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Losers, And Bigger Losers, From The Debate # 1035 (Ep 1035)

2019-08-01 | 🔗

In this episode I address the disastrous performance by the Democrats in last night’s debate. I also debunk liberal lies about the economy and the Trump tax cuts. Finally, I show some disturbing video of a key Democrat using “racist” language. 

News Picks:The Dems target Obama in last night’s debate?

Another disastrous performance for the Democrats in the debate.

Is the hammer about to drop on Jim Comey? He’s in deep trouble.

President Trump was right about Baltimore.

This article debunks the liberal nonsense about the wealthy not paying their “fair share.” 

An excellent article about the effects of government intervention on healthcare costs.

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now i've got an idea about you know she operation show how are you today thursday you daniel also you know how to do a little gay o king here that there is a list that if you are in the sad position of having to watch that disaster and i too as a democratic debate and i thought i knew i had to watch it because this is what i do for a living as always we will sum it up for you hopefully in about twenty minutes or less and here's how we're gonna framed this job ok we're not gonna covered as winners and losers because there were no winners again yeah i thought of a better way we're going covered as losers and rigour loser losers and bigger loses last night's debate others giving ahead lose biden
you're a loser lasted i had no doubt cobble who at one boy yeah jos other guy got absolutely torched towards somewhat down nine want one by tells you so we also got another break up with their right and other break in the gym call me case the case against jim only former fbi directive later the news i have for you the one that i have to be candid with that very good so you're going to want to stay tuned to the end tat i was got some video of eliza cummings democratic representative from baltimore saying exactly what he accused of being a racist for saying so it's a statue alright let's get iqs ratio brought you by bodies at my patriot supply let me ask you something what were you doing when you put money in a four one kay store jumper cables new vehicle or you purchase health insurance we have received your preparing your preparing to it we have enough money for retirement to have by some backup source of power
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twenty five years in shore and storage prepare with my patriot supplies to smart thing to do do it now save one hundred prepare with dan dot com that's prepare with dan dot com all right all right nice show let's start with some video audio from last night as i said where can a cover winners and losers going to cover losers and bigger losers the losers last night with joe by hu i again candidly folks it's not a knock on the guy personally i'm trying to get away from that kind of its hard as they do so much dumb stop but he just look like last night i mean just work lost here is this court stay where he's trying to promote it website at tat side nobody knew what he was doing but apparent he running for offices i had tipper caleb j hall for this one put this together here progress in the year thirty
three hundred zero is very puzzling zeb nobody's talk about by that cut if you it was me go to joe three o three three o and help me in this fight in the year three o three three three o o o three paula you after that beside right what was it some cat josh tobacco is a job for america is that joe three o three three combat oh i don't know but it ain't joe now what is it about honestly i don't know paul figure its attacks apparently it's a text message john ironically this guy jasper america's gonna get a lot of copyright is joe may eventually get some extra tax out of it but that you listen
that just giving you the political perspective inside and not personally i'm talking about strategy west when you're in older candidate yeah you do you know you have to be all there i mean these attacks happened against reagan david had all against all it's not new when you're an older candidate you really have to look crispin stage and if you go to things like go to joe three o three three o is it a website is it a text is it a lot long you know is it like that movie logan where they're looking for the x men refuge and they have the latitude and longitude me what are you talking about we meeting its special location in the forest like in the blair witch project joe three o three to punch it in your compass or something you know if you'd have acted shootin asthma and get like cross vectors and joe together ok but i'm sorry now you know
it is a bit of a fine humor at a but i'm serious delusion part of last night for biden was not just a little clip that sums up told performance he just looked lost he's not crisp answers are meandering and he doesn't look together and when you are an older candidate fair or not it happens the republicans democrats you gotta be sharp down drop is an older guy you know spring chicken anymore and whether you operating on the stage that we always had snapped become back you just did ok moving on this is just wound show continued last night yet it's tough the categories with its loser was the blossom i have a tough time even wasting time on this but what he said was so stupid i feel the peter rob they did the counter
punch here so here's the plaza arguing again last night the democrats new mantra that a wealthy don't pay their fair share this is just unbelievably stupid this has to be the party that's not afraid to say out loud we're gonna to tax the hell out of the wealthy and when we do that donald trump right on two we'll call us socialists were here's what i say donald you're the real socialists the problem is its socialism for the rich ok that he doesn't even make any sense but the plaza when making sets are like the barriers that bosnia right here's making sense here's the wall in between the plaza never make says nikita the blog post communist he's run new york city into the ground he is the worst mayor in the history of new york city and believe me that saying a lot we had
beam david dig it they were horrible to the plaza takes the case this is the plan the metal winner award winter in the war mayor olympics this guy's a joke now he goes back to this democrat mantra you're the still pay their fair share ladies and gentlemen again facts still matter to liberals i get that i am not arguing on this showed a change liberals mind you're not dance so what's the point of the shell rules are married to stupid ideas i promise you you are not going to change any their minds ok the point they show is always to give you facts in eta and ammunition to argue with liberals so that when a third person is listening to your back and forth hale understood that you have the facts and they don't we clear on that i said this repeatedly i get a lot of emails honest you're not going to change liberals mind though out of socialist summer communist summer just radical far left this who believe in stupid stuff here's the facts hears the data here's a wall street journal these i put this in the short or against my better judgment by the way because it serves
option only but it's an old enough peace that you make it through the firewall their here's the peace its what are ya eighteen will be in the show no today tax report the wall street journal twenty percent of americans we'll pay joe a set of theirs income tax now for those you fears about what tat means it means households with a hundred feet thousand or more in income not the super wealthy make up fifty two percent of total income nationally but pay the large i pay the largest portion of total taxes so just to be clear i know fact data don't matter too hard left this i understand that but for the moderate folks listening persuadable democrats a third person interest in having a rational back and forth your question to people like the plaza we what did you say you were gonna a text of the you oh do that already what rate do you want peace
i'll make a hundred fifty thousand dollars or more they're doing ok no dispute thousands they're doing that that's you know over double the national average but i wouldn't call them worse than howls exactly a hundred fifty thousand or more currently pay eighty seven percent of the complex here's there come back well they must urge eighty percent of the money now they own fifty and fifty two percent you know know what you're talking about do we have a screech from there i think we do sorry five cents polish so much for yes our on the box the rest i'll show from the wall street journal peace they did you study the results of that study show how deeply progressive the u s income tax remains for twenty eighteen households in the top twenty percent income a hundred feet thousand or more and fifty two percent the urn total income about the same is true seventeen but they will pay eighty seven percent of income taxes up from about eighty four percent last year
what are joe by contrast the lower sixty percent of households who have income up to about eighty six thousand receive about twenty seven percent of income as a group this fear we'll pay no net federal contacts it twenty eighteen versus two percent of it last year right so let's debunk a couple level have they talking points than earlier get again not factually correct as liberals make sure they have kind of a probably been immunized not earlier get the injection fact of accuracy and make sure you give it to the liberal kids do not only is the percentage of the of wealth the households as the plaza would categorize him a hundred fifty thousand or more paying me or wellmere majority the taxes eighty seven percent of the income tax since the tax cuts were implemented it's gone up three percentage points what do you mean i thought donald trump tax cuts for the rich
only if a tax cut means they paid more taxes as the percent to the total tax law but again leaving liberal imbecility right by the way the bottom sixty percent paid no net federal taxes contacts at as much about so security payroll taxes none zero down from two percent from twenty seventy webs again don't let facts get in the way of your don't be silly arguments my gosh do you ever get an argument right ever do you lie about everything all the time is there ever like this there any compunction stop ever do you have look in the mirror and go you know what i'm wrong about everything i've said everything i believe do you ever say that i swear they just about this stuff up are moving on
proving thereby gino which where their budget in the damp mancino show we should like to invite you to show bill of rights bill of rights thereby gino guarantee you that cannibalism will take over the democratic party identity politics you i've told you that the left will event we eat itself on identity politics has been money and axioms of this from day one calling people racist massaging is bob i is the phobic phobia forbes recall many word antagonistic folks well actually eat the left itself we saw what happened with the attack on that retainer are the actor guy like a lot mario lopez who said to me we three year olds should penal probably not be response for picking their gender three really i don't that controversial of course the social justice words what you know mary i hope as does the actual really nice guy procedure it's u guide you by the way they want after him about saying he's a leftist but entertainment the hollywood is of course they were going to eat him alive for that but i had said
view that only a matter of time that the left starts attacking itself the charges against the phobic foe befall bosom why joe because of what other whenever axioms it works here or should salmon changes it worked in the past i was going to say workers my misery using it so much that racism is sadly that charges become to be meaningless mean it doesn't name it really call everybody racists and the charge become almost meaningless but it does work and it is one of the more devastating charges calling somebody massages or racist i've told you they're gonna start hit each other with this comma harris hit joe biden here's now curse geller brand failed senator from new york state the biggest phony in the raised by the way allegedly run for president who supports urban her and her family here's kill a brand crushing joe biden women's rights are trying to and biden
are you going back a baking or look absolutely silly so she initially gets a like up and then finds out quickly exchange isn't gonna go well for but again this is evidence of cannibalism on the left themselves alive what did you mean when you sad when a woman works outside the home it's resulting in quote the deterioration family now when we are avoiding these are quotes it was the title of the bed and that just causes concern for me because we know america's women are working for at ten minds have to work they are the primary or soul wage whereas they actually have put forward food on the table at times are working today more women have to work to provide for their kids many women want to be working for i further community gets hurt people lesson are you there you don't think even today or what did you mean when you that it now i began my deceased life work boy had children my present waivers worked all the way through raising our children the fact of the matter is situation is one that i don't know what's happened i wrote the violence lily lead
better i was deeply involved in making sure the equal pay amendments i was dead leave on all these i came up with the it's almost proposal to see but the women were treated more decently on college campuses you came to you university with me and said it was wonderful and passionate about the concern making sure women are treated equally i don't know what's except that you now run for president so still i respect you deeply i respect you deeply but those words are very specific someone some of the nine eleven fell into your soul i'd stage that did she thinks she's gold year curse the gilberts here you wrote this bed say and women should work whatever i i read the stupid but i don't know what you'll find maceda though i don't even care at not my point of view she's like i
gotta now i'd watch joe identity politics clearly hinting at the fact that show by doesn't like women right that's what i told you is to govern and i am one of the rare moments of the night where he showed any kind of energy or crispness it all comes back as relic have brought all these bills for women or whatever and you were on the stage let me answer here she's like i didn't go well folks you're going to see more this to rules identity politics for them in the past so they think to work for them now they're getting desperate numbered when you see death duration setting it worked when desperation sets then they crave power they will go back to rule number one use which worked in the past identity politics this movement will eat itself alive you witnessing it and live time gentlemen again hears failed new york state senator kirsten guillemette i'm telling you the biggest phony in the race i said last night what would your boyfriend first thing i would do
i was present clorox the office the clerks it this woman's in photos with harvey wines thin and bill clinton clorox that dress you aware when you were around bill clinton an army wide steam before you clorox the oval office give us a break with these nuts clorox you how stupid so here's gala brand again making an absurd claim about health care that it's the g o p that has anything to do with gee up up excuse me cancelling health care and the increasing prices now she may be talking bout rhinos and failed republicans but certainly not conservative healthcare principles hears gilbert again what's i forget what the republicans the truth is the republicans and tromp their whole goal is to away you're healthcare fears and make it harder for you to afford it thank you you think there's gosh i not going to beat this worsted them because we it's just southport talking points so ridiculous and absurd its it but it is worth it
four minutes i have a great piece up again in the show notes please subscribe to my email list i will send you these articles every day i ask you that to do that because my ship you're not like drudging drudge a news aggregator the day some of its new some of its not but i go in europe basically go through the whatever can get older articles newer articles for stuff that may have been out a few years ago you're not gonna finding it here's one of em in addition that aren't you whilst we journal arc ledge point of justice for me start or nemesis institution two thousand seventeen but a good one to very good article we have been assured us today please against the sky to my email is and you can see it and the show notes or under the podcast you could see him as you click on the pot get up in the website how come regulations rate healthcare so expensive by my colleague main may nine two thousand seventeen fantastic article folks why is healthcare expensive to sum it up for you at a couple quick talking points all of them
due to big government democrats and liberals and rhino republicans to be candid that play along because they don't know any better here's a peace here but from the peace on the basis that our peace because this chart folks are describing there's listening on audio they say the u s health cost crisis didn't start until nineteen sixty five the government he's the man with the passage of medicare medicaid while restricting the supply doctors and aspects healthcare prices responded at twice the rate of inflation if you see this chart folks you see the consumer price index going up and the medicare price index up at twice the right now the u s getting the same mistakes with the unveiling of obama care check this out to get it in peace for those you listen around here you can now you can just check it out click on it and when it it's really well done
it lays out how the government has done a few things that have caused the cost carbon health care to go through the roof none of these by the way a line with conservative libertarian ideas maybe rhino republican ideas but that's not ass one of them obviously the third party payer effect which we ve talked about often ladies and gentlemen when you pay taxes for health care rather than paying for health care or for health and karen george directly where you have some control over it your money is now gone you then go get services from a doctor has borne the government pays for any costs can all our quality control is gone why you have to go to ass broad doctor the government tells you can go to quality or not and the doktor and i don't care about the price they charge you whatever they can get away with its ought therefore because they know you're not pay and you're not a challenge it and what is the government cosgrove out of control they ration it we discussed that off that's called the third party perfect look out of its one of the most important tenets of economics it is why
government intervention in the health care system as a third party payer patient doktor third part he's the government it is why the costs and the quality go down in a government run system you get rationing at exploding cos because there's no ass control there's no connection in the patient and the costs the doktor the hospital in the costs are not paying their ready forfeited their tax money but the article print but couple other interesting points is rough whatever we discuss them some time ago why are drug price out of control government regulations the efta ladies and gentlemen as you know this the food drug administration regulates drugs food and drug administration right but one of the things they do which is absurd is they regulate the efficacy of drugs y yeah the fda joe should ensure safety i have no problem with that ok the safety of the drug short of the drug is safe why
the fda bureaucrats telling a doctor if its if it's the efficacy the effectiveness of the drug let the doktor figure that out if a doctor finds out there whatever i mean a blood pressure perfect example of what pressure drug works for people wait today if we get what i mean that's what happened with vanessa derived borders if it viagra that's what happen let the doctors figure that out you have not been met of doctors around the world if the drug is safe let them figure it out there smarter than government bureaucrats but because the fda ass the determined safety and efficacy you get these like twenty here pipelines for drugs they get a remark which exploits the cost right government scroll it up again make sure that thing safe and let the doctors big out of the works or if it does it they'll get it here's another thing that which again is in the peace actor and hospital supplies being restricted the government in
urge is limited enrollment medical school that's why the cost brad control do over deregulation certificates of need for hospital certificate waiting this difficult from the government but want to build a hospital i did government to tell me if i can't or can't folks if i see competition an area and i want to drive down the price of my own hospital why do i need to governments approval because they loved this and frankly somewhere kids are played along so gilbert assertion that our yeah you know the democrats we have all the answers republicans who's not the good ones solid i begin believe in free markets understand that the costume soon will come down with a government gets out of the way stop the fda nonsense stop certificates of need stop the third party pay or nonsense have a social safety net built in where i already said made my suggestion let doctors but those right off their tax bill a complete tax deduction of all the care they provide for free to people in need we can't do that
why you're giving them money anyway you giving them out actually do medicate why not just let them keep their own money you get it in patients people who are poor go into a doctor hospital and let the doktor big you know that i have some kind of tax idee number social security number right off the full cost of that care but then doctors and asked what is we'll pay taxes there's who cares what ready giving them our tax money so let me get this straight would you rather do is have doctors nostrils pay enormous taxpayers for us to reimburse those doctors and hospitals with our money and that makes sense to you just let them right the care you'd see doctors and ask rules clamouring for low income patients there not interested solutions not at all why here is man this was banned
this was of all the dial nine one one felony assault on stage got all this always fond worst i know where you yeah i now joe gets to cheat he gets to grips with gm food it is right as well as rob snyder do the omens wrecked tarsi gabert congresswoman from hawaii a gabert went after cobble irish history cobble hours senator from california who's been creeping up on joe biden in the in the polls has been running i miss you now basically eighty police the law enforcement you know free we for every one kind of agenda but that's not exact we kerbela harris's record which she was the attorney general a california as tarsi gabert points out in this clip senator harris says she's proud of her record as apply securing that she'll be a prosecutor present but i am deeply concerned about this record too many examples to cite but she put over fifteen hundred people
man from death row until the court's forced her to do so she kept people in prison be on their senses to use them as cheap labour for the data california and she fought over this dam in place that impact for people and the worst kind of way and beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labour for the state to california and she fought system in place that impact poor people worst kind of way remark oh paris did even over to do their change parapet no don't you like member rocky for rocky he's got the rope and a boy he's gonna shoot but i want to do in our view folks it listen the tab how do you ever get an epic take down now viruses i didn't give a brand is phony year than harris eau de palacio the cat
finally i should give a brand take second place to the palazzo but harrison calibre like competing for the silver mental a phoney cobbler to change your mind at everything in this race data last on fox is money fox in has an interesting theory about this issue throw this out their quick she thinks that guy a bird is going after kamel harris as some kind of like waken a nod to joey be joe biden because she may be either in line for a cabinet position i doubt vp but maybe you know what i gotta tell ya i first when i heard a gauge data may be right because chelsea gabert did not joe biden last night i so that or maybe something there but it and ladies and gentlemen this is you know that people are not being real with you liberals are not being honest about what happened ok i'm gonna wrap this up with this i move on to get a real bad negative thumbs down up data
disastrous situation which you call me but i wanted just kind of sum up the bates what we're seeing now after we ve now got for debates under about clearly now that things are changing there our three lanes emerging the liberal lame the moderate lane and the outsider lane that's shame now initially bernie sanders was the liberal lame leader i would ve you d say now after for debates i you know i don't want to predictions bernie central democracies done burning in a lot of trouble the elaine a job if you have any by paulo loving i think liberal lay now is elizabeth weren't we have three viable lanes them a writ lane is still biden there is some trying to creep up bottom bellini hagen lou or bennett the dare not dare not touching them i do not
with you the outsider lane is changed dramatically the outsider lane was beta after ten cent of campaign then it went over the buddha judge south ben performances in the debate with you there outsider lane is changed dramatically outside lane was beta after his cent set of campaign then it over the buddha judge south ban may and when he jumped in buddha judges still a factor but i think buddha judges relatively milk toast performance i think that outsider lane is now gang andrew yang the tec guy jabbered and buddha judge actually in third we'll see while up there these lines as time goes on with this is gonna be fun to watch by law then beating up on each other and exposing each other for their total complete epoxy are moving although a i quick shout out to the palm beach yeah nice your dad gap here is so nicely not at all
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it gives a clear and want you we're going to get through this yesterday but was such a stack show that had to move it off today another liberal talking point the box short sweet story but it's worth your time ladies and gentlemen what if we heard from the far left well you know the economy's working but its not working for everyone wages or down income is down times the raw chicken little skies bawling of course because that's all liberals do again getting my point liberals ever look in them and say gosh my entire life is a lie every i say is untrue there is no basis in fact anything i put out there they problem don't here is the latest effort to debunk liberal nonsense wall street journal piece about wages and income came out yesterday the percent get a bigger raise new day it shows faster growth that way faster than ever
new data shows facet by many members that's roller joe no is as new data value shows much faster growth in wages and income ok from the peace there i have to take away from this peace the bureau of economic analysis not a partisan think tank folks by the way on tuesday publish its annual revisions to personal income data and the surprise was the huge jump jump show not collapse huge in disposable income and employ compensation japan i can't be true liberals told wages and income of god that that this is did you make this up no are you best somewhat we only added liberal who are liars then what they do they clearly told us wages and income of stagnated they're not going up ok back to the peace clearly someone's lying in the wall street journal course
me too i'm a sentence that macedonia and i dont know what to say i had a question everything this morning the peace goes on are we cannot make analysis revisions so that employees compensation rose sets a collapse to know it's his rose rose four point four percent twenty seventy and five percent issues an egg five percent nano arose five percent it twenty eighteen some four point four an eighty seven point one billion more than previously reported the trend what has continued into twenty nine did with competition increasing three hundred seventy eight billion or three point four percent before six months or what's happening we salaries were vice up or use way upward that doesn't say down or no it s up where wages and salaries were revised upwards to five point three percent from three point six percent in may euro per year and issue
wages and salaries good an annual grew grew at wages and salaries grew at an annual rate of five point five percent of which is a rocking four point one percent even after adjusting for inflation folks do you ever get tired of having to deal with liberal stupidity ever does it ever slam you in the face there talking to liberal i am sorry i got i it's hard for me do not make this personal because they make a personal because when you hey this they'll come back and what are they gonna say joe your definitely races you are a hundred percent a racist for time nobody told what about wages they got it doesn't matter races and moderation ok you know your debt but you hate women he women maybe not but you're definitely hence a fall back home of alabama transit phobic home where you we ve been talking about this is what they do they never have any data to back up any their assertions let me prepare you for their come back because that's what we do what's there come back in a big job
gonna be obvious to go clearly obama did was trump keeper mine for eight years obama blame bush was disastrous economy now obama's out of office and obama acolytes give credit to a bar well you boy bush for wit putting that i aside for minutes here is other portion of the article which you ll find interesting to counteract the liberal nonsense that in fact obama did it recall liberals blame secular stagnation is the reason workers incomes weren't growing faster during obama's presidency yet play compensation is increased by a hundred and fifty billion dollar more two billion dollars more the first six months of twenty nineteen there in all of twenty sixteen compensation increased forty two percent more during the first two years of the trump presidency that in twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen this refutes the code by liberals that the economy has merely continue
on the same trajectory since twenty seventeen as it was before again folks i am not giving you this to give to your liberal for the third person listening because they gee adamantly dont care they look in the mirror every morning and the truman show know their everyone around them is acting and they think everything is real their delusional i'm sorry they're not none of this is going to penetrate that's fine i'm telling you when you debate them use the material i give you for the third person listening because they are the trump but are out there in the forgotten man who's never been privy to a conversation like that we're liberals actually had to defend their day because i'm telling you come back and say well the growth rates are far higher than the obama years in fact their double in many cases what obama handed off the garbage handed off the term there
clearly going to say and the third persons gonna listen you are definitely or racist it doesn't matter but it doesn't matter because you are prepared ice folks it is a very depressing story you know let me one last spots because i want a rock n roll with this because this is really a hugely depressing story of germany get you some updates on spiky which are not going to make you happy but i'm not here for happy said we're here for facts and the infirm issue need to move forward stay you when go anywhere that i too shall finally brought by a bodies at jane you sell checked out our journey so what i m deal technology look at tat beautiful stuff we love is enough in my house also does my mother in law by the way we have a new email robin from lubbock texas the famous robin we have a deal an email me may i loved you i know a lot of you love robin from lubbock texas but we gerald out from fort waiting the listen do you wish
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oh turkey next topic does not stop about the bag joe no jar lies because no one needs to know europe that was not a sound effect that was the actual joe turkey negative goaded you still got com and answers dan twenty five at check out that's dared to five a check out get you to free gifts and free express chip shipping good of genocide that calm jan you sell that combat the e and you see how they can be sure that entered then twenty five out check out so you get those free gifts and free shipping with your brother forget the comic i bought this relevant show we don't have any executive we are the secular but no one has to tell us where say however are this is it proved this is the future tell it i've been ok quick suicide i know it
but i had a conversation with a good person at a prominent place what's eggs i want to leave their identity out of it but we were having this debate about the future i'm telling you folks this is the future television i'm telling you this is it less scripts less teleprompter is no teleprompter anywhere in the studio i promise you maybe in the new one but there is not less scripts more candor more emotion this is i but i think this is the future political we call me crazy maybe a that just me but i think this is it above you feedback on that but i had this you see someone does it believe me i believe it's ok thank you paula believes that tobacco we get more compliments about my bizarre facial expressions and gesticulations on the show that anything so going back revisiting yesterday story from solomon first solomon john solomon at the hell i'm talking about this was a it's in yesterday's shown of chris raise fbi based greece continue
the stone wall and cover for jim commies russia shenanigans that was yesterday story what's going on and i got a lot of real it again i said but it's important in light of the new information here it is there are as we know was the source of the dossier the negative information on trumpet the f b i used to spy on trump everybody got that point version right before before the fbi raise their right hands call me and others and stamped vera i'd on the war to spy on the tramping before they did that of course using the information from steel christopher steel met with a state department official name kathleen collect the fact that this happen for the pfizer which more to ladies gentlemen critical because during that interview with kathleen cadillac bit with christopher steel steel gives her information that does what that's rarely damages his credibility why is it important
because ladies and gentlemen just a week and a half after the interview with kathleen catholics theo had the fbi this is their right hand and swears that they have no derogatory information about their source christopher steel ladies and gentlemen that raise your right answer we have no doubt i information point would be strongly refuted joe this is not a true question right if they actually were in possession of a file containing load derogatory information about steel yeah smile drink russia would probably javert refer to just thank you had made an error that for effect very bad we have no derogatory information here's a file of derogatory information thank you this is not good energy ok angie what was in
that file i dont know because christopher re as we see in the peace from yesterday will not turn over the file currently there is a five page file that kathleen catholic got and over the fbi's we saw yesterday five page memo download from steel from an internet storage site after their meaning that they don't want to show us addressed yesterday the alpha bank the movie script alphabet cover in my book exonerated but for which weird about this re now christopher ray the fbi there has been a disaster for accountability on this christopher re according to tat fit nova judicial watch is asking for some time folks at least some of this information including the page stroke tax he's asking for time time does he want convened
christopher re wants two years joe what is to doubt there is an election coming up right yes i'm not crazy we're not in fact who cannot request judges z message is the heck you there is a what are they doing access is so obvious ray is assuming donald trump is gonna lose he knows that if a democrat gets in i don't think he's going to buy out you know democracy obviously on the other side that but he think trumps gonna lose gonna be a democrat and office and of course no democrats gonna want to get to the bottom of the biggest democrat fbi spying scandal in american history and that this is all going to go away folks what else is going on here what since in that cat like a memo she sent to the fbi i have listed out here ladies and gentlemen we have the fact that she probably based on some of the red strategic we're dead
and she probably check the travel history of michael cohen donald trump lawyer ladies and gentlemen why is it important again not to relegate passion oh but you need to understand what's goin on why they are protecting jim call me right now even people at the oj these central thesis christopher steals dossier used to spy on trop is that it was coordinated by trumps lawyer michael cohen who took a trip over to prague doing age in a financial transaction were cohen was basically paying for formation the russians had on top these gentlemen that story is completely false it's not a shred michael collins ever been deprived of authenticity to it what's that problem with the catholic cavalier five page file they sent to the fbi before they sort of it it appears by some strategic reductions
tat she was checking the travel histories of key players while they were engaged in this interview one of the rare the actions i am reasonably confident is her checking michael collins travel history and indicating he'd never been prague votes do you think that would qualify as derogatory information if the central thesis of your dossier trumps lawyer went to prague to coordinate with the russians and ten days before you swear that information you have a file indicating michael coins never been the prague joe you think there may be a bad thing for them just a guess bad dan bad bad i know you have to think hard about that it would be illogical very bad very bad very very bad now even worse on the kohen prague angle man steel doesn't even
amber his own information about michael cohen travelling to prague why is that because he tell kathleen cavil like in the interview as i just told you about michael call in travelling to prague and then in a dossier memo just where ten days later he writes that is our seas unsure about the location of the meeting between current ladies and gentlemen what do you think may have happened there let me just throw this out their folks you think it's possible that this interview with cavalier was more of a two way than a one way interview you think its power simple collect like winks nods at steel i just checked the traveller histories oh it's never been prague who revised memo member the fbi ten days area about really sure about where that happened you think that's possible also now let me get this straight we have the possibility
they state department official is giving information to a political opposition researcher who says he wants to take down tromp who is feeding it into the fbi to spy on from that sounds like kind of a problem to me oh yes is that what you're knows memos peanut is out so my daughter's stuff that peter is that what it smoking is paid out is that what's in the interview faster that's what you're too thank you my daughter wanted people to make it appeared stir in the shop that my little love letters just like you said a rat i'm like these that are rather that's what it's sick leadership even pay not know something's wrong peter knows that memos are a problem so number one in those memo she was checking in travel history and the fbi new come and then go to progress towards anyway big trouble if she was giving information
i went to revise its memos us the opportunity to revise its memo about common to thank you to the fbi we have an even bigger problem let me just open up a couple of things you talked about alpha bank yesterday houses the movie script redo but second but other in that memo he talks about tal thing being coordinated at other russian com so at miami steel and the cavalier memo that's u sensitive there is no russian consulate miami debt in the memo she notes that lastly and most importantly collects notes and i will is five page file has anything more on this i want to see it cavalry no she indicated steel told her that his sources were trouble coffin sir cough to russian inner circle putin guys who are known dish information and tell people ladies and gentlemen that would conclusively show if steel was telling the truth that
you'll russian collusion scandal was between the state department the fbi hillary clinton team the obama administration and key russian intel people who fed the car the former u s government led under obama information about their political opponents now you see why that file is big trouble array two more years yeah ok sure i let me got his next door again as it feeds in update solemn and this is the bad news in both these stories are in the show no today and check about jim call me ladies and gentlemen is that we're about to drop on jim combing solomons new peace jim maize next reckoning is imminent this time for leaking john solomon again in the show notes can i please check it out folks a story is not good news the headline is that i to say of not misleading i think john's messing there are some take away from it here's one of them let me just
right to lady gemma doesn't look like him call is he's gonna be prosecuted for what are apparent obvious leaks of information here folks this is a big deal here's from solomons peace inspector general michael horowitz esteem refer jim call me for possible prosecution for leaking classified information but this is puzzling folks theo j scooters working fray g bar report if we have the site to decline prosecution a decision like we too upset commies conservative critics prosecutors found the ideas findings compelling but decided not to bring are just because they did not believe they had enough evidence of colonies intent to vial the law according to multiple sources ladies and gentlemen here we go again i have no i am i have no good cover for that i'm not trying to why they would decline prosecution again i'm watching open and shut case
we clearly at some point transmitted information at a minimum with sensitive at a maximum maybe classified and we at at at at at some level prohibiting its distribute clearly gave that information to members of the media you remember the media clearly again com it appears that be getting a pass on this sound familiar same exact thing happening they hillary clinton ladies and gentlemen this in this country is dead it's dead and buried there is no justice system there is an injustice system we have a system where anyone on the trump team is prosecuted for taxi medallions lying to me religions when federal agents said they didn't why george papadopoulos form for remembering dates about when he met miss said your prosecuted to the full extent the law in the case of papadopoulos a man of fort you're going to jail but why
iran team hilary like jim call me and hilary yourself and all of her act i think our sphere nothing now sir peace i encourage you to read it if you want to take some green shoots from it apparently the inspector generals report is going to be devastating when it comes out about combing ladies gentlemen rapid national damage to call me is bad i don't want to protect call me cares about his reputation and it's over he's now been exposed for the complete utter total fraud liar he is folks it's not enough somebody is prosecuted and but he sees those silver bracelets behind her back and potential jail time this stuff is going to continue i can't say to the d j folks enough don't worship golden cash you this is an enormous mistake now there's a system of justice or there isn't and it appears
now there is complete two completely different sets of standards is was hugely hugely disappointing baffling baffling i too quick up is going to leave you in an awful mood to quick updates i got a video don't go anywhere for elijah cummings this is just don't miss this one but it's quickly from fox news the democrats lose again kind of some good news on their fake russian collusion story gregory fox news dot com this mrs dnc hacking lawsuit against trump team says claims were quote entire divorced from the facts folks what happened i did cover this yes weakens its i know it's important but it's it's really easy so domini get it chose to three level liberals look in the mirror every morning they must know they're lying if they even read a newspaper here's what happened to make a political case against trump when the collusion case collapse member not a crime case facts case when we talk about levels it'll do that stuff i've thought about a political case the dna
for some bizarre reason thought it would be a good idea to sue the trump team for colluding with russia over the dnc hack so what happened they go in front of a federal judge big mistake federal judge by the way appointed by bill the judge in this case not a republican not a republican appoint yes it's avenues party affiliation is different judge says you're alleging this was the trump team colluded with the russians on the deity it is entire quote it early divorced from facts the case is thrown out in another humiliating defeat for the democrats gentlemen they what sort of a judge with no evidence whatsoever a democrat appointed judge quote tiredly divorced from fact showing you again they don't live in a fax based world these are all political attacks against the trump team and i told you as i argued with this guy in the gym two resource tell me now that mahler blew it i'm gonna go away no it is it is not going to go away democrats don't live in a fact
this world they live in pizarro superman land we're everything's upside down despite the fact that they have ok i promise you they will continue to try to make no case a case they'll reef how this somewhere else despite having evidence any of actually true ok less story that had a few more gosh i guess just don't miss tomorrow i gotta think said act weak and indeed very energetic ok so i'm gonna get it stories sometimes they take a little longer so forgive me eliza coming stem congressmen maryland seventh congressional district runs it's been a discharge theirs ro congressman basically baltimore baltimore city partners in the county the sick forever has been in this twitter back and forth with donald trump who trot paid him ass he should have for listen what are you doing in your district baltimores being run into the ground and is tweet donald trump listen this is a rat infested city nobody would want to live there and of course everybody acute
donald trump of rare said rob guys adds what they do all my time and are really have anything else of course neglecting the fact that there is a film about baltimore called rat film bob about the rats in baltimore we showed you video rats running to live shots there are rats baltimore it's a significant problem but they said joe it's not trump calling it rad so much calling at the rats it's the infested line a god you can't say afresh did of course that's everything's racist somebody told me with the language codes now the newer the new king for racism is the word infested balkan whatever not ok weed i can accept that but if that's what they did here is the lies cummings remember joe infested is a racist word clear on this issue but you know it's us according to eliza cummings the media the media but users and the democrats infested is a racist her here's eliza cummings clear
calling people out for using the word infested east is copies telling people don't dare used the word infested just kidding play the cut i left my community about more a drug infested area the drugs are we talking about today have already be taken the lives of so many children did he but you you say infested yet he did just now about politics he say it fast they said he did ok so we now not me love two out of three manner this is three attitude i'm pretty sure eliza coming just call this district i confess i heard it freight joe it's racist not racist dynasty have to be raised its they're all rules thereby dan rule this is clearly he says absolutely racism a hundred per cent
alternated racism calling largely raymond city drug and for its racist man half a year where is it i don't know what she's doing back there but you should be clearly call someone drug express the jamaican and people s folks precise racist by their own definition is of course racism we're trying to get ourselves and the dopey liberal mindset it's impossible these people are lunatics they live in a bizarre o superman universe where everything is upside down ended on this because this thing about baltimore been a thread the entire we manager the wall street journal nailed it i mean mail there till the wall today in a pc road for the journal the trump cummings brawl i wanted reed's you here's how we're gonna go out today one of the best pieces of writing take about
ten seconds i've seen in a long time on this here's heritage around on this foe charges of racism for calling out the democrats for failing in baltimore though that up there after fifty five years of wheels spinning it's all getting abstracted into quote racism the gentry liberals who drove up housing prices for the poor middle class walk past the human and physical debris like eighteenth century parisian aristocrats holding perfume hanging just to their noses in queens they sent alexander case your cortez the congress to keep them entertained on instagram cheers coming and trump are footnotes in this unhappy saga the important differences the baltimore congressmen no longer has much to add but trump as president mr trump brought up subject baltimore now he it put it in these other cities on his campaign agenda let them scream racism everybody
else in america knows the reality is deeper than that men here the liberals is our penalty flag courtesy of jose hill they walk past bottle its thank ee parisian aristocrats think will fix it will fix it good tromp and as i said to you the beginning of the week do not dare back away from this fight let the liberals with their stand canker shifts walk around cover their noses why we you get a mare and fix it go suppressor in their immediately school choice public safety oh taxes regulations and jobs let us fix it let them
walk around with their stink rags over their faces aristocratic real snobs who don't give a damn about baltimore it's our fight and fair god i'm not using his name in vain thank god someone inspired trump the tweet about whether it was strategic or not because now you guys are going to be forced to answer questions about you what you did to one of america's formerly great cities i'll see you you just heard tan bonn gino she you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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