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Of Course It Was a Setup # 933 (Ep 933)

2019-03-11 | 🔗
In this episode I address the deeply troubling connections between the Democrats’ latest Russiagate target, the Clintons, and Barack Obama. I also discuss the inevitable Democrat implosion as they rush to the far left. News Picks: Voting for illegal immigrants is the next step for the radical Democrats.   CNN gets served with a massive lawsuit.   Dark money is funding the anti-Trump conspiracy theory network.   Trump reveals his proposed 2020 federal budget.   Erik Prince acknowledges that he attended the Trump Tower meeting. So what!   Paul Manafort has connections to Ukraine, but he was not a Russian agent.   Joe Biden’s shady family connections are coming back to haunt him.   Security expert is concerned about flying on April 6th because of GPS issues.    The University of Wisconsin sticks it to the social justice warriors.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host in bonn jean i want him their thereby gino shall produce ajar you today happy monday do daniel due to be here and there are happy mother you to show how to by sea weekend for those that means that our just explaining to joe before the show you know i'm an open book my entire life to you all scars and all the jews and all good bad ugly and indifferent so this week you wanna weakens i try to chill out a little bit like the rest of us spend some time my family i usually i saturday i do that saturday morning appearance on fire in france and in saturday i don't judge any bit sundays using my day off so i did that opportunities weekend because you know the left there are silly sick arrange people so they figured david pack me over the weekend as some of you may have noticed this but apparently i appeared in a photo with the lady who own the joe air quality
my parlors running you down here in florida so yet the left thought it was a good idea if she's apparent some kind of a republic in donor she's happy photos with just about everybody in florida politics so events supporting run dissent is forgotten she must have taken a selfie with me of course i don't remember the piss you have no idea who this lady is idle i don't know if she's the owner of this place any more i don't even know i never met this lady my life which is yes you know or else i'd be a little too shy taking those kind of photos but the whole weekend i was dealing with that so i didn't get to relax at all so paul and i decided i sent a polar either i like i don't know i should talk about this or knock this kind of boring the damned biology appears in a photo i'm really have an angle lot of even stories about me so policy here's the angle after you so interesting now that we have somewhat of a public profile that huge but enough that people recognizes pretty often go in our policy
to institute a background check policy for all photos of everyone who asked for of course i'm kidding folks i do not this pretentious but this is what the left wants you to do because member joe the fact that obama appeared photo but louis america known anti semite who calls jews termites ended three click bids at a picture fixing the lapels of harvey wines dean you know harvey wide siena hollywood infamy now not a that matters a pair if you're in a photo with someone who asked you for itself a yard or it's possible for their entire lit b of behaviour for the rest of their lives so a couple of points all that will be instituting a full resume background check policy if europe as the selfie in public now please have your resume your social and your mother's may name ready paul one of those little square things we're gonna be running credit cards because it costs money to process your name this may take twenty five minutes but work
it is an instant fact find their kind of it and if you have any criminal history at all or theirs a bit of negative google story about you i'm sorry but we can't take devote up bout dat paul gotta do it there's gotta be that of course i'm being ridiculous and stupid because this is what the left is about but secondly i urge you don't have a problem with this job because don't get out a lot so although i've have we taken conservatively close to five thousand photo joy my kidding you been with me and said i am not against i say this with no heir of pretension i'm not trying to sound like captain know it all i've just show state the obvious that if you have any kind of a public profile at all people don't ask for aggress anywhere they asked for you're gonna take pictures with people i had a conversation with a pretty prominent media guy on the can there were decided shall remain nameless we get and he's like hell i'm at pictures with all kinds rather know who had he these people are but i dont have an issue with this folks this is actually i'm ok because we have the devil
crap primary season come up twenty twenty joe and this could be great as you know comma horrors bernie sanders elizabeth warren all of these left wing radicals ready for are gonna take pictures with some real cycles she's so am i we call this we're now risk example for every photo we take ok let's roll with this do i want my my arm followers out their and our listeners why deeply appreciate i love to death to track on twitter photos of every single person out of appears in these pictures with these them can this when i get a stock anybody but if anyone you know has done something negative and has it bears a any kind of a criminal background those kids rates are responsible for taking that photo there we go area four rick wilson by the way and charlie sites the never tromp lunatics you promoted this stuff a tune for some early age this thing wreck wilson step
charlie sites will you know where you can read the daily coasts piece about charlie sites and is three with the casting couch at his last job he got left el from wisconsin no never chopper that you can just check that out in iran but rick will the gas they too and for that some i'm rick surprise is best stay quiet oh just a little shush o day to folks coming soon intentionally all right today show i got a lot to get to today including explosive new information about something aren't you about i don't i'll six to go inside joke eric prince i knew i presume that they do not go anywhere i today show party by bodies a teacher i love tee i d compressing on a teetered version tables one of the best things i could do for myself i do it before the show after the show after work as it helps you my arthritis helps meal i gave my spine i've had back prob my entire life
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well here's the far left money dark money has been funding these anti tribe collusion hoax conspiracy theories from day one thou folks before i get the era prince i warned you about this on friday during last week show and during a number of shows the week before when i was in vietnam as well real scandal here is simply the collusion hoax based on the dossier ok what start to come out now is a deeper connection through that daily collar story a deeper connection between russians connected to putin and prominent endemic that's a democrat donors now to you last week s what could possibly be worse devon nunez keeps hinting report again who knows all the facts in this case keeps hinting scandal worse than the dossier and joe as we said last week in a week before what could possibly be worse than using fake information to spy on people and a bicycle what could it be well
it could be is fake russian information that is intentional this information right now ladies and gentlemen before i jumped the this prince thing i want you to make this connection here soros money is funding a group by a former staffer diane einstein on the democrats i'd she's a senator whose it's on the senate intel committee this stuff four dan jones husband reaching out to wait another senator on that committee more warner another democrat debts dan jones is working with a guy named adam waldman guy adam waldman is also working on behalf russian oligarchy deeply connected to putin all like darrow pasco who the fbi had a relationship with ladies and gentlemen i'm asking the question here what is a problem
democrats therefore being funded by soros money and other far left billionaire money you can read the report yourself what is he doing deal with a lawyer whose client always working on behalf of is a prominent russian connected to putin ladies and gentlemen is there an active dis information campaign from the actions flowing through democrats staffers in the media to pay donald there is a russian collude again what's worse than fake dossier information a hoax intention russian intelligence this in putting this information to our american media to propaganda is people i've been telling you for months now this is it's worse than fake information active this information from russians this is an employee story newness as a matter of fact quote devon newness this isn't it the story knew that
who he knows this nunez understands this whole saga he's a republican who has been looking into this from the house for months he is in the classified documents what is worse than information fake information from russians that's intended to disrupt them being shuttled potentially through democrats staffers working now on behalf of far left dark money big story the second story and this is critical i warned you about this one what did i tell you twelve months ago months ago it maybe a year ago i don't know i lose track of time here you were gonna hear the name eric prince come up often so is shifting for a second we got you before is that russia in this information i believe may be being shuttled through demo
at operatives funded by far left money who are connected to set it staffers on the entire committee investigating donald trump the second part of this i've do you for a while now that this was a set up that all of the contacts between the trump team and people connected to the russians have deeper more profound context to the democrats in the clinton space so if you're allegations are their contacts with russians are malignant malicious and potentially criminal by donald trump why are we not investigating those very same rush in contacts with the clinton orbit eric prince is the key to all of us not all of it i don't wanna be hyperbolic eric princess bet divorce cabinet secretary education secretary the trump administrations brother he was the former head of black water he found a black water eric prince was in a depressed junket this weekend and adoring
press junket he admitted he was in a twenty sixteen tromp tower meeting where he met with trump campaign officials their story is up the hill folks but if you want to see these headlines where bob paula puts upon the screen she can follow along at home are you can do the audio of course i'll explain if we but our youtube calm slash bond gino our youtube china we have the video the show now the full show up and policy kind put these headlines and snippets up on the screen where you can follow and home maybe a little more easily i dont care however you listen it's up to you i'm just trying to make it easier for you that's why we have a video on youtube dot com let's find but reporting that while contrast eric princes prior statements that he really was involved with the campaign he attend at this meeting and twenty sixteen a trump tower between these between these officials for connected to middle eastern governments and one to help out the trump campaign so this is
being portrayed as a bomb shall now i warned you months ago princes name was going to resurface why because i believe ladies and gentlemen eric prints were set up to now when you'd all you have to do is research the facts here and it's obvious i want to go to a cut us snipping from this hill peace right inside they help ease sure the author knows which he has here but she has something you may be naive to its so i'll explain this is from the help he's new york reported last year that principle there's a twenty sixty meeting a trump tower then included dont junior lebanese american businessman george nator during that meeting native report we said the usa in saudi arabia wanted to aid trump in his bed for the white house fascinating george nato i forget polypus up undisguised after looked down ice take screenshots of everything to make it easy for myself but there now it's up on a screen it can we from their saw the meeting was set up by this guy
georgia nadir major set up another meeting to between eric prince and people connected to foreign governments but who is george nadir george major is this connected business man whose our being represented by who the obama white house fixer you know that joe scandalous whether carry washington the woman in the shows the fixer obama had a fixture too but it wasn't carry washington it was after an ramblers whitehouse lawyer she was the fix it i'm benghazi she was the fixer on the secret service scandal she was the fix or on the irs scandal of google and catherine rumbler i'm a fix or you'll see a litany of articles i come up with hard you being give being granted that title unofficially of course she was the fixer
ladies and gentlemen obama's fixer his lawyer is george nato's attorney of we attorneys in all the world is more even string theory and multiple universes of all the attorneys everywhere this is the one attorney whose representing a guy who setting up these meetings between foreign governments and a trump deep you know said eddie remotely suspicious year this rarely if ever reported on as a problem story of all the lawyers in all all the world obama's frick fixer is the one representing the guy who keeps setting up these suspicious meetings between foreign governments and the trump team and when i say suspicious i dont mean illegal i mean capricious because the media keep saying there suspicious but never investigates the end game at all that well made or set these up and nato's being represented by obama people while he's
operating with mother well who old maid or to set these ratings up everybody asking this question is eddie even remotely curious now there's another meeting he set up to keep her my meeting number one which george nadir being represented by obama's lawyer his fixer right he said up a meeting at trump tower where prince it i told you prince was gonna name was gonna come up again because i believe prince was set up to you she wrote i would just show i believe that that obama connected people say these meetings up to force you're a narrative the tromp was colluding with foreign part that was it that's the only purpose of these meetings but ass they allege anything criminal was agreed folks listen how or untoward and lack some scruple some of these meetings may or may not have been
there's no allegation that foreign governments actual incredible and i took it together we have concluded no collusion there is no tangible evidence at all bob mothers surfers there's nothing the house investigators surface sent investigators have concluded no collusion there is no tangible evidence at all that any government has because he assisted the trump campaign page can we agree on that yes we can do that is now thank you that is not out there anywhere nobody has found that at all we have is insinuations that people connected to foreign governments like major and others have showed up and foreign governments have expressed an interest in helping to trump campaign of which there is no allegation credible anywhere that the trump campaign took any of this help at all jos running for president a guy shows up at the meeting and says hey the of ireland wants to help job be elected president and joe does nothing about it where does gentleman there's no prime there's no nothing its debts and that's a nun
story that's a complete non entity but the fact that the united kingdom fed the obama administration we know this is reported by cnn and others the kingdom and other five as partners and other intelligence partners share negative in tell about the trump campaign with the obama team with that actual collusion with the states governments nobody's interested mad at all i didn't want to get track because i want to focus on major nato that's up this meeting this meeting wines that make it into the ones that make it into the other held newspaper or the hills online outlet and its again all evidence look there's something nefarious the saudis and they united emirate arab emirates members wanted to help trump get elected keep in mind also folk susan rice farmers national security adviser use the united arab emirates meeting with the trump campaign and trump team as
predicate reason to unmask them to unmask members of the tribe team you ve used i can what i'm putting down a ghost at this meeting with the trump team say these governments want to help we're going to trump of colluding later and by the way once you set up the maybe we're going to use these meetings as a reason to unmask the trumpet folks its path the obvious what's going on here now he set up another meeting i don't get lost this is important when i say he i'm talkin about nato represented obama's lawyer mayor sets up a meeting with eric prince again who servers again in the seychelles with two people from the rest direct investment fund now this is it from salon dot com a far left radical website that did a rope for a while ago on dark flowing around the world the panama papers and some shady influence of the clinton foundation this is from salon that cop keep it might know
i can tell you here by the way although this is some right wing nonsense this is from a leaning website let me give you some background eu neighbours stop this meeting in the seychelles with eric prince and invite stirs from this russian direct investment fund run by a guy career dimitrios so a so represents a guy that sets up these two suspicious meetings here from salon dot com talking about the guys the russian direct investment fund and its connection to the collective team he they say moreover bill clinton has garnered in numerous speak as guarded enormous fees for speeches in saudi arabia why convenient job just saying they help please that you can make there was expressing an interesting saudi arabia's help helping has garnered enormous fees for speeches in saudi arabia investigative reporter michael isaf points out including
six hundred k for two talks while hillary clinton was secretary of state usually gets juicy this is where the real spice comes in and is report on the cliff machines ties to saudi arabia is a i also note that too i lobbyists butlers this is great richard celebrated davy jones are prey suppose it affirm that until last year represented russia direct investment fund a well wealth one founded by putin way he was prime minister in that spectacular spectacular so let's just walked through this year let's get deleted front a lebanese connected business man whose now being represented by literally obama's fixer set up two meetings with the trump team we're out
allegations of foreigners trying to help the trump team have if this is evidence the prosecute trump problem is the foreigners in a foreign governments that alone we were trying to help the trump team have spent enormous amounts of money funding bill clinton speeches and the same guy nator who sets up this second meeting in the seychelles sets it up with dmitri who runs at investment fund that was but was backed being ripped bite big clinton lobbyists bunglers words ladies and gentlemen the mueller allegations that donald trump what'd i tell you they were going to switch to middle east collusion soon and they were going to use eric prince we only i do this a year ago now the peace poor princess meeting with are connected to obama and clinton
these foreign governments backed clinton paid a massive amounts of money no seems to care about this it is amazing what they are getting away with you now what's your report about the clinton saudi ties no one wants to report about the clinton bunglers ties to the russian defect direct investment fund a monster reported nato the guy who set in this stuff up that name as extensive connections to democratic politicians no one wants port that matters being represented by obama's lawyer or i want to report on is it the trumpet had meetings with some people who allegedly exe breast interest in helping trump get reelected that the trump team never took him up on nobody to talk about the actual collusion what we're clinton
lobbyists and butlers doing representing an investment fund i started by but a putin what what clinton lobbyist bottlers doing with investment fund that met with this guy eric prince in a meeting set up by obama's fixer you still this wasn't a set up can you waiting to me with a straight face how this is not even remotely suspicious what is dan jones democrats stand working for feinstein doing working with a lobbyist lawyer who is also working with a russian directly connected to putin folks big scandal here has nothing to do with donald trump the big scheme though here has everything to do with the clinton's their ties to saudi arabia their ties
far and money in the clinton foundation their ties to the russian direct investment fund and how all of the people who seem to meet with donald trump are intimately connected to the clinton obama orbit they're the ones pushing these people into this nonsense about foreign collusion not too many the trunk tower meeting which we ve only addressed a thousand times where the people that show up all have connections to the collected the translator had worked in the state department with hillary clinton renard imagine that russian intel connected guy shows up for the meeting a trump tower down due to this a separate meeting as ex as also express publicly that he knows people in the clinton orbit that he's connect into their staff the russian lawyer that shows up is already working for the company hired by mrs clinton few gps that's also taking money from far left activists folks when it's a public going to wake up
ty this the friday show which went crazy on youtube by the way thank you very much i guess all the time since now for helping go back and why friday show and our youtube channel i think you'll appreciate differently when it when i die together that that civil war data that now civil war broke out another we could july and twenty seventeen and i put a bullet your tie that today show in yours i'm talking about my making this up folks these people were set up these people who are involved in these meetings would trump folks are connected to the clinton people are ice frustrating our medium i wanted to even basic homeworkers by the way folks them there is a challenge anything i have to say is nato or not being represented or was it being represented by obama's white s lawyer dare you to challenge me on that i dare you is that salon dot com report on
on the meetings nadir set up with prince and these this russian are those russians not connected to clinton lobbyist butlers are they is that salon report wrong they could deny take money from saudi after obama's lawyers client sets up a meeting a trump tower where their alleging the saudis and want to help trump did whose advice not already admit she on masking people do to our trumps meetings with the suspicious meetings with the united arab emirates challenge me on i dare you you on this i make it go away today show also brought you by bodies equip quips would listen i'm gonna peer pressure teeth your mouth so important to me seen stories on this over and over you know brush your t keep your teeth healthy that stuff can lead to kinds of problems down the road a healthy mouth is the key to a healthy life equip what it's like a power washing
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the show notes today paula put it up in the youtube screen there you can just click on the subscribe button and we will send you these articles every day from our era website i try to get the best ones so mccarthy points out an interesting piece of interesting component his piece you that man afford who was convicted were sentenced she made a forty seven months in prison last week for former campaign manager for some four hundred days show that still too stay against highlighting we ve been talking about beginning to show has not produced a single scintilla of evidence of actual collusion with the russians or actual collusion with any foreign government for that matter the trump team but now and the end mccarthy who is a very sober analyse does not carry water for anyone points out that its clear from these allegations that mahler probably had some shady business dealings which is already pledged guilty to so this i'm not too and then comment i have no reason to defend poor matter for i do have a reason though to defend donald trump except believe he's done absolutely nothing wrong but he does point out the
is that a lot of what he's charged with has nothing to do with collusion but does have a lot to do with his connection to the ukrainian government now focus port you understand why the obama administration in the clinton's had an interest in manner from the very beginning because as i saw a couple my twitter are starting to catch up on that i don't want to be some say that the runway because it's him i'm trying to take credit for this lot of people have done great work i hope i may be crystal clear to all the twitter people out there you know who you are who are doing fantastic the list goes on and on your jeff karlsson out their chalk raw caesar everybody i am not in any way take credit for but i got for source of mine a long time ago and we ve been promoting from other back to this entire case was a movie script already written yeah the movie script it was written in that two thousand and seven wall street journal article by glenn simpson with his wife and in that movie script the italian the bad guy
the kaiser so say manner for paul manifest movie scrip we're paul metaphors the bad guy was simply used in the dossier he is the central figure in the dossier and the entire anti trumped conspiracy because the movie was already written it was basically just place the names of disinformation on demand but which stating its despite all the investigations by mahler glenn simpson all these other people had information for all they managed to our job as mccarthy right is it if work what was an unregistered agent of the government of ukraine he function as an agent of viktor yanukovych ukraine's prime minister from twenty two to twenty fourteen and of two political parties are you of regions and its successor the opposition block mccarthy points out and a was not in unregistered agent of russia mother never alleged metaphor was a kind of clandestine operative the kremlin he worked for ukraine not putin indeed for much of the time in ukraine he pushed his clients interests against putin's interests
defending metaphor i'm simply making this case folks because again as we were to tie these together as telling you before about eric prince everybody ignoring the obama team connections to the guy who sets up these meetings with prince this and look eric prince connected to his history and a trump cabinet this is evidence of collusion it's that evidence of aids evidence of a set up a very prince and how ignoring on the other side the connection your obama team and the connect between these russians their investment funding clinton bombers and saudi money go to the quantity ignore that the clinton stuff in the damn stop and they focus on the mirage trumps stuff the same happening here a metaphor they focus on his work for ukrainian viktor yanukovych head of state for a while but ignore georgia's ma am according points out is peace to other points that most people joe people connected to the bobby sphere people who work
the obama administration were connected to it we are also working for a ukrainian ho this term your shirt girl who was an opponent of unique ravage someone because there's three the process is now your brought prosecuting this usually metaphor for connect instead the ukrainian government and not registering but where we seen any clipping people go to jail be sends to forty seven months for working for up to me i shall go even better i didn't connected people were in the ukraine working for you shall go always it never ukrainian power broker hu the russians attempted to off at one point by the way
are the charges against them for being unregistered foreign agents yeah exactly a little static there you're not gonna find anything you're not gonna find anything because they are not prosecuting the democrats i've told you from the start the hope intention mahler probe is to keep the heat me attention on donald trump perfect she's connections to foreign governments for man afford and ten money from ukraine while ignoring the exact same connections or the that's a money trail on the democrats side but others bothers anybody in the media they ve completely ignored this folks you have to understand ukraine was was magnetic financial money paul for people in the political space to ever see them
movie joe i'm i'm not sure if you did i think sandra bullock was a yes she was she plays a political consulted connected to our american politics she goes down to south america too are based we run a campaign for a south american later on became a terrible its neighbour the movie speech kind a hazy yeah yeah yeah so did the movies semi decent its partially based on a true story but folks nothing unusual i'm not saying nothing untoward saying this nothing unusual about american political consultants going to foreign governments try to polish up the image of people running in some of these people are very shady and some of them and you they were very shovel daddy i'm simply just did you forget a prosecuting criminally now as we have done with man where are the obama people are they not going to go jail for their backing of timmy shaker what about clinton's people for backing you shall go i'm just
asking a question i still nice let's get to the news to i get along news of monday's are always patches edra so my wife and our job up to my mother in law to drop off my little daughter who loves gonna grandma s house so much and i i can try because my hour by my arm day job medical malady update check it out you ll get out my although the mandates that look bad day it's it's it's not my arm is shaved right here in our body i beg of you see that abandoned their looks regularly assuming you're very nose getting better but i still can't drive far i can go locally but i can't drive very first time so i was driving to my wife's again let's get the show ready for tomorrow monday is we stacks who have started on sunday you she's get up early to meet these are weakest my wife crazier said that are all these cuts
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rebuke johann omar for her obviously anti semitic comments and how omar now represent of johan omar from minnesota is our turning on obama himself who is basically claimed that obama's hope and change was a mirage was basically a big fake analysis fascinated job this is a radical far left democrat johan omar radical who is now turning on obama himself who is unquestionably an icon on the left and left think he's the greatest president since abraham lincoln so this was fascinating but i was gonna get to go a little bit because i want to put something out there and i want to give you a couple news stories showing that what i'm telling you absolutely correct ladies and gentlemen there are two i observe revolutions you have the american revolution bedrock and bigger god given rights and individual liberty the idea that the sole purpose of a constitution is to limit the power of government over men too to lay out a document of negative liberties for the government but the government can do to you on they can
infringe on your religion your right to bear arms right to assemble a petition the government these are these are revolutions bedrock in the idea that we are granted anyhow the rights by god that you are born free and governments rose to preserve that freedom and that the powers we give to government could be relegated to areas of mass consensus the idea that we should find the military to protect those freedoms and protect their country that govern should never be empowered to diminish the individual liberty space now when you look at other revolution revolutions based in state power that have gone awry whether as the french revolution of the example from history are myriad they're all over the place there's just a cornucopia of of of dastardly state power revolutions all over them every sphere the world when you revolutions not based in individual liberty freedom of really
freedom of speech freedom to assemble that these are god given rights not government given rise and when you look at revenue i try to empower government all of revolutions always themselves alive ladies and gentlemen they are always cannibalistic because if the goal of your revolution is to empower the state and not empower the individual there is no end game job if i if i confuse you hear stommick is a very important point i want you to understand because it will explain for me sixty five thousand foot view here why what's happening right now within the democrat party this revolution is destined to implode not exploit imploded collapse on itself when you bedrock your revolution like our american revolution was in the
idea that power resides within the event individual grant that you buy god that power is freedom there is an emergency brake on what you can do there's a natural rate limiting effect of what you going to do you fight to free people so people free from the restraints of government that is the goal there's an end game to be reached when you're free you're free you can't be more free dental work show if you read it free to speak free to petition free to assemble and free to practise their religion or you're not you know what i'm saying go your vision and heard easy boy you're free babies joseph there's a finish line right we are free we free ourselves from the yoke of of of of of the king we were now a free country bout i'm not suggest freedom doesn't have to be maintained this jefferson and and others have said repeatedly you know that liberty ass to be has to be watered down is a goal to be reached and that goal
can be reached and when its reached your there now you just maintain it state our revolutions what's happening now and the democratic party which with this far left lurch towards socialism and other things is now finish line joe first let's tax people at seventy percent then it becomes how about seventy five then in a race to out radical each other because remember it's instead if state powers a good thing more state our joe is a better thing so that seventy five percent tax rates about ninety percent i got an idea bernie and how about ninety one then can they die ex comes over about ninety six ninety six point five then it goes well a hundred percent value may say of course you reach the finish line all know you haven't now i've got it
not destroy that we don't only confiscate everything everybody's worth all the time how about if they don't work because i don't wanna work anymore because it governs confiscating their step how about we send them jack booted thugs it just to steal their stuff and make them more while one if they don't why work i gotta get how its torture run into work no i got an idea that's just what what's kill them if they don't work man dead this is hyper about really is it the gray famine and mao's china style gulags towards we're going out in north korea in prison camps a political prisoner gives right now this isn't happening ro in venezuela sending its thugs villages to beat up people that support one wider telling me this isn't happening have you ignored is did you miss the guillotine and friends of what their heads that's not a job that happened people like actually lost their heads such as the cap griffin donald trump big this
actually happen because there no fritters swine instead he power revolutions let's take their money then i want to give their money well it's you steal it ok why won't you steal a moment steel or homes do valid stealer food ok are not farming any more than i want to work as we have to wait we stole their stuff just beat them the death scare everyone will they don't like we know that rome and present just it all started on a country horns it's up millions of people not figurative literally have died due to state power revolutions now you may be saying gas this is a long way from where you started we deal han omar and i'll come about obama no no it's not
folks this is the first step down this path to a state power revolution where people like obama job would you say obama was a moderate serious question comparison some of them are there now made her think right now but i know there enough that's actually an excellent point here now not let's put forget relativity for a minute of my mean on his objective policies obamacare taxation would you say any of that was moderate no no you're right you make an excellent point of us inadvertently than compared to what we see now yes obama looks like a moderate method i radically joe bernie sanders twenty six presidential campaign looks moderate but you understand the point on china major or how will you race towards the end in a state power revolution there is no end that it becomes and was so king of new more radical ways to empower the gamin you don't let's do met
care for all knowledge ban private insurance alleged sphere we assets are private health insurance company knowledge puppy on prison who dared or by private opposite this these will this will go on and on an eat itself alive ladies and gentlemen this why constantly focus on exemplary cortez alex you're cortez represent omar bernie sanders and others i ignore it because we you highlighted you show how this is destined destined to annabelle eyes itself in its own as these people race past each other to wrote a do try sign up and subscribe to more radical and radical ideas because there is no limit to the depravity of the eye yes you can institute if you believe state power is your end game there's two things i want to point out the news that the omar story was just the beginning has even the new star i want to highlight so omar attack
no a pretty sure you gotta see ok cortez attacking omar radical enough what are you crazy you're going to sanders attacking court does it folks this thing both apps on itself it will eat itself alive the story focus on is joe even ten years ago the idea of illegal immigration being accepted his main stream in the united states with bizarre twenty years ago a dead democrats were actively bill clinton included think about how we are to prevent the illegal immigrants from working in the united states others illegal immigration process to facilitate immigration come here you gotta come here legally ladys germany was accepted as a mainstream position was almost ridiculous and absurd to think otherwise i would say otherwise that people come here illegally get the same benefits what's the point of an immigration system folks that ray
that state power revolution that i told you about where people leap frog each other to get more and more pure in theirs a power revolution right is eating right now i have a story up upon gino dot com which will be in the show notes today about the republicans bring in an addendum to a house bill joe that basically condemn illegal immigrants voting in u s elections and almost every single democrat with the exception of a few almost every democrats voted against it about this ladies and gentlemen talk about a leap frog state in a sick bizarre ideological revolution that is destined to end very badly for the democrats it will not even condemn illegal immigrants voting in u s elections think about this where is this logically rashly for a moment u s citizens are are the are not the only ones alive if any one in the country
whatever reason legally or illegally is allowed to vote ladies and gentlemen i thought we were concerned about foreign collusion all you see what i did there you see out here what kind of ties together showing that we're getting you're worried about meetings between a guy connected to a cabinet official in the trunk team and foreigners did the clinton but you're not at all worried about foreign governments literally having the power to vote narrow lectures involve people in office it serve their interests not ours exactly what you're saying please explain to me how if people in it country illegally are allowed new s election what would stop me massive influx of people from foreign governments looking to destroy the united states from and then people in to select districts across the country to vote for candidates that back the far government not the united states anyone i'm open that please explain to me how you are going to stop that if you don't stop
illegals from voting at our elections it matter fact though it you won't even condemn it in other words you condone you dont condemn it again state power revolution shall set up your pa opponents use police state spying there's no stop there's no limit there is no limit to your depravity you believe in state power the individual means nothing from each according their abilities to each according to their needs line of alleged abc allegedly could you never quite tell these quarter but allegedly attributed prominent there obviously there you know what is it one death is a horror a hundred million deaths is a statistic or something you don't know there was a young and your family mean something where you wipe out a hundred billion people for social is not a word about the lift left just ignore it socialism is fascism and worse anyway
who prescribes that this deadly dangerous active ideology you pay at socialist label to them from now to the end their political careers so first i would get mozilla johan omar attacking obama you're gonna see more this ideological purity should our purity illegals now voting they won't even condemn it meaning they condone next story is just fascinating because this guy is a complete utter psychopath this brian fallon who used to work for the clinton team bright found another story up at the daily signal this is it saying again a leaf from one radical position to the next in an effort to enshrine the power of the state at any cost so they are not happy the left joe obviously with the cabin on gore sick appointments to the supreme court you know they tried to sabotage cavenaugh would then absolutely ridiculous outrage
story that has now been nearly entirely debunked against cavanaugh so losing on the supreme court picks wasn't good enough for so have a story but the daily signal he runs the scoop apparently the man justice and they're looking at pack in the court's now joe there's nothing in the constitution it limits the supreme court tonight justices but this has been accepted practice eyes said the lady eighteen hundred setting sdr tried this and was rebuked by his own party because it's in obvious effort to overturn the will of people elected to appoint supreme court justices people like donald trump it's enough this way the manufacturer in the peace they make the point that there's the coordinators two ways to water down the power the supreme court one to eliminate the judges i'm secondly to pack the court to make their votes basically irrelevant but this is fastened here's a quote by found
at demand justice we strongly believe that reforming the court especially by expanding it is the coroner start for rebuilding american democracy and what does he do he blames the cabin our court it's a partisan operation and democracy can function stolen courts operate as political shells we are thrilled to work in coalition with the team at packed the courts to undo the polarization politicization of the judiciary so i have an idea or grant folks remember the lead state or an ideological revolutions have no end game this will continue to be packed the courts to eleven judges fifteen judges they will now when the democrats lose they changed the rules because the rules don't matter because it's a constantly prague towards new levels of insanity a movement that will unquestioned we cannibalize itself even after yours attempt to this was review by the
overwhelming democrat majority she had i have a suggestion here though you know it you play baseball there you know the car bomb doing a sunday youtube channel you're gonna throw up fast by these two tell me it s play baseball you need gotta watch two pictures hand if you see this way you know it's if you can't see that it's almost impassable these guys of whip like on but the carbon time is in imports the spin on the scene of the ball it rotates over and it gives it tat curve ripe good car balls harder hit looks excavation ahead this way see these guys buckle internees over them daily carbo here the republican should combat this this the court scheme and you know how they should pay they should combat the show troops should how to tweet so brian felons quote here former hilary activists who now wants to pack the courts to eleven judges or maybe more just to get rid of the effect of these and troops should put a tweet saint john i put on record here you know
average trumpeted court expressed interest in looking into the proposal its more your work stood happen now think about it i say again we don't want to pack the courts of course we don't want to pack their courts but ladies gentlemen new rules ripe if the rules don't matter anymore and when you lose you can change the rules lost so dry trump as well go out and openly support on twitter packing the courts can be used against us and we don't want to do that but trump should express interest and looking into the proposal why why would he do that now people what's gonna happen the democrats freak out thousands of color had got you why do you give em is of you you wanna play dipshit for power or you want to walk let's while the slide or do the carbon we throw this why do you draw the slaughter we draw the knocker ball you wanna hit us with a glass
encrusted razor blade incrusted boxing gloves while we're fighting with twenty answers what take the gloves off we'll go emma style we'll go no jabbar do you i pointed out the minute trump puts out a piece quote expressed interest in the proposal at the democrats will go wild can you imagine trump packing the courts which more conservatives packing i dont mean waiting for ruth pater ginsburg to retire i mean i now say good member there's no constitutional limitation on them but ladies and gentlemen let me be clear i don't it's a bad idea but if the democrats are gonna bad ideas out there that there even gonna consider then trot should look to say suppressor majors and looking into it the democrats will go wild and fell and will be painted as the goat he is and by god i don't mean the greatest of all time
god is used often these days when talking about that you jitsu players is that right and basketball players nappies i mean a goat like back go very well run from this clown woody no my dear john i like it i think you were right quite numerous what's your kids it this practice will go absolutely crazy a story the day i had a good story from the journal pumping i gotta get to trot budget spin put out the trump is i was the twenty twenty budget the budget may five percent cuts to non discretionary spending funds seven hundred twenty two miles of new border a billion dollars isn't folks i'm not here to carry for any one of the administration or anyone else you know i support tromp administration because i think he's done a darn good job in a conservative presently deserves our support but my point of pudding so there is this is this budget this is what is willing to sign is named you right now
so i've been getting some negative emails from people ah what is trumped up what you mean what does he dies cut taxes lighten the regulatory load funded hundreds of miles a new border and renovation of all border i'm histories statute of this travel ban from countries where the obama administration it said the vetting was inappropriate there's been a lot done in two years and i get you know it's up to us to constantly be curmudgeon and complain when things are in our direction but my point story out there is you know a budget the statement of a presidency's priorities he signed his name to it it's out there you just saw the wash them examiner story it makes good cuts cuts it balances the budget within fifteen years is it going to pass not us robust chance in hell the demo let's run the house of representatives listen to me there's no chance it's going to pass i'm sorry we lost the house it stinks i wish we had and that to me there are so many rhinos and the republican caucus anyway even if we ran the house you probably wouldn't passed they cut the budget can't do that keep my bottom
more moderate rhino republicans are you to moderate the cleaners meaning they want to moderate the decline of the united states while the democrats want to rush it there are very you outside of the health rouse freedom caucus that would cut anything and government my point here is ladies and gentlemen the guy's try in its budget besides this name to it not sure what else you want the guy to do he cannot sing handedly pass the boy jeanne himself to the house of representatives it is his proposed budget this is what is examples are is it the best budget in the world i think there should be more cuts to where they should be a little more dramatic but it's starting point and for the criticism i might get amadeo to carry one afraid but i'm just here to tell you that he's what now put his name on something that expresses a lot of our values out there and that's the best he can do i now this house is run by it seemingly insane democrats it's not gonna get past we just don't have the vote
but twenty twenties around a corner is potentially gets the people in there and at least make some progress so i'm trying to stay somewhat optimistic i hope we will get an astronomer about them you are levied springing up quick paul here that was your journal peace up as we got a minute left out of time air rather visa freedom article so remember folks the tax cuts last year the trumps tax cuts by guys the federal government's gonna lose all kind of my the liberals have dodges often how it is going to cost one i don't care for cost the government money the fact that it gives you euro money back all the matters to me i have made the point you over and over their tax cuts to they lead to an increase in government revenue not a decrease in government revenue always it is convenient federal ex received spokes on income and pay raw are up five percent february from last year's apiece from the wall street journal add by this sepia tax receipts october two february essentially flap down a mere for billion that's nothing in terms of the federal budget zero and the federal but
deficit is rising folks not because of the tax cuts because we're keeper my who keep that up federal tax revenue is merely flat it's up in february five percent here again up the reverse of that macao talking more but why spending problem getting worse because of spending which is up six percent or a hundred forty two billion dollars power in it is it because of the tax cuts now february tax revenues up folks and the five mm tax revenue revenue is flat spending is up simple as that i for in i really data we subscribe to the pod gas if you don't mind on itunes we are also available and sound cloud on i radio free enjoyed users we can follow us there it's all free doesn't cost you anything but its actual subscriptions where you get the show every day for free drive us up the charts for some reason i tunes doesn't use downloads which i find a little strange but they subscribe
since as a way to measure there are their party s performance which help so that people find it so we really appreciate it can always us in the show up on gino thou com download it there is well thanks a lot i'll see you all to mark you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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