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Is Joe Biden Dirty? # 931 (Ep 931)

2019-03-07 | 🔗
In this episode I address the troubling connections between Joe Biden, John Kerry, their family members, and foreign governments and companies. I also address the recent comments by disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan regarding the Mueller probe. Finally, I address the growing trade deficit and why you shouldn’t panic over it.    News Picks: The weak Democrats are refusing to debate on Fox News.    Is Joe Biden dirty?    The trade deficit grew last year, but this is not a bad thing.   Shady Adam Schiff appoints a known anti-Trump conspiracy theorist to investigate the President.   Disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan speaks out about the witch-hunt.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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branch dot com promo code by gino gotta problem branched outcome promo code budget for fifty dollars off your first set of sheets ball of branched off promo code by gino you will not regret a good night's sleep is waiting for you go pick him up ok right it's to be an important shell folks is joe biden dirty oh the important question i did tell joe arouse gonna go the show paula kind china knows but now we the twenty twenty presidential race eating up the democratic primary we're gonna have joe bride and get in we'll be relatively shortly and i think it's important question is joe biden dirty now i use their title for a number of reasons one i am obviously mean easy as joe biden some issues right now when it comes to foreign connection since foreign connections appear to be a very big deal right right remember the whole rushing collusion case is bedrock down the fact show that donald trump somehow met with russians and
russians these russian connections are a big deal and we should all be very ok well fair enough joe biden should be that it too but i break it up also kind of a double quote my religion teacher in high school used to make us do double quotes to quote related to each other is it way to get it was really funny so one kid one time the kid who won the contest the double called contest yo yo yo no the though all the writer canoe so he a thing called canoe wrote it oh god is dead so that guy book god dead come then he put come is dead turkey droplets so he wandered out there so europe it is kind of it to be a double quotas joe biden dirty because remember was joe biden german talking about barack obama who said he's the first clean black candidate for per member that these clean he's good clean what are you so good job
i didn't saying obama's what they d take showers you remember that these are first clean guy he's a story man he's clean well suppose lashes job right he's well spoken as what he i been really because every day some i don't quite a few black men who are very well spoke about morocco bomb is that the first one i've met i don't know what you're hanging out of jail but we're ok on era increases goes to show you like this inherit closet racism he's the first clean black i work what are you talking about saw the title kind of his as have joe we have not you know is joe biden dirty but this is a serious question here be a formidable candidate for president don't sell this guy short we did that before i don't know if you're member job when paul ryan debated joe biden during them romeo obama obama real campaign remember we were all excited you and i could i got paul ryan he's a policy walk he's gonna mall joe biden is going to be an embarrassing fashion nuts
what i actually did pretty well in a debate right side at a whole load of us irreverent we were all like what the hell just happened we expected like goofy joe to screw that whole thing up so don't well biden short he does ever of a knack for saying stupid things bodies is a formidable politician in some respects is cultivated this image of lunch pocket joe down to earth guy a man of the people but folks let's be fair here and if we're going to hold donald trump to a standard a standard of justice are vetting than biden should be held that standard to now is he dirty folks by the current metric were using which is foreign contacts foreign contacts that involve business dealings being some worthy of an investigation potential impeachment rights we ve heard about dollar trot gave us gonna build a tower in moscow to keep in mind this is a legal by the way his son met with a couple actions were oak showed up and talked about the russian adoption
said they may have information on hilary and never exchange any information so if foreign contacts are a big deal then let's holbein to that same standard so i haven't article the show no today from the new york postage and older article but it's worth your time it's from the excellent author peter schweitzer wrote a book i couldn't cash and in the new york posts piece it lays out some very suspicious contacts joe biden has had with foreign governments and those foreign moments of then turn around done business with people close to joe by notably his son hunter or just to be clear joe i'm just ass everyone here to be fair liberals and conservatives included if jerry adler sleazy adam schiff eric swore well one around the senate side these democrats all her donald trump for contacts with foreign shows that involve business dealings then it's only fair to ask the same again question of job i even worse job if a me being with pet members of your family notably
tromp junior with some russian officials by the way you are radically connected the clinton but of meetings with members of your family and foreign contacts and business dealings are suspect unworthy of investigation than i am demanding the following be investigated to let's go to him one by one arm then the show notes today upon gino dot com please read it had to peter schweitzer so joe biden son hunter hunter violence this company joe rosemont seneca who does it started with a kid by the neighbour guy by the names use me that care to gather the name of new york they chris heinz chris hides criticise wise hides like that your projects exactly like the catch a pint of actually up obviously name the highs catch of fortune wow what does that sound familiar teresa high tides scott abbreviated last name is mom is to recite carry terry like john kerry john carries why sir john kerry steps on chris heinz and hot thereby
start this company follow me here rosemont seneca so rosemont seneca is the son of these powerful officials one goes later to become secretary of state in the brok obama the other one joe biden over she hunter binds dad is the vice president united states now again meetings were foreign officials joe especially with foreign officials and your family business dealings you're supposed to be highly suspect so it's really convenient in this peace that hunter biden and chris in their company rosemont seneca one of their business partners and hunter this other guy devon archer dig at a meeting in china with some really powerful people in china who old control of a whole lot of money shone like collusion are we ought to something they get a meeting in china joe just hours before the vice president the time meets with president hu jintao at the time if i can emu timing
hocker biden and is as business partners arch devon archer isn't at this meeting in rows on seneca they get a meeting these powerful chinese officials in just a couple hours after that the vice president shows up i thought how bout i thought we were investigating foreign collusion bismarckian interference in the united states to all you may also why then this rosemont seneca gets this meeting powerful chinese officials while biden is conveniently underground meeting with the chinese president that nothing to see the others another meeting meeting number two let's call this the deuce this second meeting happens in may of twenty eleven whose office at the time of course barack obama and his vice president joseph by they get another meeting rose my seneca keep abide rosemont seneca run by john kerry stepson joe biden kid set meeting with these higher up sees these powerful chinese officials only too weak
after joe biden opens up the u s china strategic dialogue and washed in dc wow is an act convenient wow baghdad out of your sight was joe biden did they get these meetings because of joe biden by never anything to do with it did but is by nowhere that his son was doing business with higher ups and the chinese government about investment contracts a corresponding the same time frame joe biden reading with chinese officials i thought we were talking how far collusion i thought that was a big deal judge ladies and gentlemen i put joe biden is going to announce out run for president to all the same here s another show and i know you're out there i hope you're good do the same homework on this far and collusion is collusion is it a conspiracy the joe biden uses influence the setting sun up with these chinese officials are these questions are not worthy of answers i mean you ve hammered trump for every
bingo legal meeting he had with russian officials about a moscow project it never happened but this gets better these chinese projects joe biden son john kerry steps on actual he did happen let's go to the trifecta there's a two thousand thirteen visit joe another visit without thereby nannies these chinese officials and after this visit we get this convenient deal we're joe biden and his joe biden kid they have this company they invested be hr that joins forces with a vague so this chinese investment company and they by a company called energies forgive me from say in iraq ok baby this company in this company produces so joe biden company just so we're clear misuse region widens kid hunter their company up with chinese officials to buy another company that sells and by by sensitive u s equipment that can be used
for dual use military technology the purchase of this job of this company by job this kid and the chinese given that there's gotta be a significant amount of chinese investment has to be proved by serious the council on foreign investment the united states where does that sound familiar serious remember the name syria we always say remember the name seek influence pieced together the council on foreign investment the united states made up of high ranking officials who have to ultimately you who can disapprove of purchase of a u s company based on sensitive technology is the same exact poor approved the uranium one deal this boy how to approve the sale of this company to this company role by hunter biden joe all of a sudden syphilis gives it the rubber stamp well amazing how this serious always seems to appear stacked with obama officials eric holder hilary then when she was secretary of state john carry these people on the serious board who can disapprove these deals seem thinking
the rubber stamp these approve deals uranium one hundred geezer wherever you pronounce it this company that sells to use military technology all of a sudden these things get approved right away lickety split it a snap but still no doubt talking to mainstream media now about joe biden in his foreign cash the job i know about this i know it's your son was involved with this chinese company the purchase of sensitive technology if any even reporting on this maybe jail by it needs to take a shower and get clean upon me first clean kind for office if he claimed biden these these questions not worthy of answers what exactly was discussed at these i mean you ve drag donald trump through the woods shed he got meetings with russians about moscow tower project had never even happened you produce no in seville legality whatsoever and you ve dragged him through the
shed here thrown a minute what chipper over meetings with foreign individuals that lead to absolutely nothing that donald trump juniors been perfectly open about ironically with russians connected to the clinton space and yet these bar in chinese contacts between hunter biden and john kerry steps on with the chinese not even remotely interested oh it gets better jobs about this before smell a natural gas at the south methane and not like a man s a cue from the green new deal in emissions from the wrong hands is account does i got to me yeah man gets better so job north job i also has an interest in ukraine joe biden pops into visit the ukrainians on april fourteenth of twenty four t write in april twenty fourteen percent ukraine could really we right after a visit ukraine jail where he wants to talk about ukraine this energy independence from russia his son hunter yes same guy same guy
they got over the court jobs often you had a bad shouted good chap he could reach the gulf of mexico same guy same that same guy hunter by right after this april when he fourteen visit by his dad vice president to ukraine talk about energy independence from the russians by the ukrainians convenient his son gets appointed to the board of the largest natural gas company in ukraine beryllium isn't that convenient bone that's amazing how did tat happen boom is right so joyce charisma april of twenty fourteen right after the visit just like all of he's chinese business ventures hunter biden seems to be involvement seem to correspond exactly to meetings is that has had with chinese officials incredible that happens and how nobody in the mainstream media seems even remotely interested in lunch pocket joe and his connections let's talk about a lunchbox it now it gets better now remember folks
charisma one of their key officials is a former ology minister under a guy a unique of rich who was the head government in ukraine who was an ally a man afford follow me so little confusing the leaders this fight and goes to ukraine talks about energy and repair independence his son gets a spot on did she company in ukraine promoting ukrainian energy independence and natural gas company but the details are important year paul metaphor objective to the dossier say metaphor it's a good guy or anything like that but dont program at defending man afforded role in this but man afford is working for a pro russian crazy and had a state you do kovich you knew it is an enemy of the obama administration so the obama but the dnc targets metaphor conveniently man afford shows up in the trump orbit max one everybody knows it that's why alexander to look at the dnc targets man afford conveniently men
for it shows up in the trump orbit next thing you know trump becomes a subject of this big huge spying thing which i think was going on for a long time now the company the company charisma one of them board members on that one of their heads of that company is is now an enemy of unique event she was a former government minister under him he lee sees an enemy that he that hires they hire binds kids work for beryllium charisma the company hunter binding to board spot on in this big nice cushy position conveniently in two thousand seventeen right after presidential the presidential election scientists operation agreement with the atlantic council member the and a council all the board members the atlantic council but many of them have intimate roles and despite a scandal in the atlantic council one of their advisers on the technology side dmitri prokofitch runs crowd strike which is
company and analyze the deeds he computers evelyn farkas as on the atlantic council the woman who shows up and msnbc after the election and says how we had all this information on trump and the russians we had to tell people what we gotta remember that now who funds the atlantic council the atlantic councils funded by victor pincher victor pension the ukrainian another enormous donor to the clinton foundation found they t donated between ten and twenty five million dollars to the current foundation he funds the atlantic council that right after the election i believe in an effort to right a cosy up into the trump administration afterwards parisian finds a cooperation agreement with the atlantic council because there are some members that they have government influence and i think they're trying to make a lot of this stuff go away because they thought hillary clinton would be the president and thereby tourism is connections to biden would become a big deal if if beheld wasn't like that you get my point yet give tourism is true
to make this go away charisma sides of the line the council of all these former government officials on areas to be fair there are some republican connected p on that away at the council board as well but the bad councils did by pincher pinch shook ironic will becomes a target and mothers investigation is wealth not for his tender five million dollar donation to the clinton foundation but for a hundred fifty thousand dollars speaking for he paced the donald trump perfectly legal again fostered my thesis here that bob mahler sole purpose here is to keep the heat on the trip administration to make all of these shady connections to biden and clinton go away investigate pinch you get him to shut up tell him you're investigating and for the trump thing there he won't tell you anything about the current thing or go public i this is make sense joe i don't like what i'm here but yet have i know you have to follow but keep in mind the here joe biden meets with foreign officials both chinese and ukrainian all of a sudden is
i'm getting lucrative deals with john kerry john kerry steps on chris but i thought far and contacts were big deal apparently there are only a big deal when they involve republicans like donald trump is joe biden dirty is any i'm looking into this is anyone asking joe biden about their trip conveniently time to ukraine right before his son got this lucrative the old charisma the ukrainian natural gas company where asking the questions here i folks today show also brought you by our bodies policy genius a getting life insurance can feel like assembling the world's worst jigsaw puzzle confusing it takes forever finally down there's even look cool but if you have a mortgage kids are anyone it depends on your income it's a puzzle you need to solve and policy genius can help you do it policy gene does the easy way to get life insurance is a super easy to use highly recommended it just two minutes you can compare cos from top ensures to find the best policy for you
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buying overseas without the cia being intimately involved in this so you have and in an essential key figure in the spy gate scandal so breton maiden appearance cuts a little long little over minute my cut some of it out because it it's actually longer it's about three minutes on but i get to the core of it because brennan's up to his old tricks again he besought msnbc with our buddhist lawrence o donnell and he's asked the queen about the impending mullah report which we believe will be released this week possibly on friday baldos report here's brennan's take on what he thinks gotta be contained in this report and listen closely because i want to tell you he's doing a little dixie do flip a here and he's trying to bait the trump team into something so play the cut explain what i mean afterwards are you one who's is willing to at this stage of venture a guess about worm robert mueller is in his process and how close he two filing report and beyond that what you would expect from such a report well
robert wants to be able to conclude his work and turn over the investigative throws the southern of new york the indus virginia and other jurisdictions is appropriate as we're coming up to two years so i think he does want to conclude that i wouldn't be surprised if for example this week on friday knowing anything about it but fridays the day that the grand jury and i must come down and also this friday is better than next friday because next friday is the fifteen march which is the eyes of march and i don't think but molly will want to have the dramatic flair of the ides of march when he is going to be delivering what i think i'm going to be his indictments the final indictments as well as of the report that he gives the attorney general what makes you believe that he has more indictments
because he has an address the issues related to criminal conspiracy as well as any individual criminal conspiracy involving the russian and of russia's yes i think it was very active area in person and you as president scenario you know something about that that investigation was developing while you are still on the job while i was in terms of looking at what was going on with the russians and whether or not you as persons who are actively collaborating colluding cooperating involved in a conspiracy with them or not but also if there is going to be any member you say advancing at that stage to believe that there would now that that would sultan indictments once investigative i i thought at the time i was going to be individuals who were going to have issues with the department of justice yes we ve already seen a number of individuals who have been injured we either have pledged guilty or have been convicted now so again i don't have any inside knowledge over talking with anybody but yes there we go so branded as well
side knowledge which is nonsense we all know he's intimately familiar with what went on bread and of course of course was intimately familiar with the dossier but usually did you hear reset and a public up for the fact that this is going to big zero and this is going to be a big nothing and he's incentivize mahler or china send little coated dog with the language to you noticed what he said joe to refer cases to what is at issue the eastern dissimilar jane other district in new york basically you saying is up what smaller job your mother's use what we know from at least a publicly available scope memo not the hidden one by mothers job is soon cigarette russian collusion anything else he gets as a result of that crimes he may come crosser alleged crimes you may come across he's supposed to farm outbreak so bread and his kind throwing a hint out there that even though this thing may be a big nothing berger on friday you noticed what he said
well i'm not really sure people may have had some contact with these foreign officials but they may have trouble with the department of trouble with the department of how they can be charged with crime or not try have trouble with the department of justice i have trouble what they did can always talk to him but he's basically saying is the way to continue this going forward sending a dog whistle to mueller and the department of justice is that the haters in the department of justice against trump is uni continue this by referrals outside of the mahler probe even if the mahler programmes on price that makes sense in other words what he's been doing with cohen that was referred out to the sun for the fact that this is going to be a big dodd potentially on friday when this comes out he's already laying the groundwork and he's trying to bait them into it he's laying the groundwork for the fact that this is going to be a big deal potentially on friday when this comes out it's gonna be a big nothing there's gotta be nothing in there and that they should see further foster the investigation by farming our cases to the d o j
the rich in virginia in southern district in europe to keep the financial investigations and the heat on trumped go on forever brennan brennan's dog folks sorry this guy's awful he is one of the worst human beings on a plan i have never heard a sport cia director talk like this in my life a guy who was intimate we involve and spying operation on donald trump out there as a paid contributor on one of these networks dogging the president united states speaking about things he knows he was intimately involved in this guy is awful now there's an interesting theory developing that i'm a guy's got up in communicating with has been sending me over an interesting theory developing about how mothers job right now is not just to keep the heat on donald trump joe but his job is also to make sure that the dossier that the dossier
this some air of legitimacy to we'll i'm what happens start the on this a little bit if something i've been working on a little bit with my my second book with you with the with has out there to this gets interesting because we'll see what happens with the smaller report and if it if it tracks a dossier no words we know is a hoax but did you know that mahler has been slowly mythology he working his way to all the figures that appear in the dossier yeah yeah baneful in others so it's interesting just how many dossiers were then go back to my golden file show i did last week whatever what are the reformation made its way to a bomb his desk in other words folks is echoed and file of their other dossiers out there were not aware of i covered this on my friday show but i just i want you to remember when devon nunez to the white house on march right after dna idea coats was appointed here the white ass for a reason the information he was looking at its given to him by a whistle blower was intended
information he gave a press conference he gave a press conference afterwards and said some of it had nothing to do with russia when i'm suggesting you with info you should may have made it to the white house now invented that is not indeed that is its assent we other dossiers were not aware of yet did you notice a devil newness on the news translator joan is recent interviews keeps talking about how the alleged there were the dossier christopher steel i did what do you think he's saying there i'm sorry folks from former and that too cracked and i'm just trying to end in a rather probably poorly made up at secured we're trying to get to the point that there is the information that likely made it to the president's desk on vetted essentially the golden file other cs it made it they're dead we lay out a more detailed administration wide spying operation on political opponents that bureaucracy i had utilised where tromp was act
we just a small part of a much larger bigger puzzle is that makes sense joe and think about it tat the views and nunez translate a right the way he talks about steel the alleged author the dossier i think what he is saying is information may have been washed through steel because it was a source the fbi had used before so they can claim he was somewhat credible but steel was not the ultimate producer intelligent joe the question and becomes who is do you see where i'm going joe is christopher steel workers me before and a case against you let's say you and him over and involved in a bank robbery and the or you and another guides the new about it still provided it mason was reliable if i wanted to nail you and set you up later i would go back to steal because credibility and bona fides and i can go to a judge and say christopher stupid i did information about your warm across before it was reliable and valid but what is still doesn't have that info
i'm just targeting joe what if follow me your buddy what if i go to steal and say hey i have this information on georgia cause i need you to feed it back to me then i can tell the judge you gave it to me it'll be legitimate and i can wash my hands of it you get where i'm going you dog yeah do yeah this is crazy it's awfully convenient that ever nunez your father christopher steel is the alleged author of the dossier yet bread was this stuff bread is hiding brennan's a snake brennan knows central intelligence agency he was in charge of was probably producing reams of information shuttle through fusion gps to make it look like it was outside information given to the fbi when it was inside information likely develop between hilary hilary team the obama administration and spying targets they had their political opponents foxes is really bad stuff i'm meant to elaborate a little bit more on this with the golden fast i'm working on it now would book too
it's really mind boggling stuff because they keep talking about this other stuff when the materials on redirected that's gonna be so devastating what about it could be what could be more devastating than information that's proven false the what told you on friday show real legitimate this information from a our government we scooped up from the russians essentially this information we scooped up in order to use russian information to prosecute trump knowing it was faint that's what's worse than a hoax information this information to big deal folks huge the what's goin on ok let's see here we go next a body then eying dick we love the gloomy though here said at a richer boom withal you know who said he was in vietnam and was not which is i mean and i obviously with was not in vietnam i lost an uncle there you die
it quite a relatively over there but i can only imagine to the people of europe men and women who did serve over there in vietnam that they are probably pint find it joe that's your generation will probably find it pretty offensive guy claimed vivas over there who wasn't so it is a u senator trump as aptly named denying dick so i'd denying dick blumenthal is but he's senate committee there yesterday any questioning of customs and border patrol boss and of course the dick wants the gaslight you and spend misinformation and i want to place video cut of this guy just she cutting the can they hang dick down this is really epic stuff play that game but was it not caught acts are coming primarily still through the ports of entry at worst seizures errors of border crossings are still at a historic low compared to other times in
a nation's history no senator they're not there were around pays for over seven hundred thousand crossings this year that's closer to historic highs and historic close i am that no sir that's not accurate folks we are approaching the even in reality read you a march with new york times at new york times by the way obviously not right leaning out the new york times which does full blown propaganda for the democratic party march with new york times headline border the breaking point when i got there wasn't a crisis joy tat there was nothing wrong at the border well just europe ray what we addressed yesterday the month february alone they had seventy six thousand that's many six hundred not seventy six not seven hundred and sixty seventy six thousand apprehensions at the border good for that sea bp boss for call in denying dick out we're at all
all time loads for border crossings are no senator that is absolutely incorrect were approaching all time high were approaching approximately six then hundred thousand people crossing the border a year folks seven retreating apprehended can you imagine how many are not being apprehended o o really thanks to that guy for shutting shutting denying dick down the stuff is just gettin attic throw these be the lies in the gas lighting a seemingly never ending less red or hackers you can grab your password your credit finally you by bodies at express bp and i admit it you think cybercrime is something as other people like it out i mean maybe you you may think that no watch your data or hackers you can have your password your credit card details you'd be wrong if you if i'm gonna be you one day he's gonna be u stealing data from unsuspecting people up wi fi when the simplest and cheapest ways for hackers to make money when you leave
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i'm slash mancino for three months free with a one year package visit express vp an thou com slash bond gino to learn more a dan oh yes sir i'm still kind of less than about the eyes of call already brought that always something with this stuff i don't like the weirdest that like anyone in the public is gonna make tat connection to be a real sick o the but that's our bread it is i'm glad you brought that unlighted really hit annex is ever so many other stupid things you senator but that's kind of weird right like how he would bring that up like where what is this like i did the death i mean it's a summer cobb brennan if he's like a real sick poppy decker just a straight i told you i am quick story about brennan you usually companies you so i have to i i've is why more than once
helicopter right behind and it was really tight really tie it was one of its little birds the fifty three these are those that now there's a six these areas but it was tied in their right mind looking over his shoulder not to be nosey it's just that i like my head is literally over his shoulder and i see him googling himself but unlike wildly like kids you figure out how to put your name or like a google alert they give you so lay by good does it involve you don't we do it for that just because it shows called the budget or shall we haven't i google although what am i certainly but the big eyes a gauge let me read all my good practice so way they it's got a guy bread it is that such a guph veggie picked up i didn't i forgot about funny array moving on to the next story all ladies and gentlemen don't panic over the trade deficit interesting while she journal article trace worth your time
liberals you know the left wing media out there the trade deficit has gone up we hit a record of eight hundred and ninety one billion last year the trade deficit of course everybody is panicking folks do not i don't want to do and long elaborate economic show today on this point i wanna hit some points because it's important you get this kinda bunk the nonsense by your liberal friends there's a reason the trade deficit which trade deficits are not inherently bad thing folks hit aid ninety one billion last year and the reason is this is very simple in i spent in the united states since the economy started growing robustly in the trump tax cuts has picked up dramatically the dollar has become stronger what is it dollar becoming stronger mean when the doll stronger a unit of currency it means it stronger relative to something else right as a metric they die are now buys more foreign products wide as the dollar by more foreign products because each hunger relate relative to that foreign currency so let's say joe before the trump tax cuts when the economy
this was pottering along right the dollar was not a strong because people were seeking to invest in the united states is much because the economy was in a strong so let's say you are one dollar brought a hundred widgets from china the chinese widgets as the dutch or give stronger because people are investing in the united states the unit of currency get stronger in relationship to the chinese unit of currency so what happens that one dollar u s dollars joe now buys a hundred and ten chinese which so what happens as the euro dollar get stronger because your car the economy is growing violently right now since the trump tax cuts as it grow stronger the dollar grows stronger and buys more far and stuff this isn't really copper it's not a surprise at all that the unemployment gone down in the deficit trade deficit in s growth rates have gone up now don't panic you may say why and i get this is where you know
the administration i butthead sometimes have been than that personally i mean i know but i do have a big problem we trade deficits because happens shows as we send more of those dollars overseas to buy which is because our our stronger and more powerful because of investment in the u s economy right what happens is those u s dollars can't be spent in china right they can't those you dollars that go to china and are converted have to make their way back to the united states chinese companies they get paid in dollars have to convert it those dollars the chinese financial institutions and those chose dollars have to be spent back in the united states right so what happens those u s dollars return is foreign investment you need to members here to show up reprove i'm right from the journal peace tonight so the trade deficit went up hunger dollar makes imports cheaper the dollar goes father buys more florence that job fixed invest
but the united states and structures and equipment is up five and seven percent why is that because the food dollars being used by imports overseas because its strong and could buy a lot of stuff overseas now those same dollars are coming back into the united states because they can't be spent in foreign countries and are being invested back in the united states it structures and in equipping and being used by the tub do they have to spent here those foreign companies send it back to the united states whether its in real estate u s investments buying u s bonds he comes back in the united states is investments capital account always works out to be zero what i'm trying to tell you is don't believe the left wing narrative all my gosh an enterprise did you know your pains rita with me yeah but because they know the difference that media just a few months ago was bashing tromp saying listen trade deficits aren't they
big deal i don't know why he's make it a big deal and now show that the trade deficit is eight hundred ninety one billion what's the media say far my gosh trunk el the trade deficits eight i thought what did you just said if you want to go there not a big deal sadly they were right they were right i say said because the media can ever be honest to stick to a principle age de principles backdrop at all costs don't fret about the trade deficit the trade deficit is because the dollar is powerful and can by a bunch of foreign stuff the money comes back in the united states is investment that's why investments up is not of this is not it this is nothing something unusual about this ok couple lot stories them a role for the day as i slowly recover from this thing kip this thing off the friday sorry but you so weird this is how we do it you take like i put a jacket on or something but you get to see me or my scars and everything you know folks this is how we rock and roll into show i wasn't miss
this showed no matter what and this is not taped by the way this is what is thursday this is near here there's my fault look can you see the date on her thet theirs thursday march seven so where do i was miss of my show no matter what i was little groggy though yesterday after the anesthesia we're off i've had anesthesia like ten times are so now and i gotta tell you this is the first time that i was like it took a little bit that my wife was like gonna be ok tomorrow do show his is really like super groggy aside at times they d i thought it might be when i met you wait for that called and i came here when i now where do i actually i feel ok i'm a little i'm a little warm now i don't know you know what the deal with that is but a little white big issues from he really dug a lot of stuff but it may have a look at those things check that out is a crazy little teeth loophole that amazing
what's up ha now he gave us picture i know and i left him in the bedroom inside parliament and of the year gimme pictures of my elbows action we need to show them tomorrow maybe some of the doctors in the audience can check him out to their remit elbow like the cartilage shredded joe it looks like ripped up like cotton you know it's possible smooth is really a mass they are so he didn't he did some good work as doctors awesome he's got a great bedside manner to wade red sites when a name to what that guy what is that a grass doctors name right there and by that i get back the current than you know me i can go on other so another piece of austria germany back our california becoming like almost a childish infantile state how they can't seem to be on with their citizens and tell them what's going on with their tax dollars they talk about two specific programmes how these are incubators for real stupidity and no one we'll be honest with the citizens a california programme number one job they keep talking
a forty about single pay or single pair we're gonna institute single pair gavin newsome gov new governor california big fan gov make it your men in california basically free air quotes free healthcare california what they don't want to tell people though is that their free healthcare california is going to cost people get over this job four hundred billion dollars a year now let's put that in context the entire state budget of the already profligate over bending state of california now is two hundred billion so the journal in the journal pc goes to inflict folks isn't this basic math contagious the honest and even in california this liberal incubator of of a far less progressive stupidity can't they just be honest with their p what they are legion gentlemen citizens a california there is simply no money to pay for this the two your billion we spend now we will require us to couple the entire state budget four hundred billion in additional spending think about what i'm telling you spend two hundred billion now before
one hundred billion is in addition to their already over the top state budget now that's what would cost institute single pair and they cannot be honest with him the second example he gives is this rob ridiculous a bullet they are trying to do this train to nowhere which gave newsome is finally put the emergency brake on pine intended because the project chow is projected to cross costs during eighty billion dollars times more than the allocated funds so folks are getting california this is like childish infantile stop you have the numbers the data you have the facts laid out in front of you you have the arithmetic and the math the math doesn't work and it's like intentionally lying to themselves you know this this goes by to this whole criticism you and i drove had of liberalism and compare progressed from the beginning it relies almost entirely on emotion and foolish shapiro say facts don't care about your feelings it's a great liner wish i gotta trademarked at first you know that they joan and end
liberals are so me deepen the emotions while health care is a right of course we have to provide free and that sounds great everybody cheers until you get act in the stomach with a yvonne drago like left hook to the rib cage that it's going to cost for a hundred billion dollars and then no one has the guts to stand up and say listen citizens of california we really can't afford that this is not going to happen the same thing with the bullet train it's not going to happen he's no money you understand this is the infantile mud then that's paraded its way through the democratic party in the way you know once formerly great state of california and i genuinely feel bad for the republicans and i get a lot of emails from people say and hey don't knock em that knocking you i'm knocking your government is are you there are a lot of white gave a speech out their up in california in california we had something like what two hundred
major people show is the place was packed i don't even know of any people when it was crazy the whole room was filled but there are some good republicans out there but this thing is is it's what it's what happens in california is becoming a barometer for what happens nationwide their testing out the stupidity there first they far they can get and in making this stuff go national that's the reason california turned to the big trouble for the republican party it's not isolated to the coast anymore you saw that new york with this infanticide bill they put out there there testing this stuff for a national audience ok one last story but he tells me with the same anything about that but this was really an industry not come from them i just read it on trumps twitter and you know they're just turning into a petty kind of silly party they are not going to allow or fox news out disclosure obviously i work at fox news i'm a paid contributor there but you know nobody tells me with the say anything about that
this was really an in not come from them i just read it on trumps twitter the democrats having a series of debates for their now crowded presidential feel for the twenty twenty election now when the republicans in their debates joe they did what i thought to be the right thing they got their day day let's cnn had a debate and then bc have a debate that john harwood debate you know lot of but complain that the time folks but to be fair i'm it's the right it's the right thing to do we don't on our republic and ideas only on one network i think even fox would agree with that you'll be nice have all the debates on fox but we have to why did we have to get our ideas are to a broader platform i no problem at the time with those debates being on other networks too but the republican party you generally does you know sometimes when it comes to these it did the right thing right the democrats now for their presidential debate in this twenty twenty cycle the democrats are now boycott fox news and saying they will not give fox news any debates at all that
the story gets good you know i love trouble he's a counterpart your jail you know did you too near the story did you if i were we're gonna show this morning so what has dropped to trap reach out this morning a good for him ok you want to boycott fox that's great about i boycott or you plans for the general election debates in don't give anybody debate outside a fox now dare you go classic trump you don't you jab me i write crush you write to the chops right that's classic donald trump that's what i want about this guy and you always probably not kidding so now these networks have a choice actually that these networks dnc as a choice the dear hey do you want your general election debates between whoever your nominees gonna be whenever lunch pocket the lunch basket joe but do you want those on honour on fox and elsewhere and other networks or do you want to play it's taken my toys and go and home nonsense not give flaccid debate
during the primary season and you're gonna get screwed because trump will only appear on fox in a general election after that classic trump counterparts you gotta love this guy joe nobody does it better than him i suggest titus up the show rap it up for the day a little earlier sorry folks it's just stuff i'm doing okay it's not like i'm in any pain or anything but i just want to make sure i cannot move this thing around before i get in partition it but i want you to make sure were digging into this joe biden thing is biden dirty these contacts with china contacts with china that happened right around his top right around the time his son and his business partner connect the john kerry stepson by marriage all get these suspicious business deals happens in ukraine is well buys it biden visit you create all of a sudden is sunday this plush appointment on natural gas borders binds over there talking about energy independence for ukraine these are syria question is
biden dirty i expect the media will do their homework on this although you know they won't because they don't care there go there to cover for lunch bucket showed the democrats at all costs thanks for tuna in i really appreciate it please subscribe to the show on itunes is you go to your podcast app you click the subscribe button is absolutely free helps us move up the charts a subscription that helped us move up the top charts of people can find it can also fly you see on the screen iheart radio stick your google play sow cloud alexa google home check us out and please followed subscribes to the show it helps us move up the charts we really appreciate thanks for tuna folks i see what you just said dan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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