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More Hidden Fireworks In The IG Report (Ep 1142)

2019-12-23 | 🔗

In this episode, I address troubling nuggets buried deep in the IG report that have largely escaped media reporting. This will open your eyes to the real scandal. I also address another media hoax which was debunked this weekend. Finally, I discuss the Trump tax cuts and there incredible results. News Picks:President Trump has a historic week while the media was distracted.


The latest polling shows President Trump crushing his opponents. 


Another media hoax exposed!


This is the real Spygate scandal.


CNN guest warns Pelosi that her impeachment strategy is not sustainable.


Gun regulators are ignoring the Second Amendment.


Judge orders the FBI to come clean about the Spygate scandal. 


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Ready to hear the truth about America on a show that not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bone, Jean a big fat Christmas. Thank you hug tide. Thank you to everyone who listen to my interview with congressmen, Devon, Nunez Bond GINO, dot com person of the year this weekend, it is still up are Youtube Channel Youtube, Dekom, obviously slash Bonn GINO. Thank you, too, for producing folks and Paul for working on and producer drew as well for doing a great job. The interview, one crazy, three hundred plus I was in views lessons across our platforms. We re it blew up despite gate scandal. I got more on that on today. Show today, some hidden nuggets in the IG report welcome today, Gino show producer Joe Merry Christmas. My friend are our last shell. Before the Christmas salary, how are you today HO ho ho? Let's go go, go and thanks
everybody very guy. Do we want a better way? Where do I find this guy? Do we will have at best show tomorrow our best segments of the year, don't miss their produce? You drew his vixen that up right now, Josiana loaded Christmas day, it will be off merry Christmas. All the add one big note. I will be fine the New York right after the show you handed eating. I nine O Clock Fox Fox NEWS Channel. Please Dvr to watch it live. We always appreciate your support. We ve been doing the ratings every time you guess those. So how did he tonight Monday check that out commissioner. Let's get to it today brought but he said he sleep here the it takes these two minutes to complete matches your body type in sleep references to the perfect mattress for you, you are so It sleeper hot sleeper. You like a pleasure for bed with you. It there's no more confusion or more compromising. We have to heal exley. in this one for my youngest daughter, one for me Impala and we absolutely love it might. My other daughter wants one to heal.
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times. If we told you re not talking to my audience and the conservatism Republicans at an end up, you know fair minded Democrats at them. The liberal knots that listen to my don't send me must how many times have we told you about the budget? at least twenty in this year of at least twenty thirty. Forty eight is the Bonn GINO rule for you knew as theirs to buy GINO Rural. Whenever you hear a story, the media tries to paint make If we on tromp, Republicans or conservative and has a viral component to it. I e juicy small, lay the carving. didn't kids. Do I buy from the James just now, just you have just made about juicy spotlight where Ever you see a story. You see justice for juicy. Whatever is going on out. There judge juicy there take a twenty four hour: Minimum break member the coming two kids
The stories probably fall. I have warned you rip I recommend. Actually the budget are awaiting seventy two hours, brief, a reporting on it did who noticed last week, while this thing There's going viral on the internet. You say what thing I get Thursday. This story, we didn't! report on it. Why because we were obeying the bond GINO Rural whenever it's meant to reflect poorly on Trump cards. If it is report, pain us all as racists, whatever juicy justice producing covering all that other stuff, telling you there's a ninety. Nine percent chance to stories nature. We did report on this story, which, Are you see an updated Fox news that come because I suspected the story was that other hawks- and we were right again there was a South Carolina Democratic State Repellor make whose now facing backlash after the army, Navy personnel cleared of. Why
our hands signal allegations. What was this story? Why did we report on it? What happened, who is the law, make a well I'll get to that? Did nugget from the peace in a manner, but there was the army Navy game of his on tv. You had the army Navy personnel that students it both West Point enable Academy in the stands and so of arm. While the video was broadcast on national television. They were making this signal. Would this signal but upside I my arms that work very well, my elbows, but you get the point they were making at signal on tv, while of course Joe The, I'll media and the liberals, including this state, RAP Mandy powers, nor L from South Carolina immediately jump to well this. Ignore the ok sign or they would ever upside side down? Ok, they take the cadets we're doing. Clearly white power signal which, by the way is a hoax, it wasn't
online hoax meant to troll. Liberals, ok, sometimes just means. Ok, people have done this ever including Obama. Eo, see. Ok, the lady tv, the cabin or hearing I but hoaxes online, making a joke about how stupid of me I'm not making this up. Did you here. This is a funny story ever put online that means white power like four a? U S, p for power? It was and as a hoax cause, they knew and liberal areas would take it up with which they probably did. They believe yeah, ok, siamese wiper, it big it's ok or zero, there's another justice for juicy scared mocha. So these cadets war the circle game on television the circle game is supposed to I've never done this before. But if you look at the circle, you get there like a punch them or somethin
they were doing a circle game, so these lawmaker Mandy powers in twitter. This is done we're sibyl theirs in infestation of why powers privacy in naval marble. Oh my god, folks I was reporting on this because telling you we knew from the start. It was another hoax. Ok, the bomb GINO rule. Please I'm begging you, it doesnt applied every. Sometimes people email me about every syrup, replied the budget, because it only applies to stories that are meant in this: era to make it look like Donald Trump is our sharing in an era of racism and white supremacist, just I Covington stories doze stories are met. The Donald Trump Look, what he did these kids. Talking this native american Elder natural Justice you see, juicy was attacked in Chicago by a bunch of white power, guys you're, really his business associates set
all thing up according to the rigged Chicago PD folks, wait just way. There's stories will be the bug hears from the Fox NEWS report. This down. in South Carolina who now deleted or tweet by the state. May powers and railroad three separate candidates making a white power symbol on television, wonder what the culture is like you get. It is easy to see what she's doing jail. You wonder what the culture is like for the cadet in the front. There's no excuse me and other minorities. There shouldn't have to deal with such cruel and disrespectful environment, but we'd appeared. U S. Military Academy, cadets enable naval, cadmium midshipman to be cleared a wrong doing in separate military investigations. Are my gosh, ladies and gentlemen. Please I'm begging you just wait. again, it doesn't apply to every story. Reporting hobby Idee report is not a budget over the ideal report sets out. Some stories are fact base. We know the facts. Everybody agrees on the faster we
over. There is an interpretation of the facts. Justice produce the coming. In is the circle game and its inter by the media in a viral explosion to me This is big culture of racism, an epidemic of racism in trouble. Your I'm telling you wait. The story will there's a ninety nine percent chance be deported discredit. I wanted to get that I feel I owe you an explanation. Why did report I hear some are re. This is just had tip their narrow, Jean Overt BS, now or twitter feed has been a gold mine have good information. We will do that. report and candidly folks, theirs what you need me to seven. Nine lot of my other sources, which you know definiteness was kind enough to give active to us. While we were great, versus there's really so much in there's been hard to distil down to specific nugget, better explosive, because literally folks on every page, there's an interesting information or a fire
Eric been do at a really really good job. Catherine Harrison forget that though I just wanna play this quick video. This is Kevin Mccarthy on part of almost show this weekend with just a fan ethnic analogy. Now that we have the idea report out, we confirm that they were, in fact the Trump campaign was in fact, spied on. This was a. Awesome analogy of house by gay is war gate like on we and I the rabble it steroids. This is the explosive scandal that he sums up in like a minute or less. It's really work. You hearing check this out what we pause for one moment you read this idea report by Horwitz here is the FBI. They broke into president trumpet the time candidate, trumps campaign spied on em, and then they covered it up. It is a modern day Watergate and you got Democrats who aren't we even look into that that,
is the area that we should be looking at its a modern day coup the closest countries ever came to, but the only way you can compare this too is Watergate. They broke into his campaign by bringing people into it. They have been trying to cover it up for the whole time now The question arises just like Watergate, who knew when did they know it and how high does this go up? Memory? Great analogy? I'm I'm upset myself right, isn't it I set myself for not thinking of it sooner just to be clear, the vague the media gold standard Woodward and Bernstein of scandals. The gold standard its neighbours, Joe lived through, I was a young lying at the time, would Watergate just watch. What are getting you talk to anybody from there. You are all. I got a couple of operatives that may Connected to Nixon broke into the oh talented, B but and tried to get information. My glasses or Mccarthy, justice, Is this not bigger a law enforcement
the actually working for the government, the FBI sense spies into a campaign to crack into their email to crack into conversations to report on them to use it to get Pfizer wars that continue to spying. Even while tromp was the President United States again, please to me how Watergate is now the gold standard conspiring Watergate is nothing on this Watergate. like robber room compared to what spiky did I'm glad that more establish but figures like Mccarthy holding a leadership position and the republican side of the House of representatives are finally out there saying what needs to be said good for yeah great analogy. Well done, I just want to stop. Whatever you have a lot of video tonight. So today is going to be more in depth analysis because this stuff is just great so again, Catherine Herod she's. I You ve had CBS heritage checker. But she comes right up on Twitter, after an area where great work she found a few really really
fascinating nuggets that light of what we already know from my reporting in my sources on the shell even more interesting for our the guess report is that to read to I'm about to show you and for our part, guess listeners. I'm going to read to you from the Gee report to be clear from our twitter feed out of respect for and it's her highlights in their some stuff, she really interesting. That when I read through I thought I'd gosh she's, absolutely right light of what we already know. Let's get the screen number one from Gee Report with Catherine Haemorrhages highlights this is about Jim call me at and how show Joe cannot get out of his own way. This guy has I do you from day one we now know he lives documented that he lied and he still continues to portray himself as Judge Janine calls them as cardinal call me and has shown how many calls them the Super patriot, the guy jobs are already under way to tell you. This is just simply. Discredited liar here we go.
It's this port is from the idea or poor quote. Jim call me told the Office of Inspector general that he inform President Electra Jim call me told the Office of Inspector general that he and things President Elect Trump, that the dossier I did not know whether the allegations were true or false hung about the dossier and that the FBI so the January seven. Twenty seventeen meeting regards to the January seven. Twenty seventeen meeting Ladies and gentlemen, this is not true. Call me, is lying, he is unquestionably to be crystal clear that he was not investigating the dossier or the allegations in the day? be Crystal clear: Seven twenty seventeen? Let's look at motive, motive matters, ladies and gentlemen motive is, and always this positive or the lack thereof in criminal cases to be clear. By now Joe Rob a bank- and I, always this positive or the lack thereof in criminal cases, to be clear by now. Joe,
the bank- and I fear This motive great. If I don't, I got video Joe Rob a bank, it doesn't matter what I know the motive for not right right. Joking say a space aliens told me to do what he still rob a bank, but motive helps motive. Helps in co conspirators locked up if Joseph this body told them to do it or not. We want to investigate the body. To We may never get to the bottom. Was it tat he hated Trop, which seems likely this point. We know we did it. We may never know So the bottom was it tat he hated Trop, which seems likely was it daddy was totally incompetent, who knows, but we clearly suggesting here that on January, seventh of twenty seventeen, when he breathed President Trop about the dossier that he told tromp, he was not Vesta gaining the charges that is for I'm get to another screenshot from Catherine Herridge in that proves it's false I want to show you would force both before and after that they were investigating the dossier before told people already admitted, I think Jim were investigating
kidding folks, actually forgotten what he's told people? That's why he lies? They were invested. and before I get to that part, the January part. What if I told you on the show repeatedly over and over and over again about combing foe, the January part. What if I told you on the show repeatedly over and over and over again about common folks, the FBI is in viewing in all steals primary sources in January of twenty. Seventeen right is Trump briefing and all it stuff is going on with President Trump primary. Telling trump they're not investigating it. Then why were you Interviewing Christopher the primary sub source job with that that their Christmas, that you are not investigated correct per year- you're, smarter man and call me. I know that you have not messing with he really is. You would consider that investigated correct? Yes, I would then so. Thank you Joe, so he's lying they were in. That investigated correct. Yes, I would then, so
like you Joe so he's lying, they were investigating steals primary sub sources that he said he was using first dossier and the sub sources telling them. This is all crap. In January as this is going on. These briefings, now you may say: well, then, maybe he met when he told Trump this that weren't investigating it going forward, or maybe he met they just happened as in the past, and they will go to investigate going forward? No, that's not what do mean He was lying again being two here's another going forward and found nothing and in the edge, stay investigating it didn't get her to other now from Catherine marriage. She finds the edgy report, which is brilliant, so remember, call me, tells investigating Steelers Darcy, it's all garbage, don't worry about it. Ok,
We think we're Trump, where he tells burn December of twenty sixteen before the January briefing would trump where he tells them call, because we didn't investigate this stuff. November and December two thousand and sixteen FBI officials to broad and met with persons who previously had professional context would steal or knowledge of his work. Peter Stroke. One of the purposes of the trip was to obtain information, we're steal from Paris, direct knowledge of steals, work, related performance and prior positions the gentleman. This guy is the tv s level. Six, you know is the highest level of trumped the radio keep our large categories consisted, especially with tv level. Six the tv level. Six, you know is the highest level of trumped arrangement syndrome. we got that it just became a six out of. Nowhere sounds good. This is level six level insanity here, the highest For me, he's itchy, forgetting I'm not kidding
call me forgetting what he told people here ass, they gaiters, or he did when I merely in an unprecedented manner, try to verify. Steals information came up empty handed, then There are viewed steel source in January. I need in a legal proceeding, doesn't matter its explanatory on what matters in illegal foresee that you do it or not in a legal proceeding, doesn't matter, already for what matters illegal foresee that you do it or not, can be proven right right, but it is I motive then getting for putting together a larger picture of what's going on here. Why motive, then, getting back to motive? Why is call me briefing President Trump that don't work Joe put. Your is Miss MRS Gill. Further, my fifth grade teacher God rest or saw used to safeguard our to shout out put your thinking. Caps on
Joe put. Your is Miss, MRS Gill. Further, my fifth grade teacher God rest her soul used to save, given our to shout out put your thinking. Caps on foe, Ok, if you that's what I asked exactly. How I sounded by the way. If you put your figure kappa, why would call me do that? Why is he trying to take the temperature down on Donald Trump, whose If you put your figure kappa, why would call me do that? Why is he trying to take the temperature down on Donald? who suspects now that he is the now that he's the President Elect and is getting briefings. You he's out of these a smart guy. That's stupid! President Trump suspects member investigation for to prove at least obvious Call me is now desperate in MID November December and January, to prove at least some component of the dossier is true. They're coming We hear that everywhere they start to realize this thing is a hoax, so we,
a race against time before Donald Trump takes the office of the presidency, Joe and calls him out. Call me on Vesta gaining a hoax member. The hit from swearing. It is only days away by giant, but on January seven. Twenty seventh incomes are. There were in a race against time to prove The dossier is true to justify their illegitimate spying actions before Donald Trump takes the rain swear in the book. It's where is it becomes the commander in chief himself, so call, once the calm him down and take a likely. Yeah, I'm a motive, I'm speculating on to be fair, I'm speculating, based on a fair amount of evidence that I but call me he's trying to take the temperature down here. a trump isn't hot, about what's happening and doesn't say to his staff, hey. I want answers and I want him now. He wants trump to go by it was have a say on. A worry to bureau said it was all a hoax. They
didn't do any investigation into it. Why? Because it? Why personal well call me tell me you didn't, take it seriously. They didn't! the gate, the dossier or anything like that call he's lying. He lighted. Showing you a history of deception. With this guy he's, a snake he's always been a snake. It's now obvious this Idee report paints a clear pick. of a troubled man leading the most powerful federal law enforcement agency anywhere in the history of humankind with president surveillance power. folks there's no, this of all the segments wreathed on this is the easiest to understand, he's lying to trouble to get trump stop sniffing out. The trail Don't worry, present trump there's no or present electron. There's no trail went on investigating this he's lying. The I report is Crystal he is making this up whole. O Daniel. I'm sorry but I thought I was gonna, get a bag of poop for Christmas
are you willing to say call, but the other part is definitely a little world trade will review magic. I open it up that bag Abbe alone rough I got more, I got more. I really get I've got a lab, after an average chasm found another. The sweet again in the Irish Sea report that I'm good really it back to some other stuff. We talk. That's going to show you again how this was a black TOP Intel operation clearly from the start, but the Intel operation, ladies and gentlemen, I believe, was a two way street, which is very bad I'll. Get to that in a second. Some of you already know what I'm active two hundred and seventy nine my buddy on this earth help me out all right before you get that today show us a bunch of my buddies at lending club. Let me club you I go to the club, ladies and gentlemen, lending club for decades. Why do you need to go to London Club credit card?
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two and a half years. Why, ladies and gentlemen, this intel up appears to have been an information exchange. Ladies and gentlemen, that is very, very dangerous. Why? Because folks, and Joe I need put the audience ombudsman add on here: buddy. Ok, ok, if you're getting information from an intel source anytime source it says Joe, is working with the foreign government, here's information. I have then you go and check that information Joe gives few Jos and Intel source a spy. and ninety nine percent of Jos information is wrong and an you feed it back through the Intel source and kind of alive exchange. Any modifies is information to give you back it. Information with the corrections. You made. Oh, not the entail source, the spy. And then you say: walk this fight
Joe, he checked is information yeah, doubt no information work, he's very. You see how that might be a little bit about issue. You gave it up, saying right, yeah yeah, these art Do you really I'm serious or more is at stake Then you better information, corrected yeah, sure career goodbye you were lucky corrected as information, so information or I don't know you corrected it. Yes, the FBI, folks. This is supposed to be two way street. When it comes to this stuff, if their feeding Information there swearing is legitimate, then why do they need you to tell you it's legitimate again, active Catherine ERA, cheers A third take away from the idea report again. This is her highlighted on you, but this is just a gem that feeds in the theory we ve had for a long time, footnote three, when three this is up, there would footnote sixty one as a job
this is our handwriting as well footnote treatment. Three twenty three quote Peter STAR said that he believed that the FBI office Oh may have furnished the steel election reports to the our service of a friendly farming government he did not every specific recollection of it. Wait. Wait. Wait, wait, wait So now strong police, the FBI agent vesting tromp that they're taking stock information which again, I believe, he's getting. Some of this from intelligence services from far and countries which is it a minute of itself and I'll get to that in a sack and maybe from us to steal reading the FBI information. That's bogus. The bureau is in feeding this in a sir, olive idiots back to other far. kill services that are what
are they doing when using it to verify their own information for you seeing house were used, the circle of of of imbecile information. Where you is irrelevant. So, let's start with steel. Steel is putting together this dossier feeds it FBI, agents. the agents and feedback to intelligence and friendly foreign governments efforts jeez, that's ever newness. In our view, we can set, is very suspicious very suspicious of itself that designation, why we calling them foreign governments he's never heard that before who are then why feeding it back the auto to check is information. You get it foreign entail Chris First deal FBI, FBI, foreign until Christopher Steel, every folks know. How this is supposed to work circle of lies circle of light. Now you I'm not saying is that the
guy in foreign aid, tell aren't allowed to and about knocking. All of them is obviously patriots and all these countries have a great work. I'm that what I say its October, the eighty it's in this case I've always This is a spy story for eighty, its editor. True, the way it was you may say: ok, now we pretty much we stand? That's the way it's not supposed to work, you that's! What's the fact check your spy at in? get no information after you fact check. If that's your fat check that you pretend came from him the way it should work. Is this steel, its information from what he claims are far sources. The FBI vets the information the FBI finds out. The information is false, it doesn't and passed the information of the Foreign Intel, what is it you Joe? It goes back to sleep. and says: listen, I'm sorry but we can't use you you're, formation is wrong. This is not accurate. We're going
If the pass this on to a fight judge that your information is unreliable there, Maybe steel comes back later. If he's are not source and says you don't tell him get very fact that he just comes back with the same garbage man. comes back later with new information, and you say: okay, this is a little better. That's not the way any of this worse! Folks, I'm trying to think of like an analogy when I was in the secret service. If you have a source, it comes in and says the guy selling counterfeit money. You know ever in sit it. a long island, office and guy could end you go and hit the house and a guys like what are you talking about? You knock on the door. I've never met starting my life? You do a bunch of fact checked. You find out the stories totally made up. It's just described on Labour Euro call back and then the information to the source and say hey. Here's what I learned about your neighbor he's really a nice guy he's got a couple accounts in the bag over it. Ab Em
the empty bag. I m sure comes back you're getting wide about today, because hey I found out he's got a councillor amity back. They may be counterfeit debts, his words, you know what to me. It's like a bird doorway of making corrections, in other words, o Christians, something up Jimbo Rob Bangor parents, Rwanda juries in Gemma Chris, we readily he wore read page oh yeah, yeah, yeah, red pants it's a bit that to an area, go disguised great historic, cedars years, right, yeah, exactly area go, it's that's supposed to be a lifetime fact checker for your right right. Man now why by bringing this up now. Well, that footnote is astounding broke, is sharing unverified gossip bar. Talk according to steal zone sources, with a friendly foreign government who's this, probably assuming Joe, that it
the imprimatur of the? U S government now that you're sharing it with its logic, jury friendly foreign government, while man we're out the somewhat double down The ozone formation- why does this matter well I you first and FBI document and this where it gets a little complicated. But again it's a spy story for idiots that, for you four idiots theory as you did. It you'll figure it out this FBI document. First, documents are relationship between State Department, Official Kathleen Catholic Bruce or put that offer a second this from an FBI that Bruce your advice, Kathleen Catholic. She was deputy assistant. Second, a bureau of European Integration Affairs State Department It would be he'd, be meeting with a reduction representatives. In order to discuss potential russian influence in the upcoming presidential election or Roma did, the interviewing agents Cavalier did speak, would steal several times prior to twenty six,
presidential election believes steals reporting. You been generated from mainly in its reject, and I believe it says, mainly russian sources. What does all that me thought? A fancy talk in an FBI Dac me for saying the number for official in the Justice Department Bruce or whose wife is working in working for fusion Jpg Working for Hillary Clinton is, for some bizarre reason, working with a state department official, with no law enforcement powers at all Kathleen and that state of our officials, job, is what show too do diplomacy with foreign governments, notably in the region governing Russia and other areas be strange. Why is it Justice Department official talking to a diplomat, who may be doing liaison work with foreign governments by the way a justice officials, wife, is, for the company hired by Hillary Clinton, any state of harmony, she'll cavalry who is connections the people who work with the coincidence. because, ladies and gentlemen, again, it is a start,
Olive imbeciles self, correcting and x, changing information they haven't verified, because what do you mean Justice Department, wife's work, for gps meeting with this Kathleen Cavaco out, who else met by Catholic Cavalry all Christopher Steel, whose drugs indicating whose information may have been shared with friendly foreign governments, notably Cadillac was probably talking to let's go to this. here the hand written note of Kathleen cavil like who met. We Christopher Steel, remember the day on October, I've been twenty sixteen right before they get the warrant. The spy look at this hand no you'll notice down this is the handwritten notes. Kathleen Catholic takes while she's interviewing crisply. Why is a state department, official interviewing, an FBI I spy fraud that working but that used to work for a far gone. Why? Because, an information laundering operation. That's why there's
but the n clear as day you can see right here, Cohen, Prob,. Meaning steel, told Kathleen, collect, remember the day on October of twenty. Sixteen something about trumps lawyer, Michael Cohen, going too proud to do what to take pay for the alleged collusion scandal between the Trump campaign in the Russian ran. Remember the dossier indicates. I'm sure you pieces of dossier in a minute that again eat into the lead here. they should not have been a two way street where we feeding information back to steal and back to foreign Governments at, like Joe just said, are automatically self correcting to make. Information see more logic, because the sources can never get anything right this call Prague have to do with it. So we allegation is thus he is Michael Cohen, goes to Prague timidity to coordinated
whole rushing collusion scheme translate. I want you to look at October. Nineteen dated die This is one of the authors years he's giving to the FBI that they use the spire trump and I want you to read is very specific part had the few seven nine. The Kremlin insider this is the one that that supposedly givens the information was I'm sure the identities of the Pierre officials with whom Michael Cohen, met secretly in August, or the exact dates and locations of the meetings, support Toby, nineteen, twenty sixteen kg diverse, steals own dossier, says it he's on shore of where the meeting took place, where the collusion thing was gonna, be hatched and paid for, but Joe. I. you showed you carefully- encapsulates notes from October- Eleventh days earlier.
Clearly, when she's interviewing steel, steel, says Cohen, proud, etc, yet some still, ladies and gentlemen, what else? We do surmise from that, their Kathleen Cavil and written notes, literally of what's you're telling already interview so what I thought four slash steal all of a sudden. knows about co in Prague. Put on. Memo a memo dated October nineteen he's Sure the location. Why are you one sure is somebody checking this for you. Oh, no, I'm in someone is somewhat in the? U S: government working with a fine are inspired working with Hillary Clinton, Christopher Steel and fact checking the information.
Let me walk you through a possible did scenario here. So The old tells Cadillac on October eleven that this whole things being coordinated by trumps lawyer in Prague October, these unsure again of where it's happening according to its sources, but then on act we're twentieth? This happens here is another dossier memo the next day or dated the next day. Kremlin insider reports, Trump lawyer, Cohen secret meeting we ve criminal, specials in August twenty sixteen was held in Prague, Valley they got a job where this is going on. Here is a prior there's, a prognosis Prague's! Our progress in Prague is no better You like a Broadway musical about the Kohen, prompting here's, a pepper, there's, a pepper
there's a product everywhere. Proxy plans out proxy proxies its back again. I've been to progress, beautiful bottling, best security service. I've worked with two I, but there is a secret service agent loved those guys had their act together. They just speculate for a moment. If I may about what may be going on here now that we know that the FBI like We was transmitting steals information back to friendly our governments, who I believe are given information, steals giving it back to the FBI. A circle of stupid so still comes here: he's talking to cavil excess, hey man, this common thing went down and Prague coordinated. This whole thing. Tromp and the Russians collusion our man. Cable. I could we know through our notes, is doing some checks because inner note she indicate she's check in foreign travel records. What, if Cadillac Joe Checks, tax or some other system. What federal system about Collins Travel records and they come?
with no Michael Cohen in Prague, does that get back to steal, who then, in October I did revises the memo. hey? Listen. We don't know where the meeting happen, but then this but he s like a friendly foreign government whose probably getting hold of this information, do from the state Department. There's a friendly foreign gummy combats you say: no, no. We think we ve got it now. We think we act. Another system in Poland was in Prague. So then, the next day he revise it back again. Folks cavalier was checking travel records. It's in her notes. My guess here, Genesis, violation, but I think will be, but we ve, I don't think, there's one major spy gate Bob. Shall we ve missed? I'm not kidding They want about the dead horse, a Joe, I'm, not so sure any more. That's aid. They death change, because the impeachment thing in the Democrats being more devious than I thought. I am reasonably confident that this was due to an information exchange.
That someone feeds back to steal, Hayworth so sure. That's the same Michael Cohen, in Prague. Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Courtney, by GINO, thankfully very uncommon name, it's great for branding, because there's only, I believe one day a gino I mean. don't know anymore on Facebook or any one else. There may be another one. Damn Buon Ladys gentle. Michael Cohen, isn't unbelievably common name, probably on par with Brown or Smith, is, alas, it's very oh yeah, extremely comedy. May I suggest to you that a check is done on Michael Collins Name, they find out, the wrong Cohen, Michael COM in Prague and in someone comes back the steel with their own check and in an effort to push steel back towards or firm ground on. This is no no we're pretty sure. That's him what makes you say that in their research on certain certain again member, the Mccluskey report
to reporters that we're getting leagues from me and tell community Mccluskey report. They had known all Michael Cohen cell phone was in Prague. Where did that come from self? things were Michael commented, provided that come from there come from us already that come from a friendly foreign. remit after they got word that a check of our own system that common, wasn't improper folks do you understand, is Joseph terrifically spell out there, and I hope we did to that. That's why this way Street of Intel is dangerous. If a source is a source he's gonna present EU information, you can verify if you can't verify he's not a source. If your lifetime faction him allowing him. That's write about Prague on right about Prague and write about Prague. Again it gives the appearance in front of a judge at the guy's information is verified when in fact it's not very I did you doing the verification, not the source, in other words,
he stayed spy we're just using sources that say anything anywhere fact checking them to make sure they get to the narrative. We want not the narrative, you actually told us. I can't believe people have fallen for this and by the way, I'm actually stun, because we picked up on this me in Seven, nine and others actually happen The emphasis was really. This was his baby. I am actually stun. Nobody else has picked up on the start. Pitched did the people they warmer. How is it that Christopher Steel called talk? If we carry October eleven, the Kohen went to progress we're natives and wrote a memo just Eight days later, on October, nineteen known as one of the known as the dossier, one of the members that said he didn't know. Folks, that's a big deal. Do you understand the or suggesting this dossier that common going to Prague was this?
ten of the whole scam a was coordinating this for tropical, with Russia's in Prague, ladys gender. That didn't happen, which you didn't The whole collusion stories a hoax. How is nobody catching onto this added steel, I see the story. The next day Anybody else find that weird it was in Prague. We know he was in Prague again now. We know. now, in light of that new footnote Catherine Average put her twitter feed now think we ve got a better story as to why that's happening lifetime fact jacket. Folks, isn't that great. Budget out a case against Barack Obama. Your address Obama, the IRA scarcely ever source that Obama personally ordered. The conservative group America that happen. every conservative lupin, America to be targeted by the IRS, just I just and we investigated him by the way they did target these concerns. But just imagine put yourself reversed. The rolls Democrats view listening
Heavy F Fbi says they have a source and this who claims to have Obama? Emails keeps rising. His story and emails are actually not from Barack Obama but from Joey Obama, a different guy totally and in a revised Don't say that came from Obama didn't come about at any changes. Do not give him Joey Obama, but I have. information about about your whole stories. Garbage dude, your story: crew, see man on how nobody else is catching onto this? Are our last monster So I guess immortal going you're going to great, whilst ensuring our glass can a big question about Mahler Probate again nobody's asking try to keep this big picture on a Monday before the holidays. Today, Finally, both of genuine Jan you sell, I use Jane, you sell with my black I've, just fine we got away and helps my skin. I use it before I get on the Ellen. Degeneres is the last chance for Shawn Christmas and holiday sale. Time is running out on Chamonix,
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You ordered today includes Jenny Cell Xxvi, anti wrinkle treatment and will be upgraded. The priority shipping for free order now get a surprise give just for honouring today Jenny that common Inner Dan thirty a check out. That's Genji, sell that calm check about tonight. Ok, so getting back this show I like to watch you Journal opinion section. They aren't always on our side. Lotta conservatives. but they do a decent job. I guess you could categorize M is kind of moderate Republicans, but they fascinating article. They ve got a really good job spidey, especially Kim Strasser, when Joe really really work. I love it here, she's just a nail due to the war. If I knows each MR, but they ask a big question, this are bad today again as incredibly, even given the hacks and the media escape scrutiny by people he's a headline from this Wall Street Journal piece about the Mahler Prob, which I think you should off any kind of answer. The question they asked Robert model
just Dossier Dodge. While she Journal Editorial Board, they ask the question: why, The special council not tell America that Christopher steals information was false. Folks. If we now know this is how the show ties back, we like to leave everything together. They call me lied to the Said they weren't investigating the dossier, We now know they were in mid. a and December? We know that We send people overseas to try to verify this and came up with a big fat goose egg, nothing. They know by now, Amber December right after the first phase of war in October October? Eyes warrants issued November December. They know this is false at the latest, the late January of twenty seventeen, the latest call me and is FBI interviewing steel sources who tells them. This thing is all garbage its bar talk. It's crap, its gossip Mahler is not
pointed. Ladies and gentlemen, until five, its later in May of twenty? Seventy, dollar knows from the start. This thing, is Jos, Christmas gift of human waste. It. Our baggage it's the Nose mother's, not stupid. So the journalist, the question why heck, was mother doing. Why was he people what we have asked. So the journal, I answers its own question. What is we too possible centres- and the only reason I bring it up- is because I know self praise thanks. brought this up one Mala was appointed in May that model, Job was what Joe
say, the reputation of the FBI clean up man excuse Anglia, mothers only job and may not investigate collusion. Folksy knows it's a hoax, he knows it's a hoax. Forget it model knows the Middle EAST appointed the whole thing's also, what's he doing? He is desperately maybe the revised scope memo guess said the August Second mammals and we believe it includes things that include investigating the dossier. Why is right? Roses die given Malo the power to investigate the dossier job because their desperate to believe it's true and they say, listen if call me couldn't verify it in December November. In January. Maybe you can Bob hears, you know, twenty thirty million dollar budget go prove this dossier true and they that group that liberal group that's paying the former Senate staffer Dan Jones, who still
trying to verify the dossier when Molly appointed folks they were desperate. That's the first. They answer the own question. They were desperately save the reputation of the FBI. How proving Joe at least one. He element of this dossier that led to the five. What was true- and I couldn't do it because it was a hoax. So Mahler is buying time and the second thing that conclusion that companies Weissmann mothers pulled. Hates Trump, which he does so I spent in mother in this? Is this dream team of buffoonery go out for months a year over a year desperately trying to prove at least one element that dossier true. So they can say what you are. My bad debt the I screwed up, but at least this was true yet, and they keep it going forever with the hope and the prayer their true
we'll be impeached due to media and liberal pressure before they have to come to the written conclusion which do in the end that the whole thing We should think he's a host, but they know with the whole time. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a total complete farce. I won't quit story before we go. Another great story that was used by tax cuts lies with German. Some good news. The economy's motoring along the trumps tax cuts are doing great work. I Garrick Kevin ACID who work at the Trump Administration have agreed up at our tax reform is delivered for workers in the Wall Street Journal today and what does it take away I just wanted to make sure you understood, is everything you ve been told about. This is a lie that german trump tax cuts to destroying middle class and lower income workers. That's not true, ladies and gentlemen, it's totally made up its fabricated. Here's a quote from the peace. The numbers a strike over the past year, nominal wages for the lowest brought this up Lois and percent of american earners. On my corner workers, jobs- I've been per the growth
for those with ice cover Papa was nine percent. ladies and gentlemen, people in the lower income categories. Low wage earners are the ones benefiting the most from the trunk tax cuts. Everything you're being told by the Democrats is alive. Look at this charge from the Wall Street Journal reminded me this morning that we had from last week now. I know, charts your hard for liberals Alex If you? U, your listeners, the blue line of action, hourly earnings going up. The blue line represents low wage industries. There's a an line, middle wage industry, wage growth and a yellow line for high wage industries. Ladies and gentlemen, who had the biggest wage growth. Blue line, wage industries. Ladies but those watching on Youtube Youtube that complex respond, GINO, low wage industries year wage growth high age industries here?
I'm doing way it putting one above the other wage income grown. I wage income, growth, Oh lie nowadays is are, as I know, you don't get it if you're a liberal, but try to do basic Math ACT is not just an anxious once in a while, you ll be a better man for are we it don't forget to miss. I don't forget that adult may succeed me had indeed an idle begets dose of Russian really excited about that opportunity, and again the best of tomorrow and Christmas. Please them your eye. Youtube channel Youtube that calm slashed don't miss my Devon Newness Interview there. There are some stinging gems in that it. If you had so good thanks the congressmen newness for doing it and, most importantly, have a very merry Christmas and a happy hanukkah. We really do our audience this time a year of giving and thanks guys sincerely from the bottom of my heart, really appreciate everything you ve done for us. You made our show just such a pleasurable experience that
so much. We will see you back on Thursday, so take ever marry Julia family seal. You just heard tan bond genomes yeah. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.