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Liberals Can’t Get Their Stories Straight # 1014 (Ep 1014)

2019-07-02 | 🔗

In this episode I address the astonishing amount of misinformation being put out by liberals, and their media pals, about the border crisis. I also address the continued misinformation campaign about the Trump economy by confused liberals. Finally, I address the media’s efforts to cover this glaring omission in the Mueller probe.

 News Picks: We are now living through the longest economic recovery in American history.

The worst economic recovery in American history belongs to Barack Obama.

This is sick. The NY Times publishes a piece which will put Border Agents in danger.

ANTIFA is made up of mostly privileged white dudes.

This thread exposes Mueller’s shenanigans.

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now i want to know about you know she aubrey should show how are you today happy tuesday do it s now don't bother dude we missed bobby bony a day yesterday how is for those who are now for you not baseball fans is the single greatest contract and major major history bob he bosnia who has not played a game for the new york met since two thousand the year two thousand gets paid a million to a year every day yesterday on july first amelia to a year until two thousand and thirty five he picked out she ate it the greatest deal ever you this is that this is it goes to show you how this supports professional sport sometimes these guys where he had one year left that is contract bobby bony foresee billion dollars and the mets said listen we want to
some of that money to sign a free agents so we're going to defer these payments for the next thirty years figure date invest the money the mets who did they invest the money ritual a third of a burning behaviour of course makes up for the muddy bobby body it gets a million dollars a year every july first happy bobby pony there you may see treading on twitter wondering what that's about that's the bag story the greatest contract ever guy gets paid a million a year for thirty years and not play baseball i've got a great cheerfully however i see up is just not only doubled but quite who pulled down i'm just i an unbelievable attacks on our law enforcement people at the border armitage are you a treat sweetener response what she's probably getting at not of its cute but it's worth your time other people calling out bob mahler for some stuff that happened yesterday and important trump the ultimate theo make
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bar whatsoever neither motion conservative friends good for you you had a job nothing wrong with that we have of using other you tended bar tat you just don't know anything if you continue to lie now i am extremely the goal of our latest you want to talk about a tweet that you just throw drop the bomb on twitter read this thing she put out yesterday sandra case you cortez i just left my first customs and border your facility so she went to a sea bp facility check it out i see why bp officers were being so physically and sexually i towards me lays germans are real tweet officers but keeping women in cells with no water and told them to drink out of the toilets this stem on their good behaviour in front of members of congress who now folks i wasn't there but let me just tell you something having worked as a federal agent before i
extremely i mean like tree arguing levels of extremely extremely times it ten thousand extremely times ten million skeptical of this story when we were when i was an agent you gotta call not even from a member of com remember of congresses staff and they said i'll give you two quick exempt we used to work treasury check cases you remember when you know you should get treasury jackson the mail for your tax reform lot of its dynamic traffic we now those checks you cigarettes all in all the time the secret service you shall investigate that we have all the rockies got those cases they were a mess but they give stolen all the time i'll never forget one time this lady i remember our name or initials big it would allow me to say your name she called her congress person at the time and complain the secret service and taken my case seriously wasn't me who are taken seriously so we had a thousand these cases and a person office so what happened i get a call
and from the boss what you do with this case neither bosses case none six the out of the way our seventy cases you gave me get to it right away what i'm trying to tell you folks is if you believe for a second that allows alexandria case you cortez a sitting member of congress was walking around but a patrol facility at border patrol agents were attempting to what what did she say sexually if that's weird case if that's the case they should be fired me no doubt i'm just telling you i would be extremely exit as was hierarchy of needs of strangely this is the peak of the pyramid of extremely sceptical about this story i cannot imagine a u s government enforcement officer in front of a delegation of congress being sexually
reddening tournament again if it happened they should be fired immediately because i wanted to say who are politically if this did not happen however and i am very sceptical the board patrols count recounted this event is that is al change your case your cortez joe who was the one being threatening and nasty the border patrol ages if that is in fact the case a yo see must must issue a public apology must now does that tell you something giorgio see father formal complaint if chief i think she was physically and sexually threatened that she put her tweet i'm not making up that's not a parity account if cheaply joe should she not i'm a criminal report immediately i would think so immediately wouldn't you joe you have waves significant others in europe women if that happened that would you not tell him to go to the police emphatically and sexually threatened in a heartbeat of course you would know what i've two daughters and a wife i be like getting
orange county sheriff day satellite why haven't you while some kind of report ladies and gentlemen and on the other on the second line she puts in there that the people then the facilities were here illegally keep in mind it sets out a justification for treating but poorly i m not suggesting that's happening i'm slippery suggesting these people are broke the law they have via u s law by entering the united states illegally not through a point of entry is a brief you we only violated the law you are treated like everyone else or when you break the law does not categories of criminals their categories of lawbreaking when you broke the law when five precinct and i was a cop everybody wanted having sellen rikers island united indicated from there in the federal government you gotta u s marshals you don't get you you're gonna get don't get to a different cells usually persist and one my words here you broke the law today
more task as an interesting theory about what he thinks of alexander your case yogurt ass was talking about this is is there there seem to be facility he says this and i'm not sure if it's the same when she's end is very clear on that but of alexandria kiss your cortez really meant drinking from the toilet here's a photo up here you can see a youtube accomplish punch you know for those on the audio it's a standard prison cell with the standard steel toilet and the water fountain is off on the top that convenient not cute not pretty ladies and gentlemen it's a detention facility that's what they look like that's what they all look like you're not drinking from the toilet you don't have her head in a toilet drinking water why she say that i got enough just to give you this is kyoto pretty lawbreaking isn't either i'm really telling you that our statement that in may
who are being detained because if you are legally are being forced to drink from the toilet borders on redid listen absurd ridiculous but this is alexandria case your cortez this is what she does now big active to the washington free beacon which there's some great videos the worst in free beacon put out this montage i'd like to play for you to allow for a minute this is a montage of dammit as democrats in their allies and democrats in their media but kisses putting together all this is my touch of their statements about how what's happening at the border joe is not a crisis worry about there's nothing to worry about anyway because job don't worry there's not a crisis that for tat now i see tweeting to such a crisis people drinking out of toilets not trade is absolutely ridiculous but this is the media just a little they go in this montage by the washed in free beacon suggesting that don't worry there's crisis there's nothing to worry about which what is it folks here's the video he's like so much
the reality of what is calling the price is i have never seen a crisis since maybe when you were in new orleans talking about katrina that was as openly understood and ignored the night the president tries to sell a crisis that the facts tell us does not exist this entire situation which many of our duty a bona fide crisis as are at our southern border the big scan of the whole address the crisis is not a crisis those with a powerful words written to describe the humanitarian crisis at the border she's already been lying about crisis on the southern border he's doing a much worse barack obama and he's created this crisis and the world crisis is what this is all about fourteen chop he's not approve
there is one move resides in the moment of the blame or why we are suddenly having this crisis right now manufactured prices yes i said manufacture of crisis to crisis management down in some of the numbers from this humanitarian crisis there is no crisis at the board led to believe that it is not doing enough to do in order to help with the deportation resident trump once again tried to claim there was a crisis at the border the fact is my border crossings had been declining for nearly two decades we have to grapple with the real challenges at the border and do more to reduce the number of migrants who feel they need to flee their countries in the first place present dropped my stop holding american people hostage might stop sat a crisis we never not said that there was a quite there's a humanitarian crisis at the border
my charge you for you may be saying you're some way what do you mean they said it was it did it's the same exact people say thing there's no crisis ten minutes later suggesting there is a crisis what is it the answers it's like your finger see where the wind is blowing this is the democrats they cannot ever tell you the truth they are in money at the border to build the wall and stem the flow of people coming into the country illegally job rob needed money at the border to build the wall and stem the flow of people coming into the country illegally job and he needs that money and he said we have problem we have a crisis the democrats thought it was their put to their political advantage to lie to the american public say there's nothing to worry about the southern border folks no worries your pay no attention to the man behind the curtain right then the sudden when the crisis exploded into humanitarian disaster which it is now overcrowded detained facilities kids having to be the two because parents are bringing them into the country illegally on this dangerous track children
trafficked illegally to the country now all of a sudden the public pr i was being lost by the democrats who now the democrats have turned around and you have a yossi tweeting that it's a crisis people are drinking from toilet but what is it what is it it's yours we know what it is it's always been a crisis you never known what it is you are big phonemes ponies total complete frauds justice serving how do you look yourself in a mere as a democrat how how do you do i'm not kidding how do you yourself in the mirror us is republicans are entirely we consistent we have never change our story because our story doesn't have to be changed because it's the truth it's bedrock in fact and data points yours are fairytale gas wider narrative fairytales made up to win petty little political fight the decimate our southern borders soon get votes and stay in power it's pathetic to watch pathetic you should be embarrassed
i've got a lot to get away i one correction yesterday show thank you two people pointed this out dead lunatic on what are we pointed out who is still a lunatic that's not a correction that climber person who seem to try to just by the brutal attack on andy no the minority reporter who is reporting on antigua she does not for the hillary clinton campaign is set at hr see i should have clicked on a twitter handle hr seizure adam clayton cobb's its human even worse even worse for human rights care paid even worse this the greatest correct should ever so it's not the hillary clinton kebby the woman who is trying to justify an attack a violent attacks on a minority journalists covering a deeper you better not works for the human rights campaign
the work that you bet i did it i didn't know what else besides okey dokey brochure the human rights cabotage tangled chop can human rights cabaret you really nailed it which china climate he's do a great job there that's the greater correction ever one more no two atmospheric emissions will be in tragedy than i fox news channel nine p m guess toasting police watch thanks for the strong performance primary had a ton of you were so thank you very much dvr future watch it had at night i'll be guessed us in europe moving on i don't have time to add two yesterday but it's interesting how now this is catching on about the disaster that this washington post gas lighting boys yesterday of a long and short of his yes we covered on the show how the washington finally is writing a story a detailed story about joseph miss it you know the story monsieur de legit russian age you pass the information to trump campaign
a member george papadopoulos that's the genesis of the whole russia collusion story as i'm gonna probably bring up tonight if mr it's not a russian agent democrats entire story about collusion me completely falls apart becomes entrapment scheme is why the story dangerous so washed imposed trying to get out front of this aaron motto has some tweets up these are really good is worth your time my things like hey if this guy myths should because the worst possible story kind of insinuating may suit is a russian agent or outing of is a double agent right equally is bad but martha great tweet if this is the case why mother tell us you write he had no album citing the fbi's came they constitute calumnies has ties the russian intel and he did his best to suggest masood was a russian age that directly calling in one curiously it is claimed now
and he goes on saint given mahler tried to suggest that mr polemic were russian agents it's hard to believe you s intel identified misled as a potential russian asian but somehow moderate and tell us what's going on my tail words i guess we're about to learn that miss stood is tied to western entails ding ding ding namely yes sir yes sir are we are yet and this story and the washington post is designed to switch the narrative in advance before it breaks that trump was set by a western intelligence friendly or double agent and there too get out in advance that he could have been a russian eighty why john so all people involved can say look at it we got fool to sorry is washed impose stories pathetic to us viruses pisa journalism i've ever seen remember malo party talk about miss should having russian connections so what the heck does that mean that doesn't mean anything russian connections
joe as russia could actually russia i dont people in russia there's nothing illegal about knowing russians the question is operate he's an agent of foreign government i'm telling you the answer may suit is no interesting story yesterday the federalist about anti for you don't show what have we heard about this it up by the way go anywhere i want to get to this new trumpery the ultimate theo maker so i this is really important stated this guy has a knack for go it in for the kill right the opportune moment and the media entirely mrs don't we'll get to the next so stay but interesting story the federalist about eighty four this is probably the greatest headline news story of seeing a long capital the show notes please read it's really good by david marcus shown what's up you know that come sky to my email is now email easter rattoon peddler headline eighty four
is mostly made up of privileged why dude that girl we greatly sadly it radio germany dismissed me stretch it stretched i'd is this real headline for the deaf idolaters bosley made up of privilege wages i'm gonna get to these mug shots in a minute jura public record of course these are the eighty four folks had been arrested we'll get to them in a second but the reason i want to bring the story up again to show you how you're being misled by false narratives on the left and the reason i do this is not due to poke fun at them although its easy to do that i'm glad you enjoy the show me take a comedic angle sometimes to show is always been designed joe and i to be your commuting show how you can listen to a watching your television and the shell from day one joe and i are vision of our bee hag our big here audacious call or to give you a bunch of facts and data maybe be funny about it sometimes serious about it others but to give you the ability to debate with you left his friends to win maybe not win debates with their friends
people listening to those debates and a change hearts and minds that's always been my goal three may very well how does this story fit and if it's him because ladies and gentlemen you been told by liberals not by saying people by liberals that their whole purpose existing is one to co exist to be compassionate and fight for the underprivileged and most importantly joe to fight against the white male patriarchy which has this entrench power and one of their big concerns call a critical theory guess what are their big concerns fighting white supremacy is why two premises violence so words joe you been told by left this that there there the combat violence animated by skin color yes madame primary purveyors of this violence any critical problem for our society is why driven violent this is by the way this is there's none that's right ok i'm not suggesting there are white supremacist imbeciles obviously sadly exist but i'm suggested you dil
he's telling you that this is the primary problem in society that must be combated and it's an overwhelming presence and this has to be some kind of social modification to government to fix this yet look at them shouts of all these eighty four people ok number one two three four five six seven eight nine eleven twelve thirteen fourteen in sixteen seventeen eighteen idea i'll say what twenty photos area eighteen happened to be why they say in a piece of them at a time when many on the lessons from the peace at a time when many other left the rightfully concerned about right white violence why does many on the left seem so nonplussed by far left white violence in most cases even refusing to acknowledge that's what
tv folks you oughta be subscribe to my youtube i'm telling you everybody in the mug shot mob actually i can't even tell with but about eighteen to our unquestionably wise you you're probably right pride thank you joe work now what does this matter to me and you know i don't care what color you are carrying on somebody in the face go to jail i dont care of your green go to jail but i'm two points china makers we ve been told by the left that there's this outbreak of far right why patriarchal violence yet every i'm you get a mug shot of any type of cancer white do beating up on a conservative cycle was racially motivated about why do not concern about a bunch of white guys in oregon beating up a gay minority asian journalist
and do you know who we addressed yesterday who was put into the hospital what a brain bleed why doesn't matter the answer joe because this is not about you you should leave of racial violence with the white patriarchy are critical to it has nothing to do with that it is about the left and of what i said do you they have no emergency brake on our ability to attack you or there desire to attack you because they believe in secular or not god given rise a guy rick tweets email me a lot i was appreciate feedback positive or negative but i find it was an appropriately negative comment as you know you i reckon i out o mine you sent to me but he said here are you commented yet this twenty minute read about eighty four left us i love that russia is one of my favorites of ever done don't miss yesterday shop but no solutions i thought the solutions ladies gentlemen obvious arrests these people what do you think i called out the mayer report limited police gee i taught the solution
obvious i may have missed that he's the only negative email i got so i love you thanks for your emails but i you were the only one who missed it the solution is not to pay attention to the color of the people in the mug shots is to enforce the law regardless the color of the people in the bog shots or their ideology you claim to be a conservative and you wanna go punch people interface go to jail sorry no sympathy here you are liberal eighty four lunatic wants a hit people would by change padlocked go to jail enforce the law the purposive yes ro i wish to explain to you the motivations bind these people so you understand what they're doing so you're not miss light into believing this liberal movement has anything to do with compassion or some fight against a white patriarchy there are the white patriarchy look at their mugshots
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anybody at a measure should be a meeting with president algae of china sky as a knack for striking at just the right time list what's going on his hunger in hong kong is very serious and it's not made to downplay it should not be a strategic tactical weapon in any a debate because their fighting for liberty and freedom in hong kong so long story regarding an extradition treaty to the mainland that the people of home been valiantly fighting are basically will you know this this to hold one nation to separate ruling systems or collapse freedom in hong kong which we should all be advocating for will fall apart if this was passed its they rescinded it but now they idea tat the woman to step down who proposed it the turmoil in hong kong is cause significant issues over there in china its cause this they're going to have a real problem with
the chinese and then they're the heavy boo to the surveillance state they run in their socialist government ladies and gentlemen can't go on forever people you not the wax poetic here i'm not trying to do that for people your boss free people yearn for freedom nobody wants to be the yoke of under the yoke of tyranny i think president wonder right now is the time to break the back of the chinese on this trade deal movie now we are weak in there we can buy what's going on in hong kong he's making a move in the chinese can talk all they want all this chat or about not going to make concessions trump naturally sniffs out we these business deal i think it's remnant of be it in new york city builder i've told you all of these guys i grew up with which europe is one of my group in queen still not far from where he grew up there this natural chip on their shoulders i don't mean this is a knock towards trump but they learn to read people guys ladys please i'm telling you this i grew up in this
queens kids have this back they make the best cops because they can read people like that they have a chip on their shoulders you're never as tough as the brooklyn kids to brooklyn kids natural or of toughness around because it from brooklyn for broken everybody scared nobody's gonna kids from queens you should be some of the ones i bet but serious somebody vacated but queens kids never have the money of the men had kids so they're not they're not poor kind of a suburb abortion large portions of queen but they don't have the money prestige them in cat manhattan kids at about the connection so there's a chip on their shoulder their two queens kids are we try to prove themselves so they are always always reading people i got this antenna governor than in another there always look for weakness trump i've i've tried to explain this psychology behind trot before this why queens guys at my brother who was a democratic rules time and a big trump support he totally gets it he gets a viper the queen's get do they sense weakness because they have
ability to read people because there are always misjudge there never tough enough so they can prove themselves but there never prestigious enrich enough so they get approve prove selves again and they re people tromp sense an opportunity some weakness with g here and they are moving it for this deal don't be surprised if he cuts a landmark deal right is the elect seasons heat up and puts the democrats on the defensive that's the ability of trouble to be strategic on unpredictable and move in at just the right time i just want to bring that but an interesting note i am a bit avoiding the china story it's a big one is just been a really stack news we yesterday show that antifa things you can probably tell still shut up about it was really on my mind please listen to yesterday's opening it was important to me it means a lot ok moving on so as i said we are now in enmeshed in the longest recovery from a recession in modern american history it upwards of a hundred and twenty one months is it now i was watching
yesterday and i had a couple liberals on of course they're going to try to spend this thing is they always do as they are what we can thank president obama from this ladies and gentlemen this is nonsense ok i around for the best article out there that short sweet to the point so it'll all urgent when he sixteen but the kind you so quickly i think this is the in a fit of being on our email less than that china like cell yon anything but my email is you're not just gonna get like today's news and you get there anyway go to twitter we do a lot of homework on older stories that are now relevant again and if i'm as this one up it forbes from twenty sixteen and i picked at its very very well done it is definitely worth your time by wrecked sink forgive me figure from saying your name wrong obama the dams dismal recovery from twenty sixteen but it's worth your time and its worth your time because as this ring every goes on in the trump administration more and more democratic
going to try to credit obama now that is categorically false ladies and gentlemen the obama years the eight years recovery was actually less than that because the recession weighing down into the first couple years of his presidency i've said this repeatedly we recovered ladies and gentlemen from every recession and depression in american history fact the fact there be recovered under obama is unusual we did the economy recovered it was no longer receive recovery is not a using it as a qualitative term amusing it as quantitative one in other words a recession negative growth positive growth is a recovery if it's the degree of the recovery and the degree of the recession it matters its marginal matters folks i can't following this the strong enough terms how important this is when evaluating economics
i always use the he'd know he'd argument right in winter in the summer the argument is heater cool let's say the winter but the organ it's not heed or no heed of course you heed of one of your freeze to death what's the argument show how much is sixty eight sixty nine seventy seventy one it's the degree that matters not heat or no he so saying the economy recovered under obama and making it yes or no is not a point of autonomy is always recovered under every president they re oh analysis is what degree the economy recover their obama a little a medium amount or a lack any it sure is a little matter of fact the little in american history point number one from this warps peace annesley quota the obama recovery the last seven years remember this was in twenty sixty remains the worst postwar american history average gdp
gross domestic product growth since the bottom of the recession the two thousand i'd folks were barely above two point one percent a year the rich ladies and gentlemen since nineteen forty nine growth rates after a recession is well above four percent a year during the previous ten expansions eat it was half the average not even the best reagan hit six percent what does it six five and for nineteen eighty four eighty five and eighty six obama's two percent growth rate door his disastrous presidency was the worst in a modern american history again we always recover that's not an argument we recover your bob administration so what we ve recovered from every recession the answer is how good have a job to do
recovery any answer is the worst he did the worst job in modern american history the growth rate the growth so now appoint a higher under trump who still cleaning up obama's mess point number two what did this you know that do us any good to say well obama's recovery stump what why was that while the author rex sink affair here says i believe the root cause of the abysmal growth is the huge tax increases imposed by a bomb in the democrats in congress since two thousand and eight the most harmful the increase in the capital gains tax from fit remember this the most harmful worthy increasing the capital gains tax from fifteen to twenty percent up again later important the increase in the topic bracket from thirty nine for thirty five to thirty nine point six and the new tax three point eight percent on investment income in the affordable care at the massive recent the regulatory burden to the asia that frank bills are also crushing but unfortunately
ordered a measure very simply the authors explaining why did the obama recovery thing to the heavens it stuck to the heavens because obama hide your taxes took more money out of the free market economy and put the regulatory burden of red tape rushing load of it on your back very simple yet he increased year cost of survival you to work and you paid more money to the government and paid more money to regulators to get off your back simple as that folks remember that cap gains point by the way i've got another thing coming up later i teased on yesterday's show at the end about a little thing transposing that would make a big big difference for your while it stated that i got one more more data about just how bad the obama recovery was trust me when i tell you are going to hear more than stamp am i recovery there it was the worst it stuck investment from the forbes peace weak investment is the signature feature and cause of the abysmal obama quote
covering the aggregate of all investments in the united states is andy ps basically private investment for cement and resolving relative and p d i net private domestic investment with seven percent per year from nineteen sixty two thousand and seven percent that investment figure the average with seven april sent from nineteen sixty two ninety ninety six point five percent in the clinton bush years for a while my job that investment figure wasn't astoundingly low two percent of gdp to a third ladies gentlemen facts don't lie democrats do these numbers are awful bluebeard investment in the economy was awful taxes were high the regulatory burden was crushing and the growth rate was horrible keep that forge pete forbes peace check it out in the show no today it is a hundred percent worth your time and why again why we bringing this up because my home
purpose to the show is to give you the metal ammunition you need to fight the good fight because it is that fight that is going to persuade persuadable to vote for people in or that follow a liberty agenda what's the point otherwise i don't just come on the shore ray it because it makes me feel good anybody can at their shows out there were to re read here at a great rate what's the problem the problem is present action data you can make it our inarticulate argument the people you are suggesting bob help vehicle how he had the worst recovery an american history investment was a third of what the average spent six these to the nineties third what average was even under clinton gdp growth rates were less than half the average pole what more do what you're saying is not backed up or belied by any facts and data you just making it up but liberals are very good at that as foreseen in the past is pathetic ok i told you stay too for this capital gives important story little wonky but
if your time ok finally today show party by bodies that wax are acts are actually lacks our acts clean knows ears out but don't stick the cotton labs in your ears you're not supposed to do that just look on the back and buy it says do not but in the inner ear for the outside of the ear not for stick it in there what how do you get the wax area here's how wax our exit what you get get a little spray nozzle put it to you but total companies here ear stuff that comes out of here pretty gross but you gotta clean ears out it is but get the step that serious you don't marcela by sponsors wax are excellent the sex despite a dogma but i wearing your peace all day i've had a problem with your ex build up i wait till i get a haircut too and then i clean my ears at the little hare schematic partition here's a customer view we got a maxim extract is are you sure i used to have to go to the doctor see here to get rid of my stubborn hard new acts with my rising costs to healthcare and double deductible have to spend sixty dollars provision
that's a hundred twenty hours were year to treat my ears now i can do myself actual exodus significant savings doesn't require remiss half a day work thank you wax are acts right now you could try the wax rx system by typing in go wax are acts that car use africa dan a cheque for free shipping clean those ears out you have no idea what you're missing you know hiding in their there because the whole of gaul wax are ex dot com offer code dan for free shipping we love the stuff of my household do not stick those cotton things you use very dangerous check it out go wax aurex go go go feisty did i guess she will sweaty i noticed a little hot scorn on their brother what you got your age five my church that you do you think you're certain policies this from high school i know ironic less guy viper folks for those oh no very bad publicity either
insiders out that we have a pretty big audience thanks to you all the best you know we'd love you to death here i don't insiders at dodge who can give me a heads up are they bring in the dodge viper back because they stop me yet and i am horrified because it's always been my dream car and need to know if they're going to so if you have any inside info i want to get you trouble don't like get fired from your job but if you can live for me an email about it may come back i promise i won't share it any everything i'd love to know because i would love to get my hands on a viper i dont want to use one i'm afraid that people get accidents with him all the time but bobby the sure she's like you're gonna love this as this is greater gotta check this out free timing for dilated even pay is a sponsor look they get free advertising was better than ever i may get into my story the trumpet capital gains tax rate there's a rumour going around at the trump administration story in the washington times in yesterday shown us please check it out that the trumpet
duration is thinking about an acting and other bald tax got this stories by day boy the washed in times trump considering cut to capital gains tax is to bolster economy ladies and gentlemen this would be huge we don't do class or fair nonsense here we do we can now make some growth policy the left or tell you it's a tax cuts for the rich don't care who gets the tax cut off i care about is it going to grow the economy give americans and more prosperous livelihood quality jobs and wage increases or not i care about your class warfare nonsense what does this mean how is this gonna work why would it matter capital in the way the capital gains tax works now joe is it's not index for inflation so rather than we explain it to you the washed in times does it really nicely here's a quick example of what this would do let's joe a work this is from the western territories if a worker invested five thousand a year in the stock market in the year two thousand and that investment headway the eight thousand last year currently
calls for the investor to pay taxes on the entire three thousand now again you track and yet you invest five thousand dollars in a market in two thousand is now worth eight thousand you would have pay taxes now and that entire three thousand dollar gable folks what's the problem with that problem is quote most of the game about twenty one hundred dollars to that again at all folks its due to inflation by tat seeing only the nine hundred dollar real gain that wasn't caused by inflation the investor would pay a substantially lower tax now o k gotcha yeah why i should you pay taxes on money that's solely a reflection of the united states governments awful monetary policy you didn't make it thousand dollars you may nominally three thousand dollars you only made nine hundred dollars that's like that
just think about it it might my father just a quick analogy maybe to make more sense would if it wasn't a hard example enemy to talk down anybody but my father used to tell me the story about the ass they all day long island you never believe we we bought it for thirty thousand dollars and you know it all that i forget what he saw the fire now three hundred four hundred who knows i have no idea and ask him why he sold it but you take wow that i keep my mind about the house in the seventies thirty thousand you made towards you seventy does not now you did make towards seventy thousand dollars if you would just at thirty thousand now but today we probably made like twenty grech and other tabs there's an inflation rate of inflation factor that's a result of a monetary adjustment and that the amount of money being able to buy less goods overtime hears it gives a good a framework for physical one thirty thousand dollars and nineteen seventy my dad bought that house joe bought what he's won't you say
baby ten cars you get a car probably three thousand bucks right decent garden year old maybe even a new car pinto right eight thousand dollars now folks who that by you ten cars have know it you one why don't thirty does that its in why should the mighty buying power of money goes down over time due to poor monetary policy in the united states so we taxes on money you didn't earn that's just a by product of an i'm it'll adjustment to our money makes no sense good for tribe this would be terrific pension funds value would go through the roof some people naysayers say well not really because people will start selling stocks because now they know their tax bilbil are and do what with them he knucklehead burn it take about a stupid that is they're gonna sell their stocks whose attacks browser yes and are going to take the money to the burnt pit in the back yard lighted on fire what are they going to do
they're gonna reinvested in bonds equities other business is growing economy making no stats for those companies worth more stop being economics buffoon liberals that you and my audience unless or economics buffoon liberal listening i'm sorry but get your head out of your rectum that's not how this works feather stacks too with it hide it in their mattress what is wrong with you for job ok i can't believe i'm gonna get to work yeah this is important so yesterday i met not only did i miss bobby bony a day the greatest sports contract in american history me bobby hood he did he get over what but yesterday was also
a hero of mine is birthday folks isn't gonna be one of those long so you may hero yours you talk about it somewhat any of you know some of you don't but should now thomas soul would you always have to listen to me extolling the virtues of forever with eighty nine yesterday thomas all is one of the great thinkers of our time the student a milton friedman soil is a legend thomas saw the two greatest books on conservatism economic liberty i've ever read i can encourage you and strong enough terms to breed them what it's called vision of the anointed it'll change your life and older book matter the ideas are universal the others autumn complicated so bitter slower red sort of more detailed but it is another life tragical conflict divisions again the two greatest books i've read about conservative economic policy liberty just fantastic
only when i say life changing i mean it i read visually anointed over to midnight in the white house do in a secret service tribes midnight are hard you know when you when you're you get you get off you but the way it works in the white as when i go into the security details you don't work too high my you work in shifts and he take forty minute breaks presentiment people fallen asleep right so you know you don't get it i'll see putting on a break so you know you read a book or suddenly stay away but its heart to read on midnight these books are amazing so what of thomas souls eighty nice birthday i had a few quotes here that i pulled off of google just working time eighty i had a nice article by the way happy eighty knife to thomas saw one of the greatest looming economist by mark shape he's at marching perry on twitter quote number one from saw socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only in it actual could ignore her every day
a man brother tom is preach preacher so tourism a record so horrible that only the lecturer could ignore evaded quote number two its considerable knowledge just to realise the extent of your own ignorance what does he mean by that establish one but this is a born i ask you to call the fatal take the pretence of knowledge ladies and gentlemen the idea that you know so much that you can organise this system to manage all the variables in society i e communism central planters folks you're how dumb you have to be to believe you're smart enough to do that you think about that so i believe real knowledge is understanding your own intellectual limits
i use the example in the past before if you wanted a price a baseball cards and a government bureau together of twenty baseball exports the price that baseball cards ladies gentlemen they would probably give you a price that initially may be reasonably close to the market price but over time those two prices are going to diverge why if these are the same this baseball people on earth how come they can effectively price of baseball cards predict what people would pay for ladies and gentlemen because they can't get into the minds of three hundred and thirty million americans who could bid on that baseball card or not they don't oh why that baseball card might matter i'll give you a perfect example i like glenn davis club davis was afoot basement for the asteroids later on for the mets i also like don madigan maddeningly was pretty popular glen davis was an all starboard but yeah decent career but he's is based
cards really aren't in kind of the demand i think they should be used to create player that glenn davis baseball car matters to me i may be willing to pay more for it how does the government bureaucrat know that he has no idea is never met me he's ever been to a baseball game with me it heard me say hey i really liked what davis it's the pretence of knowledge that government bureaucrats can in any way organised prices in a society and dispersed dispense with the knowledge excuse me three hundred and thirty million americans who would bid or not been on a product is insane i moved on a couple more these are good again recognition of birthday much of the socialists the western world over the past three decades been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good this is another soul favorite how liberals that basically the whole essence of liberalism you'll read this in the annoyed that are conflict divisions is effected liberals are
ocean based whereas conservatives are fact based we say to ourselves with some proposes a policy ok then what that's a soul what then what happens liberals also proposes because it makes you feel good motion base ideology next one this was if this was a secret there are special to people who enjoy meeting should not be in charge of anything we had a thing of the secret service called db em if you were a db emma death by meeting you are out death i mean maybe you love to call meetings why because you probably just wanna hear yourself a hawk people and by meetings no he's running anything absolutely right i just couple more and more rapid out god don't miss mapp me unhappy that if you are not air to use force to defend civilization then be prepared to accept barbarism amen brother thomas sadly next one these are some of the finer once by the way
freedom is cost too much blood in agony to be relinquished the cheap price of rhetoric the most basic she's not what is best but who shall decide what is best and ass one my personal favorite the next time some action it tell you how important diversity is asked them how many public is there are in the secrecy faculty department i swore thomas saw very well done ladies and gentlemen one of my ideological here as one of the great lines ever is his his critique eleanor banion they i believe she's a pennsylvania welfare secretary starts talking about women our welfare and he says where well why starting the story in the middle in other words did they get on welfare in the first place it's your policies that did that one of the great lines ever really great job happy birthday mr thomas or folks thanks you for listen i really appreciate it we subscribed my youtube channel to dot com slash bond gino subscribed to our audio pod guess on apple podcast i heredia
caught again don't miss me unhandy night nine o clock i really appreciate it view to an inner dvr means a lot to me please spread the word and share a content it means the world doors we don't have a huge marketing budget year folks try to keep the costs really life so we can get our sponsor get the shall pay for thanks a lot procedure help see you all tomorrow you just heard tan bond gino shit you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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