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No Collusion. No Obstruction. # 961 (Ep 961)

2019-04-18 | 🔗
In this episode I address the latest information from the morning release of the Mueller report.News Picks: Here are ten post-Mueller probe questions that could turn the table on the Russian “collusion” hoax.    The media is humiliating themselves again on the “collusion” case.   The DOJ is going to allow some lawmakers to see the Mueller report without redactions.   Watch Beto stumble trying to defend his charity giving.   Devin Nunes is looking at these three potential setups of the Trump team.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan bungee. Now I wonder they thereby GINO show GOSH. What a day did you catch the Bill bar press conference? That was a tour de force. That is how it's done sorry about the visuals. In the background folks, I don't take days off, especially on days like this. This is in New York City Hotel, I'm getting ready to do fox today, so get ready to rock and roll listen. I got no time to waste. I've got some incredible material for you. Let's get to it today show bunch of my buddies at filter. Hey. According to CDC about seven million people are getting hit with the flu this year. Many think getting sick has to do with it Oh, that's actually false. We get sick because we spend more time indoors. That's why we're exposed to hire concentrations of airborne pollutants, including cold and flew viruses. If you want to improve the chances of cold and loosened STAR Brighton the quality of your air without buddies Filter by their America's Lee,
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unprecedented in his analysis of what was an unprecedented investigation. This is hysterical check this out. Democrats questions process here, a Republican of when agenda on Tuesday sent you a poor, created, an environment that is called a significant part of the american public concern about these reductions. You clear, the president on obstructing the president is fundraising off with your comments about spying in here you have remarked that are quite generous to the president, including acknowledging his emotion. What did you say to people on both sides of the Isle are concerned? You are trying to protect the president or to Sweden to bowed his his sincere beliefs or for are recognized in the report that there was substantial evidence for that, so much or what? basis. For saying that, I am being generous tat. The president had always abilities are another president for now
unprecedented, is an accurate. You see that that is classic. I love bar barkers So am, I think, I'm analyzing the added the did. The emotions of the present Bobby that it was an unprecedented attack on his presidency whatever, while is their precedent for no well. That's at present it meets. This is the a holidays. We need and government right now. We need people not willing to accept nonsense. Media narrative, you see what you're doing already folks trying to set up the fact that bar is acting as an attorney for the president nodded. The attorney general for the United States. That's a false narrative that the media hacks lunatics one out there because they blown it twice. They bloated the collusion narrative. They bloated on the spine out, as I set on fire friends this morning the media got there. Stories of our lifetime backwards told you collusion, was real
spying was a hoax when it turns our collusion was a hoax and spying was very real and now Are you have hacks like this trying to paint the third narrative here that our is covering for the president here nonsense. That is true, complete garbage so good job. I billboard Let's go through this. I've got a bunch of notes I had to get on the air quick. I wanted. I wanted to get it up. Normal time, but had away till it was finished so first one of the first outcome so the election? I got a lot of material to related to so stay tuned after this number one bar reiterate at the press or their there no collusion, no collusion. He the case that there is evidence of russian operatives trying to impact our election, but that they acted without the assistance of the trump? or any American Ladys Gemlike say this enough. Apparently the model Port we're gonna, get a little why we shall be going through we're going to be when some more material on this.
volume. One of it shows that the Russians did make an effort to impact our election, not a surprise to anybody here, but that that effort was them acting without the support of anybody on the Trump team or any American there's no collusion yeah. You know it's just check out this video right here. This is bar indicating in no uncertain terms that collusion is dead. The media blew the biggest story of our lifetime. The special council's report didn't find any evidence that members of the trunk campaign or anyone associated with the campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in these hack. The operations, in other words, There was no evidence of the trunk camp, in collusion with the russian government, has I do you guys you needed the unifying as if you need to hear from the horses mouth for the fifteenth time are basically the media it takes at sea and MSNBC had been lying to you, the entire time, folks, absolutely disgraceful. I finding number two.
that there was a rush in this information campaign waged do their internet research aids. Again. None of this is news folks, basically what they were doing as the Russians were putting our decision. Patient inaccurate information through vehicles and conduits social media and other forms to try to influence people in the United States now new there. Nothing surprising. The Russians are not our friends, nothing. an usual about foreign, There is trying to cause chaos in the United States, especially in elections, but again the second big finding here they acted with out the system of anybody on the Trump team or any American. Thank you. Buy Felicia to the collusion scandal, hopes fairytale again. Finding number three organic.
Joe Biden Terminology, finding number three, that the g are you, the Russian GR, you a group of military officers that they work trying to hack democrat computers and again, the computers of Hillary Clinton campaign officials. That's what's in the smaller report, but again acted alone without the assist so the Trump team are any American. This is all at the press or here watch. They get some more video and audio for you tomorrow on this folks, but I want to get this out as soon as possible. So you know exactly what's going on finding number for that, there were is an attempt to publish stolen emails. This is from the special counsel. Swanny's again member bar just finished his press conference in that press conference with summarizing within the special counsel's report. That's what makes that reporter's question the unprecedented question so silly to Bar was only citing what Margaret said, not as personal opinion about the President's mental state. He was only talk
about what was in the Mulder report, so ok that they do. try to publish stolen emails, russian actors to Wiki leaks, DC leaks and and guess crucify account, but again the special care Show no evidence that they acted with any coordination with the trunk. The matter fact they acted without the Trump being. There's no evidence that there was any coordination collusion at all. Okay, going through this quick cuz. I got a lot to get through today. There was an analysis of the Russia team contacts, sure complex issues me with the trompe when I'm assuming here they're talking about Trump tower we will get. This is the full report comes out just a few hours. he didn't throw it I'll, have tons of information on that. Ladies I got more on this. Coming up in a few minutes was of some sound by Devon Nunez here, where Devon Nunez wondering is well. Ok if they looked into the Trump team contact, especially the Trump Tower meeting with the two Russians, the trunk tower meeting with Don Junior, but don't forget this,
June of twenty, sixteen that God, that do not that meeting right there, correct term tower, with down junior with those Russians what acquiesce in the special council report about that. We know those two Russians were connected: one of em diffusion, gps and one of them to the Hilary team. what exactly was uncovered there, but this is important the Trump T meeting with these Russians, there was no evidence of conspiracy to violate the law. That's a quote by by Bill BAR in the press conference. None remember, ladies and gentlemen. Meeting with Russians is not legal. Why were these Russians connected the Hillary Clinton team? Why? Why would they connect. fusion, GPS hired by Hillary Clinton, one of them
intelligence connected guys, it shows up admits. He knows people on the Clinton staff and his lawyer is the spouse of Bill Clinton, one of one of his high up on one of his higher up our diplomatic, ridiculous. Ok, this is where it gets interesting. Sorry faced my open up there I'm working with I got an operation here. This is a hotel room operation here, but I want to miss the showed it the special council. This is where it gets fascinating, bar one talks about some legal theories. The special council had on obstruction. Ladies and gentlemen, I have absolutely no doubt what bars talking about here bar is talking about hack attorney, Andy Weissmann. Bob mothers pitfall his lean investigator, He is undoubtedly talking about Anti Weissmann and his unique legal theories. Anyway. Spends. Unique legal theories, have gotten him into a world of trouble in the past Andrew Weissmann,
mothers right hand guy, ladies and gentlemen, don't forget this was one of the the prosecutors on the Enron case, the Enron case, Convictions were thrown out of court Weissmann but humiliated repeatedly. This guy has advanced. he got theories that have been shown by courts and independent arbiters to be absolutely ridiculous. In other words,. I think what bars saying here is. It was an effort thereby Weissmann to paint a legal theory of obstruction to target Donald Trump not based on any sound legal analysis. Barton say that directly folks grant that I am speculating. I can't get in bars head, but my guess is him saying the quote legal theories of the special council and that basically he disagreed with them. that he saying that Weissmann was inventing law to prosecute term for obstruction of justice, because why spends a hack. There is a horrible person. Weissmann was
if on the dossier in the summer of twenty sixteen, ladies and gentlemen, he knows this whole cases a hoax and he went with it anyway. This guy is a hack and I think BAR Rosen and in everyone else. No, it. one more piece on this on the obstruction charge or just to be clear, and I was saying that bar comes out, it's. A special council posited some legal theories on obstruction, the that those legal fees This day he believes, don't amount to obstruction. He also says that that opinion was not base. On the well see opinion if this gets a little complicated bear with me for a second, the of legal counsel hasn't historical. estimates years. All that didn't come out something special for Donald Trump right. The office of legal councils come out with an opinion. That's that's all. It is not new Then he sitting, president cannot be indicted. Bar suggests did that Mauler
old him in their interviews that the reason they didn't side to charge or art or lay out a criminal or make a decision on the criminality of the obstruction of justice sergeant on Tromp was not due to the fact Canada items that make sense. I hope it does In other words, what he sang is Mahler didn't refuse. The charge trump with obstruction, because the Office of legal counsel precedent he charged them here he used to charge will make a decision on it because he feel, like the evidence, was there to do it. It had nothing with the oil appendant. That's an important point. There Democrats welcome back in they'll, say all while they just didn't indict Donald Trump, because the Office of legal counsel said so, but the evidence was there. That is not the case. That is not what Mahler Tool BAR Mahler Tool code Thursday. That had nothing to do with the legal counsel opinion that the This was not there with Afghani hasn't exonerated Mahler, but when bar, rose and Stein start looking at the law,
I am not these unique legal opinions at Weissmann providing the discredited hack, then of a vague, guided are in Anna and roses died. Why that exonerate trump of obstruction, because he didn't obstruct justice and I believe when you look at bars Press conference and he lays out a couple things the obstruction charge why he thinks it's nonsense is the most uncomfortable chair ever following Joe. This thing is callin me a cave ability. Man is chairs. Like the worse. It's a big into my boy, I'm in the smallest hotel room ever at times square. This is the whole room, ledge em. I wish I could think this camera virtue about Paul of performance in setting up this is is there a different shop. Am I know this is the shot. There's a guy in the background, praying at a buddhist Temple or of that is the shot. That's the only shot. This is the only deal you could tell me Paul if you want to say something funny till I can read your text on the screen aren't getting back to this.
so there's no case for obstruction, as determined by a bill by the attorney general and rose and Stein Mahler too to pass and points on the question, but doesn't she Jimmy there and uneasy is in charge of is not due to the Aral Sea opinion its candidly, because you have enough evidence that would lead to a not a legal theory case, but an actual legal case for obstruction, Bar rather elegantly lays out why he believes there is no obstruction, and I want to be crystal clear on this. I'm gonna give you the three big take away from this before we start with our other stuff. Here number one. He says the Trump team fully cooperate. The indicator, this multiple times provided Whitehouse staffers, provided them full access, turn over all the documents requested that there was no effort to obstruct the investigation when it came to providing the necessary people, the testimony in documents, the Bob salaries team so take away one. There was cooperation if their scope,
cooperation, ladies and gentlemen, in a very difficult time, making obstruction case take away number two. it was no invocation of executive privilege, Donald Trump as oppressed, United States has legal executive authority as the president to invoke prove a vote which, over certain communiques communications conversations emails bar says there is no, execution of executive privilege that there was in order. Where's to uphold, withhold documents through multi middle again. Ladies and gentlemen, making for a very very tough argument How are you going to indicate there was an obstruction charge when everything else it was turned over and nothing was even even executive. Privilege was perfectly legal, wasn't even invoked stupid, so dumb stupid case, stupid people like Andy Weissmann dumps, third, third take away here and the obstruction nonsense, no act to deprive.
the Mahler special counsel of documents, testimony or access to witnesses that they want it. So Ladies and gentlemen, you're gonna make an obstruction case based on full cooperation, no invocation of executive privilege and no effort. whatsoever to the problem of witnesses or documents? If this sounds dumpty which, because it is done this, one of those unique legal theories that I'm telling you you can pin on anti weissmann already discredited lawyer who blew it on the Enron problem? Who, by the way, is a big dammit without Hilary election, I party and is deeply connected to- I'm as former lawyer Catherine Rumbler, who they worked on the Enron case together, and what about This counter terror officials, LISA Monaco, who was by the way my mother's old chief of staff. These people are are we each other folks? They all are we to swap is deep. The route for the swamp go deep into the mud. Pathetic sorry, but I'm just furious threat is crap
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if is where I think there was some type of set up involved, so the first is involved with General Flynn General plan supposedly in Chapter was was meeting with a russian woman. I want to know what really happened there, because we're just now finding out about this, and we need more a lot more information on what really was general fun doing, because it's a big deal at their. If somebody within our intelligence agencies were accusing three star, General having some type of russian fleeing it seriously. and I want to. I want to get to the bottom of that the question you have is Joseph Miffed said Joseph Myths, that is how this whole investigation started, and let me tell you Mauler, describes him as some type of russian asset of some kind. While if, if Joseph Method was there was a rush, asset. We ve got big problem, with our british italian allies because he seems to be pictured with
we british and an italian person that we know of so that something we also want to know about, and myths it was the guy who set up Papadopoulos fund the third issue. I want to know about this infamous truck tower media when you had the Democrats. Talk about that. There's evidence in plain sight Will the Russians that are involved in the trunk tower the infamous trumped our meeting in New York? I called the fusion GPS, Russians vision. Gps was the company that was working for the Clinton campaign and the my grants and some Glenn Simpson meets with them before and after and he's been he's. Actually, These are Russians that he's doing work, for I mean come on it's more get to the bottom of this and answer this for the american people. I don't know what the report was really worth. Folks, I am a huge supporter. Devon Newness, I want to just say before I get
some commentary on what he just laid out there about what the real scandal is. The entrapment spying scheme on the Donald Trump Team and others by the way is bigger than just tromp. Don't ever forget that I wanted to have Tipp him Mark meadows, Jim Jordan and others out there you're, not the only ones who have really let sleep, pursued every lead on this and are finally getting through the truth. Thank you sincerely Devon Newness, Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan noon. As you have done, a Mr Newness representative nearness with all due respect in you deserve it. You have done a fantastic job noon points do three things now we want to see in the Mulder Report and we will be digging through this right when I get off the air above five again later. Today, I've got a number of appearance is coming up, and I want to make sure I dig through the support, but it's going to be four hundred pages, so I want to get you the material tomorrow, but I want to see these three things. Vanessa concerned about three things number one: the Flint
over meeting and twenty fourteen? What is this? If you listen to show you know it s summarize it for you quickly, in general, might flitted twenty fourteen is invited over to Cambridge in London. At that event, a woman Svetlana covers there, the woman Svetlana, look over here interaction with Flynn, which is described this completely benign by other witnesses of the scene. This is just a dinner member Flynn is invited over there that happen. the information that comes out of that this is two thousand and fourteen is that the interactions with this women were suspicious and they believe Flynn may have been compromised by this women and our so called russian connection. This is a nonsense story according to media reports at information, comes from dear love, a former ah a high and russian she'd be love british intelligence. Official Richard dear love and defined for a? U S, intelligence, ass, it. What the heck are? U S, intention
assets connected to the CIA in our intelligence community and a former British elegance ass, it with deep connections. This guy the high into the managerial chain. Dear love, what are they doing reporting on Might flint overseas on a completely but I'd interaction with a woman by the way who deny All of this stuff, It also another person who was there another day. official, who is Eric Lieutenant General MIKE Flynn, who says none of this. This is nonsense. There was no suspicious interactions at all that is up later. Gentlemen. I bring it up because Nunez, whose very smart, I believe, understands what I've been Thank you for a long time it was set up. It was an effort way before Trump got being entered into came down that escalator entered into the presidential campaign to set up go enemies of Barack Obama. Flynn was first remember this by gate scandals, while my book is called spy gate and not trump, keep this precedes Donald Trump.
Donald Trump with another victim in a ruthless, relentless Obama too spying in entrapment scandal. Don't ever forget that so that Tranche number one that newness is looking at Johns number two of information, Miss said he went down, if your regular listen to show. This, of course, is old news to you, but Nunez wants to know who was Joseph myths said again in a nutshell, submit set as a maltese professor, who was alleged back in April of twenty six tend to have told George Papadopoulos about russian Dirt on Hilary about ten days after that meeting Papa apples meets with an australian official and now so what allegedly starts off the FBI investigation can yet be. Ices Papadopoulos told the straining an official about this door on Hilary which, by the way both but our place in the Australian deny who was Joseph Miss said folks. If you read my book spike
If you listen to the show, I think you understand. Myths should was not a russian agent. There is simply no way that's possible. The F b I interviewed Miss stood in February of twenty seven, Tina. Let him go missing Own lawyer has said repeatedly that Miss so it is not a russian intelligence asset that he is a western and it was at the western Intel its people, he had connections to that's the second tranche of information, the first tranche of information newness wants, is going to be about the Obama's the bombardment recent history of targeting their political enemies with both foreign and, U S, intelligence assets. That's the flint think the second one gotta, be the Obama administration culpability and potential guilt in an effort to intrude
Trump Administration officials like George Papadopoulos, with fake russian assets. Third, the trump tower me this has been a this occupies a good portion of my first book, and some of the second book is as well, which were wrapped up now. The trump tell me you're, makin a beat us to death. I talked about it before people who show up for the Trump Tower Meeting with Don Junior in twenty sixteen in the summer. the people who show up the two Russians are connected to team Hilary. One new indicates through public statements, you can all read about articles in the new post and elsewhere, the Russian Intel Guy, midst to no one people on the Clinton staff. I thought no one. Russia's was bad. Formation Trump and by the way, fusion GPS met with her. Before and after the meeting and drew up, the talking in company here we collected hired to gather information on Trump and by the way,
in JP met with her before and after the meeting and drew up. The talking points tell me again how this doesn't think of it trap scheme? Ok, you idiot, how do you not? Are you up totally immune to facts here. Ridiculous really is, I am I want to go to this peace by John Solomon at the Hell, and this is going to take a while. This may go from today into tomorrow, because John Solomon These pieces are all to show no say please go to punch. You know that calm subscribe to my email is: will emerge you these pieces. You can also read if you go to our. sigh punch. You know that come under podcast the show no, So the articles like this one are attached to the show every day, and I strongly encourage you to read em Johnson It has a really terrific piece of the hill saint. Basically, here's the ten questions going forward content. Post Mahler questions, I could turn the tables on Russia collusion investigated is a really really well done piece. It lays out a road map going forward of how this is going to work.
Ladys jump bilateral. The is gonna be just slightly abbreviated, not by much, because I really really want to get too. I just gave you the Primmer on where we're going. and I want to get too. I may throw in some extra content later, I'm I'm sorry we think a little bit kind of out of order today, but it's a very chaotic newsday, and I want you to get your news here. You been me for a long time. I value your your listen check your downloads and your views more than you However, now- and I know I want to let you down, I want to make sure I got this effort. Ok. Finally, three, nobody by bodies at brick, house nutrition with a brick house. One of my original sponsors, brick ass nutrition, makes the finest nutrition supplements on the market. Folks, if you want to do three things right, you want to look better. You want to feel better knew what to perform better. What, if I told you break our supplements, do all three talk about foundation and, if you don't believe in it, when I'm telling you about foundation, all I ask is that you give it a try, go to break out nutrition. That consular stand pick up found
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likewise sources tell me a string of F b. I pay some before the bureau secured its first surveillance word ray his concerns about steals motive, employer and credibility. All is this teaching so too big. Take away from John Solomons First question here about when there, when they learned about the steel door, first, he indicates that there was a briefing about steel, dossier end these biases and connections, in other words that he hated Trump and was being paid to generate information on tromp negative information. From that Bruce or told his colleagues about steals biases and connections and late summer of twenty t. Why is it important, ladies german, because who did Bruce or brief on that? Andrew wise men
The same guy I told you before, who was later hired to be mothers at, Ro Bull dog, to go after Trump. So let me get this straight through or briefs Andrew Weissmann that the guy who puts this she had a good deal has biases. It is connected to the Hilary team. He briefs, Weissmann, why men knows this dossier has to be a hoax based on this information, and what does he do we get here bye, bye, Mueller later to target Donald Trump. Ladies and gentlemen, that's white! Look! This is my phone. I keep it took you see that you only get that and then she'll basically was shut down the retina especial camera. We ever but that that's why that late summer, twenty sixteen thing is important: when was Bob Mahler hired folks may of twenty seventeen, what the heck was Andy Weissmann do. getting hired by Bob Mahler twenty seventeen. If he knows and twenty sixteen, the document there investigating is produced by a guy who's by
Yes, it is connected they Hilary. The answer is: it will try to destroy the print Trump presidency. Second away. There's been a lot of mentions. If you know the new as translator, you listen at noon some others, Jim Jordan Mark meadows. There's been no, risk mentions of of steel mode of an employer and employee credibility? Apparently there are emails, their emails up about that between FBI officials, questioning steals credible, are let's go to number two. number two, how much evidence of innocence to the F B. I possess against two of its early targets: Trump campaign of eyes, a short puppet opposite Carter, page Solomon sources, town, that agents secured evidence of the innocence of both men from informants intercepts another techniques. Never this close to the fire, a court, I'm all this is Solomon? Talking learning exam? Equally, the sort of surveillance used on page also may surprise some people
this is getting. This is getting just delicious. Isn't it? Ok? Let me go back to number one for a second number one? He mentioned at the end again, a bunch of exculpatory emails by the FBI, in other words, at the F B, I see at the end he says, Why sources tell me a string of FBI. Emails raise concerns so another way, the FBI themselves or email and each other back and forth about concerns. They have about steals credibility, yet they use the information anyway. Number two. what is interesting, because apparently, there's information exculpatory information about page. Up adopt policies as well, in other words, information indicating they were innocent. Sir John Solomon s: well just how much evidence of their innocence to they have added someone tell Sir,
at the type of surveillance they used on page may surprise some people, folks I'm not at liberty yet too, the I'm reasonably confident. I know what he means, but I think you are going to be done at the net was cast to survey I'll Carter page I will remind you of horrible movies. You ve seen of government surveillance gone awry and it was all based on fake, discredited information in the dust, Yeah, you will be horrified that this enemy state will Smith Type movie, spying was employed on a guy only.
Because Hillary Clinton team produced a fake dossier indicating he was guilty of a crime he never committed. Remember they give you a little head here. There's different kinds of intelligence gathering achievement at human humid, human intelligence, their cigarette signals intelligence. I think the depth of what was done to try to implicate Carter, page and collusion scandal didn't exist, is gonna shake your soul. Even worse is going to be that they had exculpatory information being that not only was Carter page not guilty of what they were accusing him up, but he was in fact innocent and they did it anyway. I'm telling you this is going to get.
very, very good for justice, and very very bad for the snakes who try to pull this off all right. Let's go to number three third question by solemn and his peace. Why was the steel dossier uses primary Everett or evidence in the fight to warn against page when had not been corroborated FBI testimony He reviewed showed ages had just begun, checking out the dossier when its elements were used to supporting evidence and that I'll get a load of this folks get a load of this duty and that spreadsheets kept by bureau during the verification process vow David, only small pieces of the dossier, while concluding other parts where false. Now again regular listeners to my show here now. I've only mention the woods fireball. How many times I mention this over a thousand times the woods procedure. Folks
Verify information before you bring it into the fire court. If you are an FBI, agents swear to. In other words, if Joe robbed the bank, I have to produce evidence from sources. Video tapes sworn testimonies, fingerprints. I have to swear to that. I have to verify it when you use the Pfizer court, a but which is not our standard courses. Are there not. The regular court system is a non adversarial. You don't have the right to go in there. If you be spied on when you use the Pfizer court to prevent the government from spying on just anybody using the Pfizer court, you have to verify the information using this woods procedure where people have to sign of that it is verified. Ladies and gentlemen, there are documents there may be some spreadsheets where people tried tried to verify information and Solomon sources indicate. Not only was the information not verified. This information was false.
Oh man, that's gonna be good. Do you want to be the guy on that spreadsheet, assigned your name to a woods file and swore You engage in these verification procedures using these woods procedure to verify information and when you try to verified it was false and you walk into a Pfizer court anyway. Yeah, I'm not sure that's going to go over well with defies the court when they get whether this one, you maybe ask yourself why why? Why defies accorded it more upset that they got absolutely worked, worked with a capital? W might be that regroup, also better work egg out war, I think the fires occur is waiting for the Mullah probe to wrap and despite a prob, to wrap, but I dont think they. They cannot possibly be happy about this. They can't, and I don't believe that
or did there has to be some white knight defies accord that is going to the Cobb BS on this nonsense. I number four question number four, Why was steals biases and his ties to the Clinton campaign, as well as evidence of innocence and flaws in the face of evidence? Never this close to the fire, a court, as required by law in court practice. Alright, this is pretty straightforward. This is simple in the fire, the warrant to spy on the Trump team, rather than indicate indicating the information they were using came from a dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton. What they did was they missed are there and make mentioned it was paid for by political people who didn't like the Trump campaign, but they never mentioned it was the Clinton campaign that could have been anybody could have been begins. It could have people on Capitol Hill who didn't like em. They left out the key, detail that his primary political opponent listen to me. That phrase matters his prime three political opponent, primers by your bedroom, Adami primary. Like a republican Democrat private, I mean as
a tree aging of needs number one his number one political opponent. Hillary Clinton was the source of the information via paying Chris Theo. Do her law our Perkins Kui. They left that out of the five accord. Ladies and gentlemen, they also left out the fact that Christopher steal it already toll Bruce and others that he couldn't stand Donald Trump and wanted to do anything to see him not elected. Do you think that may be a cut go piece of information when evaluating the credibility of someone's claims? I think cell number five another important one here by sat in silence, peace. They please read this peace print. This thing up, it's worth keep in its very existence where we're going Why did the f b I in? U S into a vicious attack? I had loved that matter where I get that from some movies. The FBI and U S intelligence officials, leak stories about evidence in the emerging Russia probe before they corroborated collusion and we're any those leads designed to create.
Evidence it could beside in courts of law and public opinion to justify the continuation of a flawed investigation? Ladies and gentlemen, this is key. There's a couple. Take a ways here, in point five. You take away number one, the Lee are bad enough. Follow me the leaks from the FBI about information classified information they had generated in this Russia from the leaks were bad enough, but what Solomon is pointing out here is the depravity. The leaks are even worse when you consider the fact that the information was false, listen the leaks, some of whom are are criminal leak of my friend's name for the wash post and the information, is criminal, though the elites morally disgusting, that sworn federal agents who raised the right hand swore to protect the rule. Are we using the media as well, but I mean a ten
on the depravity scale is the fact that your leaking information that they even knew was false. Now he brings up another point here where these leaks designed to create or fabricate evidence, in other words, with circular reasoning used here. This is where the bureau is Nay world of trouble where the leaks to the media designed to create reporting by Michael is a cough David corn and others? Reporting back on the F B. I don't stories that the FBI than talk back and use them Evidence in the FISA court, ladies and gentlemen, think about how disgusting this is. The FBI does not have evidence matter fact they have exculpatory evidence that their case is is is wrongheaded is wrong. There, Kate, the collusion case doesn't exist. They have
their innocence, rather than closing the case and moving on the leak, false information to reporters, they then take the reports. The reporters use that they got from them and use. It is evident that the cases real work, it's a newspaper- it must be real, what a scam and not only is it the Solomon Mention was it used. As I was the rapporteur reports, they gave them use this evidence to target the trump officials, but this is an important point here. Don't miss this number five number five in the hill peace was it used to alter public opinion to justify the comment that the continuation of a flawed investigation? Ladies and gentlemen, public opinion matters, look at that last sentence check us out on Youtube COM, slash budget. If we want to see how we Jerry rigged this operation,
they both white folks, is pretty cool. Paula did a great job soda job. So what what does that mean? Ladies and gentlemen, you have to go back to the tax. This is where understanding the source documents and doing homework on this case really matters. I know you know a lot of your business. What I'm here, for I don't expect you to read through all the stuff. You guys a vine ladys of work to do. This is my job. There's a text at one point where Peter Stroke is talking to his girlfriend LISA Page and there afraid seeing some of these reports and suggesting that they can use them as a predicate to go interview. Some people, in other words with a
he came forth, information about the guilt or innocence of the trunk team Carter page MIKE Flynn, russian collusion linking it to the media, hoping the public would turn on the Trump team. So they could use that as a predicate to go into view some more people and gather evidence they couldn't get before because it wasn't there. There was no evidence of a crime because the crime didn't happen. Folks, it's not that there was a bag was robbed and Trump did it. Why didn't do it? It's that tromp was accused of robbing a bank and it was no bank robbery. There was never a collisions with anyone? Let me go back to note number one from the Bob Mahler from the Bill Bark Press conference. There was no evidence that this was coordinated, any russian collusion with the Trump team or any American. There was no bank robbery, none zero. I let me get to six.
It's important to did Coma improperly handle information when he distributed is memo is memos to private conversations with trunk to his lawyers and a friend in order to leak, he hoped would cause a special council appointment after he was fires, FBI directive folks. This is key number six. Why because Jim call me is that the rector of the FBI by all this illicit behaviors, going on there signing off on a woods file, verifying information they know is false. In some cases, knowing the information they have indicates innocence, not guilt, they continue this investing If and when the investigation goes dry, they leak reports that the media reports later used in court filings as evidence reports they leak to go and lie in front of the fire, a core where they're not telling the Pfizer court that the information they have is basically from Hillary Clinton steam and from a British by hates Donald Trump call me is the FBI directive. When that happens, we com is fired. He finds out almost immediately that he is going to be the subject, of course, of some form of congressional review
for some investigation, because he knows his role in this. How does he know because he did it? He was there, that's why that's how he knows. So what is we do here? classified information to a friend of his two led to the media to do what, a special council appointed not to investigate him but to investigate Donald Trump, who just fired him. What a snake Jim call me was that it classified information things gonna, be too, are an I'm gonna, get through these on determined and then in the next few minutes, because I've got so much for potentially later or tomorrow. I'm not sure I want to do here. This is so much material commoner right now and I want to make sure you get you all the accurate stop. I'm take away number seven The CIA Fbi Obama, White House engaged in activities such as the activation of intelligence sources or electronic surveillance before the open.
An official counter intelligence investigation on July thirty, first, twenty, sixteen folks, I can't hammer this home to you enough, the FBI is insisting to their media hacks and their police state tyrants, in the media that are propagandizing, aghast lighting you that the investigation that the term started on July. First, Jai. Thirty, first excuse me have twenty sixteen, the official opening of crossfire hurricane gentlemen, if that's the case, what are they covering up before that? Are they covering up the meetings in London between FBI officials and UK intelligence officials. Are they covering up the meaning in London that all this all happened before July? Thirty, first folks, between one of their FBI, agents and Christopher steal the source of this dirty dossier that they had the details on? Are they covering up they're fine helper, reaching out to our two key Trump official before the FBI July, thirty. First, twenty sixteen investigation open because I happen to are they
bring up the use of an extensive spying network and unmask kings overseas and potentially their Pfizer wars? They don't want to tell you about. Did the case open up July thirty. First, twenty! Sixteen I I know what happened before them, and so do you I'd number, eight, the? U S and tell the FBI or the Obama administration user encourage friendly. Spied sees in great Britain, Australia, Ukraine, ITALY or elsewhere to gather evidence on the term campaign leak evidence or get around? U S, restrictions on spying! Folks, again, a key question in my first book in him second books by gay and book to exonerated did the I'm administration want to spy on political enemies and because they were restricted by? U S law use far. intelligence friendlier to do it. Don't Eve, this nonsense, media narrative that all the Australians had the british. They were just providing innocent tips here. That is now the way this went down. The question is: why was
the Obama administration taking caps on american citizens from foreigners. Why? Because they wear their political enemies. That's why number nine Did the CIA or Obama intelligence apparatus try to lure pressure, the FBI and the opening of collusion proper, acknowledge its existence before the election taxes? just between stroke and page, raise concerns about quote pressure from the White House. The quote aging c b S game that put a the CIA, the Oj Leagues the need for an f b? I quote insurance policy and a stroke texted at one point in August twenty. Sixteen quoting of colleagues the White House is running this folks. Listen, the FBI are not innocent actors in this. I think I've been pretty crystal clear on that. From the start, the bureau there are clearly malevolent malicious actors in this Mikhail call me and others who were involved. Jim bakers, taking information from a dance
he connected lawyer. He Jim Baker, was an FBI lawyer, but the question here and it's a good ones, question number nine is: did they do this under pressure from John Brennan, or I can't sum up any easier than that? What did Obama no Did he know it was their pressure exerted by Barack Obama and John Brennan, and was that price your exerted on the FBI because, remember folks, please you need to understand this. The FBI is the law enforcement. Duty on the terrorism Counter Intel side that has arrest authority and investigative authority. Please tell me: you understand that people used to confuse me with the secret service and the CIA all the time. The CIA is not law enforcement, they have no law enforcement powers, they are not investigators. In that way they are not yes, thousand eleven federal investigators is the f be ally that has to initiate that
and the CIA? There are very strict restrictions on what they can do when United States citizens, the FBI, is less restricted. They investigate? U S, citizens! All the time was the FBI pressured by the White House where they pressured by the CIA. I shall soon see final question question. Can I make good time perfect timing. Did any FBI agents Intel officials are key players in the pro provide false testimony to Congress Mackay It's already been singled out by the idea for lying about immediately and an internal deejay probe
and evidence emerges. Yoda calls into question fusion GPS Glenn Simpsons testimony about his contacts with war. Again, this last sentence is the most important one. Glenn Simpson under oath is indicated that his contacts with Bruce or and others began after the election. Ladies and gentlemen, we know that's not true, we know Bruce or the D o J official who is taking information from Simpson from Fusion GPS has testified, otherwise that his meanings, reclined Simpson, happen before the election and, as we know, is meetings were Christmas. Theo happened the day before the case was opened July. Thirty, first, twenty, sixteen by the FBI. Those two stories can possibly be true. Folks, one of them is line, and I believe, as Glance Simpson and collect simpson- is a world of trouble. Ass, white Lent Simpson, right.
I was in the wind. We can't find when I'm sure you can find it. If you want to call, it simply will not testify busy. Nosey said a world the trouble there was a stack show today. I want to give a special had tempted eight of producer, Joe. I know he's been kind of quiet today, I'd just due to the technical set up period and want to impact the show too much my lovely wife, Paulo who were Paula. Can you acknowledge give them all of this was a rough set of getting this done because I'm listening to the show we knew we had to start right away and I'm on the road and have to travel with a whole bunch of equipment to make it look some decent? So I really appreciate you all I tune in internet. Please share the show. I promise you Have another stack show tomorrow monument to be this report. I want to be pulling audio gonna, be Poland, video, it's gonna, be very, very good. Please watch me and a five later me and my Marie Harmful, be gettin. Intuit again, I'm sure would suffer as called spicy debates. I thought
thanks again for tuna, and I really appreciate it I'll see autumn just ten VON Gino yeah, you can also get dance, podcast zone, I tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.