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Never, Ever, Bow Before the Liberal Rage Mob # 934 (Ep 934)

2019-03-12 | 🔗
In this episode I address Tucker Carlson’s response to the liberal rage mob’s attacks on his show. I also address the suspicious texts involving “scrubbing” of FBI Sources after the Trump election. News Picks:  11 key takeaways from the devastating Bruce Ohr testimony.    This John Solomon piece from last year references suspicious texts about “scrubbing” informants.    This Epoch Times piece proves that the FBI never terminated Steele as a source.   President Trump to ask for 8.6 billion in wall funding for 2020 budget.   New figures prove Trump right, there is a crisis at the border.    Tucker Carlson refuses to bow down to the rage mob.   Venezuelans are using sewage water during the blackout.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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that's how it's done you know little back story so oh obvious disclosures many of you know i work at fox news i'm a paid contributor there and let me tell you i am proud to work there say that unabashedly for some of you out there you know and as you are entitled to your opinion some listen to show some love foxes we know some don't i read some views very few but some doubt some southern understand i'm too you you want to hear my personal opinion you listened to my show you're entitled to hear i feel you are entitled to opinion i respected i'm proud to work there i've always been proud of work there i might know what happens behind the scenes i don't want to be dramatic i'm not sitting in on their board meetings or anything like that but having provided content for them for seven years formerly work there now since january i'm proud no one has ever told me what to say there ever and they stand are there people when you write and they stand
their people when their people around the relentless assault if you missed at last i could tucker costs and show you miss the game changing moment on television now i rarely play cuts longer than a minute minute thirty or so because i just stop the unites along one but there maybe maybe forty gentlemen and fifty one of that kind of talk or costs and last night i met a set it out because some of you may not know what's going on this minute forty minutes fifty cod believe me when i tell you is worth your time took our calls some comments i think he would agree he'd like to take back in an interview ten years ago on it jacques radio station ten years ago ten years ago be complete zero losers basement dwelling dip
media matters decided to drag this up not because they wanted a sincere apology from tucker but because these matters is dedicated to one thing that is the abolition of the first amendment the abolition of free speech and totalitarian rule by liberal ideology that's all media matters is therefore make no mistake english police state thugs and tyrants they want the opposing views to liberals off the air immediately and tucker karlsson right now is target number one for them they drag this out today tucker cross off the air that is the only reason so it said taking a knee and bowing to this phony fake rage mob booted care at all about the comments they just want speech suppressed and opposing views suppressed they decided to attack tucker here's how he responded leaving the whole conversation is an absurd joke maybe were falling for it you sometimes hear modern progressive described is new puritans that's a slur
colonial americans whatever their flaws the puritans cared about the fate of the humans and the moral regeneration of their society those are not topics that interest progressives are too busy pushing late term abortion and cross dressing and fifth graters these are the people who write our movies and our sitcoms they are not shocked by naughty words they just pretend to be when its useful it's been very useful lately beliefs main goal in case you haven't noticed is controlling what you think in order to do that they have to control the information that you receive google facebook and twitter are fully on board with that they're happy to ban unapproved thoughts and they don't apologize for they often do so do the other table channels in virtually every major news outlets in this country one of the only places left in the united states were independent thoughts are allowed is right here the opinion hours on this network just a few hours in a sea of television programme
it's not much relatively speaking for the left its unacceptable they demand total conformity since the day we want on the air they been working hard to kill the show even said much about it in public it seem to self referential the pointed this nose show has never been us but now it's obvious to everybody no pretending that is not happening it is happening and so going for will be covering their efforts to make us be quiet for now though just two points to leave you with first fox news is behind us as they have been since the very first day toughness is a rare quality the tv network and we are grateful for that second we ve always apologize wouldn't were wrong and will continue to do that that's what decent people do they apologize but we will never bow to the mob ever no matter
what amen brother at is some of the most powerful minute in fifty two minutes a television you will ever see in your life you are damn right very rare the joe and i see the exact same cotton pull it at the same time i send it in joe he already had it folks oh and i have been subjected to this to nowhere near on the scale that media matters targets fox news but for those of you their who don't appreciate what happens you have no idea i mean this in any way in the derogatory way i don't you have no idea behind the scenes what goes on fox news every thing all day to get that network and its talent off the air listen i may i and i dont mean this in a derogatory way why would you know you have your own my zero jobs
we have no idea the relentless assault this network is under every day to shut them up you know what the easy call lesson i was let's just get rid of more controversial we don't need that is not what they did realize he's we're comments on a shock jock station ten years ago and that the left doesn't give a day about apologies the left doesn't care about apologies moral pure begins its talker points out show the party of late term abortion the party of socialism in that death destruction and torture the comes along with it the party of bankruptcy the party of echo i'm a deprivation the party of raw being parents of school choice for their kids stuck in crappy public schools you're the party of moral purity on their totem pole of morals you're at the top give me a damn break you can fools here here that was power
i listen to that last night from the same exact camera i'm talking to you now is where i do fox news from and i was brought up talk about something completely different tucker show last night i was brought up to talk about all probe falling apart and i opened by saying time out i want to tell you tucker i am happy to be here with you emphasis at last night tonight on this show i said you'd never ever ever jen you fly in front of the liberal rage mob ever would have been easy for me to say i'm gonna cancel i never ever talker did the right thing the comments yes i'm sure he would take them back if we could i saw a proud of them i've made comments
freebase ben bencher piero has a great article paul of you my door up on the screen bench shapiro as a rick article uppity daily wire work shapiro whose a competitor but i dont view it that why you this is zero sum i don't you shapiro pod guess the competition to mine ship ro as an article up what he actually list things here said that he'd like to take back the a sense of being human is sinn recovering from it in i am sure that is not what the left wants here the left is looking to expose the sins air quotes year of talk or karlsson to make tucker quote a better man job they are going to shut him up because he challenges their own evil later proportion economic germany socialism these drives them wild this isn't the time a job ship on fox news folks that's why get offended if these
like i would why don't you understand i don't need to work here i don't mean i dont say this in any kind of like i'm but get on my high horse i don't this pod as is hugely successful i worked thereby choice because it's one of the last remaining obstacles to a less complete hedge modern rule over news and opinion on television talkers right the opinion shows on fox from eight o clock eleven p m are the last vestiges of free on television where else are you getting that i'm talking about on key there are other channels trying and i respect him to have one a guy and news may i get it but vox is a matter of sheer numbers they don't have the penetration at fox does
now i have an analogy for you here because i want to explain to you the real fight that's going on here and what people do you know some of them the fake republican who decided to jump down talkers throw yesterday to date this understand the fight wherein i've referred to in the past joe is battlefield morality yes for some reason it's penetrating without ought without lit regular this but for summits getting through i think you're still confused what's going on you have this never tromp crowd and this other crowd who is eager to surgically attacks their lips lives to the bottom of the left with the whole they feel appease their hostage takers trumpet horrible horrible comes virtue signalling fake rhinos who think wherein sport fight wherein a fight fight there's a difference you know what these people are joe these never trump lunatics was abraham report
i can that tucker was referencing gonna clip joe where he said you know there's you republicans who abide by this speech ojo the left an attack their own people all the time you know who they are you remember die joe the original die hard hobby yea loved you remember alice yeah think i do remember here now let's drink i remember we raise the hans you bobby i see is they did disgusting sniffling snake who when the women take over hans gruber takes over not khatami plaza and takes hostages inside allison that's fly me snake what are the hostages who walk hans gruber and gives up the name of the only guy fighting back john mc link they don't know his name they don't know he's related but you wish why they just think he's some cowboy that's than ever trump card
they never tribe crowd to sell out rhinos who think we're in a sport fight and not a fight your alice from die hard bobby fell out freak phony filth he frauds you have no idea the fight wherein right now the people fighting or not in this first sport they are in to make you go away to shut you down to beg grub do to harass you to humiliate you in many cases sadly to actually physically attack you this is a joke you alice you are where's from diehard kitchen the collective axes of the hostile
takers you take you hostage with the hope of getting mercy later on and we all know what happened in alice and i hope it did men well well even a dad not well you are alice you're the hans bobby guys look shell from a mere understanding what is sniffling snake you are i beg you know i've read something i tell us daughter allied davis grain and added teach kids ethics and morals and if you tell your kids to imagine their acting in a movie and there watching themselves in the movie where they be prouder embarrassed that the personal watching i thought that was a great line this you never trump buffoons and you republican sleaze bags who run at the first sign of controversy your alice you're that i we watched in the original die hard that we all said what a disgraceful pig yet that's you
this isn't a sword fight folks this is a fight but network seeking truth an idea logical opposition to the staunch pro government be freedom views on the left on the air you understand how important this is here an analogy for young keep trying to think of a way to explain this to never trouble think this is a sport fight they think it's boxing day think there's a referee there now for those of you who are fighters when you go with you know the first time expire i wanna watch this the right way spent years of my life and mix martial arts and whatever and i'm paying for now is most of you can tell but the first time you were in a real street fight any no rules ladies and gentlemen is very different
i remember a long time ago talk into a brazilian jujitsu friend of mine and he was saying that he was lamenting the direction a bridge billion jujitsu which started as a self defense fighting combat art and it was transitioning into sport presenting jujitsu sport now and when he lamented the fact that the brazilian jujitsu fighters although tremendously skilled in the sports space were becoming awful street there's you know why joe because they had gotten used two things like rules like while i can pull this off this arm bar from the mount and when i do it in a work this way not realize the guy on the bottom made by your calf now he won't bite you can't joe days that's illegal and sport jujitsu inane illegal in the street no sir mo the street they gouge your eyes out
of a sudden sitting in the guard on the bottom all day trying to pull an arm bar while you're on the floor and while the guy's head budding you and gouging your eyes out don't look like so much fun anymore gracie clan who i adore they used to actually white people on the beach to show that their stuff worked because aber concerned about self defense their nation but it transitioning to baron follows and all this other stuff and this fancy sport you that i'm telling you right now in the street is worthless is worthless he's gonna gouged arise and i do they stop he's gonna kick you in the colonies but your eyes out and by your ears off these people were fighting sport you should these never trump says this is a real fight these people will bite you they will gouged you they will kick where you shouldn't be kicked pull your hair they will bend back your fingers
you understand a fight these never trump sellouts out we just appeal the referee in the boxing match for calm the reference being the media law which if we virtue signal of the media that where the good conservatives and trump is the bad guy and we need to speak out against talkers liquid isa that all of a sudden the referee real recognise where the good guy and maybe he'll rule favourably at the end of the five joe are you gonna happen brother wrong although this is a fine fine darn right alice you are wrong wrong you all what happened to analyse this is a fight fight there is gonna be no reft scorecard there's gonna be you know ref their goal is silence so mad about policy from tucker problem this is about there
i gotta get fire tucker karlsson trending noticed joe they dont want to fire joy red and emerson we see right joy reed on msnbc case many of you have forgotten who had a blog she actually road which she lied about she claimed that she asked for an fbi investigation saying so had manipulated her block it was all a lie homophobic blow she had going for years while claiming the mantle of identity politics are left leaning msnbc remember that story must some of you have forgotten in media doesn't matter media matters losers they don't want apology nobody was called for joy re to be thrown off the air and the left manifest joe you when i covered it to yes what will say now what we said then my region a horrible person and theirs
wait and not listen to joy read you know what it is joe changed the channel bingo i don't care of joy redesign the heir of the auto watch msnbc garbage like tucker show through the hell out boycotts not about an apology folks sebastian everybody up and the fact that tucker refuse the cow the genuflect to kill his head and honour the mural the moral puritans as he calls them on the left the game changing moment i'm not afraid i'm not i'm not afraid i'm not afraid any this stuff
you want to go ahead and do your boycotting you go right ahead but i'm not afraid neither is tucker time all of us called out the ellis party good for you man you know it's interesting some sittin here less item on talker and i know i'm here to talk about something else on the show and i am sorry in my view watch the they collaborate on off you guys dvr the show my wife who knows we better than anyone could watch me as talk was doing the intro about the mother think she's like you're thinking about it right now right should i say this or should i not and i was and i was like you know what i'm saying it too bad thank you for me on the show that night the easiest thing in the world is to run away from the stuff don't be alice really great stuff to get your money
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all their jain older john solomon article please please read this at the show notes today i'm humbly begging you go to budget dot com or subscribed to our email list it's on the drop down menu upon gino that commissars subscribe we'll send you these articles every single day in your inbox they are so worth reading and think about our email this folks just so you know so i don't think you're wasting your time here we don't know we send you articles from today and you can go anywhere for they had long ago drugs you ve got a great sites out there that i agree i need you a great job we find stuff that's older its older unrelated to what's going on i know you're not gonna get that anywhere else so please go subscribe check this article by john solomon because nels s room these specific thing i've been focused on in conjunction with a source of mine then i want you all we have a heads up and it is this area is the johnson peace paula has it up on the youtube channel for those you watch the video youtube of the conflict
i've been talking to you about panics how on the friday show joe and yesterday how right around the third week in july there are these specific paddocks that break out amongst the conspirators conspiring to take down the trump team right in the july twenty seventh panic we're gonna call their panic too you may say really i never heard about panic one yes that's it we're gonna talk about today but i just want to describe to you out there are the hidden there are these very specific dates where people freak out and when you finally put the dates in order chronologically in your head you figure out how to salting with them so panic to just a quick update is now go through some of this in a second as well is the date mahler finds out about it tax when peter stroke whose investigating trump and is fbi your girlfriend lisa page right around that july third week in july second week until i d mahler gets wind of these devastating text trump people smile you now ok
this law is all this nasty stop and all of a sudden what happened show man affords mrs raided papadopoulos gets arrested jim bakers cirque article leave the house calls for a second special council everything freaks out i've been calling it like the date of the internal civil war mahler knows what he knows his lead investigator in the cases screwed up this whole thing and this has been a scan the whole time so the map up operation stars but there's another panic day joe it's a fascinating panic eight and a date is an obvious one i ve talked about poor that's november eight what happens on november eight of twenty sixteen that's election day november eighth of twenty sixteen donald trump wins the presidency rural this panic date is fast yet i'll jargon but there are a lot of trouble now are we the reasons are are because the conspirators in this case who have been spying on the trump team
spying on corridor page spying on papadopoulos spying on mike flynn ruthlessly attacking the church team and weapon eyes in the fbi's political opposition research outlet for the democrats are these people now no one joe they know they will be discovered because unlike prior thought that hillary clinton was issue and for the president that was not the case donald trump who they ve been target he's now the present and clear up on our four happened this year so i ve been happening in conversation with a with a friend and he brings up this this this fbi memo our latest solomon peace intimate even though the solomon pieces a little older but he brings up this fbi memo paula throw up on the to channel i'll read a fever those you on the audio the fbi i memo in question a piece of paperwork documenting the dismissal of crystal steel as the source now
it is upon the swede highlights a word of the screen that the word unlikely amateur this to you in a second but notice they seem was it that yours the question why this this missing of christopher steel is a search was this document was it backdated two november first show is no vampire first before after november eight this is not a trick no it would be ford and it would be before yes our product this interesting theory to me thy think me have some meat on its bones question number one now that we know christopher steel there were numerous attempts to re engage with christopher steel even after he was fired is the fbi said question on what is what super steel ever fired at all two is was it memo written after election day and backdated two november first
which was there last contact with christopher steel to make pretend that he had fired before election day in some road to damascus come to jesus moment where they realize it was a bad guy who this is fascinating light of inquiry now think about the ramifications of this feels name has been used because he is a he was prior fbi source in other words he had credibility with the fbi's a source he had worked on the soccer corruption cases before many of you know this so ordered be used in court as a verified source you have to show a history of convictions and a story of poor successful prosecution of jos source to the fbi on terror cases editors this time they have to independently
verify all of jos information if you always work with the fbi and ten prior terrorist convictions right you always a reliable source and the judge will put different wait a more profound way too much process makes such a right chose provided respectful i urge you to be respectable information in the past that's why the prosecution think convictions yeah i believe christopher steals may because he had worked with the fbi in the past used on the bogus dossier although large also the information in the dossier were likely not produced by steel i this in the prior shows how does this really through the backdating is the alleged firing number one if you read the memo again paula put their back up on the screen if you don't mind why she ever fired at all let me read to you this line my eyes are going a little bit
it says on november first twenty sixteen while that dates convenient vhf confirmed all of this to the handling agent at that time handling agent advice hs confidential human source that in nature the relationship between the fbi and the source would change completely and that it was unlikely that the fbi would continue our relationship with this source additionally handling agent advised that the source was not to operate to obtain any intel what's whatsoever on behalf of the fbi folks was this backdated in other words did senior people at the fbi understanding their entire case was bs based on a dossier it wasn't even largely written by the source they were using in courts steel they re in other words they were using his name it because you ve been a source before but it wasn't even his info they d bureau
now realize on november eight that all of this was gonna be exposed and they were going to be held liable for using information they attributed to a source that wasn't even his what happens show make breaks out probably on november ninth and november tenth and people start to figure out it hey we're gonna have to put something down on paper that we dismiss this guy before the election somebody but a memo handy but notice there it doesn't it was fired joe yes as it's unlikely they were going to use them in the future right and they gave you in the future we now know due to bruce shores testimony that the number two with the fbi after jim call me was fired attempted you re in hatred christopher steel we also know still continue to meet with bruce or to deal joy ladies and gentlemen this m is born
we always never fired this mammal here's to be a cover job to me it would seem that he was fired to make it appear that the fbi was taking the high road before your election and that they had said now discovered the steel malfeasance a neighbour the good guys believe this thing one bed now where do we start this we started with the solomon piece you may say well how does this all their john solomon peace from july of dear how does that tie into this all wrong this duty there it is paul has it up in the youtube channel their let me read the first quote from this peace this is a text how did we all miss this this is eight i should be an email that may be precise here this is an email from peter stroke
he's writing the his girlfriend lisa page on fbi lawyer twenty two days after the election quote we need all of their names to scrub and we should give them so the same purpose stroke male page on november ten twenty sixteen citing it we beast article about some a former trumped campaign chairman paul manifolds allegedly unsavory times overseas andy get me others pedro back apparently the catering became didn't any names to add to the scrub wholly moses joe what were they scrubbing two days after the election where they pay together a series of memos robbing any of any work they had
on christopher steel pretending they admired him november first before the election what were they throbbing ladies and gentlemen we need enemy conjugal we need all of their names to scrub too he's after the election we're a white washing in cleaning often scrubbing down their use of course diverse veal knowing devastating the female is information that was allegedly from steel that wasn't that they just slapped his name on it because he'd been a credible source in the past no the information was a hoax do you want this devastating the female is it gets worse ah the solomon pieces so worth you till now bookkeeper my we covered joe you probably remember we actually covered this peace when it came out loud in july now given the bruce george you're the reason i'm bringing this up again we don't
each shows here we go four run out of content the real bringing this up now is now the bruce or testimony is become public and i haven't epic time peace in the show notes today about it we now no they christopher steel ladies and gentlemen with never scrubbed in other words this member always probably a hoax not at home it's a real memo but this memo is like we pay per trail created this ingenuously to make it appear that they had gotten we got rid of christopher steel when what did they in fact do with christopher steel joe they had steel we'd bruce or edinburgh or give the information to joe preoccupy the fbi which makes its the information came from where joe or not steal they scrub the sea i they make pretending
confidential format or they comecon confidential human source disappeared on november first they back data memo he never disappeared at all bruce or is now admitted to continuing to speak with christopher steel after the alleged dismissal we was unlikely to be used he was still being used the scrub is a head fake it's in a it's it's a pump fake they still used him they had a scrub it because they understood trouble and now they can use this fake source on a ban fifthly it openly they have to hide it so they hide it after the election through bruce or that's all new second quote from the john sound and peace this is a duty from the emails
that's what bill said stroke wrote back apparently raw referring to then fbi chief of counter intel william price step i suggested we need exchange our entire list as we have potential d fraga tory see i info the other does it see i mean confidential inform it is it now interesting soap there are strokes boss bill price them their emailing about communicating with bills suggests that they have potential derogatory information about the source they ve been using while they have to scrub their sources while m o appears that they somehow dismiss this source in their unlikely to use them despite the fact that their using them again right after the election she's panic day number one election day zero hour when the fbi
managers running this operation against trump have a whole lee moment all this information we got from steel whose likely not even the producer of this is me it's just started this whole thing is a hoax are we going to tell people when trump finds out that we used a bad source who wasn't even the source to spy this trompe writing to his boss they have derogatory from what's the derogatory information joe while we know they're text about about the three o toole the interview summaries where stroke repeatedly tax lisa page about how there's derogatory information to three hundred and two someone out there we know from the information summaries that bruce or told them bruce or the j official was handling steel after the allegedly dismiss them told people
the fbi andrew weissmann on the special council that the oj included he was at the orgy that told them steel hated trump told them this was unverified information now oh do you understand the derogatory information about their source they had a scrub folks they never fired steel they have a p two paperwork that says they fired steel but they don't have the facts that say they fired steel they continued to deal would steal after the election this is just starting in light of the new info that or and steal had created a back channel after he was allegedly fired lady gentlemen that memo i put up on the youtube channel is garbage they never already steel with
thing written on november first if it was listen to me if anybody at the bureau who s inside info and you know who you are some of the people reach out to me and could prove to me that was written on november first we will correct it absolutely but that memo ways off we suspicious to those written on november first your election day joe it's back to the future then obviously they did try to get rid of him then but with that memo after election day love to see time stamp peru on that baby would knew you got rid of them really you sure about that i want to get into timeline panic day too much at my wrist my last read here lol this is bravo company one of my favorite reads they make the finest rifles out there they sent me a rifle and a pistol bravo company manufacturing their products or absolute
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our companies are high quality precision made rifle some of the finest out their bravo company m f g i can't find out about product special offers an upcoming news bravo company m f g that come so we have panic date number one now the election it appears the bureau is the scrub the source they have used the whole time they found the regulatory information item they ve known this to halt i'm oars told them that steel was was a bad guy the information may not be his that's theo can't stand donald trump so the scrub begins but day number two again at tipp to most sources we ve been talking about this july twenty seventh day that's the date the civil war happens at the white house here i believe there are people find out about the stroke tax or the whole thing becomes obvious to the end back their general the internal affairs people looking at all the malfeasance on this but there's some lead up to that july twenty seven that i must say a friend with nice
descending compile for me so july twenty seventh july twenty six this demand for re july twenty seventh is the papadopoulos arrest this is the case up on our for they have to shut all this down because the text they get involve the use of steel excuse me while the use of ski of use of steel to target man afford keep in mind the dough yea one of the key antagonists bad guys scholar tour of the dossiers poor metaphor so one or finds out in july of twenty seventeen when he finds out about the text and the efforts to target metaphor through information provided by steel i believe mahler panics he sees the tax he knows with their plotting here's the lead up to this on july thirteen peter stroke joins mothers team circulated
it's just a couple a couple of weeks before july forty horwitz write a letter to centres short years is important july fifteen an investigation and seventeen lisa page the special council suspiciously she just join right around july fifteen is probably the time that hard interviews our maybe a couple days prior he's it viewing har about an investigator the hilary email scandal and the mishandling that ironically joe this is the greatest point of all talk about a democrat slap in the face because the damn crash rousseau matted call me they demanded an inspector general internal affairs investigation into the fbi's handling if work is email so what happens this is the greatest slap in the face of all time horwitz king into it interviews lisa page the fbi laura having an affair which stroke was now investigating trump on mothers team and while he's investing
gaining lisa page on the collected thing if they start to get it some of andy mikhail leaks to the media it's likely at this point lisa page says hey i wasn't told rise that leak look i have text with andy mc cavan he said it was ok oh you you have tax really hey i'm lease you look at tat phone as the damn break now oh horowitz gets checks right around this time as i keep telling you right around july twenty seventy the civil war breaks out and he probably reading through these things with his investigator go and hey boys hilary gmail the least of our problems right now look at this stuff about trump oh coneys lawyers chump people smell like
in meetings scrub the list the ragged information why how right july fifty july pete stroke is brought in and interviewed peter stroke the investigator being investigated this boy you know it's awfully interesting this there was a footnote added later on the strong position you don't july nineteen twenty seventeen is influenced paper in relations the other matters not as part of the investigation of defended or any investigation of strokes catholic oh yeah sure sure that's fascinating as regards prove my point that model it's not a good guys a clean up operation its clear as day horror which was interviewing stroke about the dark tax they just got from pages blackberry or or whatever device she had do i twentieth
the fbi produces the page stroke text to the oecd this is where the idee har which is probably freaking out realized they ve got a bomb investigation here a bob we got an issue july twenty six of course metaphors houses raided by that's convenient you're talking about grab at sea are you use the target man afford you're reading the text about scrubbing the sea are you use the target metaphorically informant at any rate man of house and you probably should have apologised july twenty seventh of course papadopoulos the leak about you baker and his leaks to circa showing twenty eight stroke is removed from the special council the caves also interviewed by horowitz lies to him for the first time folks i hope and i am only putting that out there because this lie twenty seventh day this is panic operation number two you can
be around this time line that this spark that was lit irene equally by the democrats requesting an investigation two hilary easy star this probe into lisa page which expose her text which expose them to the eye g which drove the mahler team it panic mode which drove this other series of events the man afford arrest they had arrest man afford at that point more those whose investigation is a dog they need we're rest man and get a search warrant on this guy or hit his house at least they need it is that which is a more precise way to talk about what happened they need data is how to get information why this is could a crowd of this whole thing panic one in panic to panic one is the election scrub the list pretend we fired steel panic too why is smaller in a panic because
folks he now knows the dossier is a total hoax so instead of just acknowledging that this entire investigation he's conducting grade a level tier one bs what does he do here there's an early morning rush search warrant on the man of fourteen in an effort to do watch out to find information in the house that he thinks that he hopes that he praise may rescue the dossier because my where's job is to rescue the dossier because the dossier was guided by steel feels name want to be clear and that was all they had and mothers job is exclusively to rescue the reputation of the fbi me reputation the f b i d o j will go down in flames if it comes out
the information they used allegedly from steel on a dossier to target metaphor is a total hoax so they hit the house with the desperate hope of some criminal evidence a metaphor then i'll eat a back up the dossier where they can stem the shot him down and worker proffered deal will they get him to shut his whole dude this is way bigger than a clean up borne out for this is we gotta disinfect the whole meet department here you know it's joe and i wanted i sent out a treat yesterday and i meant i wanna had tipp all of the people out there the real journal it's not the fake news media that's been promoting the collusion for a long time i meant this this project that i've been putting together book to wooden we're be possible without the likes of molly hemingway kingship also john solomon terror carter shock ross jeff karlsson a tonne
the people out there who have put in source my other source you know you are we now ruby passport office you understand what talking about today right that now only with the fbi court using fake info they try to rub it in a panic after election day and when the whole scheme got exposed to the text they tried to see but again by arresting the people subjected to it in an effort to find new crimes to shut them up or to fight an old crimes that would rescue the dirty filthy dossier they use the whole time absolutely horrified all right folks i was going to get it to some other stuff and i'm going to leave it there for the day because this is been a really deep show and that battle we talked about beginning is important we need all our soldiers on the battlefield first this is not a u have fight this is a real street fight where people pull out ships and they bite and they poke
and they scratch when people panic on them laura scene it when you get someone on the ground as know what to do when they do strange things they buy they kick this rather they tear they freak out they'll stab you if they could this is a fight these people want us all taken off the air joe knows exactly what i'm talking about we ve been dealing with it to you but we need all our soldiers on the battlefield no time for never trump buffoonery please don't be alice this is no time for alice this is timeframe i'm clean i folks they see opportunities i'll see you just heard tan von genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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