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Now It’s Time for REAL Investigations (Ep 1177)

2020-02-10 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the explosive appearance by Rudy Giuliani this weekend where he described troubling evidence which should end the political career of Joe Biden. I also address another liberal outrage at the Academy Awards and revealing connections between the anti-Trump cabal members. News Picks:


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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee know about war on the cops get it. I mean I really dont get it. I want to get into this today. I've got a lot to talk about. I've got a really loaded show, Rudy Giuliani was on, about Roma show this weekend is blowing up this whole Biden, Ukraine, whistle blower thing the new I've got out of here, another piece of it from him, which is devastating, I want to get too what happened. Something site at the Oscars, which will blow your minds can be a pack show, but I want to start with this just bear with me today. Let's get to a well thereby GINO shall produce to show. How are you everything going? Ok, this weekend, everything's gonna good, but you know I, like you say we aren't you know or not, but we had to cut shot right here where I live last week that its last week, I'm gonna get
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and it's on the desk in folks. I was on Fox friends twice a week in my favorite shows on Fox to do. I was talking about this and I was asked by a good friend of my internet, where he knows we, as you assisted the show sometimes but texted me this morning, because I was on the shelf. And while I was on the air I had- and asked about it, and I said, are you I'd like to talk about the reason I became a carpet? It's a little, but for the air and I'm afraid I'll break on this, so I'd rather not, and I get text. After the show in my friend that the network said Molly, you talk about there, you know what it would it what happened, and why. I you know, you never told me that before so I I I like an obligation to my audience a more comfortable talking about it, but I'll talk about it? Anyways, quick story for you, but I want to be a doctor and I was a kid and want to be a police officer. Up until I was about there are ten years all if I'm off by a year, or so, forgive me member, exactly how old I was prosecuted,
I'm not going to say who out of respect for this person in my family, but there was a guy in my life at the time who is associated with someone else now again. I ll leave it at that, but he was an alcoholic and he he was a physical abuser and unfortunately terrorized my childhood, and that of my brothers to is a hawk of a guy. Still is six six. Five probably close did to seventy five, maybe more. It was a former boxer and he was a man who candidly was. Afraid of anything or any one. When we Finally, got rid of the sky, you decided to come back one night and I lived on sixty fourth place right up in liberty. Park in Glenville might get to see the address bar.
We saw the house had laid a mighty showed up slammed on windows, break and stuff I couldn't get in the house. Thankfully, because away the house was designed but decided he was gonna start kick in at the front door, which was probably about five minutes from given way, if not less, because he was a monstrosity of a human being. I was about nine in tears and terror and the way my house was set up? It was all one big look like a bowling. Alley was all one big lane, it see out the front window. What was happening as pretty scared, can, I wouldn't afraid of anything, but he was afraid of the cops and when a cop showed up that night, it all stopped near. It was A moment of peace and serenity, oddly after a moment of pure unadulterated horror as a kid thinking, but was going to happen if their front door gave and when
two cops, showed up I'll, never forget, was a guy italian. Looking guy normal size, wasn't some big hole, the man and it was a shorter looking female cup there from the one of four Precinct England down New York. Everything stopped- and I remember, thanking God, literally as a nineteen year old kid that it all stop, because I thought, like my life, was gonna end messing with you. That's why I became a car and didn't go to metals. Mercury, because I wanted to be able to change some little nine year old life that same way. So, if you're asking why, when I go on the air and fox and friends, I get extra passionate furious, sometimes Vulcan
back when I have a comment on stories about people crap and all over the cops every day and use them as your political football. That's why they have the power to change lives every day and they do whether they know it or not, and they don't always go out, take a bow. They don't get an academy award, they don't get too given, except in speech, bashing Donald Trump, They don't get big cash awards at the end of the month. They deal every single day with people at the worst moments of their lives, and you know what they keep it all quiet and they just go to work and do their jobs. The bad apples as always bad apples, and we have wasted
what there, but if you think, crap and on the cops you're gonna, be welcome here, you can find a different shoebox. You found the rocks, but this is not your place. I'm sorry. These men and women are on the front lines of that fine line between civilization and chaos, and I will always be a libertarian and MIKE what am I police, friends or to liberty. Matters had captured the phantom their laws for them to that line is protected by them. I will never ever forget that story ever, and that was just one call that night that those two cops. I would love to find them to this day that those two cops responded to their probably long since retire are sorry. I guess Arabs then want to do that on the air and fox, because I'm candidly afraid adjust losing because at such an emotional story for me
I got a lot to get your ha thanks pal, you know! No, are you probably heard that story thousand tonnes of soya on a lighter note, Joe Biden, which is always a land? Those who talk about weird sanguinary lighter damaging ahead it. It's like all right. It's like a walk. I need it. I need to get like emotionally Risa. It's like a walking comedy. I can't I can't really it's always said the watch at this point. I am, it really is, but it's not said to watch, because said the watch, a human being melt down so publicly, but on the other hand, ladies and gentlemen, it's not said to one as a commentator on the political environs of the time because job by is doing things that are honestly can't delete immoral, unethical and just awful here's one of em, and because we have we interpret New Hampshire primary coming and tomorrow, which shall have full coverage on don't you worry right now.
Our Bernie Sanders is the runaway favorite Buddha judge. Could pull upset This could be the end. Abiden campaign for the presidency will see, may not even make it safe. Caroline he's getting Aspirin and job as you well know, member always give a shadow, God rest, his soul, to the Green Tom or Radio CBS. Nowhere you go and what it Tom you're racism. Every time Democrats get in trouble, like Joe Biden in their campaign, starts to collapse. What do they do? They go right back to their comfort zone, which is it using other people are being racist every time. It is a fool proof. One hundred percent formula not for success or failure, but the Democrats go back to it and why they go back to it. Because we live in a country, thankfully, that largely largely, of course, we're going to have it so it's of racism or country full of human beings, so we're going to have people out there? Would you stupid things, but we are country. That is largely a wonderful place. Accepting of all people in the reason, identity,
I'll, take your racist attacks. They think they work is prey. Finally job because we are not a racist country, bang you'll get tat. Do you get a fund that I know that conservatives libertarians Republicans? Listen they get this, but did a Democrat the liberals issing, I'm Can you too seriously try to process she won't miss for a moment. What I'm telling you the reason, attacks that few people for being races for We saw in many cases by the Democrats are so devastating when they think they're. Everything is weak being a racist is considered such a horrible thing in a non racist country if we a racist country where everybody couldn't stand. People of other races calling people are racist, wouldn't be an attack. You do get everything a cross between the funds that are confused, got you yet said. The Democrats always go back to this, that with
further do hears Biden Unbundling, Believable, false defamatory smear president Trump saying something: categorically false, which I'm going the bug radio cause. I'm really really tired of this bs check this out You see these white supremacist coming off one of the rocks he's. Yet why to condemn, wait, supremacy the neo so he's desperate why Ghana at one hannah- I guess I'm just trying to give you an insight into what goes on in my head. Lydia one hand. Ladies gentlemen, up you know Avenant pathetic guy. I pay empathize with people and I have to tell you watching an older man his in Our legacy being dismantled before our eyes is tough jump earlier, human being, but I'm here so they want. It all feel better because he's a lying loser I mean he's a loser by death, is a loser. Making this up solutions.
We clear and binding point Trop is now are condemned white. You promised you heard it yours writer, this Obviously, aid lie now had kept, but I found the Sun Steve Guess Twitter account for these. Have Now I want you to be carefully with these, be we deliberate He did not use anything left, leaning, media outlets here to show you want a lie. This is trying to do every condemned white supremacy, here, CNBC Headline number one, I'm just gonna, be the headlines folks, not thereby GINO, not budge. You know that come. Condemns racism, bigotry and white supremacy in speech after mass shootings kill, thirty one not by at Lyme. I'm get good I see that show every decent reverse the teleprompter very good agency NBC. Let's go to war democracy dies into darkness. That is the darkness washing hippos. But here's the why They pose had lied to check this little bad boy, member trouble.
Never condemned white supremacy according to buy headline washed imposed, from condemns white supremacy, focuses on combating mental illness over new gun control measures, the Eagle headline right there you're reading it yourself Youtube that conflict budget off you like the visuals to go along at home. Now you're say assuredly the left, leaning New York Times doesn't have an article about Trump condemning white supremacy. Right can't be because buying just said he's never doubted! That's right. I don't know what you're gonna have to check that out. Let's see the New York Times, Headlight in New York, New York top up New York Times Trump Candy, white supremacy but stopped short of major gun control. Folks, Why do we do this on the show. You say we already know this. Then we ve heard the speeches by Trump condemning literally white supremacy. Because shockingly they're alive
listen to my show another. They listened, but this shocking there are liberals who listens, show who were still can who's the this? That is a lie. What I said, is an outright lie. Now in case you need more visual evidence here as President Trump Tweet, Its own account it's an Charlottesville a year ago resulted in senseless death and division. We must come together. Resignation I condemn. Let me repeat: I condemn a third time I can do all types of racism and acts of violence, peace to all Americans again Joe by line you and tell you that at wide away this guy's wait you're, watch a what he thought was a once proud legacy now fold into just a disaster, few Milly of Cosmic Lee level humiliating proportions. This is a mess. I
New Hampshire, primary tomorrow, again turn into the shell. We will have all your updates both tomorrow morning, as it's going on and Wednesday. Don't miss that. Let me get to newness, because this is important. So there were Nunez resign. Maria barter, almost excellent Sunday morning, future show it's on, I believe, Ten o clock on Sunday and the Fox NEWS channel it's a camp mass, Really Maria Barter almost show is fantastic. If there are she's been all over spiky and I have to tell you she's one of them anyone news report around like most of you, people out there who has been all over spy From the start, I have to say she gets. She doesn't get as many accolades as others, and I can't figure out why are show is a chemist. Will she had never Nunez on this weekend? as we all know, which just terrific, especially on spiky the nationalism, a debt of gratitude came on and had a really revealing little bit here about. I told you last week how these people all know each other involved. Despite aid scandal, the Amal Org, scandal and these same
people involved in the by gay scandal were involved in the fake whistleblowers scandal. They We shall they all certain high so This'Ll nugget for formation pays particular attention to how we end this by this is important check this out. It's not going to. They ve been doing it since the president was first elected, just like Senator Scott just said all the major newspapers in this country, the legacy media owned by the billionaires they evolve. In calling for it. So this has been a work in progress and they imploded with. I shall investigation in a big way because it was a complete hoax and then they manufactured this new ukrainian hoax, which are starting to get to the bottom of this hoax and I think, as is there's the whistle blower actually gets called or the suppose it was more gets called before the Senate and conducts an interview, you'll builded, the pieces and between the different it's in the house and their staff. Met with the whistle blower, and this
scam that the icy I e g is under refuses to ride the evidence for him outlandish claims that you didn't need to have tanned information. You only had to have second hand information and that somehow miraculously the form was changed and then none stories actually make any sense, and when you put all that together, I think you're gonna. And a fake impeachment hoax. I love this guy the owner and road. You were a kid you sort of truck driver whenever I see no it s. If I should do this or that you're all new to. I love this guy again what we Last week, in a week before this, intricate web of people who all Otherwise, what have I been saved for two years? Remember the names right, the best advice ever
as a federal agent working complicated cases memorize in your head, the names of the players involved, because when you hear them creep up on wiretaps, when you see their names appear on fighting transactions, if you don't have memorize you're, not going to know other pieces spit together if you ve met eyes. The names would Nunez saying is all of these people are connected in the same scheme, so he's coming away the two things on this there covering something up these repeated attacks on the president repeated hoaxes and that somehow the fake whistle blowers involve well. Let's go to a quick breakdown of what he's talking about, and Jody, you have the Nunez, translate our enemies, and here the mining industry need the new this important. Ah, I can't find a right off, you could say that we need to know that if you don't get it if you find the Nunez translator during this same, let me know we'll take a new test, translator break. We need
I'm here to translate whatever new necessary. So, let's get to so the whistleblowers scam, the fake whistleblower, scam, member, the fake whistle reports to the icy? I e g, the intelligence community inspector general. I have evidence tromp put a quid pro quo, yadda yadda yadda. I heard the call I someone told me about the call, nonsense or garbage all made up now. Similar risque, my thought of away TAT S. Why I took a little known you I don't have a way to describe the fake whistleblowers scam in terms of spike, in others, the fake to borrow scam view based warfare there. What does this mean the primary producers scam. Generosity Joe or left the brigadier love. That's what the pulpit culture or the manager when a manager comes out a baseball game right. You paste pervades our and they want to make a pitching change. You see them come out if you're not professor, you noticed over and I got they looked at above running up the righty break it off
This is the worst of all. This is the bullpen schedule. It was this. The whistle blowers scam was sitting in a bullpen waiting to be called out by the by the manager. So my mother, because of the matter you're out of tobacco. Why? Why do they call in Nepal, pen, scam? Why am greatly relieved vision area where I grew up? he's got with. We need this right now hurry initiating noon. Yes, translator DEN Friday I'm translate include a notice to say the manager came out of a bull pen and they brought in the bullpen scam, who is the man obviously the manager. This has been Adam Shift, and the Democrats in Congress should be committed to making up scandal upon scandal against Donald Trump to get him out of office. In managing the scandal they were somehow dealing with the whistle blower? This was the bullpen scam. Let's go into. This
nobody background. So you understand. Are these people? I know each other. They all can't stand Trump and they're all working to bring in relief, pitcher, scam, upon relief, pitcher, scam, hoping taken strike out the present. Let's go. Judicial watch. We attempted The interview show a few weeks ago. He had a spectacular him in his group or judicial watch that or do great work. This is from November. Twenty- and I again thank you too Paula, for, of course, we have to censor Do the fake whistleblower still to this day, can't understand why everybody in the known universe, those exactly we as but you did to watch about twenty thousand. Why visitor logs detail meetings of you too, answered the fake whistle blocks so Judy, watch. It in a nutshell, got the visitor logs from the White House and some very very suspicious patterns of meetings. Remember these people, although each other some very soon she's patterns of meetings crept up with the Obama White House in very specific people. So, let's go to take number. One remember this is the fake whistleblower who came out of it. All pen
with the ukrainian fake quid pro quo allegations after spy. Mahler Gay collapsed. Now why did he do that? What was the fake whistleblower hiding? Well, let's look at judicial logs to judicial Ouch logs from the White House who defend Whistleblower in the Obama White House was meeting with, at the Obama way to check this, screenshot number one from the judicial watch piece which, I'll, be in my show notes, Bonteen calm, Slash newsletter, if you'd like to shoulder its email to do why his visitor large, reveal the following individuals met with the fake whistleblower. While he was there hail to the Obama White Ass snow. First, we have this Darya Colony York, CO, founder executive director of the George Soros, funded and tech anti corruption. Action, seven g resident December, twenty fifty crazy- because it really weird about that. Weird weird I'd be weird I mean not we're is that deal I'm administration appears to be meeting with the founder of this anti corruption group found
thereby Soros liberal Mega donor in Ukraine allegedly appears on. I do not prosecute list or statement from our diplomats in the Ukraine, demanding that this anti corruption grew funded by source, not be prosecuted or investigated for alleged malfeasance. That's kind of weird also. We have Gina a senior programmer freedom House she where's the arrange programme coordinator at the George Soros, funded open society foundation. She's in the White House on the March twenty six, the few months afterwards who man, this is really are we, don't have this Rachel Gold Brenner now and admire you lot law. Professor visiting the White House who, at the time was it I say to the bachelors through the United Nations Samantha power she visits on January, twenty sixteen and August twenty. Sixteen with the fake whistleblower at the White House, now Samantha.
Our aid to cement the powers in these meetings with the fake whistleblower and the Obama White House and people from Ukraine that our ukrainian diplomats overseas dont want prosecuted and they don't the prosecutor may have ties the George Soros as well. These groups are liberal mega donor. Joe and some limited circles. We call that a media story, but not miss media environment, where journalists have a hard time doing actual journalists, but isn't it odd that this right We'll go Brenner is in these meetings and she worked for Samantha Power, Samantha power. We have to remember the name, There you are, how does everyone sees its maggie? You kiss me about? Yes, it is all- oh, oh, so the power give whose name appears on hundreds of on masking requests in the Obama administration, yeah yeah she's, a strange yeah, Samantha Power who later on says hey. I didn't
when you think about this effort to basically wire tat people. Essentially, that's what I'm asking is its when you're listening in and getting transcripts phone calls between people, you don't have a warrant on and when you d at person in the United States to be of interest, you unmask pull them What their names are, your essentially wiretapping, but Samantha power. Whose name appears on those requesting, essentially wiretap people. Samantha power, its name appearance. She says I don't know anything about their member, the wire upset appeared despite everything the on masking requests that were the precursor to the fire warrants year to spy. Spy gates by get to spy on people. For the liberals. I know they have a tough time of it to spy on that I'm team campaigns, remember never Nunez Stable Boy, Nunez, translator and full force. Now now, member Nunez statement back in March sixteen right after the president takes office used me. Twenty seventeen right after the President
Jarvis Nunez comes out, gives oppressor and says I've. Seen information about spying on campaigns and spying. People not related to Russia was talking about mass killings, quest by Samantha Power, whose aim is in on this meeting with the fake whistle blower in Ukraine, cheese, and other places. We call this story not here spy, gay people, Samantha power involving spying in our meetings with Ukraine and a fake whistle blower than files, the fake complaint leading to the impeachment who gives the complaint go Atkinson the inspector general intelligence, community who Devon Nunez Point out just changes the rules so that the two blower can Father complaint, eighty first hand, information the whistleblowers and have it he had secondary information. Don't you worry, Michael, acting
who used to be one of the authorities and the National Security division that approved the warrants the spy on Trump yeah. That's right, working for John Carlin, who headed the National Security division, mothers, all chief of staff yeah, that's John Carlin- was they approve? The warrants aspire, trap the inspector general who approved a bogus second, a complaint about Donald Trump used to impeach. Him was the lawyer for the national security, the vision that approved the wars. Despite our trump allocates better from this judicial watch, peace always gets better, always always. Who else were involved with these meetings with the fake whistleblower at the Obama White House from the judicial watch produce gets destitute That's great, you want to see all this stuff is tied together. It's affinity symbol goes back and forth and back and forth so who else was in there what James Melville James
but was in these meetings with the fake whistle about Ukraine who the hell is that he's the then We confirm, as bomb is even recently confirmed, ambassador in the Obama illustration to Estonia here, and with these meetings in the fake whistleblower too in September, twenty fifteen hold that thought. Estonia hall, the thought you got it Vassar authorities in unease, Ukraine, meetings with fake whisper, keep that you had Who else is in the meetings? Victoria? No lead? We all remember who, at the time of the assistant secretary of State, the Obama administration for you appeared and eurasian affairs who met with the Youtube censored fake whistleblowers, June of twenty sixty Estonia, what that was Obama's ambassador to Estonia, doing in the White House meeting with a fake It's a blow who filed a complaint with Atkinson.
Who is in the Justice Department when they approve the words to spy on job working for mothers, former chief of staff, John Carlin, who headed that division, Justice Beauregard, that's crazy, inept what was your bombers and white ass in the whistle blower fake whistleblower? Meeting with this is stony, your guy, the ambassador, Estonia. What has had to do with anything? Well, don't worry. We do that search for yonder show what's gotten his piece in the guardian, which is always a doozy. I love that bring this one up, often by Lou carding at others, the guardian. British spies were first to spot trumped teams, links with Russia's way way way. British spice of foreigners are passing information. The Obama team about tromp- I would call foreign collusion, but look at its little nugget from this guardian peace, which we break up over. This is just this can't possibly Beecher check this out from it.
The guardian peace. We learn that it wasn't only the United Kingdom and the Brits that we're spying on trumped for the Obama Administration Way, and I thought we'd like foreign collage. It won't happen. The bees says, and I quote over the next six months until the summer of twenty. Sixteen for liberals. Listening that was the campaign season for president. I know you have a tough time with things like that enough of Western agencies eight, we number we made. A number of foreign collusion was bent a crazy, a number western agency, shared further information on contacts between trumps, inner circle and Russians. So she said sources it do you appear in countries that passed on election there passed on this electronic intelligence noticed dig in short for signal intelligence including Germany, way way way. My eyes or get in bed. Can you just is that say, Estonia included It does say: snotty are, and Poland Australia and five. I spying alliance countries wow How bizarre so the
story ends with the United Kingdom and other five eyes: countries our spying for the Obama administration on Trump. Oh I've got some stuff on that common. Oh, do I ever once I can properly handled my business. That some, like the media, actually that my sources first the Estonians are all ro according to the gordian knot. Me is a liberal, leaning, newspaper spying on Tromp for the Obama administration, while Obama, Ambassador to stone This guy Melville is in the way a meeting with the fake whistle blower in the Obama administration, water. The chairs is over there why Oh Christ? It I heard and by weird,
as always, we mean not reared totally in line with the Obama administration effort. You coordinated international spying, kebab on President trumpet candidature. Now, I'm gonna get the part. Do it? because we covered Melville. I told you remember Estonia. Now you see the estonian connection and what was going on there and now you whatever Nunez just talking about when he says all. When you see the connections between the fake whistleblower and others out there. This is all going to come together how all these scandals are connected. It was the relief your scandal, bringing variety man when I get to the second point is a mega think a quick break from positive, but keep new victory anew and brain name in your mail into this is gonna. Come up, do how all this stuff is related, We shall also brought you by our friends it. A spur asked for this in the market for a great higher education experience, improve your career prospects approval
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Clinton ACCA light of the highest order, a in cricket we weaved herself into the thread of the Clinton fabric. Everywhere you see the Canadians, you, basically Victoria anew and pop up now. This is where the it's interesting. So no one's meeting with the fake whistle blower to what is new and have to do with this, this is where it gets even more bizarre. Let's go to this Washington Times. Peace by the Great Rowan Scarborough has done some terrific investigative and we see that Victoria Nolan creeps up again in both spy gate and with the fake whistleblower. Literally, oh boy, Am I a started Christopher Steel FBI Alliance by Rowan Scarborough again, a story that will be in the show? No, it's an older story from March the eighteen, but it's an older story. That's now do again. Who's, the Obama aid who starts the all spiky case by based
introducing Christopher Steel, author of the fake dossier to the FBI, hey, you may want to talk to the skies. We conspire Donna on the Obama aided did that. Well, let's go to worsen ties peace and we could say these disclosures, including that Victoria newly and then at the State Department started the FBI's. Your marriage is contained russian roulette. Russia There's a book which was released Tuesdays from twenty eighty and was off by two long time. Washington, media figures, Yahoo NEWS Report Michael, is a coffin mother Jones magazines David Court is just what do you think this. Why this? They will never end this week, Remember the headline: don't ever forget it because you'll get confused. If you don't remember, they all know each other. They are going to try, scandal upon scandal upon scandal. It's all made up and they're all trying to hide something. There
when either spy gate or the fake whistleblower affair? So now we know that the FBI hooked up with Christopher Steel, after Victoria Newland? Ok, the meeting personally from the State Department here go ahead. Which steel he's got some info watch on the matter resolve fake. Torreon Allworthy that, because you know and the same person judicial watch found that is meeting with the fake whistle blower at the White ass again video folks, don't you worry see here? It gets even better. So we know Victoria Newland that this I just told about Newland marrying up the FBI and Christopher Steel is dossier used to spy on Trump. We know that choice, it comes from a book russian roulette written by Michael Issa, call Michael,
a lizard very recently that aim now, there's no way right now. Michael, is a cop alleged reporter canal. Happily be connected Alexander Trooper, who was the Dnc Democrat operative, who left the Dnc to go collude with ukrainians areas. Primarily responsible for reaching out to the Ukraine to get negative information on the Trump tee. What those pieces of information alleged to be in reporting the fake block, Ledger used to tack and arrest. Poor man investigate poor manifold. There's no way as a cough. The reporter writing about Newland in the affair could possibly be connected to job. Well, actually perfectly I've got. It makes perfect sense. Because, again, when I say as we weird I mean not. We because the Obama administration just loves by check out this peace by John Solomon at the hill. Again these people, all
now we are bail, ukrainian Embassy, confirms the antsy contractor chill OPA solicited Trump, there are twenty sixteen way creating embassies confirming that they were efforts. To collude with a foreign government to get dirt on trump you're. Really. The headline yourself, ladies and gentlemen, the ukrainian Embassy actually confirm this. From the inside of the peace, we see another interesting little nugget about this. Venom like destructive symbiosis between the media, the spy gay plotters, exaggerates loop of former Dnc contracted by the way also in some of these meetings at the White House. Yes, these meetings involving Ukraine. These meetings that Sir fake whistleblower within a lot of them. Children continue to be the case that man, a trump, were tied to Russia in April
Sixteen she attempted it. She attended an international symposium where she reported back to the Dnc that she had met. The ukrainian journalists to talk about poor matter. She also wrote: did she invited american reporter we call it costs are at it is it. This is me this is just the maize. Is a cop wrote some of this seminal stories time man afford the Ukraine Trump to Russia. He later wrote a book making a case for russian collusion. So folks, because I have a lot more to get too, I mean: are you not? Just The Nunez appear again once you apply, the Nunez translator at all makes sense there's nothing more than a group of Anti Trump idiots trying, The cover up their environment and a spying scandal, trotting out relief, pitcher scandal upon relief, pitcher scandal in a desperate effort to cover up two things there.
Parliament in the foreign, spying scandal with foreign governments, Estonia, the UK and others they are involved in that way. I know that, and there also trying to hide out massive corruption, trying to hide issues me amongst the binds which I'll get you in a minute which a video from Rudy Giuliani, which is critical of they get to say. I see one to that's going to follow the video I join you get to cheat. You public meal comic relief. Tonight, I'm gonna get that too. I you know. I mean it's not this out, because I love our sponsors. We want final sponsor today, want to get the Giuliani, because it describes part two of what all of these people who know each other are desperate to hide because it could be made. It could be criminal and could be seriously. Criminal is one of my favorite sponsors, Ventura, Ladys German. I love in Cairo, these watches, or just beautiful. They are beautiful. They are sharp looking and they just scream like I want one of these.
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Of money grabbers out there who used overseas their binds influence overseas to enrich their family. There's a rumor They are going around. The Democrats are spreading it. There was no ongoing investigation into the Biden family. When Biden was point made in Ukraine. There were no sagacious. Someone Biden demanded that the prosecutor be fired. He just demanded because he was corrupt- that prosecutor was an act. We are looking into Hunter Biden and Outer binds company really because Giuliani two bombs on airport Roma show it actually produce what we call evidence is weakened, check out, cut number one. This is good Every time Joe Biden was named point man, the Biden family, made millions, has a problem: that just like doesnt compute for me here, in point men in Iraq The brother gets a half, a billion dollar housing deal for weak four days later. No housing is Ukraine, point man the kid makes eight million dollars an hour you at where the money went to job
the whole deal LEO was between the owner of the company and Joe, and it was to protect the company. And the reason he got, the prosecutor kick their number. They shed that Hunter Biden, under investigation by the prosecutor, yeah, like it this document that locally says, and this is around the time, he was fired This is a February eighteen, twenty sixteen he was fired February, twenty, sixteen it just reach. Very simply, recent holding limited and its direct a Biden are involved in corruption affair. And then it lays out a stone cold money laundering situation that he was involved in four four fourteen six million dollars that went from has disguised as loans from Ukraine to lead Latvia to Cyprus. They came to the: U S.
And they wouldn't give the prosecutor the amounts of money that went to Hunt abiden, endeavoured archer, because Still it was told the american embassy wouldn't give it. Well, I recovered those documents from the trial of Devon. Aren't you know his partner was convicted s inside of solidarity. For that in that, in that, trial, they had a produce records that shows this becoming an exactly that time. So tat, the money laundering altogether There are some that up in little bullet points. There there's a lot, that's a long, twelve minutes and we have to cut it into three peace. Emmy, there's there's so much in there, but just to me. You're. Take ways for that one. So their wise wait brutish you any as actual evidence, paper documents. Showing that there was an active investigation ongoing to not only the Biden, family but potential money laundering that may have benefited the Biden family, actual official, documents government there again
you know in some limited circles. We would call that a clue for media people to go really. You mean there's a a patrol of checks being cast laundered through far countries that wound up somehow in the binding sphere of influence and nobody seems to be concern and take away number two. When people express some concern What you are Ukrainian Embassy overseas stay by Marie Ivanovitch another Swampish like George, can't than others, nobody did I hear about it, I thought Corruption and international corruption was kind of our thing right. Like get rid of that amendment, eight to give the information to the FBI and the Doj. Nobody really care. Here's Giuliani of former mayor of New York, elaborating about that. How the investigation they tried to move it add nobody, and United States or media people seem to care much weird I weird we mean really not. We are checked it out if there were a document
about you and me like this. I think you'd be in jail, but that the trend We deplore the US even investigate what This is the thing I'll. Every time you bring this up the critics of the press disable. This has been looked at and looked up before. Nobody has not been little guy. You have allowed the Treasury has over this. Nobody looked at this. They have They have for two years, the Justice Department and the FBI I ever witnesses who say that for two years I been trying to get this information that is just by the FBI. The age it went, but what like this to the witness nobody seems to care, why? Why is well? The answer Yes, why nobody in the media or the Department of Justice at the time, and possibly now I dont know why this Lama comer for anyone. I don't care The point here what nobody seems to care about this corruption, because why it's obvious man
because Joe Biden belongs to a protected class and what is their protected class Democrats I'm a people how we can have the Obama legacy dismantled and be stay stained untarnished forever by the fact that Obama's vice president one of the most corrupt in modern history. We can have that story after there's a paper trail Joe checks were saying: yes, they were money, changed hands get our official ukrainian government document showing there was an investigation into said paper trail and money going to the binding family that should not have been going there verse. Through very circuitous suspicious roots man now one final golden nugget take away, because I like that. Either show together, remember what we It is from Giuliani skimming. The third cut, remember what we talked about before it my own life we talked about before
how the fake ukrainian whistleblower and though we ukrainian quid pro quo meeting with all of these people Samantha powers, folks Victoria Nolan who work players in the spying operation on Trump, while Ukrainians were coming it who, conveniently Ukrainians were feeding information, do Alexander chill OPA. Who was a democrat operative that somehow aid to the FBI. I e the fake poor man, black ledger. These illicit payments return turned out to be fake, just like the dossier because the matter which was fate so they say, people meeting with the fake whistleblower. Our meeting Ukraine at the White House in meeting, some of which are attended by this Alexandra Philippa colluding with the Ukrainians to destroy I don't trust while binds getting. It over there. Here's Giuliani, Archer, loafer diskettes good,
everyone. Equally, lay damaging this. Is it A memo from a woman named Alisha will push you work for the Democratic National Committee. This is a memo to her boss, the coms directive. This is third, twenty sixteen right in the middle of the election? She bread, to him that she put he put together. I invited Michael, it's ok, of whom I ve been working with for the past few weeks, and can I get em, Ukrainians, to talk? while poor metaphor is, the cost is in your time supported. This is this? Is it? This? Is a crime they were investigating the Trump Organization for Vision but they investigated Donald Trump Junior for two years and said they ve been indicted for meanwhile, they have an admission She was getting information from foreigners and following it into the campaign, then she goes further. She says a big one, will hit in next few weeks. The big one in the next few weeks was the phoney black ledger the dossier. Yes, the phoney black letter
which they announced that it would destroy trumps campaign You have a democrat operative Alexander Georgia Roper. Email, our own collusion with a foreign government to go and obtain a fake document this black ledger alive. Payments are made, demand afforded, can used to prosecute, put in jail, Paul Matter, its fake she's. People about this thing and talking about but she's colluding with reporters in foreign governments to attack the Trump team and we're supposed to be mad at Donald Trump, because in a car with the ukrainian government, he dares to address potential corruption in Ukraine, where, supposing bad drop quid pro a quid pro quo that never happened either.
To understand. What's going on here, the folks they all each other they are call hiding something they are hiding their role in the biggest political scandal in american history, spy gate scandal, spying on a presidential candidates using foreign governments to do but in circumvention of U S, law, and their hiding Joe Biden, Massive, massive malfeasance scheme with his family overseas and China, Ukraine and AL where to enriches family right around the time Biden was going broke. All coordinated through operatives. Johnny B Brennan Alexandra: caliber, formerly the dead sea and media hacks, who promoted the collusion, hopes the whole time. This is creative, serve little comical.
I'm tellin again. They all know each other ladys and gentlemen, and I'm glad you're. Part of this show where you are seriously foreign five months ahead of the new cycle. Giuliani just drop the bomb this weekend with awe amazed, showing the act investigation under the prosecutor bide, want if I was active, we going on to get the paperwork, the cash that checks were care. And showing two lupus email acknowledging. She was colluding with foreign governments, and the same report is involved in the russian collusion scheme where media people you so useless. The New York Times, unwashed impossible, just watch my shall ok watch Maria barter. Almost whatever is a bunch of people do. This will learn a little bit. So I thought this little gem this weekend on Twitter. This is, I mean, maybe understating the worrying policy legitimate, said every player I see the intellectual Tipp of this
beer, for they knew you Brad far less with disquiet among the fullest listed? I can't say this enough: regulations on winning a seat in Congress to Miss Cortez, Representative Cortez. I mean it it's hard. I ran for Congress. It's really have to do that good for you, I'm sure in on a lot of doors were out some shoes, terrific, now your responsibility to the citizens of this country and a powerful position, one of four hundred thirty five members of Congress. Now you responsibility, is to actually know stuff here: my honest take on when I use it. What who she is Oh see as a lightweight I'm sorry folks, evidence is overwhelming. She just doesn't know anything of substance at all: she's, either fed talking and she regurgitate and does and understand, or he's just winging it and humiliating, and I dont know what it is. It's like that, guy,
who tries to talk about sports when he doesn't know anything. You don't want to about right He heard he hears. He repeat somebody over from someone else. Will you kindly like the situation at all a pc? Does it know know we all know that here. This is a see talking about government, yet economics embarrassingly. She has a degree in economics, whoever gave our degree should really take that back because its becoming humiliating here's, a yo, see you doing some earn rant on her own, believe it This surround feed on echo mix and noticed the evidence she sites. She say data point from this phase the economist Joe, but this is areas check this out. It's funny you ask this, because Treating today about how Milton Keens, a famous economist back midday predicted that by twenty thirty U S, GDP would grow sixty eight what it is which would allow for everyday people to work fifteen hours a week
How are you not trigger with the motley Emmy? Come I gotta get on board This is a triple a breeze, the triple alma ATA human problem. One more argument: I know: you're really good. All your computer starve Joseph complicated, but at least the triple monthly right I mean seriously. We were venturing into like a quadruple which I'd I we hold for special, wicked Oda, Milton kid who is famous economists, milk? You always died, who methodology bow, making things worse Those of you getting the joke, she's problem confusing the great Milton Friedman with you is more John Maynard Keynes. Arcades, it's make me do it Milton. Bridle aim is paid out on where's my shirt.
When I hear that man is not bad you by the way the due to set me. This keep on deep state very time, and I hope you don't mind my right on the back at you It is not. This is not it. It is not. He aids areas. First, Is it now been it's John Mayer bird Keynes its came easier and economics. Its Keynesian each year. By the way is now open, free, been and John Maynard Keynes. None. Kings had to completely divergent views on the government's role in economic growth, divergent meaning a diver urge, not convergent divergent.
One way other way: oh ok,. Oh my god! There is no Milton Keens, because people do you know you are. There's no milk case is not even a John Maynard Keynes. There's a giant for decades, a Milton Friedman. This is your tip with a spear. Now, folks, you may say. Fairly and how far I people make mistakes. She confused Friedmann and Keynes. She doesn't even know the difference between an area where a metaphor- shakers speech, that its constant with see it's just Maybe she's that person off forget about the baseball sports guy analyses a better one: job cuts Paul you, you know this person already in here. You all know this purse right eye
a person in a conversation at a party whatever it is, for some reason they have some self confidence issues about higher education or whatever it is. You know who it is gone and they start using big words that make absolutely no sandals lady everybody's afraid to tell em right. You know that guy woman, we hardly their dude and it's like you that doesn't mean, like princess bridegroom, That doesn't me what you think it beads do it over and over and every means I cringing and no one wants to say anything. I'd say: oh see she, I no idea what she's talking about she does it over and over she's up on the hill. Three years Better, for you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps is not number one she's in Congress that she was a bartender which kind of like renders them point mood right. There,
But then to choose understand diversion eighty met, a metaphor she's this system. As you ve got her in Crete, We Joe creepy Do you feel a Java president, never condemned white supremacist? Actually, we just produced photo evidence that they can I'm a lie, and then this is it. This is the best you ve got out a rock and roll here beside me. We get to the Ask gooseberry bottom line, never washings island. Last night at the Oscars approving again. Why, in my brother texted me this morning she will Brad Pitt, setting Oneida watches garbage ever its trash. Not even here did it all in the Oscars give me an hour there's an academy awards for the cops that I'll watch watch. The Patriot awards on Fox is usually give away towards the real people who do real stuff now do play make believe for living. But this lady gets up Did this movie, in conjunction with Obama, your former president He has a movie production company, got an award for this movie, called them
can factory and she gets up on stage. It starts reciting stuff from the communist manifest. Of course, that examined are lacking. Workers of the world unite American Factory director director its communist manifesto rallying cry after Oscars with nice job. How do you do you, you wanna area than the one percent of America that still believe had they had a case of the four reels dont you off of real you're, even losing them now now we're go and full communist they're, not even I'd many more unbelievable and get to them. Instead of trying to get to that loaded shower. I vote, please, I'm scared. Where you do channel, I humbly and requests and respectfully request that you subscribe there. It's free youtube, accomplished. Mancino. We really want to get the four hundred thousand subscribers we're moving pretty fast. Almost there Youtube com slashed by Gmos subscribed that. I really appreciate your support. We had a great week last week,
thanks a lot. I will see you all you just ten Bonn genomes yeah. You can also get Dan's podcast, soon, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.
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