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Pelosi Melts Down (Ep 1127)

2019-12-05 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the Democrats’ complete meltdown on Capitol Hill and the devastating impact their hoax impeachment is having on their election 2020 chances. I also address a bold initiative by the Trump administration which was largely ignored by the liberal media. Finally, I address some key developments relevant to the 2020 election. 

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean ladies gentlemen how much worse chemist impeachment hearing possibly get just when you think adam ship as a representative of the democratic party has hit this stupid floor what happens happen jerry nab nearly fell asleep there into serious video that later allows drew this stupid floor and hits the stupid basement what a color i saw a mess i've got that today we are too great go by john solomon about some revelations he's getting about the soon to be released on monday i e g report i've got a big all the initiative by the trump administration its excellent they deserve a pat on the back and hopeful
we'll get you in an election twenty twenty up there with the new news that nancy policy is going to proceed with this abomination of an impeachment stack showed i welcomed the damp gino show producer joe how are you today well i'm glad to be here again dan these are going nuts don't i know no praise you got me yesterday with the common people picked up on what you did if you miss did go watch on youtube and we're gonna yesterday show and note today neo figure out what happened very good job as a minor role and i were left about around and the big juicy fat thank you to everybody who supported bond gino report that we have an enormous day if i told you the numbers your head which there were so many people it is now the conservative alternative to the judge report by gino report that com it is live you all blue yesterday thank you so much right let's get to the show traditional brought you bodies at genuine sal jenny shellfish christmas and holiday sale is officially here stock up on the best skin
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oh you know so yesterday's hearing a spectacular implosion by jerry now that i want to get some quick video move on you probably saw a ton of it yesterday cable news but i pick some highlights from you for you excuse me and yes i said given that i'm shift is now snooping into congressman's phone records engaged in another massive spying scandal after lying about spy gave you think he'd be a little more self aware he got his hands devon nunez this phone records trumps lawyer rudy giuliani present drums loyal adam shiftless just this ass the police state tyrant i just can't they enough awful things about how this guy's ruining the constitutional republic he is really an awful human beings nobody's spoken out for john salmon the reporter at is jeff is now spying on the eight zero you jumped ship there all reporters are like now it's great we're all this by now we love the police state so i told you
yes right now is the time to fight back take the gloves off and start throwing punches enough bs time to get in the game get in a fight the referees like going to save you the other guy across the ring is rapid punching you and he's biting your ear off and all of a sudden they want the referee to help he's not helping fight back where we started yesterday i ve got a couple clips of republican congressmen from florida district one matt gates who just tore in to one of these highbrow toity leader law professors they brought up there to content sending lee explained to the great on wash masses like me and joe what everyone else in america have eight how important this impeachment proceeding is from our purchase stanford law school and elsewhere so one of the sides good idea to take a shot at the president's son what i'm gonna go to deepen to that one mad gates had had enough for this nonsense from this he toity professor let's go to cut one mad gates drop
being a tactical new gone this one check this out first carling you gave two thousand bucks or you gave thousand bucks to elizabeth worn right i believe so you gave twelve hundred bucks to morocco bomb i have no reason to question the euro two thousand bucks hillary clinton that's correct much more for hilary than the other two because i've been a lot of money to charity recently because of all of the poor people in the united states or the only those are the only ones you ve been given to now you you have ever been on a podcast called versus trump i think i i'm alive panel that the people who ram the podcast called versus trump on that you remember saying the following liberals it's a cluster more conservative especially very conservative people tend to spread out more perhaps because they don't even want to be around themselves did you say that yes i did
do you understand how that reflects contempt on people who are conservative ok so you're weighty toity we're supposed to take us seriously law professor professor carlin from her academic per temperature she so much smarter than you and i have the great and bathe disease the masses like you and i just she shall watch marge member job she might tell us cool joe she i dunno law school so she knows a lot more than us now we i doubt not only issue not ideological none partisan actor up there to talk this passionately about how trumps should be impeach she's a mile stress democrat donor writing huge checks the democrats who thinks thank you servitors hate each other and don't even want to live near region perfect guest pervert you're right about this exactly what we needed to sell the american public on how this passionate and partisan this hoax impeachment is really great job you know as i said last night
lord ingram show my wednesday debates with chris harm that i do on a very serious know joe you and i grew up middle class writer like lower middle class what we have at last been bab polity grew up isn't immigrant from colombia you know me grew up above a barred sixty fourth place of myrtle avenue england there you know i wouldn't hey we grew up wealthy we do ok now but i would say we grew up wealthy how do you think this since from a hoity toity professor making fun of trumps child talking by the moon shone on raw national waters will always be when we can the transport how do you think these cells to a mechanic in pennsylvania call minor and west virginia answer is it doesn't they're probably whipping you the double barrel middle finger and laughing at you imbeciles in this news festive a hearing with no old men know a professor amerika as squire esquire like
bradley moss restricts professor carlin from and for it i'm not sure she's ever had a real job but yes jeez there to tell you how dumb you all are and how the president committed a high crime she has no actual evidence it gets worse there here's add gates number two thankfully again gloves colleagues an icy nice time is over we can't be careful we known offended and i by the way can i just say to you mac did a great job congressmen gates did an excellent job and a lot of others did you louis gomer jim jordan always good that's just a bunch of these guys we're really gripped some of em it started with this unnecessary caviar are you don't have to say for a start i thank you for coming and i respect why do you respect these people i don't there's still why you respect that lady mass mad gates you said the hoity toity law professor gave a podcast
lecturer speech or whatever on a thing called versus tromp was she talked about conservatives don't even like each other and don't want to be near each other she donated to our political opposite why are we supposed to respect what she says again i'm sorry i miss that thankfully here's mad gates cut number to just he sing into this visa professor again for some more idiocy check this out now what i talking about there was the now full tendency if you put the current context natural tendency of a compactness requirement to favour a part whose voters are more spread out well and i do not have candles on observance of mary went on time pressure and so i just have to say when you about how liberals want to be around each other and cluster and conservatives dont want to be around each other and so they have to spread out it makes people you mean see this from your like the
we're towers of your law school but it makes actual on this country when you ve met all get to interrupt me on this time now let me also suggest that when you invoke the residents son's name here when you travel make a little joke out of referencing baron trump that does not lend credit bill it's your argument it makes you look me it makes you look like you're attacking someone's family the liner child of the president of the united states so let's see if we can get into the facts to all of the witnesses if you have person knowledge of a single material fact in the ship report please raise your hand and let them reflect no personal knowledge of a single fact and you know what that continues on the trip that we saw from adam shift capable ganem gates oh there they are
haven't whip these out no while of course rose you watch it on youtube each dec on flesh dan is our thug life classier folks chap nice job markets very very well done so not only is she a democrat donor not only does she think it's funny to me find it the name of the president's teenage child baron not only does she think conservatives and i'll give her the benefit of the doubt i shouldn't she was talking about redistricting but she say don't even want to live near themselves not only that but now we find out also that she is just an avid trumpet she just can't stand trabants day god gates cut her off and shut her down we didn't need any more that garbage now the most important part of that cut of course is the end
where he asks these holy toity smarter than us i guess if then fine wines and oils lecturers and professors at these highbrow institutions do you do we have any evidence of any crimes first hand knowledge that the president may have committed or basically are you just here to pontificate about how smart you are now stupid we all are the actual voters will you raise your hand if you have any knowledge of any of the facts directly in this case how many people raise their hands out of the four while for those of you not watching on the youtube the answer is zero a big fat donut an egg yoke nothing zero none of them so you may be asking do yourself if you are that mechanic and pennsylvania call minor and west virginia alabama or whether whatever you may do architect landscaper carpet
the truck driver but you actually work for a living unlike these preface chariots you may be added yourself then what the hell are they doing there the urgent as they were blowing up this impeachment probe even other democrats think they doing them they're doing themselves a favor folks you understand this silly strategically democratic really believed by getting a bunch of highbrow academics up there to explain the mechanics of impeachment although they have no direct knowledge of what happened in this actual case none they really bull if this was going to change hearts and minds i'll get to more than later in the election twenty twenty up how badly this is imploding in their faces evokes i'm telling you i used to think the democrats were smarter than this did i set it on the shelf many times how i disagree with them but i have always always been concern about their brilliant tactical strategies to isolate and marginalized republicans that's out the window they are just could they have lost it completely
so enraged by trump that they have lost their lives star here their guiding light they are off the path completely they are so lovely blowing their electoral chances and for those you say don't give them advice folks believe me it does it matter morocco bobby himself has tried to give them advice to get back on the beaten path and they are com completely ignoring it because they are enraged by trump as evidenced by pelosi this morning we are going to move forward there are mature breeders full steam ahead speed ahead now click number three from mad gates who subsidies brilliantly here so italian a foreign interference in an election in and wiretaps and stuff maybe one day with the wrong maybe we're appreciate president check this out this great and you know why
tapping of political opponents and individual airlines i'll afforded me out inside nitrogen wiring because maybe it's a different president we should be eating at this time is expired mrs mussolini yep hers what we do know somebody was spied on and there were wired apps maybe not need traditional tapping alligator clip says but their wares most deaf police spying wards issued on a campaign but that kept amos donald trump campaign by the morocco i'm administration maybe we should reverse impeach barack obama good job congress some decades nice that really that i've got one more here slowly gomrade who was a judge a reason i put comin up there she's another warrior and louis gama republican congressmen from texas was an actual judge who probably has real world experience in an actual job unlikely
sorry it who was up there yesterday the three knucklehead was john turley who did a great job will we govern is actual experience in the real world doing real cases as a judge and it brings up an interesting boy how this is a characteristic this isn't a case based on hearsay job of here say about it say check this area evidence is a bunch of hearsay on here say that anybody here had tried cases before of enough magnitude you wouldn't know you can rely on here say only or say but we have experts who know better than the accumulated experience of the ages so here we are and i went to we need some factual witnesses we do not need to receive a report that no i have a chance to read before this hearing joe
funny i just caught tat joe said i hear you will joe i heard you hear me impala hard me here you hear me so paul it's gotta be the witness so well just got no it's a hearsay about hearsay nationally lilli gruber mr about hearsay support heard me respond to joe who heard someone else to say i hear you and joseph i hear your base somebody over from someone us so paul is gonna be the witness this case a joke is a total far's goma was an actual judge with real world experienced totally completely gets it nice job louie gomes now papa can you play that clippin adler nuts listens i hate to do this because i know it said slowly audio shall first but i bet i m get a little trouble in old tired i mistakenly took a sleeping pill before the show i thought it was a vitamin hope go go with its history its get tat
obviously a messing with you i did i think a sleepy both for the show deeply sorry i read it by please youtube back obsolete birgitta we just sit back and wait a video jerry gather who actually was followed sleep courtesy that a boar roma twitter falling asleep dora yesterday seduce message today there somebody hit me somebody get me a vibrant somebody an espresso double shot quadruple shot some one heard someone who heard someone else tell me there was an expressive machine and the congressional in the congressional toilet could someone a triple not explode maybe a cappuccino on the site care about marquis otto current events during these own newspaper folks listen to me please check out the eurobonds
its video i don't want it because this is a song in the background of a confused everyone here please you to check out it's like it's ten seconds or just google maps or sleep and watch him falling asleep folks listen to me i told you at the beginning i thought adam ship was the absent floor of incompetence mean any competence couldn't get any worse clear now pay almost pains me to say this that matter maybe even more incompetent than ship jobs sky had one job mather joshua one you at this day of hearings just stay away dude you add one jot reminds when i was a secret service agent midnight when you're on postage a hotel door adorned the u n and the leadership just stand is behind the door you have one job joe for that twenty minutes in our you're in dore lynites what's a job job keep your way way to stop it joe was on radio at like fora
in the morning when they first started and a move to five a t always these british for radio i promise you if quotas and hit a switch on live radio it's gonna be really bad armor one job wait i dude answer the collars when they call it or else to show goes off the air it's not hard folks get yourself a five or in get yourself whatever some call i don't care what you gotta do jerry stay awake door in your old here it's embarrassing gosh i guess i don't baby you in this nonsense we'll get dumber for periods is one more quickly tweet from benny johnson which is a good one and worth your time benny johnson worse over it turning point there there they congressmen now jim banks is now asking senator lindsey gram remember the sentence in charge of the trial because where the majority now so said grams gonna have some ability in that committee on that side to dictate what happens in this impeachment trap
centre or should we represent a backs asking centre a grant to subpoena call records for adam shift former vp joe biden and his son hotter as well the attorney for ukraine whistle blower marks a listen ladies and gentlemen this has to be done i don't let's go out of favors of your right you know we put books out i am a check him out ass you check out you too but i don't ask a lot of favours on the site like side brussels or anything i'm asking you for a favor now turn the volume up everybody needs to aim el linsey graham or call is first you know will be cool about it we're not liberals of course we're not the antique crap email our call his office lindsey graham and we need to ask that this happen ask nice but ask firm of if you can but i mean you know you're all adults were not a deeper where conservatives we actually have heads on our shoulders
he needs to do that adam chef wants to play we're going to spy on the call records of devon nunez in trumps lawyer present employer that's what can you do that item let's how do you like it now when we the pina your call kurtz body and went about the whistleblowers turn about whistle blowers call records can we draw those in there too we can't do now we can we can stop asking the reference the other guys punching you in the nets it's time to fight back i'm asking you with greatest of respect and humility call lindsey grams office or email is office and are we on this i hope you're doing this because we need those call wreckage we need to see about adam shifts collusion how who is talking to fair game now folks shift said so think right our fair enough and i would thank you all fair in love and war and the love parts and in a long time ago
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by john solomon john salmon reports it'll be up at bonn gino reports it'll be up at the show notes and again ah i ask that you subscribe to our alice punch you know that calm slash newsletter we will get you these stories everyday link so beyond the bonino report now where we really appreciate that this article we'll be there as well john sound the ten most important revelations to expect from monday's russia probe pfizer report we're gonna get that on monday the idee report by horowitz he's gonna testify on mice they of course that's the inspector general look into all the malfeasance had happened with the obama administration spying on trumped him now he gives tat of i'm i'm not going to go to war because it rehash is a lot of what we discussed on the show repeatedly and it's dino unfair to listen listen everyday i onawandah bijou up with all content i just wanna be sure here we hit some of the highlights is because it is a very good piece it is definitely worth your time
please go to the ball gino report orban gino that calm check this piece out it is definitely worth your time let's go through some of the big ones here about what we can expect because they the sum this up with i have a clue to grab the ed about what think cause i'm hearing this out from multiple people had solomon headset it then what it's easy too much but get to the end what i think the f b i did they try and clean up its mass before the election it'll make sense let's go to the some of the bigger takeaway foresees take away number one solomons could be in this idea report vote just what was the degree the misconduct here he says and i quote the scope and failure of misconduct where these efforts mistakes isolate a mistake systemic cultural impressive procedural failures or intentional acts involving the investigation and the fine word against carter page in the renewal for more than a year he says i
spectre horwitz report to identify between six and twelve twelve failures mistakes and acts of misconduct these will from serious offences of altering government documents to failures to produce the court's evidence and information required under the pfizer process the large number of problems if confirm should be a wake up call to the fbi ocean provide oversight of its activity solomons being nice here ladies and gentlemen what he's getting at is we have done this and the dearest you miss visas malfeasance miss reasons would be you know saying intent they not doing something when you know it's the right thing to do in other words john welcome a judge falls on the sidewalk and i keep workings miss visas is wrong thing to do but i didn't cause jonah fall still wrong but degrees of depravity right malfeasance would be i pushed joe down on this i walk he goes to get up and i put him in the face to keep em down obvious
a far advanced degree of depravity to question solomons getting at here is if this idea for it is gonna point out six to twelve major scrubbs by the fbi where these intent both groups i think he's being nice by framing it that way or where these mistakes now joe i think he kind of foreshadows that these are going to be deemed malfeasance not miss visas a higher degree of depravity why because if you read have wait do what i just told you the quote from the report he says some of it involved deliver doktor ring of fbi documents used to spy on people ladies and gentlemen if you deliberately alter and email like he's been alleged we ve heard this we're about these allegations against fbi lawyer kevin clients but who is intimately involved in this case if that's the case that a deliberate the altered evidence than folks it's not miss reasons its mouth since this dude could be in a whole world the trouble we ve kind of covered that ground before to take away from that is let's see
our horror which frames it does he frame it as miss reasons the lady fell on the sidewalk and ate it now or our fees and now they push tat lady down why does this matter big about it folks were to political war right now hope you don't think otherwise wars required a move people politically in your direction this idea frame it all you want is this inspector general agnostic want for notes that is a political document you know why because side to this are gonna make it one not because horwitz is political it is a political document the phrasing of the day you mean is gonna matter and if we know they pay the guy on the sidewalk because they deliberately altered emails malfeasance at its frame dismiss reasons we don't know how you feel we get an ipod nano i'm trying to pray you to get ready for this we're in a political war nothing's going to be easy here don't expect to harm its support
on monday to drop into democrats to go ok we can fast we spied they won't their lawyers by trade and they have them we are behind them that's what they do they lie i'm sure let me get you ready for what's coming second take away was exculpatory evidence with hail get its definition exculpatory evidence was evidence of carter page and george papadopoulos no carter page was a warrant to spy on it because they thought they were probably cause he was acting in violation of u s law we have a foreign age that's a serious charge but was exculpatory evidence carter page in their quotas solemn is peace the issue of whether the f b i failed to tell the pfizer court judges as required folks about ever of innocence concerning some of the americans are targeted has been raised for more than a year by key members of congress like newness and mark minnows he exe
the idea to identify exculpatory statements made by key figures papadopoulos to an undercover info if that were not properly this close to the court a sec revelation to watch is whether the f b i possess similar evidence of innocence involving page that was not disclose ladies this will be huge huge it is your problem nation is a federal agent was one i've explain this to you before to disclose whose exculpatory evidence that the defence if i have evidence joe was in california on tuesday december whatever third or fourth and i'm accusing them of robbing a bank on the same day in new york and i dont tell the defence that might ladies and gentlemen you have no idea how this qualify probably be fire for me but i'm not kidding i'm not being hyperbolic it is a big bf d big deal
if they knew and had evidence carter page was not a russian agent based on its own statements and in peace but that was innocent and failed to tell the judge that ladies and gentlemen i'm telling you it will be a cat let's make shift if that evidence gets out there the democrats you know i love the police state it doesn't matter but the ammunition for us to continue this fight is not going to be easy or in the interests of time as we want another take away from solomons peace was their derogatory information about steal this along when i'm not going to go through the whole thing but this gets interesting solomon sitting of this and i'm hearing this or someone else too ladies and gentlemen there may be information out there that as far back as twenty fifteen christoffersen credibility was being question about people in the united kingdom where christopher steel was headquarters and worked
an agent of my six folks this is a big deal if this was not again this close to the final report record the main informed they were using christopher steel was not credible according to his own people and a coordinated from they couldn't verify this is huge it again someone went up in front of a pfizer judge raise the right hand it's more information was true they knowingly knew was false is afraid dismiss reasons or malfeasance that's a big deal this is political fight ahead make no mistake i get these emails alot danny you know i'm ready to give up the democrats don't want to admit what are you they were going to admit it they're liars so to me their police state act you that they will get all right you're all over and met we finally did what we did now i'm sorry but it's not gonna be that is i hears that when i was hinting at before
he's kind of a coup de gras out of this this is what i think is the most important takeaway it's kind of like got through those quickly but they're important points the prior three again you can read the full piece for more from john solomons report and where did the f b i first law earned christopher steel might be leading to the media the fbi end its informal relationship would steal a november first twenty sixteen a list over a week after using his dossier to support the pfizer warm and the reason they did so was because agents had concluded he improperly led to the news media but the f b i know we're have reason to suspect that problem before the first buys a warrant day to ok we translate that for you i could sense joe may be a little while as well nobody's do yes trailing translate you what ah hearings going on i hope it helps
sure the f b i really fired steel on november first sure they fired christopher steel on november first because as they say he led to the media either you know it let me show this new york times article first and so make my promise altai this up remember what you said they fired joe november first twenty sixteen because he was leading to the media crisper steel nor should it be talking to the media while you gotta show great the f b i think for doing it what's the data this new york slimy peace october thirty first twenty sixteen show that is there are thirty one days in october that thirty two right just chechnya thirty one thank you thank you just try beggar confused so november first is the day after october thirty first right me again just checking it thanks thank you joe joe is like copernicus here that was just ass the sun was very odd times article the day before the fbi allegedly fires the
i'm not so sure that even happened the headline investing donald trump fbi sees no clear link to russia wait what and you are confusing the f b i say they fired steel on november first cause he was a leaguer so how does this make them look bad three leaked and they got rid of a source of weak did the wrong thing you're saying that the new york times themselves that they were before reported that russian thing was basically out well here's a piece from that times article i'm actually got a review you they did actually quote new york times october we first twenty sixty one from an official say that none of the investigation so far none of the investigation so far to repeat that found any conclusive a direct link between mr trump and the russian government firefox is the same new york times it just weeks later starts promoting the collusion hawks echoes our way
and even the hacking into the dnc emails fbi and intelligence officials now believe was aimed at disrupting the presidential election rather than electing mr trump hall we that's the times on october thirty first the day before the fbi allegedly fired steel folks well my sources you're telling me this was a clean up on our forests to work in our foreign key for this is a clean up for a very clear up i'll four october thirty first is before or after the election of donald trump of course its before this election days on tuesday in november why would the new york times write a piece right before election day that they read i agree that the collusion pokes does the house you folks europe
manipulative that's the new york times i would just like to russia that worry about this job serious crime now put you on the spot i wanted there's this asked you to speculate why would the times basically give donald trump team a pass on the collusion oaks a week before the election honestly don't know idea no idea because the audience is probably say the same thing exactly that's what i'm saying where you goin burwell by resources telling me they did that because the fbi with absolutely crystal clear than hillary clinton would win at a clean up the whole operation make pretend they wanted to be able to go back after when member hillary clinton and everybody sure of it and waited it's gonna leak at some point they investigate in spite of the trouble even though hilary sport you understand i write somebody who's gonna leave this year yet the fbi it's the times before the election no no no this is all a hoax so that you
years later when it leaks that they investigated tromp inhaler ease up for reelection the f b i can say no we didn't alter the election looked at new york times even reported trump was ok right before the eleven we ve helped am i right right thank you now does the november first firing airports some not even sure they fired steel makes sense it's the same strategy they wanted to be go back after the election and say no no the informant lied about that dossier two years ago member hilary present she's up for reelection and twenty twenty story wholly crap the twenty sixteen election get altered because they spied on donald trump president hillary clinton can you answer that question no no no don't worry they fired that guy november first before the election they fired him and bookkeeping new york times reported on october thirty first tat
thing was all a hoax drop out of free pass it didn't affect the election somebody said joe you get no you pick it up what i'm gonna pre emptive yet they were sure themselves and of course they were pre anna big head right after a lecture david what this script right back to the opposite story no shortcuts the russian gm it is everywhere they choose road it was a hoax folks they thought hilary would win someone at the fbi leak that story before the election to make sure if it ever got out the future them i'll fees its police state spying operation may initiate against the trump campaign of than ever get out the future nobody could use the argument well an impact the election no it did in the new york times cleared and before the election we're all good and we ve fired steal the next day really because that's funny he was talking to bruce or who is
i think the information fbi agent job bianca after they fired up must be the his job in the world joe you get fired you get to return the next day amazing how that works out show your fire i'll see you tomorrow sooner martineau the motto buddy you're fired you will raise the bar you're fired raised of oral see you tomorrow potatoes for you're fired left me i terms i bring you back the next day get ready get ready i tell you that's the story here we'll see how much horror which takes into that that new york times article is clean up on our four so that the fbi a story for president hillary clinton as to why our spying operation on their spying operation drop dead and all to the electorate give her the white house so she wouldn't have this staying our presidency and that's also why christopher steel was fired on november first allegedly
and i believe that's why solomon who is well source than this says stay too at the end of the table there was great i love that god we gonna out that there's one of my favorite causing further no self praise thinks but i love that people are telling me that and i've been it's gonna get that out solemn and gave us an opening i ve got more to get to la election twenty twenty update more putting it bold initiative by the trump president that she'd be trapped administration the presence is doing a great job but tat i shall finally bertram our bodies that wow company manufacturing bases german are you in the market for a rifle if you are these are the finest products out there of all company manufacturing now in advertising one of the golden rules i say over this you're not supposed to tell the consumer or potential consumer what a company doesn't do but cases is important i have bravo company rifles they are the finest out there when i went to pick me up at the local affair fell firearms dealer right you know tat he had
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so quick story you know we haven't been updating on a lot of policy stopped because there's so much going out with the impeachment hoax and the idee report coming out but there are important things a trump administration is doing like their commitment to get me how to spend more money and our collective global defence which trumpeted successfully did overseas and the trouble illustration while the democrats are doing their silly dolby impeachment hopes based on false information and a fake quid pro quo that demand the trap administration reforming the entire food stamps nap process while the democrats are doing their silly jerry now they're sleeping act on their impeachment out check this out great story about austria journal i had tempted the trump administration others election twenty twenty up they come in exponent so journalists peter the chopper administration basically is tired of you know the united states govern paying out food stamps snap benefits supplemental nutrition assistance programme the people who work resettle food stamps in good times the gene
this rate is three point six percent what better time to review work requirements folks listen i am not against not against the alpine people out of struggle and not i preferred through charity the government is grotesquely inefficient anything be government touches it wrecks the government actually creates poverty it destroy it really does it destroyed my wife and i don't need to carry out a patent look at me with her everybody dies you all do great joy he can handle a better but for this there is no no excuse whatsoever to take money from hard working people joe mad at the website me or paula to give it to able bodied people who just don't want to work so that proper administration said no we're not gonna do that they're changing the work requirements for able bodied adults from the journal these changes will take effect in april
by twenty twenty one the ag department expects it nearly one point one million additional people will face these new work requirements and georgia fifty nine thousand will meet the standards about eighty five thousand we'll be pregnant or deemed unfit for work so doesn't apply to them state discretionary exemptions will cover another fifty four thousand now six hundred eighty eight thousand people projected to lose food stamps less than two percent of the programmes thirty six million beneficiaries as of august remember that the changes want effect parents let me read this and because levels have a tough time at this because there are liars remember that changes will not affect parents the disabled or anyone over fifty folks if you or an able bodied dull with no kids use not disabled or pregnant under the age of fifty get off grass and go to work
my brain you wore for seriously joe i made i know what you do joseph these up like a set of cuts or poor guy does you can get a week it off i sent into some on sunday night for monday show why it's working the serious question i ride we shipping people out of struggling disable folks can i believe it should be done to charity but in general maybe or injured i find you wanted it worked out people who must their jobs you want to work it out already in private organisations local government for yes good idea under fifty able bodied adults who are not disabled or pregnant i dont have kids what their how's your excuse stewed gets a work get to work for drivers
park your carpentry go back to school learn how to be an electrician reach tool self like joe did from terrestrial radio to digital broadcasting using these fine tools we get to work go to work off the couch the verdict is in get off your ass go to work you have no excuse what's your excuse you don't feel like it my total do i have to equip them very what what's yours too i don't understand what you're excuses that i should pay you i'm not interested bear that's horse ok too bad your darn right go find you weren't boots at them together to get the dirt out of it if even have that i get to work you can't say that no i can and will and why
because i want to be mean and i wanna be harsh and is very unchristian no it is christian teach a man to fish remember that one folks there nothing benevolent kind or philanthropic about teaching a man that other people will work for him while he sits on his rob and why she's reruns of beach front mansion on hdtv get off your bought and go to work but hell starve he'll find a job there are seven million job openings in the united states there are only six million people unemployed unable to work right now there are more openings than people you'll find a job dude get off your butt and get to work good for the trumpet minute
duration six hundred and eighty eight thousand people who are able bodied but no kids and not disable your paying them you're paying for mcdonald's everyday gimme break man get to work polly get nervous over there were ok sometimes my life gets nervous when i go and is already thinks he can see it the hope is that it is at your side she's gotta turtleneck conscious i got this structure of the programme we are elected twenty twenty up they're not gonna pay up quick cotton people only this morning i just a disaster you want to move forward this impatient but i want you to hear the way she frames that she is just she has no she is walking off a political crisis political suicide eroto what she's doing here's nancy this morning where before we got the check this out because he is trying to corrupt once again the election for its own benefit
the president has engaged and abuse of power undermining our national security and rising the integrity of our elections his actions are defined of the vision of our founders and the oath of office that he takes to preserve protect and defend the constitution of the united states sadly but was come and humility was allegiance to our founders and her heart full of love for america today i am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment joe with love and humility it's you fellows in humility should never ever be in the same sentence ever fair under no circumstances so to those two words should ever be coach in the same sentence even the same book paragraph or even in the lifetime of speaking having that's just what you said some of you caught at some of you may not at this moment
written statement is it actually the shock or in that clipped the reason i cut their clipped the way it did i did said that the judge is another thing i'd send them time stems she said summoned the beginning damn the torpid owes false repeated what did she said you catch it she said we have to do this because we don't want him to impact the upcoming elections new narrative alert knew now people are known article or get ready i told you about the turkey thing it's coming soon not gobble gobble turkey the next thing will be tromp colluded with turkey i told you about that last week here today the criteria in our policy is not stupid she is being politically stupid but she's not dumb make no mistake don't underestimate your political opponents policy knows that this is going out of the senate we're gonna get crushed there's a good chance they will even if the set a trap impeachment is just
impeachment is as in article gets forward to the ten percent it actually conducts the trial to remove the present there zero chance donald trump will be removed from office there is a damn good chance that democrats will out in the trial and the senate against removing it remember they need this upwards ever of ten republicans or more to agree peter present they need these seven it is never gonna happen any thirteen to be precise never gonna happen i aren t you they will lose probably even one democrat maybe one maybe more this will be a humiliating face plan for policy well then i was a study into the impact twenty twenty there already setting it up once they lose their seamlessly move new narrative alert it will say why joe wow donald shrubs
their ference in ukraine means he's probably doing this with other countries too so we need call records from his other countries too to make sure he's not asking them for help in the election market member pretty woman were get work it out at all this why she's laugh and back there than one of my favorite lee i watch tat movie so ok i grab we're gonna take me question let's go we're doing kidding fox had matter much egomaniac where this is a hundred percent where they're going they're gonna lose trop is not being removed forget it so there are new narrative is going to be well we can be sure he's not trying to steal the twenty twenty election folks we're going these other call records turkey cripple pakistan
where can i meet all of these call records because we can't trust the president he's obviously using foreign government impact the upcoming election to time stamp five thousand two hundred and fifty one moving on to the election twenty twenty update showing you how brutally unpopular this impeachment thing is good watch the examined by any scary get up in the shadows subscribed to my news but you know that conversation newsletter osity these great stories everyday life amateur eddie scary this impeachment is too complicated to win over independent voters that should worry democrats yeah as any shows that the end ladies and gentlemen this impeachment is bombing on them exactly where they needed to succeed joe simple question do you think i this impeachment go over big in new york or california is gonna sway the election monitoring now of course about big
joe knows as a savvy consumer of political content on the shore everyday tat new york in california get about democratic electoral college election and nobody cares that's right you it impeachment to go the right way in the swing states well quoting eddie scary it is peace today obliterated going the way the democrats and hope for support it is eroding among independent voters in swing states in wisconsin support for it among independence with that just forty four percent in october that's before the maid witnesses began after those support fell fell down for liberals who have it time with directional things support fell by four points that was after their best shot folks support for impeachment has been at ask me make in every other swing state according to the washington post again
i love being ahead of the new cycle we have great sources here tie it back the policy policy knows this thing is a disaster she's not stupid or why she doing it then because her carcass is crazy and she wants to stay speaker and they're all nuts apparently she went in front of them yesterday's what i'm hearing and said ladies and gentlemen if you're going to go forward with this impeachment and you have any thing to say to speak out against you better say it now because tomorrow given this pressure which it was this morning will you just heard and they often yes the door potatoes for stay bad the bearings walk can you until morale approves am i right to pray about all this before political suicide i just walking off the here's the plan for the apple thing you don't see the gavel thier here's they
dear dear she why is there a speaker she knows this is political suicide so she's already setting up narrative too well you can't beat him in the swing states on these paul's on impeachment we're lou the removal will give a phased plan on a peach because he won't be removed and we'll lose humiliating lay in the senate so aptly joe we can say well the present maybe still colluding i told you but we're going to need those phone records do that's next election twenty twenty update number three wall street journal really great peace excellent well done listen trumps approval may not be the highest of any present reelect but is scream it says in the journal today there is the reagan standard peace entitled trumpet reagan standard but what is the ragged standard folks
but that famous commercial ronald reagan ran are you better off now number there well when you ask people that question are you better off now than you are four years ago the journalist interesting results because when you answer that question yes ladies gym and there's a pretty good chance you're going to get reelected and re elected handley will see i'm trying to stay the predictions business but from this peace she smiled a little bit of this when a new economists yoga paul asked americans question are you better off now you are four years ago the reagan stand that famous question he asked about registered voters fifty percent folks say yes a gentle dirt two percent say now while seventy percent say they're not sure not looking good for the democrats folks near impeachment collapsing and ace planting and swing states swing states you need to win win the electoral college u s voters how their feet
what about the how they lies you better off newer for use your fifty percent from say yes and by the way the percent are still persuadable only thirty two percent say now you think policy does not you think artistic arbiter of it can be said deprecating i let my show but this isn't cryptic hidden information it's in a wall street journal today you dig polo see enter strategies don't know this that's either setting up narrative number seven thousand four hundred twenty six try impacting their backs the next election do because they they're going to face plant massively honestly shocking we're gonna get to all this nice the line on election twenty twenty update story is important spent so much spiky stuff going on we missed status folks today the crafts gonna get very chaotic call rove good piece get ready for a contested convention today's wall street journal
what is he talking about let me just some decisive covered over complicated pisa let me give it in a nutshell the democrats in the obama hilary primary remember that one not the real obama and have a primary in the real not a serious one of these were talk but the obama hilary primary when he's running against john mccain do you remember the chaos that iran remember that what right to the end before i worry bout out and there was chaos about at the democratic convention about the super delegates its little complicated does a good job explain i'll put a snippet from the peace in a moment but the car diversity was this the democrats have these party eldred these visa you know science of the democratic party there they're not behold in to the primary vote in other words obama hilary want to primary in their state the super
like its show these party elders they can do whatever they want so the democrats freaked out thousand eight because they were like listen neither what these guys are ladys obama hilary is running away from this there's gotta be brokered convention meeting there isn't a nominee at the convention which were not used to see and folks they add one the democrat parties when eighteen fifty two i think grove rights that's a long time there were seven the year usually you go to the convention with a nominee john kerry obama you get it michael dukakis if you go to a brokered convention and these super delegates already behold the primary voters do whatever they want the fear was they will get a snub obama because the clinton machine and already kind of like greece the skids you know what i mean so the democrats instituted prevent they rebecca you followed me joe to prevent a rebellion because the voters
you know the voters want to believe they take the nominee not the super delicate science the democrats in in response to this day said this also affected burning too by the way they said we're going to institute a new rule that the super elegance cannot vote at the convention on the first ballot they don't jump into the second what well as road points out this peace well you get to a second ballad where the super delicate problems gotta come back again quote call role it could even get more spoiled thirty stock it about the convention if the major kid its lurking right below the fifteen percent threshold in new hampshire nevadas south carolina get a little wind in their sales unless someone gets huge moment with big early wins the democratic race could remain fractured through marge make you get f magically impossible for any candidate to waltz into milwaukee whether convention is with a first majority
listen i know shouted frauds awful we're not supposed to celebrate other people's very if this is a nelson months a moment if i ever saw one of these norms skulls who just got over there scandal about stupor delegates picking a democrat nominee rather than voters are now going to run into the same super delicate problem because the feel this do clog and none these horrible care that aids can run away on a first ballot vote and its super dialects gotta pick up again what does that mean for you it means did you see that if this happens that the democrat active i'm telling you will revolt again say underneath this and all the other ones they're gonna crazy when the super delegate science pick the nominated shelved them and is a strong likelihood they're going to pass on the general election where good you guys don't want boats in the primary we're good no general job democrats
we should all nominate you for the trump twenty twenty wrote war room election board could they screwed up any worse my gosh you think hilary lesson that i and my lions i sire saw like that song so you're saying that the u know thomas dolby joe always good with the music there you go folks the most comprehensive election twenty twenty update you're gonna hear anyone hey thanks again for doing it in and a very sincere i know we kind of we're sarcastic a little bit like lighter once in a while but i really want to thank you for your support the budget report we put a lot of work into it i want to thank paula who long hours into the night joe for putting up with us matt whose aggregating nonstop when people including a web company and most importantly you our traffic i'm not kidding sought hyperbolic was i will be ten times what we expect yesterday he knew
he's gonna be good we did they can be this could save your time the left leaning drudge report and other leaning news aggregator out there go to the ball you know port in one more day thank you very which by the way the guys it randomly who do another aggregator we're not our can editor we don't do it that way they were very classy there another great site you really appreciate the classy tweet welcome innocent i mean that you guys are really great so thank you you just heard in bonn gino she you can also get dance broadcasts on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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