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Mueller Wont Give Up On His Witch Hunt # 970 (Ep 970)

2019-05-01 | 🔗

In this episode I address the outrageous attack by Mueller’s disgraced team of witch hunters. I also address the scheme Mueller is engaging in to discredit the Attorney General. Finally I address Hollywood’s disturbing support of Venezuelan socialism. News Picks: What Mueller did last night was a complete disgrace.

Here’s AG Barr’s opening statement.

Bob Mueller’s letter is another disturbing scam by a disgraced team of witch hunters.

Here’s a compilation of all the stories the media got wrong about collusion, and where the Mueller team sat on their hands. 

4 critical takeaways from the “Medicare for all” hearing on the Hill yesterday.

Eric Swalwell‘s proposed legislation would’ve hurt Hillary’s efforts to collude with foreigners.

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i want my thereby veto shepherd to join our union down how are you doing that we now have a good at this barred have i've got bored testify up on hell right now bill bar lay it into a lot of these democrat hacks up their capital here looking to impugn the integrity of our attorney general i want to get to this because the media freak out last night i was priceless price on mothers latest attempt to sabotage the trump presidency that's all happened yesterday make no mistake i've got some video we're cnn of dog lebanon tat blew it a full blown attic attack support free here now television remaking making stuff up
go to lay out what mothers really doing right now and i want you to read between the lines this is a thing but another sick mahler attempt at sabotaging the trump present the it's really disgusting and gross i want i'm done with it if anyone listening have any faith left their mahler was acting benevolently acting without bias or acting without of wilful and to harm the presidency you are out of your mind i'm sorry alright let's get to attend party bodies that filter by going to cdc about sex million people are getting hit with the flu this year many think getting sick has to do with the call but that's not true we get sick because we spend more i'm inside somebody air and size polluted i'm inside my house all the time why use filter by i keep my hb access through my air clean using a man can made filters from filter by you want to prove you chances is called a flu season
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lucky three with when he assumed a ring the bell apollo ding ding ok so what's going on here so yes lay in case you miss news a bob mahler in another shameless attack on the presidency history is going to judge this man that is very harshly by the way he's disgrace themselves disgrace this investigation disgrace the country i'm a letter leaks that model or sends to bill bar after bar this is a brief synopsis a four page synopsis of mothers report to the poor indicating that there's no collusion and that did not exonerate the president malo that is on obstruction but he did not in kate that he wanted to charge with obstruction either that blood is released on march twenty four follow me your folks job this gets confusing stab me this is important and will indicate how the bad faith
from alors acting so mahler a few days after that march twenty fourth release of this synopsis of mothers for under page report which our indicates clearly to bar is not an accurate that's in the new york times and washed in report bombshell last night right when molly releases his accurate summary or synopsis would have you want to call it of what's in malta's for your page report when bar releases that mahler said from a letter apparently objecting to what for coverage of the report so let me give you a lead right now our here see fit bob mahler and his deranged democrat which honours targeting the trump team are upset that this synopsis of his report
does it lead to negative media coverage that's exactly what happened yesterday this guy has disgraced himself more notice in the new york times report i think you have to get down to like the thirteenth paragraph herself and the washed impose report on this thing about this smaller letter mauler was upset about bars character patient of his report you have to get down to the end of a report to find out mother didn't think the synopsis of reporters inaccurate at all put up on the screen please from from the from the washed imposed piece you have to get all the way to the end to get to the part where it actually indicates this from the washed imposed when bar pray tim whether he thought his letter was inaccurate again the letter sent up mothers report mother said he did not he did not think it was an accurate but fell
that the media coverage of the letter was misinterpreting the investigation so let's get this led out here immediately what an unbelievably scientists disingenuous figure bob alors become this guy has disgraced himself he's upset that them media coverage of the synopsis up his report was a negative and donald trump you know what let me play this from these lunatics on cnn yesterday down lemon and ted loo and you see how they take a store free that is a non story mahler did not think bar synopsis of his report is inaccurate all he's just complaining about the media coverage and then watch the media that mothers complaining about distorting is report distort what's in a report about others report weary carnero just before the break
normally very measured she said i'm sick of the lying on prostrated bill bar has been lying for three weeks the senate and the car we should just get rid of him and bring mahler and what do you say to that i wanted to do oh certainly want to give bill bar the operator perjure himself but also gonna want you're from robert mauler but at this point based what i know billboard needs to resign he took an oath to the constitution not to donald trump you're supposed to be a man of his attorney not trump stooge and because he doesn't honours and his job is repealing misled american people he's gotta go notice tat yeah tags tat for some add up back you get ted we wanted the dumbest guys in congress no question about it a guy with the eu actual capacity of a says bob worked i heard of the lying we gotta we gotta get this guy up there the lying at what we never tells you what the lie is what did you do this what's the lie with its key doesn't tell
what the lie is clear this screen shot again from the report the washington post report when you get to the end when there on whining about mahler whining about the media coverage unhappy and negative upon troubling you really get mahler said he did not feel bar letter was inaccurate i don't know i folks i'm serious when i say i am genuinely trying to now i'm trying to give the media some objectives sense of what where are they going with this and i cannot figure out how you would write a story that refutes your own story was the washing the pope this clearly trying to attack the president because the report indicated no collusion by saying somehow that bars interpretation the former inaccurate while writing a story that says the guy who wrote a report didn't we
let this summary was an accurate i dont get it now mahler system he shown himself to be a snake keys disgraced himself is team is disgraced himself he's become an embarrassment to the justice system now he's a whining throwing at a two year old history fit in letter because he's upset the media coverage wasn't negative enough are we forgetting are we forgetting the fact show that mahler was offered the opportunity to read the letter bar put out the synopsis of the report and mahler declined now why would mother do that ah ah this is words gonna get good but this also words gonna get a little bit complicated a little bit swine lucy joe and paula the help me here because a vital
this up accurately i'm gonna do you all of this service we got you keep this in mind mahler is given an opportunity to review the synopsis bar rights this report which is now whining about miss leak letter conveniently led by the way the day before bar goes up the capitol hill but nothing to see their folks don't you worry its mother's all on the up and up along with his disgraceful tee my mother declines to review the letter ladies and gentlemen mahler try to set bar up and bar smoked him out here's what's going on behind the scenes and take it to the bank cast the czech spend the money mahler hates from mahler has lost his marbles he's not thinking straight he
single handedly committed to humiliating trump and taking down the trump presidency do not take any bob mahler at says seriously he thought his report would do that the problem in sighed the report is mothers is not dumb mahler can't fabricate evidence mahler wrote the report as a road map to impeachment the problem is he thought trump was stupid and he thinks he's gone to get tromp by doing the investigation on an obstruction ouch follow me here collusion is a hoax immediately i'll get it it's in a secondary john sound piece i get this and second mahler knows the collusion hoaxes a hoax immediately so you must be asked shove off he hates trump then why take on an investigation about something he knows is a hoax because mothers gonna have to you want to write a report exonerating trump which he does later he gets all that think for
additional chest for a moment a moment all our understands though that if he keeps the investigation open long enough with a record the attorney general jeff sessions at the time any spineless deputy attorney general and roses standards overseen him that if mahler keeps restoration opened into the hoax long enough that at some point he believes trump is gonna slip actual ok trap is going to sleep but by firing someone by getting angry any thinks tromp has no control and trump is deaf we're going to fire him or someone else and are they gonna use that to move forward with impeachment on an obstruction charge in other words mahler is count on try to do what have to take action yes sir but what's the problem joseph trump doesn't fall into that trap no we agree
folks i i was one of the guys recommended he fire mahler a long time ago run from that at all but undoubtedly now looking back i was wrong tell my business to sit up here and defend you wrong decisions my thought because i thought what they were going to do is go and run with the trump kids i try to go for with the financial stuff i think they were blocked but that was the logic behind but i dont want to dig into also but i'd be i'd be remiss of i can tell you that i thought trumped should fire mahler time i thought my logic was sound he didn't do it he talk now oh obstructive action at all mahler at this point must be panicking he knows he's investigating a hoax he's waiting for trump to slip up and fire someone any doesn't q it so he keeps
the investigation open in perpetuity well what happens finally we get rid of sessions whittaker gets into off whittaker gets into the position is the acting start asking questions our comes in as they now confirmed attorney general at starts asking more questions hey what are we doing here mahler now has the rat this up because mahler knows what he's doing he's engaged in an ongoing political not judicial match of justice based fight against the present the united states wow rewind a little bit if that's the case why then the smaller do two things are two critical decisions here why it is small or one not make a decision in the report on obstruction if you're saying he wanted to hurt the present wine
have you in the report that the president should have been indicted it is our decision that if president was not an office we would invite him and right in the report because mahler doesn't have the evidence trauma doesn't do anything it's all here say talk while he told me told someone else that he's going to fire someone he told this guy far too guy will very fire no eight environment changes mine so now we're in trouble said your attack attempted obstruction i didn't even happened point number one why does smaller not charge him if he hates him so much because he can't mahler and i'll be humiliated by taking this case to case the court later on but number two in regard to what happened yesterday why does mahler decline
opportunity to review bill bars letter synopsis sizing his report this is where it gets good because discredited bob mother who stained and tarnished reputation knows full well that bill bar before he came into the attorney general position and was confirm wrote an opinion peace indicating donald trumps actions regarding the firing of jim call me were entirely constitutionally could not constitute obstruction of justice say woven now i'm confused mahler knows he has no evidence of obstruction no criminal evidence to lead to none so if he paused send a report and puts it in the hands of a guy who's already written up in on this then he's gay in the democrats ammunition to do what to run with the story
well bar was already tainted in advance and where i made a decision this is a political decision therefore no bar should resign should move ahead with a peach donald trump brilliant tactical move sick disgusting disturbing typical of the mahler team of which authors but a brilliant tactical move he must have been sitting around the table with this hack weissmann this this due hack andy weissmann is chief paypal and say to himself guys we have a problem here the problem we have is we really hate donald trump we need this guy impeached and we need to salvage the reputation of the department of justice and the f b i that's spied on d tromp along with our intelligence agency we can't do because we have no evidence of this collusion it was a hoax from the start the problem is
our two year long obstruction investigation on a crime that never happen is also turning up negative well joe because we don't have evidence of donald trump actually doing anything to obstruct the investigation now we're getting pressure from bill by the new attorney general who refuses to be i find in this case and we don't have the goods so i'm wondering if there's an entrepreneurial titanium find the attorney in that group i doubt it in the team of smaller which answers you in this little hypothetical meaning we're talking about joe ray his hand and says space council mahler armies ever heard you if we can produce the probable cause to charge depressing united states then of charge that maybe it would be an best interests to do what normal prosecutors do in cases like this say there will be no charges and move on no don't we
can't do that that won't do enough political damage so what does he do these deranged hacks on the mahler team they then make sure they get a letter in writing joe because you cannot leave tat later a letter in writing about the synopsis spill bar synopsis you refuse to look at and review but make sure or you get in writing make sure that you disagree with some of the characterizations by the media make sure it's in writing so you can leave it later at an opportune time may be the night before the attorney general testifies up on the hill giving what giving the democrats ammunition for their public hearing in front of all of america to look bar in the eye and attack is character and by the way the washington the co conspirators over there make sure say you know what here's the problem to mahler
wasted but why would malo than just not say bill bars letter was inaccurate because bill bark smaller report in the letter listen please please tell me you're getting this we disappointed if you don't you ever good you'd if mothers trying to attack him in this letter just a few days after bar releases synopsis which he is here in writing mahler because he wants to attack bars credit but he later leaked the letter to congress right swine just smaller skip the nonsense and just write a letter like really attack on thirty june bar you have miss characterizing report it is widely inaccurate in a week when congress years later that's gonna be led by the way was leaked right away charlie chris the congressmen them florida pretty apparent based on is questioning a bill bar in the last year that charlie chris already knew about the letter so why not just go for it
why not just right in a letter bill bar you ve disgraced yourself you ve made only inaccurate statements about my report donald trump really is orange van bad are met bad because bar box the main again mother's not bright mahler and his team of idiots are really stupid bar used actual quotes from mothers report in the synopsis boxing mahler out from claiming that letters and accurate really because we have your actual quotes in their which parts inaccurate depart where you bawler said this so what smaller have nothing oh he has is a baseless charge that the meat coverage is it negative enough which he knows that media when the letters league will want run with to create what
more negative media this is urgent is it this is incredible write a letter complaining about not the accuracy of the report the media coverage of the report knowing liberal activists and immediate will take said letter and miss characterize what's in your letter about the letter is limited crazy down the great space coast there are crazy town i wait for gary due to show up at the media does it even see how they ve been played again for the its they are they wait until the end of this for is the letter and accurate now it's not an accurate there it is again cheeky you too by the everybody needs to go back and i say one thing joe you convince me to talk about this for some years yesterday's show on youtube didn't do very well i don't know what it was and you probably there was talk about this that this is the first
so we ve ever done it didn't blow it out on youtube and i gotta tell you i'm a little upset we put a lot of work at the estonia shops i think its prison beginning somber on the venezuela stuff where we can end up but ladies and gentlemen please i'm homily at request fully ascii even if you have to skip past this please god after the show joe and i had a blade some of the best material job would you agree with a lot of fun blast joan drops episode night sixty nine i dont say this for the you listen the army are meet our audio show did great yesterday in killer numbers but the vote please watch the end it is so funny i've been on our self praise thanks but joe if not just me joe is gray we will check it out we did is we did a little bit on minimum wage and on doping guy which just was we loved it we had a lot of
i really love ya to change our scientists we get sidetracked please check out yes they shouted let me walk do this now so another another thing here i want to ask you from my prior line of work in law enforcement why what's going on here is a disgrace to i'm gonna walk to again smaller thing but what it except why we don't do what mothers doing now in law enforcement what we're doing now is he released they four hundred page report with a complex what he believes to be facts that hurt the president i know he made the decision in his report to pont on actually trying to prosecute the present instruction ladies and gentlemen there is a reason prosecutors government lawyers da's adhd agee state attorney general's there is a reason that starches showed by minute forty if you want to watch nine sixteen i apologize
next to me but there's a reason we don't say if i'm china charge joe with a bank robbery and i don't have evidence show rob a bank there's a reason the process doesn't release a report on joe when he refuses to charge him and the reason we don't do that is simple i have it here is why we don't release evidence let's hear do an investigation of joe and have explained this before but it's important and joe neighbours as i think joe rob the amalgamated bank on the corner ma am we start vestige into job and enough neighbor says you know suspiciously i saw job leaving the house with a firearm that one oh my gosh guy comes out as you know i saw joe that day and is why lady had a couple hundred dollar bills this is all in the report we release afterwards right the public gets this information joe hasn't been charge and joe what do you think the public thinks well the guy
you're wrong the bag you may think the worst they think john rob a bank where what's the problem folks why don't we release reports full of and make it of information and joe there's no quest that that would be quote negative information free right is not meant to make you look at big what's the problem folks problem is when the investigators the cops or the federal agents went out and invest gave the prosecutor what happened we found it joe had a firearm that day because he's a conceal carry permit holder in florida and joey's it is firearm every day for ten years it's not connected to the bank robbery at all find out joe had those two hundred dollar bills that day because he went to an atm at the local public's before that then we find out that a neighbor who said joe rob
how to be forgets joe about their property line and a tree on jos property that shading his house and blocking is view and joe he wanted to get back a show for filing a local report with the county commissioner on the property i hate deca button ah he's the worst but all of that oh is completely left out of doors report the issue to the press on his arm because now ladies and gentlemen does it make sense to you why what mahler did is disgraceful he issues this report about a crime that never happen at an obstruction case on a car i'm never happen includes a bunch of negative information about russians and other things and conversations trump allegedly had any leaves out all exculpatory information trump didn't fire
any body right he arrives out this stuff about anti mikhail saying there's no effort to obstruct that stuff about jim call me there's a good peace up at the daily cholera having shown artists from or a week ago peter assign why am i put this up now there's more dates and title malo report exposes string of anonymously source stories that got it wrong so can we immediately what mahler failed to do during these six hundred and seventy five days he was investigating joe he failed to debunk any of these worries which peter s on a daily collar piece which will be in the show notes today anyway negative stories on trial moderating get out in front of the wikileaks dungeon when your story the deutsche bank stop here it all to faster in the public men so make the trump team low carbon trot mahler says nothing about it but the second joe
bars letter which he refused to review mahler is released which uses it's a mother's own report the second that it led to media coverage that hack mahler thinks is negative enough ma or immediately jumps out rights a letter knowing it'll be linked to the media to make sure the media coverage is extra super negative devious what a disgusting disgrace full episodes american history ladies and gentlemen i'm sorry i again thank you bob mollified service in the marine corps what you have done to america in this episode is one of the most disgusting horrific stains on just this i have ever seen this is a grotesque abomination tromp one he beat you you failed you
failed to take down the trump presidency now you're trying to take down the attorney general because you have lost it you have done the worst thing a prosecutor an investigator could do you let your personal hatred of another human being blind your professional acumen your brother you you completely one the rails and this is your effort now your last ditch effort to turn the media coverage back in a negative direction ominous sum this up one more time and in a kind of a different way and i want to move on laptop this is important because this bar here today while have some cuts for you to is is be another just disgusting episode aright show bought you but you're not only harry's doesnt my harry's razor you see advice travel cover will you that is that a beauty or what check that out the nice part
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you know redeem your offer let them know i said you to help support the shell thank you harry's for being your thing ok i finally on the smaller think just to prove to you from the beginning that this was nothing by complete total hackberry could you may say mother was a decent guy i'm here in this a lot on the news even an honor fox that i heard a couple people euro there's an honourable guy he may a bed he certainly has enacted honourably in this case ladies and gentlemen he knew this whole case was a fraud from the beginning but if that johnson i'm in peace from their help john salmon righteous he's back in january called pfizer shocker theo official warn the steel dossier is connected the clinton and might be biased is it not get in this piece about half way down that just death the maids and you should keep this handy this little tidbits screenshot this from peace and keep it on your photo your computer for your life
friends who still believe mahler was actually investigating collusion here's a portion of the peace there talking about brisk oars contacts at that the brochures deirdre official sovereign rights but oars contacts about this but ass by the way which was a hoax weren't limited fbi he said in august of twenty sixteen nearly two months before the fire of war was issued that he or she was ass thick and doktor briefing for senior justice officials ok standby bruce or his wife worship workin for fusion they produce the dossier at this point they must know the das is paid for by hilary cause his wife is work in it which it immediately make them suspected the contents of this fake dossier so instead of shutting this thing down what is or do he goes in brief justice apartment officials but who does he brief ah this is where this gets just rico suavity those he breathed or is included andrew weissmann then
ahead of the deal jays fraud section bruce schwartz zena maude and who is assigned to work with lynch is a senior castle ahmad and weissmann would go on to work for mahler this special prosecutor overseeing the our problem ladies and gentlemen this is august of twenty six mother's not appointed to may have twenty seventeen the guy the first sky bottle pigs for his team and the wise men already knows the dossiers a hoax he's been brief by bruce or please tell me again with a straight face how matters stand up guy stand up where he's not a stand up guy he puts a guy on his team who knows this thing is a hoax anybody runs with the collusion hoax anyway so step one model this written down i want a missing mahler no
its conclusions of fraud but instead of doing the honourable thing giving oppressed after that we could say ladies gentlemen were investigating a hoax based on a political document paid for i dont trumps enemies no we keeps the investigation open till bill bars appointed and they shot him down they actually don't shut him i shall i don't even want to examine all give the democratic they start asking questions which smaller can answer mahler basically shuts himself down what are you doing was probably question number one step two mahler then transitions from collusion which he knows immediately as a hoax by them my second book i'm sorry to keep mentioning but just me these guys to the wall i am so proud as book exonerated that's a title thank you apollo it's available on amazon now nails mahler till a wall by a copy for your liberal
friends and send it to their house please highlighted mahler then transitions to a thought crime because he doesn't bank robbery no bank has been robbed he now there was no collusion there was no crime so mahler needs to keep the investigator educational recitation opening transition to a thought crime the thought crime is what attempted obstruction because why joe there is no obstruction trop hasn't done everything we do matters not the talk he hasn't actually obstructed anything mahler goes by transitioning to a thought crime that we can continue the investigation indefinitely continuing to use trumps own statements against him anything trumped says will be painted by mahler as evidence left his house where the fire he has a carry farm at you knucklehead doesn't matter
evidence to me you gotta rob the bag you get it transition to a thought crime and eddy fact however dismissed from the actual crime trump gave a speech any mention a russian got very always obstructing justice this is to discuss nature of what mahler did so first he knows it's a hoax secondly the events a thought crime third mother finds out after nearly two year six hundred and seventy five days that he's never gonna get to do anything on obstruction therefore he figures with bar and air asking him questions he's gonna have to wrap it up so he it's a report in the most negative humiliating way possible but mahler refuses to take a stand on obstruction why because he won't
dare humiliate himself in courts if he ever had to act julie charge donald j trump his case would be laughed out of court just like prosecuting joke bank robbery based on those three nonsense fact you made appear as evidence if that's what you're prosecuting your case on it would be humiliated in court mahler then points to bar for one reason and one reason only two politicized this decision knowing bar is a donald j t four point d confirmed by the senate that boy are already disagrees about these unique insane legal theories about obstruction and he knows the media acting like that a key hat coon they are for the democratic party will then attack bars credibility he then conveniently leaks a letter his tea to the media the night before bar testifies to discredit bar
completing the media coverage is in bad enough on trump whilst i malta easily doing nothing to discredit insane remedial media reporting for two years against donald trump molly knew the whole time and that daily collar peace all of those stories wherefore how do we know we knew because it's in his report believable unbelievable what is going on here i moving on i have some good news the utah's fire up why some job numbers quickly came out eighty people had a job number imports from nbc this must kill them to put this out that's why put embassies twitter there were it's over my pick their basic it must drive them better than nothing but clearly during the private sector's afraid sector jobs are surging eighty people reported today shows the economy added folks a staggering two hundred and seventy five thousand private payroll jobs in april farm
then analyse estimated and the most since last july hundred eighty thousand your yeah i get bc analysed expecting a hundred eighty thousand jobs two hundred and six five thousand showing those tax cuts economic reform i could use the regulatory reform and getting rid of the red tape is having a significant impact on our u s economy if we could just get a hold of the catastrophic that situation we are in and i can't tell you this enough we will be looking at an error of prosperity we have not seen anywhere in human history please if but he up on the hill is listening get out of your boxes for a minute stand up and do something about this out of control government spending moving on venezuela yesterday i just wanted to highlight this one simple point here venezuela's got an ugly its we ve seen vehicles running people
firing on civilians it's it's a human humanity in disgrace this is what happens with socialism am i wanted to make two quick points on this the first is ladies and gentlemen do not lead any of this socialism apologists holly the latest animals and politicians who have supported deadly torturers homicidal socialism who have supported this do not let them off the hawk look at this twenty thirteen tweet from michael more hume human disgrace michael more producer of of socialist propaganda type films this is from i shoot me earlier twenty thirteen she's me hugo chavez the oil belong to the people who use oil body to eliminate seventy five percent of extreme poverty provided free health and education for all
yeah michael miss the result six years afterwards they political prisoners the human torture the twenty pounds a body weight venezuelans of lost due to starvation because governments socialized the economy he also missed the armoured vehicles running p over and the shooting at civilians you may have missed that michael you are disgusting person your human filth you nothing but an apology for apologists for tyranny for tyranny you are no different than a fascist people who apologized for fascism are now different than people who apologized for socialist because they both result and the same thing oppression death and tyranny i'm disgusted by you i'm disgusted by your elk i've disgusted by politicians who have done this you are a disgrace to humankind june let these people off the hook hold them to account in your social media and sure they're reminded daily about what they did to endorse a system
that runs over people and armoured vehicles in crushes the life out of them it's compresses their lungs breaks their bones their chests and runs them over in the middle of the street folks there is no difference none as high as pointed out repeatedly in his book the road to serve them when iconic work there is no difference from that between the taking of economic liberty and the taking of political liberty what do i mean by this the democrats want to separate the two are well call it democratic socialism don't worry you can still vote for people ladies and gentlemen it does matter who you vote for when either person man or woman who wins a socialist system has the right to take your money your labour put you into a life of indentured servitude take away your health
decisions your education decisions and your basic freedom for objecting to their political policies there is no difference between the taking of economic liberty using big permit policies and the taking of your political liberty your political liberty or ability to vote doesn't mean a damn thing when the people you ve for every one of them has complete control over your economic life and your freedom and can imprison you and run you overrun and armoured vehicle when you disagree with them there is no difference there is no such thing as democratic socialism socialism is a complete control and the subservience of recent human beings by government bureaucrats put in a power to terrorize you whether you vote furthermore not while they terrorize you and beat you to death is irrelevant
are no change agents and socialism there are desperate and tyrants a ballot doesn't make them go away miserable what do you mean dad you can vote that's what happened swell and what venom what it maduro do maduro stack the ballot it doesn't matter if you get the vote what did the russians used to say the soviets joe it matters you what's the votes this i may always magically called to vote for them stop allowing democrats to convince you that there is a distinction between economic liberty and political liberty are you on this what i'm telling you christian democrats in congress the radical left this wants you to believe that empowering big government over your health care medical
therefore all empowering big government over your money ninety percent tax rate julian castro proposed in power m over your kid public schools no school choice they want you to believe that a separate and distinct joe from political liberty and you're still be free because you can pick your leaders that's not the way this works when you forfeit you're free the ballot boxes meaningless there is no difference between economic and political liberty when four february your money your health care your education and your very right to assemble an objective a government for the people what results some people being run over on the streets by armoured vehicles by the socialists
tyrants in charge who helped devotes that's all that matters taxes are not just about money that about a rich getting it keep more money health care and you controlling your health care is not just bout you getting a hip replacement school it is not just about education for struggling kids and appalachian inner city communities it's about freedom and the essence of freedom and protecting freedoms freedom to the freedom to dictate road you choose to walk down instead of one the government dictates for you once you forfeit those things away piecemeal little bit you're healthcare hear a lot about your education you a little bit more of your money here the ballot box was entirely irrelevant power corruptors lord acting said absolute power corrupts absolutely
there is no emergency brake on power if you allow these people to whittle away you're freedoms one by one what's happened venezuela right now could ve well happen here or anywhere else if you put socialists in charge this is cautionary tale folks it is but an account of history every place we ve put so was tyrants in charge it has resulted in death and destruction there is no democrat so what about sweden sweden is a free market economy you knucklehead my gosh not a socialist country unbelief what are we going to hold a yo see and sanderson michael more sean pen how are these people held there
annabelle for the death and destruction that date they endorsed that won't we endorse real socialism that is real socialism people being run over by an armored car that israel socialism speaking of which more knucklehead policy so kirsten calibre democrat centre from new york who pretended point to be a moderate to get elected by upstate new yorkers when she needed some political vote she's now running for president other you'd never know pulling at negative sixty two percent which is impossible it was impossible to paul mega how do you pull negative hesitant and how do you do that i'm kidding of gaza only a few points about zero paul negative have you been it's a boiled egg you paul someone you asked who they support and if this person absolutely not support no matter what about if i take my name off this list them
but ever call me you gotta be negative vote custody calibre right i think whatever they want to rescind nirvana exceptional negative i go into the political port of elections to voting by male could i have that back please i want a bird sorted our works i this is it a vote for cars then go i can't outbreaks appalling nowhere so she's getting desperate socially comes out with this ridiculous plan and this guy tie in this together of course with i try to put threads throughout the show to make it seem somewhat continuous this is the new so she was by a joe denmark three dollars she per kilogram plan to give every voters six hundred dollars johnny to care paid yes this not just the doozy isn't it kirsten geller bran radical left this from new york wants to voters your money to donate back to her campaigns and others and she calls them is democracy die column eighty democracy that now
ladies and gentlemen there's a couple of obvious basic flaws with this ridiculous plants just to be clear she wants to give the six hundred dollars for vouchers those vouchers you can then give you a candidate that they can then give too did the candidate and which they can redeem for a campaign fun so it from nbc newspeak every voter could register for vouchers to donate up to a hundred thousand a primary a hundred and a general either all at once or in ten dollar increments to one or more candidates each participate we get a participant we get us four two hundred i'll pull for our senate and presidential contest for a total maximum donation of six hundred hours do those federal offices ladies and gentlemen what's the problem with this plan which is interesting by the way job because the democrats will lobby for they get school vouchers right heads who actually go to school and get an education but the lobby
vouchers that can go back into their campaign converse here's the problem and the problem is obvious it opens up all kinds of pandora's box about textiles but secondly here's what i see happening candid its would start campaigning for vouchers and not votes so think about this scenario see remember when you're a democrat you never have to think about is thomas solar call like stage two questions they they just ass the simple questions will i be graded would allow people to participate in democracy ok and then what like what's the stage to question saying or in a race joe our lives in maryland and there are a number of congressional seats in marylin which is familiar with where the outcome of the races predetermine you have i say like eliza cummings i am not sure what congressional districts in maryland i think it may be five i'm not really sure but illogical things winds his race in maryland for congress he represents parts of baltimore city typically job i
like thirty and forty point zero figures a big is it's a pretty bad like is never a primary abbe even twenty point two never closed elijah cummings is in office as long as he wants to stay there right in a single him out even though we have disagreements on past i'm just trying to give examples of this kind of familiar because i know marilyn politics have run there i sure cummings has no alive to roll worries at all in other words show he doesn't have to campaign for about he's got a name i d nobody primaries him and there's no serious republican challenge is gonna be able to take him out because it's a democrat plus twenty district right so let's realize you're coming so now knows that he can get upwards of say two hundred dollars per person for his house race for his campaign now of a sudden you have a bunch of people only marginally interested in politics but their very interested in some business decisions in our community who keep my cummings is involved isn't campaigning for votes he's got
he's gonna get elected no matter what now you a group of these citizens get together and say hey you know we could use this little vermin handout over here and by the way if we get hundred or two hundred of us together we could marshall gather thousands of dollars and campaign vouchers and we you go into a cummings office and not cannot not tell him our votes are at stake pair vow cheers are at stake ladies and gentlemen has anyone thought this through the potential for corruption here is geometric this is a really stupid idea that only clause ice so i would want to act the system is bad now granted this thing would be even worse scrap this disaster stat
quickly and of medicare frozen great daily single piece up about medicare for all they had a hearing on the whole yesterday i like you to read it means going to cover for take we support daily single piece for it always rouse democratic medicos rural hearing by rachel del cadiz i think i'm saying there i'm italian i should know how to say that or is it your diesel its bond gino up albinos i'm assuming its kittens we say our jeez i jays so we have this hearing four points they brought about medicare for all again the theme they are being what's happening venezuela darn well happen here when you a power socialist who now want to take over campaign donations they want to take over your health care system so they had a couple of people up there yesterday on the hill and they brought up four points in this medicare for all hearing in this peace the first was that one of the devil brad groups that one up there to lobby for medicare ferrajo said trot quickly and i mean is that the visa system is like the perfect model for this go check
veterans affairs veterans you're gettin great help great healthcare up their parroting the alexandria case yo cortez line about how great the is coming leaving out the fact that there was an enormous vs scandal under the obama administration we're veterans the best of us people who sacked men and women their safety insecurity protect our freedom under our constitution republic their health care they were being left on rationed waiting lists to die guy up there on the hill who was advocating for the visa system into your they might have missed that story so that was the number one take away that the democrats are tragically using the ba the model of government efficiency knowing people of actually waiting for health care on these viii aimless number to another democrat group up there i did the efficiencies built in and a government system ladies and gentlemen this is a joke i have the bunker talking point a thousand points a thousand times over on the show there
are no cost and quality benefits or efficiency benefits for introducing third party payers the government is a third party payer in a traditional free there are two parties there is a doctor and a patient the patient agrees on a price there willing to pay the doktor agrees on their willing to charge the patient on quality the doktor needs to provide quality to attract the patient this is not hard when a third the party pays the government the government pays the doktor the doktor has no incentive to provide quality or service many patients as he can were because the patients are paying right the patient also has no incentive to seek out the best price from the
after nine impugning doctors by the way just simple economic and works anywhere in any feel not healthcare only the patient doesn't care about the price they are not paying they already pay do their tax dollars to get as many of us dollars back is again drives up cause so the second point the democrats on the hill is utterly absurd the third there were some republic encounters shrikes to take away was there's going to be a massive doktor shortages approximately a shortage of a hundred twenty thousand doctors now this will only exacerbated as doctors find out that under medic after all going to take a forty percent hair cut on their salaries good luck retaining people then you let's take away i'm alone will run for the day rationing inevitable ladies and gentlemen there is no doubt that this is going to happen reasonable people understand are only two ways in the world we know if you can
the third way let me know you won the nobel prize for economics to allocate scarce resources a doctor's time medicine and hospital beds our scarce resources by nature they are not unlimited you can allocate them rationing or you can allocate them by price anyway it tells you there's a third way that in a government run third party system that doesn't use prices it can't use prices is an effective measure because the government is pay price mechanism is controlled by supply and demand when the supply and between the patient doctors interrupted by a third party the price mechanism doesn't work the patient doesn't care about prices are not paying and doctors and care about the price because you know the patient is in pay so if there are two ways prices and rationing any price mechanisms as i was actually going to lower the wrong finger there and that if it can potentially by mistake totally cleared the video the catch is right if the price max
some fails because your introducing a third party the government to pay which disrupts the relationship what takes over rationing those are the only two ways you can ration or price and when you introduce the government is a third party payer you are introducing by default rationing just be honest with people but they won't because the democrats love to lie i fucked stacy effort unity that really to appreciate it please check out or youtube channel check out yesterday show we put a little clip up from it uneasily show a little teaser clip paula was nice enough to put in their youtube that comes less bond genome and please subscribed to our show can i make this request extra strong can i please please go to itunes other the podcast of yemen phone you can go use i harder sound cloud if you have a and entering please prior to the show this christians this week have been a little slow i think because a lot of new shows are being introduced but its subscriptions that move us up the chart
how people finer shall we don't have a huge marketing budget we try to keep our costs low nearest we keep the show run it please go to itunes prescribes all free thanks a lot i really appreciate it i'll see you tomorrow with some i'm sure some highlights from this bar hearing you just heard in bonn gino she you can also get dance broadcasts on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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