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Is There a Light at the End of this Tunnel? (Ep 1200)

2020-03-10 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the continued misinformation campaign regarding the Coronavirus epidemic. I also address the disturbing attacks by Twitter against the Trump campaign, along with the Trump team’s response. Finally, I address the disastrous Bernie Sanders’s townhall last night. 

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just waiting to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee know this is your daily corona virus up date back data no hysteria you want hysteria go to the drugs report you want facts go to bomb gino report com or their shopping i got that i got a super too many reduce they update bernie again last night on foxy sky just lies with the near impunity that and they voter storage mrs can be statutory show sponsored by express bbn protect your data online a day go to express vp and dot com slash bungee don't forget welcome to the budgetary authority should show how are you today a daddy l nando pretty good man just why don't we go in i didn't i
like me very concerned your lab in communicating here we have a business to to run both me and joe separately here joe as its own enterprise so it's concerning i have some potential potential good news on corona again we're gonna do facts here and not hysteria tune in to see and anna msnbc if you want a freak out and they designed the apocalypse is coming to morrow you want the stuff will give it to night sure but you barberries patriot mobile we witnessed what happened when the establishment democrats or corporate allies and the meat all came together to stop bernie sanders resurrect the joe biden campaign which was d o aid is an important lesson there so much stronger than we stick together patriot mobile is the only mobile phone provided it don't proportion a portion of your monthly bill to organisations fighting for value we believe and right to bear arms life religious liberty and supporting our terrific veterans starting it just twenty five thousand patriot mobile plants come with a limit talk text in the same reliable nationwide service with no eden fees switching is
super easy go to patriot mobile that comes last stand do we could i i'm giving those other companies your money and get free activation when you use the africa dan plus a free gift when you open a new line or call the u s based customer service team at nine seven to patriot we need to stick together support this great american company supporting our values with every call you make their service is terrific to patriot mobile dot com slash dan patriot mobile dot com slash didn't go today stop supporting those other companies patriot mobile that complex manner i let's go ding ding so again refuse to engage in this hysteria that is collapsing our stock market cleansing yard a potentially our job market will see what happens next month it is done we for ratings on many of these stations that are interested in propaganda i seen you and it's a damn shame people are really being heard by this and misinformation is everywhere having said that a lot of dismissal from
ladies and gentlemen about the corona viruses emanating from no surprise year china now china themselves experts like the russians are in this information misinformation and propaganda campaigns yeah joe china now wants you to believe that the war on virus would harm virus that's what it in the virus that originated move on china joe may not of originated in china you want to talk about dumb you know intergalactic big level stupid conspiracy theories he here is a spokesman for the chinese ministry of foreign affairs their propaganda out here's a tweet know this tweet was one of their oppressors they gave but this tree where their staff they dropped the hint here that hey this is this is the ministry of foreign affairs in china this is an official treaty you confirmed cases have covered night teamwork we found that china but it's
origin is not necessarily in china we are still tracing the origin come on to short term or again misinformation is everywhere ladies and gentlemen no serious person disputes the fact that this virus did in move on now having so that again why am i bringing this up today you say well this kind of nonsense propagandist up it has folks again that coming out of china is everywhere everywhere you to be very careful about the information you read online twitter cnn msnbc msnbc and other outlets the reason i'm bringing this up is that the pie on china whose going through asked the outbreak of this is that that seems to be having a little bit but it's hard to trust their information but to show you that journalists supposedly mainstream journalists in the united states are leave it or not
peering this chinese propaganda remember yesterday you miss they please watches worth your time tremendous ratings on it or download numbers i should say ratings i covered the fact that there is a mainstream media mean now that if we call it a war on virus and i'll get to this in a second that this is in fact racist ladies and gentlemen be absolutely crystal clear to you that is nothing more than absolute one hundred percent chinese prop again that whole racist line to get you to stop talking about where this virus originate it is it don't even answer the racist grisettes you so damn it's worth your time but i you to understand the mainstream media people i criticise from msnbc i showed you used to yesterday we want as this is racist calling to that they are so believe repeating chinese propaganda the same type of propaganda their ministry of foreign affairs is putting out in their twitter fever haiti
regions of this virus this is all questionable now it's not look at this tree but this is a response by one of the good guys this giant tune in to one of the bad guys it david gura david gura tweets again this is a a mainstream media guy in the united states f why calling covert nineteen the war on virus these races david go you can go blank yourself fill in the blanks yourself folks john known in response them really the ball is named for river near its origin disease comes from lime connecticut here it comes from the zika forest in uganda then german measles west now fever rocky mountain spotted fever rift valley fever and lift the list goes on and on many illnesses have upon him his name's its harmless course it's not harmless
to the chinese who want a lie to you and make you believe conspiracy theories that the war on virus which is what will be calling it from now on to give a double barrel middle finger to the chinese trying to propaganda eyes s now the war on irish they want you to believe started somewhere else when i play that game sorry take your nonsense elsewhere again this is the fact and data shall you want the hysteria shall go to the drugs report assembly c and cnn that want you to believe everybody's gonna die now had tipp to my wife paula i always do that for the production but for content i honestly we read this is a one way street i you she said there's stuff she helped me fix it up in the show we were driven home last night i gave a speech at the excellent club forty five down upon each active to them do one of the best said pro trump card
in the country and we are driving all when she was reading this fantastic article she found ass by rejects which is a private company but its by this doctor chris centennial and the march eight twenty twenty and the title is why i am not concerned about the corona virus again i'm trying to i'll down hysteria and give you facts and data job as an excellent piece i get it is said that rejects it's it's you know it's but but with all the hysteria we're getting from washington compost than this limes abs what i'd rather take it from it after than from those people because our own that's chris age our will on israel's there's gonna work whenever they delicacy with the serious people to let the adult analysed this article will be in the shone out i strongly strongly encourage you to read it you want to my shoulders but you know that calm slash newsletter go there subscribe ladies and gentlemen we do not spamming but i will send you these articles everywhere this is worth your time let me give you that you take a ways i took from this which i think you are definitely be interested from this
again this is his opinion not mine but i feel like in light of all the hyperbolic bad news you deserve some potential good news to take away number one how lethal is covered nineteen which were calling the bovine virus will quote from this peace by this doctor them accurate data case vitality shows from the only natural experiment we have now the diamond princess crews why this princess cruise ship because the closed environment where we can accurately measure every person who get sick and we the real number of people who perish based on that specific exposure the cruise ship data ladies and gentlemen shows up italian re which we ve been told this upwards of four percent the crews chip data shows a fatality rate of zero eight five percent all of the people that pay again tragically so now meaning to downplay this but facts matter my all
people perished we're over seventy which is much or like the seasonal flu again quoting this peace in addition the abyss what are you the virus to spread was again can we since yesterday what is the are zero the are not how contagious is as he says ability of the virus to spread was again not tat impressive it was about as only about twenty percent of the people got the virus so this buggies nasty again quoting the peace not the middle aged killer the media's been making it out to be folks i can't hammer this enough every single day on my shop to my audience who i loved the death you made me if such a pleasure to live every single day even in the midst of these crises it's not a clue is this serious that question has been asked and answered yes it is very serious very serious to people over the age of sixty and seventy the question is is it serious enough that we should
i'll be hoarding up in our house buying seven years of toilet paper thirty two years of salt and pepper but bar of soap water pure vacation machines are all about prepare this all the time you should always be prepared all that the question is should we be prepared the end of times due to this and the data in this doctor opinion in this peace his opinion is no the risk to this and the massive sell off and the economic ramifications are going to be nasty if we don't get a hold of the response quickly take away number two from this peace why the huge difference in death rates as they do the doktor here christian taro addressed before he will listen we're getting these death rate of four percent but the cruise ship is showing less than one percent why
this is a brilliant plays with paula found the piece and you got to listen to this she was reading it to me last night and they send me that quote first the death rates in the fur part of any outbreak are always wildly inflated folks why because based only on the number of people who are sick and are tested for the virus while ignoring the greater number people contract a virus get a little sick for they never get tested are all when you add in all of those healthy people shrugged the virus off the death rate almost always plummet now couple of other things why are the death rate so much higher in china so this sum science related topics on the links are in the peace again but you know that calm slash newsletter read them yourself neglects to some good that links excuse me some good scientific links there but he goes on why are the death inflated and china he said there are other factors it could plain the differences so brilliant point for example
two thirds of chinese men smoke compared to fifty percent of you estimate china also has severe air pollution compared to the united states in other words ladies and gentlemen a pre existing long kiss you compromise situation but a lot of these men from the elevated levels of smoking and air pollution that is exacerbating the fatality rate the death rate of corona iris in china these are all substantive serious questions they may they may so but they are worth asking why had this isolate invite and again the two crucial not a perfect study there's no control variables in student but is something we should look at the real world popular kind of survey more than anything but why are these vitality rate so different answer maybe because a lot of people are getting corona i don't even know it they think they have in cold or allergies and their recovery they are not the ones
being reported only getting a report amongst a larger sicker pull pool that's going to the hospital and sex we the chinese death rates may be inflated because of some existing lung damage due to when environmental conditions possible less serious over there but it makes him worth considering again based on the response i can say this enough we put a price on things ever day and we put a price on our own safety why don't you live in a bank vault we live in a house where someone could break in tomorrow why why you spend all of your body armor in your windows because it's not working christy like i'll i'll take my chances pew do it all the time are we not doing this with this and is every body were selling off the stock market there's mess economic a patent going on right now is that commensurate with the the only way will know that is when we get good information and that's it we're here to do
another piece in the new york post again show notes worth your time please check it out this guy's a lawyer but to some interesting data there michael fermented corona virus is going to hit its peak and start falling sooner than you think what do two things dresses chris quickly and this piece folks regardless of the our other virus ebola aid sars mirth corona there is nearly always a bell shaped curve i believe your dress is it called far as law on again i'm not an epidemiologist or an md so i'm going to stay from analysis amounted to billy familiar with but he indicate in the peace that there's always a bell carbon factions rise peak dramatically drop the authors with the seasonal change there the high warmer humid whether virus replication is harder that's why you see generally in the spring and summer a downward bell sloping of infections like the fluid elsewhere he also indicates don't you find it a little odd latin america's been largely spared here largely metal because its author
the weather is heating up i am simply saying you don't downplay this it's not a non threat but is it an end of the world threat where we all share leaving our jobs quitting tomorrow moving underground and finding a cave to live in the answer to that question is clearly at this point no but the media makes money of making you believe that's possible secondary benefit if not the primary benefit is they get to attack donald trump and make it look like he's incompetent one more quick peace in our daily corona up day wall street journal there getting some research resurgence some studies out on their their finding out that the incubation period which has been up in the air innovation period may be as short as five days corona virus symptom start about five days after infection new research finds both regions robert e lee hearts they jump that's good news we ve heard anything from fourteen to twenty plus days now i thought there
suggest that can't be fourteen days the research says they have at cases that have gone out along but ninety seven percent of is your now within five days that's good news you wanna know quickly you know why people stress doubt for two and three weeks wondering if they shook hands with someone we carogne if they're gonna get sick believe me that's impact at us here from being at sea echo those to be clear we had no contact with the person yet was my belief and out by a number of hours were not gonna do that they'll books are much or any of its accurate data and dare facts man ok we're dial and the temperature down here aye aye today show also brightly remedies have we the people ass theirs they generally we the people officers based the finest hawsers out there these are beautiful handcrafted holsters i love these things they have these precision malls they may be precision malls that fit every single millimeter the fire i'm you have now one of the problems with these older in
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last night i thought of tyre but i'm all right up there i thought your authorities anderson period a fox and whose town hall last night and again continued to propagate misinformation and nonsense before i play the though i addressed a point last night at this speech down in palm beach and i want to bring up tonight i'm getting a ton a ton of emails from people say hey and this is bad we shouldn't hid bernie birdies the better care it is for us we can destroy the sky binds gonna be tough folks two quick points of this forget through the bernie video i entirely disagree with you point number one which i have a product for when i brought up last night that you think this was a good point parliament your discounting something within our please turn your volume up ladies and gentlemen bernie sanders becomes the nominee i'm telling you you think we're in the stock market route now wait till you see what happens if he becomes the formal democratic now many and even
one pole comes out showing him leading president trump and you know as well as i do the trump poles are always all over the map there will be a stock market route that will make the last few days look like robber room even factor that in you know and i know that some second and third order stuff there but we're conservatives we think through then what then what then what is thomas sola we set ok then what your discounting the fact that of bernie is the nominee it may become a self fulfilling prophecy business says knowing their wealth and capitalism will be wrecked under a bernie sanders presidency in god forbid a democrat majority in the senate the house the business these values will plummet almost overnight we will destroy any argument president trop as tat we
the economy do you see that how bernie almost becomes a self fulfilling prophecy please do not this count that it's a big deal secondly as i said before i want to double down on this but don't underestimate the power of free do short cell bernie sanders campaign he is very good he's better at selling free than mcgovern dukakis and walter mondeo were not sayings when these as a shot i just for joe biden is is is i think the better campaign run against just my opinion having said that that's why i am committed to destroying bernie sanders horrible vision for the country on the show because i believe in freedom constitutional public here's bernie last night fox news town hall lying again about his plans and lying again about denmark being a socialist country this is disgraceful check this sum that democratic socialism will not have the same results good thank you with the russian mafia lava margaret
what happened and existed in the soviet union was not socialism what communism whether in cuba or whether in this the union whether in other countries was marked by totalitarianism was marked by throwing billy so people into the gulags stalinism was about as bad as it s got but right near here from russia i don't know if you have a visited finland as finland finland isn't it but the russian they have a very democratic society with scorn democratic socialist principles everybody in finland has healthcare is right there educational system is perhaps the best in the world and college there is free they take environmental responsibility are very very seriously they have one of the lowest rates of childhood poverty in the industrialized world gonna you know what
voting rate people participated elections in a lot higher than it is in the united states so when we talk about democratic socialism margaret i'm talking about finland i'm talking about denmark i'm talking about sweden i'm talking about countries all over the world who have used their government to try to improve life for working families not just the people on top i have to say believe me it hurts me and wounds me to have to tell you this but i have to give bernie credit his be asking ability can we need initials or be asked to because never been more appropriate initiatives for a human being this sky massages tyranny like no human being i've ever met this so union wasn't socialist does he know what this u s s our stand yeah i'm just asking has rejected sorry
right joe i told him you were both eyes a little old media policy the people are just check because they understand what that means the soul the union was the very definition of socialism ladys jenny dictionaries matter even go online now try dictionary dotcom socialism is the government control of the means of production for life you don't understand basic english the means of production refers to the means by which we produce things food madame saying what a clean water iphones gavel soundness he watches shirts clothing textiles the means when they go remain controls the means of production that is the textbook dictionary dot tk definition of what socialism is that exactly what the soviet union was
i don't have any other that there is no need to dive dinner this any further because i'm dumbing you down by having a correct this colossal bs artist who has defended the soviet union point eclipse on the show multiple those areas where we will over there and it was great they had muppets shows and their transportation system was beautiful and they had mob we want the cedars show they had them up it's there it was terrific there was the puppet chose arts were great we love the arts they were fed you heard the core ponder show he celebrate our plenary making europe about the puppets i said about bits but the pop again member that job papa he does not mention that stalin starved hundreds of millions of people at a communist around the world did socialism is about julia goulash the torture i mean that music while one hundred two totalitarian is debts the soviet union was and yes it was socialism
notice the word games he plays we will work with pointed socialist people like bernie also wants you to believe i met a quote iq friedrich i act the road to serve them is one of the greatest books ever it if you haven't read it near conservative you must please i act makes the point frequently that bernie tries to confuse the point i act makes is theirs salute be no difference between the taking away wave economic liberty and the taking away of political liberty in other words very simply stated jail if the gun when controls the means of production in your ability to live earn in feed yourself who you vote for it doesn't matter night why do you care if you vote for joey beggar doughnuts or johnny don't it's the communist if either nobody can put you a gulag for not showing up at your crap job and sylvia factory to produce crap products for a wage they pretend to pay you what does it matter there is no difference between control of the
economy and control of the political atmosphere none if you are a monarch in a tyrant and you control the political atmosphere you by default control the economy you do everyone people here you out if you control the economy you control them what legal environment through your ideology because it doesn't matter if they vote for you the guy they vote for even if they allow you to which they don't also to do the same thing he's gonna make it what work for nothing used to say in the soviet union we pretended to work and they pretended to pay us bernie freedom we want you to believe that if he controls the economy too heavy station and heavy regulation that you're still politically free you are not it doesn't matter if you vote for bernie or a yo see or one of his other socialist allies if they control
you do your money your kids education you're healthcare decisions you are not free period so talking point number one that the soviet union wasn't socialists is moronic on its face but talking point number two we want to be more like denmark their socialist again for the white polar twentieth time maybe this year maybe more maybe a little less or minus five here is denmark themselves bernie sanders in the last election we ve had it off of your socialist slurs investors business daily the prime minister of denmark this resolution is stated frequently stop slurring us your socialist label it denmark finland and sweden are not socialist i critically on economic freedom indexes around the world art sweden and finland in some cases rank higher than the united states they have
our business environment some of this kind have no minimum wage and and those countries got wealthy as free markets made a turn towards big government nanny states in heavy taxation and are now going in the reverse direction back to free markets again bernie is just lying to you ladies and gentlemen and the press lab is wordsmith it just stop using the word socialist it's not hoard just say the reason he says that term is because he wants you to believe it some pie in the sky to see a system at it confuses lahti that's the reason he does it because what he doesn't want to say is what i wanted the two are massive taxes and a big government nanny state because doesn't sound good it sounds awful so he says democratic socialism craddock meeting you can vote socialism meaning we control the economy i just told you that's not possible
control the economy it's not democratic it doesn't matter who you vote for that's what he keeps doing and that's the reason he keeps using that labour any time he brings up socialist i don't care what modify report in front of it democratic superman's socialism adam candy kane socialist i don't care what he calls it s time he says that compares the denmark now that's not true sir that is not true denmark what is insisting you stop slurring them with this false label there's the art you can read it yourself more on this side of the two pages stephanie paul had worked really hard get this go and i go to oversell frederick i gotta come why she's amateur get to that in a second we get that tuesday is always a loaded there was appreciate your patients would sponsors then issue also brought you buy a bodies at
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our state examiner i washed examined i rarely post articles twice but i posted when in yesterday's show note and today's i really need your today shown us our must read between the rejects article in the corona stuff and this please read is really important so either by taxes at about the lies you're being told again about taxes tax cuts bernie sanders plan what to do simple math but you now i know this is tough for liberals i know it's hard but i'm asking you for my to put aside your political ideology and let's stick with basic arithmetic so here's the article by the washstand examiner iris data shows progressive plans was liberal plans require huge middle class tax european told there i haven't heard that the media have you now
joe biden neo see that bernie sanders vision for america you haven't been told their aims i will go with it attacks the wealthy tax threat has mentioned all the time in order to get that money the real where's the real money in the united states folks you haven't been told this abbe the real money with the middle class it's just a sheer numbers game folks the middle class because there the middle class are the bulk of the people in the united states standard belcour that's where the money is mesa i've been told by liberals the monies with the wealthy is it well let's check the math on this because if you take away from this peace let's do basic i know it's hard for bernie supporters let's try take away number one from this peace showing you again how bernie sanders pie in the sky nonsense and joe biden to can't possibly
paid for only by the water millionaires it's not possible quote he says talking about again get bookkeeper must keep its upper secondary bernie sanders plans are gonna required ninety seven point five trillion dollars let's say ninety will round there in new taxes over ten years that nine trillion in taxes per year area higher federal budget is fortunately so this read now discussing what what if we taxed to people two hundred and fifty thousand above but don't get up millionaires but these people wealthy by bernie sanders said it so the guy in the article wash them is amateur steps as well if you extend punitive pushing taxation to me you're quarter million dollar earners that's the top three point six percent of taxpayers who reported making more than two hundred fifty k and income and twenty eighteen he says this group
so paden outside amount outsize amount excuse me in taxes they are fifty four point seven percent of all income capital gains dividends and self employment taxes collected by uncle sam but even this larger group made only we point to four trillion in taxable income k suggested clear were setting up here as we discuss the net in writing el peace what two or three weeks ago that brian right they'll peace maybe i'll talk about again tomorrow bernie sanders free caught free free college government sponsored jobs middle class she's my middle up remember cash what method join a blank met him away shooting minimum wage requires free college girl new deal and i met he'd for all programmes because that's what is our medicare for all those programmes will an estimated ninety trillion over ten years again divided by
as liberals we do in simple arithmetic that's nine trillion a year the entire fair budget is four trillion a year so you're talking about a massive massive hike in federal spend as i just showed you if you were to confiscate all of the annual earnings of the wealthy air quotes people who may two hundred fifty k you're more three percent of tax boilers all of it you only get three point two four trillion once why do i say because once you ve confiscated all of their wealth all of their earnings you will never come gave again because they're going to leave the country tomorrow and by the way you can see there is no guarantee that they'll be able to fiscally survive you have to see what happens i thought this was common sense but i'm not sure
i'm a candid bobby candid with your vote is about a little excited about today show hence the speed of my speaking please tell me you're getting what i'm saying if you weren't confiscate next year all of the wealth well from people who make to enter fifty care about take all you would get a one time three point you four trillion assuming eva give it to you which would never happen wave of new tax money that doesn't even finance one third brought one third of what bernie sanders is proposing in spending for one year nine trillion in spending each year and you have wiped out completely wiped out bankrupted everybody makes europe it became what is i am obviously not sure liberals do can even do this basic math anymore i know
it makes sense to you all other let's move on because i don't want it calm down the rest of minorities and i want to focus too much levels because i know you get you understand our stupid these programmes are they make absolute we know says let's move up let's just you propose something reasonable according to burn just at ten said hike on these two hundred and fifty k orders are more so the examiner goes on i don't take out what they are we even any tax likes you so you understand myriad unreasonable based on their analysis they said even saw if they could be tax that hundred percent rate which is an impossibility their income wouldn't even cover the most conservative estimates of what medicare for all would cost which we just addressed goes on in the less on realistic scenario which is group the two hundred fifty k earners and mortar if their tax payments we raised by ten percent and lets say didn't affect the economy at all the federal treasury would gain less than ninety billion per year not even
most of the cost and providing everybody with the generous healthcare benefits let alone the tens of trillions of dollars in additional costs associated with the green new deal even at a ten percent tax height assuming they even pay that because the problem they'll be massive tax avoidance member tax avoidance isn't illegal tax evasion it using the law to avoid paying taxes is not illegal tax vision is subverting the law swimming you raise the georgia fifty k earners taxes by ten percent may pay it and you get the maximum that's ninety billion a year bernie sanders proposing nine trillion a year in new spending i can't believe i gotta do i really care but if i don't do it who's gonna is anyway
gotta go i want the musical bernie can you do simple mathematics finally one last myth dispelled than this peace which is a good one you may have heard the trump tax cuts out my guys dropped taxes were losing so much money in tax revenue revenue goes up and down based on it is this cycle imposed upon us by the dreadful federal reserve but that's a whole other point for another day tax costs do not necessarily lead to a loss in tax revenue the government as we are seeing now quote each year these numbers are illuminating for a number of reasons the talking about the tax data that just came out this piece for one thing they show the progression of tax payments over time for it airport revenues have continued to rise right am i read their right poem revenues have gas revenues
continued to rise since the tax cuts and job back lowered the income tax rates for everyone as we said folks your lied to every single day if you're not watching the show you are probably missing out on the real story because you're being told a story nafta start trump tax cuts my gosh governments going bankrupt really cause tax revenues have continued to rise now we have the tax tables to prove it to you even do basic math dude so disappointing the stupidity is endless it really is i don't want to get through the social media stuff is important and i wanna had tipp the trump team not any golden calf type way we don't do that here but they do want a magnificent job in fighting back against these twitter tyrants out there who just i they're trying to read
just destroy conservatives twitter is not a serious business anymore so i am glad that parlor as sponsored by the way but that debts and all other story for another day but twitter is committed to destroying us all they are conservative they hate you they can't stand the trump these by before i get that my file sponsor gonna was appreciated patients tuesday is always a pact and loaded day we get great sponsors we share your support in jos favorite rock otto none of you know this about joe joe not only musician upon gas producing very talented guy dad one of his import rules but joe is also one of do it yourself mechanically fixes is all car which i cannot change by oil anymore i'm serious a total mess i have a rap there i can't figure out how to get that skid pan off it's embarrassing joe goes to iraq i brought about joe is like a lover i gotta know massively he really does rachel in industry they got island used by you do what
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conservatives it's not a serious business because united to making money there into attacking concerns it's an ideological front to attack concern so what happen let me play this video this was a video i played yes marijuana played again of the story what makes sense if you miss yesterday show this a video twitters putting a warning label on that this manipulated video it's not populated let me be crystal clear this is a video of joe biden not manipulate it is short and for a time but it is a direct quote by joe biden where he seems to be confused about who we wants the reelect in an election and who is endorsing check this out just planners and campaign does about negative in the one about global war because we cannot get reelect we cannot win this reelection me we can only the electoral trap we can either not mess with now it is short and he goes on the correct himself obviously not endorsing trump folks come on
seriously twitter are you guys are stupid of course the theatres yes you are that stupid i'll probably be throttled nod every little care i honestly don't care folks to i can't stand twitter it's a garbage company it's one company we'll never buy stock in no matter what no matter what i would even if there's a quick to be gay thy la buying and selling stock some kind of a day trader i will not touch that garbage company it is crap is a terrible cup twitter put a label on that day this is money it's not manipulated it shortened to show the joe biden cannot get out of his own way nobody really believes is endorsing donald trump it's meant say that is meant to show you how joe biden seems be in some serious cognitive decline net it's an issue worth addressing and i dont care the liberal media tells us no we're not alive together no we are my ladies and gentlemen an interesting point to say
web romania that propagated the twenty fifth amendment story about donald trump you know the twenty fifth amendment we can remove the present for obvious for psychological or physical decline member that story now that was fair game but now joe biden this why no evidence of trumpets cognitive decline at all and evidence every of serious problems were joe biden we're not allowed to put without a warning label that was not manipulated now the trump team because i want to show you a legitimately manipulated video in a moment but the trump team didn't take this lying down put out this press release yesterday i got my e mail box which is a good one says to tonight the trump campaigns a formal letter good to the ceo of twitter michael glasnost and three senior to now from trump campaign seahawks use me michael glasser and when rather to three c your twitter officials requesting mayo
why their new quote manipulated media label to weigh biden campaign video menaced show you admit it you wanna talk about manipulating couple who as these out in the letter binds video contains misleading and edited audio that runs a foul of twitter zone standards is good for you trump campaign don't take this crap laying down twitter shouldn't be an enforcement arm abiden campaign a block voters from seeing is embarrassing viral moments but if they choose to police every video clip they must hold the biden campaign to the same standard the verdict is in good for you i'm gonna get the smallest in a minute what the consequences but let's play this pine video it's free this video goes on forever but i don't have time to play the whole thing is just so stupid but here is just the first twenty seconds of this biden video that is unquestionably manipulated to lie to you but doesn't get the same manipulated video twitter nonsense why because joe biden zanna conservative
this out i'll be damned if i'm gonna lose my country to this man at all camera thing being global warming and go out of its a hoax this is the new house why they now emerging from the shadow verified the american dream is dead what the was that that's a job i met none belies so trump cobb bab charlottesville very fine people notice how they left out i completely condemn where he said i completely condemn wait supremacy earnestly left that our job yes i didn't ask zob manipulated body no automatically i gave all notice how manipulated to lead you to believe you called the corona virus a hoax yet despite the fact that it was clear talking about the media verge of his response to it but they left that out you but that's not manipulate ladys german twitters it joke it's embarrassing farce fair
jane you may say why you still on it because i'm not giving up the opera only because journalist follow me to influence the dialogue every day i am simply waiting for parlor pr ellie are another alley and full discord they are a sponsor here but i was a member way before way before they were sponsor i'm waiting we're like like to reach critical mass which is hopefully soon so we can scrap twitter to the dustbin of history is a joke where is a disgraceful shameful horrible out that is absent we committed to silence and conservative voices because they kissed the pots of liberal politicians and liberal activists every single day it's a disgrace that stock is crap that company is gone they are not so serious business it is an ideal logical out but only now ok great on this show granted i can read the latter things but maybe soak a damn what we're gonna do about it ok
i'm here to dahlia gray great peace by the terrific army dylan on tucker karlsson show last night tucker and i've seen them is on how they should be handled this is a solution i brought up a long time ago i mean i lived in my other house and my other studio before without a video shop ladies and gentlemen the key here's the fcc the federal election commission if twitter is going to be making in kind donations effective weena biden campaign by selectively applying damaging labels to trump content but not the biden content twitter better declare that here's army dylan very count that attorney on fossil this night bringing up this exact point this is what the effie sea has not caught up with this new technology and there are no rules governing what looks to me and you like in kind contribution from these companies to these campaigns and at a great expense tour
our currency one side is allowed to use effective ads and mark president the other side is labelled as manipulating speech when we are simply showing the words of joe biden which are really deeply troubling and so you know and this goes deeper talker when you look at the though the corona virus zero hedge was a website that was showing the truth about that in its origins in china it's now been banned from twitter and so there are very sinister occasions of allowing these companies to manipulate and show and she was exactly what speech we can see as americans those gentlemen i'm a free markets euro these have been i've sticking to my guns about government regulating these things because i think it will be a disaster with a democrat god forbid senate house and presidency we will be wiped out from this social media platforms with the government's imprimatur i know a lot
you disagree i respect your opinions i read them all day having said that the point about the fec is a damn good one i'm not taking credit for it but we discussed this for about two years ago that's the solution twitter and facebook you want to insert yourself into campaigns and start fact checking that really fact checking putting labels on content that do unquestionable damage the campaigns you better damn well tat doubt as an incoming contribution that's the solution by the way just some news here also north korea fired three projectiles from the second test the sweet showing again north koreans are god the north korean government at the north korea people our total garbage the north korean government is that bunch disgusting filth migrants they see it just in the united states and they never let one go to waste i showing you again how the democrats you have to admire the
in a sick tragic way there adherence to we're talking point when they get a talking point was afraid siegel in his book revolt against the mass is actually put a booklet together when they talk about this dangerous triad of congress in our committee's activists groups in the media how they work to advance a message and activists group goes up the congress testifies capitol hill about we're going to collapse tomorrow because the corona the media runs with the story which feeds into more activism which feeds into more legislation on capital here they are excellent the dynamic it's a coordinating a focused hit on people the focus tat now is on twitter and facebook why why is this happening i just be the solution the efficacy should get involved here but why are they doing folks they're doing it because donald trump has turned the ties and social media
he has used these liberal ideological weapons that liberals were accustomed to using against us against them whether through means whether through donald trump twitter his effective use facebook is driving the liberals mad that this platform is being used against them so liberals do what they always do police staters are gonna keep police state and they say we need to radio meaning that shot tat doubt labels on donald trump card there no labels for hours and by the way we better start elite in some of those ads or facebook you think i'm messing with it coordinate this stuff he's amateur article hillary clinton who never seems to go away ever the rest that hilary in the sense that the full blown eighty facebook paranoia by beckett adams at the worst examined again being shown us than it you think this is by mistake just coincidence that she randomly brings up hey gosh their facebook man there
do in terrible they need to start police in up this conservative content they really wrecked me in the last election folks nothing's a coincidence we liberals everything is a coordinated star trek like borg hit they think with a hive mine the reason they are doing it is because donald trump has turned social media on its head and is used it against the democrats as a powerful weapon is driving their mad and they are police staters by trade that's what they do their big government bernie sanders like socialist acolytes and what they can't control they have to destroy its no more difficult than that understand ok i gotta be remiss met interpreters to produce they i want you to just to be my last story the day but i want you to stay where i stood at their political work i will get to ideas that yes rates important but it's not it's evergreen we'll get with this week don't you worry some of you may be looking forward to that about trumpet voters and stuff to do in the rallies i will get
but it's important to raise many super tuesday we primaries michigan to washington state this could be as i addressed in the beginning of the show could be well see by tonight could be the end of the bernie sanders campaign when a better articles i saw the unwashed examined haven't smoke signals here while i don't say there's a michigan seven things to watch and tuesday primaries by emily larsson cup of amr pretty standard stuff i just wanna hit the two i found most interesting folks michigan michigan could crush bernie sanders today the stadiums and as the biggest pile of delegates available in today's many super tuesday at one fifty five as we see from the peace paul's monday though showed biden we double digit leads over sanders in michigan but listen folks this is eerily similar to the twenty five point led hillary clinton had over bernie in twenty sixteen the day before the primary
we're bertie wound up waiting this state by one point four points i'm simply suggested you be very cautious with the in michigan it may be a little more accurate this time due to some failures less that it may not but if biden smokes bernie by twenty five where's poles are now in michigan i i don't see any recovery from the bernie sanders campaign i dont second take away how bernie lose this today if he does matters remember a lot of the republic in primary undertake i get thirty one percent i'm runnin against joe higgins twenty nine percent that state as a hundred fifty five delegates take em all that eu one fifty five thereby gino that's not the way the democrats work they have proportional alley haitian of delegates proportional to your vote not if you win or lose bernie loses matters the second take away
if bertie loses in every state and is by a slim margin quotes instead it's our war to proportionally based on statewide votes and votes within congressional districts losing by a small margin is just important for sanders winning in order prevent biden from jurassic expanding delegate lead with a hundred jus delegates from super tuesday contents yet to be allocated lead sanderson delegates only six sixty four to five seventy three folks bernie could lose every they buy slim margins that come out of this right on biden stale and lead to a brokered convention so it's not just win or lose its how bernie loses it matters keep your eyes on michigan keep your eyes on why should in keeping on the vote tallies we will obviously no by tonight but if bernie loses badly in michigan i'm not sure he's gonna have the steam to move forward donors are going to dry up and ladys gemma listen they kids you support bernie since a young adults and went to bed
but the young adults who support bernie they just haven't been shown up just have a systematic the all the road is forbidden have it and it's big trouble big trouble for bernie sanders hey thanks for another great star to the weak we appreciate your yesterday that i've had really great numbers thank you so much please subscribed my youtube channel i with great respect and humility you do that were trying to get the four hundred thousand where three hundred eighty one thousand you two subscribers into china channel less than a year all that these for a content we appreciate that its youtube dot com slashed by gino that's u judar com slashed by jean or you can always subscribed her audio show an apple pod cast sound cloud our radio and elsewhere we really appreciate that it's all free of course thanks a lot folks time see what you just said dan bonn gino she followed then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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