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Mueller is Getting Desperate # 932 (Ep 932)

2019-03-08 | 🔗
In this episode I address the devastating blow to Bob Mueller yesterday by federal judge T.S. Ellis. I also address Mueller’s desperate efforts to save the DOJ and FBI through his targeting of Manafort. Finally I address Trump’s remaking of the federal bench and the latest job numbers.    News Picks: Unbelievable! Michael Cohen met with Adam Schiff multiple times before his testimony.   Conservative New Yorkers are looking to separate from liberal New York City.   Lindsey Graham is looking into serious FISA abuse allegations.   20,000 jobs were added to the US economy in February.   Judicial Watch unearths devastating emails between Bruce Ohr and Chris Steele.    President Trump continues to remake the federal judiciary.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wanna hear thereby juno shepard who should show our unity yes day two of post left bow surgical repair dan bond gino friends you on the youtube channel there's a locker i took the ace bandit ah so that that's why well done look too bad for those you want to watch youtube listen on the audio its youtube dot com by gino we have some important visuals i do so yeah doing doing well cover in pretty good listen i've got some great stuff for you today including why man afford and these sentencing yesterday our any am the fact that only got forty seven months when he could have up to twenty four years is so important and why man afford was
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flash bungee no redeem your offer let them know i sent you to help support the show harry's dotcom slash by gino your right nice cell why this man afford so important so the breaking news yesterday ladies and gentlemen is paul metaphor we sentence by judge ts alice too a very light given the severity of the charges joy that you guys can both agree he could have seen up to twenty years plus in prison metaphor they got forty seven months in jail and ts alice the judge was dispositive on the fact that this has nothing listen girls don't freak out nothing to do with collusion these argues were related to his tax is taxpaying habits which obviously we're not great his work with the ukrainians it had nothing to do with collusion at all but why was man afford so important foxes being important showing i say that often but we'll work it out
book to now and i've been dealing with a source of mine is very good and another source of mine is really good and a researcher and work and on what book too of the spy gaping and i want you to keep in mind the big themes here does it gets lost in the wonky details of this case because it's a very complex case the whole operation to spy on and take down the trump team what are things important here ladies and gentlemen is it appears this entire case was based on this dossier and it now appears that mothers role in addition what joe and i've been telling you for a long time that mothers role is to keep the heat on donald trump and keep the heat away from europe administration malfeasance gel right we ve been saying forever it i didn't come together based on some of the research i've been doing some of the sources i've been working with mothers role also is too the kate the dossier now you may say how does this tide of the manifold sensing don't go super excited about the show i been putting this together all day all night the guy was
the forward yes or no to talk about spent about two hours on the phone yesterday to my guys are working on this mothers raw so think of it is twofold here is in its he's got a too prong attack number one keep he'd again on donald trump that's the problem we ve been focusing on for a long time if he keeps the donald trump investing it in call in his finances referring cases out to the southern district the you know that virginia district the department of justice and he continues to keep you dont trumped joe than the heat stay away obviously from the spying scandal the obama administration was about that we already know that establish will move on problem number two which is which has come to my attention in the last few months and see to be more and more salient that import every day is knowledge appears to be now to vindicate the dossier why job think this through i need everybody to work of me on and if you're not watching the show on youtube check it out after this the audio the audio go to youtube
dot com bongino subscribe to subscribed to channel watch the video this because paul is gonna be pudding some key screenshots of date i want you to take a look at this and make sense in the audio do not work but it's gonna be important knowledge bob to vindicate the dossier because the dossier is all they had departed justice in the fbi is clear now base their entire case specified on on this dossier and if mahler and make the dossier appear at least semi credible he can then rescue the department of justice in the fbi that relied on this unverified dossier to spy in the trunk to arm across please tell me that makes sense y yeah makes sense but please tell me how he's gonna do this daddy oh yes i will and then i glad you said that when you follow the dust
the dossier as i've told you repeatedly is based on glenn simpson and mary jacoby glenn simpson is the one of the co owners co founders of fusion gps gps is his company it was hired by the clintons to gin up this information on donald trump this negative information glenn simpson and you call worked on a piece of two thousand seven i've been calling the movie script for the wall street journal firing i put it to show notes again today it's a two thousand given that two thousand seventeen it's gonna be so don't lose me here this two thousand haven't peace the wall street journal and they talk bout russian influence of the united states in our political process simpson was writing for the wall street journal at the time and his wife mary jacobus co authored this peace syn to an already had this peace pre prepared folks and who is the central antagonist in this peace paul manner for peace mad afford is the kaiser so save glenn simpsons life
we're keyser so safe from the usual suspects the greatest trick the devil report was making everyone believe you didn't exist while on this it was the opposite the greatest glenn simpson ever pulled is making everyone billy paul metaphor its guides are so say so put might have metaphor it's not a good folks are not here to defend manifold he made a lot of mistakes which he pledged guilty too but i don't believe metaphor would have been targeted if man of what was not a member of the trump tee i don't really matter what would be in jail today for crimes of man form is not a member of the trump team for one hundred days what am to explain to you is more is here to vindicate the dossier by vindicating this broken ca making it appear at least send me credible what does he do with the same time show he then rescues the department of justice and fbi who can then say later okay maybe a lot of the claims in the dossier joe word debunked but look there was so me too it because the central key player in the dossier is also the central key player in a coincidence
two thousand seven wash your journal peace and that key player is paul man afford is this all make it sets now madam it is alleged in the dossier and in two thousand and seven peace to have been bob that an extensive operation by foreign governments to lobby the united states government in a kind of back handed pernicious malicious way so man afford it is seen as this middle man evil genius in the dossier is portrayed even worse as a criminal middle man who is bob than this conspiracy with michael cohen carter page and others mountains again information from the russians about hillary clinton in the dance emails to use its influence the election that's all false folks we allies of the sentencing yesterday with dsl is that this has been the buggy collusion parties debt that part of europe
i'm going to shop now that man afforded been sentence we know what mahler has right the judge that day yesterday mahler made no allegations whatsoever that the man afford accusations in the dossier that he worked with the russians too to get information on hilary influence the election none of that is true we now know he's been sentence that would have come out yesterday the sentencing and t sell us was clear the judge this is nothing you do a collusion so you maybe again this doesn't make sense you're saying two different things you're saying mothers role is to vindicate the dossier you're also saying man afford appears in the dossier is a central figure in a collusion scheme that the judges said didn't happen yes but think about it if mahler puts away and locks up manner for for a long time on these other crimes he's foreign influence operations is fairer violations he's tax violations at least or can come back later and say kay joe
dossier may have been fake but the players it was really really bad guy so off i back so sad and use it analogy quick think this through as they already in somebody stop me if it doesn't make sense targeting joe is a political opponent i put together a fake dossier alleging joe rob a bank the bank robber the allegations against joe i put it together are running and show for congress i paid someone to do it those allegations are entirely false but we if someone later on joe to investigate joe we find out joe he's been jailed for the last fifteen years josie prolific j walker and show them gets arrested and prosecuted for jaywalking now when it comes out that the dossier about joe robbing the bank was completely false in order to finish kate the local sheriff we say investigated so we can say well jordan really rob a bank which was a really prolific j worker so all in all our heads and hearts were in the right place
back at me i'm a cost yeah tracking yeah yeah like now you don't like this one bit i know you know now there's one or i can't teases enough i'm puss it's gonna be epic is gone follow a very specific timeline you're going to see what man afford is doing and i want to pat tipp one of my guys on this man affordable is to be slowly tracking the dossier to lock up in pay arrest use buff talk believed her police talk to lock up the people in the dossier to say exactly that ok the dossier may been fast but these were really bad guys so the fbi all in all did the right thing now why was and afford so important no matter is so important because manifest the key player in the dossier man affords also the key player in glenn simpsons two thousand seven wall street journal peace the movie script that the clinton's bought now
i should point out to you we discuss this before but in light of what happened yesterday with the man afford sentencing it's important to bring this up again there is key date in july i should say key we it's right around the third and fourth week of july twenty seventeen this is the day we're going to call them the civil war breaks out i don't that need an egg in a in a violent way i mean that no civil war breaks out within the white house and in the department of justice given that the role of the executive branch that's the day that's something happens july twenty seven twenty seventeen that week of did the week of july twenty seven mahler gets heard from the inspector general michael horowitz whose looking into this case whose looking to all the fbi malfeasance and spying operation on tromp the hilary when did email investigation essentially the internal affairs guy michael whore
which gives word to the mahler team that they have a series of tax that they ve gotten their hands on from lean investigator p peter stroke and his love venturous lisa page and f b i lawyer those series of texts which describe all of the mouth visas and the operation that one ought to spy on tromp are devastating mahler gets window this right around the third week july lady gentlemen those texts are devastated what are they lay out they lay out the operation to use it information on demand process a as one of my co researchers on the book here are working with me i'm book to says quote john demand he was talk to me about how in the media sometimes they have these people quote machines they know they can go do joe again closed at a given time peterson
text the lisa page with marked which mothers now aware of it by the third and fourth week of july twenty seventeen he gets when they're out there like we lay out the operation to run reverse engineer a crime against the trump what i think they were doing we ve described that is the information superhighway in the past right is they do have a crime against donald trump they have to constantly go out and cast it fishing pole for new information to put into the pfizer court because they don't have legitimate information so they have to be we go to quote machines who will produce for them coach they need show that will stand up in court whose the perfect quote machine christopher steel why because christopher steel has credibility with the fbi crystal steel has worked with the fbi and the past is an informed on the on the soccer corruption case the fifth the case now
now does it make sense why glenn simpson effusion gps hires christopher steel simpson is the one i believe simpson and his operation are using steel is a front for this information that simpson and team are producing ladies and gentlemen the dossier information that's been rubber stamp by christopher steel i dont believe as all steals information now my basing this on basing this on since wife mary jacobus makes a facebook post after this all becomes public policemen about this in tablet mag and she's as very specifically follow me here that this it's christmas information that chris hired she'd be glens information collected hired christopher steel glenn did this my why because glenn simpsons wife married in a facebook proposed it's now deleted thinks this
information is real and she wants our husband to get the credit for taking down donald trump realizing wait around that this information is gonna be entirely debunking crap on talking about the dossier they ve already out themselves they you cynthia was a rubber stamp because steel already has worked with the fbi folks this is critically important you understand this i but if this is what the text between peter stroke and lisa page indicate and some of the text we haven't seen remember there is thousands of missing text we haven't seen in the public yet i believe if they lay out an operation by the fbi and the department of justice to created information laundering operation to say hey we need to lock up joe for robbery will someone say jail rob a bank crystal steel will say oh great steals work with us before he'll be credible in front of a judge giant please tell me this makes ads you pick it up put desert yes sir there's
information gathering operation that bob mahler becomes aware of on july twenty seventh of twenty sixteen right around that we hear equally reading these texts he's probably informed by har listen we ve got a problem this crap no case counter intelligence case against donald trump was not based on real information it was based on a quote machine that this guy simpson who already wrote this movie script in two thousand seven went to his body christopher steel because he work with the fbi they basically fabricated this entire case against trump and look now there's a track record of this in the text that they were very suspicious something's going on here and they ran with the case anyway mahler panics mahler panics because he realizes the central figure in that dossier poor man afford that that darcy joe is fake it's a hoax
now mothers job is to rescue the reputation of the d j he can't have the department of justice an fbi publicly room as they relied on a hoax document from a quote machine christopher steel the latest information is simpson worse actually i believe rubber stamped it himself it was simpsons information aegis use theo's nay because the open source before they can't have that out in a public they have to make this dossier appear semi credible for what happens the morning of july twenty six twenty seventeen and i believe mahler got winded of right around the third week july about these tax man affords house gets raided july twenty sixth twenty seventeen paul has been kind enough to put some screenshots from some stories in case you doubt me july twenty six twenty seventeen man affords house gets hit early in the morning man afford is the key fire ladies and gentlemen you can't
the usual suspects without keyser so say there's no movie the movie would be a joke they'd be no movie there's no script manner what is the key figure in glenn simpsons life he's been investigating and from two thousand and seven on madison the key player in the dossier follow me mahler now knows he gets the text that the dossier is garbage that its fabricated information on demand used investigate the trump team when they had to go to a quote machine it's not based on real information it's a hoax in rescued a hoax manafort desperately get a desperately hits the house on a search warrant a man afford desperate to uncover watch show evidence of collusion with the russians because the evidence of collusion in the dossier is a hoax what happens joe now
happens no evidence of collusion with man of fort and the russians ever turns up how do we oh this because matter for every sentence yesterday in the judge was crystal clear there is no evidence of russian collusion what else do you need to hear now what happens august second just days after the july twenty six early morning rate of man affords house because are they realize the dossiers junk because mahler seen the tax i guess second rod rosen stein sign or of the fourth pfizer war when they knew all this was junk signs are revised scope memo jail in others its expanding bob mothers investigatory powers as the special council to do other things outside of just investigating russian collusion joe why would he do that because the
didn't find any evidence of russian collusion entirely debunking the dossier in the july twenty six twenty seventeen raid on man affords house man affords the key player in the dossier mothers desperate do the dossier because he can't have the public believe the fbi in the oj investigated a hoax document he it's too make it true so what does he do he goes back to rose and stein mahler after the job i twenty six twenty seventeen rain and he says hey houston we a problem daddy we had a big problem what's that problem we re disguise house we tossed everything there is nothing we have nothing all we have here is evidence of his illicit dealings with ukrainians something events and maybe some tax evasion what happens then joe justin couple days later rose in style magically produces a new scope memo to bob mother
and in the unredeemed acted portions of that memo the us most of three dac did wider why why do i think it's rejected because this has been a very this has been a big big thing with devon newness and others i believe it's rejected because it reiterates the charges in the dossier again oh now we don't oh that yet will see when it comes out that's my suspicion but is an unredeemed acted portion of that expanded scope memo just days after the metaphor rate and what say joe it says then you can investigate poor man affords ties to ukrainian politicians and some payments he made i thought this was about russia you understand how rosen stein to panic they needed taken a fort had to go down joe because if option one arresting manner orton prosecuting him for russian collusion as it states the dossier is no longer a possibility which it wasn't why joe because it no evidence i know of it might if option one wasn't it
about them any more than they were good revise mothers powers and give him option to which is hell just go arrest man afford any way while prosecuted for something and in our backup story will be later on will be what well for it was a really bad guy joe anyway so even though the dossier is fake locked the fbi ideology are ultimately really good people what else happens right around july twenty seventh well finally that night who else is arrested at the airport fellas july twenty just a after demand for re georgie papa day party poverty papa day as the key george papa our is arrested at the airport in dallas in a quickie arrest late at night which i've told you repeatedly being a former federal agent myself is highly unusual and not emergency cases model team panics again they know they ve been trying to get papa dapple is to flip repeatedly to get pop up with the flip on the trump team papa
this won't do it papadopoulos who set up i believe i but either miss should or the russian woman he's introduced to his putin's niece is an intel asset working for friendly's try they set up papadopoulos as a key player in this alleged exchange of negative information and the democrats the trompe papa apples were set up papadopoulos thou peter they set up why would pop adopt be the subject of a quickie arrest at an airport late at night after the attacks from the lean the case are exposed will you ask yourself ladies and gentlemen what's in those tax others too between stroking page a description of their efforts to set up papadopoulos and how papadopoulos won't play ball the smaller now know this the smaller now need to rescue the reputation of the fbi is well because they tried to set up george papa that policy and therefore they go in pension at the airport in dallas to shut him up now remember before a pop up
this comes back into the country he's given ten thousand dollars by gaining charles to wheel ten thousand one is the amount of money you after report handed back to the united states subject to civil or criminal penalties papadopoulos doesn't bring the money back the fbi i believe is looking for that money they don't find it they lock up papadopoulos anyway for some false statements he made to the fbi about his contacts with miss certain data it why do i believe this happen keep the lead and mine don't lose the headlines mahler finds out this entire the thing is a scam after general shows him the tax they have from the investigators in this case on trump the invent the gaiters no the dossiers garbage they know the case his fallen apart let me quote peter stroke there's no there there they know there's nothing there they now i have to rescue a dossier they know is a hoax they know
information is a hoax but they know the players may be bad guys they go they hit the house because they panic mahler the house finds no evidence of russian collusion heeded gets frozen stein to revise the scope member to include this charge about dealing with ukrainians which has nothing to do with russian collusion at all in an effort to do watchful shot before it up and make manifold look like a bad guy to rescue the reputation of the f b i they have to shut papa day down to they never met the airport they lock him up to what else happens right around this july twenty seven take ladys jenny i can't emphasised you enough this is going to be a key subject of our second book we the house geo p calling for special is the day special counsel to investigate loretta lynch jim call me and hillary clinton
a round the same date or while this is going down this is the day again the civil war completely breaks out our geo p gets wind up this text as well the people who read this text are likely horrified at the house republic inside the investigators they now for we understand that operation this information superhighway this formation laundering operation quote on demand quote machine chrysippus theo glenn simpson farce use the prosecutor trump team is very real they also understand the fbi knows it's a hoax that its one big wholesale been investigating the house geo he conveniently on that exact same day caused second special council what else happens on that twenty seventh day i'm throwin poor producer paula for a loop here this will be baker paula
just so you know i have as because above all over the place we stick to the script i get sorry if a twinge every time i will buy me but i'm ok if it did you see my face of light return yeah retirement move my elbow it hurts a little bit what type in july twenty seventh james baker one of the league lawyers for the fbi known jim call me body a leak a league goes to circa dot com circa dot com piece on july twenty seven twenty seventeen paul has been kind enough to put up in our youtube channel indicates a james baker one of the lead fbi lawyers involved in this case in the beginning joe is under a criminal investigation for leaks leaks to the media folks i believe let's call them allies of the administration the warriors further cause here who won
stood how bad this case was leaked information on that day in the good guys first oh salvo in their fight back this dossier in this hoax case against donald trump i'm going with this show the administration or friendly's i don't know who did this i have no inside information on them damn i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm speculating is obviously what did my speculation is fair i mean obviously friendly's leak distort somebody gets wind of these devastating tax how this was all a hoax the entire time some of this information was probably lead to the media someone makes two circa that the f b i was involved in this leak operation to damage the trump tee this is their first opening effort to fight back and i believe it's done on this day because they realize now finally therein the right somebody so these texts joe on the protracted and realise that all the speculation is right off
the speculation about this attack on trumped based on false information has been right from the start that this is no longer a guess i don't go anywhere i gotta i got more to get you on the sis is simple this is the issue is a key david metaphor the tea alice putting to sleep finally have the idea that poor manifold was involved in any russian collusion opens up a pandora's box for the left that their knocking he able to shut easily isolation also brought you by bodies its eye target the eye target system in my opinion is the best system out there for increasing your proficiency with fire few going out of a firearm things matter more than anything else firstly safety that's obvious easier dangerous weapons at if used improperly i'm can cause harm in death at sets clear got owner safety but proficiency if you're ever in a situation where you have to use your firearm god forbid you better be proficient with it now proficiency there's a lot of ways to increase proficiency with fire one ways to go to arrange obviously go to the firearm range
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really great system you will see your proficiency got through the roof right away i target production promo code dan for ten percent off ok i don't want to wrap this up in just kind of some up where we were before i move on folks alice this thing about yesterday the whole the dossier there was central figure the antagonists the de keyser so say the dossier was metaphor if man of fort worth involved in russian collusion then nobody wise joe simon viable why if mahler was if metaphors involving russia could what a smaller doing mahler is rescuing the dossier not defer destroyed if you believe in this thing alice put this thing to bed man afford is a key our dough of mothers investigation why if mahler was if metaphors involving russia could what a smaller doing mahler rescuing the dossier not the facts in it
there are no facts and it he's trying to do this he's trying to say even though it was fake these were bad guy look i arrested them therefore the the ice heart was in the right place what spinning posed in all of this is a massive information laundering operation i will put in article up front additional watch that is devastating today that proves to you what we ve been talking about for now a year and a half is true they work it was quote machine operation i need to prove joe committed a background did he know but don't worry i'll call a guy up and i'll just say joe committed a bank robber who was the information superhighway christopher steel you that used his name i don't believe you the all started or initiated this information i think a lot of information was simpsons and other people working with simpson they just said steel stamp it because the work with the fbi
judicial watch article i'm gonna put in their has an email exchange between bruce or christopher steel where even after steals fired by the fbi for talking to the media member baker how the media was used to get these stories out there to make it seem like tromp was a really bad guy even i was all made up right bruce or is meeting with steel even after is fired the formation superhighway into the fire accord is clear it goes like this steals name is used simpson that's the info its past bruce or the oj do with it wife nellie whose workin for fusion gps or than passes it to joe bianca at the fbi and the f guy then uses the information to walk into the fisa court despite the trumpet problem is the information is all bs ladies and gentlemen look at the emails in the judicial watch thing they are devastating now
people are email me over and over now with man afford now that the metaphor case the collusion thing is done the judges said it's done it's over mad efforts anyway a lot of people are saying to me others get is good he any justice for the players involved in this who were involved in this scheme against donald trump any there is one big fat yes i believe that the three letter agency people are in a world of trouble i believed you bakers in trouble eighty mikhail is in trouble jim call me is in trouble and the department of justice players are in trouble how do i know that let me read you from linsey gram washing get examined or peace in the show notes today by gino dot com please subscribed to my email is thou email you these articles every day you'll be read and on the programme very early lindsey gram knock it on immigration butts been great on judges and has been really gotten despises stuff article in the war in examiner job we
she grabbed sent out a letter to the department of justice is demanding nine points he wants nine pieces of information here's the most critical one the committee is concerned that the woods procedures and a full resentment of material and relevant facts may not have occurred with regard to the applications for pfizer warrants four and the opening of the underlying investigations are carter page and other individuals associated with the presidential campaign graham wrote and act in two thousand one the woods procedures where tended to protect eu citizens from improper surveillance by the government seeking to quote ensure accurate with regard to the fact supporting probable cause darn is is bad for them yea ago joe
longer we ve been talking about the woods procedure for here like a year and a half ahead of the union seriously i'm not even make about a year and a half of the new cycle that's right the whites procedure is a document that administrative procedure people have to follow to bring information pfizer court to make sure the informations legitimate if aid eyes a warrant i'd carter page that was based on a dossier where man affords a key bad guy in it is the bomb entirely now we know it's garbage the judge is already set it we know joe that towards procedure to verify the dossier wasn't followed because it couldn't have been followed because the information is not true a bad how are you going to verify that five rose because eleven it does in the information is not true michael call it has never been to prague carter
i just never met paul matt this is in the dossier the dossier is garbage carter pages never met the two russians at that here he claims up in dossier to be some kind of business surrogates for russian it he's never met them the dossier is a hoax this stuff is a fake what am i tell you i'm telling you that baker call me i'm carlin sally aids the mccain peter stroke these people involved who signed off at multiple stages of this woods procedure that this stuff was legitimate son in their names falsely the document saying this stuff was true the woods for which lindsey groundwater is gonna be absolutely devastating devastated because it has joe arm costs signature on something that's not true josiah something that's not true
i'm telling you this from the start this is where the three letter agency people are going to be screwed big time this why lindsey grab wants the woods file he wants to see who signed off one what when did it and why because the dossier is fake the judge yesterday strange the afford sense basically said the whole thing is fake mahler job is to rescue the deal oh j and fbi they sign off on a fake hole ladies and gentlemen when is the media gonna pick up this story it is the biggest scandal of our generation they in best gated a whole it's a fake document that they all signed off on me where's the clean up artist
always the clean up guy mahler zone chief of staff john carlin was the department of justice national security division head who was one of the few guys to sign the woods file that mars body mothers the africa to clean this up i can how you what's gonna happen you heard it here first woods files gonna go public you're going to see everybody who signed off on this fake dossier that was used the pfizer package on this folks and what's gonna happen as mothers gonna have locked have locked up papa papadopoulos police which he did all but our policies are really mentioned in the dossier but you gotta see what would soon happens ricardo page too you going to see him say later on ok he's guy signed off one of my body carlin all these other people i knew at the fbi but
and in the end they were all really bad guys and look i proved that i locked him up that's why its scope memo on august second such a big deal too broad rosen stein is that which rejected did he drove the dossier information the hopes again in a revised scope memo on august in twenty seventeen after there's no question this stuff is a hoax anymore in a desperate last effort to try to rescue this thing big trouble folks big big trouble ahead i got more to get it today show finally brought you our bodies at my patriot supply user reality emergencies usually strike without warning that's why they're emergencies which surprised when the power goes out hurricane like hurricanes like michael hit with very little warning certainly with earthquakes are zero warning things happen when you just don't expect them and when its breaking news it's already too late to prepare now you're in a panic scramble the best thing to do is prepared
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ok i to move on item i know i spent a lot of time on that folks but it's really important you understand that mothers job right now is to rescue this dossier how ever possible and the only way he can do it now given that the key facts and urged the bunked are to rest the players at it so that's the take away for the day and now the collusion spin put to bed these guys in a world the trouble folks i know be impatient is tough and i'm not telling them not pretending to be have a crystal ball into the future now you know like the stygian witches from the clash of the tides are anything but i am absolutely convinced that people from the bureau who were involved in this the f b i gonna go down i have absolutely no doubt then i'm some good news so good legal insurrection pisa great when i saw this morning real short sweden the show notes that aid but it talks about wanna trumps more longer lasting effects i have on the country you know we ve had some i think that the trumpet
see i think we can all agree if we look at it with open eyes has been very conservative i've been very good for the countries are we getting solid economic growth regulatory reform i'm here now engaged in a full fledged fight against plant parenthood rising with us on social issues we have the executive order by free speech on campus go on and on but they re out if a presidency is when the president's gone of his legacy sticks around at some doesn't know brave and barack obama himself without he had a long term legacy with obamacare care is seeing that dismantle by donald trump as he slowly dismantles is peace a garbage the individual man obama care notably first your presidency doesn't last forever but one of the ways you can have an effect on the country long after you leave office show is via the federal bench ladies and gentlemen donald trump has been absolutely stellar on federal bench stellar i'm making appointments to the federal bench legal insurrections morning
are they to carry severing the judicial crisis network they have this point legal insurrection asking me to write off the screenwriter other data that they have now pointed a bunch of these judges onto the federal bench thirty one circuit judges appointed fifty three district judges and two supreme court judges the folks this donald trump is going to have appointed one sixth of the entire federal bench by a time he leaves office now mcconnell is starting to move really fast but you may see ok you ve addressed us before what's the key news on this folks not only is donald trump appointed thirty one circuit judges fit three district judges to supreme court justice justice their young meaning these judges are gonna be around for a very very long time they are going to outlast the trump administration and they will likely leave his if donald trump is elected the two terms there is a distinct possibility that up to a fifth or even a
worth of the federal bench may be appointed by donald trump and these judges may serve at at at at the district the circuit of the appellate the supreme court purse for two thousand and thirty i maybe even though you know forty years in some cases and why does this matter this matter is because remember the appellate level the appeals court where most of these cases go to die ladies and gentlemen the supreme court ultimately only the size a very small percentage of of of of of controversial issues within the united states with its great out the supreme court don't get me wrong i don't mean to doubt but the reality is the supreme court takes only a small percentage of the cases every year mostly these cases are decided at the appellate level so the fact it donald trump is re making the night circuit court of feels the ninety nine and other circuits around the country these are good have long lasting effects on the country that will long long outlast the term presidency and this
the argument ultimately i use against the range never trumpery so i just don't understand i just don't get how they the moved on you know had a back was on vanity last night back was not obviously a big fan of awe of eid donald trump even back at a come around and admit that he was wrong that donald trump governed this a largely conservative pressing united states and its effect on the federal judiciary and think you're gonna be long lasting you can decide we would demands the twitter a bit whatever but you cannot disagree with the fact that his is effect on the country judicial path in the future is going to be a profound one one last point of this form of on folks its critical you understand this as well because the left engaged in a judicial activism strategy a long time ago joe we have addressed us a little bit but it's like hitting now as it is the liberals and the joy
i've kennedy democrats or gone there now moderate republicans there are no longer a there's no longer viable branch of the democratic party that that be is itself in moderation it's over i we see that primary where what we ve seen predict proposals like government controlled health care open borders infanticide epidemic parties gone off the deepen it's the only way to win a primary now now what's what about this is the democrats know that there is no popular support for these programmes ladies and gentlemen a democrat twenty twenty platform of infanticide ninety percent tax rates government kids old health care i mean them it goes on and on open borders the abolishing of ice the democrats or not so but they realize this has no popular support whatsoever maybe at best you'll get twenty to twenty five percent of the population that will support these utter absurdities okay so allow
time ago they engaged in a strategy but we can't win at the popular level by popular vote will do as well do judicial activism and more pussy push these cases through the courts so think about it citing transgender bathrooms and if they ve all of this stuff they work their way through the courts the law i there is sound when you think about it it's tactically efficient for them have to understand the other side is doing if they can't convince more than ninety five percent of the population that infanticide ninety percent tax rates socialism in open borders are the right thing then joe take it to the courts and in the court's all you have to do is convinced one person and that's a judge and that's why i cannot emphasise enough the importance of donald trump remaking the federal bench because that avenue ladies and gentlemen to them is going to be entirely and completely closed off they are now can i have that avenue if they ve all the avenue at institute policy changes in the in the direction of socialism infanticide seventy percent accurate is to get bills
as you know you can't get past because you only have ninety five percent of the populace probably less on being generous that would vote for this garbage show and your other option is to sue and get a push through to the courts when that's closed off you will have to make a case for the public a case they camp we make that is why this is so devastating and illegal insurrection peace covers is quite well i think it's really good it's definitely worth your time so please check it out ok are less story of the day the job market seems to have slowed down a little bit the february job numbers were just announced this morning right before we came on the air they were expecting jude eighty thousand jobs are the only got twenty thousand obviously a big dropped the futures markets were downright before we start a recording is where i spent the stock market take a little bit of a dip folks and i want you to panic don't don't worry too much these job numbers right now we are r amp d the tail the very long economic recovery
and the reality is that the end the lot of the unemployment becomes frictional we have reached a record number two people entering back into the workforce we have really low unemployment labour for the labour force participation is starting to take up which is good problems have happening at the end you get a bunch of frictional and unemployment frictional unemployment is when people basically leave a job for a couple of weeks or something in and they have another job lined up so it's they're on unemployed there's just that layton period of unemployment before they pick up that other job you can see a lot of this at the tail end of a lot of these jobs you're getting filled i don't mean to your code of twenty thousand not a great number you'd like to see heavy job you know heavy job creation but think about it there a lot of runway left in this economy in view told you yesterday if you listen to yesterday's show that in the united states on the equipment sign on the structures sideshow was up five and seven percent that investment in factories that investment in new in new machinery that advice
in real estate new buildings is going to pick up it's going to lead to the prince jeanne of new products cheaper products which are gonna make work more valuable so i would not pay about this we may see a little dip in the job numbers in the first few so this year but i think in the long run and the long i think we're on a pretty solid trajectory trajectory for a really so on the economy in the future i wouldn't worry too much about it i saw it had a little bit of a twin share my elbow i'm sorry had neglected this but one last thing today before we roll the mulder report may come out today may come out later i'm expecting a document dump probably for thirty p m all address that on monday if it does but keep in mind expectations about what that just the thai back how we opened the shell when you understand what mothers doing when you re or you see will see may be fully reacted we may not be able to get much better all but
we do see some of it been mine mother's motors in the report will make a lot of sense mothers job right now is to rescue them ass he ate keep the heat on trop read the report if it does come out and we can read it will see read the report and read the dossier next when you get it online and get it anywhere read the key charges in the dossier and read how mahler rights the report and i can was guarantee malta's report is going to act oh some of the charges in the dossier without ever proving any of them are true and i believe he's is going to do that in an effort again to make it appear that the fbi was not taken by this hopes that the stock i had some semi legitimate legitimate information and that's why they're all well we just sorry they were really bad guys anyway you see round without joe yemen written read the report
and read the dossier at the same time and you'll see and what what am i am one of my sources in this case is to give you an example did you notice how in the rod stone indictment almost roger stones indictment had nothing to do with wikileaks it was all about false statements how the wikileaks stuff is emphasised in the indictment yeah in the tat same way it's emphasised in the dossier even though the wikileaks there weren't there were no charges about the wikileaks the elder illusion charges yeah it was written in other words to say like all look well there's at least something in this dossier which through the that's what mahler does so if there are poor comes out today so pay attention to that no trick it's the mahler trick that's we know and that's why i'm never believe this guy is it is a good guy or a white had at all folks thanks you have repeated and i really appreciate was another great weakest shows if i may humbly and request fully ask if you wouldn't mind subscribe into the show you have your podcast app it's on every
i phoned if you haven't you can't get rid of it it says podcast little purple think if you click that look the damned by gino show if you subscribe you'll help most move us atop the charts it's free doesn't cost anything more if you wouldn't mind following us we have an android foreign and i hardly or sound clad it is the subscriptions that help us move to the top of the charts it really matters a lot to us we don't have a huge advertising budget so it's so all our ganem we appreciate all your help thanks again folks return it and i really appreciate aims for bear with me this week do this surgical two i tried to give you the best current and parcel and i'll see you all on monday thanks again just ten bond genomes you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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