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It’s the Same People! (Ep 1170)

2020-01-30 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the troubling revelation yesterday tying John Bolton to this key player in the Spygate scandal. I also address the legal bombshell dropped by Lt. General Mike Flynn’s lawyer. Finally, I address the latest impeachment news and updates. 

News Picks:John Bolton sold us out. 


Chief Justice Roberts doesn’t rule the Senate. 


Lt. General Mike Flynn pulls his plea!


This 2016 article addresses the shady relationship between this Ukrainian and the Clintons.


Shock poll shows President Trump has doubled his support among Black voters.


New Jersey National Guard heroes are rewarded for bravery in Somalia.


Another liberal hoax debunked. This time in Virginia. 



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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean ladies gentlemen they all know each other all these people trying to down the president all know each other they are all connected the deep sea nothing is real you called a conspiracy theory all you want they all each other and most importantly they all have something to hide or on this today in the damp mancino show don't go anywhere i ve got more explosive connections exposed no less by the washed imposed in twenty eighteen who will probably not cover this story now because now what an impact their new superhero john baltic welcome that come on show producer joe how are you today fine sir will greetings from the pontiac capital of america pasadena maryland i haven't got a yak wants to be a sick trans am great car do get rid of it when i met paula my friend told me if you too
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scope thinking so back and twenty eighteen the washed impose yo democracy dies in the darkness did this story investigators to best back job that's back when the washed imposed like john bolted they love job bolted because john bolted is claiming snaking everyone by the way the total snake right now jumble this coming i out information about a quid pro quo with the ukraine and the president with ukraine in the press they couldn't happen because there's no quell there's no the ukrainians have never said there's a quid pro quo you can't be pressure to doing something for something quid pro quo in latin if these gradients don't know their being pressured to do something tried hard to do tat yet but back into the eighteen member i talk folks remember what i told you everybody in this scheme to take down trump knows each other and they all have something to hide so we find out from the washed imposed
back from david fair and hope again when they hated john bolton twenty eighteen democracy dies in the darkness joe yes john bolton was paid a hundred fifteen thousand dollars to participate to panels sponsored by the foundation are you crazy and steal magnates generally way that no way there is no way that guy came who pay john both in these hundred and fifty of thy speaking feeble disclosure i have taken speaking these people offered me money to speak about capitalist love it yeah baby i've never got out of fifty thousand that's a lot of adult there's no way tat is ukrainian who pay john bolted the speak could possibly be victor pincher right now is innocent tat part of it is not of course we all regular pincher has the it's not
possible joe we know patrick s ties to the clinton foundation needed hillary clinton because of his company was involved and selling equipment to the iranians that may have been it should have been thank you the state of our there's no way they clinton's right away from this guy the same guys on the atlantic council that camp simply be the same guy right let's just check the why i oppose peat appeal it says that the kiev event at another at the munich is february where paid for by the victor foundation who only moses according to a financial disclosure form release on monday by the white ass of course is monday's from twenty eighty tat well well how is that no dan showed listen you need to stop the nonsense you the swap is not real job the deep states all fake stop telling people it's all a hoax meaning you were crazy right if the these people
we all know each other this is now of the democrats they want their star witness in the impeachment that they want this witness so bad they want bolted because baltimore do we keep my nobody's seen a manuscript this book allegedly this book that donald trump told him that these investigations he was demanding into the biden corruption in ukraine is tied to aid ideally press the ukrainians into allegedly or even the ukrainian say otherwise now love this guy the democrats and now we find that i guarantee you you won't see a follow up story from anyone about bolton taking massive speaking free from pincher because that would their new superhero john bolton who they hated but background arpeggio those of you regular viewers are the show no pincher is a key figure figure in this file gating i can't be either how's that these were separate scandals joe
by gay the collusion hoax the ukraine hoax the impeachment hopes have you been listening for the past few days of course you know none of these are separate scandals it is all one can t numerous line of scandals from the first day the is it won the election before he won the election actually when they were spying on him so now it's the same people involved in all of this and they all have something to hide and the only way to hide it is to get president trump out of office by trotting out scandal at the scandal at the scandal after scandal show pinchuk is tied to bolton through these really jenner speaking fees outer fifteen thousand dollars that's really nice we just find that out today who else was pincher tied to wow picture happens to be a member of the atlantic council we now atlantic council that non governmental organisation that has all these actually i heard them before i go all the swamp rats all
steve states swamp rats go over after they leave office to work for the ears a screenshot oh my phone atlanta council that or look who sits on a board there make their very best are victor pincher i was going to say victor make their pinchbeck because i got them so their make their pension sits on a board of the atlantic as a screen shot of my actual fought by the way there aren't just for board members there are many in the interests of this closer i just in the interests of fitting that on my screen for our youtube channel you too that conflict but you know i took a screenshot am i thought but now we know victor pinching sits on the atlantic council we know pincher has paid john generous amounts of money to speak in his organization crazy how that happens the atlantic council ok so we get on skype took a nose he's associated with the atlantic council which is by the way populated deeply joe deeply a bunch of deep staters former govern
officials who are soon to be do a pretty well cavorting with each other who else did the atlantic council partner up with that's partner but pinch yoke who is paying bolted remember ladies and gentlemen to take away these people all know each other it is one big i want to say this so bad but it's a family friend will show let's call it one big circle tat whether you are in a circle and your patting each other on the back ok yeah holiday well how do you know that follows ghosts i know where you go with it they're all patent each other on the back and i know that's megan pat on the back right now are you guys get shot cut up what's your point a very regrettable high back through the back door
serious portion of the show our coveney break as our fears the wall street journal article about who else the atlantic council is partner up with us three genital you craig companies campaign to burnished its image is stretched beyond hundred by but we know when you create keep that up her second we know the ukrainian company connected the hunter biden is trying to paul jump its image so they did what who's that company number one always charisma hired hunter biden job like this kid we hired well connected operators and washed in jail persuade ukrainian prosecutors to drop the criminal case against it that article goes describe who else they parted up which is the atlanta council jacques or so now victor page very wealthy guy worth millions ukrainian
we know he's associated with the collins i'll get to that the second reading clinton's ran away from home because i why something to hide we know pin fuzzy atlantic council we now later he sits on a board there too we the atlantic council is partners we'd parisian mother company that higher joe biden kid and the same pinch funding all this is also paid our body john baltic wow crazy how these people all seem to know each other now showing you again what are we i told you everybody knows each other they all have something to hide you should be asking ok then i think you laid out how these people are each other bolton pincher pinching atlantic council atlantic council bereaves mob arizona hunter biden honour biden joe biden ok so what what are they hiding
start here with a piecemeal used often from the washstand examiner by sarah westward so be up in the show notes again it's all there this is from twenty sixteen we use a lot though and it is worth your time you want to read that its associated with the show in the article is go to punch you know that calm slash newsletter subscribe to it lest i will email you these articles everyday if you ever this article yet we bring it up often on the show please do it is extremely important headline email show clinton denied them with the ukrainian donor this can't possibly job same ukrainian who pay john both for the speeches right then that would be crazy type we're so let's go away through the worst examiner peace and take away his portion number one of the peace emails made public on tuesday because this is an older article shall we ukrainian businessmen and major clinton foundation donor was in they have a reach home during the final year of our diplomatic tenure
by her spokesmen insistence in twenty fourteen that this ukrainian donor never cross password clinton wow while she was serving a secretary of state what are they hiding it always his daughter no way vic in short this guy you pay polton how is that victor pincher who is given the twenty five million to the current twenty five miles paula my region are right does that say twenty five that does say victor pitcher who was given up to twenty five neither the click foundation crazy out bolton to this just not appear on a guest list that was said between these clinton staffers whom abbot in and so name appears to this end aberdeen noted in the subsequent email that the gathering would be hosted in collisions home we're pinprick is invited this is where it gets good made scrutiny of pollutants ties the pin shook and twenty fourteen i'll explain to you why in a second the democratic nominees spokesmen nick mary
also picture can never met with clinton during tat time he told them york times that the ukrainian businessman was never on her schedule ladies and gentlemen that's despite the fact that we have the emails showing that he was invited to our house her house how motto office that they have come we at the local part belize or starbucks her house not all debits grill this guy got invited to the house but for some reason job the clinton spokespeople we don't know this guy reminds me that
famous maria carry give when she's asked about was the jailer and they give you ever see it and i don't know her i don't member that i love them it was meant to be it is this is it meant to be this this is meant to be a footprint sands cover vibrates but what were they covering pinchbeck who pays bolton who sits on the atlantic council who partners up a paris who hire spiders kid all these people know each other they know clinton to patently newer when she was at the state department and needed something what did they me well go a little further down the washstand examiner article you'll find out this little gem their pincher can accompany this ukrainian but gentlemen millionaire it was a manual during fur joe called inter pipe eighty five what happened within it why would they need the clinton's well either five
under fire last year after it was accused of shipping oil to i ran violation of international sanctions at twenty twel pinchers acts the clinton is yet another example of a foundation donor who may have found favour with their state department team remember that story pinching company inner pipe was scrutiny by the state department for possibly violating sanctions against iran and sending them equipment over a million dollars in and our products that they should that they shouldn't have needs i do ladys and just remember what i've told you over and over again i got more but up on this in a minute with flynn announced at the date you please the take away the last two weeks of shows impeachment fake whistleblower gay spy gate molly the gate these scandals faked their fake scandals are
all being run by the same network of people who names appear over and over and over again pincher ukraine spiky at land council people involved in spite eight evelyn farc is going to work for the atlantic council sponsored by pincher it is all and effort by these people who have been involved and to be fair ladies and gentlemen the efforts to influence u s policy makers to lie of these speaking fees appointments to boards is not a democrat only thing right wilkins have done this to but the purpose this week of shows is to show you this is not a conspiracy theory we can question the motives you can rightfully so it's fair for you to say well done at does improve you know pincher was bribe
bolton i didn't say that i do not say that i can't get emboldens i dont know why bolton did what he did sold out the present and i have no idea mice gesture in here is not that he was bright i'm simply telling you that these people are all connected to each other more it changes hands position changes hands favours age hands biden kid getting appointed bolton get speaking fees pincher getting invite the clinton's house they went further twenty five million dollars ladies and gentlemen the motives partial portion of this is up to you to figure out i'm simply telling you that in a normal media environment that was interested in finding a possible motive one of the first thing you would do joe and finding a motive is his do what follow the money right an outside of this show
twitter warriors ending i mean that does as as a pat on the bill a jet pat on the back peoples that amazing work nobody's doing that because when you follow the money joe this is what you fine now it gets worse here's a video that's now surfaced of john bolton who again claiming that this call with the president's you know this disturbing are supposedly no one scene the manuscript but its outdated bolton support sadly in a manuscript i have not seen it neither is anyone else that the president this ukrainian aid to investigations into the binds that supposedly involves book i'm i've till i see the book myself on that's all i'm tell you is false the damage bottom did is immeasurable regardless of which in the book because these have been playing this fancy pants
game for weeks now i've got information i've got information by my book by my book and because of that what happened joe the demo brad using him like the tool these become are like you information we need to call witnesses just say it man speak out if you got something to say you snake speak up well he did speak up in an interview he gave to wasn't rate a free europe and in this interview dresses the call between as it entrapping ukrainian president where the fake whistleblower alleges this illicit deal investigations on buying for military aid happened although we have the transcript it didn't happen it's a fake charge bold joe who seemed really concerned according to leaks of his manuscript right about a quid pro quo they never happened
clearly in this interview about to call it a radio free europe he's going to express its concerns rachel he's going to say the call was devastated was tat right joe i wear my so ass to be right but this is a man of integrity rhyme muttering clearly he must said that where listener we characterizes the call in this interview this support weekly it's not exist we were both says it is now jack this up i will be meeting presents a lansky he and president tromp of already spoken twice at present the congratulate presents wednesday on his election and then on his success in the parliamentary election they were very warm cordial calls were hoping that they'll be able to meet in warsaw and have a few minutes together because the success of ukraine maintain its freedom its system a representative government a free market economy free of corruption in dealing with the problems of the dumbass in the crimea are a high priority
he's here obviously but the high priorities for the united states is well joe why did you but you edited that now gentlemen man here let me down not work you screwed up cut out the part what poor i don't know why joe you being paid by the atlantic council a victor pincher you clearly edited now art out we're both and expresses its deep concern about the quid pro quo and investigations why did you do that for the idea we need a new productive it she runs devonshire you're fired clearly are whether you obviously have a job who did not added that dares balkan expressing no concerns whatsoever manufacture he carefully to access the call a warm call you warm still really preacher friendly issuers sit there haven't hot cocoa roast and sworn in front of the fire jones where's the lied about how deep concern there wasn t ladies and gentlemen this guy is a fraud
he is so this out i'm sorry and let me just addressed one more thing that is clown loser at media i who rides my back i was going to say some mouth for collects but you know what i mean this aid and mclaughlin loser this guy knows my name generates calypso he's gotta pay is mommy to rent so we wrote this peace amboise gino lip blobs said bob and was loyal and now is a snake are maura that's the definition of a snake a guy who was previously loyal who sells you out like only media i wouldn't figure this out that's their exposure it's always loyal to me tomorrow and in turn around and leave me to go work for the jail road particles ibm joe you saved me where he was could we love each other chose gray by guy love this guy that's the definition a snake the boat and sells us out after him
been somewhat loyal at least if it was through the establishment of not if i don't agree with the guys approaching the guy to start wars everywhere now but they had said tat creation of a snake course in mclaughlin was the iq of a shoe lay sab kept figure that the guy that might april basic freedoms we put my name is the only way i'll get attention to shoot at you again what's the headline in this sector i don't know why i got don't even have to like it you see it did you see what i got i don't even have sneakers on i have a ah highs yet florida the official for you here can you see that work in fright luggage creeping the senior that they move that's my foot right there paul paul switched to the camera angle to my my daughter's pandora mug she bought a love by the way
my daughter ass their driving test yesterday big collective rather laws from the thereby gino show like that side you chose my broken knows pretty bad my nose been smashed we cannot allow a creep someone i know never noticed that goes goes that largely on point because the other way everything's reversal in promptly just look at it now you watch me on youtube in a black man is those dusk i got it smash bar and my brother practice since he was trained for emma may five we never did so we smash my nose why i want to wrap this up remember they take away all these people know each other there are five financial interests at stake and they all have something to high pinch china leverage connections had some problems with sanctions selling
do i ran he's paying both in financing the atlantic council deep staters go to work for the atlanta calves atlantic council partner charisma charisma hiring biden wouldn't it be crazy job now this is nuts so prepare because even as the audience referee slash ombudsman i i this would be real you might even have a hard time of this one but let me just pose this as a question paul throw you in this one negative we need three shop apollon forget we have to share three shot back there wouldn't it be crazy if there was some kind of international election integrity thing aboard election integrity keeper after the obama administration obama bide administration based through the election under the bus by working with hillary clinton to work with far in the uk and elsewhere to use other foreign sources the impact the election
how crazy would it be if there was a transatlantic election commission right and on that transatlantic globalist election commission about election integrity how not would it be if joe widen and victor pin shook guph the atlantic council who partner with charisma wire binds kid joe how much would it be if they sat on an election integrity commissioner just like the fact they knowingly biden and their team the obama administration no when we did things than impacted the twenty six timor leste job would that be crazy now be the crazy frighten yeah me crazy they chelmon yes haven't you want who seven nine are of course always on the ball on this one let's look at this little bad boy here we send to me the other day i've had a tough time get it out we get so much stuff goin on here i have of democracies has a tray
we at the commission on election integrity who sits on this it's crazy look who's at the top why via whereas the united states look who's at the bottom crazy richter pension now that can't be that care possibly be clearly doctor this of course she didn't that's the website check it out yourself alliance for democracy cannot be discussed folks these every right is it this increase they all know each other i want a couple more points the worry polygram break from a joke anonymously point is always adverse screenshot i sent her aside heard this was this one's freebie another point about bomb and is ridiculous bakery the national security council sent a letter the third week of january
you both in saying hey daddy oh your book is angie man no good there's no no security information in their jobs happens three days after bolton steam gets that letter all one week about what's in the book convenient admit this important debate the of anything to do with that did the nationals parity council people who reviewed the book the daily get someone tat realising the national security information would be pulled out of the book in wooden damage drop so there's a rush to get it out to the press i dont know they ask it was the golden team panicked hey we're not gonna get this book out you please what's going on i don't know i'm just there's somebody leaked it sl security council people which leaks like a sin the necessary counselor i'm sure a lot of patriots on there but there is selected
people who sat on the national security council including the fake whistleblower who are committed to destruction of this country as long as president jobs in charge then when he's out there then they'll be back to doing national security stuff again very committed national insecurity it's the end i see a national insecurity council under president trump the daily it realising that oh my gosh illegal review they might pulled this book this book damages trump we can have that link it to the press quick i don't know i'm just ask somebody leaked it i was asked yesterday on email some this began as well gentlemen email me it's a damn don't go on now bolton he way want him as a witness you say
these three things about it said at last night and on ingram show as well debating chris on maybe we should bring aeroplanes to what you think power i want some feedback on this because it shows for but as on ingram eyesight gentlemen email me said i said i made this point i'll make it again ladies gentlemen three things will never change it doesn't matter what witness they bring forward ball in anyone else stop getting it through this baltic although we telling you are both knows all these people to show you that this guy's not pure hard either he's got connections at are questionable but it doesn't matter there are no witnesses in this case joe in because there no crime every a witness to an armed robbery with no victim dairy out i got a witness george because rob joey you rob now know what you mean as rob joe they said you the streets amount then i was in california we i gotta at this
chose not a witness he's the alleged victim it does it after what bolton said these three things will never change write them down to memorize them they will know change one the aid to ukraine democrats allege was made conditional was delivered before the deadline it was delivered before the deadline there was no more violent creating an aid congress allocated tromp team released before this september thirtieth deadline that's just a fact the aid was a quid pro quo billy because point number two fact number two number one aid delivered number two memorizes please there's no victim there's no victim the present
cannot be impeach for a high crime or misdemeanor they didn't happen surely there's a victim the liberals will say the american people are the victim that's a cop out that's with the liberals are saying there are arguing here that the ukrainians were pressure while job that would make the ukrainians are victim which would mean the ukrainians at some point would have to claim their victim the ukrainians are not saying that right there are no night come right therefore there is no crime now somewhat email me and said the counter argument that is well the uk he is just feel right we bad and there being nice to drop ladies and gentlemen that's not the way the legal system works if you don't file charges against someone they kit make you do that if you say i want to file charges against joe for whatever
stealing my lunch money and if there were no east although much money now and i keep saying no we didn't you can't make me do it for some reason the ukrainians are either not victims or you claim victims and ukrainians don't want anything to do with you claiming their victims either way you lose there are no victims final as we always do the democrat corruption in ukraine these real political january eleven twenty seventy ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump backfire on gino that come ass left leaning politico that didn't extensive expos ay of ukrainians work
with democratic operatives to sabotage trump no one's retracted that story to this day why because its real one final point for get an automatic sponsor why jerry now learn adam shifted yesterday in the senate trial lady gentlemen you would be thrown out of court and the yeah vacate the charge against that the defendant would be dismissed immediately what did they do i've gotta out of experience and city cord stay court federal court and my prior line of work i walk into court now try in a counterfeit case against jill say yes we did the secret services you let me cite brunetta counterfeit money and i'm on the stand and lawyers start bringing up alternate charge against show kidnapping extortion bribery remedies like the job we throw that out now hearty absolutely in a harbouring jobless charger that charging counterfeiting porto that job
you would throw you out of court and omitted declare a mistrial but a to make random accusations at quarter crimes you're not charging people with what it now sleaze ball shift you yesterday they got up started alleging that pressure guilty of bribery and extortion and then when they got caught did you catch us yesterday if you did this was a gem when they got or by the president's legal team and said we way way way way your articles of impeachment in other words your charges against them don't include bribery extortion at all how dare you bring that up in this chamber nobbler lied because democrats always lie because their sleazy that's what they do what did he do he went up their jones had no no no i can cite for four times in the recalls that boy a brief mention thou job
but you're referee had on its saying ok then adler one battler saying in peace i agree as mentioned in the charges the articles have impeachment otherwise known as the charges and impeachment mouth right now now nano bono bribery was not mention bribery was quoted four times when they quote the constitution impeachment for bribery treason i crimes are misdemeanours you get it yeah yeah you get how these they're still i always like lying to you slick listen slick i'll give you credit slick admit jerry neither slick jerry i think anybody ever associated slick with jerry neither by the way but whatever slick move but we can't you exactly what you did you would have been thrown out of court immediately and you know it but you see his had come back when you got busted where were you dementia bribery side of the articles of appeasement that was never analogous or not
it's in there yet in their accordingly as the two should you dope they think we're too stupid to figure that out i got more i ran deal mike flame i ran pinch shook pinching its favours selling stuff do i ran from clayton they all but we shall do they all got something to hide flynn didn't like the reindeer what's going on about flynn why was he a target we'll get to that next year's preferring to get both quick polo you are we do have a native you show coming up next week that this week i love you feedback that i think is important i want to do this you know i debate liberal chris on ingram show all the time we throw by that each other on the air you know chris is yes i think you're crazy but folks i'm not going to do a lot of this i don't like doing a lot of liberals ever on my show for any reason but i think
important that we do an interview show it somewhat from the other side and we let's hear what they have to say i know reason i'm doing it so you claims i not going to get some feedback its negative stop avenues liberals idle we had one it's gonna be chris but i think it's important either it will sharpen up and polished up are debating skills before the next action here with the other side ass to say love to hear your feedback on it i pay is there going to be fireworks it's comin up next week we're going to be a long form to so we won't be get cut off by commercial so i'd love to hear your feedback on that ok three show also partly by bodies at general sell the latest trends can cares instant results introducing the brand new jan you sell are age from show jenny sell our age delivers next generation retinal anti aging effects with zero redness or irritations port pass the orange complex provides highly or on a gas is crucial four superior retinal effects here soon from towns or of new jersey
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i can't enter dan thirty a check out the entries you're that jenny solve our com jenny cell background check it out good stuff she's me allergies are still go on while ok so why what do you get some say whether molitor now it's not secure tell me i'm sick i refuse to believe that i am not sick it is allergies i am not contagious you'd be sick already message received its family frightened kids aren't gonna get dad don't worry it's
i would try to keep it safer its preaching thirteen i i didn't get analogy learnt at about that is your although we go everybody does everybody in the spy gate impeachment gay mahler gay you craig a fake whistleblower gate they all got to each other and they all have something to hide i told you a pension cast a high there and hilary quit to hide their do so you know you pay for influencing the hope stuff just goes away well yesterday a bomb shell from lieutenant general might venture out i know you know we over use that term and forgive me but this was really very significant now of course it was down played by the media and that's why doesn't feel like a bombshell but it was so what happened well flynn pull this plea yesterday mike's limb lieutenant general fly to his lawyer the excellent sidney power who we really should get on the show to pull their plea and might flynn in an impassioned
statement to the court through his lawyer sidney power basically invoke god and said listen but i swear on my name here on everything i believe in that i did not commit this crime i did not lie ladies and gentlemen is a powerful powerful brief now forget for the fox news peace again every body in this case this now we're moving onto the targeting a mite flynn who waited the i ran deal obama supported keep this in mind we want to play a video at the end the nancy pelosi and this will make more says mike flynn some serious reservations as an intelligence profession heading the dossier under the obama administration he had serious reservations about obama's signature foreign policy proposal the ariane deal any
very serious reservations about the direction of the intelligence community which ladies and gentlemen might flynn felt was for lying under the spell of politics so not doing intelligence anymore which made mike flynn public enemy numeral una so the same cabal that targeted president trump inspire gave the same state department run by hillary clinton that waste being trying to be inflows apparently one point by pinch shook who had sold some after i ran off lend it like the area and the all right remember this email from yesterday show this is an email from calf you can like yes the woman from the state department who interviewed christopher steel who produced the fake dossier on donald trump this is when
sending an email to stephanie homes homes about flynn and look at its worst imposed when check this out who is well if you listen yesterday show you know stephanie homes is the wife of david homes yeah david arms remember that guy who the impeachment the impeachment hearings on the hillside neck was one of the democratic witnesses a guy like bolton allegedly in his book said there was acquitted oakwell so homes and bolted now we know is saying the same thing that's crazy on allegedly have not seen a manuscript well say so the wife of a guy who disingenuous lee came out as a democrat witness a working again through the trumpet major said there was a quid pro quo that nobody can prove nobody has any first hand evidence of an ukrainians won't even back up their story his
i've got an email chain with a woman from the state department who see to be targeting are very interested mike flynn and whose also interviewing christopher steel is targeting donald trump it's all here till he writes you're right so he's a fox news peace will be in the shoulders and i encourage you to read fling pulses fully apply yesterday good job michael flayed takes on egregious fbi misconduct let alone fbi agent in guilty they withdraw gregory takes on fbi agent to whose that well we'll get to that the minute let's get back to collect vermin so we got this kathleen cavil like at the state department emailing the wife of one of the main witnesses in the impeachment out emailing about when flynn in each made ukraine the state a person emailing the wife of the witness against trump in the impeachment trial is all
witness the interviewing steel produces the fake dossier and spiky crazy this is crazy talk again if we collect we know from the state department news email and this woman met with christopher steel in october twenty sixteen just ten days before the fbi got there first pfizer warrant the spy on donald trump using christopher steals information how does this relate to the headline of the fox news story that when pull this plea and is now going after one of the fbi agents involved in this statement before we get to this now i just want to produce this dossier that christopher steel produced in on and i want you to pay very close attention to the day so steel was talking to the state who's talking to this lady homes married to the sky david homes in the national security council she's talk in this deal what is still doing whilst the produces this dossier that my
when's name randomly shows up and why do i say randomly because if you re the dossier produced this very specific day you'll notice through some indifferent about the way might wins name appears one it appears parentheses as if it was thrown in the last minute this is you'll dossier when thus he's a series of memos and in this specific i'm off wins is the only name that's not capitalize suggesting it was added at the last minute shoot me notice it's the only name there not capitalize its thrown in in a read the line for this is from one to the other dossiers one of its members kremlin's engaging with several high profile u s players including stein page and forward the idea director mike when it's like in and funding their recent visits to moscow they were we'll get the bug that soon admitted to steel seemingly at the last minute on august ten so
one as i believe into the stasi flimsy and forgets it doesn't match the format they ve been using to put the other names in it granted i am speculating about there but it's awfully on the way when's name appears now what's the date on this let's go to page to this deal that's all august ten twenty sixteen crazy time crazy time what else happens on august tenth sixteen well we know now due to the idee report that something else interesting happened on august tenth of twenty let's go to the edgy report look at that cause this is really really loony two's psych bugs body that so we august twenty six team the fbi assembled and investigative team and an open other cases on papadopoulos page and for on august tenth
they wait six days later on august sixteen whether may open up a fourth case against mike when ladies and gentlemen let me walk you through would probably happened here ok might flynn is the target of the state department because mike flynn hates the i ran deal mike what is the target of the intelligence community why because my windows the intelligence community needs dramatic reforms my so it has to be taken out they don't have anything on might fled so where do you go when you need information fabricated joe go to your body chris for steel former intel sky in the united kingdom who by the way is connected to help her and all these other people who are working with the u s government degenerate generate fake information and donald trump by august ten you don't have anything hey can you produce another dossier just drove one's name in there too he met with russians and paid for his trip they did some attention you'll be a memo later that captive catherine heritage that shows that the they knew that the trip was in fact the illegitimate but that doesn't mean
our steel through it in there of course it's gotta be true despite the fact that puts the assassins almost never true so the f b i says well you know we we do want to say we opened up this investigation based on this far and spies fake information given to us on august tenth as you see by the dossier day so let's wait a few days let's open up on these other three guys first page papadopoulos metaphor let's six days then open up on flint so it doesn't look like the dossier submission and on us all of us opening up the case or are tied together and if we open up on the other three first it'll make it look like they were the real targets are not flint right right all take that succour to the bank cash that check spend that money now if the fbi was suspicious on august tab they got this information from the or the intelligence community which pass that on that flynn was working with the russians then you would think
at some point show the intelligence community the f b i would have some information that flynn actually did something wrong with the russians slowly the bog vat slowly but surely user washed imposed deadline now this is about the call later on when flimsy appointed national scurried via but this is democracy guys in the darkness washed impose january twenty three twenty seven team headlines i review flings calls with the russian ambassador but found nothing illicit interesting receives charge we're doing something illicit lying about it on that call that someone leaked to the washed imposed there is nothing wrong with well that's hard to go back to their fox news peace for a second european thank you the fox news headlines says mike flynn yesterday's withdrawing his plea but that are also going after the credibility of a very specific fbi agents central to flints prosecutes
for a crime he didn't commit who is that person while that person we now know a corner reporting by multiple media outlets ss one senior special one of the ideal report isn't it by the name of joe there were allegations that bianca who interviewed mike flint at the white house member here george lined the fbi in that interview member the interview call me i just said if you guys over there i thought i was really cool bianca interviewed flynn in that endeavour with peter stroke and there are allegations that there the piazza was pressure the changes summary that interview because one p it came out of that in our view they allege that flynn didn't live that he wasn't being deceptive had a hard the chart lying when you go back and tell the fbi that there was a light was that editing was that summary is there a summary out there the interview would flint member he's charging for life in this interview by p is there an editor
version a pre edited version that indicates that they didn't think for was lying where is it this pr gonna where it is where's bianca well nobody can seem to find your bianca because he keeps disappearing because appears the fbi's haydn i'd know joe go to a tree from our good body techno fog here no we love techno far gone twitter put this out i'm gonna happen because you always this great work to get stuff all over my desk here you got the tweet technical i take no fog fbi agent your bianca who lied to the pfizer court later interviewed flynn was promoted and after the san francisco area after they have been there are serious problems and despise application this is interesting the san francisco fbi field office has since scrub them from their site you can see
screen grabs below and youtube he was on their site job bianca then when they found that the people go to start looking at the bianca all the suddenly disappeared from the san francisco site joe they could move bianca far away from the sea where do we go terrorism do as i said you ever do we a base on jupiter maybe neptune the b i resident agency neptune put bianca there give up space suit and astronaut alphabet the field we always say that give up a little like lunar shuttle for what are the moons of jupiter how far from these sea can we get bianca i got an let's send in the san francisco which unfortunately due to liberalism is like a planet in and of itself these days a planet of human waste that's balled up into itself really they ve liberals decimated that place at once beautiful city kind of over to san francisco and all of a sudden disappears in the website do i you mean the guy who interviewed flynn may have
written in summary the interview indicating flynn wasn't lying that may have been they did to say otherwise office the fbi needs to hide him well joe may be pr again whose ss one in the ideal according to media outlets maybe bianca has other information show that flynn was definitely work and with the russian so we really have to go get em you now bears some mountain well let's check out i g report number two fbi liaison informed s say one again reported to be piazza and cases one via email on november eighteen that can't like dear she goes again had met with christopher steel she took no to their meeting that they obtain information from catholic about the meeting listen to this
according to collect the information i'm steals reporting about a russian consulate being located in miami was inaccurate you understand what were reading here that the key fbi age involving the interview of might flint they prosecuting of my linen the spider was given information from the state department that the guy they were using christopher steel for their sore the spy on trump that they were using was full of that stuff i just reference in san francisco didn't stop bianca apparently kept on going now you may say clearly
they had some other information then highlights the eels information about russia was probably be asked cavalier told them joe it's reference them august tent dossier memo that fleet add some dinner he won't you paid bore for by the rush shoot me so that was clearly flings after to ingratiate himself to the russians because he shady right let's go to sydney powers cord filing yesterday and show you that's total bs too in other words this whole thing about flynn again the same cabal of idiots targeting trump targeted fled because flynn wanted to the intelligence community and hated the around you and made the whole thing up there was russian pretext of this meeting let's go to the activities catherine heritages notes by the way catherine urged at sea now on a very good job she has his hand
take my highlight a where she picks apart legal diagnoses are her highlights from sidney palace legal filing a footnote eleven in it the innocence of mr flynn supposing quote russian ties is thoroughly documented in reports of the dossier which he headed the defence intelligence agency we show the extent to which mr flynn was working with the government just as harder page was but this call as the night this exculpatory information to mr flints offence amazing so now we know carter page was working for the united states government to target russian intel operatives which the f b i used against them decision page was working with russian intel on its own interests and now mike when who told the dossier about a trip moscow in a dinner reported it s
exactly as he was supposed to manifest working with the government probably too therein tell there on the russians that same meeting just like carter page is being used against him to paint them is some russian stooge and they knew what was fake from the start ladies and gentlemen these people all know each other the state department is need deepen this kneedeep everybody knows everybody everybody has something to hide paul you're right i only ten dollars pile up at me ten bucks i would never get through all the content of this today of course she's raw i wouldn't you need a we will end with this that this we will forget so i told you at the beginning with regards to the might flynn said i said you might
flame had some very serious suspicions about the intelligence community what they were really up to i e a working behind the scenes like john brennan to appear in the integrity of donald trump using a fake steel dossier that was then turned on might fall into nancy pelosi from years ago she had a warning about the intelligence community short but sweet check this out but i thought we send your fine style i tell you take on intelligence community you're a person of courage and she d not do that lightly kind of remind you the old chuckie humor quote to remember that one check go take on intelligence community i'll get back to you seven different ways from sunday how's that by fabric getting information filtering it through the fbi about fake russian ties between russia and might flaming carter page and donald trump saying people than fabricating a ukraine scandal ukrainians evolve than that with my
flowing back to them in the clinton who had a political interest in furthering the ukraine scandal gee i don't know my folks thanks this has got to my youtube channel youtube com slashed by gino trying to get the four hundred thousand subscribers almost there thanks to your work are really appreciated subscriptions are all free of course is nowhere we don't ask anybody from yes we really appreciate that they so much matured in i'll see you tomorrow you just ten bungee knows you can also get dance broadcasts on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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