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Interview With Jocko Willink (Ep 1187)

2020-02-22 | 🔗

In this episode we interview Navy Seal, Patriot, host of the Jocko podcast, and author of the terrific book “Leadership Strategy and Tactics” linked here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1250226848/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_5HWtEbP8MNF8A


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee no damaging our shell interview series great gas today jacko willing author the terrific book leadership strategy and tactics you gonna love this book folks i always record these as you know if your regular listened with interest to the show after the interview some of the things we get into jacko tells us about some of his experiences is a navy seal that are just mind blowing the story tells about their training on an oil rig and that leadership examples they took from it is tremendous you're not gonna want to miss that we get into all kinds of these his experience who presented jujitsu in hand to hand combat conditioning wait this conversation goes everywhere you're gonna love it he really did a great job i appreciated gotta pay for the show we get some great sponsors here today always appreciate your paces today show programme by friends a standstill com stamps dot com eases the pain of the post office and posted rates going up with big discounts of post office retail rates would stamps that calm you say five cents of every first class stamp and up to forty percent of shipping routes that kind of savings really adds up especially for small businesses like ours stamps that comes completely i'm on details you time saves you money no more inconvenient trips to the post office
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i don't live with pain or myself tat calm promo code bungee our eye without further ado jacko willing i do want to welcome the demagogy no show a guess to these listen i when i put it out there to recommend guess for the show this name came up repeatedly a guy i know i have enormous respect for jacko willie jacko thank you so much for joining us are really appreciate your time today where's your me all day appreciative so you're right into your new book which i read leadership strategy and tactics here it is folks bottom myself a phenomenal book i ain't i went through it there's so much in here out to sea for the first time in an interview had a tough time mail and it down to four or five good questions you have so many great stories you don't only talk about leadership you correlative two things you ve lived during your time in the navy seals and you're just your life experience has been tremendous so my first question for he's one of the things you hit on in the book is you would think
the navy seals programme buds and all these complicated training programmes you want do for this elite military force that there were two the specific programme on leadership you make the point that they didn't really focus on a leadership specific class there that this was kind of on the job training if you can elaborated elaborate on that a little bit how you picked up all these leadership traits on that on the job training i think about its would love to hear about it yeah it is very surprising that we had one of your pre special operations groups in the world and there was no real leadership training the inside of our pipeline and like you said and like i write about the book he was just on the job training you'd watch me the choice for the offshore above you in the chain of command and you coming matete what they did in of course me dry and showing the ropes little bitten explain why they are making decisions are you that problem that other programme works ok you have a good leader above you in the chain of command
you don't have a good leader well then you might be learning bad habits so it turns out to be pretty of pretty ridiculous than it was that it was a problem and that's why later my career i made a real focus of mine to incorporate leadership training into our pipelines and a guy's learn how to leave but what i it was i just from the time you know that i was the youngest and most junior guy in my first choose your patterns and i was as watching i was caused paying attention to the officers to the chiefs that i had extension of what they did that made me want to follow them and pay attention that things if they did it maybe not want to fall them and so as i learned from both good and bad there should overtime those things kind of kind it gee held together in my head and turned into the kind of principles that i write about and teach rounds off by now you know
ironically jacko when i was an instructor in the secret service academy i was given a class to coordinating i hadn't been given any courses in leadership either and i always had a deep respect for the military one of the great regrets in my lifetime is not go into the military eye to this day so how story but one of the things i learned i was supposed to be leading the classes the class coordinated the instructor and we had a bunch of former marines in our class and i've got to tell you of through their five paragraph orders these were students i remember specifically learning from the students gosh that really worked well these guys really responded to this guy so i think on the job training worse but you are right in some of these early programmes its stunning that there really is a leadership course there are clear tactics to use and like you i had a look at him on the job as well even from the students are let me get to another point you're ok we're talking to jacques a willing author a fantastic book leadership strategy and tactics available now and amazon barnes ennoble bookstores everywhere you gonna love this book i was reading it four questions and got through the book in it in about a day and a half its that good folks i promise you you tell a story in the book about training on oil platforms during your time in the navy seals and the event one of em maybe hijack and you bring up some fascinating points how when you're training to retake an oil platforms something you know just regular civilians luckily don't have to think about it are you
can't just start fire and willy nilly you got flammable compounds and oral platform and how when you were in that scene you talk about in this training exercise how there was this value for you from detaching yourself from this situation you noticed how people in that training unit you're working with they were focused on looking over the barrel of their firearm but there's a valued detaching yourself in seeing the whole picture for one if you can elaborate on ad exercise and what you learn from that i thought the stories one of them what are really the best in the book it's very well done year of warfare that was early in my career was actually when i was in my first seal platoon so i was a brand new guy like i said i was the youngest the most junior but soon i which meant what i should have been doing was exactly what you just said looking down my weapon scanning for targets and we are going through this oil rig and we got to this one level of the reagan it was a huge level is very complex and
what do you think they would tell us about oil rigs is everything that you see wants to either explode or catch on fire so you got to pay attention when you're on the oil rig so my platoon my hope of june we have sixteen guys apple doom where basic standing abreast of each other big storm is line and every was looking down their weapons waiting for call to be made while their scanning for targets and but time passed is nothing and myself ok i can see that i don't have any charges to engage where the call where's the tactical call and i wait a little bit longer and wait a little bit longer wait a little longer no paul no call no call finally i just decided to do something so i guess hi poor my weapon in overt civilians out there that means that they are basically for my weapon at the sky roma could achieve anything i think i can like a foot back off the skirmish line i looked in my life am i right
the thing i see i see that everybody else in my power to including michael june commander including my petition chief including the assistant between greater every single guy is looking down their weapons which means there feel the view is basically the sights of their weapons and i can't see the rest of the world the scenario of its unfolding in here even on the new guy even on the most you your guy stepping back and looking around by detaching from that situation can see exactly what we need to do and then being a new gown was all nervous about actually doing something about it because you learned not to run your mouth as a new gonna see opportune but i knew i had to do something so i made a tactical hoisted whole left clear right i was kind of wrecking somewhat to look at me as a shot up new guy but instead she did the verbal command and old left where i hold after a whole that's good right it goes down alive and then the guys actually executed a corner wasn't like i made some genius tat calls a very common call to make but i made it but i think
point there you make for leadership is a great wanna meet even in the business world jacko you see people get lost me business owners ceo cease we people admit you every day they get then the next profit lost statement and they lose the bigger picture that the company sinking so i mean the story when i read it you're what obviously member to be analogous to other things alive and i see that throughout the book and i think in the military nobody does a better job in training our people through experience and on the job training than that yet you're right i mean you picked up exactly what the point is if you get caught up in the weeds and a new start focus tackle battle was right in front of you you're gonna miss out on the bigger picture and by the way if you're no leadership position in europe called down the weeds whose actually leading the answer is no one in their leadership consulting company in i see this all the time with businesses and at every level where you
the people that are supposed to be making decisions people are supposed to be figure out where we're heading in the future instead are caught up in a tactical battle and no one's leading so it's something to look out for for sure i want folks jacko also hosts a pod cast the jackal podcast whalebone apple pie guess it's incredible if you want to get these tidbits wisdom you can check in the pod guests are very inspirational my listen all the time he can subscribe and apple podcast and elsewhere fantastic show jacko another point your book again leadership strategy intact exposing it highly recommended book please check it out you talk about the power of relationships but you may key point here it's good to have a relationship which your boss your supervisor you're officer wherever it may be in the military to have that open relationship to be able to talk but you say in a book at one point that listen sometimes there's a mutiny and order which the who is fascinating what what exactly do you mean by the way is a mutiny in order and i think a lot of people would learn to hear from the great lesson in the book you know
we we actually had a movement in one of my c opportune my second see opportune we had an officer there was you look he was just an arrogant guy he was inexperience you didn't know a lot but he acted like he knew everything he forced his ideas down everyone's throat and you know it's a lot of times people think that's what the military is the military's haider the officer barks order at the troops in the troops just turn around and obey it doesnt work like that you know can it work like that for a day or two days or a week yeah he can work like that for a little while but eventually if that's the only way you know how to lead that you how can a respected and that's exactly what happened so we had a guy that was making bad decisions he was coming up with bad plans are platoon wasn't performing the way we wanted to perform and so we had a mutiny and we we went to our commanding officer so we went to his boss and told his all that we do want this guy you know do we want to follow this guy when you want to work with his guide eventually the fire so problem is this is
this should absolutely be the last course of action that you should take inside of any team because as soon as you will soon you go on you you fight against your boss i mean he's gonna just robbed everything you're trying to do to accomplish your mission so it's a last resort that being said if you got a boss let's try to do something that's immoral or illegal or on ethical well then it's time to speak at this time to do something in practice time do have a mutiny situation where that might unfold is if you got a boss that's gonna do something or or direct you to do something that's gonna end up getting a punch people killed thoroughly enough maybe a situation where you say you know what we're not gonna do this now even in that particular situation you have to be careful because damn let's say i was born for you and you told me to do something but i knew was gonna caused massive casualties on my part two if i say will you be in i'm not doing it i refuse you might just
ok fine but we know you're fired you take one a year you know what are you guys that you know that's a yes man you put him in there and now he goes next use emission he doesn't mitigate any rest gets a bunch people kill it would be better off if i budgets that ok dad it look protest what would you and if you want me to do it i'll do it here's the reasons i don't think we should do it eventually you order me to do what i say ok i got i mitigate risk the best my building maybe we go baby to the mission that you really had in mind may be the last minute i say nor must we saw this different thing we had to make some adjustments and unable to take care of my guys why i'm still you know this thing what you're trying to make us do so these are very tricky situations and you know what i mean it is hard leadership is a challenge and it takes a lot of things through and they have an immunity is definitely one of things you gotta think a lot about before you execute while at
and in your you make a very nuance point there what use of what i believe you are getting into the chapters build those relationships first hoping you never get to a mutiny and if you have a relationship you can be free to talk openly and say what you think those leadership failures are before it leads to god forbid death and chaos or even dreadful business decisions that are going to save your company and saw that that's what i really enjoyed mammy you you give all of those scenarios in the book first it is very well down again i can recommend that enough one of the other things i have never experienced a fog of war men like you brave men and women and forgive me i should have said at the beginning of the show i can't believe i miss i want to thank you for your service sincerely from the bottom of my heart i lost and uncle in vietnam died rather heroically armies given them onstar with a v cluster and and know no you saving is man when he was killed he was shot in the back south through doc anna change my family forever jacko and it's one of those things that's altered my expire on how i talk about common
war and soldiers it you know these are not ass as these are not billet numbers these are bleeding men and women who wins they come home either missing body parts or missing their lives their lives and the lives of others are permanently altered i know my family i was same as gregg ambrose pre gregg imposed gregg my family was never the same you know it was nineteen years old when he died and men like you who do this for it let's be candid is no money in this job over me nobody nobody is getting rich european military i you know when i went overseas and did advances with the present i dealt with a two star general i think i wish to make it more money than he was in the secret service we nobody's make it any money off this so thank you and on behalf of my audience y know loves you you dig you said they wanted to run the show really i know you you guys aren't seeking praise but it means a lot of thanks for your service i really mean that
it was not a reserve and i know you serve as well in your capacity and in every anyone steps up and does with their country needs and to do its definite appreciative brother nothin like you that when i went over to afghanistan i stayed in an ice context box those guys we're staying in hutus and i was like mad you guys got to sleep and that have been really the cod xbox look like the ritz carbon bickered do these guys and i'll never forget these poor guys dirt everywhere that was the one day they can play their out all the time we daylight brother there's dirt everywhere all the time in every was driving me crazy i never ever forget that over a bugger up one thing i want to ask you for a man whose experience is just incredible again jacko podcast we want to listen a soldier was experiences father war having been a police officer again nothing even remotely compared to your experience but having been in a couple situations where firearms is involved the shot kay
aren't you there's a fog of war and military that in the military is getting worse so situations we exponentially tough times a factor of ten the can you train to overcome that fog of war in an elite unit like the navy seals or is it and is it an inevitable portion of combat and you just learned to maybe shrink the response time i'd love to get your perspective on that well there's definitely be situations where that fog is gonna be there right it's can be there you're not gonna know exactly what can it what's going on you're not really know exactly where differ troops are out on the battlefield you deftly not gonna know where the enemy is all the time you're not going nowhere certain certain weapons are being fired from i'm just one thing what proper training after i got back from my last opponent guys would pay ball guns in in bill
to shoot at the trainees and the treaties would say no its not barracks we don't know whether we don't know where get shot out for what do you mean overseas my friend you're not gonna go off and i do not want a wig shouted from so there things when you're a combat you're not gonna know on upset what's going on but as you said what you can do as you can then knock you people to that kind of stress you can make sure that instead of making snap reactions were there not for your understanding was happy they can make smaller decisions they can make tighter decisions they make quicker decisions taken they can increase their or decrease their response times for the moving faster and what allows us to do is then make up decisions quickly there after that are reflective of what we learned byron decision so these are things that you have to do you have to do it by drilling by training hard by training like you by putting guys and very stressful situations where they are in the fog of war and as you get used to it you get better at responding to it
there might be that all by thyssen line in everybody s plan until they get punished in the face and from a guy like yourself we ve been train and i may for twenty years now on never forget even messing around a friend of mine a really athletic guy caught me quite surprise one day copy in some like you know great headlong underground i gotta tell you they even though i've been trade and on the gravel it took me a second i think they have how do you get out of this exact enables this my friend and i kept take it in a street i gosh imagining combat that fog of war but that just goes to show you your commitment to training that you can even mitigate that response time it a little bit and you get on your you re getting your toes quick it's just incredible organised about the book and i just want to add on some of the brazilian judges who experience i know you work out a lot i follow your twitter feed your pictures are incredible i i love you take on suffering i want to get to that in a second through my last question is
europe is involved in politics for awhile as well i decided to run for office and give it a shot you know talk is cheap and action matters you to put your name and a ballot you want to change things so i did it didn't work out but one of the people i met with very inspirational genie thomas and she told me once you know then you know where the leaders we ve been waiting for that's in your book on leadership again folks leadership strategy and tactics used a book looks terrific to buy them and any new right in your book that you but the most important member the team the most important themes you everything explain how i would tell the guys in my platoon you know i would tell the point man for instance the book and explain how tell the guys in my platoon you know i would tell the point man for instance hate you the boy man you're the guy knows wardour you're the one that gives us the target you the more most important die out here if we get in trouble you're the one who's gonna let us out of trouble you're the most important guide and then i tell the radio man hey you know a radioman you anymore
orton guy we ve got if we get into real trouble you're the one that can be on the call for supporting assets for closer support to come and help us out you're the most important guiding this petition and then i tell the machine gunnar hey machine gunnar you know what when we get to a gunfights it's your machine gun that's going to give us the ability to maneuver when you put down suppressing fire without you we all die you're the most important guide and i tell them medic the same thing i tell the leaders this i would tell everybody they are most important person and the reason i would tell him that is because it was true because what we had was a team and a certain moment base where those individuals and those particular rolls were absolutely the most important critical member of the pursue and that way everybody knew that they played a critical role and that is what makes them take ownership of what they're doing and realising that everybody in the petition is counting on them to do their job and when everyone has that feeling everyone has ownership battle accessibility photo
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backward jacko willing again author of leadership strategy and tactics new book available on amazon barnes ennoble go pick it up today you will not put this one down that i absolutely promise you got through this thing in a day and a half jacko just at switch tears a moment i love brazilian jujitsu my audience knows it you are just you got your black belt under dean lester five am i correct their deanery suggest there i mean he was talking about foot locks before a lot of the folks today even though a foot locks were in an acre locks and leg locks i gotta be azra madam but i'm not a big leg locker i probably should be but i've been dying to ask you this i've watched tons of videos you would you grab they're all over youtube if you want to see jacko on the ground is dominating whose opponents just google google jacko grappling you can see it yourself
to find you jitsu i mean it's obvious you're pretty tough guy or enable seo eureka unit conditioning your big guy i'm a big i have six one two hundred thirty pounds i'd love to lift but i gotta tell you the first time i want on a man with a guy who was about a buck thirty was brown belt and proceed to kick the livid rhymes with hit at me for about an hour and a half it was a rude awakening about how many people out there think taken fight and in a head on the ground and a figure out this ain't that jason bourne movies man this is the real deal how did you find you do too so i was in my first two and i went on deployment overseas we went to afford operating based overrun guam annually there there was an old master chief and old seal master chief when we checked in as a platoon he came in to talk to us told us a couple things he said and by the way anybody that wants to learn how to fight show
but the at this coins and hot later on didn't fifteen hundred so i'm a new guy how much do you know i figure hey i want to know how to fight and i of course think i know fight so i go in there this old guy this old skinny guy probably all this guide ever seen in my life so he was probably like forty years old right and nineteen years old grandfather seal training there i mean i'm just full of focus and vinegar and and he says our guys you know i'm we lay down and one or two time there's like three or four of us that showed up one of one it's i'm you guys just common attack me and in fighting it of course nobody did each of us all out again and merely again an impact be you guys want to know how to fight the skull procedure
it's time just with one thousand nine hundred and ninety two or one thousand nine hundred and ninety three and he's been training for about two years with the gracie's up in torrance california and he was like i felt at the time and he that's all you need to know to dominate back then and of that was my first taste and once i started train and i just kept training yeah you're a savage on the bats man i you know my golden rule now i'm forty five and i feel every bit of it i love brazilian jujitsu i mean love it almost as much as i love my wife i mean it my why begged me to stop because it's am arthritic in about four five different joys but i'd never give it up i mean it's not me i say this with with all candour and sincerity i think it's
me more than my graduate degrees in college and all of that other stuff i mean about discipline and want to things on the matter is that your politics still matter nobody gives a shit on the map in part my life they don't care i mean this place i gotta have trained for five different schools a play some now nobody gives a damn if you're a republic in a conservative a communist or whenever you get on the man you know what man everything they don't care if you're on tv you have the jackal packets i've watched you wrote some dudes but maybe i senior domini bodies but they are not given you eddie passes man these guys china south do it it's a great equalizer isn't it yeah i know i mean i'm i'm glad you're being very complimentary with my jiu jitsu but the fact of the matter is good i go and get nap every single day guys that are all over me and i can't do anything to him and why keep going back you know it's i go back because i know i can improve i know i have work to do and that's why keep oneself appreciate your complimentary nature but
just another guy doing jujitsu unites good it's good had actually said everybody loses there is always someone better i mean i've always got you know our gordon ryan out there's someone who's gonna buy it i've watched you know when you ve been training for while you can just you know you watch transitions you watch how they see they said you know ma am i don't know about you but my golden rule now my old age i was kind of get it out before i got sidetracked one of my stories you know get on top number one stay on top number two number three if you find yourself in a bottom get up and get back on top and rule number four is never forget rule number one and rule number two i don't know about you but i'm not into the guard game anymore i lights grade a you know when i was a kid i was a little faster you know i could pull all kinds a heel hoax out of an iron bars triangles come more as you know a big man said i could do all that but i just can't do it anymore and now that i'm a big heavy two hundred the pound guys learn to leverage my way i finally i thought you just do your just now
get down unless you're really good so that's it think i'd rather just sit on your way for the cops to show up you know said on your side control and i can see everything in my field of vision when you're on a bottom your limited you know you're looking at the guy you want to give ground that power that it did a concrete so i mean are you into the top came here your guard player at all i'm an old sea and guard through much when i watch you stuff you too well certainly i mean from a taxable perspective being on the bottom is never good you always want to be on top it began i do i prefer to be on top absolutely i prefer be on top and make us economic perspective you can break contact is easier access weapons if you got weapons on you but the fact that matters i dream of a bunch of guys that veil the on top to so much better than i am and even on the big guy there bigger than me they're stronger than me so it's you know i gotta learn how to play both in and be good at every endeavour
if an area yeah i'm way the man i mean how big it to shoulder lockdown now and a bottom just a lucky up so you get frustrated so i get the hell out of here once you get frustrated do you fine i can i watch lobbies videos i'm so i like to watch the old videos remember the videos gracie beach videos for my thirty forty years ago i find those videos are very instructive because they show you before this year and now where everybody everybody's advance now if you got a year a training now you we're guys we're twenty years ago with five years a training but i find it people over rest made their ability to engage in and counteract physical violence emily watches or videos i just i warn people all the time always want to be able to negotiate a situation the street you never want to fight you don't want to get sued i'm not a thug mammon it that is crap i got a wife and kids i'm not looking approve who's got a you know whatever you know my bigger than some i think
if i have to engage in physical violence i find that a lot of people warrant experience with it strongly overestimate their ability to engage in it and counteract it have you seen this year especially when you get new guys and jim what there's a couple things going on their talk i get another book called just believers field main work gonna break down my philosophy behind more slots and one of the things is why i always recommend people start with grappling and really specifically with jujitsu is look if you want to fight me if you approached me in the streets put up your hands to box with me my hand i already know or self defense is called run away you haven't got all you want to fighting the runaway if you're kickboxer how you start throwing kicks in me guess what i'm going to do i'm going to run away you you don't have a hold of me you think changes when you defeat my primary defensiveness
which is to run away from you is when you grab behold me so when you got a hold of me now we're grappling so i have to be able to contend with that and guess what if we go to the ground but i fall down on top of you well i can still kind of push off of you and get away from you ok that's fine so the worst k and then that means like wrestlings good bye if fall down on top of me and now i'm on the bottom and now i have to deal with you look i can't run away anymore you're holding onto me i've got to deal with that problem this is the worst case neuro that's what you jitsu teaches you that's why it's the best foundation for people to learn for self defense now this and part of what you asked is about violence and like what you open up when you open questions was about the fog of war and how do you deal with that and i told you look when you put yourself in these situations over and over again you'll get used to it retorted you told a quick story about your boy you're friends put you in a headlong surprise you your comments are and it took you a step
to go i know what to do here now just imagine that someone that had an how long you been training for time but let's call it three years that's got five years of an opposition over and over again on the matter at hand it still surprise moment took your second to adjust to it now let us imagine that you'd never change before and now all of a sudden somebody grabs a holder you and has i take you to the ground and you don't know you kid if you won't even get over the shock of the violence in that situation where you can do something spark to respond so a thing like that you're gonna i've got forty three daughters and one son at people asked not self defence and what not again jujitsu should be the foundation of your of your self defence and listen i'm not not a person that believes that if you're a hundred and five pound female and so two hundred and thirty pounds person you know roy to write it out cocaine
using maniac attacks you you're not going to be able to feed that person i mean that's just the waiters no that's why we have firearms but if you don't a firearm we'll guess what you might not be able to feed their person but you may be able to you may be all them you may want to hang on for an extra ten seconds an extra twenty seconds extra thirty seconds where the car com where someone else can see what's happening where someone can you don't eat you in the situation that your id whereas if you don't know anything in then in four seconds you could be grab and then put into a van if you try to grab some one hundred they thought if with the same situation to earn thirty bound guide tries to grab a hundred ten pound girl that knows you jitsu it won't take him five seconds to get an advance i promise you it'll kill him twenty eight and thirty and it might even make him go you know what this is too much of a hassle for me i'm going to get out of here so every i can count in these situations and
drop the better you get the more i you get to violence years i was a new purple bell and it took point can you just stay alive long enough so that the cops can respond you know what to do you know to drop your base if someone grabs you and even if i had been trained in ten years i was a new purple bell and it took me honestly about two to three seconds to remember to arm frame creates a distance get my leg around his head i mean i eventually got out but i never forgot that i was i wholly i've done this technique seriously a thousand times and it's still in that quick why is it again job of this was my friend messing around there was no danger that i was going to be heard here imagine it someone again trying to kidnap use you just said you gotta be able to respond or at least stay alive longing to listen you're busy guy oh yes our guy we have one more thing as war just pure leads our emergency right now that's good certainly from a self defence or judge you is great for you
let me just say there's a bunch of other things that you do you do for you know they it makes you think in a different way that for idea that i talked about detaching if you can learn to detach and jiu jitsu you'll be able to apply that to your work you'll be able to fight at your business you'll be able to apply it to your family when you're the one of your kids is getting out of hand and you start losing your temper get yourself back under control so training jujitsu yes it's good for self defence and is a good way to exercise its also great for your brain to that makes you a better person so there's a million of reasons to train jitsu and i definitely recommend people go out and do it yeah i mean i wasn't being hyperbolic before when i said that i've learned more from my twenty years on the mats than any single thing in my life that i'm not kidding and you know what i think you to test it is to jocko you will know there's nothing that will test your physical limits i mean i remember specifically i'm sure you have these memories to as a relatively new white belt back in
et cetera is born in babylon before he even i think he was a brown both at the time and i was with this guy we were roland for about twenty minutes and we were both why belts struggle in but we added some basic idea what to do and after twenty minutes i'll never forget this guy's gee whiz so soaked with sweat tat when he got inside control the disk thing sweat so d had i've heard my face and i couldn't breathe now jack o about twenty minutes now is about one eighty back in about two thirty now little lighter but i could not breeze get actually led into my last question phrases actually gets too and i remember thinking gosh it would just be so easy to quit right now but i just didn't want this guy to be i couldn't have a beat me i was a son of a bitch he's not gonna win at i sucked it up and you know what he did he i wasn't doing anything he just got tired about to enter reminded me that all mine you know there comes a time in both in a fight where both sides think they ve lost its decision
did perseveres at that moment of wines and i never forgot that i've out i would never quit i would have to be tap listen even if i am to f i gotta give you two sub good you're gonna win it that way but i'm not tap and out of fatigue anymore you probably had those moments do i feel like this really sucks i but you realize you're limits my gosh i can go further than i thought this is really the worst situation in a physical guy could be in re i can't breathe do john tommy his sweat so keys covering my face and i'm getting my s kick the kids get anywhere yeah just that's an interesting or did you bring up and one thing i i don't really like when people tat from fatigue there's no reason to tat of the work of your tired and you give give me something that's call you gotta get me something you can't just tap that that's not the way it works if that's not the way were not allowed to tap bumpety having your purchased out further because no one
when somebody just taps as quitting though why are we to my last question allergy going out with targeted jacko willing author of the excellent book leadership strategy and tactics please vote here a great armies pick this book up amazon barnes and noble local bookstores it is worth your time you will put it down probably the best book i've read this year last year so we had randy qatar at our training sentiment i was instructed the secret service what have you got to roll with them and you know we got him in there with a bunch of guys one of whom was a former delta guy who is on our swat team we call them tat the secret service a guy learned a lot from his well about leadership and we're sit around during a breakdown in the middle a day and i said to my signore randy ever scared to fight when you in a ring united fair question and we were all human beings fears a natural part of the inhuman keeps us from putting our fingers in you know electrical outlets writes a good thing that a bad things owing to manage it and i was expecting you know once in a while this gap is really tough he said now
that's geared to fight he said but i'm scared every time to fight tired and i change really changed my life because i didn't do cardio before that ever i only lifted i thought deadliest bench press squat do widow makers you'll be fine i fred hatfield stuff about power left a hidden like cardio so i never did it and i never got their lot i started doing cabotage sprints after that and even a forty five i still rector cardio now because i never forgot that line i'm not afraid to fight i'm only afraid by tired i knew i see your twitter feed follow jackal you see what you have some real the tremendous pictures air of the floor soaked with sweat after what are your met can work out some stuff so you just talk briefly about how important conditioning is in your in your everyday life one to stay healthy but because you gotta be prepared for bad stuff and if your fight entirety in fighting it all year
refugees makes cowards of his all that's a it's a time alone it's definitely true and is something that is something that you actually do have control over right if you don't work out if you dont train if you don't work you're metabolic conditioning you're gonna do sal and i've seen over and over again you'll see with fighters all the time i've even see with guys and seal teams if they did you a few years in the genes their side they made it only to train is hard anymore and you see these guys gas now they they have he the problems are long patrols is its awful the thing is awful about it is that is preventable and so what do you have to do and i like what really said you know he obvious at some point in his life he had finally started probably situation like you are and where you want to talk about cause you're on the bottom gettin suffocated by some big moss crying is where d you get water bordered by buys where fuel i bet you hear that dealing at some point his life and he said i'm never gonna let myself get here again and
you know i've been very very tired in my life and i know that i do not ever want to be there makes you into a coward i won't let it happen so yes trade trade our train every day you damn right based on common values suffering and got a suffering jim so you don't have to suffer outside of it man so god bless you jack would thank you for your time i really appreciate my own he's gonna love this interview they ve been looking forward to hearing from you from a long time i really appreciate it and our thanks again for your services country there was on reserve backtracking on precisely what you do hope you enjoy that interview ladies and gentlemen i think you can tell if your regular listener by my enthusiasm it with one my personal favorite too
because the real patriot neural hero he's given a lot to this country i'll be enjoy that please subscribe to my channel my youtube channels youtube dot com slash bond gino we really appreciate it if you could also subscribe to our audio podcast on apple pod guess it's obviously to dampen juno show their we'd appreciate that is well thanks folks just in bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and followed in on twitter twenty four seven at de bone gino
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