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Panic Merchants and Hysteria Traders are Everywhere (Ep 1215)

2020-03-27 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the hidden pork in the “stimulus” bill which will infuriate you. I also address a real plan going forward which would save our economy and our children’s prosperity. I discuss the media panic merchants and their latest lies and distortions designed to spread hysteria. 

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Ready to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bonn Gina. My guys, ladies and gentlemen, were finding new things in this air quotes. Stimulus fell the thing to stimulate anything by the way, maybe a rescue bell by the moment. I want to explain the economic is how we can get out of this, how we could save ourselves what's going on some of this stuff we found inside this builds disturbing today show sponsored by Express Vps, protect your honor. Data today from prying eyes, go to express p p and outcome slashed by GINO today. Well the damned mancino shall pretty should show? How are you today, as far as I know that our times, but we will not grant buried, throws we will not give up our bell and we will given our ended the Shell Friday thing right, we have to stick to some cut down near no matter what here's, what I got used to line up. There are some
Companies hiring show me to give you your optimistic news. I'm not doing twenty four hour hysteria, not doing it. I'm sorry, I'm going to expose you. Sturdy we're gonna. We talked about yes, The data models, the model. Broken. That's narrative number one developing president tromp is listening to the side this, despite the fact that the information the scientists gave him was not correct and I can lay the narrative is gonna, be President Trump did not follow the Obama Playbook, even though all Burma didn't follow the Obama pandemic. Lady, if we get that economic stuff to its important, really important step today, show sponsored by our bodies we, the people hawsers aid in love, these holsters finest holsters activity. That comes then, I said, Beggar check this out. This is their constitution Should all the right here love this list? record numbers of people are buying guns and ammunition for the first time, if you want Please be safe. Please please! proficiency with that farm know, you well and get a good holster.
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Refund. We, the people holsters that conflict and we, the people, holsters dotcom slave, and offer Code Dan GO today. Rigel, let's go! This is less visibility merits our I first for Joe in our document music, before the show. So now I love him Floyd, I'm just so disappointed at a raja, warders says set some. The summit is crazy: stuff now it drives me in saying, but I told you how to get the ban back together. Joe was now this himself. We all want to see the next album from jobs. I get back to serious. Ladies gentlemen, You know shockingly, the economy, matters to people and that's upsetting some people on the left there, like all my gosh, I can't believe president drop is talking about the economy as if people's inability to feed their families doesn't matter at all, you know Can I went out yesterday in the real world for the media leaders who live in the Dc. New York, Amtrak Corridor bubble
yesterday, eat, I'm not going to say we're at all to put the guy on the spot, but it's a chain restaurant, but me and Paul are trying to you know we have We are but we're trying to spread the money around the local restaurants it'd take out to keep em active folks, I'm not sing, ready. Ok, these aren't like emotional stories for the sake of hyperbole and a few extra cliffs on our Youtube channel. Don't go. I don't need any of that. I don't need fake emotions. Real me and Paul to this guy yesterday owns a chain recipes. Super nice guy, he's tried, stay alive. I asked him how many more waste here before you go understood, odyssey, Adona he's out thanks, people like you and these other people, and they take outline here- we're still keep in the place. Blood, but he doesn't know going to ignore that you just get a black and white thing. Severe shudder, breathing down forever, if there's no consequence and I'm not doing it so this quote Stimulus bell, maybe ass today. May not, ladies gentlemen,
we're finding new, just discussed Thing things in here totally unrelated when I see disgusting I dont mean we did these getting this. What I mean is totally disgusting in the motive here was the clearly take advantage of a panicked american public brought on by the media, who engages in twenty four hour panic and hysteria to discuss. Mode of yours to clearly take advantage of that to stick money in four things: entirely unrelated to saving the United States economy. From this pandemic imposed upon us by China. Let's go to this Kinshasa, peace, because what's gonna happen, I'm such a bad guy, you're, always out of the recycling, comes a new narrative in the future, which I get to the chemistry of today's wall. Street journal, big government contagion appropriated, throw hundreds of billions that the virus everything else: Folks, here's the new narrative, let's put the headline up front,
New narrative is gonna. Be this the Democrats, through a bunch of spending at things entirely unrelated to saving the economy from this pandemic, for what, because they want the base line of spending for government agencies, because the Democrats want to bankrupt this country and the awful Republicans of which every. There are many There are some good ones, but sadly there are going right along with it. They get no pass either what a bankrupt the country there are intent on doing it and they know how to do in the way to do it. As issue com certainly use a crisis or crises. Yes, sir, the two thousand acres? You know I'm go with this, the two thousand eight recession. I do that me twenty corona virus pandemic use. It to demand massive amounts of money for the government. The government will save you out there we want, Then, when these government agencies NASA and all the says that budgets go up and up and up and up each every crisis, we need more. We need more, we need more, it is.
Which is a new baseline for spending. Therefore, when that when this spending next year's cotton goes back to levels, it was just a year ago before the pandemic. What's the Democrats in out of coffee and dry currently and caught Joe We you're cuts in ten twenty eight market we're marking time stands there. Anyone what's today, Friday March twenty seven market right now there it is. Now. I want to show you the stress on peace and couple screenshots for peace and wants to show a giant sees at nothing against the people in these agencies. I'm sure they work aren't. I was a government apply one time and what I believe to be a valuable agency, the secret service and cynical Dare I say that, because a great people who keep the present alive because that night, there's no role for government and that suggesting should have a military or federal law for
These are a court system. I'm not saying that. I am saying this is not the time to do. Spending like this had Tipp Kim's jostle for digging up the pork in here which were exposing these bills. That disaster, I'm really sorry, I'm sorry too bright. The bad news she as is also money appropriate, is due at government for no purpose other than the throwing throwing following every outpost gets others most for nothing more than the general command to prevent, prepare for respond to corona virus. Nasa at sixty million, then NASA straw, This is the virus infected the sun's corona. Are we the corona ships to the moon. What do we do when we send they get the Jupiter resettling when alike? Ivo Haley's comment, we put macaroni honour the rest. Archives. Yo gets eight mill mile, that's nice. Maybe the local restaurant odor could use a male, to see the look on his face yesterday. That's all
Kimberly processes. What's it going to put the virus on display many farmers get cash for research, regardless of their relevance to today's medical crisis, perhaps She department will use its additional ninety. Nine million quote science to gauge, The virus responds in a nuclear reactor. Ladies and gentlemen, they are spending us into an abyss. We are not going to be able to get out of there. These Friday. I'm gonna give you a path out, but the path in right now is clear and when I say it, half and I mean the path into any well a deep well of you. Now make uncertainty. We can have a tough time crawl out of its gonna, be like that bad man movie with their bain, where Batman to get out and dump the rope just do without the rope there was a dumb move by the way gets worse the Strasbourg peace years more then there's the right, pork and ere, the forest service, Joe gets three million for fun.
Worse than range lion research. This isn't, Portugal s bill that's supposed to emergency relief folks, twenty seven million for capital improvement maintenance seven million for wildfire management, important stuff, whilst management in the corona bill. What are you? Gonna burn the corona to build apple, seventy five million to the National Foundation on the arts and the humanities. We discussed that yesterday, twenty five to the Kennedy center. God forbid, the Kennedy centred and get the twenty five million Joe, even an odd seventy, eight thousand dollar payment to the Institute of American Indian in Alaska Native Culture and arts development. That's important right, that is vital. I'm sure I got an email from it is vital it really in the Koran about a water object in central. You targets five hundred thousand appropriate
it is, can sneak a lot into eight hundred and eighty pages yes MA am they can now Poor can worry, Joe, have fear? I know you are concerned about this. Being a fiscal conservative like I'm, I all worry. We read that oh, we showed you the bill yesterday, Kimberly straddles, read the eight hundred eighty page, billions put it in a radical. What's in there, we know it's at it, but don't worry Joe policy a liar of such in out proportion I mean she's. It's almost I see a passing, she lies and she thinks we won't do anything about it this video of Nancy Pelosi, telling that's what I just told you was in the bill is not an abyss. Ladies and gentlemen, we are clear why and she does it with Us- straight face, because she thinks you're stupid check this out.
These are needs that people had. This is not. This is all understand this about. This is a very important to know that this is all about the corona virus. It's not about anything else, is about the corona so this is temporary for this period of time, and important to know that, because there was a war, why should they causes of corn of virus to poverty the issue is just making that up. Forest management, wildfire management, Kennedy Centres, staff. This is that we should just making it up. She thinks you're dupe and now, ladies and gentlemen, people, for the narrative later, because I'm telling you the Democrats, and sadly there Rhino Republic in our lives, who have no guts any more? I don't care about. The future of the country are spending us into guarantee bankruptcy in the best, and I'm thinking like I'm not getting through. I guessed you some of the labor that there were listening in the Democrats. You don't understand something like a quick analogy. May work here. If you will allow me for a second to make sense of what
going to happen in the economy. Because the amount of money being spent is so unreal unreal, meaning it's hard to grasp how much money two trillion dollars is here. Let me think about it. You can spend a thousand dollars a day for a hundred days. You only have a hundred thousand dollars think about the order, Maggie you what a trillion dollars no less to truly after the government is already spent four trillion this year. I get it. It is It makes sense to people so quick analogy of what's going to happen if disk, if this summer, doesn't change immediately. He's gemlike. Imagine we lived on an island unwilling to trade with another round, but every Andrew people, India and I thought of this tree farm. I pass all the time I go down. I ninety five in Florida, some of you know where it is and South Florida at this farm is fascinating. They have
these trees right and they have the little trees and the medium trees and then the big monster, cheese tree form they sell trees, but think about her up in order to build their capital stock of trees, just like an island it just like a country, is no different. Amazon of micro and macro scale. There are very few differences, despite with the experts want to tell you small scale and a large your words to say my trading goods for other goods using money as an exchange that complicated wrapped. In order for that tree farms, get started Joe. They needed investment money in the beginning to plant some very small trees right. You can't sell trees, you don't have they had the land they had a bite. Seeds applied, play the trees and probably took a long time before that, Reform group trees, big enough, that they could sell them right Have the big trees you sell at a premium, the medium trees, maybe a little cheaper than you have. This
trees. You holbein you! That's like you're working capital investment for the future. I want to sell them because there's gonna be a big and medium trees. Later right The United States got so wealthy over time because we are so proud, active and our citizens are so hard working that we build so many of these trees. We have so many extra trees. We could afford to trade them with another island. A child in the China, Island or the Japan, our first stuff. They had extra food dog boys cars whenever maybe we have he's actually made so many trees were so productive and we worked so hard in this tree form we're getting have you these trees in exchange for that. Well, what happened Became so productive over time that our government started taking a lot of those trees and promising than other people. Future generations in social security money. We don't have Medicare better we can't pay for foreign countries, have brought our debt.
Sooner or later they gonna want those trees. We promised those trees. We promised all of em we now owe more money over many two trillion dollars. Then the entire value of what the entire country produces happens when they all come for those trees. He answers obvious you're. Gonna have to start from scratch. You're, not going not, can have any extra money. Could you can have no trees, so you can have to work here. Off watering no trees for years until those trees go back and you can sell em again and trade them. What I'm telling you is, there will be an economic reckoning here that Nancy policies lying to you about and Democrats and Principled, economically illiterate republicans who play along are refusing to tell you and the hacks in the mainstream media, ignoring. We are on an app Salute Lee certain path to bankruptcy right now, meaning sooner or later all
extra money, we hadn't trees, we're trade and other people. Those trees, road to other people, they're going to come for their trees and we're going to have work really hard much lower standard of living to build that tree form back up again. There's a way fix this. Now if you add some optimism at the end of the show, so you don't think it's like. I said that they know that choice, there's an actual choice. You were just not taking it, but something has to be done now. You can't spend two trillion dollars without consequence. Anyone tells you that is a garbage person and is not serious enough, tell me to bore you with analogies stories about economics, but it's been my passion for a long time. I don't talk. Educational credentials. I hate doing that because it sounds ridiculous, but it matters numbers. After two plus two will always equal for spreadsheets half the balance and their common for those trees. It's only a matter of time.
And started one thing some of you might be same while we get the biggest military and we're gonna. Don't given the trees bet, that's possible you're right. We could help far and PETE foreign countries had on our debt and our own citizens by the way ass grew which not gonna pay. You The question becomes member this novel, That's are paid folks by the debtor or the gardener, all of em all death. Are always paid the person lending the money doesn't get it back. They paid your debt, they gave you money, never got it back or you the debt back and you paid you may centres. Have we got the biggest arm. I heard some this lunatic. To know in college. When I want the stony broke, my freshman year told me he was alive and he's a who's gonna make us pay as if there's no consequence that no, no, that's your pay the oxygen. What would happen then? You think people, come back to the tree form to buy again later after you didn't give him the trees. We owe them before. Good luck, work in your body.
The plant of trees and having no customers because you never gave the trees. You owe them before. Good luck with that, you know what that's called scald interest rates. You think foreigners and U S citizens, when the government tells him screw, you we're not going to pay your money back, you think they're gonna. Let me back to the government at an interest rate, anything less than fifty percent I'll. Take you to pay me last time. Take off? Why are obvious? I want fifty percent it's gonna You like Tommy two times Loescher. All debts are paid because I know, there are some liberals, that's how they feel about the government. What I really want. Who's gonna make us pay knows: you're garbage people garbage people because they're so stupid, they haven't through the end, then what age opium, as if they're going to come back or a threat in payment for lending money again. Genius very smart gospel we do it. Our exports, Joe specially economists, so my world stupid Skoda number
two. Thankfully, we have people in the White House here trying to quell the stereo, I'm tired of it. I'm tired of it at the hysteria merchants. The path excels men dumb with it I'm not interested D. Or infomercial panic salesmen, we're all gonna die. Every day we're all gonna die every you again go to the drug. Report every day? If you want If you want total non, stop ridiculous hysteria. You want GINO report that cause you wanna do common sense. I'm tired of it doctor Works is apparently tired of it to now hear stories. Joe of do not risk thus a date or hospitals. Talking about what are we gonna do? Are we gonna? You know we're gonna have to He'll people are we going to not give them ventilators? Ladies and gentlemen, we may get there that may happen tragically right, that's happening now. Yad Doktor, Burnham
Will everybody calm down for a minute and focus on the problems that may arise and stop panicking people with emotions about a problem? That's not here! Yet here's doc! birds in the White House talking about do not resuscitate orders, the media panicking people that, if your mom gets put in a hospital, not gonna resuscitated, despite that not happening at check this out Finally, the situation about ventilator. We are reassured and meeting with our colleagues in New York there Still, I see you beds remaining and there are still significant over a thousand two thousand ventilators that have not been utilised yet. Please for this reassurance of people around the world to wake up this morning and look at people talking about creating DE and are situations do not resuscitate situations for patients. There is no situation in the United States right now at warrants,
what kind of discussion you can be thinking about it and a hospital. Certainly many hospitals talk about this on a daily basis, but to say that to the american people to make the implication that when they need a hospital bed, it's not going to be there or when they need that ventilator, it's not going to be there. We don't have an evidence of that. You know, I'm Maybe it's my prior line of work or having the the thanked. Honorary meanness of in prior line of work, having worked with folks in the military, often with special forces operators, embrace Navy seals even delta. Folks, at times when we're overseas, do insecurity advances for the present. We would have cure F teams, quick response teams. Our forces, I should say special forces available to respond to a technical problem immediately allow
at times we would use bream brays. We we didn't tripped Indonesia, special forces operating. I work with them a lot and I'll tell you. Other things out, I've never been more impress, I'm not kidding by any group of people in my life. I've been about ran a lot of folks, whether it's great What school or my job running for office, the least press of group of people, journalists by far the second least impressive group of people, politicians, the most impressive group of people, no doubt hands Candidly there's not even close. Second special for operators! Why, ladies and gentlemen, I have never seen such emotional control in my life, not that they're, not emotional, everybody's human, but their control. Over their emotions and as we discuss the other day, the abyss, lady to distinguish between the time to focus on emotions. Your parents died, God forbid there nothing, you can do to fix that they're they're, not there. It's a tragedy, you now you have to focus on your emotions and work to it, but there's a time,
also to focus on a problem? Your parents are sick there not to fix the problem fix the problem. Stop with the among its time for emotions, I d not what the media does. Why that's what the media is doing right now. Why? Why Joe because emotions gay clicks and click generate revenue? Ladies and gentlemen, these hysteria merchant, in on you twenty four hours a day they want. You read lining with fear every day, so you go to the phone. You click on their website, where you take the click or out and turn them on the television and turn him up. The hysteria merchants are everywhere because it makes them money for like a Navy seal right now. Think, like a Green Bray, I'm not talking about go. Do barbies in your garage undertook the conditioning I'm talking about mentally harden up. We have a problem, a virus that yes, is play to some people and is very serious. There's a problem in a fix
Are we need ventilators? Ok, then, let's figure out a way to build ventilators. Why are we talking about killing people and not resuscitating them. Why? Because that makes an we great tweet for the media to resuscitate they're gonna, kill Grandma, oh my gosh click And you know it: if we get to that problem, will fix it. Ten, too,. Seeing this on cable news all day can have to start to our people. Four click because their second meeting of middle age, how about we just the ventilators great he's in the Wall Street Journal today about exactly this worth your time by the way check this out.
Headline rationing care? Is a surrender to death limit? Treatments for the older chronically ill may also violate civil rights law. There better ways why we talking about? killing people, yet when the problem as a rather than is still a way to fix it, because we're focused on the emotion because the media has focused on the emotion because there's a whole lot of revenue and collects and there's a whole lot of clicks and emotion. Do you work with these Navy seals? You tell the guys, you give him a problem and they fix it. They don't sit there and roast s'mores and cry around each other and pat each other on the back of it over. Here we are word for pp. Dad in the secret service. You know what it was. I can't. The second word, because we're on terrestrial radio now too, but, let's just say it rhymes with quitters, we add a word no, we call them people ocean focused packers. We call them back
waiters, rhymed quitters, you get the point cat it. Thank you. Don't be a bed quitter, we can fold It's on the emotions, when this is all done, We really want through something. How do we fix ourselves that was really set? It is this the time now time to fix it, problem? So we don't have to get people kill? I want you to close, amateur read from this Wall Street Journal peace. I want you to pay very close attention to this, to show The difference between a problem focused approach. It in a market emotion, focus reproach the media loves, emotion, focusing because it generates collects it's fun to fix the problem from the Wall Street Journal Peace, so they did this little public forum right. On Hopkins University, then she's me Johns Hopkins, should not from our election at Johns Hopkins. That's like a sin in Maryland, set three
Hundred provide your usual you best diameter out, you'll be evicted from the state immediately more than three hundred participants were invited to weigh the possibilities of health care rationing in this survey. They did this exercise Lee already Bittacy Ruth faded organizers of the forums recall that the participants rejected a simple first come first served model, in other words, keep this up. They said. Well, we have to ration and not give people there, later that we just given that the first people that come in the hospital they said not on. Let's not do that then rejected. A lottery system is to arbitrary and we do a lottery system from interrelated and not on. I can't do that to arbitrary they go to create an algorithm for rationing. Here's to take away folks. In the end, the participants were apparently very smart channel. The entire premise, basically it back in he's asked why wouldn't be better to simply
build more hospital rooms or manufacture more better waiters in advance. Why because back quitters love hysteria, media people have never had real jobs. The for welcoming majority them, couldn't graduate a real class in college, so major journalism figure economics or accounting out most of em I've never had real jobs in the real world. They ve never baked. Bagel stocked grocery shelve all things. I've done. They ve never done any of that Ever laid a brick never operated a sound board like Joe at three o clock in the morning. Get ready first, show you never done any that they try.
Big in hysteria in panic, because their bed quitters, because bed quitting and panicking while quitting the bed, generates revenue for. Meanwhile, the people like us who have ignore it sure repeatedly the severity of the problem. We may have a shortage of ventilators. There is no doubt problem. The people like who remove ourselves from the emotion of the situation and question. Problem and how to fix it and say something simple like Well, maybe we should just build more ventilators, like ah you down The problem. You doubt play it, you're not taken this seriously not quitting the bed, like you think, like the green brace think like the Rangers
Think like the force recon guys. The combat controllers? They don't have I'm Freddy's emotion, they don't have time more than you don't either there's, problem to be fixed, depend This happens in this study recognise the problem we ventilators George. Why are we talking about killing grandma? Can we just more ventilators. When you're so focused in the emotion the hysteria and the panic and you can't remove yourself from the situation. Obvious solutions, just right, over your melon when you, if you had a guy or woman like this on your advanced in the bed, quitters cash
The present in a five minutes at a car in the runway. Where are the keys right here? Did you move I didn't think about that. I was too busy scream at about it. We seek service age of watching my shared. You know that guy, you know guy everyone's had won on the team, you just move the car. I never think of that. Now. I have some evidence. A bed quitters here we rarely do clips twice on the show, because a guy or inside your listen. I want to take, but this one's worth it, here's quit a radio. Here's an all We used to work for the above and ministries, this guy, Andy, Slav and now anti slavery was on MSNBC, trying to generate hysteria, the federal government to coordinate our by God and, oh Bob. Ironically Obama's old FEMA manager, the federal emerging added Craig Fur Fuji had no time
this guy at all walked off this? I want to play this again. I want to show you how this guy, Slav, it is. The bet quitter other day doesn't want, fix. The problem just want you to be twenty four hour. Redline hysteria listeners quit first Minnesota. It's impossible motors for his behaviour. Later were again. The Obama Emma guy he's on the MSNBC set with here walks because he's just sick of this guy's hysteria check this out. Without go back to your other guess, there's not a governor and the country is waiting for the federal government right now they are all acting. What they need is coordination, because we have believe it or not. We masts. We have a lot of these. Things gets where they are listed in the supply chain. People are profiteering off of them or they're going to places where people are hoarding them know. That happens at a crisis, it's only because it's only by someone looking through the entire system, and seeing where those needs are that you can say, stop hoarding them all
as we need them in New York right now. What we build manufacturing capability and put them in taxes which other gases suggesting here, It is not helpful. We need a great partnership things. People tat Craig, you on it, sit down and respond to this. I guess Craig is left Andy, he doesn't really scared all what you said but look either trying times and everyone's right in their best- and I know Craig is- I don't know Craig personally, but I'm sure he's working as hard as ensuring its best. Everybody is that these are unprecedented times understandable that he's frustrated can we know not everyone's train their best, but you you're trying your best. Generate hysterical emotions in people. That was the about that guy the Slav and used to work with the Obama administration on health care of all things.
Driving you all the Red Knight make no mistake: what he was doing, there was just trying to play a political blame game to make the Trump administration doing everything it. Can you think it's him Trump Administration's interest for the country to fall. Aid to a pandemic and for millions that you understand. Kind of a colossal idiot. You need to believe it to believe that nonsense. That's what's, it's trying to do, and he said Area does act. It keeps eyeballs on the screen here Other general from slav and honest twitter account, which he had the delete and showing you these are. Stereo merchants, panic sellers. Andy Slam, its twitter, he says now, In cabs Joe now, in other words you this is happening right now. A major hospital in the MID West has reached its limit on ventilators minutes ago. All my really. This is its job there. Handing out forms
saying that only those with the best chance of survival we'll get care. Others will be adding pain. Medication. All MIKE that's happen now. He has it in cabs Joe now, now all caps now again, but don't want to address the problem everybody get red line. Every moment, fear people in the Midwest. What now? What does that do by the way. See when you're not like a navy seal aura? the guy or come control or something like that and Europe, political hack like slavic. You have the luxury of getting a panic and people. What does it do? Your what's the actual effective patent, while the seals no panic, does nothing padding its people killed before anything else. You panic, you die but panic generates eyeballs for Slav it, but what really do in the real world you if you're reading that thankfully sky has very limited following, except for the fact that, for some reason, cable news outlets continue to have this. This guy on.
If you're out the mid now in your coffin and Thank. You may have the virus from China. Man you rush into that hospital right away, I better be one in the door for the respirators and the ventilators have run out, which cost other people to do the same, and in more and more you, get a tidal wave proliferation. Cascade of panic. That's hard to stop. She flattered doesn't know that, because climate Political hack left out of the Navy seals in a minute. He be laughed out of the army rangers in a minute he be left off. Dance team in the secret service. He be called the bed quitter, that's love it! say well, then was the story. True, let's go back to slab at here. Is tweet later on. Oh, I removed it you did
Elaborate how to remove it? Maybe you should check the story first, because that inflamed the left right controversy, but you can't even spell right about how bad the crisis is becoming a major hospitals, running lower attic capacity. While I want when form with the best knowledge I have. I won't do at the expense of the kind of discord right now. In other words, blaming us right, wingers for pointing out the fact that the story he told Joe was not true the hospital. Did not run out of ventilators. The hospital circulated a memo in the event that were to happen about what they would do if He ran out of ventilators logic in colleges, modus tones modus polish member, that kind of stuff. If then, if run out of innovators. Them will do this slavic. They ran out of a kind of different. Then. If then, if you then he's giving you divan when its Thea, then if there he clearly take logic and call scaring the out of everyone in the MID West to problem
we didn't read is tweet quit Abed big time. Clean up on our four method, big over there. The quitted gotta was was pretty grotesque. You may want to rethink that if you have a platform on twitter before you go promote hysteria and misinformation, twenty four hours a day that will literally gap it literally get people hurt quitters are everywhere via the media. Madness section coming up next may get through our final sponsor today before I do that I thank our sponsors again and I want to thank you Supporting responses, even this time of crisis, now we're trying to do everything we can to over here answers are good companies, and we appreciate your patients. Ladys demonstration brought you by friends at lending club they club landing called they ve been a long time sponsor lookin for some believe alone right now: Lenny Clubs, your Karen revolving dad. You have improved
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That's lending club dot com, slash Damn lending Club dotcom, Slash Dan all loans made by web Bank member F, the icy equal housing lender banks lending club providing valuable service right now. Ok, again media madness so sad. I have to do this every day, but there's a lot of misinformation than this one story isn't really by correcting debunking anything. It's just to show you that my. Axiomatic truth that liberals, thank you. And people with ideas. Why? We think liberals are people with bad ideas, member big difference. We ve been saying this on the show since episode one. I want you to understand that they do why device between us and liberals. Is this conservatives think liberal Are people with really bad ideas? That's why we their ideas, high taxes, public control education, Obama, camp liberals do that liberals, don't really want omit the rat. Let's not all Democrats, but most liberals have no principles at all. They don't believe in anything they believe in power to change them
what their position on a diet, tribe, overreacted, upon the reacted. Travel ban is If you should have got a truck, they really have any principles, they change. What do they do? Liberals, don't think we think of them that their people were bad ideas. They think we're bad people with ideas. They hate you, can't stand you a lot of these people, I mean it's. It's a actual hatred, Is a tweet by writer for Jake, you magazine, there's a real tween moved manipulate this nor Julie I offer you whatever you do, don't even care to see him talking about how yesterday, even though we don't even know if the numbers for China real she's, of course she takes the communist countries. Word: Ford, Julia as now that we are apparently lead the world in in our view, Hon virus from China in actions, we don't even know that to be true, because you know no, China's numbers, she says who's, the whole country. Now
more on alert beneath if there was ever a more on alert there, it s right, yeah, proving why again they really hate you they hate themselves they last country they their commands. They hate everything about that they wake up in the morning, so miserable that there, actually looking for a reason to spit this country at every opportunity, as a real go Dan every any opportunity to show you how flaw and when a failed country, this is Bell, take it and I found her because I lose it. Then it's not appropriate right now here see it I'm doing what CNN does spreading fake news here, CNN hilariously, trying to fact check the president proving him right and again sell phoning on Twitter
voters when you treat something a twitter, you think is in itself, and you really make yourself look like idiots they CNN is the king of cell phones. They tweet things. That make a book like the fools. They aren't. You don't even realize it here its effort at a fact check on Trop, where they inadvertently prove Trump right in themselves to more up its effect check that message. So, president shrub, this is their tweet at sea and in fact, check President tribe says the: u: S is done more corona virus testing than any other nation. Ladies, Gentlemen. That's a fact bets on hard the numbers they go on while the? U S, we're taken? South Korea in total numbers of corona virus tested minister location? Stop right. There truckers writing. It has conducted far fewer test per capita. Ok, That's not what trouble said you ignore did you know he did not say the United States
capital leads the world. Doesn't that's not what he said? That's not what he said fact check says: we ve done more corona virus testing, then in a tweet act. Acknowledges that a true bud we haven't, done more per capita. Ok, what he said you morons, can you read? Do you even know what per capita means oh my gosh. I really feel bad for you if you're in an airport stuck watching, and he can't even hear it because he keeping mute your watch CNN and airport. I'm right, really feel bad for you, this the network so populated by Anti trump idiocy. They can't even do a fact check the railway There are other stories going. I wanna get this I'll get back this stuff, but just quickly use a big Supreme court ruling this week
rushing liberal hopes and dreams. You may Mr Quinn, Hillyer washed. Examiner Supreme Court rightly refuses to see racism that isn't there. It is this is not a joke. This is an actual Supreme court ruling nigh nothing. Unanimous This is not being funny here, ladies and gentlemen, the Supreme what rule Joe you gonna shoot someone for racial discrimination. You have to show wait for You have to show Joe. Racial discrimination. You have to show listen! I know what I said was so profound decision. I forenoon equations and you're, taking a minute to take it all in, have we Yes, I do. I know Joe you're, smart man, yes digestion time on that he needs time said was so profound he's trying to
through all the different calculations,. In a letter to sue for racial, Discrimination, you have to show racial. Screaming. That's a real rulings I see this primary comply or yeah, I'm Sohmer, I hadn't thinking this is sometimes I I can't. I can't take it with liberals building. For both, the person was fired for non racial factors and soon. And the Supreme Court ruled know if you're fired for non racial factors, you can't For racial discrimination k again not the best, it's an intractable story. I say liberals devastated because liberals like that they love warfare, they use the legal sit here. Has Tom Fitness judicial watcher, we says the process for liberals is the punishment or may not.
We new issue you, whether they win or not, is irrelevant. It's the suing of you, the ruined your life and that's, which that's, what strikes fear at the European and makes them make pc decisions not based on reality. The fact that they want. Able to do that anymore, really I have some crazy, ok Here? Is our liberal losing their marble segment actually title that is know what else to say here is the New Orleans mayor again in one of the great cell phones, I've ever seen in the history of media, the New Orleans mayor who go? on CNN and clear that she didn't shut down Marty Grab, which has now become New Orleans and new hotspot, tragically. So, by the way, because of the awful leadership of a woman's mayor, saying she didn't shut it down. Marty grower, apparently this spread, which, by the way I dont on that subject that was even a terrible decision on her part I need to.
What are the ramifications of base it on the facts and the damage? I have no problem. When our decision, but I have a problem with this- is pathetic self own. Where sheep eyes to blame it on Trump. A decision, Joe and pretence? when this happened in late January early February, this period Betsy, you didn't know anything. Nobody was saying anything about the corona virus. Despite the new media. The blogs online street gossip and everybody in America talking about it to New Orleans, mayor cell phones, sin oh no, then you didn't see and hear it. I don't know Sierra loves it. They think this is great check this out within a week or two,
after Barney grow all of a sudden, the case to start started emerging in Louisiana, obviously that very disturbing. I will point out that we did some checking back in February, twelve, the CDC Doktor Nancy Massive Yea said, and I am quoting her now we can and should be prepared for this new virus to gain a foothold in the union a statement but you're saying no one, but federal government came to you and urge you to at least cancel are poor or postpone Marty Graph
that's absolutely correct, and not only that it was backed up with the response of our national leader when it's not taken seriously at the federal level, is very difficult to transcend down to the local level in making these decisions. But when the experts told me that social gatherings would be an issue, I move forward cancelling them as well as Saint Patrick Day parade as well as are super Sunday. Where are my autograph India's parade? The suits the day made. You know all year long. So this is something that not only concerns us, but it says for how leaders should matters at every level of government in the United States of America where mayors are on the front law is at a joke. Is it real? I'm
I'm not kidding liberals more pumping that clip on social media. Sorry as if this was a good thing, We understand the self own face plant. That was by the mayor, who has the call the nerve talk about leadership when, quite just about why she didn't call of Marty grow again. I'm not even attacking our decision instead, just manning up and saying: listen today, was inconclusive on the how contagious this was and how fatal it was. The time This is an enormous boost for our local economy. That people rely, intimate, went bankrupt, clearly now looking at the infection rate that may have come out of Marty grow, we should have altered or made some common sense made recommendations. We didn't do it now we have more data button hindsight we may have done things differently. That's what a leader looks like What a seal looks like but dealt a foreigner, looks like that, is not what politicians look like like the mayor. What's your name can't trail of New Orleans who disgrace theirs,
on CNN and liberals. We celebrate wasn't me I don't know anything. Nobody told me anything. That's credible, you're, the only person on the planet who apparently didn't know about the spreading who on virus from China, the only one What are you a living in a bank safe? How did you miss that with no waiter enough, so pathetic, but So why keep putting your faith in government is so great govern, it's so wonderful- they got up I've had sectors, building, masks and ventilators are enough. Thank God, and that is using the Lord's name in vain, that as a capital, GI literally pray to God and thank him every day for freedom and economic freedom. If you then a socialist country control by liberal idiots, then that ventilator problem and DNS would be a problem. Yesterday,.
More hysteria. Merchants here is the salute. We hapless RON claim RON Clean, Al Gore noted but kisser his lips surgically sewed to the rear end of former vice president failed presidential candidate. Al Gore here is wrong, plain, who again remembered liberals, they only want experts on on pandemics, Joe run clean as a political hack was appointed by Obama, further Ebola virus outbreak run clean. You may say Iran play no no, not doktor on clean that shit on this is claim to pull Michael Hack, who Obama Why did you run your by a bullet taskforce, again not doktor, Schmahl lean. This is wrong claim this I dunno Messiah on the left. You haven't heard so many of you don't hear this stuff because you don't follow. Liberal blue checkmark accounts on Twitter, who are the dummy People in the twitter sphere- I can't tell you tell I don't
the black me, but I found this. She was going to disguise their new Messiah run. Claim the former Bala guys out there on blackboards and stuff doing these things are trying to scare everyone all the time. Here's RON claim tweeting about structures check this out of monsieur you, two tweets here. If you not your job today is because Donald Trump did do its job in January and February to fight the corona virus, run, claim political hack, garbage person run, way, suggesting their job, that, prompt decisions in January to ban travel for move on to power, The war on China virus from getting over here suggests. That decisions in January February to ban travel from the European Union suggesting that he didn't do any of that on the reactor- that's interesting, That's not what run claim was saying, in January or February.
Cause RON cleans Maura run means a political hack other tree from run clean. On nineteen. If you want to do something useful today, go to China town by a meal go shopping way way way. This is right, did you just say: tromp was terrible for play in this laying down the viruses humans, not people of any ethnicity or race for is hurting chinese, american or businesses, basically Spaciously, let's fighting disease and, let's fight the prejudice, so wrong, clean, again, not doktor. Schwann lane run clean coal Echo garbage person we telling you what is tweet a little while ago, coercion and eat everywhere. Chinese restaurants, every topic, a racist racists, dream on cleaners telling you would January February. That trouble and taken seriously, these are the garbage people
It is generally put his name and twitter. The left is worshipping the sky heart. My cache. Thank the Lord Joe Biden has run cleaner. He such an expert. I got your videos where you hear hear was more Enron, claim testifying about don't you worry folks? This is an overreaction. The president doesn't know what he's doing overreaction he's asking present under reacted member liberals have no principles. They don't actually what they say They really want to Revalue appears cup, one of run claim it is impossible in possible to cut off the flow of people. From China to the United States there needed to bring vital goods to the United States by boat in by plane. We ban a mere can coming back to and from back from it. A family member, someone so forth. So might my point about travel bans is, beyond the effectiveness issues, the doktor knew so as raised as a practical matter. We
I have one. We will never have one and therefore or what we need to do is to monitor the people who have been in China recently for here in the U S and impose public health measures on a map. On a very large scale, is a hump complicated, so hard problem to detect if those people Sick to isolate them and to treat them, that's the that this isn't about academics. It's the only pray, technical solution on the facts, wrong clown. So there's run clown bag. You knew I needed. Well, there's one clown who now we're saying Trump under REACT in January and February in January and February, saying Trump overreacted, that's too that's him, knocking the China Travel Ban. Happened in January and February when Braun clown said that Trump didn't do anything. Here's one clown again
on why Europe travel by this is no good either. They german run clown. But this Rachel is the classic from distraction tactic. He wants to see, presses, debate to travel ban so and so forth and not come after. Where he has failed, we have Did five people at every million in this country increase? tested two thousand people out of every million in their country. There is no reason why South Korea does them technology. We don't have or healthcare system we don't have or anything we don't have. It is a failure of leadership of the Trump administration. He is doing anything. He can't move the conversation elsewhere to get us to talk about something else and not focused the fact that even tonight, even in an oval office address, all you can say about testing is we're gonna do more of it some time. Some number of people forget how things are getting their great. That's that's job want, there's run clown. Who does too? things in their magically cellphones himself. Again, but again, liberals are not smart enough to see it, so they spread the
clips around not realizing that their job MAGIC Cell phones in the bright liberals are celebrating so this to cell phones. In there you may have caught up so run. Clown was the. Ebola taskforce manager for Obama, get not a doktor at all, no scientific background whatsoever run club. On clown, was in charge of the testing regimen for a bowl of viral outbreak pandemics he was the above a task force member, so when the old, dear CDC kind of symbiosis of surveillance, staying rather than mass testing was standard for the quote: Obama Playbook rhyme clown said nothing So the testing model we views in this country for decades no serious person than eyes only garbage people table this. Lady German, the testing model we used
for the CDC private sector kind of again FDA. Symbols of the testing for pandemics, enemies break. How do we test was surveillance surveillance? meaning they do not. We did not do mass testing. That is not the model. The Obama administration. The Bush Oliver, that was the model, was surveillance show, in other words, someone comes in you test them. The test goes through the CDC copy, never, did RON claim when he was the Ebola chair. Never did he repose mass testing for the whole population like Trapeze ACT surely doing now here the whole paradigm drop in weeks and weeks and claim who was on board with the old testing paradigm. That is now failed that trumped change here now using it as a bludgeon to attack trump
liberal suck it up because they just don't know any better I'm clean on tests thicket. He was the old failed model guy. My debts phone number one cell phone number. Foreign cloud this you travel bans, a distraction from the testing, the huge. What do you mean the travel ban from Europe? The travel ban that may have prevented other infections, is people came from ITALY? You just said Trump under react in January now, you're suggesting he overreacted idle a clown. Mr club. Of course you don't get it either. There's your political garbage person, that's what you do I first folks allotted material this week. I no word been: have on. This point is obviously the story. You know maybe a decade Now I mean the twenty twenties. This is some way to start off, but we have to,
On top of this serious problem, I appreciate your loyalty to the show. Our numbers have been pretty extraordinary and I thank your means. A lot to man are, you have a lot of viewing choices. The listening choices- and I appreciate you come in here. Please inscribed your Youtube channel Youtube dot com slashed by GINO. We really yet that subscriptions are always freight no charge to you at all. Free video say you got you unevenly, cable, thanks a lot I see your next week, one day, sir, you just heard in Bonn GINO she followed, then on twitter, twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.
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