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It’s Worse Than We Thought (Ep 1240)

2020-04-30 | 🔗

In this episode I address the astonishing new revelations in the FBI targeting scandal of General Mike Flynn. I also address the cowardice on the left, and their failure to address this grotesque violation of civil liberties.

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Waiting to hear the truth about Amerika, upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee prevent a regular listener to show for three years What happened yesterday is not a surprise to you, but what happen. Yesterday was candidly earthshaking, of course, I'm referencing me release Fbi notes where they basically line doubt and wrote down in their own handwriting. The plot to take down a deck raided United States, Patriot and General MIKE, when I Hi, I'm not sure someone texted me last night, a friend of mine who shall remain nameless, many view known by texted me last night said What country to even live in anymore? We!
God some law enforcement entities, some thinking, it's a good idea to lock people up. First, not a beach or walk outside their house. We ve got an FBI. That the management level thought it was a good idea to spy on the prestige and I'd states, thinking they wouldn't get caught. We have a decorated general and our military, a patriot, with a long Razumihin heroism in this country who we know for sure, was targeted by row gauge and set the FBI and yet stead of unanimous consent. People, its american citizens. You have liberals who. We support this. So the so the question what country too we live in. I don't know anymore more on this head. I'm gonna walk you through this Flynn case from the start, we're not just going to start the book in the middle. Why
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To the FBI this by telling the FBI director in their own notes. He didn't lie to the FBI. The notes were turned over yesterday and became public and, ladies and gentlemen, I am not When I tell you they cannot be more dammit you just I bet. However, you want explosive bomb, so I dont care you can read them for yourselves. I'm telling you it based on that text interactions I had with numerous people inside the conservative ecosystem yesterday. I think it's you now, that this is some of the most destructive evidence. We ve seen that a deep state actually exists in our lifetime. What happened yesterday was disgusting. The FBI notes laid out a plot, so we'll start with the headline first laid out a plot, a conspiratorial plot between people FBI to nail MIKE Flynn for crime. They were going to fine later, in other words, you'll be reasons for going to interview MIKE Flint at the White House just weeks after trumpets and was inaugurated leads agenda. What whether we had a detective.
There was any rushing collusion of my limbs apart. That's not what they wrote, no notes ripe their reasons, for the investigation now Crystal Clear it was either the nail a body Logan ACT, violation which has never been prosecuted successfully in the history of the United States, because its unconstitutional, or Catch him in a lie in a perjury trap, and these idiots we're done enough to write it down now how did the angel Erhard he gave me a shout out this morning on Fox and friends? I had set a long time ago the problem with this case and liberals, please don't. My show- and I can't I don't- want your views on what you want my show. I can't stand you. U disgusted me. Last night, we, your twitter, is five years. They ve cry like no big deal, nothing happened here. You trump kids shot your halls, didn't, My show this is not for me. I don't want your views, your down anything get out of here. Go I don't care. Leave this show Europe, staying on the United States and the globe in general. I can
stand you if that bothers you and you're a conservative, and you want to make nice with the lives go right. These are soviet police state tyrants, who want nothing. More than to crush you and destroy you. I don't care about these people at all. Now that that's out of the way, what pros don't understand or do understand that are ignoring right. Now, is the way just works in the United States. Having done it as a federal agent and police officer. The crime is reported to EU law enforcement These then go investigate defined the people that committed the crime, that's how it works folks for dumb liberals watching still wagons really need you to leave now to the door workplace watching. We do not fight the person MIKE Flynn, at an inventor crime like the Logan ACT or perjury. Later that's not the way. This works
We need to explain this to some of the dancers who don't get this out there they're not done since they're just Soviets unit. Walk into a police station or an FBI office and say I want Joel. Costs investigated for what I don't know he may have done something wrong. You would be like laughed out of their exact. If you walked in. Said the same about my when you were. Into a police station Sab is a victim of a crime and they go and investigate try to find the person you don't walk in and top mentioned horses name and tell the police to go, find a cry. Liberals get dad. They just don't care. They are soviets. That is what happened to my Flynn. Why was, Flynn targeted and a crime invented later for that we're gonna have to go back to the beginning. I want to pull up in all peace, the washstand examiner by Michael redeem. It's a good one
it's in the show notes today, but it's worth your time get if you get to my show notes: bungee, no doubt com, Slash newsletter newsletter is the shone out. These articles will be there the benefits our news, letters as such is the news that a day that's onboard, GINO report tackles we pull all their stories and are now relevant again. You need to read this one, because the nose Flynn? Well, the plot against tromp had the brutes dating back to my winds, career by MIKE Dean May twenty eighth of twenty nineteen again they are getting a person might Flynn and search for the crime later in violation of how a constitutional republic should worked and basic rights. Why we're going Through the beginning, which are not hearing in the media tonight, let's go to the poor Spyware, dean and you'll see why MIKE Flynn, with such a thorn in the side of the intelligence community, the Barack Obama administration quote
was essentially fired from the day I, as the director by Jim Clapper, Jim Clapper Obama's all DNA fire who told them he should retire. Came on the heels of Flint sworn congressional testimony criticising the Obama administration failed Afghan. Their policy. All that's interesting, admit showed once again that flag understood how badly we were doing and would not collude with the intelligence community. Indeed, he intended to carry out an audit of covert funding since the creation of the CIA. None been done in all of those years. Who. Saw, Might Flynn General Flynn, who was running the defence intelligence Agency, the the melody a corollary to the CIA that there they d
When was running it and Flint, started to realize it. Listen this in Halogens being directed from Washington rather than on the battlefield. This is getting people killed we are failing in Afghanistan. The Obama admitted. Nation, said We know why talk about that stuff. Well, why don't? We just do not see how we are spending our money. What we're getting for money in the intelligence shoe can't say that. We also made the air quotes a mistake. I'm speaking out against the IRAN's deal. Bomb is selling us out too. I ran year and allowing them a pathway to nuclear technology. We remember that one didn't like that either, but that was Barack Obama's signature, foreign policy, a cheap
Flynn added target on his back from day zero. They wanted Flynn. The ice. The intelligence community want an amount because you want you wanted to audit them. De I and all the bureaucrats one about they didn't like that. What they wanted Flynn and Intel from the battlefield not from Washington dated want that and Flynn suppose the I ran deal at some of our failures in Afghanistan and aided want that out there either so Flynn had to go down how? How did they do it? Well, let's go back to this real, clear investigations: peace which is an absolute jem, Howdy they target fled. This is Eric felt in July, eighteenth of twenty nineteen again I'll, be up in the show notes for you to read, and it is worth your time if you want egg by the way. My next book we cover this in depth, choose
the labyrinthine ways and wages of the fine helper in real, clear politics, shoot me so from the peace we find That the people at wanted Flynn out Some of us may have actually been in the Pentagon, the Pentagon, but my foot, was decorated, military officer, everybody in the Pentagon's. Your friend quote from Eric Felons peace That helps explain our help or you know how poor the spy who is paid spy in the trunk team, while the general helper was involved, targeting a MIKE Flint as far back as twenty fifteen through the fellow it explains how poor was able to collect more than one million dollars from the Pentagon it for years. Later, when a director, Andrew Marshall, presided over the first three of helpers studies looked at by the eye gene but the world, twenty six team was approved by the current Owen, a director, James Baker. All remember that name. Folks,
acquisition. Officers are in charge of the paperwork so first, I are you the why? Why one of the now Flynn to the wall. He dared to speak out against the lot of things. The Obama administration Wanna, keep real quiet now the. How did they do well, it turns out that our own gone an office of net assessments that was paying a spy step and help. This spy was deeply involved in the plot and twenty fifteen to take down MIKE Flynn. Those contracts with this guy was paid were paid for and overseen by a guy from office of net assessments who was running it by a guy named James Baker, at least the last one. Baker pays helper. How involved in they twenty fifteen. Targeting of Flynn member Flynn shows up at this dinner and twenty fifteen in the UK it is for look over there we spoke. There was right in born, but is it as a Uk Citizens
allegations start to service? That Flynn had some untoward dealings with this russian born woman? It's all false spent recovery, talks about her new book, the spider pick it up. It's good! How per knows all of the people involved in Gnat, takedown, dear love, the UK folks involved. It is a set up. They put MIKE Flynn new This russian born woman. This set him up to take him down as far back as twenty fifty and it appears it may be related to contracts. The data from the Pentagon to already run This guy named James Baker. Don't forget that name. Again we're still on the how they took him down. Let's go to this wash the entire peace, so bakers or when I hear that point is paying help or help ruse involve Sidney.
Secondly, we know- and they take out a page, a page up Papadopoulos a start to be deeply involved in the twenty fifteen. Take down a flint do with allegations. He was involved with this Russian born woman, will all false or false go to this washed in Times peace by Rowan Scarborough, who does terrific work again: twenty nineteen but work your time, Pentagon accused of leaking Flynn phone calls to Washington Post fewer Trump Russia probe? What, Just so are all clear on this. So general MIKE when Patriot hero, Decorated? U S military officer is being taken down by his own Pentagon. Let's go to a screenshot, oh yeah, from that washed in times peace. Remember the names folks. I can't tell you this enough from the wash the entire peace we find out.
Baker who ran the awareness of the office of net assessments. We find out that Baker, where's meeting up with a rapporteur from the wash impose whose at our David Ignatius all by David Ignatius, you mean the same guy who went we twenty seven. Seventeen is responsible for the wash them starting article that leaks that Contents of illegally leaks, the contents of when small call with the Russian ass, it were kiss react to what he was charged with lying about Baker. Runs the offers of net assessments. That's pay, a guy who spied on the Trump team Baker, Is having lunch with a rapporteur from the washed imposed who later illegally by the way you re the leaking. The contents of this is illegal now, whether the Porter committed a crime we can argue for days, but the leak
The contents of our colleague, MRS unquestionably, unquestionably a federal felony, who do you think we become and so they call oh, my that could be big trouble. Couldn't. So now. We know why they took him down. We know how they're paying spies to set up Flynn. You have that from the russian authorities, but if so, that up chart we're little love. We have with this. Jody, or when a director Baker regularly lunch with David Ignatius Sidney. All rights beggars, belief, be the person who illegally led the transcript of Mr Flynn, call to Ignatius sources. In time said that Mr Baker in the journalist had regular contact. Now we know the how our own government, again found a man. They didn't like, not a crime. He committed. They found a man. They didn't like in Flanders shut up and they invented the crimes. Later, through a series of setups. That's you
set ups are clear: the twenty fifteen dinner with over ways alleged to be an illicit engagement with Russian born woman look over totally completely false, set up more to the phone call in the Dominican Republic. They wait for Flynn D Obama, kicks these Russians out of their country for him to leave the country and go to the debate They then monitor, respond cause. They then you The transcript were set up number three, where they run to the White House to interview him in violation of protocols, being. He will mix up a couple of words on that phone call because they have the transit You don't even shown the transcript they do and then they set em up a third time and they finally got him there Now, ladies and gentlemen, the media colluded on this as well the meat was involved in this deeply. We know why. Now we know the. How We know Ignatius is involved in this because he wrote the story
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that the media colluded in willingly played along there's only two scenarios. What the media did here either one useful idiots two malicious tools is no option see. What do I mean by that again? Have fifty seven nine on this one. I want you to look back to this Washington Post article, but pay very, very close attention to this. This is by the hapless, Gregg Miller and Police states supporting Ellen knock a shame they love. The police are two soviets here. Love it there again Miller last night ways still defending this cause. He's not a journalist, he's a fraud, a phoney and are basically we had supporting profit alike, fake news journalist who couldn T argue his way out of a white paper bags but Miller Thy hidden, pretty hard on twitter last night because easily wherein he deserved it. So he writes to set the Washington Post the F B. I reviewed
when's cause with the russian ambassador, but found nothing illicit, oh look, Today, keep to give that located within these data jam January. Twenty of twenty seventeen. You may say TAT, I don't get it so these washing imposed, hacks vague users, there writing when didn't do anything wrong, but what happens January? Twenty fourth, the next day. All the ambush interview at the White House. Many of you are putting it together right now, of course, the liberals, if you're still watching despite me, begging you to get off my show, because I can't stand you did I, if you're still watching, because like to be humiliated the day before the Washington Post gets this leak that show clear
probably put micro entities. Don't worry Flynn, look at this article in the post we found nothing. Illicit, big We get an eye jaw jus worry that way. Next day, when they ambush interview him at the White House Flynn, whose easily seen this article? It is the washstand compost which, sadly, some people still read, friends, probably ready decrees that gas sure I'll talk these F B. I guess nothing wrong. You didn't do anything wrong now. He's got the wash them within these two useful idiots, Gregg Miller, innocuous humor he's got them attesting to the fact that he did nothing wrong. It was setting him up here, It is clear as day to anyone who is Although these useful idiots in the media, they either knew what they were doing,
where they were useful idiots to the FBI, folks that leave that to the washed imposed to get when to let you guard down so when they they interview ambush him. The next day, flannel thanks nothing will think nothing drunk and wove request a lawyer and we request that they go to White House counsel. Everybody missing is outside two seven. I met couplers. Nobody picked up on this yesterday that article is damning. Ladies and gentlemen, both of these things can be true, the article nine imposed. There is nothing illicit about the calls can't be true of Next day, the F B. I want the interview flint about illicit calls, those things every true, both of them Things cannot exist that give every illicit or they weren't, You weren't illicit. What the hell are they talking a flit about the next day and you should be asking yourself why we, Leave tat to you
full idiots in the media, like Knocker Schuman Miller, because they knew they print it. And they knew Flynn would read it and they knew wins guard Down you know, someone treated something last night. Forgive me: oh Svetlana, Kosovo again read the excellent book, the spider. I can recommend a who's been a victim of all this as well. How bout the targeting the Pentagon? Oh when a targeting the intelligence, greedy Torreon. Tweeted last night, and I'm at this is really Sears not at. This is going to be a lot of sarcasm in today. Show. She says, you know the saddest part about this whole thing is a general Flint,
when those FBI age and showed up the next day after an article. The sad as part of this whole thing is viewed them as allies. It's it's. This whole thing is devastating folks, I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound like overly emotional, but it really is. I didn't sleep like all night. I can't even imagine my twelve years is a federal agent do this to somebody. I can't even imagine. And the fact that liberal blue checkmark psyche that complete zero police states soviet, Benjamin Wiggys, you know commies com Zack alight commies bootlegger, all these liberal media elect you'd lawyers and out real lawyers are fake lawyers. Their law degrees me nothing that there on twitter today celebrating this our trump world. This is no big deal. The FBI. Does this all the time? If they do, then we have to disband the FBI, I'm telling you they don't do this all the time. I've worked with him.
I listen, I'm not absolving anybody guilty. I just might experience in this matter. I work with them. Often I specifically remember a case. I work that involve some tax charges with the FBI got FBI. Guy work with end is on that again, I'm not seeing that they that it's you neither obviously bad apples over their, sadly a lot of their bad apples everywhere, but the guys I will with one in everything done by the book. I remember it literally by the book, not Susan Rice, by the book. They said we have to go through. Take tat. We have to get this tax records are difficult. My experience, I'm only speaking for my experience, was a good one. What's been here at the management level and what people who fail to speak out as a disgrace in the FBI needs a major overhaul, I'm very sorry to have to tell you that, but the fact that Flynn viewed them as allies, Made the mistake of thinking his own governments, law enforcement entity were team team America, not team target, MIKE
and find a crime later. That was his greatest mistake. Never thought I'd be talk in this way. Ever I love my time and law enforcement of greatest honour, my life, outside of being a husband at a dad, but I swear I swear. I never thought I'd be talk in this way. I am legitimately afraid of what's happening with our law enforcement infrastructure in the country. Right now, Not I personally folks now a case. You don't believe me by the way. So now we know the washed imposed within on this, whether they knew it or not, or useful idiots The least irrelevant the washed imposed was used to put validity. But I want to show you, as well as the meat Left wing. Media outlets knew about this the whole time the left wing media outlets. New Flynn was a target and instead of
watching their heads and say well, these charges the Logan ACT and lying affair. Agents. These seem rather loose for a guy just decorated. As my When maybe we should ask questions given that Obama like they can't fain ignorance, of course, I always produce the evidence Ladies and gentlemen, here's the New York Times themselves can't say. While we don't have, we didn't know about a potential motive. Obama would have had to target MIKE Flynn really. May twenty seventeen New York Times Michael Sheer Obama, weren't Trop about hiring Flynn official say they knew these people knew the whole time they knew the. Why they knew Flynn. Will you you you find it weird that the only person.
Barack Obama talks to President Elect Trump. When a is the present trumps won the election there's a transition period, the only person Obama mentions is Flynn. Maybe because reminding through the beginning Flynn was exposes. I ran down failures in Afghanistan and the the use of politics and intelligence argue their political enemies Flynn was. Public enemy number one. He had to go down and Obama knew it. Folks, you have to remember, Obama never expected to lose the election ever for meat with Hilary that, as of course, he wasn't running a third time but he expected his legacy and his tyranny to be preserved served by a Hillary Clinton presidency. Nobody on this planet expected Trump to win, not one pollster. Obama starts sniffing out that this is going to come out.
And he knows Flynn is going to be the Paul Revere and Flynn had to be taken down. Not only that the effort to take down limits Ghana, twenty fifteen, when Obama's still the present had to be covered up the away contracts, birds, role in the UK, set up with Flynn and recover that all had to be covered up so that we get to part. Three first was the. Why The second was the how, in conjunction with the media, this will be part. Three applaud that was hatched. How get it why they did it to the FBI and not one brave soul at the top stood up and said anything not one, not one, it was coward, said the top levels of the FBI everywhere, how they did it
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You explain that conflict bungee note, use the code bomb, GINO, bioenergy and offer free shipping thanks magic spoon for sponsoring a show of terror, and this up afterwards love blueberries, my favorite, but that didn't backers. So now we know Flint had to be taken out. We know the. How now, how did they had the plot and. I specifically to certain people in the F b I go along with this. Well, sadly, some of them at the top. Had a Tyranny street Jim call me my cave what Christ. S role is I'm not sure stroke, LISA Page and the others are. They had no dignity, they had no morals and they had no spies. So when the opportunity came to He up the Hillary Clinton, hopefully preserving their jobs and to it an innocent american citizen invent the crime. Later all they jumped all over for a little action on that. Why Andrew Mc Cable was the deputy director? The FBI may have hated Michael and so much and been all too willing to play along with this disgusting, filthy plot. Let's go to this real, clear peace again, which is fascinating
by John Solomon and Sarah Carter back in of twenty. Seventy did have I recall the eight against Flynn by launching the Russia Prob. This was written in twenty seven teen check out this little screen cap from these two excellent report or Solomon. Sarah court who do actual work. The FBI launched the criminal probe against transnational screw adviser might for two years after the retired General Royal. The bureau's leadership by intervening on behalf of a decorated counter terrorism agent who accused depth, director Andrew Mackay, but other top officials of sexual discrimination accordingly arguments in ITALY really so Kay Deputy director, the FBI and others are accused this agent of some sort She will discrimination, not harassment, bits.
Actual discrimination to different charges. So there's this there are charged with that the sexual discrimination and MIKE Flynn said ex up on behalf of that agency, sounds kind of like Mackay bad, a little bug in caboose over MIKE Flynn, now again to the liberals, who sadly may still be here, and I hope you're not. Is the one show where we literally don't want you to listen. We can't stand you today. I know you don't understand how these criminal things work or you do when you just allegiance to the Soviets. It's just that too hard to break bond some bath and zero age escape rate. Those. Motives matter are they, necessary to prove or crime. Not all the time passed counterfeit your motors irrelevant. We got you a video passing counterfeit money. When I was an agent, we can lock up sprint It's as simple as that but
if you go far according to explaining conspiracies and explaining why people do what they did and they are very relevant. Now. We have a motive for the Obama administration to take Flint out the Ariane Deal and the Afghanistan values for the elegance community take em out Flynn wanted to audit the intelligence community. We have for the Obama administration to take em out after trumps elected because Trump now going to find out about what they did to target Flint, and we now have a motive for the top ten. You FBI, to take out Flynn because Flynn testify on behalf of an FBI agent, alleging sexual discrimination, but get lives. I dont none of these matters because you don't do like motives and common sense or anything like that. So go back to this Jem from yesterday. I know I played a yesterday, but it's worth seeing today. So call me cave the others, the Obama administration in this transition, who have to get rid of Lynn before he exposes every they did the Obama administration, the FBI and elsewhere
flings. Allow the national secure advice when they have to go get him. The problem is theirs protocols to deal with the executive officer. The president, where MIKE flame was came because Might Flynn is now the national security adviser the President, so Jim We worry twenty fourth of twenty seventeen days, they're going to send two agents to the White Ass to any of you, my friend, in violation of all established protocols, for doing so because the F B, I didn't care about protocols they cared about getting MIKE Flint. Remember they had a person in search of a crime, not a crime in search of a person. So call me whose dumb enough to acknowledges is talking to the hapless Nicole Wireless from MSNBC and actually admits to what he did circumventing protocol
The clapping seals in the audience again, the liberal Soviets, a nickel whilst think this is all to reflect. This is worth playin again check this out. I sent them something we I probably wouldn't have done, or maybe gotten away with in a more organised investigation more organised administration in the George W Bush administration, for example, or the Obama administration. The protocol two men that all of us have perhaps increased appreciation for As two years in both those ministrations there was process, and so the F b I wanted to send agents. Into the White House itself interview a senior official. You would work
through the White House counsel and be discussions and approvals and who would be there, and I thought it's early enough. Let us send a couple guys over and so we place to call the Flynn said: hey we're Senator couple guys over hope. You'll talk to them. He said she Nobody else was there. The interviewed him in a conference room at the White House situation, Romani line to them and that's what he's now plead guilty to? What did you think they re coming ever? Therefore, I don't think you do. We didn't tell him just so- got a cup sending over a couple agents that want to ask you some questions. I didn't have this conversation. My deputy director did but Hope hope you got a few minutes. You can sit down and talk to them and he said sure three words man's their land when I ran away with I'm sorry,
gotten away, would stays in my mind. That really does I'm sorry didn't mean to jump on it. This man is filth, commie, filth, He is an abomination to humankind, not only. Did he shred any of dignity had with that appearance, but he's proud of it. Why did he The protocol will not go through the White House Council, an interview Flynn because, ladies and gentlemen, as I took a note here to remind myself to tell you, there's still pretending their interviewing Flynn for this russian collusion hopes that doesn't exist so if they go to the White House counts And they go to the White House counsel and tell them what their interviewing flint about. They know the White House counselor gonna, be like wait. What your interview flint about
a colluding with the Russians. Ok, that's just a number one. None of that happen. What. So you would have. You were well, maybe of Logan ACT right, you Logan ACT, you mean the on costs Additional act: it's never been successfully prosecuted in the two hundred plus your history, the United States, Europe, you you're serious, you sent to FBI, into the incoming White House. Interview, the National security adviser about a hoax and a fake Logan ACT. One constitution located it. No one has ever been successfully charge with in the history of the United States, are you're serious now they're still attending keep in mind. This is about collusion. While this Jem surfaces yesterday may say now we get to in its import. The back story is the story because this
nothing without it, find the person when they wanted. Flint then go find a crime not here about a crime and then go find a person that will give us this service. These are notes, believed to be and we'll see. To build price. That bill price step is the head of the Counter intelligence division. He supervises Peter stroke. Who does the interview Peter Stroke? Does the We would Flynn on January twenty for the day after that washed imposed article which puts flint at ease, likely, I'm sure Flynn read it price steps taking these notes. As this interview that day of as its happening, this is a photo of his own handwriting, a senior FBI official. It says You can read this onto Youtube: I'm not that I'll translate avoids handwritings worse than mine price, that rights. What is our goal with Flynn truth or admission?
or to get him to lie. So we can prosecute him or get him fire. I dont understand I every I. I don't understand the fear and the media how this isn't This isn't a smoking gun. This is a smoking nuclear submarine. The the division? That's it That's the a fully discredited hoax. The collusion oaks knows it's a hoax now once the send guys to target might win for a hoax As he's doing it he's taking contemporaneous notes year admitting that Our goal is either to get him fired or to prosecute him That's your mental lie. I I I I can't. Can you even. Can you even imagine if
Jim call me. Fbi in an effort male Susan Rice for her lies about Benghazi member the lie, What's a failure? Tape now thorough discredited proven life, can you imagine? if the FBI in violation of protocol. Interview, Susan Rice at the White House, without owing to the Obama administration and their work temper radius notes saying what's our goal To get hurt a lie so we can prosecute or to get her fired. Now. Liberals want to answer that question because you're phony fake soviet communist thug fraud, police, supporting goons, who I can't stand today and Donna our impatience, but I'm really said if you please go because you know what, this show earns its revenue due downloads and I dont want to earn a dime a few clicking on my show ever
because your Sylvia police, they tyres, and I want a penny from you go somewhere else. You support this. You know for a fact If what I just told you, it was Susan Rice. Instead of my when you'd be calling for prosecutions, you be calling for the death penalty. Right now for people involved, but because it might Flynn thousand times the human being Susan rises, and because my friend MR Security Advisor National Security Advisor, you are perfectly content with tyranny and police state tax. Fact it's disgusting! It's disgusting youtube! You disgust me. There is no United States anymore folks, the United States, as we know it is dead. It is dead. This constitution has become meaningless. That's not because of us that flag always means something to me: their constitution, these everything to me, but the constitution is
country only matters if we all believe in the same set of founding document, if one side since a suggestion and the others I think it's a governing document, it's absolutely meaningless. Shockingly gets worse These are handwritten. Nobody denies. These are the notes of a senior FBI fish again, maybe bill price them. Wait. No confirmation on that. Now the one question before I get to a second: no to be fair, unapprized step on my price than others were unfair and all of us into MIKE Flint. There is a question I there's this price step know something's wrong here. In other words, I step. Writing these notes to cover his own caboose. You know what I mean that, so open, quite doesn't listen, it doesn't matter candidly, because he let it happen, regarded seem strokes, boss, right right, joking Piazza again, you know you're on that. Given this guy a pass,
I'm sorry, I suggested view. Is he acknowledging his role in a crime or see writing this down to try to covers ass realizing? This may not be good. Well, see, there's more! Let's go to note number two, you may say gets worse. Oh yeah does. It says I have to trans if we get, if you wanna watch Youtube dotcom, slash, bungee, no check it out. If we get him to admit to breaking the Logan ACT, give the facts that the OJ and let them decide if we get him to a member they have no evidence, violated voting so crime, it's him and research for a crime and the liberals have problem is at war price there was on handwritten notes. Every initially lies there presented him and its rejected. I believe that says the transcript. Then we presented the transcript and he admits it. Document for the d o J and let them decide how to address it there. It meaning do perjury trap. This is credible? He writes down
his own writing a plot to entrap the national security adviser, the United States. They have evidence. There's been a Logan ACT in violation. None not! They did was in violation of longing to use the incoming national security adviser, don't make it to the Russian. Rather, they are our in search of a low get act, violation we get him new emitted. Can then the OJ or If we nail a modest call with the Russians, any missteps once should be sure, the transcript and then send in the OJ carried meeting. It's a trap. Liberals don't care one bit, not effect, they love it. They love every bit of it. You may say can't get any worse always does it does Here's an email chain from LISA, page FBI, lawyer to our boyfriend FBI. Peter Stroke who works for price there, who is allegedly
those notes will find out page ass by stroke, but you slip in this warning to Flynn this gulf. Here's, the audience Rembrandt eminently stroke ask your lawyer girl from the FBI. How do we I ve been this warning about lying and do it in such a way that it distract him pay. Your response, if it's kind of lengthy response but says at the end its to be the former, then it would be An easy way to just casually slip that in of as you know, Sir Federal law makes it a crime to that done that what is going on here, let me translate for is a former federal agent myself. Listen, I'm not going to spend your way when you read people their rights memoranda rights, the gift writer may save our home a million times at the regiment attorney. When you read them it can screw up your interview. You have to do it, Madame
secret service. We had a form and you didn't it wasn't mandatory, but typically you get them the sign that you read them. They're right, I'm just telling you from a technical perspective. If I lock up job for a counterfeit charge, and I tell him you have the right to an attorney fifty four, time, they're gonna, take it, you gotta, do it and I always did it Panza member three plus interrogation equals Miranda. You lock someone up there in custody and your interrogating them. You have to read Marie. You don't have a choice. It's not an option. You don't have read the Miranda if you're interrogating them if they're not in custody. If they say my free to leave- and you say yes, they can just leave- you don't have to read Miranda if they're in custody and you're interrogating them. You have to read Miranda that is it. Now having said that, its customary from the FBI, but the FBI to all so warned about false statements, which we are doing here and is about a page saying hey, I don't really want to say that to him, because I want to win trap amid a lie and if I warn about the lie,
He may not lie so I'm trying figure away to say it tat he d, really remember. I said it and page responds back I'll, just casually slip it in some point slip it. It again Prima facie evidence that their trial, two entrap him and there, trying to interview him about any russian collusion, they're talking about it lady strategically minimize the impact of a warning. So that he goes on to lie and doesn't he the warning which they can entrap him later and said that the urgent it's right there in front of us now, Had Tipp huge by the way, those screens shots a lot of from our our good friend at Techno, underscore fog on twitter tech.
O t age at o underscore fog, one of the finest accounts on twitter up. There would add John W Huber, undercover we're too legends on twitter in this case die really I'm not over selling that view not following there I don't want you miss out on all this stuff, but TAT now found this other Jim. So now we ve the hopeless the platter hard to understand the back story was a little difficult. We got through that. I just told you, tried to entrapper, let's upper middle or it the log in act? Violation you just saw their own handwriting This is even more fascinating here, play disclosure letter from the from the court's. That's ridden and stayed there saying to Sydney, Powell and lawyers and the case hey. We found other evidence like these notes. These notes just magically appear Joe crazy by the way Christopher right from the outset. It needs to be fired tomorrow. Chris for re running the F B. I now is a disgrace that this guy this man needs to go tomorrow morning. Please resign you're, an embarrassment that you
This go on as long as they knowing these notes right, there's a disgrace, but this is fascinating. Have Tipp technophobe there's a little. Note. At the end of this letter, saying attorneys about hey. We found some more stuff in the flint case. Wow, you found it. That's crazy time. Look at this at the bottom. The worry I'll translate for you footing noted the enclosed spreadsheet, in other words, what they turned over and it gives designation there, which contains messages between and among various FBI personnel, is in India. Send another detail version. These messages is forthcoming. Look at that code again It's the code boy deal J S ceo, but then again the Jesse aware it is his army theology,
c, o seven thousand two, three four seven three show what we d o J S, CEO. We condemn it Department of Justice, special counsel, us far. More ways than one way way I know a way so what your time me tat now. Who is always lie? years ahead of the case. Is that the bob- or a special council p may have already had the documents they turned over. All wouldn't that be a little diamond in the rough. What does the bomb Andy Weissmann investigation start say again are already ended. They they came thickly. No, no, no! I'm not talking about your investigation. Trope. I've talked about the investigation into Bob Mahler and Anti Weissmann. What does that start. Are you suggesting that they may have already had.
FBI. I handwritten notes where they lay out their plot to entrap. A general in the United States, military and the nationals. I advise you, can I see you telling me my mother had that still went ahead and push for the prosecution of Might Flynn anyway,.
Don't worry left this if you're still watching you disgraceful soviet savages, don't you worry, does all gonna work out for you? I wonder what it's like, knowing you are on the wrong side of history, freedom, liberty and the moral arc of humankind. I wonder what that's like when they are you wake up in the morning and look yourselves and the myriad disgraceful soviet style communist propagandist animals, and when there are you do that. I don't have that problem. Is I don't play petty politics? I hated the Patriot ACT. I ran against that. Has a republic and I didn't care the George W Bush sign the because I actually believe in civil liberties. You, my friend, a rough ride, a total fraud, your liberal phony, so wake up every morning
it must be painful. That's why you lash out knowing you're, not the person, you thought you were telling you stand for: tyranny, police, state, violence and corruption of a republic in the destruction, the United States. All because you can't stand the president who was elected they constitutional process. That's got to be painful, knowing you're a tyrant, I feel for you, I pray for you. Sometimes I'm not getting that one day, you'll see the light about how awful human being you really are, we're all sinners be to folks. I make a lot of mistakes, but I got to tell you. I've never been on the wrong side of civil liberties, and I don't give a damn, who violates the Republicans Democrats, communist liberals, conservatives, if you are on the wrong side of that issue, I'm coming for you too. You can't say them because your fraud,
Now one less Jem here I had before I get to how we gonna fix this. This is interesting to these, maybe from undercover Huber, but it's interesting either way. Member, I told you yesterday that the prosecution theme that miss prosecuting Flynn for the government- you know mothers team in the frauds and the urgent wraps Prosecuting Flynn from the storm member, I told you they cut aside deal with Covington MIKE Winds, Olaf you know coming failure and where Eric holder is employed, Mama's former the attorney general they cut aside deal and basically said to the Covington lawyers presenting for this, and we may not prosecute his son MIKE Flynn Junior, but don't tell anybody why because if they were going to use my when senior and testify against someone else. They want anybody. You know that might flint Senior may have been doing it because they threaten to prosecute son, so they cut a little side you, but that's not
what they sign the prosecution. Look at this little memo here to the court Brendan Van Grech, Zena Biomed Senior, especial councils to the special council Airbus and signed also by Robert Mahler, Jimmy Bob Bob Mahler Vanderdyke signs of four It says Joe. This is the complete agreement, then agreements, promises understandings representations have been made by the parties or their council other than those contained in the writing. Here in normal any such agreements, promises understandings representations be made unless com- two in writing and signed by your client defence counsel and the special councils office. Ladies and gentlemen, that is complete bull. So by mothers office, signed the form saying there were no sight agree.
Its? Knowing there was a sight agreement, don't worry lives again, nothing to see here. You, soviet style, fools sign off your Burma is outside of women's bodies, decided. You shall tell anybody about that, Now what needs to happen here, Christopher RE number one needs to be fired immediately. The current director, the FBI, is bombing nation. He knew about this. He has done nothing to clean this up. This cesspool at He is clearly a swamp brad, protecting the institution and we'll go down only the second worst directory. The FBI after Jim call me if he doesn't step aside. So Chris re cares about one thing: only his reputation with the swamp and a job after he gets out of their Christopher RE needs to go immediately. Secondly,.
Sally Yeats, former deputy attorney general, who dared to show up at the White House during the yard, the initial data, the Trump administration, and suggest that the president and his team that might Flynn may have been killed, if a fictitious Logan ACT violation. She showed up what Mary Mccord from the De Oj do. They need to be investigated. That case needs to start today then to behold in front of the: U S send it right now, which, thankfully, the Republican still run and they need. Be questioned about their role in the soviet style inquisition, Joe Bianca. If the age and Joe Piazza and FBI agent Peter Stroke again need to be re. Hauled up in front of the Senate right now and be forced to ask questions, but we can't listen, let them fully the fifth that's. Again, I believe in civil liberties. I should say force. Let me reword that they should be asked questions that should be supported: Why? I plead the fifth: you go right ahead, but let all of America see it, Piazza
Stroke of the ones you conducted this soviet style Inquisition on January, twenty fourth price that needs to be brought up there too, to explain his notes. Call me and Mackay as well for their role in this unquestionable entrapment scheme. Third Bob, Mahler and Anti Weissmann. The investigation needs to start into them immediately in their entirety. It is clear that They lied about this idea. They may have lied what they knew about Flynn and they may have been Bob and the suppression of evidence and Brady Material at the Flint Citys deserve for their defence. The investigator. Intervention starch more? And I don't wanna hear another darn word about what a here is respond. Mothers disgraced himself in the country that talk is over now. We now know for sure forth my flint We need to pursue a potential billions action stretch, probably be tough to prove
but a biffins action is a grotesque violation of your civil rights, where you can in fact sue the government take action based on the billions case from eighteen. Seventy one someone needs to look into it, maybe a stretch, their hard approve, but this case is an abomination, an abomination of our justice system, as Jim Jordan sent on Fox in France this morning, and he is absolutely right if this could happen through the National Security Advisor to the United States. This could happen to absolutely anyone I'll say one more thing. Folks, because I already can prepare you for your your soviet style, liberal friends, responsible Flynn plead guilty. He did. That is a fact. Facts are facts, not opinions. Why Flynn plenty of the pledge guilty matters? We now know based on information, to rob the case that they were threatening. Flynn. Son were prosecution, lifelines a patriot, my father First Flynn realise the full weight and force the United States
It was coming for based on a crime, he didn't commit net, the F B. I acknowledge the didn't commit neuron writing when they said he didn't line, they believe use being deceptive flow We couldn't win people take please in the federal system for all the wrong reasons things the same liberals who believe in things like the innocent, pry, innocence project. You know all that stuff. All these people or a jail. We gotta go get em out. They didn't do here. Some of em probably did something that its fastened They ve been actually convicted of a crime actually convicted they're, not the least they concern about a plea that was taken under duress by force with a pocket. So the other they didn't acknowledged the government. There not concern about that at all apparently they don't understand about the trial penalty in the federal system. Yo. The tropic of these there's a points like system in the federal system. Liberals, don't understand Can they not do their homework? I was in it and the accepted of responsibility effectively urge you points which diminish your sentence: here's the catch! You can accept responsible for some. You didn't even do and many people
deal because they don't have the legal weight. The money with illegal have to fight back its clear that mobile might Flint played Michael implied guilty might find missing guilty and only a soviet style for would tell you otherwise. I had a lot more, I'm not gonna get to it. Today I get through tomorrow cootie some updates on the Joe Biden case, but that's it. That's the why that's the how. And folks, I'm telling you this is a rattle, your cage, sorry, but you and I have four different perceptions about what the United States in the fabric of it is really made of I should join in place which grabbed his show and Youtube. You, too, that calm slashed by Gina. We really appreciate it. Please spread the word about the shell. People need to know what happened to the great american Patriot Talking about you just heard in Bonn, GINO she followed in on Twitter twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.
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