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More Deep State Shenanigans # 1019 (Ep 1019)

2019-07-10 | 🔗

In this episode I address the explosive new court documents about the Mike Flynn case which show the troubling anti-Trump team efforts to target Flynn. I also discuss the latest propaganda effort from The NY Times. Also, I address the liberal panic attack over the gold standard. News Picks: New poll data shows that the majority of Hispanics approve of the citizenship question.

Ilhan Omar caught lying, again.

The Mike Flynn case is getting ugly.

New Zealand’s gun control law is failing miserably.

Mitch McConnell fires back at critics over slave owning ancestors.

School choice works. An entire 8th grade class in a Bronx charter school aces the regents test.

The Trump team and the GOP senate plough ahead on approving judges for the 9th Circuit.

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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i went on the damage separatist jar uniting it's wednesday let's go equality ok right british to jail as always with a rather interesting it showed that listens stacked stack show today we'll be at the white house social media conference tomorrow that was the news i told you i had this we give you update afterwards so check that out why does but a social media conference talk about you know youtube twitter and all that other stuff so we'll see that goes i will keep you up data on how that works out and also i can't obviously saving we'll get some big news had not always taken leaps and bounds so don't go anywhere but i have a story for you today that is going to beg your bag each your lunch don't go anywhere
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i could go on all the mike when case because you miss the back on a story mike flame was donald trump president trumps appointed national sick adviser he was only there for a couple of weeks ah he then had to resign because of allegations that he was decided with the white house when was the central component of this whole collusion conspiracy nonsense fairy tale that he was talking to the russian ambassador most we are familiar with the background bottom line flint has been targeted for a very long time by the anti trump forces that their ladies and gentlemen something happened yesterday that i promise you it's gonna take your bangles and income because this is now dummy java this desire your audience ombudsman rules can be critical high i explained it to my wife beforehand and she got it but i'm gonna need you to act as the audience ombudsman because what happened yesterday is a little complicate okey dokey now first before we get started i want to play this clip from last night shoot me this is sarah carter
on shown how did he show last night explaining why flynn and enable a backwards a general mike flynn he did some lobbying on behalf of a company the company some ties to the turkish government there is a dispute or how much flynn knew about those ties to the turkish government when you lobby for our government you have to fill out these fairer format foreign agent registration that your lobbying for farmers there are many tracking ankle good ok flynn fails these forms out after the ledge lobbying happen mocha wins you say we weren't sure that this company we were lobbying for the extent of their involved with the government in other words we don't think we're lobbying for the turkish government we thought it was on behalf of this private company you track in return for now they make flynn after the fact that governments a prosecuting flitted targeting him they make him feel these forms out
after the lobbying has happened keep that in your head as your listening to this critical piece of information from a quarter of the region and one very important point about this show that a lot of people don't understand is that normally vera's are prosecuted you're right but more than that is that when they receive of example an issue from the fair office to file a fairer it's very simple it's very easy to fill out according to sources that i've spoken to flow sparrow was so extraordinarily complicated it was almost as if they had crafted the fairer to try to corner him in to say making a statement that wouldn't be correct so that something that they're looking into as well now the judge has not decided yet whether or not to allow the the governmental call him a co conspirator so this still hasn't been decided is expected to be decided soon carter investigative report a great work tonight and we are hoping that yet
flynn gets hey sarah carter has a great piece of butter website sour carter duck am i encourage you to check this out going to be my show notes today but you know that calm as always we subscribe to my email is i will live i will send these articles right your email boss carter's articles very good now here's what's going on i know a lot of this is due to appear complicated title apiece jobs judge slams government argument that michael and echo conspirator informer partners tropical workable here's what's goin on mike flynn charged with lying to the fbi about communications the content of its communications with the russian ambassador ok that's a separate case we discussed in the past long and short of it my point talks russian ambassador during that got trouble fishing period into the presidency the f die in a smaller team file charge
against him say he was an honest about the content of those communications right copy even though the f b i said they thought he wasn't being dishonest which if that's confusing it should be the fbi says he lied to us and it behind the scenes don't think he was lying ok that's why talk about might flints gave a long time this guy is made but overzealous prosecutions is entirely and ethical what happened a flint that law to the fbi case is separate there is a northern case going on right now federal case provide patients basically of our federal laws these foreign agency registration acts which are rarely prosecuted as sarah cartridges accurately centrepiece in that case its assent we're case from the line mike flynn was cooperate her against his own business partners moors listed by the government is working operator in that case the crux of the allegation is what i told you before
that flynn was lobbying on behalf of the turkish government and didn't file as a foreign aid foreign age under fairer you everybody how can we celebrate case tenfold when the wine sector saying in the lying case is contingent police cooperation in the other fair a case where he was listed as a cooperative right now to be listed as a cooperate or any other case to help him in the sentences for the lie in case the government and did that he finally for more sign of form i should say precision matters here demands that he signs of form joe saying hey for you cooperating on us and get points off on your other case on the sentencing right you're going to sign this war saying you lied about your fair thing in other words that you were this
based on fair or filing which the fair office made on you you only complicated for some reason ok when are you it's hyde park foxes why were good this doesn't piss you off i don't know why well with all our might what is a travesty now i know you should be they demand you file this form saying tell you lied you are lobbying for the turkish government new light on the registration form about your level of involvement with the turkish government flimsy led by new lawyer sidney powers now saying we're not signing that we want met now retroactively that the private company we worked for may have add some ties to the turkish government but i'm not they say i lied because critically follow me k flinty saying i didn't know that at the time i filed the form we oh it now but i'm
can i say i lied when i signed a form because i didn't know that i thought i was working for a private company in other words our fairer filing foreign agency was accurate right ladies and gentlemen why is this so devastating first let me put up again big had tipp to our bodies at techno fog on twitter i think it's at techno anders gore fog one of the best accounts out there they always do great legal work attack no fog highlighted this from the filing now here's your why do keep this up for a second right when's lawyers because they are telling point don't sign that that you like the fair because you didn't now the government saying ok you're not to cooperate or any more in this ferry case so we can help you in the sentencing for the lion case matter fact not only you're not a cooperative we're going to make you a coke conspirator o the judge
in this finally which are written a second says way the timeout although folks red flag hurrah for review something's not right here the judges we get this straight five minutes go you said my point must cooperate in this fair case now because he won't admit there was a lie there because you saying he was alive now you're saying is a co conspirator hears from the court filing ray highlight this is important from the court filing the job shows similarly the fairest statement and related filings do not reflect the existence of the alleged conspiracy to act is undisclosed turkey turkish agents or to cause a filing of a false ferris in other words the judge you say hey government what do we have any evidence of you're saying is true my words now why is a coke conspirator in this fair violation case the judges there's a judge the judge referee hat milk
the judge you say this is gonna work you can't have you no we do not however is the recorded requisite evidence that flynn light in this form but you have the confusing back story i wanted explain to you why this matters had tipp to my my good body ladies and gentlemen if you real listen to that sarah carter clip right the government and they are prosecuted guy david laufman who is involved in like four or five other cases the blasey ford case with the cabinet they disguised all over the place when it comes to democratic activism apparently this guy apparently forced flynn to file this fair reform in february of twenty seventeen after that the administration begins apparently the faro office makes the form unusually complicated win
julie goes out and hires to the tune of a hundred and seventy thousand dollars a lawyer joe specifically his expert pieces and fairer why was the government making flynn file detailed overly complicated fairer in february of when he seventeen why ladies and gentlemen is a time for us to entertain the very serious proposition i've put out for a long time now that this sum i gave scandal is bigger than trump as i've said repeatedly who i tell you was being spied on freight very very long time mike flynn mike when it appears was being spied on our investigated as far back as twenty fifteen before tromp was even president by weapon
perhaps all government asked being used to target his political enemies of which might flynn was one you may have to listen this twice and i'm sorry but this is darn worth your time this scandal of spy gate is bigger then trump the obama team did not like mike flynn he was an opponent of their signature foreign policy proposal the iranians deal flynn was a vocal opponent the orbit my team needed to take him down they spied on him you this lot of local story where they impugn the integrity of this of this woman with which we sleight of hand
russian connections to make it appear that flame was having some kind of an affair with our main totally bogus story as far back as twenty fifty stefan how poor the same guy involving the spy gave fiasco would carter page and george papadopoulos step on up the same helper kind then the contact with flynn earlier this year british assets connected to steal are in contact with flint back in twenty fifteen trumps not even running how does this kid to what i'm telling you now folks if the government was spying on mike flint as far back as twenty fifteen under the obama administration and the o j had that information ladies and gentlemen they would already know that the private company flynn thinks he's working for has connections to the turkish government debt that did it the sucker meters
broken that did it the socket meter geiger counter it is often wetware at chernobyl level on renewed hereat like debase abandoned chernobyl do you want to stay what i'm telling you the government already knows the connections bitch we need private contractor flynn thinks he's working for and their extent save ties or alleged ties to the turkish government they already know it they set em up yet they got him to file this fairer form in february twenty seventeen and sign it knowing the whole time the information was gonna be inaccurate because it was entirely asymmetric the government it pits buying out and they knew everything off when noses for companies work force tell em here i a lawyer four hundred and seventy thousand dollars to file a piece of paper work the government all right he knew was false front doesn't know when one thinks he's working for
every company you see what happened here this entrapment scandal how disgustingly gross this is then what did they do they go to flynn later you say you are bad news body we just found out shocker we get a lot we just found out that this company a work of what was actually work for the turkish government that form you file you don't really detail all that because he did know is a lie so now we're going to charge you in this other case with this fact violation which by the way is almost never charge criminally never you're going to sign this form that you lied by the way if you don't find this form we're not gonna let you off on the other lying case to the fbi where you're collapse nation is contingent wins team gabled gave him the double barrel middle finger
and said we're not going to save a life what did the government do the government turned around and tells the truck now we're going to charge him as a co conspirator boom two thousand and eighteen says you go ahead go ahead let's dance charge him and the judge said no you're not you're not charging to prescribe put that up again record filing the judge clearly says you have no evidence that you're just making this up the faro they ve unrelated filings do not reflect the existence of the alleged conspiracy your claiming to act as an undisclosed turkish agent or to court the firing of a false prayer the judge says no way no sags goodbye adios folks this is how disgusting what's happening to mike flynn remit is beyond belief believe what is happening to the sky first you in a case for lying fbi agents where you're fbi
agent seti wasn't lying then you in a case of filing a false fairer where you want to use him against another is business partner and an you make him first a force for our u norway's force but he does in advance you saw up and equity uses to say he lied which he didn't you then threat him as a conspirator because no there's no evidence he's a cop conspirator at all ladies and gentlemen this is third world republic special inside jack boot thug north korea nonsense we are witnessing here this is such legal malfeasance that i'm i'm stun i'm absolutely stuff some entrepreneurial wanna be journalist hasn't come out been like way this isn't something's not right here something
it's not right they made him sign a form the government i'm telling you already knew was false because they spying on them do you know i'd like to be happy about the revelation of all this stuff but i'm gonna get you can verify just get angry here these are flame when does the now disguises decorated military hero beloved by people who work with them who gets crapped on every single davis like by a gun many special prosecutor's office tat will just not let this oh dear oh dear how to this guy up so
through the kitchen sink our sugar is ice cream shocked when i was a kid chance they had the kitchen sink it was like banana cherries ice cream they prow every jane intelligence at my plan to shut him up and good for him and his lawyer for say a double barrel middle anger to you we're not taken this any more we are not sign in that form one sign in it he did not why more this fact including the new york times again trying to get out and brought of something i told you on this should probably three months ago when i was in los angeles trying to get the story again already reported here we'll get no credit don't worry which is fine i let my audience we're doing quite well but showing you real journalism is happening here jeff karlsson chalk ross
molly hemingway waves got a great book out by the way but the cavenaugh thing with carry several excellent highly recommended sarah carter john solvent that's where the real journalism that is happy i reported on this story three months ago i get to that effect now the new york times finally comes around today show also brought by bodies at i target pro this in the eye target price system is defined system out there for approving your marksmanship ok if you go to own a firearm marksmanship proficiency and safety that's what matters right listen here's the problem with that lot of times to improve your proficiency with your fire you have to go to the range which is not necessarily an issue this the range is really far and arrange can get expensive yet a clean your firearm after not that you shouldn't go but ladies and gentlemen not all of us can get there once a week once a month like we used to have to do and i was asleep devastating meda qualify once a month to keep our skills up or else you lose it here is the best way to solve that problem the item get processed amusing you're smart phones the eye target pro app tracks a laser round
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let's go right back to it showing you again to mainstream media is absolutely failed to do its job they only do their job after the fact i kind of teeth this new york times story which is now i write let try to get ahead of a story we put out three months ago or sell folks this is embarrassing ok new york times as another article coming out which are issues means out yesterday talking the credibility of steel here's what's going on here these back general michael horowitz whose looking into this whole abuse of the fires are processed food is talking about the spying we now know cool bars looking into the spying on mike flat and others namely enough fascinating leave yes i put out a few months back that problem with steals information was it was garbage and one of the other problems which deals information was hired to put together the dossier is already told in october before they ever filed any of these pfizer documents to spy on the trouble he had already told this data
an official kathleen cavil like that he's sources were to russian disinformation specialists words steel was colluding with russians they get information about battle job that's not in dispute that's only dispute amongst women liberals you dont want to tell you the truth right the media of course mrs that all story yet but i said to you much back that the problem with this is the fbi has located or have ok to be precise in january twenty seventeen one of feels alleged russian sources right in our view that russian source now according to my sources you know who you are that interview let's just say joe did not go well a matter of fact it one very be bad we d ba the day joe biden spelling it did not go well the rest
didn't source was deemed to be untrustworthy and basically lying ladies and gentlemen what's that when we hear alarm bells should be going of everywhere not only does christopher steel tell a united states government state department official before the fbi ever uses this information in the courts that he's getting yet from russian disinformation specialists before the first five signed in october but when the fire of war despite the trunk team is renewed in january and twice more into the summer of twenty seventeen the fbi ladies and gentlemen is already interviewed one of steals russian sources and found it out his information to be extensive garbage to quote marv albert from the old mic aims were an extensive garbage time as you are now the new
our times again after we ve already reported this stuff so as i chuck ross and every el sat there was done the work on this case we ve already reported the fbi interview disruption source of has given information for steel and thought it was garbage not only that my you're telling me jim call me new darn well that those question sources we're garbage capri authorizing the warrants to spy on the trump team any way call me new why is the new york times reporting this now as we can see let me read this too this is fascinating from the new york times yesterday mauro by january twenty seventeen fbi agents had tracked down and interviewed one of mr steals main sources a russian speaker from a source former soviet republic would spend time in the west according to a deal j you been obtained by the new york times and people familiar with the event listen to this you talk about putting lipstick on a pig what a shine
on your issues this is check this out job after questioning him the russians and what we already report an fbi officials came to suspect that the man might added his own interpretations two reports from his own sources that he passed on to mister steele for calling into question the reliability of the information that it great book lizzie less spectacular ass a place that clearly states what do they say joe the fbi new city marshal sources work perhaps they were that would you put but a bag and he alighted on fire and you throw it on someone's do not that i have ever done that some of them spare issues it that's what's happening crap the new york times now in their endless prompt propaganda role what are they doing joe their trial
to get out ahead of the inspector general michael horwitz report which is probably going to have this information in man the inspector generals report is going to be devastating and you know what it's going to say and in it pack general ease the bureau new these russian sources we're crap and spied on trumped anyway so what does the times they want a paint this story first it's like water caused by brussels is a pretty little train waterfall looking member bob process to love brown writer very relaxing didn't you you of course they want new york times joe wants you to feel better about a prolific government spying admiration i might flynn donald trump using crap garbage sources the government knew were garbage because the interview them put your own crap why you think colonies that's right yeah doesn't why do you call me freak out crap
why can t i added this new york times i love this petty we have added his own interpretations two reports calling into question is reliability in other words he lied suggestion source theo was using ladys in from a bureau already knows this this is the new york times doing damage control that's all this is instead of just coming out headline fbi use credited russian source to spy on the trunk team colluding with the foreigner christopher steel that's the headline what do they do they bury we will not get halfway down as well added his own interpretation to the information ball noble
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but let me just recap where we were for the sake of continuity so in the beginning did they take away from the mike when case government with spying on mike when the government likely new mike wins relationship to the turks was a little more detail than even mike when new the government how did you government no my point is working for the turks because they were why you gotta go even though my pointed no made him sign a document anyway to stick it tough when because he was an enemy of the obama t that's that take away the government knew more than flynn did and made him sign the thing anyway secondly the new york is finally getting ahead of his story we already reported the fact that they interview russian sources they were garbage and the government use the information anyway ok moving on
culture emerge shrikes again permits coddle listen i got it i admit as his goodness bad moment but i gotta tell you lately coquet measures but douglas doubling down that's by the way from down like a chip outta ran for senate west virginia for those you missed them out alleging miss mitchell cannot make mitch mcconnell uses coquet but they say it was a nickel it may given but cocaine matches back so he's asked at a press her up there are capitol hill now that the new times has recovered you are not the newton media forget who covered it nbc news was i'm sorry that it be seen usual broke the story dreaded airports mcdonald's ancestors may have own slaves which has nothing to do with my colleagues responsible for the behaviour of anyone else other than mitch mcconnell no less his ancestors so this it's your news outlets decides they're gonna nail him down on capital they'll listen you know i know you don't support reparations europe
many made the descendants of slaves as apart see which is an awful policy by the way i do you not support that is your mind gonna change now that we know your ancestors own slaves listen a cocaine mitch in an absolute got shot kidneys liver shop between her legs kick i'm not really sure the coordinated where that re great grandfathers were slave owners in alabama our relation ass you to change your position on vibration you know about my share of once again the physician as president obama we oppose reparations and we both are their descendants if over to look at the draft report
that report must be settled there like happened how did i just get so destroying on suppose that c span or whatever it is it how did i just get so wrecked with one question wrecked are you katy twitter wreck that's the kids youssef wrapped up getting are a k tee i didn't i spent the wrong a purpose totally completely rack too much of a car tat is the exact same position he's not kidding that barack obama finds himself it also cobble harris presidential candidate who some allegation surfacing now that her ancestors own slaves to let me be crystal clear i m absolutely morally and ethically insisted on this item barack obama's responsible for his ancestors issues nor kamel our aid nor mitch mcconnell the media but what i said you and yesterday shell when we discuss this topic at like you better
we darn careful opening up this pandora's box you may not like what you fine if we're going to start go back through led the lineage and generations to figure out what people in our past it and all those responsible for good job i mitch mcconnell hole the press account lebanese obama gonna get the same questions of course and i use a democrat yeah i mean really has been really fired up like the midsummer gone i had moved on this is a story i heard last night on martha mackay i'm show on fox and it really very gotta stung me a little bit in a good way gentlemen i know this is not an issue that poles well with a lot of americans candidly i know for a content conservative content since you not a lot of people talk about but we should the issue of school choice the fact it low income folks and some inner cities a lot of minority students people and now
this means that the united states areas where the education system may be struggling a bit the fact that they have oh way out and have no access to the american dream that i've had the jos had that paul has had has these disturb me again i know cool choice it's not one of those things like you know we were were or were ramparts and we're ready to like knocked down the democratic oliver ladies and gentlemen it should be in the room isn't this story should be pre eminent in our conservative thinking is i am convinced the radical left not all democrats but the radical left wants a poor struggling underclass they need them because they need votes and they need government programmes to attempt to by people off ladies and gentlemen with an upper improved vibrant strong education system that gives people access out of power when he entered the american dream you when i have the dammit that's in their radical left are not going to be able to
parasitically feed off an underclass of folks that remain poor i'm telling you the key to long term economic prosperity on liberty and freedom which strong roots feeding off water in the ground the key to that that ground liberty is the education system and our edge patients system has failed these kids it is left them behind it is these civil rights issue of our time it is a human catastrophe what is happening to these inner city kids and these other kids and struggling school district getting your point i saw this martha macao my five years the story of the new york post i canning urgent strong enough terms to read this in the show notes today new york post story about this bronx charter school in this bronx charter school where ninety percent of the kids in the school qualify for subsidized
ills lunches and breakfast what does that mean what it means is bron school has a lot of lower income kelly does that somewhere the area there they charter school a school that operates outside of the traditional public school system in some respects where parents can chew to send their kids there they are not strained by the government bureaucracy putting their put on the necks of these kids in their parents and the teachers who want to teach these kids this charter school did ping amazing they graduated fifty three traders the entire eighth grade class of this teacher who was on arthur show last night every single one of our kids this low income area the bronx in this charter school every single one eighth
algebra one regions test yes five out of five good for you good for you ladies and gentlemen the only reason i'm here on this show today with big news to come with it he is its generous as you been to me made my life entirely different given me a voice i never thought about the only reason any of this is happening is because i my parents took me out of a struggling public school district think there wasn't horrible but it wasn't good ps sixty eight i'd ever went there they did my mother didn't have any money my dad was not wealthy either but they managed bravo put together make ends meet and to put me in to say pancras school at local catholic school which is now unfortunately out of business i'm telling you
it's the only reason i'm here today speaking to you in court sentences because my parents despite their economic struggles were able to get us into this school me and my brothers why dont these kids get the same shot why are these damn crack liberal politicians standing there would stop sign it a minority parents parents of white students students and others and struggling areas who just want the same opportunity for their kids now to show you disparities from the peace force the other public schools in the same area keep in mind what i just told you one hundred with two zeros one zero zero one hundred percent of this bronx charter schools one hundred percent fifty three and fifty three got a perfect five
out of five on the algae bahrwan regions test in the surrounding public schools only thirty four percent even talk to test and of those thirty four some eighty two percent managed to get a three out of five ladies and gentlemen we are talking about small differences here we're talking got a grand canyon like chasm between kid you nailed it who are now going want to leave colleges get a fine education's enabling them in their kids and generations of their children to prosper to pray stir in the american dream and we are talking about other kids in public schools who will be entirely left behind they will have access to the dream you when i have you no i
more i'm i'm begging these damn i'm begging you for a democrat listening to my show why are you accepting the teachers unions talking point not the teachers the union's the interest groups why just give the parents a choice if the charter score stinks the parents will pull them out just like them pick folks my life my kids life i would never even met my wife so wouldn't matter i'd say my but we will never know each other i would never have met joe i never would have lived in maryland because i never what about the qualifications to become a secret service agent or a candidate for office because school choice yes you matters spokes it's why talk about it whenever i see a story like and martha maccallum had to teach her last night god bless you i don't oh your politics i dont care god bless you my sincere thanks for
changing the lives of fifty three out of fifty three kids who equally will now go on to successful prosperous greer despite coming from a crap school district in the bronx because you did it you choose their lives god bless you you have done an amazing amazing of what you did that's a great story in ok i left read of the day are less sponsor but another great company ladies gentlemen bravo company manner factoring are you in the market are you in the market for rifle or a pistol this is the finest company out there if you are in the market please check them out at bravo company m f g dotcom bravo company m f guida com please check this company out they make life saving equipment they make right here in harlem wisconsin they build their equipment to a lifesaving standard ladies this is not a sporting arms company if you're in the market
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a tale of easing of talked about a lot on the show ladies gentlemen the media's kind who's in their minds will bid story by cbs news about wanna trumps recent picks a lady by them judy shelf lotta judy's today duty was audience archives it's my moms and a to g judy judy shelton defer the meat its freaking out because judy shelton has spoken in the past positively about the gold standard guys liberal liberals here the goddamn may freak out i want explaining what the goals that is why it matters and above all more story for they before they bought new zealand catastrophic gun control fail which is not working out like they thought but this story is important the gold standard matters the gold standard because ladies and gentlemen think about what money is what is money do for us right monies store a value with a measure of value i was joking they say you know when when i a job for services he provides to my company i dont pay em infringe raiders i don't
i am in remote control or watches i paid my nice mature i dont page with that i pay joe and money it's a measure of his value we can both agree on now as they make during tool a value job will pay you this for our per hour with different for this service joe provide some editing and and and also have some content on the show this is what i paid we both agree on that price now ladies and gentlemen the key to having money as a measure of value is that the measure is consistent use it as a measure of value because it's convenient i dont pay joe in watches remote controls because its inconvenient job would then go have find someone who needs cybersix watches six watches he only needs one trade those for another service joseph ay i need stake tonight for dinner will you take my three watches for estate that's not the way
economy works in a non barter system you need some representation of value that is not a physical commodity right we don't trust frazier joe i'll give you my fridge for four hours of editing and i shall be like love why i do that it's not convenient we use money ever left as a tough time with these simple concepts that problem with using money ladies and gentlemen is there's not a tangible value to it if the measure is all over the place jones the refrigerators worked to him the starving to death because its food is going that is worth a whole lot the problem with the girl old standard for the left where the u s dollar would be anchored a standard in gold is the left hates this idea joe and why because takes away their ability this is why the freaking out of trouble
new pick on dwayne judy shelton she spoke and possibly better goldstein to spend us into oblivion left loves the idea of our money not being anchored to anything so the way up up up up say more primitive gold standard would work joe is we would only be able who create new money based on the availability of gold and the they'll ability of that gold would be exchangeable and unless you can walk in with a dollar a u s dollars say right above this more again primitive gold standard scored a hard gold standard show it you can go that would be a hard gold standard right that's mobile in gold for i don't know whatever it may be a nail but worth their goal will be worth that if a thousand dollars technically you could walk into a bag our
get your money back in gold that would be a hard gold standard right that's not really the way the gold standard would work in a modern economy but that simple and allergy explains the point that it would do what show it constrain the government's ability or the federal reserve the young it's really a government entity will now kind of it is but the federal reserve could not create new money unless they found new gold which would limit their ability to print new dollars why is it i'm a crass hate this and why are they panicking about judy sheltered and the media people fifty because folks the democrats it's one of monetize our debt they want a spy in the us into oblivion like they're doing now with twenty two trillion dollars of accumulated government debt they want to spend us into the phantom zone and the way they know that we can never pay this off we're not going to be able to pay off this debt so the democrats and the liberals want to be able to prevent money
they call this modern monetary theory i call it steaming piles of hot garbage just like the flynn case right they want the federalist to be able to endlessly print new money not can rain by a gold standard to pay off are all dead now if you like today in iran syria jordan i what's up that sounds great so the government spend money on social programs social security medicare medicating chip food stamps endless government port projects and basically we can pay marty what's the problem there the problem ladies and gentlemen is if you can endlessly print new money because you're not constrained by any kind of a gold standard in your just do your measure of money keeps going all over the place right you money by this money by this by this money by say why because it's more money chasing the same products which requires the price they go up which mean
the value of your money goes down if the price goes up if you have a dollar and it bought you forgone balls and one day and in inflation goes through the roof that dollar only buys you one gum ball a week later meaning what down down down down you can't do that with the gold standard because you can only print what you have in gold and people redeem it the democrats wooden i'd be able to monetize the dead what i mean that is their hoping to print i need to pay off the debt which will devalue the dollar devalued dollar and make the debt worth less now that works great for profligate governments think about it if your dollar buys less and less and less cause it's worth less your dollar boys forgone balls regan balls to gambols one gumbo i have four gumbo no gambols now you need ten dollars to by global that's inflation the price of the gun balls goes up your dollar buys less that works great for government why
they it through why are they freak out over judy shelton because if you're dollars worth less so a dollar of government debt in other words if you owe twenty two trillion dollars that only two trillion dollars that could have bought whatever twenty two trillion gum balls now you only need for five gum because the twin do trillions workforce that debt is worth less to inflation the government's best friend think about it may make it simple for it i've used this analogy for you way way of listeners right yeah i know it's a little complicated but think about it if you are a debtor not a creditor you money to people like the government owes to people who they borrowed money from they borrow honey bonds i borrowed money from foreign governments a borrowed money from us you have u s securities if you owe money you want inflation if i
let me give an example joe do you by your house at the third thousand dollar purchase price your house joe cost in nineteen seventy or the three hundred thousand dollar purchase price you pointed out which what we'll go without i'm sure it wasn't an go away thirty thousand but joe your house forty one thousand nine hundred and seventy wasn't worth two hundred and thirty doesn't have today there was probably work closer to under fifty thousand its inflation wore away the value of the dollar therefore you need more dollars to buy the same out but the nice part by about house from nineteen seventeen thirty thousand you open joe use oh that sea thirty thousand so the value of your debt goes down right right if you on monday you love inflation eighty flights the value your dad you take this is great but
the u s government owes more money than anybody in the universe they don't want the government too i'll be able to wipe out the value of the dollar the democrats and some republicans to be fair love this idea of no gold standard ladies and gentlemen if you are a debtor and spend your way into haiti's by bar in spending money you don't have you love inflation the problem if you're a savour all that thirty thousand dollars you saved is now worthless because of government inflation washing the value of every dollar you have we could say it is their savers the gun it is nice that's why this is going on right now the freak out over judy shelter i won lester they up the daily why a great story about new zealand bit by ass out it'll be in the show notes today is well news when after that horrible shooting in christchurch instituted again
it really misguided policy a banning quote military style semi automatic weapons now ladies i've told you over and over a gun ban after a crime will do nothing criminals don't about your gun moss that's why they're criminals like they're not gonna criminals are not going to turn in their fire on when you instituted on ban like they did not really the only people turning no guns are gonna be the law abiding not the criminals a gun ban is nonsense while new zealand there is apparently caught onto this initially story from the daily wire joe there are one point five million firearms in new zealand how many you think we're turn then the gun ban well you'd say well that's a guy banjo one point five million not all of them to be fair were subject to the ban some may have been a you know a single shot rifles or whatever but let's just
it was five hundred thousand two hundred thousand that we're subject is new ban probably you figure were turned into those one point five may take a step and it took me a number two stars are ten percent at i know you are jug but it's four seven hundred zero others who say yeah they got bad have a nice day really ladies and gentlemen this is not yet because they ve already caught our policy on there's probably know what happened in our strategy their neighbour right there at said listen this is just dumb turning my fire on when you get to their servers search warrant at my house you criminals gotta turn and arrogance on that turning might indeed ladies and gentlemen epic fail it's not gonna work this is a dopey policy have the exact opposite effect you intended by folks thanks for tuna and again i'm sorry for some of the tec issues today but this is the first time we ever had a massive technical melt down but we always gets you show i love this show today please share it
the rapporteur is that they put my show on red you talk about it thank you very much police inscribe at youtube doc slash by gino it's off raided video shop you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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