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Liberal Anti-Americanism is on the Rise # 1015 (Ep 1015)

2019-07-03 | 🔗

In this episode I address the astonishing bias displayed by the media in covering the Trump administration’s handling of the border crisis. I also address the deceptive wordsmithing used by the Mueller team to spin their fairytale. Finally, I address Nike’s terrible business decision and the stunning rebuke of liberalism in a liberal state with a liberal governor. News Picks:Arizona Governor strikes back at Nike after their strike at patriotism.

Report: AOC screamed at Border Agents in a threatening manner.

Media hacks keep using Obama era immigration facility photos in an effort to sting Trump.

More evidence that the Mueller report is one big scam.

Liberals fret the rise of the “wife guy.”

Liberalism fails even in liberal states. Look at what’s happening in New Jersey.

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bonn Jean. I want my thereby Juno show I'm really salty today for the shell, but that's all right. I will make it happen, as I always do I'll get it. a little later producer Joe. How are you today? I don't give a damn. I'm really doing well beg you yeah, I'm not good today, so I gotta to cover today fully and its good. When I'm not good, because this week is, and full of stupid liberal stories they can under my skin and really pissed me off. You be candid and now The jumps on the train, sorry about the recordings. We could probably tell we had a record. some of this stuff a little early due to some travel in the holiday, but it doesn't matter the content is still before us the new momentum that I want to get too Nike. I want to get to the media continuing to promote for
Now it is about the border crisis. You no matter what there is. No amount of misinformation you can present to the media and prove to them that what they're saying is false than they are continue to use it. Yeah you're not going to believe that story when I get to it after I just shred these imbeciles Nike for the dumbest media, a pr plan in the history of corporate amount aright. Having said that today show you buy he'll sleep he'll, sleep makes to fight mattresses out their love, helix sleepy of two of them in my house, Hillock CBS. makes them different doll, get some just right, The male matters not customize to you, he'll sleep, you take it. Many quays they'll customize matters to you, I don't have. What do you like side sleeping your hearts library like Plush, affirm bed with helix? There's? No more guess No compromising helix it is rated number one, numerous you by G Q and wired magazine scene and called it.
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everyone Nike doubles down on stupid. Unbelievably Nike has decided to take their business advice from column Capron it. Veiled, NFL quarterback, whose protesting who knows what was protesting, everything from social, Joe, there's two police officers. You seem to change a story. Every two weeks was a support. The cuban regime, but you know the totalitarian, totalitarian communist cuban regime. Carbon capture But you know we was was accorded back newly iep quarterback for the San Francisco. Forty nine had one good season. Terrible seasons after that was then let go for disrespecting and ass aunt em, claiming to support social justice by wearing socks, depicting police officers as pigs so from the New York posts. The stories real foxes and not the Babylon beer. The onion Collins cap reportedly convinced Nike, Topol, flag theme, sneakers, here's the store,
Nike, had a seeker sneaker line that, on the back of it, had the Betsy ROS flag, the thirteen colonies. Many of you are familiar with it. Have you seen the picture? A colleague cap Riddick deem the? U S, flagged Betsy rough rustling offences, According to this story, got Nike to pull the sneakers. Ok, now it be very easy for me again to shreds Nike, because Nike is one of the dumbest companies in America. Now I know many of the liberals listening all say: well, you now Nike stock prices up their sales were up. You are correct. I M not suggesting some boycott. I don't know if it damage the company or not. I am simply suggesting to that. no business school. You will go to. I mean I went to business school. I don't tell my educational bona fides, because I hate people do that, but I am not speaking here with forked tongue. The business school myself at Penn State. I graduated I'm pretty familiar.
but they teach on these curriculums are right. Even if some of the left leaning business schools out their Joe a business stress, She is not to alienate potentially half of your custard customer base in the entire country. Now now key by hiring Capron. It did that. I have Nike products, I might have sneakers and shirts. I bought before the cap and disaster United Burnham, I mean dome at bury them in the yard, would have. I will not buy Nike anymore manufacturing my younger daughters, joked about that one point: we have one youngest daughter. She was That's what I'm pleads for slaughter is forty Joe and someone picked out a Nike things somewhat in the family and she said no, we can't buy these daddy said no good job of work by my daughter are. We will now by Nike anymore. I'm not telling you what to do. I'm not organizing some global boycott you make it I'm buying decisions. I've just telling you Nike seems to be influenced by a guy who can't stay
the cops and can't stand America for what it stands for, as evidenced by his ability to show disrespect towards the american flag. That's an ip guy, but there's couple it take away from the store you might have missed that are rather fascinating. First, let me point out story by Ricochet by John Gabriel. I follow Twitter rather interesting account Gabriel. Has this peace? You know, of course, this is all going to have a price dog duty governor of Arizona struck back here here nor you ricochet, since Nike pull the? U S flag, Shoe Arizona, my pull plug on the new night plan, good for you will hear this from the peace, excellent job by God, Arizona, governor, Doug, doozy, listen, I hate tax Ben rates for individual companies as they are. You don't talk about job yet when they bring Asia, you know they bring a cup. But he into a state may get specific tax benefits will give you. This kind of right of that kind are now We should be doing that anywhere, just
have a nice love, fair flat tax code, near statement, so Nike was getting from the story. One million dollars in permit fees, We're getting them refunded, are getting them wave to build this factory in Arizona. This is a two for us, rezoning, save their tax money in their tax benefits and a they get to make a stand on Nike, which does not seem to care about the american patriots, but they care mostly about offending american patriots. Here's ears from the peace Nike made its decision is from Doug do see in our making hours I've The Arizona commerce authorities which are all financial incentive dollars under their discretion that the state was providing for the company to locate here, Good Job Arizona economy is doing just fine without Nyc beat it sorry. We did they don't need Nike they're, not that kind of company adios matter dear seriously. Now. Secondly,.
in case. You think. Well, yet all now he's just taken principle what they believe. You know they believe represent. Yeah I mean we are, but I'm just trying to set up liberals or listening. What's the natural blowing liberal counter attack from this. So the liberal Counter tat is always obvious. Well, you know like he has the right to free speech. Of course they do, I'm not attacking their right to say what they want is long, violation of. U S. Lot. Nike could say or do whatever they want. That's not what I'm saying that affect I'm telling you want. why not give by Nike I'm not but about a matter organizing some global boycott of night. Do what you want quite or I don't I don't. I don't prescribed corporate censorship or their speech. I'm simplicity, ass. They. This is a dumb bad business strategy in the long run. Maybe have some short. benefits among the woke crouch, but the alien at your customers as they get older, we're going to start to realize how dumb of a decision this? What but you may say, while this is a principled stand, nikes taking a stand
its governments and the United States and whatever it may be. I mean I'm trying to think of liberals. You know it's hard for me to dump a few. I few points and think, like liberals, think in many cases, but you have taken and it gets organised government in and any other stand for freedom all. They are because here's a night, press release had Keith Urban on Twitter, who pointed this out by the way, no Keith gonna do Summah some work for them in the past. He pointed this out whose died I left descended the top. If you look at Youtube Doc, slash podgy. Now, on our account, you can see, this you can watch the video but others gravity. I screens. this off my phone this from news dot, nyc dot com. I left this in their again had to keep her about who found this the year of the PIG Chinese New Year collection brings together twelve years of Nyc. So let me get this it just in case you miss this folks. Nike is perfectly fine.
With pulling the american flag sneaker lie because it offends the delicate sensibilities of atm Eric activists column Capron right, but they are perfectly yeah. Ok, we'd, celebrating the Chinese New Year year, the pig to a mermaid This is news that Acta come there perfectly. Ok with celebrating the year, the pig in the Chinese New year in some commemoration of the communist total Terry and leaders of China running the largest surveillance police state in the world problem there there, Ok with that, this is night folks, Phil I would be, I believe, horrified at what's happened to this company. Do unbelievable big guy suck the bottom line. Now you know they do that, no I'd I'd! I don't buy it I dont by their stuff anymore. I was the loyal consumer, their products for many years again I have a pair sneakers. Now, some of you, listen to my show, see me in the gym there get more
gonna to be replaced soon, but they are not going to be faced with another study nikes. I can tell you that you know it's just my tribe. I refuse, do this stuff anymore, play games that supports it actionable now to crap all over America could care the Woke crap member get woke COBRA great, but then all of a sudden you can you know crap all over America, while catering to the fear that the chinese totalitarian government that its total complete the screen, MIKE should be embarrassed. Is if humiliated themselves repeatedly what I mean thing: they cater to cap or Nick and higher myths and entirely other than all a line of shoes with the american flag on that's just embarrassing. Barrister bingo, embarrassingly stupid. I again. I wake up every morning with you know what due to DE the more liberal nonsense. They just can't control them how's the media. It is unbelievable, Joe. I pointed to you, but it's a week. two weeks ago repeatedly how the me,
here continues to use pictures to I, like the border crisis, they said, wasn't a crisis, but there now saying is a crisis to make the trumpet, Additionally, I try to follow our media. Just weeks ago we played the montage on yesterday's show. The medium weeks ago in months ago, claiming use. You heard the montage felicity S, Russia, if not. If not, please go back and listen to the a minute of me. You're suggesting when it was politically advantageous for them that there was no crisis. in the border, they were using it to attack Trump saying he was exaggerating. The crisis at the border get its wall built them when the crisis. The border, which was always a crisis, started make in the evening news because the situation became entirely untenable, with tens of thousands of people a week pouring the United States, illegally between ports of entry, all of US the media found another angle now it's of attacking Trump for saying. There's a crisis attack trump for the crisis. You now acknowledge. If this is
making your head spin reg exorcise style. Remember that what you're going to have this by the side of a possible by the way I mean TAT was kind of an exaggeration, but I don't know what you're Peter bloody intended rhetoric, but if this is making your head spent, it's supposed to media there's no price this trumps, exaggerating then this crisis, at a controlling the media can control than our media there's a crisis that its transport. This is how The media is now what ways now they're highlighting the crisis. They said, wasn't a crisis, but is now a crisis because they think it's a crisis and they can make a crisis. That of the term presidency is by using photos continuously that look really awful and using these photos to suggests a trap administrations for they come Ok, let's go to this tweet from the hill, incredible the held, which sometimes published some stuff from John Solomon challenge at this great work, and then I guess there left these decided they're going to do this at the hill there
but her account Democrat lawmakers pay. Tens visit the Texas Migrant Facility again a horrible photo of of care. Sleep it on a floor behind this chain, link Fettes Ladies and gentlemen, when we sat photo taken that photo it's taken yesterday. Last week,. Option see last year option, the twenty fourteen? I would guess I don't have to guess, because I know that picture was taken in twenty fourteen being used again to pillory and hammer the Trump Administration for a photo that happened under the prior administration. I mean
get it the hill. Some of your lefty writers are looking to hammer these guys, but seriously, can you at least get your facts rate? That is not the facility facility. Excuse me, you're, talking about in the tweet on the visit. Tat is a stability from twenty fourteen under the Obama administration. Now the second tweet it gets to all this, not just one. Here we go again the hill. Again I kept the day the bottom seven one twenty nineteen at the hill girl says she slept the floor at a border patrol facility and others were locked up for crying with a photo of a bunch of people. A behind a chain link phantom is we're swimming their migrants, under aluminum, foil, blankets, now as exactly Van Ness pointed out by putting up the original photo, it's kind of small the text, but I'll read it for you here is the file, EL photo file. Listen up to her
this Wednesday June eighteen, twenty four file photo to young girls watch a World CUP soccer match on a tv because on, ladies and gentlemen, this is a twenty. fourteen photo cash to the hill. Can you please get your act together and at least put a note underneath these photos that these are not indicative of current conditions. Can you do basic journalism again? I love a lot of What the hell Joe culture does. Great works, John Solemn great work, I get it. They try to provide present both sides. and about piling on I'm asking you to do basic journalism. Don't you think it's fair to put at the bottom a note that these are decisions reminiscent of the prior presidential administration and a prior time, not the present day. How is that power? We need it just ask you to do basic journalism. The photos you're putting out there are photo
of a prior administrations policies. They are not followed. What's going on currently under the Trump Administration, where he has got billions of dollars to improve the conditions in these facilities. I saw another tweed netted. Go about this is that I have a lot to get you tonight to Big Newsday, but there's a a tweet on life from a guy showing a shower facility saying get the showers that do you know the migrants are forced to shower. Ladies and gentlemen, that no one's suggesting this is the Ritz Carlton nobody. But if through the country illegally, in violation of our was what will you expecting the art this job as I saw friend of mine he treated out of John yellow tweet it out? You know what he was a cop. I was a cop in New York. He suggested the show whereas I use that the police Academy were ten times worse. I remember those folks was pretty around this. It was like
I don't call we had something like fifteen hundred recruits and our police Academy class, so they work in shifts. So when you did pity, and I wish to take a shower after general, sweaty in New York summer run down round the streets of New York. You take a shower they would lie new up to three hundred people at a time for these nasty, like mould infested showers at the police Academy, in the middle of an atom, and you, you didn't think anything over Joe. You walked you're, so you share pull you had like. You know that whatever, yet that thirty forty seconds it's over, I move along, and I was just the way it was. keep her my. We were the lawn forces that the people who broke the law, and yet this really see a of a shower. You like what what's wrong with the shower. I don't understand what me: what are you expecting three in there you view broken. We're doing the best we can do for us
what date humane conditions under an unprecedented wave of illegal migrants coming through the country in violation of our law. What were you expecting Smith what went ski catered meals goal It had shower nozzles Malta, all showerheads with doves so primate. What were you expecting? I mean it's really said the media can tell the truth here. Burgeoning us. Blaming us, the United States government, while liberals simultaneously current government has all the answers were spending. Four trillion dollars a year, the United States government, the government can't figure out how to stem. immigration crisis either by the government about blaming Trump. I'm fighting the government, the guy,
Permit me to judicial branch, the legislative branches well rhinos in bed, Democrats as well. They can't figure out how to fix this problem and you get people like a sea and he's other lives running out there on a bigger government suggesting if we spend more money than fix the problem they cause yeah. Ok, sure nice work well. I am a little bit salty today, you get me, way to men off That is what it is. We had some equipment issues this morning to which are contributing to A general salt Venus help. You all have a good, wonderful, independent state of Mars. I said we argue taken our first vacation. They ever deserves it? We, but you know we ve been around, show, doesn't get any vacation. We have work every single week for the last five year due to together, show so yeah I'm always proud of. That's amazing, weave we ve done a thousand fifteen, shows already credible wish we could
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Ladies and gentlemen, this points out something critical. Mass there's going to be testify nine July seventeenth and, as I have said repeatedly, the Mulder Report, ladies and gentlemen, I feel sorry for you, if you will If the Mulder report is a legit made investigatory document; it is not the model report is a four hundred page opinion peace written. a very deceptive slimy, slithering kind of snaky way to make We believe that the Trump team committed crimes that did not in fact exist. How do they do that? The best example of this but there are felt in cause and I'm gonna steal that term. Our foot noted, of course, and stealing the bed example of what he calls in sinew, endo, insinuations and innuendo. In the Mulder report. to give you an analogy. Describe what the Mulder report does cause it'll make more sense as we talk about some of its snippets from this peace. If I
write a report about a bank robbery, Joe ARM accosts alleges that we have to add this to his list. Crimes allegedly committed a bank robbery, an army, investigate or like Bob Mahler and in he Weissmann, I'm his lieutenant his democrat lieutenant. If I wanted to paint Joe, is a bad guy, even though I knew Joe didn't rob the bank, what I could do I could write a report and in that report, and imply that you were guilty without make events that are seemingly innocuous said. see seemingly innocuous, because I can make them seem and imply that you guilty without ever charging yet follow. Me and if job you're the only ombudsman stop me if this gets confusing. Yes, so what Our wants to do to trump and say what I wanted you to jail. I can't charged with a crime. Is, I know, Joe, to rob a bank, but I want to destroy Jos reputation publicly and give information for investigators to keep going. Investigate. Show in the future, but I don't have the guts to charge your. Why? Because if I charge him- and they know it
did, is what I'll do against Joe aright of legal malpractice. Secondly, the case will be left out of court, not be humiliating. Now Molly hates Trump Weissmann, age trump they wanted to. Report that would damage trumps reputation without charging him with anything. So what they did is what I'll do against Joe or else it. I know Joe goes to Bank of America somewhere in Arnold it where he lives in Maryland I don't actually know that, but I'm guessing good, so job I write a report saying that this back, we know that banquet say, was Rob honour on August second of last year so Second of last year I write a report say Joe get. It is car on August. Second, at nine o clock. In the morning we had a gps acting of Jos Car she always in front of the Bank of America. This point Joe parked in the facility Bank of America. The bank was robbed at ten o clock, we but you always in the area, ten o clock. Joe went home later that night later night we saw Joe getting out of the car Joe had up
Bulge in his pocket, he wasn't happy to see people. It was in fact money while it we know Joe, had an extra large white a cash that day we know neighbor, reported, come by to help him out the following day with an electric job in the house. We know Joe gave the the neighbour a hundred dollar Tipp cash for help You get where you gonna be going on. You get what I'm doing here idea a painting a picture, keep robotic. Oh Jordan, rob a bank, but what I'm doing and what mother get the Mueller report is included as a set of of things. We know what I just told you about your we're facts. Yet your did get in his car Jody that money and Joe did give the neighbour a hundred dollar Tipp the next day and Joe was near the Bank of America. Arnold, yes, those are facts. Just like it's a fact that man afford had some contact with coal make their papadopoulos met with downer, but notice the framing of the facts, Now we find out later other sets of fat,
left out of my report on jobs, the reason. I always knew your Bank of America because there's an atm across the street at South sweet shop Joel. over there to the atm picked up an ice cream got some money. That's why you had a bulge in his pocket going back. We also find out that Joe got Well, just pack is he had a good week? You got a bonus at his job in ever it may be and he felt like, because a neighbor help them out a lot that he owed him. So we gave him a hundred bucks for all is passed up now. of a sudden the story, I told you about Joe that made it seem like he robbed. The bank is an innocent story. Joe go into this reach, our ticket ice cream had taken care of his neighbours. That is what Mahler did. There are a couple. examples in this peace. I want to pay for you that just decimate the While the report for doing this through in Sydney and there was a man who has not the guy from the peace which is important. It talks about here's how they frame Papadopoulos meeting in the Mulder Report Papadopoulos suggested to represent
of a foreign government that the Trump campaigner receive indications from the russian government that it could assist the campaign. We will do the anonymous release of information that would be damaging to Hillary Clinton. All I Papadopoulos suggested to foreign government rap that it was going to be really. Of info damaging Hilary. Why gosh collusion? He goes on felt that he says how they should actually read is Papadopoulos said to us. Well, you diplomat Alexander Downer Data professor who had try. Well to Russia had told them. Russia damaging information about Hilary at might release it before the election kind of a difference. Every folks. No no what Mahler always does Mahler and Weissmann listen Mahler did a snake job Donald Trump. I Sorry, if you insist on defending this man here, shown.
Later career when he took over them all approach that knocking the guy service to the country. I'm telling you is later agree has shown himself to be a snake, and if he's listening, I hope he hears that what he did was disgraceful. this was not a representative of the russian government. He was a maltese professor who had. a jubilee horrid about some Hilary damaging information which was all over the media. Stop spending this stuff. Now cover that when, yes, there is no need to beat this thing to death the beat of dead horse on this spending window, but there another one I've covered in the past. That is equal. is damaging and look what Mahler does he key snakes, this little wine and at the end, to pretend that Guy is some devious. Russian intelligence operator and watch really does at the end of this. Here's the second portions health and peace again, which is very good worth your time. He says,
or even ass. He puts the darkest possible gloss on the most pedestrian of acts and connections. Mahler whistles past genuinely alarming information, get a load of this folks. He sometimes does both in the same paragraph, the Mullah regime includes an extended section on poor man. Affords meetings with his sometime russian Ukrainian Business Associates Constantine calumnies quote from the Mulder report. Folks matter, or twice met with Column Nick in person during the campaign beard. Oh ho ho ho this take. John Malign implications, given that the special council introduce calumnies back on page six with damning allegation that quote the FBI. Yes, this column too ties to russian intelligence Oh, no, oh suggest a beacon, AIR Mahler, any his snake team of democratic operatives are painting in their report
dangerous ties between man afford. Sky calumnies. Could the FBI thinks is connected to Russian? It tells you all the best real, clear vestige speech. We are told that calumnies travelled to New York to see man afford a very dire development. No doubt he like, oh, I like this, but the Emirates, Ex story, type told this is again from the real clear message speech. We are told that calumny travelled to New York to see man afford a very dire Development. No doubt he like. Oh, I like but the story tat, but then this special council finishes the paragraph with the throwaway lie. Throw away. Let me quote from the smaller port Colombia can travel to wash He D C, where he had pre arranged meetings with the State Department Are you mean the Obama State Department, so you may, the same guy you're suggesting before I'd contacts. Would manifold- and you believe, is a russian Intel operative, then travel to meet with Bobby State Department where he was a source. Any airport
solidarity. I hope you won't notice any of this. This guy is unbelievable he doesn't describe in detail as Colombia was a source for Obama's State Department, a trusted intelligent source. So, as long as, One leg is meeting with Obama. Officials. It's ok, but when he meets with metaphor, is painted is he's a russian Intel operative accorded the FBI, you see what they did their do. We The vicinity, a Bank of America, yet we have the very but take the guy robbing beg remark, it's not Joe job was going to this. Pizza, John. Yet there is, there is a yogurt place over there till my time Savannah Park reminisce about good all day. Folks There is little doubt crape store over there by that Bank of America in the back row in our old out of your Madonna by screw vetoes pizza job there is. There is a oh good place over there till my time Savannah Park reminisce about good all day. Folks, AIDS, We are what mothers doing. He is writing
an opinion. Peace decide exclusively to damage the trumpet. This is the biggest snake job. I have ever seen the fact mothers reputation. He thinks it's going be salvage when history tells the real story. This is barrister demolished, he is really destroyed his entire reputation as a non partisan actor. I we say: Weissmann didn't destroy his reputation molecule tat because he never had one he's always been a disgrace to the legal process. So Weissmann had no a to ruin Mahler did this was embarrassing. They just a couple more quick notes on this he also talked about in their my we'll call Wayne in its relationship with this Georgie original the we say, the name right. This is those infamous tax. Where MIKE, Cohen, trumps lawyer references, these tapes, Mahler, writes about the tapes and of course insane you window again and this is in the peace, but I'm just bring it up quick here
The insinuation, though, that Michael call in Trumps lawyer was somehow working to suppress these devious trump tapes that we're not remember the p tape you know in another beer, but really Lastly, goes on to say that hey listen, I have evidence whatsoever. These tapes even existed Mahler conveniently leaves that out of his report, but that's how insinuate that works. That's what they do. Folks, around I've got a lot more to get. You Liberalism can hack it even liberal states. Another liberal governor Connally thing: is they people are now running from this guy like he has leprosy or the plague or something make this liberalism kept us even work in liberal state. I got that and I've got some very I missed yesterday's Chuckie humor. This is saved this really folks. It's a doozy, because China now again taken completely opposite. positions on the same thing. It's important five forget that last stops sponsor the day, but a good one,
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oh, better evidence for this when you get a state that is monopolized by liberal rule or a city like New York and it proceeds to collapse under people like build the plaza well. Civil What's happening right now, a new Jersey, New Jersey, he's been dominated by liberal politics for a very long time now, despite the Chris Christie term, new Jersey has been going deep, blue for a very long time, especially in national races, where they haven't voted for Republican. I believe since Georgius W Bush, for liberal governor of New Jersey. Far left Governor Jersey, Phil Murphy has turned the state to a liberal, if he has instituted a number of sanctuary type policies, illegal immigration he's been trying to push them a millionaires, taxis, millionaires, taxes fail everywhere. They member the millionaires tax. They tried in France when it everybody do Demille probably left France, and even the liberals in France are rescinded, resented the millionaires TAT, Joe
for the millionaires Jackson Maryland, how liberal governor verbally this thing was a disaster. They instituted this millionaires. Tax Joe, was at work in the morning radio, at the time of mourning, talk radio member. What people call bit about that? The milk, There is actually supposed to raise hundreds of millions of dollars an hour. It actually lost hundreds of maize. What happened Joe? They are left to go yeah, I got back that's what I'm marrow. Oh, yes and ideas. I mean I mean yes, I do the opposite of Jesus, I'm going to say something else, but we'll keep it can't get in Prague. As a liberal governor New Jersey, Phil Murphy decided be a good idea to by the way. he's very wealthy himself, so he doesn't care because of money, but we want affect him decided. be a good idea to push for a millionaires tax. They may be say: what's the problem folks neutral, he's. A liberal state moving far left rapidly just pass it right now we're where did the friction, let's say come from while armies
came from Republicans and stayed conservatives who thought it was a stupid idea just based on things like facts and data which are always inconvenience for liberals. That is the point. Fact you're, always as national review peace, we pointed out, came from the push back came from liberals, including so President Steve Sweeney, who is a democrat boats, thieves, sweetie, a Democrat basically told them. The New Jersey State Senate President, no Dice Governor Murphy. We do in this millionaires tax, here's a budget without it and who can sign it or you could shut down the government, but we ain't institute in this baby now what happened because of the many, the New Jersey listeners. Now this because of the fall out from the government shut down during the prior Criss crossing the administration member, the beach photo restricts. Theorists was photograph of that What on a beach that was shut down toward the government as a political disaster for him there is obviously a little bit of shell shock, were shouting the government down. Some.
We had no choice but to backtrack. But my point in this article folks is to point out to you that the exodus from these- Ro States is going to continue if they don't die back the radicalism. Remember national liberal radicalism at the presidency level. What we saw that the Obama administration you have to move, the country and most Americans are going to do that. We're still the greatest country on earth. That's not how it applies in state level, politics. We have covered this story repeatedly. How state level far left palace these are ruining these states and people are leaving in droves. There is a mass exit. Going on right now from these states were states like Florida, taxes and other states. no state income tax, it's not detect, start the only reason. Liberalism is the only reason I don't wanna be ridiculous, but it is a significant swap the people who are leaving, who are just tired of it and if new Jersey can't even get one of these taxes passed over a a loop, all states Senate and a look
state house, then, whereas is to work here Sophia Murphy again showing liberalism doesn't work. And here the National Review piece, which I have in the show notes by the way, it short sweet worth your time again check it out of the shadows that they have an attack time, finding locating people and pulls Murphy the risk is no one will admit, voting for the sky, so fail Murphy again showing liberalism doesn't work, started speaking: liberals, tracking on their own dopey liberalism. I neglected this video and yesterday shown of kick it myself in the by four. Just to recap, the story a bit Donald Trump Present trumps, proposing another bold tax initiative, the tax in it. it's gonna going to be the index capital gains to inflation. I explained that yesterday, but Just as it is this, if you bought stocks, are an asset Satan There are twenty years ago, thousand dollars. It is now appreciate its worth five thousand dollars. Wherever it may be stocks, a house called whatever it may be. You have to pay
capital gains on that four thousand in profit, ripe, Donald proposing, which is an excellent move, indexing that to inflation. So if we wipe out inflation. We really do make four thousand dollars. You may be made a thousand, that's you only have to pay taxes on excellent acts. movie should not have to pay taxes because the? U S, government monetary policy, deflate r D, it's the way the value of your dollar you're dollars, why some buys should have to pay taxes on that now shut humor a policy of already commodity. It's down to the rich, don't do this a motive quality, its parties, not fair, of course, they're gotta do this. Now this is a brilliant idea to do this because it's gonna win said device people to invest back in companies in the United States, agrees with US chalk, sure you may simply waiting time. Our church humor humor has budget. You just said church humorous against this yeah he's a guess
before he was for and against the member. They flip flop, flip fluff flip. This is what Democrats here is video of a younger, more brown hair church humor before you want I'll gray, when he was a congressmen from New York, say in how wonderful, What I did is to index but our gains taxes to inflation check this out. If we really want to increase growth, there are proposals that we can do. I would be for it taxing all capital gains and savings in borrowing, and that indeed, would shift the balance in this country away from too much consumption much borrowing and towards more savings in investment over the long run. It is oh easy with these guys. It is so that's actually The economic, a brilliant economic analysis he's not wrong. There she'll congressmen humor at the time is absolutely spot on Kurdistan.
A quick funny, Chechnya. We started out with you. I am entitled to do in this advance for Hillary Clinton, with the secret service out and hampers where she was the first lady and she was running for Senate near a long time ago. Obviously, and now we're at this house churches where's the congressmen at the time he's trying to latch onto the Hillary Clinton. Boot brigades use very popular at the time, so you to join us in this motorcade you. I was a first ladies motorcades resounded presidential want, but it's a pretty decent size and we got fly, diminish, motorcade and at the time I believe you have this all beaten up for tourists. It was like Rustin hurry you so now the IRA, upper specifically big it to myself. We can't we had a sweep. car did all they. We can't sleep. this thing in the motorcade. I should put it at the end. Why? Because I was so convinced the car was gonna break down that if it broke down front of one of the cars we needed in a motorcade to continue on? We peace that behind this guy and a one lane road, so our member state of the agency to see stick his car
yeah that'll care what he says. He probably remembers that church Huber additives is all busted for doors rosy all days in Chechnya, but there humor getting back my sword and I need a very cogent on the economic analysis index inflation programmes to inflation, therefore reduce can I'm consumption is by its nature. The destruction of wealth is not a bad thing, but if you buy a hot dog and eat it, you ve destroyed that you ve consume. You ve had use your wealth to buy out that not a bad thing necessary system for survival, but investment investment is where a country gets wealthier? I said that yesterday during so they show where I cited. The Obama cavalry and that Forbes piece out net direct private investment is some of the lowest in american history under the Obama administration. Ladies and gentlemen, investment works when you reduce capital gains tax,
you free up more money amongst free american citizens to take that money and reinvested back in american business invested. What does that do? It allows the businesses Joe to buy more efficient equipment that make better computers. Tat inch filtered through the economy that enable workers in the economy to work faster and better computers, which enables them produce more stuff, more health care, more medicines, more cars which enables them to to work faster, which enables them to proceed more money on gasoline. You see this virtuous cycle. But this all stems from investment investment. Not consumption. Consumption is necessary, no doubt, but it is vestment in american businesses that allows them to operate more efficiently. It's called productivity to produce more output from this same inputs or the same output from less inputs. That is the essence of wealth investment in business to produce
products and services we need is the products and services that make us wealthy future what was absolutely right, but the humour of you could debate. The humour of all, of course, is absolutely wrong. Now he says if Father Wretch issues taking that up, you can tell he knows the difference, but like most Democrats, sadly he just lying and making it up. I should apply that yesterday, I am I may taken myself region. We have so much stuff to get to yet we ve been backlog with so much material. I wanna make sure I get it already before the July Fourth Independence Day holiday. Okay, this is what I don't do these stories. Often these light hearted kind of news stories, but, given that I in Florida, I wanted to put this out their story in the New York Daily NEWS, which had frightened the heck out of all of us coaches are evolving. With the point is we can kill the cockroaches anymore by unanimity are telling you shall I first twenty. Ninety head cockroaches, just are evolving to appoint, will there be nearly impossible to kill their kind,
we are talking it's the point of it. Is these cockroach All the poisons we reuse to kill them, thereby coming immune to these points, are not killing him anymore. Now I only bring this up because I live in Florida and the cock but she's down here in Florida there, not the german cockroaches there. Those parliamentary complemented by someone who is a fancy term for really big Harry Cockroaches Day are the most frightening things on planet earth I mean we have crossed we have alligators down. You shouldn't crocodiles, alligators dared here, there's probably some sharks. I don't worry about that. I worry about the Politburo. These the mass these things ever and if there are evolving to poisons I'm gonna be genuinely protect. Listen, I have no problem with self deprecated uber, but these things are scary. Looking there about this big, you can hit them. What a baseball bat and I swear they have Kevlar coated armor and, like laser beams that right, I'm not joking. I have
why I'm some of these things shore and they run away, and they turn around and smile at you and Lamb. So this stories about german cockroaches. Up in your please don't tell me up meadows down here becoming immune to poison. Still, I flung The greatest state are moved out here, but I'm telling its grab. You will love it. It is. I love it weathers terrific people. People are in a business environment, but the only downside is when you see your first palmetto. I guess, if you while in the south, it's not that pig of a deal. But where do you see Palmer. Is a northern you'll like what is that parliament ways is that it is that a dinosaur three separate diet is authority to crack. But these poverty. So hopefully the poisons are still working on demands and so be. It sounds like a pack of cigarettes. You now have a back upon metal what're. You spoke of no fear of no felt, and I think they do- that did not scare the Northerners. Worry there, not they're. Just Paul.
The things tat you and I value they fly to their backers. Why those suckers fly like like vampire back the southerners right now. Listen to the shore laugh than their lot. I know they must be like Yankees, you yankee. You come back to your Fraid of parliamentary, but I I do not think that God knows where all the scars and thereby GINO material comes out. You're gonna hear back first time I saw one of those I really was like what up is the smoker pop ups partner now felt less story? They so good. the stories kind of men to be funny. But it's not it's it's not it's the story hasn't angle to it. I like the present use, has very serious side. story of the New York Post about a new trigger for lips. Apparently, Webster bother now by quote wife, guys
it? Being about quote wife guys is beyond the by Karel Mark. I have this so they opened the show notes again, this is fascinating. I had never heard this for apparently liberals, are now bothered by men who talk about their wives. A lot Do on the show I talk about my I have to say, be the biggest part of it. I mean I don't Why would you not at our understand? I mean I don't do it to impress you look at me. I got this crowd. Just do it because I live with my wife. I love my wife and part of the show but apparent That's a bad thing now, Joe I'm a quote wife guy now is: in serious, though I nor the headlines got whatever GINO they're, not really painting, the very serious story, but this somebody insidious is an undercurrent here, which I want to talk because important. It's not my brought upon the show repeatedly about how this liberal. that kind of seeps into our psyche. Now from the peace is an interesting partner peace where they talk about two thousand sixteen University Melbourne Study found that women on face
use the word husband a lot while men use why far less frequently Christmas? they get Cnet called is troubling. Ok, so number one liberals for bothered by the factors to show you how dopey liberalism is and how they constantly step on each other kind of following on from the church. In restoring where they take two opposing viewpoints, ripe, humor, capital gains, tax cuts are great capital gains. Tax cuts realistic limit then twenty sixteen founded troubling dead men don't use the word wife on Facebook Alot. They they called. It quote troubling. So Joe, not talking about your wife the bad thing according levels got, it might you're the odd but you know your track and right. You bet men, Don't talk about their wise, big trouble now back to the peace. This is rose again flipping on a die because, of course they can't tell a consistent story. Now, of course, liberals find the troubling that men too, about their wives too much. So if they don't talk about,
as their bad. If they do talk about their wives, there also bad you're, the so called wife guy you now the gist of the wife. Guy argument by liberals now have a beef with men who talk about their wives too much try to follow the stupidity I know focusing its it's, it's just it's it's so dumb. I feel bad. Your aptitude a year, I have to like knocked down neurons and clip off your damned rights. To make you understand this, I get that this is done, but the lot behind the wife guy triggering liberals now is that they celebrate their wise because their wives do too much work and they feel bad about it. I'm like way, I don't even know yet celebrate what your wife does view, because she does things for you that making a rich your life and make you and your business in your life in your personal? I bet I if you sit there was. This is what I third factor Dave.
Cricket guy did they we should have. This is what we should have heard from liberals on his fat Dave for the pet cricket really cool. We serve our core what are we here? We here now Think about your wife is awful. Not talking about your wife is often, ladies and gentlemen, what's the insidious undercurrent you? Why is this? Because these stories let me try to explain it to you, making you dumber the reality. Is it's not that the liberals care? If you talk about your wife or you, don't that's not a story. This is, Well, you know, you know what I'm we talk later, some one of our first years. Liberals, ladies and gentlemen, why decimate the american family? They do. their war on the family is generational now and there's a reason for its tactical, such as he putting out a conservative talking point liberals want to decimated family. Why? Because they don't know, there's a tactical reasons. our centric reason, for it liberals understand that the family,
traditional american family, which its spiritual practices, their religion practices. Their faith has dinners tonight together. Values are going to be in Well, then, the next generation, primarily from that family, follow me so complicated that you're good. This is the way it was in Amerika for generations you got your values, you're spiritual values, moral, yours, you're, you're, ethics, your staple who you were who you watched on a movie when you watch your own life and what you are proud of. Our not proud of that came from your family, your mom, your dad you're good mother and those values were handed down through generations. Ladies and gentlemen, liberals can't stand that they have always hated that family values are a punch line for liberals. Are they not their efforts through Oh sure, to Hollywood, to make the american family seem like something pernicious. Is generational because Why, though, is such that they
like the american family because they don't like it? They don't like it because they don't want your values coming from the family. They want our values to come from this state boom member Hillary could book it takes a village know. It takes a family thanks to the village, but it takes family. That's not what Hillary and interact collides believe they want those values to come from state run institutions. Why? Because the fifth try too far, It will but Joe against. Stop me if I'm going off track your biota family values. Ladies and gentlemen, our objective, meaning there not subject to change, their non subjective, fair, a values as we ve known them in America. Our traditional respect, other people, respect God, respect your faith. these are on valuable they're, not changeable. You know, Peter
other people you don't engage in unprovoked violence. You don't steal from people. You don't engaging in a non stop. Greed and envy of other people's lives. Liberals, don't why dad why, because they need subject devalues it up. I worry, we're liberals don't stand for anything their values change on the moment. But when you are values, our listen, I believe in lower taxes, not because I you know it's some kind of political position, because I believe not able to be influenced by their ridiculous constantly to lift a finger when changing about you gave it I'm saying. In other words, I highlighted the humor video, but we're liberals don't stand for anything their values change on the moment, but when you, Our values, our listen, I believe in lower taxes, not because I I you know it's some kind of political position, because I believe family should be able to spend their money on their families. You know
I'll, even religious freedom. For me, and for my neighbour too little I don't believe in every speech. Changes with the tide which are tumor, thought he could advance a bill Clinton agenda by talking about the capital gains, tax, heat inflationary, actually thought it was great. What Donald Trump! These changes is wide overnight when Barack Obama. thought it was politically advantageous to it. gay marriage, he did it when Barack Obama, but it was politically ever intended to support gay marriage. He did it. He says this is the subject of this is the essence of liberalism, the family, the two objective unchangeable values, I'm sorry this little confusing function. I really don't mean to try to get a pie in the sky. You no other worldly human talking about it, but it's important When understand the essence of why liberals do what they do, our valley, these are not changeable economic freedom, healthcare, freedom, educational, free.
Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, free of freedom, organised freedom to assemble freedom, a petition for us and our political opponents. Liberals do not leave any of that. They believe in some active, changing values. Yes, freedom of speech for US levels, but not for them. That's inherently subjective. It's not an objective principal objective principles. Come from family subjective principles, come from the state. The liberals need to break the family bonds to make sure you can be bended, moulded in the state subjective eyes, folks, thanks again for tuna, and I really appreciate it. I hope you have a really wonderful independence day with your family. I know I will and taken a little bit of a break Joe. You have a nice day, arms man, you. I appreciate all of you tune and into the fox when I was there by the way means very might it means a lot to me. So I deeply appreciate we subscribe to a show Youtube dotcom slashed by GINO. It's free
also, one apple pod. Guess I hard sound cloud all free check this out or audio podcast there. We really appreciate it. I will see you offer a new show on Friday. No forget we'll see take him. You just heard TAN Bonn, genomes yeah. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.