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Interview 2 - Donald Trump Jr. (Ep 1118)

2019-11-22 | 🔗

In this episode, I interview Donald Trump Jr. about his new book “Triggered” available here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/154608603X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ZV.1DbBKDY07G


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the conflict stand for up to two hundred hours off you match show to go tonight i folks without further ado a interview with don trumped union i want you to pay particular attention to dance juniors answer especially at the end about his own political ambitions i know a lot of you like down from jews i do as well i believe you'd make it a candidate in future you're not gonna want to miss it check it out my interview with donald trump junior author or the new number one new york times best selling book triggered i just might great pleasure to welcome to the damn bond gino show a great american up a patriot nine am honoured to calm hopefully a friend donald trump junior dont thank you so much for coming on today i deeply appreciate it my boy you're you can certainly call me that listen we met a few times i've watched you speak we have spoken about issues and i know these mean a lie to you matters are concerned and showing your book here on earth hoddan trumped junior the author of what i'd like to add as you now number one new york times best seller triggered
three quarters of the way through i have a number of questions on the book but just before i get to that donna just listening to your dad on fox and friends in our view he was kind enough to come on our show last week and i mean just that i have a personal question i know the audience i get this allowed family holding up under this just relax it's a salt me we're in the middle a hoax three you know that although we are another letter
inside of me i talk about it in the book which allows the number to target a hoax number one right the original hopes that started you know let's call it november nine twenty sixteen the day he won it you know it's sort of its autonomy is adapted emily it no funding than this kind of thing but the reality is that we get the genes to program to fight and that's what we did and that's what we ve done along and that we will continue to do and it again the american people are seeing and i'm reading an article on the way in the work this morning democrat holding in impeachment party in dc italy what what what happened and i'm taking it very seriously in it a terrible and sombre processed and i keep hearing that from them but there is one big joke for these guys veto it nay or ukraine to big problem all of a sudden there was a problem when russia invaded ukraine it wasn't a problem when russia shot down a passenger airline under obama's watch those things that wasn't a baby we're not gonna do anything about that when i gotta say peep might but trouble the conversation and ate it
you're insane began they ve overplay their hands so many times i mean you ve said is so well throughout that the american people no longer give these guys any credibility i put up a tweet yesterday which literally go now and it's over four drop you know the first time they said that january twenty seventeen more about moments after the inauguration of the washington post wrote the first the article the case for impeachment end quote on exactly nineteen minutes after he was sworn into office after the inauguration that about the amount of time it took obama to be nominated for the nobel peace prize is disgusting it's going on under our eyes if need be corrupted the high levels of these institutions is disgusting and we gotta do something about it and we will keep fighting so yeah it no fun but we all have the trump gene and we like to fight
it's interesting nobody seem to care and i'm holding up the paper article here because liberals have a tough time with digital ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump backfire on from policy go the infamous now can vulgar peace nobody seem to care about ukraine then either i mean as long as ukraine and ukrainian officials we now know documented on the record is not a conspiracy theory we're working against your dad was poor
think we celebrate by the left but the problem is now they're pretending like this has been debunked no it has only been debugger because it convenient for them to say that it is vital to eat up but that's the way it works mainly there's a double standard in all over this reporting the democrats and the mainstream media are one of the mainstream media has no longer there is no longer a pretence of objectivity they have just decided hey we are going to be the marketing wing of the democratic party we're going to say whatever it is it's possible to do that is why they have no credibility they literally every egg i with the part of the glory of the biggest bomb shoulder you know the last two years right apparently whereby it apparently got wiki weeks before every one else because deal adam shiver one of their lackeys changed the number on the date of the email there erased a one zoe fourteen became a force would look like i had the emails from wikileaks six days before rather than four days after the rest of the world economic refugees are gonna one zero
then i knew was cohen knew that that is what i told my father about it i'm his own lawyer walked back its own lawyer walked about another not i was wrong i was wrong no corrections no nothing in each one of em all we got em now we got him this time did it it s there just hoping to get on anything and if only they had this danger of scrutiny over the people at the top of the f b i don't mean to doorkeepers those guys i'm in those guys come up to me on a daily basis and disgusted there like i can't believe what you guys have done i can't believe they tarnish our badge and it's not a dork exists not those guys are actually doing the real work you're carrying badges and gun it's a lawyer marks at the top i've been politicize and it's the same thing about it why don't you see that with so many of the military brad you see that would undermine the amount of that that i know whether the robber niels were speaking about it being a guy and that we all hated when we were in the military you know
it is truly said but because he left us because he's giving the democrat exactly what they want he is beyond reproach it was bob mahler where it bob mahler wasn't it because he was a great or competent prosecutor bob mahler was chosen because they contain a ease the former head of the fbi dan is even decorated marine trump can't criticise him even though the process is purely politicized from can't touch him then you got amongst the bottom understanding you realize about thirty second home i gotta get about thirty years passed his prime he had no idea what he's talking about he doesn't even appear as though he read the report that bears his name and wrote a book i was able to put this thing and longed for mega pick my twitter account and you can only say so much and two hundred and eighty characters are less so you know i put it in three hundred aided and so far it worked out very well it's been about seller or do we cholera
but you're gonna don trumped junior alter the book as you can see here triggered an absolutely fantastic book it covers everything from tar getting on youtube the identity politics the socialism to what i might add is done trump juniors version and his story the insides scoop on what happened with the collusion hopes folks please pick it up today how do you feel about last night breaking news obviously a leak to see an end in the wash imposed to take the edge off what i believe it is going to be a damaging report i don't want to be hyperbolic like you see everything your dad is a bomb shell i'm so tired of nonsense but it's gotta be damaging the edgy report a week last night that an b i lie lawyer may have manipulated evidence against car her page further race a warrant to be able to spy on essential who was at one point yeah inoperative inside the trump campaign how how does this whether you feel about it's about time i mean didn't you
go back on my twitter feed me we ve all been talking about this all concerned and haven't suspecting this for so long that you know it they wouldn't touch these guys goes there above reproach again you can be john brennan and you can go lie in front of congress and what happened nothing but if you're michael win decorated general or shall i bet you you screw up because you can't afford bury their tactics don't do not forget their package warn about the law the tactics we're about getting people in their long enough you're going with michael fling can't spend millions of dollars on legal good to be able to go in there and be able to make sure that everything so we went in good faith and probably gruel whatever it may be another destroy his boy for it remember he's on the conservative side he wasn't from sight so he doesn't get the same benefit of being above reproach it matches the f b i had all these institution and someone's gotta start investigating the investigators because it run amok you ve seen what's gonna would call me with bread and the list goes on and on and on whether it susan rice whether it be outrage of last week which was me apparently outing the whistle blower even though his name was article nickname within the article by retweeted and
i'm out of here will i don't know i saw majority support days ago were pretending we don't know who this guy is still like what what are we children and then i really well done didn't see an ngo hunt down a woman down south to put out a meme about like defending your dad and this woman is it's a very abated so redeem in his errand enemy toby outrage was that i apparently out of this guy even though he don't rush forebore like ice allowed him they weren't mega out at him their mad at once he did people get say oh he was
abiding together today dinners oh he's brentwood brennan o even the photograph crying like a petrol and child outside of the oval office the day after my father one like this guy isn't the quorum quota humble public servant they're trying to make him up he d c i a partisan hack it's been you know it's on the other side and they don't like that out there because it makes their narrative go worse you could see them crying about the the outrage that i was part of a few weeks before those speaking of conservative conference down in florida was that there was a meme literally a cartoon me i didn't see it it was shown in the back room on a laptop to eight people literally like eight people they do wasn't like played any depicted legally poor little avatars on a cartoon like atomic jerry thing i guess and like it was violence against the media and there's outrage front page of the new york times all these be outraged and violence against the media from conservative but you know how much time is spent on literal actual assault committed against from supporters coming out of the rally in minnesota that same weakened by anti find these guys like where people are sent to the hospital zero
said about a cartoon but they're not upset about actual violence against from support could get one of your conservative if you support from especially specially ok they problem deserve it you know why i'm being deplorable irredeemable and now it's like you know what you're disposable that's all it is they they don't give a crap and so there's a tacit acceptance marian it's disgusting what's going on in this country right now when you william euro accomplished despite it is twenty twenty should be over but it's not me oh you are totally insane if the language on twitter deplorable being kind i mean you you seen it i know you're on there as well as i am i mean it's not they call us outrageous cars you one question on this and another on fake whistleblower is not a real whistle by review every time i already admissible i was putting quotes because i'm not calling this predicate blow the whistle on anything that's what a whistle blower is you know what
it's me about this case with the whistle blower is i dont think tactically tip democrats are smarter than this listen i obviously ideologically share nothing in common with the modern democratic party but they're usually a little more tactically efficient where do you dont i think they should do you and your dad should send the thank you card to adam ship hurry up arrangements it right with syndrome i mean they they can't can't think straight hatred is just so this rural may came even a man you know when adam shit why don't i would enable the with lower than the man i don't know about and i gave em information like what they thought i mean they're literally under oath on david you really don't know it like i want them looked at and prosecuted the same way that if i lied under oath to those committees if i don't mind here our native testimony i did thirty hours of testimony i wanted i want them to be treated the same way that i would have been had i lied committees in doing it
that won't happen then because if you are on their side there is an element of protection and the reality of this married view on our side by the same way that they do very few people know all internet why trump has been successful because he doesn't it gave it isn't just pulled it isn't it all up into a corner and die because the other side would like him to that's what conservatives are done per year that sort of the mitt romney school of thought in political elite politics that nepal ryan school oh well i want to be like i wanna be good i want to get invited to the cool person we know holiday party which is very different now and so it is great to see guys like leaves l that mark meadows jim jordan matt gates do these guys that are coming out of the woodwork fighting god knows we need that in our party for a change and from created that i think they understand the guys and i'm with you by the way down i was under the impression in the past and i still am with respect to unfortunate all too many people a lot of of of
republicans up on the hill a really democrats but no democrats are really republicans and that's been the problem for a long time by i think they understand that if they are allowed to take your dad down and this is unquestionably a soft coup anybody telling you otherwise is quite frankly delirious
i think they understand this is allowed to succeed it will never be another republican president again allowed to stay in office because they have a successful model so yours if you were about to get aid it just the hatred for trump is that much more they don't like someone who's unconventional the reason my father had been successful is he doesn't just follow the talking point some bureaucratic who's never done anything in the real world who sit in a place for years but it is all too often the subject matter at but not because they had any successful policy people whether it's the ukraine or russia they haven't made any stride but they're sitting there and then their outrage that he doesn't just blindly follow their incompetent you know that sort of einstein s definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting a different result prompted undue at handle things differently he always has just look at the way he speaks look at the action is done and more importantly them look at the results that is a reason we're getting the result we have for the first time in decades and it did not because he's following the talking point it not because he's following the status quo is not doing what they have done which is fail for decades and that scares them
talking to don junior author or the new book number one new york times best seller triggered again fantastic book highly recommended died in the book you ab we swam identity politics that it's it's terrific portion of the book relationship that you and your father have throughout your life we committed yourself to causes all over the spectrum regardless of color race creed whatever your charities and i again more a personal question but relates policies well how does you and your dad feel i'm listening look that's always concerned about feelings no one seems to be concerned about your dad's families a genuine question so fathers reckon you have record blow minority unemployment black unemployment hispanic unemployment he has made a concerted vocal public efforts recruit minority voters and make them feel welcome in the white house and yet the meat it turns around disingenuousness calls anyone associate with the trump orbit without any evidence whatsoever medevac with care
a residence racist we thought it was the worst thing you can call someone i know how does that make you in your dad feel well is it it sucks in the reality is that he's the first conservative to sort of break from those know i'm having you think that prison reform was a republican talking point before trump made it happen you know i watch the democratic debates and they talked about all that and justin of joe biden why didn't you do something about it for the fifty years you were like what you know why what you're gonna do it now what what what about the last half a century what would you do they talk you know and i see that i mean i wrote about it extensively in the book but half the people that are out there leading the charge of racism in all this stuff that's money we weren't so racist when you're having dinner with five years ago yours or rather that they brought the spinelli when you're hanging out with those backstage take a bit years back and forth i saw that over and over again and leo my father nailed it until the story
that should at last be at the last moment that we had with him before he announced that he was running before we announce it canopy back in june of twenty fifteen and we're going down in the elevator together at the family before he sort of walked over to the escalator to do this sort of you'll infamous approach to the mike and ages looked at many biscuit those now we find out who your friends are an email like me there was no no true or words have ever been spoke it meaning he knew exactly what we could have and he knew her wishes they will get to be he knew how many walked on quote friends would turn guys they said incredible things about it pass all of a sudden now all that's forgotten in their continued conveniently hiding away from these things whether it you atlas sharp than whether setting jackson what will happen with the rapporteur that used to write about him and used to hang out with us like all over these things you ve just knew it and what it was cool and what sort of more the measure of the man in is that he said that too
before he announced but he did it anyway meaning he knew what was gonna happen he knew exactly what was going to happen and he did it anyway because it was worthy it was important in it had to be done and it wasn't gonna get done conventional politics it wasn't gonna get done by whoever else would have been the republican nominee you know if you the only over the other republicans up there how many of them would have stood with cabinet under those accusations what job he would for about three second three seconds maybe left before he rolled over allowed them to steamroller this guy destroyed of life pull you know a pull the nomination to the supreme court and moved on and then they would have done it to the next day and the next guy because there is no limit to what the left is willing to destroy they did it the cavenaugh again but the only thing i've ever seen from him prior to that that was working like soup kitchen every sunday brittle twenty years they they did it to a kid like nick sandman sixteen year old kid who did nothing he literally stood
frankly he had much more control than i probably would have when confronted by that sort of way that met activists on your pretending to be a combat veteran either they did they would destroy a fifteen year old kid life why because he's weight because he's a male he's wearing a mother had from the south and the christian that's like the holy you do it did the holy grail of leftist identity politics we can now one guy that serve viable those great things that are so terrible in amerika we can use ruin his life and you know it will do that to a fifteen year old who cares that there are no limits to what they are willing to do nothing isn't there that the moral depravity i jokingly call a tedious level six i mean i just fabricated the number because they fabricate the charges against your dad the things they saw recently which i found fascinating is google ratings in the black community for your father are near
double what they were even at the high point of prior republic in president's in the last two or three decades so i have to you do not i dont think the attacks against the fake disingenuous i would call them and i mean this evil attached users really nothing worse you can call someone then a racist speech to eliminate or ignorance your father doesn't have you i don't they're working at all on one when i know we're short on time but your book and other chapters your book you just filet socialism and you really some experiences from family members of yours in czechoslovakia listened with this far less the bent to the democratic elizabeth war and talking about at one point i kid you not close to one hundred percent tax rates confiscate being the wealth of of millionaires of of which by the way bernie and elizabeth are of that class i gotta believe this place well for your father there's this class warfare strategy the democrats are engaged in because that's not america america's that an envious jealous place
honor percent and again like i gotta get in twenty nineteen i gotta coffee at everything i say with yes i get it i'm the son of a rich guy from new york city but my mother escape communism the child my grandfather was a blue color electrician from over there said hey that without the blessings the experience the freedoms that you have in america or so incredible but you have to see the other side and so he took me from make the age of six over there i have friends i spoke the language bloom to spend before six week there every summer you know before the fall of communism over there and like i've waited in those bread mind then i can assure you there not also like aid not this greater right so i would say if the democratic they'll get up on stage and tell you that ninety three trillion dollar fifteen times u s government revenue to stop particles in air travel that they wonderful plan that will magically paper itself like the green new deal right they can get someone to say anything no matter how stupid they'll get someone to sell it made on have someone from eastern
europe who have done or communism from former soviet union from china from cuba from then as well how can they can't find one person whose actually lived under communism and extreme socialism who will come here and say that it up let's bring this stuff here let's bring it here it's wonderful it's been so good for my god they can find someone to say anything and they can't find that literally not a single person who lived under this system who will vouch for it and say we should try here and yet it no longer infringe element of that party made it always been out there
spot like now is literally the leading candidate they're all basically social they're all basically go in there and my ninety three year old grandmother who was still alive today who lived under those systems and this is not a soft lady that someone who escaped italy who hid in the basement of our farm house during you you did not the invasion of world war two for two years if as someone who lived under forty years of communist occupation he calls me to this day in tiered cushy cnn over there there's no conservative outlet you know don't you you can't let them do it it all with sound so good everything's always for free until it not it failed in this a woman whose bondo allotted within two years dan for fear of our grandchildren me
he had her great grandchildren for fear that he knows what this bait and which is all about he knows what these big government policies do in the engineer let there be no how terrible it it and she has been learnt heathen peers every few weeks that you can't let it happen i'm i trust my dress me another fighting she didn't feel it because she doesn't get the alternative viewpoint but it's scary dolphin at my motivation is a powerful part of of your buckingham are targeted down from junior author the number one new yorkers best seller triggered
it is up to you by the way have the new york times have to put you number one i think that's just spent ass nick on estonia only the apply on the law when that happens they do their own thing well you had some bulk sale they go in the army he did our motion where they marked the book three hundred percent they may happen million dollars so we might look there was to individuals or go would take it out until i was still double the next number two southern reigned in relatively make story like i wear out like a bottom somehow myself and put him away like i didn't by seventy one thousand books like we did ya and there's very few conservative books that actually say more than sort of the milk toes conservative aspect and so it's been listening abode very well for us and it means that there are people out there that are interesting i mean when the orange he did their email blast ouida wendy percent open rate on an aim which is unheard of emanating two or three percent it normally a miracle you know been abandoned
so you know it's a interesting and i think it has a lot for twenty twenty and again if you look at the results if those results are able to filter down to regular people you you mentioned the african american community and it should be a no brainer but make no mistake it can be hard to get that message down to a final vote or because the dnc at a stranglehold on the messengers maybe it's gonna be difficult to do it but they gotta be able to see it if they opened their eyes they see the results they city with actually happening and they don't just a boat with history soon when the rough belt i see that all the time you know well you know my grandfather knew i was voted for a republican you hit me rolling over his grave donegal what would your grant one i think about two days republican party what would you think about what's going on today and that's what i like your ride like this isn't your aunt while the democrat party the lisbon summit is breaching of kagan you we need only paid maternity leave
you have the right to me i've did you cool too quick questions arise again we're talking down from junior author the number one best seller triggered will put a link up on on our social today as well this is it a tough one to ask but given everything that's going on and people and no in the white house that that seem to just not yet the memo that had won the election or in and around the executive branch and say in the white house specifically do you trust people around your dad on it just seems like left and right these swamp rather bureaucratic do not want to accept that your dad won the election and we have things like this fake whistle blower who blew the whistle on nothing really
the answer is very few there are some of that i do the by the reality is this like all things in dc we see that it's a swamp people are cover in there but they are not going to go all in for tropical guess what in five years there will be a time after trump where he's not in there and all of you supported him then there must be something you know if they try to bring it back to the old norms edith that's the problem is people are still catering to sort of the swamp they're not catering to the president's following through with his agenda where we saw this week web ambassadors they're supposed to be delivering he's a gender not their thoughts delivery and organise their net if they go online withdrawn that means they're gonna be hurt later on in their drawing to protect career for later not doing their damn jobs so that we can really scary but that that's the hard thing that he's done that's the hard thing about coming it as an outside or you don't have that rolodex of people that you ve been working with for a long time that you can trust me you have to fill up for now is implementing provisions and government you're doing that oftentimes guided by people who don't always have your best or interests or want to take care of their friends they veto their full of indicate whether they were with your not over ten there with you so it's swampy boyfriend it's pretty difficult
nay i heard hysterically consensus foreign policy your dad's the foreign policy they should read the constitution some para eggs question is a quick one i get this all the time i'd be remiss why didn't ask you i mean all the time from people who love your dad familiar with your family you have any political ambitions i mean people really like you down they feel like you're a really strong advocate for the second amendment the constitution they did like your go get em style of any political ambitions for you in the future i enjoy the game i like it alot never rule anything out my reality is my only and sole focus for the next twelve months is getting him back in office because i see the change that he's making i love the damage that he's doing to the establishment institutions that have failed us for so long i love having an outsider choice of my only focus right now is getting him real act that after that you know what we can have a conversation but that's the only thing i care about i will always exactly zero energy on anything of it for them
here understand totally understand don junior at don trump author of the great book triggered folks please pick it up i can't thank you enough for you god bless you and your family i really feel sorry for everything you gotta go through but this was anyone else they would have for a long time ago your dad's gotta titanium spy so thanks for everything you do and on prescience i've heard here to my friend thanks anyway so i take care i welcome back i hope you enjoy the interview glad to hear they died down trumped uterus not ruling out any political ambitions in the future but obviously goal is to get his dad why support strongly reelected twenty twenty events or conservative principles we addressed the latter things because identity politics socialism relentless attack on his father the breaking news last night which we covered on my podcast are regularly scheduled show early today about the fbi employ you altered information just devastating stuff folks please spread the word in the interview show next week we abroad
kill me from fox schedule i have a bunch of questions from what it's like work and airs new book at the alamo which has some information can you think a million books written on the alamo at the stuff in there but i haven't i haven't heard told that way are you going to love it check it out next week brian kilmeade thanks for tuning info i really appreciate it i will see you on monday you just ten bonn gino she you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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