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Insane Video of a Democrat Doubling Down on Crazy # 945 (Ep 945)

2019-03-27 | 🔗

In this episode I address troubling new video of a prominent Democrat doubling down on crazy. I also address the emerging collusion scandal between the Democrats, the media, and Ukraine. Finally, I address CNN’s history of fake news and the disgraceful Jussie Smollett case. News Picks:The Ukraine collusion scandal is heating up.


Here’s a list of fake news stories put out by the now disgraced CNN.


Chicago Police demand an investigation into the Jussie Smollett case.


President Trump takes action on the EMP threat.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets humiliated in the US Senate.


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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean lambert here shall please tell her you did i do well may be here very gabby too big news they and the hilarity can i have gotten i've got some cuts from you today for roma swore well utilised added he calls beta or battell bozo swore well maybe the new bozo the class i be this guide is congress for california what management i've got some other stuff from cnn brian stealth there chris cuomo losing their minds what what did you call your glowed it is just that and i do a trend but we need a sounder for that global rule twenty two you can arise that gets right about that to do so i got a sack show we had the smaller thing so let me get right
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insurance puzzling had the policy genius dot com in two minutes you can compare quotes find the right policy and save up to forty percent doing it policy genius the easy compare and by life insurance we love policy genius i dig in right into it so our eric small well the clown prince congress and embarrassment to the congress and embarrassment to the country and embarrassment to anyone claiming this knucklehead appears on martha maccallum excellent show on the fox news channel yesterday congressmen small well you know i think gum i've joy are you kidding i thank the lord everyday paul i'm not joking right that i lost my my bid for congress because if people like eric swell well can get elected and that is not a group i want to be associated with ever so thank you so globally lost by sliver up in maryland but it was the greatest gift you ever gave me close actually associated with a more unlike the his right it is it i care i can deal with this get he appears on mars macadamized knights and instead
of doing a massive may have culpa for being the premier collusion hope sir out there along with adam shift what does he do he doubles down watch this peace in this clip where he tries to defend the dossier and watch the astonished reaction by martha maccallum who cannot believe what she's hearing from this complete imbecile but the united states so it doesn't bother you that that that the clinton campaign paid for a dossier to be put together by someone who had all kinds of ties to intelligence and put together something that that turned out to be not necessarily factual that part of it i would highlight the genes and it hasn't been proof actual christopher self said it was not a finish work product and everyone analyzes set to work but much was not proof actual are you serious you're saying tell them the dossier it wasn't one national coins that never went to prague
do we want much part has been proved not to be factual while the third there were basically you know a few maintenance of at one of them was this salacious story about what happened in a hotel none of that has proved to be to be factual the meeting cohen supposedly took in prague was also prove not have happened she testified that under oath in front of congress that these costs are now you accept what michael coinciding as if you accept the microphones set about prague then i think you also have to accept that michael cohen saw donald trump talk to roger stone we're roger stone said the wikileaks attack is happening so if you're accepting that then you accept the download trump knew about the russian interference campaigned in that's the issue here more than my guy weeded out last night i have sometimes on the show we have the issue of correction so i have to issue a correction now and my apologies my audience on i had said
previously i believe that adam ship was the dumbest member of congress i'm alone after retraining we are issuing a badge you know show a bond you no doubt com retraction every printed article saying that it is clear now the evidence here that in fact era swore well is in fact thomas remember a congress my apologies to the audience disk martha maccallum looks absolutely astonished these member of causes he's a look at a zero rate are you serious you sound like the head of the fbi jim com you hates donald trump calls this i commend civilizations and and verify that the head of the counter and tell the vision bill price that with the fbi admits on the record they were at the infancy just a verifying it meaning they didn't peter stroke delete investigators says there's no there the elisa page
wait is may when mahler was appointed of twenty seventeen the fbi lawyer lisa page admit it still could have been literally nothing the guy whose name is a supposedly christopher steel authored the dossier admits he's only fifty fifty if any of its true not having been verified so i'm gonna go to what i repeat the shout we did the other day i'm just gonna nail this and hopefully two minutes or less because i feel bad remarked that i really do because she's always its garbage and i don't think she thought swore well with germany to actually go on year and insist this was true it she's always per if you know more than a shower i think she was just incredulous show that this lunatic one army are still defending a document that has been entirely the bug so just to give swore well to show you how does this guy is he says what what part has been proven hasn't been proven factual quote the extension
conspiracy between trump and the russian government entirely debunked by the mahler prompt to michael cohen spent deprived unlike eric swallow who has no evidence that happen there's not a passport on coins passport for prague he's testify i don't along with lanni davis begin warrior working for common that they ve never been the prob like the other allegation cohen made that swallow differences about this roger stone phone call there's actual britain's colonies the prague joe you know what it is the guy's passport i've been abroad swearing swore well is in votes to the law school that gave this guy his j d immediately immediately either go out of business or take your j d back this guy is a class one level imbecile gaza
the signal dossier has not been proven madigan checked raised the point that the carter page was working with a bunch of putin operatives and cut bribery deal with the oil company rosneft tone we completely discredited pages never been charged with that no serious who's got on the record indicating any of that is in fact true man that there's a people tape out there who sits a family friendly show joe knows what i am talking about civil leave the details but the troops in a a ppp boycott it completely not you there is never any scintilla of evidence that any of this is true that carter page work would pull metaphor to organ the trump conspiracy with russia there's no conspiracy with russia carter you never met torment afford they don't know each other there no evidence they even met that donald trump paid russian hackers to infiltrate
dnc zero evidence of that entirely discredited by the mulder report and is six hundred and seventy five day investigation that donald trump had an eight year relationship with russia in another component dossier debunked completely debunked entirely the bomb the mulder report no evidence that's true whatsoever fighter i could go on for days but i want to repeat the show we did the other day i just want to show you how dumb of a human being eric swore well is this it is eight this i did it lunatic sitting up there with a tinfoil upon hoping the tv you have all raised on penetrated skull that goober rev the guy goober ever that's pretty holdings that day in fact marshalled this effort to hack did the same tiredly untrue cooper and sued in accord it was so false for defamation so i'm going to recommend this and i'm serious because the left understands is my good friend tom fitted from judicial watch as often that jail processes punishment
the left uses the legal system and other things you know i've said this to you before me and to punish people i'm going recommend that i'm serious i'm not kidding here folks carter page elected goober of donald trump man afford any one else if eric swore well goes army air three you again indicate yet these false stories about you are in fact true i am dead serious you should see this not out of this clown prince of guph ballroom through this guy into oblivion i'm not kidding i ween so what we should start baby make right now they want to make progress and punishment you make the process punishment to i'm serious carter page man afford goober shoe him personally sue small well take this guided court and make this
guy produce a sent a scintilla of evidence that what he said on the air less and i were martha maccallum monsieur i kick it over markham accounts face she's like is it you serious like you're done download stupid but stupid was a gym oh my gosh was it i'm watching with my wife right last night here which we had a kind of it down day yesterday i was long story that close person to me my aunt was like a second mom pass and we will try to get up to the funeral and the flight was delayed or just so we it's a long story marijuana don't want you with the details but it was a long day and nepal was it that way you say she was sitting on the casual watching this looking at each other like we don't know what to say like palos become really knowledgeable about this case with me of course my wife policy does you know what can it be like the duchess happen like is this guy still insisting that the hopes that real like one just call
like elsa from frozen let it go oh what is it what's the rest well how does a vessel song i haven't heard of you turn around whether that is where it go let it go let it go brother it's over dropped the owl just why don't take the loss it's done forget it you give your six seconds entered a triangle childcare is no oxygen go in your brain tap out just let it go oh my gosh did this guy's district in california if you re elected for food you own this guy and i feel really bad for you it speaks to the intellectual vacuum in congress i thank the lord every day i'm that part of my gosh emphasised a statue website i promised myself ten minutes were now twelve minutes so on that topic because i don't want to redo the dossier purchase a cat
i believe that up at what point is the dominant you're a g all right but if you don't like she sit there because she's gotta be thick it at her head i cannot believe this i can't believe this is about a great very well i m going to get this more staff would see an editor they sank i'm more this including this devastating ukraine angle which we broke in our balk thanks to the hard go via dc mcallister map columbo me were combined forces on original books baggy i wanna get there before i get to that was interesting article in the wall street journal today about how the left is is gone justice i think we know that as evidenced by eric swallows cloudy and that peace there but it's a good piece its closing the let's call how dams plan to lock in a majority by stephen law on march twenty six
nineteen wall street journal opinion com if you want to look it up euro yourself it's subscription only so i ll leave it out of the show not but it gets either the did the gist of it is very good he makes the point guy stephen law that the democrats don't just want to win in twenty twenty joe when i say that when i mean the presidential election gets donald trump because they hate him they want to make sure that a person like donald trump benefactor republic and never wins again that's how angry they are and he lists out a bunch of serious deeply troubling legislative legal and kind of backdoor maneuvers the democrats want to implement to make sure joe people like you and i paula every conservative listening this show out there never never have a voice again let's go to one by we talk about house resolution number one their first both the first move when they die republican issues me the democrats took power back from the republicans on the house shall they put a bail out there hr one one which was gonna basically restrict political
spending in other words speech suppression they were there was a suggestion at washington dc number to be made a state that the district of columbia he made a state which would give what the democrats two more u s centres instead of observer being dc into maryland or splitting dc much maryland virginia they want to make dc assembly did he why joe it was never the purpose of the founders of because they want to more democratic editors that's why so first we have this restriction on political speech which would basically ban any of these political ads you see on television that support specific issues independent groups it maybe dc estate would lead to more democrats they want to pack disappear court there talking about we ve seen this amongst the presidential candidates adding another six members or so of the supreme court
how to make sure they eliminate the filibuster on the democrat so you can expect that to happen so their majority if they were to take back the senate a fifty one vote there be no filibuster against it you'd only need fifty one to pass it through now they're gonna do it anyway that's why tell the republicans you just do it now right right finally drop the voting sixteen quick story i just they get that out their second because this is important stuff we have a twenty twenty coming up these are sick these moves folks if they were to drop restrictions on political spending there be no ability for conservatives conservative groups businesses an interest in this country there be no ability for them to do was protected by the first amendment yo petitioner government you would be effectively shut out dc estate they'd have to more senators packing this
cream court would be a disaster than ex president if they were or he or she were a democrat would get if you move it to sixteen you get what you get six elections who be all super liberal maniacs and we'd be finished forever the filibuster would allow them just push there would be republic inability to stop their legislation at all and dropping devoting aged sixteen of course would massimo massively expand the voting poor people who would largely vote democrat because you know at sixteen that this is where democrats that democrats are at the point now where they will do anything anything to push their agenda through and they feel that sixteen year olds would largely vote democrat move and i want to get that out there this is important stuff keep your eye on this twenty twenty show up devote make sure you bring ten of your friends its critical i move on to story number three this is gonna be our key note story of the day are acre story for the shell
on solomon hawaii again i can't had tipp enough john solomon knows the entire story here understands the level of depravity involved in this collusion hoax but he gets it in deeper layers now one of the three we ve been saying for a long time again included my initial books by gate on this topic has been it's not just the trump didn't collude with the russians ladies and gentlemen now obvious despite protestations of clowns swore wealth bozo both elsewhere well though the small well said of on the clown so so the swallow it's not just steady heat they keep sticking to this russian collusion hoax based in the dossier in adagio me i said to you from the but the collusion hoax is really a a myth it's a fairytale it's a fable intended exclusively distract you from a real collusion scandal that collusion skin i have also media the democrats russian operatives and ukraine ladies and gentlemen a very
very serious devastating scandal that goes up to some very wealthy people and some names you may have heard yet ready one of whom is our friend george soros this is a big big deal here is story from the hell by john solemn and it will be in the show notes headache ladies gentlemen please read the shone out if you go to the pot go to a website punch you know a calm click on the podcast menu the show notes are attached to the show if you subscribe to the email list send these articles three headline in the story u s embassy pressed ukraine too probe of george soros group during the twenty sixteen election poets polar cut from this peace because this is absolutely devastating now we ve talked about a lot of this before but never with this level of detail so from this from the john solomon peace he's talking about effectively what is that creating an attorney general right our guide him let sancho he says let's say
told me he was stunned when the ambassador talking about our ambassador u s ambassador so u s ambassador gives you quiver of the ukrainian attorney general quote gave me a list of people who we should not prosecute folks i was on this three days ago but out of respect for a source i didn't say anything the list included a founder of the anti see group and two members of parliament who vocally supported the group's anti corruption reform agenda according to a source directly familiar with the meeting here keep that up for a moment so ukrainian attorney general saying the united states ambassador woman by the name remember this name marie ivanovitch remember the name a list of people that should not be prosecuted in the ukraine this is this allegation it goes on it turns out that the group that ukrainian law enforcement was probing was co funded by the above
my administration and liberal mega donor george soros collaborating with fbi agents investigating listeners bub then tromp campaign manager poor man affords business activities with pro russian figures in ukraine o folks if you read my first book you know about alexandra philippa democratic in our committee operative leaves our position who its alleged this work hand in hand with ukrainian affair in the united states and the media to feed worries about man afford who at the time is associated with both republicans and is what is going to be there campaign chairman for a hundred days later on here she is working with ukrainians to feed this information to the press about me
before we now find out that the eu s ambassador remember the name this is gonna get good folks i promise you ve got some guidance alone marie evolving gives the ukrainian effectively attorney general list of people do that do not prosecute because there are investigating this group aunt ac for corruption and as it turns out the group is being funded by our tax dollars via the obama administration and also liberal mega donor george soros folks this is devastating we're u s tax dollars being used in ukraine to assess the work of democratic political consultants who were being paid visa free george soros is group ladies and gentlemen being paid to attack poor man
bored and some others who will work on behalf of opposing political figures in ukraine i get that were secure its it may not make sense let me explain in simpler terms ok good were you funding in ukraine obama consultants who are being paid basically privately not to engage in a political one in the united states the overseas we're not diplomatic efforts here maybe this will make more sense when i put up this political if you in mind throw that up on the screen financing want to watch along home but the video youtube dot com mind you know you can see the imagery don't worry i'll explain to you for the audio apart guess this just as well this is a two thousand and nine headline political by ben smith and can vogel quote headline mama consultants land abroad let me read you a little bit of this peace and start to make sense in kiev and
archive and other cities in ukraine american political concerns who worked against one another and i were new hampshire and in the general election are facing off again in a somewhat surreal eastern european replay the two thousand a campaign talking about the obama mccain campaign next next thus slide police from the air from the peace this is important it goes on there talking about paid political consultancy or this political peace these are not diplomats on behalf of the united states folks these are paid political can all those working in the free market who should be financed not even a scintilla with your textiles talking about the fur headed by hillary clinton former chief strategies marked mark pen is helping run incumbent president shank goes campaign me what ah poor man afford whose firm worked on republic and john mccain losing effort and tat divine atop strategies
the democratic presidential campaign of al gore two thousand and john kerry two thousand for our consulting for viktor yanukovych the pro russian front runner in the polls ladies and gentlemen a bunch of political basically political operatives manifest in others took a paycheck not absolving anybody here metaphor to anyone else and automatic suggesting they did anything illegal right right to go to work as a political operative in ukraine is entirely legal ladies and gentlemen is always you register appropriately if you start lobbying the united states you have to register under fairer foreigners she registration act which is what they prosecutor metaphor on i'm not a ledge anything illegal but understand this as part of the story there are competing political party operatives democrats for hilary democrats for obama and republicans like metaphor
manifold who would assist on the mccain campaign when they tried to hit me came with the same allegations of russian collusion remember folks if you're not this week shows or listen to please do precisely world assets sense if you understand yesterday show day the day before did we did as well episodes nine forty three and forty four please this attack an trump yet he's a russian collude or had already already been tried on china became reads we his relationship with man afford already been tried i showed you the piece by piece at that time the john solomon peace where there were already allegations what's stop this thing the mccain collusion thing from taking off in the press is mackay has given a defensive briefing by the fbi and who was the president at the time george bush boy did not allow the fbi
i will run with a case against john mccain that would have been political you see what i'm saying georgia the case again tromp was allowed to run a mock the fbi vessels because the present was brok obama who i was they say now is corrupt entirely corrupt is now clear that the white house at some involvement in this based on the text messages of fbi agents involved in the case is clear as day this attack was tried on mccain before in the past they knew back to this template these political consultants we're working in ukraine all know each other obama people versus hilary people versus republican people represented by metaphor we're not advancing a taxpayer diplomatic agenda you copy this please tell me you get it they work they were conducting paper business real political consulting in other words a job
those already ukraine representing geo political strategy sick he is not a u s diplomat where he is not speaking on behalf of the united states government he is engaging in a free market strategic political enterprise not illegal here's where the question start to surface going back to them john solomon peace this is important it's now allege that u s taxpayer die let's do the obama administration went to fund a group that call mingling funds with george soros who is aid donor who always donating do a group engaged in political attacks against mad afford and others under the guise of eighty corruption efforts and suspiciously the united states ambassador who is the highest diplomat in ukraine for the united states job then can be we give for ukrainians a list of people don't touch these people according to the report at least it says do not prosecute don't touch me
people and on that list are people associated with the group funded by george sure and you do you want and the depth of this scandal now your taxpayer dollars are being called mingled with private free market political support consulting liberal mega donor money to go after political opponents of the obama illustration in ukraine who can immediately later on go to work for the trump team conveniently become the key figures in a dossier used by the fbi to spy on the e k joseph making serbia that last little bit you d all bad administration with four wormy yeah yeah yeah ass you getting my the lead here the story headline
the of this story is the obama administration oh mingle diplomatic u s efforts funded by your taxpayer dollars with political it acts from legal law liberal mega daughters this is the story what happened in ukraine is going to be a new drawn bomb level mom yes yes yes yes not only did they call mingle diplomatic and and and political efforts pay private critical efforts by concerns familiar with the obama administration the u s ambassadors you have told them not the tortures people while they were using bad afford and these history of metaphor to fabricate a phoney dossier to steal to then go
after and spy on trop in the united states and his team to other states are devastating this story is folks now i want to get the two other angles on this ukraine story what their hiding here and you'll see how much of a panicky please tell me it makes yeah i'm gonna move on ever with all right by years it has to make the deed could the collusion was between the u s officials representing the united states government and ukrainian officials providing information back in the united states used to prosecute trop through your luca ukrainian officials and the d and see the media and others while your taxpayer dollars of funding by the meat we gotta get to pay for the show let me get this jacket our key points of this before i move on this is a huge story huge i can issue also but you by bodies a brick house nutrition
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two final points the rio collusion here is the ukrainian collusion with the obama administration and see rios allegations that marie evolving alexander to at the dnc and others are need even this whole thing in an effort to launder info listen to the ukraine into the united states while you s tax thou the gaunt being funded to fund a group proceeded with george soros now to the attacks on people who exposed some of these soros connections by people media matters and others make sense yeah joy no you know exactly where i'm going with this spokes you may have missed it like a couple of i'd say go some sorrows story started to break soros has been a liberal mega donor for a long time the liberal causes which is fine i don't it's perfectly you go for george soros to donate a liberal groups i'm not a speech suppression tyrant like the democrats we exposed and that first story about their new militarists jets fine so
can do whatever you want but it's also fair in a free society i to be able to report on what george soros does what is money george soros is not a protected class now a couple of months ago a lot of these story started to come out and all of a sudden a lunatic clown show it media matters and other people out there there were these women group saying why you can't attack george soros this is a decent man i get everybody started about my job what do liberals do every single time when liberals have no substantive rebuttal to an argument and they don't this story now is coming from ukraine in a credible outlet solomon has done excellent work the ukrainian effective their attorney general i know is reporting this story himself this is a credible whenever you're over the target the liberals will cry roses yes massage it is the firebug xenophobic photophobia transit
they phobic islamophobia photophobia guest of that's all they these impetus it was nothing else they don't have anything there i'd users sub sixty they don't know what you're talking about so they had nothing soros except for the fact that soros is jewish these are anti semitic ladies and gentlemen these are substantive critical analysis of a liberal mega donors role in potentially a huge foreign inclusion scandal if you can indicate to me how that has anything to do with his religion at all i am open to the eu i love to hear it but if you think for a second for a moment for a sliver of time you going to intimidate me or other people on the right who have the right to free speech and talk about other people speech you are insane matter of fact way a double down now and we're going to talk
because now you gave up euro cookies you gave it up now with your nonsense ridiculous outrageous discredited attacks these are anti semitic attacks really nobody's been a bigger supporter nobody of jewish causes in the israeli cause me you are going to humiliate yourself now you let us know we're over the target which says to me joe they are terrified of this soros inaction to this ukrainian group terrified do not be cowed do not fear the worst thing you can do is take came to these fake fraud attach oh my caustic an accused me of eighty seven now they're gonna lie is what they're going to do that
when you double down there making that up one final story on this ukraine connection which have already addressed but i'm gonna tell you again how troubling this so we know obama political consults are being paid in ukraine we soros is funding a group in ukraine that are taxpayer dollars are being somehow commingled when we know that hope is going after manifold who becomes the subject of an investigation with the fbi and a dossier used to spy on the trompe we know there's a demo that national committee operative alexander trooper who leaves alleged you ve been working with ukraine it shows that the united states the past stories to people in the who s media to be used to attack metaphor trump we also know that joe biden about a brok obama's vice president
joe biden appears in ukraine in april twenty sixteen and all of a sudden as reported by the washed imposed his son hunter by magically gets a well paying spot on paris ukrainian natural gas company things we're in a little bit little reared pee wee dad net little weird now are the people s associated with joe biden son and his appointment to approve the ukrainian natural gas company after biden appears in ukraine himself or any of those before going to appear on a do not prosecute list guess time will tell whether it would also they hide over their folks at joe biden kid get on their what's up with joe biden and
carry stepson christopher hides o john carries out consultants working in ukraine to according to that political peace fascinating criticize this association is busy association one hundred bides thick what's up devon archer former john kerry consult and political consult having some business associations one hundred biden and others just how deep is a collision with ukrainians girl how many democrat you're gonna go down you watch you report on this story and you will see the democrats go into level six panic moat dude they are freaking out over this we're gonna need a giant fan for this when you get aren't i really our brother and we have been on this from day one sir contrary to the protestations of lunatics out there sir i don't care who gets credit for anything i only care that the truth comes out and the truth is devastating i do this fund because i got some great stuff i want to go back
to chris cuomo humiliating himself again business gray chris squandered showed doubly so i get to that and our buddy i'm george cassandra brain stouter who are scattered problem with his voice inserts pre ridiculous it didn't he show brought to you by bodies it erika listen you confidences import and sometimes one change make all the difference here club knows there inviting you to become part of the hair club family to see how getting the most out of your hair can change your life there stanley the emotions you're feeling questions you may have about your hair club is a leader in total hair solutions they have a legacy of success lasting over forty years gives me whether you looking to revitalize the growth of your own here or to learn more about the latest proven methods for hair replacement restoration hair clubs professionally trained i was their hair health experts think it solves will craft a personalized solution for you make sure you feel your best and you get the most out of your head see for yourself how powerful great hair can be folks we listen visit the hair
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well they d governor son who i'm not really sure what cuomo exclaimed to fame is other than his last name abandoned as a show on cnn primetime watch by tens of people and airports yet in say that tens of thousands tens i watched by tens of people forced to watch it airport so cuomo has a really great guy on his show i shant three representative from miss quantum risk wisconsin you may have seen before he's a really nice guy and a cuomo says something so dumb here exposure the swore well looks like a pro j of out of albert einstein play the scottish while this obvious you'd be of coma this is funny did the poor
no so you can have some accountability why thank you want to know is who duke does that mean that's all i want to know that you guys able to figure that out nobody you should know that usually human talking about this for over two years you should say who actually set this i know you guys this posting figure that people want more did that i note was although that was an oversight hiv is what will you do to make ourselves safer monads in your boys did want to know everything about you guys did is due reported on it and you took the view you you took all these salacious you no reports of all of this scandal in for two years and i think you got to say who doesn't we analyze how we get her information because for two years every single our everyday we talked about it and i think that in some don't trust anyone you think you been fair but i look at the american people may go do i trust the media to entrust the democrats women peddling as long as you're asking yourself that china's because for the first time in our history we have a president who tells everybody that the media is their enemy the institutions of our democracy can be trusted because
it's not the message was it but if the media was doing its job they would be far more sceptical monopolies as the details of that thing but you're the reporters and reporters you have a job to make sure you're putting out the weight facts of course for years you put the wrong facts world significant what facts that we put what report listed in the interests of time because i could when entire show on what wrong facts cnn put out into this case i'm gonna have to answer as even the daily collar and i'm in a clue this story in the show notes today amber effie put together as the title of pieces the media the media's russia bombshells look even worse now that mahler found collusion there's a list it's not just cnn but others but to show you how ridiculous chris cuomo is this guy's incredible let's is going to be short list of some
the story sierra put out that were absolutely false and again i don't fall for representative duffy like more maccallum in the cup we play prior joe you he's probably incredulous that it this is like you wrote it back to go on the air and have an argument about is templates teddy honey i'm a guy goes nobody calls twenty wanted you like and it has been proved to me unequal twenty one of your signal like i do i do like you have to get in here is the best way to sell it nobody would you ring it advocates the interview you would never specks of this is why maccallum duffy about like way way you're asking meter catalogued you're afraid news stories if they don't exist and macao they're like you're asking show you the fake dossier we just proof is fake is vague it's like getting call that an interview templates static was twenty one and you like
i don't know what you don't have an applicant's you have proven you'll break it up because i didn't expect to pray i don't expect you to say some so stupid i hope these guys out here but added so we have to do this parameter go to just a few again you can read them in a breath he's piece of sea and its figures number one the dodgy ricky reach story we're sierra acute our duty of collusion would wiki week that dont junior had guy then email from wiki weak with these classes i e mails are you got an idea and he got it before these we males were published wrong they got to date wrong he said he got the monster timber fourteenth that's not what happened in those emails were published ten days he's earlier they got their date wrong those emails work the ten days before effectively emil's junior got a spam email from answer that this story was completely wrong you understand what i'm saying story
alleged that dog junior got a sneak preview by wikileaks of wheat females they said that because the date was wrong moves emails wordy public and dont you didn't answer the email or the dm or whatever they sent a second story anthony scare remote you i believe even threatened issue over this was so wrong damone was not under investigation cnn reported that mooch relied on a single unnamed source that cnn to claim that scare mochi was under investigation for immediately took with a russian banker prior to its inauguration the moods denied the story cm gave him an apology and three employees resigned over the botched peace the christmas this chris you work were you not there when the magic cap and their membership joe crimson and tv every time they gonna but this is where the magic happens they show the better you rest where the matter your cabinet did see did you make those two way there's more cnn
for that jim call me was going to testify up on the hill that he did not in fact tell president rob he wasn't under investigation when he did he did testified trump wasn't their investigation or that he told them that sea and i got the prediction wildly wrong they screwed it up again major major cnn bombshell that turned into one of those capture used to draw on the gallagher purpose for those with are white pages they patrolman aground on the interval story number for the trump tat the meeting sierra was gonna report nor did reports usually that trumpet only michael call and was prepared to tell special council bob mahler that the president had advanced knowledge of a trump tower meeting between his son and the russians see you later said according to lady davis that the story got mixed up folks cuomo one is wrong vaccine
there is more i had a stop in the interests of time see it and is not a serious news outlets anymore i'm sorry if you believe they are and that they are not various news outlets is is is evidenced by the fact that their own anchoring primetime europe both but the cuomo bozo the quota on the other it isn't even aware of their own screw up like they never happen secondly his surgeon and jeff zaka had to see and at another clown his assertion that we're not investigators we're just reporters wife say what you called investigative report what did you miss that its clear you're not investigators we knew that but the whole purpose of reporting is this if through series of statements of data points to find out which funds are true and which ones or not it is to be a witness to the truth did you miss this
that's the media's job for your time bring me cuomo your job is not to investigate anything please listen to the cut gentlemen rewind the youtube or rewind the show on itunes or iheart heart wherever you listen rewind and listen to that again i'm giving you a second where's quabo just said on the air along with jeff sucker who run cnn that their job is now to investigate this stuff they are not investigated so let me be clear i can send i wouldn't of course but i can sense and in an entirely bogus story on data point that's entirely fictitious the democrats are being brought by the chinese there's a billion dollars and donations to the dnc right now that are being launder i can in your job is not to investigate it all and you put that on the air don't do that because i'm serious put that on the air because are so stupid and they'll believe me it is not true i don't i do said it all
worried i am about eradicating are you telling me you're so dumb that well actually put that only are despite the back i just told you it's not true it's hyperbolic nonsense i just made up to accentuate a point your job is to investigate anything why would you watch cnn why would you watch it guy just told you anything goes on the air at any point we dont investigate i mean vigo knows grandpa run jude to contain all renewed what so ever do that the greatest drop you ever there were the chef no can do is go get it we ve got you you know my i love my wife all but she did not know who gary gunnar was i had to show her i've youtube joe didn't you
well you're a little older maybe you remember the great space coaster at our greatest show whenever i love that show again we can always on there and that was yes we need a video kind of gary guinea may paula you didn't call it production industry or can you put in a screenshot gary do thank you my lovely wife who makes the show and post production i did when you see how do you do that puts it ass i now get this is chris quabo he is the new gary getting christa gunnar cuomo ok just wait for five and what have i do want to missus what's before we move to the next there's gotta be a little bit of time left in the shop so what are the other big conspiracy theory cnn put out there that they did not vat was in fact the conspiracy theory line in general what do i mean by that to show let's see and it is fake news chris cuomo was right they did put fake news out there is well brian's
after a long time ago who the george stands of cnn hysterically host show called reliable sources which i think they should be rename unreliable bull and you get the rest stealth theirs joker haiti is a coffee boy cnn who magically gotta show nobody wants you so his tens of viewers who are subjected to this garbage i'm not sure if you remember this but about a year and a half maybe two years ago markleham then derivative radio host who is really spelter couldn't shyness shoes he such a moron but markov in he's a friend and a super talented brilliant guy markel of input but in his radio show that fear that there was likely a file is the application generate against donald trump foe i know now none of this sounds you like i don't get it of course there was now we know even not only was there and application it was approved by parliament have you remember but prior to that erica john solomon and others out there and a couple sort
we put out on this show it was still up in the year of the trunk team with spied on that's why i put out their tweet almost two years ago now obama gave was about to blow wide open if you put that in twitter see look at the data when i put that out there i had some good sourcing on this too but just to be clear at the time the fact that the trump team spied on was still not known for a fact but lavigne put two intuitive other three or five applications and indicated that it was likely the case that there is a fine warrant issued on twenty minute asked for the actual applications brian spelter clown cause stanza so to accuse markov it of being a conspiracy theories stealth theirs we're apologize to live it forgetting story absolutely correct now to show you what a loser stealthy stertorous staffers haven't voice issues in this cut stuff
there goes on the air recently after cnn is network on the entire story screwed up the fake news basically lied and stealthily is now trying to defend his broken network to but again he's got some tickle in his voice maybe a hare ball or someplace don't be fooled by the partisans shoe cherry pick the worst mistake some individual journalists or the craziest ideas from commentators and claim that the entire media it's not you're gonna hear this from the right for days and weeks to come the press basically made all this up to take their own personal trump but the press is just fine lowering the trail the trump created he is proven time and time again that he cannot be trusted major had tipp to buy
dies you sorry twitter had marked dice like rolling dies march with a k mart dies follow him he does videos like that of course is a paradox of his words filters words we don't get me wrong but that of course is not that's cause stands as well your job reject what you saw that you did last idea airborne latona whether with its power we do real loser but that is still three comments which are although we all areas jobs spelter cassandra let's get stands out sierra indicated we followed a trail laid out by donald trump really donald trump stories that the dossier was real donald trump the moon was being investigated donald trump put out that is almost colluding with wikileaks donald trump put out they call me was gonna contradict them trot put out but he knew about the trumped our meeting in advance but he didn't do you understand what more on these guys are spelter what a joke if you
watch this guy's show i'm sorry you wasted your time i really am i was in nepal i know where he gets this for he's out of control over these attic draw a couple final since the time of the justly smaller story the they're from empire who evidence is now overwhelming appears to have been involved in this fake got attack against him by a bunch of trumps supporters that no one can seem to find this cases unbelievably drop yesterday now just a couple of quick notes on this ladies gentlemen you know fidelity to the republic in the rule of law is based on the fact that we all agree in the united states and illegitimate constitutional republic that rules are applied even handedly we agree to some restraints on our behaviour because we agree on those
reigns in other words some of our monies turned over the government to fund their military the restraints on its money you can't spend the government confiscated from you we the greatest somebody's restrained because collectively we understand that there's gotta be some common set of rules and violations of those rules and breaking the law that taking away of other people civil liberties that those will be prosecuted even handedly that just won't be selective in other words justice will be blind the smaller cases a disgrace it's now crystal clear based on and by and by the way ladies jessica the timing get any worse for this that the evidence against all that is overwhelming that this attack was in fact a hoax the evidence is overwhelming the are just drop he gets off with a slap on the respite we have ten thousand dollar fine he's got a surrender despair money which is nothing he gets off with a slap on the rest this break right after the college admission scandal the collusion hoax donald trump is targeted
gentlemen faith in the judicial system and the constitution republic cannot go forward cannot go forward if the rules are applied collective leader conservatives and not to liberals our hollywood elites getting away with this how our peoples eating way in a college based on power connections how do people like jesse smaller get off how do people like donald trump spied on with his team based on no evidence whatsoever how to media people keep getting away with this small not out of the woods folks its alleged that he produced some letters that were sent them their poor death threats and there the attic nations now are that smaller may have said letters to himself if he did he should be directed to eighteen usc what is it thirteen forty one male fraud should be prosecuted the federal level if those allegations turn out to be true this guy should not get a pass one more thing on this not only was this awful timing and endeavours
i bring up the timings americans ladies and gentlemen again this can only the constitutional public can only forward if we're all loyal to the constitution and believe it applies even handling to everyone very few well actually believe that anymore and this like cases bigger than just small it i've never seen in twelve years is a federal agent and for years a police officer and a police cadet with the mit i have never seen a case where three entities that are typically involved in criminal prosecutions politicians missive arava course ladys general this stuff is political why do you think peep on both the republic in a democrat cider prosecutors run for office weathers adam shift small well rudy giuliani i'm comparing the three giuliani say superior human being to those two losers i'm just saying that you no proper prosecutors typically can engage and prosecution
that are high profile later you know people run for office but there are three entities are typically involved in this we have prosecutors your politicians you have investigators i have never in my life seen a case where those three of disagreed and diverged so sick frequently and yet the charges were dropped anyway the prosecutor in this the guy gets and kim far she was running that office the prosecutor's office in chicago drop this case despite the approach stations of rama manual far left them crap mayor of chicago yemen and the police chief who happens to be black does it matter to me or joe or any other cancer but matters a whole lot the identity politics left are furious over this have never ever in my life seen a case like that where now i've seen my disagreements between prosecutors in advance
the greatest overhours source should be used who should be prosecute i mean gosh i pushed cases through the eastern strict in new york when i was a federal agent that i thought were serious there prosecutors came back there's an intake person a lawyer for the government that says yes or no and i've had arguments with come now remember joe conway was the intake united states attorney in eastern district in new york when i was working at federal cases there i would have my us called marty please you it was marty that say please call john we gotta get this case pushed in there but i never in my life seen so publicly a press conference where a prosecutors humiliated humiliated in front of the press about a decision to drop charges were the evidence was absolutely overwhelming something's going on here folks something's going on and we don't report until we're sure about it but there's something going on behind the scenes and when i get what i think it is you'll hear it here
no way this was on the up and up and juliet i was a great may or new york and my tat out there to cleaner place up i wash their place transform overnight when he was a mayor in new york city just decide no forty did a great job on the legal defence donald trump folks thanks again for tuna and i've got a couple of stories tomorrow please tune in there's a lot of stuff on gnp ok seo cortez gotcha destroyed the senate i was gonna have covered today but there was so much news to get so i really appreciate your name please i do the show on youtube we are like a thirty thousand subscriber bump this week on the video show youtube youtube dotcom slashed by gino really appreciated subscribed to my my email what emily these articles these articles and please the to the show on itunes radio sound club it's free we really appreciate helps us move up the charts thank you we had record listener ship of your ship the sweetest show is exploding and it's all
thanks to you like you very much folks you just heard tan bond genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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