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Obama Can’t Hide. He did this. (Ep 1252)

2020-05-18 | 🔗

In this episode I address the stunning connections that prove that the Obama administration was behind the framing of General Flynn. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee, no Obama did it. That's the answer that, with the answer on Friday, that's the answer now. Thank you. Everyone who listen to our Friday show the most listen to show in the history. The damned bond GINO show Obama. Did it did? What you may ask if you miss the Friday, show There's this open question out their filtering through the media, well, who order targeting and surveillance targeting Might Fred Obama did the evidence is right there in front of us, I'm on a double down on that today. I've got a loaded, show a number, Video sound cuts as well, don't go anywhere welcomed. Dampen GINO shall pretty should show. How is your weekend today? Fine sir, My weekend was pretty good man and don't worry about a thing. Is I didn't? Do it? Don't blame me
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who was the ringleader over the targeting of my friend, the answer is Obama, so President Tromp was asked about this well coming back from Camp David and, of course, in ten seconds see just nails. It right here check this out. You is it in fact president! That's all I can say grossly example. You chose over that you just get the burial asked about. Obama Obama gate the growing role, Obama the targeting of general Might Flynn and President Trump NOS two just knock it out of the park and say he was a grossly competent president. He is absolutely right. Talking about prisoner Obama. Now, let's get right to it. So the question was again how enemy frame the question: how did the targeting of general Might Flynn habit? We know now. If you listen, a Friday show that his December twenty nine twenty sixteen phone call he's the coming National Security, Visor Barack Obama's still the President twenty sixteen. We know that call was matter because we have the trans
so the car where he allegedly discusses expulsions and sanctions according to the FBI with the russian ambassador, question is: if he was not unmasked on this day, the call happens. Descent why twenty sixty? We know that he was not. Unless there is no one masking request on December twenty nine, sixteen, not theirs another masking request of Might Linz name until January, for then how the hell did they get the call while the b. I had been monitoring these calls because they probably had a fire on the Russians, a war the spy on the revised, because their foreigners there's a foreign government, the F B, I probably had an open fire on the Russians. Can we all exe back so the listening it on the Russians, but the question I was asked on Fox in France: Mowbray Brien kill me a brilliant question. I heard him about it before in my my ear during the break you chat. Without I heard him talk about it. He asked the question what FBI official, if
We're monitoring the Russians enjoy, needs you. Here's a referee, I'm serious from nicer. If this doesn't make sense, please stop it'll. Do FBI has an when five on the russian ambassador right to listen, it is cause how they find that might Flynn call he's I will be making hundreds of calls a day. How do we know what might flint? this is very simple. Somebody told the FBI, go find that damn car, that's it it's your more complicated how do I know that you can't you track and me wrong? Referee, an ombudsman Joe on simple yoga going Dutch, it very simple, is somebody the FBI you been recording. These calls with the Russians. Flynn spoke with the Russian you go, find it We know that don't take my word, Four Dario, just listen: director, Andy became. It is old book big had Atwater fire on Twitter, Stephen, entire another's. You ve done great work. Picking this stuff out here:
they became his book. The former deputy accurately FBI. These are walk of fires highlights from to it. This is my caves own book when he writes in his book the quote the p d B staff decided to write and intelligence assessment as to why Putin made the choice he did talking about the pollutants response. Who Obama's expulsions of the russian diplomats and the sanctions come back to me for a second, I wanna go back there. You know my positive bustier chops over there, but this can be imported I call on December twenty nine Flynn talks with IRAN ambassador in response, Obama kicking out. These russian diplomats just days earlier, of course, fully is the incoming national school revisers gonna talk to the russian ambassador, who wants to know hey you're the coming national, secure adviser too soon to be President Trump. Should we do here? Present biologist kicked out of Diplomats wines, as to them. Hey just respond
then a reciprocal manner now come back to that Obama. Air quotes here trying to get to the reason. Putin responded in a reciprocal matter. There, according to Anti Mackay, go back to the book orders the new challenges it going back to the boat remiss in a book, arrogance, ok, the previous. They have decided to write and intelligence assessment as to why Poot made the choice he did whose the previous staff, that doesnt stand peanut butter and thereby GINO it stands for the press. You're very brave, depressed, There are two very brief stairs issued a request tat. They issued a request to the intelligence. Community goes out there Keep this up? Are we following here given yet the presidential brief furs? Of course, on that You think I'm Bob, I know about this task
F B, I to go, get a call! That's why on mass. It goes on in response to that request, the f B. I queried our own holdings. The FBI already had the call because of a file on the Russians came across information indicating that general flame, the President, Elect nominee for national secure adviser had held, RO conversations with the russian ambassador, Sergei Kisyak, it's gotta page to hear about of the book. In which the sanctions were discussed. Of course that didn't happen. It was about expulsions, but that's from Friday. This information was something we had from December. Twenty ninth all thy manga me for a second policy to kill me do not divorce made. Today.
Wait till tomorrow. Shall please let my very great weaker. Couple things to jump out of you there a couple of big thing. Huge, the in the words of Donald Trump Andrew MC, deputy director. The FBI acknowledges number one. We already had the call meaning what there was obviously a warrant to listen and on the cause of the Russians, including kiss me. He said we already had to call. He also says we want and Search our holdings pursuing. To a request from the President's Aubrey furs. Perry go Obama It's right. There don't take my word for it just What's in the deputy director, they have periods in his book. He also indicates that Mick Mick Mick Cave in his book that they had to call
since December, twenty nine for the umpteen thousand time. Why is that important. Because there's no one basking request on December. Twenty nine. The FBI and the media's story has been from the store. Follow me here. We are This is where it gets important. They were saying we just listen in on the Russians regularly, which we do. We always that the russian spy on us we spy and no secret nothing untoward about that, we'd be derelict and our intelligence community. If we weren't listening it on the Russians, there are nuclear power so the media coverage story, because their full, probably the media's in full gas lighting propaganda about to try and cover up that Obama ordered to surveillance hit on Flynn the media's he's been. We just listen in on the Russians and golly. We found this one thing and you know we saw a name of an american talking to the Russians about bastard. We didn't know who it was. It said you,
p r. U S person and with mass covered up adapted and we just You know we ordered and on masking just innocently just to figure out who they were talking to. That is not what happened. That is not what happened. This was a direct request from the White House of course, involve a surveillance to go pick up might win, which the F b I already had, go back to that. If you don't mind page to nice, took it dies, quick to switch there, the p d b request border too. Retention. Andy. Zone words. And animal is shared with me. I shared with call me call me shared with the DNA Jim Clapper, clapper briefly to Obama. Geiss lay
I don't know, what's complicated about the media, how are you missing this story, the FBI deputy director, in responding to a task and in his testimony be covered that on Friday, when someone test us with finding this one phone call. It's all you need to know that do whoever brief him asked him was rejected. In other words, eighty Mackay swears puts his right hand goes up the Congress waste to tell the whole truth, nothing, but the treaty, and in his testimony he told Congress who asked the fine, the Flynn phone call. They already had forget this on masking throw it in a garbage of assure you that the second to other there's no requests They already had to call as they were listening and on the Russians, but killed again. This is brilliant question. How did they find friends call if they would just listening and on the russian side, because Obama told them too and they rejected
Because they didn't want you to know that, but this now Skull Mackay brought about it in his own book. What's Riga, it is clearly Obama or PDP staff President she'll daily brief Obama? Did it now, showing you again for those you need evidence receive Thea Buzz word the day which Paul AIDS here? You go. Here are the basking requests we'll go? Do them quick, You will see no request for MIKE wins name. Anywhere on December twenty nine years page one, nothing. December twenty nine today the call that was alleged, unmasked, just incidentally, collected page too you'll see again. There are no requests on December TWAIN. However, if you watch it at home, There are a whole lot of requests on December, fifty eight and forty, or get to that in the second. It's going to page three no, no requests! There's one on this.
We're twenty eight the day before the call. Now You cannot mask of call that hasn't happened yet, but still then, on December twenty nine, the media is lying, flimsy call with kiss was not on the president's deaf, dumb, did they go and find it and the FBI already had it. How did they always when I covered that on Friday, because Flynn was in the Dominican Republic and how many people do you think Kisyak is calling on the Dominican Republic in the Dominican that they probably one General Michael Microcephaly I couldn't have been that hard to find he too that's! Ok! The whole story, just listen again, had to walk a fire active, Stephen Makin, I had tabled a rosy memo, undercover Hubert Techno Fog, all of you for doing actual
real journalism. Thank you. Just listen. The Andy Mackay Obama didn't he already told us. Ok. Now you noticed a lot of on requests in those because that's we have now seen it. There are where there were to be crystal clear request to unmask or take away the region actions of a name to be clear. We monitor the Russians and others and foreign governments all the time if you intelligence official is reading this intelligence on a foreigner, and it says you know hey who s person. This is the ambassador from Turkey. I'd like to talk about a terror attack are intelligent people have the authority to go and say: hey: can we find out who this? U S, person if they can do that to lead
information is in fact the felon, which is what happened a flint? But it's we convenient that date specifically put it on me asking requests that involve MIKE winds, name on December, forty, eight and fifty the whole ball load of people? You just saw the list with thirty nine people requesting the odd masking of above of a conversation that involve MIKE Flynn. A lot of em on December fourteenth in December. Fifty. What am I getting at here? I liked to keeping simple on the show, and I think that's what you like about. I told you first. Who targeted the wiretapping it hidden on Sudan, the surveillance hit on Might Flint Obama did it became those now. The question is motive. Why? What were they so concerned about? Would my flynn, while number one might wonder whether bodies were buried. He was an intelligence professional in the Obama administration, so now
about Obama's abuse of the intelligence system to gain political, not intelligence, information how do we know full well knew well look at the targeting on the fifteenth in the fourteenth what's happening. This is the end of the Obama administration, and this thing about sanctions on I ran pursuant to the I ran deal with. Someone should have told the Iranians we and I ran the is heating up on the simple fourteenth and fifty look at this Wall Street Journal article. This is a critical This is from November twenty by carefully and J Solomon. This is if twenty sixteen, this is heating up right now, member the elections over Tromp as one everybody knows that MIKE winds The incoming national secured Visor Wall Street Journal Obama seeks to four FI. I ran nuclear deal. New steps, including licences for more american business and lifting additional? U S: sanctions by the way had Tipp undercover Huber for some great leads on this point to make sure you get my hat hips it so just to be. We're end of November
beginning middle of December Obama, before gets out of office. There are a lot of law makers who want to sanction. I ran dropped sanctions again on. I ran a renewed the sanctions because they don't think I ran- is complying with the ran deal Obama, loved and Flynn hated. You see the picture Flynn on the cover of your watching at home. You took that conflict and you know Flynn, is on the cover. Keep that up against our thank you. It says there's a photo by Seeger from Reuters, its is retired. U S army lieutenant General might Flint. Staunch opponent of the I ran deal arrive for a meeting with President Elect Donald Trump, a Trump tower on Thursday Flint picture is. The article of in the Wall Street Journal after the election about, I ran sanctions. That Obama doesn't want flinch, picture is right. There. It's all heating up,
it all comes to a kind of day new, my ear LAS Vegas son peace, take it from the Associated Press by the way. I look at the data on this article. This is the day there were caught. They wanted they ll win and there on masking his name like crazy. On December forty than this Fifty look! Here's how Agnes crazy December fifteen? Twenty, It's the same day same day, his name's being unmasked like mad this opponents, the around the MIKE when LAS Vegas Son from the Ap Josh leader urban areas, sanctions? Renewal becomes law without Obama, signature. But we convenient on that day. Obama issues a pocket, video veto because he doesn't want to sanction IRA. Maybe they're wondering what the trumpet minister, she's gonna do in response to that, because they're coming into office in less than a month and fled is the national secure adviser so their spying on Flynn.
To figure out how they are going to respond to Obama's failure to sanction. I ran, ladies and gentlemen. The evidence is right in front of you again. I I pray one day. Our media in this country are free media, thankfully, unfortunately free to be stupid and they take us up and then offer. I pray, maybe getting find a job. That one day they will see the light decide they want to tell you the truth. Oliver somebody mail me and Friday danced up saying that these are just straight up: evil people I get it, but that's not excuse for me to give up. I pray one day, they'll see the light or bomber did it about my did it because he hated Flynn. He ordered the FBI to go for that call on Flynn. They then set up when using a transcript for that call. They lied and said it's like the FBI interview by sanctions, although they never asked them about sanctions that yes, there about expulsion, so I'll get to that in a minute to.
Use the mullah probe later to shut flare up and to frame him for crime, he never committed, and you the media pressure when to take a plea deal so Can hide exactly what they did. That's gonna be part to this in a second disgusting. What happened and they did it because Flynn we're going to expose the intelligence community and their Obama forgetting into politics, and he was We expose the I ran deal and Obama wanted to know exactly what flim is going to do on the around the, hence all the on masking request, despite when the same day Obama Pocket vetoes. These sanctions are coming. My second sponsor, I wanna play a video of broad Rosen style, which is pretty devastating. This is juicy stuff, I think, you're also worthy of our friends at Ali. Listen alley is the only that we might call a dog through the only food, my doggedly
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From the incoming administration opposed as I ran the Elinor, the F B. I use that the framework now how you're right nothing wrong. Nothing to see here fault, but with regard to surveys, because there's been a lot of multiple takes out there by people in this, I'm not going to get it back and forth people listen to my show. On Friday I must listen to show ever there's a couple. People, Why do we didn't you wouldn't like it? They think I'm offer my very confident in the presentation of material. If other information presents itself that contradicts anyway, happy to put it out there, but am I get getting back of workers. I know what we put out. There was based, in fact, a lot of it alive, it's a little bit of speculation, but I'm still pretty sure we're right over the top Obama. Did it there's no doubt my mind anymore? The only question is the mechanics and I think, we're spot on now I've told you this really only you in order to spy on an american citizens phone calls. You
to get a warrant, you have to get a Pfizer weren't you have to get a criminal warrant or pursue. Joint, an intelligence product you can order, run masking and, as I showed you on Friday, the Obama industries, any president artifact via the attorney general can order. Some kind of surveillance as well in the unmasked of names, It's a gram asked this question to rob Rosen style is one of the probably Gonna go down when the worst Justice Department officials in american history, an integral figure in this whole spy gate disaster. Lindsey Gram is asking rod roses started this clip the same question I brought up in the Friday shell. Well, if it was a fine worn on Flynn because accordingly the idea report there wasn't a file on Flynn. Court of the ideal report, there was criminal, worn on Flynn as far as we know criminal investigation on floods, not authorize you to surveillance phone calls. Tell you. That is why I worked criminal.
Cases. For a long time, you can open criminal case that the secret services does not mean conspire Joe, because I'm investor Jennifer Counterfeit. I can surveillance in public, when there's no reasonable expectation of privacy, but for me to get Jos phone calls, you need a title three wiretap period full stop it. So if neither one of those two were used how the heck again did they get flints name? I already told you. I asked him, but he's Linsey, Graham Coconut roses, then I want you to pay very close attention to rose Sties hesitation to answer this question about how they got it and listen to what he says the and pay attention to this. Underlying it right here. People do things. Do people do things misinformed at this hour. So there's three ways this could have been done. You could have gotten a warrant through the normal
a process that will be lawful if a judge granted it right hypothetically. We do that. All time. Ok, number two! You gonna Pfizer court, which is low the different, but still the cord overseeing someone's request right. Yes, that's correct! The third would be at the president. Burma on his own, decided the wire too drunk tower or their campaign. Do you know of any basis it? He would have the ability to do that without fossil warrant without a warrant from a federal judge, A criminal investigation. Now I do not is manufactured, could not. No president congestion unilaterally say, go wiretap that american citizen right, center, I want that port approval. Senator. So what now you're out not just go your boy, you're gonna, be the deputy turning over here. To say that I am a lawyer is real. Somebody tells me nobody can do that. My answer is we'll. Give me a deeper do well in writing later on. Tell me how
the present the United States could unilaterally wiretap an american citizen, american Company and american campaign proposed without some court approval. So my answer that centres, I would hope- and I agree with you- that that will not happen gear. People. People do things again nobody's curious in the meeting at all. If Obama did things, none you notice Rose in time will not answer the question. Well, it's not a fight it's not a criminal, warm kennel. Unilaterally. Do this and rose in time on answer the question of people? Do things I'm a lawyer, I'm not gonna go. Myself, bottled up and illegal mess by telling you the truth that somebody did things. For me, that was outline Olano mortal about eight nine. Eleven attacks on people did some things did. Did do people do
What kind of a people do things. I'm telling you take my word for it? I have had great sources, they ve. Never let me down, however, I think, outside of Rudy Giuliani horse trading, shall where I think we were off on that one. I was kind of a bad tip. I cannot recall a major ten of the spy gay case in the Flint S. All the same thing. We have had a dial back due to a source, misleading us. This is going to get a lot worse. I promise you oh bombers up. I want to get it if mother thing in a second, but I want to leave you distorting Obama Obama's best day ever was yesterday and I'll tell you the same thing tomorrow. If you get what I mean.
This is not going to get any better for Barack Obama. Trust me, I know I'll get your emails. I want to see people at a cost of. I can't control that that's not I'm Ike. I control that my days in law, fishermen are over. I have no ability to arrest anyone any more. I've left one for it, I'm not GS, one thousand eight hundred and eleven. All I can control is the truth. If the truth frustrates you I'd, I get it you're you're not wrong, but you're. Damn right we're going to get to the bottom of the truth and we're going to put it out there and I'm telling you his. Babies yesterday now showing you again how corrupt and disgusting Mahler corrupted team was the totally completely corrupted it's now transparent. The obvious to anyone watcher may show, and anyone who followed the case that the only purpose of the Mahler probe why They continue when investigation into the presidency. Out over.
Now you may say, while the president, a bulwark for the Justice Department and the President is as the head of the executive branch, the president, they answered. Everybody knows politically once Mahler was appointed, everybody knows folks, I'm not talking about logistical. Panicle hierarchy. Let me be clear because you're right, the present, the Justice Department answers to the present I'm talking about. Politics. Everybody knew what a special council was appointed. The trump couldn't firearm. Out another Nixon, saturnine mascot. I thought he should have and I stand by that to this day and now it's become obvious, why You should have fallen, are fired Mahler, because Mahler was never investigating collusion more Was investigating trump and you get in trouble investigated for non collusion, which he says. He's doing. They had a shot MIKE went up because my point where the bodies are buried, because in December of twenty sixteen right around the time, the Mai masking I start the heat up around my friend's name from the outgoing Obama administration might flint
It's a letter from the United Kingdom, as evidenced by Ni Pow Lifelines lawyers legal. Finding that Christopher Steel who wrote the dossier, it's full of crap. In other words, steel Flynn now knows everything he knows about here. In view of the political situation of the intelligence community, and he knows the steel dossier they used to spy on tribe is total. Garbage Flynn has got to go They worry Flynn is going to start talking even always been fired, so Mahler hats on board and they target Flynn ruthlessly, they had to pressure fled happen under cover Huber by the way has a great threat on this. Please check it out. John W Huber on Twitter. It is worth your time I found that twitter feed your it. He has a great thread on the efforts, the Mahler team, goes to drop the hammer on Flint and they get him into a quickie plea. Why? I know Please I was on the other side. I haven't done federal agent work, myself, involvement, The federal arrest nobody wants
To go to trial and the federal system, they don't it's a whole lot of work. It's a whole lot of evidence, there's nothing. They want more than someone you arrested to say I did it I'll, take the palladium, usually you get to play deal usually get a lesser since everybody follow, but why the rush with flynn- you were really try to get a flint role in a rush. In collusion scheme that When you believe had some role- and he was talking with the Russians in December- about sanctions- which we know is untrue, true. And when was this key figure in a russian collusion scheme? Why such a rush to get him a monopoly? Why not engaged Standard proffers cooperation agreements over time using down. This massive Trump interference scheme that he was doing a term with the Russians. Why the rush to plea, while a couple reasons
Number one they had a very the obvious than Obama targeted Flynn in surveillance hit the FBI go get his course. You saw me gave no need to go over that again. They wanted. To go away because Obama's their golden calf Mahler, how to make them go away and if they engage in an extended proffer and- and this goes to trial- God forbid what'll happen, when's warriors last for the information on the surveillance and they'll get a hold of the information that it was ordered by Obama, which has to go away. So their hiding that but their hiding something else. What is Flynn charged with by mothers ridiculously corrupting he's charged with in his interview with the FBI a month after is uncle the phone calls December twenty night, the FBI interviews Flint at the white as he's now the National Security advisor, In violation of all protocols, the FBI just shows up a thousand member the gym. Coming. I sent a few guys over JANET
every twenty. Fourth, these two FBI agents short interview for about his phone call. It happened a month early and these FBI, Agents allegedly said You lied when they asked Flint about the contents of the phone call, because Flynn talked about sanctions and Flynn. Didn't tell us, you talk about sanctions, so flim might about sanctions. Really. That's interesting began. Happy Stephen Mcintyre climate order on this one. So just to be clear, the Mahler team. I showed you the statement of offence less we charge Flynn what line the FBI agents about sanctions. He discussed with the Russians either our societies with the Russians Paul if you dont like, and we will do the three or two Form the F b, I rode up the editor one. This is after many of you when I want to see where it mentioned. Sanctions in here, because they said he lied about sanctions, talk about expulsion of russian diplomats
closing a russian properties. Can we gotta page do no sanctions there? As I said on Friday of clearly, sanctions will be here insatiable saying: no sanctions. Here. This is the area where we see expulsions. We sepia jeez Persona non Grata axis no talk about sex it's here with Lynn, surely, on page three, what there's some about fleet in the sanctions he allegedly lied about. Nor are they talking about the expulsions again. No word of sanctions anywhere. So now we know what the mother team is really up: they're trying to bury Obama's fingerprints, which are all over the targeting of Might Flint number one. A number to the mother team is true, the hide evidence here. Evidence of what Flynn never lied Flynn couldn't have lied about just because the FBI's, don't paperwork, does it, ancient sanctions the bulging they do much of the russian diplomats, were a step it matter from the sanctions on Russia Flynn. Couldn't wide about sanctions because he was never asked that's good,
own form own Rio to the FBI. You child. Similar lying about something you never asked about the air yeah I needed to make this go away. So did Mahler so by forcing Flynn it. Quickie plea in December of twenty sixteen. They now to show him any of this and you. See it either when lied about sanctions. They didn't ask about saying that matter. They would also they're not show you why didn't exist in a trial member? They dont want Flint trial because then the F word gets. They will not- I have to show you something it doesn't exist. What do you mean? There doesn't make any sense. The Mahler team forced them into a quickie deal
They don't want Flint to see something. It doesn't exist. What the heck that doesn't make any sense always does remember the only premise for interviewing Flint at the White House, the FBI and January twenty. Fourth, Viewed if you re a legit organizations, although side, even in their own paper, the FBI only reason they had was because they said it could be a Logan ACT violation. You know the Logan ACT. Were private citizens get involved the dispute, to the United States, you know the Logan. I could never ever been successfully prosecuted in the history, the United States and is the federal equivalent of Jake. It's on when Jaywalk is jaywalking is real and you can actually be Logan. Act is a joke. It is Total clown show farce, you say dear, I don't get we talk about. They left me. I went off the shown. Some it doesn't exist. Give me I was going to close the case on flat, apparently internally, they think are what Flynn was talking to the Russian. Let's just use the slogan acting
But why isn't there any see on the Logan I what's uneasy and electronic communication used to open up and F B. I case. Joe get your hat on beer airy here. If Sidney when's lawyer went to trial and flint wasn't forced into this quickie. Please since withdrawn as guilty point. Add trial at some point somewhat stand is gonna have to admit that they interviewed flint because they thought they violated. Flint violated the log into which the court What have we wrapped in laughter at that point, but in between the laughter. There would have been a serious question by city pow at this hypothetical trial that never happen the quest. From Sidney Power. What I've been when you guys, but up a case based on a suspicion of a crime like the Logan. I you fill out electronic communication to open application can we see that can. We see the easy on the local everybody,
very we're. Just wait just what we need to say. Just hold larger. We need to see it right now. Yeah for your horse, your twitter enough Joseph fears desire. Legally, let's see if anyone Flynn because dickie violated the Logan. I then where's the FBI paperwork to open up the case based on the local The answer is its nowhere, because it doesn't exist is why doesn't exist. Because the F B, I did not want to be left out of court. And humiliating themselves by charging summer with an unconstitutional law. No one in the history of the United States has ever been successfully charge with, and it would have looked like from the start. The F B. I was trying to make an example at a flat. So now again back to mother, why smaller, trying to force a quickie plea, Pollyanna Flynn Flee plead guilty it's all go away, please, but we gotta shut. Up to take an affront, knew, they don't want you
Obama's role, they want, a bury the three o too, that doesn't mention sanctions, but only expulsions, but he was charged with line about sanctions. Really that was never brought up and they also one of the high the Logan ACT, easy which doesn't exist despite it being. Happy only reason for being at the White House the interview, the national security adviser in violation of protocol. Now, They gotta get Flint the plea quick, but what's the problem problem is, I don't have anything on Flynn, you can't go up to a defence DORA personage. Charging and say general, listen! Here's the case! We have against you open and shut. This is how I used to do it. If you have a videotape of a guy pass and counterfeit I'd show him the tape. There's you, You know great part of a videotape is view. Allow me a personal privilege. I don't like talk, but my prior career too much, but.
Everybody knows what they look like, because, if you like, I don't know, it's not and everybody knows what they did, because they were their miserable. That's even dumber, no its not why? Because and what I was doing criminal cases, Video was always grainy, especially if you want to tell you video store, they always had grainy surveillance, video, honestly Joe you can. Tell me this way. You can barely see the guy's face, passing the counterfeit right. I play it further. And I knew it was amyloid done it for a number of reasons: fingerprints, whatever. When they see the video they know it's them, because it was them and they did it. They watch the video different than anyone else. That is something in their head the trigger they ever say: hey, that's, really Grady, that's ever they always we're gonna. Be like that's me. I don't even know where I was going with that, but it is an important point. Where was that bit? You know it's you,
When they reproducing the evidence that they produce in the evidence to fight they don't have anything When knows you didn't do this, windows, alien life windows, the Logan ACT is nonsense. Windows a transcript and Windows Eden lie about sanctions so that of giving him the evidence? What do they do they dont, given the evidence it'd, three, oh two, you track and and Did you see on the law can act? It doesn't exist. They did not. You show him the videotape. They showed him nothing in they lead to the media because they had nothing to shop. Sorry, that's rascal with it. I really Lubin, but join that story. So much. Roof again active undercover cover member Flynn Flynn plead guilty. In December of twenty sixty, I'm sure The original offer coming in Berlin, which insists these innocent David, a terrible
job that they would not admit he didn't eating wrong. There feel in the heat November. Look at these leaks to the meat and we see no check this out by shock Can the lady infusion can, you know, can bigger spied a hoax her I mean of collusion boxer And we see news Mahler hasn't evidence to bring charges and flinging investigation of ember of twenty seventy by fusion click Kendall any. Where did and Bc News and fusion can get that. Where did they get that, of course they got it from the mother tee. Which conveniently led to fusion can known collusion, Alex or in fake news specialist propaganda guy. Colonel write it up and what do you think happens? Of course? when's teams, reading that, oh my god, to public pressure, of course, the truck tee Is reading that too.
Since November the next year. Twenty seventeen trumps and off they call my gosh saw there. It's really chaotic Mahler Scott, the goods. If he had the goods like that Oh two, when the Logan ACT ye see, then why didn't he shelf when the goods, because they didn't have the goods? So they leave to a couple of idiots NBC who printed the fake goods. Oh, it gets better Some of you may say well dad that three o too yet now it was added it alot, there's no real evidence. Original three hundred and two exists or anything the three hundred and two, the Flint meeting. Maybe the original three hundred and two just disappeared. That's that have it all. I got more on that in a second, don't go anywhere. As always. We bring evidence today. Good friends outbreak ass nutrition. This is actually an empty bottle of fear. The greens is only a little bit left as you can see why, because we take this stuff every day, this is Paul. Is personal favorites
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Led to NBC fusion cans. More than happy to put out. You know mothers propaganda which they do, but there running controversy about the case, because there, trying to hide something else too, from Flint Defence team and Flint or get it if it goes to trial. I Oh. Do the three o too, with the expulsions, the F B, I form or doesn't mentioned sanctions these german? That's the edited one. You may see edited from white. Oh there's an original trio too. Well, then, why don't you Was the original three or to why'd? You show us that expulsion highlights from Stephen our solidarity, three or too, because nobody has. Original three o to ski. No, body. Nobody has you re way way way way. This is crazy. This is like Cuba stuff. This is like North Korea, so you're too bring me the FBI interviews Flint on January, twenty four charges him with lying sanctions sanctions. They never asked them about according to their own three or two, but there
another three o two, they filled out on the same day. They interviewed Flynn, that's magically disappeared and that's the edited one. Yes they can do- is an editor one. We'd still is damning. Does even talk about sanctions gosh. Can you imagine, what's in that original one that magically but he can seem to fine, so of course, Fusion can and other media collusion, also to stay a while the original three or to just doesn't exist really had to pat technophobe. Twitter. Another just terrific account you need. The father had Tipp Techno Jim colonies! All testimony. Remember Joe me. He there's no original trio to you, guys are making it up at fastening because Jim Crow justified under oath. Instead, this club- and they interviewed him Flynn completely. They went through it all. They did not show him the transcript or transcripts and Aunt Kate back and drafted a three o and report. It to me and the deputy director and then
If the White House on the contents of what Mr Whitehead said, that is, on the twenty fourth of January, yeah. Oh yeah, So hat Jim call me worse. Direct turn up? Your history only admits there is a three hundred and two filled out on the same day, but he briefed the White House the same day. The interview guys they seem awfully curious about MIKE Flynn that White House don't they. Where is that original? Three hundred and two. It says in the ever watch ran in stamping the landed left, socks member that shows show ever it was blocked better. If you smoke,
Adobe, I never smoke dubious, not adobe smoker. Just saying if you wish smokers Joe you from your ear and listen to the grateful dead while smoking to do was a lot better right now. That knows anything about that either. I'm just say: I'm not a dubious guy. Don't do drugs very bad for you. But I've heard from people not getting that if you wish we're gonna, do we watch and red instead be the show was a thousand times better and they had the land that left socks episode where the left side where they go. Nobody Nobody knows where the original three or too is either it's in the ran instead be landed, left sack. Nobody can seem too the original three to why. Why. Can you imagine how bad the FBI's original interpretation of Linz interview as if they had a edited for three weeks and then the edited version I showed you still does it mention the actual crime they charge and within what magic, how bad the original, what it is
Oh yeah, all now the lies about the three o to that Nobody knows where it is. It's in the red instantly, land. Even Mahler Zone Prosecutor Van Crack and then ran Grech, who was prosecuted for seems to be. Shall we say Miss directly People about the three o too. Here's a sign document by Van I can just you were working for them all approach to the court. Among these documents, these documents they turned over to Flint Flints Timor. All versions in the government's possession of the FBI report of the January twenty four twenty seven intervene in view of the defendant by Flint. Really you showing Van Grass mothers prosecutor is. Telling the court. There is no other three or two we don't have it. I just
you call me testimony that there was a draft of the three or today they miss that did they did they met dead River where we re. Where is it gets worse? tip. Catherine heresies are her highlights another great account, the following CBS now terrific work on this these are highlights. This is me from Jim call me about. What's possibly and that original regional three o to halt this gets good. Remember when we charge with me To the media, about prosecutors sunset and get him to plead with crime, you didn't commit he's charged with low Through the F B, I really cool Call me zone testimony quote and the FBI agents and the reason I mentioned their experiences because I talk to them about this Commies TA. About the FBI. Jus interviewed Flynn. Listen to this. They deserve no physical indications of deception. Wait what I don't you charging with lying always gets worse.
This is MRS colonies own testimony. They didn't see any change, imposture tone, inflection or an eye contact. They saw enough. That indicated to them that he knew Flynn that he was lying to them with White Mamma Mamma. There's more here. Call me goes on any interviewed him completely. Through it all again, they didn't show the transcript transcripts, and then they came back and drafted a three o too. So just again The three or too, which is edited like crazy. We have seen doesn't even mention when talking about sanctions, all the mother team charge Flynn about lying about sanctions. He wasn't even asked about we're a team that interviewed him comes back and briefs. Call me call me, swears, is on record indicates they had no evidence at all. He was lying manufacture of it
She was telling the truth in their interview, but and the mother team goes in charge them lying about sanctions. He wasn't asked about. Despite the F B, I thinks in that he's that wasn't lying in a mother came, tells the court. We don't even have the original document. We know the f B. I filled out about the interview where they didn't think he is lying. Now you may say this case can possibly get any worse. We ve now walked. Do it from there getting again. Obama ordered the hit. The FBI complied They interview Armada Logan ACT, violation. They weren't even willing to put down a paper because its fake they then back and say: hey! We don't even think he was lying. They then edit, For where they write at the three hundred too, which is magically in the Red Stimpy left sock land. They then you're lying about sanctions. They never asked them about them. Our team in lies about the original three or to say: no, we don't have it doesn't exist. Call me suddenly existed
Now you say this can't possibly get yours. We have this faint judge, Sullivan, not a real gs, deserve to be called judge anymore. Who want this Is this case unbelievably, despite the So we can prosecute this case against what anymore Here someone hacked your bonds at HANS Monkey on. Forgive me for saying here among us another great twitter account at my age and see k e by the way. If we want to add ons monkey who pick this out or mark you forget, forgive me sententious terrible, would name This is the judge in the case when the weather FBI in the Oj Joe, they refused to produce this original three hundred and which probably says Flynn wasn't lying in it. Nobody can find it adheres to judge this hack.
He says the government, I am sure, will address that. I want to focus on any other cases before the court, but you know sometimes do at the best efforts. Notwithstanding the best efforts of everyone thinks happen, a document so lost, I mean it just happens, get Oki, that's right! Here's the jet, habits with yes, rhymes with pick that their debts to judge the judge, the judge bumper Sticker pit happens. That's your response. That don't worry about it? Do you Three or to which I'm telling you says Flynn wasn't line, has magically disappear, in favour of an editor trio. Do that still bad doesn't mention the sanctions he allegedly lied about. The F b I cared for
and the judges? Like no worry folks stuff happens, the judge was judges great disguised, as this is an embarrassment to the bench. If you ever appearing in front of the sky and federal court. You worry republic in, or a conservative or anyone associate with Donald Trump you think you're gonna get and even remotely fair trial. You. You are crazy. That is turning into a third world soviet style. You know old, starred chamber. Now I wanted to get through the story. This reach, showing you how bad Judge Sullivan actually is the judge. In the former case, the Department of John This has now acknowledge that they found all these efforts I materials all this exculpatory material from Flynn that they have no case after
laying out what I just laid out. You it's obvious. Not only is there no case against when he didn't lie, he never lied about sanctions, use ever asked about scientists and he happy. I owe notes the Notetaker bill price them. Was the interviewing agent who interviewed flints boss is, and down a paper. What's our goal? Set him up in a perjury drop, Natalie The government, not avocations Flynn, there's a legitimate case against the government here for me, this outcome forward under billboards just as well that we are not prosecuting this case and the judge incredibly will not let them Tropic now, whenever I need good, deep legal analysis from someone with trial experience at the highest level, I got eighty Mccarthy at National Review. Here's a ass. It was in the show notes last week if you wanna get our shown us by the way. Please articles are really good mancino that complex newsletter. That is our show,
well Emily the stuff every day we know spam. Your inbox, we always appreciate you subscribe anywhere list, are open rape, always insane. It's like eighty percent number messing with. Thank you. Everyone of surprise her newsletter here is the best Go on this. How awful judge solve decision to not let the government drop in case they don't have. Is. National review view any Mccarthy the politicized order, inviting amethyst briefs against the flint cases. Dismissal there's a screen cap from this, The judge doesn't only want to dismiss it. He wants to allow other people including this do judge this. I've seen me this guy giant Gleason, who wrote an Ipad fillet Where is likely to be brief them on the case I can't figure this out his own from India. Are these national review pieces about rule forty eight now just to be clear on what, Let me read this first explain to you what he means and why this is so damning for the judge, the judge will not throw out the case and he's using rule. Forty eight, eighty Mccarthy quote:
moreover, Congress prescribed rule forty eight to protect defendants that their government exam. Quite the opposite of what judge Chauvinist doing. Don't worry I'll! Try, this freedom in lawmaking. We are concerned about the potential for prosecutor misconduct. They wanted to prove strategic dismissals, where a prosecutor pull the plug on a case, it's not going well only recharge it later. They wanted to forbid so abuses as repeatedly charging and dismissing an indictment exhausting in it. Used resources and capacity to defend himself. Let me translate that, for you. The federal system I was involved in deeply for over a decade of my life is very complicated. There's a number of rules, the courts, the lower level courts and creation of the Congress the Congress makes rules one of the rules rule forty eight keep in mind. The government wants the drop the case against Flint
One of the rules rule forty rule. Forty eight doesn't allow the government to drop the case without what they call leave the court. That's in rule forty eight by tat rule forty It is not in there to protect the government. Is there to protect the defendant. In other words the judges, saying hey, I think when could be guilty so I'm protecting the government from this. Abuse of Bill BAR whose doing this for Trump and I've letting this case be dismissed. Referee, Joe on you, ve, taken up one big time should not there to protect their government from Bill bar there to protected defended rule. Forty eight is show the guy let's say when I was a secret services, have a counterfeit case against job but its weak, I die Jody Sierra. I realize it crap case Joe gets a good lawyer says we're going to trial. We're gonna drop it two weeks later. I do it again. I.
Joe again Joel. We get the warrior again, we're gonna drop it then it have again. The case goes to trial. What would the judge is supposed to? step at some point say: listen, we're not this missing this case. For that reason, if you have a crap case- and this is going to trial than dammit it's going to trial, it's not to protect the government, from Bill Bore. Sullivan just making this up right. It's going to be credible. God forbid! You get in front of Judge Solomon and you have a picture anywhere on Facebook, with a maga hat on good luck to come after me. Next bring Mueller I know this couple days ago: debts without pleased and tomorrow show please tune in I saw congressmen. Tim Ryan meltdown is democratic floor data, totally ridiculous, scripted, nonsensical ran and continuing to pump this nonsense.
About the economy in the recovery. I got that I also tomorrow got the story at the telegraph when he's models wrong. Clearly they were, and is this the most expensive software mistake in human history? I got that I got some more on the bailouts and stuff I will get. The sum of this one bar stuff at the Flint stuff is important. Thank you again to everybody who listen to Friday, show and again on behalf of my lovely wife, Paula and a great weekend. If you have a goldendoodle puppy, will you please reach out? She wants for my daughter who had end and what you're, having the worse time in the world so and we need one by the way. You may say why that specific one, because I have a vicious dog allergy and it's the only dog that doesn't seem to try. My apologies, crazy t- am I maybe, but whatever thanks for doing it in place, which guides my Youtube Channel Youtube that calm, slash, bond GINO, and thank you so much twenty five thousand new subscribes to my Youtube channels, or free, of course, that no Youtube and charged with our for twenty five thousand in just a couple weeks. No one
Thank you so much you just heard in Bonn GINO. She followed, then, on twitter, twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.
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