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Liberals are Trying to Scare You Away From Mentioning Him (Ep 1117)

2019-11-22 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the liberal’s use of scare tactics to intimidate you and to prevent you from learning the truth about the role of liberal mega-donor George Soros in the Ukraine scandal. I also address the wall the Democrats are running into in their impeachment hoax. News Picks:Impeachment update: EVERYONE denies a quid pro quo.


The GOP, despite the sham impeachment hoax, continues to dominate in fundraising.


Fiona Hill wrote an op-ed in 2015 in direct contradiction to her testimony yesterday. 


Fiona Hill got an early copy of the dossier. 


5 times the media acknowledged Ukrainian election meddling until it hurt their impeachment dreams. 


This article alleges that Christopher Steele provided information to a longtime Clinton crony. 


Whoa. An FBI line lawyer is under investigation for allegations he altered documents used to spy on Carter Page.


The FBI has some serious explaining to do with regard to its vetting of confidential informants.


Another shady deal involving Joe Biden’s son.


This article from earlier in the year documents the role of George Soros’ operation in the Ukraine scandal. 


Another excellent Solomon article on Soros


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee ladies gentlemen appears to be a beginning a series of strategically time leads to take the sting out of the upcoming inspector general report about the fbi's effort in conjunction with the eternal community to spy on then candidate now as an donald j tromp but as i have cover in the show today i would not get too excited just yet as a little rank or to that story stay tuned huge jody including argovie little teaser down trumped junior interview coming up later on to what we talked about just that goddamn recording that without further ado welcome
the dead body no shall produce your show how are you today we are yes it is apparently silly thought you were talking to her again hey i don't make that she is she does that all the time every time i shall always interrupt him i shall be a great interview dounia junior later i do we have a loaded shell for you today i am also going to hit on these specific reason certain people want you to pay attention to the george soros hugh crain spike the whole angle there is a very specific reason don commenting on our today show brought you by bodies that but i got their shared anthony bravo company manufacture we love bravo company manufacturing visit bravo company m f g dot com why would you do that while you would visit them because you're probably in the market for a rifle
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i'd be disappoint i have two with ease they are terrific aright yo let's go so ladies and gentlemen before we get to the whole soros thing they came up yesterday the impeachment roma springing this up randomly the democrats brought up yesterday which i find that's brought it up yesterday which i find fastening i want to cover the breaking news last night which care the steward my entire shell at all ready to go right policies prepared for my dad shrub junior interview and all of a sudden breaking news cnn gets convenient by the way i see it out of the washington post which says to me it's a leak meant to take the edge off the upcoming energy report has breaking news that the fbi there is in a line lawyer in the fbi that is being investigated for changing a a in emu i'll apparently use there's a supporting documents
the five worn on carter page now ladies and gentlemen it sounds pretty devastating but just let me show you quickly we'll get the washed impose thing in a minute this is devastating it it's pretty arbela mcafee you know go crazy with this would be high profile it because i'm losing confidence in the day by the edge with the energy report i'll explain why in a moment before i get to that these do the i know i know everybody was right now i got the ems everybody was email like ours dad you're showed him argued about woke racism or were not so convey somewhat the latter shari night i'll tell you why first there's the good part for this is that by the way the good part i mean some accountabilities come here known at detroit burgo can't stand this guy hates my guts by the former david attorney in new york i can't stand me pre per hour up here dont see entities risk i can't stand trop he hates me here he's even acknowledging that this this admission now apparently
now in the horror which report that the f b i may have changed the document is big trouble for the f b i check out prepared all right here pre pereira the former eu us attorney for the southern district you new york what's your reaction prick kind of an alarming better news obviously basin whatever the saying there's a lot we don't know but but given the description he has provided if there was an fbi agent sworn to uphold the constitution who can be proven to have altered the document in connection with illegal preceding including the obtaining the fire a warrant that that's really serious that doesn't get alot more serious than that i'd like to know the details of what the nature of the change as there is a mistake in some way your base on that putting it doesn't sound like it was i wanna keep an open mind about it but but that's not a good thing it's terrible thing you know we want foresman agents and prosecutors who work with them are sworn to oppose the constitution shore but actually even exceed the protections in the constitution they have to be of the utmost
turkey and the utmost candour and when especially in making represented a reputation of the court which was a fine application is gotta be on the up and up and i know there's been a lot of political fighting about whether or not there was propaganda theirs is back and forth with the house may within the house intelligence committee when the positions were reversed in devon nunez and adam shift and that look like a lot of politics this particular thing that evan presses just broken the story on does censorious mouth you may be watching your dad i'll get it why are we not piling on this great they finally got em they change documents to spy on carter page to a pfizer board who is a member of the trumpet and through carter page spying on the trump team is well we finally now them that while we may the latest german ahmad here for hysterics an explosive bomb shells at all and i m here to tell you the truth i have been skeptical from the start that certain
but we're gonna be nailed the wall on this thing because i believe the deep state is deeper than most of us imagine and i believe people are running the cover up now let me give you the good and the bad first by by the good but what say the good i mean the accountability portions finally we are getting some accountability the good portion of this or the good signals breaking good news on defence that the leak was the cnn and apparently the washington post which i'll put up in a moment here about this fbi line lawyer whose being criminally investigated says a job and i m sure signal to you some of you are getting this of irregular listening to my shell because you you're here i know that they to see it in the washing pose says that the deep state swamp rats in the department of justice fbi involved than the spice gave the lawn donald trump see the information in the inspector general support is so dangerous and so pernicious
that they had a leak it in advance laid on a thursday into a friday during the impeachment trial during the last day where that was dictating the news stories why folks to take the edge off my ask you this aid a fright do you want the knife right it no i die that would really are so what do you do you just kind of poker little bit it hurts it's annoying but it certainly not going to kill you what you're doing here the swamp rats who are leaking this because a number of people have seen the idea reports and i'm getting this from professionals in the business who have never lied to me they show is frequently for weeks out of the new cycle if not more they leaked out because there's put actually more damaging information to come and if they feel like if they just poke slowly it'll hard a little bit the public will get it but along we cannot go by the impeachment thing still going on and by monday everybody will forget that says to me and should
take note to you that the idee report could be could be damaged there could be bad information in their got it now agree what what's not good about this on the accountability front is it appears at least from the leaks that there's an effort that hedge bats again ladies and gentlemen the big scandal in these spy gate scandal spying operational donald trump it's not pit donald trump was spider that is a scandal and his team what would be scandalous is if it wasn't predicated right we do facts here if donald trump if they have legitimate information that donald trump was working with the russians ladies and gentlemen to become the president and overthrow the united states we have for the russians then i think we all agree grade spy autumn correct of course that's nonsense none of that actually
at the scandals not that despite on its eddie was spied on without predication in other words a set of facts leading to probable cause that would make the spying legal in other words illegal spying presidential geared re now why you said bad because look at the washington post by the way had tipp to the awesome techno fog on twitter an undercover huber who do terrific legal analysis from this stuff comes out can't recommend you follow them enough on twitter i believe this came from his account i'm not sure but this is from the washed imposed story on this than look this is where it gets ugly folks quote inspector general horowitz found that the employee they talk about the lawyer that manipulative this piece of evidence spying carter page got proclaim he had made in discussions with the justice department about the factual basis for the pfizer application here's where it gets bad he then altered and email back up there
he then altered and email to back up that erroneous claim they say i'm sorry this is not the peace i wanted let me just i'm sorry this totally my fault i sent the support that part that's the good part there goes on to say forgive me folks but later on it goes on to say that it does change the factual predicate for the spying on carter page other words stories been updated later to say that the predication for the spying may have still been legitimate nokia so folks right again this is why i don't get crazy with this stuff and why i believe there won't be any substantial accountability in this until we get john doe and john door media i say thirty he had had several that sound really devastating from the washed imposed yeah at any
down in the story later which will put up that of course oh it didn't change the factual predication bits ladies gentlemen that's the scandal this scandal is that isn't that trumpeting steamer spider it's that they were spied on for no reason illegally if the worst imposed we say they were spied on an information was doktor negative but the predication for spying is still legitimate it says to me somebody is still covering their but why because the education was not legitimate job i've ever it is an ombudsman i need you now now whatever you just said is pretty easy ok then good i think so too i should like to make sure the audience they added can that is gained though here is the fbi department of justice did not have adequate information to spy on someone the skin would be devastating if they altered evidence as we now know happened accorded the washed imposed and by the way remember
the chain of command we're always if weeks ahead of the new cycle here the chain of command for the pfizer application and the woods file the woods files the verification for the information was kevin klein smith fbi sally lawyer and i attach gina why are we say your name wrong there where the line lawyers involve we'll see what the email set now why do i think this is bad bad for us bad for them because folks if someone is insisting in this leak that the fbi they all believes they had factual predication spy in the treaty we got nothing ladys john we have an administrative thing here really we have guy who made an administrative change on evidence its criminal on the less but it's not what does it matter much ado that's that's the scandal this scandal is that despite follow me here this work is important but despite
carter page in a pfizer weren't you have to prove to things don't ever forget this number one you have to prove that ardor page was acting on behalf of a foreign agents not a war and that he was being on behalf of a foreign agents in violation of u s law ladies and gentlemen at on behalf of a foreign age of the united states is not illegal we'd have to arrest every diplomat for a foreign country acting on behalf of forests are they not arrested the ambassador from swazi land do we really wrong lobbyists don't be here for foreign agents all the time it's not illegal they petition that government about all kinds of things
cannot do so in violation of a specific law neeoka why it is any of this matter because folks i believe the fbi at the uppermost levels involve the people involved in the carter page spying patients are pulling the wool over our eyes you're not gonna get this analysis anywhere else there continually assisting to you insisting to you forgive me that the predication for the war was legitimate because ardor page was acting on behalf of a foreign agents does it matter what blogger order page break the edge joe zero no laws carter page has never been charged with a crime so you're saying to them you know the details and that's where the devil is have real
been left out then we'll get whacked within this year the ep continues to insist publicly that they have education to spy on page that they ve met this standard they haven't they haven't even the card of pages acting up we have a foreign governments stand there no less breaking the law remember i told you it an episode over a year ago that the bread i bury charge against carter page that he was being bribed visa v a russian gas company he was being offered an extensive interest worth millions of dollars in a russian gas company in it change for his role in the collusion scheme right you remember what i told you over a year ago that dad bribery charge
seriously appears in the later dossiers almost like it's an updated edit why it's all coming together why that appear in a later dossier because me be they tried pitching christopher steel simpson and now yours earlier dossiers and some one in the f b i came back after their pfizer warrant was rejected and said had this is all disturbing stuff about carter page dealing with russia foreign agent but we need a violation of u s what all of these are strode is bribery thing in there for the folks dig deep i'm sorry i don't need to get so analytical in the shop but this a layered complicated case with a very simple premise the simple premises is the fbi spied without a legal reason to do so the f b i suggest
in their legal reason to do so with a dossier i'm telling you the dossier is updated updated with a crime carter page committed a fake bribery charge because the earlier visor wars did meet number to divide relation of u s law bribery is against the law and which also convenient is in the earlier versions of the dossier written by we now know fusion cheaply now your inclined simpson wet least smith in his book the plot against trump cards the protein darcy is to this wrinkle this is a good one that the bribery charge that magically gets inserted against carter page when i believe their initial phases than i can say a cry number to the bridge every charge through this russian gas company and igor section ladies and gentlemen is magically this
instead of characters christopher steel references in his earlier work with the fbi on the soccer scandal where he claims the russians tried to bribe this soccer federation hear you the same gas company and players or way why you you pick it up put down christopher steel has worked with the fbi and the ass i have any unrelated to russian collusion withdraw forget that for a second steel has been they call a credible and form it in the past where in this area national soccer scandal bribes for the world cup and things like that steel alive he had information that the right since we using this gas company and others to bribe the international audience to get the world cup all of it sudden steel sir
sin and now you are present these dossiers to the fbi to get the trump team spider the dossiers have to meet a two pronged test to get a fine work for an agent violation of u s law these so that's years indicate page may have been a foreign agent not true but it doesn't matter but the fine work so i believe get in it at some level they may not have even made it to the court someone filters back to sleep hey buddy beat hey batty like my buddy used to say we need crime in here man wanted a crime in the past on a fee for thing the bribe the same guys bribe carter page do there you go well done i'll back after i let them know yes i know exactly what we let them know they were bright very good weather goods was there s folks that's the bad news why i'm not getting all excited about this thing again i don't wanna be debbie
i want you to have the facts here here year because if the fbi are you still insisting through their leads to the washington post on cnn the thing was predicated spying when it was predicate out a fake dossier with fake information were nowhere were nowhere we gotta go change the email is going to do what a day or two in jail because he lied who cares the accountability we want everybody rob and this needs to get the handcuffs and spend real time in jail breaker ma am i getting excited i'm sorry i don't mean to burst anybody's bubble well i'm tired of being disappoint you kind of did you did you really you birth a lot of bubbles but you know what they have to be based
in the name of reality in a it's gotta edge gotta show i'm not i don't need a non clarity because i don't want to tamper expectant eyes folks listen i've i being i've great sources i've got some ideas about what's going on and come out the energy report become around december i'm withholding judgment i see it i'm not getting excited about this i thought it was a good regulation last night now my i'm i'm just i'm encouraging you to wait and let's get the facts on this does it mean give up we don't do that's not the quitter shall go find another sheriff you instead quitting i'm not our folks and we get the support of sorrow stain yesterday was just like out of the blue and in effect whistleblower fake impeachment hearing is totally out about get that secretary she also brought you buy a bodies that ali lady this is food for dogs no seven called dog food why because dog food the negative connotations was a dog food this is not done for this is that food for dogs
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i owe l l i e dotcom slash try slash your dog is gonna love i'll check it out for it so yesterday i'm watching this impeachment fiasco again total joe farce completely melted down a democrat but i saw this morning including the show because i just have so much going on but paul bedard it's a great piece to watch the secrets of his piece epic fail trump rules are money coming in this is just been a total disaster for democrats anyone telling you otherwise is complete why so smile a little bit today adam shift completely aches imploded this things been a joke were yesterday at the end of the hearing presented forgive me if i'm saying your name wrong i mean no disrespect sincerely representative chris anymore the whose democratic that's what he said he
equality is a democrat so he starts to question the owner hill who was up there is a so called russia ukraine expert use if we say said yesterday is apparently unaware of ukrainians efforts to influence our election which are already documented in court case i don't allow she missed that trade should be a regional expert but they seem to come out of the blue christened now before i get to the sound right here i want to be sure i prefaces by telling you that thing nothing the democrats do is by chance nothin something's brought up in a congressional hearing it is usually a dog whistle a blink nod hat to the media that the devil crash want a narrative out there nothing is done by mistake we iran that i hope so near because i don't want you to think this through some slip of the tongue this democratic representative krishna marthy saying this to fiona this was
i am in advance i'm gonna lay out to you what they're doing and why they are frightened of this whole soros angle but listen to this first you said specifically when i saw this happening to ambassador jovanovic again i was furious because this is again just this whipping up of what is frankly and anti summit conspiracy theory about george soros to basically target non partisan your officials is now what you said i just said i s and i'm sure you ve been watching with concern what's happened to other non partisan queer efficient we had alex lieutenant colonel alex benjamin and an american immigrant question for his criticism of the president and in a very unfair way a basic question is loyalty to the country
i believe that he's also of ukrainian jewish too said would you say that is different theories these conspiracy theories that have been targeting you spun in part by four like mr stone well is fire by rudy giuliani and others basically have a tinge of anti semitism to them at least only one george soros they do i just like that point that in the early nineties hundreds desirous secret police produce something called a protocol also the elders of zion which you can still obtain on the internet and you can buy it's actually sometimes in bookshops in russia and elsewhere this is the longest running anti semitic trope other we have in history on the against mr soares george soros was also created for political purposes and this is the new project
also the elders of zion actually intended to write something about this before i was actually invited to come into the administration i'm sorry and absolute outrage now again nothing the democrats do is by mistake everything is up very reason so now you should be asking yourself most of you are you smarter than me my audience you all i love your emails europe you guys and ladys genius out how do you say the reason i explain things on the show i think in a way it's understandable as you all are brilliant on the average intelligence caillou explain things lot to myself and by explaining that i my way through it in a way that makes it understandable for other folks out there too i like that i just work really hard overcome my shortcoming sometimes you maybe ask you felt the same thing well what is the reason then why did this democratic representative out of the blue
in fake impeachment hearing about a fake whistleblower all of a sudden just magically bring up george soros why now let's get right outta the question you need to be asking is why did this come up in context the marie ivanovitch also i kind of cryptically in conjunction with the famous now infamous do not prosecute list why is soros coming up with that by his sorrows a central figure at the end by the way what let's get to it this is going to take a little going down the rabbit whole bulgaria promise alternative way why are they so afraid of soros is what you should keep in your head or a deep look at soros why let's go first to the famous do not prosecute letter which they say doesn't exist ladies and gentlemen kurds
they have john solemn and here is the actual letter i will read you you can observe it if you'd like on the youtube account its relevant youtube com slashed by jean off you'd like to say to you pay one hears page too this is from george can't deputy assistant secretary joy can't who was the charge eighty affairs in ukraine at the time a high level u s diplomat who was i didn't do a ukrainian prosecutor about people they prefer weren't prosecuted which you're staying in there is at the end he talks about this grew band tack how they rather not have government u s government doll are they wouldn't want them prosecuted this group and tax or there's the letter yourself are you can see yourself that george can't and others have insisted it doesn't say do not prosecute but clearly says we like you to stay away from these certain groups that have to do with this certain thing the anti corruption actress integrity
ladies and gentlemen by the way you just so we're clear for the liberals watching because i know you're skulls can be about sixty two feet thick and lined with ad auntie em in lead like it's out of an ex manner a book comic book that's the actual letter stay away from an attack what does that have to do with soros we'll get to bundle nobody's disputing the authenticity of the letter that's the actual letter nobody camp the state department jovanovic none of them are suggesting that letter signed by george can't this false or a hoax the letter clearly states in no uncertain terms we'd rather you stay away from this group and tat this
ingenuously called the anti corruption centre whenever it was well ladies and gentlemen as we can see here from this piece in the hell this is a group partially funded by who george soros john solomon as these bob going to go to a series of hell pieces by john solomon owl are put them up by the way some of em i will have in the shown what u s embassy pressed you created draw proper george soros during twenty sixteen election well soros that's as antiquated service have to do with aunt tat well sorrow side funding mechanism in mr some cherries for this group intact where they don't i believe it was something like two hundred ninety thousand dollars you so this this group attack isn't that fascinating so an tack which george can the shot j at the time in ukraine working under marie ivanovitch they send this letter to a prosecutor new
in six ukraine suggesting you should probably stay away from this group partially funded by george soros philanthropic upper operation money operation follow me interesting now that as we go on as other john solemn and peace at the fbi had had some significant contacts with this soros group so that a long quote i want to read it to you here so now we have you no source so contact with liberals he's a liberal donor but apparently wanted ten the one of these soros operations there was karen greenaway the fbi supervisor in charge of international fraud and one of the lead agents in the matter for investigation in ukraine wow so unhappy agent is the supervisor via the metaphor investigations got some dealings with this soros group that's fascinate she attended malta events in one glowing praise and a social media group from aunt again the soros affiliated group air executive director in what event during twenty sixteen
fbi agent greenway and ambassador jovanovic wow participated alongside impacts executive director diarrhea colony yoke and you would say go there i'm a prosecution was also present the message it was clear the eventual the embassy supported an attack the soros affiliated group for it goes on the fbi we confirm greed ways contact with the sorrows group saying they were part of her the work quote in furtherance of the the ice mission in the course of their duties fbi is routinely travel and participate in public forms in an official capacity at a minimum all such travel speaking engagements are authorized by the employees direct supervisory can receive authorization all the way up the division had blah blah blah blah greener what happens greenaway greenaway leaves your job and later joins the executive board of that group follow me the democrats randomly
bring up sorrows in context to the fake ukraine whistle blower fake whistleblower fake impeachment house fiona hail the so called russia expert automatically jumps ounces any criticism of george soros will be deemed this anti semitic john doe look in other words what are you saying showed us we will we will call you anti semitic ignore that they ignored by the way that is so stupid that is what the dumbest thing eddie left this pro regarding the myth criticism of a lip donors role and a foreign governments affairs is now being used to teach present is anti semitic ignore that is its asinine and beneath it dignity of even the lowest level human being is a scare tactic only don't look at soros call you worthy semantic we now know soros his set a role and funding intact
we know there is a sign letter by ukrainian officials be testifying to impeach trump george can't that others suggesting that an tax should be prosecuted by the ukrainian for any potential corruption ready and we now the fbi had a supervisor working with the group who later to go to literally work with the group and oh it gets better oh yeah we're never done and another john solomon peace talks about the targeting of aid george soros enemy opponent this upon it business rival i'll die together don't you worry other john sound and peace you about the targeting of a guy named dimitrios fur cash i see you looking confused over there you ok my wife is like she said now in a corner like i don't know do i have actually take this uk vera thank you
how much you can leave that it by this is the best part of show this is really this is enough for another job sound and peace the u s embassy pressed ukraine the trap probed george surest or in twenty six the election as the headline ukraine behind the scenes advice and support the ukrainian partner and tax efforts to generate corruption litigation in europe in the u s respecting state assets stolen by senior ukrainian leaders is a memo that was read the memo who did a chart of ukrainians listen listen listen this memo included a charter creating the sorrows team wanted to have pursued putting some with ties the matter forward senior u s law enforcement officials confirmed the solemn and from the peace that the early cryptography collaboration inside ukraine let the highly visible u s actions against the ilo dmitri furred tash a major target of the sorrows group and metaphor for cash is now
presented by hillary clinton lawyer lanni davis and former u s attorney dan web follow me follow me so soros group which is working with the fbi the u s a u s embassy in ukraine the same put the embassy targeting term for impeachment now source is working with them the embassies this thing sources group not be prosecuted their working closely this fbi agent and now we find at the soros could really dislikes this guy dimitrios fur tash where have we heard the name dmitri fur task before where have we heard that gwen glenn simpsons movie script peace from tooth
as an in seven yes to zero zero seven that he wrote in the wall street journal we could see it here which we bring up all the time and the sharp titled how lobbyists help ex over its whew washington so glenn simpson back in two thousand and seven when he was a journalist ladies and gentlemen expressed a real interest in russia issues and things like that he also was fascinated by this guy by the name of our right to meet refer he says in two thousand to two thousand five that's you doesn't treated ass if i was used by mr ferber brokered several billion dollar deals between gazprom and the government of ukraine they needed big profits for higher acting criticisms from the u s ambassador of ukraine at the time for the deal's lack of transparency so high this little bo around we get to a few
more little nuggets year now we know the u s embassy doesn't want soros screw prosecutor they ve signed the letter started cucumber there but it's important to understand is that we know the fbi's environment some connected to the group someone goes to actually worked thereafterward cirrhosis group we know soros really can't stand this guy for tests and wants him prosecuted and we know glenn simpson who i believe is one of the authors of the dossier used to target trump had taken an interest in fur i shall long time ago back in two thousand and seven so we know soros doesn't like forecasts show me no glenn simpson doesn't either i'm ladies and gentlemen may explains given soros in their liberal groups influence in the democratic party how frequent in came to hire glenn simpson to write up the dossier in trouble
i who had already expressed an interest in a person george soros really can't stand you don't think soros can't stand me they can make an arab from john solomons other piece here's a great little snippet about the relationship between fur tat and sorrows who again becomes a subject of glenn simpsons ongoing attacks dimitrios further out or no for a dash of new ideas and i ve never met him personally all agatha short serves doesn't like coming on simpson that neither here's another peace by john solomon george soros the secret two thousand and sixteen access to the state department exposes the big money hypocrisy of democrats george soros is certainly big money is donated hundreds of millions of dollars to liberal causes from the peace for example one d o j investigation at twenty fourteen targeted ukrainian oligarchy dimitrios far dash
he and soros list is both have significant energy interests may be their competitors in europe and rival plans to rebuild ukraine after fertile just indictment soros is business announced plans to invest one billion in ukraine wow since then significant problems have arisen with the d o j case thwarting efforts to extradite bird tat to the u s for trial so now we find that we're not supposed to talk about soros because the democrats seeming the out of the blue say now you will be considered anti semite a charge so utterly and completely ridiculous from a party so hell bent on edwards it should be the destruction of israel at this point not all but a lot of them where they
are you crazy are you insane why are they doing that because it we know soros his group the ukrainian ambassador over there in the charging and others where you may not want to prosecute them because they were being looked at for potential we gallery in ukraine to prosecute them we now the fbi was involved we soros didn't like this guy dimitrios turkish and wanted and prosecuted we now know it's business rival we know the deal j wound up opening a case against the material for tat and we now know that
when simpson took a special interest in farm cash to here comes the coup de graf but what happens ladies and gentlemen donald trump gets elected to the surprise and chagrin of just about every media person on the planet outside a fox donald trump gets electing the f b i realize it's got a big problem it's got a fake dossier on its hands it's gotta do not prosecute list out there it not only has a do not prosecute list but do not prosecute cirrhosis group but it's got a list from storage in a memo stating that you may want to look at my business rival dimitrios vertex which they already are a case against the material for tat a k by the way ladies gentlemen those completely fallen apart the case was based on a potential bribery
and the slide i'm not gonna get it through the details because its complex but i'll leave you with this now get the sly they were basing the case on of a powerpoint presentation seem to indicate bribery was not bribery slider all was based on a hypothetical by consulting firm would put it together in other words what if someone tried the bride you it wasn't fur dashes firm say go bribed people the cases completely following up so soros is rival who we're not supposed to look at soros now it's under prosecution for the deal he becomes a say drove figuring in simpsons operation the dossier and elsewhere soros is that to be prosecuted is recommending his guy his opponent vertex be prosecuted they have to make this all go away the dossier they don't want for cash talking fur
a suspect he is claiming he's innocent obviously says he's done nothing wrong he's been targeted by department of justice folks they can have that story out there also what happens like mad all of a sudden media matters another star put now these stories if you talk about sir as you will be accused of being an anti semite magically appear again a testimony and fiona here yes the protests of zion we're talking about working this little gem though the jerry on top another solomon peace how much deputy andrew weissmann offer to an oligarchy could boomerang on the department of justice let me guess mothers team figures out quickly as you can read my second
walk exonerated where i detail how mahler knows instantaneously investigating a hoax somalis job becomes joe from the start what follows job becomes the cover up this entire scandal tire scamp but they can't have fur tash talking about how he's been targeted by george rose in conjunction with glenn simpson and others because it'll bring down the hall spy gaping so what happens for cash is team like magic is approach by india i say this is crazy job from the solomon peace quote the we're still drawing on special council by mothers appointment papers when its chief deputy the famously aggress if an occasional controversial prosecutor andy weissmann made a ball but see overture in early june of twenty seventeen weissmann
i only reached out to the american lawyers for ukrainian oligarchy dimitrios fur gash with attempting offer joe give us there are no donald trump and the russia case and team mahler might make this twenty fourteen criminal charge against him go away tat how about that folks let's just returned to the beginning now thing nothing the democrats do is by chance they are involved in the biggest big money influence operation that morphed into spying that morphed into fake whistleblower gate in human history
a liberal mega donor george soros and a group was involved and that was suspected by ukrainian authorities of some illicit activities it is against them we're squashed in a letter you just saw by our own officials overseas working for the broad administration under barack obama they got caught with their do not prosecute list the liberal mega donor they're trying to get off suggested that his business rival wet arrival plan for ukraine be prosecuted who was by the obama administration twenty fourteen out of faulty flawed case truck gets elected this do not prosecute list in everything comes out the influence of source on the state department and elsewhere they paddy that's it these dramatic nothing to do with it at all total complete farce that making that up
and then they go too far caution offer medea a kind of make this whole thing go away to its first set for tests as no thanks oh by the way for it is the same guy who appears in the two thousand seven movie script article by glenn simpson no the wall street journal in an influence operation peace and first there's just one the same guys that annually appears in simpsons ongoing dossier narrative used to spy on trap you think maybe some of these groups that we're dealing with these liberal oops donors like source in heavy but i gotta simpson he doesn't like effort this guy you went away to kill two birds with one stone they can offer to foretell shut up he just wants this case to go away you didn't hear that anywhere else pitcher by the way the more media matters panics about conversations about soros i'm warning them
the more i am going to quadruple quinn topple and sex couple down on my coverage of his environment this entire thing at what i take it to the bank and cash that check you will not do you i am not one sliver by hair white divide odour of fear of you imbued in me or any of my audience not you have all encouraged me by your protestations to look per into a case i know scares the living out of you i got more including troubling story i'm awake at wait can here batten tromp family really oh my guy stay too and you're not gonna want him it is deeply driving let joanna mrs pollack on this palekana joe us and so get ready for this on the other she's already laughing troubling stuff here show us about you about bodies that genocide genoese algae and you see here and our dan thirty a check
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read this saw washed and examined in investment firm linked to eric trump received over a hundred thirty million in federal bela laws by his father donald trump was president and rooted profits to assume the area in the cayman islands according to federal banking corporate records are viewed by the wash them examiner financial experts to the offshore corporate structure could have been used to shield earnings from u s taxes big trouble for the trump family joe folks what's the problem with that you can we all agree that big trouble for the liberals are celebrating ran like all they got him now both sound huge it's bad it is has read the problem is i lied to you it's not the article the article from the washing examiner is actually about hunter by now the levels are not now it's cool no job
it's cool usually article youtube com sledge budget already read it to you again accurately because liberal our change them now all of a sudden i think this is great and investment firmly hundred biden received over a hundred thirty million federal bail out loans while his father joe item was vice president and rooted proper do a subsidiary of the cayman islands according to the federal banking and corporate records are viewed by the washstand examiner financial experts say the sure corporate structure could have been used to shield earnings from u s tax now all of a sudden there is not enough i or when it was eric trumpet was really bad it's not eric trump and forgive me eric but i we did that i think is you would agree to accentuate the point about what complete colossal frauds liberals are hotter biden was obviously using his dad's name to leverage all sorts of bids this opportunities in places no one for corruption and elsewhere and no who cares what
leaning media liberals don't care or because they have no principles at all right you heard about which a lot of you thought ban some real trouble about the liberals do nothing to do with our trump two hundred biden peace therefore liberals don't give a damn yeager eyes i only had a few minutes left so let's motor through this stuff you know i can i be handed with you for a moment i ain't that cannot mean poland capital do the hour shows the great this week it still gonna be i must listen to weak ever because monday tuesday wednesday folks i think people are losing interest in this impeachment fiasco it's a total farce nobody cares foxes ratings are high but there still down at the end of each has been a total choke candidly folks i'm tired of it it's waiting cover new beginning in the show today i mean although i mentioned christian if what is more about soros and its involvement in spy gate than it was about the appeasement fox it's a jew it's a joke
scam and i could tell some of the shows yesterday people just tired but having said that though i i'm covering the end today the war some important take ways now that it's over it's quick i wanna play for use video first i want to play kind of funny thing this is going to be our honorary news explosion now that it's not on tucker anymore and friday night friday we'll have to do an honorary news explosion segment here is i mean a complete guph i'm sorry buddy it's true chris cuomo from cnn member dave home is a guy who cast by the apiece mary he said i overheard guy wasn't not speak a form but i overheard trump talking to gordon simon and he seemed to have a magical hearing ability remember every single detail so goofy chris cuomo at cnn says you know listen course you can over here people not speak or phone and he puts that to the test and just i mean you want to talk about like palm to face just check this out this is open very interesting theory from our president that he has really good hearing some would say
best hearing ever and he's never been able to hear a phone call when it wasn't on speaker phone from it body so let's just play with that for second mom can you hear me all right so if i were holding the phone hearing with dan abashing you i always tell you this i let her talk because she's so smart and i shouldn't say so much can you just say hello mom she probably came my can you hear me i hear you talk to me i hear you i'm talking to you soon a loaded down abash high mrs cuomo how are you
all right i can't hear your mother chris out there so obviously able on speed abstained across europe on its regular on its two feet away from diana she can hear my mother i'm not your mom can hear us mom thank you very much thank you for not saying anything they'll get me trouble or call you back i love all right i can someone like i need heavily reaches put on my body to cleanse my blood after being exposed to this exponentially growing amount of stupid everyday cuomo on the air joe you were in live radio for a long time i write and saying never ask a question you don't already know the answer to both it and never do something you don't know the outcome for right you don't say like on the airline companies through this experiment with a hammer i saw on youtube a guy put a watermelon on his head and a dutchman
with a hammer and it did make it all the way through joe it didn't hurt the guy so let's put in that's the guy with you just know do it so of course donald trump gordon salmon which david you homes is this bureaucratic discussed issue kind she heard the whole thing he wasn't on speaker so quick chris cuomo puts it to the test and and basically proves donald trump it because they can actually hear anything i don't even have a drop here i recall in exotic who worked on but because there's not enough not least for that it would be like seven or eight trade not least we should be under the show would take up ten minute thank you joe you're right it's not even worth it we need a drop for that of europe saying i don't even have a drop because that's where crap is yet dana ghana here's johnny radcliffe excellent congressmen from texas calling out by on
hearing six million dollar man david homes you managed to hear and entire conversation not on speaker phone for many reed away calling jai they keep my right of course he only seems to remember the stuff he's making up our trump that sounds bad what it's the others is it not i did hear any of that check this restoration up on bail out what was the first thing the president said on the call he's dead
this was staying here that a clear recollection of saddam hussein yes radically low mister vanstone s her simon greeted the president's out he said i'm in a said mister book at all mr president i mean you can't teeth and the present incorrect could said are you in ukraine you think he said i think you're in you could in ukraine he said what he said are you in youth is give ukraine what did your present prompt say about a sap rocky i did not hear present trumps ida conversation but several key you said how did we go from the conversation was very loud and wreck is voice was recognisable too as you say here when the conversation shifted i can only here embezzler someone side of the conversation yes as identified the initial part of the call in basle
darlin sort of when the president came on the call you sort of winced and held the thrown away from his year after the initial portion the call and at some point to call you stop doing that and i dont know why don't overturned the volume down of the present spoke less nor quietly anything i used the volume and know what changed what what did change is important this was memorable i don't know sir it was now sir simon stop moving the phone away from his ear that's what was yes ok for real this is real this is real testimony so the guy has bionic hearing he can hear profound not on speaker from feet away he hears it the tail was memorable and the minute precision changes away from his allegations that make trouble look bad is a sap rocky which are made trump looking right not here any of that what happened before change but the other happens get on the phone magically changes value folks this thing could not have when any worse for the day
yesterday was in the interests of you not losing anymore brain cells i had a car is gonna play one more quit it it's not from the me this is nancy pelosi yesterday this is important i believe with this because some good news for the end of the week nancy policy is having very serious buyer beware caviar m door he doesn't i'm telling you she's freaking out buyer beware and buyers remorse decision she made and decision she's gonna hafta me going forward about this impeachment fiasco listening where yesterday and listen to their hedging in her voice whereas a couple weeks ago she was so confident we gotta bovine impeachment now listen to her freaking out check this out better pay attention to the new ones in this check this effect we said we want to see the facts in mind american ever see the facts whatever fishing is made and hasn't after major levers decision as major go forward will be based on our honouring our oath of office
not fond of resistance to the truth of the republicans on the other side i think the sad tragedy of all of this is the behaviour of the president and the defence of that behaviour by the republic wait we're looking for the five dont you said you had the fact that they were so i put it in the facts a few weeks ago now all of a sudden she's hedging we'll see what we go for our folks again this was an apocalyptic disaster for the democrats president trump should send them a thank you card all right i've got to run folks we taped view without trouble junior this morning it'll air later after show today please watch in both its about twenty five thirty minutes in length joseph work and really hard today so as paula to produce both
i was going to come out later today we're gonna try to introduce cement about maybe three four five o clock eastern depending on what time are guess can make it the interview spectacular i asked i asked on trumped junior about this specific question going forward how disastrous this thing where some of his answers are terrific again you're not gonna want to miss his answer on its own political ambitions going forward its a great in view its worth your time check it out or youtube channel you can subscribe free youtube dot com slash bond gino we really she had a fax for really another great weak i appreciate it i will see you all on monday day sir you just heard tan bond gino show you can also get dan's podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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