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People Who Make the World Worse (Ep 1045)

2019-08-15 | 🔗

In this episode I address the disgusting efforts by power-hungry, soulless politicians to immediately politicize the tragedy in Philadelphia last night. I also cover the extremely suspicious efforts to silence a government whistle-blower who exposed a key Spygate figure. Finally, I address troubling new revelations in the death of Jeffrey Epstein case. News Picks:Update: All 6 officers wounded in the Philadelphia shoot-out are released from the hospital


Troubling new information emerges after the Jeffrey Epstein autopsy.


More Spygate mysteries as the government botches a whistleblower investigation.


Yes. Democrats want to take your firearms.  


New Daily Caller video exposes the reality of our perilous border security situation.


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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wanna thereby gino show producer joe how are you on annual i'm doing just swell for all that crap is just happen over how much i now by should we say now my folks i a video today that is sadly and i do mean said just yet your cerebral cortex i mean it would wear disintegrating and if these this video i want you to tell me again how there's not a permeating growing the police attitude i want you to just tell me with a straight face of euro liberal watching my show how that's a true after watching the video i'm about to show you i've got a lot the cumbersome nuance dangles what happened in philadelphia last night the hypocrisy the disgusting
let gamesmanship while cops were still literally in the line of fire not negatively unreliable just grotesque stuff so i have a really incredible update about a whistle blower heavily involved some of the ecb supposing of these how perspire gating a whistle blower who unbent if a boy what there is update is case that use shocking that i promise you gonna be like way they left that word that words kind of important social we got a lot to cover they just to know thank you to everyone who sent some poems were stacked it i'm gonna reads they offer any body the good stuff my favorite i gotta be answered the wiser mr martinez roses red violets are blue liberal suck creating more that you guys ladys are us very let's get right do today show one more thing i will be on fox and friends tumor
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after use promo code bunch stuff is awesome rigel let's go yeah ok so spring it down little bit because this video is going to disturb you deeply so after the philadelphia police engaged in a six hour plus stand off the violent fell in with a laundry list of criminal convictions who was shooting at them with rifle rounds off kill the six of them a wound up in the hospital and shot at many more the philadelphia brave heroic police officers you stood down the face of this maniac and got him to surrender peacefully he's still alive by the way exit this scene you would think two rounds of rousing applause from philly residence grateful to have such brave men and women now this is not to knock all the residents in the city most of the reporters on the scene said this was a extremely small minority of people who did this none the less you deserve
see what happened disgracefully to these really copses they walk out i'll walk you through is video here because i know we have a lot of audio listeners but i'm sorry you're some that some
videos you just have to play in all describe it so put that video if you don't mind now
give me i mean that for my audio only wrestlers i try joe knows this and so does paul i i try as hard as i can to never play primarily video only content if you for those listing a naughty you're probably just hearing this street chaos in the background and if you the volume up unfortunately your hearing a lot of export gives a b a and i can't even say it on the show can't even right because i know what i'm going to go you you get it you probably heard it that way some of the residents of this area some i gonna wanna be careful here as i was a carpenter may i just i remember it is a relatively small proportionate people engage in this absurdity but the car a walking out after facing down this gunman for six plus hours and they chaos your hearing are this it's
not a small crown is about twenty plus people shoving the cops yelling at i'm calling them be a ends pushing shoving screaming at them getting in their faces you know when i sensed a we're usually very busy in the morning prepping shown kitty selling a kenny sound like it is just it's a great job loved but appalling our usual time even though she sits right outside of the studio here engaging that she's like i can't believe this is real like this actually happen intergalactic cosmic embarrassment like i've never i can't believe it lists ladies and gentlemen we have the right to free speech in this country thank the lord nets not using his name in vain but the fact that those people involved in that incident took their god given right to free speech to make an already atrocious near deadly
situation clear jerkily worse you are an absolute boot embarrassment to your neighborhood your family's your friends and a disgrace to humankind a total complete otter disgrace you know there was a book once she since passed cato bearded believe who wrote the book she wrote a book women who make the world worse there should be a noble people who make the world worse and everybody involved in hurling bottles screaming at heroic cops you nearly died over six hours stand off you sure be chapter one and two with that book your face their people who make the world worse you you know money for the listeners if you can imagine walking the gauntlet you know what i mean where the hands you get paddled hats basic that exactly what is going on there were those those cops out was a sin
coming out of a football tunnel where people are you take your being celebrated in a couple haifa no no no that's not what that chaos was it was the exact opposite the guy theatre actually shoves you one of the customer just i mean seriously tell me again how there's a you know you're exaggerating the eighty police adversary listen i was a cop i'm not exe address is real way now this story gets worse we and i could go on all day about how and it's not i'm i'm really and i put this out there's you understand the depth of the problem we have right now with the public least interaction it's that bad moving on jim kenny who is the mayor of philadelphia just a total joke of a politician i want our lord ingram less i know a lot of you saw it on that
the cuts i try to not do that its do some of you sought so you didn't but i will not ingram last night folks i was passed i mean i know any other way to say it i was here because as this government is trying to mow down police officers who trying to stop this tragedy from getting worse pack test horrible politicians with no coups nope examples are no spines at all like philly mayor jim kenny jumped in full the camera to gives which is why this one hour need help they need help they need help with gun control we need help of keeping these weapons out of these people's health i told you earlier the two little boys network the offshore addicehead grazed just a little bit more and aims to abolish robin up again because some of whose this government among federal states don't what have you anything effect these guns on the street and give him an answer from ok this guy say total fraud don't first
zack in led his in o king of emotion image we take away from what you just did to you he just openly lied to you now this is they get worse do something to show you the fraud jim canny is right mayor of philadelphia the guy who was shooting at the cops and anyone else by the way he was shooting get everyone and anyone this suspect involved in this case everybody's you know innocent until proven guilty this aspect who is engaged in this firearms activity shooting police officers right this aspect has a laundry list crimes he is already a prohibited possessor meaning what can you just said you were you know the governor is to be a viable gun control is to do what as as data last said this morning on fox and friends make what he did illegal illegal more extras
super illegal justice twins make it our trust super power following its orbit broke the law do you understand this is what annoys me about these guys carries no stupid ok a dumb guy he's the mayor philadelphia be smart enough to get elected them i who had the firearms was already breaking the law he was a prohibited possessor kenny knows exactly what a prohibited possessor is he is we hear buried for possessing firearms by the law so you're telling me that the guy involved in this shoot out with the cops that here openly defined to the lodge we're trying to get of principles right because we're trying to do these principles also follow me here is your audience ombudsman ok let's this still this down
to a simple ideas we've even liberals understand it kenny suggesting that we need new laws the laws this guy already broke will somehow incentivize this guy to obey future laws but he's the laws now don't work because this guy is openly defiant of the laws we have now trying to leg jim caddy makes sense ok because he diet well behaved gun control we already have gun control and philly you ever tat gun country the more i wonder why he was so openly defiant this bad guy the law breaking we're getting guns when you shouldn't have had them ok i wonder why that is so ok our money and you have jim kenny phony mayor of philadelphia calling for new laws to make em law more law more a legal leir extra super
monster illegal like we really need to make it a legal now yeah well just why you criminals would be openly defiant the velocity well everyone you have a mayor my jim kenny once these city to openly defy laws federal immigration law jumps out of his office when the court ruled he could be a sanctuary city and openly defy the law when you a mayor who does this kind of stuff maybe then you'll understand why people are openly defiant of law when political leaders say you know what the law doesn't really matter check this out where is the same guy that's the same guy so he's wondering in one hand why criminals are openly defiance of the law while lit really dancing youtube dotcom slave budget if you want to see these videos by the way dancing
outside of his office celebrating the fact that his city gets to openly defy the law these guys are total frauds these guys are total frauds when you it's still this is why last night i just an engram was just clearly upset at politicians corey booker camilla harris jim kenny run in it the cameras about gun control the guy was already prohibited possessor and yet these same people who is supposed to be political leaders openly our system make violations of u s law and no one why people don't respect the law or the car or anything else is why last might again i i was i'm sorry to keep citing it but ass i got a lot of emails about it receives a lot and i i i appreciate the feedback but i set about
four times during the appearance on the interim show less night i would guess jesse waters i took that's it politicians and i said you know what these parties they don't have real jobs that these are fake jobs these are not real job caesar phony frauds they don't deal with real cops on the street they have no idea what goes on in the street maybe if they got their caboosa off their there go play it thrones in their political offices and went out talk to real cops i understand the problems folks these people are absolutely destroying our republic this political class of lunatics booker harris kenny oliver jump in the cameras elizabeth war and yesterday clamour four gun control because the gun control laws now we know but the law the actual laws are definitely going to work in guy by the way dancing in front of the cameras because he's now systemically violating the law people define
gee i don't know jim no idea why that would happen but we put up there tweet again because now we have this is by tom massey and lip a real libertarian in congress by the way which men on the republic inside because this is it had flag laws these laws will definitely chaired the old laws none of those old laws are like not realise their fake litigious suggest like a four way stop science like a suggestion let these new laws real law not the old fake laws these are gonna be new laws so there's a proposal for red flag was tom ass he put this tweet up on his account today would read was these we're gonna be new us so there's proposal for a red flag was tom ass you this tweet up on his account today would red flag loss this is a great want some guy said someone with a diagnosis like bipolar should not be prevented from buying a gun like being a wise guy so mass responds again number one read
flag laws don't require a diagnosis or professional opinion talking about mental health or to only one of seventeen red flag laws on the books even mentions mental illness number three already a process for adjudicating mental illness as disqualified he's absolutely right feared the danger to sell for others you are prohibited possessor before not mental illness should qualify you from owning a gun i only bring up she's tweet in this context because again demo that's as i said to you yesterday are becoming really really awful people that lie to you constantly jim canny waiting now got control that guy was already prevented robbing it doesn't matter a new law definitely would have stopped him no new laws gotta stop someone from owning a firearm you a law abiding citizen the ice age you just want to protect himself at israel you're the one this criminal doesn't care any less no couldn't care
criminals don't give a damn about gun laws and why you would they otherwise is is carefully bizarre the new laws are definite going to change behaviour now on this line where's my three was right i have that you're that kirsten kilograms we re so far you have usually known number my show in order so i dont loser you know i don't lose track is that so i have one to four percent a further burden so that there is no three eyes about this is not a real number to everyone bertie may i now want to four already when he suggests that there is no three you invented three this is clearly wrong about this is that i am more video get this second this is kirsten jailbreak is one has got argument comes up again it always
impacts you the law abiding citizen who actually obeys gun laws it never affects the people don't give a hoot about your gun laws and what else we ve been told we ve been told by p like kirsten give a brain oh don't worry we're not come in for your guns that so much evidence of video this he's a daily collar calhoun in the show notes today check this article our killer brand would process you ve got odors coup d turn arms over the feds i got this video to second statehood for this because i'm telling you how the democrats again are always always liked you isolation so brought you by bodies at my patriot supply this being when you hear the term to like what comes to mind probably isn't good because hollywood's elites decided they were about not being paranoid seriously in foil hats waiting for the earth and add lime here something crazy about being prepared manifest there's something crazy about not being prepared seriously what last time in earthquake gave warning a tornado asked for permission or power outage made an appointment doesn't
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go check it out by yourself an emergency food kitten some emergency place supplies to prepare within that ok getting back to go abroad again so narrative number one promoted by democrats in the mainstream media gone law new laws or matter the old laws are just not lie enough the new laws will definitely butchers again just really stupid secondly where taking your guns has always been a democrat go to taken together well here's gila bran on what i think is poppy harlow on cnn if i'm wrong forgive me but again hitting on what the daily caller headline must pay very closely and to this this piece of sound here see and asked her about two things taking away guns and banning assault weapons no when she says she says and i quote i think both of those ideas are strong check this out political you have time to openly
about being in favour of an assault weapons ban i'm interested if you are supportive of a mandatory buyback programme for assault weapons it was brought up first by eric swallow who was running for president your party current booker has talked about that we have gone as far as to say not only should it be a mandatory buyback of assault what rifles but there should be criminal prosecution for those don't sell them back is that something you support so i think we should ban assault weapons as well as large magazines and as part of passing that and do a bye bye back programme across the country so that so all of them can be re compensated for their money they spent but i think both of those ideas are strong i think having by before i that combined well you dont want people to retain them because if you make them illegal mutual
a grandfather in all the assault weapons that are all across amerika you would like people to sell them back to the government so that you can make sure you shouldn't have access to these weapons couldn't have them very dry folks yet so there you do you remember the old coach you the football coach for the arizona cardinals i'm dead screen i think he was coaching the cardinals when they asked him about this game i think they were playing the bears the cardinals and the cardinals lost and green was great he like lost that on this report or out of press conference at easter it's going they are who we thought day where they are who we don t or survive this great and i fell coach highlight jimmy virginia maura gm or play also dare ask about the play us the guys i had one of the worst teams italy play off play off play us
just google jim more apply arrive and watch the videos one of the parties that you see why are there greece we are who we thought they were you can check that there is another one of the more hysterical focus folks the democrats are who you think they are just listen to what they're saying you don't need i play there so you don't need to hear my commentary to reinterpreted you can just listen to what they directly telling you my commentary only serves as a warning that is and i dont joe interpret that i why your guns she says and i quote i think both both of those ideas are strong physically locking up people who don't turn in the firearms they have now she called him a weapons which is a nonsense term it is a cat or even no distinction of if you have it category like a car there are things that are not cars right like a car not a truck well why
talk is taller may have a bigger engine tariff categories can haul things than there are cars we know the difference a car in a trap oh it's a nonsense term designed for political purposes when it is category with no distinguishing characteristics that distinguish it from other thing i saw weapon is made up term because there's no not assault weapon oh that's the that's not a soul version of these saw what what is it solid it has a pistol grip in the front what what exactly do you mean by a pistol pursue our banning picture a pistol grip make something it saw weapon solve it doesn't have a pistol carpets and not a soul weapon not satisfactorily set playing semantic it's just making this up a cosmetic feature which basically it's the firearms you just look scary an assault verses and not assault weapon they're making this up because terms sounds scary we're gonna take your soul weapons ladys and shut
just listen to what they're telling you they are who use they are they are they're not there's no interpretation this is just a warning if you want gun coffers patient programmes search warrant sat your door because you firearms if you want eighty percent tax rates knows choice government run healthcare absolute grub see national debt will never pay off in our lifetimes then he asked the demo through your party if you don't want that they are not there are telling you who they are there not lying kill a wants to put you in jail if you don't turn over your friends i'm not turning mine over i'm sorry it'll be my active civil disobedience i love the cops
i take it you know i'm not gonna dig engage in any verbal altercation with him but i find you gonna the bracelets on we have to take me away you're gonna have to take away everyone else my neighbour i do that's a rendering them i'm sorry neither will have to get me a put the bracelets on we have to take me away you gonna take away everyone else in my neighborhood do because i'm recently confident no one else is turning in their stuff either don't do anything wrong not given kirsty geller brand my firearms no chance manage depressing i'm telling you these are awful people gentlemen just listen to what they're saying moving on i get a lot more to get through its a stack shown an enemy even touch nesting yet the autopsy came out of jefferson epstein and folks listen again i don't do theories on the show a bit or bizarre one's own their crazy enough to mention the other guy the body double iron man to theory from the other day which
you gotta well like crazy yeah why the yacht she came out this real studying revelations about then i get to that but i want to get to this story first because this is another important break again their story getting alma zero mainstream media coverage at all and i love when they die there's no deep state and they are all conspiracy lunatics and then you hear stories like this washington time story which will be in the show notes i really encourage you to read this today you see this washed in i'm stories and you start to say to yourself i am neither crazy wanderers everyone else around me that's by road scarborough dated august fifteen twenty nineteen you probably heard nothing about this to score exclusive probe clia proton pentagon analysed report withheld from the fence tea her what happened let me give you a little bit of background on this before i get to the screen caps from the pc lease do pleased there we had this is it this is i promise
this one's gonna baker bangles there's this whistle blower adam lovingly he discussed some abnormalities in payments made by all went to the office of net assessment under the department of defense payments were made to people and didn't seem produce what they said they were producing which was that's on the internet so lovingly became a whistle blower now he did legally classified information but it's what other things he uncovered in his whistle blowing suspiciously made love and you're a target of people who want to make an example out of that guy although keep in mind when i said the eu he did not we classified information there was an investigation you how can we hear blow the whistle we're pay
while these money for people to engage in net assessments and threats on the internet one these payments remade made to a guy going to tell about a minute nay may sound familiar one of these payments didn't seem to be about net assessment it seemed to be about something a little different all of a sudden instead of investing the payments finds himself under investigation well screen cap number one the peace here's what the investigation produced a confidence counter intelligence investigation cleared cleared bended pentagon analysed adam s love and your and allegations of leaking data to the news media keeper might foresees a whistle blower but the official you did the investigation joe never hurt told love injures lawyers that's got to look at the see i s naval criminal investors certain investigative service examined mr lover juice use of classified computer networks
in a twenty eighteen keep in mind minus twenty ninety now fit a twenty eighteen report the cia set its review quote did not did not n o t did not reveal any potential counter intelligence concerns accordingly copy obtained by the washed in times when we let me read that sense one more time did not reveal any pretence your counter intelligence concerns so just to be clear because i'm setting you up here now up blow the whistle on these payments nobody investigates the payments investigate lovingly the investigator reveals there were no counterattack concerns and no we did not reveal well in the unclassified report that's really just recently that scarborough that scarborough covering in peace there's a war missing joe oh it's kind of a key word it's kind of important we like having a stab sign debts
seeing the word stop and says go instead like that's kind of a big miss dr weir like give a red light malfunctions and goes in the right order green its go read me stop if you reverse that you think of me people might bigger view this stop side should say stop not go well what word was missing put up there screen cap from the peace this is unreal globally the answer i s report a lot of us i know you're already reading at the u two people already sought mr leverages u s government issued del computer did not yield any classified or sensitive information ok did not yield any sense of information i get a lot of us i know you're already reading i had the you two people are in decline survivors report this is unbelievable the word that is missing kind of uptake no you see i am spokesmen told the new york times i must say that the file
please be corrected to add the word not gee that's hospital learn learn job price workforce up ass actually led did not reveal close my very dear class barbara yet we left the word not out oh you regret did review clause right of every kind of a big mess though little bit of a mess oh are you crazy you left word lot out the whole moving ever stop zaire if you put the word don't above stop you're gonna have a different terms different traffic speech about you leave the word not out do either not nobody else nobody noticed that efforts are you kidding now why is this case interesting have entitled for yemen is doing that intentionally folks
one of love injures with oh blowing activities was about they payment from the o d pay this oh any office of net assessment to who the staff and a helper whirlpool half an hour or seven have whose at yale the same spy who was weapon eyes by the obama administration to go in contact members had the trump team inspire them carter p age sam clovis and george papadopoulos yes the same guy so lovingly who mysteriously gets investigated for whistle blowing despite investigating the charges in the whistle blowing is es the gate and is determined to have done nothing wrong not be classified information they unclasp viper before they leave out the word not they make the stop sign a go sign seriously leave that out all when we find out later that one of love injures pieces information was about miss them
these payments made to a spy active aided by the obama administration to go spy on members of the trump treaty but again folks don't worry this whole bureaucratic devastating is just a conspiracy theory where all crazy and all of these lunatics out they're calling us the crazies they're the same ones telling you this story can't get any worse now this yesterday show which by the way thank you again i don't mean to be an area patronize you at all i mean it when i said you had the best audience ever i love you guys and ladies to death you are so interactive it is so good to hear from you all the time today we must most listen to pod guest on the audio file ever we ask you ve gotta thanks to you but please listen yesterday show because i talk about how again the government helpers when we get a nod with this lawsuit well i mean
we have been working for the government but i may not have been either so but if i was i should have immunity in this lawsuit being against me to govern it's not running rescues get the efforts to hide what help or did and we see today the payments made to help her are unbearable capable evidence just wearing you in the god that the government and beer regrets involved and spy gate are doing everything they can to erase the paper trail to stephan helper because they don't want to admit the government spite and a political campaigns it's obvious it's obvious gotta get to epstein there's been some news on that and i also want to get a burning bernie sanders i want it again this guy doesn't do based he's the one who is the want of deleted the three in my run down today for the last hour sponsor the decade rat birdie so this ought even on you there is no threat to portfolio don't you know i love you going i get it
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a canoe is the wash them compost is and they are their total conspiracy theories trust me when i tell you i've got kind of behind the scenes with this they are in no rush to kind of advance any any theory they care what i'm getting at is their politeness in iran this story there's some evidence that there's some serious questions out there now what's the problem with the case the problem with the case now is the bow and that was broken epstein snack and enforced we have kids listen maybe a little graphic for them and so you segment of about five this is up to you i don't like to try to keep the shell family friendly but it's a serious topic i'm going get overly graphic but it's up to you the bone that was broke in epstein snack pursuant to his death the high void if you read the peace the way
that the high floyd bone would break with typically be indication of strangulation this is from the washed imposed peace quote on the bones broken and sneezed neck was the hot she's me highlight born forgive me which in man is near the adams apple such breaks can occur in those who hang themselves particularly if they are older according to forensics experts and studies on the subject but listen to this breaks or more common in victim of homicide by strangulation the experts say folks listen it's fair to ask questions now ok this isn't like tinfoil cap that's like the left with their collusion hoaxes it's pretty air to be saying ok kind of strange now further down and the peace they too about how forensics autopsies medical examiner to do these things when they see cases of alleged sewers
by hanging dad have this same brow joe it's almost automatically becomes an investigation into a potential homicide because the force required for that because involves regulation or the use of say like poor arm she have to strike choke off somebody deafened that force would impact the ball within a forced to break it folks i've got a lot of questions about this as i've said to you repeatedly there's no the sheet they put on those beds there are typically not enough to be wait bearing i dont know if he braided them or how we manage to do it but really create enough force given that there's nothing to anchor himself from from the ceiling these are just fair quest to ask this see seems to have opened more questions than its answer given epstein information what he knew i've told you on previous podcast about epstein which i encourage you to listen to and the number people who i know
we are aware of some of epstein friends and what they were potentially engaged in its a fair question to ask how this bone in his neck was broken if its typically an indicator of homicide by strangulation and not in fact shoes by hanging yeah i'm not so sure so you gotta you know i listened it could it just been some free thing that happened but folks i'm i'm i'm hoping the bureau get really i hate the term gets in the bottom of this and so so over use hoping they can get us answers i really do i hate that i know i use it sometimes but it's it's it's the evidence and poor commanded the language i'm really hoping they can get us some bottom line conclusions quickly the country it gives me no pleasure in saying this at all being that i was a federal agent in a police officer one point two the country's losing faith in these institutions whether it what happened in spy gate with the cabal the continued
four it should appears with love to suppress information from coming on to shut whistleblowers up this suspicious circumstances surrounding epstein we we need to start getting clear answers here to read abolish this kind of symbiotic relationship we can have some faith in these institutions which are complete we collapsing and you have done crash on the other side as we saw with the video that opened the show of this police officers getting pelted with bottles you have democrats on the other side when we do we have actual good guys adding to the fog and the end he police hysteria themselves for political reasons not for the reasons serve additives want answers about spy gay lovingly and epstein we want answers because listen with some of this stuff that's happened at the highest levels these institutions has been suspicious diana i wouldn't want the the direction the force came from will be a real strong indicator in other words did it come from the era of the victim
tarzan way across her neck as opposed to a vertically from a hanging you know said that's a good point and it is not a good point is added it appears based on we began noah you're right because it appears what we ve been told it wasn't an overhead hanging days but i wonder whether he was apparently kneeling but how to create that kind of forces exam you know i don't stinks bridges does it make a lot of sense now i agree sums rotten and stated then more aright but to our friend bernie birdie but you know what are you up to these guys candidly just taken ever tell you the truth i write i have this issue i it's i don't like to let go off on these rates because then you lose fact based distilled information you can use to debate your liberal friends but they just never ever tell you the truth about aid they are constantly lying so there's precept on the wall street journal i read this morning are not
bernie lie in another piece of misinformation meet its total propaganda parties met care for all bail out by the wall street journal editorial board sand once taxpayers to save hospitals after he bankruptcy folks it's my problem the whole liberal ethos is it's all false it's very dear called as i said yesterday show rested liberals are just really turning into awful people i can't argue with you about school choice if you're going to lie about what school choices its racist three segregate ok you're just in eighty and i can't argue with you just made that up bernie wants medicare for all a government run healthcare system to take over the health care system for basically every hospital doctors and patients in the united states well what's the problem medicare from the past with medical care for all which is really medicare for not in a government take over is the guy made reimburses medical providers doctors hospitals nurses administrators rim mrs at a rate not sufficient enough to keep the
but on business now john delaney who i ran against my congratulations running for president well said in the debate stage for bernie the lady as a democrat obviously ran against renate republican but he said which were sensible that as he goes around the country running for president he talks to hospital administrators he asked them if you were paid across the board at permit rates using burmese government run system what would happen and the lady say we played the caught a couple weeks ago the lady said hospitably without they don't go out of business now folks this is that complicated to understand and even need audience ombudsman joe for this one if a house requires say i'm just using round numbers this these not just to make the analogy simple if a hospital it's ten thousand dollars a day to stay in business to pay its staff to pay its electric bill too far needs its equipment i mean you name it to pay for food the patients get the medicines they need ten thousand a day again just round numbers and the guy
from it says we're running healthcare we are going to pay nine thousand a day then ladies and gentlemen simple math would indicate something's gotta give or hospital will go out of business so answer always is well what's that something while the summit here's what winds up happening in these systems is rationing because in a world of scarce resources everything scarce folks nothing's i'm limit not even water air everything is so are scarce to different degrees but scarce nonetheless any world scarce resources how do we allocate those resources well you can i see them or you can ration of there is no third way we price items why because price you send signals went this is go up it sends a signal to producers of those products hey i can make money here who come in supply more products which brings the price down
it is embarrassing that i got over it just like liberals are such knuckle heads and theirs oh angry and they lie all the time that we have to get into basic econ zero zero kindergarten level eke out for them understand this option is a signal when the government too drawing the price mechanism by saying it's not a price we're going to wipe the signal out and pay you this amount no matter what the signal says the hospital got a business because there's no signal for more hospitals in other words our hospitals are gonna be built to accommodate more patients because the government is there is no price signal this is all we're gonna pay you no matter what the reason signal hey we can make some money here none that makes sense show perfectly this price signals wiped out so what happens hospitals either go a business carers ration the hospital airs five or six doctors ten or twenty nurses and says we can all take care of x amount of patients a day now because we
pay our staff because the governments not paying us why this is important in relation to burning in this article bernie as a total fraud was cobble how's she supports medicare for all to why what check out this peace bernie keep citing this example of a hospital shoot me from saying that aim wrong hannah in hospital keep saying aim with this hospital where they could the peace and i'll get to adjust yet one under appreciated realities that nearly two thirds of honey hannah hands hospital patients or a government insurance either medicare or medicaid a fact noted in passing in a letter to health and human services for members of the pennsylvania delegation in congress these details significant because medicare medicate are notorious for paying house less than what it costs to provide services summarize for you out on this bernie sanders keeps talking
bout this hospital is evidence of trust its hearing medical professionals joe venture our policies vultures destroying outgoing that's one hospitals going bankrupt no doubt but citing is going bankrupt because too so the patients are on government it funded programmes which are not paying the hospital enough money to stay in business that's why he's just luggage i am not suggesting is not oh i don't know the hospital the intricate details but i do know that that even the pennsylvania hospitals and pennsylvania the delegated members of a delegation to congress has indicated two thirds of the members are in fact on government payments that the governor payments are not enough to reimburse last week for the care provided to the patients you think that may have something to do with their financial problems maybe a little so ironically burning engaging in the broken leg fallacy note the broken like fancy is when you
the leg and in the government introduces the same thing that broke the leg is a treatment the broken like round that's where they do so the cost but bankrupt one of them eight reasons that the only but one of the major reasons is good payments that are sufficient so bernie wants to introduce more government payments to solve the problem thousands of them will die thousands and thousands thousand a thousand of them all die bitter tears i cannot tell the true to form a slap in the face of feeling this major factor that the government programme he suggesting in spain expanding is bankrupting the hospital he's using to advocate for a government programme ok i disk it's like the jim carry thing we're getting why
i don't get it why are people this obey the law i don't all this in a gym kennedy who does a dance with people this obey lot i have no idea i wake up every morning like how is it that you could possibly be a liberal it requires you to be so stupid it really does that are you the willingly stupid or you're lying the people ordinary yourself everything all day of your life you just making stuff up we need more government party to govern bankrupt that that's why we need more weight more ok i mean some may freeze to death i don't know where he gets his body i'd ever that was added to what live around just forty let's get this that i could say that speak for the audience when tell you some of em like some jobs something of bernie dry joe
former wit lefty from the mob and left these tell it daddy brusque about how it sounds like a drug attic he's get ready to die and that the only thing daddy you think this is where you know everybody loves daddy brad never got a negative email but daddy breschia area that was poor was by the way you never see the rascal votes this joke pollen pollack joe they got this cut from donnie brass come over the movie johnny depp where you sit down couches the mob informer wit lefty from the mob and left these tell it down rascal but how it sounds like a gigantic he's get ready to die and that the only thing daddy you think this is where you finding follow my god what are you gonna do policy we want you daddy brass gotta catch inside i'd she's like i'd ever that will be a thousand times i never picked up by the she started laughing hysterically issues that's the best they can the guy's told us hormonal shouldn't kid what do you do like tat is so typical of what i remember what could have been worse for everybody agrees that list last story that they just tied into this bernie thing is kind of one big segment here but
got showing you again that government programmes are awful never work it's like father bob's eureka from the apt act in ensue raises quote often i was there and to give a speech one time it he said its other government vague it's just too stupid it that's it who dumb like it it is yet that the people are dumb it's that the system is organised in a dumb way to not take advantage of people's best assets if that makes sense that step four things it's important so you you think medicare for all is a good idea despite the fact that governments are destroying the healthcare system now you may see well at least obamacare is a success wrong use another piece in the wall street journal today talking about additional obamacare melting meltdowns open cares medicate deception by brian blaze and erin yellow its august fourteen twenty nineteen the core of this this is pretty simple folks they met kate expansion in obamacare it expanded medicaid right designed to benefit people
with incomes below one hundred and thirty eight percent of the poverty line that was the government is that these genius government planet member father bob's rico not the government so to beg it's too stupid rights so either genius plan we're gonna give taxpayer funded healthcare to people who are poor sowed the greatest every right the governments too dumb to figure it out so what happened well there's a part you can check on the obamacare website about income where people who are filtering around on the website just looking at options show if they can no income just because they could not that they don't having come but they click it then just look around what their options would be if they did not automatically enrolled in medicate we have up to a million people enrolled in medicaid who make far more than the poverty line who are not poor at all because they can't even design a basic website the eliminate people who are in income sensitive from the system that's designed to be income sensing let's go more is this is great
we love government these guys can get their heads out of their collective if you paid of a million dollars each man just put new jobs gotta put together lorry or videotape because when we may do once a week segment about how stupid rules are every single day and how their what's the same we the liberals really awful pity we need more bread did segments others because it is so easy they why do you all the time i gotta run we do it a road show tomorrow so i here and there may be hearing them some stuff coming out tonight so well see not miss the show tomorrow tune fox and friends robbie there and please please subscriber youtube channel i'm humbly begging you you all i love you to death but i really like the video stuff too i'm trying to integrate some morbid youtube that conflict mancino if you
the audio only that's cool it's always gonna be an audio first apple podcast go pod cash you can subscribe and sound cloud to which all free really appreciate it see our mark you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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