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It’s Official, Trump has Broken the Useless Media (Ep 1212)

2020-03-24 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the worst fake news story yet, as the media continues to promote insanity and hysteria. I also address the ridiculous pork Pelosi tried to insert in the Wuhan Virus Bill. 

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Ready to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks, with your host Dan Bungee, no Democrat sock. Oh yes, yes, bother summer, you the truth, the hard truth out there, but the Democrats really do sock or level of stock was proven yesterday, which I will get to on and absent loaded show. I always appreciate your patients are Tuesdays, always stacked because we have to cover for the weekend what was left over monday- and there is a lot to talk about today today- show sponsored by Express VPN, protect your data from prying eyes today, with its Es Vp and dot com, Slash bond GINO wealth.
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Flash bungee noted download the abide, app and get twenty five percent off you premium subscription go today very relaxing in great for Christians like us our eye, yeah. Let's go body, ok, Element the Democrats suck- that is the theme of today, show All right they pulled yesterday was annexed ordinary level love new lowness we always say with the Democrats we get to the basement, we think we ve reached rock bottom with them and they blast do the subterranean levels into the deep, or of the earth the mantle cross blast through it all and they get down to maximum depravity? Well, what happened yesterday? and for the second time the deuce, the Democrats decided yesterday to filibuster a Republican, really built, not perfect, there's a lot of stuff in there I don't even like, but the Democrats excuse for doing it is outrage,
Wait till I show you the actual bill. Big had Tipp the Rachel Boulevard on Twitter, witness together the actual bill, I'm going to show you the five worse things in the built before we get that's gotta. Three journal overview of what happened yesterday hears it. In the journal worth your time, discusses the bigger picture of just how awful the Democrats really do. Suck the policy, Sumer Corona Virus contagion, Democrat leaders rescue bill under pressure from the left? So what happened here this is that just didn't any bs stories? If you won't be a story, I can go to see in a mess and bc. You'll get them all day. I got a fake news alert later, not worry about that. What actually happen ladies and gentlemen, the Democratic agreed to a bell on Saturday night. They were ready to rock and roll Republicans. Democrat sat down again We think the bill was a great. I think there are a lot of bad things in it. The point here is that they sat down, they agreed to it. Apparently they arose the marshmallows in their snug ease, say combine and what happens Polo
see starts getting wind from a yo, see in the far left. Radical, not bags flies the decision to the rescue and destroys the entire thing Wall Street Journal Gawayne number one from the peace camp worth your time. Majority leader Mcconnell last week, asked, is GEO P chairs from their committees to work with democratic counterparts on planks of the legislation. Begin sought about eight under fifty billion and liquidity for businesses to prevent credit default, mass lay offs and we the same amount on democratic priorities, including in here unemployment benefits, direct payments to households and a surge in medical spending Saturday night, Mister Huber, listen, folks was stressing these are quotes from leftist radical, not from New York, Chuck humor. This that minority rights- these are actual caused by Saturday Your humour was expressing delight. Surprise at the by partisan cooperation. Those are quotes, liberal,
for those you watching the show dont know what those little things are at the top. Those are quotes, meaning humor said that this mercy quote quotations. Saturday night Joe left, this radical not humor the light and surprise delight in surprise: pies Well what happened after that was back to the Wall Street Journal a check that out after humor express quote the light surprise enter the democratic These radical lunatic losers, zeros that suck- and I'm sorry Word sought bothers you bet if there was ever a day for the word sock today, that day so entered radical left this lunatics, I added radical and lunatics, which The bill is a hand out to the wealthy. Mitch. Mcconnell energy appear, pushing crony capitalism, slush fund for friends, daughters, tweeted, the absent,
we hapless, I added absolutely hapless, oh see who everyone we'll challenge humour to twenty twenty progress, just to be clear. Keep that up their remote place for our Youtube viewers Elsie. Who everybody thinks is taking advantage of the political environment to primary Chuck, Schumer cuz. She wants to be a senator, even though she's one of the worst Congress people we have in the entire country is now leveraging a situation at from the far left to attack these Democrat nut. The beat goes on He returned from recess nice that they were on research, Joe, I'm guy Pelosi got a nice little weak vacation to say even though they agreed to the bill the democratic. Now the house will write a joint bill at mister. Humor who was delighted about the bill before Quotas Block descended We have been debating the bill that his fellow Democrat CALL wrote, stand up guy that shock folks.
Here let me just go on because I M really am at this. This could get really we may have to have like sensors jumping that's why I'm shut up. That's gotta part three, because I'm The storm is gathering here volcanoes, getting ready to erupt any moment here. So, let's just get through this year. The peace goes on. Aol sees quote many capitalist slush fund lightest. All such dangerous mean created this financial panic. It's the government at all Americans to stay home and essentially ordered. U S, commerce, to stop Anything wrong here folks will create this virus. This is this rejected in China without, the new companies can pay the bills again. This is only a shocker liberals. Without access to government, companies have every size we forced to lay off employees by the millions now.
Because I'm yearly tired, liberal morons initiates today, one I'm do something here. I got my sharp eve. Those you'd like to watch on our video show Youtube dot com, Slash bond GINO let me document this out, for you focus group tested morons on the left, you don't understand now, commerce, commerce. Worse now they ve settled on to talking points here there to talking points This corporations are evil and should not be helped right now and eggs are evil to so big banks incorporate let me show you how this works. Ok,. Nor am I right this down. Some of you may hear it may here A in the shabby the sharp is moving. Hers It goes here that you can see a to g. Words are being slimmed down on paper, as we have liberals watching who are really stupid and follow the hapless bartender on twitter air, it is watch.
Ready job pass over, I found my thought: the vampire GINO today employers employees where'd you come up with that. Where did you get that Romania's dude? I know I know, I know you spellbound, I by my magnetic intelligence right now, Joe Employers, in other words Joe, the evil corporation always held and sets for liberals who are watching, and maybe this would be more helpful if we put here- and I want to do those things- Ozma call quotations well what they mean either he had ever beheld. Here I put their evil employer. Areas, and maybe a lender stand that now if we put evil in their because, yes, you are that stupid bad. When China convert the liberal, stop saying that you're trying to Bert. The liberals, I'm not liberal. Our morons I'm trying to convert reason.
People who are listening to the shop, some Democrats, there were common sense. I'm done with liberal Hey you and this country and everything you stay. For and they suck they have picked. They talking point evil corporations may get some kind of liquidity to stay in business, to keep their workforce is hired and they don't care they run with that. Understanding the basic that goes. Evil employers have actual employees Joe. It work for me, Joe we're with me Joe now in operation, but shall we work together. Am I an evil employer I mean of whom Now you may ask your support in Washington, because you are the Voice of America, your niece referee, no prob dad. If we
we're going under, thankfully, were a good shape because work. My wife and I are savers if we were going under you be better or worse without this job, not a trick question Joe Jazz as someone who works with me, not for me, but you can speak for the employees of America. It's kind of a similar experiences, some respect. Would you be better off if one under entirely tomorrow, I would better off with or without this job, not a trick. Question Dan I'd be up the creek and Would that have a pattern? You John you're welcome. Verdict is in Joe Creek up. Ok, I mean hold my fire here because there's a lot of important stuff to get to
growing Lee Furious with the asinine later. The far left that really page you and can't stand this country and wants to see had collapsed tomorrow. Ballots puts it On the bone in case, you think I'm making this up we're Nancy Pelosi whose her counterpart in the Senate, the hapless, Chuck humor. Who is in a o sees back pocket the bartender? bar tender now running national policy, there's a bar ten. Running national economic policy, I'm not kidding! This is not a knock believe me on bartenders day, much smarter than a yo see it's this, but I'm not kidding search up of the smartest people. I know some of them. Advice. I got from birth hidden this persistent bartender, who is dead.
He's running a twenty two trillion dollar national economy Some other liberal wish list items that aid see and our squad folks and is far less radical groups flu. The last committed here summit, demands wanted in this bill had kip again. Rachel overall, this is the actual bill and a big active Nepal upper inserting seven thousand screen shots to the show that these are just fine. I've of the dumbest things. So you say, while this is the war on virus relief, bill clearly It's only has to do with the economic damage done, but the one virus. No, no, no, no. No! I'm here quote: grants for conducting risk, limiting audits of the rich cost of elections clearly, this is a mistake. Grants two federalized elections.
Ah our people making money off elections are state. Action boards charging per vote. Is this. Some kind of economic issues are people being laid off from election boards. I'd I'm just asking I'm just asking what a I've do is ever a tide. The drop in have palm it's now what is this doing in a war on virus bill, How is an election bill election Christmas Tree Amendment doing in this? What is Do we get there? You liberal, not bags. Here's another not a joke. This is the actual bill actual bill. The Kennedy Centre, which is good I don't know if you would, the candy centres should drive by it every day come back.
What airport you see it all the time John F Kennedy Centre for the performing arts for operations and maintenance should get thirty five. Million bucks. What does this have to do with the word virus? Thirty, five million dollars to the centre left the caddy, so beautiful What does this have to do with the one bug when I done again? This is just five of the real winners in this bill. Next got a bail out the postal services You know that, notwithstanding any other provisions or any outstanding debt of the? U S, postal services to out to the Treasury is hereby so yes, this is a problem.
Kind the bail out the postal service you're right. Let's do that lets bail out to put what the hell does that have to do with the womb virus, bailing out the postal service. Now This one's great for all. You woke morons out there on the left. Joe, we know in the war on virus. We want to make sure that companies that are going on there. We got to know how many white guys they haven't airborne, not a joke, if not a joke. Low, because there are no highlights number four from the damage. And a see her with less than that. List of items inserted into the bill for these far left nuts. Here's number four: how white goods around on your boy pay equity.
Percent of pay amongst racial and ethnic minorities and, to the extent possible results disaggregated by ethnic group as compared to their white counterparts and comparison of pay between men and women for seminal roles and assignments. A joke because on corporate board diversity, corporate board demographic. Data, including total number of board members, their gender race and ethnic identity, a board members and otherwise vital, as otherwise known or provided voluntarily board positions as well as any other leadership and Sub Committee decided. This is really important. Gas. Many white you have on your boy. That's really important during the greatest financial crisis since the great recession, maybe the great depression. Yes, of course, how many white dude your boy that super important right now?
wait to be a democratic wake up in the morning and look in the mirror. As I tweeted out yesterday, and I will continue to say, I am absolutely sure of two things. Republicans are not the answer to all your problems. I'm sure that but number two The cause of the majority of your problems are absolutely the Democrats. A shameful group, a morons, better store uncle stain on this country, like we ve, never seen at any point in our lifetime. Using a Panthers at other to force agenda. Sorry of selfish, the cattle you're, not really, sorry, it's not as the audience referee, I'm sure you're, not the only one thing my hits here's another one. This is some welcome this job here, because the airlines are going to go under soon if we don't get behind them somehow and
we have to make sure that the airlines carbon emission offsets are offset. You. We want to make sure that the FDA shall require each air carrier receiving assistance to offset their carbon emissions for domestic flights, beginning in twenty twenty five. Moses. If there was ever a time, I know I know, ladies and gentlemen, I try to keep this show family friendly human, sometimes. Even the holiest of the Holy and that's not me, can lose it. This is unbelievable. How do you wake up in the morning? I'm not even how many white guys on your board carbon offsets for airline carriers. That could go wonder here at higher tens and hundreds of thousands of people
Election federalism elections the cat, thirty five million for the Kennedy Centre. Out the postal service is all real, that's the bill. I got a lot. More sense John Barroso, whose usually pretty even tempered guy, not usually almost always, he lost it? but I said a floor. I want to play that. I got that. I got the digital dollar thing before I get to that I mean I got a bunch of sponsor today, Lady Jemima appreciate we got to keep the show afloat rough time, sure baby, but we have good companies here. So, what's your buddies out, Patriot Mobile latest german stop paying these other companies that really can't stand you for yourselves service. It's a waste. Your money and your time, you can get the same service from Patriot Mobile, better right now. The american people the fight for their lives or some try to politicized the crisis. Some of us are sticking together. One family and patriot Mobile wants to help its initiative call time with social distancing, Patriot, mobiles, helping American stay connected by reducing or
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Two patriots are gonna. Patriot, mobile dot com slashed aunt go today, not waste time. Thanks for your support, patriot, Mobile, ok. So, as I said, the Senate yesterday, the Democrats, who would prefer previously senators humor thought it was a delightful bill, he's afraid of Asia, see they destroy the whole process. Here is a short, Video of centre job or are again one of us even temper, guys in the Senate.
Ram, really loosen another set of lawyers and ate it with TAT. I may lose and it is a couple, but this is great check this up labour. This sad it needs to stand up and be counted, as are the senator from West Virginia to say I wouldn't be for this. I don't know what that's coming from we'll just read the papers that are coming out of the democratic House. Just read the papers of the demands by the Democrats to mock up a bell is designed as a rescue operation for the american people. That's where the problem is, Mr President, we need to vote today again and again and again until we provide the relief, the rescue that the american people need. That's why we have a dozen republicans on this side, ready to speak, standing, podium, ready to speak, and you don't right now have even a single democratic on the floor to defend their position, because it is indefensible. What does that tell you the second floor open for comments that these loser Democrats there now
why did they get up and actually talk after that that the Republicans were lined up again, I'm not see testing? The Republicans are an answer to all your problems. It may be the cause of some of them in some respects mine, I'm no fan of swamp rats on either side, they're, good folks on the republican side, maybe some good pho, very few left. Sadly on the democrat side, but I'm telling you with certainty the cause of most of your problems. Are the Democrats, I'm embarrassed for them and you should be now. You may say again for your former criminal investigated. What's the motive here, while I explain I'm, in other words, what motive for destroying a bill. The Democrats call roll call, wrote mood they call road if they thought it was delightful. Now, all of sudden they hated and they're talking. Evil corporations that you work for by the way and evil bags no bags now wedding, let's go into a great depression, is packs. Revives brilliant, really good! Move! Smart democrats morons
But there's another mode of here why Pelosi flew in at the last minute, at the behest of or far left wing Radical Bay say, oh c in the squad. There's another reason: it's disgusting! It's I'm not kidding. It is Billy in in the as I said you when I opened the show. This is what I was talking about. What I'm about to mention right here when you think the Democrats have reached the floor of the having like. Surely they wouldn't take advantage they corona virus outbreak up on Capitol Hill, where Republic in centres a quarantine. Surely they wouldn't take advantage of that today drawing this bill, they cholera, how you'd be wrong. Here is an MSNBC agur, actually, amazingly,.
Telling you just what I just told you, he probably this by heard yesterday, in fact, it is it's a it's. It's almost total logical. Is it what's the definition of a gap in D C, when someone actually tells you the truth,. Here's, a airports gaff by MSNBC Icu, who accidentally tells you that Nancy Pelosi is taking advantage of a viral outbreak on Capitol Hill to get. The Kennedy Centre, bail out the posters. This bail out less. Why guy on board the day. This is the Friday, slip of all times check this out. The house could not vote on this bill tomorrow or probably the next day or the next day, even
they wanted to, and I think what you see here is Democrats believe they have leverage here. Republicans don't even have fifty votes in the Senate where they are in the majority right now, because some of their members are quarantine. They are trying to find their way through a solution and Democrats believe they have some political leverage here to control the response here in the way they would like to see a performed and get some of their priorities across the finish line: boobs boobs cats, Msnbc guy accidentally, tells the truth. Job share publicans have a couple people, Quarantine and ran Paul tested positive for corona. What time it advantage SAM see, that's not the damp GINO Shell, while its Message we see on the day about GINO shall again the definition of a decent gap when someone accidentally tells you the truth. You're sick. This is, do you understand our second arranges.
Oh see when she found out ran Paul was positive, was gonna, wasn't gonna, be able to vote and it MIKE Lee and they did Mitt Romney went into quarantine. When Pelosi found out, she rushed back to make sure a now. They don't have the votes there sick or could be human filth, garbage people garbage people, garbage people. Again, the definition of a DC gaff when you act that we tell the truth huge Yahoo, those by the way, no right wing website here, where Jim Clayburn Democrat powerful them. Crowd on the hillside accidentally tells the truth. Do. Yeah, who knows Democrat Rep Club
told colleagues, the corona virus pillars quote a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit. Our vision noticed what he doesn't say. The corona virus bill a tremendous opportunity to help working class Americans from the next great depression. That's not in that quoth. They want to restructure, thinks. Now I gotta video coming up in a second here of a democratic redness back in February. This is a Democrat wrapped from New Jersey who again accident we had a town hall tells the truth about why the Democrats are nothing to help you in the economy right now neither DC gap again before I get that. I always appreciate your patients. Tuesday, is always a stagnating. Finnish also rightly barberries. Add to call boss
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Town hall and admits that the Democrats block stuff like they're doing now, because they just don't want trump, they get a win, even if it helps you. This is how pathetic these people really are check this out, So when I go EVA I've gone out to people in bed, I need to get this piece of legislation passed, miss it Just ask the Senate Europe about the job, to work a little bit of wonders with that. The audio could slow, but this represents Mickey Cheryl. Accidentally honest that this down off New Jersey, says yeah. I had this piece of legislation, I thought can help and I gave it to the Senate and they Now we care pair, we don't want to give Europe win. Again, nowhere in that quotation.
About giving the american people away not in their not mention. Maybe she said it later in this speech. I not sure she's welcome to submit a com to the show will publish it tomorrow, she'd like yours, a rebuttal but fascinating how she accidentally slips and acknowledges that they just don't want trumpet. A win, even though you could win in the process now, if you want to listen what's in the bill by the way daily Signal, as a great piece of homage can quickly go through some stuff. That's in there. I just told you the garbage it's in there. There are some other things in there too, and I want to get to this important go anywhere if Forbes piece out about one provision is this for the digital dollar, which scared the hell out of all of you. Did Dollar, at all, be very carefully discuss these two years ago, you yeah big, big warning, sign member that showed she held her. Do you negative interest rates at a member? Show one crazy. I don't get that a second but daily, no great piece in the show notes that yeah hoop to be in there to about Kleiber, but you know that
I'm Flash newsletter. If you go, they can subscribe to my show notes. We email me every day to the best articles. In the day thirteen things to know about the sentence: giant corona virus bill by Rachel Bresler. Just go through a few of one is some sick leave and tax credits for small businesses that use employees or on sick leave due to the corona virus, There are small business loans in there. They ve extended the tax deadline to July fifteenth. There is Checks going out, apparently for twelve hundred dollars to families and individuals that meet a certain income requirement. There's gonna be As we discussed last week, you can withdraw the coroner's bell. Some money from your retirement account without penalty. Very good idea, they're going to a minimum distribution requirements for people over time and plans, great idea,
Gentlemen, if you seventy two years, all than you're forced to take a distribution from your retirement. It's heavy and stocks, you're gonna eat big loss right now. I think we can wave that, let's let our our seniors and our friends in seventeen year old folks, what's that, keep their money in air recover. Some of these losses, folks common sense now good idea, not talking to my eyes People on Capitol Hill, good idea for injured and apparently in FED Reserve back loans also for businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, against not businesses fault what happened you they didn't do this. This is not the financial crisis where we had bad. Mortgage books and maturity, mismatches on banks, it made stupid decisions, that's not what this is right. This is the very Definition of a natural disaster, yet something nature wrought upon us and made worse by socialist governments like China still engaged in propaganda campaigns against us,
We'll see what happens there debating the bill now, it'll, probably change a lot of report back every day. Here's an art by Forbes, which should scare the hell out of you is why I saved it for last two segments regarding the bill and the fight about the bill. Folks read this piece in the show notes by Jason, new corona virus stimulus Billing Congress creates a. U s. Digital dollar big know all the other side of the paper. Today. That's a bit No! No! It is a bad, no How to huge no Joe knows where I'm going with this cuz you've been with me from the beginning of this about three years ago. Folks democrats love the idea and in some dopey Republicans to don't know what to talk about love. The idea of a digital dollar digital meaning non paper exists in bits, zeros and ones.
Why well, the digital dollar does two things for big government lovers gets rid of that nasty cash problem. I say that sarcastically. What do you mean then nasty problem. Why? What is the government wanna do Joe? The government wants to do two things. They want to take your money. They want to spend it but they want to do it and they don't want to actually have to pay for it. So what a way to do it in the just. Take it from you now I'll explain about that. The cash problem is an interesting one. The government wants to spend money into it in abyss They know that and when I say government I mean big government democrats end some Republicans you play along. They don't care, they love to spend money forever in perpetuity. The way to get rid of that debt in real terms, is to monetize. Do inflation
Simple underlined: we don't need to overly complicate monetizing the debt, but we people like to talk in France jargon. The reality is they want to die or to be worth less than the future. Why? Because a dollar the debt they accumulate, is worth less to write you take Mortgage on your house and nineteen sixty that was thirty thousand dollars. I think that's what my father in them paid for the house. We hadn't Smithtown is probably thirty grand or less. The way to way make that mortgage debt worth less? Is inflation question, is great: if you all a lot of money because the dollars worth less scene. If one down or in the sixties, brow You get all three gallons of milk. Why? dollar now is even going to buy you a little couple mill, because the dollar is worth less. But so is a dollar of debt. If you owed one dollar of debt in the sixties and you
same dollar of dead now that dollar far easier to accumulate and pay off the debt with now as a simple experts, nation for monetizing the debt. The government loves this aid Love inflation, big government, hacks, think inflation. Is because they can run up huge tabs as effectively. Mortgaging the country and they hope, thirty or forty down to forty years down the road when they have to pay it back that it's not worth a lot. Save inflated away the value of the currency. Isn't this Craig no reminds me the example in John Maynard Keynes, who is basically add up the golden calf or the like But he did have an example in his book that makes s latest German. Two ways to tax the economy right because the government, That make anything becoming just takes from you search ways to take Erika inflation and taxation right the government. If the government wants to spend twenty five percent of the economy. They have that
no matter what you can only take its always inflation or taxation way number one method, number one would be to tax people at twenty five percent what was that the United States Citizenry makes three hundred million worth of goods taxes at twenty five percent you'll get twenty five. Let us stop, but there's other way to do it. Inflation. Destroy the dollar, so they go. Let's say: there's a hundred dollars in circulation, just use round numbers for the sake of this example. The government cousin taxes that tax anything the government can twenty five dollars spend it is or spray actually in this case would say, the three thirty three dollars spend it. Now you have a hundred and thirty three dollars in circulation tax, any body which is effectively roughly twenty five percent one hundred thirty three right around that and they don't have the tax. Anyone me what is an inflation grade, of course, not only for idiots
You may say to yourself why? What does that have to do with the digital dollar? Well, ladies and gentlemen,. The government is, and some big government Democrats and again not pull them Republicans out here, they ve spent a lot of money to love the eye of taking interest rates it lower interest rates will cause inflation because it's easier to get money on the economy, lower. Sing interest rates law makes it easier to wash the economy for money so that government prince more money to drive inflation rate down. So some, NEA Sovereign, some big government he's, they ve tried this and other places around the world by the way said. Well, if we can the interest rate down by printing more money. The interest rate is basically a price on right, that's when an interest rate is right. It's a price to go, borrow money if there's more money, the prices lower just like. If there's one bagel bangles are cheaper, fewer bangles, more expensive bangles, Fewer money, more expensive money, more
less expensive money? They want to do the interest rate you the grants or some genius. But what? If we could drive interest rates, negative negative, So now I must save, or I keep my money in the bank. It rates around zero. So I can't get anything for investing money. Sir savers earth that, by the way, big government Democrats Republicans hate savers, they can't stand sameness because they love inflation. And they get inflation, you have to go and spend money. Some genius said Joe. What if we drive the inflation rate negative, in other words, all. Stupid savers. You keep their money in a bag and actually cost you money every day. You keep your money in the bank and negative think about that a positive interest rate Keep your money in a bag gain interest. You got more money, negative venture, keep your money and about you wars, body weight.
Grave. Well, what's the problem problems obvious? They try this Japan and other places. What's gonna get him a negative at times Is that your mind? Oh yeah, you like this story. I love this stuff here, what became a booming business after that The home, safe business, get people without bought say so took their money out of the bag, because, if the monies old and care. I should not digitally, then. Maybe interest rates. They can't take your money matter matters. Ladies and gentlemen, by pulling cash the financial system, putting it in your safe. You act the de facto make money, while everyone else is losing of keeping their money in the banks. The safe business was booming in Japan, which had the exact opposite Then the dopey economists suggested remember the goal of negative inflation, Joe is to get people to say, wholly crap
keep my money in the bank. We're gonna, lose money, splendid, quick but in circulation not only people not do that they went out, bought safe, pull their money out of it stuck it in the safe and didn't spending because they were making more money by not spending it and let everybody else's money collapse. Ah jaw. How do we solve that problem? Let's A digital dollar, therefore we can why the cash problem. Don't you worry there? be no safe for they'll, be no cash, you'll be forced to keep your money in the bank. We but now man. All your legislators today and say we're gonna pass on that digital dollar thing, but thanks. I know what you're trying to do remember. There are two
as for the government to piss away your money to tax it spending on useless, stop which they typically do outside of our great military inner cops. Or they can just inflated away which people I'll, buy safes and refuse to be have their money in life savings inflated way, which they probably tell you, you know what I'm gonna do this safety anymore, you gotta have digital doll was no thanks, hard pass, but thanks for try and read the article in Forbes. Share this portion of the shell, not a joke, ways always always when Democrats insert something into a bill, always ask yourself why it has never, for a benign reason, they don't want you to be able to take Cash out- put it in a safe inflation taxi
The two ways for the government to steal your money, both equally effective in destroying your financial wellbeing. We can go a day of course without our media hysteria segment, may get that we one last sponsor again. I always appreciate your patience, but as an important sponsor. Today I brought this up last week we were paid to say that last week they are paid sponsor. Today. I want to be crystal clear on that, but I brought some companies less They can help our Rayner somewhere sponsors somewhere. Not, I really had not nothing but the best of intentions. Ladies and gentlemen, I mean it take it for what it's worth, but I mention Roma high stakes last week. Folks, I I've been to the grocery store every day, not a joke. It's very hard to find meet. It just is the response that is love this company, I I We do I've been using them way before they responses. They have stuff in Paul, and I order this week in recommending to everyone in my family. They order Alma high stakes. We again we were
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I covered yesterday during the show email feedback- I would guess- was ninety five percent positive about five percent negative and about less than one percent people who were genuinely of sat at me. One lady. I tweeted out yesterday that it's time to stop hysteria and start doing facts that there are people going out of business right now who are going to suffer for generations, if they don't get on their feet quickly, this is not in academic subjects the real world, so a woman email, and I put my email address. Fine, you can send your hostilities my way if you prefer information feel but just kind of in a sarcastic snarking. But whatever your call, you know, I put my email out for a reason. Hey man. I am really sorry that your local pizza place is going out of business or something TAT way what it snark week. We yeah I
It's not what I said Joe by the waves, not even my local pizza place. We have places closer. It said they say eaten once in a while by a hard working manager who employs about twenty or thirty p. Pull in my community, whose about to go bankrupt. I'm really sorry. I heard your delicate sensibilities by considering him and other Is the soldiers in the grand scheme of the economic damage were about to rot. Now. A lot of this is happening because we're beyond the fact state The media is exclusively in the number one propaganda stage, a number to they dont tromp stage, showing you how stupid the media is. Now I can encourage you and strong enough terms to do your own homer, get your own facts and data. It's out there they're out there are credible organizations putting out real science out there and to ignore these people here. Is it true by the delusional, not bags and MSNBC trying to get everybody into a full blown panic. This is an actual tweet, a quote. This moron Chris Haze, probably the third or
Thomas guy on media, depending on the day behind Brian stouter and Chuck COD quote Chris Hayes. There's no options, you still let everybody go back out and go back to normal if a pandemic rageous across the country and kills fifty percent of the population now Bob. Oh all, right. This is. This is autonomous NBC account with millions of followers. Hysteria that number one trip chopsticks not all every body just go back, and nobody ever said that nobody said that Christine said that and if that happens, maybe fifty percent of the people will die total hyperbolic. Hysteria meant to frighten you to death and push you to the red line from more IRAN Chris AIDS Maura if you're making wife advice from MSNBC right now, I genuinely feel bad for you wanted
mystic note another story in the shone out. Please check it out on many more did the media stereotypes, but I just don't want to leave you with that nonsense. Without present a counterpoint from an actual Nobel winning two thousand thirteen Biochemistry Nobel Prize Award Winter ART Yahoo news worth your time. In the show no again, but you know that calm Flash newsletter yeah Why this Nobel laureate predicts a quicker corona virus recovery quote we're gonna, be fine. The very serious problem No doubt he doesn't diminish the size of the problem and the peace. He simply suggest that this, Park olympic talk of fifty percent of the population being wiped out is not baronet borne out by the science. The facts and the data from the peace, simple from a Nobel Prize winner,
probably somewhat I'd want to listen to rather than this moron Chris Haze. He said, Although the number of daily death is increase, the rate of vat increases begun to ease off. In his view, the act that new cases were being identified at a slower rate, was more telling than the number of new cases itself It's an early sign that the trajectory the outbreak has shifted figure. The break as a car racing down an open highway. He said, although the car is still gaining speed, it's not his cell, accelerating as rapidly as before. This suggests that rate of increase in the number of deaths will slow down even more over the next. We love it wrote the Nobel Prize in a report. He said friends on February, first share chinese social media and soon he predicted the number tat would be decreasing every day. If you read the p Ladies and gentlemen, you ll find out his prediction of the number of deaths was accurate to within five deaths in China.
But now continued illicit denoted epidemiology inside this Chris haze. With this, Sterical nonsense that fifty percent of the population at risk idiots. Who does Critias want charge by the way? back to the media at a moment, but this is important election twenty two But he still spell happening far as we know. This is the guy they wanted charge. Joe Biden now keep a mine in context. Is here's a sure clip of Joe Biden trying to do is alternate corona virus briefly, to call But a train wreck is discredit the train rex all over the globe throughout history, Tromp was there, yesterday for almost two hours in a briefing maybe an hour and a half, or so in a briefing yesterday, answering
questions for media people who hate him. There are always ups and downs these previous, but for two hours handled it got there formation after Joe Biden was reading off a teleprompter furs, alternate corona virus briefing and couldn't even handle that for more twenty seconds, not a joke. This is Joe Biden yesterday, Chris Hazel New fearless leader, before the number responders dealing with the crush these few cases and In addition to that, in addition to that, we have to make sure that we are. We are the position that we are Well, let me let me go the second day after the shock. Another the president, must use the fence production for those EU This on Youtube video associate with that. That's Balfour describe to you but Youtube that conflict mancino for those you watch. The Youtube I may have missed it did she is right hand go back and watch out again Joe Biden
point he said sitting at a podium, Clearly, reading off a teleprompter and promptly. Early goes down and because by needs a teleprompter to talk about the corona virus. Unlike Trump two hours on scripted teleprompter goes down three He does this little motion with his right hand, tries to hide it below the podium telling his staff. To give him a paper copy and in a prompter watch it again. Rwanda, the you'll, see the prompt. There comes back up any goes Enough on that, let's get back to it, because Joe Biden can't speak on script in on this Sebastian again, you'll see listen, my prior line one. I know it's alright, alright right really prior lying to work. Nobody, you see more teleprompter speeches at me backstage with Three presidents I know, actually how they work that prompted went down. He had nothing. It is melon to talk about these gesturing for them,
for copying the prompt. There came back up enough. Let's get back to there's your there's, your guy. There Democrats, you fearlessly your lease and leave the least number good call we haven't, the real economic or back to our fake news, propaganda law, which we have to do every day. Ladies and gentlemen case, you don't think the chinese propaganda coming out of China that this is not to be the issue on or China, viruses and damaging. This is spreading all over the world. Now chinese properly that the United States started the one virus. Yes, this is spreading everywhere by the United States Senate For the media, people were spreading is actively working with our enemies. You don't believe me. Here's a tweet from Secretary State, my palm pale now The Iranians are jumping in committees advocating that the? U S is responsible for the one virus, and we
Put Iranians Americans in the rest of the world at risk facts matter. Again for all you useful idiots in the media, like Chris Haze and others actively promote This information campaigns understand this. America's enemies are using you because your morons, any rather too stupid, or to filled with rage to know the difference. More fake news. Axioms this morning, tweets this out again our sight. I thought I once respecting now to be fair. They ve since corrected this and taken the tweet down, but that's not how this works. Ladies gentlemen, got three thousand retreats when they could have done some basic homework for first shameful shameful by the way axioms. A man is died after ingesting Chloric went phosphate, one of the eight malaria drugs that Trump, as mentioned in recent days, of course, and effort to Duncan Trump, who, God forbid, as hope that I drop to cork when trade name plaque when ill
maybe maybe a treatment for this God forbid. We have hope out their. Ladies and gentlemen, the present states expresses the idea that there may be some treatment out there. That was retreated three thousand times story, just picked up by the collusion hoaxes. That Buzzfeed, I mean it more. No one actually takes Busby seriously, so that is worried about them. A man I'd have to self medicating, with a drug trump promoted as a potential treatment for the corona virus. You maybe saint in what's the problem with this story, the man didn t a drug. Tromp mentioned for corona virus. All it's gotta reacts yourself either update the story after we retreated three thousand times worth, noting key. Think here's the uptake the malaria drugs comes in tablet form, but the type this couple used was attacked. Six substance. Not the medication demands. Why
tell NBC News. I, in the house, because I used to have koi fish Editors known this stories, data, to reflect the fact that the form of cork, when the couple ingested was used in aquariums and it's not, education, daddy, listen. What happened to these people with tragic? I'm really sorry, you ingested a fish tank cleaner and It's I'm done This is not in any way making what I'm not kidding. I'm not I'm only stating through the facts. Please don't eat fish tank cleaner It's not a giant idle. How is this trumps fault? mentioned ethanol in his speech. Once too, I dont see people the gas tank. Let me
Yes, that all out of a guest- I mean this is trumps fault. They didn't take quarrel, Gwynplaine whenever they took a fish tat cleaner but of course acts Ios and Buzzfeed have the Duncan Tromp, because they are totally useless media garbage people. That's why now again, actually since taken down the tweet, but after three thousand retreats you already did your job and nobody takes Buzzfeed seriously anyway, so that really that Buzzfeed clown, show think a clown show of garbage people, so nobody really cares. I won their story and wash them examiner actually through us two through these two quick, this important like leaving stuff for tomorrow, because it's such a busy nursery.
And I get to it. The Washington Post, Margaret Sullivan, calls for immediate boycott of White House Press briefings chinese properly. This degrees by becket, atoms washed examined again being shown us. The worst impose now suggests We should not listen anymore to briefings from the white ass. God forbid. We get actual information of people not censored by the Washington imposed. She treated that out. It was retweeted by the China Propaganda Minister right now also retreated. Kyle Griffin, I think, is his name I would pretends to be. I think it s a b c gonna what his story is as syndicated in the article he says, he's a producer premise and BC. Probably yes, but he seems the tweet all day garbage stuff on twitter, so the chinese propagandists love them mean. Yet he is a produce for Miss amounting. Oh, what shall we worked for. Finally, another piece of fake news you hear all you know: the national supply of face masks was depleted gas that Trump really screwed, that up.
That's what we find out. Another story in the wash them examined today to be fair covered by the allay times as well and Bloomberg shockingly Joe. Times Bloomberg NEWS, the federal stockpiles and ninety five. Mass was the pleaded under Obama and never restock again folks, I don't put this out there to get into like who did what its national crisis? Let's fix it, I'm just tired of people. Even some friends of mine. Pumping me follow misinformation all day, an email and twitter with garbage info tromp, really screwed this up yeah, you even know what you're talking about. We don't have a national stockpile of Mass, because the Obama administration during each one depleted when and never refilled. It kind of an important fact to note now
all right. Ladies and gentlemen, I appreciated appreciate you dealing with the total today show, but you know I'm legitimately po and you should be too, but what's going on right now, country is being led by a class of idiots. You deserve better thanks for tuning in please subscribe to my Youtube Channel Youtube dot com GINO. We really appreciate it. Does your mother, you just ten bond GINO. She followed, then on twitter, twenty four seven at DU, bon GINO.
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