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McCabe Firing Special Edition

2018-03-17 | 🔗
Summary: Justice is coming. Andrew McCabe is out at the FBI. Here’s what you need to know.   News Pick: McCabe is out.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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get ready to hear the truth about america on a show not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee no idea i told you as my friends in new york used to say to me all the time i largely my italian friends take it easy a giddy sign sessions now usually i don't get it to the i told you so but i'm going to get into the i told you so now welcome that are there how'd you know show on the weekend special edition mackay but firing became became termination special pollution show how are you on this fine sounding row dan oh here we go and yeah dived stricken my coffee scuttle fox little while ago but i would be remiss if i did not produce some content for you today show brought you by nobody
because we didn't sell today shows that has brought the you buy me a job ok couple things i want to waste your time i'll give you back there ten fifteen minutes on this we're here's what you need to know here the take ways a serious note be patient with set in his folks i'm begging you i had i'm not trying to claim if we now that this is the serious part o k our though the comedy act is over five some very good credible sourcing on this that there are things going on behind the scenes and that there are more coming this was a tough decision for sessions so what do you mean of the synergy needed to go of course he needed to go mackay absolute late and absolute you a thousand percent i'm not talking about the the it all the reasons i am talking about the politics of it we're always going to be rough why because the left their maniacs they're going to everything's to shudder burst cooper trumps retired to politics
always gonna be ugly because the left is insane plain and simple but folks know how we did it this why say care forward sessions he waited they waited they waited waited until friday made up to the last minute he had untold basically until sunday morning to make this thing here and where it was saturday five o clock they were to the last minute what that forced the media to do force the media joe to cover the entire story and the failures of anti mackay the entire time it was a attacked we very savvy decision if that's one of the reasons i made that i don't have that from a source let me be clear but i'm guessing that i think that's why did it and waited so long letty it for you know how old hold hold met the media coverage and then do it ok point number two to refute that democrats you're are going to tell you this was a politically motivated decision really really was it joe who requested
this i e g investigation into the kit hillary clinton email scandal that result it in the firing of andrew mackay i'll answer that one for yahoo that democrats it's not the republic in nice the demo rats wanted this investigation into the handling of the current me male scandal it wasn't a republican request the gee inspector general whose poor led to the termination of mikhail in conjunction with the fbi office of professional responsibility which concurred by the way a non let it go entity which can card with the term nation decision was a democrat requested investigation democratic demo grabbed the guy who can do did the investigation michael horror which was an obama boy day
so you're gonna say something really stupid you snowflakes out there like a politically motivated by you and our pointy conducting what was a democrat we got requested investigation come on come on i've really get over yourself you can't possibly be that dumb another point here my cape there is more coming out folks i made joe of ice near the audience wrong at all anywhere now you ve been said here and right along a shows texted me this morning dude we got to do a special this so you can thank joe by the way you better built so you are for this one to this it's raining i will if we get off air conversely but anyway keep at it dish up our eye what else is happening year based on again good information i'm getting mackay better dial it back for a moment or nobody easier way to say that some of this
of coming out about my cave or it may come out about mackay relatively quickly is not very good folks we don't even have all the information it let me draw something out at you jim call me was effectively a part time director of the fbi call me often left early in the weak and came back on a tuesday rather than monday spend a lot of time up in one of his homes up in the northeast andy mackay much of the time was effectively in charge he bestowed on the two with the fbi not kind of wanted this this call me as a major player in the sight of but eighty mackay bat an inordinate amount of responsibility for a number two after where's andy mackay you know may have received some email traffic and stuff on phones that email tracks they can tax again you this you heard of your first that
attack traffic and tax is going to be very illustrative of a very significant leadership problem at the f b i i'm trying to dance a bit on this because i don't to get out ahead of my skis not the information i am i confident about it i just every thing in pieces folks everything in pieces well then these and a lot more trouble than justice pension for finally on this or pieces of information outside of just the fact did the behaviour was unethical before pieces of information to mortify your case that this was the right call folksy watch the hilary case our swaths of it he was the number two in the fbi during the hillary clinton email investigation his wife
was running as a democrat candidate for state senate in the state of virginia there's nothing rightly be crystal clear there's nothing wrong with that right joint right now that's hears the problem comes in terror call if the democratic governor the same state his wife is running in and his associated affiliated packs and people who are connected with him in the democrat party donate seven hundred thousand dollars in inordinately large sum of money for a state centuries to mc wife while a call if by the way was still under investigation free fbi case where my cave was in the fbi management level you may not have heard about that part of it mackay is also obviously intimately involved in the investigation into democrat party nominee for president hillary clinton while his wife is running a democrat and terry mccall of is connected at their hip to hillary clinton the call
the mccall us in the collins go way way way back folks here accused himself this was a clear as day conflict of interest and again for those you have the same world that's a stretch isn't a stretch i ran office you know what i have to do i have to leave my job rises secret service agent because of the hatch jack you miss it well why yes it's his wife was receiving money from the people he was investigating oh that's it clear as day conflict of interests unless you're walking around with a blindfold on he didn't every cues himself from that investigation folks until one we before the presidential election awful awful decision making number two the pfizer process in my caves and number two in the fbi while the fbi is seeking out boards spy carter page members of the trump team
now i know that my cable said and testimony up on the hell that's all transcribed by the way that defies a warrant not have existed without the dossier that is now know to be false so not only to mackay not accuse himself from the current investigation he was a senior manager at the fbi while they they attempted to go through the pfizer or to spy on american citizens with information they never verified and he gouged metreb scribe testimony right folks this is in competence at at at at at a political level if this were you and i and the private sector you know is good as i'm not everybody but as well as i do not only with eighty became have been fired his salary probably would have inclood back to me you think gosh finally the flint prosecution andy he is an upper level manager the fbi when might
and his prosecuted by false statements despite the fact that the fbi agents interviewing flynn acknowledge along with jim call me that flynn was not lying benny likely truthful during the interview and is then subsequently prosecuted for law the federal agents how is that either said he was being truthful are he wasn't they set on the authority was being truthful jim call me set himself well it turns out cabin flynn have a past flint back up for someone who he felt was being targeted by mackay for various reasons and became doesn't like flint i want to know his role and that is well mccain's role flynn prosecution i wanted my caves role with the fda does who interviewed him did he influence them
did he tell them this i didn t say anything that's what i want to know joe you given you the weaker risk i gotta dinner i can pick it up put your point there finally really finally because i said finally before it was the penultimate finally this is the finally find andy my cape goes to the white house talks to rights previous the former chief of staff about it port in the new york times about russian connections to the trump team this is it this is true story this is the story blow employment mackay tells previous in instead all that stories all junk they don't know what you're talking about at the new york times previous rights suitably joe who is the former chief of staff says to make a well can you guys and put out a public statement saying this is garbage russian connection store you're telling me this he says i'll get back to you my cape checks would call me gets back to previous answers sorry we can't do anything publicly obviously previous is this
pointed because mackay tall damn it was a crap story what what appears in the newspaper the next day i headline previous and white house try to influence fbi to make story go away or wait one what are you talking about previously understandably piss they have that says hey dude you came up to he had told me the story was junk i didn't ask you to make it go away you told me that and then i said can you say that publicly who else could have been a source for that leak this guy i'm a cave had to have been the source had to he was trying to make or someone connected to him was trying to make the white house look awful by he met a bit of information folks this disgrace andy mackay how'd it go god bless the men and women of the fbi you the best among us i really appreciate the work you do have worked with alarm a lot of people are calling
friends of mine and some have contacted me i've been in contact parliament's their upset it mikhail to folks but he had a go i really appreciate you to it and i hope that was twelve minutes of everything you needed to know on this case i'll get back with you on monday and give you some up dates but there are really appreciate you spread the word please a tweet this and send it to your liberal friends who are you know always confused about which really going on behind the scenes he had a need to go he needed to go it's a u know save the constitutional republic at last water and get rid of our train in the swamp these bad actors nice for tuna folks dollar monday you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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