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Interview with Gregg Jarrett (Ep 1129)

2019-12-08 | 🔗

In this episode, I interview Fox News legal analyst, and the author of “Witch Hunt” Gregg Jarrett about the devastating Spygate scandal.

Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History


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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i welcome the bond you know show our interview show i'm really really stoked about today's interview it's a good friend here is a good friend gregg jared from fox many of you ve seen him on hannity you probably read his first book which was a huge hit the russia hopes we're gonna be talking about his second book the follow up to that witch hunt folks i've record the intro is when their over because i want to have already done the interview i tell you it's in this it's gonna blow you away there so many so much greater information you're so many nuggets the all of it it went on behind the scenes would rosen steinem mahler and president trumps lawyer gregg jarrett has unique inside stadium we're gonna get to a today show is brought to you by the trump make
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make amerika great again committee a joint fund isn't committee authorized by and composed of download j trump for president ink and bulgaria national committee that is dedicated to making amerika great again ladies and gentlemen without further ado favorite interviews s far fox tributor author of which on great jerry i am really excited to have this gas the guy who's probably forgotten more about spy gate the russia hopes of which are the most of us even know gregg jerry gregg well the deadlines you know show i really appreciate you be in her down it's my pleasure to be wait you thanks you're out well craig your first book the russia hoax was a monster hit one of the biggest books of the year it's a manifesto on dismantling everything that happened in the spy gay case i love that you have now written a follow up which i have right here check it out folks witch hunt by greece chair another a northern adjust knock em out of the park book this just
is it out it is the bible of the mullahs disaster i want to get to the book gregg i just add a couple questions viable we started because my listeners they really of your coverage on this you have been one of the key guys in dismantling what i believe and i am sure you agree is the biggest because scandal in modern times so we're here what i've covered this we know what happened we have this i d report coming out on monday and i'm sure you saw some of the new york times pieces where it seems like they're trying to take the edge off this gregg but what are they in the time story i found interesting is their trust they claim again again what's your first book the russia out completely dismantles that this thing with adequate ad but we predicated now i know you hit on which is well this f p because there is nothing gregg there was nothing there this was predicated on nonsense thereby i
absolutely right in fact as i pointed out in my book james call me in private testimony admitted that they had no credible evidence when they launched the formal investigation in july we first two thousand sixteen against donald trump and that was collaborated by andrew my cave as well as we so page in their private testimony under the abbe ideology regulations you have to have two things a reasonable basis to believe that a crime was committed and second specific articular both facts in support of that they had not what did they have they had a adopt i see that was verified so that's not enough they had papadopoulos doppler heard a rumour that russia head clinton emails well it's not a crime to hear a rumor
so neither of the advocates of a formal investigation were met it'll be interesting to see what horwitz had to say about that but there is also reporting by why should imposed the attorney general bill bar doesn't believe if there was a sufficient predicate to launch the investigation now gregg i know again i'll show it again in a book which on terrific book folks can't recommended highly enough by gradually see the cover right there i am i know a portion of your book go into this theory i've had as well which i believe is the theory anymore i believe you have an overwhelming you go with you look how mahler knows almost immediately that this case this garbage are you actually give specific dates and you go over it and pretty deep detail how mahler had to know this case was garbage and at one point you say the john down the that's attorney at the time no longer but the president's attorney at the time the legal few were starting to question
oh mother did he have a grasp of what was even going on that this may have been driven completely by weissmann explain how that when your book i go into that well within monster the appointment mahler knew there which no russian collusion conspiracy there was a pivotal meeting march two thousand and eighteen that's a year before the mulder report comes out the meeting was with trump's lawyers in in the meeting mahler admit no collusion in evidence but refuses to drop the case he wants to question under oath about obstruction which had no application under the law jamal or threatens to go to court in this shouting match ensues in which tromp lawyer john dowd gets up out this cheer pound his fist on the table gets in the face of
bob smaller and yelled you ve got nothing go ahead i can't wait for you to try you ve got no leg to stand on a was quite a scene recounted only my book but at that moment trump boudoirs began to realize tat there was something wrong with bob mahler they were disturbed by his mental state long before it testified in july of this year during meetings he seemed lost a confused disoriented didn't understand basic questions they said or fundamental law he was not in their judgment but a figurehead and it was the highly partisan pro hillary clinton andrew wise it was really want a in the show behind the scenes in refusing to give up on what had clearly become a hoax and a witch hunt eventually you know like the wizard of oz
i was exposed during the hearing in front of jury nad learners judiciary committee he was not what is wanted reputation promised well the deeds i was in your book which onto riveting about that meaning that we details i hadn't heard before candidly i'd love to get your take on this still i agree if you this was obviously being in raw run by weissmann gregg as you and i both know weissmann had every interest in the world because he's already a tainted figure upon appointment weissmann is reason in the world to make this thing go away for the justice department to keep extended heat on donald trump because why my nose in twenty sixteen the political provenance of the dossier he's breathed in on it so i you have you wholeheartedly that weissmann knows along with mahler this is all a big hoax which is your book is amply title and they're keeping
just going to keep the attention of donald trump with the hope they'll find something am i on to something there or do you think i'm off base if you're big something up eventually and ups truck was there they're they're kind of like they're they're backstop their strike do have to strike one year your absolutely right in the summer of two thousand sixteen before the election right after peter structure in the papers to investigate tromp on july thirty first two thousand sixteen bruce will or his wife was working on the dossiers department of justice number for official he made not just with peter struck an fbi vigils he also meet with a group of lawyers at the department of justice including andrew weissmann entering he gives on the contents of the dossier and warns weissmann did this
is incredibly dubious you can't rely on it you gotta check it out the f b i will have to try to verify this thing to weissmann with in on it on before the election he should have worked himself from the mother probe and had nothing to do with it he should also disqualified himself because he it was an ardent anti trumper and pro hillary clinton advocate you know he was there the night of what was supposed to be clinton's victory body that turned into moreover you know all about you know so that so wise woman with the absolute one guy to pick for mothers investigation but it was worse than that because mower gave me fishman carte blanche to the staff so naturally he stacked the deck
he described as your book goes into an angle my two books i've not having stay away from but i had so it on different that your sources were really locked in a kind of the behind the scenes mechanics and what things you nail in the book is its rose in stein motivation out there i want to talk about things out there just kind of moving bring from weissmann this cause they're related theirs theories out by some that roses time was a good guy a white nightmare i dont believe any of that i agree with you and in the book you mentioned the appointment of mahler is an active was vengeance by rose in stein here and i only get up an alarming get you take on that you write it up in the book in a moment but i only bring it up because the appointment of wise it makes no sense europe europe great legal mine i am with you on panels alot what kind of of sound lawyer like bob mahler former prosecutor and head of the fbi appoints a guy like why when with known complex do you think
rose in steinem clearly appoint smaller in an act of vengeance to get back it dropped for this but you think she's me roses time had a role in the appointment of wise men to knowing why would do what he did to kind of target drop later i'm sorry lay there is thieves you know they all work together calmly and mother you know we're bs wilson stein had worked with them weissmann had worked with them you know he was actually very knit cabal fbi and deal j so a stein appoints mother who first
he does it all in weissmann and of course james commie was involved in imaginations of mahler by in a week stealing government documents are presidential memos weekly them to the media to trigger the appointment but the ear the most insidious part of it is that rose time appointed mauler in an act of pure vengeance against job not because the evidence is merited a special council because it didn't come he admitted they had no evidence at that point but time had altered the member will you i want you to write the memo recommending the firing of call me he had to the walls were closing in on coming rose in style that i'll be a hero because everything he does is out of self interest and saw the preservation he expected
he would be lauded for writing the memo instead the opposite happened he was harshly criticised by democrats were engineering the firing of coming so well just get going mad and i worked out the meetings between him and in the cave in which was it's time you mean over at any blamed tromp whereas woes to retaliate against dropped by naming a special council to investigate the president and on the day of the announcement which confront over his abuse of power ignoring regulations ravenstein literally powers behind his desk and bloggers am i gonna get fired at an end i'm a call me you stole in the government document a leaked into the media gloated about it all and which are going to great geraghty or author the great new book again which
terrific highly recommended folks please go pick it up so gregg rose stein obviously is not a portrait and courage in this they get up i've always been baffled by and i respect i know a lot of different people have different opinions on this case now i'm not trying to insult eddie but i follow the case pretty cozy and you have for some reason people believe he was behind the scenes trying to help trump i see no evidence based on what you just said and a follow up on that way the thing was the genesis of these expanded scope memos i mean always initial scope member we ve seen the declassified portions mother scope of mothers investigation committee but we have the august second expansion do you think this the audience that if you know what i'm talkin about the roses died sk we charge is smaller with investigate this this and this in what is called the scope memo and he goes back to the table i was expands his portfolio of we should be looking at what are you behind that is it is simple mahler wasn't
finding anything and he kept giving a more power in the veiled hope that they dig up something on trump eventually yes i think that's true i think he kept to expanding it with an additional scope memo met with hidden from the public four for the reason you state but also because he realized that the original memo authorized the appointment of bob mahler was legally the insufficient to under the department of justice regulations you have to state a crime no crime is taken it if you look at the original memo so we tried you see why belatedly by whiting an additional memo that you know goes out of its way to identify a potential wine and you know it was upon that basis that he went after a poor man we're not for collusion you know but for for tax evasion and other financial improprieties utterly
unrelated to donald trump or his campaign the interesting the enough man afford a similar case had been closed by the fbi earlier listen as i said i broke stew i'm not i don't know man afford i've never met him might have no relationship with the man what's whenever i am not a fan or a non fan i'm agnostic on i'm just saying i have little doubt man afford would be a free man than i ve had worked for donald trump i made it just seems bizarre all the attention paid this guy fur for things like gear was at nine fifty one violations and potential ferris stuff it just seems incredible but i want to get you a couple of your book just eviscerate the media and i want to get to that in a minute it really as a great job laying out how the media were really malfeasance then there wasn't miss visas it was active mouthpiece but before i get that i wanted to go back to where we were in the beginning i forgot a question we had talked we're on a great track here so you brought up something because a key point right now you know i've been astute observances case that bar bill body ernie general right now disagrees with
leeks leaks again release we don't know we haven't seen a yet by the time this interview airs we'll have a little bit more information we will have to do any of you too about the book by tab billboard disagrees that apparently the case was wasn't eradicate others the f b i opened investigation would faulty information i have a theory i've been dying to get your take on that the real in bar may know that that the fbi case was based on faulty intel but horowitz the inspector general may not is because horowitz ease a u s attorney he's an investigator he doesn't have subpoena power and he's the director general for the d o j not the entire community i ever theory gregg did brennan and the intel foe where the ones who kind of pushed through harry read in their sources the fbi to open this case and that boy our seas that big menagerie that bigger picture about how the f b i not that they were free although i think you and i both know the f b i played along afterwards but that they were kind of duty
to opening this case up in the beginning by faulty and tell the what do you think of that a hundred percent agree with that i write about it in my book i call john brennan the ex cia director under obama the instigator of the russia hoax while james clapper the director of national intelligence is his body was the prodigious weaker and your wider we even in the whole thing was sort of a set of brennan goes to then majority leader in the senate harry reading and ina they concocters scheme i show you know read you know we got this dossier for the media no it so what i i want you to do is to write a letter to call me and in an investigation
oh come he's already opened the investigation of the media doesn't know that and then leaked the letter to the media the one with their here on fire talking about this ass to gauge the scheme the work in a minor why a couple of news organisations picked up on it so they did it again like a month later a white before the election and again the body in the media in a really went crazy with a couple of news organisations that when the collusion term was first used in the media didn't grab onto a largely because they assume trump wasn't gonna win it hilary who's going to win so why you know what's the big deal why report on us it was only after trump won unexpectedly to the shock and chagrin of the media that they've been began to embrace this
our sea of trump russia collusion and then of course call me elaborate brennan brennan scheme to leak does dossier egg to both feed she and course clapper now works were cnn there were so many schemes is really hard to keep track of it which is why my boy at the end i put in a i'm wine as well as aid asked of character so people can look back and take a look into that happen man that's what this guy did and so forth there's a every kind of like a police file that's terrific idea let me ask you this bread and i don't think brennan in komio friends with this we know clapper income your body say go back they love each other the issue that we could hear the wee wee i agree there like you know they're like big mac and fries but but bread in and and and call me i think are like a big mac and the whopper these to our competitors
and the reason i say that his bread and has been insisting in public media appearances for the past two and a half plus years now gregg that he did not see the dossier until december of twenty sixteen now you and i both now that's categorically false you just laid out how bread and breeze harry red barry in august of twenty sixteen obviously before december where brennan says he sees a dossier he breach of it all yes and i read rights this letter the fbi with information in the letter that way only in the dossier some i guess my question are these two about to throw each other under the bus i mean call me could turn around and say hey listen you guys do does into old this dopey investigation we add that suggestion sure i'm just saying this may be as defence we did it brennan paul thus this information he had with terrific it was verified it wasn't we want out we tried to verify it and my bad so sad we turned out the information was false we're
is brendan can turn around and say listen that investing in iran and intel guy have no law enforcement powers i did when i was supposed to do i got this information and i passed it off call me it's not my fault they screwed up the investigate do you see that friction coming to a head do and utility happened to some extent you know when wants get trapped in a cage the beginning nor at each other and that's what clapper and brennan income you're all doing even call me and mc cave in appointing the fingers of land they did it the intelligence community assessment report the latter was boiling brennan phony information brennan was coining apple for the same thing he's gone after mackay the line said now you knew about the information
i lied about so it's not all i show you know all of the watch or turning on each other in nine annie i think it'll happen even more so after the inspector general report comes out and shortly after durham concludes he is criminal investigation which are going jarrett again author the terrific new book which i check it out folks amazon barnes and noble bookstores near you please pick it up it's a great book gregg i get this question a lot a lot of people go when i go out book signings and then in public appearances ass they were what do you think you think any but he's gonna wind up in handcuffs or bracelets here i mean is any there can be any law enforcement action against the perpetrators of this mass impolitic
aspire scandal your thoughts on that where we have already had criminal referrals one against commie for stealing a leaky presidential memos which the deejay decline to act on that the disappointment criminal law against the editor of a king who was deputy director and briefly acting director the fbi lie not just once but four times that still pending there is another case against an unidentified deputy assistant director of the f b i will eventually find out who it is a criminal law against him not acted on and now we have the latest referral
i hope with the inspector general against an empty i lawyer who is primary in the drawer brush investigation who you know i am clear he was if he could under pressure was in a fire shown the door but he allegedly doctored some of the emu that were used in support to obtain a vice warrant to spy on trumped can ban answer that is still pending is why should there be more absolutely will there be more will wait and see i kind of take the same cautious approach on that that you do a couple more question they go i know you're busy here we're not gonna gregg jared author the great new book which on police pick it up the way house involvement in this i think it's implausible as a former federal investigator that the white house from the top down was unaware completely of what was going on but the evidence is overwhelming whether it's the peter stroke tat
here the white house wants to know what we're doing that you know potest is right now the white house is running this protest once in orbiting we're we're doing an acronym for president states of course but there's there's is mean there's john brennan testifying up on capitol hill saying he's giving this statement in conjunction with the white house there's an anti abe lisa page email exchange where they are talking about the nuts to the cia david call it and they say listen we're going over the white ass to brief on this we need to speak with one voice this is overwhelming but there's one more piece i just uncovered recently it was it's an older peace by least matthews done great work this when he was writing a tablet mag any rights about these jews twenty third twenty twenty sixteen envelope that arrives at the white house and this anvil its believed by many was the dossier is patently says for obama's eyes only and maybe two or three more principles but that's it and only brennan's involved in this and again we've been kind of wired in from the star so
some all that up i mean is it in any way plausible this point that a bomb i did not know what was going on but despite yet on the twenty he had to have known because it was a counter intelligent investigation in truth it was a secret criminal investigation of trump masquerading as a counter intelligence pro but because they named it a counter until broke it has to have the president's approval why because countering ginger probes for the benefit of the president the information goes directly to him it is a text message from lisa page to peter struck the white house wants to know everything were doing on this and this was the end of the problem of a tramp and it was the only thing that pages drop a working on at the time they sent a text message and of course remember the brennan was breathing
the pro of trump and it was the only thing that pages drop truck with working on at the time they sent a text message and of course remember that brennan was briefing tromp about everything on an almost daily basis may matthews job he eyed reggie brief debrief the president almost every day you either do it in a memo you do it in person and burnt in the law to the wider show burning with their constantly so of course obama not only knew about it but either expressly or tacitly approved what was going on i mean think about this present united states spy in investigating a president a presidential candidate on the
losing party never in the history of the united states is something that agreed has taken place and as you know i interviewed tromp or my book the end you know is he said this should never happen the bush proposed it and as a former federal agent this really disturbs me the sole it's a terrible case let me ask you this the official fbi story long time i was against the patriot act when it was you george w bush proposed it and as a former federal agent this really disturbs me the sole it's a terrible case i'm living estimate that's just a cover story i mean i believe as we kind of got to in the question prior to last one that this from alexander doubters story is just absurd it seems utterly outrageous is that just a we're story i mean i believe as we kind of got to in the question prior to last one that this
it is obviously a tip from bread and that the cia that want to rise and the whole alexander down this australian diplomat who met with papadopoulos listen this drunken sleep how is total garbage i just believe what kind of an ex post facto cover story what are your thoughts on that create and i write that it is in my book it makes no sense first of all sequentially david day stood in front of cameras and cleared hillary clinton his abbe i was meeting for the first time we're christopher steel armed with his i fear such a the two thousand and sixteen data commies clearing clinton serbian instigation of trump begins in earnest and went steel hand the dossier over to whose fbi the were the handler says my god i've gotta were lurch headquarters immediately
there was an urgency to it and of course it was was given the fbi on that very day and then later within a ten day period of time or two weeks disseminated all the way through to the white house i suspect show this horrible papa couple were speeding up bar talk is utter nonsense it was peddled the new york times probably by somebody in the fbi to cover the real reason for the investigation which was the phoney dossier pave whereby hillary clinton and the democratic national committee it because it makes no sense first of all you know the basis for the crime has been committed hearing a rumor is not a crime it makes no sense maybe would launch an investigation don't wash out to see if it's true but you don't investigate
the basis of the crime has been committed hearing a rumour using it makes no sense maybe would launch an investigation don't to see if it's true but you don't investigate junior and paid adviser who hears the groundwork you don't investigate he's campaigner bandit ethnic journalists dick standards or integrity at all your book which on if history tat my final question for you this is another big topic with my audience obviously the dossier starts a separate well your book and the media should have done their jobs on that obviously they abandon any journalistic standards or integrity at all your book which on eviscerated my final question boy this is another big topic with my audience obviously dossier starts as fbi investigation obviously papadopoulos at this point that story is just nonsense dear but the work wrote the dossier i don't i think most
the dossier based on the wall street journal worker gov glenn simpson back in two thousand seven i believe based potentially some of the work of helper and helpers it had sources tribeca off others were ever steal one point tells the state department his sources are this guy trip nick off former had a russian intel but your mecca has the relationship will help or we don't know much about his relationship with steel so it appears the act we we dossier that steel himself might be the fall guy and i'd i be interested to hear your thoughts he may have had some input to but i don't think it was all him but i think you're right we may find out more about that in horror witches report but by the way i think or what it's probably body into the whole papadopoulos thing is the trigger for the investigation which development scares me but you know i think
a dossier was a collection of a great many things you wrote terrifically about it in your book and hats off to you for really digging into that in revealing some amazing information either first walk there was russian this information and i had to be laughing over the kremlin is and how they feel not go heads be give up the timing of this whole thing within a course of being within two weeks of being hired steel comes up with the first memo and his daughter that's impossible we first met all the information and you can't get that kind of information without working on the ground human sources for my mom and yeah like magic it conjures up out of thin air
in the course of a couple of weeks ago we had a beef bed a bunch of information by people and either knew it was this information or even the most you know in a worse by unicef inspector closure and i think glancing contributed to because you and i've talked about before weeds glenn simpson column carrying a striking resemblance try has done something a dossier it's ugly and christmas there was a convenient baseboard because as you document in your books he had worked with the fbi before it had some credible work history they can sell to a judge or look this documented sore so i agree with you i think you're analysis is great we ve been talking to gregg jerry author really a wonderful can't recommended highly enough book check it out right here folks witch hunt look at that
a lot of material in here worth your time check out his first book as well one of the biggest selling books elect the russian colleagues gregg you have been invaluable on this my audience loves you on fox i love your books i really appreciate the time up to talk the again soon maybe if you do a third baku now as well have you back thanks a lot worse thank you i enjoy working immensely with you you're one of the smartest guys i know and you have been absolutely terrific and a great help to me as well so thank you for having me on to talk about it you got money taken with toxic deputies alike hope you like that interview i know i did i had a blast as you know i've written two books myself on this topic this spy gate scandal is the biggest political scandal of our time and few people know more about it than greg he's a terrific legal mine i really hope you enjoy that folks stage you in more great interviews come up we have can this always yes can do so and schedule next week that should be and should be grand she's absolutely terrific thanks a lot vote please
its gradual youtube channel youtube that calm slash bond gino we will see you are on monday you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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