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How Many Times Have They Tried This? # 952 (Ep 952)

2019-04-05 | 🔗
In this episode I address stunning new information about the repeated efforts by the Obama administration to target their political opponents using weaponized intelligence assets.    News Picks: Here is the definitive list of all of shady Adam Schiff’s collusion lies.   The scandal surrounding the targeting of Lt. General Mike Flynn is getting uglier.    Andy McCarthy’s terrific piece describes the folly of the Mueller probe.    The real collusion and obstruction story is the one involving Joe Biden and his son Hunter.   A huge victory for conservatives in the critical state of Wisconsin.   The border crisis is exploding.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i want an ideological shellfish john how are you today it sure is if miss the twitter high jinx yesterday some some subdue to herself a radio station something up in new york yeah he goes by like kid he bore meet our shit i'm vigour dollar somethin like that he went after tat your call set on his twitter account like you know all cabs i challenge and do a fight you know me listen i was like you fake tough guy it other what are these waked up guys ever ready to them my whole life that's a back before you gotta check it out on twitter to really by its his name is meet our or me me raw meat or something like that but there is a body now
party boxes i refer you to my twitter account i hate the boy by two advice but this one is definitely worth outta you gotta see this guy flip it out here yeah me too joe companies that this really happen the guy who challenges tucker karlsson to a fight like a guy you don't listen i'm not gonna or whatever and you get a challenge that your fight that you're a fake tough guy you know he tells me tat this is you were a kid java gifford do wanted to fight you devotee meet me around a corner yeah maybe outside the park at lot absolutely maybe outside of school right has anyone ever told you to meet them in the men's department at meme in martin rising food on famous in new york because our billboards in new york i so i kept responded back is actually miro but i kept responded back
avenue crazy dear me polly veer made all i can that does it bugs authority is not really funny dear people whose job it about you report famous fair about a bill old man he's a oecd soup all commercial man also in rather a good luck with your blog google the way you guys i down there a diamond doesn't we really be an amendment deplorably been marcus all i was crying and read i gave you my people are responding back to disguise amy bow you're picking fight you worry just it they're just f why am i listen i got a lot of great stuff you today including a great analysis of this sort current situation by eighty mccarthy which exposes these these liberals and media folks for what they are i today show but you our bodies express vps love express vps admit it you think
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piling onto yesterday show will recover this liberal nonsense it they're dead but with the media in the bar report bars compromise the d j compromise because bar was hand picked by donald trump first off ladies and gentlemen i thought this was common sense but again arguing for common sense and today's era with liberals is actually a waste of your time free attorney general is hand picked by president are you unfamiliar with our point these in the executive branch work studied static there it the general guns appeared picked by the bread every year general as had been by the president i recall the lurid alleged war and pick by obama so that lines really dumb but my card brings up a great point because what the debt we are now trying to say is but a billboard
is clearly this is the peace by the way a national view recovers the folly of the smaller investigation by anti mccarthy european the show notes that please read is very good he addressed is this conundrum the liberals find themselves in so you're saying now the department of justice is corrupted if you're a liberal because its run by an attorney general picked by the president which every attorney general's picked by the present but what's fascinating joey's macartney ray for great warrior it stood southern district is in the oj the same southern district that's prosecuting michael cohen now celebrating the fact the liberals are celebrating the fact that the southern district of new york a division up part of just this once i bill bar is the same division investigating shop so we love this there's shrinkage really awesome because their hammering donald trump we hate that parliament of justice that runs the southern district because donald trump picked an attorney general that runs it
ladies and gentlemen i'm telling you pick up every morning thinking to myself what liberal idiocy can we do today nothing they stand for makes any sense at all being a liberal requires you to suspend this belief why are you to go into a movie knowing its vacant pretended real suspension of this public you knew suspend this belief that the movies fake as you want to enjoy this is being a liberal you go into the movie you watch a movie knowing its vague but you suspend your disbelieve because you enjoy being stupid is the southern district that's investigating trumped the bad guys with the good guys because they work for bill bar i know you the state or government works press in selection attorney general nominee scented confirms and that's all the way it's been happening forever ok the southern dish of new york base a district within the department of justice then
we have justice is broken down if its southern district ether eastern district some states only have one district it was maryland when i worked in the baltimore field officer the secret service of what what is it but there are some up points mccarthy's brought up the southern district of sorting out maybe my addition to a not be in there but another one mccarthy's points they of the mahler probe data mahler was great when he was harassing donald trump but mothers chief bull dog joe andrew weissmann andrew someone came from where the department of justice so that should be clear you eight the department of justice run by bill bar who is a trump appointee because you think they're conflicted yet the same kind the department of justice you celebrate when their investigating trump visas southern district
and when i ask you why did your weissmann who is picked from the same department of justice to investigate trump starts investigating trump you love and while you simultaneously hated department of justice folks none of this makes he sent to anyone who is capable of even basic rational thought trying to draw that out there because i just i can't take it anymore i watch these people on the nightly news these liberal walking heads and it's just one b s line after the next jerry natalie this lunatic who shoes rapidly competing with adam shift and swore well for being this really is most discredited the puncak member of congress and functional large hiring of structured hiding up what is wrong with you you have any evidence that what you said is true no i have no idea of course you don't i i want to prepare you first okay what we're about eight nine minutes and i wanna get that out of the way but i want to pay for that
and i want to kind of a maybe may this may help dismay hurt i'm going to explain to you some really astonishing information came out yesterday it's in turn what's goin on this this operation to take down the trump team i cover it and my second book but it's gonna be honest with you folks is very confusing and i know you never supposed to tell your videos like this ghost josephine radio along come you never want to tell your audience you but folks it's important it's cool google stuff that i'm gonna talk through with you now and i hope it makes hence i am relying on your email feedback and joe to tell me if it doesn't let's put the led out their first because some astonishing new information came yesterday the chalk ross it daily caller who put a piece has been covered by fox it was all over yesterday the pieces title cable
academic reflects on interactions with spiky figure here's the is that headline may be confused i'm going to get the chucky piece which is in the show notes and it's a must read it's really good to send the show tonight is this from the start in very curious as to why the fbi a line on why they spied on the trunk team and attack them on behalf the obama administration i've been very curious so why the timeline in the story changes all the time yeah they started with tromp was a trader then it went to know carter page and the dossier then if what back to open papadopoulos did it then it flipped a pop up listen down or did the timeline kit kept changing those toys with a friend of mine a good source is a great analysed on this case yesterday in the farm he knows he has adopted i think it finally makes sense why the bureau is so desperate the fbi to get everybody in the media to to advance
this story tat george papadopoulos this down or meaning started this entire investigation and the i believe this is because in classic entrapment scheme i've said this from the start i have brought it up in a long time but the information i've said this from the start i have a it happened a long time but the information i came out yesterday leads me to believe that my analysis of the situation from the start that joseph myths should this maltese professor so with papadopoulos in april of of twenty sixteen that this is the point classic push paul in other words they pushed information into the trump team through papadopoulos with the goal of pulling out later to make papadopoulos look like so kind of a spy or the media for russian information why do i believe it's ok i can't keep the lead in mind here
that this is a classic entrapment operation and at this was off the shelf they had used this before first we already know that in two thousand eight this john mccain colluded with the russians thing had already been tried so in other words pete when the democratic party pillar the obama others out there must have been aware of the fact that this attaching p both to the russians narrative is damaging everybody track in me yeah because it had been tried is reached i don't want to repeat the show it back is for two thousand eight on john mccain this is a central feature of book which lays out and of timeline you're a blow your mind the book is exonerated by the way the failed takedown donald trump i appreciate everyone pre ordered it on amazon it means a lot to me i hate keep bringing it up or we put nor put in a lot of work into it this the shelf narrative fails again mccain although my guest vienna fails it gets mckibben obama winds and largely dies in and falls apart now the old way
thinking of things is that the trump team presented a unique opportunity to spy then the way i meditated figure these this wasn't knew what all that is this guy colluded with the russians fill in the black guy had been tried before and tromp was just the republican nominees so they decided to hammer home with it that's why this is such a bigger scandal than anyone wants you to believe it was not specifically about trump it was about if the obama administration where financing intelligence and making applies about people accusing them essentially a being traders to the country in order to gain political advantage it was mccain it was tried against flynn was tried against drop it was tried against page chidings papadopoulos this off the shelf take the model offers of russian collude or fear and blackmail had been tried repeatedly why this new article by chalk raw so fascinating because it described
as far back as twenty bore team now an effort to take the he's a russian promoter and painted to lieutenant general might flynn now why is that twenty fourteen day this new piece by chuck raw so fascinating kathy arrogant some great work last night on this too interviewing that women involved in this by the way on fox news because ladies and gentlemen donald trump without running for president twenty forty and fourteen mike flynn remember this eight does enjoy in the trunk campaign team until february of twenty sixty okay now this is what s this is gonna get really interest so we have some screenshots from that from chuck ross as peace remember donald not running for president until twenty fifteen and and doesn't joint team two february twenty sixty so this right there
might be that movie frankenstein robert anywhere that was awful everybody's walking through the street call a raw because i think he's got a disease he's the cologne or at least i hope it's everywhere it's mccain and now a twenty fourteen it's when now why would it be flynn why would obama administration administration wanna take down someone with a koluder label the cholera call why because plan is an outspoken critic of the i ran deal which is these signature foreign policy piece of the obama restoration flaming is it because he understands exactly what it is an effort to appease the death to america crowd which will only result in a proliferation cascade of nuclear weapons in the middle east with people who want to kill us good job by flooding that's the long and short of the area and the flame eight said obama serious him an enemy
ministers administration has to take flynn down but they can't take flung down why joe because like with pop like with carter page use later on and with donald trump there's no evidence to take them down there they ve done anything criminal or even illicit what do they do go to the local toys arrest they go let's i'll six rushing collateral they go half way down on the left they take their collude or toy in iran cholera toward they put the fine battery oh this is mix and match plugin play narrative they ve tried over and over it's there i'm wine shop crosses peace that tells me that what i've been telling you for the entire time is true this happening before tee now what happened at twenty fourteen them he lay it up we have put up on the screen some strange shots from the chuck raspy starting with a screenshot number one is of available visual form on youtube dot com flash mancino please subscribe check out the video to i think you'll like it this is the way forward
courtesy of svetlana look over of a dinner look at tat date here folks it's important describe before you is a dinner at cambridge university in rwanda london which appears again on february twenty eightth twenty four in its in the daily collar piece you if you want to look at yourself if you want to watch videos find it is a photo of a richer dear love a problem intelligence official for the united kingdom a guy by the name christopher andrew and associate by the way of a guy who knows to fund and mike flynn this is a fascinating picture because it's taken by svetlana recover well who is threatened look over stretched water cover is a woman tat is accused of some it list
dealings with the russians and suspicious dealings with mike flynn at that around twenty four in ah ah why can we we look over it alleged according to multiple pieces by mainstream media outlets the accusation that this look over some kind of a russian carve out who had ceased she's dealings with flynn at this twenty fourteen dinner according to multiple former media reports that allocate comes from who the fire how per noted cia asset and rich dear love u k tell jane bondo he's not jane by these james bond dough worries bondo james
allegation comes from them mike point is targeted with the toys are us our five russian polluter label as early as two thousand fourteen flynn has enjoyed the trump campaign yet trunks i'd even running for president folks now ross whose done some tremendous where i ve shown their cards you to read the pieces are being the show notes with eighty mccarthy peace peace inscribed to my email is by well send you these shone out you can read them every day you will be so far ahead of the game i had a source on some of this by the way that this specific what kind of point to me in this direction and as i too my body is therefore very hesitant to reported till we can now this down if steffani helper a central intelligence agency asset easy where citizens were
king with the cia i a and a u k intelligence official are mingling in our nonsense and making false charges that flynn inappropriate in actions with this russian woman and twenty forty by the way it's this russian dogwood look over firmly then eyes she results catherine heritage last night exclusive interview on fox she absolutely one you're per se categorically denies any connect the russian intel it all right she's furious with that pictures courtesy of are she took the photo of when ask yourself a simple question if helpers analysis of the situation that might flynn and twenty fourteen at some inappropriate dealing spaces nonsense by the way with this woman svetlana cove at this flynn that eyes it the guy there
flynn who is from the dossier is well denies it it's never been confirmed look over their eyes it it was a dinner at cambridge and why is what kova opera member insinuating you some kind of a russian carve out why she getting an invite in february of toys sixteen to a dinner for who still fine how purrs wife esparza digest those cookies for a minute central intelligence agency asset need some bs information through obama administration that hates mike flynn about here could be a russian kilometer he was talking this russian lady at the event yes he's such a great
since by she took a picture of the thing and put it in a daily called janet bonds janet how per report fact that this woman's very suspicious she then gets an invite in february two thousand twenty sixteen i told you to remember a date before what else happened in february twenty sixty think hard yes my plan joins the donald trump campaign wow all of a sudden there woman like over so cover says hey read the daily qualify as you can read her take on it she says a blue eye an invite to a dinner in honour of certified helpers wife who she has very little personal contact with she says she doesn't even like the guy chosen see it comes seemingly out of nowhere why the heck
would you invite a russian asset back to your house if you're convince she's trying to destroy the united states in conjunction with former die a director might flint well the answer obvious you invite or back to your house in february twenty sixteen to potentially proba for it formation again you can use to feed the false narrative tat mike off went out i've rushing polluter label that might flynn is in fact a russian collude keep in mind the lead this story because i don't want to lose you in the details the least the stories is that time i keep changing with the fbi because they're trying to hide the fact that they were played for fools in the eye five russian collude or tar your political opponents scandal they tried it on mccain number one day then tried it on flannan twenty fourteen it didn't work
when joins the trump team they panic and a woman suspiciously that's an invite back who is the key figure in all of this stuff steffani helper and intelligence asset is this the obama administration bag man what is he doing why is this guy so quiet why can know there's nobody got an interview with this guy all of you and minor but not that peace from the dead the first i snippet of peace is interesting from shock process peace the post reported on june fifty twenty eighteen that's define how or an dear love were disconcerted by flint and covers interactions twenty fourteen those concerns what
why to american and british intelligence so it's unclear of halprin dear love with direct sources for the government agencies dear love met prior to twenty sixteen u s election with christopher steel before am i six officer authored the infamous eighty trump die see a alleged well developed conspiracy between the trump campaign and the kremlin ok now we have another connection so we dear love who is alleged to have been a source either direct bring direct for this allegation flynn i'll five russian polluter than linzer russian collude or from the toys are russell we know dear love also knows christopher steel who while magic we produced a dossier alleging what alleging that call page was a russian asset to in a well developed conspiracy with the kremlin ladys in general
you're kidding plead for idiots by these force but before i get to page i want to put up the second snippet from the daily collar peace by jack ross because it brings up another fascinating angle that was exposed yesterday steffani helper the bag man the guy involved in all of this flynn page papadopoulos clovis another trump official how reaches out the papadopoulos in september of twenty sixteen and offered the young tromp a three thousand dollars at a trip to london london logically keeps coming up on this oh dear love he works for the united kingdom are suspicious isn't it to write a pie we'll see paper on energy issues two months after daily collar report the times in the post identified helpers along time fbi and see a inform it sent a gap intelligence on the trump campaign but whose
reported helper was one of those at cambridge who had expressed concerns about luck alvis interaction with flynn the time reported may eighty twenty eighteen that help was alarmed by the generals apparent closest with a russian woman who was also in attendance apparently helper wasn't alarmed enough to not invite them back in february of twin sixteen back to his home to celebrate his wife's birthday or what s the papadopoulos are now it's all becoming clear ladies and gentlemen it's obvious to people who have been doing a lot of homework on this case people communicate with that the reason the ep the ice timeline constantly changes there trying to hide their role in a massive entrapment scheme designed entrap u s people or pay the core enemies of the democrats any obama administration with an i'll fuck
i've russian collude or tar and feather label now you may be failing to make the connection you wider understand them would the papadopoulos down or meeting and the june july thirty opening request by hurricane why with changing their timeline diminish that because the fbi's hiding something we have with their hiding is after the flynn collusion i'll five polluter label completely collapse flints never been charged once with any kind of a conspiracy charge with relationship the russians not one time there is no allegation of nepal or indictments there's no allegation of it anywhere except in the mind of bag man the fawn helper slovakia help or magically reappears in september of twenty sixteen and has the law papa it was back to wondered why crossfire hurricanes already open why would they
need to lure him back they ve got such a great case that papadopoulos is relaying dirt on hilary to do russians because ladies and gentlemen that dirt line that papadopoulos is led to have told downer in a meeting that the fbi swears open up this case that you're lying as an appear anywhere that dirt lie and only appears in one place in april of twenty sixteen meeting between george papadopoulos and a mysterious maltese professor by the name of joseph myths said that the only time anywhere where the word dirt on hilary in the form of quote thousands of emails ever appears follow me ok we're with you so if the f you if the fbi's whole case
starting in july of twenty six team is based on a downer papadopoulos alexander down or an australian diplomat in london with papadopoulos where there is no mention of dirt at all down i'll just papadopoulos percent eighty about dirt on hilary papa this allows it it doesn't appear in any of the charging documents it that was said to downer then how is the fbi invest the gaining a case stan russians trying to transmit quote dirt on hilary in the form of thousands of emails to papadopoulos you may say what then it's obvious it's obvious that they'd they must add some prior knowledge of the april twenty sixteen meeting between papadopoulos miss should oh yes exactly
why are they hiding metal ladies and gentlemen the hiding it becomes coming clear by the day that myths should or something at that meeting was working with our intelligence agencies to transmit that information to be bingo how else would they get it i want to give a heavy duty had to tat john w hubert's a twitter account on set under cover huber is as is that this is not a non dig nanda plume say number garabin had now the plumed only never escape this great work a wider hood it could be a woman have no idea probably better off their way but pick doubt a fascinating little kid bid but up a screenshot from adam shifts member he rode after the nunez member this isn't a fascinating tidbits here that is that no one is picked out
adam schiff righteous memo after devon newness exposes this whole spying scale unattractive here's i would raise in that it says we perform we learn that russian actors hacked into the deep in the current campaign the russians through intermediaries he's talking about miss said here he's already setting you up for the fact that adams if no smith's showed us a russian spy please tracked me here this is shifts member so he's basically saying that that the russians through myths should inform the one of the candidates foreign policy advisers george papadopoulos in april twenty sixteen that the russian gas dirt on hilary in the form of thousands of emails in evidence before the i support the deal i also revealed that the russians preview the release of this information to mr papadopoulos at the time evidence before the pfizer court show how we work
dirt and thousands of emails appear in a fight court application that was approved in october of twenty sixteen if the f b i didn't find out about the dirt on hilary line and the myths sued meeting until january of twenty seventeen when they interview papadopoulos remember he fbi stories is no no we got this whole thing from this alexander downer who met with papadopoulos in may and in july he told us that he met with papadopoulos and it really shady and in new york times twenty seventeen story reports that it was down or who told them about the dirt on harry no no it wasn't down or has insisted he did not say that never has a word in human history in the history of buying been so controversial where did the term dirt come from the dark on hilary
came from an april twenty sixteen meeting why won't f b i just say that you see my point did not come from the outer wall i want the f b i just admit that they got this term too since have dirt on hilary from papadopoulos but they had to put enough buys award because myths should or some one at that meeting where dirt was mentioned april was working with the fbi the reason they won't say it is because they don't want to admit their role and serious entrapment scandal they got played for idiots because they wanted to get played i am going to continue this is a second because this gets worse i want you digest that for a minute remember that take away dirt
alexander down or never ever mentioned the heir to the fbi the word dirt or thousands of emails never that is only in them if certain meeting so why does it there may i just say that are you diplomat started the whole thing someone there was working with them to target and innocent guy papadopoulos and they don't want you to know that that's why so they want you believe it they came in from an australian diplomat started the whole thing that's why the media the crystal is a types you know did the unease the world the world keep telling you this because they don't want you to look back to april twenty sixteen i'm when i get back i'm up from this is there an investigation open backed eggs if there were we got a lot of problems today show us through our bodies agenda so we love this product my i all my mother in law i gotta put a pic
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immediate effects is also included free order now get free three day shipping tax young to seven for five three or go to genocide that cop that's jenny seldom jen you sell the comte de and you see how that can go check it out you're gonna love it ok gimme bacchus if the formal investigation according to the fbi started july thirty of twenty sixteen the only time this dirt line on hilary prevention is april twenty sixteen we got a all probable marble cause don't we guarantee so what the hell's the f b i do in april twenty sixteen investigating they ve already told everyone didn't open until july what's the explanation well there's only two extra nation number one which i find highly unlikely is it
those of myths do meets with george papadopoulos in april twenty sixteen and alleged we tell them that the russians have dirt on hilary in the form of thousands of emails that miss according to adam shifting keep up madam if so that my format of shipping it is adam shift story is correct adam shift puts up in this you can see here in his memo that he believes the russians through an intermediary who is referring to miss said inform papa what about the dirt on hilary now ladies and gentlemen that would be a big problem would it not if commissioner working for the russians and was trying to collude with the trump team in the form of pop a the path pass on hiroshima joe that be a big problem and it would give a voice a better explanation to how the fbi in a pfizer warm words again about so you don't want to be clear shift maybe bliant about this
but those are his i'm just using these words if that is in fact unifies document it would make perfect sense you may say again story over this there is a russian ass it was he because if miss turkey is a russian acid wisely never charged mother was happy to charge all those gr you russian intel people remember that one job here and the russians it over farms and all those other people mahler charged all them why not large joseph myths should we be russian intel asset trying to interest with the trunk care but you would approve some at least attempted collusion why didn't you do it the the risk is miss it's not a russian asset mission is a western intelligence asset as ms such own lawyer has already told us
folks myths studies interviewed in january i should be in february right after they interview papadopoulos and they find out about the dirt they let him go he back into the country for fbi interview but he does come back for the interview he's cleared to come back into the country to speak at the at an event co sponsor by the state department the fbi contribution and let them go miss it has been in the wind ever since joe we ve only been talking about miss said the maltese professor for well well over a year now you're well over because ladies and gentlemen he's the key to the whole story if myths should is a russian asset like adams if alleges in his memo and is not a carve out met their dirt on hilary that the russians are trying to pass to us did not come from
russians but came from a guy working for our intelligence then these two stories cannot coexist the story the russians were pushing information through the trump campaign becomes a story of what joe you intel working with friendly trying to push information into the trump campaign now do you yet the leader of a story this is why the fbi is again changing their timeline story how this case started all the time because if the man should story is ever told he has ever interviewed ever comes out and admit he is working with western intel to entrapped george papa dapple is we absolutely no then that our government was engaged in a potentially criminal scheme to violate our espionage we adopt laws and everything else to target
a u s citizen in the form of might mike flynn and george papadopoulos now getting back to help her and papadopoulos help her who appears to be the bag man at all of this contacts pop up blocker get him to come back to london after the cases open in september of twenty sixteen offer some three thousand dollars that's fastened also when alleged source in the dossier sergei million also offers papadopoulos money papadopoulos says it's upwards of thirty thousand dollars why all these people offering papadopoulos money to continue to give to give up the cookies and come back to london because they desperately trying to get this information back they play it it into the campaign lee intelligence is not the russians about to start on hilary and pop this won't give it up why
in september twenty sixteen this help me with its crystal clear view attention how persists as intelligence asset working with friendly's who needs pop the apple is to tell him hey man i heard from a maltese guy that the russians have turned on him you want to work on that we accept pop adopt doesn't say it matter of fact papadopoulos there's no allegation anywhere that papadopoulos messages trump campaign and suggest that they should work with the russians to get these emails none that alligator it appears nowhere neither papadopoulos nor myths should have been charged with anything related to that april twenty sixteen meaning georgia's listen about him he's got a new book out which is really terrific by the way i want to thank me acknowledge me for keeping score
alive which was very nice story matters the age at which i was kind of surprise about someone sent me a screenshot of it a lot of things makes sense now to pop up what's the largest that the fbi was in a panic in january two thousand and seventeen they interview in january and february two thousand and seventeen ladies and gentlemen they have nothing just they had nothing on flynn tar someone with the russian polluter label without event we producing evidence or some kind of a cry which they never could they try dont flint didn't work they try it on papadopoulos they come back to pop apples in january they want papadopoulos to put a wire to go with miss should again you may say about them that doesn't make sense of message working with them why would they want to do that folks the story makes a lot of sense now
believe they're trying to throw papadopoulos off the trail i believe they ve been thereupon they been monitoring papadopoulos for a long time either through the two approval on carter page defies on carter page more through a phase of more potentially papadopoulos himself i believe there monitoring him and i believe the fbi in january after tromp as elected they panic he's about to take office and i realize at some point the puppet apples is probably figured out that he's been the victim of trap mid scheme that policy is also probably figured out tat miss stood and it is our frontiers and bay these people who set up the meeting what miss said our part entrapment scheme see we're going to show they know papadopoulos onto them yes in order to get papadopoulos off trail what do you do you ask where a wire against removes should surely the f
yeah i wouldn't ask me to wear a wire it gets a guy they were working with it also makes sense why miss soon after that papadopoulos meeting is in the wind never to be seen again the red instantly episode the land in the left socks where they go nobody knows miss said is the and instead be left sock where he goes out get him out of here quick get papadopoulos off the trail in other words shelf your work and with the fbi right to target me and what you guys you're doing you in the fbi's totally immoral and i get windows start mail and my friends and now the f b i read it punchy knows onto it he knows where target for a crime eating khamenei shall what do we do i got an idea
its tell by jean own aware wire against joe and make bond gino believer targeting joe not him brilliant yes sir but you want me communicating with jill so joe you interview warm and joe conveniently disappears in the wind cause you're so say god this whole thing makes sense now this whole thing this is why their hiding this april twenty sixteen meaning and this is also why margo cleveland brilliant peace which we discuss the law time ago in the federalist where she indicates this very suspicious footnote one of the five year renewals where the fbi is desperate to avoid a you on one of their sources cleveland appears to ensue
made the peace that that source is likely miss said that the bureau was working with a source whose sole purpose was to feed information to the trump team to pull it out later to entrapped them in a collusion scheme folks myths stood the key to this whole thing if he is not a russian asset like shift is alleged he's not here never arrested for his lawyer has no reason to let his photos on the internet must sit with western uk intelligence officials he was not a russian asset this whole case is garbage the collusion was with friendly's this new piece by ross makes me believe that and at all why now how does the ross peace tie into this the ross peace ties into it
because it indicates that helper has been a key player in this russian collude or i'll five label as far back as twenty fourteen he was the guy he's the aisle five russian polluter manager in toys or us we the tar so murmured mercy collusion get our bodies the fine it already traded as far back as twenty four team with flynn now are trying it would papadopoulos they push intermixed should they get help or to try to pull it out desperately in september of twenty sixteen by the way i believe they ve been investigating papadopoulos for a whole lot longer than anyone let on dragon or dragon it was i want to know if there was a was on pfizer on papadopoulos too i now want to tie it up would page because the page thing is gonna make this whole thinks stick to their happens like you ve never seen i finally today show but you buy buddy
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oppose late father in law was legendary cia official re climb made contact we carter page at a political forum hosting cambridge london again on july 11th two sixteen where it be that up there hold on july 11th i talked hurricane open july thirty twenty sixteen gosh isn't crazy july eleven july thirty july eleven july to joy eleven is before july thirty right joam yesterday double checking out from a yes italy i thank you but i appreciate nearly three weeks before the fbi opened its investigation that tromp campaign page attended the event after it giving an invitation of gin june of twenty sixteen even worse from a phd student who studied understood fond ha ha i five bag man from toys or us so go down the list so help or makes
allegation twenty fourteen wins colluding this russian lady russian lady says you guys are lunatics no one else can confirm this this helper invite her to a dinner wife in twenty sixteen despite the fact that she's a supposedly an alleged russia included which she avidly convincingly that eyes ok how poor also reconnects with george pa alice who meet within allege russian masood shifts alleging is a russian guy who nobody ever could charge of the fbi interviews and the guy magically disappears helper meets with bar with pay with their papadopoulos and ass papadopoulos to hay george doctors emails pop ups like what you talk about these seem s i'll five bag man back to the rescue again i got an idea let's invite carter page overturned
in cambridge where maybe we can roll pay amid a smell the pages good idea it's for all he invites i've never had a trumpet it is i'm you i gotta be good persecutors up this is really going to let you know of all your yeah you sticks your english bit is is is terrific radio fishing really awful that access so bondo james steffani helper decides goodbye page over to london to cambridge why is it i'd give it so we start greece in up carter page too the time line now makes a war of sense this is the could you grab the shell
i put it out there because i may be proven wrong later that's ok but a lot of homework for my new book and i'm pretty convinced now there the order we ve been told the timeline not who is the timeline false because they're trying to hide the fact that mr should who started this case was in a russian bus was what france was a friendly working with us joe not only trying to hide that but we ve been told that the case started with this papadopoulos downer meeting therefore it couldn't have possibly started with carter pay each even though carter page is the subject of the pfizer in other words the order we been told is page is the subject of the pfizer in october papadopoulos those thoughts the case in
in june of june thirtieth twenty sixteen because of this tipp they get from down and that he was talking about emails no one has ever publicly confirm the fact that the pfizer order may be out of water let me get to what i'm telling you i think there was a fire on george papadopoulos first and i'm willing to bet a bucket and nails on they found carter page that found him but found it in into carter page member help or help or contacts page in june before this whole tipp comes in right the tipp comes in from down or in july but help the bag man all far pregnant contacts page in june to invite him to london where they work
with uk officials how is that if the case started with the team on papadopoulos how is page getting an invite from an intelligence ass at working with friendly's in the united states in june because folks the case did start with papa doubtless just not in july it started way back earlier with miss stood and am in april what am i telling you folks i believe there was a fire on george papadopoulos first and that visor on george papadopoulos due to that april meeting with miss should who i believe is working with us he's not a russian asset it makes no sense that pfizer on him which would force them to admit there working with miss said is problem how they came across corner pages well how because we know that it was lit
but we know papadopoulos had some contact with page now follow me our own page is working with the trump team is a forest foreign policy adviser he tells a newspaper editorial board donald trump that papadopoulos up less unpaid working so it's not a mystery but firstly we have anything on page now they have something they think on papadopoulos why joe because there working a c i a case with miss stood whose eating them the dirt stuff right follow me they have nothin zero a big fat egg on carter page in order to get a pfizer worn on page which they did you the show not only is the acting on behalf of a foreign government it's not illegal governments lobby in the united states author but you're doing it violation of u s law i e spy they don't have that on page matter factual they have
scope oratory information and carter page why because carter page has worked with the fbi before to lock up russian spies inability yakov case a page has never in his life been charged with any intelligence espionage related crime any crime for that matter he's an ape academy grab there is no evidence carter pages working on behalf of the russians at all zero so how they get carter page then i told you i think they are public the cause of the me i can almost carry tee you that there was a fighter open on pop up where do the to hop rule they get his email to pay the page someone at the fbi who has worked with page the past hey look where we are here look what we got we got dr papadopoulos we ve been trying to set up email
this guy carter page somebody up yes hey hey do you remember we worked with him about russian spiders russians our body how parade here get the bag man five bag man please number they answer consciousness during our bergmann we need russian color alber helper can you go on tat carter page how power comes back what they need to hear all of a sudden blue carter page appear magically yet another pfizer that's approved in october then it would make perfect sense if there was a pfizer on papa doubtless which is how they make the leap to page which is how they get hopper annetta go contact page then it would make a world of sense by the way how the fbi guy came up with this specific about the dirt thing because
even if myths should was working within tell but not necessarily directly contacted the fbi maybe he's working with the sea a or other far friendly's joe if they were on a wire on a pfizer with papadopoulos maybe papadopoulos email someone somewhere about hey this wacko ideal i dealt with said something about the russians are something it's all coming together this whole thing is so much bigger than just the trump campaign folks i'm really sorry didn't show was confusing i didn't intended to be that way and i know many of you enjoy by gate some of you like our other staff this is really important that shock ross peace now taking the date of this as far back as two thousand and fourteen i'm taking it back to two thousand and eight when mccain just to be clear but that helper constantly appear does the eye five bag man for an off the shelf russian
polluter tar and feather job before up is even running for office she tell you the obama administration had this thing plan the whole time none but i told you is open for dispute the analysis in the end you can challenge and you know what i enjoy when you email me back matter fact one of my good sources we kind of vat little bit of friction on that that's fine but the fact that helper it's been a key figure in meetings with trump fishes and enemies of the obama administration and has associated almost all of them with the russian collude or i'll five off the shelf label should say to you that the obama administration had this thing plan the whole time yeah they say with food when in doubt throw it out ministers when in doubt go to i'll five bag man into where it will produce a russian polluter label for you our transparently obvious and allow he was last thought that i
i lay suspicious now that the fbi in a panic to avoid telling you that this case did not start july of twenty sixteen that it started in april of twenty sixteen with the targeting of papadopoulos a guy everyone believed in the on the hack side was a russian i mean liberal and media oxide who may now turned out to be a u essence origins acid which will blow this thing wide open our eyes oh i infer a tune it again there some say that was then ok we as loud in edinburgh lotta info thereby there's a lot read the show notes today to make a lot more sense also appreciate and please go pick up my book exonerated the failed take down of donald trump by the swamp we describe all of this book is gonna be fine am i spend another hour on the phone yesterday i work out the details it's really good
upon amazon born a noble i really appreciate it folks yoga great and it was at this was a great week so i thanks a lot and i will see you on monday data you just ten bond gino show you can also get dan's podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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