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Panic is Breaking Out on the Left and with the Media (Ep 1130)

2019-12-09 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the much anticipated release of the FISA abuse report by the Inspector General and what is likely inside of it. I also address hilarious video of NBC’s Chuck Todd getting humiliated in an interview with Ted Cruz. 

 News Picks:Law enforcement are still searching for unaccounted Saudi nationals following the Pensacola shooting.


Friday’s incredible jobs report is a disaster for the doom and gloom Democrats. 


Flashback: Obama says elections aren’t rigged!


The Democrats are ignoring this article exposing their collusion with Ukrainians in the 2016 election.


Will the IG report being released today tell the whole story? 


These polls are a disaster for the Democrats.


One in five federal judges has been picked by President Trump.


Here’s the truth about the Trump administration’s food stamp reform.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee ready bs narrative alarm from the democrats it's coming it's coming telegraphing all the signs preparing with their media allies for a now there are boom media narrative you're not i want to missus one i've got a loaded chauvelin area are not just swell newsday we only have the hawks impeachment hearing the enemy the energy report coming out we still have the pencil all answer friday is just a tunnel things going on absolutely loaded show for you today welcome they thereby gino shall pretty should show how are you on this fine monday certain real well man just waiting for that idea report to come out like everybody else i know and i am going to tell you what i am hearing what's what i think is in it what i think the red flags are going to
so don't go anywhere again we ve got a loaded show but i want you to be prepared and open up today with this bs narrative get ready its ready coming folks have warned you buy tat jerry adler known oxford discredited conspiracy theories are already kind of hinted this weekend with the hapless chuck cod what they're going to wear they're gonna go with this next either you're right you're recreational by eu bodies that tita dieter ladies and gentlemen i be lost without tee or they are the leader of the world leader in inversion tables what is inversion it's the process of of basically it turned upside down on the table in a controlled fashion obviously very easy to do it's not difficult at all and it uses the power of gravity to a long gay your spine longing spine it if it takes the compression of your spine your joints i love it as you know i complain about about my vicious arthritis i would be lost the teeter inversion table d compressing on a teeter inversion table just a few minutes today is a great day anyone's daily routine including mine i do a multiple times a day to maintain it
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do you believe will have a fair election and twenty twenty i dont know depressed gender based on with his past performance will do everything it can to make it not a fair election and that is part of what gives us urgency to proceed with this impatient boy hoaxing peace everything is going on again right our total embarrassment i refused point it cuts from its really stupid folks here's what they're doing i warned you before but i warn you again and chuck todd is playing right intuitive course full time liberal activists fake news journalist fake news professional chuck tat is a professional advice here's what we're gonna go with us when this thing as in the senate this impeachment farce which it well they will be humiliating the senate they're probably loosen republicans on the house outside too who will vote against the articles patient themselves they are going to they want job he just told you they're gonna say you see you see what happened folks trot beat the system again and look what he's already asked the russians for help not he asked
ukraine needs for help not true now other twenty twenty electors compromise because we know joe behind the scenes who she asked for help with in winning in twenty twenty please tell will you try and this is exactly where this is golly i see now i suggested to you before i'm hearing from my sources that their next donald rob colluded with fill in the blank remember the first it was russians fake story then it was ukrainian thanks to the next one is gonna be turkey and i'm not talking about gobble goblin i'm talking about the country turkey that's coming next get ready can't read and the narrative post twenty twenty election if president trump wins reelection which are going to talk about some samples a little while to european issues cities were devastating swing staples if he wins reelection job immediately
the day after just like they did last time we will see in the liberal activist washed imposing their fake news compared he's over at the new york times you will see stories about is this jeremy collude with now remember they ve gone full problem i want you to be prepared for this now i've done some homework for you because i know i know your liberal friends who are typically clueless that's your emails i dare you can't knocked the liberals we want to convert them i'm not interested i'm not interested at all liberals are a lost cause trust me however as you said you often there are third parties who listen when you debate liberals this is a perfect timing examples are about to play for you would obama is positive that the liberals don't stand for anything nothing that their total hypocrites you are debating your liberal friends i strong
i encourage you to accept the premise that you can do nothing to penetrate their adam antium skulls they are convinced trump is media mean is is a nazi all the most atrocious comparisons you can and you will not some say you say well why waste your time because my spirits and running for office a few times and i think that's why this podcast presents an invaluable per se losing badly i don't take i we lost it didn't work out they got it in they think i would far more powerful here is near debating levels which i have often the liberals lost but the third party listening to the back and forth can easily be persuaded it's happened to me many times that we sell that story the at the maryland state fair baltimore county but i would argue with this teacher that's cool joyce as useless yelling and screaming and i was presenting over facts and a guy came up to me later and said you know what i gotta tell ya i didn't believe your school choice argument is about this is a map messing with you and he's like you have
persuasive there he's i might have to look into that and i remember that for the rest of my life it's the third party listening so what i'm about to point as for the hard core levels for the third parties will be listening this is video president obama himself so jesting their jerry nad laura shift and the hapless democrats new hypothesis fake hopes that the twenty two the election is gonna be compromised due because president trump colluded with foreign government and any decimated our electoral integrity this is to come president obama the rose garden before the twenty sixteen election suggesting that any suggestion that someone could compromise our elections foreign governments is a total complete hoax and here's clip number one if you don't accept the results of what a bomb is swearing around legitimate elections you are in fact the problem you'd think he'd be lecturing jerry now the right now check out cut one paraca barbara telling the demo
that's essentially right now how crazy they are for fighting the integrity of our election check this out one of the great things about america's democracy is we have a vigorous sometimes bitter political contest and when it's done historically regardless of party the person who loses the election congratulates the winner reaffirms our democracy and we move forward that's how democracy survives because we
i recognise that there is something more important than any individual campaign and that is making sure that the integrity and trust in our institutions sustains itself because democracy by definition works by consent i force i have never seen in my lifetime or modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process before the votes of even taken place it's unprecedented
yes but you just side is l bomber gonna revise that statement are we going to get a public statement from now for president barroso bomber condemning jerry nether you weren't you that's obama i do not mess with that that is continuous thought cut only for time not for content that is but obama himself suggesting that if you don't accept the results that you are aid democratic this is how accuracy survives yet we never is already suggesting as robotics i've never soon and ever sooner before an election ever questionable election before i've ever seen he just did it teaches you friends now what cost zero point zero donor for principles none cannot explain that away how they're there
they're very leader their golden calf barack obama the messiah messianic figure for them how before the election day folk with one symbiotic voice that our elect jeanne process is sacred a shooting it is anti democratic questioning it will in are allowed democracies how democracy survives joe accepting allegiance what kind of in any questions that election as obama's before a vote is even cast what kind of a moron does theatres jerry neither that kind of a born it gets worse i was going to make this one big segment by joel the general rule you always tells me you're being arena we should more than a minute half each people you know i've even obama's vienna heresy here we'll lose it so i cut it into two here's the sex fires about a minute long world bob suggests even worse than the even this suggestion that elections are rig is really the hallmark of an imbecile again complete
we ignoring the fact that the time that his own party was about to do the same thing he knew it by the way he was me deepen spike this out obama part to this is golden this is crazy check this out it happens to be based on no facts every expert regardless political party regardless of ideology conservative or liberal who was examined these issues in a serious way will tell you that instances of significant border fraud are not to be found
that keep in mind elections are run by state and local officials which means that there are places like florida for example where you got a republican governor whose republican appointees are gonna be running and monitoring a whole bunch of these elections sites the notion that somehow if mr troubles us for that because of those people that you have to watch out for that is both irresponsible and by the way doesn't really show the kind of leadership and toughness that you want out of a present you start whining before the games even over if if whatever things are going badly for him and you lose you start blame of somebody else then you don't have what it takes to be a mistake
ah the guy the democrats want to pretend not to that ever happened that rose garden speech your whining before they get you mean like jerry now there was just whining about the twenty twenty election you re like that guy and then you blame someone else you mean like jerry neither shady shift and nancy elsie blaming the russians the ukrainians or here clinton macedonians server farms admit hilary could then i'd so i forgot all the blames should place than everyone else but her for losing you couldn't find with cod sit on a map again these matters anymore because when obama said that no we met the town we just don't mean and now why because you never meant that at all because you have no principles i don't have one other examples i was recently smith's excellent book on the plot against president this weekend and there's an interesting peace in there that i don't think he's got a lot of press coverage which is a shame there
say peace and pork where he describes the again the gross hypocrisy of democrats remember this opening segment of talk about their the just standing hypocrisy of these hoaxes manner twenty twenty elections not legitimate shop todd it's that that's their narrow obama you're an idiot if you suggest elections aren't legitimate trade care like they have no principles and i read this research reminds me another piece of rank hypocrisy back and twenty thirteen please ball adam shift actually appear on our tee a russian up again the network in by the way they are complaints about our smaller and everyone else than ortiz russian propaganda they were helping trump adam ship on the network they claim is russian propaganda that's their claim by the way they allege its full blown russian propaganda this closure i was on rte debating a liberal many times tom hartman is a russian propagandist i don't know i didn't work there i just debated on and show shift
on the channel get a load of this joe talking about what you may say so what is a hypocrite for saying our tease russian propaganda appearing on their nada that's it gets better it was an honour t talking about in leash misbegotten detail here talking about joe how the pfizer court is could be trouble and it needs to be more transparent near the coroner used to spy on trump folks i'm not you're getting this i'm not taking you is this just wow is right this is real this actually happen so nobbler man this these twenty twenty elections not legit chuck it's a chocolate liberal propagandists fault i have acted as you know his head like a public adobe dopey seal waiting for him like a sardine two year that's right you're right jerry right this is wrong
it's i got really shocked i don't care what you i've even gotta check todd getting absolutely act by tat grew dr even got an angle worthy idee report but fido was right there are these are total hypocrites you're already setting up the exact our did barack obama warned us about questioning elections is undemocratic jerry now that we need to question elections it's the baker democracy now at adam ship artes russian propaganda and the pfizer courts are legit the fact that sleaze ball out of chief was odd archie talking about how the pfizer courts can have a serious problem of transparency ah every a i wake up what kind of liberal stupidity we can combat and why you know yet they decide to second spot because i want to roll do this for charcot getting absolutely i'm elated by ted crews chuck todd you'd think by chance just by chance
once in a while when a debate on his own show where the rules are rig not even by it's getting what a debate this guy is the second dumbest sky and media only behind brian stealth who is always the gold medal winter in the stupid olympics every single time i don't get too that a second today also she shall also butter on one of my favorite sponsors they're back joe there here we need to bear we go the duke do canada i now jos get read here we go what is due can't it wait gentlemen this and what are my showing you if you see the sun the youtube i m showing you they're solid cologne this is there air sent right now if you look inside it's a big scoop missing well why is that because it was my earth day dinner this weekend out with the lovely paula at the local restaurant either which i love which was spent there she is you see the photo nice look how great she look how rough can i am on the face what she's always a stunt like that's another i was one of my favorites
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a promo code bonn gino free shipping on orders over thirty five hours go to duke cannon today i'm ok bungee now for fifty percent of good luck on data aright folks but to the show right so they ve chuck car didn't get humiliated enough for showing his heir to a man a guy for being a full time liberal activists in promoting jerry now there's new hopes of twenty twenty elections illegitimate tromp colluded with fill in the blanks did checked out besides he's going to try to present day are fair and bad joke and have ted cruiser listen folks i i've full disclosure i'd like ted crusade to endorse them at that my endorsement matters ready thing i'm not that much egomaniac by i like ted crews have liked him a lot from this
you do not want a debate ted could you don't i mean he's just newport smart guy who's sharpers attack any pretty much annihilates everybody he goes out but a debate with the white shark tat thought having ted crews out as we can show was going to be a good idea may be i may is good for us because i at the humiliate shocked at the second dumbest guy immediate but really bad for him so here is chuck todd promote in full blown conspiracy theories and they can speed see their choctaws promoted before i put this clip on is that the ukrainian interference in the twenty sixteen election we all know happens been thoroughly document court cases the reports on the record statements watch shock tat go full pravda for media pravda and britain what we happen didn't happen so we can advance as liberal bona fide he's check this out here's the game the media's playing because russia interfere the media pretend nobody else did you crave blake
we interfere to our election the sitting in basket from ukraine road or not bad blasting donald you no longer in the election you know why he did that you download jewel what it donald trump what it donald trump as a candidate say about you an crimea during the election that might have in mind today in its agreements with non donald trump they wanted to regulate and get elected ok so they rode and tat i wrote an operating in parliament it harry inference what you are saying is you're saying a pickpocket which actually as i held up ed compared to burning it often vladimir putin area you're trying by data sharing line to equip quivered equal make em both seem equal i don't i don't understand that it should check chuck i understand that you want to dismiss ukrainian interference because a they were try to get hillary clinton elected which is what the vast majority of the media wanted anyway and be its end for the narrative you know it's hysterical to you
so go there was article are after article after article the mainstream media about ukrainian interference in the elections but now the damage let's have no evidence of a crime no evidence of violating the law and so suddenly ukrainian eighty interference is treated as the media clutches their pearl oh my goodness you can't say that last week shock you call center john kennedy basically a stooge for putin i didn't i you don't say absolutely ridiculous letter i just couldn't irony work for adam ship up a little bit of a joke listen i tweeted that thing i'll probably twenty pounds is great and i can tell it triggered liberalism liberals we're going crazy you know i know i've got them and wondered why alike like totally penned in when there
sponsors and its its quota my twitter for i'm at the bonn gina look i treated it like for six times that that peace that that that the video read their responses it's all can did we want the same interview yeah we did you just got old you got totally wreck that's their only response because they have no legitimacy by pallaby you might drawn up the political article this has not yet been retracted i'm sorry doing this to you but sales and morons i checked out the second dumbest guy a media he's trying to win be number one but he still second political you crazy and efforts to sabotage trump backfire january eleventh of twenty seventh this article is not been taken down it documents thoroughly by left wing media source political totally they can for the democrats it documents facts about how ukrainians interfered with dnc contractors
craniums interfered using alexandra loop worked at it it goes through how they were concerned that these court cases were happening in ukraine never is not a serious question any more about ukrainian interference in a twenty sixteen election i dont know what to tell you other than shocked is a moron or i'm sorry i don't know any other is ears chalked really dumb with possible who is not brought we know that is not right it is employees a mortgage possible arabs jus daddy he's not a moron he's just did not that bright and he's just outright why just drawing room how do you reckon chuck exit this stage live justly the show you should have resigned after that you should have risen they turned your show over to us
emily competent individual wouldn't iq above sixty seven because it's not you dive reports are out there if it is untrue it's their political story about the extensive in opening of the ukrainians are the twenty sixteen election to help hilary inert donald trump why it's still on their website simple question man why night not you ve gone for pravda i dont get it i've got what we don't you think they're while you're just like your opinion that way we should what shall we call that that's i didn't see you right i kudos city option b charter moron hydrogen issued may actually check to mourn option b he's just not tat bright but he's a bad liar see we're gonna call the dude i promised the dude hype
others this is this year well that's just like europe it that's two dude adoption see if that doesn't make it he says it's that's supposed to because none of this makes any sense because chuck todd is a this gratitude conspiracy theory promoting act folks did you see him by the way didn't even he's such a terrible debate around his own shop he didn't even refute cruises initial premise he simple response by justifying unknown opium is you can rely on the youtube or the audio but he says so let me get this straight crews you're saying that because the ukrainian ambassador actually wrote an in ipad hill attacking donald trump that dad the equivalent of the russian fake coax colluding with ivy
you understand how he didn't refute that ukraine should have you get this right they'll catch it obliges ology i didn't it didn't come to modify the ukrainians interfere he always does is argue that degree of our good catch break he's not arguing that it happen he's chuck tat is simply justifying let it happen by arguing that the degree was minimal moment by the way he avoid all the other stuff delicious go nellie your connection nellie or on the record saying she got information from this ukrainian parliamentarian which he uses apple research that your loop the ukrainian embassy story she he ignores all that shot he's chips he's not arguing whether it happen he's arguing their degree for like i told you this guy's a pathetic excuse for journalists and is now a full blown liberal activists and she he treated as
thing more immediate folks is dead and buried bury it it's over there is no honest journalism anymore all right so we have this idea report come and our folks this is gonna be critical this is coming out today from what i am hearing it's probably gonna go public little bit afternoon some time i'm afternoon that afternoon to separate we will see what's in there from what i am hearing from people there are a couple of things i want to focus on i want to prepare you because tomorrow show is gonna be in arguably i can't miss stamp on gino show i'm hoping to blow up our viewer numbers because we ve been all over case for a long time but i want you to get ready for some potential ups and downs first somebody put this story from carter page carter each being the subject of this is a fox news story it'll be up in the shown us today by gregory carter page on
of the d o j e g reports s findings will only tell part of the story folks my opinion having met carter page spoken to him followed him for a long time carter page as many of you know may not carter page was the trump camp in foreign policy adviser member who was the target of the warrant despite the trumpet right now the democrats large you now carter page had left the trump team by the time they were spying on him so they weren't trying on the spying on the trump gimme that of course is a garbage nonsense fucking point made up by democrats because once you usually fighting despite carter page you get off the emails from when he was with the trump deep and call in all events so just disregard that's adobe liberal talking point four idiots who believe it and i'm sorry if you got baited in by that that nonsense it's just the suckers talking point carter pages smarter than people given credit for page
suggesting here joe and i believe him that the orgy why'd you report is not covering the whole story what does he mean by that i covered this what about last week so i dont want to dig too deeply into it now small sum it up in a nutshell echo horror which was going to release this report today it's his ease the inspector general for the department of justice is not the issue your general for the intelligence community all right ladies and gentlemen as i believe i've documented thoroughly in my book spy gate exonerated and do these podcast and my correspondence is with you on twitter and social media i believe the intelligence community misled politicians harry read in others and the fbi within tell it since they knew had been discredited to open up a case now caviar m door buyer beware i suggesting the fbi is blameless they
continued the investigation after being hoechst into opening it into the trump demon carter page they continued it went found out the information they had been using was falls there equally as liable as the intelligence community but but on the initiation question i believe pages onto something hard its report is likely going to run some interference sadly for the fbi is likely to indicate that the in astrogation may have been predicated on what they fbi deem to be satisfactory information that that part does not absolve the fbi this is why don't want you to be debbie down or today please that does not absolve the fbi from continuing what they learned no later
oh later than january twenty seventeen likely earlier but later the january twenty seventy was a total sham investigation dough get down do not by into the washed impose new york times spin today this is what there come get ready for folks pages right horowitz doesn't the whole story he does no the extent to the involvement of the intelligence community because he's not the inspector general for that now the queen you know because this horwitz have access theory of access to the in the sea the you see the electronic communication to open an investigation the f b i you need an easy electronic communication where is that it's been classified we need to see it because if it has information from the intelligence greeted its false how are we to have access to if not ladies and gentlemen total logically here and have information to draw the conclusion you see my point is
if our which is going to say hey the f b i made the mistakes but open the investigation for the right reasons and the follow up questions what what were the reasons they opened it harbours disasters i don't know i haven't seen it you can't make that call so dull by these bs nonsense from the new york times are washed imposed that i'm telling you coming out their headlines gonna be i was appropriate now they will call spying a figure she was a phobia get ready now showing you how the times has been on this the whole time and by the way things everyone who listened to my interview a great jarrett it was it's gonna be i think by the times is done one of our most listen to interviews have really done forth with parliament it's already exploding craig jarrett the author china was on with me on friday we released and on sunday march on our youtube channel youtube dotcom slash bond gino check it out subscribe grey goes into this is well what is the best
yes origin story used to start this investigation now the new york times tried to ass light ass with a long time ago thereby theirs leaks in december of twenty seventeen joe here's the new york times how russia inquiry began a campaigner that about papa drinks and talk of political dirt ladies and gentlemen the time has been set this up because their full problems not a serious journalism out the entire time to make us believe the pa the apple is down her story started this investigation it is not true as great jerry discuss extensively in our interview i encourage you to watch dossier is what started this why does the fbi and everyone else in the deep state want to get away from that true version of events show because the a was a political document with no information that was actually accurate paid for a political opponent they want you to believe this agnostic
you know secular mind alexander down i was talking to a trump campaigning was so disturbed by will papadopoulos said they start investigation over it is not true listen to me bullet the dossier started this thing the fbi got duped and allowed themselves to continue to be do by hilary political apple research that is it that is the story the time it has been setting you up the whole time and end the question today how does this relate to the edgy report did horowitz get do by this gregg jarrett seems to think he did we will know by this afternoon i think he did too that is not how this case started it is factual the incorrect they were meeting with christopher steel in early july before their case started in london of the united kingdom was passing intelligence to the obama administration about trop none of that
dispute it is clear every day the dossier started this now this is an important point as well and states whom i got some stuff coming up with a washed imposts it's gonna make you laugh from the inner a sea through the national republican senatorial commie soviet bala like this one final question with this idea report today is there a paper trail for the very vacation process or failure of said verification process when it came this deal so we know this we know horwitz doesn't have the whole story i know the challenges community misled the fbi to opening the case i know the fbi continued the case despite knowing it was based on a fixed ass if a dossier was horwitz manipulated into believing the hard the papadopoulos story rather than a dossier started this but finally where wasted paper trail if the das
i did start this which i believe it did whereas the paper trail verifying christmas theo's information instead i see where was it folks would pursue the woods person which is a verification process on paper where you supposed to verify source information before you spy on people they saw you got to spy on that guy's get ready and initiate a terrific you have to verify that information there is a file create the word i'm getting ladies and gentlemen is the file there's a file all right and it says the information is in verified now what's the point album with that was as you can see in this peace bar by the hail from a while ago these are older pieces katy bow williams from twenty eighteen g o p memo alleges bias against trumpet fbi prompt what's it can take away from this peace while wants you to read this peace by this the peace by about endemic cape who was the deputy director the fbi according to the document in for me
from the so called steel dossier was essential do you position surveillance warrants on trumped campaign age carter page a claim then deputy director andrew became told the committee in december that without the information from the steel dossier no surveillance warrant for page would have been sought ladies and gentlemen you understand are devastating this visible do you understand this now my cape is disputed that it's not really what i said well that seems we want what you said according to the reporting on it now we know according to public reporting that they manipulated to opening this case they continued it anyway the dossier was a hoax you started it because a dossier knew then deputy director according to reporting and this a memo has said case what have existed without the dossier you didn't verify folks do not i the gas lighting efforts by the full born prompt the soviet union style media tonight i'm telling you even if that's the best read of the case
and they go on to say it may have been properly predicated everybody stand faster and easy as you say the police academy under muster deck stand easy they have anything the doorn report is coming up if this is the best most generous rita this thing that unanimity a document started your case with a hoax dossier and and failed to verify it it's gonna be a really bad day at the office folks i've got a lot more come and stay tuned i've got washed impose headlines gonna make you laugh here this is just the hilarity of the prophet washed imposed to see what a joy democracy dies in the darkness you are the darkness dude you are the actual darkness the washington post is pathetic aright ratio finally budget by bodies out here like sleepless and i needed and this week a man we had a good week and but little rough very busy
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minds because i want you to be ready for this one more components kind of a continuation last block get ready and fully expect and be prepared for the vicious ruthless savage attacks on attorney general bill bar to get even more grotesque invite why i'm hearing rumours are put this washing put him up in a minute i'm hearing rumours out there that bar is prepared to attach a letter to this horror which report in creating he has some disagreements with its conclusions now the washington post got some whispers of this in the end up december second when devlin bear it noted insider with these national security you get the least he had this headline bar disputes key inspector general finding about fbi's rush investigation now as i've been telling you days ahead of the new cycle i think the key point here is was the investing the trunk predicated on the genome evidence if
the director general horwitz is yes but inspector general does it know what the evidence was a boy or does damage barge job to put a lead we're attaching this why he has some complaints or even the worst impose seems too agree what i'm saying that i think the f b i wish slide by the intelligence community is a call from the washington post the attorney general barr is privately contended at harwood does not have enough information to reach conclusion that the fbi had enough in its hands at the time the justify oh the probe bar you set other u s agencies such as the cia may significant information that could alter horowitz its conclusions on that point accordingly we are familiar with the matter who spoke in the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations ladies and gentlemen as i told you're way ahead of the new cycle here horowitz
doesn't know what they see i told the fbi to open this how can you conclude the information open it was accurate if you don't know what it was even the why imposts own spinners the inside leaking the middle patients are acknowledging that bar may have information horowitz does it therefore expect a washed impose new york times that are the fake news outlets exe damn if bar does attach a letter indicating this to double down their personal attacks on bill bar to try to discredit they don't have anything else and they are desperate the cover their role in the biggest political spying scandal in american answered full bribed ahead mr zulu fall probably had damned the torpedoes this is kind of funny had tipp nathan bran now the net republican senatorial committee saw the sun is twitter feed lazy how do we get ready amateur show you for headlines for the worst imposed
only will they attack bill bar viciously ruthlessly in a just disgusting he'll be personal fast cars are not real journalists over there of course it's a swamp of denison fools and idiots and liberal activists get ready for them new attack to god forbid you call them out for their trying to hide the ukrainian interference with the democrats trying to hide their hoaxing with the russian collusion out trying to hide are there no conspiracy with foreign intel british into australians and others in the twenty sixteen election if you do any of that you will be called a rush stu gerard asset aragon washed imposed opinion page headline number one it has come to this ted crew there's this potent stooge washed impose headline number do opinion bait cattle is a russian asset wash them both at my number three opinion
here are eighteen reasons trump could be a rush it ass it was both headline upper for now our report your body is becoming a russian ass it my guys folks i mean you know what he's i beheld you really respond the saudis be clear on this the republican party that whether you agree with them or not i mean more towards a libertarian stance international security but putting that aside from a personal about me this whether you believe in the republican party three stool approach to policy one of them being a muscular foreign policy approach tell me the party that is built its house on combating russia
the prior soviet union fighting against communism and socialist they have built their entire political house on this at now because we disagree with your now the discredited can lose collusion hoax the total he's got that here the russian stooges the new york times the our steam posters had been running interference for communism socialism the russians anybody they can get their hands on that subscribes to the far left ideology for decades and now that we ve called them out the wash imposed for falling though hoax russian collusion disaster they now try to flip the script they must for their debacle we're all russian stooges folks again this it's a total joke i would be embarrassed to work to be done ever ever you insult me only wanted to have don't ever call me a journalist ever ever is
worse thing you can call we do facts here this is in fact journalists we do actual fact journalism that forget the word throw it in the garbage it synonymous with fools idiots swamp rats now right some good news here listen ladies and gentlemen the democrats are on the run completely fridays job numbers were spectacular movement off the collusion hopes in the ukraine hopes for a minute fridays job number we're stellar folks i gotta be honest with you here even i was surprised i am not a debbie down or when it comes to president trot danny down or my case or the economy i'm just worried about the significant debt load we have anymore that the democrats and rhino republicans are gonna spend us into an abyss when i can be able to escape from i was expecting number closer to two hundred thousand jobs created check out this wash them examined report you see the show notes tonight by their aid
or your board strong jobs report is a disaster for doomsayers and democrats disaster folks two hundred and sixty six thousand jobs you have any idea what kind of number that is for a month it was huge tat years into a recovery it was an enormous number there's a couple i take away from this and why these matters i send the beginning of the poor of the show i would address pulse see us as a report out put in the show notes that even though they do a lot of fake news over there to swing stay pause again wisconsin and pennsylvania turn dramatically in favour president dropped dramatically this impeachment hoaxes blowing up and then they're moving to other houses and scandals twenty twenty is not legitimate i really shows that at the beginning of the show is you ve seen this is important stuff the jobs report is a debacle because their fall back when all of this fails impeachment
our collusion ukraine gate whistleblower gave when all this fails joe therefore back exist to make it a change election but you're probably ask yourself now change why folks lets you speak and it ok there are two kinds of elections out there simply things are going great vote for more of the same member ronald reagan we talk about last week are you better now that you are four years ago so message number one in any election would be i've institute set of policies that are working for you let's continue them just happen with larry hogan oh i'm not a huge fan of a republic in the blue state marilyn you know axing arena most time but he reelected maryland republican a landslide his basic message they think you're gonna greater why mess with it he wasn't wrong we should be more of a republican something
that's a whole different story that's the first type of election jodo as well as the second type of elect is how things really sock in its time to change things member obama be changing remember that meets our complicated folks is really too meda messages macro messages you can run on things are great i did it lets that's continue it or take stock and i'm here to change it now that's all kinds subsets and things and you will get that but my question to you is if donald sharp drop is running on eighty economies motoring along i've got the numbers to prove it look at you for one can look at the job numbers and the democrats messages the opposite thing suckling change whenever it is that they have their true listen things get unforeseen weren't such debt afraid things could doubt turn any minute but there are not enough
president his instituting a set of policies tax cuts and deregulation gettin a red tape out of the way that is assisting to economic boom to continue in unthridden unprecedented fashion so if this is either a continual origin or no change in election the question for the democrats this obvious chain what what are you what a change you run to change this spring voters you gotta say ok change what my for one my job what are you what do you want to change they generally swings they poles are devastating if president wins michigan wisconsin and pennsylvania again the democrats you understand have no path to victory none they have no legitimate path to victory there is nowhere to go presents performing secondly well in ohio in florida in iowa there is no path for them they will
suffer an electoral college landslide again those numbers on friday for jobs were outstanding income growth wages i'm being carried with him i'm wrong about i would never have to sixty i would guess one hundred and eighty two two hundred thousand jobs if you would put me on the spot i would have guessed two hundred max i'm a little more cautious with economics and economic numbers and finance to sixty six is a blow out number they have nowhere to go i want story they legal insurrection always this great jobs will be up and shown us you know out of ship is no credibility whatsoever documented discredited hopes or a liar but now joe he's trans ring is lies not just from the collusion oaks and this is our whistleblower fake whistleblowers he's transferring them on treads policy policies well so legal insurrection peace by our body fuzzy slippers over there is to be in the sheriffs today adam ship so
and a yossi lambasted for misrepresenting drop administrations new foods stamp rules we talked about trump and its new which excellent policy at the present time there are reforming foods forget ladies and gentlemen if you can work and you don't have dependence and you are not disabled and you don't have kids and you are able bodied gets grass to work their favorite repressive one s give me my motto get your ass to if you could work sorry get your ass the work that's always sensitive tough nokia follow what we tell our daughter get your ass the one we ve been bother and of all time she's fifty he's gonna work gotta work why am i pay you food stamps
me you paula joe although this is gonna work gonna work exclamation point by failing to get your ass the work put this ok now go to work i got marshmallows down mom is based mainly on the work i got to get a warrant joam jos kids you know graduated briefly we got to work because nothing aren't at the heart is job at a world god bless submarines get to work so of course out of chivalry treaties gonna lie about a trap once people can work to get the work chief sleaze ball liar proceeding we kick millions of families and children are focuses its total why this is not about the people with kids or people who are they
people who are not able body or people who have dependence it is natural he's lie precisely that maybe he's prepared is another forty billion a big ag is values are clear welfare for corporations hungry hunger for america very scarce he's a liar total the lion put a complete sleaze ball a total liar ladies and gentlemen the food stamp reform does not apply the people with dependence on even just kids does not why do people were not able bodied people or having issues it does not apply it also does not apply to people who are following the rules able bodied and seeking work bottom line is get to work get your up and go work i work paula works joe works everybody in my family will make your work i pushed him into a job and let me tell you my daughter to meet the war
she needs to work if you know what i mean to work work go take up the little joe hypothesis i'd go entered a military go into boot camp tribute valued whirl go to you local restaurant go to your pick up a paper the time i was sixteen i pick up on my door job i had a paper out i worked in edward sir finest supermarket it wasn't the time why why would i worked at a cemetery do get to work take your ass this thing get up and go to work ass up here let me ass see up work this way there's the door here get to work here to get your ass off the sea i go to work ass see
do your job no whilst we are going to work gonna work work work i have one final thing for you today before we end this shell get to see you later catching up are you just heard tan bonn gino show you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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