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Interview with Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani (Ep 1150)

2020-01-04 | 🔗

This is a can’t-miss interview with former NYC Mayor, and personal lawyer to the President, Rudy Giuliani. We discuss topics ranging from his war on crime as NYC Mayor, to his thoughts on the Spygate scandal, to his explosive revelations about the Biden family and Ukrainian election interference.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now welcome the deadline gino interview show on the weekend i my ecstatic excited i bit about all our views by this one i am really looking forward to now as you know i record these pre and post to the show through the interview so i can tell you what's coming or give you an idea which i had this interview was gonna blow your mind with former new york city may or an personal journey the president rudy giuliani we cover a bunch of material on here some of it i promise you can open your eyes some of the answers even surprised me they are
closer we address everything from the beginning a personal story about me and the mayor to his time in new york cleaning up the city in this war on crime and how specifically at work but then we get this spy gate where he has some very interesting thoughts on that the energy report and then ladies and gentlemen the coup de graf the mayor's they are back in worth on ukraine the given of joe biden what he calls the biden crime family in here are just going to really big your bangles don't go anywhere for that and at the end of the show don't forget i always gonna tell you you're gonna love next week's interview to at the end of the show state you and i want to tell you who next week's interview can be you're gonna love this one too so don't go anywhere at the end of the shell fish are brought to you by policy geniuses january twenty twenty the year two thousand and twenty shows up a lot of science fiction a lot of people predicted that by now we'd be teleport into work or living on mars and those predictions of course were wrong the truth is always
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one police plaza and the sergeant who we were just in our gray uniform said everybody get up and snap due attention a mayors here and i was the first that maybe i met you you'd it made me but it was a great moment united cleaned up the city and i talk about it all the time on fox whenever i get the opportunity and i very much admired your service to our country and in particular but what you ve been doing the last couple of years you ve been very courageous thank you sir i appreciate that before we get into the news of the day in ukraine and in spite of what i wanted to talk about i just want a brief we ask you about this given the downturn sadly we ve seen in new york city so the giuliani a year has ended we ve seen a backtracking on many of the policies you stuck by one of my redressed often on fox friends was your commitment to broken windows policing the the idea that when you let the nuisance crimes go committees of nuisance crimes are the people who want to break into houses and commits assaults and mother serious crimes later you can
is that you your results in new york city a mr mayer were were dramatic i mean for anyone who lived through it it was it different city when you were done a europe what's on this now backtracking into you know let everybody jumped the turnstile do whatever they want carbon attitude this has the rip your heart it does it breaks my are actually done and as was for some time now i mean that vision dispute about the broken windows theory is that of a public inquiry democratic theory literally comes from to harvard law professes wilson and killing goes back to the aid is an example had to choose what you said here you can't let people start breaking for start breaking the law small ways let him get away with it it creates a bad example create and bad neighborhood show but let's talk about this stupid i think that he's doing with no bail note no one of the problems taste and you know this from the street when i was you have to charlie i came in here
budgetary it was shown on drugs are locally risa every drug dealer we get caught later the drug dealers back shell and drugs we get first of all it should on the block triggered a great way to make a living right here you make a fortune you make a fortune for five weeks in a row you get a four hour little dr downtown and you come back but he also were also there you missed a coffee table rapidly i began to pour out so we started notable day i did that whenever the earth the journey we turned around drugs within three weeks lorries are sadly estate they escaped up to up to wash tonight so what became mayor with breton we did comprehensive programme you shut up conscious that we get it right basically we measured it broken windows theory was party so if you
if you got quoted a challenge that we fingerprinted you we put in overnight number one it stops people from doing it and number two half of them have records the first thing that have always started doing that is brad came into my office he said you know the first three weeks we it for large well just by catch those guys we're aren't you watch that range from you know not paying i support tomorrow then we have a serial killer this guy kill somebody in more women than men somebody admit job and many times someone on the east side by the river the woman fought him off and we got a fingerprint we match the fingerprint your guy would adopt a church where are we before me caught that guy out of another son of sam you it's a mayor that nobody thought of this
poor you guys i mean the idea when you say comstock for the audience if you're unfamiliar that was it briefly for computer statistical modelling and and i remember being a police officer and and again a mayor the police commanders we're we're good but they weren't used to that and i'll never forget sitting in patrol borough queens north and everybody was in a panic because they go to a constant meeting and nobody had ever held on the carpet when people put up the blazer pointer it said hey we look at computer the computer data and there's been for robberies on this corner what are you doing their commanders of the priest would be sweating bullets because i've never been question this before her that was the product of jack maple that's right always brightens assisted in transit he used to keep records you detailed records of all the transit a rich but of course you couldn't do that with seventy seven precepts
and i used to be in charge of the f b i crimes interested in the reagan administration that are used to drive me crazy then that we will putting out the conflict to fix six months after it was over i used to say to myself to bear these couldn't be here is like in a business she you're doing in the middle of the year and corrected so we sat down talked about it we believe in wouldn't even really know what a computer working time and one of the top should we can put this on a computer and actually show if you put in a computer i'll show my the seventy seven creasy up at a political level to say you don't to do that we could transmit it by telling telephone and we all start laughing i get why give you an idea of how i want i'm a gold watch and the system i would say there are five responsible for reduction in crime but the system i started it bloomberg used effectively and the time both of us will finish crime with down old eighty percent
i remember eighty percent of a city was a remarkably different and i'm not sure the general public understands what a sea change in policing that was you know i know fortunately given the these sad political nature of just about everything these days you wouldn't think fighting crime would turn into a partisan issue homage has said but given that again the political environment have insisted on attacking you and forgotten really what you did new york became a model all over the country but i just want to get because it just people forget that you were involved i wanna get your reaction given that what happened in there an events yesterday president knighted states thankfully making another strong move showing he's not one to be tolerant with law but given your history obviously with nine eleven what's yours for your incredible response posts nine eleven like leadership is a may of new york this the killing of sula money is just a transformative moment in foreign and frankly in domestic policy to fighting terrorism and its use incredible that the democrats cancer
indeed just celebrate what is an unabashedly good moment for the united states you know i try to avoid attacking anyone based on like patriotism where i'm not going to do that but if you can the destruction of this man at something like the destruction of ben lobby and then he was i have a personal issue with him beyond the fact that he killed many of our soldiers he also you did many of the iranian refugees but i work was three thousand reform i got out of iraq into albania they were being killed by so many people people who are against the regime they take refuge in iraq when were there we protected them for you tommy did when we left because joe biden couldn't couldn't do a status of forces agreement we
stupidly pulled orchards out and they people like shooting dutch show a money would go in every three or four weeks and killed two three or five of them the man is a monster now he's living now dead monster and and people have impact there because unlike near particularly these deranged terrors you lose somebody like this she can't be replaced right away you know if it is there for i've been take it out in the first couple years i wonder anybody else could have put together nazi germany european it speaks recognised that there are people that are one of a kind of goodness the people there what about high evil there the operational knowledge contained in his head was there the stated and would run why should we have led to the deaths of awe
thousands if not tens of thousands of more people i wanted to get your reaction i knew of madeira and you know the iranian government in the next couple of years and the baby kosovo we gotta to make it to make it a negative decision about what they do about it just now we got to protest although it covered by a corrupt trash the protests bearing worse and worse i have very good source in albania that information because early of additional should i work with and the people actually getting worse and worse the killing the streets are getting worse and worse and the protest to start starting to now involve the middle class people dr didn't go on strike digital gone on strike there's gonna be obliged to questions gonna be i turn to the streets and kill their own people in mass numbers are not the show i wouldn't do that one of the major shop flooding at the joys the shop
could have turned around use the army that we still loyal to go kill its own citizens a very worthy decided not to do that i don't these maniacs and went out maybe not having a guy like stolen money around maybe we briefly odds that they'll combination i don't want it you know give any false hope that regime gonna fall down half if not can it s not going to remain how we ve seen it all over the world the soviet union ceausescu you can only suppress the the urge for and freedom for so long and here i think their days are numbered to moving onto the idee report we saw the idea report came out just an explosive report again sadly played down by a lot of the anti trump crowd out there that for some reason seems to be on the side of a new found police day which i find bizarre about whatever leisurely edgy report it is clear as day now that the present knighted states is campaign was spied on again
contrary to the media talking points its laid out very clearly and i'm not to play the euphemism game with it aspire com and show human informing and confidentially meant that it was a spy me let's just talk in plain english like attorney general bar predicate here was clearly dossier and opposition political research that was all now we know for a fact to be nonsense do you there's gonna be as the president's attorney personal charities are going to be any accountability for him i mean the president's right still a citizen mr mayer has these rights were clearly i i'd like the ideas report was very very good but it didn t many items he had the waiter exactly the right conclusions i do not understand how you can engage in that kind of conduct and not as the intent harm the election not have damaged
prejudice and biased how do we demonstrate prejudicial buys we demonstrated what we say and what we do exactly what they were saying is we hate trump we wanted i trust you wanna preventable the incredible review becomes president we want to take em out his breath as president they lie they treated if you read they feel dossier i better first time you read it then agent you started a laugh certain by intelligence the profession right it wasn't even written by the national enquire himself a piece of complete garbage can i did i helped to start the five the court with believe it or not showed a gentleman while and i probably read some of the original pfizer large when we were in the cold war and weak this thing almost like monk side the sacred duty it goes on
the other warrants we would get like on the mafia like all criminals are challenged by worse nobody there we're gonna challenges and we could just come right bed roman and photographs you take away all your privacy they got boy you're coach and we treated you know everything have you checked out everything had to be collaborated when he it wasn't verifying call me said that my first reaction can we worked me what hey jack s it what do you say why because you didn't verify there what facts to verify right on the face of it there a specific date the kohen wish to be in prague you're right i will need i would pull that date bite out i shed a guy's we'd have something to verify and they claim there was another transaction consulate in miami we got another one to verify what is it we are fighting to one of those that would have found out there's no consulate in miami
and called he had been brought even the state carbon figured ice kathleen catholic knew there was no consulate miami she wasn't even an investigator she kroner notes no consulate miami this wasn't complicated to show them this statement i dont know what has happened but i dont know what has happened to the concept of reckless disregard for the truth now as proof of intent i use a lot of the prosecutor they use a lot of white collar criminals they got a lot of business people in jail for rather too it knowledge i may call me no exact what he was doing any lied he perjured himself and it would be a shame if he got away with it now the guy is a sign ball why are the worst now i agree him in bread and i always go back and forth who is the worst operator in this case someone the historic let's get the point was it made by biologists actually expect a little bit more tariffs when we're dealing with
presidential candidate very serious thing you're doing right investigating a bit that's candidate i mean they want to impeach president club this ridiculous conversation what's the which they say it the twenty twenty election which is ridiculous had nothing to do with it twenty illusion that investigation was intended it was at the twenty twenty election they left the black ledger in august of twenty and i have a job we say that guy awaited shed we're going i'll destroy they thought we're gonna take him out before they thought when i put out the ledger of metaphor getting the briar babbling and trunks campaign because it there were many things at all would entrance campaign proved to be you talk
the ukrainians at leaked out to be clear right because that's why i was gonna go neck the ukrainians first of all the ukrainians didn't do it on their own they ukrainians were asked to do that ghana they were asked to do bad by members of obama's and a member by these there it was done the white house january there are two witnesses to that while there another witness who met with shall who works for the democratic national committee all this is ukrainian official get me all the dirty you get me i'm trump junior and armed men but i'm getting plenty and i'm turning it over but it is we have eight we have it in her own writing on me twenty sixteen explaining to abolish the coms director and the dmz that she's getting ukrainian dirt and turning it which is the new york times and she the black
let your is gonna show up at the end of the month this is like i could have given this case your first year prosecutor in the eu as a journey to others and they come convictions on every gap is this the very definition mr mayor of foreign collusion perhaps you had worked with the dnc in coordination with the prior presidential administration working representatives of a five minute asking them the impact the election i mean what what am i missing here they sounded like our kaluza you're missing is what is missing is a crime that is corrupted thing so bad that our law enforcement systems at the very top are afraid of me criticise them they're afraid if they take on this in case they gotta be criticized buttons bribery case it is clear as the north on your face i prosecuted many idly cases it hardly one was stronger average
a contraction we got four witnesses you got document you ve got money laundering up there you know what that you can race in a minute i mean i we gotta get prosecutors my eyes caught overwhelming case that this whole scheme could put together by why should you thought you were gonna lose his company gallina big group still five billion dollars he hears it binds gonna beat appointment for for ukraine by gonna give out all the money he's gonna be more powerful than the president he hired i'm not bite and shun hires joe to protect and to protect his business and when it has to be protected joe comes across that exactly now so a chess and brought is running or you want to look at something similar look up the word job white man and then a little column
what money do the bible family make every time he was a point man you crazy they made eight million and it may get up fifteen million when the offence in china james biden who never built a house in his life put into a one point five billion dollar housing deal in iraq when joe became the appointment and he got five hundred million of that and in china the kid turns out of the military for fallon drug chess and bankrupt that accompany became partners with the bank a china joe borg negotiations with china here are your becomes point man shall say i'm going to to you u s right iraqi can't get a status of the agreement where'd you get your damn thing about corruption except contribute to it and china he came it would have the chinese and the shetland islands or get the towers reduced but in each case the family but by the ilo
call it crime family made millions and billions of dollars to me as a racket i recall guests mr mayer that these stories some of them were covered before joe biden was running for president now granted with a slant obviously towards protecting but i'd i've been cover i have a different source from a long time ago had been pushing talk to me on ukraine i'm suggesting how awful it really was in the source was accurate but the wash
imposed in politico had previously covered the two separate incidents we're talking about we're talking but i know they're related political at road extensively about ukrainian involved many interfering in the twenty sixteen election can vulgar now infamous story and the washington post and written about this suspicious trip biden makes to ukraine and twenty fourteen and mr mayer on coincidentally just a couple weeks later his son gets this lucrative gay over in ukraine with sledge s keys company bereavement now the media's turn that around and is attacking you for saying what they already reported on in the past the irony is thick it is it is unbelievable horrible comment on our times that this the thing can happen i you know then i was sitting here my office where i am right now when my pal bark short brought this to me and i've made com hack again with my original shores had been anonymous and introduced now willing to come forward on his own
when he sat here and he told me the story about police in ukraine which is the way it was first presented to me a year and a half ago and he mentioned guide and he showed me the tape biden bragging about the bribe i said oh my god to bodies involved you should be nice easy case to do so much to protect this guy taking a strategy sadly you were right i just had an instant i just had an instinct that these people when it's hilary or abide nor neighbouring protecting job with thirty or forty years when you re the story of joe biden you're going to see the ban in eighteen seventy three the brother gotta we'd outline what do you do like you do the senate and joe go get him out of it then you're going to see the shenanigans with that image beyond bank where joe the great liberal democrat
wants to tighten up the law on bankruptcy towards harder become bankrupt because the sun oh show job for the back and then you're going to see that they apply together a private equity fund was joe rather than the sun shining joe it's gonna get all the business force and that goes on how do this happens we half have the same answer goes back thirty years oh i don't know my family business i don't talk to my family about china i don't know he came to china with me but i didn't know we got one point five billion oh are you weren't you you cry i assure you that ukraine but i had no idea he was involved in the most notorious company in ukraine perry body hoping you created right i just white man i didn't know that gee i don't know my my brother my brother got billion for
browser you rat joanna re ass my family business start the satellite take corleone you know i mean it's bizarre he listened a job requires one of two things mr mayer number one it requires fighting to be really been virtually inapt which i dont believe or or to of course she knew what was going on i mean those are the is no option see here unfortunately exit question i have taken up a lot of your time but this is important one i'm just going to even open ended what exactly was marie ivanovitch our former ambassador to ukraine to you over there and the major saying me prefaces possess this is a little person automakers i appeared on this whenever you want to call and i want to be overly dramatically watch list or keep an eye on these people list that apparently was being run by some people in ukraine who concerned about my commentary when i like you was trying to expose the malfeasance knew what was best or even of a job to over there but she was she would put in under obama
but another recommendation of georgia like a lot of the more deportation to that embassy encoding george can't basically ran it as an outpost of the democratic national committee during the watching the jokingly ukraine was already frequently campaign office and it was her embassy that was deeply involved gathering the dirt and passing it along to the credit national committee including the alleged black letter its current out by the way to be a broad approval for not only evidence that was passed on it was drawn up also all the time the new prosecuted by the selected prosecutor to dismiss the case on shore roses ngo that was involved the gathering the pollution material and and corrupted the prosecutor's office and then
the one who publicize the black ledger could try to hurt trump she got that case so she interfered and corrupted the prosecutor's office and then she kept denying visage all these witnesses including mr shokhin wanted under the united states and give information to the u s attorney's office to the justice department they didn't trust yes the eye because they believe that the fbi agent and f b i ate nay greenway who is now working for showers body like that with corrupt they believed that she was corrupt till you when you deal with our they finally hired a warrior dan and the oil the southern did i presented these facts and they ignored they ignore it because you know what closure then in in ukraine that hurt the trunk campaign she's been kind of fit the script
you started investigating that the new york times might return to iraq listen and these will be reached i believe prosecutors offices i don't know i think i think more about taking to be criticised by the press i used to feel but a good one i had to do a controversial case i knew i was right i should feel good about myself yeah i just i find it bizarre that she marie evolving has been a five by the press and no one's even my only concern and we need some evidence higher target year period peter structure to them get outta here a year ago now bruce or nellie or conflict of interests biden bribery he bright lights extortion my country these are not these are not what little shot all kind of like we could puzzles you gotta put together issues like first year criminal here is i know it's lamb in the bright face in their completely ignoring it but
the voices like yourself mr mayer we're finally certainly give the story out there i can he's tell when you're on the target when i read media headlines attacking you at says to me i need this may actually by astrid close attention to your twitter feed because it already not eva i've well i'm crazy they that's what they say but we know that's not true we know you're absolutely over that our again mr mayer thank you for your time i sincerely appreciate and and and more importantly thank you to use most of this country i was in new york when odious dear heroic leadership it was really something to behold then it's really in order to talk to you on the show i really appreciate your time agro thank you mr mayer authorities babyhood here well that was an explosive interview did you hear all that marie ivanovitch what happened in ukraine the binds he's take on spike that was really one of the most fascinating interviews i've done whether my time and talk radio here on fox or else
i want to thank the mayor for on folks listen to that one again that information about buying their stuff in there i had not her before i'm really really happy have gotten that information out there to the mayor has been fighting a good fight for a long time i have been announced up about our guests next week you're gonna absolutely love don't go anywhere i pretty sure this one's gonna what has this he's gonna send up your aid that you're gonna listen to this one not missing but just hang once again we have one final sponsored for the show stamp star com amazon com this unless faces new year's resolutions are hard to keep get more exercise save more money well i a resolution is easy to keep stop wasting your time go to the post office you stamps that com instead we stay of that kind can do anything you can do with the post office right from your computer plus stamps that calm gives you something you can't get at the post office big discounts on postage we use it in a bomb gino household stance that calm we would be lost without it we know of any time to be sitting lies the post office stamps outcome
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