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Is this a Real Impeachment? (Ep 1081)

2019-10-04 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the rapid implosion of the latest Adam Schiff, & Nancy Pelosi-driven hoax. Their entire case is collapsing around them. I also address a bogus poll being promoted by the left-wing media. 

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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee know ladies and gentlemen this is not a peach made here and it's not is it a breeze really inquiry with the dreaded airport i have explained to you the goings on something happened yesterday again other sleazy adam shift narrative blows minister i ever greed you know what they say a tv when you cover a topic that keeps recurring all time tax bases its ever you ever greed adam ship hulks blows up it is basically this one's a good one don't go anywhere i welcome it thereby gino show again produced chose out they'll be back on monday we get some great news for him and his family so a big congrats prayers for joy i'll explain you more on monday
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it is being phrase as an impeachment hearing for a reason and that reason is to appeal to our left radical activists who will show up in the primary to pick the ex president for the democratic party next candidate to run for president against europe all that's going on right now you understand that now the boy peace i've seen on this on the distinction between and she will impeachment trial and what key policy is doing now and this fake and peter where they called witness yesterday in their fake impeachment trial that really go to well too bad sad not so much the first wit jesse before yet to that end the mccarthy as a fine fine piece in the jail i love this peace it'll be up in the show doubts and i strongly recommend you read it generates available upon you know that come so my email is now email nike air max
we want the brightest legalise out there on television sets ignore the hype this is not an impeachment inquiry folks egypt is a constitutional process a majority of the house of representatives can vote to impeach the present the impeachment is the equivalent of say an indictment in the legal system there is then a trial the liberals don't know that they think impeachment means are removed from office it does it there a trial in the united states senate presided over by the chief justice of the supreme court that trial sixty seven out of the one hundred united states centres are it's what are required to convict the present on the charges in the articles of impeachment which quivered of say a legal system indictment if you don't get sixty seven senators than the president may have been impeach but he will certainly not be removed from office get it again that history lessons offer their the intelligent list is show it's for the liberals who seem confused about what's happening
so you may say to yourself well why aren't they taken a vote dad if you set a majority we need a majority to get an impeachment charge of articles of impeachment why aren't they can a vote is there some kind of a process while there was there as for the presidency would have been a peace that the past johnson and clinton nixon wasn't impeached he resigned before it happen sorry liberal media people who keep reporting that nixon wasn't impeached what's actually going on here is a bull rush now why is that ladies and gentlemen impeachment was designed specifically hence my primmer there to be a very deliberate process it was design to be hopefully non partisan process because removing a present from office in overturning the results of an election is a very very serious thing
what is going on now is not a long deliberate process it is a bull rushed to the fences every mccarthy planes is well let's go to pieces number one from us takeaway number one from these peace he says you no more over there are no subpoenas as secretary i have observed in his fittingly tart response on tuesday when the committee chairman what she would issue was merely a letter its huffing puffing withstanding the letter is nothing more than an informal request for voluntary cooperation legally it has no compulsive power if anything it is rife with legal deficiencies came up we're gonna go back then a second so speak clear what's going on here adams if the nancy pelosi gave that pressure less we can set we demand we are sending these demand letters to mike pompiers secretary of state to testify about ukraine gain also they're trying to pretend
this was a sum subpoena to appease the left that wants a formal impeachment process policy confusing ellen here ok but it's important folks that is now what's going on right now there was no subpoena my palm pale what adam am sent with the equivalent of a blank you letter you get the rest to papa was a letter we demand you come forward and if you don't come forward speak to us it was not a subpoena they quarters subpoenas but they're not for that reason and second do you may say did is a committee chair in congress they can issue congressional subpoenas why not just subpoena they will get to that they just sent a letter you get your bought over here mike we need to talk to you
its pompiers had no facts negative threat me like that put their first reach out back up again every mccarthy goes on the democrats of course hope you don't notice that the house is not conducting a formal impeachment inquiry least germany's no vote no subpoenas their use in the guise of frenetic activity by set standing committees intel judiciary foreign affairs oversight reform financial services ways and means whose nor oversight functions are being gus eat up to look this is serious impeachment business folks why did they not send a subpoena they didn't and the subpoena because impeachment is not a lot go process it is now a criminal trial there the trial and the senate but ladies and gentlemen make no mistake impeachment a political process it is not a legal one it may be
worded in the constitution treason bribery high crimes and misdemeanor worthy of impeachment but make no mistake the democrats turn this into a political referendum against donald trump to get rid of him before the twenty twenty election say to in the end the show i want to play a video if i can get to it that's really about how they're so terrified trap is gonna win again in twenty twenty that they impeachment is the only way to overturn the results of the election this is now illegal they have no evidence of crimes misdemeanor treason or bribery at all against donald trump they say political trap what does that have to it was a wage if they were to issue a formal subpoena which they did not that support that would likely be litigated in court because a trumpet it's not just gonna turn information over they have executive privilege also what what's up with that of the trumpet committed i cry misdemeanor treason of bribery they wouldn't democrats i get that court litigator keep it out the public eye to make the trump team of bad no we don't
because they don't actually have any evidence so he did this little slick trick up i'll get you another piece of mccarthy's peace in a second woodleigh portion of because explained as well so what their due is there pretending to impeach the president because they want a nail him on a charge you may say well what charges at the entries in bribery high crimes it misdemeanours they not that so they have they do what they do in the collusion hoax when it didn't work out go right back to democrat shift ace in the hall a what's that option action of justice member however work smaller broke he could with the russians while theirs evidence he collude with russian roy definitely obstructed justice into a case about colluding with the russians although even collude with the russians remember that what are they foot the script i only predicted two years ago that's what they're doing that
take this portion of the show i keep it on your phone tape it i'm showing my age get a pencil and spend a thing around you all the folks i want to talk about my age they are not going to have a case against trump there was no quid pro quo with ukraine i got that come up in a second do they have nothing they're going to initiate another fall investigation send a boy demand letters and when the man letters are complied with their going level and impeachment article of obstruction of justice why just scare ready for maybe mccarthy's peace is a great peace so worth your time but standing committees do have subpoena power so why not use it what because subpoena i haven't court when the people inquiry on the receiving end have to defend an actual court they impeachment show not want to television they don't that hung have to defend bona fide he's an actual court they serve
you do not want to defend their letter that the letter they sent the pay you better appear to them rats media scribes note the chairman's admonition it eddie fair nearby palm pale to comply with their letter with this vote shall cons to evidence of obstruction other houses in impeachment inquiry what a crock i'll rephrase and these less portion of what a pile of really so you have the power nancy blows take a house floor vote to love actual articles of impeachment you can use formal congressional subpoenas why are you not doing any of that because they are in a rush in a political process and they don't want to wind up in court having it then charges that don't exist or
we have is the president's unwillingness to comply with their ridiculous demands their setting him up for an obstruction charge now i haven't explained why the speed is necessary therein rush with these letters and they don't wanted litigated in court so they're using letters instead subpoenas forever a simple reason they thought they had the president or knock they thought they thought that ukraine gate the phone call the fake print cuoco they don t the coroner on public opinion now they ve got a bit of a problem folks president's raising record amounts of money is approval ratings at an all time high quite well get out the way they thought it was so its policies telling our members from what i'm getting behind closed doors ladys gents it's time
to make this they move and fast because we're losing the initiative will as it should have as from a movie somewhere i forget they can't go through subpoena oh process gosh you at the sky above thus you send a letter and if they comply with the letter nobody obstruction by the way let me just clear up one thing two before i works they called their first witness in their fake impeachment trial yesterday and their first witness involved or absolutely blew up in its blew up in their face this is some epic stuff but let me clear up one thing is what we get a lot of emails on this it is important to point out that shirt support for asking a foreign government for help is not evidence of f p c violation we discuss this earlier in the week with ellen weintraub from the efficacy of trying to make up new argues that foreign gum
myths help is somehow i can't in violation ladies that is not true as the example i gave ireland we can wash your journal what if you ober driver who is not a u s citizen tells a campaign represented sometime soon formation about a campaign is it is you do what you are going to be arrested people still free speech not dimension we have treaties with both china and ukraine a joint option agreements where will investigate corruption and exchange information president trump flying by those treaties and trying to get to the bottom of the corruption that corruption in the obama administration and the hunter biden fiasco overseas what his dad is not only not on ethical it's entirely ethical and comply with the law this not that's out there this is somehow our campaign donation or campaign violation how is president trump filling his duties complying with its treaty obligations to investigate corruption its nonsense sets
what are we completely made up it's a democratic very i saw i had to say that up forgive me for the intro go along but i had to set up the fake charges it's not a campaign violation is simply doing the treaties obligate him to do investing a corruption but sec this is not an impeachment inquiry going on i mean a piece for trial this in appeasement increase a fake him each man they're not issuing subpoenas and why are you doing this they want to bull rush they want to the russian obstruction charge when trumped doesn't comply and they can have the obstruction charge dry gone because the subpoenas litigate they want the obstruction charge now that make sense paula ok thank you so they call their first witness yesterday covert occurred vulgar who was special envoy to ukraine now back story vulcan the one in the text would rudy giuliani their setting this meeting with the new
ukrainian presidential linsky so vulgar got the into this and he's been giuliani had some taxi showed on tv giuliani was asked by vulgar apparently at some point to go and talk to sell reducing annie has the tasks tax excuse me so vulcan is brought up yesterday to talk to them up on the hill and ladies and gentlemen the media was losing their money this is it special envoy kurd volker is going to bury the trump team ladies and gentlemen we have the smoking got this was smoking gun number sixty two thousand just like the state department i see idea they linux who want to blow it up their spy totally given information on jovanovic and others that everything's bought ship was like this it focused gonna blow it up he's gonna give us an example the quid pro quo curve who knows the ukraine stories gonna tell everybody that trump threaten military aid withholding military aid if they didn't give up information on autobahn sir
much show that a b c news got the scope check out this fate news tweet they put up this is choice peachy though i get to the bottom of this for yes always bragging built ehler top u s diplomats to ukraine wrote that he thought its quote crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign in new we disclosed text messages shared with lawmakers oh man a god of now is made moment they got pa but i got em they got him there folks in attacks you put that up again bill paler this view created a poor man look at his got he had attach message to our top dip why do you care it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign breaking you may say tat this is it s the quid pro quo
wanna trumps what two traps on people and the inside these diplomats involving this there's no problem with that text let's go too far to do come on let's say about what happened in answer in response i was completely left out of that neither tweet is cleverly worded accidents that calm ex ukraine avoid boy meets with lawmakers amid impeachment probe as tax reveal quid pro quo dispute peaceably up in the show notes to what what the spirit that guy bill taylor bill tell us saying that right there right bill tell who's the charges by the way the charge eighty four the number two in ukraine for the united states what was the actual text that she put off this peace from factories that come because we don't do fake news you here's the tailor tax first again as i said on phone he's texting by the way vulgar
he's not he's texting whose effectually gordon summit is our ambassador to the eu he says as i said on the phone it's crazy to without security systems for help with a political campaign taylor said the text exchange sunlight responded by saying that ways now what was happening it's although duggar leaders this is fascinating how they leave this part out put their back up so when gordon solid our ambassador to the eu whose in this taxation this risk what is left out of the text making it look like there's that actual quid broke up with their back up as an area here's the response bill i believe you are incorrect about precedent shrubs intentions the president is burnt strong clear no quid ro quota very kind the president has tried to evaluate whether ukraine is truly truly going to adopt the transparency and reforms that president zalewski promised during his campaign both men that agreed
she's discussing the matter over tax noting the phone calls with appropriate officials with bree with people gotcha came again folksy it is funny how they ass right all of us out there supporters republicans why trump supporters british conservatives libertarians as our all conspiracy theories role not obvious giving you the facts that's the actual tax they change one guy confused about what he thinks he's a quid pro quo and the other guy who is actually all get to this at a second do gordon someone who is actually at the meeting the next day with the present in ukraine by the way does it up and says let me be clear stole clear there are no quid pro quo those of any kind you they got
important detail you may want to throw in there would try to make the case for a quid pro quo that was a quid pro no not a printed pro quo profile quo my mother tells me what is quid pro quo think i told you something for something a deal there was no deal now you may say what the heck would there ambassador to the eu now what would he know about this whole thing i was he connected this well let's go the ukrainian government which issued this little release year here's an actual photo by the way i wanna had tipp rosy memos on twitter always does a nice job is the highlights so had tipp rosy memos follow that account here as an eu craze official website president
with eu special representative for ukraine and u s representative to the european union called role occurred vulgar and gordon some tears the picture there are actually at the meeting but i want you to look at the date a notice was not there the guy built reports in the text is a quid pro quo here actually at the meeting gordon someone called card volker our voters up to testify to this that yesterday's no quid pro quo and look at the date of the meeting or the other data security the data the meeting july twenty six twenty nineteen why doesn't matter why does that day batter ladies and gentlemen because it's the day after the trump phone call this whole hullabaloo was started over it's the day after trump card of ukraine and the press what shall i twenty fifth so just to be clear
gordon someone who is actually in the meeting the day later who makes crystal there are no text or to be no quid pro quo of any kind in a text message go it meets with the ukrainian minister should be present at the next day to relay this message on behalf of president drop with current volker is called to testify yesterday yet your charge still is gonna be in your fake impeachment that's not impeachment it's just a bunch of hey you letters your charge can it be there was a quid pro quo you have you have our evidence of that you don't have any you have a die evidence you the transcript with no quid pro quo you have a text i'm a guy in the meeting with ukrainian president the next day saying there's no quid pro quo and you have another guy question it wasn't even in the meeting
ladies and gentlemen this is adam shift lied again version number would i have two thousand seven hundred and forty six getting late i put numbers that kiss the mess with up there was oh deal ship is making this whole thing up there was no deal vulcan was there first witness yesterday they were expecting vulgar go up there talk about these deal and vulgar one up there for what i'm hearing and tat the exact opposite they are losing the initiative badly this has been a just spectacular boomerang on the left i've got a lot more to get through i've got a bogus paul alert bogus paul all i want you to be if i got some video proceeded to leave us was to get the yesterday i got that video that the republican party parliament to show you that their only looking for impeachment and i've got to central
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supports progress impeachment member would not actually going through in a piece of fake impeachment agree by stephen green october third twenty eighteen so why general what's the pole nepal shows at right what is it forty six percent of americans if they support impeachment every the democrats were all over the news look turn up go up everybody supports impeachment get get this guy out of office the fake impeachment inquiry what i did should proceed tomorrow everybody what's this bread look at this ball well as always a little issue with the pole and by little issue i be big issue the pigeon media peace ipso conducted a two day survey i thought it was a pole their own admission from a sample of roughly one thousand six adults who are and then we join from its sources online paddle really says that a random sample of people are really sure but that plus partner online panel sources and river sampling this doesn't look
the world's most reliable statistical universe and how does it first off that's a small number for such a big issue secondly exhausted limit their pauling as one likes to do on weighty matters too voters who actually determined elections matter of fact votes the peace exhausted even limit their appalling to register voters for all we know paul wasn't even women to citizens ipso says only pose adult folks throw this thing in the world but this is not a serious scientific analysis of the percentage of americans at supporting peach me if i thought it was a folks i was the first one commissioner michel regular this is no i said this when i he paused i think are reliable some of them in pennsylvania scare me right now i have been the first to say when i think all are trash or surveys i'll be the first they throw this thing in the garbage could change could who does what all the hacker ie and in the media and the shift conspiracy there's the pole
but change and it could be honest this one is not it is survey of adults from their little pool of people and ipsos bassorah right out there in the garbage burnett i just want you to be prepared because i'm sure you're democrat friends are going to tell this ridiculous paul love browser go up on a pigeon so frustrating the only left this right we do wish announced is ok i'm gonna get back this is important everything's important these days another piece of pga media about how this biden scandal is rapidly evolving into an obama scan when i want to tie it to something else i spoke about the past years the peace so good one again being shown us joe biden turning his quid pro quo into an obama scandal map margolis october third twenty nineteen folks what's going on here i'll get to then the second ok i wanted to title
back to a prior story and why the media i believe right now in their leftist allies are so concerned about what's going on and what this is morphing into this bay bother you but i say in any way the pig to media cares much about preserving the dignity of joe biden or hillary clinton now i'm serious i think the media's gone four left this they see elizabeth warns the chosen one and when they see there's political damage to be done to a wounded animal to get him out of the way for aid bigger animal on the food chain to supersede them and when an election they'll scrap unto the side hilary clinton has now become collateral damage for them is so is joe by suicide the media or china hillary clinton they just want her and by an out of the way to to after the ascendancy of elizabeth warns that make sense i hope it does their left this through and through and they see a better chance with elizabeth warren winning against them
trot than they do against by new they senses wounded animal this point but turn really piling on the biden train yet why because folks biden as implicated obama is ukraine in scanlon ah obama is the chosen one if they decide though the obama legacy everything they stand for their left decided ideology fall apart now some of you regular listeners through the show i'd be sensing and evergreen theme here i can't do that remember when they hillary clinton email scandal broke and ice the view that the real scandal is not about hillary clinton many of you are like weight of course it was now it is but i dont leave the media's covering four hillary clinton anymore media's covering from barack obama how's that
wade is generally remember back when when hillary clinton said data or barack obama said about hillary clinton female scandal about an hour tv you know anything about it member that little doozy while we and out later that hillary clinton was emailing obama for foreign soil on his blackberry more private email now you may say as many of you have in the past you may say and so maybe obama just did okey railleries email and thought it was a state department email ladies gentlemen i don't think that's true birth obama's email you can't just email it folks security protections built in through the work of people might ask communications age people you have to be white listed to be but an email at the opposite of a blacklist you have to have your
now on a specific list to be able to male obama who gave hilary clinton's private email to walk or the people responsible for during that device in walker and told them to now those emails to get through has ass possible i thought mama found out about it from the media those too stories can possibly be true somebody in the obama white ass had you have allowed or i'm as blackberry to be by pass by hillary clinton personal email someone that is what their covering they do not want obama ever to have to testify in a case against hillary clinton for violating our era are classified male procedures ever that is now transitioning overdose pga media peace we just talk about i want to put up a little portion of the peace it explains what's going on here why
this is now transitioning from an obama bomber abiden scandal forgive me to an obama biden scandal from peace on wednesday biden said he was simply carrying out the official policy of the obama administration to root out corruption in ukraine now what is this about obama she'd be binding on tape again demanding that victor choking the ukrainian prosecutor five b fire shoguns ass the gaining his kid now item says well when i first went to be fired i which is carrying out obama's policy she said quote was fully transparent policy carried out in front of the whole world and fully fully raised by the international community of democracies he claimed from the here's where things get dirty their day according to victory choking the prosecutor who was fired binds pressure was responsible for getting him fired
you can also said that ukrainian president petrol poorer shako told him not to investigate charisma hunter bind sons company underlines company because not the best interests of joe or hunter by quoting but he giuliani notes of the meeting would choke and mr sharon has called it the poor shakos office and told the restoration the charisma and the managing director were hunter binding on the board is cause joe biden to hold up to one in dollars and u s aid to ukraine ladies this sounds to me like barack obama knew exactly what is going on again the media's no rush to defend by they want him out of the way badly the meat is no rush to defend hilary anyway they need arrive they need to enact the liberal agenda hilary is not the key to that but they still defend them as both of these scandals are knee deep in orbit administration malfeasance obama
had to know that this threat to fire the prosecutor that threatened hold up or the military assistance the billion dollars in aid had to oh that was contingent on the firing of prosecutor investigating hunter by as amount perfect joe biden even says it in that video cut we're here the council of foreign relations when they were he says we are in a sort of a bay they fired him any to me you know you can't do that you don't have any authority and joe binds us we'll get the president on the phone i thought the present did know by the way how furiously you think by a bomb esteem is now abiden they want him to get out of this re so badly i can't even tell you folks i dont go any i've got i have this next statement label this week rashid i believe i've got to just
very disturbing videos receded to leave liberal dammit credit congresswoman saying some of the most offensive things meaning four rashid to lead this stuff is really bad don't go anywhere get that i've got a couple more stories to important stuff for the week before let out here for you that out like it's like a penitent recent folks today show finally brought you up but he's a genuine cells the last week of the summer immature equipment sail from show many for them time are you utter cells joanna treatment you'll get the classic jenny sulphur bags and puffing is free that's right free today hears back leave from huntsville alabama raving about so she saw which any cell i'm g love this product i so difference almost immediately would recommend everyone if they have a problem with their job line all jenny sell products are amazing my family my mother in law loves him try it's time to stock up on the best skin care and luxury line in the effectiveness of any cell at the best price the year resulting errand
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but i pay taxes which was actually effectually accurate accurate stated that a final that's a pile of what they apologize issued a double down yet you guys you really start paint actually be great paid into a trump with you so their use to the apologies so that figure psychology of the left intimidated us in the past through the media republicans poligized the left's pounded their chests and said we win it's you now we win you lose well no role now we win you lose trumped doesn't care so by a caring and sticking your back to them in refusing to apologize he's driving the left absolutely bonkers crazy and double down and say even dumber stuff than they said event here's one this is related to leap in detroit talking to the police chief about a camera system may have and you may not have seen assume some of you may have but hinting that all black
man look alike laugh check this out now you know why and also must needs be african americans not people that are not because until you know happens all the time it's true i believe me i think no one african americans think followed the same i've seen even from the costs for people calling companies jean louis jean louis eliza comings and are totally different people i'm just think we're all i see it all the time and i lost them because they like go along with our i know try regardless of race regardless of the jury but it does make a huge difference what up when i got up what just happened did she just seriously suggested enjoy police chief
train law enforcement officers cannot tell blackburn apart folks i am horrified even discussing this i really i'm not kidding it's why yesterday i was gonna play there and yes we shall i want i had a double i d like to a double take on this because this is so dumb and it just reminds me again of cautions brilliant lively but the left the virtue is the sin right there the left claims should be virtuous in we're calling out fake of racism on the right stuff they make up the institutionally it seems that individual acts of course of stupidity by people unfortunate on all sides the political but they believe the rope working party is an inch it usually racist part they don't actually believe that they want you to believe it a pound their chess we are in the right we are your moral superiors we are virtuous
meanwhile we have a racist themselves what kind of racist statement is that it better here's this weekend receded to leave clip number two where she's seriously suggesting it some kind of event she's holding whether in a district or elsewhere she's trying figure out with our colleague she's ruminating with the crowd over when they arrest donald trump i'm not bids is not i did not through this where there actually gonna put up this is the kind of psychosis tedious level six infections are bringing about check this out don't let me tell you this is pretty and it's insidious the last conversation we had do you know this is really unprecedented this is the first time we've ever had a situation like this so they're trying to figure out no joke they're trying to figure out what i don't know
i mean this is the kind of like i'm not in those kinds of conversations but i'm asking like you know what what happened and they're like rashida we're trying to figure it out ourselves because this is uncharted territory we are on like serious life support here this is like crazy time these are either there's only one of two scenarios she's telling true this is disturbing she's telling but you did horror and our democrat colleagues are should we having discussions about where the store trump and the capital to rivers think of that i used to be a cop i've had gus came out i should be a police sounds i still have my stop batons at every day when you have a head copyright in the in the past in the light of the precincts when you're interviewing someone there's a little like clockwork
device on that any handcuffed them so they can get loose in the interview room they really like hey guys up downstairs in the capital do we have an interview role for trop with the kind of thing you know the little puff oak do we have that do we have y got device maybe we could strap home through the wall forces she's crazy town we are living brazil superman land well that's scenario one sure do she's just making it up which is disturbed but obviously not as is the studio they lie a lot is that as this urban scenario one where this is actually happening she's discussing it in front of a group of people like their proud folks we have reached crazy town serious wars our kids cartoon was crazy powder what are we started with a guy with a we would thereby there was i'd like the place stuff on their faces and jumped the rat what is what what do you mean
or should we living in by the way mr producer from our mark within for sending out but i gotta pay a rich on it before you said that over the hay daddy's yeah he's i look at this receded tele bonds one they're worth regular store they think it's like the walking dead there wonderingly historically again after they arrest megan belike where do we put it in bill the cell for drinking until we see bernie sanders they're all downstairs with elizabeth warrant we'd cinder blocks and mortar and rebar bill that sell for trumpet the basement folks this is crazy time speaking of crazy time it is a sad story this is really like again tv s level six infections are contagious and breaking out everywhere so we have this year a police officer sergeant run alice i can't say his name enough another piece
dj media pga media big score and thereby gino show today three articles we'll put him up at the shown us definitely worth your time so jack on three october second two dozen ip j media charity event charity abed charity check harry got majority a event for slain police officer cancelled because trump support errors were to be in attendance wait why so the organiser of this charity flag football game a guided by the name of reich randal why to do the right thing and raise money for this here our police officer sergeant run hellas who died the thousand oak shooting few months ago nice thing right now but nothing partisan about that right well apparently the local politicians democrats including the shares department according to the report pull them the event because supporters including actor scott peo and and
i villa i whose trump supporter and is a singer we're going to show up to the event so nature determined that they would cancel the event in the corporate sponsors pull that therefore afterwards ladies and gentlemen again we are living in a deeply deeply troubling time now i've been getting a lot of emails from you and i feel that even the necessity to respond appropriately our eye what do we do folks what we can do we live in an imperfect world i'm not can i offer you back perfect solutions i can't i'd be lying to you arrest of all that's folks it's not gonna happen i hope justice is done i think some people will be arrested i think some people will do jail time as i have said repeatedly i think someone every i think some are going to get off but you don't listen i'm out of your preacher and i'm never intended to be my faith is mine and yours is yours but that
prayer god grant me the serenity you know the rest many of you this is the time for that except the things you can change change the things you can and what can you do you can get you're botz up which i know you will and grant tell your friends or twenty of your friends in this next election and you can and you can organise and you can register voters and you can knock on doors these are things you can do and when we win the selection and hopefully the next one after that we can hopefully this country we live in right now which is still the greatest country on earth but his having serious problems not trying to give you a new iraq me speech but we live in an imperfect world and we to do what we can do a voyage individually at our own level to change it you know what guy enjoy stuff is jordan peterson
and petersen as this line about clean up bedroom first before you change the world in other words act only where you can change something you have local take tat anger you send sms to me and are not directed at me i don't take em but surely will turn the ship around folks it's not all lost i only give you these stories about to leave and the sheriff's office and these loans takes you don't want to raise money for a fallen cop because it trump to show you understand the animosity me anger on the other side to their mode waited too tat anger you send some eu to me and are not directly to me i don't take impersonal i stand your anger but turn it
do something positive and let's make some changes in its twenty twenty elections sorry i don't mean to be pep talk this on my job but i mean it matters to me too i ran for office i put my name on about three times folks my time is over it's time for other people i lost i tried my best paula hates when i sense why do what we say that because it matters to me i fought the fight i could fight it didn't work out i changed what i thought i could we almost one almost not good enough but my times over this is what i do now and i love it because i hope and motivate some other people to get our vote to ok story today ladies and gentlemen this is kind of a bad good story bittersweet ripe the democrats are terrified they are terrified about twenty twenty i said the young couple weeks ago about the poles how the poles are changing his impeachment thing is following up the fake impeachment is blowing ups calculated democrats basis i mean really is the numbers this issue has been very very ugly for the demo
it's in the boomerang effect is real they're getting frustrated the frog rebecca the the are the see the republicans put together subtle compilation here is a quick video of the democrats basically telling why they want in peace tropic get us has nothing to do with actual criminal charge they don't have any treason bribery high crimes are mr meters they have none of them folks their terrified they're gonna lose and twenty two and they are in a mad rush to get this guy out of office before the election that's why you haven't seen subpoenas check as video to good when the circle cohesion only alarm that i may be due to the president is i want him impeached i will i will support in each new i think that we have the ground these results we are essentially in the beginning of that impeachment process and i think that there is a lot of momentum towards an impeachment inquiry yes exactly what i feel that we vote where the big guns we have to get ready for peace but with this press
the time has come mr speak for the house of representatives to begin and impeachment agree into president trump it's time for us to impeach this president i am concerned that if we don't pizzas president he will get reelected shop ass republican comfort sets a great video and com german green is right there is exactly exactly there can't you now they i've been saying that those clips for those you watch it on youtube youtube that conflict punch you know there's dates this has been done not since the president was elected they have the it's a front all those clips eo see you add who else had johan omar you add a bunch of different fishermen in congresswoman go the page a peach a peach impeach me this is not about a high
i misdemeanor treason of bribery this is about a political fight to get the president out of office because the real political fight the election of twenty twenty the democrats feel they may lose and they can't have you deciding elections they need to decide them for you folks what's going on right now is a disgrace again for another great weak a lesser ship i really appreciate it please subscribed to my show youtube dot com slash bonn gino can subscribe to the audio show an apple podcast google google pod gas excuse me i heard and sank on police pick up a copy my book generated thank you for making us number ten in new york times this week we really appreciate but a lot of hard work into it supposed to blueprint that used to attack donald trump and i think it'll really surprised me to get to the book and thanks for all the positive reviews i appreciate you overrode a lot of a liberal lunatic unverified just like the book as terrible did you read it now i did really ok that's the verify purchases love this and i appreciate that thank you very much i folksy all monday thanks a lot
day sir just ten bond genomes you can also get dan's podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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