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Panic Breaks Out Before the IG Report (Ep 1123)

2019-12-02 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the panic breaking out in the deep state as the IG Report release looms large. This key player emerged from the darkness to spin a tall tale about her role. I also address the continued collapse of the Democratic 2020 field due to ridiculous proposals about “free” stuff. 

News Picks:This key Spygate player is panicking ahead of the release of the IG report. 


Lisa Page is very worried


This August, 2019 Rowan Scarborough article is a stunning indictment of this Spygate player’s work.


The latest NY Times story on Spygate is an enormous flop. 


The Supreme Court will hear important cases on the Second Amendment & Obamacare in the coming weeks. 


Warning signs from overseas about single-payer healthcare. 


My appearance on Fox and Friends this morning discussing the Spygate scandal. 


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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks, with your host Dan Bonn Jean, I can't anyone with a dry body. We gotta play the job I clap somebody begin applying. I can't do it anymore, you're by the signing of a part of the show today, although I just made a part of the show by saying it's not part of the show, did you hear how do we get Joe Biden again of Sars at the pool and these kids or rapid my legs and his black, like their heirs, stands up so job? Because I love a kid java. Ladies, Really. What are you talking about? Do just Google, it Biden, I'm telling you folks seriously. I I almost feel bad from at this point. He is completely did catch from reality. Just a week, end of big news. A lot to talk about a shockingly our black Friday shops are what I want to talk about again today,
one of our most listened to shows ever even on black Friday, with the Thanksgiving day where we address spike, everything going on well can do thereby genome recent show. How are you today, fine, sir? I'm doing good and I'll tell you. Everybody knows that this is the showed watch or listen to. If you need to know everything you need to know in an hour. That's it especially us. biogas, Joe said suddenly be before the show, is that man you're becoming the source on this, and I say that, thanks to you, I you know, I get my a lot of my material from other people and other sources to inject. So I'm I'm really glad they chose kind of becoming a compendium, a repository of all the spy gate information. So we're gonna hit some of that again today, quick up day for you on the planned GINO report on time. drugs, I know you're, tired drudge, he is gone, not only laughed but far left the eighteen. Twelve stuff is ridiculous. The bomb GINO Report coming soon. I want to give you the a day dacres, I don't won't, let you down, but very very soon Please join our email, less bonds. You know that calm, Slash newsletter to say up, stay updated. We will
it out as soon as possible. Maybe this week we I'll see we're working hard to get this thing out, get ready, Drudge Divine GINO Report is coming, whereas our hour, I've tagline is gonna, be our only agenda is freedom and liberty? Are you go coming soon, our Let's get right to the show today. there's no ding ding Ding, oh what you ever spot. Always that, after that, I think you're getting on the spot, really I put you like Joe. What are you doing? Well lengthy club just got extended spot, I'm going what they club Zyobite nobody's outlet because been sitting here, for that is where you see, we love our bodies. It then click. Ladies gentlemen, for decades credit cars have been telling us by now pay for it later with interest. Despite your best intentions that interests gets out of control Sadly, a lot of us know the feeling folks lending club is easy, consolidate you're dead, pay off your credit cards with one
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so there are, I totally totally blew the road a show, and now I've just had so much gonna get up so early for fox and friends of Monday morning. By the time we record to show tat, I ve been up for like hours already rock and roll more poorly. Before I get to the spy gate stuff, which is critical. Do you know about LISA Page FBI lawyer spoke to this. This far left this. The rights for the daily beast Molly whenever fast, whatever name is, It was a total disgrace. I'm gonna get that a second, but before I get to that, I have to address because it happened. Tonight to a lot of you, CBS viewers who were watching sixty minutes there was He just abomination of a peace that some of you may have seen. Some of you may have miss, but, ladies gentlemen, was important was important for the wrong reasons: the CBS Sixty and its peace last night on Youtube was ache. The CBS piece on Youtube, not the CBS piece on
You know, I mean they recovery and Youtube. The CBS peace was a clear shot across the bows conservatives that the media is going to pressure tech companies to square you're. Free speech is no doubt about it to me Yet now is all in on an aide de free speech rebellion. There We get conjunction with liberal activists groups. Ladies and gentlemen, the idea that the media media people left. This media activists have any interest in fair and open dialogue. ideology versus ideology. Speech competing with other speech is over over stick a fork and forget it. If you want sixty minutes lesson, I make no mistake: the media sixty minutes, CBS you see NBC liberal activists, CNN and MSNBC. These networks are all in on crushing conservative content. Let me play
Are you a small piece? I want you to listen, Leslie Store full time. Eighty, free speech activists now trying to pressure. the CEO of Youtube. The peace was on Youtube. Trying to instigate a pressure can pain on the sea of Youtube to get rid of content like this and other continents, Leslie stalls a devout whore core left this listen to This is all phrase folks. This is really really serious. What's coming down the waterway here, it's real trouble check this out the struggle for wages, is policing the sight, while keeping you tube an open platform. You can go too far and that can become censorship, and so we I've been working very hard to figure out. What's the right way to balance responsibility where freedom of speech but the private sector is not legally beholden to the first amendment, no nine operating under some freedom of.
Each mandate you get to pick, we do here, we go yet he would you see it. now Leslie Stall devout left. This is not incorrect. I do not support government intervention into private market, selecting what good speech in bed speech no matter what, even though I know- and I know a lot of you disagree- and that's: ok, that's ok! This is not a lemming show. You were not lemming, I have a brilliant audience. I've read your email, so does Paula you the ladys at an end and the gentlemen. Listen to my show, I'm not kidding. This is not some very few signalling effort, the kiss your, but your brilliant. Some of your point, incorporated into the show there so good. I do not, poor government intervention into these markets. If Youtube wants to destroy, its business model, like the mainstream media did for decades by Kay,
are you a liberal audience until we shall Fox NEWS committed, supplant them is number one. Let them do it. I'm sick! We suggest you she's, not an accurate by saying that this is not a free speech. Issue constitution. These are free market companies. Having said that, make no mistake this is a liberal effort to push these people off. Conservatives offer these platforms why there are a couple of things going on notice how she frames it was these thoughts as well. It's not a free speech, if you you pick right, in other words, liberal activists, folks, we want. on Youtube right now, we get an odd liberal activists. because the ceo of future, because they pick what's allowed on their platform and not because It's not a free speech institutional Youtube is not the government. It's a private company. I can do what they want with their site right, because you pick Joe
it means if conservative content is allowed to stay on Youtube, you picked it. You two meaning pressure campaigns. Liberal groups pressure this liberal pressure, Maybe we're gonna blame you for folks get ready a full time corporate activism campaign by liberal radical groups to get this show and other shows like booted off you two platforms and other platforms. Facebook is under way that, number one, the number one take away they wanted squelch. Can derivative candidate, Lip Leslie Stall, doesn't care about liberal group. She didn't even mentioned in the sixty made. Peace didn't mention it If and these radical left this violent groups, wires on Youtube. Talking about our socialism doesn't kill a deadly lie because it does she they're. Not talk but getting any of that booter off. This is a pressure campaign targeting Youtube
You guys pick the content conservatives are allowed on. Here we get a nod, you're we're coming for you next and CBS, and these other media outlets are all in the days of of what we believe to be. A corporate allegiance at least the basic principles of fairness are over. So take away number one, I'm telling you it is only a matter of time. Don't worry about us. We are working on plan B. Hear me imports Joe and others. We always you know, we have other platforms as well, we're not going anywhere and dime. Listen! I'm good! I am not naive to the fact that we are using platforms that are going to be pressured by liberal groups to boot us in the near future. I promise you believe you, Walter shows not going anywhere ever take away number two from this. These liberal pressure campaigns you pick we're coming for you next week,
you pick, the Carter are working, they are worth because Google, Facebook and others have chain, policies regarding political adds. There is some of these plans. Forms like twitter that aren't even allowing political adds anymore. Facebooking Google are Changing the contours of what allowable targeting is. What do I mean by this? I'm gonna put up this your journal article in a minute because important you understand prong number, two pronged number one. Off conservative content, let the media campaigns pressure than prong number to get rid of political advertising. Why why. Ladies and gentlemen, it's not a coincidence that Brad PAR scale in the trunk campaign he's one of the digital managers of the Trump camp. I believe is a campaign manager now bread par scale, Which using Facebook and others to do what the Obama My team had done in their reelect effort. They were you,
using digital targeting to target voters. Nothing even mildly. On ethical or untoward about that folks, nothing, the Obama team used brag about using dashboard and Facebook platforms, the Obama team to target voters. Now they're changing the counters twitters ban. These things outright. Now, you may say. This is where the shows all different- you may say. Well, then, ok, but if twitter is banning face shoot me. Twitter is banning political adds altogether. Facebook is making it more difficult to run political ads, Google is changing their targeting provision, so you can't voter target appropriately to get out to GEO Tv, get out the vote. That does not affect Democrats and Republicans equally, us so, if you're watching your bright, like many of you watch my show in this, and are you probably say well that affects Democrats?
Publicans equally, how is this targeted patrol check out this way three journal article about how the Democrats are always three steps at it could judge with their media, bootlegging sycophantic asked kissing bodies from their editorial board. There's an article today whose afraid of political acts with its new directions Google targets a red herring. In other words, it is a fake problem, as they stop without that sixty minutes, peace to say, are you taking down political adds at why. What do you mean like every Democrat and ever ever yet ever when raise your taxes. You can keep your plan. Public schools are doing Great UK healthcare. Terrific, social security. Is it broke? Medicare, look like every democrat political add ever run. You may notice no less stalls. I've thought about that she's talking about the trumpet because they are now just gonna pull down trump ads and democratic adds the debt
Kurtz already have a plan and check this out with their plan is. This is just braces great work by the Wall Street Journal it says. Google is also inviting chicanery when it comes to what is or is in political content. Of course, that's only by the way going to target concerns Bloomberg for the last week. Listen to this on a project by a progressive campaign up To create Joe donor funded, Local news sites aimed explicitly at persuading people to vote. For Democrats groups like this could get round Google's targeting restrictions and get more reached and parties are our campaigns which are more heavily regulated and transparent. Ladies and gentlemen, as I have warned you about repeatedly over and over, and again. The Democrats always think fit the two steps ahead slick. They know they have media ass, kisses on their side every single time they know it. They know
deeming Hollywood leads the dope highest among us. Yes, academia how these are the dumbest among us. They know they will always back them up, no matter what, even when it comes to things like the constitution, they always have a plan. Their plan now we're off conservative content number one restrict political act timing. That would potentially benefit the trunk campaign and, if it better and if it hurts the Democrats You don't worry, we'll go to plan three play. Three will create law, new sites which are really democratic propaganda, that's classified as local lose Joe dreaded air quotes and not political avc. Nice man like poverty, while partakers from the web? Yes, yes, yes, I what'll happen when republicans try to do the same thing. It established local news sites, they'll be declared poetic, REACH will be declared propaganda, but mats and they'll be kicked off these platforms immediately. Bang! No kid folks!
a thing they do is by mistake: nothing, the Democrats these up and that all that my vote, Democrats out in the country, a lot of them retired is too, and so many of them are actually voting for Trump. I'm talking about radical activists a crowd on the inside this iron triangle, media kg, general committees and activists, Goosequill, Fred Siegel, his iron triangle. These people are anti free speech, they are hyper. Aggressive the case of super violent. They will do anything to suppress free speech, we thought and legitimate political debates. They will lie, cheat steal. Their only effort right now is to boot conservative content. platforms, because it's making a difference. Content like this restrict political advertising until they an office and while you're restricting it implement new local news organisations that are strictly democrat propaganda of it's. It's a genius plan genius in its depravity unreal folks, its common. It's coming.
get ready. That's why I humbly beg of you please, I know you is sounds counter intuitive, but I mean this with you: greatest respect and humility. I ask you to please, Sir I bear Youtube Channing Missile, why we supporting these assets that are going to come after us later than some case coming to me. Now they deleted a couple. My showed his folks are more. Work and a plan b, and the only way going to hear about it is by transitioning from Platform, know another one later, but we have to start what we got now. Please subscribe Youtube dot, Slash bond GINO. the only way there is no easy path at here. Let me get through the second add real. We can we run roughly three something for us. but it's important because I want to roll through, despite gates that could have been a major break. I discuss on Fox news this morning and I'm telling you panic breaking out all over the place amongst the deep state before we get there today You buy a bodies at ball and bridge. We just got our second set about
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branch, that calm promo code, Bonn GINO today for fifty dollars off your first set of sheets B, O L, L, a branch that calm promo code, bungee, no Bala Branch that calm promo code, bunch EDA, even Apollos work and really hard. Last night's still on this ball and branch she's got a few quality hours. The best sheets around. She has been really care, and I want to thank you Paul in front of the audience for all the work you put. It was to be disbarred. Gino report she's been all over. It looks super nice. I cannot wait to launch it very. Very. Very soon you can live ok. So what are the key spy game players? Lisa page, who make no mistake, was at the upper echelons of the FBI reporting to Andrew Mikhail the Deputy director one point acting director and the lead lawyer on the case against Donald Trump when they spied on his team is LISA, page LISA Page, of course, to a friendly media that I'm not putting the article up, because the woman who wrote it is a disaster Molly fast. She is
A phoney fraud when she's not busy attacking cancer vague, Does it see back that actually happened by the way she's? getting horrible articles that are, I don't even know where she gets her information is just garbage. I can't say enough about it, because her work is so awful, but she is a only because you can't stand Trump and anybody who tells the truth about spying. She knows nothing about the case by the way, but LISA pay want to her to put up an article the comically bad fake news cite the daily beast, which is a joke. I mean there port. It again that I was dropped from the I know HIV despite knowing otherwise, which is just embarrassing and embarrassing. Misstep socially firstly, the daily beast and basically says like I was on rather mobile, that I committed a crime. What's going on, you put it this wash them examiner peace, Jerry done, leaving and Dan Shape and have an interesting take on. She says these age, I'm done be quiet. Lisa page emerges ahead of Pfizer report washed and examined or peace.
the ep and the show notes today again, if you subscribe to a newsletter, will send it to you, but you know that complex newsletter, mad Columbo as a great peace on this too, about the wise disseminated in the staring these peace. So, first on these, page, who is, is stun matches being targeted for this folks just to reset the you made, because your liberal friends will lie to you repeatedly on this, and it just gets disturbing. Lisa page was a lie here for the FBI, in a headquarters who reported to the deputy director, she was now a low level lawyer. Also having an affair within s e S, FBI agent, Peter Stroke, who was the lead investigator on the Trump case, and they were both Besides the Mahler probe before being summarily dismissed for their fifty thousand. In texts they were driven texting to each other about how awful tromp was, which is funny job she's, not least the page not gonna, be quiet anymore. You text did your boyfriend fifty
thousand times I'm not exactly sure that was being quite slight bitter I personally now, when we the ever being quiet nature. Never. Now that's number one. She was never quite detected fifty thousand times on an FBI device to her boyfriend about how much they couldn't stand, trompe it could smell them, There was an insurance plan, how they we're going to stop their quotes, not mine. also, in the interview she talks about how hey this case was properly predicated, because we, information. It Papadopoulos was talking to a russian agent folks again for the fifteen thousand, there is no evidence. Joseph Miss said who is talking to Papadopoulos was a russian agent. The evidence is over, well me here, Filiation was with western friendly.
Agents ass its. There is no evidence. This guy was a russian age. Not even Mahler concluded that. So please stop the garbage Now, why is LISA page panicky? Let me just put this proviso. In their little caveat emptor, buyer b, I do not know what is in the inspector general report coming out December night, this coming Monday, we will have a week of shows, I promised dedicated to breaking down everything you need from that Don T, show us in the next few weeks you gotta be critical, please I commend them to your friends. This is gonna, be critical, forgetting the straight scoop. I don't. What's in that report, air, obviously tautological, possibilities: it's either super damning or it's not. Ok. It's was what leads readable. Even when I addressed this week that the New York Times leak saying are no big deal and support. There is no spying, cetera et Cetera. What leads me to believe that the report
I pay more damaging than the liberal media's. Letting on is the actions of page. Page is obviously mentioned in the report, meaning what folks she's in the report means probably seen or heard about. What's in there her efforts they get out talk to a girl. the aid. The trumpet I mean I'd, gingerbread dreadful but be more precise. Molly fast are probably loud exclamation of how badly she comes off in this report. Folks, this report could be devastating. now I addressed some of what I believe to be the more devastating could be it Meda. I don't know I've tell you things. We do know that if they come out no, but you can't hide this. forever and no amount of verbal Judo is going to change the facts here. The facts we know we know tromp team with spider the question I
cost on Friday show which did enormous numbers the key take away and why I think, page and day of a deep state is maybe panicking is not that the Trump campaign, spider. We know that. That's a fact you call it what everyone informant undocumented, informant some stupid euphemism, I'm not interested the Trump team with Spain period, full stop and the story dates for plant. The only question right now is: did you pay Don't worry, I'm not going to redo Friday Shop, which addressed this very topic. I do want to reintroduce this topic because a counterpoint on twitter has been reintroduced by a couple, a very smart people, a guy I cited on Friday, Stephen Mcintosh. I would add climate audit on Twitter. That's great work on this. I know we had a little friction air for em all. But if you know it's, this happens, it's five people can have sensible disagreements and Svetlana
look over who I'm gonna line up for an interview on the show. I just have a couple things I gotta get out of the way for it. Don't worry the cumulative he's coming soon. We did that on Friday we will launch today or tomorrow we're just trying to reach gotta produce it. That's takes a little bit. We didn't forget about it, but Svetlana. Look over and Stephen Macintyre. an alternative view of some other conclusions on this. Remember keep reminder headline: did we pay for this? How poor, I believe, the fine? How far this the spy despite the trumpet, I believe, may have had significant input into the dossier? How poor was paid by the, of net assessments and they d O day. Now. Let's walk do this because, when I get this far look over and our climate its diva Mcintyre conclusions about why that could be deep trouble. What else is going on here? going to see how the Democrats have painted themselves in the corner. Remember the question: what over, not that the Trump Gabriel we're spied on. Every spider was your textiles? or your tax dollars used to pay for? Let's
a photo number one. First. This is from spell on a covert excellent thread which I have on my twitter feed as well. You can check it out. She pose this photo from the grassy letter Chuck Grassland, public in centre. She posted fabulous on January. Sixteen to twenty nineteen sent a letter overdue Inspector general that department offence asking this question about. Remember we're time about money paid to help her who spied on trumped up. Did you find its disaster? He says is correct to general fine. This is grass republican centre, I'm writing to you to request a review. The allegations that the deal the office of net assessment contracts were useless. support? partisan, political or other improper, a wasteful activities. So here we go so check. Grassy for Beginner Centre who Isn T, our careers been focused on government Malfeasance and potential law enforcement abuses he's been all over this stuff. Anybody who knows him knows that sense
the latter in January of this year, Joe to the door, I d ask him about some payments in office of medicine with their office of net assessment. That may have been four quote. What is here what are we ever partisan political activities? Ptolemy ask you think gradually just made them I've just wrote. The letter is a k, Ronnie some left over Turkey on Everything Bay, the little Mayo and Adobe on our side that was made a weekend. Any Sidney go what I'm gonna do it a genuine generator, never do when a weekend. I was no movies point. Let me just write a letter to the Department of Defense about Payments from the office of medicines with that paid, despised, fight on trumped up for partisan policy Go activities authorities looking you do you think you just made that because it would just some random chairs and he was born on a week. I think he's probably has led in mind for awhile I think he's ah wigs and say producer joyously kindly get that is a fine investigative unethical.
You are the Macgyver of Executive produces well. I thought, of course, gradually knows, what's going on what it tell you one Friday, when ay and the o d paid helper, if helper contributed, the dossier and the I see I was used to spy on tribe, you Pedro. Axis the dvd took your taxes paid. The off That assessment, who paid Steffani helper, who then The term may have fed information to steal, who put it in a dossier to spy on Donald Trump and you paid for right back to the top of the stupid Lana I feel so dirty use. I believe this is question area valueless say well, what's the angle you addressed on Friday a lot of this stuff that you pay for? Well, they may have painted themselves in a significant corner first, because the angle is this: if helper.
Got his information from trip Nick off. Who is a former Russian s view? or had he was that russian and tell her how per unsure of nickel this russian intelligent, skier bodies, they teach us courts together at Cambridge. Follow me if help or God is Tribune- is information from chimneys off. We have a big problem, but even if he didn't, we have a big think about this. If you tax dollars, page defined help or through the office of net assessments, for quote listen, political activities from the gradually to target tromp and then how four goes and gets his information from the Russians, notably trip Nick off a russian guy Paulie. You got to follow me too, as you are in some Busby folks. Do you understand you? dollars, then were paid for paid for russian collusion scandal by default. Yet if helpers right and how
we are dealing with a russian Intel guy to get information on trumped. They turned out to be false. Do you understand that the Russian, Illusion scandal is huge and real, but it doesn't involve any report. Just revolves. Democrats Bob administration. you may civil understand how they paid themselves in a corner, because, even if that's not true, we where look over and Mcintyre believe we're going in other words, folks would have helped relied would have helped were made up the whole thing when, if helpers said, he got the information from trip Nick Off defeated the dossier to spy on Trump. Just made it up now. I hinted at this months ago. I'm folks are met again. This is not me like me, part myself on the bag with a gap. I hinted at this a little while ago.
Of you. Regular listeners no and probably picked up. Did that the Democrats sir setting themselves up for failure, because both of those pass led to horrible outcomes, path, number one we paid a spy, the spy on tromp feeding the dossier who got the information from Russia's path number two. Every thing we were, told about the dossier was made up and they spied on Trump anyway. She, you understand, Paula, you get this being Joe. You get this year either path. The Democrats are done this by gay plotters God they're finished, I told you they were painting themselves in a corner. You either paid for Russian could provide this information or the guy you paid to go to the Russian wide about the whole thing now against us. Lot of a cobra, who is a target of this whole Flynn operation with a targeted, might Flint member the accused. Her disingenuous
Please liars of having an affair with when he s fight, no evidence, that's a look of ok, look! Obvious threat is actually she point this piece of the daily collar to pointing out how quote, We call a June fifth twenty eighteen, a campaign aid was invited to Cambridge event where spiky started in this daily caller peace. Look over makes a great point. We now know that how operating only target Papadopoulos didn't only target Carter page Only target look over. We know that one of how Bridge helpers AIDS at Cambridge Guy by the name of even shrinkage, Even shred sounds like a comic book may be invited who else to come over to Cambridge helpers aid whose being paid by the office certain invite Stephen Miller.
Stephen Miller, yeah, the Trump bade who's been now been the face of the immigration to be a key trumpeted. Ladies and gentlemen, we know Michael Capote, always talk How many other trump people say? I'm Clovis how many other trump officials trump Associate Trump people in it forward were targeted by this guy helper per day. actually using your taxpayer dollars? Do you see this scandal here now, keep in mind They have painted themselves in a corner, we'll cover and Steve. Back and tires theories at how permit all of this up and was using trim Nick Offs name. We got this information from this key Russian and it's all a farce, I'm not sure, I'm not they present compelling information that they may in fact be true, and I've heard from others that there may, in fact
She was well worth helper made the whole thing up. You know Joe or did a radio station w c b him. If I had a criminal investigation against W C p m Do not. I was still a federal agent and I said, Joe told me this would be credible, Joe work there, but what if I made the whole you have just presented. I didn't like the People W C b. I'm you see out either hey there screwed, they either called with a russian trip Nick off or they lie now colluding with Russia. The whole case was bogus from the start. None of this ends well for them now, to present to you, look always argument and Mcintyre. Let's go back to this role, Scarborough washed, enticed because all in the show notes that aid is definitely worth your time. Please punch! You know that calm read the articles, its critical check this out. this is a peace from August twenty nineteen. We keep going back to cause it's ever again.
Scarborough washed in times loose contracting practices, the Pentagon office, waste millions and a whistle blowers, punish. Remember this worry. Adam love and you're. A whistle blower in the office of net assessments have paid help or with your money came out. Blue so on these loose contracting practices? Love in German? then suspended and investigate, because I believe he was closing in on this scandal. We're talking about take it back to the lead You pay the? U S, government! Take your tax dollars to spy on the Trump twenty two helper. That's the only question. Was it exposed by loving jurors out my love and you're, the whistle blower on this was suspended, but from the Scarborough peace? This is where it gets really guy, see, I think, we're covert. Macintyre have a great point that helper may have made this whole thing up. There was. Inspector general report into this into this whole pay for spying operation Scarborough
Right after examining the paper, the inspector general concluded, talk about a paper help wrote folks, TAT night, of the three hundred forty eight footnotes in the deliverables attributed to source material that was attributed when interview conducted by Happar, none of it. Always a personnel could not provide us with evidence to show that any of these high? ranking officials cited in the four notes and helpers paper folks contributed to professor helpers. India, China Study. You may be saying, I don't get how or why paid by the office of net assessments to produce these reports,
The people he cited in the report said. I don't know what you're talking about ever spoke. Is that folks, I'm telling you this is an apocalyptic scandal. For the Democrats, there's only two stories only two page police a page assuredly at this point, nosey stories and her other I gave you know coworker, In the case, you were involved in this debacle, or a number one you paid for a United States govern spy, the spy The Trump team who then worked with a russian intelligence head, the impact, the? U S: election devastated or story number two,
Donald Trump steamers, spied on, based on information from a guy helper, who cited Russians and made it up. there's no get out of the corner. Folks there is no option, see look over Mcintyre believes strongly. If I'm citing their thread correctly and again, trying to get Come on the interview shall get that set up sometime soon. Hopefully, how were made the whole thing up and just use triptych offs name. They may be right. I have some other information indicating that they could be But I am going to take steals word for it at this point that he used trip Nick offers a source in that the real russian collusion scandalous airs I've I've. I desperately hope look always right and I think she may be. They may be made an offer but it doesn't matter either pair
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Go check it out, so you got that. I hope will help you pick it. I how that was the add on to the Friday store just that you may have paid for these guys to be spied on that, despite provided, the information may have been lying, the whole entire time. Many job is all they had, no matter what happens here now. It's all good ending up. Ok, moving on because we do have a presidential actually coming up and have a lot to get through with this stuff is well, including the disastrous Democrats feel that his imploding recent being, as evidenced by swing staples Elizabeth Warrant, our campaign is complete, be collapsed, she's trying now to save ourselves, some guy rode up in the Wall Street Journal today trying to resuscitate on a pr. Her disastrous government run healthcare plan which will double in triple your tax. In some cases, this tax rates up to one hundred percent so lives with one in an effort herself to resuscitate our campaign, retreated an older peace when she was running by Senate out rang for Senate Massachusetts, and I guess they did.
the argument, she's trying to make your jealous look. I've been a progressive, the whole time. That's what I said, but I was running for Senate this past election by the election before I'm a far left this you, for, if this should trust me and therefore vote for me. But what you treated out was dumb men and its even dumber. Now I'm gonna play it democratically. some Obama, video and I'm getting any display then I went to dismantle the stupidity in this nonsense check this out. nobody in this country who got rich on his own? Nobody, you about a factory of their good for you, but I wanted to clear you loved your goods to market the roads, the rest of his paid for you hire workers, the rest others pay to educate you, oh all, safe in your factory, but causes these forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for you didn't have to
that marauding bands would come and sees everything that your factory and hire someone to protect against this because of the work, the rest of his dear Noah We will build a factory and turned into something terrific or a great idea. God bless. Keep a big hunk of it, but part of the underlying social contract is you take hunger that and pay forward for the next time you it's funny, she's, really proud of that. As every summer this pause, statement Diana Economics and taxing there she's proud of diabetes clapping, it's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard before. Tell you why and it there's so much stooped In their it's hard to address a single point, I want to play an active job like this. Producer Tropic dissatisfied, here's Obama doubling doubted the exact same sentiment that not all worry bout worry. You did other people
they. Therefore, you to your own hard work, didn't get you wealthy was other people. They reject this. If you are successful, somebody allow MILAN gave you some out teach us somewhere in your life. Somebody up to quake this unbelievable Americans but we had that allows you to thrive. Somebody invest in roads and bridges. If you got a business, but you didn't build that somebody else make that happen. folks look the stew but its strong with this kind of stuff. They are sent tat. It is not an accurate that police departments fire. Parliament, spyware. How added that police forces fire Fortyth sound like a leaders, talk police departments, police officer. There is no doubt that they have contributed to the greatness of the United States of Europe
There is no doubt that having a decent infrastructure infrastructure to drive on the roads that are not impassable, contributes to you stay commerce in commerce in general. Nobody doubts that saying things like that. obvious, and turning into then, obviously superhero doesn't make you some economic genius, but the premise for arguing that she makes is absurd Obama's even dumber. Ladies gentlemen, those things were largely financed by the rich middle class do so they think shoes, think about we're not paid for by everyone. They were not I'm sorry. I have to break to you the hard facts. They showed us Indue, bs. Ok, they were not. it for by everyone folks, their arson successful middle class upper middle class and wealthy people who
the overwhelming majority of taxes used to finance the police department, the fire department, interstate roads, state, roads, county roads, local roads, those are paid for by successful hard working people who paid for that too. In other words, Elizabeth warrants Point Obama's point that you hard working middle class, upper middle class and wealthy folks who work your butts off your whole life to get a nice nest. Egg and some assets to pass your kids to get an education and produced products that make society better because people are buying them and they like them that some are your leaching off this group of others who paid for you to get rich is the this thing. I've ever do you even do we economics the top twenty percent of earners in this country ardors the top twenty percent.
Pay over eighty percent of the tax law she's making the cow the argument that to the argument she thinks you, if you don't pay for that, Bob, you to build that all those fears are paid for police by other people know they were paid for by you to to help other people who don't pay merely the tax bill. You do know we're close to it to help them get wealthy and into the middle class tool the arguments, the opposite, one, not the ones think she's making, because using economic ignoramus or a liar the success, in the middle class pay for the police. Some fire brigades, fire department, fire forces- is, she calls them and the road you drive on to help you accumulate wealth, they pay for them overwhelmingly. Do you do numbers.
you think the richer getting over in this country. You think they have an easy that they pay. Eighty per said: the top one percent pay significantly more than the bottom, forty percent, if you know like tat, because you're a jealous loser, I'm sorry who spend your wife envying the success of others. Rather getting off your ass and doing something to get wealthy yourself sorry you're, pathetic and liver soulless existed, but you need to do facts. Man, facts. or do you worried them, I don't like the rich, because I don't like I'm fine whatever, unlike your liberal these. I respect free speech, say what you want, but arguing, somehow that, but what a lower income folks are, being God by the tax system gives are being taxed. To pay for rich people's police forces. Is the dumbest
thing. I've ever heard their status. Until I have true for that purpose. Services are financed by rich upper middle class and middle class people end of story. But the others with war point. Let me show you watch your journal article today. We need to be more like the Europeans and the Germans with their social. Sir design while there's a piece in the Wall Street Journal, and I quote the middle class always pays. You hats, the headline news from the peace, You want some of this. You want some of the European scandinavian model tat. We want that. That's where only rich people pay. No! No! No! No! No! Not true quote, let's start with the income tax, most european governments tax, most household income, more heavily than washed in does because they impose their highest marginal rates on lower levels of income. It goes on pay attention, liberals
Get the car matter your ear and stick it in your mouse, many second highest marginal income tax rate of forty two percent. Kick in four married households earning about a hundred twenty forty tat as twenty four thousand dollars a year. In? U s? U S, currants and Mary, can couple with that income on your twenty four thousand patient, original rate of only twenty two percent and would need six hundred and twelve thousand dollars before paying the top marginal rate of thirty seven percent view, What they're saying there, if you have to Sixty thousand dollar incomes in your house or middle class income a hundred twenty thousand right. We can all agree in most parts of Ireland in a liberal city than your poor. With that income, which is true and separatist, but you can't even afford how you're living in a context spots and that's how because liberals run it most. American Citys, not run by liberal two hundred twenty four thousand for married couple. You're live in a decent existence: nice car, decent house- maybe a cup
vacations once in awhile? Do you understand that middle class income? you are paying half the income tax, the same income for family in Germany pays. They pay double that I'm just trying to get to your liberal skulls that if your professing it We just to Elizabeth warrant taking only the rich are pay more for your police forces and fire forces and fight brigades whatever our latest language, they use you wrong. You want European models of social welfare, you're gonna, get european tax bills, meaning your sixty thousand dollar job. You work in the post office you're an architect your Sixty thousand dollar your job? To teacher a nurse cop whenever it maybe
your hundred twenty down now combined salary feeding for five kids. Whenever maybe you will pay double the taxes understand that You understand that and that's what you're arguing for fine at least you're honest, but this phony faint crap is rich. People got rich because of cops. You paid for is garbage right right right. It's not true. You want free healthcare. You want free college tuition, you want free education from birth till death. You want free social security benefits jokingly using the word free, because none of this is free, you're gonna pay for it just to understand
or middle class household is going to suffer tax rate, double if not triple what you're paying for now stop lying. You want Europe you'll, get Europe You'll get it right now, while the richer gonna pages, so dumb juvenile. The arguments are ridiculous. I am moving on there is a lot to get a visa, quick peace in their daily signal. In the shown us that eight, you again, you want european healthcare to unite Kingdoms, gotta great system, really it's collapsing in front of our very eyes. Daily Signal Robber Moffat, really great peace than in the show, some british lesson John Single Pay, our healthcare. It has a lot of great points on why the Uk National Health Service governor run ochres totally collapsing, but here's one take away, those with one wants this at double the tax bill. You're paying now the clash of high patient demand for Bree care at the point of service with limited healthcare supplies manifest in the
the Tories british waiting lists, that's it! You want folks. You want waiting lists according to the girl, By the way I say leaning british newspaper folks, a total of four point three million british citizens were awaiting hospitalization the highest level in ten years? Oh, because this is what you want here for double the taxpayer. As for shortages, The cost of patients are manifest in many other ways, especially in doctor and nursing shortages. Accordingly recent edition of the guardian and get a left, leaning outlet. The british healthcare says is facing a serious physician shortage, particularly specialists, especially in rural areas. Worse forty three percent of advertised medical positions when unfilled last year, exacerbating the shortage in English. Again, I know left this? I know you don't do facts, so you want double the taxpayers of what you're, Middle class bill is now you want to double that to pay for rash and health care. Take it on a waiting list for a doctor. You can't
because they don't have enough. Doctors are specialists, that's what you want here, but also to physically yet because the governments involved now gives us whatever the government touches. The torch delight tat character from the fantastic the human torch. They uniform everything Dounia everything whatever the government touches. It Rex. Outside of our military and law enforcement, it Rex it burns it down, and Elizabeth Warren wants that here, we're rich people going to pay for You even do math the shocking were making good progress here. I never get to. My story may actually met. Building. Are another story but the wash your journal again is Joe says everything you need an hour, and I want to. This is a very important case. Going on the sweet, the Supreme Court Supreme Court's about here too, really important I'll just addressed one idea: Obamacare One is about some payments. The these are risk adjustment payments which what maybe we'll talk about other things,
total complicated, but, more importantly, where their hearing this we this article on Second, amendment was shown, guns, liberals and the Supreme Court have a great daily single piece about it too, but this interesting take away here from the peace. Genesis of the story is New York City tried to implement this trip. Pony and gun law. You can't take your. out of the city, you can't take it to the range and had to be in this unloaded case. You couldn't take it to your second home. This case was going to the Supreme Court, the less men at New York City try to bait. They said not all we're going to take away some parts that loss or supreme court. We don't need you to hear this. Why why That's because you are sitting you always get a Louis and the second amendment. Eighty second amendment eighty self protection advocates after we're afraid that the gun, the second amendment- firearm, rights and the right to self protection would be reinstituted again by the Supreme Court from the peace bring up. This interesting defends the second circuit court that
The other courts in rejecting our historical standard for reviewing infringements on the second amendment. Second circuit agreed city basis. What the same the judge this way New York's, compelling interest in protecting public safety without requiring evidence that the transport ban advance that interest? Here's a problem, folks, Eddie governments restricting could be sustained under this lacks stand and what are they sing? The courts have upheld this directive. in mid evil the gun law by New York. You can't take your gun anywhere, you're second home anywhere. It doesn't matter we're saying: where are we a compelling interest and public safety and the second circuit shockingly agreed with this folks, we get there. Eleven acidity. That's actually true that this would have effective public safety at all. This law, legal God, let us have a lower crime rate than police officers. That's a fact. If you can just tat up Joe and say well, but could restrict free speech, is well see how to show ties in Romania, because there's
impelling government interest in doing so without providing evidence. That's actually true. The government could basically about the bill of rights. Liberals are terrified now that this case made it through the Supreme Court. There, terrified, they're, gonna, lose we'll see what John Roberts does we ve. Seen in the past, John Roberts is easily intimidated by liberal up at columns. It's an embarrassment chief Justice Roberts. All you do is right. The John Robert said we're going we're not gonna like you anymore. If this were like Nelson Months and John for changes. Mindset, rewriting the constitution instantly guys been a total disappointment. You know what I was going to less, but I'll cover at tomorrow's interesting story and immigration wash your journal, how human Jenkins, how they covered the Washington, Post, immigration and their Obama versus travels fast, and some of the quote. You think they where're, you think they were there people supporting trumped there are people supporting Obama, total embarrass folks, please spread the show today in a super important, the key take away. We covered a lot of stuff.
the topics: Monday's always a busy Newsday. The key question is what this report and Monday is going to say: is it going to show that the government taxpayer dollars taken from you were used to stay for paper spying operation with either the spy lied or the spy colluded with Russians, as are the only only questions of interests right now or the prime I should say important stuff: please discards made you shadow. You took our complex by GINO. We really appreciated subscribe to your audio, show an apple pod. Guess, Google part guess wherever you get your part guess it really means a lot to us. They slots June for the bomb GINO Report coming very soon see you just heard tan bond genomes yeah. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.