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Interview With Former White House Doctor Ronny Jackson (Ep 1209)

2020-03-20 | 🔗
In this episode, I interview Dr. Ronny Jackson, former White House physician for Presidents Trump, Obama, and Bush.

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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bonds you know a deadline gino show interview series today we ain't a view after ronnie jackson rear admiral in the navy former white ass doktor personal friend many of you know him from me vicious disgusting political attack that happened to him by a democrat senator they have their presence drop nominated him to be the vs secretary one of the most disgusting political attacks you'll ever hear about your lifetime we addressed that we also into some corona virus stuff the wind virus with doktor jackson where i ask myself question why do of people have an address he gives a great answer here and i wish these after the main if you so you know what's coming why all these disparities in results why do some people recover with no problem and it seems like it's a bad cold firm and other people it's obviously tragic why what's going on greater
to ask him listen as the former white ass doktor for president trump prisoner obama and other president bush to president safe here how's it going to work out how would we bridges to a vaccine what do we do how do we protect the present it questions tested by the lovely paula by the way i let's get you sure but you our bodies that express vps listen when you can you because the door you right you know what's wrong the passers by look in on you so why would you have people look in on your online activity don't do it protect yourself now using internet without expressly peons i go to the bathroom and closing the door that service provider comcast verizon those tat they know every single website you visit which worse they can sell this information and these companies target you later expressly pm puts a stop to this increase is secure encrypted tunnel between device in the internet so your online activities yours and it can be seen by anyone else we love that i use except svp at all my devices phones computers everything it works on everything even rulers
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to call a friend a former coworker i got a long list of things to get do for you ronnie sold on ronnie is a rear admiral was a rear admiral the navy eyes what we see is one of our great patriots who served in our military he was the white house doktor under many administrations right madam roddy is also candidate for congress in texas district thirteen he is at ronnie jackson the number for t x texas admiral jackson for texas on twitter roddy welcome thereby gino show it's great to have you here a tank standards i should have bigger men thank you for having me though i listen it's an honor you ve been a friend to me for gas very long i might well over a decade now i've got so many good personal stories about you i am i can only tell a few of them there and the show here but i couldn't think of a finer guess during this time obviously you have your medical doctor
the aid in productive savvy medical history you i worked with you and the secret service where you at the white house dog and for congress obviously you know you have some political experience now don't do this but the first question for i think my audience would be interested in how the hell do you become the white house doktor like we you just and around in the navy when they had some attaching to shoulder jose data and adopt her though all the years i've known you have never thought to ask you that you know it's gonna crazy and it's a lot about tell people out of it is about being in the right place at the right time to be honest with you right so i was navy mercy medicine doc and signed his second moraines right so i was out with the second moraines in iraq and while i was out there that they had yet though at the white house time this journey into the bush administration you know they had six stocks there too army to navy to air force anna unbeknownst to me they decided they wanted a murky medicine doc their cause all six of the dogs they were they were family back
sir internal medicine right and so they decided watch which get on their part they said i we need any our dock at the white house and she would it thought they would add one they are already but they did so a day i d the guy was the one that was rolling out next so they each doubt to my details the other controls everything you know in my life in the navy you know where i live where my kids go to school you know what my job is they reached out to this guy said i we need a navy immersed medicine doc so this got through my name and hat without me even really even know about it i know it done so rightly so their one day ass chicken my email is a painting is a real pain in the budgetary mail at their aid stand in line for a long time it took forever to get on with super slow i had to be my accounts i had a marine corps count which was my primary account now and i had an account from the naval hospital where i come from before i got assigned to them rates i was checking that were not every seven to ten days you gonna keep up with the yell at the gossip of the hostile oh i wouldn't really i you know i didn't need to be checking that one but i checked at one time had been about gender
since i got on there was an email and therefore my detail or saint hey you ve been selected as one of the boy said actually you been nominated for a job at the white house please have your c d your personal statement your last six fitness report sir you're you know all this information they wanted from me yeah beneficial photos everyday and when i saw by the time i thought i had five days at five days to get it right so i wasn't even get it i wasn't going to do it you know just
as you know there's no there's no point this i'm in the middle the desert i can't do this so i'm just gonna blow it off and i talk to my wife net not on the phone she was kay ronnie you why don't you go ahead at least to the process of trying to get it you know it may mean something somebody were considered that the jobs at least you can say you were considered sesar will make some sense so when he had got a package and tried to scramble to get it all done she was digging step out of the filing cabinet back on track vicinity and i was john and step up electronically out there you know supposed to be getting like my official photo sin in everything out a picture me you know what this you know has scope bomb barrier behind me and my cameras and everything but i got it all and by the deadline got it all in there but once again it's going to be a breeze can have these nice squared away packages i'm at this big pile of crap that big pile of garbage so i didn't hear anything for about two and a half months i didn't hear a single word for like two and a half months me and somebody
to get the job and i haven't heard about it somewhere in the middle of nowhere right so i cannot stop checking that email again i probably should have been checked and is still but i can't it was like us it is difficult to do i got on their again two and a half months into this there is an email and there from a detail again he said i you been selected is one of three people to interview for a job at the white ask please be at the white house in dc in five days i was like man psychology excited i made the point that i like this where the rodion there's no way i'm gonna be in dc bangs right so i tell people all the time lot of its being robbed right time a lot of issues having people in your life data they want to see you succeed there really don't have any anything to gain i'm your success but they just want to see you succeed and i was in that situation at their turns out that the commanding general at the time out there he used to be that military aid not you know but in lahti euro listeners my not d got occurs nuclear football is the military aid for bush forty one right
so he knew exactly what i was being worse than what was being offered me out in really have a good deal for what i was being offered anyway but this guy you know he had been with the dark for a couple of years in our everyday with secret service and then in the physician knowing he had work side by side with these guys for four years so nissan in meters office and i didn't really know the general he'd come through our tent a few times you know when we're getting casualties so i knew who he was but i didn't know him knowing but he summoned me to his office and he said so hey tell me what's going on that's the welser what tat man he goes what're you gonna do now so us there's no way i'm gonna be in dc in five days obviously son sitting and i might try to do a video teleconferences see if i can do it if you over the phone i don't have competitive obey that i want to give it my best shot and he said standby annesley pics to phone up any cause the airbus the gotta controls all the era sets out there the helicopters the pines everything right he talks this guy lasting he says basically like you know our is but out of your boss sunset he owns a phone up this is go back you crap you're late ass it yes
our so he flew a document in an emergency medicine doc from a nearby base adding there's a couple hours tobacco me i went straight back to my scott messy bag britain stuff in it went out to the flight lie got on a helicopter flew to baghdad got to baghdad gonna see five cargo planes full of broken helicopters flew back to sharing going north carolina yeah exactly yeah you know i got on now i gotta someone's i landed in jerry point i got a rental car drove back to virginia bates roused live in it and you know i've been working out like a feigned out there i mean we were getting casual run in the mornin run it even has lost forty pounds i mean none of my closed it supposed to interview the next day at the white house two days in a suit one day in a uniform right so i was kind of panic those whom i just got home in virginia bates just drove their from you know some cherry point ran down to the means warehouse that night brought a brand new suit just begged taylor farming on the spot so they help me out they did i brought my uniform and begged him to help me make that presentable which they did and then i job back in my rental car drug did he say
in our view at the white house for three days for the job at the end of the three days they told me i got the job i went back to iraq finnish mature for four months and they got back on the plane as soon as my time there is done with straight from iraq to the white house that was in early two thousand and six and i've been there ever since so you you see i didn't notice of ghana been around for a long time i didn't realize you started under forty three push forty three i've read it you are right i was on the way where we have when i was there the last night i was there the last years of the of the bush administration to and on still really good friends at the bushes i'm gonna see them every time i go to dallas you not stopping and see the president and on occasion i've been over their house to dinner things of that nature but i stay close to them in your own right for cars south here in texas thirteen and president bush was the very first person in tribute to my campaign when i got my p o box romania from our campaign i opened it up the very far jack i got my p o box was george aguilar bush so i know i've been now they will support me you know out i've
ever been a big supporter of a lot of power season administration but i can tell you and i can attest to iran and you said that the classy gentlemen that was not an act he was a deep spiritual man him and his wife both and they really gave a damn about people geronimo on me i used to do advances remit under the wing at every star president bush used to meet with the gold star families who had lost someone in combat one of these lorries i tell him i show once in a while i haven't told him a long time but i know you will know this better than ronnie was me in writing run so many trips together before the shell we were chasing you know what that old times that i had forgotten what trips we were on we're on so many but we would start president bush he'd get off air force one do the wavy come down and on every trip he would meet under the wing of the plane with families and lost people in combat then me at that i was the transportation agent and i only remember it so well because one he would stay there and talk to them forever but it would
who up the motorcade route because you're on live microphone tellin the highway patrol keep the highway close he still talk and no one i mean obviously for having no one's going to interrupt that they deserve to talk the present stage but he would sit there really because he cared so much about them and he would talk to them remember that he said are the way it does also be an older people the absolutely cannot tell yet you know he was it man he really like he cherished his role as commander in chief he took a very serious and i just love that role and i'll tell you even beyond that i've seen multiple times with no cameras around you know we go into the hangers there we got somewhere bid maybe these gold star families and i've seen him just cry i mean just week with the families you know then that man really cares he's a good man all he did was they use the impact and law enforcement military he had a son spotty over them every time you know i
he peeped in early morning bird though he used to kill us and the white ask as you know the white house measure where we eat in the white house voters a kitchen run by the military called white ass mass than what the mess didn't open up for breakfast until a certain time so usually when the president's upstairs in the residence you know if they don't come battle eight thirty united scored you can go eat before you got walk over that was never the way it works to it but he was an early bird mad he was up for everyone damage to sleep for a little while buddy come on now even i guess some of the policies i disagree with but that's politics that is definitely a personal so ronnie you are the victim of a vicious lasting smear campaign one of the most grotesque things i'm not kidding that i've ever seen time in politics having been a candidate myself you were nominated by president trouble by support i know you do is why do you like very much to be the secretary the veterans affairs the largest organization in the cabinet actually i thought you were the perfect pic i fully
for what it's worth fully endorsed it thought you would have been great after that mere campaign that was beyond disgusting alleging things i personally know to be colossal bull you can fill in the rest just lie i'm telling you for a fact i know i was told ally's made up not a scintilla of truth folks these comprising a sobs fables is apple motivated you when you got out to run for congress number one another to how did that feel to be sitting there and you were still in the navy at the time so you're obviously limited what you to know that stories are total bs nobody i know and the secret service or the white house staff of the report you're no democrat administrations had ever could one of those bs stories that they were put out their value right in aid they look
to it they looked into extensively in there is no truth in any that crap is complete garbage arcadian like chairpeople now looking back i put a lot of the pieces together after it was over at the time i didn't really know exactly what was happening to me in there is a lot of stuff gonna i understand that i was a really privy to anna you know i tell you there this is one of those things where there is it there are deep state books in their therein you know that the senate there were indifferent departments so yeah in executive officers emergency and this was part of that policy that really thought it was their duty to pick the president's cabinet for that and think he was capable of doing it i thought it was there it was their duty to the country to pick his cabinet members form and stuff and figure out who these people work and then sell it to him and ngo and get him to you now to basically nominating speak or and this looking back and tee thou struggle and a lot of detail sometimes when we do a show again but you know this
what happened to me they had already picked long before my name ever came up months and months probably six months for at least three months before my name ever came up everybody knew that dated shokhin was on the choppy block even dated new austrians david you know and in everybody wasn't a question of you know of if but when you know when david was gonna be like go in and told them move on right anna vs at eight i learned to be care just sooner or later citizens rights let me have your eyes i did the auditors deserves just to be clear folksy you know i don't want your head spinning the allegations more than ronnie was giving out prescription medication to permit the just so you don't like author says anything create now i'm telling you none of this was true i was there i work out of them but i don't want anybody think it it was some crazy like you're a serial murder or something but go ahead so that now it s secretary the time is on the chopping block you when do you get win that you're under consideration for this so it comes
nobody knows about it i mean nobody except for the president rock is the president just a thought about it for a few weeks and he decided that that's what you wanted to do so they had already decided that you know ok david and he's gonna be leaving right we have some that we want to put in their right so present doesn't knowing very well so presence not gonna nominating we need to put him in as the acting for a few months get some winds under is about getting some based on what the present it right and then you know we can get the president to make him denominate so that was the plant right and that's how they did plan to go forward this and i'm talking people you know and the veterans affairs committee you know people in d o day people in the ba everybody had all these people had you know that i relationships that they thought that you know that this would be the person that they could you know to some extent you know they just eddie swift as they knew him cause it worked with him in the past or suffer areas so that was that was the plan
i don't know where the president just dropped my name you know we're we're coming back from our larga right we're coming back from our logo in air force one present calls me up to the cabin he's ok come on up i need to talk to you come up music they want you to do me a favor and i said yes i see we nato's i want you to be a member my cabinet sincerity goes i want you to be another s secretary and i said let me guess you can do right now go i owe you can do it but i mean where did this come from you gonna get round to you the rag after the job meaning as you know you're you're a rear admiral you ve been in the navy twenty five years he said you know we talk all the time you know you care about the better at your motivated by the right reasons you're not gonna be driven by special interests during the lobby or any of that kind of stuff yeah you're doing it for the rat race at your u patent veterans first and foremost in every everything that we talk about and that's it that's the basic terawatt somebody's gonna really put the veterans first and you're the right got for the job you are our job so i won't talk to my laugh about it we discussed that night never thing in long story short it just it evolved really quickly in the next couple of days you know he named me as and as the
you know as the and he did it in one in one fatal sweeping over the treaty he said you know shook out basically you know wilkie as the acting and running actions denominate and now then the smear campaign starts in density then the people that you are that wasn't that wasn't there plants are then everything went into higher gear everything was fine for a matter of like probably six weeks everything was going along in the nomination process until one week prior to my hearing the scheduled in the senate and all the sudden all these anonymous completely to this day still anonymous right can really vs garbage complaints right they just leaked out from from the senate from testers office right they just leaked amount to the press right and into this day there will probably tell you most of em you know if you really question right well you know them i have been true but we still have an obligation to get it out to the press was crap right i mean that there is embedded in any two bit investigator could spent one day looking into these allegations in india in and realise that there is no
you're right i mean they said that i was out recklessly prescribing narcotics are you kidding me lacking i am just a waiver media says it's a senator john tester who listen you say what you want but is my show is moreover he lied to sorry sorry you don't have to agree that it is my opinion that speak for just tell you the guy's a moron and what he did to ronnie if your vote for this guy i'm really sorry for you because what he did was shameful destroying the trying to destroy the reputation of this patriot who's gonna get the last latinus all day but quickly about ronnie relations is i s dorani once for i believe fish by people
folks you bite over the counter but the white house tat carries if they carry a cosmetic it and i'll never forget ronnie you told me yes your i'll give it you know probably had eat something first i will never forget that because you told me listening messes whatever the mucous production you know what to get an altered so anybody telling you this story who doesn't know ronnie that roddy was dishing out prescription drugs like the white house drug dealer or something is so it can tiredly full of crap dismiss them immediately at an and laugh at him and one more thing to back up your story here it's not even your story it's a true there is no other story when this happened we all knew roddy in the secret service i got i'm going to say who in writing it i know who they are no less then thirty or forty emails texts and dm from people who had worked with ronnie just talk and secret service i'm talking obama white house i'm talking a trump white house secret service white our staff women whatcha everyone saying question mark like ronnie like this is the
my story i've ever heard so yet now you understand my anger at democrats senator john tester first trying to sabotage your entire life when you were nominated to be vs secretary now ronnie this happens what makes you decide eventually that hey i'm gonna which raw here from the nomination process while like you said i've never seen this happen to anybody ever i mean even people in the white house that we just like all my gosh i've never seen anything happened like this before everybody was just dumbfounded right and what i didn't realize it's tom but i got cavanaugh before cabin on the run out the warm up i was the freak out didn't even know it you know yeah so but anyways so i went with gmo nomination i talked to the present day was crazy minute tripods care camp out at the base
my driveway my wife couldn't leave the house my kids went to these liberal schools in dc cause there's nothin but little schools are out there were getten harassed at school you know and what was the worst part of the veterans were just be made into a political football right and i add choppy by until the present us search the veterans whether you're on the right or the left there like a national treasure they they given as the freedom stood near they they sacrifice life and lamb so that we have the freedom that we have not gonna stand by and watch them become a political football in this he was doing a lotta awesome things already in the de right the present was it was turned and ran a lot of things making really great strides in the d a four hour veterans and starting to distract from his agenda with the d a it was it was really a developments himself were coming to political for bus it sir we gotta find a better way for another way for me to serve and so that's when i would droop but i'll take it in four probably around five or six months after that i was disgusted with they say man
i was like i want out of this place i can't stand the stamp ice i do not like the people here on the politics here i want nothing to do with the spice you're really is a sewer and a swamp and i just went out and i just wanted to go back home to texas my wife is excited about going back home when you get placed back here come back home or tar and accelerated plan to retire before i even got into the trump administration already had over twenty years i was already a navy rear admiral so you know i mean i was already retired anyways so that i'm just a retarget taxes and put this behind me then i'll be honest with you man about five or six months into it i started asking myself my ok with this and i started thinking i don't know if i'm gonna be ok with this like you know five or six years down the road and going to be that guy that's i may not have a nice job out have an income there's no way higher than you know bite my navy salaries financially everything's gonna be great you know and i was getting back home in texas but i don't wanna be they're gonna sit around at the cap in the coffee shop notes we have for the next ten years talking about what a messed up system was i screwed up it was how unfair was you know i just decided you know what i got to do something
i can't i can't be that guy you i just can't and then but i didn't know what that was gonna look like in them whenever met one very announced slight and gain that he wasn't gonna run in the thirteenth rational district again and that's the area of texas i grew up in the tank in the texas panhandle agenda i realized it no out already splendid them our charm of paperwork and get out this summer so i was retiring backdoor brain it's kind of out of nowhere that he wasn't in iran again and then i realized what present trumps gettin reelected man
the left gone way too far down this path that can turn this train around its a done deal now he's gettin reelected right in so those three things together i said this is an opportunity an opportunity to get in the fight make a difference in o n n i decided you know you know what i can go i can run in the thirteenth congressional district i know those people their identify with them politically socially economically culturally i'm on the same page with them i can represent them without changing anything about who i am or what i believe in that's important obviously if you're gonna represent some one right so i said you wanna get in the fight to go back on a run for off this summit to become the congress mobile thirteen congressional district i'm gonna go to congress i'm not gonna complainer bitch about it i'm gonna get the fight and do something about it that's what led me here the target ronnie jackson a personal friend rear admiral the navy a medical doctor former white ass doktor and importantly now a candidate for congress in texas thirteen the panhandle ladies and gentlemen if you're out there in texas anywhere across the united states i
a friend iran is i'm asking you to go to a website ronnie acts in four f o r texas t x s not the abbreviation ronnie jackson for taxes thirteen dotcom we'll put the website upon the screen ronnie jackson for texas one three dot com folks i don't do this often matter of fact i don't think i've done this ever for again i know this guy i know what but this guy i know why he's running he does need any more tv time he doesn't need to be in the oval office he spent seven or eight years there he doesn't need to be hanging around powerful people i'm telling he's doing this for the right reasons you will not be disappointed you don't have to be from texas to support so radio i'm trying to think of some questions for the audience here that they sent in i have so many of them but one of em when you're the white house doktor when i when i was on the secret service side we would go with you guys to local hospital say the president was visiting philadelphia and you
would be with us and we be looking at the hospital makes your god forbid something happens to the president that it the emergency medicine capacities it was level one trauma to hand the present united states but what some of the other things you did is the white house doktor because like i said i was always there with you on these trips but you know that ass would cross account diabetes in everything but i never asked you what you did they know outside what i needed to know iranian where we're going to last but how we get there and likewise for us so what else did you guys do when you are over there as the dock yes away
basically made all those plans you know it is basically contingency planning just like you guys do but we did it from the medical side of the house you know what happens you know worst case scenario present takes around the chest or ninety it's a motorcade or something like that you know where we're gonna go how are we gonna get there you know do we have the resources we need if we didn't and we'd work with the idea and stuff and with a surgical teensy and it would have them stage somewhere ready to go you now so that we brought our own level when trauma centre where we needed to right so we had unbelievable resources in you know you guys help does move those around and work those into your plan and network protective medicines all about that was really my yeah that was my egg area expertise protective medicine you know for the last like fourteen years but we did all that
death and then the other thing i did as basic that took care of everybody on the road i mean that's like you know all the white house staff the secret service the wider transportation agency communicate the widest communications agency you know no everybody state department all the people there were with us and you know we govern season there be as many as five hundred people at each site that we went to the round the ground that i was responsible for you know so you know not only not to mention the fact that we got places in south east asia and africa and when i got off that plan with the pact that was on my back i suddenly became the highest level of care in that country that's a scary thing that's a reality you know we go to places where you know that you just knew you are the highest level of care in the country i know you will write our jordan i we weren't petra jordan with others right the lost city petra jordan folks which if you listen to the show is why
the most miraculous things you'll ever see if you ever get the chance to travel go to the lost city and petra jordan it's about three hours that down this desert highway out of a man and a mob roddy and i went to this trip out there and it was with the first lady mrs bush at the time and when europe petra jordan and the last sitting in the middle of desert there ain't no hospital around there it was ronnie was the hospital so he's not kidding when he tells you ronnie what's the functioning medical units at the time with quick personal story about ronnie is showing you what kind of guy this is i want to go to medical school to time and i was practically begging ronnie for help and ronnie who is super busy on that trip and others took his time was is emailing me communicating me the only reason i couldn't go was because the secret service wouldn't let me go and i didn't i couldn't keep apply and other schools by roddy that so much time trying to help me out i never forgot that you were super busy you are you
i just incredible at the time running i got a bunch more question very special macaroni let me just take a quick break we'll be right back acta ronnie jackson candidate for congress texas thirteen thank you for your patience to show today was also sponsored by helix sleep get rid of that all mattress why would you sleep on an old ran at all mattresses fallen apart spent eight hours you your night sleep and he'll sleep as a quiz it takes two minutes to complete matches your body type and sleep presence is the perfect matters for you spend nos eight hours comfortably we have a see mattress nurse like sleeping on a cloud why because the two minutes leap quiz customized majesty you aside sleeper like me sleeper may do you like what's your affirm bed with you is no more confusion and no more compromising healy sleep is rated a number one matters by geek you in wired magazine it is the single most comfortable mattress i've ever slept thou we love it like being a cloud just go to sleep tat calm slash dare take their too
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member all these flew outbreaks and things like that but i don't ever remember outside of your briefings we run chip saint eighty care for my dears wash your hands and eyes you don't drink the water in some places i don't ever remember see anything like this and level of accompanying fear their which may or may not be understandable based on the restroom we determine the data later call anything like this now and have never anything like this i mean that we had a twenty and one we had murders we had sars we had a bowler we had all this stuff while we there you know and i've never seen a reaction like this and now i'm not minimizing this virus the potential it has no right to be a problem it is a novel virus and we don't have any immunity to incite does pop up and you know we're always worried about that one virus that really is the big pandemic that you know wipes that after hours
pollution and you know it and in its it's kind of a disturbing to think that you know something as small as a virus can do that but it can maintain that so that that's not where this is going this virus but i'm saying they're always on the lookout for that right so understand note the fact that were taken this serious everything but you you like you said we had these things happen before i've never seen this level of fear and just being built up like this and i honestly think that you know this was his spine extensively about laughed when it first happen i mean they just seized upon this like date i mean i really feel like they lay there they smell blood in the water you know and the process who is where we're getting lost in inanity like obviously it serious obviously people arrive raised a very serious situation it would be totally get that we get the question as i have said on my show repeatedly and i think i want to speak to you but i think you would agree with is not as this is serious virus or not they asked and answer yes the question
how serious so we can appropriately gauge the risk in other words you being a doctor you know we too the president when we doing our prior line work all over the world where there were unique viruses and bugs that the president has no immunity to i mean i caught dengue fever and pat him on a trip with jenna bush it was nasty i had no immunity do it at all it was horrible but we don't stop people from going there and i guess my worry hears it we're getting lost in stupidity like this media infatuation out with what we call this virus from outta say its racist and how do we want virus as you well know is a medical professional the sick of viruses is named after its geography ebola western i'll right lie may have to lie in it and this is not unusual right spanish flu exactly i mean this is crazy there's there's a little
hundreds and hundreds of hours is that are named after their origin is not an uncommon thanking that's why i was yesterday i was watching the press briefing i was just like i was so disgusted minos like they were just try in their best to find anything they could till i chair the present deanna they just kept on with this you know a colony of a racist in as in xenophobia can everything because he is associated with china that's where it came from and i was like look we get a place our resources elsewhere right now i mean we're way beyond that who cares what we call this quite right we we got a we got it you know prepare so that we can defeat this day right and so i think that you know it's just in it it disturbs me that the press spend so much time trying to knit every single word that comes out of his mouth to try to find some fault in it and use it against him when they should be stepped up to the plate is americans right in albanos
out how we can now get the pig get the public informed about what we need to do and how we need to get there you know and i mean this virus i mean we're gonna see dan when this is over you know that the number of people that have this right now that are out there that don't even though they have it is probably huge and when we look at the mortality associated with this we look at the number of deaths we have and the number of people that we ultimately will find out that actually had the virus the mortality is not gonna be super high right and i mean i took it all the time we set for this in perspective yes there's not a vaccine for it yes we don't have any
medications that we know are effective against iran now i did say it's a novel virus but the flu influenza seasonal flu chose thirty two sixty thousand people a year in this country americans every year right in what we got like a hundred and fifty deaths so far not once again i am not minimize in this we need check this serious this could quickly get it so but i just tell people stepped back and put this in perspective right now don't let the fear take control of your life right now you know with the president's doing what he needs to do to protect us right now and he said a measured response i mean he started out pretty aggressively without restricting to travel from china which was huge there is huge and in fact they allow right italy rather wanted you haven't got exactly right
and that's why italy's where they're out right now because they had tons of chinese immigrants coming into nobody was stopping at the president's stopped us from becoming italy right off the bat in since tat time he looked logically with they with incredible team that he's got behind it teams made up from national security staff from the cdc from vienna age from de hs deo day i mean all the medical experts that are out there that are really the best of the best make up his team right now in their given him advice on what to do and when to do it is following their advice and is keeping a safe right now and we need to trust me up here in the texas panhandle right now you norman amarillo texas and i'm responded the thirteenth irrational district is texas panhandle nor texas people up here the one thing that's different people appear than a say on the east coast turn up in the north east and in the west coast the people here trust our president to keep them safe in their following his direction and when he ramps it up they wrap it up whenever he
has not to worry about it there not worry about it you know i mean i just think that he's the president estates he's our lead on this right now and he's got the experts behind and we need to follow is laid down in i just don't remember when president obama and other administrations were attacking other pathogens h one and one swine flu whatever i may i dont remember this level of partisan nonsense but roddy i'd be remiss went and ask you this question as a former whitehouse doctor for multiple illustration concerned are you about the president out there he's out you know the present listen he eats if admitted germ of foam that in itself not a not glad he is actually right now but probably better off that he is our concern to you i mean he does shake hands he's the prestige acknowledge that that even though we should probably dump that abbeys listen it's politics people come up to you grand niece i don't want to be rude how can and are you i mean given that we don't have a vaccine
we could be an compromising situation being at these probably the most famous if not one of the top five most famous man in the world who everybody wants to touch and be around and handshake with a right we are concerned about he have to be concerned about it if nothing else just based on his age bodies in that category we have to be worried about you know what happens if he does get it now if you are i get it we're probably gonna be fine but see elderly population the older population people that are in the seventies and eighties in the presence in the seventies now better than are vulnerable right but the president s he still gotta leave this country still gotta be present you know so their certain risks that just you have to accept you know is part of the job i mean you guys could mitigate every single wrist to him as well you know you had to let him take certain risk is well you just have to do that so we be super careful what things down you know just a variable safe use of hand sanitizing and things of that nature keep a close eye on him you know said it if he does get sick we know it like immediately but you know he's walk in a fine line right now he's trying to he's trying to put the leopard
shows that we need in place and be farmers needs to be firm but he's also trying to be let he's trying to lead by example and not let you know fear take over country so he's out there he's a these letting people know that lacking i we want to be site and we want to follow you know the cdc guidance on this any and all but we don't want this to take over our lives in we're not gonna lock him away in a closet somewhere you know just to keep him safely that he can't led like tat so he's gotta he's gotta led this country and in order that is he's gonna be out there and he's gotta be the face of this year i think the medical unit the white ass medical unit probably it's gonna be extra focused a foreign travel does resume with the present or even domestic travel with probably thorough disinfection of anything around the present he's dying on my arm to worry again but i want them to be realistic and neo interesting they enough you gave that by the way going ahead to my wife who is interested in that question how you protect the president in light of this round of virus outbreak so high tat paul are there but
you gave up our yelling at the white house was hatched alive on fox when you are the white ass dark in you you gave simple medical facts you about the president's healthier gotta check ups and showing you again it out we live in the domestic political times you were even it for that for just stating the obvious that listen the present sid good health your member that i mean if you could walk the audience i add i remember like it was yesterday i'm tellin you day and they were working this up for like like the weak and maybe even mites where they were built in this narrative you know that the president was mentally or physically unfit to be president right and i've been around for a while right that i in august they knew i was getting ready to its physical never thanks i did his desk i did a thorough thoroughfares will examine and we did all kinds of stress testing cardiac stress test in everything i'm telling you like i had all
results there ready to read off if they ask inform you that the president just knocked out of the ark as far as is cardiac testing goes for his age groups in the top ten percent for his age on his cardiac testing so you know i did a thorough physical exam and then they were they were making this there they were running this narrative tat you know cognitive where you want it to be president so you know d never been done before no clinical indication whatsoever to do this but i did a cognitive test on right and we did it because he asked me to we talked about it sick of hearing about anything like that just do it but it's bad same reason you got testing for the flu the other day there are for the for the corona powers there is actually no indication of clinical indication of him to get jested he did it just basically because he had to shut the press up about in just move on to something else i mean they just will not stop talking about anyone elder you and if you were some kind of lackey for the beer as it did for pointing out basic medical information they asked for ya yeah well you know
good thing about it is you know there's two things one you know they didn't work to it didn't work too there is another way they wanted it to that day what happened is i just stood up there and took the far i was up there for an hour in five minutes i thank and they just kept on a cap on asking questions they eventually ran i've stopped asking they started asking ridiculous questions so much so that the rest of the press was basically criticised may i say in aid i made themselves look foolish enough erotic i watch that all vague at the end it was like the huge size is that in any way correlated with his iq level but it was a bad bodies are getting they should go back and watch it on youtube just fast forward to the end its second our solar to question at the end we're so absurd people it turned in their press credentials on the way out is so embarrassing roddy it near mediterranean daily and be we're sorry good
to date i literally asked me like i'm honored amateur tv watches and stop as i know he's not five years old and i'm not i'm not just father i'm not a watch it you know it's crazy but here's the other thing dan that aren't you ve noticed your novel guess what and guess what nobody's asking me about anymore nobody's asking me about the president's cognitive just anymore they are that we got joe biden has as the nominated tension shock arise sudden arrive kind of swedish elevator nirvana y gotta they dont want that topic become up after joe new doesn't even though one studies it yet god forbid that comes out and she's so right you again you being a medical doctor what we ve traveled around again a lot i can't say that enough is again i have personal experience run into a kind of guy he is but i draw sea coral clause wayne sorry clerk when i should get this because as i said oh my show yesterday my wife is i've been on medication for a long time to give me permission to talk about it for an auto immune disorder but it goes by the generic they make us plaque when ale in some cases but i do not yet laura clerk went
this was a drug you are very familiar with i know that has again having travelled with you it is used and correct me if i'm wrong as an anti malaria medication and whenever you go to various countries that still malaria issues obviously transmitted by mosquitos you this in your medical bag all the time i inherited this i'm not a doktor obviously ronnie is beside her struggle on camera what do you think of this news coming out today president trump set it at the white house that this may be early but may be an effective treatment for corona virus yet without delay
say i think another several drugs out there that whole promise right now i know you know this is one of them what you said we used it from malaria prophylaxis now we used in other drug you know called mal around mostly but we did carry this stuff to treat to treat malaria if we got it because it's also part of the treatment so it's drug that's been out there forever i mean the good thing about it misses the president has freed up billions and billions of dollars now with the emergency declaration that are available to private sector now unless a private sector work with the our university academic centres in what the government to figure out what drugs that are already out there they are already being used it might be useful entreating this disease and that's really and expedite thanks he's also garment a bunch of the regulations and the esa positive slow things down so cork and this is one of the drugs are out there's another one that i think has a lot of promises well it's carl rim disappear in its it say a powerful antiviral it's in the family of drugs that we used to treat hiv in step in its being looked at right now to theirs clinical studies gone out with this struck but both of these drugs have great potential
both been used room disappears actually used in a balanced way both been used in people in humans before so you know the normal process we have to go through me spend all this time you know not only trying to develop a drug and make sure that it works on the disease there were there were there were going to target with it but also worry about you know human safety now in use in the drug some of these drugs i like cork when we don't need to worry about their next has been you so extensively in people before that we can put that behind us it's just a matter of whether or not it works so they're gonna really expedite testing of this and if it works we haven't we have lots of available will get it out there but tat you think they're degaulle here as you know two is to just string this thing out enough so that we get past the the spring and into the summer because i really think it's gonna be season i think it's gonna fall off when the weather warms up that things can be one of the seasonal on us is like the flu and then it's probably gonna come back in the fall but when it does will have these drugs
due to go we all know which ones work and would they'll be approved and we can use them right hopefully will get a maiden proper before that there were definitely haven't bought a fall and then that allows us a few more months to make it into the early next year we're gonna have a vaccine it's gonna be available so they got a great plan in place right now the presidency did i just an incredible thanks too to reduce the regulations the regulatory burden sir to allow this to happen and happen quickly and ever going to get there and get their quick can you some misinformation for i saw some stuff on twitter today you know what everybody all the sudden to medical professional other than actual medical professionals like you and i saw a commentator on another network i'm not going to stay where it's not even worth their time with suggesting that chloric win which again may very early but may be a tree been further the wolf on virus here that be because it's only recommended for malaria and on label use she was suggesting that it can be used elsewhere ronnie unless i'm not a doctor but that's asinine
will you set your medication can you okay put you just take it from that please help people that sets that's ridiculous sets nonsense we use drugs off labour all the time right in especially in an environment like this where you have the presence already declared a national emergency give me a break i mean we can get if we find out that this drug is used to treat this disease we will be able to use it when and where we need to know question to ask we're talking ronnie jackson please support this patriot good man good friend ronnie jackson for afterward texas one three dotcom ronnie in four texas thirteen that's what he's running for congress dot com question rania let you go in the very generous in my time you already on record as the longest interview we have dot on the show i think we ve only done ten years pretty solid move get the president junior can design cynical is the quickest whatever but you ve been so fascinating what do you think is going on in italy and elsewhere where
getting this why disparity of terms and outcomes in these cases putting aside for a minute the elderly i think which already so and sealed and deliver that it's obviously very dangerous for people over sixty we get that sadly to be true but you hear these reports and what we hear reports about the flu when you at the flu everybody pretty much says the same thing roddy it really sucks backache headache no appetite can't sleep high fever but where some people like you see people on fox news all the time they come on i'm glad fox is doing this then i came bad i had a rough couple days then you see ports in the press and unless you just these reports are wrong at all you will say listen this was bad i mean i really felt horrible what's that for answer me why with the flu or the symptom so relatively consistent but with sid seemingly all over the map yeah me
are you know over in italy the demographics are completely different over their summits are stop they did not locked their borders down and apparently you know they have a huge chinese population that's involved in their leather industry over there and whenever a first broke out in china a lot of the folks from china fled china went back to italy where they have relationships where their work or whatever lady this leather industry but they have a lot of chinese immigrants coming over here they kind of flooded the the country and in a lot of them are probably carrying the virus at the time right so they got a large introduction of the virus into the country right off the bat they have a population jackie said everyone knows this but that's significantly older than we are they had the oldest population of any country in europe and their average age over there is about twelve years older than we are here so twenty five percent of their countries over the age of sixty thought and then they have other things it d factor into two they smoke like crazy over their right this is respiratory powers so they probably have a little bit of their bobby more predisposed to getting a virus because of the fact that they smoke so much over there you know they they also have different just habits forest we do stars washing their hands in use in hand sanitize roaming you don't you know over here everybody's got a bottle a hand sanitizing their pocketed car all the time it's not necessarily the case over there so i was able to just spread more effectively over there he did a lot more damage as far as deaths because the population and i think even the younger punk boats over there that you know and the hammer co more co morbidity over there than we do as well because their healthcare system is not is a robust and it is good as our health care system here so there's a variety of reasons why italy is in this position therein i think you can look at other countries i say you know we look is south korea we want to be like south korea they did a good job in and in their dinner with it effectively if we believed the numbers coming out of china army china did a pretty good job handle it if we really does numbers coming out there are now so we'll see where this goes but
we are we are looking at those examples and trying to not become italy but rather a look more like south korea with this is also done ronnie action can't thank you enough your time i really hope what listen what is your way wednesday a lead in the election for the run of you made it through that run off correct when is the next election year so made it to the primary there are fifteen of us in the right to start with theirs to others laughed there's a run off election on may twenty sixth and i hope that stands hopefully this kind of our snugly to push that date away you know to a later date but right now may twenty six runoff election texas thirteen boat bahraini and now get the boat out in their we're gonna win this thing now make you proud the always have avrigny you're a good friend i've known you a long time and let me tell you hurt me really alive personally i don't want to get overly emotional or dramatic but when that happened to you with the white house it was a damn disgrace that are not a pie you know i've been diet
walking into my mind and i say this is this is everything disgusting that that's really my exact where there's this guy was it was the finest man i ever met and what they do you really if you ever folks if ever believed anything i've told you my own is i have i've seen a singular episode in dc politics so disgusting to a guy in deserve it then what in iran ajax it i'm not kidding it was really that around this and i've i felt we brother i really did it was gross and i hope you get to see when this seat in congress and you go in and kick ass man because there's no better guy from our will and our again it didn't kill me you know i just made me stronger and led me your i'm out right now and i'm gonna make a difference damn right brother our i get folks ronnie jackson for texas thirteen dot com please support this guy get need some real genuine patriots right now and he's warm thanks ronnie i'll talk to you soon lobbied by the tank
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