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More Troubling Deep State Connections Emerge (Ep 1160)

2020-01-16 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the stunning connections between the Ukraine scandal and the impeachment hoax. All roads lead to Ukraine. I also address the latest anti-Trump hoax which emerged on MSNBC last night. News Picks:LOL: HBO announces a new documentary about fake news, produced by fake news Brian Stelter. 


Even the biased FISA Court appointed reviewer says the FBI isn’t doing enough to stop abuses.


The DOJ forcefully denies the latest claims in the Ukraine sham. 


The looney Democrats’ impeachment ceremony was “like spackling a turd with gold paint.” 


Rand Paul puts shakey Republicans on notice for the pending impeachment trial.


This 2015 article highlights some interesting connections between the Clintons, Iran, and a major Ukrainian donor.


Gun-grabbing liberal Governor in Virginia to declare a “state of emergency” to trample on the Second Amendment


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean avenue at all we i am going to tie together for you the various strands of the crane hoax the clinton not home the hopes they wanted you to believe me patron hoax them where was investigating and actual russian collusion scandal hoax and i promise you the connection between the ukraine all this stuff is going to absolutely astonish you it's will eat your lunch folks don't go anywhere i've got that boy gay yesterday that that ridiculous impeachment show they did with the funeral procession will cover all that don't go anywhere weapon that thereby gino shepherdess to show how are you today debating doing good dan already for another of better danes kitchen bagel baking yes
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so we set the table as to where we are in very randy macho mankind a language here last night roswell rachel chided promote another one of our ridiculous conspiracy theories on her job an ip eminem is miss nbc she had left partisan love partners is this guy who is now being prosecuted for some of them did scheme is being prosecuted believe in southern district in new york he had had some kind tackle rudy giuliani about the ukrainian malfeasance the guy earliest wept now is is obviously trying to stay out of jail and is providing in maybe we discuss some of the yesterday so if it was written on the hotel no pierre had candidly hilarious ad aware eddie that would have been to how that's evidence is beyond me buddy become the new cause celeb amongst the liberals who are desperately trying to promote what conspiracy theory number six thousand seven hundred and forty two against donald trump so what
happened last night i want to set the table before i go to other ukraine connections to clinton's i ran this that's gonna blow your mind going on what are the democrats so desperate to hide in ukraine and how is it this letter poorness operation resembles quite closely the whole thing they did michael cohen being prosecuted southern district in new york to what's the scheme get the district attorney's office is that leans left to prosecute tromp associate for what would be mattress tag ripping off like crimes typically that aren't typically prosecuted right my go prosecute and get them to flip on track and get them to invent a bunch of conspiracy theories like michael cohen did so this level this thing following that exact same trajectory cause they just can't find anything our trump so they have to make up of course so that article the wall street journal this when you get it had an interesting summation of what part said again partners was working with rudy giuliani at some of the ukrainian mouthpiece
what's going on and partners as these now well under way verbal claims upon it said quote he warned ukraine aid he warned top ukraine officials on aid and potential cut off a funds julia associate claims he pressed for investigations benefiting tromp politically ladies there's a big problem with partners too big problems about his claims and you ll see what the democrats and deep staters and bureaucrats are so desperate to hide nuclear what i've done what the next section but there you in part is now to hide this again just like their use the impeachment hoax against from first last night of the matter shore imply that he relayed a message to ukrainian officials say hey listen you don't do mr president europe is going to cut off aid to your country very simple which would be some kind of a quid pro quo the democrats who try to prove well what's the problem with that ladies and gentlemen while from the wall street journal peace the guy
the ukrainian official the associated the ukrainian president who will gently partners said if you don't do this present trumps going too far cut off funds guy sir he is name is sir sir he schaeffer while mister jeffrey statement last year said that compromise is conversational mr partisan his associate eagle roman was about the request to arrange a meeting with mr giuliani gary joe wasn't brought up mr juilliard he know that mr parties had relate such a message to ukraine apparently either did the guy mr party says he will the message gets folks eddie get the waiver tinfoil cap wearing conspiracy theories if you're on the liberal side of the spectrum add some ladies and gentlemen in this grand impeachment hoax this embarrassment this fraud hoax shit
i'm impeachment at some point you're gonna have to actually produce someone in ukraine claims they were a victim of the quid pro quo you claims eggs you claim exists that nobody the ukrainian side knows anything about the eu any president there was no quid pro quo this guy sir he suffer who apparent we are told by parties there's a quid pro quo what is set for say there was no quid pro quo at a point you have produced a victim this is the democrats impeaching presidential for robbing a bag yet they can't find it she will back it was wrong to others what at some point you're gonna have to produce a victim here this is why i said last night on the ingraham angle on fox and method i don t should this risk it there's no case it's there drawing the democrats politically it's hilarious it's a face when it is killing the folks if i thought they had anything i donald trump i'd say folks time to worry they're gonna have to some fancy they better having suchet behaviour the problems
ro behaviour the do what he did let the democrats kid and you too tired out live part is conveniently is under a federal investigation right now he's obviously trying to get a deal who keeps saying these things that are refuted by evidence we already have i this ukrainian joe i told em no and if you don't do a job says they are the ukrainian sir did he say that sent mr set he said i did hear that you guys ever going to produce a victim no quid pro quo we read that script that call the ukrainian president said there was no deal and now this guy's efforts says there is no quid pro quo either at some point you ever going to produce i witness who is actually a witness to a crime and a victim who is actually a victim of the crime you are alleged to high crime europe a the present for you ever going to produce a victim ever at any point so
this credibility problem number one he says i told this guy and new create about the quid pro quo the guy in ukraine that eyes it credibility number two our new semi interview s an attorney general bill bar he knew all about this ladies and gentlemen bill bar and his team have forcefully they knew anything about this repeatedly now you call a bill bar a liar which be very hesitant to do he does be this job is threatening a completely independent mind from day one unless you're willing to go on the record and defend this guy i suggest the report is re evaluate that one a bar knew you sure about that i would throw that paul there it is arrest vodrey onto feel i'd review that play
i think that when it's gotta be overturned on review credit problem number three four left partners the new cause like the new all star the left left parties party says but do not let me just say listen apart a here's a video from tonight on the rachel roswell rachel shall again pumping and other conspiracy theory we're partners how's rachel matter that the who created basayev individual monitoring me and others which is really weird by the way i suggest you do any illegal or temporarily was monitoring by social media by a kind of weird your monitoring me i thought we were conspiracy theory you so worried about are they were monitoring as that's that's a fact yet again suggesting she broke the law very states as they were monitoring our social media which is public i'm simply siege thing if marie ivanovitch the ukrainian about you i know was involved in some serious stuff over there if you ve got
which was wasn't concern about a soccer ball wacky conspiracy theories them why would you having people watch our stuff maybe we were exposing you kind of big fan partners because maria via budget aid another all star on the left now because parentage doesn't like donald trump party says they wanted jovanovic god that was the only reason for this operation booty giuliani gotta get rid our here's partners on the mat our show told me today a lot about that effort including one point apologizing for expressing regret but he also made crystal clear why you're gonna which was targeted the way she was do you believe that part of the motivation to get rid of ambassador yolanda bits to get her out of post was because she was in the way of this effort to get the gun if ukraine to announce investigations of job i only that was the only like there's other ok now you ordered that's
so joe again you know you are the voice of the audience how their partners is now on the record on a television interview on roswell rachel shower saying hey the only reason we wanted this impasse rather's she was getting away trump we training because you're a diamond says yet had tipp chuck cross the daily collar did a great job and covering this that's funny job his indicted this is indictment whose again under federal investigation is kind of a small nuggets and out their says he was pushing for your bonaventure removal and twenty eighteen and they i've been says that a ukrainian official demanded it well what does not you just said
i did i miss something georgia juba did he say that wasn't the only reason the other reason was ukrainians one of your parliament shall lead you make it was thought that you have the courage that you're on your own distressing right come on i would say that unless the jew deceptively added that well not deceptively thank him it did so there's no statement out there you cut out to deceive now loyal audience never never partners at no point indicates that there is another reason they want to be avoided which out that a ukrainians water up but what it says it is indictment but again liberals don't let the facts get in the way this i will say finally before i move on to the intricate where of ours that although each other and all meet each other in this case folks this guy has curious credibility issues just like michael call it serious credibility michael call member states in the same capitol hill briefing said said trumpet
do anything to win and it made statements that like trumped didn't care about winning and throws it well what what stories true dude which one now i want to together this week before we do it died i swear it let's get it i gotta pay for my show this is gonna be one of the best segments you ve ever done showing you here's the headline what are they democratic hiding in ukraine some of you yesterday and take away number two to keep that mine what their hiding all of the people involved in ukraine impeachment spike eight know each other and they all need each other i traced we're through our bodies that nets read this if you don't know you numbers you don't know your business that's what nets we by oracle is set out to solve that problem we use nets we here is the best so easy to use by gino ache would collapse without nets we because most companies a clear picture their finances that's why a lot of businesses they'll don't let your business fail to question for
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free guide today at net sweet dot com slash by gino net sweet conflict punch you know don't wait another days a great system we love it nets we tackle slash bungee ok let's start painting a picture here what the democrats are so eager to make go away in ukraine with their fake whistleblower complaints remember whatever as took our calls and says i have two had tipp amandas whenever they demo that's accuse you of doing tattooing themselves why do they do because they know this sycophantic boot licking but kissing media will parrot whenever stupid talking point they have are those of any evidence exists or not so what are they hiding in ukraine let's go back to a gentleman named victor pinch look here we go for those you listen to show avenues zero zero zero zero one percent as you figured out what i was gonna yes we would aspen thanks for your emails i read em
for those of you you're probably figure out where go with this writer victor pincher ukrainian individual what is victor pinchbeck have to do with any of this well let's go to screen number one if you like to follow up the visuals at home youtube slash bond gino you can watch these visuals as well so the picture is a ukrainian individualist very wealthy and victim turkey is involved pretty heavily to his foundation with the atlantic council here is a press release from them the pinch fun dot org the victor prince you found it supports the atlantic councils ukraine in europe initiative designing our eyes international support for an independent ukraine within secure borders ok what does this have to do with the democrats will get there so victor where are you well the guy in ukraine has this initiative he supports with the atlantic council the atlantic council some of your aunt hannah thing naming maiming already go up right now you who
this picture now remember what we're talking about here what are the democrats hiding in ukraine i'm too you with their hiding as these people all know each other involving the trumpet down and they all need each other they shot that up who s this pincher now speak under this atlantic council have come up again in a minute pretty tight with those clinton's an acquaintance don't seem to want everybody to know that they know pincher remember this peace the wash them examined this is a duty sarah westwood from august twenty sixteen the best part about the show we dig up old stuff that's out a week i'm really spoke about an issue i slept super good last night right power can you tell only be only one person to another headline worsted exam email show clinton denied dead met with ukrainian daughter ok dad be who could that be
let's go to the peace and find out who she's trying to hide meeting with quote sarah westward made public jews show ukrainian businessmen and major clinton foundation donor while sure that's not as having to with his robes wasn't the hillary clinton home during the final year very diplomatic tenure what could pinch shook me from the clinton joe donate answer the clinton foundation supports the atlantic and what could he possibly need now let's go back to the piece of i know what they're trying to hide here he may have nearly all meet each other jobs despite our folks men's insistence and twenty fourteen that the donor pincher never cross passed with the clinton's while she serve the secretary of state while they have any female invite to her house there are denying it ever happen goes on victor pinch because given up to wait twenty five million to the converted paul is that a typo will is that twenty five dollars so nano joe
stated policy now here somewhere readers victor pincher did joe that's twenty five million yes it does you twenty obey thank you we have a tool for we have two of em back me up pensions but after twenty five may the clinton foundation appeared on the list that was said between dennis chang and executive at the clinton foundation and human aberdeen that's his right hand woman by the way ahead june twenty twelve dinner buddy noted in the subsequent email that the gathering would be hosting clinton's home ash so a really wealthy ukrainian guy what are they hiding in ukraine who knows the ended so this really well ukrainian do who is it only donated to twenty five million in the current foundation is invite the a meeting in the quit this house a nice little cutesy dinner we only advisory body for dinner over here and our out but this i go into the clinton house he also
supports the atlantic council to same guy same guy you stole it you saw that he still apply clear lie about secret service quickness the golf he did a very good true story he did a bad shot a good shot and the first line out of his mouth be same guy same guy joe steal it how did you know this morning i had to tell him i was good governance so you did so what is pin shook me from the collins and why is he supported the atlantic council ok this story gets even bent who else is associated with the atlantic council that this wealth ukrainian whose apparently really type with the clinton given their foundation a whole lot of money having dinner at the house crazy tom who this is associated with the atlantic council that pinch yoke is funding while this is crazy look at this dmitri our petrovitch peace on the atlantic council to dmitri perhaps some of you really who the hell is that
folks that's just the ceo of the crowd schreyer company said parity the salary that the dnc was hacked by the russian remember that company crowd try so the sea or with accompany our petrovitch a sits on this council funded the guy who is best bodies with the clinton's who had a real interest in making you believe the russians hack the dmz don't worry media people see here at all but wait cities ladies and gentlemen your imagining all of this this is just a big conspiracy theory by the way these actually press releases from the atlantic council's own website but don't worry we made it up paul and i photoshop dollar this tonight pretty good yours very delicate of course this is real we're junkie he's a real threat got the guy's a ceo of the company that swears the russians hacked dnc the f b i never looked at the server he sits on it
and a council funded by a guy who's a major donor the quaint foundation was having dinner at the house don't worry folks nothing to see here move along who else is on the atlantic council since just crazy all one big coincidence what more could see the atlantic council's website get former deputy assistant secretary the feds evelyn farc is the atlantic council as a non resident senior fellow press release by evelyn far here crazy time poos evelyn farkas whatever with forecast came onto our radar screen back in about twenty sixteen you can see in this fox news peace she was a parliament of defence official that's a senior level in the obama administration and she went on nbc and base msnbc and basically blew up the whole spying scandal on the trump team quote
fox news march of twenty seventeen shooting twenty seventy former obama i showed this causes rush to get intelligence on the trump deep who was that obama official the crazy how this happens evelyn for yes this is nuts here's quote fox news quote i was urging my former colleagues and frankly speaking the people on the hill more actually aimed at telling they help people get as much information as you can get us much intelligence as you can before president obama leaves the administration farkas who isn't a senior fellow at the atlantic council said quote because i fear that somehow the information what information they talk about joe i think about the steel of wouldn't tell just as they have crazy would disappear with the senior obama people who left could be hidden away in the bureaucracy that the trump folks they found out how we knew what we knew about their dealings with russians me mike steel stuff that they would try to
compromises sources and methods meeting we no longer have access to that tells you mean your fake sources like christopher steel where the sore seal steel said he had that was interviewed by the fbi in january twenty seventeen that said it was all garbage holding information mean that source so why you worried about she goes on msnbc gives up the whole scam and magically she appears to the atlantic council again crazy i'm whispering it's probably driving your eyes but don't worry it's all a coincidence so now we know well for ukrainian who don't aids to the clinton's who appears to need some from the clings having dinner over the collins house through the clinton's then i don't know this gosh we have i'm saying you know this guy that does it matter where the coins we're gonna lie anyway we
who sits on that away to council this wealth the ukrainian funds the ceo of the company who says there's a dnc hack the russians the woman who blows up the whole spy gate scandal and goes i am ass a b c and now opens her mouth and basically reveals the whole spy gate scandal and ass the kindly walked acting back she lines up in the atlantic council too who else is the atlantic council partnered up with gosh these ngos these non governmental organisations show like you an account they really seem to know a lot of people quite a club crazy how they're all funded by people who seem to like the clinton's and they see the scoop up all these people in a way out given nice board seats maybe you should be quiet if you johnny alleged accounts who s in a partnership this job is crazy talk together it's all a big conspiracy theory folks remember what let's go to
one of the biggest ukrainian newspapers the key posts to care post let's go to that look at this for test case parizade atlantic council signed a cooperation agreement wow published in january of twenty seventeen isn't this crazy this is like this saturday night live church lady specially math passion such skis charisma sides of the atlantic council funded the guy's a clinton donor who the clinton's are denying knowing now that's really not whose what guess what the hell's bereavement just you who runs bourgeois who hired hunter by joe biden kid for a fee and see lucrative board sea despite hunter biden having no experience with parisian actual product which is what natural gas bearing all signed a cooperation agreement this is joe is this yards this is very as is clearly a serious lead it you know what i'd hate to do a somewhat i think a screenshot but we need you to to fashion a tin
oil cap we will cut to you on the site where you can put it out because we need our tinfoil capture it this is this is all crazy time right now i don't want to mess up shows great elvis look in here you can see is elvis looking here at an event we'll be doing which will be announcing very shortly i'm excited about its active tinfoil can show clearly the ukrainian kiev posts is making this all up man cause it's a big conspiracy theory so just to go back the alone council funded by current donor the claims that i know donated five million who maybe it's from the clinton's we'll get to that a second funds in atlanta council conveniently seeds the ceo of a company alleging that dnc was hacked by the russians g that benefited the cleansing it the woman who if after all spiky scan lot msnbc us a
cooperation agreement with the natural gas company that hires hunter biden the vice president son as these the point man joe biden on ukraine and natural gas in ukraine don't worry folks again not think they see year do we have a blind as an aside applied for to have a serious in the way of the great stories ever they said stuff that p o box like overflowing would stop firing see no evil media here no evil these are not worth entertaining these connections at all again it's just a big coincidence let's get back to our body pinchbeck here so pinch fuck who donate a whole lot dockets through the clinton found fishing families have dinner over at the house they filet mignon
little delmonico stake inside you from last night he seems to need something what could we possibly need or you know that this fascinating news we peace news we believe it or not that doesn't really do a lot of journalism anymore but they may have stumbled cross you know even a blind squirrel finds it not once in a while our story my worry rostrum twenty fifteen april twenty fifteen line hillary clinton big benefactor has trade links with i ran wow who could that be definitely not victor pincher definitely not know unfortunately these gentlemen it is written up a company called degrade idle tried out its jet job it's clearly not but just try for a second to suspend
but we shall calories big benefactor pincher this ukrainian you craig what are they hiding in ukraine gee i don't know pincher this well for ukrainian apparently has a company called enter and enterprise sold some materials in the urn according to the new sweet peace against up and you know that calm mrs newsweek mainly report fact newsweek doesn't always do that kind of stuff but they stumbled out of here pinches old some material some of his interplay products too i ran while the poor with that is in that it petrochemical industry ran is on sanctions less ran is on a there there on a list where you can't do business specifically but i ran over a certain dollar amount that now amounts a million dollars again what are the peace pinching sale of equipment to i ran in that field acceded they add the s anxious number by about hundred thousand dollars he saw one
when a million dollars in materials to area meaning what meaning pension may have found themselves on a sanctions list in the united states which probably would have done a low gonna lord long way towards harming his company sanctions less monitored by people at the state department and was run in the state department back then come to me in a second blonde hair lost the election called the sole deplorable what was her name couldn't find wisconsin on a map yes that's right hillary clinton crazy talk worry again folks it's all create we're all that's right so we could have pop onto the sanctions list kind of it's some help after taking this sailed away ran all the ariane deal negotiations would go and do what they get no worry that's not related either the area and the low bomber why don't even worry about that
you would have got rid of a lot of the sanctions that would have benefited pincher predawn word that's not related either so just the sum up well for ukrainian guy again what are you hiding in ukraine they all know each other and they all meet each other a well the ukrainian dude donates milk so the clinton foundation meeting they clinton's or or trying to at our house deny their running away from knowing this guy pincher pitchforks gotta come that made a assailed by ran that could upon them on our sanctions list a list whereby the clinton's pinch of mr clinton's the pinch hook and a need here is everybody needs each other picture
funds in atlanta council the atlanta council has all these people intimately involved and the spy gate scandal that are put in board seats in everything to lay all need each other they all need everybody to shut their pie halls and they keep their soup coolers closed because you're looking at the biggest scandal in u s history in spike how many times do i have to tell you ukraine gate fake with the blow a gate impeachment gate mahler gate spy gay it's all the same players every show this week has documented and intricate web of imbeciles we all know each other all need each other to shut their soup cores and the currency of the realm is money and clutched employed board positions to keep your mouth shut you pick
put on put now again oh you all the liberal media lunatics out there you please with humility and respect i just kidding i don't respect you at all but just for this that sounds good i'm i'm not getting everyone does i want you to challenge one of the connections i just made challenge what you anything i just said of course you can because i what i'd like to do is i don't have you noticed but we did use any conservative websites in that report it other than about wash examined but they're they're pretty straight news they have eighty trump people approach frumpy they do pretty straight news channel jerry thing i just said you can't because iran that fisheries policy we need a new documents it am wary other inherited their errand as i found it out
from yesterday that's really lie so tell adam ship is a baby this is the ever i found this in a hotel this is the new evidence it was next to harness this letter really more damaging to attribute we should all should this offer chair emily raven evidence i would bet the court is as an add on the other i swear i don't need it is it falls iran is one of the best charities that they give him a shadow issued we love them folks we just had a media that did their jobs really these people would be exposed for all the the idiot seated we need new avenues president broke the law policy just that they are so desperate folks to hide the biggest political conspiracy in modern american history and what they're doing she's relentlessly throwing jello what a wall and hoping one piece of it sticks let's make up another day tromp collude with ukraine actually guys it appears you guys colluded with ukraine needs
not all media people we want the opposite the bees so stupid i got a lot to get a lot more let me just give you a little teasing what's ahead folks pause not playing games you know i'm a big fan around paul i get it we don't know listen i gotta see eye to eye with every single politicians too i look in principle for guys principle on something and we disagree at least stands for something in when it counts sometimes you'll be there for again not alive you going to agree on a big fan of ran paul love rampart he's playing games i got an article nine coming up also that this new posts cover covenant next that's asked terrific but i want to welcome an awesome new sponsor a final sponsor the day ashuelot false listen it's new year i know you want to get into shape when it lean and mean by polish get lean and mean right now and will work coming aboard echelon to get fit and twenty twenty you don't have to do
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p c h e o o n fit dotcom slash dan actual on fit dot com slash then go today gonna love this product policy directed to this moving on maybe say dan agony not cover the you know it hoax impeachment article is being delivered yesterday we had a china deal folks i am issues so much going on it's like you and i think that a trick from a fire hose it's like trying to drink from a tsunami hit you wanna sure i got a priority so i try did they think of a way to simply sum up what happened yesterday in the new york posted for me new york posts covered today no you are pretty much sums up everything that happened at its basically a split screen the headline is sign of the times you have that happily conspiracy theory promoting nancy pelosi signing the hoax impeachment articles and president trump lay the enormous trade deal signing that with china das job do you ever does it up there you go i've
we addressed the impeachment hoax over a series of shows so the fact that they signed a hoax yesterday in that goofy ceremony folks nancy policies focused good tested a key point was whatcha everything's gonna be joseph said yes yes right serious mama rachel with impeachment shirt is now we remember that you are right if i were fed sufficing trap it in my eyes are in a little trip and so we should all be crime while major ports yesterday for assent in summer moment so she signing the thing i showed a video but it's just that you ve seen it a million she signing the impeachment seconds taking pictures everybody china itself because she's handing out depends like it's like an ebay convention will put this on ebay when you get a thousand parchments she's literally handing out depends like it's a celebration here you go folks can time yes that happen you can see the video the absurdities yourself somber walk you get a pad
it's like oprah you're gonna get you gotta go i'll think about it you're gonna pay should offer they are to do that you get up you'll get it but it was so dumb and superimposed why should they split screen to be precise next to the image of president tribe citing this massive trade with china listen democrats i'm here to give you advice i am a conservative i'm a partisan obviously i don't run from it i love what i do i love my job and i love being a conservative and proud of i believe in freedom but i'm telling you checked if as a partisan like me possibly can be if you think what you did yesterday made you looks what edgier cooler at the tipp of the political sphere you ferociously miscalculated you look like morons i was at a restaurant last night leaving
i was on the line to get my car fix everything floored is about everything you cannot park your own car anywhere it floored i'm not kidding anywhere you care park your current everything's valet so i'm waiting for a car and a guy they missed me for a few staff so people know me from fox many people talk about the impatient they occupy this is so stupid there were like i'm like i know i know i can do waiting they did was piss off about forty percent of american that's all you did you will gain nothing from this politically which your funeral session with the articles they were like his case caleb hollows great on twitter he d worked with us full disclosure bit caleb their walk him the articles right and they haven't like us trying to look somber over the house so caleb put it the darth vader theme song tobacco it's so gray maybe i'll retreat at its clarity definiteness retweeted through its historical their child
look all sombre they really just looked helping now on the trade the quick they do i get a lot together lot of your email me hey what's the deal is good or bad folks i am an average free trader it gets me trouble my audience i'm but a matter here to lie to you again i'm here to just tell you the truth what i feel is truth and factual you don't have to agree with me i read your emails on it i think this tree here with china is a huge deal i have always been a freak as long as it's fair and its own the rules apply to both sides is clear the chinese have cheated for a long time we get that i'm actually glad the president fought back but this trade deal would be a big and the easiest way to sum up why trade deals are a good thing and free to free and fair trade is a good thing the easiest way to summon up as an analogy we have not used in a long time it simple but it's sees an imagine two islands
forget to countries could change the staff it gets confusing the here again the i know jos heard the millionth handed listen this is you're like a zero zero zero zero why have you remember this week as we start we started using this analogy when we went to the convention in the south carolina foresee our tv like four years ago folks you have two islands they trade with each other you may say to yourself like well if we a trade deficit the words they're sending us more stuff then we are sending ma am a trade deficit was at a bad thing i don't know silently one oliver do you want to live on the island that's getting shipments from the other island of a whole bunch of stuff you don't have to make or do you work to produce it yourself to give it to them i want the stuff i'm just asking so do i ladies and gentlemen i get it's a very simplistic model i i do not believe that the chinese have been
they are trading partner so i do agree with the president did to get to this end point here but i simply say es thank you when you do still down free trade simple analogy i get it is easier to understand if the chinese want to produce a bunch of cheap rubber dog toys we'll take em we have the smartest most educated workforce in the world we don't need to be making rubber dog toys okay we don't i can't say that enough our expertise futures is gonna be treaty manufacturing high and manufacturing very complex a computer generated assembly lies a i the medical tests allergy gene technology this is where the future the united states is why would we want our people buy thing there but grinding their fingernails down to the bone if we can get them jobs you're smart enough we are bright i've been hard working enough that don't require them to do that that can just type a few
this is a code into a computer that'll do that telling anybody to learn to code like dopey joe biden not everybody wants code a computer i'm simply suggest thanks to you that there are other opportunities in the future for jobs that will pay a lot of money that don't require you to kill yourself releasing all day and a manual labor job that you could do more with less of people out there i mean i'll give you just a quick example i ain't did in college i was a painter even guys painting my house or dealing with equipment i've never seen but i'm not even kitty and you know what date equipment makes their job easier to stop us dinner but but
but i've never seen before i'm not even getting it to pay with a brush general these guys have some really fancy stuff out their free trade is a good thing passions had here today they see me sweat and a little bit that even with the maker matter firearm thy good thing big deal yesterday for trump especially when contrasted with this ridiculous impede been hopes and nancy pelosi doing the opera give what you get up and you get a bed i saw ramparts not kidding around folks service article on political and i very rarely put out and show no its articles from above and echo because there i've leaning rag but once in a while there's an article worth your time and reading even if it is from a left leaning slammed which political pretty much always is eyes political congress will be opened the shown as they please subscribed to our newsletter we send you these articles everyday bonn gino
calm slash newsletter we will send you these articles everyday joiner email list we will not spam your inbox i promise is a really good article quote ran all threatens fellow republicans with explosive witness votes again a headline that's kind of hyperbolic and hysterical but good for employees guys not playing games and why does ran paul actually threat according to the headline to do well of course you have weak leader publicans out there like fake republican really more of a democrat mitt romney never is more of a no not a rhino romney's like a democrat navies i'm really a republican or all around these a fake so you know we're always worried about robbed me of course always taking this side of the democrats but joe don't worry only on things that actually matter the matter like naming a building after someone romney's definitely under republic instinct because he needs to win the republic in primary newton stay a senator because he's power hungry so
mommy's like area maybe we should get some new witnesses up there in this senator witnesses i dont you guys just voted jerry neither said joe clearly during his impeachment press conference yesterday which i found ironic that the case its present tromp was open and shut he said i was just impedes the present or what you just said was an open and shut case but joe simple question you tell me if i'm crazy please stop me if the case so put in shot you just a piece to present an open and shut case why do you need the witnesses that's a good question dan thank you producer joe i'm just asking folks you can't have it both ways either president guilty as sin and you made your case unimpeached them or you you made a crap case and now you're trying to invent new evidence like evidence its back minutes i have new evidence so now they need no evidence so they when this is because the old evidence that they
to president apparently is garbage despite navigated was open and shut in case it open and shut so repulsive ok we're going to take a vote on individual witnesses will i want to talk to her by heights of this kind of this guy men are my grand that's fine man's principle i've met the man personally full disclosure i love this guy is not lessen around scepticism else no net ran like getting his scientific take a vote on witnesses i want hunter biden up there from the peace this is crazy quote repulses for more of his geo p colleague stung about round me and the crew the squad
republican squad squad part do or like alien and aliens the sequel squads this is squads diana send me a bunch a sequel those really funny by the way you know you i get too remote parts as a form of the gnp squad jointly democrats to enter a new witness testimony he'll make descended on supporting the presence preferred witnesses including hunter biden and the fake so i added faith in who revealed the ukraine scandal polarizing picks who moderate republic is aren't eager to call so we have this simple message first party and the trial before this is called i love this guy i love this guy this code if you vote against hundred by new voting to lose your election basically seriously that's what it is one for mr paul you sir oh yeah man i love resilient
so so why so you know the squire led by mid their worried about the score is a squad of really knows this case a hoax these want to hurt the president khatami isn't like of course occasions i know you know the democratic name only he's out really are rightly doesn't even earn rhinos so rami and ever gonna fall like achieved should let's get some no witnesses in here to make a new case we couldn't make efforts to bring peace to president busy working with the democrats rhino romany dinah rhino romany no he's a dry no democrat epidemic republican and dried out robbie try it out there you go drove put it don't take it cried i'll try to go along with a little buzzer joseph course every over there a breaking news tried all alert mitt romney i keep thinking i don't care who think about good you paul saying let's take a vote on everyone so if you're
be a dry now like romney meat and then that this marhaus key in alaska whose really almost ass bad if not worse than rami that's fine you do your thing i'm gonna make you vote on hundred biden to you get what he's doing then when you do you rhino thing because rami more caskey because there on the democrats team they won't vote to get hundred buying up there make no mistake we're gonna make sure every single person in the republic in primary when europe for election next knows that you voted for fake witnesses to impede the president but when it came to real witnesses like hunter biden and the place he worked a partner with the atlantic council it was funded by the clinton donor who is selling stuff too i ran yet that guy we're gonna make sure everybody knows you voted against them to have added mittens good luck
run your new squad over there isn't a shows become a force because a u hundreds of thousands of people tune it thanks to you you i can't watch once believe me mittens is listening dry know me guy admits do you think let's see we give out another by you want witnesses we're gonna get witnesses are about the fake whistleblower to mention his name had forbid but oh right maybe every other whistleblowers to be out by every new member adam loved your that whistleblower hear me out by every little out there what's a humiliating but not all fake whistleblowers you definitely we gotta keep their man shows what a scam total i one last stories and run out of time it may soon thanks nightingale through europe
can we skipper had to was wall street support i'll get one story demise washed in time stories really gonna get to tomorrow but just give you a heads up the guy told you who is totally biased that guy david chris who was appointed by he finds court judge to look at five abuse even this guy doesn't they the fbi do a good job reforming their pfizer preach about i want to talk about that at length so i get that from our statements import story but i stable than a marketing have it labeled is the most important story of the day you may be a white one more you cover that last well because it requires just a little bit of of analysis here but secondly it could be a toy given all everything i just talked about i'm not kidding when i tell you the gravity of this story is import right what is it while she journalism but the blackmail and believe me it is worth your time by day manager it says can try earn black support by
sanders and worn would say these new minority jobs fell like manna from heaven the jobs it minority voters are getting the work getting there may credit the president ladies and gentlemen i say this is the most important story today because if what i'm about to get you in this story is true and trump defies history and gets anywhere close to twenty twenty five even thirty percent of the black box again that would be unprecedented i'm not kidding when i tell you the democrat party could be done for a generation you don't believe me look at the screen shot from this peace quote now there citing here too for i get to this there have been recent polls a couple of them showing president trop is at an astonishing thirty percent approval amongst the blackfoot wage never seen anything like that in a modern year tanagers i the reason this unlikely thirty percent number
it's the seals in democratic heads for years it's been a rule of thumb in politics that of black support for republicans ever reach twenty percent of the total vote a democratic pray financial candidate would not be well to win ever ever that's not me enemy ever debts in the peace by headings folks that is axiomatic pod illogical that is a numerical fact if age p candidate hits twenty percent of a black boat and gets twenty percent of black voters support the democrats are finished they have no chance if trop gets thirty you are looking at a sea change in politics you're look
yet the potential of him winning thirty eight to forty states in the next election if that numbers true why say but why is that republicans in the last few election cycles have cleaned up in the ex rural america and sometimes in the suburbs struggling but the suburbs this time where did the democrats clean up in the cities large minority populations in the cities ladies and gentlemen if the cities and swing states don't v eighty to ninety percent for president trump and god forbid for the democrats it seventy third even sixty five thirty five the democratic finished because in the suburbs the ex serbs and a rural america combined trump could clean up at sea the five seventy percent of the vote some of these states
now i know this topic is very familiar to joe and i both who are deeply familiar joe is in maryland politics for gas twenty years on the radio i and his wife and the state of merrily merrily as the distinction of having a very large population of very wealthy successful black voters as the wealthiest merrily black in the countries and prince just county maryland behold in rwanda the amount of you'd friend of the republican governor just one oh yes the reply looking governors one a landslide victory is re election campaign again if an organ but for the purposes this story matters how did he do it he got record numbers a black voters in baltimore city imprint you're just county the vote for he went a landslide in merrily one of the deepest blue states in the country imagined trump
replicating not hooligans campaign by hooligans kind of a rhino itself but bs trumps been strong conservative but imagine him replicating that across the country ladies gentlemen the democrats would be finished and i say to black voters out their view surveys show and i mean from the bottom of my heart with absolute sincerity give us a shot you are always always welcome here always we you unlike democrats we will not judge you we don't engage in as george w bush and he was right about a huge fan of members of the best letter we don't engaged in the soft bigotry of low expectations like the democrats it will be treated like a human being with the dignity you naturally possessed by god on this show and elsewhere you have a welcome home in a party that defends a big our god given some everyone you include what do you have to lose at this point to them cries have entirely abandoned you
are fitted away your future the history and the future of your kids the future of your grand kids destroyed the places you you live they have stride in our cities they have destroyed some of the suburbs you reside unlike prince georgia's county maryland they can get their heads out of there but you deserve a better future too because you with us i wasn't them there's only us american citizens to this is your country deserve a better tomorrow and although absolutely convinced geo peters never answer all your problems candidate may cause some problems tat we ve got some weak ones do i am a thousand percent convinced that the cause of your problems with government are caused almost exclusively by liberals what are you gotta
they are doing it in fact still missed him our show again we'll cover that story and more this has been a week of exposing the interconnections between all these players hope it's all make incense right now please share the show i really appreciate eve gerner roddy is tremendously we are up dramatically it is growing so big it's hard to even price out what it's worth thirty every day the price we really grow and that my piece of shit the show on video is well youtube com slow fine gina we're trying to get their foreign down subscribers and finally i just want to give a shout and thank you bravo as you know a brazilian jujitsu it is doing twenty years he headed out to a private lesson today's manufacture my body steve but i bravo who is one of the godfathers jujitsu just the jujitsu genius founder of ten planet of rubber guard aside in every respect you know what i mean if you re one of the finest you did you pyres ever in the history the sport gave us in
besides out on the joe rogan podcast the world's number one podcast and am i we appreciate that thank you very much i meant a lot to me i think more than you know so thank you very much i folks i see autumn you just ten bungee knows you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or so loud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bone gino
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