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Liberals are Eating Themselves Alive (Ep 1043)

2019-08-13 | 🔗

In this episode I address the major court ruling yesterday that has the deep state players quaking in their boots. I also address the troubling new debt numbers that could collapse our economy. Finally, I address this suspicious redaction in the Bruce Ohr 302s.

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Why is the media largely ignoring the continued carnage in Chicago?


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get ready to hear the truth about america on a show that not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn gina listen i've got such i doubt spit it out did i'm not choking on a gamble and i don't have a hare ball of giant to cough up either joe gatt there's just so much happen overnight i've got such a stack show i am eager to get going today so welcome due to their budget i shall produce should show how are you man happy tuesday everybody yeah i'm ready ass yes happy tuesday so we ve got some up eight and a major court ruling that you didn't hear about highly yesterday it really wants to go away got that got some crazy of kabul harris china you know invent the money ferry
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when doing their whole mark on the entire kind of spy gay jim call me jim clapper mom deep state conspiracy thing what happened yesterday i want a hot to my body techno fog again at a technocratic underscore fog on twitter whose great puts out legal d documents analyzer ma and i saw yesterday i was busy yesterday in the midst of reading my order your book which i love irish law reading my audio generally the greatest thing ever its enjoyable love it and i'm really get now don't of far off right about now i'm not kidding i really do i like i'm reading it now because this book tells a kind of a narrative so last night i was kind of stuff but i saw this break on twitter and this is really cool so there was a court ruling yesterday by this judge the the she declarations joe i'm not talking about archie like the cut backs the archie dec
ratio right are now gonna become public unread act did you like what the heck are the archie declarations why does this matter why we even talk about these everything oda because ladies and gentlemen this is a big break a huge break here's what happened what are the archie declarations first and why was the fbi and the oj trying to keep them secret and hid the archie declarations are eight she's the name of an fbi agent who filed these declarations these dec patients are a set of kind of memos that a reason in jail police track me if you don't get this stand about their reasons at the fbi and that the old j wants to keep the gym call me memos secret so their interests in essence memos about the call me memos bosnia and they lay out why the call me most should be secret which if you're putting to do together lay
what's in the call me memos too in other words we don't want to expose the call me mammals to the public as i say this to extend this here's your day yeah this is bad for the fbi so the beer but when the deal i said no no no we want these archie declarations named after this fbi agent who wrote down this fbi official we want those secretive that i said you're out of here no dice the archie dec relations are coming out on rejected here had tipp tech fog again on twitter here's screen shouted a declaration with a big worth ten they have died now you'll notice at the top something inside thing in this lawsuit the lawsuit against the fbi exposed these archie declarations was filed by who cable news network coups that three year n n
syria is you would be right i'm sorry i interrupted you in the middle of answering this quite all right in people hate when i do that people love you joe they get sad i should never a direct right of course if you watch how they do you have a lot of supporters to hear if you watching cuba complex budgeting you could see it you can read it is basically says the applications that i with a big red denied while in front of it now these are yes yes sir now what is is real let me pick out everybody can command cover this right so why is that durations about the call me memos folks we should be in some vague questions right now you know we ve only been told about one about seven seven and nine or so jim call me memo said he wrote when he met with president tromp member those members joe he goes call me went to meet with trumps took it we wanted to the content of the car and like a snake he is here yesterday
typing everything up at a computer now we told about again but seven nine memos or so he wrote the real i shall now what a lot of people are starting to kind of put out therein you knows did the field where this will happen a memo tsar there are we sure there are just call me memos about is meetings with donald trump because oaks a lot of people are speculating there's a series of jim call me memos that these archie declarations are trying to hide that may be a little more in depth and lengthy and me a predate the trump administration now ladies and gentlemen why would that matter can you imagine what we ask you to just entertain this passage
ready for a moment here can you imagine if jim call me was actually in the practice of writing memos predating his time with donald trump and of call me who is always in cia mode verdure and you get the rest caboose all that starts with sea but there is an aim after the sea can you hear me you'd have call me joe was writing a series of memos during his time working the spy gate case covering is by that may implicate his now geneticists john bread and others member what i told you ladies and gentlemen a long time ago in the shop sooner or later there is going to be clarity on who exactly was pushing the dossier i have already told you my theory and the steel information i believe again they cover in my tuna be released book exonerated was reading this part last night which is good is good
read your book as you reminded i wrote it a wire now and we have updated so was going to be reminded in the book i talk about this pair allow construction scheme which is was from the start where i believe john bread in the central intelligence agency work along with foreign intelligence partners was using steals information but was feeding it too the fbi and hiding exactly where it came from why joe so when the fbi later got the same information from steel it look it was verified does these days yet they were parallel parallel can direction scheme because that the cia doesn't have law enforcement powers they run in parallel perpendicular right so the cia had our and the fbi do you know how to get the fbi to reconstruct the information from apparently legitimate sources so what better person get it from the steel who work with the fbi before so the cia
to the fbi call me goes actually rebranding goes to call me and he says hey got this information dykes your page is working for the trump team he's working with the russians he's he's a spy this is really bad in brennan goes harry retail a call me to open up a case but they never tell them that this information comes from steel infusion threat the sudden hilary team and others star pushing the f b i remember the dnc lawyer such who starts communication baker from the fbi passes this information here we go the sky steel with this information about carter page home gosh we already heard that from the sea i this is crazy it must be true ok it's the same info now go back to the archie declarations why this matter assuming its nose if call me has a series of memos joe jockey i think his
communications with bread and at others those would be apps the loot damning to show exactly what this parallel construction ski men was call me they call me no was the information source hidden from call me by brennan the point is these archie gracious i believe or coming are covering up a series of memos far are more than just these communications with donald trump now we're going to see a false its all come out at once every these like a fire who is now you get the or three o two's you got these archie declarations now there is maybe sunlight again is there going to be accountability had a guy email me yesterday i understand i get your emails i'm tired of it and nothing could have a list i am with you a man my brother i am totally with you but us not covering it tributes to the prob yes all week
hope right i mean that doesn't he also let's just let it all going now i'm not letting you go away to ever i'm sorry goody it it's the biggest and in human history joe and i'm not just going to stop talking about it because swamp brat filthy or a in dc to want to do a damn thing i want to cover their but now i'm not letting you go away river one day people hopefully all of can watch these episodes and why kennedy on fox and levine on and immiscible event on radio go gosh you know what they were right we really should have looked into this hopefully that we accountability and want to preclude data closer dorm just suggesting i'm not stopping no absolutely not talk when news breaks we all talk about it when it don't look d do look d do member orange man of course the most of the time that was actually the the beginning of our cheese all in the family the beginning at where they show the role you have found in my neighborhood was lying down here that's dead
that's the row homes in upper gland dahlia citing aren't you are always had a connection a glenda aloof from do aided d do the deed die carol oconnor right area itself folks are this is important to on the same topic for i guess there's a bunch of other stuff go on really pack nuisance why started out the show like that so i've been taken through the three itunes and i want a swamp you were there all at one time there's another ted bit i wanna had to chalk chuck ross who put this on twitter phinis right i call this the other day you go and through them and i was glad to see this morning it reminded me to talk about this this is screen shot from such across the daily collared you does a great work his twitter feed here's another but others ok god from the or three or two's again brochures addio j official he's these three two's are summaries of his interview with the fbi or is working with crystal steel after steals already been terminal by the fbi in other words the source
never terminated by the fbi that we still use them it's a whole big information laundering information but here's the or three or three or choose we this out this is an interesting one he says this is from there the three issues or advice kathleen collect from the state department would be meeting with rejected representatives in order to discuss potential russian influence in their upcoming presidential elections so basically bruce or saying they collect from the state department who is meeting with steel was meeting but some other representatives from a country that are adapted or places were adapted in order to discuss rush influence in the presidential elections but that's not the kicker abbe that's interesting enough why they rejected that today but this action is really really suspicious or roma indeed the interviewing agents a cavalier did speak would steal several times prior to the twenty sixth u s presidential election and believes feels reporting to
have generated from mainly rejected was so just to be clear believe steel from the state department we know met with steel we know have alike did not believe steel was credible why is important because cavalry works for the state department why she was interviewing steel whose allegedly this entail and not cia or others is bizarre again i believe it was done to flood the zone steel but a passes information everyone the cia hillary clinton the see the fbi to make them information appear more legitimate as it was coming from multiple sources david kramer at the mccain institute but this is fascinating because the department of justice official acknowledging that before the vote should collect met with steel we know collected the air was credible right she checked
information she found it to be largely wrong member steel told her that do this whole thing out of the russian continent my admiration or russia consulate miami right she checks travel accords and suggested doesn't mary up would steal story about these people travelling she also acknowledged it's still said his sources were russians trip nick often circle to russians close to putin i thought we're looking at collusion but now or the d o j is aware of this to this catholic meeting and says to put that up again that's theo got his information mainly from were adapted now i suggest to you that what's that watch behind that reduction may be something to the effective that steel got his information mainly from online sources or not credible sources now why does that matter
that matters because again we're acknowledging not only collecting steals not credible but or knows collecting steals not credible and they don't steal was incredible be four days or the fires and more with true you who sings steals information ladies and gentlemen again in some circles we would call this a problem i must go to the clue tat we jump enjoy using all the time some limited circles we recall that do yes but what's the problem here say that reduction and what's underneath that reduction is in no online sources say something like daily from foreign intelligence operatives in london or whatever i the way ladies and gentlemen we got a problem number one if it mentions far and intel
then you know the state department was involved in an intelligence laundering scheme from foreign intelligent sources to launder it into the d j which already knew about it because or set it or secondly if that's something like online or not credible sources number one the reader actions illegitimate that's not national security member that's supposed to be reason for these reduction yeah and opportune its clearly rejected to avoid the egg on the face of the fbi acknowledging this water a war and that the d o j already knew was based on shoddy information foxes stuff is devastating and now i'm not letting you go oh you know when i forgot to thank you at the beginning of the show to get a move on you but i'm dead no that's the take away the bureau's ever either hiding egg on the face that cavil like or the state carbon in the oj knew this guy sources were crap or secondly their hiding foreign intelligence laundering scheme either way
they're all in trouble when those reductions are on redirected bigtime say a big thank you i should have done since the beginning of show i deeply appreciate all your support by the way i am i you all when i'm on fox hosting to please tuna and you are the best audience in the world they mean it joe and i am paul i re i adore you while your emails the stuff you send the jane gavel was it jose the death penalty zoologist really terrific is such an interactive experience even though we don't take calls but i asked you to into the five and hannity on friday where i was guesthouse thing and co hosting both of those shows and here's the ratings for the day we have one more profound hannity two point five billion this is highlighted by the way at road a man my favorite twitter account tracks or the ratings had tipp to him this is his spreadsheet and we were number three for the five with a staggering two point one nine six which is excellent just to show
you were matters folks are you all the best on he's out there and i really really thank you i watch these numbers like a hawk as this is the business people like they too an aid if they dont data so thank you very much it's not like a hey look at me it's a hey look at you you all are doing the watch it i will be guessed hosting fox and friends the way on friday so please check that out is well i'll be there for six to nine obviously do in my thing this friday coming up on fox in france or thank you again very much want to get a move on and we're gonna quit story come up about our i say quick because it's easy to understand we have a real the tragic catastrophic debt situation on our hands and i'm sorry it doesn't matter who's in office or not is certainly not the president's o only issue only evolve him but the debt situations become catastrophic so i get to that quickly our next sponsor but for me lover sponsors they're happy to be here and i am happy to have a ball and branch the best sheets out there we love bowl and branch ladies and gentlemen we sleep bottom and the like
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listen this number you know the fiscal year runs tool but is in october first it doesn't run during the chronological calendar year right so or two months from the end of the fiscal year we have spent three trillion so a hundred and twenty seven billion fourteen million dollars through july oh the treasuries now running at eight hundred and sixty six billy of eight hundred and seventeen million dollar deficit folks i want you to ponder that for a moment because you know we ten forget based on the enormity and the other worldliness of these numbers really you're so big and disturbing that they almost don't make sense enormous almost not real as if there's never gonna be a consequence to this you know
i had dinner with my by a couple of copper my brain we have with two brothers couple of my brothers have stepsister two's great but one of my brothers was genuinely surprised when i said to him that i'm terrified about the economy folks i am an you should be too we are accumulating a stir ignoring amount of debt remember the biggest deficits yearly member the deficit and debt differ that is our accumulated deficits over time but we are in total our deficit is the annual shortfall in the end we'll shortfall this year we are on pay is to close in and be darn close to the biggest deficits we ve ever had in the country's history which were in the obama years now to be candid and clear i'm not blaming the solemn present trump clearly
clearly he's dealing with congress and a bunch of rhinos horrible democrats and radical liberals who don't give a damn about this ending apocalypse coming our way he does have a leadership role in this and ladies and gentlemen this is just entirely unacceptable and we would be complete hip chris to ignore this folks at some point all member that of what the great milton friedman lie the old debts or pay the real paid by the debtor or the creditor all deaths or pay there is no doubt that magically disappears if you are the debtor you took on i take a loan from joe and i pay it back then yes the debtor paid it if i take a loan from joe and i dont pay it back that that was paid to buy joe i he gave me the money anything he never got pay back all debts are paid all of them meaning we all people
what are you two trillion dollars now left is to argue shoot me on my email and that's ok listen i don't mind that i have in mind the insult so you ve wanted now what happens when you don't pay people back now i heard a theory from our left is to argue shook me on my email so listen i don't mind that i have in mind the insult so you we want i'll happily engaged with you on email just you know that you are a jerk i usually just delete that stuff but some people are cool about it and his theory is who's going to make us pay it back a lot of this we owe we owe to americans our own people and by the way suggesting that oh you know what because the chinese lent this may have about a trillion in u s denominate assets you know we're not going to pay them back is fair either is kind of a snake move isn't it i mean so what i mean you have people in china and that everybody's in evil communist you have people want us money the fair thing to do is to
people back you may say well screw i don't care not all don't screw him because business in economics doesn't take the screw him approach what happens then folks we become a high risk right people want this money at reasonable interests rage off to be borrowing from us member that guy and in rocky one right member rocky he was the enforcer of told a break your dogs you to pay back who is it tony the street you gotta start could i have too much money are extraordinary interest rates because nobody's gonna pay it back folks those interests filter down to the economy to you mainly americans pay all debts are paid no what's ok grey wordpress problem what's a solution obviously suspending control number one reinforce the spent caps and re authorize the bbc spending calves and get a hold on this reform entitlements
social security and medicare that's destroy unless we spend what is it a million and h h ass i'm excuse me a trillion and h h s i'm losing track of the money myself nine hundred nine hundred billion in social security they have to be reformed we're going broke but i was watching interesting show last night with my but my wife the history channel has his fascinating series gm foods that built america whatever it's a hiss the food industry and i know it sounds boring it wasn't it's fast they my wife and i would like ashes take the next we're talking about c w posting i kellogg her she always feel happy built these monsters criticism what are the fascinating stories there was about how marjorie meriwether post when when seat up poster father kill themselves that marjorie posted cover the company was very entrepreneurial and went out and scooped up is this is early a log cabin ciera
bananas and made general foods is can this massive multi billion dollar conglomerate but one of the things was marjorie posts at an eye for business and one of the businesses she bought which is facing was birds i you know froze vegetables bird's eye and the guy who would read the birds i was a clarence bird's eye was he was whose motto he'd ever made about why job because he froze all these vegetable nobody at freezers does he only behind the frozen vegetables had a thought about that day marjorie post comes a long story short scooped up this company for what at the time with three hundred million dollars in today's money two million at the time everybody after all you area an you bought this stupid company you're crazy you bid you overpaid his company wasn't making it a dollar what adult well now of course through our entrepreneurial spirit giving away freezers to supermarkets and the technology we have massive frozen food business in the united states why am i bringing that up in terms of the debt
folks there is a way out of this the way out of this is he made a massive technological breakthroughs now was frozen rude the massive break do now was a significant one none the less fed millions of people through decades to the advent of frozen food technology but folks with a massive economic breakthrough i don't know what it's going to be quantum computing material science three printing play chain technology artificial intelligence i dont know what it's gonna be if i do i'd be a billionaire myself like marjorie post i have some ideas about what may go we need that breakthrough we need a quick we are in a race against time right now before this debt comes crashing down in your paying twenty percent and your mortgage loans by our house
we are in a serious race against time if tunnel prompt can get a hold on this spending by us a little more time important at a time of great series by the way i can recommend that enough foods it built america or some very good stuff ok i may get him a boxing and let us the folks you it's it's disturbing who's gonna to say fastening beset the appropriate word because it really disturbing in troubling how the media or their trends fixed on these narratives too like hypnotize yale narratives are their thing remember the media doesn't do truth journey i'm supposed to be about facts data point where you interpret the truth and you and your opinion to a serious effects that that's all that rolling media is that ok to the dosage such an aunt jane jane gavel dead when i feel i love that is another matter fraud alert media data do
accurate and data anymore what they do is storylines in the current storyline regarding these dreadful shootings that we ve seen is that of course this is republicans faulty oh my gosh gas i don't have to say at the meeting says about donald trump donald trump did this we while they remind one of the dayton shooter was left this but again it doesn't matter boy you weren't she's done readiest up but the median out of its republicans fault number one that take away number one true but that turn out going number two is gone controls the answer so keep this in mind because a store i'm about to prevent you from bright bart ate up hot w are hawkins excuse me shepherd at the show i encourage you to read them he's in your not hearing about this on the front pages of the national papers and on the nightly news every night is because it doesn't envy of republic into number one member the narrative is shootings republicans fault narrative number two on control is the answer if this story doesn't fit
those two data point that there's two criteria you will not hear about it even now the carnage is no different here's a story from bright which should trouble any say sentient beings ada b our hawkins august twelve twenty nineteen forty seven shot for fatally over the weak and in democrat controlled chicago keep that up a second i want to read that again these are our citizens our folks our people forty seven shot for fatally over we get a democrat controlled chicago where's this story
must not interesting to you let me just read one of empty arrived took a little note on this struggling that there really is about like message is like really troubling stuff there was a sixteen year old kid i'm not familiar with chicago i've only been there once flew in there with obama but in an air the call little village he was sitting in a car gazed at that but his life there's a man why isn't that a national story what about the sixteen year what what what why he's not port new if i'm not mistaken in chicago that time even a hospital was designated a pass by because they were so busy taken care folk your darn right daddy excellent poor member that i think we cover that according the hospital we're so full with our people
these are our cities your american citizen american city chicago's not in afghanistan it's not in extra go we're canada japan it's silly illinois last time i checked these are our people chose right we cover this couple we sure there's a hospital so full of people and often these streets used that you're not you can't even take the shootings there anymore the shooting victims why why is this story on them the answer is obvious when you understand our open the segment because it's a day a crack controlled area that all eddie has the strictest gun control laws in the country or some of them yeah it doesn't fit the narrative folks it's as simple as that now what stand why media mistrust is at an all time high if you're gonna what's going on in this country honestly you be covering the story fairly annually
be the fact that where your begun laws you want you liberals not us the firearms restrictions you want to implement where they ve been implemented you have a what bath going on our kids innocent people being killed forty seven people shot oh it doesn't feature you hear your story because it's a demo they show area folks the media is on a dishonesty campaign the likes of which we haven't seen in decades whether it's the prompt bureau a tedious level six infection i dont know what it is but i'm getting tired of this and in conjunction in tandem with yesterday's show where recovered these dreadful red flag laws again i want strongly encourage the white house to read value your position on this firearms restrictions in gun laws are not the answer there isn't it
think peace i read in the wall street journal seyffert forgive me i am not sure if it was my gerner or whoever but he was addressing this is well we're gonna have an honest conversation than let's have it but where are the only ones having not honest conversation folks i copy straight with you made disappoints me that's why if i thought these red flag was the idea of universe background check what they call we already have background checks if i thought this would stop mass shootings in this country you'd be insane to say no they won't they're not going they would not have stopped any of this stuff i have already told you clearly we have a culture rod problem guns a bit around forever how many i gotta tell this story my my gold secret service red used to go to school enough was it amendment missouri the truman patriots he lived that's where he went
who's it say who in his but forget the exact details were in a group tell me funny stories grown up about still neighbour state of the law ricky withdrawal raccoon on there has been much thought he remembered but he got a school the parking lot did have that you too have is a twenty two in a back at a truck everyone else transit bitter forever there's something that happened today did the culture that is rotting the minds of young men in this country who was so angry they want to go out murder multiple people can we have a congress fishermen not we gonna throw my gun control ok you tried in chicago that work out for you yeah that's right you didn't want to get to this sum this cuomo thing but i want to talk about it a deeper context for those you missed it chris cuomo cnn had a yard a blow out with
guy in public record it i'm not going to play the video you see it all over the place too many f bombs in there and i really do try to keep the shell family friendly sometimes doesn't work there i get alarm emotional myself but we're off i have been recorded himself i generally don't like that kind of stuff having said that there's a couple things about and i want to get too in terms of the language police so don't go anywhere i think it's a different perspective than here because this is like blowing up on twitter even concern to go back and forth with each other over the quorum we sit in his work i finally today show brought you bought buddies bravo company manufacturing ladies gentlemen brown a company manufacturing makes the finest rifles and pistols out their bravo company tell the story when i want picked up mine at the local firearm shop the guy who gave them to me was really really happy for me that these are really great piece of equipment they make really really equality high quality firearms folks but but isn't it they about bravo company manufacturing what you understand they dont makes this
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cuomo i think he's gotta be a different taken we should stay tuned because it's important job we talk about on the show all the time how the left engages in these these language warrior aid that they choose and i am always like kicking me self in the by slamming myself and the faces i feel like i've never exe why this right even stated your before and after shone like i'm just mailing this down okay i discuss this i've been on the show how the left is constantly changing the rules of acceptable language and the reason they do it is to put you on the outside because if you use a word that they ve now declared to be assist sister massage monistic you use it because day before it wasn't considered such and then all of a sudden a left can go you're a racist look at that guy it happens all the time it happens all the time you know i only found out what a year ago that he
he pronouns and she pronouns our trans phobic if you think you're talking to a male and you say he or about a male hours at transforming if you're talking to someone who is a man or about someone's man you say he we would ever all that was transphobia because it's not but the left one you to exclude you from that social circle of acceptable people to make you look like the outsider transit for block at em scarlet our hester prynne now this peace veils it i dont of assets you to me was it about this very soon he or she was because when they did they know i talk about this or that here it is about the nailed in the peace now the eye this though is here breakers writing about an go in the atlantic a left leaning peace where the thesis
author joe the guy steps that is our message the thesis author in the atlantic his theory is that the exclusionary language in other words always changing the rules we can talk about he and she now it's she and german them and whatever that the less exclusionary language is not lounging them a vote abby larry tool box to appropriately classified this basically awaits white supremacist did you follow that i left this theory then the guy in power line is writing about its hysterical eddie out himself the left this theories at the left new language rules are so detail that hard to describe tat when the left is trying to categorize people on the right like trump as white supremacist and races that the argument doesn't make sense because nobody
this is what the hell we're talking about again zeus i set about they thou that thou with tears she thinks is thou intersectionality on sexuality morrow morals ye zau though side envy more like how are you talking about ray vows oh oh my letters now what is trans of albert com of guy in your life i was we are now building a box and i was in a cab a true story i needed speak any anguish the cab driver not kidding we use them
only to communicate it is the member paul i about if you talk to google translator new phone i'd say tell the dry or translate into vietnamese make love in two blocks and you the vietnamese it's a driver would come back and say tell this guy back in english she's obviously talking and vietnamese tell this guy ok i get it we had a whole precision you need a left translator version zhao their sexuality we need because nobody knows what you're talking about him so i already and the beauty of this power had these are to recommend that is that in the less f to engage e thou culture day of alienated ninety percent of amerika who needs a google translator to understand you're trying to cultural or racist zau day israel what now what are you even talking about they don't you these programmes are even makes sense
who know what do about he d who you can't say firstly that them meeting people now just him i can't see him whose help him would you leave him we're talking about three people not just that got you can't say guy what what guy is plural no it's rounded singular are we talking about a single guy who's on first what's leaves out are dealt with in writing i know you are you are going to say to you i thought i could read your mind what i got your warmer cotton there's nobody the reason we have language rules brother is so we know what the hell everybody saying that guy all the your pointed you yes that got acta here that guy you can't say guy ok them weight within them people have no not damn him i can't see him was forgot your point i know it's there when you made your point at a single guy nobody knows what you're talking about we ve got a job
we have been having this for five million year so finally get a bit org overdue yes daring to the atlantic peace this guy nails it this is the left this right or being quoted in the parallel like check this out as a little access is worth reading hang with me it is so worth your time this is left this figure it they screwed up the languages contemporary left is anti populist its vote bobby larry much of it taken from academia is the opposite of accessible g a thick has to be decoded learned in other words we know how you're talking about terms such which they acquire residents that takes them out of the realm of ordinary usage because the people of the discourse is to create a outsiders from insiders but that's part of their intent as their insistence on declaring one's personal pronouns and showing an ability to use them looking like this
even among words like ally and privilege they acquire residents that takes them out of the realm of ordinary usage because the people of the discourse is to create a so special virtue in other words that we look at me how special zhao though he she them though you know when the other i know because you're an idiot i am virtuous goes on the language of the left off demands continuous refreshing broke we set this all the time real changes every day and can change literally overnight a writer is told that the phrase born mail is no longer ok to use and has to be replaced with sign mail at birth and let me i do not say that joe you're transit phobic coma phobic ray this message in its thickest phobic far before zhao day though menu i did i just said he was a male ok back to the peace put me on scrapers you ok go back many these change
happen by ambush he ass yeah this is the left this writing this suddenly and irrevocably with no visible trail of discussion indecision retorted nobody greater he's day though intersection all born at male nobody and with quick content a nation of the whole doubts which gives them up our full mystique come them gas to hold out a medium you hold out you're not a shadow they data look hester prynne because i'm almost done this is beautiful this what is the language of the left create a hierarchy of those who get it and those who don't mastery the vocabulary wave of signalling entry into a select although the knowing that just the system is cool of course now there's an internal logic that could be accepted or rejected because it but it isn't
argument joe or question do not want to argue about it how they though intersection of in this sense though and its lessons though much of the language of the left has academic origins its use of the public square is almost religious man alive verdict sub the chain gavel yet left is to wrote that and co in parallel blog you mail did tat dude how long have we been talking about other job like airline judge restarted yeah we seriously you go further disallowing cloud year you weren't joe what i will recording in my basement vienna ten listen it's verna park maryland goes back to sound claude i think that one of our first ten shows we talk about the language police unless yes why because i told you what happened to me i was
totally wmd on the radio washington dc have told the many of you listen i'm sorry if you heard the story thousand hours but it shows you how the left you language uses language to isolate you would put you on the outside by changing the rules overnight so story was there that morning in it said you are now this guy came out and said that if you call people who were gay homosexual or it may honest to god i don't even remember the order or if you call them homosexual gay you are a homophobia and i thought did anybody discuss this like where did this come from this is what the left us it's meant to signal virtue yoke islanders and gaze more is than homosexual therefore you must be homophobia well we were they are the morning remember thinking wait why who made this rule up it they do it all the time to take the deck
report you can't say a mail you have to say a mail at birth now or you are definitely a transit fault you ok is area public discussion about this of course there is it but as i have said to you i promise i'll get the coal mining forget that as i have said to you again repeat the left will eventually cannibalize and eat it'll be you're damn right because folks number one these attacks work look tat guy said mail and if you're a left this mary voter which your pink you know what i mean and your i love obama care and burning the great socialism twenty twenty sharp your woke me and you get it in order signal your virtue when some leftist not in on the new code word says well that guy born mail
jeez out i use nowadays homer for transport the left this is like what do you mean i didn't know that they change what do you mean no you didn't get the memo last night at nine p m they said mail should be mail at part that you didn't get the left this socialist mail is the hope of foam trends of fog is the fall back full before definitely jack eyes out he's care joe we actually you can't say acts that's it that's a slower against welcome your oration upper why well what are you talking about enough did you ever gonna bring nothing it's over europe got and signalling that your more virtuous works yet amongst latin conservatives gaff this off my butt liberal we like dad candidate sucks you day said mail them signalling there look at me chest poverty but folks events it turns on them because the rules make any sense so they make mistakes remember that california state centre in the video she's given
at all team a lecture by how they're gonna use he's yo j thou pronouns added she goes yeah you know my grandma your teacher she would really hated anyway just like you you you she added in a socially convention video we played like this guy comes up guys hey guys eta the other guy is that you can say guys folks this movement will eat itself lie because it is not based on any coherent functioning set of rules was that a civilised society can live by the consumer rules are simple joe i believe in god given big our rights and liberty for me that includes economic liberty healthcare liberty education liberty freedom of choice and limited government based on items in the car the tuition guarantee it on mass public consensus the neatly the army system accords that's what we believe it those rules are not hard to violate you respect my civil is granted by god i'll respect yours i dont want to be
the government my money i don't want you to either i want to be able to defend myself i want you to his well they are very simple rules those movements now or cannibalize themselves move instead of ideological purity where everybody com each to beat a the i'm i'm i'm walker i'm not focused woke woke men you ve ever won't get in your woke life here the day there's no question this is gonna collapse on itself i'm tellin you read that parallel blog peace it is so worth you time now how does this relate to cuomo so lot of one that sometimes we haven't follow the same but i gotta go a little long may have its semi and some of you may like but i really i just want you to know i really enjoyed that did you could tell i it's just
talk about for so long but someone sums up the essence of what i been trying to say more elegantly than you can i have to hammer it also had tipp today writer who even always left this now that but chris roma from cnn gets it at all education with a guy that gets videotape with some generally not a big fan of this stuff you know listen you know i i the temper too and i always say you know my wife i'm out in public make sure you like told me away if someone's because i just i have a bad time i got to lie to you i mean we never fake it on the show and even though i probably shouldn't say stuff i might do i feel like you all you ve done for me title to understand the real me warts and all i have a bad time i do i just always have it's my i've tried work on it i pray about it i mean that some invert signalling and i think a little better public she pretty calling you really really gotta get under my skin because i get a lot but cuomo lost it
ass night this video i'm not gonna play it is about a minute long but it's basically cuomo in the face of this guy guy gets in his because i m fraid o cuomo back those we got a problem down stairs whatever it's kind of a stupid videos it's all over twitter this malea but how this really this language police thing i just through the sin is now oh cnn in defence of cuomo endless and defend your guy whatever i don't care i really don't have promo wants a losing public the ida it's his career do whatever you want although you know it happened to me and we were on video ling chu amateur your had often heard of what would they say john took very fox lose get above the power of course but it cnn everybody's got to defend them it's because you know they don't really have any principles so now you know that their there their defence here is that the guy called cuomo fredo you know freight off from the godfather the meek weaker like sell our brother so cuomo the videos like frayed all that's an nick italian sir folks at sea
and jumped on at bandwagon show here we go with the language police now fredo battalion folk my mentioning husbandry case you have put it in front of italian restaurant make perfect sense okay here a bunch vetoes pizza by gmos tat would make perfect sense my name was gone jornal before they changed all right i don't do we care if you call i've made not an italian sore and i'm not gonna make it an italian swore now either because i'm awoke ashtray w social justice were dot com afraid i'll i'll lose my mind frayed owes a coward in a movie growers but our kahane so ok give up your skin and grow up credo listen i got on roma craig whenever you want to get into a fight we go public i'm not going after impersonal i really am i can apply don't even care i'm just saying don't just say hey i was with my kid i got pissed off and i'm gonna guy's face whatever but don't come out with this non
thence what's he stopped mattel unit fredo's and get to get lost we're not put that in the new exclusionary terms category ok for no generally men being a sell out or something like that look at this tweet luckily i found this for me this morning showing look at have the left changes the rolls remember that peace overnight here's vanity fair far left rather well said vanity fair taking a shot of tripadvisor ride your story what is the tweet cite another reminder that everyone connected to the trump administration is an absolute trade out this i thought it was racist or or jerry zhao though athletes sis massage minister cobra phobic trans if i thought it was it apparently it's not one vanity fair use it now there a thousand clips of an navarro and a tonne
fathers using the word frayed out described sell out i'm just cautioning against falling into this social justice worry trap i'm italian don't speak for all italians i speak for myself i'm a man again i wasn't boy never even been italy but how italian lineage it is not a slur don't be a you know was like these leftist my gosh ok i was gonna get into this sum after tomorrow the craziest epstein theory you not just put it up quick other stressing the crazy his absence hinkel secrecy theory have heard yet there a lot of them out i told you i'm waiting for the facts but listen it's not a conspiracy theory to have questions about this at all don't get me wrong this is very suspicious the death of jeffrey epstein yeah but having said that there are some people there saying crazy so here's a piece via betsy
frosty who certainly no fan of mine at the daily caller but it's kind of a funny beef halperin floats the weirdest epstein conspiracy theory and people are pissed we really this lady hates my guts but it's a funny piece calibre mark halprin this now disgraced former alleged rapporteur floated theory here's is tweet chose risk is like crazy like iron and to kind of stuff he says now conspiracy theory but a question if you assume the income but its end or corruption required for epstein a kill himself a be murder why i believe he might have faked his own death the body double and escaped ah he hit folks
if big let me just ask you a simple question as i listen i know there's a couple probably people out there go why not folks the guy knew he was under investigation if he was going to fake his death with a body double i would he wait to get locked up to go into prison to do it right joe thereby juno show so much you want to get away from me that you faked erode death and you'd have to that have to be a body do your job would have to he'd have to some body which would be off all right we can all agree terrible to get locked up to transplant the guy unlike the mickey roared character was that i remain two or three of them and i think it was too where they put the but why would you wait till you gotten prisoner do the folks this is at the police questions yes a tonne then this is very very suspicious some of the kind zebra basic but he faith is death what a body
about an escape from one of them secure facilities in the city of new york listen it's not iron man too will and what is it i whiplash no i'm telling you member outcomes razor always outcomes razor otherwise known as keep it simple stupid but here's the real outcomes razor given series of explanations you should always accept the one that requires the fuel the amount of assumptions makes you assume this theory that he was smart enough to get a body double in their clever enough to wakeham leave em in the cell it makes you sure there was no test no no dental records no nothing done on the body do it that there were people in on it that the person i walked in the celebrated every video camera m c c folks issues had done theory of sorry how pension embarrassed but it's hard to embarrass small capital i folks a thousand
enjoyable showed you tell i had a really good time so i appreciate we subscribe to youtube channel youtube com slash bond genome our audio podcast subscribe prescribing apple podcast google podcast you can also subscribe sound cloud we could down but other episodes is well please i'm sorry i buy humbly and risk were respectfully ask it's the subscriptions that help us move up the charges the downloads helped don't get me wrong especially on the episode but the free subscriptions a free really matter thanks for all your support you guys ladys are great you're the best audience outer lovey see i remarked you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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