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Obama Knew, Everything (Ep 1247)

2020-05-11 | 🔗

In this episode I address the stunning new information about the alleged “Russian hack” of the DNC, and the troubling revelations about Obama’s role in the targeting of Mike Flynn. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee, no cell Barack Obama is in total meltdown in a panic, and I've got to tell you, I know, shouted broadest bad of I don't know I'm saying that word right? I know it's bad I know we should be celebrating the downfall of others that, morally and ethically it may say a lot of bad things about it. But this all episode is just absolutely glorious their melting down. Folks, it's everywhere The damp GINO shall produce jobs. Are you today on this Monday morning? Well, daddy. Oh, I do well. I trust you had a nice mother's day altogether. There did I you very much, I hope all the miners out there were celebrated as they should be. We are all the people we are today because of great moms, who were. Did the right thing, not easy thing. So thank you, but I may get right.
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Ass, it may just like Ashford Education, personal at Ashford University, your successes, their success, there's no feet pliers, standardize testing required to unroll. Do with today, gotta Ashford that Eu Slash bond genome. That's Ashford that he d you slash bond GINO Ashford that either use lash bond. You know not all programmes are available in all states are Joe. Let's go, doing there before we get to that, we have to go back quickly through the flint case. Why? Because that's what Obama's Freaking out about for those view missed it this way, Jen former President Barack Obama was on a conference call ache France line, obviously being recorded with a few of them Obama, insiders, I dont know if he does this weekly or if we just stated this week or whatever
and suspiciously the contents of said phone call with Obama right after the information about Might Flynn and the Department of Justice dropping the case appeared to leak. Is that coincidental, my hush also, who did it led to Michael Sakharov yeah. Remember, Michael, is a cough one of the journalist air quotes insiders involved in the publication of a lot of the russian hopes that yeah that and in the leaked, Audio Obama's complaining about the Flynn K saying our institutions are at risk, were in big trouble Obama's in a meltdown in freaking out. Why Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to lay out in the show Barack Obama knew he knew about the targeting of MIKE Flynn for political reasons, not the criminal ones he was charged with and he knew about the spygate scandal. The whole time on the flint.
First Joe: I'm gonna need the Devon Nunez translated he have any year. Did I do it? We go away, you ready! I ok, I admit any this I have some video here above fantastic congressmen from California, especially of the spy get issue Devon, Nunez, who appeared on We are part excellent, show on Fox, which I really enjoy this weekend and he's talking about this very specific charge that my when lied. Why am I bring this? Because this is the liberals talking point now who in July we withdrew their Please you miss that there's then when you- and this is no evidence MIKE when lied to the FBI and their meeting. Listen to the audio by Devon Nunez first and I show you why the FBI you're in a corner right now they re the lion then or there lie, and now this is interest. It's too Maria borrowed Ramos question to congressmen: newness, warehouses, hey! Do you guys information Flynn lie what about the three o to where they interviewed Flynn and they wrote
on their notes where they said he live. What about that check this out? Well, three or too is still missing Maria. So so here's what we know this report what when it was taken down after that, What was was transcribe, we have people at the highest level, the F b I come in brief us plus we have. We have other sources that also gave us the same information that the FBI agents essentially said. Look there's nothing to see here, Flynn wasn't lying and that's what we were told on the record. So we knew this. At the beginning of two thousand, seventeen so you can imagine my astonishment when it began to leak out in the press that General Flynn was being busted for four line to the FBI and that that's what the mole, our team, the dirty mullah regime, that's what they were gonna bust him on, and I told you while the highest levels that, beyond the J, I said what
What are you doing here like we have on the record from the highest level people that he'd in light of the FBI? So you know I don't care if that's what you're using a year, if you're gonna drop the charges on Flynn, son or what we're conspiracy theory. They were peddling against general Plan they had no possible way to bust him or indict him for line to the FBI, because then that means that the FBI had lied to us Ok now, so what happened? What happened is that port was a doktor, Maria and, and Report we know After because the love birds, we have the text, messages of them die during the report, but here The problem that try the original report that was that was used to brief the United States Congress that right What is missing, it's gone poof, it's out, but we can't find it ambling. I would think that I showed that something that general flinching Joe, please activated Devon, Nunez Translators, necessary initiating Nunez translator DEN see this.
Pretty pretty straightforward? Usually Devon has to to talk in code because, unlike Adam Chevy, second elite classified information, so he does so. You have the kind of translate. Therefore we have new nets translated this one's relatively straightforward, but I'll make it even simplify the f B. I told Congress, including Governess Nunes, lie. Listen to me, as I know, you're scholars are quite thick, your allergic to facts, possibly immune to them. I am not sure if you were vaccinated at an early age, but I'm gonna, question again simple question again is processes information. Please I'm humbly begging you. If MIKE Flynn lied to the FBI. Where is the evidence that might Flynn like the FBI well conquerors? so to Congress, know Congress know you're wrong. That's inaccurate! Please stop talking about That's a fallacy that is not true. They went up to Congress and testify the opposite that they didn't think flame is being deceptive body parts
Do it he since withdrawn that plea- and there is so little evidence that Flynn lied to the F B. I think about this. That this course Lee they coerced out of him by threatening the General Flynn son with prosecution they coerced play out of him. People sadly plead guilty all the time four things that aren't crimes. As your attorney general Bilbil said this weekend. The coerced plea, there was so little evidence board that, even though Flynn added lying when he didn't, because you wanted son prosecuted, even though he admitted it with airport. They still didn't go forward with the case. Please process what I'm telling you there is no evidence MIKE Flynn lie. None might Flynn a political prisoner right now until this case today, hopefully the Judge Drawer throws the Saturday Judge Self Might Flynn
as a political prisoner. He is in jail, not for a crime. There is no evidence, zero evidence of this crime. He is in a been under prosecution, and with that opening of the being jail because of his politics. That is it now. You know, there's a lot in their Nunez there's one! If, when lied to the FBI, why did the FBI testified a congress that he didn't simple question? Second, if, in the original summary of the interview where the FBI is clear, That they asked my plan about its conversation with the russian ambassador in December of twenty sixty and they said to him general. Did you discuss sanctions rush?
sanctions on Russia and what to do in response to Obama sanctions Flynn said. Did they said the F B? I asked him: did you tell them the together? ass in her, you know to stand down and flints answer was no wide and say that it wasn't. Don't do anything. Are claiming Flynn lied about that. Why is summary of the interview. Why did it disappear? Why is it God? because, ladies and gentlemen, here's the problem. The FBI is already testifying for Congress, you get lie, and I guarantee you that original three two says that at its magically disappeared we're living right now, sadly, and Justice Department, Banana Republic. I'm really getting tired of the lips. There have been talking heads cable news, you have me sick to my stomach too care where you are, what network anywhere they go. They are and they say things so grossly misinformed and stupid. You wonder how they go home and look in the mirror by Firefly.
Where is your evidence of that way? Your evidence Eli. Evidence matter. Where is your evidence. You have some Marie Harv Quota. They guilty. They withdrew the police. This plea was so. Badly supported by the evidence that even after Flynn, airports admitted it under threat of arrest research they still still did prosecute this case. Think about what I'm telling you they had a plea. Justice Department had so little evidence. The plea was true: inauthentic. They couldn't prosecute the case after the plea. Now you see why Obama is panicking Obama hated Flynn Flynn opposed he's I ran deal wasn't. I ran a Pisa Flynn spoke
out about battlefield intelligence at its weaknesses and how Obama kept saying? Yes, we white. Al Qaeda ISIS is dollar. We why better of Kate is dead GM, so I remember all that's the famous like that's not true. The battlefield tell just doesn't say that they hated Flynn Flynn became a target and the FBI. The upper level, unfortunately fell right into this and decided to make. Might Flynn Apple a prisoner byline. I'm gonna leave this segment here, either the b I was lying about. Flints lie is when they testified congress and said he wasn't lying or we're lying about Flynn lying later when they three out Do they where they wrote he didn't like where they made that disappear in an edited, the three hundred and two to make it appear. That is that he lied either way. The FBI is
X, Ray hot water right now and everybody knows it, including one Barrack H, Obama Obama knew the whole time Obama knew there is no doubt. Obama knew I was on Fox and this morning- and I address this when I say- Obama New knew what knew about this. Seclusion and targeting of might lead in the spy gay case. We know that because we now have FBI documents, the new documents that have become clear and unredeemed, did showing that in the January fifth, twenty seventeen meeting at the White House, when Obama's in his last days of office that the targeting of my when we have the Logan ACT through the dialogue on the phone call D. Listening it on spunk overcast react with June by Obama now.
I was asked this morning by a friend. What does that mean? Well, it begs the obvious question: why if Iraq Obama directly involved in the monitoring of a phone call between free. U S, citizen three star General Might Flynn and the russian ambassador will then that kind of national security interests. No, kidding numb Skull. He was the incoming national security adviser Flynn. Why he's. Bob are involved in that so much be crystal clear, because liberals are the biggest fraud. Phony requests on the entire planet, how they look in the mirror. I am dumbfounded how they live their lives, knowing Let me tell you, is alive just to be Crystal clear, without their hypocrisy, these same liberals and media not bags impeached President Trump over a few Call with the Ukrainians, where there. Drop, is legitimately concern about lodge
made allegations of corruption by a former Vice President son, who is now running for as a legitimate concern. You kid bring up, I a phone call, we're gonna repeat you over present drop and they did, but Obama in the oval office is waning days of office personally brings up a phone call. He knows about illicitly monitored, we're might flames, is unmatched in a perfectly legit phone call with the russian ambassador about National security issues. Where is he Coming national security adviser Obama, personally knows it brings up the law enforcement and the livestock care. They are colossal. Phony frauds Obama, New, let's walk, do how Obama do you forget it? Let me get to my second point. I want to run through this and you we are going to be there's. No doubt anymore. Obama none zero.
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Congressmen, newness and others have documented evidence that the FBI's lying it is not just that the FBI and informative justly and liberals and their media acolytes have zero evidence. Flynn line all none because they can produce it. It's Atto bomber knew what we point out that, by the way who continue to go on cable news and embarrassed themselves and talk about when these people who couldn't blow my friends knows there not even worth the time, might lends a patriot these people don't want to talk about. I ask you this. If there's actual, let me leave this question as I am If there's actual, let me leave this questions. I'm really upset about this. Very sorry. If there is evidence out there anywhere, that might Flynn lied to the FBI anywhere, because, the plea he withdrew successfully by the way, if there's any, out there. Why hasn't at least where the whistleblowers we ve had leaks for everything.
Leaks of classified phone call might well maybe she's a fellow a fairly whoever leak, flints call where's the evidence. Why isn't illegal where other whistleblowers? where worthy of our support on this case shouldn't have have tossed out. I have direct evidence MIKE when light years be aware, whereas why your Bianca, the agent who interviewed MIKE Flame Peter Stroke in the White House where's job here. Why Katy come forward say that Flynn lie we're stroke, wizened stroke jumping it the cameras as they ve, got nothing now a little bit of a story or less It is with these wild benefits of being on my newsletter. By the way we have to show notes the newsletter Jonah sustained go to punch. You know that consolation newsletter unsubscribe today, please because one of them, If it is, we normally give you that top news stories of the day, but we
also bring up old stories that are now new again, and I really enjoy doing that. Here's one back from twenty eight him, the Fox NEWS, remember so about Obama, knew about all this check this out. There is some gems in here in case you have, any doubt about Barack Obama's involvement in spy gate and targeting of Might flint because all the same big case, here's a Fox news can read the shone out? page reductions amid mystery text? What's the mystery tax Obama's quote quote White House, is running this now, ladies and gentlemen, no background on this text. Peter stroke investigate the FBI, is lawyer. Girlfriend at the FBI, LISA Page are deeply involved in the investigation of Donald Trump, his campaign and MIKE Flynn by default we're talking about that in exchange you'll see in this, but snippet from the Fox NEWS, peace. They text them states text to each other, while that one well best, we can
expected. Other then, and the name is rejected other than reductive quote White House is running. This stroke wrote to page on August fifth, twenty sixteen my answer. Well, maybe for you they are in a page, replied yeah whatever, regarding the White House comment, we ve got emails. That say always keep that up a second sorry. I heard a new peace in a back door that sucker backup. Therefore, among whose rejected You understand, what's going on here in August, twenty sixteen. They are talking about. Days now stroke in page the spy gay case, the targeting people the targeting of of Trump people in the Trump orbit and in all twenty. Sixteen, he tweets to lease a page. Houses running this. As I this morning on Fox. What do you think they were talking about orders a chicken party from the local Romeo's. What do you think there, talking about bake
brownies or chicken tacos, like my daughter, did last night there talking about the war The house is running this case, ladies and gentlemen. It is obvious and we know that so that back up again, when more I'm sorry? I'm really telling you further, because who, under that rejected. Other than redirected, What is under that reduction, I will guarantee, under that reduction is a name associated with this by gay case and the only reason it's rejected in the in the line prior to the White House is running. This is because it would directly directly by content implicate, Obama's role in this by gay case, and I can go back me, sir. I'm done with them or policy driven a crazy. I'm very sorry, my apologies, you gave it. I just said.
Please please, please, please tell me you get what I just said that reduction other than we can't see. What's there that reduction Is one thousand percent- probably a name involved with despite investigation, which then sets up the following sentence, the White House is running this to mean Ass is running. This is about who where's under the reduction or whatever case Persons involved, they don't want that out, She has nothing to do with national security secrets, those reductions or any the sort this has everything to do with covering up for Barack Obama. As I told you from the start, all of this is about covering up for Obama. The Hillary Clinton email investigation. What have I been telling? for three years now. The idea, surely that's not about we for our part materials. It is there covering four Hilary somebody's. We
folks, don't even like Hilary? They love Obama, though they are covering four Obama. Why because Obama knew about Hilary Z, he had to lied about it on television, say you learned about from the media how'd it go no because he added berry. He was getting personal emails from Hilary on a personal account that had to be cleared by Barack Obama. Is only insiders to get through to its blackberry. You can email Obama's Black where you have to be white listed, so he put. It worries personal email on that device, and somebody told them to do it. Obama knew this whole thing. Hilary Flynn spiky that reject Is there a way to cover for Obama? Please read that Fox NEWS, peace, its end. The show notes today gets better. You may say our idea: what, if the euro, to be fair
What if there is no one in a million chance that is about something else. The White House is running this and they're talking about it. Never a soup kitchen event, they're gonna go to its possible. Despite the chair since our one in a million, but if possible. Well, let's Use more actual evidence. Liberals. Kip due to show MIKE unless they can produce any. I can produce tons of evidence Obama knew was going on. Go to the New York Post. That interesting are We in the show notes today from twenty eighteen worth three, Here again today,. FBI agents, Tex Obama wanted Y know everything we're doing again up up up up. It gives so that's in August. This is the timber tax, so in August the White House is running this, their testing each other. While talking about the spider case and in September the
that club parties an acronym for present United States protest once you know everything we're doing Pedro too once you know everything we're doing Pedro two stroke in September of twenty sixteen, while they were talking about prepping, the be director, call me on talking point for an update. He was giving Obama. Poland wants to know everything we're doing. The White House is running this, whereas the media on this, my gosh, I cannot use the Lord's name in vain here, my gosh. Where are you? Why are you not curious about this? You been asking endlessly about this ridiculous Faye quid pro quo on trumped call with the Ukrainian, where nothing illegal or even illicit, was discussed, but you're not even remotely curious why FBI agents investigating Donald Trump and MIKE Flynn our texting each other that
houses running this in August and September. That Obama wants to know. Everything we're doing parties present. The United States, which was Obama in supply, we have twenty sixteen you're, not curious at all, not even a little bit remember we can produce evidence, something liberal talking heads still can't on might flint none. They can't do ass. You like this, they have no impact corrupt. I withdrew their. You miss that you miss that you mean the coerce, plea, this ideal that mothers prosecutor Van Grech decide deal they cut with flings all law firm. That acted horribly in this case and at the same deal. They hid from the court that coerce play. You mean our the one withdrawn with no evidence here that one see we can,
we produce evidence, unlike you, whose review facts on this show. You may say Dan, that's pretty damning. The White House is running this in August. Another tax pole Once you know everything we're doing in September believe it ladies and gentlemen, it gets worse. It always does. This is October. Another Fox news, peace again in the show notes today. These are all worth your time if I can recommend you're interested in doing what we do here, keep these all on a file, a digital file or print them. If you need, but these are calls will come up again and again and I've been using these same articles for two and three years doing the shell same series of articles because they constantly come back up again. Here's the third one, Gregory Catherine Herridge Fox NEWS, from twenty nineteen, the FBI class
the OJ over the potential bias of a source for surveillance warrant. Mackay been page text show deadlines, big data, how clear they're going to clean up the biased one of their source is probably still. That's not even the most interesting part of that there is a LISA page member strokes, girlfriend the same one involving those prior to Syria. Actually just discussed, but now she's texting Andrew Mackay, the FBI, deputy director. This is it change of communication between them? That is almost all these forgotten about this conversation about what Obama New and it should b because, in my opinion, is actually the most damage more aiming at the White House is running. This important wants to know everything you're doing YAP. Here we go October. Fourteen twenty see LISA page again rights, the endemic cape disk I'm concerning a meeting with the White House again levels. We call this evidence.
Here's, the here's where Pedro to make came just called paid says to me, came a pair. The deputy attorney General Sally AIDS now wants to be there and the White House ones. The OJ to host, so we are setting that up now We will very much need to get Cohen's view before we meet with our current is likely the deputy CIA director David going so well. We mean K, Collins view before we meet with her listen. It is better Having way and with her before the meeting we need this, we need to speak with one voice. If that is in fact the case or just to be clear on this now in October, as this Pfizer warrant to spy on the Trump team is getting approve. Despite Carter, page, and by default, the Trump did Carter page would work with the Trump being prior as a foreign policy advisor. We can go back and get emails from that time, as this is being approved. The deputy director of the FBI, He's communicating with his lead lawyer at the FBI, LISA Page who,
having a romantic relationship with the lead investigator Peter Show, texting about the white Ass is running, this imposes wants to know everything you're doing and what are they texting about going to the White House with four abroad thing with the cia- is gonna be there and the Department of Justice to end king with one voice. Why, You need one voice, pregnant pause, maybe because they were multiple voices that disagreed about Flynn, inspire gate and maybe those multiple voices
didn't say exactly with the F B. I wanted them to say a mite when he's big trouble, Trump team, there definitely colluding with the Russians. Ladies and gentlemen, the only time people worried, especially in a law enforcement capacity by speaking with one voice when they were multiple voices, saying different things. How that communication between page and the deputy director of the FBI, about speaking with one voice and a White House meeting with the with White House staff, how it is managed to escape scrutiny outside a Fox news, is to me absolutely amazing, stunning stunning. But some up where we ve been here so far ass, I haven't even touched. The new, devastating information keep a mine in all of the chaos of the last few weeks months with the one virus with MIKE Flynn. Now,
What appears to be dismissal of this fake hoax case against them? Maybe we'll forgotten one of the things it's come out. As we now have access to the transcripts of all of the spy gave witnesses that one up in front of Congress and swore under out? We have the transcripts and the train. New information is coming out by the moment. It's almost hard to keep track of how devastating this case is falling apart. You know why Obama panicking, because Obama New and his spy gay case was a hoax, the whole time and every single person knew it because they On tv and said we have evidence of russian collusion and then, when they, behind closed doors and how to raise their right hand. They said the exact opposite. Let's talk, about another angle of this story. So we know the Flynn cases a hoax. We know the white asses involving the spy gay cases hopes they need to speak with one voice, even though, apparently there are multiple. What does this whole case based on, but I say case I mean the collusion out.
Was based on? Why that the Russians have the decency and that they are they gave the information and or Didn T, hurt Hillary Clinton and helped and at the Trump team, was about that's the colored. Listen to me, that's it in a nutshell: you need a bullet why, in parentheses, there Allegations the liberal media, the FBI, I and the other hacks involved- and this at the top of the fbi- o J the CIA. Their whole case is the oceans, hacked pedestrians, emails and the Dnc Pedestrian work really released information to damage Hilary and help Trump and at the Trump team knew about it? That is their case period. Full stop a risky. The central idea of it. The key focal point of that whole case would be why that the Russians actually hack did the agency.
That the Russians actually hacked the and see the day. Oh, my gosh me about, and I can see that the media about these morons, you sit Bobby's basement in theirs. These rose thinks more. You know they get paid probable I don't. I don't know how much is probably now my child, who knows, but they get paid. You understand it's in your basement watch shows like my this, a bad guy. That's a sea. Unlike them, though we actually produce they're, getting ready, regular all excited, I'm not kidding throw down potatoes provided a conspiracy theory to show. Please media about it. I'm begging you play this clip because we ve got the evidence and it's pretty darn damning, but play this too. Maybe you can help us out with their with everyone else. Spires sponsors and obeyed always appreciate that this is what they do. Let's get me to my final sponsor first and I'm gonna walk through how the whole case for the hack is based on sand mercury. They shall finally, but
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And we'll get wisest story now, because now we the testimony so surely surely. Surely somebody especially the computer experts who analyzed it and see servers. Surely they went up in front of Congress and raise their right eggs. We ve been told that the internet, surely someone said? Yes, we have the wrecked evidence, the Russians hack at summits, let's get to the evidence here. So here we go. Let's first play this fan casting fair cast their clip by Turkey, we're going to cover to pieces, and this is a long caught, but this one this is the shortest tucker- didn't raising Java there's a couple parsons. I want you to pay attention to first, the liberals next time. In point on the whole spy gave glinting is gonna, be put the Trump Tower Meeting hold that no back your head for a moment before we get to that. Let's talk about the hack here is Tucker. And one of the finest segments I've seen on cable news in a long time. This is the beginning, I'm to cut the two parts.
This is the beginning where he addresses this specific liberal talking point that they have the email check this out. The Dnc you'll remember: never allowed federal investigators to inspect their email servers. That's odd behaviour for people who claimed to be the victims of foreign espionage instead The party servers were inspected by a third party company called crowd strike all this coming back to what the time Adam Shifts Committee interviewed the CEO of Cross Strike Sean Henry Shift. Question Henry directly. Personally, he asked if Henry knew, when the Russians had stolen the data Henry's reply, which were sing. The first time is this quote as it Late in the day and see we have indicators that data was export trade it. We did not have concrete evidence. We did not have concrete evidence. Later. Henry admitted he had only quote circumstantial evidence that the Russians were involved at all, oh really way.
Away the journal out there that do facts. You know media the serious people Jonah. Like us stupid, audio and you're? Obviously, Mulder, I don't know I'm not. I wear the Dublin remain This serious people have been telling us I'm shift and others in the media. People you're a conspiracy theories. If you don't the dead Sea and possesses Gmos racked by the Russians you're a total, not wait. Now we find out the testimonies just came out. That's why this is a story we're just seeing this just if they ve had this years it out, but now we're seeing that Nobody actually knows that had tip Eight Aaron Marty on Twitter. By the way, I think it's at Aaron J Marty, forgive me from getting robot follow him. Another terrific account up. There were techno fog, undercover Huber, Jeff I'll send Chuck Ross. Molly Hemingway. Sarah, John SOB, and the list goes on and on and on Byron York.
But these and other one error- it has some had tips she'll, be some screenshots. I had to power, but get their backwards had ever met. If anything really he's got, some creature had the air of the actual test. The body we ve just got their midst on surely the people involved in crowd Shrike definitely have evidence that the Dnc was hacked by the Russians. Let's just go to the actual evidence here, something liberals, the media, about please plainest by this car, please. I just need everyone to see a check this out. Let's go to testimony here. We can actually see it. So this is shown Henry. John Henry, a former associate, Barbara Euro I'll get through that the little while who was the lead members of the crowd strike team again, not the FBI that was analyzing. The servers crowd strength. Asking Sean Henry. Henry whose again running this operation by crowds, to make sure that Dnc was hacked by the Russians anything This is his own testimony,
Times when we can see data export trade- and we can say conclusively- but this case, this case, but this case. Let me say the more time, but case, it appears it was set up to be export trade, but we just don't have the evidence that says actually left. I'm about to slay myself in the community with this gavel- because you gotta be kidding me, I'm Even Europe because, like Need the pain to distract me from the fact that wait, what weight come again put that popular type, please, this policy part of this is the guy who, whose company crowd strike Sean Henry, a former FBI guy who's tight with Bob Mueller? Who now says they just don't? Have the evidence that said the data actually left a deity come again come back to say I. What am I missing here? Everybody's?
given the serious but not morons like me and job where this stupid people. Clearly we ve been told that's. Why am I an export by the way, Every time I write to hack the hack it legit jobs where you have acted Dnc, unlike journalist, I willingly see that they may have I'm simply suggesting you if they did. Where is the actual evidence? Family friendly, show itself, censured, F, Bob Way the evidence, John Henry doesn't have it and crowd Shrike like Well, surely the Russian GR, you officers, you know the g, you that russian unit Bob Mahler Prosecutor, do they do that now
obviously corrupt Mahler probe. Obviously, when the investigation at the bar Mahler starts, I don't know, but it should have I did yesterday if the g of the GNP up on the hill had any colonies at all, but surely The russian GR you, these intel officers that we been told, acted. The answer An extra trader got the information out with the Trump team, knowing all time Surely we have evidence that the gr you was involved Horrid Evan straight right. I mean we were talking about a in the press and over this we told the press was a trader guilty of trees and could be coordinated with the Russians and are Intel officers who attack their sis and surely the Mulder report as direct evidence of that right, we'll get hacked and let it let's just go to the Mulder report look we're. Surely we have evidence? apparently during these connections unit. Twenty six one, sixty five officers to six months
from the g. Are you up? here we re in my reading this right from the mother Footsore this year, you have just appear to have seen when thousands of emails and attachments later released. By Wikileaks and July. Twenty sixteen so so proud strike given by the FBI has looked at. The servers kind of interesting right did the f B. I want to see those, so they can get evidence not now, God we're gonna like crowd, strike and Sean Henry who used to work with Bob Mahler, we're gonna. Let them look at it. We don't need the FBI. They don't have any conclusive evidence at all that it was ex filtrate into the Russians ever pattern, but they don't have any evidence that you're willing to admit to when it's under oath.
Now you are bought Mahler Zone report where it appears that russian intelligence may be involved in this and the Ex filtration a wiki. Oh, it appears peers. Bah Mahler appears to be full of you get the rest Now you may say this case can't possibly get any worse. John Henry from crowd strike. They looked at the servers rash on end, remember old friend, the bomb, Surely they said something dried, indicating definite way that the Russians were in there, and I got the information shortly go back to the testimony from John Henry which, you see and for the first time but Adam ship is had forever and lied about, because that's what Adam Schiff does so Chris steward congressmen from you Tom, he asked
Question is shown. Henry said. You said, I believe, talking about the Dnc computer, that you at indications that data was prepared to be export trade be shipped out to the Russians right, but no evidence it actually left. Did I write that down correctly? Mr Henry? Yes, I I, I can't believe we all got taken here or not. You are listening on it, but there is about ten to fifteen percent. Democrats may be more. Maybe we shall be generous, say twenty five, I'm not kidding Zadig Joe, who were more than saying rational, probably more
they're saying rational people will never vote with us, but they're, not crazy, they're, not anti american. They just believe different things in us. That's, ok. We live in a Constitution republic, where you're, free and open to express your ideas and assemble and talk betterment petition. Your government speak about and thank God, and that is not using the Lord's name in vain, but I'm asking of speaking to them. Now you're kidding set a joke, I'm not trying to be hyperbolic or ridiculous, or to hurt your feelings raining to those same rational democrats. I know you're out there bother you at all. We were told the Russians acted the and see we're talking about impeaching president over traitor, based on a collusion hopes. We now know conclusively was Will you may not agree with it, may not like and that's fine, but you were I'm a trader based on a cold hopes we now know conclusively was a hoax and a hack, Nobody can seem to prove how it appears we may have
maybe possibly any inclusive. No, no. I died down as bother you at all. You not even the least bit curious. How there's no electronic footprint, my wife was an internet web developer, she's no dope when it comes to this, that we are talking about I he said she said you know, did threaten me over the phone. Yes, you threaten me, the guy. Did you try over the phone I did when I talk about that we're talking about a computer crime, Exe they'll traded data from the Dnc supposedly sent to the Russians. That would have Paula correct me. If I'm wrong would have led on fortunately a digital trail. It wasn't Through carrier pigeon, and yet nobody has it, nobody has those footprints. I dont, we were told this. The conspiracy theory. It says to even the sick. Judging by the way that the Russians didn't
did the achieves a conspiracy theory. Let me be clear: They may have. They may have but where's the damn evidence. Probably in the same locker whether Mr is evidence and might when lied to the FBI is which is up someone's caboose somewhere, because it doesn't exist. Will. It gets worse. You surely there's evidence in the Mulder report again that these genji. Are you intelligence officers, surely that they gave the information? Wikileaks but what the liberal media told us in its a conspiracy theory, if you believe otherwise, the Russians definitely hacked Dnc through so far, these protocols and they gave information a wiki weeks that publish did or in the Dnc departure hard Hillary Clinton and get Trump elected, so sure, They have evidence in the model report that these g are you people trend.
The Wikileaks directly right, I mean that's what they said reassurance. Two wiki these crazy right. When I know not, surely this definitely evidence in a multiple Mahler their Messiah right. Well, let's go. The actual Mahler report and, let's see for ourselves because, unlike the left, we do act. We'll investigations you molly report, page forty, seven, the office cannot rule out. The mother office cannot rule out that stolen documents were transferred to Wiki these through intermediaries who visited during the summer of twenty six in all areas just to be clear here. So now you have no evidence that the hack and the Filtration actually happen to the Russians, but my word:
John Henry. He doesn't have that evidence he's asked twice about. He doesn't have it the guy who actually looked into it for crowd shake. You know the malerba knowledge. Nobody yet again. Your evidence that the russian intelligence was involved in this transfer of the export trade they had a Biagi. Are you is only evidence that appears the beach or you don't have any actual digital trail that it just appears. That is it. Here he shot and we are fortunate allows equities. It appear. And that when you saying the Russians transfer the information, weekly least, you couldn't even find a pay trail there and you say well, they may have given it to others, and third parties may have given it to Wikipedia that's kind of him No, if that we find, out there Wikileaks and Assange we saw you runs. Wikileaks, didn't actually get the information from the Russians. Now you may say then There is an easy way to clear this up job
What is referee had pleas for a yes are you going to clear this up right yet gotta be here we are caught. Tell me if I'm crazy, the area. I know what you're thinking We are surely when an interview Julian Assange Ok, Julian, you got. Information from the russian right- that's what the liberal Mediaset. Surely they interview job right there I think we should clearly, of course, armoured cars. I get This is a double audio engineer, and I'm just got. We don't know anything, but but she still you're so dumb, and we don't understand this case. Clearly we're like. Surely they interview two sides because we're dom- and we don't understand no No, you would be wrong. Sorry, mother! Well then, sorry, there buddy there
didn't interviewers Sondra. Maybe because Assange may have something to say about where they actually got this from, like the quote: intermediaries you just heard about, and maybe those intermediaries aren't Russians that fact prayer, Terry, is an easy way to it. It s not a conspiracy theory, it is a theory and it may be wrong but because they we're so dumb and we don't get it? Isn't there just an easy way to figure that, like interview Assange now that hasn't happened? Yet I wonder I wonder why Molly sure whether he sat by the numbers guy that mother It showed her about Mahler. Now, though, is not now Mahler disgraced himself and the entire country and its an embarrassment. I don't hear another word about Mahler and what a decent guys Mahler screwed this entire country over period.
You may say well this case clearly can't get any worse Paul. Are you saying that right now, so you have no so? The hack inclusive have no evidence. The Russians gave them the information everything's just by appearance. Can it worse? I The timelines know Mary UP either gas. This gets worse. Of course it does. Let's go to real, clear investigations we buy aforementioned Aaron, my a real, clear investigations from July when eighty in the showed us that this is a lengthy one. But if you have some time it's up at the showed us is thinking about twenty minutes read. This is worth your time, Aramathie real, clear cut. Strike out mothers. Own report undercuts its core russia. Meddling claims, wear ties, boy. The timeline. Does it Mary up either? Let's go to this screen, shot from air and might these terrific peace, as the Mulder report confirms
June twelve pay attention to the dates votes on June, twelve to twenty. Sixteen Julian Assange of Wikileaks told them interviewer. We have coming leaks in relation to Hillary Clinton, which is great but mother, reports that Wiki leaks for contact with Lucifer in Dc. Leaks comes two days after the announcement. Europe's the mother poor right here in the bees it says on June Fort. Twenty six feet that DC leaks at the direct message to where he lay. So how did Julian Assange on June twelve get the information at the Mulder report acknowledges didn't come into two days later on June fourteen, I just asking for people who can do things like basic met to this same Democrats out there I'm imploring you. Ask simple questions like if Assange gave an interview we now have documented on June. Twelve
painting assigned to be any caught, a hero go to anything else, I'm simply giving you the facts. If a son gave an interview on June twelve saying we have leaks, and the Mulder Report says they didn't get those leaks until two days later, how twelve fourteen twelve fourteen for teens after twelve, let me check like Google Calendar app here. We got yes It is correct to forty days after the twelve Julian Assange, just talking about information and what Michael J Fox back to the future star today, before he gets it. Now. You know why nobody's talking Julian Assange, why I mean come on come on an scotch stand used to say my baseball coach.
When you screwed up common guy command guy, really. Why then, are talking with such because they don't want to talk to his son. Because when they talk to assign she's gonna get answers for these questions. Well, I had the infirmary June twelve, because I didn't get it from the Russians on June forty or their front accounts DC leaks of goose. I didn't get them from them. I got them from someone else. The timeline- doesn't even Mary up hello MC. Why what? What? What are you missing here? How so frustrating I can't take the stupid anymore. Sean Henry who ran this operation for crowd strike looking into the Dnc servers where they have no conclusive evidence. The data was export. Trade to the Russians their words, not mine, my short
an interesting history. There have, of course, media have started a curious about at all. But again we do real news here. So dont worry about new. We do actually do actual news. You, Go to the FBI's own website, for that is what screen shot from FBI back up press releases, Sean Henry named executive assistant, director of the criminal cyber response and services bridge names. Oh, why? Who director Robert S, mauler? The third. So Bob Mahler Cyber guy. Sean hammering leaves the FBI later goes to work for crowd strike. The FBI is not look at the servers. Daylight crowd strike. Do who have their own interesting ties to the Atlantic Council and other. Global type. Eighty rush, an organizational and they still don't have any evidence, it's in the same walk the alleged Flynn. Evidence lied to the FBI's, which is nowhere, the locker that exists
This survey brokered tax of only the liberal, media and lunatics that go on tv and continued to insist, landline and there's evidence conclusive evidence of this act may have happened. Where's the footprint where's the digital footprint. Nowhere now I've got more than the show that talker segment is three minutes and forty seven seconds long. It's one of the best segments I've ever seen. There's another talking point their starting to develop, How does this tie into the whole shall listen to me for a second, please everybody turn the volume up in here. Mia smile, a little bit right, tough times, were go into a lot right now. My time were finding out. We cannot trust their government were finding out about the virus and the economic damage is a lot of bad stuff going on, but I want you just for a moment to smile, knowing this.
That at least at least at a minimum. I don't know, what's going to happen, who's going to wind up in handcuffs or not, I'm not a law enforcement officer any, but I don't know. I cannot control that. What I can control is my show I can't control getting the truth. You when the truth comes out smile a little bit. Knowing that trust me, I'm getting from terrific sources who have my two books were big: I'm gonna leave their terrific sources, the coup plotters or in a panic Just smile a little, I thought enough investigations need to happen. I'm just tell you for a day, just smile a little bit knowing their in an absolute panic, because everything's falling apart Obama's panic about his role and spy gate. The White House is Ryan, is he's panic about his role and when he saw on record now bringing up the Flint thing in a white ass me, despite
hey plotters or freaking out. So the next talking point they ve been issued from the whole Obama Democrat Sphere through their liberal media, arises. Listen we're going to focus on this. Now we pick the collusion oaks, even though we knew there is little evidence of the hack. We knew for sure be the testimony of Clapper Susan Rice Samantha, Our all the Obama incited who had no evidence whatsoever of collusion. Not do we have their testimony testified under oath in front of commerce in collisions real and behind the cameras. Two years ago under oath said they had no evidence of collusion. Now, though, we know that their next talking point is gonna, be the evidence They are in plain sight. Never would you need to see pain? The see it's the Trump power me trust me writes me on this one. This is going to be there. Next time well we did this because down junior met with these Russians from power, and it was in plain sight, you don't believe me, listen to the second half of that Tucker statements a little longer, but it's worth your time will replace a little more
Dodge embedded in his own clip of Adam Shift going down this road in these historical segments of shit. Let's check this out Adam ship. He heard those words directly. He heard them from the one person who would know for certain she knew there was nothing substantial at the core of the russian collusion store at the very centre. Was hollow. It was a sham shift, never even suggested this in public. Instead, he did the opposite. He spent years until, vision, telling you it was totally real shut up. So this clear, and so on the issue of collusion, and this adds that body of evidence there is ample evidence of collusion in plain sight, and that is true. Have Democrats found any evidence of collusion. Yes, we have. You can see evidence in plain sight on the issue of collusion, pretty compelling evidence, and there is significant evidence of collusion. There is ample evidence, and indeed there is
of collusion of people and the Trump campaign with the Russians think there's plenty of evidence of collusion conspiracy. All of this is evidence of collusion. There is significant evidence of collusion between the campaigning Russia. In case you were counting during that Montage Adam Shift said evidence nine times ray single time. He was lying and it was fairly off. At the time. If you were following closely shift, never produce to any of the so called evidence that the Dnc server or, by the way John pressed his email were hacked by the russian government. Several times on the show we raise the question. Do we really know this? A group of entire intelligence officers, for a while peace sang. Actually, that didn't happen how we know and we brought that up and they shall we wonder enormous pressure to be quiet. You're crazy. We know that for a fact, but we didn't know for a fact Shift came on the show. We asked him how
If we do know this, he never answered our questions. Instead, he accused us of treason, look right into the Cameroon say. I know for a fact So the government of Lattimer Putin was behind the hacks of John Vanessa. Similarly, the government of Lattimer Putin was behind the hacks of our institution and the double given on pet S does not only in the event that at eighty now, but also in Europe, your daughter, talker, look in saying I know they did jump has, as you know, and I think that IRAN already rolling around a ring, roaring you're carrying water for the Kremlin. Hearing. Whatever this amendment, would you look you're sitting lag recently into, and you can't say hawk tag is gonna you're gonna have to move your shoulder to our team, russian television, you catch it nearer to gems in their number one. The talking point about its employees so we do need the sea it behind the cameras where people are testifying throve. Why? Because it wasn't there, its trump tower mean when we get that a second, but quickly on this one
She really says the M Tucker nail. Years ago. The Russians no question period full stop. No further comment needs to be stated. The Russians have definitely been hacking into our systems: infrastructure, intelligence operations in the United States. For decades they are not our friends. They can't stand that. That's a fact is: that's not even debatable no serious person to it. Noticed that when Tucker asks him, can you say on camera because he knew way back then Tucker, like many of us, suspected that don't have any evidence at all. The Russians hack John Pedestrians emails, Hillary Clinton considerably airy. He asked Can you say in the camera, you have definitive evidence that the Russians act, but this is: U Majority set aside what he said. I have definitive evidence that the Russians act. Our institute you nobody to that I will call you what did you say: you're carrying water for the Kremlin shift because he doesn't have anything else, because you,
lying fool? He is garbage. He is the garbage people. We ve been told me no garbage people that is shift, I'm not sanitation workers, their great we'd, be lost without I'm talking about garbage people there. Sanitation people should take out. Put him in the garbage can and put him in the truck. These are the garbage, human garbage, they have lied you for years, shifted resign, talkers correct. He should he should resign. He should have some dignity and leave office. All the damage is done, but that church tower meeting. Why my bread trumped, I remember that meeting the their meeting in twenty sixteen Don Junior meets with the with their renown. I mention and I ve Natalia vessel that sky a russian lawyer. You may say my gosh sets early evidence irrational. You never want to set illegal to meet with Russians and all, but remember, vest, the sky. The lawyer Don Junior Paul metaphor, Jared cushion me with you're the one that was where
for fusion GPS hired by Hilary, so I'm just cure. Think of meeting with those Russians is bad and potentially criminal, hiring them isn't a puzzle ways escapes the media folks, by the way he met with Russian, yet Russians working with a team higher by Henry, so you can hire them, but don't talk to them. Add little confusing working with a team higher by Henry can hire them, but don't talk to them. Add little confusing now now only confusing manoeuvred idiot, which fits the unfortunate stamped on the heads most of our media folks, but about dad meeting clearly at their tromp power meeting. Where collusion was in plain sight. There's definitely been evidence has surfaced by the translator with that the media so sure enough. I we say his name wrong, but at a totally majority. Who was there at the media? He was russian translator between the Russians. It thou Junior, a guy admittedly, can't stand down, Junior doesn't like em,
surely surely some evidence has surfaced over the past two years, because the interviewed him two and a half years ago had Tipp under Cover Huber. They interviewed him too if you will. Surely the translator at that meeting is indicated that there was definitely definitely some collusion. That went on Let's go to the evidence. John Solomon has some transcripts years, John Sound and just the news that come from a pc, a little while ago, Mothershead net the translator, exonerated Don Junior and transparent Paula. My reading that wrong headline dollars hidden evidence, translator, exonerated dodge. You know now. Clearly, that's that's a typo exonerated Don Junior transparently in This meeting did not focus on Clinton Durban on magnets, yet, which is what Don Junior said the whole time. I'm really had clearly in the body, the peace, the translator, who the F b I spoke to two years ago, and we just these transcripts recently clear
The translator said something different so from John Samas Peace, despite learning the translators information on July, twelve, twenty seventeen, just a few days after the media reported on the Trump trumped meeting, the FBI actually suggested Don Junior was lying at the event could be seminal. The russian election collusion shift learned about these two years ago to so much thus eyewitness accounts entirely debunks the media's there. They knew about this too years ago and the F B, I put it in a memo here. You have been memo some of If the translator at the down junior tell me, which is gonna, be there new talking point? That's their clear evidence was not particularly. On down Junior but stated Dodge there's, a cat with vessel nets guy as portrayed meets, media reports was accurate accordingly, Ps3 or to the interview with the translator saw mature enough. Concur. Withdraw juniors accounts of the meeting added, they were telling the truth.
So, when you silly left his friends immune to facts, trot out the patrol power mating, that's ever so the collusion really because the transit or at the media, who doesn't even like down junior. You know the meeting with the with the vessel that sky a russian lawyer working for the company paid by others, you can pay them, but you can't talk and that's interesting, that translated at me you, as even like dodgy. You said they dont. You news account of the meeting was in fact accurate, and they knew this two years ago, despite them saying the whole time. There's evidence out there, it's everywhere, there's no evidence. They made this whole thing I've got more tomorrow, including I was going to get through today, but Tom Cotton made an appearance on Maria Bartiromo this weekend about the Wuhan virus. It's pretty stunning, I'm a little short on time today, and it deserves some attention when I get to that, I'm going to get to some media madness do either going to have to do a whole lot of backtracking, a retraction.
It's really devastate thanks for tuning in, please subscribed to my show. It is free, but Paula puts a lot of work, video show, as do I drew and Joe is wont to the production, and we really appreciate, if you watch to show to it youtube- dotcom slashed by GINO. If you gotta apps, if you have Comcast, the cable providers Youtube app is right there you can She watch our show on your television. That's right hit the menu. Non Euro moat you'll see it says: apps go up, Youtube and you can watch the show on New tv go to Youtube, Accomplish Mancino subscribe for free. We really appreciate they sought see you just heard TAN Gino. She followed, then, on twitter, twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.
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