times congratulations are getting elect the congress it is difficult to do i ran my sounds very tough it is now your responsibility too
actually no stuff and formulate copyrighted sentences an hour of my charge of like you know like you nose like it i tell my paula am i making this up so you think i'm speaking before tat i ever i love my daughter is about a death and when ever she says like in the car i shut it right down no like you knows no i get owes now like you rose there will be no like your nose like you know there will be no like you knows no like you know or a member of congress stop lying the people on capital oil about kids in cages be financed by banks you don't like stop making up there since of capitalism cause you don't know what it is stop making definitions of socialism to take the deadly edge off it
stop saying like you know like you know my gosh i can't take it anymore joe i cannot take our rightful i'm sorry but we got a compassionate stuff seriously venezuelans are eaten squirrels right now it's not a joke gets really happening because we let stupid ideas like this infest our society without fighting back early these are bad ideas i don't know what's in this woman's hard miss cortez but i know the ideas are deadly don't fall into the trap sixty four to an employee subscribed to the show on the june sound cloud our radio you can follow on iheart radio it is free it is those descriptions of the show is absolutely free that helps move us up the charts we really appreciate it we always appreciate you share in our continent as well thank you very much folks
the order you just ten bonn gino she you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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