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Interview Brian Kilmeade (Ep 1124)

2019-12-03 | 🔗

In this episode, I interview Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade about his time in the media spotlight and about his new book “Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers: The Texas Victory That Changed American History


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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan bungee. Now welcome the interview three. My interview series put a damper on Juno shall really excited about this one interview. One was Donald Trump. The present United States in our view, is down trumped junior. Today's interviews with a good friend of mine, Fox and friends, Hose Brian kill me, ladies and gentlemen, interview goes in a lot of different places. You're not gonna want to miss it. We talk about. I'll, kill, media from Fox and friends, his relationship with the ultimate fight, championship yeah. I was shocked by that one too. We talk about what it was I could be on the air live during nine eleven and his great new book SAM used in the Alamo. It's just terrific you're, not gonna, want amiss in all of the nuggets in this book or just incredible. The interview goes about twenty five
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For joining us. I really appreciate it. Yet. Did you wanna you guys? You could take me to fight at Fox NEWS, so I had no choice but to submit your request. Not sure I've heard you ve got ninja like Stealth, moves that your keen on the sidelines African Bay, guys like me and so on that by it you bet. I speak to evade your power. That's it! That's! That's right! Right! It's like with that! Rocky movie when he gets in the ring versus Antonio Tarbert. They tell listen. It's all about power. Now, rock you're too, all do too old. For this speech. That's may unites all power. No sorry, ok, good! We won't have to. We would have to drop it. We all have to drop the gloves angle at it. Now I can't help you with your book, which, on Play India posted here on our Youtube: Youtube dot com, select, Mancino Brian each new book and a male book as all other Bookshop SAM Houston and the Alamo. Eventually we put in a graphic up on the screen throughout the interview Brian, before we get to the book, I get a ton of questions on that. You really tell the Alamo story just an amazing way in this.
one of the iconic american story, couple things about you my listeners. No, they see want fox and friends every morning but interesting stuff, Vietnam is grappling one day. One of my brazilians. You just classes any instructors, Guy Harlan, really good. Guy goes out to me, and he says you know I love Kill me thy scenario is greatly. Does a great job on Fox resume nice guy, doings, interesting fact about Brian he says that you know he was one of the announcers one of the original ultimate fighting championships. Brian, I swear, I said, come on. cut. The crap is uneven funny he was I can I go to Youtube? Is this true? where you wanted the originals in the? U S say yeah. I did the first four. It play my play on the second or third one, because the other, because the pipe like I froze you couldn't. they asked me to step in and around gonna take over- I but I must say I was doing stand up people either not for ten years and some of the people I met instead up in New York. Why mood
close Angelus. This guy calls we up any surprise. You know I work for promotion firm, full time you, the only guy, no no sports. When you come and omitted thanks giving because I guess it can wait a go. Why would tubby as I got something really hard to describe? I ought to have, so the Friday after thanks giving I go into Manhattan, I meet these guys and their music promoters and simmer for, and he does three watch this videos. This is from happening in Brazil right now. You see the guy in the bottom area, actually winning and watch it goes on and on, and you see the reversal of the grace you did too. Then you see the fight on the beach I saw all you did to very few mix. Mortality is what we want to do is but grated you do too, against the rest of the world, improve its lethal m Billy with a glues. If he had knocked out her choked out, I oh wow, I see
you think I go well. I got a job insecurity and we want a promoted as someone can died tonight I go. Are you crazy? You can't promote dad. Someone can die yeah you months later. I get a call and they say we're doing it. We want you to be part of the broadcast ago. I fine and they said around the Octagon Inglewood is an act of God we'll show you John Millions designed it. The backlog now Prob producer right, India. They may do play by blood. What color and I said well, my partner and radio is Gm Brown and he did desire fight foreman alleys than a bunch of fight. So he can you ask a psycho Jim. Would you do this and you named as price they match? Did they got a fly and we flew out. The Denver Did you have any idea at the time it was going to turn into this multi, billion dollar enterprise mean at night Brian. You check your poor. I know you know this now, but to remind
but it's a change. Martial arts forever. Prior to tat, everybody thought you went to a karate school and you were instantly a great fighter and I'm not now in karate. It certainly has benefits, but after that nice people, now that there are a whole lot of flaws in the martial arts. Gay people claim to be the be all and end all who is tat they could I like to study, but it was nothing to study, tried his watch these guys, train separately. I think myself, he looks stronger. I guess he'll win, but he's not as quick and and it became clear that ninety five percent of five to one on the ground and if you can't grapple, you can't win, and if you got, if you can punch, you need to punch, they got to be sure punches and we saw these guys come out and watch the first few. The karate guys come out Nicki and they're trying to line up a kik and they just get taken down, even though the guys can take a few blows to get take it down and they don't know what to do
You have any idea what they're doing then restless starting to accelerate agreed. You did so what's a guy, they fight for five times a night. They win the championship. You had to win at least three may be for matches. Do you watch a hundred eighty pow guide by two hundred and fifty bound guys three of them and when, at the end nobody had always Gracie. We got a really beat up and I forgot who was with chemo chemo. He never ever GMO yeah came. Always you have see everything three any grabbed his errand. He eventually submitted a but advocate Ok, I'm a run for his money chemo. My usual by take away from this, was the top or you are no more docile. self, confident you or you don't even know these guys are lethal and they could win in their souls. Do with a nice guys. I go in second, the tough guy
who can crush you. It became so obvious what they told you grammar school of you really tough, you don't have to act it and these guys walked around so humble they did they. Nobody was doing this for a living. They all did it because it is all of it and they want to test themselves and the gentleman ship they showed me the deference to each other. I like men of it. Now I have a new definition of this observed. I fell in love, aggression It gives you that nine. I know I never turned back quickly before we get the boy movement on here. You know one of the more profound d we still memories kind of tattooed on my brain from my short forty four years on Planet is obviously nine eleven You are on the air that day I this conversation with Steve Duty as well, and I asked him over over dinner when time and I've been dying. I told him I wanted to ask you this. Do what was that like being in this, video on live television as this
happen. If you just walkers drew what was going through your head, what's coming in your ear to the production thing It's only the most consequential tack on american soil in american history and you're in front of account. What do you even say someone will watch you a little bit in the break, the local fox feed and we see a plain at the building and we thought was small plain about it and we came back and you could feed on air realize was a big plaint and ended. There was above vereker of very clear day and after we did, we did for fifteen minutes will go back and forth feeding our ear when the small stute but a bill arrival used to use small studio used. We affirm goody through the tiny study. The cameramen right on top of us. It literally they would be able to handle papers on camera, couldn't see it so able to and was in everything was an online like a was yeoman. You talkin about two thousand nervously. Two thousand one too
getting a lot of information to a year. So when one person stalking the other two getting information and then when we get off, we watch and the second plane hit, and then I convinced the crew cuz. I was known mostly as a sports guy. Then I give it to crew to go with me downtown. I go downstairs and can you just give me your crew? I want to go downtown and we went as far as we could and I finally get downtown. I look around and it's like on the moon. There's nothing, not white. It was like you're on another planet. Every all these papers were everywhere and everything is white and
as I get to the truck we're Rick Levin Door, was the outcomes daily mail. I do believe, though, that I lost my caravan. I need your camera man and he was are breaking news guy. I had to give him up so my camera, Mme other our reality, do stand up around nine eleven but as were driving down. I do remember going on fifth avenue those guys shortly Jean Shirt on the way to find out from the Pentagon and will listen attentively wind at the local, all news agitation, and and then I see this guy. We pull over to shoot it right down, Sixth avenue, because it's the most humbly will think seen you could imagine, and this guy goes starts, Kherson up a storm and he said I was gonna visit the Pentagon, another dead as a radio. Yours I'm on the EP in full with the Pentagon. They just hit the Pentagon. I'm gone Oh my god. What is going on here shall by Tommy get there. We come back by tell I'm done well
play downtown and I just sat there. We dropped the tape off. We will using case back then, and I just walked sixty blocks back. Seventy blocks back to Fox and they said you can't go home and they found a hotel for us and it was non stop for hours. No commercials, you be have someone next year on the said little woman you left she is, look here, find her brother. Her brother worked, work, dared lemon or whatever was, and then you turn to you left you talk and then they tell the other. Ok, the person you write. These were in the attack. They got out at a building, that's literally how we would do and broadcast for the next three weeks Korea, and now I can't even imagine I mean maybe in a secret service at them agent. At the time shoot me we had you guys on Fox made all the time and we never just we deviated from the channel. After that we were glued to the tv for just weeks after that.
And you know it s the same quietly being on the air when you just don't even have all the details, I mean there are reports, it was a bar and then we saw the plains and and remember other Ports come in, they hit the White Ass, they hit the capital, I remember get them in the secret service office and it was just cut Chaos- and live tv and have what I mean I must add, or even know what the eyeballs ten million watching him. simply more at the time and listening it just what a staggering responsibility, I'm sure that's Toyota,
a brain do, but I will, but I was very kind of you, two thousand LOS Angeles when they hit the World trade center. The first time I mean I'm really into as much as a civilian can, the war and terrorism extremism outline stewing, local television and the inland empire while doing all portrayed on the weekend. I was his this Bin Laden. I knew all about this guy. I read the book about this. Guy watched our military interview with this guy. I forgot. The name of the pakistani report. Did the interview this guy and I couldn't believe Bill Clinton, never even visited the World Trade Center after women are used in the Sudan. We never even went there. They hit the coal, we don't do anything and eighty eighty at the embassy- and I'm doing mostly sport, am say to myself what the hell is going on. Why we ignoring this? If you look back at the Gore Bush debate, fail even bring up Al Qaeda, so nearly ninety three, they said, go up no two thousand one, they say go up again and meanwhile, because if they had
Download. That was exactly what you eat. The exact opposite devices, time. you know Brian one of the things I think people don't know about you that I know I've been before we become friends over the. here's your me do and foxes this. Isn't an area of interest to you that you are deeply impacted by an at one of the things I objective strongly being a contributor there. Not a host, like yourself is sometimes I'll see. People on say you know with Fox. I you guys are on the table it just dumb because its end its dumb specific Even the conservatives are people, I would say, lean. Conservative I'd never actually discussed with you, you're full political, ideology, but you have agreements with the present all the time, I've heard you in the morning news regarding Syria and other things, and I guess question. Could I get this from the ADI? So what is it like? Being on fox inferences? Show we all know the president glues his eyes to an I want some issues. You have a disagreement. I've heard you vocally speak out, especially on Syria, which way: oh it is, I'm not arrogant it or the President. I'm not
I'm who says I I its not a matter of me rooting for the giant, Georgette WAR. You know said this would I think I talked to if I were to security stuff. I talk about you.
with somewhat. No, it can unwind would happen leading up to this whole mother report better than you. So then I ll go talk the path it obvious. I will talk to court a page I'll, try to find out the players involved. So what I did over the last few years is. I dont use interview these people, I get their cell numbers and I talked to him. So I know David. We I'd know Stanley Mcchrystal. I know betray them Athena. My friends, I remove they like me, but they give me enough to the time of the day to unwind with this threat is what's going on when the tactics are wrong prior to the surge working. I would talk to Mccain on and off line. I talked to Anti, Graham on and off line. I talk to people like Mc Graven who does not like the present. I talked to the general king, who does like the present when they coincide and they tell us that thread is real and we do need a wrong thing. I'm not gonna hop on television and say Buddha presents watching as so many enemies I am go. We do not tell the truth. How could I possibly being or interest to pull out of Syria will leave ISIS in good ices worsted work in prisons, unguarded and turned him over to the Turks were or leave weave the Kurds abandon. If you want to get out, I get it, but there is a way to do it. You graduate out you weave in the NATO soldiers. You wait for the sum of its coming up next week. You, if you would former allies, his willingness to get out, is great and it's pure, but how you do it has everything to do with the next attack on America and listen to these guys,
it's good night, getting night to death today in London you know, there's gotta, people attacked again and would you gotta do? Is you can eliminate all the thread? But you have to put your thumb on these people. You turn around to the american people, explain what we're doing explain where the money is and was no with a thousand people how effective, both
I was in or and they're not fighting everyday their advisers and they are putting in planning and arming and the intelligence they get is keeping a sea beer boost will unwinding pots there. My telling you anything new to us. I hope on the air and I find out and Sunday a call with earth one he's pulling out, then even tell the Secretary defence. I can't pretend like that. The good move, on the other hand, his woody's done with the economy, would he's done bolstering seven hundred and seventy billion dollars for a military Buddha rebirth himself in not signing off on the Taliban in Afghanistan. All those are positive, but it doesn't mean I can back home on Syria and to tell you truth. Putting six hundred guys back into protect. The oil shows that I think that my theme these correct, leaving everything to run in Turkey and Russia for no good reason. Our guide we had more guys. I can't tell been in the last year than the last three, Recent curious Syria I'd. That's what I'm saying there is like
what I am about the country first, as much as on pulling for the present people, I mean your thing to brag Obama's. Doing there were great my brother's keeper, with fantastic speech on race, two or three times, especially after the his reverend came answer. Those ridiculous things was extremely strong. I appreciate his presentation in his charisma. I just don't like his domestic and foreign policy overall. What does it mean? I hate him and I'm not Poland form payment for the present every day, but I am for our country. First, then I understand- and I have some disagreements with you on that too, on the policy, but I get it and I respect that it matters to you and it matters to you a lot. I watch fox and friends, I'm just a guest on it and is your passion, and I think we ought to respect that. You one final question for you: get to the book again: we're talking to Brian kill me the author of this terrific bob right here Damn Houston and the Alamo ventures go pick this up. This will open your eyes, will get to the book innocent. Just one final kind of lighter no question and whenever I do book signings p, I get
question what about you. I've actually told you. They sat in person my audience may want to know. Do you ever sleep? I mean Finally, the friend you're, probably there what for thirty, five o clock, probably earlier, who no opportunity there it? There are three forty four figures at midnight: EL the views on ever there when you are there and I'm huge, when you, a radio show at any you do here. oxidation specials attitude, you book, sightings, I'm not kidding when I tell you this. I get this question. If there's a hundred people at a at a book signing out of those hundred people three or four or five or asked me, this kill me ever sleep, do you ever get tired and do take weekends off, I been off this is why the book tour and were putting together a pretty impressive series of appearances. I am pleased that matter most, and that means
outside New York, Washington and job. But I don't sleep enough. No doubt about it. That's my one week is I'd, be a mean honest. I think the question is is a compliment because I noticed in I've I've up until I got this job fox. It took me, twelve years to have this type of gradual success and I know, could go away to Morrow, and this is for me not work. I it's a pity. I am so passionate about it. I be the air, I be the most well informed Delhi guy in the world, the most annoying waiter, because this is where impassioned down. For some reason, I've had a chance to do this for a living and when they come up here and say we were there, we want you to do the series. What made Amerika great. I say of course, I'll. Do it?
I don't know how much you are, what we work it out and they say you know this radio Tony show into the White asked. Do you want to take over the show you got an hour. Of course I want to do that and then, when they do- and they say you know what I had this George Washington Secret six idea and I showed some people. It took me a couple years. We finally get a soul and that book does well they so I did do another thing myself here, I'd like to do another. I go okay, it'll, give me two years yeah and then now now I'm on for history, books so and- and I show up and at the Alamo when I say for what makes him ever greater. Might all my goodness. Everyone attaches knows the story story so well how I make a different and when these exports walked up to me and say no one really tells the story of what led to it and then what happened after the Almah? Why the Alamo matters and then what about the more remarkable victory? I did. Ok, let me tell the Alamo story for Fox nation, but would have the whole book. Is everything like what
it's a whole taxes revolution sixty years after our first with doing it again, the exact same reason. You know its interest in the book. I know most Americans are obviously familiar with the contours of the Alamo story. Many in very deep detail. Most Texans are purchased quickly. If you explain the odds here. Sometimes people don't understand what happened at the Alamo in the massacre over this views, this twelve, AIDS, as you want your chapters that twelve days of of ev of indecision here these. What having the odd stacked against these did these these warriors at the alibi fighting. For independence, air the odds words overwhelming Santa add as army, this was what that was one of the most powerful armies of the time. Was it not
yeah and then they are organised and they have experience- and I got this experience for total victory. They were under this theory that the way to win is to kill everybody. Everybody and do something horrific with their bodies. Like you burn a menu say everybody from neighbouring count spread the word. This is what happens, you does not rising and you know would put up the black flag and they go no quarter, you dead and you fight to the death liquor. Death and end. Essentially, when we got to do, is give you a sense of workers, obvious people get to push back on this issue. We stole taxes, we never stole taxes. We had always yet a purchase, this horrible, personal, Thomas Jefferson it at your Jackson, both were convinced of it. So we do this odious Adams agreement, we say, will take forward. You take taxes, Spain, a Jackson was beside himself, so was java. Think of you kidding me, we add Florida Newgate weave anyway. They kick stop us. Why you, given him taxes, will surely they can't populated so it
Eighteen hundred there's nobody, there is full comanches and patches and there's not enough people in there. What we now know is Mexico and Central America depopulated. So Moses, Austin, the Father of Stephen S, often comes down he's looking to make himself everywhere was going bankrupt back then, but I mean you dumb. Believable you'd have everything and lose everything? No social safety net, obviously so most often goes and cut the delicious. Listen. If I give guidance for in your family here, we're gonna do, could you cut me they go here. You could bring em no tax with ten years, they gotta be catholic and they got it would hear or rules, and the rules are basically the constitution that they're fine with and we bring them three under families, and these families are clearing land, their story form pound and that exactly with Spain wanted, Spain loses varied thereof, their colony and Mexico begun to don't country. So most of this even have often takes over his dad died. A good guy he's gonna make sure we still got that deal. They go no problem in incomes that income sat down and go GM whipped, throw it out that whole freedom and liberty thing so you guys would offend governors mayors who, under the control you well. How do you think Texans responded to that? They that rising community who are doing everything they're supposed to do? People are coming out for second chances for new opportunities running from the law and they start go an excuse me we're not given a freedom in liberty, one of the quota havin a book is set at. It is four hundred. My people will not be ready for freedom in liberty for hundreds of years will don't tell that to us. We just bought a war for it and we're gonna for fodder divide, another
after some early victories sham used incomes in his perfectly qualified to do this guy's calm down which form an army? We got it back up right, a constitution, decorator independence or guys just go in, and they take the Alamo and they take a standing army. Jelly coastal used for some right out and he can't they basically steady, Killin Emmy Fidget promised you're late. Then you gonna do not find this battle anymore. They give their whereby they go back on their word and there is the will of William Barrack Travis. There is some other great American there, and they can afford to buy the Ford and keep it as their musical. Don't stay. We don't need to be caught up in one unit. We don't need this area. What move out so we sent in Djibouti, his Jim tell these guys,
We will listen to you and he goes back and cut to deal with the charity. They all these indian tribes. This day, I have the battle. Many goes back there I declaration independence will boost, gets there. He sees his place, thriving disease, it said the corroboree they had to early victories egos who's. Gonna, stop us! We text and were Americans were fighting for freedom. We got the right thing on our side who income said Anna. He was the closest thing right away. He brings in three thousand guys at least around the place and wheelbarrow Travis is trying to get some reinforced, no one's coming, so he don't write these famous letters. Listen, we need some help, but if not, we will fight to the death victory or death, and these eloquent letters set up this mythical quality about this battle. They lifted thirteen days a hundred eighty guys killed over a thousand Mexicans some of their elite troops and by the time the goods they store made, and they,
the walls they kill. Everybody, including Davy, Crockett Jimbo. We William Barrack, Travis, Shod mad. They burn all the bodies and instead to set out a figure is open with victory. He kill these famous Americans. Will we will Merrick and do and pushed did not gonna get intimidated, we fight any which shape the battlefield, That's what I was shaped, a battlefield, the rest of the way yeah fact. I note that one of the interesting portions of the book is the whole story of a type bind these great Americans zimbabwean Davy Crockett, who is forty nine when it went when he perished stare at the Alamo? And it's interesting you say: you would think, would have the opposite effect. I think said: Adam overestimated. Is this about I came here this frontiersmen Davy Crockett, the death of Davy Crockett writer. What you'd think it would be a morale killer, but this eventually motivates did Texans to fight back and leads to what you described further in the book, the area, the eventual defeat of sand at his arm,
and not only that if the battles engines in do I buy the exact tree, which is now known as the which way tree. So you have to tell the toughest people on the planet who don't like discipline to retreat because he knows them used to knows. I got one fight when a lose. It got one I got a winning, so we go to retreat, trainers, guys retreat, trainers, guy gather, more people keep their morale up at the same time, knowing he basically the only one with military experience. None of these guys have even shot a man before so they just all they are, is tough and more
evaded and we have to move their families with them is called the runaway scrape. We find in you see in this special and you could find it online. I put the bees as to which we treat it. Sam uses. Stood in front of this branch is one point towards the american border. One points towards Agence Info and they go to stage, incidentally, says we're gonna fight and they go in. There still outnumbered basically two to one and they look across in their Santa Anna and his army, and I think you're gonna fight the next day when they don't get up early and fight. Everyone thinks what what's gonna blow it up. It can open up again. They have a work at the meeting at twelve. He got you know what were frightened today will find today. Do you, we need a whole day. They let you know, fight wishing fight all day. There's no night vision, glasses, dad is people realize. Do you think you're fighting, so these it marched all night to face them used in, do actually sweeping so this
I didn't pointed tall grass lay charge in a formulation that he had learned through his military training under Andrew Jackson and they wouldn't do by the time the Mexican realise, with happening through defeated eighteen minutes. They are wiped out in two hours next day. They capture said Anna and instead of killing of a higher from the highest tree, the aggressor in this camp. They open up a strong on his letterhead. I did you tell the reinforcements to turn around. They do. The next he says, is on its side over Texas, illicit on the deposed leader knows: gonna listen meagre cited over handed over, so they when they meet, may have a debt great into as they have a constitution. They hold out the fair data for a few more months in Texas, begun its own country for nine years, not easy, always perilous, Mexicans one or revenge. The border was always. Chaos like it is today, but this time there were looking
trade and fight again for a while look like we're gonna sign over with the british detection development over the British Americans were waiting too long to annex. So all this happen in a matter of money from ultimate Emily Asian and analysing the ultimate victory its edge its into an even have them reunion. Pictures of the Oda battle is God of exciting risk. Is now actually can use photos in the book, and he says is that of a good scratch. You know it's amused and looked like you know. You know what we bear. Travis look like you know, Davy Crockett look like so I mean to me it's a dull thing. I did find fascinating, yeah, that's kind of hard bed.
Pictures with George Wash stated the secret sex you you ve got to get a photo, get there first that the first, I think the only picture we have is of Dolly Madison. If you want to be like eighty, the founding fathers in their spouses, I think that the only one that exists is crazy. Andrew Jackson, YO he's his last year is life to a quick. You lost all his deep, but that's what you look like you know, folks, you can do this all Imbrians new book. I have one final question for you: Brian Kill needs new book SAM Houston, the Alamo ventures. For this incredible story, you can also pick up Andrew Jackson. Miracle New Orleans, which leads me to my final question. I know you gotta run. You kind of addresses the book. The relationship between SAM Houston, Andrew Jackson, which was a little bit complicated, was in a hurry. yeah I mean a couple of things:
you're going to be one of the paraphrase, is, if I can from Andrew Jackson, about Sammy Youth Ngos, he never misses an opportunity to shoot himself in the foot, so he had unbelievable courage and he's a big guy fix for back. Then it's like six. Eight did you get this all out of him so itself in him, and I opened up the book on purpose because my favorite movies of all time of the rocky movie them are very simple person and I love when he always would flash back with the previous fight from rocky once iraqi, two and two to three and forty five and everything so I'm able to flash back eighteen, fourteen battle, a horse, you bend where this will this officer fighting under Andrew Jackson, s to go against these creek Indians as tough as again- and I got a finishing off in one night- Show SAM used in leading the charge is shot three times they get an arrow into the sky, so he get shot in the arm
This guy he's bleeding out, so they pull it out. They turn a kid he's in sick bay. Does the knights boiling Jackson need some help? He goes. Who here can fight and you think it up again and get shot again, He piping judge that go with his mad men. Very recent survived the night and when they saw the we went in and the next day he said the next piece of eyes: they send them home, we lost fifty pounds and then you get a commission and each see Washington burned to the ground. He words, two things, courage, it's gotta be calculated. Any words it are I'll fragile democracy in our country is and projection. He would take em under his wing opposition
his life and led him towards the Governorship Congress in governorship fantasy? They would on his porch and James K. Paul can present Buchanan Morton Van Buren future presence in used in use to try to solve the world problems. They always will come back to Texas how the hell did we give up taxes without a fight. We gotta get access and I just lay the groundwork for what would be the battle of eighteen, thirty, six and he's had so many ups and downs. In this thing, Dan most people listening, don't do things. I regret most people listening growers, a person,
and that's what you have been used and drank too much woman eyes, Bert marriage ruined with with the Indians up in Rome, with that he became the first american indian advocate of high profile ever any live with them on and off Cherokees with his ability and trust within the community can allow them to actually been fighting Texas and not have to fight on two fronts and thing. If he drank too much in you know, we barracks himself a few times, but any he meets a woman. He stopped drinking. He has nine kid any the guts to say. Do the people of taxes do not join the confederacy. We have to keep it.
Together and when they are voted on here, quick and when you weaken contacted them in eighteen, fifty six, eighteen sixty we should represent fifty six believe in we'll get it. If you want to fight and get taxes back I'll give you people- and he said to the president- and I am a man- died young anymore. It was twenty years ago. I would have done it, but I gotta just wait this one out, and yet he was about the union. First stature Jackson, he made mistake: he was meant or by a lot of great people, he was a young man. He was a bad farmer in a bad clerk. He was a bad student. Dick is basically start being aroused when live with Cherokees and then sign of the military Andrew Jackson changes life, letting people can relate to these type of stories. You know maybe it'll, maybe the for some reason, your resonant many parents, but you meet a mentor and adjust changes. The direction you your life. I am option stories are evergreen, I mean everybody loves Mcbride aid candidly. Nobody tells you stories better than you there's a reason. Your books have all been
best sellers. This has been a huge here. Ladies and gentlemen. We talk in a brain, kill me again, the author, this just wonder Bobo can't recommended highly enough in the damp GINO show Samuel and the Alamo adventures. Please go pick it up today, Amazon, Barnes and noble your local book store and support. Brian also, his books are great. keep him tell in american history. We La Brian Brian thanks so much for taking a time. I know you were super busy day and I'll see you on the era every Monday morning, on Fox and for his body. The continued success of the privileged to be on his part. Get that everybody is talking about thanks pal, hello, my audience and they love is back. So thank you. So much brain of a great rested a day. Take care. Do today, go get it I welcome back. I hope you enjoy that interview Brien's it good guys. You can tell I was kind of surprise by when someone told me he was the first Annapolis over the ultimate fighting championship. I had no, ideas, so that back story was fascinating. I want to ask him about that. Next week we
of an interview with Gregg Jarrett, yes, Gregg Jarrett, I think Gregg and I pretty sure at the two best selling books on the spy gave the Russia Hoax debacle, albeit a viewing I got a new book witch hunt. I promise you gonna be a absolute manifesto on the spy Russia Hoax Mahler, which disaster you I don't want to miss that they produce. And be sure to subscribe to Youtube Channel Youtube that calm slashed by GINO. I will see you all tomorrow, just ten Bonn, Jean Ojo, you can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.