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Last Night Was a Game Changer (Ep 1330)

2020-08-25 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the incredible highlights from the Republican National Convention. The speakers last night made the Democrats’ convention look like amateur hour. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan bungee. No final final: I am really really proud republican Party and that's tough for me. You know before that Trump era. They ve disappointed me and others a lot, but they finally finally figured it out less. What did they figure out? They figured out. What the Democrats have known for a very long time that you can't walk, you will homeless shelter where people are experiencing acute problems right there and talk about the law, for a curve expect people to vote for you? policy matters, but you know what matters more good policy. Always matters
But what matters more emotion. Attaching catching emotion. The policy Democrats known that for ever and they ve crush this every single time the Republic party figured it out last night during the convention. What an amazing incredible night and I'm not object Mama conservative, but I'm saying that in the most objective way possible night and day from the democratic debacle, known as the Dnc today show brought you by express vps keep your online activity free from prying eyeballs get a VP end. Today, don't wait? Go to express Vienna, dot com, slash bungee, welcome to the damn bond show producer Joe. Would you agree? Last night was just I mean lack and white night and day now hearing in the agri food. The Democrats can register a credible right. Not yet incredible show large it. If you know positivity dude
Yes- and you say you must have been watching me last night and Annie and by the way, I'm not responsible for when we they go in and out mom the convention. I I appreciate it. I dont there it's tough programming decisions from the control room, because it's not a traditional convention. Just so everybody understand, I get your email, but we have done. This is really hard to do that for a reason cited traditional convention, but yes, I said last night exactly what you just said, Joe America we want to be proud of their country, proud of their families, proud of their jobs, proud of where they live, that we can't recognize. You know I as a country full of valuable human beings, our problems and overcome them. But we want to be part of this wonderful place. We live in the stars and stripes mean something you know. People literally die for the pieces of themselves overseas. You know me and my uncle came back in a box of we. Don't we
when a believe. We live in a horrible macabre, awful racist country where everybody hp because of the color of their skin and where they were born. Nobody actually believes that we want to be proud and last night, the GEO P and thankfully, under Donald Trump, who gets the Tv, the emotional appeal, the necessary. Showmanship of politics and will mean that in a bad way. Finally, the GEO P got and last night- and I agree with the job- It was one of those more it's what we all sat back, leaned back in her chair, said: yes yep. This is a great country and I am proud of it. Yet damn it we're gonna make it. I've got a ton of video and an enormous amount of content today as to say it's a lower, ratio by friends, job creators network the perfect time for this spot. Folks, I can get this email hey dad. How do we save the country in November
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this army for freedom in liberty and to save our country, go to tend for twenty dot com and take the pledge. Now don't let. Opponents out workers. Do your part today go to ten fourteen that come now. That's the number ten F, o r the number twenty dotcom. That's one. Zero f o are two zero dotcom go today. Please don't wait. Are I Joe I am able August Intro ever but after last night, I'm feeling really passionate awaken alive and I'm really proud of what the trumpet. Strain and the orange see did last night, nice job again. Finally, figured it out emotion, managed to attach a motion to policy. Can you show ass all the time. Let's get to video number one on a down note first, but showing you how desperate the acts on the left and therefore at the Lenin Project, otherwise known as the Lincoln Project? You know the London project where they have kind of associations with Russians and stuff. Like that
hate to give them any air, but these people are genuine morons at the London project, president Trump came out earlier in the day before the convention. They form the formalities at night aid already gavel then, but it about an hour, long speech, which was at times funny policy oriented. You know trumped, as is the way I think I'll be all right. It all thing was extemporaneous enough. The cup, but at one point peace talks, about the Obama administration and the spy gate operation on him and here is essential, and I want you to listen clearly to what he said and there's a gentleman in the audience who yells out spy. Gay. But somehow the Lenin Project heard monkey. Joel just check these monkey sound like spy gates by gay completely blank word then, thank you. Thank you. Ok, listen to this. Tell me if you hear monkey like the leaden project check this out
still the election just like I did it last time with spying and we caught them and that included present Obama, and that includes included? Let's be nice, he's got only happen and no that included them and they got caught. Folks, listen I don't have your listening in your car, sitting on Youtube I don't know where you watching are listening to us you're either way. We love you and welcome, and we appreciate your being here. Did anyone anyone out there? You hear monkey my Did anybody here then clearly says spiking, but of course You know the race diviners erase via the disk Formation specialists at the Lenin Project, who want the country in a race war, somehow heard monkey from spiky, which set Nothing like it's not like that
in project heard Watergate. Oh gate, they heard monkey. Look at these areas as your article from the post millennial up. I haven't shown to put money on the internet. The elites are good guess, but pointing out how these morons at the London project is basically fabricated. Some racist trump supporter yesterday busted Lincoln fabricates racist, shrubs supporter Hopefully we look at the tree which the London project had to delete check this This is them again eager to start a race war in this country, just making it up totally when present mention Obama, someone from the crowd, shouted monkey and the press relished in it sting prove this Tom tell us, use a senator from North Carolina republican site wires. I wanted the bad news out away? First again, you can't just I'd love to not give these people any trial. Big, because if such losers, but folks it's him
because again, you can see here before the election from your liberal friends who saw this tweet before the Lenin Project deleted it that some trumps erases because a guy yelled monkey and he laughed at it when the guy, in fact yelled spy gate and anyone listening to it. Could I heard that you information. It does matter very soon, for giving them oxygen because they, such pathetic losers. At the London project, but we gotta debunked the nonsense before it starts to spread. I now, let's get to the just incredible stuff, How do we even about Herschel Walker speechless? I remember Herschel Walker running back one of the greatest athletes by the way in human history, its martial arts fighter at fifty years old, my brother in law, chuck my sister brilliant guys doctor he loves Herschel Walker because walk Is my brother? but he's doctors, who always The state is unlike weight with being guitars, which is
you think he'd be instead, like doctors stuff all that he's a great doctor, but only cares about his physical, stop, powerless, he's a big weightlifter here. Herschel Walker because he's a genetic anomaly he's almost like it, x men like superpower, the guy stories of his physical prowess, Herschel Walker, amazing that guy fought as First Mme fuck. I think it is fifty is forty five I barely grapple with my guy who's, coming today at one o clock for an hour without fallen apart Walker, up there last night at the oars, see to challenge the ridiculous Lenin project induced, nonsense that but somehow a racist There's only known Donald Trump for decades now, so Joe or who, by the way happens to be black again on relevant conservatives, but everything to the Lenin Project and liberal. So you would think Joe of war who happen to be black knows Donald for two decades and trap as a devout racist, there might be a bit disconnect between a mule. We would think right,
the previous versions and job re comfortable relationship like my got friends of disguise it or racist Surely Herschel Walker use this opportunity. Last night at the oars, see tat out this devout racist known as Donald Trump. Exactly what happened. We put this clip up on our feet. But page by the way, is probably the most viral posts river going to do it's been Shared so much that our Facebook pages they we're getting ready to melt down like melt check this out. You hurt my soul to hear the that people called Donald the worst. One is races I'll. Take it up. Problem is so people would think I've had a thirty seven year, friendship with the races people. They don't know what you're talking about one up in deep south saying racism. Of course I know What it is, and it isn't Donald Trump,
just because someone love and respect the fly, our national anthem in our country, doesn't mean they don't care about social justice I care about all those things. So does Donald Trump, he showed how much he cares about social justice in a black community through its actions in his eyes speaks louder than stickers Slogans Owner Jersey, He's right on fighting to improve the lives of black Americans. And all Americans he won't night and day he never stops here. He's not the field feel some people. His style, the way the obstacles that get in the way of his gold people up Was a teen alive and I ran over them either, but that's all! The job done Is that not the greatest line ever in these three speeches is to correct this line, effort people may not like her Donald Trump nice people down and getting a job
They re like you when I ran over people either, so I bow before what amazing? I know what I said a lot of time in Indonesia, Greatest slide ever now you would think are respected, Incredible human being, like Partial Walker, black man, who grew up in a deep south, as he said. Probably as a little bit more experience with racism, then the Lenin Project, gray, fair question made, say right. Your kind of a fair Russian fair answer yet not according to London project. I definitely no more by the way a hundred percent but he says you know. I know racism and Donald Trump ain't it.
Stop for me last night again going in and out of coverage, it's really hard at a network to determine when to go in and out it's just it's not a traditional convention. I just need you all to understand. Again, I don't make those decisions and I'm trying to get a polish. As for anyone, I've just suggesting deeds, a really tough call, but got to watch his speech live on the air, and I was again just blown away. Easy thing is, for incredible, and my and blowing. Is that speech? Was it wasn't even the most powerful? I think speech of the night. Which is insane because of our most powerful speeches. I've heard a long time it wasn't even it I'm gonna, get to that before I get to that. Let me get to another, speech, which was a difference. I what I like about it last night again, I'm not I know I know I can't be objective here. I'm a conservative mama trumps support, but I really am trying to give you a semi, unbiased opinion.
The emotional appeal and showmanship aspect. The show us where politics is a lot of it support of the show to convince people you care about was amazing because they didn't have a stream of ninety five year old, broken politicians, no reflection on the race, but people bid in the swamp forever, telling you what they're not going to do, which is what the Dnc well but they're gonna Which is going to take away some of your freedom they put out people like normal, people who live normal wives, extra mile avarice who I'll get you the Mccluskey Sue, you know lived pretty regular life and work the same. Our politicians enemy normal, like they were. You know middle class, strategy of money. I mean normal just that they weren't public figures and they had They have their experiences relate and its policy to me last night we could not sleep less central. How is he so energetic today? That's my neck spot, but I'll get to that in a second you like that
sleep by signing Paul, and I had the worst side of sleep ever and I think it's because we were so aimed up at how it was last night more sedated, but where person Walker hits on real equality, there resin real people and The nonsense that Donald Trump is a racist them. Whilst keys hit on law and order by telling a personal story policy to me? Less use people, love story. They love narratives personal. Some people think and errors. Here's the mcclosky is about a minute of their speech last night, again a little more sedated loki, but talking about their story when lack lives, matters marxist violently down there gate and confronted him at their home and they dare Joe AIR quotes, dared to defend themselves by by showing a fire, not brandishing it at them, but showing a five dared to defend themselves check this out. We are more and Patty Mcclosky were speaking to you too. From Saint Louis Missouri we're just weeks ago. You may have seen us defending
our home as a mob of protesters, descended on our neighbourhood, America's sure, great country that not only do you have the right to own a gun and use it to defend yourself. Thousands of Americans will offer you free advice on how to use it. At least vessels We experienced what you saw happened to us could just as easily happen to any of you were watching from client neighborhoods around our country and then, what we want to speak to you about tonight. That's exactly right. The de funding of police, ending cash by also criminals can be released, out on the streets the same day to write again. Or encouraging anarchy and chaos on our streets It seems as if the Democrats no longer view that governments job as protect being honest citizens from criminals, but rather print can criminals from honest citizens. Not a single person in the of control mob. You sought our house was charge
the crime know who was we were incredible. I mean really really spectacular. Sullenly night and we get out of myself. That's not gonna wait. It continues to go as incredibly. The lesson, but my doctor friend Brother, mother friend, doctors. I we want to be a doctor. I could I couldn't hack it all right so about, Stella rang out with doctors by doktor friend texted me this morning. We reduced tax. Actually, just send me pollen also innocent, I can say, is named presumptions place tat. He said last night. Was very inspiring he's a man of you exclamation point amazed who, better to about the need for law and order and process law. Order and process for everyone. Everyone from p, Are subjected to a police use of force incident.
Do people who live in neighborhoods that have now been the subject the riots and being burned to the ground. Everybody desires, but that's what the order portion of law and order means there is an orderly process, if you are confronted by the police and it results in a use of force deadly or otherwise your family, you are, you, have the right to a process you have a right to the police about that, but the people who live in these neighborhoods have a right order, as well as a process. You don't burn the city down because you don't like how the police acted in a use of force incident. You don't even have the facts about yet like the one in Wisconsin order, Order matters and better to talk about it, then the mcclosky, who had a mob at their house, threatening the burn the place down ripping down there.
And to a private stray private street. Wasn't it A treat. And they felt their lives were threatened. Exercise of their God, given big all right too then themselves who and then they were arrested and charged them Were charged, nobody else better to talk about it than them beautiful. We don't need another speech from a politician about law and order. We ve heard em all but the politicians last night we're ok Kim Scott with great. He ended his speech TIM Scott Republican. Senator from South Carolina again, who happens to be black which matters to the left, but conservatives don't really care in his speech last night with my family went from from cotton to Congress, while.
But outside of Adam, I wasn't crazy about the political speeches, but the people flame last night, flay incredible stuff. I let me get him. I am my second three of these parts. There really appreciate your page because I want to get the next. I haven't even got through the best preacher, a crazy bar I've, given you, these just terrific speed In style, some more sedated somewhere out there somewhere, can go for, was grey, very passionate. I haven't got the best one. Let me get to my second spot checks. That's the only reason I'm able to talk to you in and an incoherent census tonight, because Poland, I did not sleep, that's why We were so excited about how well at one that I think look at each other when it like three o clock in the morning, but we gotta be able to fall asleep. I might not, and we get up early vision thanks to our friends at liquid ivy.
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Most of us grew up in the United States. Well, actually, no reported, but Paul is from Genoa, Polish from Columbia, South Carolina Columbia with an out. She knew a different lifestyles why she loves this place so much. Your mom's, a huge trump supported by the way I'll tell her mom story again when they bring to choke. That's all we can to pass on their neighbor who Who better to talk about liberty and freedom that someone who grew up in Cuba. Where liberty and freedom are not even at about on the internet that doesn't exist in Cuba, because you're not allowed to read about liberty in freedom. No less have it a businessman, Maximo Alvarez- did you see this I'm going to try that I don't even want to listen to. Let me get a little emotional, sometimes during the show, these clips are emotional, I'll, just have Paula put them in later cuz. I don't like to get choked up on the show. But I want you to listen. Maximo Alvarez talk about. Joe said when we opened the shop? Why for
all our flaws, while our history, Michael sins and all our problems. This is bar not the greatest place in the history of planet earth. To wake up every single morning check this out our work with determination. Prison term knows the memory story was written by people just like you and I who, large country contagious, build a future for our families and neighbours. I mean The keeper morn, but I am one hundred percent american- this is the guy, it is a country in the world and I said this before. If I gave away the report that I have today. He would not equal. One percent before I was given.
When I came to this great once you have ours a gift of freedom right now It is up to us to decide our faith and to choose freedom, overt oppression, precedent from. He's fighting the forces of minor can communism.
I know he will continue to be just should apply that afterwards. I know it. Yes, sir, you are one hundred percent American really made me at times over the last few decades. In my life, I've been heard by the GEO p sullenness out not last night. I was proud to be a republican last night. I was proud of
last night. That Maximo felt welcome in our party welcome so much that we gave him a prime time slot to speak to the entire world at our convention, and he spoke at our convention made me proud, first to be an american, proud, second, to be a conservative and proud third to be a Republican. He is one hundred percent American Maximo is everything This country is about you know as the husband to an immigrant and Grand son of immigrants- you will always be welcome in this part of the only ask one thing.
That you follow the same rules. Everybody else follows, then, that we all get ahead by working hard, which maximal clearly did that part where I give everything I had for this. Country gave me I mean how do you listen to that and not just have your harshest rip daddy, I mean it was so powerful watch and when you watching it live on the air. You really. You're sitting here in the same sea with a different background thinking. I've seen. Please don't come to me because I know you don't you who's gonna win or lose it on the air. He wanted to give you best analysis and-
keep your own emotional tie, ups with it out of it, but I couldn't God bless maximal avarice. You are always always be welcome in our party, your country and our country. He is absolutely one hundred per cent american amazing. This one folks, you may say GOSH after Hersel in that vote was all on the same night. I think back. This was all on the same hour in the same night,. Now you see why the Democrats last night must have been like the pie at an airplane, the comedy when he sweating many things over the plain and it's coming down and buckets water. What could you possibly be thinking
what a lean from Seinfeld doing bad comedy skits would Andrew Yang. While we got a cuban refugee and one of the annex the greatest players talking racial equality, the mcclosky talking about law and order, some overestimate the gift of liberty and freedom You had a lane. Duenna yadda, yadda yadda would Andrew yea. It was the best you could do this policy last night and one of the speakers less, I pointed out at the convention as well, they had a fake desperate housewives, even longer area. We actually had YO housewives that do real in the real world, raising their kids, we didn't need the fake once Tower Party did a good job last night. Ok, this one was tough. Take for me. Let me just disclosure here, Andrew Pollack, as a friend
Andrew Pollack spoke last night, who is Andrew Pollack? Many of you know him. Some may not. Andrew Pollack is the Father of Meadow Pollack, who was tragically killed in the parkland school massacre. We are going to get through this one. This was tougher. Me because really I melted on the air last night, I'm gonna play for cuts from. One because you need the year and taken in every single second of what he said. Last night. Now you would think Andrew Pollack, if you The strong man he is and was weaker, that he would come out and fall prey to now sensible narratives like ball, my gosh. If we just what I had gun control, my daughter would be alive. He got imperative for the Democrats, Bankrupt a strong man who thinks for himself he was ass to come out and talk about the second menus asked to talk about his experiences and how President Trump dealt with him after the tragic
unimaginable death of his teenage daughter. Here's video portion won his speeches five minutes I cut a little bit of it out four times what it wanted ports. We hits the media, it's not to cover for me. It's just did you the real highlights. I want to make sure I got this all it. Here's part one of Anjou Pollack speech, but a minute this where he addresses what happened to his daughter, just blown away In two thousand eighteen, a gunman walked into Marjorie stolen Douglas High School at Parkland Florida and changed my life forever. My name is Andrew Pollack, his name? Is it worth saying one of the scene is walking in the hallways. That day was my beautiful daughter meadow She was just months away from graduating, beginning a new life we so proud of the woman she had become.
But in all lay on the third floor, the gunman saw a meadow and shot down the hallway hitting Four times she was shot and on the floor she crawled all that to another student, a free, when girl to protect her she, raked or body over her, and then Scumbag gunman shot my daughter, a point: Blank Grange, five At times killing metal, girl. She was shielding She had a whole life ahead of her and in that life we could have done anything and been anything, so many moments that I waited so long for were taken from me. I didn't get to drop, we're off at college. I didn't get to get down the aisle Every moment was taken from her and for what the wanted this to become a political spectacle, but it did
I never wanted to meet the President like this, but I did. I was vital to the White House. The truth is, I just bear my daughter that weak I really was an interested in public events like a tour of photo up. I was interested in ages and solutions. I have nothing to add speechless what he would he say answers you don't say anything you move on to the second portion of that, because I just wanted you to get an idea of what this man has been through.
Thank the Lord name, not using his name in vain. Most of you will never experience the horror this man lived through. Let's go to part two of Mr Pollack speech when he talks about after the tragic death of his daughter, meadow by the scumbag. This name he talked about President Trump brilliance and our trump handle check. This some of the present wanted to meet me personally, I said I'd go they set up What's that was his plan at the wider My family and I sat with the president and the oval office and told him about metal. I told What we knew, I told that is administration needed it. A closer look at what went wrong and why then to see who president trouble really is he's a good man and a great listener. Any cuts
the b then I did what he said. He would do. He took action. For the School Safety Commission that it dozens of recommendations to make school safer. But but you never heard about that. Instead, media turn. My daughter's Marta went to a coordinated attack on President Trump Republicans. Our second amendment, in fact, when present Tromp asked me and other pirates of children that were murdered in school shootings to join him, as he announced the commission's findings, the me His first question wasn't about protecting kids, working away. They asked about the government shut down their media. Great folks. Aren't they just terrific the father of a beautiful young woman, shot dead in point blank range by a scumbag
And you think you may want to inquire about what President Trump and him we're talking about to fix the situation and prevent these strategies in the future and your first questions about the government shut down at through the media. Many many of them that's who they are. How do you mean the most amazing five minute speech. On a personal ramifications of safety and security, I've ever heard. He went on to talk about what President Trump actually did again and I probably haven't heard about much of it at all, because the media's only interests is not about addressing problems. Tibet attacking President Trump, because they have a mental to see, sets why check
I learned that gun control laws didn't feel my daughter people did the gun that threatened to kill us classmates before he had threatened rape them. He had threatened to shoot up the school, every red flag You could imagine, but the school just missed these red flags. They knowingly ignore them far left Democrats in our school district made the shooting possible because they format something they called restored. Of justice, this policy, which Really just blames teachers for students, failures puts kids it is at risk. Shootings more likely, but it was built, does a pioneering approach to discipline and safety. I would just fine what the old Protein discipline and safety it was called supplanted safety, powerful.
I was fine with the old approach, disappointed safety, also known as disappointed safety fire a Batman. I'm not, but if I were, I bet I bet my right thumb on it that every listener my audience prefers the old method of discipline and safety as well called disappointed. Probably, having heard about restorative justice, while the media probably want to ignore the fact that the scumbag who shot up the school had red flags everywhere, not only where they ignored But ignored on the record that did they go, they had records and they still just let it happen. But let's blame it on gun control and the second amendment because it's a convenient narrative from the leftist activists in the media. Who can't stand you can't
and me and can't stand anyone who dares to believe that a second amendment to me is not about guns. It's about personal protection Firearm is just a vehicle to enact my God given right to defend myself and my family may go to the final clip from this Just gonna let Andrew finnish out his speech because it really was the most powerful moment in the night in a night fill with heart, wrenching emotional appeals to american greatness and a fixed. This country, Andrew Part, the Obama Bite Administration took parkland, bed, policies, enforce them the schools across Amerika. When pressed tromp, rescinded Obama's guidance on restorative justice policies. He put an end to that in that The world to me it's hard to tell her Mr Bite and understand about what happened at parkland missed by
has campaigned on bringing back restorative justice as positive as part of its unity platform, Bernie Sanders and has pledged. Implementing school districts across Amerika, he doesn't even seem to know when the shooting happen, said that he was vice president. What had happened, but he wasn't. Mr Biden may not know one. My daughter was murdered, but I do February for the two thousand and eighteen. I didn't even know. You didn't even now when the shooting happen. I know no Andrew power never forget it. I know what had happened, because I was at sea pact that year, when it have and I was sitting in my room. Getting ready to go downstairs for an event, see packs a conservative political action conference in Maryland
and I was in my hotel room in the net in National Harbour Joe, was there and we were sitting in the room, I was getting ready, go downstairs. I don't know you were up to join. It happened, but Andrew Pollack was at the way ass they gave him a microphone. This is just a week after his daughter was killed. And Pollack, who had no time for bs, send them I could focus that was my daughter. It was my daughter. It was absolutely heartbreaking. It broke your soul. None of us have children. You don't have to have children, understand their pain. Most of you ve experienced some loss in your life. You have children.
Really rings your bell, that much more, because that was my daughter he kept saying and to people who saw that Paul, and I I think I was late for the event, because I couldn't move. I was glued to the television because I had never seen so. Raw motion. In an event, supposed to be at the White House and relatively formulaic was supposed to be about school safety and Andrew doesn't have time for bs, and he just told that, like it was I'll, never forget that there are moments in your life. You never forget. Space shuttle Reagan was shot. That moment was one of those moments. I remember exactly what I was thinking, which was I don't care what's coming up next to this, I have to see this. Thank you Andrew for really one of them
incredible speeches I have ever seen by the way. Did you know just on a policy note, because there was policy and there is well, even though the emotion in that speech was just heartbreaking, restorative justice vote for buying right, it's a nice guys. They keep telling. You You want these scumbags back in your kids school. You want restorative justice. People in your kids being welcome back with open arms, as if your kids, don't matter you want that, binds your guy look it up I'll bet he's a nice guy right, trumps, the bad guy. We don't like your tweets, You kids matter to you they matter to me my kids and your kids. I let me take a quick break for a last sponsor exams. That's tough for me to get through. I got a lot more coming up, including video of the New York
Turning general basically admitting she's a political hack trying to attack legally and weapon eyes, her justice system to use it to raise funds. Rural hatch, I mean it's just said- what's happening, I tidies final sponsor for this, are my friends parlors. You know, I'm part owner of parlor, which is the hottest. Social media company out there right now- and thank you for all your support. P p supports p r L Europe, my wife's sent me. An email this morning that we got from Facebook, their facebook, now going to be policing. Content for advertisers is going to be looking for things like AIDS. Each and other stuff Oleson, I everyone's against hates, be travel can be for aids began. There is nobody, that's not the question the questions, Facebook categorize hate speech, and I can guarantee you here's what's coming, reach will be anybody who is not a liberal guarantee also going to be using facts hackers came under their fact. Checkers on our facebook pay. We get fat, checked all the time fact, czech member, when they fact
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parlor, P, r, l e r dotcom or find this in the Appstore go check it out today. Parlor die, I find this in the app store downloaded. Can I make it your new. Social media home dilemma. In dump the other stuff. Just telling you go here, first make this your home check out that other stuff once in a while, you know need the garbage over there anymore, parlor check it out today. I use a video I saw last night on social media. This is the attorney general for New York, so she's dead. Some kind of impromptu Reno, whatever selfie type video with another woman what is James Games, a radical, far left Democrat impromptu interview using it, looks like some kind. I foreigner Android device she Zira appeal is: do you know why you really need to register and vote for her? Now you would think the attorney general running it's a political race but sent political position, she's ready to be the
law enforcement officers of New York. You would think what kind of stay out of politics right. You would. A like just a question of your running for attorney general. You say things like a meter wash the law nor in order in the street in that kind of stuff right, you invite you What you're saying prosecute my political opponents, because we now have the ability to use the Heerd stay away from that. If you were saying right, kind, the right well that's what you're sure James you check out this video with fisheries I'm not gonna bothered to read certain because my voice as they make their friends, I'm just one person. I say when I say one name: nature of your ass. Well, you see him for oh we're, gonna be real, faintly ass. Many personally I learn that Yugoslavia and showed a Democrats rubber spy. At the national level. So what
Why bring this up because, ladies and gentlemen, this is again weight on the ballot coming up by the way, Speaking of New York, who are sick of people like with fisheries, I got some inside baseball yesterday from someone. I trust I don't we're gonna, go not sure how reliable is, but someone told me there's an inside pole, showing up only down between five and eight points in New York State gentlemen, you know what a nuclear bomb. That would be. The real dynamics. If President Trump only Losers New York by between five and eight points, of any idea? What an opening moment. That would be for the Democrats, it's because of people like that James, whose only interest in trouble his shoe. It you're ready for the EU, only general spot. Now, you may say of banned. She didn't act on purpose. I always produce receipts right, Boston, Globe, article from Yesterday I saw hack Latisha
pretending to be the attorney General Boston Globe, York attorney General S, judge to order Eric trumps testimony for what would our trump do? Ye did do something. What did he do He sizes last Trop. That's what he did. That's right, that's why their debts all this is a politically motivated which, on just like spy gay and the disastrous Mahler probe there never gonna give up, but she thinks this is what Democrats want political which are so she doesn't she's. Even hydrogen. Doesn't anyone on oh yeah, yeah, I must say one day, trop what they do. Law and order be damn. What does it mean? I I wanted to get that in, but it back to work convention covers last night
Any any sane observer would tell you last night that it was an enormous success. Can we got some days left? What's knock on would hope we keep the momentum going. Speakers were fantastic The stage show portion of it was incredible but leave up. The social media, people like Twitter and elsewhere leave it there. To try to dictate that out, and you wonder why nobody trusts social media and the media in general. The same. That is how almost. No Republicans trust them at all is because once I get so. I want to play this video, for this is Joe Biden himself, answering a question during an interview about a month ago about redirecting money away from the police. In other words, be fun. The police. Now folks, I get it did liberal place stupid all the time. That's what they do. Best summers placed with their just really stupid and they play good too
some of them are stupid and they just play domination. No, no Joe Biden has never said he want to defend the police. He didn't because wreath thing funds, here's polly- spines here funds to other entities. When you take funds from the police, give them to other entities that would otherwise be known by seeing people is de funding, less funds, the fun here's your by answering a direct question about. We wants to defend and redirect funds away. We just following check this out so my journey, point. We agree that weaken redirect some of the funding. Yes, absolutely one of the things that we also need to be doing is fundamental each job right. That's why. Cut that I cut out the beginning in Vienna because about other things. And he does mention military type, acquitted at some point, but job and himself has said he would redirect funds away. Whether
funds for military equipment, he clearly means less money for police. This is words. Yet this morning, because that's a very damaging line along with Joe Biden Lines ABC, which we cover and yesterday show that he's going to shut down the economy again. If the scientists tell em do. Twitter understands, along with the other social media, attack tyrants. I understand that they can have that that they can have the american public believe what Joe Biden said. He actually set up an idea of that. So here is the twitter masthead. This morning the screen shot from my phone. Republican National Convention last night, Joe Biden, does want to defend the police, political fact, and journalists confirm this That would Joe Biden, because that's what Did you ask with I'm just checking I don't know he said he said he changes, but so maybe you want to put tat in their there.
Or take on its own or now he said otherwise. Well, you may put in their that, while, Biden contrary, you, two prior statements that he wants to defend. The police has now said that, He does not ok, fair if that's what he's saying now, I dont believe him put that up, but did you notice how contacts again dreaded air quote only matters when you're a republican context, drone entirely out the window when you're radical left this like job, I did want to make sure you know he's not going to define your local cup despite the fact that he actually set you notice that they fact check us when we She quote made see policies the context matters. Meanwhile, the count we actually put me article with a direct quote: from intelligence officials, be article burn but she misinformation, twitter. Captain misinformation job
clearly said he wants to defend or redirect money away from the police. His words my on Twitter can have that Now you know why I got Vaubois parlour and otherwise things are Morgan on two were always fight back. Am I going to sit back and take it anymore, and you should neither these people are full of stuff quit his job. The but twitter will promote misinformation when they seem fair there so happy that that disease, serious, are massive. A representative Katy Porter, the Democrat they say ok report, they love Katy, Porter, she's, so great she saw broken eighty porter by the way. Tat knows nothing about our own office at sea. There were like a Wikipedia fact Chechen and likes to ask Republicans questions. They love that they felt. Love Katy Porter. So they covered that yesterday, because where my I it brings up, the opponent
General Louis. The joy was zappia show you talk about the left's dumbest. Spirit Erie, ever the trumpets, stealing mailboxes and hiding them in the White House. So did Joey gets up there and its opening statement full over a minute. This portion of it shreds every one of their stupid conspiracy theories about Trump, stealing mail boxes and cutting overtime, stop mailing bouts we're getting it? This was not trend, Katy Borders question for the joint we're? Oh, my god, you know how much it was the mail, a postcard, get rid of on Morrow. They went We try, because I love the hapless. Katy porter check out Louis who again shredding every single one of the stupid people tape life tromp, is stealing mailboxes conspiracy theory as part this conversation there are the inaccuracies about my actions, that I wish to again correct. First, I did direct the removal of blue collection boxes
the removal of male processing equipment. Second, I did not do, the cut back on hours at any of our proposals, post offices and finally, I did not direct the elimination or any cutback in overtime. I did, however, suspend these practices to move, to remove any misperceptions about our committee to delivering the nations election mail. Further assertions by the media or elected officials is furthering our false narrative to the american people, he Is this right he's under oath. You're just making all this stuff up. It doesn't matter. You would think TAT, be trending right on tech, tyrant, twitter. You think I would be trendy. Postmaster General debunks people cave conspiracy theories about Trump, stealing blue mailboxes in hiding them in the widest now. Then, What was trending
The porters absurd question about what it takes to mail. Was it a postcard, lose joint know. These are ok, he'll get back to you on the joke, a total joke. I'm embarrassed for you, I'm serious if you're a Register Democrat and choosing to support them in this election cycle. I'm sorry, but I'm seriously embarrassed for you. Your party is Lee Joke and a clown shall support by the clowns twitter. My final story, the active to spy gates, there's one I'm after pushed her remarks, it's a little longer and its important Margo Cleveland, that's great work. Men are pushing Furthermore, this one's critical- I got this. On Solomon this morning. First, when we get to the because again showing you how media driven left. This narratives are based on fairy tales and if you choose to believe them without doing your homework, I'm sorry That's your fault, differences, not police.
Telling you you're being lied you by the media repeatedly with food. Stories about Joe by. Never said he wanted to define the police. He did Stealing mailboxes he's not. The postmaster general, is a conspirator with Amazon to destroy the election year just insane while another, The conspiracy theories you ve heard over the last week and I've been covering is- the release of the Senate Intel Committee report on the Spike Scandal, but the Obama administration you saw, Hint in there that no no no poor man afford trumps former, campaign manager. He was dealing the russian intelligence, got everybody it really. This is it. This is. Collusion hopes it's real man afford. Russian intelligent sky secret. Formation left, these idiots
the old believe this stupid story and dopey Senate Intel Committee Report did nothing to dissuade them by leaving out again. The key word for today show what is it kids. Tax Remo context only matters when its Joe Biden talking about the funding the police. No, no. He said something different. Now. Contacts matters doesn't matter when you're, a Republican like Donald Trump and, you can say, metaphor colluded with Russian Intel guy. He did here Let's look at the New York Times Headline report details. And affords ties during twenty sixteen shrub sixteen trump campaign to a russian agent. They got em they got here. It is Here it is on paper man More russian agent ties twenty sixteen a lecture? You read the New York Times up well, pretty dumb. If you read the New York Times General, but you're, even dumber after reading that have like as you like this, is it you?
you know something because you, and told something that is in fact not so this garbage, who are they talking about who's, the infamous russian agent former campaign manager for transformative, what we're doing well, it wasn't russian at all. He happened to be ukrainian little bit of a mess there. Now Russia, Ukraine, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, not the same place. The New York Times know that just checking your borders, So he's actually ukrainian, not all you. No, no, no, no he's Ukraine, dealing with Russia's Sumida, so think it strange Ukrainian, whose a what Jason Bourne, like russian agents, who slid into Ukraine by that Sound Sears. I maybe, then times got their headline wrong, but russian agent, even though ukrainian this guy was
definitely some one man a fortune stayed away from because everybody knew he was a russian agent right, in other words, an enemy of the United States, Russia, Russian gosh. John Solomon, whose always our top. There is excellent news. I just the news. I got this this morning? We have been telling you about this for months, but now, You can read the real deeds here. George fatigue. Trying to be like the cool kids doesn't necessarily work when you forty five, but we're try just the news today. Indian flag. Doesn't intel danger to Trump had extensive contact with wait. What does that say? Obama Officials memo show oh wow context. Now, all we can't have any context when it comes to read Paul poor man afforded Trump seriously be clear. Your New York Headline about metaphor, dealing with a russian agent, really read metaphors.
With former Obama administration source from Ukraine. She bit. If you, The truth that headline doesn't get the clicks from the stupid people, so you have to do click back, which was then what the New York Times does You don't believe me that the guy metaphors dealing with by the waves aim is constantly column. Nickname I mentioned on the show. Probably five hundred times metaphor was dealing with. I'm not gonna about defending metaphor that all my books, I've been very kind to modify that you put the Trump campaign in an awful spot of simply suggesting view of matter, for communicating with Constantine polemic a ukrainian means that the Trump Pain was colluding with Russia, because they're saying clinic was a russian agent in Ukraine then, how was the Obama administration colluding with Russia to when they were dealing with the same guy. I don't know it's gonna screw
chef themselves must be read this. It's in the show notes today, but you know that slash newsletter, that's the linked to subscribe to it. Please read this article. Here's to take away They're talking about discussions between Kaliningrad and the Obama administration. So Solomon, writes in his peace here. What ordinarily such discussions would raise little interest in Everyday America, but it. Calumniate is no ordinary contact. And a committee on intelligence last week describe polemic as a russian intelligence officer in its final report on russian interference. In other words, the State Department and its Kiev embassy, where routinely trading information about your bombing. That's they departed Jimmy trading trading information with a man. The Senate report now portrays us an asset of hostile foreign power during a tie When Biden, the press until nominee oversaw ukrainian policy for the Obama administration.
I really feel sorry for you. Say this out of a personal, mercenary interest if you're not watching this show, and we the work of Solomon and Sarah Carter and Chalk Ross and Jeff Karlsson, Lee Smith than others and listening Devon Newness understand you miss the biggest scandal of our time. You have no idea you're, just dumb. Either intentionally I'm going by the liberals, mother weapon several times over people think they know this guy you're just stupid. You read the New York Times and you actually believe Manafort was colluding with russian agent, who is actually a source for the Obama administration. Let me leave on a personal note here Showing you how stupid these people really are, who believe this stuff, the Click Bay They read at the New York Times. I was there, the pact this year. Many of you saw me a lot of you met me there we did our shell from their Joe was air was great turner, but we had this
I come over, I forget his name, but he allegedly has a show on serious accept that no one listens to. I didn't know who he was could tell right away with more. He said that more on air. You know when you have the lofty waft things you know and a camera that I had a waft of just a boar on approaching. I could tell with a microphone I can save a moron detector, I'm very good at it. So I give it this guy is a liberal, more uneven and argue about Ukraine and by I turn the interview around on him and asked him a series of questions which was grab stunned, the actually area, because he looked like such a moron, but he heard it anyway. And it was amazing. The guy had none of my actual questions, sit down are do either. I'm a give her to provide banknote. Oh, I don't know that, and you know what that is. You mean the bank that Latvians were investigating persist, this money transfers two hundred Biden, so you don't they caught her by Robert. You don't actually nobody the details of the case just checking This zone Sherwin inherited
this guy's name. Do you we're staying power that guy was such a people were laughing at him. This is the left on Spidey they believe Paul Manifold was dealing with a russian agent who is actually a source for Obama, administration and live. In a country where Joe Biden was the point, man. I really feel sorry for you, you're so stupid on the time will have more coverage of the Orient see tonight. Hopefully, pollen I'll get a little more sleep. We were really just this do canning commercial. We didn't sleep rather reserve is due care. Commercial we'd have to do the unfairly from the version we can we were so excited by the hour and seek it was so good? What do you want here? I see she the greatest part of Israel,
we didn't sleep because we were so excited about tonight should be great to the speeches were amazing. Let's keep up the momentum, I will have the best coverage here for you to my greatest show ever to family. Little prescribed they show Youtube darkroom slashed by GINO, gotta apple pod costs are not subscribe. Subscriptions are But they really really help us move up the charts I really from the bottom. My heart appreciate you subscribe, subscribing the show downloads automatically and helps us move up. The charts of others can find that keeps on marketing Costa thanks folks, really appreciate retention. That today show listen to that speech about Andrew Pollack. Again, it's really worth your time. You just heard it in Bonn. Gino.
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