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Interview with Candace Owens (Ep 1135)

2019-12-15 | 🔗

In this episode, I interview Candace Owens about the status of race relations, and about her new book “Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation


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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bonn, Jean, thereby GINO, show weekly interview segment. I am very, very excited. We ve had a great line up so far and thanks for supporting our show too well. come to the show today, Canvas Owens, yes, candy zones, who has been a phenomenal activists, were the conservative cause she's done a great job. Book coming I'll call blackout coming out well addressed that, on the show, any interview, as always, I record these these interests and the out after stone, we're gonna, hit a lotta topics in this interview. It's really terrific. She addressed is being attacked up on capital held by a bunch of sleazy Democrats and debate. She's had left wing television network and some other really really great questions about the black vote. Why trumpet succeed with the black phone she's very unique insight into the culture today show folks brought you buy
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the doors you and the way you debate and bring it to the lead. So I'm not battling where there is a great guy he's I've gotten dollar that so I promised them, and I stuck to my word ways. So there you go now yard she heard you heard saw Snoopy become really at a tremendous voice in the conservative movement. I don't think there's any disputing that your social media presence your debate. skills are really second and not my wife and I were watching somewhere mutual mere material in preparation for this. So my first courses out of a general one. I think the audience would just like to know. How did you find serve autism, I mean why not getting you know athletics, you know, being a doctor, a lawyer. How did you get into this and become such a figure in this movement? Quite
the daintily I mean, I think the people person that you'd have to thank for Canada fell. It is really the left for overplaying their hand. Am I was someone who was not politically inclined burdened by debt by student at early in my life and me wasn't politics: what did it really have my attention and then, when trumpeted running, I seldom watch media do a job on him which, by the way, I did not think he should have been present when it came down. The Esquire I'd like I'll you no visa- is the guy that this idea, I don't need this cultural figure in the president's speech, but they make you started going nuts and they were saying he's always that the structure, the mythology enough and I grew up in a very cultural community. Listening to him up everybody loved Trump beyond say
the every one wanted to be stepping poolside our logo and just like that they want to meet a boot here, but he was raised this night. By did he just become racist, the last three decades. Nobody cared a now. He seated about racism. By before, to ask some questions and when I came out and made one video on Youtube just sing, I, with the conservative, no support behind trump whatsoever, they attacked me and I I instantly realised that they really are not our ally. They want us to be ideological sleeved. When I say we, I am speaking, I'm speaking particularly about Black America was interesting because we ve been told by the media forever that the Democrats in the media are kind of the caretaker the Black America protecting them against these evil conservatives. But the canvas and, by the way, candy someone's has an upcoming book which will be showing the cover frequently during this interview. Blackout is avail. well for pre sale. Now, folks, please support Kansas, greater Amazon
Barnes ennoble pre order today it's called black out by Canada, someone's please pick it up, but one of the things I find I can, as we ve, been told that myth for a long time. You of course figured that out on your own through direct experience, but. you gotta. What Magda rally if you and I can both agree, the safest most warm environment for Black America today, got a bag around it, about dangerous places, is wearing a mega. Had added
black lives, rather merrily Veronica Black lives matter really for Black America by wrong. In that analysis, it's no. I mean you're, absolutely right on that, which is why I wait the challenge- and I were in my bag- had every right now, when I travel people image over my mega, how in airports to signify to democratically to levels that I'm not one bears they don't own mean something proprietary about my ideas based on the color of my skin dominant, and I really have challenged me to call the block America to all. Had the audacity to do the same, to tell people on that we have a debate based on better ideas are not on appearances are not infected and not on gender, which I think currently run about. Eighty six genders, though you're always is, are we already see here, observe diversion he drew him wrong? I was not a big fan of of Georgia you boys are more of a conserve nice guy. Personally, I work form and it's not a personal knock one of the things he said regarding school choice and education. That I always thought was her. You know really
incredible quotas. He talked about the soft bigotry of low expectations and then always resonate with me because I feel like it applies to liberal and the media treatment of the black community in and ties infantile, rising them speaking down to black men and women, I'm talking to them as if they somehow have different standards. Using this bizarre terminology needed to referred a black America where they would never talk about middle class. Widened like a like that at an it's just at one of them, examples I've seen this is see one of your clips where you get into it. I just folks we haven't seen the Youtube this Owens debating Crystal Ball on the hill tv crystal Walser it starts with a guy. I watch it because crystal you can tell immediately goes that she gets uncomfortable goes right to canvass for this, like speak first all of black America question and it's just like an infant eliza like because
We have no higher melanin content, the your skin cancers that somehow you don't have. Talk about other issues, just that we have to talk about. It's really bothersome right away, that is all the greater good for people to watch out with crystal ball on the hill, and I was with Tom, Charlie Kirk of turning point. You say there was remarkable because all she wanted to do was to put me against the wall based on the color. My skin, you know, Charley was engaged in dialogue with parents turned man, she asked well, you know you think Trump has enough black people on the administration in question. Why do you ask me about his policies? You think I care about the color of their skin in trumps administration, like I'm, counting in going to black people, one hispanic and that really it really does gets the nucleus of what the left is today combine GINO, look at the commercial one occasion, one lesbian one, you know one twin or semi the could be there are also like checking box is good. They look at how they were earlier. I don't care, I do not care either like your product.
Like your ideas- and I think that that really is it really spells out with the West fishing that divide us all up based on what we look like you're, not what we think I want to get back to some of this because you have this great book coming out blackout pick it up folks blackout available for Pre Priolo. Now, Amazon bonds are noble. Please support. This is where she does a really great a move it out to some other achieving get back to some of that later impeachment I'd love to get you thoughts on this. This seems to have imploded on the Democrats and just spectacular fashion swing staples moving again. Stan Peach. We have to make their best case. Use in black voters support up upwards of thirty four percent. I saw one port dependence moving further against impeachment appall. I saw last week Stan examiner fifty two per then of Americans. Now, against impeachment, I mean you and I think, having unique insight into the left at me. Having run for office a new being just- and I mean
target number one for liberals just about every day of the week, because you challenge everyone there. You know so we kind of every one of them there there stereotypes about us, but we have He can cite them and I've always They were tactically smarter than this What am I missing? This is really dumb away and, honestly with me, she said: let's talk about and think about impeachment. You can't think about it if it's just a foolish as soon as you try to think it makes a full of you ain't beach right. None of this makes any sense. I say all the time doing their marketing it its remarkable to think that, after the biggest election upset in american history, twenty sixteen- but they didn't say, ok, let's sit down and get back the basics and intellectual assess what we did Welsh dead beat the emerging. They said, you know what we didn't do enough of what we were doing right. We call be called half open racist. Let's call all
that waste strikes. But, let's, let's say, there's more people that are being sexually assaulted in any of the reach of movement in and try to take down more match. They did not humble themselves after twenty six, election which to me, is absolutely extraordinary and what they're doing now and a grander scale what they did to me in twenty four Tina overplaying their hand, you know because you eat you called Trump racist, okay and twenty fifteen from people believed it another result. Rent then, but adult therein, like America, is doing a me under this presidency way there than we did under eight years of Obama economy for America is up. We mean to restock, say that I can't, I don't think they can get any higher. I don't mean to say that the direct challenged the president, but I know that you will deliver higher and higher stock market. What are they doing here is. Is there is growing in the car
their entire party? What could happen? America is what happened in the UK with Borscht Anthony the constructive given went by land and twenty twenty canvas you been associated with the blades. It moved with black exit from the democratic parties gains. Just incredible. Popularity have been another you ve, actually spawned in entire another group of so Jack, said and other other other folks as well. We ve taken inspiration from you and I think, a lot of People on the conservative movement me included, have felt listen, you're, gonna want to pile on the republican Party. Now there certainly Democrats do that enough, but I think we can be and didn't open and say they haven't done a good job in the black community. Just haven't I mean I ran in Maryland, one of the highest popular a black voters in their country, and we didn't even have offices up anywhere near Baltimore, which has a large population of black voters. I think it's in a really really poor outrage, job ways, Trump, doing differently. That's We still have moved this. I may we
I've been locked in a ten fifteen percent. Max black voters supported the Republican Party for decades. Now we're seeing poles upwards of four percent, what Is it the charisma? The style is it the results, I mean I is it all of it. What is it I want to say, absolutely right and in critiquing Republicans as well, and I have always that death, but he no Democrat made the mistake of picking the blackboard were granted to a public use, made the mistake of giving up on the black felt that there was no effort almond, they depend on forget. It is like the left. Have those margins, I, what trumpet the furniture its trumpet control- and I always will it down to one word trump has the audacity. I mean he does things sometimes,
he's: go, oh, my goodness. The staggering amount about gas at each like that it took to say those things to have your destiny. With someone calls. You are wasting story like Eliza. Coming ultimately says what it would have jumped do he turned him and he said no you're, the racist look, what you ve done to your cruelty. There has been no Republican in the history of America that has had that America, dusty. All the Democrats what they are. In my opinion, they are the real basis which argument This owens you through the upcoming book black out again available for pre order. Now Amazon boards ennoble, please check it out. You know you said something partner- and I beg you- ve- had a large influence in the Republican Party in the last few years because of a very profound that I think was under sold by the liberals. You know AIDS. Your bride part had that old expression that politics is down stream. A culture and Andrew was right. He was absolutely oppression until we chain the culture and the perception around the republican party. The issues are irrelevant
that's what I mean by this is having run for office and knocked on a lot of doors in Baltimore, counting Prince Georgia's county, very wealthy, largely black county. I found can endorse run for office at a lot of the Black Box you know not all I don't do stereotypes like the lap, but a lot of the black waters. I spoke to I would say that they say what war party from its am I going to tell you. I'm just to tell you what I stand for a quick and then you tell me where party opera- and I would should I say I don't know democratic casino Republican ever knocked introducing Amr Republic, it and then we're the conversation would change, but it was weird because they, really want everything their largely again, largely pro life, hard work, being concerned with the economy business, their kids across the education, better schools, all conservative values at any, tell you Republika! I'm sorry, I'm not interested. We say to me. It's a cultural problem and I bring that up. because you ve had a really deep impact here, you're directions, I know with Kenya West that that's important
I dont idolize anybody you don't either we don't make golden calf set of anyone. Buccaneer West, is a really important cultural figure to a lot of people, and I the general message he was putting out the rub: for yourself really matters and can really have an impact. Your thoughts on that I mean
politically and look. I was, I was left out by the left and the right by saying by embracing cognate what he came over, because I wasn't with music my entire life by nuclear, what the conservative, just by interpretative, music and and his interviews and the things he says, but people were so uncomfortable new public and movement with Congo was because they don't do culture right. They think that we should be writing on pc. The hang him out and try and thinking about going to persuade black Americans take a look at the party way and there there's something snobbish about that. There's something snobbish about the fact that when I first started making videos, I was intentionally doing them as as these short minute flash in the pan, videos that were funny and tumor and that were super digestible won the first people that road hippies about me with a national reveal thing. This is the sort of conservatism we ought to reject because it it's funny and attainable because conjured making music and that understandable he makes an album less if Jesus was king rather than standing up and preaching about you know your conservatism and he's he's making any albert and music move people and is going wrong in concert. Go I've always believed in culture and dumb, and I stood up against critics. The fact that you're not do that and I think that we are having the most impacts David
they are independently thing, because my style, if we don't have anything without keep one in the west, speak one that creates more and use our night live and market we're going to continue the little. You know it's interesting. You bring that up because I have been the victim as well, not a snowflake. You aired actually relish a good fight. I thought you could do to keep my knuckles job, but a bit on the receiving end. I should say, looking swamp riding and there they. You know you can't as you and I are just not smart enough to be doing this. You know we actually working in the real world and like a real jobs into real face, so because we were in a think tank and this it didn't write a bunch of white papers on the top his mouth this in the end, the effects of the laffer curve. We clearly or not smarter. Now, keep in mind, I think, would differ by you and me. We can argue those issues too We just see that the bigger fight, maybe in the culture of first before we get there. You know what are the best lie They ever heard this from a candidate for office in Maryland is said to be the biggest mistake Republican Party makes. Is they walk
methadone clinic, and they want to talk about the laugh recur, which is in the laboratory, but that maybe not the time for that like we're in the Moonlight massive Culture war here and you videos were great, you're a you used to be on twitter red pill. Black and I've lived, love, Videos and matter of fact, I worked at a place prior to Fox or about now, and I told them. I think I may have told you this story person. I said you have to go. and higher this woman immediately. I said: look at these videos their great and at you just got nuclear and it was already over, but your videos mushroom at this- and I agree in and if you can speak amended on that this, I call a GEO peace while providing why dont care like why the internal fighting the real fight is against the left. This that want to absolutely decimate conservative values and take the republic with it by any new.
An undercurrent an undercurrent of dislike this pretension conscious nature of conservative, some conservative it I went to Harvard and got of this than I was not sure about this, what occurred in and they feel that the only way that we can win by not being super well polished, end and preventing things in a format like oil, professor on college campuses, and they think that people that don't with developed that style shouldn't be listened to and that somehow make them less intelligent. I actually think it makes a higher. I could understand impact of culture actually eating with white trumpets, though brilliant trunk on the stage and made things really digestible. Hashtag Walker up right, this stuff that allowed conservative onto actual he against them, yardage again on on the cultural Bobby Old, and this is thanks- the tramp tramp underhand culture better than anybody else. Each body I like to watch him speak. I can't remember everything all right. Look really like to watch this person at a rally speak. You know,
hours on end, but because he felt funny Israel, regional and he felt deprecating each other into him, I'm. So we have a lot to learn and I definitely think that people should be more gracious to exercise more humility in the control room it if we want to continue to one hundred times verve has got a few more questions, for you know what's wrong with your upon capital held recently in another year, like the queen of viral video, Maybe people of your stuff? It's. I think the doktor set me that what do the elbow that you look at this up? I saw it. I saw it when it happened. I always wanted to get a system for Europe capital, hell you're, giving test money up there, and there is a white college, professor and again only no, we don't care about its only notable because of what she said, not because she's. Why but or she smarter than us, because she's a professor- and you know we don't really know anything she's there. You know where the great on, while, there are issues she decides, she's going to turn and attack you. Obviously she doesn't know you. That was a really really bad idea could have warder in advance. If she would think of my right, but-
Capitol Hill decides it's a good idea to attack you by Miss characterizing, something you said and trying to make you out to be some. Like racist yourself out Most of our audience is seen the kind it's amazing, but what's going through, your head is you're sitting there up on Capitol Hill in this congressional hearing, what seeing this a leader, snob withered, Pugsy, the air. Try to impugn your career or bona fide ease and accuse you who beacon like a racist was Pizarro. What I mean, firstly, foremost. I my anger, the anger that I was going towards Jamie Laskin, who, with the linking chairman of that committee and will give you I know it- is about the size of an. If I may remind you, the guy either the habit re anything up on that thing. Act like you, ve got thing is gabble, allowing the people to turn around and attack me one by one that is so out of character, did not the job of what they did. This betrayal,
another when you are at a hearing tried to start my blood boil, and then I just I just gotta, make my God look at the irony is why people to the three white people standing to talk about white supremacy around now, turning to the only black person added on the sand and capsizing her. Recalling that tell the truth, which is that the white paper is not a problem in Amerika, I do not know a single black person had fewer walking down the street in this country as a bike supremacy and end the wise if he acquired vicious both at the narrative it an election area that we spent a lot of time on. I think they had three four five hearings on white supremacy: no hearing some black on black crime. If your ultimate goal is to see black people wires, start talking about the shriek of Chicago or the shriek of Baltimore large are talking about. What's going on in the black neighborhoods bs away, bigger threat when ninety five percent of luck Eric and your being fired at the hands of other black american country. Why don't you do a hearing on abortion and I think that the point to Kansas there is-
white supremacist are so am I think of anything worse to call someone other than a pedophile this in our Actually, there is no doubt about it. I'm not telling you anything. You don't already know has, scarred history, the race, no one should ever run away from that there are people live today, live through the heart Chrome. You know when I worked the inauguration for Barack Obama. I didn't agree with the man, obviously but having You know sitting there in the freezing cold on Pennsylvania, Avenue, watching the first black, present walk down the street, seeing the tears in the eyes of many people live there. Jim Crow really moved me, and I that meant something of the country and everyone else. I honestly thought, though, shame on me that, It's gonna be a moment that change things that we, get away from this constant. Well, let's turn this on the left them. Let's turn this on the right and just say: listen what what just happened- and I don't think we're at that point I think the left is absolutely obsessed with identity politics and I'm just sure
time soon. There ever gonna get away from that, because these attacks work because precisely think about a canvas the only reason calling conservatives, racist worse is being erased. This is the worst thing you could possibly be in the greatest country on earth. America right and I have to say I don't think the left is ever going to change my and they only block Obama has a problem in the same way that they use gay people. Lesbian people tangible as proper to garner power for themselves and unbreakable monopolies had any real power. I'm you know, I think he was indebted to his donor to or lot wealthier and having got him on the spot, but he within and unfortunately he made raised issues horse in that country. Unfortunately, if you think you're gonna put a black person in the forefront of the country and it's gonna make waste issues better, that black person better be a conservative and principal tomorrow if we first to some that your thoughts on this whole spiky, russian collusion hoax and why they won't give it up, I mean, is,
I mean I've. This has been for me. It's I've been all over it for for two years now, I'm just so obsessed with it having been a federal agent, but their trial this again on Boris Johnson. Unbelievably is an article in the guardian today by Glenn Simpson, Effusions GPS. For accusing the conservatives in Britain in the UK of color. We try me. Am I what you're just click the huts other my first thought, if you want to laugh at it, but then there's something or sinister happening when they do these things and they know without fully bogus what it does. That weakens us come on the world stage way people like blot in Europe who, in an and China and Russia there working over at the west, the thinking that the West is collapsing whiter. Looking at us, I mean I'm was it by repealing who gave a quote. I believe that the G20 summit- don't don't call me a witch summit. It was that any basically said you know the West is learning a lesson in what happens when you play you scared of liberalism for too long, and I think that there
in an awkward to be here. When we talk about the West right now, we should be actually working with Russia, the productive way, because China is a huge threat, but instead we want you to meet bogus claims. Retain that there's something out there I bear the trying to evade nor election by God, and they know it's not true and we are really beginning on the way at the west is proceed. I adamantly watch a lot of the interview that happened in the east and that seems to be the consensus that we are weakened and have become a job. We can leave it decide either what bastard you gonna kill and then they got their kid following math probable that the age of four years old yeah, and I always I tell my daughter that all the time I say Isabel you know, someone overseas and China, India, these countries over the while their value education, their train into your boss, right now, so you better get go and get hard work. The only way out, Finally, is it easy one for you, but I get this alot whenever the topic and this always comes up whether my doctor or anyone else, they say you can't
ever gonna run for office herself. I said I don't know, I get authoritative, you and I'll ask, or so our you for office. I used to always thing. You know that I can say, no still to everybody, but honestly, those things days of our lives fashion, that they call them generally. Old fashioned on capital help. I'm really discourage you in terms of what our commissioner, even doing by our favorite trumps, that debate the girl. Now, if I thought that country we needed me. I looked up and I would do it on the right now. I think we have a meeting or office and we have a lot of weight. You can do to follow him. I'm funding do what I do back then and down the ground and keep fighting for their freedom and the liberation of might already that America is a bigger lotta people We decide talk, they can do so. In some cases the other a blackout book will be released in April although for precept now go get it folks, please support the work again so zones you integrate Amazon, Barnes ennobled go check it out Candice. Thank you.
How much you know you had a really busy day. Maladies really wanted to have me thanks. So much for your time, we'll talk you simply how welcome. Thank you very much. Well. back folks, I have a big announcement on our next guest. I promise you are gonna. Love love, love this. What we'll get it? at this? Second up, you are this one. I mixed acting a major league audience today show. It was also brought you by friends that Express BP, and would it be nice, these search engines that you could trust and if surgeons in social media we're unbiased platforms didn't choose aside politically, they are what's the problem here: keep dreaming and twenty. Sixteen the Tec elites Google brag donating millions of dollars to Hilary. These big tech companies their political agenda and restrict the fish a free speech rights. The conservatives are the very soon corporations were trusting to handle our data online. Come on. I am using my web history, email, meditating, video searches against me. That's why I trust Express, BP, at a noose it every time I go on my big tech companies can match your internet.
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