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Pelosi And Schiff Make a Catastrophic Mistake (Ep 1098)

2019-10-29 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the catastrophic decision by Nancy Pelosi to move forward with her fraudulent impeachment and the real reasons she’s doing so. I also address the media freak out over the killing of al-Baghdadi and the reason they can’t give Trump a win. News Picks:Breaking: Nancy Pelosi is authorizing a vote on her fake impeachment.


Here are the real reasons the media are freaking out over Trump’s Baghdadi mission. 


How the FBI trapped Mike Flynn.


How media lunatics found fault with the killing of our number one enemy.


The Washington Post is a disgrace to journalism.


Trillion dollar deficits are going to destroy our country if we don’t change course quickly.


We raised record tax revenue and we are still running massive deficits.


Confiscating the wealth of all billionaires wouldn’t even pay for 3 years of government run healthcare


Here are all of the options to pay for government run “Medicare for all.” They options aren’t pretty.


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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bones you know here it is a year of the railway god fatherly take down upon her back daddy yeahs look at that uniform dog gessford a show where unfortunately we are abusing the term dog a lot and begged of light here let's use in a positive light remember they spoke out dogs are braver than their humans don't ever forget that thank you this dog and more importantly to all of these human beings who put their own flesh and blood on the line in the re to take down this roach past rat that's probably a better way to describe this beast
daddy who is now eliminated from the face of the earth so wanted to start to show a better noted i did want to keep repeating the integrity of dogs by comparing them the cock road rodents bag daddy welcome fitted thereby gino shall produce to show how are you today hey daddy i'm doing really really well mr traveller how you feel about even rodya lately have reinhard rack weightless i feel good though i slept girl i got my new like she'll pad on matters like it forty degrees is it like vireo chamber now good deal i feel ok i've i've got real i've got a lot of material though joan i involved in working on this or that i've got a fake impeachment updates in other the fake impeachment the democratic i don't even know what it is anymore this is this is breaking the real reason our great peace by molly hemingway the real reason why the freak out over the airbag daddy killing continues by the media my vote you got some material i hoped to get to one's medicare role hope so what is this i can loaded show today
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and even more incompetent buffoon on the intelligence committee with adam ship who s completely blown it what's going on here will let's put up the piece of punch you know that calm we are breaking news yesterday there are few policy has announced this week that there will be a vote on the impeachment inquiry but etsy pelosi seems even confused about what's going on let me give you the behind the scenes as much as we like to say just favorite life every you need to know what our what s really going on here why did nancy pelosi who had bought ass wide vote on impeachment in the past why she now moving ahead i'm gonna lay out for you a couple of reasons one of the reasons in the peace that we have a punch you know that come up in the show notes i strongly encourage you to check it out its folks criticism was mounting about the secrecy of this never let's be crystal clear for the liberals and the fake law professors and the pseudo intellectuals and the phoney act
it makes you tried to tell us that this fake impeachment was a real impeachment there is no no and oh no precedent in american history for conducting in impeachment in secret not neither is there a precedent anywhere in american history for conducting in impeachment by a secret non public vote or by not conducting a vote at all which nancy pillars which she was refusing it do you understand that used to hold a vote on impeachment which is absurd outrageous so from the peace aren't you know that calm the secrecy are what she calls are talking point is just a fact starting aware down policy who was figure bring out that they were losing the political initiative here alone wrote a letter about the vote she's planting holding this week and a corner to punch you know that calm the letter stated we are taking
step to eliminate any doubt as to whether the trump administration may withhold documents prevent witness testimony or disregard duly authorize subpoenas or continue obstructing the house represented ok that's nancy pelosi code word nancy pelosi code word let me give you that thereby gino translation must be clear what we're doing i'm laying out for you right now the reasons why she has now decided to take a vote number one the fact that they were doing it secret was costing them political capital they were getting burned on tv they realize there is no precedent for what they were doing they were gonna lie who's in court and they were gonna get burn because it's not impeachment unless the house of representatives follows precedent and follows the constitution which clearly says the house of representatives not nancy policy has the sole power to impeach you got this yeah we're getting burned on tv and they were losing the political initiative they were losing what if
she's now had to acknowledge that that's why she's been forced to do what she did want to do which is take a vote on the house why but i got video and a second hold on to get through it yeah i video and a second of even nancy pelosi unsure about exactly what she's voting for yes even hello sees confused about policy now what's the second point well i just said did it ladies gentlemen they were gonna lose in court they want trumpet produce all these documents about the fake ukraine gate hoax in a hoax number three we had the collusion the mahler hoax and now ukraine gate that hopes about the phone call they wanted document shift and is in his merry band of losers wanted documents as they weren't going to get him because trump's team was going to argue in court this was not an impeachment don't the house didn't take about they did not abide by the constitute and they were gonna win you may see you are you sure that their jobs
over that's why policies been forced to take a vote which is want to take one why didn't you wanna take one get to that too don't go anywhere i told you today show was going to be stopped here is also what i'm here and i want you to pay very close attention like ms gill further with great god rest resource use the point the pen what's wrong and now ladies and gentlemen i am here and it's that's a back channel that the idea report may become out soon maybe this week maybe next week not sure i'd want to commit to a day but that is coming out soon we know it's done there just pending of the classification and classification materials and so back and forth there a job here in the energy report looks really really bad for there are no and yeah oh oh yes enemy hello see now is eager to get out in front of this think big
may come out on friday maybe or maybe sometimes early next week is eager to get the narrative on impeachment fast and away from the democrats in their biggest their involvement in the biggest bullet spying scandal in american history i see folks are people i'm hearing this from more than credible sources that the democrats are terrified that their tyranny and the biggest therein ah but again the biggest scandal in american history is gonna be exposed again we keep exposing it media keep trying to bury it because their hats their partisan tyrannical activists a lot of these media people who are actively involved in the spying scandal so we have reason number one they were losing the political initiative recent number to they were gonna lose in court in the production of documents gazeta real impeachment reason three the idee reports coming out you know what number four i'm sorry what i was going to say the last time i've seen impeachment action like this it was none the
jim s bounty you know it was not good it was a mutiny ok i'm sorry i hope my site you first point number four thank you the owl bag daddy killing was an unquestioned political success for job no doubt bout the killing of the world other at least the united states by possibly the you know all saying rational countries around the world's number one enemy and our bag daddy yeah the deaf the vow bag daddy was unquestionably an enormous political tactical and foreign policy military success for both our military and president tromp full stop on that the democrats don't why did president trump in the countries ah you doubt that all of us it's true they hated these people hate trop more than they
of american success the fact that in a minute can success story would reflect positively on trump is reason number for that change the narrative back the trump alleged trot malfeasance and impeachment now what's probably just laid out in i don't know more minutes or less why nancy policy change their mind and the vote now having said that there's a big downside to this vote the big gas i did this vote is now swing district democrat sitting in congressional district where president trump in that district out on top over hillary clinton these swing district democrats or panicking you so there look four away john follow me here the audience on bus oh yeah these swing district democrats are walking into policies office with their staff and they're saying listen to
he's gonna run ads and the republicans are gonna run adds against me and my district saying i voted for impeachment when you darn well this is this is fake this whole thing you they're not stupid i'm gonna lose my c so you if you give me some kind of an out so list into the way nancy policy in this ten second maybe a little more than ten second clip when asked about the impeachment resolution listen to her answer because you'll see the snake moved there all poland in the democrats i check this out you say you see what she said there is a bridgman you get what you do this is an peach areas the policeman you get what she's doing dead she's playing yeah she's trying to ouch it as an impeachment inquiry not an impeachment
proceeded while also wants folks listen get a pen down a marked today this is gonna be if you are in a trump or a or even a hilary district but that that only mildly voted for hilary congressional this maybe she one by one or two a swinging type district mark my words the democrats talking point is gonna be this we did vote a peace rent we just voted to get answers it was in a great oh ok yeah you're hurting a farce yeah ok what's today's date twenty years there october twenty nine diego market that is gonna be there talking point geraghty i've got a lot more this folks because this thing is turned into a total ridiculous hoax on steroids at its really embarrassing you won't let me just give you a second
i want a rock and roll through this chair but it's gotta be important i want to show you why again quid pro quo is a democrat fucking point that only applies to republicans and not democrats i've got video on that too and i it also video msnbc efforts now to save the reputation of our baghdad yes rapists killer cockroach road and that this is a you don't want to go into nine ratio also brought about bodies it break ass nutrition ladies and gentlemen this is my personal favorite in the nutritional supplements category a protocol foundation by our friends at brick house nutrition are you know it's called foundation because it because it should be the foundation of any solid nutritional supplements haitian plan for better
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making some kind of a deal you already know he you know you we read the transcript and this whistle blowers whistle blower says that trump wanted it nation about biden from the ukrainians and investigation about a hundred pine and if we didn't get the investigation he was gonna withhold military aid a talking point roundly the palm because for the two thousand five hundred and forty six time ladies and gentlemen we have the transcript of a phone call my gosh it's in my desk right here there is no oh quid pro quo having said that so we clear on that having stated that that's what the whole fake impeachment is based thought this illicit deal but never happen brain he's in gentlemen quid pro quo this for that foreign policy deals happen all the time now the deal the democrats policy and a hack sleazy ship and now
proclaiming happened did not happen but there is an actual deal that a couple of presidential candidates p who to judge bernie sanders notably there's a quid pro quo there that's right now know that a possible dead you just said quid pro quo is right the liberals are saying goes a really bad things no other only bad when they allege republicans do i'm even when they don't do you don't believe me check out this worsening examiner peace quid pro quo bernie sanders wants the end carte blanche aide israel by john gauge october twenty eight twenty nine thirty da bernie sanders on the campaign openly on stop speech is advocate for this for that quid pro quo on foreign policy joe i thought you were bad bad they are i thought this was all he trouble and even though it did even happened which forty from the peace this at this once here's a bernie sanders quote about this for that supposedly pre unimpeachable offence
because barneys not even elected bernie sanders but we have the right to say that the israeli government the the u s and our taxpayers and our people believe in human rights we believe democracy will not accept the authoritarianism or racism sanders said and we demand the israeli government sit down with the palestinian people and to agreement at worst we're all party ok birdies making man's he's not elected because our joe the sooner this i thought this was bad i use the leverage three points a billion about our foreign aid is a lot of money and we can give carte blanche to the israeli government or for that matter the government at all we have a right did the man respect for human rights and democracy folks how bout that now that we have used that know bad you know i again
i'm asking you seriously the liberals watchword and you do is it conservative disputes as i know they get their nasty horrible email to how do you wake up and you probably propaganda new twitter to he's at your has won by the way you want to follow joe each one of you a check or throb gear yeah yeah jerry garcia regular immense criticisms we get them all death right sir you're really cute little over such a p small bunch how do you wake up every morning and look in the mirror i've got to be kidding i'm not joking i'm a messy with you how do you know your whole your whole life is a lie that's about all of them crowds about a beauty me integrity of everyone registered its democratic country some of my friends are in their good people we do share differences but if you re a left this cook like sadly large swathes of the democrats but he can become how do you wake up every morning no your whole life july s
then you say is a lie everything you profess to believe in is a lie a hypocrite of fraud and a phoney you just got done telling us for a month ago how foreign policy this for that quid pro quo something for something deals are actually unimpeachable offences you just got done telling us that and now bernie sanders is out of the campaign trail openly advocating for a quid pro quo again how how do you live your life knowing europe right how how how how do you live your life like yes you humiliate and face palm yourself every single day you lied our trans grip about a something for something this for that deal with it happen while you candidates booted judge and bernie sanders are out there openly talking about quit rope
they plan on enacting whether the president of foreign policy is it is a head scratch for you ever take a pan got data do you ok you know what i had really just for a sorry folks i'm just frustrated really my sincere apologies for you know getting emotional about this but i just i don't know what to do any more to point out to you that this entire ethos they lived buys a fraud these people are fakes they hate this country tree they hate the president they will lie to you at the drop of a hat there's not one person call out bernie sanders on the left because it doesn't matter they are full of you get it moving on so now we are breaking news yesterday another job here we go another person getting ready to testify about the transcript your goofball another one
this i usually we have this guy alex intervened men are he's gotta come forward areas it read by andrew distillery whatever your name is he seems all excited another person's gotta testify about the transcript we all have and have all seen about the this for that ukrainian deal that never happened on a train now here's the eyes out the bullet points it is tweedy injured whatever his name is they andrew desperado he said look if other guidance gonna come forward who by the way is a heroic military history and and and and listened he deserves all the accolades for that but again as i said with bob mahler by mahler some very heroic moments in his time serving in the military as well that this not absolve you for the responsibility for the you'd have going forward to say or do the right thing so we have another guy's going to test for who quota has first hand now i stress so do we already read it
was on nepal joe july twenty fifth keep that eight mine by the way he was on the call joe he reported its concerns to the national security council he believe tromp undermine u s national security where he got there nobody has any idea because we have already seen the treasure he's an immigrant from this union served in iraq and was when did by a roadside bomb of thank you for your service and received the purple heart again thank you for your server has nothing to do with the veracity of your information speak to your character in a good way but that doesn't mean you're right we have the transcript but attacking the man i'm attacking me if we have the transcript there's no deal but joy zander call ok great we have the recording of the call which the whistle or by the way the fake whistle blower has already stated is a word for word
recording of what the president said whether it was on the call or not is irrelevant what he testifies about to call is evil eleven we saw the call theories oh bernie sanders pete outta judge this for that quid pro quo that's their thing it's not there you're impeaching the president in your fake impeachment which nancy pelosi doesn't even know what to call it paul and a deal that's not end of call we ve all seen you dude this is hard this is really hard for liberals apparently it is job apparently it is now more information is coming out about the call motivations behind these people who again continued report on a transcript than a call we ve already see now we find the lawyer the sky package whose represent
the whistle blower the fake whistleblower ah worse than examiner he was already all involving a whistle blower case in the past to headline lawyer for cia officer accusing trump on ukraine worked with japan two thousand seven whistleblower all we did we find the same are you representing this fake whistle blower not a whistle blower are we all know who he is we know what he's doing we know about his eighty trump biases political leanings right we read the trash now we know his lawyer was the same we are working on this two thousand story that was later the bob that george w bush was with her thing lifesaving equipment from troops from troops in iraq it's the same lawyer how you dig
warrior lawyer who is involved in the in the debunk hopes that george w bush was withholding armoured vehicles from troops in iraq you remember that story that one nuclear marked a whistle blower reporting the same lawyer or when they work joe biden office on that hoax complaint two thousand seven jumping to see here folks it's all why jet thou had fifty my source through seven nine you're always has great stuff rebecca pointed out something interesting this morning here's a treat from lawrence tribe i want you to pay special attention to the date i told you earlier to remember another day manage light one so member hopes what is the collusion hopes which is based on the steel dossier which falls apart oaks too was the mahler investigation you may say to yourself again that wasn't a hoax that actually happen
i know it was a hoax we were told they were investigating collusion what they were really doing was covering up for the fbi and the oj their violent the biggest political spying scandal in human history and if you read my book gotta rated i lay that out how the mahler investigation was never about bessie gaining tromp was about covering the f b i read the book you is that you will not be confused when you're done so when you to read this tree here by large tribe and look at the data the bottom here's large tribe aid a virulent anti trump or who pretends to is pseudo academic right this is right after the mahler here he's as much as i hate to say at this morning's a mother hearing was a disaster far from breathing life into his damp report the tired rob mother sucker babo suck the life out of the effort to save democracy
in the rule of law from this lawless present has been set back not advance all look at the date july twenty four year when he ninety now if you noticed on july 24th two thousand and nineteen a lot of people from the hill started to leak out to their friendly media type over in fox with a v not fox bar with a b and other liberal outlets lawrence tribe and others on july twenty fourth they realise that hopes number two joe the deuce was dead that the mahler investigation that was really of which there was a hoax the whole time ding dong had died joe what happens july twenty fifth ah the home phone call who created folk all i've got that down here the day after the day
the guy who think that europe then mclean o dynamically and i'm sure you while you damn between just pop quarters folks you understand what's happening here the collusion hoax collapses when mahler gets the texts from peter stroke he then doubles down in july when he gets the tax from stroke about the smelly walmart people in honduras policy they double down and they revise its scope memo to expand their investigation to a to cover up what the f b i was doing when they political initiative collapses on the second hoax the mahler pro because mahler goes up there completely collapses on cross examination the rugby democrats immediately move to their next hopes which is a transcript of a phone call the next day
take waste notes dude jean i was zackie job not a moment o ladies and gentlemen these people are horrendous horrifying hacks with not a sliver integrity and a tyrannical street that should trouble every single person that comes into contact with these oligarchy head germanic lunatics they didn't even waste a day this up the whole whistleblowers scheme on a transcript they didn't think trump was going to release its unreal it is unbelievable i know what i want to move on to the so that's the impeachment block the show the fake it's a fake impeachment policies cornered this vote is gonna go very badly for them they're trying to provide political cover
pro closer being done by the democrats right now we have the transcript and they keep bringing forward in essence people with a show their reza maize which are very impressive who keep bringing forth information about a phone call we ve already seen it's over it's a hoax and this story i want a move onto to the outback daddy coverage folks and what's going on an excellent molly hemingway piece about again the real reason media activists on the liberal side there not serious unless there are all gone that journalism is now dead why they're doing what they are doing and how bad this is got this is i mean joe in the annals of disgraceful liberal media coverage this week is certainly a new law just when you think they can't break through the floor in the basement of just depravity they do it again unless you are less sponsor first i am always happy to have my board been share a watches ladies gentlemen
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i am not with you at all there that folks the media's is freaking out i'm going to get to mollie hemingway spiess in a about our back daddy the death of it so i took this from a forgive me on twitter someone put together a compilation of washington post headlines any time islamic terror is involved and i just want to show you how this is not a new phenomenon but its reach we ve now reached peak stupid when it discusses when it comes to discussing terrorism appears excuse me here's headline number one member any time it discusses a glamour islamic terror they always have to put a spin on this which to me is bizarre it's not impunity integrity of your patriotic american muslims or they dont these aren't there p why does your worship was running cover for killers and murderers so here's headline number one
this is about oh mamma t trouble quiet macho angry real headlines not a job the varlet i'll wife the orlando shooter that's a real heaven it's gotta headline number two this is sick but this is really six that kid washington post talking about the san bernardino shoot couple seemed i had withdrawn until the explosion of violence ok now here's the infamous headline number three just when you thought they could get more depraved with their headlines about out daddy course when we discussed yesterday show apple baccarat baghdad
us thier religious scholar at home of islamic state ties have forty eight votes this is really sick stuff i'm sorry and again it paints and effort by the mainstream media to just you understand why this is happening i discuss whatever could spend a lot of time at the reason the media refuses to acknowledge the legitimate threat of islamic expired terrorism is because they feel it feeds enjoy national security shrunk sue for republic it's strictly okay there ya want to ever again that give the republican party a national security like up in elections because the media are liberal activists first there's always the reason but secondly folks there was a piece written a long time ago that i covered on the show
i believe it was by david horowitz and it was a good one the p don't ever forget this moreover this one job we got a lot of feedback on mission david horowitz as it theory about the liberal media and their their little there there need to cover constantly for islamic expired terrorism he calls the air the anti communist style sure i remember this now vega remember that algeria at horowitz is hypothesis on this is we are the anti communist right we the libertarians the republicans in the conservatives we fight for liberty the very antithesis of collectivism income venus right since the fifties and the forties and prior media folks i believe and socialism collectivism this is their guiding ethos they will join the fight against the anti communist us with anyone who hates us so he calls it the
the anti communist approach the media are against anti communist they for therefore they are the anti anti communist and preparing awaits hates us is lava fastest whoever baby the media has to provide cover that's horowitz this theory combine that with the national security aspect at worst republic is and the media has every he's in politically to run cover for these people these border and savage it it's the rage but it is what it is now i didn't play what a move on quick i want to play some quick video download trump from here yesterday tromp explaining president trump why the operation to take out this rapists murderer bag daddy's cockroach why he didn't share the information with sleaze ball we like a sieve adam ship
they were talking about why didn't i give the information do adam shift and his committee and the answer is because they got observed is the biggest liquor in washington you know that i know that we all know that i've watched at observe lake he's a corrupt politician he's a legal like nobody's ever seen before we had a very good conversation with the ukrainian president the conversation was was perfect they don't ever talk about the conversation it started where the whistle blower now they don't want there were some lower than that a second whistle blower now they know what the second was so blower the reason is that when the whistle blower when they saw what their whistle blower road and then when i release the conversation which bore no relationship to what the whistle blowers they said their case was out the window and i think it's a disgrace good good for the present we all these people i think we owe them nothing you don't owe them anything the executor
the present united states the chief executive of our country is a sin for and independent branch of government he owes nancy policy nothing but is prescribed constitutional duties and there is nothing zero in their constitution that says the president's commander she is obliged to notify the speaker of the house or asleep ball leaguer like adam ship a man with no character the spine of jellyfish which means you doesn't have one that he asked to notify them about a mission that could put our troops in danger when they inevitably would leak information to hurt the present no them anything him for not for not apologise now the media of course hates distort promise me to get this hemingway peace mohammed is very goods worth your time but the media joe is mission now shockingly trump broken media by the way he too
really broke their self the media it on a reputation of hair during those headlines in the past and the headline now with baccarat al baghdadi to save the reputation baghdad you know what without further ado i don't want it here's msnbc desperately trying to salvage the reputation of cockroach coward baghdad who died if your coward checked this amazing what i want to ask you though really quickly about present trumps remarks about best daddy himself whimperings screaming dying like a dog i do you know have you got any sense whether or not tromp would have had a live audio of that rate and where that possibly that piece of information that very specific piece of information that trump reiterated over and over again over the past couple of hours came from somewhere two things to keep in mind here number one they would have had some audio coming back from someone there saying giving them updates telling them things like you know
kay team has landed ok team has done this there there would have been those kinds of audio updates right so what we know about how bad daddy how and where bag daddy died from president tromp himself is that he and into one of these tunnels near underneath this house taking reach children with them and that it was actually a dog that went in so if the dog had a camera that had some sort of audio source that feeding live video back that's really the only way that president tromp or any one in the situation room could have in getting live audio feed i say with certainty whether in fact the dog would have had a camera with audio on it it would be uncommon afford that in two necessarily be the case but we can say with certainty look these guys are always coming up with new technology and new capabilities so we
that's a detail believe me that we ve been asking a lot of questions about but i can say with certainty one where the other quite yet joe do you have any audible grounds for me right now because i just i don't we'll never thought of a yo did not arafat bernanke overtime right there's no split says there's another that is your conversation on conspiracy theory tv there they are desperate to rescue the reputation of this roach desperate while we don't really know joe if he was whimpering does it matter does it really matter if it was a whimper
or a scowl or does it matter he blew himself up with women kids i think describing him as a whimpering coward is pretty act folks like her ok and that description we're good what do you think joe you didn't work good we're good description tried on we're good yeah i'd say we're lotta rusty and see conspiracy very television roswell rachel's network they are desperate to rescue the reputation by we're not sure about the audio joe of the body quality the decibel level they may about a mixed around the dog in the game was down we may have had the decibels a little while we're not sure if the left right mano stereo sure i heard a whimper i may have heard
a slight mon i wouldn't describe it as a whimper but the mon could possibly the owl bag daddy in a moment of bravery at the end trying is this a serious conversation uterus yes this happen goodness you may say ok the washington post tries to salvage the reputation of america's number one enemy em ass the sea is desperate the show he didn't die in a whimper like a cockroach that ended right now i don't know folks those that i have i could go on all day let me show you a tweet by another by the way totally fell broke in tragic soul of a human being who i'm almost on that really almost starting to feel bad for the broken soul of max boot who was once a credible foreign policy figure whose now become
kid you not an intergalactic laughing stock of a human being max poor who somehow has a column two or three people read was once a foreign policy analyse this was from a piece he wrote in the wash them this is really how to delete this the assertion that bag daddy died is a coward was in any case contradicted by the fact that rather be captured he blew himself up oh my god where they actually wrote that so this is rodent if we set a tunnel and blows up a couple of kids and a couple of wives
is now not a coward because rather than face justice like a shop he just pop rigorous that very brave joe very real right back you got us now your cat is definitely not an indication accounts acts i've never respected do i always thought you were a clown a loser a joke in a fraud always always i listen to an interview wants an end europe was with not an ounce of integrity morals or courage yes you i forces but i'm calling you out you personally because you're that kind of a chump you should be fine yesterday you should never ever be mentioned again in polite circles of people you describe yourself your family your newspaper and everyone around you in a
six the attempt to defend the defend the bravado of a rapist murdering thumb simply because you dislike the present knighted states i cannot think of a lower act i've seen in german then this fraud phony max boot who seriously i say this with
sincerity should leave the public discourse picture he has disgraced himself and anybody associated with him this guy blew up a couple of kids and a woman are you really that stupid max trump is broken so many people joe i mean broken them broken the shells of human beings never to be taken seriously again or have been teasing this piece and it's worth your time i'm glad you hung around for it i hope you did i know we get our viewing time on the show is very long i think because we there are no dead spots in our show ever mollie hemingway
the federalists please check it out national today punch you know that come com if you subscribe to our newsletter on our website we will email them to you it's this is worth your time she's the real reasons why legacy media freaking out over trumps successful baghdad emissions she lists out three really good ones and then again i just kind of covered in advance but i got that before because this is really the coup de graf some hemingway having this excellent work on the mediator has reason number one here which is completely one hundred percent accurate why is the media trying to crush trump even despite this permission number one corner molly positive news coverage hurts the media's efforts to destroy trump folks we know this is true member there are indeed there were no journalists let while there are very few the
for well made majority of people pretending to be reporters investigative reporters and legitimate journalists are in fact fakes they are political activists full time masquerading as pretend journalist to give themselves the imprimatur of seriousness in the national discourse in other words our facts matter because where non partisan where journalists there not facts with their reporting with their reporting is garbage anything they report that would reflect part we on trumped this is the easiest one understand will not be reported honestly it will be reported as a lipstick on a pig job and biggest case literally a pig like baghdad michel sought really big big alarm this will reflect positively on tromp and therefore reporting facts that report possibly we are not to be reported we will gloves over this we will try to rescue the reputation
the number one enemy and we will attack donald trump for dopey things like the picture we staged fake news vague story all of it secondly take away far from on high is pizza bad daddy's death complicates the media syrian air show just last week we were told i brought this up on the five yesterday thank you to everyone who watched by the way hope you enjoyed it we were told last we did president trump be pulls out of syria and certain portions of the middle east pulls out our troops show we're not going to be able to fight them there and if we can't fight them there we're going to have to fight them it's gonna be a tragic president trump bluebird again you know the media we call you at america or joe that there i've kind of got thrown out the window did mitt when just a week after that announcement president trump showed
that we can still operating theatre with intelligence contacts with the kurds and others yet we could still kinda joint operations and notify people get these things done at effectively take out the world's number one terrorist kind of complicate your trump screwed up syria now than it can have that now can we we report the facts it may look good for trouble we can have the facts out there so now let's report our opinions about how much we hate trump and let's prayer ted let's pretend it's facts reason number three again of the real reasons the media won't report honestly about baghdad tromp far policy successes undermined the media's impeachment dr ladies and gentlemen this is the biggest one of all tying in the show to how we opened in the beginning this critical folks they are losing the initiative on impeachment remember last
he can the week before when i discussed this policy's new strategy because they learned something from the mahler hoax number two mahler hoax they learn that dragging out in impeachment process with the hopes that some false like mahler is gonna save you with information was a failure because people get worse and down over time i didn't explain that well and forgive me let me just remind the tape and do that again they thought the democrats think tromp is so corrupt that there really is information out there it keep hoping to find it mob ties collusion the problem is not surreal emoluments it's all a hoax it's all our hopes we just had that turn very scotland trump resort story debunk it's all tromp was committed no high crimes are misdemeanours no treason no private they have nothing to a peach one now they
figured that out after the mahler thing that if they dragged out they don't think it where trump down and eventually find something started to realize maybe this is a better way to say john they're not gonna find anything ok so rapid then the slow deliberate approach hoping something surfaces likened the nixon impeachment dub operation their realizing there's no they're they're so there up now joe is to just why just make stuff up like why about a transcript on a call and analysed a that never happened you get it and they take they lie and move fast now that they are still maintain the political capital and maybe get a piece of damage trouble for the election what what's the problem trump keeps getting in the way economic good news comes out the death of bag daddy these in solid wage numbers trump keeps getting in their way wasn't scooby do darn kids
he had a keep getting in the way they are applied because you're not smart democrats are really stupid with the way they have handled it they keep trump keeps getting in their way and now the hour bag daddy story has absolutely crush their public capital so policies doing what she's doubling down again or heads back to the beginning of the show why again one of my reasons why she's declaring a vote on an impeachment agree this week she needs to change the narrative away from trump as a statement on the foreign policy national security front with the successful killing of
number one enemy back to trumps a horrible guy now right nice loop brother peter nice loop yeah you i get yeah good loop you folks this is a disgrace what's happening it really is we are dealing here not with serious politicians were dealing with tyrants that's what these radical was democratic pictures up and they have become and i hope at the end the today show you fully and completely understand folks i get for tuna employee share the show em subscribed to a future if you're not my thanks to all the creditors out your share our children ran i really appreciate i see you guys you pop up on google learn all the time and ladys out there thank you are police which gradually youtube channel youtube com slash mancino infrastructure or your part gas and apple podcast google podcast and any
are you get your audio pot guess it helps us move up the charge that always free and we're really trying to get the three hundred thousand you should youtube schreiber should really appreciate your support excellent folks i really appreciate i see you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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